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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 31, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> bill: the different melody. that's what we talk about. >> shannon: we are back on tv now. >> bill: a big welcome to shannon's parents. they are seeing everything. you are being a great host. >> shannon: they were blushing when they met you, my mom was so excited. >> bill: have a great monday, everybody. "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: a new era for the trump administration. a new studio for "happening now" as we look around. brand-new studio. he still has the new studio smell. >> no fingerprints everywhere yet. >> jon: lots of bells and whistles. we hope to bring you the news the old-fashioned way, and give you the stories "happening now." this as a general john f. kelly takes the reins as white house chief of staff, good morning to you on this monday. i am jon scott. >> i am molly line, sworn in and attending his first meeting as chief of staff. expressing confidence in him, but the direction that the country is taking as well.
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>> we have a tremendous base, a tremendous group of support. and i think the general will just add to it prior to the country doing well. the strong start method -- dock market on friday. business is very enthusiastic. and we will proceed and keep going. but we have a fantastic leader, chief of staff. going to do a really great job. >> molly: chief white house correspondent is live with the story. >> good morning, a brand-new studio there in new york, same backdrop here at the white house. every day something brand-new. the president hoping to turn the page with the naming of john f. kelly as the new chief of staff. the president just a short time ago praising his brief tenure at the department of homeland security. listen here. >> what he has done in terms of homeland security is record
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shattering. you look at the border and the tremendous results that we have had. you look at the spirit, and with a very controversial situation, there has been very little controversy. that is pretty amazing by itself. so i want to congratulate you on doing a fantastic job, general. and we look forward to if it is possible and even better job as chief of staff. >> the president replaced reince priebus with kelly in and they intend to bring more order and discipline to a white house that some outside observers have noted as chaotic. one that has competing power centers led need a tough wrangler in the middle to keep everybody in line. kelly is an old hand in washington, d.c., he knows the politics here. but also has his work cut out for him, no question. not only does he have to wrangle the white house staff, but he comes into the job with increasing pressures abroad. russia dispelling u.s. diplomats in the last few days. north korea firing another
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ballistic missile. in the cabinet meeting, i asked the president what he could do about the increasing threat from north korea. listen here. >> we will handle north korea. we are going to be able to handle them. it will be handled. we handle everything. thank you very much. >> one thing the president will not be doing is seeking new sanctions at the united security council. his ambassador nikki haley, the former governor of south carolina saying that any u.n. sanction that does not put increasing pressure on the international community to try and get north korea to rein in the nuclear program is useless. in one thing the white house is not letting go of is the ideal of repeal and replace obamacare. they do not expect that they will get anything done before the august recess, but some officials are hopeful that are in september after they have all heard from their constituents during the august break and getting the pressure from the governors as well on their desire to see block agreements
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for medicare and medicaid that there might be enough pressure brought to bear that repeal and replace could fly in september. still a tall order. >> molly: it will be an interesting august. and a fantastic week in washington. thank you. >> jon: president trump expressing confidence in his new chief of staff. will the administration get the fresh start it needs? that could be up to the president himself. >> inside the white house, the chief of staff's power comes from the president. if the president sends a strong message to the staff that if you want to talk to me, you come through the chief of staff, that will really empower the new chief of staff. >> jon: joining us now is bret baier, the anchor of "special report." there were a lot of people saying that reince priebus might go, but i did not hear john kelly's name as chief of staff, something about friday surprise. what does he bring to the office? >> good morning.
