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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 1, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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greg gutfeld. all right, set your dvrs. never miss an episode of and then. it "hannity" is coming at you next. bret baier. >> bret: new chief of staff sworn in, incoming white house communications director escorted out. i am bret baier in washington. this is a fox news alert. newly hired white house munication instructor anthony scaramucci leaving the job he was given ten days ago. just hours after general john kelly steps in. scaramucci was not officially scheduled to start until august 15. he leaves 15 days before that in ten days after he was announced in the job. that brings us to at least eight white house staffers out in the past six months. some see this as president trump running his administration like a business, making decisions
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quickly. critics say it's an inexperienced white house scrambling to find its footing in washington. fox team coverage. chief washington correspondent james rosen joins us. how general kelly will discharge his duties. we begin with john roberts and the changing white house staff on a monday. >> good evening. ten days ago press secretary sean spicer stepped down in order to clear the decks for anthony scaramucci to build a new communications team. today the white house cleared the decks again. it ranks among the shortest ten years and white house history after ten days on the job, anthony scaramucci is out as white house communications director. general john kelly, new white house chief of staff, asked for scaramucci to go after an interview scaramucci thought was off the record. >> the president felt anthony's comments were inappropriate for
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a person that position. and he didn't want to burden general kelly also with that line of succession. >> scaramucci's removal sharp indicator of how much power john kelly will have. president trump lavishing praise on him after his swearing in this morning. >> i predict general kelly will go down in terms of the position of chief of staff, one of the great ever. >> as the senior military assistant to robert gates and leon panetta, kelly is well versed in the ways of washingto washington. president trump is banking that kelly's military discipline can bring some order to a west wing riven by competing power centers. >> what he's done in terms of homeland security's record-shattering. the border, the results we've had, and the spirit. a very controversial situation, there's been very little controversy. stick with the president
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dismissed the idea of a west wing in crisis, saying: "the -- there is no white house chaos." >> companies are doing tremendously well. >> kelly joins the team in the midst of domestic setbacks and foreign policy challenges. among them north korea's latest show of defiance, firing off another intercom -- intercontinental ballistic missile. >> it will be handled. we handle everything. >> another crisis, venezuelan president nichols maduro consolidated power in an election u.s. officials considered a sham. the national security advisor and treasury secretary slapped new sanctions on maduro. >> we hope the sanctions will make maduro officials reconsider
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their actions. >> john kelly will have a level of authority that his predecessor reince priebus never enjoy. several white house senior staffers had a direct line to the president and around priebus. under kelly, everyone in the west wing, including ivanka trump and jared kushner will report directly to him. >> bret: john roberts, thank you. more on this with the panel. i will be hosting "special report" from the white house tuesday. i will be joined by kellyanne conway to discuss a changing white house staff with big challenges ahead home and abroad. if day one is any indication, president trump believes in retired general john kelly in this new position. is the resignation of anthony scaramucci by word, maybe not deed? is it the first after restoring
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order in the white house? james rosen joins me to look at what the keys could be too general kelly's success. >> good evening. the firing of anthony scaramucci, he will be chiefly remembered for an unprecedented volume of public profanity. sometimes the need to protect the president from himself. >> you have the worst job in washington because your job is to catch the javelins. >> the men who have served as white house chief of staff include some of america's most accomplished public servants. dick cheney among them. it is james a baker the third who held the job twice, during ronald reagan's first term. >> fi -- if they can't get the president, they want to get the chief of staff. >> the last military man to run
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the white house, moved over as nsc deputy halfway through the watergate scandal. some historians believe he helped maneuver nixon out of office. >> i, gerald r ford, do solemnly swear. >> his tenure as chief lasted seven weeks. chris whipple's offer of "gatekeepers." >> gerald ford had a model of white house governance that was like donald trump's. advisors coming and going. no chain of command. >> the man who held the job for bill clinton's second term set a background in the armed forces was helpful. >> my first responsibility was to develop a chain of command. my military experience was probably more valuable to me that my political experience. >> analysts emphasize that the one thing a successful a successful chief of staff will
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possess is something that only can come from his relationship with the president. true primacy over the rest of the staff. >> he is a political guy that turned out to be a superstar. >> veterans predicted trouble for reince priebus when his hiring was paired with an announcement that steve bannon would enjoy equal footing with priebus. >> there is nothing wrong with a diversity of opinions in the white house and perspectives, but i think the white house runs well only if there is one chief of staff clearly in charge. >> in comments, jim baker advised general kelly to focus less on chief and more on "of staff." chris with bowl advised him to demand clearance of every tweet. >> bret: story you broke about computer systems. >> fox news has learned the national computer network relied
