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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 31, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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millennials. >> i'll give you a fist bump. statute here for "outnumbered" overtime. we're about to go live three seconds from now. "happening now" now. >> a fox news alert. governor scott declaring a state of merge in florida as the sunshine state braces for the full effects of tropical storm emily. >> emily made landfall earlier today and is expected to cause a mess in the coming hours. we're covering all the news happening now. >> russia kicking hundreds of diplomats out of the country as president trump gets ready to slam new sanctions on moscow. plus, police arrest an illegal immigrant for a brutal attack on an elderly woman. why he's still in the country after being deported 20 times. >> also --
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>> i feel comfortable we're going to stick the landing on tax reform. >> republicans regrouping after a failed effort to pass health care. the new effort on tax reform. it's happening now! but we begin on this monday with a fresh start for the white house, you might say. general john kelly takes the reins as the new chief of staff. hello. i'm jon scott. >> and i'm molly line. it's day one for john kelly in one of the most powerful positions in california acting as gait keeper of the oval office. president trump hoping he can bring order to the west wing and get his agenda back on track. the president praised his new chief of staff at a cabinet meeting. >> i want to congratulate him on the great job he's done with homeland security. i have no doubt that he will be an absolutely superb chief of
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staff. >> ellison barber is live at the white house with the latest on day one of a new era. ellison? >> good afternoon. the white house officially has a new chief of staff. retired four-star general john kelly. he left his post as secretary of homeland security to take the job. president trump pointed to that work as kelly attended his first cabinet meeting since being sworn in this morning. >> what he's done in terms of homeland security is record-shattering. you look at the border and the tremendous results we've had and look at the spirit. and with a very controversial situation, there's been very little controversy, which is amazing by itself. >> this all after a week of chaos. first with the resignation of sean spicer. then an interview with the communications director, anthony scaramucci and then with
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the resignation of reince priebus. there's north korea. president trump spoke with japanese prime minister abe. the two agreed that more needs to be done in light of north korea's latest missile launch. a show of force this past weekend, u.s. b-1b bombers flew over the peninsula. president trump tweeted that he's disappointed in china's response to north korea. trump is promising to handle regime. >> we'll handle north korea. we'll handle them. it will be handled. we handle everything. thank you very much. >> in a couple of hours, a first for this president. he will award a medal of honor to a former army medic that served in vietnam. a little later this afternoon, we expect to hear from sarah huckabee sanders. we're told the briefing today will be on camera. molly? >> a lot of new ground to cover.
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thanks, ellison. >> so it's day one of a new era in the white house with general kelly taking the reins in the west wing. he will hit the ground running as he deals with the continuing drama of the russia investigation. on that front, former clinton campaign chairman john podesta giving him advice when it comes to robert mueller. >> i think he's got to protect the justice department and protect bob mueller and the investigation going on there from the continued assault by the president and by the white house. it's going to be his job to provide a bull work against interference by the white house, which in the end of the day will get them in more trouble rather than less. >> let's bring in daniel halper. so in a nutshell, daniel, why was john kelly brought in as chief of staff? >> things haven't been going well. obviously the white house has not achieved the results they
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wanted as far as organization, personnel and policy. they haven't achieved big legislative achievements. look at obamacare. it's still the law of the land. repeal and replace went down in failure. so i think it's -- the white house needs to try something new to get different results. >> the stock market is not the broader economy. but the stock market is doing gang busters. hit a new high friday and hit a new high this morning. president trump is pointing to that. does that suggest that americans overall are happier with the way his administration is running than say the washington beltway insiders? >> at least suggested to those on wall street are happier. they have reason to be. not everything is bad by any means. there's bright spots across the country and in the economy as you point out, the dow is -- the whole economy is doing pretty well for the most part. wages could rise a little bit more and could be other things, but i think, you know, the white
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house is not necessarily looking to change everything but they're looking to change the way they're operating. getting a new chief of staff, somebody of john kelly's caliber sends a strong signal that they're trying to put a new effort and hope for different results. >> a new chief of staff doesn't guarantee you that you'll get a repeal and replacement of obamacare, does it? >> doesn't guarantee you anything. it does guarantee you you're trying something new. if you were to believe that reince priebus is the source of all problems, then obviously replacing him is the solution. i don't think anybody would say that reince priebus is the source of all problems. so this isn't going to solve everything. more needs to be done. needs to be a more systematic approach by the white house, the president to push their policy. this isn't by itself alone going to solve everything. it needs to be in conjunction with many other things. because -- like i said, nobody would actually make the argument that reince priebus alone is responsible for everything. so i just don't buy that getting
