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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 4, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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♪ >> breaking tonight, team trump has unleashed spy hunters on leakers reportedly creating special units inside the f.b.i. tasked with finding moles. in for martha maccallum. a scene that has followed the president from his candidacy into his presidency has been his on going battle with what he deems a dishonest press. >> if you listen to the fake news they say, like, he didn't pass any legislation. everything's taking its toll. >> fake news. >> fake news. cnn, fake. >> we don't want fake news. >> now his bark has been given
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some bite. the administration now putting the power of the department of justice and intelligence ageses behind their latest effort to root out what they call damaging national security leaks. >> we've already charged four people. we respect the important role that the prez plays, and we'll give them respect. but it is not unlimited. we will not allow rogue, anonymous sources with security clearances to sell out our country. >> understand this, if you improperly disclose classifyied information we will find you. >> with all the focus on the trump administration's handling of late, many are forgetting the obama white house wasn't exactly accepting the government employees sharing classified information with journalists either. james risen wrote in a december piece titled if donald trump targets journalists, thanks obama. obama used the espionage act to put a record number of
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reporter sources in jail and trump could be even worse. u.s. news and world report wrote about press freedoms under president obama with the head line, obama's lasting damage. first, let's bring in the host of media buzz, and fox new politics editor chris to take us through today's news. so today the leakers, howie, were put on notice but so was the press. on special report just a moment ago they were talking about in the panel how reporters are the recipient of these leaks. they haven't taken an oath not to publish them, but could they also be in trouble if these guidelines are charged? >> absolutely. we saw that during the obama administration when secret surveillance was conducted against james rosen. this is the leakiest administration in recorded history. i don't blame them for being apaplectic about this. when it comes to these national security leaks, it is perfectly they're perfectly entitled to go
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after the leakers. it is not illegal for journalists to receive those leaks, although it's really important that they act responsibly and not publish anything that would jeopardize national security. >> in some ways it's like the illegal immigrant tieing to cross the border that has kurttailed because of the president and then you have this, where you have possibly the chilling of leaks. do you think this would be effective in showing the intelligence community and anybody that has access to national security information, that you'd better fulfill your oath or else you could actually end up in jail? >> right, and when we see as sessions indicates that we will, uh, scalps, and you see people get arrested. you see people get fired. and make a lesson of them. yeah, i think this will have that affect. as far as journalists go, the only question here, the federal government when you see something like the leak of the
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transcript whole transcripts, entire transcripts of the president's call with world leaders, obviously that's a danger to national security. because that means world leaders won't feel comfortable talking to the president for fears that things they say in private to him will become public. the part about journalists, is this: as long as they're not spying on us. that's what the obama administration did, they did it with the associated press, they're trying to make a criminal case against people inside the government who are breaking the law. in the process are they snooping on us, and are they interfering with what we do, that's where the trust ball goes back in their court. >> howie, what is the media buzz inside the news room in washington d.c. after this press conference this morning? >> journalists get very nervous when they're targeted. the attorney general was sending a chilling message. when this happened before in the bush admin station, judith
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miller went to jail, a lot of sources clammed up. a lot of the leaks that drives the white house nuts have to do with political infighting and agenda pushing. they're not classified and they're not illegal. they're at war with the press, they would not mind making an example of some journalists and blaming journalists for some of these damaging leaks. but there is a line they shouldn't cross when it comes to infringing on freedom of speech. >> the intelligence committee initiallyt the president's very suspicious of some of their results. i guess i'm trying to be kind. i wonder if maybe they think they've made their point? we understand that you can hurt the president if you want to. but one thing i think has been missing in all of this is that if you are a reporter that gets information that could actually
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hurt somebody, so pull somebody's life in danger. or curttail an investigation, maybe one of our spies is there and they have to pull up out of a situation when they were actually about to nail somebody, like a bad guy. that hurts the american tax payer because if we have to take that person out of the field that means all the training we have spent getting them ready was really for nothing. >> well, right, but again that's where the responsibility of a free press comes into play. obviously we know things that we don't report. there are things the fox news channel finds out and understands over time. responsible journalists say it's the out-sized example is if you know the position of your troops in the battle you don't report it while it's happening before the battle because the enemy you would give away their position and that would be a huge problem. so there are some clear guidelines there. it gets fuzzy on the other part. i would point to what howie said. the danger for this
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administration, the real damage for this administration day in and day out is like the what we see this bologna that's going on now in the nsa's office, while factions within the white house are leaking on each other to try to hurt h. r. mcmaster and smear him, and the back and forth that keeps going on. the facts of this white house, dump on each other. ain't nothing illegal about it. the only way you can fix that is if the president says i won't stand for it, i won't stand for anybody doing it anymore. >> howie, and chris, thank you so much on a friday night of breaking news. >> you bet. >> speaking of all these leaks, one of the biggest ones from the week was the wall street journal bomb shell. robert mueller is reportedly im paneling a grand journey. - - the ability of president to carry out his awesome responsibilities is critical to our governance and security. prosecutors need to be sensitive
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to this. that does not mean a president should be cut any breaks if serious violations of a law has occurred. but that does mean the president should not be under a cloud unless there is good reason for it. here now is tilly. i believe that you believe this is not unexpected that there's a grand jury and somewhat not unexpected that it'd with leak that they're out there in existence because people are being asked to produce information. >> right, it's not even much of a leak in terms of the existence of the grand jury. people are already receiving subpoenas, people are lawyering up. that information is not kept confidential. so it's virtually inevitable that the exist on the grand jury would become known. as for andrew's point, it's a good one punt but it only goes so far. it was inevitable as well that bob mueller was going to bring this into a grand jury.