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on by america's top federal prosecutors suffered a hit as a justice department source put it, knocking out internet service and causing other disruptions. the outages were impeding prosecutors work as late as this afternoon. federal officials say the power source in south carolina has gone down twice the last few days with the office is relying on emergency backup while working to bring systems back online. we are told there is no terrorism connection but rather that this was simply a hardware issue. >> bret: okay, james. in a diplomatic tit for tat, vladimir putin orders 755 u.s. diplomatic staff out of the country. on the heels of new u.s. sanctions against russia. president trump has signals the -- signaled he will sign. as of this hour, he hasn't. mike pence criticized russia's
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move but said the trump administration wants a better relationship with russia. kristin fisher traveling with the vice president. >> vice president mike pence delivering one of the strongest rebukes against russian aggression by someone in the trump administration. >> no threat looms larger in the baltic states than the aggression by the neighbor to your east. >> the capital of estonia, a short drive from the russian border and he was speaking to a few hundred nato troops. >> and a sign of commitment, president trump will sign legislation to strengthen and codify the united states sanctions against russia. >> the bill prompted vladimir putin to retaliate, ordering the removal of more
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than 700 u.s. diplomats. >> translator: we have waited quite a long time and thought something might change for the better. we had hoped the situation would change but apparently if it changes, it won't be soon. >> despite the diplomatic tit for tat, the vice president said that the administrations preference remains a better relationship with russia. >> we are unified in our mission. a better relationship and the lifting of sanctions will require russia to reverse the actions that caused the sanctions to be imposed in the first place. >> the presidents of estonia, latvia, lithuania are wary russia will reverse course and are nervous moscow may take a move like he did in ukraine. on this trip, they want of the vice president to reassure them that the u.s. was still committed to nato's article five, mutual defense pledge and today that's what they got.
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>> the united states is now and will always be your greatest alley. >> the vice president is in a country that would like to join nato, georgia. the country is holding military exercises along u.s. troops. tomorrow the vice president will be speaking to the troops before heading to montenegro. the final stop on the swing through eastern europe. iran kristin fisher traveling with the vice president. thank you. as we told you, the treasury department carrying through on president trump's promise to inflict nicolas maduro with financial pain. the sanctions are one move to try to put pressure on a president that continues to consolidate his own power and is now, in the words of the white house, a dictator. steve harrigan reports from miami on the ongoing strength in venezuela.
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>> ten people killed sunday in clashes between protesters and government security forces in venezuela. one candidate was murdered in his home, and several motorcycle police officers were burned and what may have been the first use of an improvised explosive device in four months of unrest. when the blast went off, some cheered. 20 years of socialism have taken the country with the world's largest oil reserves to the brink of dictatorship and famine. those who can flee. there are people close to me who picked through the garbage, she says, people dressed like you and me. it affects us all. the man in charge, nicolas maduro, high school dropout and former bus driver, appears to relish the battle. when imperialism challenges us, he says, we show the blood of
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the liberator that run through the veins of our men, women, and children. his government keeps moving the goalposts. after the opposition won a majority in the national assembly in 2015, maduro stacked the supreme court with 13 new judges. he has pushed through a vote to rewrite the constitution. the u.s. has vowed to take swift and strong economic action. nikki haley called the election of sham and a step towards dictatorship. the u.s. is not alone in condemning the power grab. european union, argentina, colombia, and a number of nations of said they will not recognize this vote. >> bret: steve harrigan, thank you. here at home and on capitol hill, republican leaders looking to rebound after last week's drama ending with an astonishing late-night collapse
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of the moving health care forward. mike emanuel has the story. >> full steam ahead for the white house, senate, house on tax reform. they say they're working closel closely. committed to keeping the promise of the american people. >> this is about creating a fair tax system that's good for the average middle-class person. creates a wage growth for them, something they've needed for a long period of time. stick a hopefully a lot of text drafted and written. we will start with markups. >> protect american jobs and make texas simpler, lower. lower tax rate for small businesses, and for all american businesses they can compete with foreign companies. >> we want investment decisions to bring jobs home, we want
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local businesses to unleash investment. >> what's out: border tax on imported goods and boosting tax rates for upper income americans. >> we are not in the business of raising tax rates but the president himself with his economic advisors put out a framework that we think works. >> floated by steve bannon to pay for middle-class tax cuts by boosting the top rate to as much as 44% from 39.6%. ryan says the tax reform push is critical. >> i believe the secrets to getting to 3% growth which is the goal we can achieve, regulatory relief, working on labor supply, welfare to work, tax reform. you can't get to 3% growth without tax reform. >> chuck schumer suggests republicans should learn some lessons from the struggle to repeal and replace obamacare.