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rid of him creates your solutions. >> so what is job 1 for general kelly? >> in terms of personnel, i think just keeping everybody on the same page. we've seen a lot of infighting with anthony scaramucci last week. his hiring pushed out sean spicer and reince priebus. just getting him as a team, as a cohesive unit. legislatively, you need to do something big. tax reform is obviously next up. you need a cohesive white house push in conjunction with the hill in order to get this done. people can't be at odds. can't be mixed messages. need to be sort of -- have something radical but yet precise and try to achieve results in that regard. >> well, speaking of results. the president made the border security one of his big campaign issues. he put john kelly in charge of the department of homeland security. he likes the results, the
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president does. john kelly when it came to border protection can get things done. >> true. even there, still short as well. we don't have plans to build a wall. there was some funding in the house bill. it was not nearly enough. it was like 26 miles or something like that. there's thousands of miles of wall to be built. there's a lot -- we're still short of that. of course, it's only been 6 months. only been a certain amount of time. they should have a moment to get things together. even on that -- even where there are bright spots, there's still short of their own promises. i'm not holding them to different standard. i'm not saying to the goals that president trump set during the campaign. >> perhaps a new chief of staff will help him reach some of those goals. more of them anyway. daniel, good to have you on. >> thanks, jon. >> the vice president visiting russia's neighbors. he said despite the cut of staff in russia, he's still hoping for
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better relations with moscow. kristin fisher is live with more. kristin? >> hey, molly. the president just landed in georgia from astonia where he delivered a rebuke against russian aggression. his message was made stronger given the location of the speech and its audience. the vice president was speaking in a country that is right on the border with russia. he was speaking to a few hundred nato troops from astonia, france, the u.k. and the u.s. he told them that when president trump signs the russia sanctions bill very soon, the timing he gave, it will be the sign of the continued commitment to the nato alliance. the kremlin decided to expel about 800 americans.
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here's what the vice president said. >> to be clear, we hope for better days. for better relations with russia. but recent diplomatic action taken by moscow will not deter the commitment of the united states of america to our security, the security of our allies and the security of freedom-loving nations around the world. >> the vice president's message to the president of astonia, lithuania and latvia, we're with you and will continue to stand with you in the face of russian aggression. russia is planning a major military exercise very close to astonia's border starting in september. so now the vice president is in georgia, which is a country that would like to become part of nato and then tomorrow he's off to montenegro, nato's newest member. this is a re-assurance swing. the vice president doing his best to re-assure the countries
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that the u.s. will stand beside them in the face of russian aggression. >> thanks, kristin. covering a lot of ground for us. >> we'll have more on the fallout to cut our diplomatic stuff by huge numbers in russia. the real reasons vladimir putin did it and how the u.s. needs to respond. plus, a terror attack in afghanistan. what was targeted and who is behind it. we're live with details on that. people would stare. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx.
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of a second intercontinental ballistic missile. the u.s. responding by sending two b-1 bombers flying over the peninsula. security beefed up in australia after police uncovered a terror plot to bring down an airliner. authorities say the suspects were planning to use an explosive device. four people were arrested. jon? >> jon: on the kremlin's order for massive cuts to the diplomatic staff in russian. the president says it's retaliation for new u.s. sanctions against his country. >> this will be felt. more than 1,000 diplomats and support staff are working in russia today. 755 will have to stop their activity in the russian federation. it will be felt significantly. >> joining us now, patrick
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granfield and secretary of state john kerry. he's an adjunct professor at georgetown university. so when vladimir putin cuts 755 american diplomats out of his country, forces them out, isn't he hurting himself as much as the united states? >> john, i think that speaks to a truth that putin didn't mention. putin didn't want to mention publicly. that by hurting the united states, by hurting our ability of diplomats to function in the country, and this is the single largest forced removal of u.s. diplomats from the country at least back to 1917 when the communists took over in moscow, it does hurt the russians. for the russian economy to prosp prosper, they need investments and stronger ties with the united states. putin is saying this is tit for tat.
