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tv   Watters World  FOX News  August 5, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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[applause] greg: thank you. walter, dave, kat and tyrus. i'm greg gutfeld. julie: "watters world" starts now. jesse: "watters world" is on. tonight ... >> this notion they have to learn english before they document united states. are we just going to bring in people from britain and australia? >> have you never net an immigrant who speaks english from other countries than britain and australia? >> her husband nicely asked her please stop doing this it wasn't about political leanings. it's about respecting your partner. >> she is yelling make america
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great again in bed. >> when immigrants come into the united states, do you think they had to speak english? >> absolutely. when you come to america you should speak english and be able to get a job. welcome to "watters world." i'm jess he watters. peks moisturing immigration reform for personal gain. president trump threw his support behind a new legal immigrant reform. republican senators want to cut the number of green cards issued in half and high-skilled workers, english speakers and financially stable people would get a leg up and extended flame
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members would get less of a priority. instead of letting in someone's cousin who doesn't have an education or speak english. president trump wants to bring in skilled english speakers. jim acosta is a guy president trump kneecapped twice this year for getting out of line. >> can you give us a question. you are attacking us. >> i am not going to give you a question. >> i am not going to give you a question. if you are fake news. i'm changing it to very fake news. jesse: during the white house press briefing with white house senior advisor stephen miller jim acould today started by reciting the statue of liberty poem.
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things got ugly for acosta quickly. >> in the 1990s, was it violating or not violating the statue of liberty law of the land. >> tell me what years, tell me what years, tell me what years sheet jim acosta's definition of the statue of liberty poem law of the land. you are saying 100 million a year? does 100,000 violate it? you don't actually think a wall affects green card policy. you don't believe that, do you? the notion you think immigration is at an historic low. 4 in 5 people in the united states today. jim, do you really at cnn not note difference between green card policy and illegal immigration?
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>> are we just going to bring in people from great britain and australia? >> i am shocked at your statement that you think only people from great britain and australia would know english' it's so insulting to millions of hard-working immigrants who speak english from all over this world. have you never met an immigrant who speaks english outside of great britain and as you trail yeah? it shows your bias. >> it sounds like you are trying to engineer the ethnic flow of people of into this country. >> that's one of the don't know outrageous, insulting, foolish and ignorant thing you have ever said. the notion that you think this is a racist bill is so wrong and so insulting. jesse: earth to acosta. the united states has the largest immigrant population of
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the world. we are home to 20% of all the world's immigrants. bringing in low-skilled non-english speak immigrants depresses wages and explodes the welfare state. apparently acosta wants to put himself first. he tried to take a victory lap after getting mauled by miller. >> sometimes this white house has an unhealthy fixation on way call the three ms. the muslims, members cans and media. their policies are crafted around imashing one of those three -- bashing one of those three groups. jesse: he has crossed the line from being an objective reporter to a pundit advocating his own agenda. that's okay for cable news, but
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not in the white house press room. we are used to the mainstream media getting it wrong with donald trump. polls show him at an all-time low approval rating but you look at rally and it reminds you why he got elected. >> i didn't come to washington for me. i came to washington for you. your dreams are my dreams. your hopes are my hopes, and your future is what i'm fighting for email and every day. the russia story is a total fabrication. it's just an excuse for the heatest loss in the history of mayor -- for the greatest loss in the history of american politics. what the prosecutors should be
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looking at are hillary clinton's 33,000 deleted emails. democrat lawmakers will have to decide. they can continue their obsession with the russian hoax or they can serve the interests of the american people. try winning at voter booth. try winning at the voter booth. it's not going to be easy. but that's the way you are supposed to do it. most of people know there were no russians in our campaign. there never were. we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. have you seen any russians in west virginia or ohio or pennsylvania? are there any russians here tonight? any rugs? jesse: the president's working class base is eating that up. does that show what real americans are feeling?