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>> if it happens under reconciliation, they are putting the same sign on the door. "no democrats wanted," as they did with health care and i think it will lead to the same result. >> supporters of health care reform did not spend a dime selling it. i'm told there's an expectation members of the business community will step up to try to build momentum for tax reform. >> bret: mike emanuel, thank you. president trump not giving up on that obamacare overhaul. president ramping up pressure, threatening the health benefits lawmakers enjoy in an ultimatum some experts say the president could follow through with. peter doocy reports on what the president cannot cannot do -- can and cannot do. the president tweeting: "if obamacare is hurting people, and it is, why shouldn't it hurt the insurance companies and why should congress not be paying what public pays?" lawmakers and staffers have been
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getting 72% of their premiums subsidized by uncle sam. part of an obamacare arrangement. president trump has the ability to undo the subsidies using the office of personnel management because that's the agency president obama used to set them up. >> the president would be within his rights to cancel the obama rule that conferred this subsidy in congress. other americans in these exchanges are not getting employer subsidies. >> insurance companies are also waiting to find out if the cost-sharing reduction payments they've been receiving to help cover low income americans will soon stop, as threatened. the court, district court in d.c., said this is an illegal payment. why should american taxpayers bail out the insurance industry? democrats don't see it as a bailout. >> this is about having
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stability in the private sector in order to provide health care. >> tom price could circumvent congress by taking the teeth out of obamacare himself, stripping the requirement that americans pay a fine if they don't have insurance. >> president trump signed an executive order allowing hhs to waive the individual mandate. that is still an option, right? >> all things are on the table. >> in the white house's view, they can't move on. >> i have heard from some staff saying they may pay more for health insurance. we have word from orrin hatch who says congress will probably need to keep giving insurance companies subsidies.
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>> bret: mixed day on the markets. the dow rose 61 to hit another new high. s&p 500 down 2. the conservative movement is lost, that from a republican senator was taken on president trump before. arizona senator jeff flake joins me to talk about the latest in his new book
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>> bret: has the republican party lost its manners and possibly its principles? one g.o.p. senator thinks so. jeff flake, author of the book "conscience of a conservative."
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thanks for being here. moments ago the president tweeted "a great day at the white house. that's all it says. it's the first day for his new chief of staff and the last day for his incoming white house communications director. your thoughts on this and what it means for the white house. >> i would agree, i think it is a good day. i think we were all wondering if admiral kelly, general kelly. general kelly would be the chief of staff or chief of some staff. looks like he's going to be the chief of staff and that's what t the white house needs. >> bret: do you think this white house can get big things done with the current staff and organization it has? >> there is a lot we need to do. the white house has done some good things. neil gorsuch on the supreme court was a great thing. some regulatory reforms have been great. we've got tax reform to go
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through. that's going to be a big lift. i don't think it's as difficult as health care reform but it's going to be difficult. it's going to require a disciplined administration and congress to get it done. i hope so. >> bret: this is the office of management and budget, mick mulvaney over the weekend. >> i think what you are seeing is the president reflecting the mood of the people. the white house can't move on. in the people's view, they should move on in the senate. they should find a way to solve the problem. >> bret: talking about health care, don't do anything else until you get health care fixed. >> i think we have about reached the limits of what we can do with one party. i think were going to have to involve the other party. we tried. i voted for it. i would've liked to have kept health care alive. in arizona, 200,000 people will
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wake up without health insurance. they will have paid the fine but they can't afford the insurance. a bigger number are paying the premiums but can't afford to use it. we desperately need the reforms but i think we have reached the limits of what we can do as one party. >> bret: you said you voted for the skinny bill, but the senior senator did not. your feelings about john mccain's vote. >> his vote was consistent with the position he's taken for a long time. we need to get back to regular order. should've gone through the committee process. i don't begrudge him for taking that position. i felt we ought to keep it alive but i respect his position. >> bret: in this environment, contacts reform move forward? i'm republicans get through with a w on this? >> i think there are certain number of democrats, maybe not the leadership, but democrats who want to see tax reform. i think it's certainly a heavy
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lift but not as heavy as health care. health care affects people in a far more personal way and it's far more difficult. >> in your book, you you right having to regret -- necessity is assigned that the american conservative movement which has been a force for good is lost. this book aims to describe how it went wrong and why. given the state of politics, it's no exaggeration to say this is an urgent matter. >> i think it is. 1960, 57 years ago, barry goldwater wrote the original "conscience of a conservative." he felt republicans had been compromised by the new deal. i think we are at risk of being compromised by things like intense nationalism and populism, protectionism,
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isolationism. anti-immigration fervor. these things are detrimental in the long term. i don't think populism is the governing philosophy if we want to stay in the majority as republicans, if you want to accomplish conservative things. we need to change. >> bret: whited donald trump win so big over 17 other candidates in the republican primary? >> populism is called populism for a reason. it's usually popular. once you get off the sugar high, the results aren't good. we held the majority as republicans from 2001 22006. most of that time i was in the congress and house, and we lost it, we lost majorities in the house, senate, and a 2008 we lost the white house. i think we had kind of lost our way as conservatives. this situation we are in today is not just the result of this president or this last campaign. it's been a long time in coming and we need to correct course.