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i think that if you believe the inside talk. the president was thinking about this for some time, had talked to general kelly about it for some time. what the time is, we do not really know. but what they are hoping is what you heard there. that it will bring some structure, some organization, some grounding of a military type of structure that general kelly is use to bringing and being empowered to be the gatekeeper. and that's really is the question. well the president to empower general kelly to be the gatekeeper in the oval office? those are the best chiefs of staff, those are the ones that control how the trains move in and out of the white house. and what kind of access is granted to the president. we do not know the answer to that he had to. there are a lot of powerful figures. anthony scaramucci has his own relationship with the president. kellyanne conway, obviously,
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ivanka trump, her father, jared kushner, and who gets access to the white house is the crucial question. >> jon: another crucial question, not only does he have control over everybody on the staff, but does he have control over the twitter machine? who is going to be monitoring the president's twitter use? >> i think of general kelly had his say, probably they would go over a policy decision coming out in 140 characters or less. but i think today you saw a tweet storm that was kind of the intro to john kelly's time as chief of staff. but the policy issues have not been batted around before hand arguably, and the trends genders in the military that has now to move forward as far as policy. the pentagon has not moved forward on implementing it, no
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sense that the defense secretary is moving forward with orders. so as of today, that tweet is still in limbo. i wonder if the policy part of twitter is going to be analyzed by the new chief. >> jon: as you know over the weekend, the president tweeted that he wants another attempt at an obamacare overhaul. and again, that kind of caught washington by surprise. is this and it's ready for that? is the house ready for that? >> there are things bouncing around. lindsey graham has a proposal. other proposals, the democrats would like to get back to the committee and started from the beginning and a bipartisan way. that's what senator john mccain said he wanted to do. he voted "no" go back to regular order. that is a process that takes a long time. it means obamacare in of itself would stay intact. they would try to fix what is there. >> jon: mick mulvaney, the
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president's budget director said that the president warms more discipline and more structure in the white house. if so, i mean, i'm military general who is clear, used to clear chains of command and decision making from the top is the right choice. if the president witnesses the campaign style. he is a freewheeling kind of guy. he enjoys the freewheeling interaction. you have to wonder whether he will allow general kelly to impose a kind of discipline that most people seem to think it's necessary for the chief of staff to be effective. >> this is the president's choice. he has chosen general kelly for a reason. kelly was a senior aide to both defense secretaries liam panetta and bob gates. he has a lot of experience in washington. he used to be the head of southern command. he knows the regimented way to move forward on things, whether
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he will be empowered to do that in the oval office is really the question. clearly the president has trust in kelly. you heard that in some of the remarks this morning at the cabinet meeting. we will see if he is empowered to put all of the gates on the oval office that perhaps need to be there. >> jon: we are six months end. we have a new team coming in. it's going to be fascinating to watch. we will be watching "special report" tonight. bret baier the anchor. >> molly: new information on north korea in the wake of friday's test on an interim continental ballistic missile. >> jon: testing that they had defense missile systems, flying b-1 bombers over over the koren peninsula. vice president pence talking about a global response. >> the continued provocations by the rogue regime and north korea are unacceptable. and the united states of america is going to continue to marshal
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all the support of nations across the region and across the world to isolate north korea economically. >> jon: senior foreign affairs respondent is live in london with more on that. greg. >> well, that is right. we heard from the vice president some strong words. we have been stealing some muscle flexing at the very least from the united states following the missile test by north korea on friday. as you noted, some bombers buzzing a south korea base, the b-1 bombers which are nuclear capable to actually drop some dummy bombs at a test range not far from the base. also significant that these stylistic test will be set up in south korea to defend it against north korea, the missile launched over the weekend and actually coming from a u.s. base in alaska. experts are still examining that to missile launch by north korea. it is the second believed to be
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the second intercontinental ballistic missile launched by pyongyang in july alone. experts told me, i told other people that this one theoretically could hit the lower 48 united states, the west coast may be deep into the midwest. this of course prompting a lot of high-level discussions in washington. this morning resident trump speaking by telephone to japanese prime minister, coming out of that saying that more action is required. into the statement white house saying that north korea is a grade and a growing direct threat. not just to the united states, but to south korea, japan, and other countries. china is hitting back. it was getting some tweet attacks from the president over the weekend. the president saying that the u.s. is disappointed and when china has been doing. china saying, hey, not just us. other countries need to get involved. but over the weekend we heard from u.s. ambassador nikki haley
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saying that the cheap is not going to call for the u.n. security council meeting. without more action coming from china. basically there would be no point in that. to some tough words. again, a little bit of muscle flexing. back to you. >> jon: closer to the boiling point. greg, thank you. >> molly: a man that pleaded not guilty and the sexual abuse and murder of an 11-year-old goal girl appears to have changed his mind. and general john kelly, sworn as the new chief of staff. and also great for -- great reviews in the press prior to taking a key role in an administration that has had more than a few dust ups with the press. can he change the tone? the media panel weighs in.
