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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 1, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> dana: thank you for being a part of the "the story." tucker is out the next. he will have heard two, and stay tuned to see me and again on "the five." have a great day. ♪ >> tucker: well, good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the united states may be losing a star from its flag for the first time ever. that is what activists in california want. ever since the election of president trump, the cal exit, the exception of california to become an independent country has been gaining steam while the rest of us have been talking about russia. this will no supporters for that plan believe that they are close to breaking way. they are pushing for a 2018 ballot referendum that would declare california no longer a part of the united states. and allow the governor to negotiate a greater autonomy
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including national independence as a country. if campaigners can get 585,000 signatures by january 22nd of next year, the question will go on the ballot. californian, campaigning for his state to become a separate nation. he joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. >> hello. >> tucker: this is one of those stories where we have put into the amusing category, kind of a joke. i was in california this morning, it dawned on me that this is real. this could happen things to the pelleted system in the state. this will mean breaking up the united states of america. do you fully comprehend the applications of this? >> certainly. i don't think that's you are making it sound as if california is moving 100,000 miles away. we are not. we are still here. we are still trading with each other, communicating with each other. families are still going to see each other. it's not as if we are moving millions and miles away. >> tucker: you don't know
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that. haiti and the dominican republic are next to each other, they are on the same island pretty and they are totally separate countries that are hostile to each other. just because they are continuous, does not mean that they are part of the same union anymore. you are breaking up the united states. that is your goal. >> they are hostile to each other, and we are a nonviolent movement. california is nonviolent. you know our gun policy. it does not have to be hostile, tucker. we are all still here. >> tucker: why would the rest of us americans lets california go without a war? >> well, i mean, it is really not up to the rest of the states, really, but do the rest of the states really love california from what i have been hearing, from the rest of the states, we are snowflakes and hippies and we do not -- we are in huge debt crisis, the
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hospitals are overcrowded, although rumors -- >> tucker: those are not rumors, i do not think of californians as hippies or snowflakes, i think of them as poor people because there is more poverty in their state than any other. that is a fact. it is not out to california, it is up to the rest of the states whether california can leave the union. but this could easily turn into conflict. it did in the 1860s when south carolina tried it. have you thought this through? >> yes, so, back to the poverty level, yes, we have 40 million people here, so yes, of course, we have a high poverty level. and as far as up to the rest of the states, you know, if you can think of a reason why you want us to stay, please let me hear it, because what we have been hearing is that we are nothing but a bird into the united states. the exact opposite is true. that's only economically, but
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culturally, we are just a dominant state. we are a global powerhouse. >> tucker: i'm not against it, keep telling yourself. i'm from california. my family is from there. i was there this morning, but it just seems like a big move, so let's get to the specifics. if california is its own country, do you plan to give citizenship to the illegals within your borders? do you tend to have a border power policy? >> yes, of course we would have a border policy. if you are a nation, you need your borders pretty citizenship to illegals, definitely a pathway to citizenship that is much quicker than what the united states has right now. we are already working, we want them working without that stretch. they are a key part to californian, we really need them to, they are the backbone of our economy, the fifth largest economy, and today are really a big part of it. we want them to be comfortable here. have a good path of citizenship. >> tucker: what about the
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federal land in california, the military bases in california? those do not belong to the state. do you pay market value for those? >> the military bases we would reach out like germany does and south korea does, and to pay a yearly fee to california, and as far as the federal land -- >> tucker: so you would have foreign troops on your soil, you would have thousand of marines from another country in your country, why would you do that? >> the united states does out to every other country on the planet. >> tucker: when we are invited in or beat them in the second world war, yes, but why would california do that? >> in japan and in korea, you are here already. the united states military bases are here, keep them here. if they want a slow withdrawal, they can take them back, the bases back, but i've no problem with united states being here. >> tucker: you are using the words a day and you, you already
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don't think that you are part of the united states. >> this is california, tucker. we are not the united states. our values are different. we are fundamentally different in the way that we act, speak, and think about the world. whether it has to do with the war, climates, we are a different state. and i know that you can understand, you being from california, and i'm not sure how long you have not been here, but we are going to do things that are going to be beneficial for our state, and we disregard with united states things or even their laws, for example, the marijuana, sanctuary cities, if it is good for the state. we are going to do it. regardless of what the federal says. >> tucker: i'm not sure what to say. you are right in a lot of ways, california is its own country already because of the immigration policy. it is deeply depressing to me as someone who is from there. you are telling the truth and away way. i appreciate that.
