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tv   The Fox News Specialists  FOX News  August 1, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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dow in record territory. things are looking up. see you tomorrow. >> kat: hello, everyone. i am kat timpf with eric bolling and eboni k. williams. this is "the fox news specialists." this is a fox news alert. confirmation vote underway for fbi director nominee christopher wray. you are looking at a live view of the senate floor. we will be bringing you the result of the vote we have it. our top story, they were against white house leaks is heating up. attorney general jeff sessions having a press conference friday to outline efforts to crack down on leaks. an issue that has dogged the administration since day one. >> i have not been happy with the past prosecutions and investigations of criminal
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leaks. we've already taken a number of steps. we are stepping up. cannot continue. some people need to go to jail. if we can make cases, they are going to jail. >> kat: judge napolitano didn't mince words either. >> the type of leaks that have bedeviled donald trump, that have commenced the massey's income including the special prosecutor, began when susan rice and her colleagues. she has admitted to some of this, engaged in unmasking, revealing the true names of people who participated in conversations that were captured by american and british intelligence. >> kat: new chief of staff, sessions going afterward. we will -- will be get it figured out russian mark >> eric: i do. president trump saying i'm losing a little bit of confidence in you. general john kelly chief of
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staff also is going to plug the leaks. i think there will be leaks going forward but if you look at the information leaked it will be old stuff. i think from here forward, they are going to plug it up. >> eboni: leaks have been a problem. obama tried to have a war on leaks, didn't go so well. jeff sessions is stepping up. there is a legitimate fear in in the trunk white house that if you don't do your job, you're going to get the acts. i think definitely jeff sessions got that memo. expecting to see him be tougher not just on leaks from prosecutions across the board. >> kat: time to meet today's specialists. a former united states attorney, former chief counsel and staff director on the senate rules committee and founding partner in a washington, d.c., law firm. specializes in being a legal powerhouse.
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joseph digenova is here. he is the former campaign manager to donald j. trump. he's back by popular demand, specializes in all things political. corey lewandowski is here. corey, you've been talking to the president. this has been something that's been a huge problem his entire time in the white house. >> corey: what you have seen from this administration and from jeff sessions, chief of staff general kelly, it is time to put a stop to it. the leaks that are the most troubling to the administration are not the personal leaks, the backbiting that takes place but the intelligence community leaks which is information being shared in the small audience which is finding its way into the public domain. the concern is the classification of the information and how it's being disseminated. if you look at what jim comey did, he publicly admitted he gave out information to a
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friendly associates, a college professor. he knew it was going to get the general public. it cannot be perpetuated. they are going to crackdown. >> kat: eboni, what do you think? i understand that the leaks create a serious environment where there is no trust. >> eboni: i want to go back to corey's points. the comey thing is not what you want to be doing. but i agree, my real issue are the national security leaks. the things that have theresa may and other allies questioning do we give as much information as we have been giving traditionally to the u.s. it's going to affect national security globally. countries in europe, israel and other allies, it's serious. >> joseph: what really matters is why did it start and when? they started and the obama
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administration when they decided to unmask people who were disclosed intelligence intercepts. when they made the decision to unmask from people, u.s. senators, congressmen, get the information, it's clear from what we know in the public record that a purposeful effort was made to leak the information, the key sources, to embarrass people, create conflict. it continued after the new president. >> eboni: the unmasking or the leaking? >> joseph: the unmasking was improper, probably illegal for political reasons. the leaking was definitely criminal activity and should have been the subject of a criminal investigation and the very beginning of the administration. >> eric: trump has had a tough time since he got in there. everyone knew the left was going to give him a hard time. they knew progressives were going to give him a hard time. his issue and my issue is that he's being attacked from his own party. being attacked from people who
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look like g.o.p.-ers. correct me if i'm wrong but some of the people not only leaking but pushing back on the agenda should be on his side and hoping for more solid -- >> kat: on his side how? >> eric: a lot of people leaking, my guess, are republicans. >> corey: you have to remember and this is the fault of the administration. they have not moved fast enough to fill positions. you have holdovers from the obama administration in key positions where they have access to information. we call that deep state. those of the people they are. not the only source of the lake but what we have seen is if this administration will move faster and put their appointees in place. some of it would be controlled. not all of it but you also have to understand their people in the federal government who did