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>> bret: you have had some dust ups with president trump in the campaign and after that. can you work with him going forward? >> you bet. i think he appointed a great supreme court justice. when i got to washington in 2001, i came with mike pence. he ran a think tank in arizona -- indiana. i ran a think tank in arizona. we opposed president bush's initiative no child left behind and we opposed the prescription drug benefit. we didn't think it was conservative. but we worked with him on other things. i certainly did and president bush just came out and did a fundraiser for me. because i was with him on most issues. with this president, i will oppose him when i think he's wrong and support them when i think he's right. >> bret: senator flake, we appreciate the time. the trump administration ramps up pressure on north korea and its closest ally,
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>> bret: isis targets iraq's embassy and then the attack believed to be retaliations for an attack in mosul. three gunmen stormed the building, leading to a four our firefight. we will handle north korea, that is word from president trump today in a cabinet meeting. what's become a war of words over north korea's intercontinental ballistic missile launch, the second in n the month, along with a show of force from the u.s. military over the weekend. greg palkot has the story. >> the pentagon calling north korea's latest launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile it's -- activity
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prompting a military response. b-1 bombers escorted by japanese and south korean fighter jets flew from guam to just south of the dmz. successfully tested from a u.s. base in alaska, the thaad system. important moves to defend against a nuclear north korea. >> we've got to focus on defense. >> the actions of kim jong-un triggering a global war of word words. vice president pence let go this salvo. >> the era of strategic patience is over. the president of the united states is leading a coalition of nations to bring pressure to bear until the time that north korea will permanently abandon its nuclear and ballistic missile program. >> one of those nations is japa
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japan. following a phone conversation with president trump, japanese prime minister abe banged the drum. >> translator: under the unity of the u.s. and japan, we will have a tangible action regarding military measures to improve our capabilities and take every caution in the face of north korea's threat. >> as china rolled out its military might this weekend, also defending itself against charges it's not raining and north korea. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley tweeted: "done talking about north korea. china is where they must act. japan and south korea must increase pressure. not only a u.s. problem, it will require an international solution." >> help the other countries can see that they need to take up their responsibilities in implementing the security council resolutions. >> north korea experts tell us
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newly analyzed video of the nosecone of the icbm shows it burning up, not surviving reentry. the regime will no doubt keep on trying. >> bret: thank you. another shakeup in the white house. the all-star panel is here but first in the east room, president trump bestowed a medal of honor to army veteran james mcluhan. he received the medal for courageous actions during the vietnam war. the president saying that mcluhan is a true hero. >> that's what this award is, and jim's life represents so well america's unbreakable
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>> the president felt anthony's
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comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. and he didn't want to burden general kelly with that line of succession. general kelly has the full authority to operate within the white house, and all staff will report to him. >> he will do a spectacular job, i have no doubt, as chief of staff. what he's done in terms of homeland security's record-shattering. i want to congratulate them on the great job he's done with homeland security. i predict general kelly will go down in terms of the position of chief of staff, one of the great ever. >> bret: general kelly starting as chief of staff today. the president in the cabinet room a short time ago tweeting out "great day at the white house." earlier today, said "highest stock market ever, best economic numbers in years,
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unemployment lowest in 17 years, wages raising, border secure, supreme court. no white house chaos!" the press secretary asked about this. >> do you agree with the president? >> i've said it before. if you want to see chaos, come to my house with three preschoolers. this doesn't hold a candle to that. >> bret: mollie hemingway, a.b. stoddard, syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. she is joking of course but ten days ago anthony scaramucci was going to be and announced as the new white house communications director. ten days later, he's gone. >> what a ten days. unbelievable interview he gave where he was so vulgar and had such inappropriate things to say. this was ten days that felt intense.
