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tv   The Fox News Specialists  FOX News  August 4, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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that leaves, again, me. sorry, chris. have a nice weekend, wallace! bye-bye. >> hello. i'm kat and eric and eboni kay williams, this is "the fox news specialists." the concern over leaks is growing. attorney general jeff sessions did not mince words when he took the podium earlier today to address the growing problem and to issue a stern warning the anyone that might be involved in putting our nation at risk. take a listen. >> no one is entitled to advance battles in the media by revealing sensitive government information. no government can be effective when its leaders can not discuss
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sensitive matters in confidence or talk freely in confidence with foreign leaders. this nation must end this culture of leaks. we will investigate and seek to bring criminals to justice, we will not allow rogue anonymous sources with security clearances to sell out our country. these cases to investigate and prosecute are never easy. cases will be made and leakers will be held accountable. >> sessions' press conference was announced earlier this week but it does comes on the heels of one of the biggest leaks in president trump's terms so far. the disclosure of transcripts of president trump's phone calls with two heads of state following bipartisan alarm over the problem, kellyanne conway spoke to dangers of this earlier. >> leaking the phone calls between our president and other heads of state is nothing short of a national disgrace. you know who agrees with that? democratic senator mark warner. he said so yesterday. he said governors, senators and
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presidents of the united states need to have confidence they can engage in conversation with other heads of state, they can negotiate, discuss issues without the threat of it being leaked. >> lindsey graham echoing her sentiment saying the white house can't function this way. if it continues, there's only one person to blame. >> it's not fair to the president to have these conversations with foreign leaders in "the washington post" front page. you can't run the white house this way. no american, including president trump or his team, should have the contents of a grand jury leaked out to the press selectively. if that happens, then mueller and his team will be held accountable. >> agree with that, eric? >> yeah, let's not forget lindsey graham was part of the person that brought the bill that said if president trump ever wanted to fire mueller, even if it was on the heels of incompetence and leaks, they'd have to go through a whole process to do it even though
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constitutionally he could have done it himself. let's point out something very quickly. leaks under president trump in the first five months, national security leaks, 62. under president obama's first five months. eight. under president bush, nine. far more of that going on now. it's about time jeff sessions steps up and says we're going to stop this right now and prosecute people who perpetrate these illegal leaks. >> eric, talking about the national security leaks. >> yes. >> some other numbers. we know under the espionage acts where leaks are prosecuted, the law that dictates that. of the 13 that have been prosecuted, eight were investigated under obama. this war against leakers is not new. leaks put our national security at risk as a country and i have a problem with them. they should be prosecuted. >> bipartisan agreement on that? >> absolutely. >> an american risk. >> it's time to meet today's specialist. he's a native new yorker from the school of hard knocks. the executive producer of imus
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in the morning and he specializes in salsa dancing and twerking. bernard mcgerk is here. he once hosted whack pack bowling for howard stern and the former morning drive of 640 am sports and from wabc radio and specializes and anything bravo. sid is here. >> i'm addicted. my favorite real housewife is probably new jersey. i do watch new york. i talk about it, which is really odd. >> don't hold it against him. his a nice guy. >> i won't. sid, talking about these leaks. there's a bipartisan agreement that these leakers, it's not okay they're doing this, but something did bother me about what jeff sessions said, which is he said he wouldn't hesitate going after the press. that bothered me.
