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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 6, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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dvr it if you are out there doing something this summer. we'll be back next sunday. we'll have the latest buzz from the media world. [♪] reporter: white house chief of staff john kelly charge ahead with his new mission, spelling out in blunt terms how things will work under his watch in the west wing. arthel: happy sunday, good to see you, rick. fox news confirming the retired four star general ma screen corps general addressed the white house staffers giving a sharp warning about the leaks. stressing work ethic.
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one of the first challenges of facing general kelly is his ongoing russia investigation. what did the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein say about that on his very first sunday show appearance? reporter: no surprise. the deputy attorney general didn't give a lot of details about the ongoing investigation. but he did downplay the significance of the impaneling of a grand jury calling it just another tool we would use like any other tool during the course of an investigation. >> doesn't say anything about the indictments because we conduct investigation. we make the determination about whether charges are appropriate. reporter: rosenstein made it clear he believes this is not a fishing expedition. he says if the special counsel
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finds any crime outside the scope he will have to seek permission to do that. as for the stleeks jeff sessions vowed to crack down on. rosenstein says the justice department has seen a surge in referrals about leaks during the trump administration. and here is how he explained how they would decide if and when to recommend prosecution. >> you look at the facts and circumstances. what was the potential harm caused by the leaks. we identify somebody no matter what their position is. if they violated the law and it warrants prosecution, we'll prosecute. chris: including white house officials and members of congress? >> anybody who breaks the law. reporter: one group coming under scrutiny were journalists. the deputy a.g. said we are
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after the leakers, not the journalists. arthel: there is more circulating. what are you hear being reports of a possible white house run by vice president pence in 2020? reporter: this is something the vice president's office is pushing back upon very hard. it was a report in the new york times that said senator tom cotton from arkansas and ohio governor john kasich and the vice president were mulling over these shadow campaigns for 2020. but this morning the vice president put out a statement calling it disgraceful, offensive and categorically false. here is the direct quote. whatever fake news may come our way, my entire team will continue our efforts to advance the president's agenda and see him elected in 2020. any other suggestion is
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laughable and absurd. i asked the vice president about this very matter and here is we had to say. >> all i'm preparing for every day is to do everything i can to see president trump re-elected in 2020. reporter: the bottom line, the vice president and the vice president's office saying this story simply false. they believe there is no truth to it. rick: china and getting some approval from president trump after they joined the united nations security council with sanctions against north korea in response to their missile test last month. reporter: president trump thanked russia and china for their help passing a resolution that places the toughest sanctions yet on the north korean regime.
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it will slash the export revenue by a billion dollars. a third of their export revenues. ambassador nikki haley says it's a good start but doesn't go far enough. >> this is the strongest resolution in a generation won't solve the problem but it will send a strong message to north korea. reporter: ambassador haley said they worked with china on the sanctions. it prohibits countries from increasing the number of north koreans work abroad. the goal is to cut to the money kim jong-un uses to fund his missile program. >> we gave him basically a kick in the gut with a billion dollars in sanctions they will start to feel right away. reporter: he urged all to return
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to negotiations. the chinese ambassador to the u.n. says the yes vote from china and russia, nation hospital opposed new sanctions in the past underscore the growing frustration the community has with north koreans. >> the fact that the council adopted this resolution unanimously shows the international community is united. >> it's seen as a big win for the trump administration. but the white house says it will be watching closely to make sure sanctions are even forced and all options dip make it and military are on the table. arthel: it would also apply to new joint ventures or cooperative entities with the regime as well as additional