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my one final question, you are so mismanaged your little country, state, whatever we are calling it economically. there has been a massive exodus of middle-class californians to neighboring states. the numbers are there. you have lost hundreds of thousands of people in between 100000-$200,000 in the last ten years. and today have enriched idaho, montana, if it is such a well-run place, why it is middle-class leaving? >> so, tucker, you have to look at the bigger picture. the fifth largest economy in the world. if you had to repeat that, say it again. we are the fifth largest economy in the world. >> tucker: it is the economy of mexico. you have a small number of rich people, and when you have a ton of poor people in the middle class is leaving. that is a recipe for instability. you are aware of that, right? >> in regards to middle-class leaving, that is actually a good thing. we need these spots opened up
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for the new wave of immigrants to come off. and exporting to the united states coming you should be thanking us for that. what the middle-class moves out to texas, colorado, they are taking our values out to the united states, so if you look at texas, in fact, all of the major cities that californians are going to, they are turning blue. soon enough texas will be a blue state. >> tucker: dude, i don't know if this is like, i have never met you. i've never heard of you. if this is a parody segment, your punking me. or you are high, and telling the truth, because high people do that. i happen to think that your policymakers are happy that they are leaving. but the fact that you are admitting this on live tv. bottom line, are you serious? >> i am only admitting the truth, there is a middle class of people that are leaving california, going to oregon, colorado and texas, yes, there is. >> tucker: you are happy about
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that? >> well, if they want to move, there is nothing for me to stop them. i'm sure that they will find out how boring it is and come back. >> tucker: i don't think so. okay. what an amazing interview. thank you. and sincerely, thank you for telling the truth. i appreciate it. victor davis hanson is a senior at the hoover division of stamford, a professor at fresno, he has been in california all his life. his family has been there for over 100 years, he has watched a state change. he joins us now. did you hear that interview? >> what's that? yes, i heard that. >> tucker: he said two things that really struck me. one, he does not think that california has much in common with the rest of the country. and two coming yes, the middle-class was leaving. and that is a good thing, what do you make of that? >> well, it is unhinged from about 75% of the geography of
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california is a read. and we have the two california from san diego-oh foil about 30 million people living, but if you were to exceed the oil, the agriculture is formed, worked, mined by conservatives. and when they go, they are not to leaving to spread california values. they are leaving because they have 13% income tax, the second highest sales tax. and their schools are rated 46 in the country. and i think forbes rated the freeway 49th in the country. so, we have 1 out of every four copeople in california who was not born in the united states. at 22% below the poverty level, 1-3 on welfare, so it is mississippi in massachusetts in one state. eating away from that. >> tucker: exactly, i was always pro-immigration, always paid and what has happened in california makes me pause. this guy admitted that he is happy to replace the middle-class population of california with poor immigrants,
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because he did not say why, but that is a good thing? >> i am sitting here in palo alto, i can tell you that poor immigrants are living 7-8 families to a house and a city, and they clean the tables of the techies in the masters of the universe. you mention to them, let's build affordable housing on 280, we have mass transit, beautiful freeway, they go ballistic. they do like the apartheid society, whether this the civil class, everything, so it is kind of pathetic that people would admit that you pointed out that they are really medieval in the way that they envision california. >> tucker: you are totally right about their attitudes. move them to nantucket, the answer as far as i'm concerned. but president trump says you can take the smartphone from his cold dead fingers. he greeted this -- tweeted this today. meanwhile the press are finally growing tired of comparing the president to hitler and moving
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on to the second -- >> purging people just like you can join in, knocking off all of his relatives when he gets scared, when you get scared, you start killing people around you. we do not do that in this country. we fire them. trump knows how to fire. >> you cannot compartmentalize things, because it is more together as donald trump unfit for command. >> i work with families that say 10:00 at night come upstairs the white house. no general kelly around, the romanoff's are at dinner. they are sitting around having dinner. you have jerrod there, the favorite son in law. you have the favorite daughter, you have done, jr., stopping by. they are all sitting around talking about what kind of job kelly is doing. >> the key is that the blind fierce loyalty, and that's what franco expected in spain. that's what mussolini wanted an elderly. >> tucker: every time i feel depressed because i think trump
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is screwing up. i look at these people and i think, man, there is something worse. >> yes, they are historically illiterate if not obscene, because mussolini was responsible for killing about 1.6 billion people in north africa. kim jong-un has killed 2-4 million. there is no comparison to be made. as far as the tweets go and twitter, it is not an either or, people understand that he has redefined social media in a way that the electronic fireside chat, we go down the cul-de-sacs, and if you have 30,000 of them into divided by how many days since he has been inaugurated, you get maybe 30 or 40, and such a number, you're going to make a mistake or you are going to be indiscreet. what is the point of that? it distracts from reaching 10 million barrels of oil, a record where we are redefining the strategic importance of the gulf states, eastern europe,