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>> i agree with you. he said he would subpoena the press. my thing is jeff sessions doing this because he's really concerned about the security, which eboni talked about or to placate the president of the united states? that's the deal here. he knows trump can't stand him, wants him out. in doing that, he's helping out both. is his real motivation stopping the leaks or making president trump like me again. >> a lot of people said this was a press conference for president trump. >> it was, to say i'm doing my job. he's doing a great job, by the way, except for the fact that he recused himself. all that is good. as far as -- first of all, he said four people were arrested for perpetrating these leaks. those names should be publicized. let us know who they are. they should be flipped like the traitors that they are and threatened with a firing squad unless you give us more names. >> i don't know about that. i'll push back there. >> and the journalists, they're
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culpable if they're publishing stuff that damages national security. absolutely subpoena their records and put them in handcuffs as well. >> whoa, whoa. i agree with most with -- >> the firing squad? >> no. the journalists. only to -- there's push back on them or bring them in to find out who the leakers are. i agree with that part of it. you can't jail someone for publishing -- it's protected free speech in the first amendment. >> if you publish something that led to a bombing of a synagogue and killed 50 people, you should be held responsible for that. >> but are you legally -- >> it's the same thing. hypothetically, that's what it could lead to. shouldn't be allowed. >> it's a problem bernie because we're saying the leak is -- not
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you're saying it's 0 okay, but the onus is on the journalist to vet out -- i don't think i trust journalists to be that threshold -- >> i don't trust the government to do it either. you could twist this to be a national security risk. i didn't want to do anything that could mess with our free press in this country. one of the most wonderful things. >> agreed. here's my question. who is it? priebus is gone. scaramucci is gone. bannon is still there. that's an issue. is it a jeff flake? who are the people to worry about inside? and obama leftovers. who are the people leaking this? >> the conversations we're talking about are the most recent, two phone conversations -- that document or that file, the voice, could have been touched by many people. could have been touched by staffers. >> intel people. anybody. right. >> most likely intel people.
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>> yes. >> but obama leftover bureaucrats that hate trump. never-trump republicans that hate his guts. >> or a staffer that doesn't like trump. >> that's who it is. these people should suffer severe consequences. that was disgusting releasing that. even though there was nothing this -- it would prevent conversations in the future that might need to be had for the safety of our citizens. >> if i'm the president of a foreign nation, i'm going to think twice about how much i divulge on the phone because there could be a potential leak. that's a problem. >> and we can't blame "the washington post" and "the new york times" every time. makes our job more difficult. >> as funny as can it be, we have to make sure that the free press, free press. very, very important. with these leaks, again, eboni, i agree with you. and the phone conversations, not just sensitive information but sometimes you say embarrassing
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stuff on the phone. sometimes -- >> like what? [laughter] >> it's better than texting. there's no screen-shotting. but it's the same. you'd be hesitant if you think it's recorded and public, splashed all over the media. what if you say something wrong or off? there's a risk there and he does have to engage with the leaders. it's not the journalists fault. i didn't want to give the government a subjective standard for putting journalists in jail. it's very dangerous. that did bother me. i don't know. sessions on civil liberties, i have issues with that in general. i mean so how are they going to find these people, eric? like you said, could be anybody. i'm concerned, would that go after journalists to try to them? >> of course. >> spying on journalists? >> president obama did it as well, a come of fox reporters that were leaned on. wasn't james rosen -- >> yeah. >> he was one that was a co conspirator at one point. >> a lie detector --
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>> and they walked that back a little bit. another fox reporter who also was -- look, if -- i agree with bernie. correct me if i'm wrong. if there's a national security leak that is being leaked to a reporter, lean on the reporter. if the reporter wants to stand up and not tell who it is, that's their right also. >> if the reporter knew in advance that it was a national security -- and a lot of it is. if you're publishing conversations between the president and another foreign leader, you know that is classified right away. you know you're guilty. that guy didn't something wrong. that guy should be incarcerated for a while until he speaks, until he talks and tells us where he got it from. >> and that conversation could be coming up. we talk about the next conversation, maybe somebody in china, japan, the north korea deal. that conversation may be coming up. >> under this theory, james comey should be going to jail. >> no question. >> he leaked a confidential
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discussion he had with the president. >> absolutely. >> to "the new york times." >> no question. >> to a friend. >> he would say that he made it unclassified. that's what he would say for the reason because he anticipated he would want to leak it. >> eboni the attorney. look at that. >> it's so much fun. i agree. comey was really cowardly to leak it. he should have been a grown man and said i don't trust him. this is the memo and take it out and own it. >> he was a sleaze that committed a crime and should be charged with something. president trump spoke to macron today. what if it was important, something to do with syria? an action -- they couldn't discuss it over the phone? this is serious damaging stuff. somebody should be, like i said, on both sides, should be some accountability big time. >> and theresa may has expressed concern about her conversations. >> and i wasn't okay when the obama administration spied on journalists and i wouldn't be okay with the trump administration either. up next, president trump's
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>> eric: the people versus the polls. you heard me say it over and over again. watch the people, not the polls. if you listen to the mainstream media citing the polling numbers, you think this is an unpopular president. unpopular, trump? check out the crowd in west virginia. the people of this president. and this guy right here really loves the president! [laughs] this plays out around the country every time trump shows of the events, the mainstream media, the liberals say that they will likely dismiss this as, yeah, but that is his base. but it's trump's base, the deplorables, not the g.o.p. -- honestly, it's refreshing to have a president who is not in bed with his party. charles krauthammer gets it. take a listen. >> he's got this grand jury, reports of a grand jury being convened. he's got the walls kind of closing in on him in washington.