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investments in the existing joint ventures. it would cap the number of north koreans work in other countries. let's bring in john bolton. former ambassador to the flaits. -- -- to the united nations. ambassador, nice to talk to you this morning. are these new sanctions significant or symbolic? >> i think it's a significant political step. there isn't any question about it. that's important. but we have seen steps like this before after north korea ballistic miss isle -- missile . when you look at the effect on north korea, a billion dollars is chump change for china if they want to provide
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humanitarian ais tabs they can increase that. i'm sure this estimated figure of $3 billion in total north korean trade annually does not cap their very successful very lucrative enterprise of counterfeiting american currency and they are among the best in the world. the secretary of state tillerson is attending a meeting in the philippines. and we were not able to get a strong statement out of them. arthel: i want to find out if you are confident beijing will follow through and persist with the financial chokehold on pyongyang? >> absolutely not. for 25 years they said they don't want north korea with nuclear weapons. i think it's pretty clear they
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had a two-sided view of this. and, you know, i'm not sure the chinese government itself is of one mind. the foreign ministry may think one thing. people's liberation army enterprise may think something quite different. arthel: is the program advanced to where the tougher sanctions won't make much of a difference? >> we don't know what his foreign currency reserves are. and certainly the problem is they are so close now by most of american analyst estimates to being able to land a nuclear weapon on the united states perhaps next year, that the effect of the cut, the sanctions, if they are strongly enforced which is open to question. the effect of their progress on missiles and nuclear weapons is
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in question. arthel: you mention the foreign minister and secretary of state talking. you have china's foreign minister urging north korea to react calmly to the anxious and and retentions. i asked you this before. what about including kim jong-un in talks? >> this is a waste of time. people say what can it hurt to negotiate. among other things. we have been negotiating with north korea for 25 years. second, time is not a neutral asset. time is on the side of the pro live ray tore. time is what they need to overcome the complex and technological obstacles. arthel: with kim jong-un himself? would it validate him and
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embolden him? that's what i'm asking specifically about him. >> i think it was a mistake almost 20 years ago for madeleine albright to go to pyongyang and speak with kim jong-il. the gore -- the negotiations hae brought us here where they might be able to hit the united states in a year. that's not a success. arthel: what would a preventive war look like? >> there are a lot of variations on this. it's not something anybody want to get involved in. but the dipmatic plays are pretty limited. you have to look at a range of thing that essentially prevent north korea from reaching the
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final stage of achieving deliverable nuclear weapons. an attack on their nuclear facility, ballistic missile facility. you have to look at other steps to take to protect the civilians in south korea. if we hadn't been pursuing this diplomatic and sanctions course for 25 years we might have more options. we have to be candid with ourselves in the united states and our friend ins in the regio. i'm not prepared to live with a nuclear north korea. i don't think japan or south korea should be. they will will be we have to leave it there. but we'll be talking to you next sunday. rick: the f.b.i. has been called in after an explosion in a mosque in suburban minneapolis.
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reporter: this explosion happened early yesterday morning as dozens of worshipers gathered for the first round of prayers. thankfully no one was hurt but room in the mosque was heavily damaged. witnesses say just before the blast at about 5:00 a.m., they saw something get thrown from a vehicle toward the imam's office. seconds later an explosion shattered the windows, destroyed furniture and woke up neighbors. they have recovered components of the device and are working to figure out how it was put together, who built it and why. >> was it a hate crime? that's the investigation to determine who and what the motivation was. reporter: officials from local
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churches, synagogues and area mosques gathered with officials to condemn the violence. >> this was an attack on our community. whatever the intentions of the individuals that may have done this. our intentions are to show love and support and the consequence of this action will be an outpouring of love and support for our muslim neighbors. reporter: several muslim groups are offering reward totaling $20,000 leading to arrest and conviction. and they are urging mosques to step up security across the nation. arthel: a terrifying scene at one of the world's most of iconic tourist facilities. and what we are learning about the suspect. the russia investigation. why some democrats are raising serious concerns about the mueller probe. we'll tell you about it.
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[♪] rick: does the russia story hurt democrats in the next election cycle?