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having said that, i think these changes we are seeing might make it true that there is no chaos now, meaning getting rid of scaramucci should help tamp things down. we need c with reince priebus' departure. he was supposed to help with the legislative agenda, best friends with paul ryan, you couldn't get a more establishment republican person. things didn't go so well. trump wants to change direction and you can hope things will go better with someone who is more to his liking. >> bret: this suggests general kelly has power, that he has some power from the president himself. >> absolutely. i think everyone was surprised. it was clear kelly was in charg charge. kelly reportedly was offered the job in may and turned it down. the more remarkable news was the
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news that he called james comey to say he was upset, general kelly considered resigning himself. what it says is general kelly is conflicted. he probably got some assurances from the president that the disarray is going to end and that discipline will begin and he will have full authority. it's a question of how long it lasts. if jared kushner, who encouraged the bullying of sessions in the firing of comey. and is supposed to report to john kelly, general kelly, steps over the line and influences the president next time there is a leak about the russian probe, there could be a real clash. >> bret: charles, from the
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press briefing, sarah huckabee sanders set all staff will report through calais, including jared kushner and ivanka trump and that the president has "100% confidence in all of the cabinet members." that includes jeff sessions, the attorney general. 100% confidence. >> looks like the trump administration hit bottom last week and it seems to have bounced off the bottom. kelly is exerting his authority. he's been given authority. i have to say, scaramucci, we hardly knew ye. i think he would be a better contestant on "dancing with the stars" than spicer. this is an obvious signal from the president and kelly that he is in charge. sarah huckabee sanders slightly misspoke when she said, when she spoke about the line of succession. what she meant was a line of command. if the line of command, and i would have been imagined kelly would have demanded this, he's a guy from the marines.
1:44 am
he's been an orderly guy for 50 years. he would demand that it goes through him. then you have the beginnings of a white house that can function. i think it will be a test as to whether jared and ivanka are exempt from that. perhaps they will be, perhaps not. kelly must've felt he was given the authority to do what he has to do, which is to seize control of the white house. if that's true, and if the president will allow kelly some control over the president's own unrestrained impulses, i.e. tweeting, that would be an advance and nate gives the administration of chance at succeeding. >> bret: as of today, the pentagon has not moved forward with transgender's being banned from the military. no indication the defense secretary is moving forward with anything along those lines.
1:45 am
the tweet is hanging in limbo. >> tweeting is not the same thing as policy. it takes time and effort and energy to craft policy. the administration needs to follow through when necessary on the tweets. >> bret: oh, go ahead. >> it was in was an irrevocable event when the chairman of the joint chiefs declared a tweet is not in order. essentially ignored it. whereas he would've thought up until now, we were saying that a tweet is an official statement from the president. >> bret: defense secretary has not said one word. has not moved to do anything. >> as you point out, nothing has been done. i predict nothing will be done on this. this will just wash away in the ether. this is a remarkable stepping up by the military as a way of saying to the commander-in-chief, you want to
1:46 am
do it, you've got to go through channels. otherwise we are not listening. they want an update of the possibility health care get somehow resurrected before tax reform. that's what mick mulvaney and others, the president tweeting about it today. >> there is an earnest proposal from a bipartisan group split republican or democrat. they showed it to chuck schumer who's on board. senator blunt spoke for a lot of senators when he said if it means going back before tax reform, i don't think we could do it. senator hatch says we are too divided. we have to move on. reportedly he changed his mind but they are very torn up. publicly they are too afraid to admit they want to leave this behind and go to tax reform. they are so torn. but then a few hours later they say we have to keep working. as of tonight, we don't know what they are going to do.
1:47 am
>> bret: they need a trillion dollars to get the tax breaks to the place where they think it's going to make a difference. >> they needed to do it by now. what an argument against republicans that they could not do the one thing they promised to do for four cycles. and of a president who was willing to sign pretty much whatever you put forth as long as it was something he could sell as a repeal of obamacare. he didn't care much about the policy details. they still couldn't get it done. >> bret: next up, foreign threats. trump administration getting tough on china, north korea, russia. and venezuela
1:48 am
..d venezuela ..