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because they now are energy independent, we have to .6 economic growth. we have record jobs, record corporate profits, record wall street, and all that stuff is getting lost in some of these ten, 5% of the daily tweets. so we do not want to, it is like a fine watch. you know it is not quite working right, but you don't want to take it apart and ruin it. you want to find a way to calibrate it that is effective. i think that john kelly is a man to do that. >> tucker: you assume it is always 5 minutes slow. that's what i do. thank you for joining us tonight. you are a smart man. >> thank you for having me, tucker. >> tucker: the ethics group says it is an investigation over the long-term employment of a major security risk. the guy who tried to flee the country recently. the member of that group will be here next. but in part two of the week long hunting ms-13 investigation, one of the gang secrets from the longtime assassins.
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♪ >> tucker: times square is famous for its weird characters, but the weirdest of all all ofe death notice. if they are naked women in body paint who posed for teachers with passersby in exchange for tips. recently cops have received complaints of painted ladies out of control. naked women covered in paint screaming at tourists, grabbing people, demanding cash, that's not allowed obviously. except in bill de blasio's new york. it is now allowed, why is that?
5:19 pm
according to "the new york post," it's allowed because of the naked women are illegal aliens, they have special rates in the city. the city is not willing to arrest or restrain or punish them anyway. it even plans to have them register as panhandlers in a city database, have been killed because they are illegal aliens, undocumented workers. being anything less than hyper pledge to them is of course racism. being illegal doesn't just mean having the same rights as everybody else, it means having more rights than everybody else including the invented rights to hassle tourists without consequence. in new york city, american citizens are second-class citizens, how did that happen? an ethics group is filing a complaint against florida congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz over an extended implement of a pakistani i.t. worker, she was a arrested aftr trying to flee the country back
5:20 pm
to pakistan after bank fraud. she kept her on her payroll along with other members of his family. even after he was banned from the house computer system after he was deemed a security risk. if kendra, thanks for coming on, it's a little bit shocking there isn't already a congressional investigation into this, why is that? >> i agree, this is a bizarre set of facts. there's two tracks to it, there's a criminal side that have to do with technology issues and computer security and then there's the ethics side of it which has to do with abuse of taxpayer funds. our group is focusing on the use of taxpayer funds. most people don't realize that our house members are paid with
5:21 pm
their own money, they pay them with taxpayer funds. there is just a natural human inclination to maybe get lax when you're spending other people's money but the ethics rules are there, they are accountable to the citizens. they also have to pay them at a rate that is equal to their duties that they are doing and all three of those were issues in this case. >> tucker: there's a lot of money that went to this pakistani family, you're involved more closely at this tonight. i've never heard of an i.t. consultant getting that much money, is it weird?
5:22 pm
>> the first thing is that it is over a large amount of time, it's my understanding for representative debbie wasserman schultz was i.t. person that several members pulled together to pay him. it is unclear how much work it is doing, and whether he is paid appropriately and whether that rose to a level that is much too high for the amount of work being done. >> tucker: why couldn't you get -- these are simple questions. why did he keep them on the payroll after he was barred from house computers, which would make him useless as an i.t. consultant? why's it so hard to get an answer to that question? >> that's one of the most intuitive things, if you can't use the computer system, it's very doubtful that you would be a very effective i.t. consultant. i think those are valid questions for the citizens to get the answers to. we haven't heard anything from representative wasserman schultz
5:23 pm
on this that explains what is going on here. it is concerning, even back in march a couple house members did fire him after he was barred from the system a month later. she continued on. that's what's concerning here, she was aware of the issues but she continued to pay him for those months. it really wasn't until he was arrested and everyone was fully aware and it was public, being reported on widely that she went ahead and fired him. we think the citizens deserve an answer to this. and that she should be forthcoming with us. >> tucker: the sky had access to classified information, if you're bored with foreign tampering with politics and government, this seems like a good place to start. thank you for explaining that to us. >> thank you. >> tucker: up next, retired colonel's praising resident
5:24 pm
trumps foreign policy, he'll explain what he means when he joins us next. hey, i've got the trend analysis. hey. hi. hi. you guys going to the company picnic this weekend? picnics are delightful. oh, wish we could. but we're stuck here catching up on claims. but we just compared historical claims to coverages. but we have those new audits. my natural language api can help us score those by noon. great. see you guys there. we would not miss it. watson, you gotta learn how to take a hint. i love to learn.