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♪ >> molly: right now, new information on some crime stories we are following. a plea change by this man.
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accused of assaulting and murdering a 11-year-old girl. previously said not guilty. but struck a deal with prosecutors. deliberations begin today, and former grow, national attention in 2016 for hiking drug process and compresses 5000%. if convicted of fraud, he could face 20 years in prison. and a new search this weekend for 7-year-old who vanished in 2010 without a trace. still no sign of him despite the largest search and rescue ever conducted in the state of oregon. police get test from all over the nation. no arrests have been made in the case. >> jon: general john kelly experiencing a bit of a honeymoon with the media as he takes over the new white house chief of staff position. from "the washington post" reading that he will bring some plainspoken discipline to an often chaotic west wing.
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and the headline in "the new york times" reads john kelly, new chief of staff is seen as a beacon of discipline. let's take it up to the media panel today. a duty miller, author and fox news contributor. joe contra is with us. media reporter for the hill. thank you for being with us in the brand spanking new studio credited i say that before? it is a trivia question now. so if it is a honeymoon, judy, how long can it last? >> well, we will see. i look at my old paper, "the new york times" and i see the word "square jawed," you know that they are in love. that is definitely in love, because square jawed equals tough. my question is, will h.r. mcmaster, is he going to report to kelly? is scaramucci going to report to kelly? is the president's going to
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listen to kelly? or is the president going to be the president in which case, yes, general kelly will have his work cut out for him. >> jon: joe, he is the first general to serve in that role since al haig. during the nixon administration. >> 1973. i went back and watched mr. kelly, general kelly during some of his interviews. and what i see, the exact notes, authentic, sober, no nonsense. he does not sound like a politician. >> joe, you could write for "the new york times" ." >> jon: he was a top aide ted two secretaries of defense, and you have to sort of know the political ways of washington, don't you? >> you do, but being the secretary of defense level is different from being in the white house. different sets of skills. and by the way, remember, military people are not supposed to be involved in policy into
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they are not supposed to be involved in politics. now he is going to find himself in the middle of both. >> and he does not like the political end of the job. he has said, he actually admitted that i don't like that particular part of the job. but you talk about a love affair. all i remember is john mccain used to have a love affair with the media as well. then he ran for president. everybody turn on him. and we saw last week, the address aggressive form of brain cancer, and then he votes for the health care debate to happen, until he voted against it, then the media loved him again. it's all about access. >> jon: so how long will the square jawed general kelly enjoy the love affair with "the new york times"? >> it all depends on president trump. he has his own chief of staff, communications advisor, president trump is use to running the show. is he going to sit down and to listen when general kelly says, mr. president, tweeting is not a
8:20 am
policy and it doesn't help you? is that going to happen? if not, we are looking at basically, "game of thrones" washington style, it won't be different. >> jon: our media expert howard kurtz had some thoughts on the new chief of staff at the white house. here's what he has to say. >> there is no question that the press has been consistently and almost relentlessly negative to the president since he took office. but you cannot blame it on the press if republicans could not pass the health care bill. or the congress, both of the houses, led by republican state passed a tougher sanctions bill. and on and on and on. i would caution that these things can sometimes be a femoral in the constantly changing climate of washington. >> jon: it could be a short honeymoon. very much considering the 93% of
8:21 am
the trump administration is negative. 91% on cbs. 81% in "the new york times." could one man behind the scenes change that? >> trump will always be the star, and the coverage will dictate that regardless of the chief of staff. >> john kelly will not tell the congress to shut up. that is not going to be a winning strategy for the president or for him. >> jon: the media panel today. thank you both. >> molly: dangerous inmates breaking out of jail, a massive manhunt for one prisoner still at large. we are live with that story. and injuring several people, and to the driver appeared to be trying to get away. the charges that he now faces. >> everybody is in panic mode. and he was on the corner there on the other side. chances are, the last time you got a home loan,
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♪ >> jon: fox news alert, chaos on a sidewalk after the van driver plows into a group of drivers. the diners, i should say. police say he ran a red light, hit another car at an intersection. and careening onto the sidewalk striking the crowd. eight people injured, one of them critically. witnesses say that the driver came out of the van and seemed disoriented. before he tried to jump back in. some officers arrived at the scene. arresting him on suspicion of hit-and-run. >> molly: this just in, on the massive manhunt, 12 inmates from the alabama jail broke out last night. 11 quickly recaptured leaving one still on the run. jonathan following the story. paid alive from atlanta. >> hello, molly, have been in