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joining me now marjorie clifton and bre peyton, staff writer at "the federalist." when you look at that video and see president trump swimming out there with that beautiful crowd. he has a very strong bond with his army of supporters. the media can't do anything about that bond and it just drives them crazy. >> all throughout the election, all of their coverage said america you will vote for hillary clinton and she'll win and america said no. now i think they are upset by the and they are trying to take it out on americans. you have seen a lot of snotty remarks. the "the boston globe" did a story where they lamented the spot that some of the best viewing spots for the solar eclipse happen to be in areas that overwhelmingly voted for donald trump.
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they are stretching so hard in order to insalt these people. -- to insult these people. i think they are salty about what happened. jesse: speaking of snotty reporters. marjorie i want to draw your attention to stuart rothen berg. he said this when said president trump wants to cut english immigration by half and bring in english-speaking immigrants. he said lots of people in west virginia can't support themselves and speak english. and doubled down when called out on it. he said of course they are hard work and mean well. but provincial and easily misled. my wife's dad was a coal miner in pennsylvania. how out of touch is that? then throwing in, my wife's dad
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was a coal miner. that's like saying i'm not racist with my dentist is black. >> on both sides of the aisle people are focused on themselves and tone deaf to what they are saying. i hear a lot of yelling and a lot of things turning a lot of americans off to politics. what we know to be true in terms of the media, it's been somewhat redefined. everyone find media sources and outlets that echo what they already believe. their belief systems are shaped by the media. but all in all we are not thinking about the whole picture. we are making issues very black and white. jesse: i think people are tuning into cnn because they are tuning
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into a place where they say what they already believe. the trump administration created 200,000 jobs. the gdp number was very strong. there have been a lot of announcements about companies creating jobs. is that the winning that's being overlooked by the mainstream media? >> we haven't seen any policies passed in the new administration. i don't see that as winning on anyone's part. jesse: you don't see job creation as winning? >> the job creation numbers have been steadily in that range for the past five years. jesse: that's not true. president trump has already created a million jobs since he has been elected. consumer confidence is at an all-time high. and the stock market is at an all-time high.
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bre, i'll give you the last word. >> something interesting and unique about the trump administration. he doesn't necessarily have to do concrete things like legislation to get results. not a single brick in the wall has been set. jesse: and border crossing are way down based on rhetoric and enforcement alone. we would like to see a few legislative accomplishments. i have got to run. thank you so much. another week, another leak. is it time to lock up these traitors? "watters world" investigates. i take the immigration debate to lady liberty. when people do come into this country, do you think we should just let anybody in or should we
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jesse: the trump administration had an average of almost a leak a day since he has been in office. the nation's top cop says it's time to lock up the leakers and the media better watch out, too. >> we are reviewing policies affecting media subpoenas. we respect the important role the press plays and we'll give them respect. but it is not unlimited. they cannot place lives at risk with impunity. we must balance the press' role with protecting our national security and the lives of those who serve in the intelligence community, the armed forces and all law-abiding americans. mercedes, i believe the leakers and the media are colluding to overthrow the will of the people. >> that's strong, jesse.
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very powerful. i think that it's very clear the justice department is taking very important steps in stopping this culture of the leaks. it's incredibly problematic. it doesn't allow a government to run effectively. the individuals leaking classified information, they are on a northerly crusade. they want to insure that nothing gets done or whatever is happening for the president, that they are able to impede any progress. jesse: they are on a moral crusade and they think they are above the law which they are not. jeff sessions we are going to look at some of these journalists who are feeding off of some of these leaks. can't they just say we are start look at phone record and email record and polygraphing people? that's the next step, right? >> the investigation will include looking into the emails
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and phone record. this is where journalists get nervous. you have had journalists go to jail because they don't want to give up a source. in this case you will find an increased tension between some of these news organizations and the government. journalists for the most of part, they are the ones that have to say and ask the question, if i publish this information, what does this mean in terms of affecting the national security. that's how the news organizations work normally in deciding whether they are going to allow this information to go public. jesse: decent organizations weigh whether they will jeopardize national security and whether the american public deserves to know the truth. but they never err on the side of protecting national security. i don't think the media or the
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democrats want the leaks to stop. >> they love this idea they are able to get the information from these sources, particularly the leak that have to deal with classified information. there is a price to pay. it's a criminal activity. it's something we have seen under president trump. you have seen 2 leaks we have seen in the first five months under president trump. president obama was only 8? it's telling. jesse: it's a whole new environment and trump better get tough or the swamp is going to destroy them. it's the president's favorite nickname. >> she is a hopeless case. she is an insult to pocahontas. jesse: the real indian
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challenging elizabeth warren for her seat.