10:17 am
barack obama expelled 35 diplomats in december. but this is 755 diplomatic personnel. it's not tit for tat. and it was russia that meddled in the u.s. elections not the opposite. >> jon: there's those out there that think that russia meddled because they wanted donald trump to be president. president trump says he's going to sign the sanctions bill. >> it's not for any lack of trying by president trump that relations have deteriorated with the russians. you can remember various interviews on your network and others, trump has gone out of his way to not criticize the russian president. he was going to set up a joint cyber task force with the russians. one of the first thing that president trump was going to do with the state department is look for ways to get out of the sanctions. there's a difference between the united states and russia. that is that we have checks and balances. we have separation of powers.
10:18 am
trump doesn't have carte blanche in terms of what he can do. the republican congress is really tying his hands in terms of how he wants to shape u.s.-russia policy. >> jon: congress expressed their desire to get the sanctions slapped on russia. it's not something that the president can overrule, especially given the numbers who voted for it in the senate. >> certainly an overwhelming majority. bipartisan as well. i think what the republicans and also some democrats are trying to tell the president is look, why aren't we negotiating with russia from a position of strength? russia is a country in perpetual decline. the economy is the size of italy's. it depends on oil and fossil fuels to grow. so why are we speaking to russia from a position of strength? there's no need for the united states to be a supplicant to
10:19 am
anybody. >> jon: the russian economy is the size of italy. that's astounding for us that grew up in the cold war era. >> certainly, yes, their economy is small but russia is a force. they have nuclear weapons. as vice president pence said and i'm very encouraged to hear the re-assuring words about standing with our nato allies. russian does present a great threat militarily with the nuclear capability and needs to be taken seriously. at the same time, our strategic advantages, our fundamental strengths are so much stronger than theirs. we need to start operating from a position of strength, not weakness. >> jon: so what is the next step in your view? >> some say this is an attempt for the russians to have a reset of their own. that really they want a period of calmness. if trump doesn't react and he hasn't reacted, he hasn't gone on twitter. he has criticized the republicans and the chinese but he hasn't said anything about
10:20 am
the russians of 755 diplomat personnel. so perhaps this is the end of the tit for tat. as putin says and as many in congress say, this is perhaps a new cold war, a very frozen relationship between two powers and it's difficult to see where we go from here. >> jon: fascinating to see what happens. thanks, patrick. >> thank you, jon. >> molly: an all-out attack in the afghan embassy. we're live in the middle east next. and a cable car accident leaves passengers dangling in midair. how this high stakes drama ended ahead.
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after 100 people are trapped high in the air when a cable car hit a support pillar stalling all 32 cars in operation over the rhine river. emergency crews had to use cranes to reach everyone, including young children and getting those on board to the ground. thankfully nobody was hurt. jon? >> jon: this just in. isis claims responsibility for a brazen attack on the iraqi embassy in afghanistan. security forces say a suicide bomber targeted the compound in kabul followed by gunmen that tried to storm the gates. the attack in the heart of the afghan capitol showing islamic state is still a force to be reckoned with despite set backs in syria and iran. connor powell with more. >> iraqi officials in afghanistan had warned that they thought isis fighters might try to launch a retaliatory attack after they were losing ground in
10:25 am
iraq and particularly after losing their strong hold in mosul. that seems to be what happened today. the iraqi embassy is fairly far and distant from the main u.s., french and british embassies, which have been the sites of so many attacks the last few years. the iraqi embassy is on a busy market street far away from the main diplomatic area. three militants followed a suicide bomber, which set off a bomb outside the iraqi embassy. the firefight lasted about four hours or so. iraqi -- all the iraqi officials were able to escape and unharmed. two afghan security guards were killed and three afghan police officers were also injured. but after about four hours or so, all of the attackers were killed according to afghan officials. the latest violence, which is part of a string of violence comes as the white house is debating a new strategy for
10:26 am
afghanistan. the pentagon wants to send 4,000 more troops to help fight the taliban and isis there as well. mainly to do training of the afghan security forces. there's resistance in the white house reportedly from people like steve bannon that are really questioning about whether or not the united states shout ramp up there and what type of presence the united states should have. we've been waiting several weeks now about what type of plan that they might come up with, jon. so far the white house appears divided between the generals that want a more aggressive stance there and some civilians that are recalibrating their policy there about just how much more involved the united states should be there. jon? >> jon: and america's longest war goes on. connor powell, thank you. >> molly: steve mnuchin and the white house team about to discuss tax reform in a few minutes as republican lawmakers shift gears from healthcare.
10:27 am
we'll talk with our political panel about the next big item on the republican agenda. >> it's more important for us than anything that we get tax reform done because we think it's absolutely critical for strong economic growth. berty mue when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee
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>> jon: all right.