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5:28 pm
trumps decision suggests that he is ready to discard the bankrupt ideology of the last 25 years, the idea that defended the american people is not enough, that wherever possible u.s. armed forces ought to be employed in open ended missions around the world to punish evildoers. thanks for coming on. the u.s. military one possible should be deployed around the world to punish evildoers, i think a lot of people assume that assumption that it's a basic function of the u.s. military, why is it not? >> is not in the constitution it does nothing to do with national defense. i think that's what president trump has discovered. another president said when you're in a hole, stop digging. we've dug ourselves into some very deep holes, huge blood and treasure pits that had nothing to do ultimately with the needs of our national defense. >> tucker: there was a fascinated study that came out and it showed in states with a high percentage of active duty
5:29 pm
servicemen in iraq and afghanistan, trump did better than he did in states with fewer casualties. his attacks on our foreign policy resonated with voters. why don't they resonate here? >> washington is full of people who are very good at defining reality. they look at the world through a very different lens. through constituent interests that are very narrow. they don't have the connection to the reality that soldier, sailor, airmen and marines in places like iraq, syria and afghanistan have. you can look around at any of these places, the average soldier looks around and says i don't see anything here that is worth my life. i see nothing happening here that we can cultivate. there is nothing we can grow, why are we bothering with this? as soon as you reach that point,
5:30 pm
it's no longer an effective force. >> the decision by the white house to stop harming rebel groups in syria, some of them are allied with some real crazies. flies at a big deal? >> he's looked at this and he's said irrationally what are we getting out of it? when he ran for office and he would say how do we profit? how does this help us? what is this doing for the united states? large quantities of weapons and equipment are falling into hands of sunni islamic extremists. we can't control what's happening, we have 400,000 people who have died in the civil war and we are backing a small faction where there is no unity of effort. he's a businessman he says it's time to cut our losses and get out. he wants to focus more narrowly
5:31 pm
on isis. we have an interest in the destruction of isis. we don't have an interest in participating in the syrian civil war. that's a different kettle of fish. >> tucker: two we have an interest in ramping up conflict with russia? we just past the sanctions, nobody even made the case why that's good for america. there is a headlong rush toward a more bellicose posture with russia, do we benefit from that? >> no we don't. russia has been a menace or 300 years for the western world. sometimes it's been an accidental menace and sometimes it's been an irritant. we are unlikely to ever be friends with russia but that doesn't mean where there are not areas where we can reach compromise. i think there are a lot of people who watch the conflict to prepare you for other reasons, perhaps a profit politically, financially i don't know. we don't benefit from that.
5:32 pm
>> tucker: thank you from saying that clearly, i hope you're right. thanks a lot for coming on. after break, will bring you the next chapter in a weeklong investigation of ms-13, how does it recruit members? how did they make it to america, we talked to a longtime assassin, stay tuned. experience uncompromising performance at the lexus golden opportunity sales event before it ends. choose from the is turbo, es 350 or nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months if you lease now. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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atmore than one flavor, oruch texture, or a good clean salad is so much more than green. and with panera catering, more for your event. panera. food as it should be. >> tucker: during our trip last week to el salvador with attorney general jeff sessions, the most compelling person we met by far was a former hit man for ms-13. thankfully he defected from the gang and sat down with us, how does the gang recruit its members. how many people that he personally killed, this is mom know? how easy it for gang members to enter the united states? he told us all of that and more, the interview is part two of our
5:37 pm
series hunting ms-13. he speaks spanish so we ended the interview for clarity. when you were 14, what was your role? i was a foot soldier. a trigger man, that means to kill. i was 15 years old, it was my first homicide. >> tucker: who did you kill? >> i killed he was informing the police and informing for the police. i stabbed him to death. >> tucker: why did you do that? >> i had to follow the rules. the rules are within the gang. >> tucker: how many people did you kill? >> i killed quite a few. quite a few. i even killed members of my own gang. i killed relatives too.