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[♪] >> she is a hopeless case. i call her pocahontas and it's an insult to pocahontas. >> it may be pocahontas, remember that. and she is not big for the nra, i can tell you. pocahontas is not happy. she is the worst. jesse: elizabeth warren earning
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that name after a false claim to the native american heritage. >> i think only a real indian can defeat a fake indian. the m.i.t. grad even sent warren a dna kit which she returned. he tweeted, i'm disappointed elizabeth warren returned my dna test kit. so you are a real indian and you are running against a so-called fake indian. do you think that's resonating among the folks of massachusetts? >> it's resonating big time across all demographics. also people you think would not find it fun are you, the so-called educated elite. they can't stop cracking up. jesse: they are laughing about this in cambridge?
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>> yes. a famous philosopher says when somebody laughs at a joke it's hitting something deep. jesse: on her application to harvard she said she was a minority. she is blond haired, blue eyed, pale skin. she claimed she was native american and that's what got her the gig in harvard. real native americans who wanted that position were shut out. >> it's somebody who wants to cut in line. my parent came here, they were some 69 best parts, best part of india that was allowed into america. i had to wait about a year with my mom. my dad came first. we had to wait in line. but elizabeth warren thinks she
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doesn't need to wait in line. she took probably another qualified person's position. look at that. .1% native american. i'm a real, real indian. jess were we have the results there so every one can make up their mind. she is bashing wall street but raising money on the vineyard by wall street executives. she flip-flopped on single payer. she doesn't want to talk about the violence on the southside. there is a whole host of things she is critical about.
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>> when we say fake indian. it goes something deeper. she is a fake fighter. she talks about fighting for the small guy, but she destroyed 1,200 community banks. jesse: if you get the nomination you will have to debate her and that will be an interesting showdown. all you wanted to know about my presidential ambitions and more in this week's installment of "ask watters." a brutal rape by one illegal alien not enough for one city to change its policy. >> we want everybody here to be happy and feel safe. how can we guarantee that if we i'm so frustrated. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax. now the car you want and the history you need
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us military is now searching for the remains of three marines went missing after an osprey aircraft crashed off the australian coast. the osprey was trying to land when it crashed saturday morning us military confirming in a statement a short time ago that it does not expect to find the three americans alive. that is after spending much of the day on search and rescue operations. twenty-three of 26 personnel were rescued. pretty young sisters are recovering after being struck by lightning in utah. two of the girls are in critical condition. the sisters were on a family fishing trip at lily lake near the wyoming border when they were hit. as the storm rolled in, their father told the girls to lie down under a tree to avoid the lightning. i'm robert gray, back to "watters' world". now back to "watters world." >> we are taking the fight to the drug smugglers, human
8:32 pm
traffickers, and the vile gang members like ms13. we are liberating american communities from these vicious violent gangs. "watters world" that was the there are at his rally this week talking about things voters love to hear about. kick out bad hombres. but in wash it was standing room only as they debate wad to do with illegal immigrants. this after an illegal rim grant was arrested for brutally raping a 19-year-old, breaking her bones. in the same day he allegedly molested a 14-year-old. what's the resistance?
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the city council debating what a sanctuary city even is. >> this ordinance is a safety ordinance. i don't know what sanctuary city means. i don't think there is a definition. >> when we react to the people's voice whether it be an initiative petition and by law reacting in the proper way. >> councilman wagner says the fairest way to get the vote of the people is an election, she is wrong, we all know that. jesse: i'm joined by two people who were there. so pedro, let me start with you. you are chanting something, whose streets, our streets. whose streets are they? >> i think they belong to everybody.