8:26 am
walker county alabama after the escape, the sheriff activated off-duty personnel, getting assistance from neighboring law enforcement agencies. right now authority us are still searching for one remaining escapee, identified as 24-year-old brady andrew kilpatrick, he faces notable drug charges, investigator say that he and 11 other prisoners escape from the walker county jail on sunday. authority is offered $500 reward for information leading to the recapture. the escapees were in jail for crimes ranging from disorderly conduct to attempt a mourner. most of them, including the violent crimes rounded up overnight near walker county. the deputy used capture two that of the truck stop, authorities are asking anyone with information to call the walker county sheriff's office at the number we are showing on the screen.
8:27 am
205-302-6464. they would like to reunite him with the other prisoners behind bars. >> molly: i'm sure that there is quite an assessment going on as how this happened. thank you so much. we appreciated. >> jon: north korea's latest missile test with a swift response from the united states. testing the missile defense system, but the next guest says that we still need to do more. an illegal immigrant accused of attacking two women in portland deported from the u.s. 20 previous times. why they let him walk for you despite the federal request to keep them behind bars. >> it is an awful case of political correctness run amok. (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain.
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>> jon: breaking here in "happening now," an illegal immigrant accused of attacking two women in portland, oregon, last week. apparently he has been deported from the united states, get this, 20 times. as agents issuing a detainer last year, but portland being a sanctuary city releasing him without notice. steve cortez, a spokesman for a hispanic advocacy group is furious about the situation. listen. >> this is an outrage. political correctness is sometimes not just dumb, downright dangerous or deadly as
8:32 am
we have seen in some cases. >> jon: dan springer is following the story from seattle. dan. >> hello, if you are an eagle illegal immigrant, no matter how many times reported, no saver placed in portland, oregon, part of the city, and the county, and to legislator all run by democrats, passing laws declaring himself a sanctuary for people in the city irregularly. a sergio martinez is being held without bail on charges of robbery, kidnapping, sexual abuse. one of the victims is a 65-year-old woman who was brutally attacked at knife point in her home. the other woman was attacked in a parking garage at her apartment. telling portland police that he was high on meth at the time and uses drugs every day. at home in oregon for over a year. enforcement saying he has been removed from the u.s. 13 times since 2008. a lengthy criminal record
8:33 am
including battery, felony illegal reentry out of removal. in the jail and the service department to letting him know before he was released. they ignore that request as they do with all immigration retainers. the organ party was on "fox and friends" this morning. >> he was given preferential treatment in oregon. part of the governor and the mayor of portland have created a productive class for illegal aliens that commit serious offenses. >> one month after martinez was the least, mike reese launching an investigation into one of the deputies for contacting i.c.e. before having a pretrial meeting. and around the same time, the judge was accused of letting an illegal immigrant slip out of the back of a courtroom to escape i.c.e. agents out in the hallway. she was later found to do nothing wrong. as per sergio martinez, taxpayers may actually pay for his defense. the portland city council
8:34 am
awarded $50,000 to launch a project aimed at helping immigrants fighting deportation and other legal issues. >> jon: unbelievable. that is the word for it. dan springer and calmly keep us updated. thank you. >> molly: this just in, the u.s. testing the missile defense system with the threat from north korea launching its second. and kim jong-un saying he can strike the entire u.s. mainland. a former special operations intelligence analyst, the expert, and thought author of "drone warrior." thank you for being here. let's start with this. there are many analysts that have moved up the timetable into how quickly north korea could get a shrinking nuclear warhead and be able to fire, they claim to the distance hit the american heartland. now the thaad has been tested here in america, a successful
8:35 am
test. the director, sam greeson is trying to stay ahead of the evolving threat. how great are our capabilities to intercept a potential missile headed into our direction from that distance? >> we have some pretty strong capabilities, right now the thaad system is 15 for 15 when blowing the rockets out of the sky. important in my opinion is to continue to expand this program. one, the south koreans need to be utilizing in conjunction with the japanese as well. president trump had a phone call with the japanese prime minister. let's hope that that discussion was also to get them to utilize the thaad system and linked outs with south korea so that we have a strong defense showed the regime fire a rocket at us. >> molly: the u.s. deploying the thaad system on the missiles. even shorter range missiles, is a more effective they are at that short range?