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not support the president and his agenda and want to do everything they can to destroy him from fixing the country. >> eric: the other thing is, there are a lot of people who thought some of the people in the white house were not in the white house right now may have been the source. >> eboni: that is my question. >> eric: and other administrations, you are caught doing that and you are an outcast. you can find a job anywhere else. you are the person leaking in the obama administration or the bush administration. >> eboni: it's a credibility problem. correct me if i'm wrong, corey, on "fox & friends," you are talking about potential leaks that were appointed by president trump and still proved to be a problem. how does the president move with not just appointing his own people but making sure the appointments are consistent with his agenda and well-being. >> corey: the primary focus of general kelly, he is the chief of staff, he's going to make sure the staff that's surrounding the president is dedicated to one thing, moving
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the agenda forward. i don't know general kelly well but i'm sure this first staff meeting, everyone paid attention. he is a four-star general. he has been a stalwart at the department of homeland security and he's going to bring a sense of normalcy to the staff. he's going to say look, you don't have to be part of the staff but if you're going to be, we are going to be on the same team. were not going to have backbiting and infighting. we are going to be a cohesive team. >> kat: i think one of the issues is president trump can do himself a lot of good by not talking about russia because the stories coming out of the white house surrounding these things that have been leaked have changed with every leak. if he wouldn't talk about it, there wouldn't be the issues. >> joe: donald trump is donald trump. no one's going to change his behavior. he's unique, he's not a politician. the senators and members of the house of representatives who
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seats were saved by donald trump, no one could have done for them what donald trump did for them. the loyalty they owe him is unbelievable. what they did on the health care bill, what they did in the senate to abandon this president was unbelievably cowardly. those three senators. collins, murkowski, and mccain, what they did was a disgrace and a betrayed their president. >> eric: i want to go to corey, when you are running the campaign, there wasn't this stuff going on. i remember, i watched you every day. what can they do to change, to fix this? you are very strong keeping the group cohesive. besides bringing you back, in lieu of that, what can they do? >> staff leadership starts at
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the top. it's proven -- general kelly is coming in is a proven leader. managing individuals in the toughest environments. what he's bringing is an opportunity for a fresh start for a number of employees who probably didn't have that. you have a clean slate. >> eric: is it too regimented? is it the military background too regimented for trump administration, it's not a very disciplined campaign/administration, and i like that better because i think it's more real. >> corey: you never change donald trump. he has been successful for the last 40 years in real estate, television, books, running for office. he was the greatest we've ever seen in all of these things. the point is you have to bring some structure to the staff. if that means you control, with relative amounts, who speaks to the president on policy issues so it's not the open door that
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anybody can say anything they want, that's the structure that's beneficial. i think general kelly understand he's not going to change the president. the president is going to make phone calls to people to get their opinions but the general should have some say when policy discussions that are going to affect the country -- >> eric: does he have confidence in steve bannon? as you just pointed out, he asked have confidence in the policy. do they see eye to eye? >> corey: i don't know where they said but i think the general is going to evaluate the staff. we saw the first decision was to ask someone to leave. i think he is very clear it's going to be his way on the staff side and if there are people in the administration were not on the president's agenda and they are evaluated, they will be gone. >> eboni: to eric's point, when someone has of much bravado as president trump, what's your take? you are effective to get president trump out of the primary but in the general, we
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know that manafort came on board. a more disciplined message. do you think that's what we are staying with this new chief of staff? >> corey: you have to let trump be trump. anyone who thinks he's going to change the president is not going to. >> eboni: do you think he was different in the general? >> corey: the president had the same message, he drove the messages. anybody who thinks they were successful and caused him to be successful is naive. this campaign was 99.9% donald trump. he was the messenger of the american people wanted. >> kat: we are keeping an eye on the senate vote to confirm christopher wray as the new fbi director and we will bring it to you when we have it. next up, the health care debate is still fresh and president trump is threatening to withhold crucial government payments in an effort to undermine the affordable care act. coming right back with that.