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so molly, there's a new game in washington. republican lawmakers, they say they want to tackle tax reform after failing to repeal and replace obamacare. house speaker paul ryan looking for a legislative win and urging colleagues to get on the same page. >> we think most of all that is important is that we come to common ground on how to do tax reform to get tax reform done in 2017. >> jon: and chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live on capitol hill. >> one observation is it appears the white house, the senate and the house are all working closely together to get this done. some key priorities according to republican officials are protect american jobs and make taxes simpler, fairer and lower for american families. should be a lower rate for small businesses so they can compete with larger ones and for all american businesses so that they can compete with foreign companies. there's a focus on making all this last forever.
10:32 am
>> if we do a temporary tax cut, you'll get temporary help and fades away. we want long-term. we want local businesses to unleash investment. that means making it permanent. >> the next step is to draft legislation that leaders hope will produce the first comprehensive tax reform in a generation. the house speaker says this is critical to syria's economic growth. >> i really believe that the secrets to getting the 3% growth, which is a goal we can achieve, regulatory relief, working on labor supply, welfare to work and tax reform. you can't get to 3% growth in my opinion without tax reform. that is why this is so important. >> democrats are suggesting the republican counter parts should take a few lessoned learned from healthcare reform. >> if it happens under reconciliation, they're putting the same sign out on the door, no democrats wanted as they did
10:33 am
with healthcare and i think it will lead to the same result. >> grover norquist said we should see a bill by september 28. jon? >> jon: wouldn't that be nice? mike emanuel, thanks. >> molly: steve mnuchin and white house director of legislative affairs mark short are taking tax reform as republicans reboot their legislative agenda. i'm joined by richard fowler and also david avela. thanks nor being here. we appreciate it. >> good to be here, molly. >> molly: kicking things off when we want to talk taxes. the republicans have had a tough time getting forward on healthcare. do they see more eye to eye? is there more of a collaborative effort with tax reform? david? >> if we can't pass tax reform, it will be time to deflate the football and send the pigskin back to the pigs.
10:34 am
we have to pass tax reform. it's ultimately helping spur the economy, that which is consumer spending and the belief by job creators that we're ultimately going to do tax reform. if we want to bolster what is going on in the economy right now and we want to actually spur it, we'll pass tax reform. >> molly: richard, what can democrats do here? is there a chance we'll see republicans reaching out to them? we're seeing there may be some forced collaboration on healthcare. where do the democrats stand? will they be a part of the discussion? >> democrats have always been -- we think there's things that we can do together. one is that is lowering corporate tax rates and closing loop holes in the tax code. there's no question the tax code is archaic at best. how we get that done is not through normal order where democrats and republicans work with a bill that speaks to what the president's needs are and the needs of the american
10:35 am
people. paul ryan just talked about the idea of unleashing american capacity. making sure people are ready for jobs. that means beyond cutting taxes and rolling back regulations. you also have to put money in technical education, put money into making sure we have more coders and more people prepared to do the work of the 201st century. that will require the government to put skin in the game. >> molly: and the gop leaders from the administration, the house and the senate. put out a statement saying that the plan places a priority on permanence and creates americans to bring back jobs and profits trapped overseas. there's no detail on how that will be accomplished. david, what do you think? is that most important? >> let's not let chuck schumer's comments go unchallenged. just because the process might be reconciliation doesn't mean democrats have to be against it. they're for tax cuts or they're not. they want americans to have more
10:36 am
money or they don't. they have -- particularly chuck schumer has no problem when the democrats were in charge. now all of a sudden that he's in the minority, we can't use the system in place in the senate to give americans tax relief. so you're for tax cuts or you're not for tax cuts. >> i think david called you out there. >> i don't think this is a for organ conversation. what we're asking for is normal order. let's not ram a bill through or have democrats and republicans -- >> why weren't you for that -- >> wait a minute. what we saw last week was republicans forcing their members to vote on a blank piece of paper. said this paper session healthcare. we'll insert what it means later. that is not normal order. that's not what the american people expect. that's why healthcare was voted down. david and others can try to follow down this very, very glass -- broken glass paved
10:37 am
road -- >> molly: i want one last big question. how will this be paid for? the republicans drop a controversial idea, the boarder adjustment tax. that was supposed to bring in a ton. how will this get paid for? >> part of it will be through economic growth, part will be looking at tax loop holes that can be closed. in fact, one thing we can look at is closing the deduction that people get on state and local taxes, which only encourages big spending democratic states to keep spending as opposed to putting on fiscal restraint. >> two points on this. most of the people that benefit from the state income tax deductions are middle class. those individuals have less disposable income to begin with. number 2, you're asking the right questions. how do the republicans plan on paying for this. in history, there's never been a tax cut that paid for itself.