8:36 am
>> yes, absolutely it can be, but the biggest issue here is north korea's ability to build upon their success and the fact that all we have been doing for the most part is talking about it. really there has been no action. i speak for a lot of people when i say that it is time to do something. we are the strongest country in the world. it is time to start acting like it. the whole idea that we are going to bring the north koreans to the negotiation table when this is a regime that will starve its own people when it is letting its leader sit out there and play with rockets is absolutely ridiculous. we have to take action. we need to start utilizing our covert capabilities. we need to do more than simply trying to get china to help out. obviously china has absolutely no interest in helping us out, considering u.s. troops are so accused lehman close to the are area. they do not want to have a unified korea, and we need to take actions quickly before it
8:37 am
is too late. >> molly: as we mentioned before, they talk about the timetable moving up so considerably. what are the good options here? the military option could seriously resolve innumerable lives lost, american lives included? how big is the threat if that is the direction that we take to american lives here at home and they are in south korea? >> it is a huge threat. we don't want to bore north korea anymore than they want one with us, but we have to do something about it before it ge. when i think about the problem, i think about how did north korea just create a fully functional icbm and test them twice in 30 days? that's very interesting. they are deftly getting help from somebody else in china or russia, potentially expertise from iran, and so one of the things that is incredibly important is if we are not going to conduct military
8:38 am
intervention, just about the only thing that will really stop the north koreans from continuing their nuclear ambitions, continuing the ballistic missile program. if we are not going to do that, we have to focus on defense. the thaad system being able to defend the homeland is the biggest thing that will help with that. apart from that, we really need to look at going at some of the chinese banks, some of the front companies. and even the companies that are allowing the export of materials going into north korea. because you have to remember, the north koreans, they make a lot of the money from doing illicit dealings, drug smuggling, counterfeiting, weapons trafficking, and if we do not hit those organizations that are allowing that to happen, we are going to have some problems sooner than later. >> molly: the president has had that he is disappointed in china. china could solve this problem. is that the one road to take? could it be a broader approach
8:39 am
as far as diplomacy is concerned? >> it has to be a broader approach, for sure. but at this point nothing is working. we get another u.n. security resolution, all talk. unfortunately, we want to rely on the international partners to help, but they are not many people that can enforce this, and so it is kind of a waste of time for ambassador haley to be working with the u.n. unless they are actually going to do something about it. so china is one piece of the puzzle, we also have an incredible cyber covert capability that should be utilized, that surpasses our enemies, but we do not to use it to the extent that we can. we need to only show cyber warriors and let them do the job that they were trying to do. that is another piece as well. >> molly: a difficult situation, ambassador haley sang the time for diplomacy with north korea is coming to a close. thank you for joining us with her insight. >> thank you again. >> jon: a fire tearing through
8:40 am
a historic downtown district. at the terrible loss one community is feeling as investigators try to learn what caused it. plus the president is keeping up the pressure on congress to get a health care bill on his desk. even warning lawmakers that their benefits could be on the line if they do not act. so tax reform next on the agenda, will health care make another comeback? >> again, the presidents passion about this is that he understands that this system may be working for washington, and may be working for insurance companies, but it is not working for patients. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee. if you have bad breath and your mouth lacks moisture, you may suffer from dry mouth. try biotène®, the #1 dentist recommended dry mouth brand. it's the only leading brand clinically proven to soothe,
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>> molly: fox news alerts, award-winning actor and playwright sam shepard has died from complications to lou gehrig's disease. won a pulitzer prize for playwriting. nominated for his oscar role in "the right stuff." he was 73 years old. >> jon: historic buildings
8:44 am