5:38 pm
my relatives. >> tucker: what are your tattoos mean? >> where i come from, it's a pride thing. a peacock, like you're proud of yourself as a man. those letters, because within the ms-13 gang system. as time passed, you have to learn those. and you earn it by killing people. by taking actions, like beheadings. a lot of things. >> tucker: how did ms-13 make money? >> by terrorizing, extortion and drug dealing.
5:39 pm
>> tucker: did you make money? >> no. >> tucker: you killed because you were loyal. >> that's right. >> tucker: did you ever go to the united states? >> no. >> tucker: did you know ms-13 members who went to the united states? >> quite a few of them. >> tucker: you have tattoos across your forehead, what of those mean? >> this is for my mom, and this is for the ranking i had within the game. >> tucker: does your mother know you were in ms-13? >> she died. >> tucker: how do you feel now about killing so many people? >> now that i've reached this age, i feel bad.
5:40 pm
>> tucker: do you think you'll be forgiven by god? >> yes. >> tucker: are you a christian? >> nope but i believe in god, i believe in god. >> tucker: how hard is it for an ms-13 gang member to get into the united states? >> it's easy. they have their passes, they have their people, there are mexican ms-13, when someone from ms-13 wants to travel, they just ask for permission. to someone. a founding member. who's been in the states or
5:41 pm
here, and he will take over. there's always a connection. honduras, el salvador. guatemala, mexico, and the u.s. it's one single connection, and ms-13 connection. >> tucker: why are you talking to us? >> i'm talking to you because i want to do something productive for my country. and i changed my life indefinitely. i want to do good things, i want to tell the young guys not to join ms-13, they better live out their lives. freely.
5:42 pm
being a gang member is the saddest thing you can find. >> tucker: the saddest thing you can find, not an answer any of us expected. our series hunting ms-13 continues tomorrow, at an el salvador detention center where the gang flourishes and finds many of its young recruit recruits, will be doing a series every night this week, we hope you'll tune in. a man on california's apologizing after he called for the filth of the to be expelled from a mosque in jerusalem, will talk to a muslim convert who says sharia is a tolerant system of law (dad) don't worry about it. (mom) honey, honey, honey, honey! (vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last.
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>> tucker: are you worried about islamic terrorism, a new poll by pew research finds that only 20% of muslims believes that targeting civilians can be acceptable to to a tactical religious cause. a california imam is apologizing after he referred to as filth. >> liberate the mosque from the filth of the, count and one by one or not annihilate them down to the very last one, do not spur any of them. >> tucker: do we have islam all run, is it actually a tolerant faith? bob morrow is a convert to isla islam, he is a trustee at the muslim society, he joins us on the set. i know a lot of decent peaceful muslims, i'm not here to impugn
5:48 pm
a faith but one in five say it's okay to kill in the name of furthering a religious cause? that seems like a troubling number. >> i don't believe it. for my experience, i've been a muslim for 37 years. the people that i talk to, the number is nowhere near that. in this area, if you want to the adams center, you wouldn't find a single person who says that. >> tucker: i believe that but my guess is that there are a lot of well-educated affluent muslims in this area in washington, d.c. i've seen a bunch of polls like this that show that the attitudes of faithful muslims are not western at all. they include a tolerance of violence. that's not good. >> i have not seen that specific pull up myself, i can't say for sure. all i can speak as for my
5:49 pm
personal experience and that would be absolutely impossible to believe based on what i've seen. >> tucker: a lot of americans are concerned about sharia law, they are concerned about polls that show a large number of muslims would like to see it supplant civil law in the countries in which they live. great britain for instance, a huge number would like to see it become the law. a pretty large number would say the same. in england it's 4 out of 10, in france it's 29% of french muslims would like to see it replace french law. why shouldn't that make americans nervous as more muslims move here? >> if those figures are accurate there, they are certainly not accurate here. i have not met any one person ever who would ever say they want to supplant u.s. law. the majority of people who came here did so because they want to live in america, they want freedom of religion, they want freedom of politics.