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on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> eboni: christopher wray has the votes to be confirmed as the new fbi director. we'll bring you more as soon as we have it. back to health care, stella hit
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topic after the skinny repeal of obamacare failed to pass. republicans seem to be in no rush to revive the repeal despite president trump's demands. the house, new plan from a bipartisan problem solvers caucus. president trump pushing back, tweeting: "if obamacare is hurting people, and it is, why shouldn't it hurt the insurance companies and why shouldn't congress be paying what the public pays." that's what a lot of americans across the country field. they feel that premiums are too high, crippling, and why does congress get special treatment in the way the rest of america doesn't? >> corey: it's a great question. they always have special privileges. they carve out the laws because these guys take care of themselves and not the american people. for the first time in a long time, the american people sent
2:18 pm
change to washington. congress should have the same health care as everybody else. they exempt themselves from the rules and when they are supposed to follow the rules, they seem going to give my office the exemption. >> joe: that's why every time one of these members appears on television, they should be asked, is your staff and are you getting this 75% premium subsidy from the government to pay for your health premiums? it's outrageous. every time they are on television they should be asked that. >> eboni: when senator mccain flew back to allow for debate to continue, i saw my friends, saying he's using government health care to fly back and take health care from 22 million people. we know how the story ends. senator mccain votes to make sure the repeal doesn't happen. >> joe: give the guy a break. i strenuously objected his final vote, a vote against the bill.
2:19 pm
he got elected. those are the rules. i don't know if you voted for the subsidies for those, i don't know. that was done by president obama by executive order. >> eric: if he doesn't show up, the debate doesn't go forward and three different versions of obamacare repeal don't get voted down. >> joe: i'm happy he came back i'm all in favor of it but i wish he would've voted differently. >> eric: i'm not happy he came back. we would still be talking about a better alternative to obamacare. it feels to me like he was being an anti-trump obstructionist. >> joe: this is making up for the keating five. he's never stopped making up for the keating five scandal. >> eric: the shot that trump took. >> joe: let me say there's no doubt. he doesn't like trump, period. >> kat: that may be true but he had issues with the bill so he voted against it.
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>> eric: why not start the debate? if you're not there, we don't start the debate. >> eboni: he said this bill ultimately -- >> joe: if you are a legislator, you can always find a reason to not vote for something. this was something the country needed to end the president needed. he should have voted for it. would have gone to conference, you can work it out and it would've been a better bill. >> eric: you are cutting him slack for you are saying he's glad he came back. if you are an obstructionist and building three versions down, don't come back. >> eboni: not fair to say for sure he's an obstructionist. maybe he was being principled in his -- >> eric: let's get corey in. >> corey: you have to hold people accountable. if you are a member in these general elections in the primaries where john mccain is running, he always runs to the right. he says i'm going to be a better conservative, support the president's agenda.
2:21 pm
they begged for the president's endorsement of john mccain when he was in the primary. he did endurance candidate trump. candidate trump endorsed john mccain in that race. and here's where we are. here is the payback. you know what we say in new hampshire? no good deed goes unpunished. there should be accountability. on elected officials who don't support the president's agenda. >> eboni: if the senate had put forth a bill that was conservative, do you think john mccain would've voted against it? >> corey: there was was a time period where mike lee from utah wasn't on the bill and ted cruz wasn't on the bill. the white house brought them in. increase the hsa premiums and likely so that's reasonable. what do we care how much money people put in their hsa. you come along because people had concerns about the bill and the white house worked to alleviate the concerns so that when the bill came up for a
2:22 pm
final vote, everyone thought it was going to move forward. >> eric: it's not like mccain didn't know what the offers were prior to voting to push the vote, he was going to vote against it. if that was the case, don't push to move the debate forward. spend more time. >> kat: he was doing his job. >> joe: it was a very james comey move. come back, vote, and he knew he was going to vote against it in the end. >> eboni: i feel like if you would have -- would've been political consequences in blocking the debate. >> eric: if you are mccain and you have the versions you know they are going to be voted upon, what's the rush to cast the vote. >> eboni: when the president calls on you -- >> eric: let's wait and see. >> joe: vote and send it to conference. >> eboni: i think we can agree
2:23 pm
there's been problems with the bill. i think it's a hard statement, eric bolling, to say i'm not going to even get discussion. >> eric: but you know it's going down. >> joe: john mccain could've expressed his concerns, worked with the white house, which is what other members of the senate did. mike lee and ted cruz and others who had concerns worked with the white house and their team to craft a bill that was acceptable to everybody. john mccain never did that. that's either a failure of his staff. >> eric: he did something a democrat would do to president trump. >> kat: what does this mean? >> eboni: i have to do this fox news alert. christopher wray's officially confirmed as the brand-new fbi director. there it is right now on the floor. talking about comey, it's a new day at least in the fbi.