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>> they strive to return their country to a full and prosperous democracy. he is not just a bad leader, he is now a dictator, this is not a coup. >> we will be able to handle north korea, they will be handled. we handle everything. >> president trump will sign legislation, the united states sanctions against russia. >> bret: and russia pushing back on the sanctions, even though it has not been passed yet. let's start with venezuela. >> look at, it was a gesture, i think it was very weak. if anything, it should have included the family.
1:52 am
the families involved in drug dealing, and that they are incredibly corrupt. but the other point is that's the real thing that would have made a difference is if we were to cut off oil imports to venezuela, that is their entire economy. >> bret: we don't want to hurt the venezuelan people. >> i understand, but it will always involve the people, there is no other way, if you want to do it delicately and discreetly, it will not have any effect, this country is now being taken over, they are following the castro program, they have advisors, and they have essentially abolished democracy, whether serious or not, i understand if you cut off the oil imports, then the regime will think that the u.s. is responsible for the economic response, but everyone in the country knows that the economy is on its knees because of an insane administration, saying
1:53 am
that they are socialist and i think at this point we have to be serious, and i would add that other latin americans would come in and condemn this, there is a big support group up on capitol hill, picking up on the weekend after this latest -- but it is a huge story for the hemisphere. >> it is, but it is interesting first of all, it is interesting what charles says, it sounds like it is quite a confrontatio confrontation, and exposing our diplomatic personnel there, and they could be in danger because it is getting increasingly violent and more dangerous by the day, and that could escalate things. but it is also interesting because people will look at this and say one there was a power grab, and turkey we certainly weren't as concerned, but it
1:54 am
gets lost in obviously a real high profile terrifying threat from north korea, and obviously, there is this business with russia but everyone is waiting for trump to respond to. >> i think people need to remember that lack of economic freedom leads to lack of political freedom, it happens all over the world, it was just a few years ago that we had so many people in the media cheering shabbos, cheering venezuela, you had sean penn writing these articles, you had bernie sanders saying that you had a better chance of realizing the american dream in venezuela, saying who is the banana republic now, that was in 2011, we have people speaking in favor of socialism here in this country, people need to know that this is where it leads, this is what happens when you embrace a socialist ideology. >> bret: bombers over the weekend, as well as a test of the defensive systems, and it designed it to demonstrated
1:55 am
capability, according to the pentagon, this is continuing. >> look at, we can demonstrate all we want, i think the north koreans are aware of our hardware, what we can do, and our capacity, suppression is not capacity, the question is will. are we prepared to seek renewal of the korean war if we strike there. the answer, i think today is no, there is no indication that north korea would believe otherwise, that we haven't given them such indication, again, i repeat, the only way to do this mr. china, and the only way to get china's attention is to threaten, anything short of that is useless. >> bret: will continue to monitor all of these, it is hot all around the globe. panel, thank you, when we come ..nel, thank you, when we come
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>> bret: he played him on late night tv, now it turns out o'leary david is apparently related to bernie sanders. really? >> enough is enough. we need it to unite and work together, if we are all going to get through this. sounds like socialism to me. >> democratic socialism. >> huge difference. >> huge? >> huge.
1:58 am
>> it begins with a wyatt, hey? who are you? >> bret: didn't even know i was talking about this, larry david received high praise for his portrayal of bernie sanders on "snl," the two learned that they are actually distant cousins, david participated in an upcoming episode of "finding your roots,," where it was revealed that he is related to sanders. no word if alec baldwin is related to donald trump. fair, balanced, and unafraid, >> tuesday, august 1st, donald trump and his new chief of staff moving full steam ahead with his economic agenda.
1:59 am
>> i predict general kelly will go down in terms of the position of chief of staff, one of the great ever. we are going to make america great again. >> anthony scaramucci out as communications director already, rumors swirling who is going to replace him. >> people like him is 13 our jails, we are targeting those people, national security. >> sanctuary city crackdown, texas stepping up security to get illegal criminals off the streets, the protests defined donald trump. ibly20 the search intensifying for one remaining inmate after 12 men break free from jail. how they used peanut butter to get out. fox and friends first starts right now. ♪ abca27 good morning, you are
2:00 am
watching fox and friends first on tuesday morning. the first day of august. ibly20 summer has gone too quickly. thanks for joining us. our top story, new information on anthony scaramucci, he is out. john kerry firing anthony scaramucci just 10 days on the job. >> the latest on the administration shakeup, already moving on to make america work again. >> not even officially on the job yet. >> reporter: 10 days and he is out.


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