5:50 pm
they want freedoms that every american wants. sharia law for them is simply religious practice. if you want to say that muslims could not their religion here, everyone has to pray on sunday, altar services had to be on sundays only, people would reject that. muslims want to be able to practice their religion the way it's taught. >> tucker: but in countries with high percentages of muslims, there's not religious pluralism. i don't know of a single golf country where it's legal to proselytize on behalf of another religion. i think on every muslim majority country in the world, muslims have fewer rights. why wouldn't that give americans pause as many muslims are moving here? >> not true. there are many countries, malaysia, indonesia, many countries that are muslim
5:51 pm
majority enshrined the rights of other nonmuslim faiths. in malaysia, there are people who will say you have to follow, certain things that are more appropriate to islam. the majority of people there are not like that. >> tucker: wait a second, every arab country, every single one has separate rights for muslims and non-muslims and every single christian majority country, religious pluralism is the law. there's a massive massive difference in outlook, a lot of muslims see religion as pluralism. >> they are cultural attitudes, if you read the cover on, it says that you must tolerate, there is no compulsion in religion, the second chapter
5:52 pm
specifically says that and specifically enshrines the rights of other people for their religious practice, especially people of the book. >> tucker: you often hear people say sharia is intolerant, women are treated badly, are treated badly and then you say no, it's an early form of feminism and women are empowered. but if you look at it, in the quran women have rights than men do. that seems incompatible with attitudes in the west right now. >> tucker: what were the attitudes in the west when the quran was first revealed? women didn't have any rights. in islam, women had specific rates, they had the right to own property. they had the right to inherit property, they had the right to testify in court. those rights didn't come in the west until the 20th century. >> tucker: that's all true but were in the 20th first century. you see things like female testimony being less valuable
5:53 pm
than male testimony, inheritance rights are different. amended women are not treated equally under sharia right now. why is that not a problem if we are trying to assimilate a lot of muslims into this country? >> are you saying it's a problem in those countries are a problem in the united states? >> tucker: there's a massive effort on the left to import a lot of muslims but i think that is really important for people to assimilate to the values of the country which they are moving. i'm worried that they won't because it's so different, their attitudes are so different from ours. >> not really. most of the people who have come here are different people, they are a very well educated group. just on the concept of inheritance, you can follow what the quran says about inheritance or you can follow what the constitution says.
5:54 pm
it's really a choice between the individuals, if somebody wants to follow and say were going to do it this way >> i have to say i disagree with you but you're a great spokesman for what you believe. >> tucker: msnbc spokeswoman says give up on white people forever, will show you what she said [woman] so you're saying you didn't eat this ice cream? [man] baby, i swear on my lucky shirt... i ate it. [burke] fright-ning bolt. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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>> tucker: msnbc host joy read says it's time for democrats to give up on white people and view them as the enemy. democrats need to give up on them and focus only on the votes of minority groups, listen. >> democrats have all these things they want to do all the same time, they pined for the trump voter who they think they couldn't talk talk into not voting for donald trump and what we do to you a question mark how did we hurt you? we can find some way to appease you, will you come back to us?
5:59 pm
i do know that if you needed 77,500 people, it's a lot easier to get 50,000 black people in philadelphia, detroit, and milwaukee than it is to figure out what it is in the minds of those obama to trump floaters. >> tucker: notice how her entire speech is framed as terms of political expediency for the struggling white people voted for obama and big numbers because they were hurting and hoping someone will help them, that didn't work out as of the obama administration often seemed indifferent to their decline, sometimes even happy about it. still hurting, they turned to trump. reads of you is in effect oh, well, the jig is up we don't need their support anyway. it's not worth looking at why they are miserable or why they are abandoning our party. her statement is zero-sum, her view is in america you can't help minority voters and white voters at the same time, their interests are opposed to one another. america isn't one nation, it's simply different racial groups struggling for supremacy. a lot of people on the left
6:00 pm
believe that, let's hope for the sake of this country the democratic party ignores that advice. that's it for us, good night from washington, "the five" starts right now and we'll see you tomorrow, have a great nigh night. ♪ >> i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with juan williams, dana perino and greg gutfeld. this is "the five" ." president trump is renewing his attack on both the press and the critics, he tweeted only in the fake news media and trump enemies want me to stop using social media, 110 million people the only way for me to get the truth out. the mainstream media seems to be proving mr. trump right. here's a cnn politic


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