going up in flames in oklahoma pray to the fire started sunday in a residential building in downtown wagoner, a small town east of tulsa, but it spread so nearby buildings. we are told no one was hurt, but a pharmacy business for 115 years, nothing but ashes this morning prior to the cause of the fire under investigation. >> molly: president trump keeping up the pressure on republicans to try again to repeal and replace obamacare, even taking to quit delimiting twitter to say that if americans have to live with it, maybe congress should also. if obamacare's hurting people, and it is. why should the insurance company and congress not to be paying what the public plays? his approach on getting health care fixed? >> the president reflecting the move of the people. pull the american public and find out what their most important clinic important issuers, and at it as health care, so they cannot move
8:45 am
on in the senate, and the peopls view, they should not move on, they should stay and work and figure out a way to fix the problem. >> molly: a former communications director for senator marco rubio coming at a professor at john hopkins university. thank you both for joining me. is the president essentially doing here what the american people already see? the hypocrisy that the lawmakers get the sweet deal, but not getting things accomplished for the american people on both sides, whether it is like acting repeal and replace, or setting up a system that is far, far short? >> well, he is absolutely right. congress' approval ratings are lower than the president's approval ratings these days. because republicans have promised that they would fix americans health care system, and so far they have not done that. we see the markets bailing all over the country. but there are a lot of reasons for that. but one of the reasons it is the uncertainty over the future of
8:46 am
obamacare. the extent that the white house can work with republicans and democrats and come up with a bipartisan solution to bring stability will help consumers around the country. that's what everyone's goal is. that's what the president is talking about in those tweets. >> molly: what do you think? senator schumer has said it is time to sit down and trade ideas with democrats at this point. is that the way forward? washington has been pretty tough as far as reaching across the i will. >> i absolutely agree. what is crystal crazy glue and unclear health care has been more uncertain then ever. in one breath the president saying he will gleefully watch as it implodes, and the same breath, calling members of congress quitters, we know that mcconnell worked for two months to come out with a proposal, but the skinny repeal cutting the medical device tax. what needs to happen, we need to stop wasting the time of the american people and come together in a bipartisan manner
8:47 am
to create a bill that is good for all americans. >> molly: what do you think? allowing obamacare to implode? does not seem like anyone would like to see it happen, but is it an approach like a work? what is the strategy there? >> that is a very good question. republicans own health care whether they like it or not. we run three branches of the government part of the house, the senate, and the white house. and we said we would do something about obamacare for the last seven years. if the president stops insurance subsidies which are passed directly onto consumers. if he stops those coming you will see premiums go up for millions of americans. you know who they are going to hold accountable? the people that are running the government right now. when president trump was running for office, he said he did not want to hurt people, he wanted to help them get more affordable health care insurance. having a bipartisan solution, you now see them working on it bringing stability to the markets and bring down premiums is really in everyone's best
8:48 am
interest, especially the american people. >> molly: it's interesting to hear you say republicans own and, because in a sense now, they have to work at a certain structure. does everybody really owned this and have a responsibility to the american people? >> i think the elective officials have a responsibility to the american people no matter what side of the aisle you are on. the republicans have the house, the senate, the presidency. ownership is a little bit up in that realm. the american people do not have to feel like they are watching "hunger games" and made the odds everybody in their favor when they are talking about health care. we need to make sure that everybody has affordable health care pretty and we need to do it in a bipartisan manner and reach across the aisle. >> molly: it will be interesting to see if that is possible. this is interpretive as a mood to cut subsidies that are used by millions of people, a lot of them low income. your thoughts on that possible approach to that interpretation? >> i work with a lot of
8:49 am