2:17 pm
and here he's going out into the country and saying, these are my people. these are real people. forget about the numbers. forget about the chatter in washington. forget about the stories about russia, which he spent a lot of time on. but i am representing huge constituency of truman's support and enthusiasm. >> what do you think you make the you think that was pretty enthusiastic? >> eboni: it was. i cannot hate on that at all, eric bolling. he can be very smart, he knows where his energy is. that's what fuels him, as you say, very accurately. there is a huge -- that will ride with this president until the wheels fall off. that will put him in the oval office. i don't think he is along for catering to that base. >> eric: if the wheels fall off... i will go with that. the wheels have not fallen off. kat, your thoughts on this? >> kat: it's incredible to see this every single time. the base, i don't think anyone would argue that they are incredibly loyal to president trump no matter what.
2:18 pm
there are people who never took off their "make america great again" hat, having very good time. whenever president trump does, even if it something different than what he ran on, they go with president trump. it's really an amazing thing. for him to be having a tough day, politically, to do something like this? he was speaking for, what, and our? everyone is cheering and cheering? of course that's a good move politically. >> eric: they waited the night before it too -- quick thought, i have something special coming up next. >> if you believe cbs, nbc, washington post that says we have a country in crisis, the president is beleaguered. look at that, does he look like a beleaguered man? he rattled off a list of a compliment last night. i mean, goresuch, judges, tpp, 6 million jobs created in west virginia alone. 16,000 coal mining jobs in the last six months, announced the mazda toyota thing yesterday, the fox con thing.
2:19 pm
long -- immigration down, crushing ms-13, he is winning, folks! don't listen to the press. >> joining us now is the del mcnabb ryan, ceo of american majority, you've been on this whole issue with robert mueller, special counsel, last night president trump referenced the special counsel. he doesn't seem affected by it. give us the assessment of the trump campaign -- i'm sorry, the trump administration and the special counsel administration. >> you know, eric, it's good to remind people again that bob mueller's special counsel team has gone so far a field of its original mandate. it's good to remind people where it all started. you can actually find a mandate on the doj website, but a special counsel was launched to investigate allegations requiring comic the russian government, interfering with the 2016 election and any
2:20 pm
collaboration between the russians and the trump campaign. this whole russian collusion fairy tale, it was started on a false premise in many days by a state dossier by fusion gps, by the way building that dossier were actually doing work on behalf of the russians. you have a special counsel, again, heavily conflicted, based off a false premise and the fake dossier, and people are arguing that obstruction of justice with legal and constitutional firing of jim call me. now we have a special counsel team going into the financial dealings. 8-nine years before trump ran for president. maybe this is a political witch hunt. it has nothing to do with anything regarding russian collusion. >> eboni: thanks for joining us, ned. my only question is, let's say we are willing to believe and there's really nothing there. do you think it benefits the president to let this investigation play out?
2:21 pm
keep mueller there, although we all agree he can fire him, but maybe keep him in place and let him conclude this and show, actually, there is nothing there, america, to see. >> based off ty cobb's comments, speaking on behalf of the white house, they are going to fully comply and be open and transparent with mueller's team. it looks like right now, let it run its course. i don't see the white house, i don't see trump firing mueller. i think they are going to let it run its course. i think it's a shame in this whole process, eboni, the taxpayer is getting to fund all of this. again, base of a false premise. >> kat: ned, a question for you. a lot of the focus has been around this investigation and a lot of the media, of course, is biased against president trump. but president trump himself also talks a lot it a lot. do you think he could be served well by talking about a little bit less? >> you know, i think the thing that trump has him successfully is reminding people about, again, let's go back to where this started.