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grand jury can issue open uhs and bring in witnesses for testimony under oath. it's a very powerful tool to investigate. that's what makes this such a precarious time for the trump administration is looking at a broader investigation, which seems to be expanding before our eyes, and it's going into a very dangerous stage where people are going to be put on the stand and locked in on testimony. >> well, it was interesting to me you have some frustration for trump from supporters saying if during the course of the investigation there's something that is found that might not have anything to do with the original accusation of possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia, but they find something else... how much discretion does a prosecutor need to use in terms of following down those trails if they find something that has nothing to do with the original mission? >> well, the answer to that, dana, is take a look at the mandate.
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the mandate, uh, almost defies limitation. it talks about the russian election, but says go ahead and investigate anything that may arise or has arisen during the course of the investigation. that sounds a lot like if you see a crime you can pursue it. there seems to be three frontier. you have the obstruction front, and the russian medaling front. mueller seems to be ramping up on looking at transactions, business deals by trump and flynn and others. that's a very dangerous area for a president who has the largest portfolio in any president in history. you start looking at those deals and there may come out some issues that are a problem. the last guy they just added on this team has a resume with one big item on it, which is foreign bribery prosecutions. it's hard to miss that skillset. >> so do you think that person being added to the team is
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because they think they need somebody with that capability or is it a wild goose chase that they think maybe if we have him we can find something? >> well, a lot of this team has experience on financial issues, and fraud issues. by the way, a number of these prosecutions are also known for pressuring witnesses and compelling cooperation. that's the reason the two people you have to watch most closely here are flynn and manafort. those are the ones who would be the most obvious targets for a team of this size, the weakest links. both of them could technically have farah violations that could be brought. these are prosecutors who have long histories of using leverage like that to force cooperation among people who would not normally cooperate. >> jonathan trilly, thank you so much for your time. it's been invaluable. >> thanks, dana. >> still to come, from china as
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they hold military drills targeting mock u.s. targets the day after north korea fires off their icbm. trade war, what it could mean for your wallet. plus, - - . >> discuss any opinion that my members have, but, um, my decision about how long i stay is not up to them. >> nancy pelosi may not be so confident tonight as several new reports surface of a democrat divide that could split the party. and why the new trailer for death wish is being called racist. ben shapiroe will be here with his thoughts coming up. >> we gotta talk about what's happening in chicago. >> everybody's watching this viral video, this guy in the hoody they're calling the grim reaper. >> the carjacking. >> is he right for taking the law into his own hands? >> what about the shooter?
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>> well, i'm a master legislature, i am a, uh, a strategic politically astute leader. i am, my, um, uh,
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heedership is recognized by many around the country and that is why i am able to attract the support that i do, which is essential to our election, sad to say. >> that was house minority leader nancy pelosi just weeks ago. new evidence tonight suggests she could be in danger of losing her perch just as we lose more on the saga unfolding around debbie wasserman schultz. ed henry has the latest on the challenges facing these democrats from the whitishness all we've been hearing this week about in party politics is in-fighting - - . other gop lawmakers splitting from this president.