health care clients, what they say, if you stop the payments passed on to consumers, you will see premiums increasing for low income americans. and that is trunk space. so effectively raising premiums on his own base. that does not make a lot of sense. he should work with the congress to bring stability to the market places. to call it a bailout to the insurance agency is not accurate, because those payments are going to bring stability to the marketplace and bring down premiums for consumers. >> molly: that is a big question. where can we find the stability? that is what everybody is watching right now. if they do not make changes, then things stayed the same and they do not get better, it could feasibly get course. >> one thing that alex mentioned is the level of uncertainty. i think that is what is driving this, it is not going to help anybody whether we are looking at members of congress, or everyday americans as far as the
8:50 am
health care concern if there is a level of uncertainty as to what is going to happen without health care. we need to have a clear path, a clear sense of where we are going in the direction to better the american people. and it needs to be something that is clear to everyone. not just politicians, but your everyday american. the people who will be impacted are the people that voted for trump to go into office. so he needs to keep the promise and let them know what he is going to do. >> molly: not just the people that voted for him, but all of us. thank you for joining us today. we appreciate it. >> jon: one candidate is among the dead, as election protests in venezuela turned violent. what yesterday's vote means for u.s. relations with the south american nation. and australia beefing up security at its airports after stopping a terror plot to take down an airliner. what we are learning about the suspects. >> we might know making safety
8:51 am
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>> molly: who is not ready for a little monday "outnumbered," new day, new white house chief of staff coming up. a style and substance. the john kelly code to bring discipline to the west wing, and will that help jump-start president trump's agenda? >> we will have to see. and words from nancy pelosi on the democrats chances in the 2018 midterms as she responds to the growing criticism within her own party. do the dems need new leadership? >> all of that plus #oneluckyguy, "outnumbered" at
8:55 am
the top of the hour. >> jon: some new information now on the chaos in venezuela. a deadly violence breaking out at protests over the weekend so called election to give president power to rewrite the country's constitution. the u.s. dismissing the sham vote as a move towards dictatorship. life for us now in miami with the latest. >> some brutal scenes on the streets of caracas this weekend. if ten people killed and stumbles between security forces and protesters among the dead. one of them running for office, shot point-blank range inside his home. ten police officers wounded. they were hit by what may be the first improvised explosive device used in this conflict. it has been going on for the past four months. several people on the street appeared to cheer when those police officers were blown up. this was a vote that outraged a lot of people inside venezuela and around the world. as u.s. officials have called
8:56 am
it, a sham vote. no way you could vote against the government. basically selecting a list of candidates to rewrite the constitution paid only choosing from among those candidates. despite that, people took the risk of going out on the street to protest, they face possible 10-year jail terms if they were called over the past four months. more than 120 people have been killed, the real question, what is the government's next move? maybe shutting down the assembly, such a move could spike violence further. >> jon: what is happening there? thank you very much. >> molly: the next hour of "happening now," the opioid crisis starting reaction with states, cities, counties filing suit, who they are suing and why. the car bombing wrapping up, the embassy targeted, who was behind it in a live report coming up. ♪ p of an american favorite, alice.
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>> jon: we hope to you enjoy the new studio as much as we are. you enjoyed it, right? >> molly: yes, it is so cozy. sb four see you back here in an hour. a "outnumbered" right now. >> harris: a key change of the white house, john kelly sworn in today as chief of staff. he was a president's homeland security secretary, and wink and official, he replaces reince priebus who stepped down last week after a stormy six months. this is "outnumbered." i am harris faulkner. your today, host of "kennedy," kennedy prayed and coast of "after the bill, melissa springs it going mike melissa francis. and fox news contributor, nationally syndicated radio talk show host emma jackson. i listen to you last week. you are spirited, my friend. you are "outnumbered." >> kevin: i am glad to be here


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