2:22 pm
i mean, it was based off this false narrative, again, there's not been one shred of evidence, in one piece of evidence to actually give any, you know, real background foundation to the special counsel. i think trump has been right to him and remind people where this all started. i think -- i hope you'll be doing more of it. just focusing, again, as some of you on the cast mentioning, all the great things he's doing. the economy, jobs, all of those things. let it run its course, hopefully this will be concluded quickly, although the thing that worries me, eric, kat, and eboni, once you get a special counsel going and they leave their amended and go on fishing expeditions, these things do not and make quickly. my hope is that bob mueller and his team will get this done quickly and we can move on or the countries is this. >> eric: thank you for calling. really appreciate that. your thoughts? bernie, why don't you move the critical judgments of president trump, he seems like he's ready to go forward with his agenda with or without bob mueller. >> i think he will. the only thing that i would say,
2:23 pm
as eboni knows, grand juries do not make a habit of initiating hoaxes, not allowed to take on witch hunts. although we think there is nothing there, at least, the grand jury is not going to start going about this under mueller's wishes, of course, unless they think there may be something there. do not forget, this is supposed to be in virginia. it's in washington. mueller is dug in on washington. the judges love him. that is clinton's stronghold. nothing could be something. you guys keep poo-pooing, this guy is working overtime. the grand jury? that ain't no joke. >> kat: and a lot of experts pretty much agree you wouldn't be having a grand jury if there wasn't a consideration it was a criminal investigation and not a counterintelligence investigation. it doesn't mean charges will be filed with the lease they are thinking that they possibly or even likely could be. >> eric: could you imagine, suite 22, waking up every day as president -- >> eboni: no. >> eric: 100 of the most
2:24 pm
aggressive, well seasoned reporters after you, just trying to find something from you. and then bob mueller's office with 16 very high price, very -- able lawyers, digging through everything -- >> democratic donors. >> eric: can you imagine having that on you every day? >> eboni: and try to do the most important job? i will say that trump has a lot on his plate, absolutely. to the point, grand juries do not convene to twiddle their thumbs, but i will point out there was a grand jury that convened under president clinton, they returned no bill of indictment. >> eric: nixon too, by the way way. >> eboni: that does happen quite frequently. >> eboni: last night, west virginia jim justice stunned the crowd with a major announcement that rocked the house. listen. >> today, i will tell you with lots of prayers and lots of thinking, today i'll tell you as west virginians, i can't help you anymore being a democrat governor.
2:25 pm
so tomorrow, i will be changing my registration to republican. [laughter] >> my man... >> listening, if you are listening to chuck schumer with his better deal as the "sham wow" statement. while he was making the announcement, fox was broadcasting, cnn was mueller grand jury. we can see what it is. it's to stop trump from governing. eboni? >> eboni: lesson. i'm looking at governor justice and i see the dawn of the trump republican. this is going to be a whole new brand of coming to the g.o.p., eric. i would love to hear yours. coming from different type of value, that's not someone who would switch parties for mitt romney or senator mccain but is doing so in the sake of the trump presidency. >> they should call him governor deplorable. >> yes! i like that. >> eric: if you think about it like this, if you consider that
2:26 pm
when trump had these rallies, right? it's -- and now you've got a guy who was a democrat who switched over. so maybe there is more to enter and maybe he's having more success than he's given credit for. >> final thoughts? >> kat: i love the fact that he had a rally for this. [laughs] it was just one of the most trump things that ever happen. i think it's funny, if i were the president, i would do the same thing. >> eric: coming up, more about special counsel robert mueller and his impaneled grand jury. that's next. ♪ office depot/office max. this week, filler paper just one cent with five dollar minimum purchase. ♪taking care of business. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free. it creates a seal
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>> eboni: in a clear warning to president trump not to mess with special counsel robert mueller, two bipartisan senate bills show their support for
2:31 pm
mueller, each requiring judicial oversight of the firing of a special counsel. in the russia probe, mueller also issued grand jury subpoenas for don, jr., 2016 meeting for the russian lawyer in trump tower. it received both testimonies involved in the meeting. angered over the ongoing russia probe, trump said this last week in huntington, west virginia. >> the russia story is a total fabrication. it's just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of american politics! that's all it is. >> eboni: no argument that was the greatest loss in the politics. quite embarrassing for the dems. i don't know if they will recover in a timely fashion. you started the show talking about lindsey graham authoring the bill that really ties the president's hands around this. we can argue about the optics of what it look like if he fired mueller, but was the bill necessary? >> eric: no! it's not even worth the paper is
2:32 pm
written on either. if you really want -- if the bill goes from the senate to the house to the president's desk, hugos, no, i will veto that and fire mueller. that's technically constitutionally the way he can do it. it's lindsey graham being a further obstructionist to president trump's agenda. >> eboni: the optics would look... bernie? you two are so kindred. in the great blazers. the optics would look really bad if you fired mueller. >> eric: at one. >> eboni: should he be allowed to do that if he wants to do? >> should be allowed. these guys in congress? they can't get health carried on, going on vacation, this is what they put through? a lot of the republicans who got elected on the back, the coattails of the president, really ridiculous. either way, on the mueller thing, if all they have is the trump, jr., meeting with collision, they have squad, they have nothing. they are looking up his business aspects, that's a hit job. they have no right doing that.