10:38 am
don't believe that it will pay for itself. it never does. republicans have to come up with some pay-fors. they can start at the pentagon. >> molly: it will be interesting. see what comes in the coming months. thank you. >> thanks. >> jon: now this. fox news alert. governor rick scott declaring a state of emergency in half of the counties in florida as the sunshine state begins to feel the impact from tropical storm emily. that system already has made landfall. forecasters say some parts of florida will see up to eight inches of rain. we're keeping a close eye on the storm. we'll bring you the news as it comes in. >> molly: disturbing information about an illegal immigrant on an elderly woman. he's been deported 20 times. but authorities released him from jail defying a federal order. our legal panel weighs in.
10:39 am
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>> jon: new information on an unusual accident at the fresno air attack base in california. a fight fighting plane dropped its load of flame retardant shortly after taking off. the chemical raining down over the fresno area. the air national guard and u.s. forest services says it's completely safe. it's similar to a salt-based fertilizer for lawns. they ad any affected surfaces should be washed with soap and water. >> molly: breaking now, a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in oregon had been deported 20 times before the alleged attack. 31-year-old sergio martinez
10:43 am
arrested last week after he attacked another woman with a knife. he has a long rap sheet and was arrested in december in defiance of a federal immigration hold. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> hi, molly. >> molly: hi. to kick things off, would this have happened if it had been other than a sanctuary city? >> no way. you can draw a straight line from the fact that this sanctuary city is 100% too blame for the horrible attack on this 65-year-old woman. this was not -- portland was not a sanctuary city for the victim here. what is so infuriating about this, molly, you have a 31-year-old assailant who has been deported 20 times. that tells me it's a revolving door. he wastes in time.
10:44 am
yet the local authorities thumbed their nose at an ice detainer. it's unacceptable. >> molly: david, your thoughts on that. is the sanctuary city to be held responsible for this? >> the sheriff is more concerned with protecting illegal aliens, this is becoming a growing problem. my client has been documented here on fox news. his fiance was killed by a criminal alien earlier this year. he had been deported five times. he had had numerous prior convictions. the police chief of l.a. said we're a sanctuary city. fortunately president trump called my client after this and offered his condolences and indicated how serious he is with solving this problem. we have kate's law. it passed the house. it's headed to the senate. that will defund sanctuary cities and that is critical in this fight. >> it will be interesting to see how things go forward.
10:45 am
is there -- what is the approach to help ensure this doesn't happen again? >> my idea is for lawyers to gather together and start suing the municipalities that let these vicious criminals remain and have sanctuary within them. it's simple civil law. if you're a landlord and you're in a bad neighborhood and you know that there's criminal activity afoot and you don't take steps to protect your tenants, you can be sued. what is the different between the municipalities that know that they have violent criminals and don't take the steps to protect us? the citizens that live there. let's start suing the municipalities. hit them in the pocketbook. that's another way to fast track of defund ing ting the sanctuar cities. >> molly: many mayors are sticking up for the policies of being a sanctuary city and have fought back from federal funding. can something like that be affected, what john is
10:46 am
suggesting, to go after the municipality's legally? >> i'm going to kick it up another notch. i'm going to say prosecute them criminally. jeff sessions is serious about this. they can be prosecuting the mayors and police chiefs for harboring fugitives and obstruction of justice. that might be what it takes to end this problem and get them back to the reality. there's many latino citizens that are the victims of these criminal aliens. they have to remember that. that's one of the concerns that they have. they're losing touch and we have to stop it now. we have a president that is i mean completely committed to doing it now that congress has to follow up and make this law a reality. >> molly: what about the argument made by people that are pro opponents of sanctuary cities and the authorities don't have the authority to actually comply with the ice detainer request? >> i don't buy it for a minute just like i don't buy the
10:47 am
argument that if you take away sanctuary cities that you won't have people helping law enforcement. i'd like to see the numbers on that. how many people are contributing to the welfare of our communities by being witnesses to crimes? i'd say probably not many. there's a lot of arguments that are weak in respect of keeping sanctuary cities going, but i don't buy it. >> molly: david, the last word. your final thought. >> it's a complete false native that the latino community wants to protect illegal aliens. they don't. a lot of law-abiding people in the hispanic communities. they're in favor of this. mr. trump has spoken up for this. they show up at his rallies. this has to happen. >> molly: thanks so much. >> thank you, molly. >> thank you. >> jon: a fox news alert. the third time is the charm for discovery communications in their quest to acquire script network.