4:18 pm
particularly around house minority leader nancy pelosi. the news agency surveyed 20 democratic candidates for the house in the 2018 mid-terms to see if they win will they vote for her as party leader. only one of 20 said they'd vote for her, one said no. 18 democrats out of 20 would not answer whether they would vote for nancy pelosi. to be sure, republican leaders like paul ryan and mitch mcconnell are not particularly popular around the country, but there's particular disdain among pelosi among democrats lingering on the special election victory largely because republicans ran a barrage of ads. there was talk of knocking her out of the job, but she's hung on because she still wields power and can cut off fund raising dollars to anyone who crosses her. for democrat candidates "if you
4:19 pm
say yes now that you'll support her, you're screwed. you say no, you're screwed just in a different way." . speaking out to the first time why she let her i-t guy stay on the house payroll six months after other democrats fired him. >> i believe i did the right thing, and i would do it again. because as i said at the beginning of this conversation there are times where you can't be afraid to stand alone and you have to stand up for what's right. >> read the full story at sun sentinel dot com/dws. it's unclear what she meant when she said you have to do the right thing by keeping him on the payroll. republicans have raised questions because number one, he's now facing charges of bank fraud, but republicans want an ethics probe to see whether or not he had access to sensitive intelligence information before
4:20 pm
he tried to leave the country. >> here now with more is guy benson, the author of end of discussion out in paper back with a new chapter. jessica is the researchers at bustle .com. >> super fun. >> let me start with former speaker pelosi because i've always admired her in many ways in that she can keep that caucus together. they vote as a group. i don't know if it's sort of talent. is that starting to wayne after the series of losses the democrats have seen? >> i think certainly you saw what ed pointed out with these new democrats coming in, being unsure of where they stand on this. if is going to be an issue, and you saw the challenge from tim ryan who i believe got 144 votes for a new minority leader. she did also come off our greatest fund raising hall, um, in the recent memory, 26 million-dollars she brought in. is that just democrats supporting the resistence?
4:21 pm
they just want to funnel money towards a potential win in 2018. i think it's a very sad thing that someone with her record and the amazing things she has accomplished over a long storied career has to stand up there and defend herself in that way. i'm not prepared to say it's her time to go, but certainly this is a conversation we should be having. >> she's been one of the best spoils for republicans and especially with hillary clinton off the stage. >> they need a new - - . >> they need somebody to pick on, y or to target. just like democrats do to paul ryan and she's really helpful in turning out republicans to vote against democrats. >> totally. nancy pelosi, shows she is toxic under dependents. linking her to various canned yes around the country is a boon to the gop. we look at those 18 democrats of the 20 who don't want to commit, it's dammed if you do, dammed if
4:22 pm
you don't. if you come out and support her vocally, the republicans are going to hang that round your neck during the campaign. if you oppose her publicly and you win and she hangs on you've crossed her and that's not a place you want to be. >> apparently not. you can't say you're with her and you can't say you're against her. >> i find it hard to believe that a woman like nancy pelosi who cares so deeply about democrats winning and has soon so many losses and wants her legacy cemented would cut off funding. i tung there's an understanding you say certain things to be able to get elected. >> what about this debbie wasserman schultz story? there's obviously i think something there, but when will we be able to find out what it is? >> there is something weird that smells fishy about this story, and has for a long time. she wanted this laptop back that
4:23 pm
investigators had and insisted she get it back. now she's claiming i don't know about the laptop. >> she said it wasn't hers, it was his, and he was being unfairly targeted because of his religion. >> that is the new line she is saying, she thought this investigation might be anti-muslim bias. there's no evidence for that whatsoever. many democratic lawmakers fired him independently because it was public they were under f.b.i. investigation. this is a discussion tactic saying i'm going to keep this person on my payroll and if you ask me about it i'm going to claim it's racial or religious bias. >> democrats concerned about this, jessica? >> i don't think so. i think this week with the news that bob mueller in panels of grand jury and other things that have gone on, it's been there for months. slate writers are extremely
4:24 pm
liberal they said exactly what you said. it seems fishy, was there sensitive information on there, how do they get paid so much? this couple was paid 5 million-dollars or is this just typical bungled debbie wasserman schultz behavior. i thought coming from slate - - . >> like it's the most obvious thing. >> this seems weirder than that. you're going to bat for this. >> you look at the video when debbie wasserman schultz is talking to the police, she's so im passioned about it you think what is behind it? >> there's something under the surface here? >> maybe. >> the f.b.i.'s on it. >> coming up, a major hollywood star lashing out at the dishonest media. find out why angelina jolie is fired up. plus, new questions over the future of the president, national security adviser as mrg more frustrated with our strategy in afghanistan.