8:34 pm
jesse: everybody including illegal immigrants. >> everyone who is a resident. >> i don't think it's for i.c.e. or homeland security. anybody who lives in the city is a resident. jesse: there is a difference between reef siding somewhere and being a legal resident. if you are a illegal immigrant and criminal illegal immigrants. you are not really a resident because you don't belong there. the city after seeing this crime spree that this illegal all yenlt went on allegedly raping 14-year-old and 19-year-old, shattering bones. how is the city not change the
8:35 pm
sanctuary city law. >> there is a majority on the burien city that subjected the city to the sanctuary ordinance. they are not inclined to give the citizens a vote. jesse: the citizens aren't allowed to vote on whether they want the city to be a sanctuary city? >> those four-vote members violated state law. we are pursuing this through court so they will get their day on the ballot. it's the case because like my world until seattle it's been made a sanctuary it's been made a racketeer corrupt organization by democrats who rely on campaign donations and support
8:36 pm
from labor the unions who are littered with illegal immigrants. in burien this is just a symptom of a continuing ongoing lawless activity by those forces so they can gain political power and enter the city council and keep doing their work. >> please respond to what craig just said it's encouraging lawlessness when you don't enforce the law. you are okay with lawlessness in your own community? >> i think mr. keller needs to do a little bit of research into our community. clearly he's not from burien, but that's okay, we are a welcoming city, he can move in any time he wants to. >> just like you did. >> thank you. what we have is a zero tolerance
8:37 pm
for violent crimes numbers no safe haven for these crime irrespective of whether the person has legal status or not. jesse: you are saying an illegal alien is charged with a crime, you are saying i.c.e. is notified and a detainer can get slapped on them? >> from my understanding, of course mr. keller, maybe he can correct me. what we have with the sheriffs who we subcontract our police to. that information would get transferred over to a local i.c.e. agency. jesse: i don't know if you guys know if you are a sanctuary city or not. apparently you are as confused as the city council members. speaking of immigration, this week the white house unveiled changes to legal immigration policy.
8:38 pm
it cuts green cards in half to 500,000 a year. it gives priority to people with higher education and english speakers that can contribute to the workforce. the left hated it. but i wanted to find out what the people thought. i headed to the statue of liberty to find out. when immigrants come into the united states, do you think they should have to speak english? >> absolutely. >> they should be able to speak the language and have knowledge and know what's going not world. >> if i'm going into a foreign country and i'm going to be there for a certain period of time you better believe would learn the language. jesse: when you came into america did you know how to speak any english? >> a little bit. jesse: did you learn english right away? >> yes.
8:39 pm
jesse: when people do come into this country do you think we should let anybody in or have qualifications about who we bring in? >> we should have a good immigration process. we need to focus on paying taxes. >> you don't know what their back ground is and you don't know what they can bring into our country. they should have a background check. jesse: do you think it's mean and racist to control your immigration policy? >> no, if it's labeled as racist it's just another way for the liberal media to look us look horrible when we just want what's best for america. >> you have to find if the right balance in protecting your own. jesse: how do you like america so far? >> america is great. i went to college. it's very diverse.
8:40 pm
jesse: what do you think the statue of liberty means? >> it's a symbol for the greatoff thing on earth. jesse: what do you think of cnn's jim acosta? >> i couldn't watch the clinton news network. >> have you never meth an immigrant from another country who speaks english outside of great britain and australia? is that your experience? it shows your bias. jesse: what do you think of donald trump? >> good guy. >> everybody loves me. jesse: do you know who i am? >> no, but my husband does. he said "watters world." jesse: how the 2016 presidential election ruined a florida power couple's marriage. now the former nf there cheerleader speak out for the
8:41 pm
first time. al gore getting burned big time by his own green greens.
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jesse: time for real news. this week i'm joined by "watters world" favorites diamond and silk. nice to have you guys here in studio this time. >> thank you for having us. this is amazing. jesse: how does it feel to be in "watters world" in the flesh? >> it's wonderful. jesse: i want to start off with jeff sessions, a.g. he wants to crack down on leakers. if you guys were attorneys general what would you like to see happen to these leakers? >> we would like to see them go straight to jail. go directly to jail. also get the people who work with the leakers it's a crime to leak out classified information.