10:48 am
discovery outbide viacom for scripts. they're behind the hgtv network. discovery tried to acquire scripts two times before. >> molly: a man hunt underway in alabama after 12 dangerous inmates escape. how many are still at large? and a massive lawsuit. how lawmakers fighting the opioid epidemic saying drug manufacturers misled the public. with glucerna... ...made with carbsteady... help minimize blood sugar spikes... can really feel it. now with 30% less carbs and sugars. glucerna.
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>> i'm harris faulkner. the pentagon is giving an update on the north korea missile launch saying it was the longest missile test in their history. so what could that mean? what will our president do next? also, new details about
10:52 am
interesting real estate transactions by debby wasserman schultz's i.t. guy. she's the chair of the dnc. what is it about? florida declares a state of emergency as tropical storm emily makes a landful. we're live on the coast with an update coming up at the top of the hour. >> molly: right now, police in northern alabama still on the hunt for one remaining inmate after a dozen men escape from jail sunday. brady andrew kilpatrick is still at large. he was jailed on drug charges. authorities say they have captured the other 11 inmates. how they escaped is unclear. >> jon: some new information on the growing opioid epidemic. some cities and states are suing the opioid manufacturers blaming them for the crisis. >> painkillers like vicodin and oxycontin are addictive. and pharmaceuticals knew that
10:53 am
when they marketed the drugs. we go live to our west coast bureau with more. >> molly, that's where the alleged cull culpability come from. its like the tobacco lawsuits of the 90s. states hope to recover the money to treat the problem now. >> i crushed the bottom of three vertebrae and they prescribed my oxycontin. >> i was given this very, very strong pain medicine for a case of bronchitis. >> took it up to six times a day if yo need it. so he prescribed me more. >> the doctor is the best drug dealer you can get. >> each of these addicts began with a doctor-prescribed painkiller. >> the responsibility goes to the doctors, the pharmaceutical companies. >> they down played the product. >> grant woods sued the tobacco industry for marketing a deadly
10:54 am
product. his target today, the drug industry. >> heroin is back. why? it's back because of these painkillers. >> this lawsuit today is about accountability. >> 25 cities, states and counties are suing opiate manufacturers for deceptive marketing. >> everybody wanted to make money. they didn't really want to hear the truth of what this drug and the damage it really causes. >> according to the feds, purdue farmists spent did 30 million a year marketing oxycontin, which included doctors promoting the drug as safe. >> they don't wear out, they go on working, they don't have serious medical side effects. >> physicians took some of this stuff as gospel and did overprescribe. >> so the makers of oxycontin
10:55 am
deny misleading. they say opioids are safe and government approved and prescribed by doctors and pharmacists. the president's commission on this epidemic comes out with its record. >> molly: thank you, william. >> jon: a d-day veteran is now in the record books after becoming the world's oldest tandem sky diver. happened in may. how this jump earned him a special honor today. >> it was an absolute surprise. i never had a clue what was happening. not one clue. for your heart...
10:56 am
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your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. >> harris:
10:59 am
>> a d day veteran landing in the guiness book of world's records. had to jump from 15,000 feet in the air to do it. take a look when he became the world's oldest tandem sky diver. today he was presented with a certificate from a british charity to mark his achievement. >> i was, you know, not afraid. no fears. no nothing. just dive out of the plane and just hold the parachute open. drop about two miles down. >> he said no fear, no nothing. >> the money goes to british soldiers, veterans and their families to allow them to take a
11:00 am
seaside vacation. >> i couldn't help but think of our former president george w. h. bush who often celebrated his birthdays with a jump. >> his 80th. >> and 90th. >> thank you for joining us. >> "america's news hq" starts now. >> harris: a new week in washington begins with new leadership inside the west wing. general john kelly is now president trump's chief of staff. we've been reporting that today. i can report generals are not known for dealing with loose lips and disloyalty lightly. this will be interesting in terms of change. kelly was sworn in today. immediately got down to work with a full cabinet meeting. of course, a long side inside that room was attorney general jeff session whom president trump criticized repeatedly in recent weeks. john roberts joins me now. >> reporter: harris, the president h


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