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there is conflict in the party on focusing on moscow and russia. the reason? voters might be sick of hear being russia instead of the economy and healthcare. 60% of voters said the investigation is hurting the country. we heard that the democrats are struggling to find a message and theme for 2018. it sounds like russia isn't it. >> it depends on which section of the democratic party you are talking to. if you are talking to maxine waters she thinks the russian story is definitely it. but the seats they need to win back in 2018 are seats held by republican and they won on a message of jobs and the economy. that's where democrats need to be focusing. rick: there is a grnld jury
9:20 am
impaneled by special counsel robert mueller that may last into the election. there may not any hard russian news the candidates can hang their hat on. >> you have said that just a few minutes ago. we don't know what's going to happen by 2018. they might be sick of it by then. people want to know if it's going to affect them. will they have a job? so we have seen democrats focusing on that. they rolled out the new messaging. voters in the nest are looking for that. a dem crate was speak to said we can win 2018 if we focus on healthcare, not russia. rick: there has been zero support from democrats for
9:21 am
repeal and replace and they have been working hard to block president trump's agenda so far. do you think that could hurt the democrats' chances? >> i think we have to to see. right now the party in power is the one we have been look to. but healthcare, they could have passed as republicans. democrats knew they weren't going to be on board and they weren't. but it sank because three republicans voted against it. right now republicans are getting blamed for that and they are the ones who have to take out crumb's agenda because they are in the majority in the house and senate. rick: you believe the investigation hurts republicans as well? >> i don't know what to believe. this is totally unprecedented territory. but i think it's sucking up a lot of oxygen.
9:22 am
republicans normally aligned with trims now getting on board with democrats on a bill to make it harder to fire the special prosecutor. so i think we are seeing republicans saying, we are not part of this, we are work on the agenda. rick: there is an interesting story in politico and it brings up the famous tip o'neill quote that all politics is local. this is where democrats need to focus. democrats need to focus on their districts, their constituents moving forward. everyone tbaict in d.c. and new york. but the average person doesn't care. they voted for president trump because he was an outsider. they want what's happening at home in their district.
9:23 am
rick: too soon to see how this is going to play out? you are down there in washington. which is quiet with everybody. >> the senate just left late last week. the senate is gone, the house is gone. you never know what's going to happen. rick: is there a sense they should stick around because they haven't accomplished enough? >> i spoke to mark meadows. the house broke, he stuck around and tried to push the repeal. i have a story coming out that congress left and they haven't done much. the one piece legislation the president signed is to lessen trump's ability to lessen sanctions on russia. a lot of that is falling short in the senate. people are ready to get out.
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rick: thanks so as much for your time. arthel: new developments on that u.s. marines osprey crash off the coast of australia. why authorities have earned the search for any survivors. is iran feeling the power vacuum in afghanistan. laquinta presents how to win at business. step one. point decisively with your glasses. abracadabra! the stage is yours. step two. choose laquinta. where you'll feel like the king of the road. check out our summer rates now at
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9:29 am
recovery mission. it was around 3:00 a.m. in australia the day before august. crashed off the east coast of australia during regularly scheduled operations. they took off and tells fox news and attempt to land on the worship. officials say 26 service members were on board the osprey. 23 are safe and three marines were not found. the crash is under investigation and the recovery effort could take several months to complete. in july of marine corps cargo plane crashed in mississippi, killing 15 marines and one sailor. overall coming u.s. military noncombat aviation crashes are up this year compared to last year at this time last year there were noncombat
9:30 am
the chairman on the house armed services committee a few weeks ago. >> we are working these airplanes so when they do have to go in for maintenance, they stay there longer because there's more problems to fix. it's just like us, if we don't keep up with routine maintenance on our house or car, when you need to get it fixed it takes longer and costs more. reporter: a third of marine corps jets and helicopters are ready. senior military officials told fox news that budget cuts hurt their ability to fix them as a result having to spend less time in ear training. arthel. arthel: ellison barber. thank you. >> you're still searching for a strategy in afghanistan with tehran sees an opportunity to gain ground as american troops draw down the numbers. michael wallace joins us now, former commander and counterterror advisor, also the author of warrior diplomat and
9:31 am