2:24 pm
comey is gone. christopher wray is the new fbi director. joe, you have been appointed as an independent counsel. your feelings around what this new confirmation means in relation to mueller also having an investigation. >> joe: i found the special counsel appointment absolutely indefensible. i believe he has a conflict of interest with mr. comey. it is appalling. >> eboni: now that we have a new director. >> joe: he's not going to have anything to do with those decisions. i hope he can stand up, i'll hope he is strong enough to run this very important agency. i don't know if he is. >> eboni: when we return, i.c.e. signs an agreement with law enforcement agents in texas. what does it mean for the immigration debate? stay with us. ♪
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>> eric: i.c.e. signs agreement with 18 texas counties to help boost immigration enforcement policies. in some cases, giving state law enforcement the same authority as federal immigration officers. i.c.e. moving a program -- hoping a program will enhance the county's safety. critics claim they go too far and could add to mistrust among illegal immigrants and police officers. the agreement says that law enforcement identifying people they have already arrested as being in the u.s. illegally, detain them for possible deportation. that's exactly what the administration people on the right to have said we needed to do. local law enforcement can go into the jail and check status. do you disagree? >> eboni: i don't disagree.
2:30 pm
you know how i feel about sanctuary cities. i think they make communities less safe. my issue is immigration is a federal jurisdiction issue. i think, how about the president, he can do a two-for-one. make good on his jobs creation promised, give it to the federal government. this is what this doesn't texas. maybe texas will be better on this issue but california, arizona, possibly other states are going to be bifurcated on how they handle this. we are still going to have kate steinles and other cases where things fall through the cracks. >> eric: you wanted to go to the states. it goes into local law enforcement municipalities and says you can find out, check immigration status. >> kat: is supposed to be i.c.e.'s job. is it legal because they decided yes, we do want to participate.
2:31 pm
i know the federal government can't force local law enforcement to do their jobs. >> eboni: they have the right to do it but my concern is, what about california, new york. states they're going to opt out. >> kat: i think they should be able to do it. >> eboni: piecemeal immigration. >> corey: it is all about the president fulfilling his immigration promises. cracking down on illegal immigration, what we've seen under general kelly at the department of homeland security, 70% less border crossings of illegals. they don't want to come here because they know if they get caught there going to be put in jail, deported. it's fantastic. i love when local law enforcement coordinates with federal law enforcement. protect american citizens from illegal aliens were trying to come over and kill us. >> joe: this is the culmination of the the presides
2:32 pm
policy. it's the best example of federalism you can think of. federal government and the locals cooperating. for the states who don't want to do it, they are missing a great opportunity to make their citizens safer. >> eric: if you enforce immigration law, you're going to take off people, i've never bought that. >> eboni: some people -- let's say i'm a woman and i'm here legally and my husband is here illegally. he's abusing me. i'm going to call law enforcement knowing he's probably going to be deported. >> eric: if he's married to you, isn't he legal? >> eboni: not necessarily. it's not who they are just missing a great opportunity, for the sake of not having a piecemeal immigration problem, let's give it to the feds. >> joe: the president is making a point that you have the law and obey it or you don't.
2:33 pm
you have a legal system or you don't. >> eric: i love the idea of empowering local law enforcement officers to check immigration status. i think that's exactly what we've needed. >> corey: the local law enforcement officers asked for, let me do my job. protect american citizens. i can stop bad guys, i can do that. if that means you've committed a crime by coming across the borders when you weren't supposed to, it's a crime. works everywhere. >> eboni: no, it doesn't. on the streets of new york, local law enforcement is going to say hands off. they won't touch it. >> corey: give them the opportunity to opt in. >> eboni: do you think they're going to opt into new york state? >> corey: i think there's plenty of people who want to make sure illegals are taking over their communities and killing americans. >> eric: where is crime by
2:34 pm
illegal immigrants hire? sanctuary cities or municipalities where this -- >> joe: what could be better than when you arrest someone for committing a crime, you can check their status. how can you object to that? >> kat: what do you do besides opting in. the federal government can't force local governments to do their job, what do you do? >> eboni: that's why i think my solution is the best one. for states that choose it, it's excellent. >> joe: they can't function without the assistance of the authorities. no matter how much power they have over immigration. >> eric: you don't have to. a cop doesn't have to do it but i like them having the arrow in the quiver. >> corey: you want to have as many tools as possible and use the one that best fits the
2:35 pm
situation. >> eboni: eliminating illegal immigration. i'm -- >> eric: coming up, new threat from north korea. the rogue state claiming it has a missile capable of hitting the u.s. when a fire is going on,
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you're not thinking clearly, so they called the fire department for us. i could hear crackling in the walls. my mind went totally blank. all i remember saying was, "my boyfriend's beating me" and she took it from there.