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>> breaking tonight, president trump reportedly growing more frustrated with our progress in afghanistan where later this week two u.s. army soldiers were killed when their convoy was hit by an explosive device. a suicide bomber attacked a convoy, killing a soldier and injuring several more. amid this onslaught there are new questions tonight about the future of national security adviser hr mcmaster who was reportedly on thin ice with the white house. michael walsh, a former green bur acommander and fox news contributor. i found the two questions the president has been asking. one is why is the u.s. military not winning there and why after 16 years is the united states still stuck there? i wonder if you know having been worked in the national security council field, what is the president wrestling with as he tries to figure out this next move in afghanistan? >> the president, look, the president's right to be frustrated with the lack of comprehensive strategy. we all are.
4:30 pm
and we're frustrated with how long we've been there and the lack of progress but it's relatively easy and simplistic to advise him it's too hard, it's too long, let's just pull the soldiers out. the reality on the ground is that al qaeda, isis, and other groups will make gains in the wake of the taliban if we just completely with draw the afghan government and army will collapse. those groups will be able to attack the united states and europe again. the important port and the difference with what happened in iraq is they will able to then destabilize pakistan with ten times more the population of iraq and with nuclear weapons. i think president trump risks if he completely with draws being to afghanistan what o room was to iraq. we can't just leave. >> the president, does president trump have some ground to say
4:31 pm
that president obama left him with kind of a bad situation? >> absolutely. i mean, essentially president obama, you know, one thing that people miss and they often say what can a few thousand troops that a hundred thousand couldn't ordered under president obama, but in the same speech at west point in 2009 when president obama announced the surge, he told the world we were going to also with draw. so the enemy just essentially waited him out. he pulled the rug out from under it. then essentially over the next six to seven years told the world we're leaving, we're leaving, we're leaving. that left, you know, everything from the populous to the afghan government to the enemies hedging on america to leave. the signals we need to send now is to the afghan government, we are with you. this is in our national interest, and i'm sorry we're going to have to be there at a low level of support. we're not talking hundreds of thousands of troops on the ground again. what we're talking is a low level of support to the afghan
4:32 pm
army but it's going to be over a long time, like we've done in south korea, germany, japan and columbia. >> let me ask you also about these rumors that hr mcmaster, who has been really celebrated by president trump when he was named the national security adviser, is he honest with the white house? there's been a lot of leaks and the president has come out saying they're not true. do you have any insider information? >> you i think in a previous segment had folks on talking about the different factions in the white house under mining each other in the media these factions, isolationist factions have been in the republican party since the 1930s. you remember the republicans in the 30s didn't into world war two, believe in american exceptionalism and believe the united states has to really kind of force its values into the
4:33 pm
world order of democracy. >> before i lose you, what do you think of the rumor that president trump is thinking of sending hr mcmaster to be the general in charge in afghanistan >> i've heard that rumor as well and i think h. r. mcmaster would do a great job in afghanistan, he's been there for several tours. i'd like to see him where he is, and i think he's one of the more brilliant officers of his generation. >> all right. so some support there. thank you so much, michael, have a good weekend. >> thank you. >> still ahead, president trump looking to make good on another major campaign promise. he's reportedly considering aggressive trade measures against china. ed henry is live back at the white house for what it could mean for your wallet and trying to stop north korea. plus, why the remake of a popular 1974 film has hollywood critics calling it, quote, makedly fascist. >> the men who did it are out there. >> so there's nothing we can do,
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>> when the chinese come in and they want to make trade deals, when i'm there, we turn it around. because we can't continue to allow china to rape our country, and that's what they're doing. it's the greatest theft in the history of the world. >> that was then candidate donald trump hitting china over what he calls unfair trade policies and tonight new reports suggest that the white house is inching closer to taking action against the country. this comes on the back of president trump's growing disapproval over beijing's failure to negotiate in north korea. targeting united states missiles quote, interesting. let's go back to chief national correspondent ed henry live at the white house. ed, what does interesting mean?