2:33 pm
to his point, hillary lost because she was an elitist, corrupt, lazy person with no charisma. that's why she lost. not the russians, everybody knows that too. it's a continued, perpetua cloud so we can't govern. >> bernie is right. that happens to be true. you cannot govern if this continues. it would be bad for him to fire mueller, right? room number when he fired comey? all the nonsense he had to go through? if donald trump is in fact innocent, we all agree, even you, that he probably is any rush inclusion thing, he's got nothing to lose allowing it to go through. why would you fire mueller at this point? oh, he fired comey, he fired mueller. if he's innocent, let it go. eventually, eventually, they are going to run out of bullets. >> i don't think there would be a mueller if he hadn't fired comey. if you were to fire mueller, that would be political suicide. it would be the worst thing you can do. anything who is his real friend would not let him do that. do i think there needs to be the sort of bill? whatever. but i think you should know
2:34 pm
himself that as much as, you know, firing can be good in the administration to key people on their toes, but i don't care, i see the bias, i see why he be irritated, but he actually cannot fire him. >> eboni: speaking of political suicide, what does this mean for lindsey graham and other republicans that are jumping on board with something that looks to be anti-trump esque? >> why change things now? these guys have been exposed from day one. all of them. lying to a certain extent. mcconnell to a certain extent permitted flimsy grand and john mccain, we love dearly, but these guys were exposed very early on. i don't expect all of a sudden, they are going to sing a different tune. what you said earlier, donald trump would like them are just like them. no one, no one, goes through the daily grief that he has to go through because not only on the other team, but his own team! >> eric: can i add something to this, jeff lakes, senator jeff lakes. he's up for reelection. i wonder how fast he starts walking away from his own book before he goes to election.
2:35 pm
trump -- trump in the g.o.p. primary won 47% of the boat, more than doubling these next competitors ten crews and number three john kasich he has two years to start walking back. >> eboni: that's what i'm wondering. you were in south carolina. >> eric: i saw what they love. they love trump. i tell you what they don't love. they don't love lindsey graham. >> eboni: do you think he's going to walk toward closer to trump? >> eric: lindsey graham is done. he's finished. any decent candidate goes up against lindsey graham, who was not an anti-trumper, he will walk away. >> a warmongering globalist, as sneak is what he is. he should. he should lose. he should be primaried. to go against a president going -- speeding three or shoot him. >> kat: the warmongering is the issue i have been disagreeing with president trump. the two party system is a joke anyway and we'd be better off without it. >> eboni: i do agree with there. next up, the u.s. admitting that they depart on july 30th raid in
2:36 pm
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eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the fox news specialists." our specialist today are bernard mcguirk and sid rosenberg. let's continue the conversation for the u.s. military involved demo conference and was involved in a july 30th raid that killed a senior member of the al qaeda network linked militant group al shabbab. ali mohammed mustaine, left him dead. responsible for attacks near somalia's capital of mogadishu. the raid was conducted within guidelines approved by president >> eric: in march which allowed the department of a defense to take action in
2:41 pm
certain hostile areas. >> this is a big deal. this is a very big deal. this group also places boko haram as the deadliest militant group in africa. we took out this guy. we aren't talking a lot about this today for this is another big one for donald trump. he's done this a couple of times now. trump and the big bomb in afghanistan. dropping the big bombs in syria. what they did there with the children. if you notice, very quietly, isis, falling apart. did a good job in africa, did a good job in syria, good job in afghanistan. one for donald trump. >> eric: i noticed there were no collateral damages. >> kat: exactly. a terrorist leader killed with no civilian casualties but cannot really complain about that. i think terrorists are bad, and it's good when they die. very, very bold for me to say, i know, but as a reminder, it's not just isis. there's a lot of these terror groups. if the light of the article issue. i don't know if we will win this war. i don't see how that can happen. >> eric: eboni? >> eboni: this is a place i
2:42 pm
appreciate president trump being more aggressive on this issue. it's a type of place i thought obama was pretty weak and lax and i was disappointed, so i'm happy this was done within the new parameters by president trump. >> even more important than no collateral damage, there was no u.s. military casualties in this. it was a navy seal who died in macon small yellow , let's do this all from the ai air. sadly, they reproduce a cockroaches, these terrorists. they keep it from the air, keep our guys of the ground out there. it's not worth getting involved. >> eric: i wanted to get to this topic. i think this is important. time for north korea to put its missiles where its mouth is. here's what it's all about good secretary of state rex tillerson and north korea's former minister riyong ho are set to be in the philippines on sunday where they will walk into a room together. they will meet in the first time in the two top-level hats being the same room at this very same time. eboni williams don't like your thoughts on that? what do they get out of that?