fox news contributor. good afternoon to you, sir. >> thanks, rick. good to be on with you. rick there's a story that iran is behind officers, commanders over the border. >> iran is playing a complicated game in afghanistan and they are moving chess pieces around and partnering with who they need to in the wake of american leadership. early on, they were fine for the united states to defeat their natural iranians are shiite and to defeat their natural sunni enemies than al qaeda and taliban. send them and particularly since president obama in 2009 announced americas with draw, since then they've been fine to partner with whoever they need to to essentially move the chess pieces around so that they can realize their own gain. the iranians are essentially rebuilding the empire in what we
9:32 am
call the crescent from western afghanistan across iraq, across the area into lebanon and all the way to the mediterranean sea and will partner with whoever they need to. in fact come and he is the number of afghan refugees who are in iran and using them essentially mercenary fighters across the middle east in yemen, syria, they are essentially again the united states is kind of pulled out and turn their back on the middle east and iran is stepping in. >> we actually did them a favor and some level by taking out saddam hussein, the traditional taliban leadership. with those gone, that has created a void in backing that iran is now trying to fill. >> that's right. we really did them a favor is pumping billions of dollars of cash back into the iranian regime with the iran nuclear deal. you know, again, the airplane and devoid of the united states, both with soft power, hard
9:33 am
power, doing it through proxies, whether hezbollah or the who the rebels are now the taliban, which is not their natural ally, but partnering with them anyway. again, let's play now that iran is holding american hostage. they have rick levinson. iran is not her friend. they are not going to be our friend and they are now even partnering with russia in afghanistan to begin partnering with the afghanistan to undermine the united states and the afghan government. train to the war in afghanistan is the longest in u.s. history. we have been trying down the numbers of troops there. there has been talk recently that perhaps we should be bulking up again, sending more troops there. america is getting tired of this, has been tired for a long time. >> americans are frustrated. i is a veteran with multiple tours there are frustrated. the reality on the ground despite frustrations as if we
9:34 am
just leave, just walk away, that a face, al qaeda, 20 other terrorist organizations will make gains in the wake of the taliban. they will attack the united states again and it will be far worse than what we saw with the islamic state in iraq because right next door if pakistan with 10 times the population of iraq in the nuclear arsenal. stakes are very high and i think we need a long-term sustainable strategy. we are not talking hundreds of thousands of troops, but we are talking support. not trigger pullers, but more air support, medevac come intelligence support to the afghan army as they take the fight on. i'm sorry, the reality is this is going to take a while. >> we know that osama bin laden was found in pakistan and "the new york times" reported today pakistan continues to show the other fugitives from u.s.
9:35 am
justice, other key members of the taliban. others that the u.s. wants gone. >> you know, our policy with pakistan is kind of the definition of insanity. we need to take a hard look at that. we are not going to bring stability to the region until pakistan decides it is no longer in their interests to support these groups. part of that is that the united states in the last eight, nine years thing we are leaving, we are leaving, everyone is hedging for post-america elite. so i think the point is we are there to stay and it's going to be a long presence unfortunately, like we did in japan, south korea, colombia and other places. rick: no matter how tired america is, we need to be there. >> i don't think we really have a choice. i'm not talking hundreds of thousands. we have 30,000 troops in south korea the last 70 years. it will take american leadership. rick: michael waltz, former
9:36 am
going commander, we appreciate your time. >> thanks, rick. arthel: fire striking another high-rise fire in dubai. the second in three days. crews racing to the scene to quickly doused the 53rd floor of the 73 story tyr tower. one person her. investigators say a cigarette or extremely high temperatures set off the flames after a fire torched just a block away. the second fire they are since 2015. >> i was a massive fire in a high-rise building. there is another and one of the world's wealthiest countries days after another inferno because they are talking about this story. this can't be ortiz. not sure where we go from here. arthel: we will take a break and come back. rick: okay, let's do that. just like the leading brands,
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rick: enough and had likely follow this hour. arrested a man who allegedly waved tonight in front of visitors and security officers at the eiffel tower last night. he said he wanted to attack a soldier and had contact with the islamic state. police say he was recently released in a psychiatric hospital and they are not treating this as a terrorist investigation. deputies say three teens are dead after they stole a car and led officers on a high-speed chase that ended with her car flying through the air hitting the billboard and other vehicles before bursting into flames. in denver, two lawsuits involving taylor swift. a radio dj is suing over $3 million, claiming she wrongly told his bosses he her, causing them to lose her job. swift countersuit for 1 dollar scene he sexually assaulted her. arthel: president trump offering his first kind words and we to