4:39 pm
>> well, dana, it's interesting in the sense that the president was planning a big speech today to go after china as you heard him there on the campaign trail. and wants to make it fair trade for americans. but there's a fear that if we impose tariffs on chinese goods coming here they may retaliate against u.s. companies over in china and around the world. it might actually hurt their pocket books. what happened instead is the president went to the fima headquarters today in washington around the start of the hurricane season. instead of moving forward with that original plan of a stinging speech going after china on its trade and intellectual property practices. it had previously been reported the president was going to sign a memo over the u.s. trade represent to decide if it was time to stand up for various u.s. industries like steel by imposing those stiff tariffs on china. the u.s., as you noted, needs china right now to deal with
4:40 pm
this growing nuclear threat from north korea. remember, the president took some heat back in april when he seem to be soft pedaling some of his campaign attacks as he spoke of making great progress in meetings with the president of china. >> we look forward to meeting together many times in the future, and i believe lots of very potentially bad problems will be going away. >> advisers to the president insist tonight he's not backing off, getting tough with china. but the fact of the matter is he has to work through this big threat of north korea. they also don't want an escalating trade war so they're trying to sort all this out. it may be another example, dana, we've seen with many administrations where the campaign rhetoric meets the reality of actually governing. >> i think there might be something else. this is general kelly's first week as chief of staff. is it possible that general kelly sort of tapped the brakes in the white house and said
4:41 pm
let's make sure we have all our ducks in a row before we do this? >> good point. remember, what general kelly did the first week of this admin, he was on the receiving end of that first rushed executive order dealing with refugees since he was the head of the department of homeland security. he was furious he was not in the loop, and they had not dotted all the i's and crossed the t's as you say in that example. this could be another example where if you don't have it all lined up you could have a trade war that hurts the economy. >> ed henry, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> i'm joined now by congressman sean duffy of wisconsin, and adrian elrod, former strategic communications director for hillary clinton's presidential campaign. congressman duffy, o you have any insight as to white that announcement was pushed off today? >> i think that's a good analysis that, um, the president tapped the brakes. but make no mistake the president understands this and
4:42 pm
voters across the country here in wisconsin too understands what's happening with trade in china. they have state-owned companies that dump things like steel and aluminum. they steal our technology. wisconsin, harley davidson, they have a 30% tariff on our wisconsin bikes that we export and import into china. so donald trump getting tough on trade with china only helps american workers and fulfills the campaign promise. >> adrien do you think the democrats would agree on that? can we find some bipartisanship there? >> well, look, first of all, the relationship to the united states and china have when it comes to handling the situation with north korea and trying to halt nuclear proliferation in that country is extremely complicated, but i also think extremely important. moving forward, i think ed henry just gave a really good analysis, which is we've got
4:43 pm
donald trump has a new chief of staff. i'll also be the first to say, it is by absolutely bipartisan issue that democrats and republicans both want, uh, to get a hold on this intellectual property threat. >> yeah. >> that china's been invoking for years. at the same time diplomacy via twitter is not going to solve the issue. there's so much at stake here, and i think donald trump has got to make sure he's got a very careful nuanced approach to the situation. >> congressman, i did want to ask you one thing. the questions that i have surrounding sort of the possible steel tariffs, right? how do you think that that actually helps manufacturers in wisconsin? these things are kind of cut both ways and are you concerned there could be an over reaction by the un united states that ends up hurting manufacturers in your state? >> well, we don't want a trade war, but as i mentioned at the start we have a 350 billion-dollar trade deficit
4:44 pm
with china. a trade war hurts china more than america. making sure we get the policy right is important. if you look at democrats, they've sat on the sidelines for eight years and done nothing with china, and actually republicans too. if we can get this policy right, and bring these jobs back to america, donald trump is a significant winner. >> it was voted last week he announced in your state there will be a 3 billion-dollar the big new, uh, push for jobs there. >> ten billion dollar investment. >> a ten billion dollar investment and a three billion dollar sort of investment or inducement in order to get them there. i guess china might consider that unfair, you might call it leveling the playing field. >> on top of that, we have mazda and toyota announcing today they're going to build a plant in hopefully detroit, but somewhere in america which is going to be a billion dollar investment and thousands of jobs. donald trump as a negotiator and a leader has been really effective in trying to
4:45 pm
level the playing field for the american worker. >> all right, congressman. >> if he does it, and he can make this trade fair with china he is going to be a hero. >> thank you both for being here. thank you so much. one of hollywood's best-known names is complaining about dishonest media, fake news. ahead we'll explain what has angelina so fired up tonight. plus, a hit 19 70s franchise is coming back to the big screen, and now some folks on the left are calling the remake of death wish racist. ben shapiro is here on all of that coming up.
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switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. >> a trio of hollywood stories making waves tonight among them the remake of the 19 70s hit death wish. the new version stars bruce willis, it won't be in theaters for a month but already critics are decrying its violence even suggesting it's racist and promotes the alt-right movement. a sneak peek. >> we gotta talk about what's happening in chicago. >> everybody's watching this viral video, this guy in the hoody they're calling him grim reaper. >> is he right for taking the law into his own hands? >> he's become a folk hero.