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>> eboni: welcome back to "the fox news specialists." our specialists today are joseph digenova and corey lewandowski. on july 28, north korea launched another intercontinental ballistic missile test which has the possibility of reaching the u.s. when the missile reenter the earths atmosphere began to fall
2:40 pm
apart. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley joined the discussion on north korea's missile launch tweeting "china is aware they must act. japan and south korea must increase pressure. this is not only a u.s. problem." will the countryside with the u.s.? -- will the countries side with the u.s.? >> eric: we talked about this a while back. this speed at which they are becoming more powerful and more distance on the missiles, it's insane. in the last ten years, it's multiplied with the size of the warhead and the distance they claim they will be able to go. it's only a matter of time. are we going to wait? 38 minutes from pyongyang to new york. there is no time to shoot that
2:41 pm
down in 38 minutes. if there is, we have to be very lucky. my suggestion, i've said it. go deep state on this, go underground and dismantled a nuclear capability. if they find out it's us, too bad. >> eboni: i think that's a great idea. from nikki haley's point of view, and global coalition. nikki haley saying china needs to step up. they are not really stepping up. what should we do? >> corey: the president has said he wanted to work with china to come up with a solution to put pressure on north korea. it's not just a problem between north and south korea. it's a problem for the whole world. the economic sanctions china has the ability to implement is very strong. u.s. is the largest economy, we do an amazing amount of business with china. the president said we are not going to use trade per se until we can have a better relationship with trying to put pressure on north korea. if that is working, we need to
2:42 pm
use every option available to us, including but not limited to trade sanctions with china to encourage them, and force them to make them make north korea reduce their missile program and come into compliance. >> eboni: you believe president trump would be able, willing to go that route? >> corey: the president has had there is nothing more dangerous than a nuclear catastrophe. it's very important we use every resource available. >> joe: a covert action involving cyber attacks is the way to deal with north korea. destroy their info structure that allows them to construct missiles, fire the missiles and make the nuclear weapons. we are not going to have a war because the south koreans are the ones that don't want one. the north koreans have checkmate. the only way is to go under the chess table and go after them from the inside. if nsa can collect every email in the world every minute of the day, except hillary's.
2:43 pm
by the way, by the way, the nsa has every one of those deleted emails. just ask them for it. >> eboni: kat, there's no clear answers, no clean answers when it comes north korea. i don't believe -- joe's recommendation around cyber. where does it leave china? at this point, do we say, to the hill with china and we go a different way? >> kat: it's going to be hard to convince china to do something they don't want to do. if it gets to the point where they're going to have to, they don't want conflict in the area. we have seen south korea and japan talk about wanting to have nuclear weapons as well. they don't want that happening. in that case, they would do something. the tension is kind of fun. oh, for them, i know you need
2:44 pm
our help. if it reached the point of war, china, that would be the worst. there would be a refugee crisis. they have to want to do it for themselves. there are no good solutions. if you talk about regime change, i say how? we have try the other places than we've never stopped being at war in those places. >> eboni: the timeline, we talk about if he gets to this point in that point, my goodnes goodness. we know they can almost get here. we almost know that for certain. how much longer are we going to wait? >> kat: i don't think there's a good solution. i don't claim to have one, at least. and nobody seems to have one. it's very, very tough. getting involved, you know we are talking about a massive potentially global conflict. >> eric: it's different from getting involved in the syrian conflict. syrians don't have an issue with us. they have a civil war going on.
2:45 pm
these people want to kill us. they don't care about south korea that much, probably not about japan. they can reach japan now. they have dropped missiles into this sea of japan. they are going after the ability to kill us. when do we say were not going to let you get there? >> kat: he knows it's suicide. >> eboni: the checkmate argument. up next, time flies when you're having fun. we here at "the fox news specialists," we turned three months old. we will show you our highlights from july. this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business
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>> kat: it's been a wild month here at "the fox news specialists." we've had a lot of breaking news and a lot of laughs. check out these highlights from the last few weeks. >> eboni: i am eboni k. williams with eric bolling and kat timpf. we are "the fox news specialists" ."