2:43 pm
sanitary state with the top and altering the clement? >> eboni: i mean, we hope you get something, eric. we sat around, talk about the possible solutions for north korea could look like. i hesitate to get overly excited about what this could mean. i think there is such a thing as diplomacy. it could be very successful. i don't know if there's going to be a diplomatic solution to north korea. >> eric: kat, what about the north korean devil meant that if there's any sort of military action coming -- i'm sorry, nuclear action coming out of north korea, we are going to level the place and your little lifestyle that you love so much is going to be over. >> kat: i would also like to warn against redlines, they remove options from leaders. i think this is a good thing. do we know that anything good will come out of it? no, of course not. very clearly nothing bad can come out of it. i think it's going to try to talk as much as we can. >> eric: what's a potential outcome of this meeting? >> first of all, i thought that rex tillerson was going to quit, according to the fake news media reports. but i'm guessing he's still
2:44 pm
there. what's going to come out of it? not much. what i would like to see is the president of the philippines duterte meet kim jong un that's what i'd like to see. i don't see anything coming out. i don't know what they could possibly do. if you level the place, as everyone knows, they have the artillery right on seoul, south korea. it's a difficult one to figure out. >> bernie just said, you like to go in there with some type of bravado. if you don't do this, we are going to take care of you. but we can. too many guys are there in the zone and you've got all of south korea with all of the innocent people. at the and make of the day, it's a nice gesture. it looks good. i don't think -- i don't think that this man in charge of north korea has somebody else speak to him. at the end of the day, he does what he wants to do. it's a good start, and i start by rex tillerson. what will it do? nothing! >> we can do quickly symbolic, may be, is drone missile strike on dennis rodman house in this country!
2:45 pm
let's start there! send a message. >> eric: i like it! >> no, we are not messing with you. it can happen to you too. [laughter] you fat little lunatic! feed your pupil! that's what i say. >> all right. >> eric: up next. does money make you happy if you pay someone else to do your chores? interesting question. kat hits the streets next. ♪ day 13. if only this were as easy as saving $600
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>> kat: do you like money? do you like happiness? how about this. you can pay your bill make someone to do chores around your house, would that make you happy? i went to the streets of manhattan to find out what regular people think about it. there is a new study out that says money can buy happiness because you can pay people to do your chores and you have more free time. that assumes what you are going to be doing with your free time is good and ignores the fact you can do a lot of stuff on your free time to make their life way worse. there is a new study out that says money buys happiness because you can pay people to do your dishes and laundry and stuff like that, you have more
2:50 pm
free time. what do you think about that? >> i think it helps. >> i want to be very rich. >> i want to be rich too. i want to be rich, that's your philosophy? incredible. >> money doesn't buy happiness, but it does. >> you have everyone do these things, but you can be miserable as well. >> what could you do if you have free time to make >> i'd spend my times of my kids. >> kat: that's nice. >> and my wife. >> kat: do you think free time is the key to happiness? >> i think options make you happy. >> kat: okay. like, i bet, anthony scaramucci wishes he had too much laundry to do to cause any -- call the new yorker. better to go dishes then go out with your french is a coke with her was up in a taxi on the way there and you've got to lean it up and the guy you're supposed to meet up with still hasn't talked to you, it's already 12:30. it would've been better if you are vacuuming. >> yes. that's right. >> kat: sometimes chores are more fun to do because you can say whatever you want to save to your dishes and they will never get mad at you.