8:46 pm
jesse: you would press the people in jail, too. >> the press should not commit a crime with the leakers. president trump in west virginia the other day lit it up. this is what he seth said about the russian hoax. >> we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. have you seen any russians in west virginia, ohio or pennsylvania? are there any russians here tonight. any russians? jesse: have you seen russians running around in north carolina where you are from? >> it's a slap in people's face when they say russia, russia, russia. or maybe they are mixed up when we rush to the polls. jesse: you believe there is
8:47 pm
nothing to see here, there is no problem. because the press is making him out to be a traitor. >> this is a witch hunt. jesse: and your prediction on this mueller investigation? everything will be okay? >> i wish the president would fire mueller. that's comey's homey. jesse: that would get trump in even more trouble. >> they are on a witch hunt. we have nasty prosecutors. we have to stop this here. do not do this to our president and undermine this administration with russia. jesse: al gore is a green guy. but it turns out not so green. they did a little study on gore's estate. turns out his nashville residents, 10,000 square foot
8:48 pm
residence uses 21 times more energy than the typical u.s. home. do as i say not as i do al gore. any response to al? >> he sounds like a hypocrite. why is he using so much energy? how come al gore went into the white house middle class and now he's filthy rich? jesse: he's worth 200 to $300 million? that's a lot of green. you don't have solar panels on your house do you? >> no. jesse: up next the trump divorce defense. one woman said herselfies with the president and the first lady ruined her marriage. she joins me next. there's a new essence
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jesse: a former power couple is calling it quits, citing donald trump as one of the main reasons for the split. they married in may 2015. but after two years of marriage came a divisive presidential elect. the former miami dolphins cheerleader, a staunch republican said she filed for divorce after being pressured by his supporters to tone down her political views. when you married your husband
8:53 pm
you knew he was a democrat and he knew you were a republican, right? >> that's correct. jesse: were you a rabid republican? were you going to weekend every weekend or a normal political person? >> i was into politics but it wasn't my career like it was his. we both considered ourselves moderate. jesse: so trump comes along and you are getting pumped up because you support the president when he was running. did that start to affect the relationship when trump got the nomination? >> oh, yeah. my ex-husband to be and his support never expected trump to last that long. so every time he would make it through the next hurdle they would get more upset and i was the bad guy because i you are ported him. jesse: would he get up set with
8:54 pm
you and would you argue at night? or was it just about his political campaign and how it affected that? >> it was more about the politic and his base supporters. at home we were fine. we didn't talk about it. but it was the backlash he was getting his far left base. jesse: he's a democratic politician in florida and his supporters hated the fact that the wife their guy was a trump supporter. >> correct. there are a lot of democrat around here. i was like the only republican around. jesse: what were the political people tell you to to do? stop wearing the great america great again hats? >> if i had done that, it would cause uproar. they would tell me to take pictures down or post pictures
8:55 pm
later if we went to mar-a-lago. jesse: you would go to mar-a-lago, the president's summer home, as they say, and his supporters hated that. >> they would be outside marching and rioting. jesse: when did it come to a head it was like rinse, this isn't working. my love for trump is getting in between the marriage and you are not going to change. what happened? >> well, i mean, the president was only in office -- i filed for divorce february 24. it was just the conflict was too much. it was the straw that broke the camel's back. jesse: you told the judge that? that trump got in between the marriage? >> yeah, yeah. jesse: did trump know he split you guys up?
8:56 pm
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jesse: type to "ask watters." no problem, just send me a check. the segment is "ask watters." not ask melania. bre tweets, what's the point of your show.
9:00 pm
the producers are trying to figure that one out, too. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. remember i'm w w w w w w w w w s my world. [♪] judge jeanine: right now on "justice" ... >> this night must end this culture of leaks. we'll not allow rogue anonymous sources to sell out our country. judge jeanine: how tough will jeff sessions get to stop the madness. plus ... >> it could hit. it's a threat to security. judge jeanine: deputy assistant to the president sebastian gorka is here to tell us how the president will stop it. we know there are leakers.


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