2:50 pm
>> kat: kiersten haglund. >> i want to thank you for interviewing mark. >> eboni: sanctions make us feel good. that's the problem i had with the iran deal. there's no way to enforce them. they become completely ineffective. >> the search for leaks is like donald trump's hair. out the leaks, even if it's real, it looks bad. >> eric: searching out leaks looks bad? >> kat: i can't think of an example where it's been good to have a politician surrounded only by yes-men. >> when he saw who she was, where she came from and what she wanted to meet about. >> understanding that tone, tanner.
2:51 pm
>> gives the book cover pose. >> eric: we are going to make the assumption that russia is better at beating us in that game. >> we don't support our police officers. chicago is a perfect example. >> kat: disagreements within the party, how do you solve it? >> they are not used to the rules of politics. >> i'm not gonna pretend don, jr., didn't know what was going on. he did. >> eric: we need to come up with solutions. >> eboni: get to a solution. >> how about what he said to anderson cooper? anderson, that is absolutely laughable. [laughter] >> kat: amazing how you don't have to grow a mustache anymore. what if geraldo's mustache was
2:52 pm
cgi? >> i hate the guy. i think he got away with a brutal double homicide. i believe he exacerbated racial tensions. >> eric: are you mad at o.j.? >> of course. he stabbed my brother and decapitated his wife. >> kat: if anyone says hi, you have to say is mr. cantaloupe time. >> how many people cry for a lawyer? >> kat: what does the weekend look like? you seem like a fun person. the photographer being sued by an animal rights group. >> eboni: on behalf of the monkey, really? >> kat: five kids. >> five girls. >> i have something for each of you. >> kat: matches my eye color.
2:53 pm
>> eric: well done. our producer put that together. >> kat: absolutely great. great stuff, what a month. everyone is right about my laugh. i don't know what to do about i it. >> eboni: what are they saying? >> kat: that it's a horse laugh. that's okay, people like horses. it's not bad. since when are we anti-horses? got to say goodbye to our specialists joe digenova. corey lewandowski. thank you both for joining us. >> joe: you've got it. >> eric: are you going to join the administration?
2:54 pm
>> corey: i'm going to keep what i'm doing and get you great ratings on the show. >> kat: up next, it's "wait, what"? stay with me, mr. parker. when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders connect with medical teams in near real time... stay with me, mr. parker. ...saving time when it matters most. stay with me, mrs. parker. that's the power of and. iso being cool comes naturally. on car insurance, hmm. i can't decide if this place is swag or bling.
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>> eric: it's time for our last segment. over the weekend, i was on the book tour going from houston to dallas, driving along the road. i bumped into a guy named danny graham. he is playing guitar. he set out above "the fox news specialists." i said have lunch with us. i said, can you make a song about this. listen. >> ♪ eric bolling, kat and eboni ♪ ♪ doing everything they can ♪ make america great again ♪ make america great again ♪
2:59 pm
>> kat: today is national respect for parents day. i want to share my favorite picture of me with my parents. there we are. you see me? do you see me? >> eboni: know, where are you? >> kat: there she is. look at how cute we are. >> eboni: my turn. split screen, this is a guy in texas. i can't tell whether it's to feel bad for this guy or whether he's the biggest idiot in america. he gave $80,000 to a woman he never met, only communicated via twitter, text message, and skype. $80,000 he's out of. never met the woman. >> eric: for what? >> kat: is that a picture of him? he's good looking. >> eboni: i know. i want to say poor guy, but maybe not so smart. >> eric: that's all we have
3:00 pm
time for. thanks for watching. make sure to follow us on social media. fncspecialists on twitter and facebook. remember, 5:00 will never be the same. bret baier and "special report" coming up right now. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. welcome to the white house. the president in the east room touted economic successes. on the other end of pennsylvania avenue, the way forward on health care reform, tax reform, raising the debt ceiling and passing a budget, still unclear on capitol hill tonight. counselor to the president kellyanne conway will join me to react to the news in a few minutes. we begin with a fox news exclusive. the defense department inspector general has completed an investigation into a pentagon program that offers foreign-born individuals an expedited p


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