2:51 pm
do you not talk to your dishes? your mop will never tell you that your sister is better looking. >> [laughs] that is true. >> kat: your lawn mower can never fire you because you are the boss! your laundry can never tell you it doesn't love you anymore. >> that's true. i i don't mind doing laundry. >> kat: do you have one doing laundry together? >> yes. >> no. i don't mind. >> kat: that's quality time. >> if you aren't doing laundry, you can be out there getting into trouble, you can end up in jail, you can end up in the hospital. do you know how many people die in model train mishaps a year? >> i'm sure in the thousands. >> no. >> no. >> kat: a lot. the media doesn't record it. stay away from model trains. all of you. because, think. you guys love chores? >> i love doing laundry. because when i fold the clothes and i smell the bounce, to me
2:52 pm
it's a sense of renewal it's french. fresh. it's a new day. i feel great. >> eboni: because you are the originator of jim can laundry. >> that's right. and new jersey photo with me. >> do i want to spend my free time cleaning out gutters and falling off the ladder and cracking myself? hell no! that study makes eminent sense. i can sit there watching tv and chug down a coors light or whatever the hell i have. >> kat: coors light... >> kat: will make we've got to say goodbye to our specialist. bernie mcgurk and sid rosenberg, thank you for joining us. >> do we have to leave now? >> is that it? >> is sebastian gorka coming back? i am so pissed about that! >> kat: up next, it's wait, what? don't go away.
2:53 pm
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>> eboni: for our last segment of the day, it's time for... love it. i will kick things off. really, a huge thing a couple of nights ago.
2:57 pm
it's been my evening, guys. google, dent in your care with the harlem children's zone mocktail event, show that we know, the adult networking vibe feels like, the small chat, that really leads to professional developing opportunities. it was really quite amazing. they had over 100 students come out and professionals from all capacities, media, communication, sciences, math, all that stuff. >> eric: what's the purpose of it? >> eboni: it's like professional development to get them used to the exchange card, you are in media, exchange contact, follow-up and have them follow up with me. >> kat: it's great. >> eboni: what about you, eric? >> eric: so mine isn't so nice... [laughter] you've got to see this. don't roll this yet. i want to set this up a little bit. this morning, visited vicente fox came to cnn about trump and the wall.
2:58 pm
whenever you put him on tv, you better put a 5-second delay on that, otherwise you are going to get in trouble. but watch. >> you can use my walls. we will never pay for that [bleep] wall. that whole wall. that makes it more clear. >> kat: her face is great. >> eboni: that went through, the f-bomb went through. she said, we apologize for the salty language. note to every other journalist, if you ever put vicente fox on, you have to have a delay. >> kat: i'm going to bring you a very important update. people ignore it a lot. a calf was born in texas that looks literally, exactly like gene simmons. they have the exact same phase. >> eric: it is gene simmons! you've never seen them together, have you? >> kat: that's true. >> eboni: [laughs] that's the test. >> eboni: i bet you the calf sings as good as james hemmings
2:59 pm
does. >> kat: if you look like gene simmons and you are a cow, you are safe from being a cheeseburger, i guess. i guess i don't feel that bad. >> eboni: you know, it's international beer day, speaking of cows. i was exciting about that, me and myself. craft beer gal. >> kat: yeah, ipas. eric? >> eric: no. i stick with the vodka. you know what else today is? this is trump 1717 day working vacation. working vacation. >> eboni: working vacation? >> kat: he's telecommute a caning from the golf course. i'm sure there's >> eboni: do we know where he's going when he spends all the time in florida? >> eric: jersey. >> eboni: for the vacation? 17 days. >> kat: golfing? >> eboni: that's all we have time for today. thank you all for watching. make sure you follow us at social media on both twitter and facebook. remember, everybody, 5:00 will never be the same.
3:00 pm
"special report" is up next. stay tuned. >> the president's attorney general goes after leakers, who says, undermine the trump in administration while another big jobs report, here are what experts consider full employment. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. the trump administration is back on offense tonight. i journey general jeff sessions announced a crackdown on what he called an explosion of leaks of classified information. the latest jobs report full of strong numbers. has the president taking credit. promising more to come. chief white house correspondent john robert starts


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