4:50 pm
>> what about the shooter? >> he looks like a white dude. >> i love my family. >> there's men in my house, i think they're here. >> i failed to protect them. >> the men who did it are out there so there's nothing that you can do, is that what you're saying? >> if a man really wants to protect what's his. >> i want to buy a gun. >> he has to do it for himself. >> we're closed, pal. >> who else was there? >> i don't know anything else. >> i believe you, joe. >> you're not going to kill me? >> no. jack is. >> you got caught in some cross fire? >> the ice cream man.
4:51 pm
>> the ice cream man? >> if you work for him. >> who are you? >> your last customer. >> you're not a cop. >> somebody has to do it. >> locked and ready to rock. >> i'll say. >> they called him a guardian angel. >> he saved my life. >> editor and chief of the daily wire, listen to your show. glad to have you on tonight to explain what is the controversy here with this movie? >> so, there are a couple of controversies. the first is that the original death wish took place in new york city, this one takes place in chicago. people are saying because it takes place in chicago, crime
4:52 pm
and violence targeted black folk in chicago, the only reason hollywood's moving this is it was racist. that's idiotic. it was originally set in new york city because there was a lot of crime in the 70s in new york city. this is just another left attempt to destroy a film before it's even aired because they're trying to impute intentions. even in the trailer it looks like the creator of the film are trying to do a nifty job suggesting that there are tons and tons of white criminals being targeted by bruce willis. by the way, the same as the original death wish, the criminal who targets charles bronson's family were white, not black. critics at the time called it a fascist fantasy, i guess nothing much has changed in the last 40 years. >> do you think that bruce willis, when he hears something like that he gets upset by it or expect it from hollywood now? >> bruce willis tends to be libertarian, row i think he would expect it.
4:53 pm
i think everyone in hollywood thinks of himself as pretty race neutral. i think the producers of the film, certainly the funders of the film would be surprised there's this blow back. >> after tonight, a new show from the creators of the game of thrones is being criticized before it's even written or produced. they don't even have scripts yet. the show is called confederate and imagines what the world would be like if the south had won the civil war. >> a lot of people are very upset with even the idea the south might have won the civil war and create ad society. they're afraid the confederacy will be shown in a good light. there's also the man in the high tower if the nazis had won world war two. i assume confederate states of america, will be a dystopian future. the creators of the show have said as much, and there are
4:54 pm
black people involved int the writing and creation of the show. these are people in hollywood who are not attempting to create this alt right world where the confederacy wins and the world is grand and glorious for black people. it's hot takes up the wazoo on twitter. black america, from amazon, all about what would have happened if after the civil war abraham lincoln had lived and provided reparations to black folk and they had taken over. that would have almost been a separate country. and black phones the people in the media, the crying done fed rage race are saying this is going to be wonderful. confederacy. >> let me get this last one in, angelina jolie's very upset over this next cover story the magazine details what some believe are questionable casting tactics. she responded arguing that had been taken out of context and
4:55 pm
had been written about. she's called for a retraction, but the magazine is refusing. what do you make of this? she doesn't look very good in this, but the magazine editor said i listened to the transcript, this is what you said. >> it's pretty amazing story. angelina jolie is casting a film with some poor african kids and in order to cast the film she had her producers take some money, give it to a poor african kid, and then have the poor african kid try to walk out of the room with the money. the producers would force them to lie, and whoever lied the best they got the part. >> she's a humanitarian, but anyway that's the big controversy. thank you so much for being with us tonight. we'll be right back. aring the f. dude. they're just jealous. kellogg's raisin bran crunch with crunchy clusters and the taste of apples and strawberries. i got one! guess we're having cereal for dinner. kellogg's raisin bran crunch apple strawberry.
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5:00 pm
anything the news never stops. tucker is next and i'll be back here at nine for the five. do that math. have a good night and a great >> good evening, and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. the trump administration is going to war with leakers. the attorney general jeff sessions held a press conference today warning that leak investigations have tripled compared to the administration before. attorney general vowed to bring criminal charges against the leakers who are successfully identified, watch this. >> let me say that i strongly agree with a president and condemn in the strongest terms the staggering number of leaks under mining the ability of our government to protect this country. >> leaks are incredibly damaging to our intelligence mission, and capabilities. simply put,


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