9:42 am
attorney general jeff sessions to eating after many of weeks going on in washington, it is great to see the ag taking action for national security, the tougher the better. this after mr. sessions announced a tough new government wide crackdown on friday, which is set to include a review of the justice department policies on subpoenas for media outlets that publish sensitive information. let's bring in john mara, former federal prosecutor, white-collar counselor. how big of a security risk are some of the leaks? >> is a major security risk because what we see now is a deep-seated operating within the administration. these are people hold overs from the obama and frustration. what they are trying to do is embarrass the president, embarrass and undermine the administration in early information in some instances,
9:43 am
which is classified. when you do that, that the violation of the espionage law in a very serious crime. arthel: how far can the attorney general go, john? what are his legal boundaries? >> the president was frustrated because he saw the department of justice, attorney general sessions was not acting aggressively in terms of dealing with these lakes. on the other hand, the obama administration works very aggressively. you can call in people for interviews. if they lie, that is violation of federal law. you can't subpoena news media outlets. there is no privilege that protects that information. all of those investigative techniques were done by the prior administration and they were very good. arthel: you mentioned some beliefs that are more about the white house entry. what do those lakes undermine governing in running the country? >> the reality is there's not much you can do from a law
9:44 am
enforcement standpoint about those lakes. that is going to happen regardless. more of a political issue. the criminal issue the department of justice faces is where those lakes involved confidential information, classified information or state secrets such as what happened with the leak of the transcripts of conversations that president trump had with the prime minister of australia and the president of mexico. arthel: that was a big deal. what could happen? >> they could go to jail for five or six years. that is a very serious felony under u.s. law, clear violation of the espionage act. if they find a person, they belong in jail. arthel: if they find the person, how likely is that? >> i think innocent, i predict there's going to be subpoenas issued to the "washington post" to find out who leaked the information. that is coming very soon geared arthel: but then do you get into the question of can you force
9:45 am
the media stores and journalists to unveil their source? >> bats would have been when we are not going to reveal that. that is the first step to see if you can get at the information. the other step you can take his bring people, start interviewing them. also a suggestion of lie detector tests, which i'm not a big fan of, but the bottom line is once you have a very aggressive and energize department of justice and federal bureau of investigation time he sent a message to the leaker is that if you mess up, you could go to jail. arthel: what about the penalties for the leaky 1600 pennsylvania avenue, what about those? they can get away with it. they may keep doing it. >> the problem there is that it's really more of a political issue. there's nothing you can do criminally with that. the bottom line is james call me in an effort to get a special
9:46 am
prosecutor released information himself and he was former head of the fbi. it wasn't classified information , but that stuff goes on in washington all the time. there is nothing you can do about that for my enforcement standpoint. you might be able to do something from a political standpoint, the non-law-enforcement. arthel: the leaks are important to the president and some senior lawmakers talking about republicans and democrats. when you assess the attorney general's new objectives commemorating dedication to stopping the leaks in their duty to the president. what is the upshot? >> both have to apply. see really implicates your patriotism to the united states because our foreign leader is going to feel comfortable talking to the president of the united states if they believe there's a chance their private conversations could be leaked. it's very demoralizing from an international standpoint. moreover, you're putting people at risk. people in sensitive positions and who may be operating on behalf of the united states in
9:47 am
these kinds of leaks are terribly destabilizing and incentives this could cause serious damage or death to people acting on behalf of the united states. arthel: jonna lauro, thank you very much. we'll leave it there and talk to another time in the program. trade you president trump is on vacation, and working vacation right next-door the garden state. some of the staffers work in d.c. what's included in the west wing. ripping through the lane states injuring dozens of people and causing massive damage in one major city. more on that just ahead. then it hit me... ...managing was all i was doing. when i told my doctor,... ...i learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease... ...even after trying other medications. in clinical studies,...
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arthel: welcome back to the white house now undergoing renovation is president trump spent some time in bedminster, new jersey. the social media manager to gain a picture showing a cleared out oval office and the historic russell is bad hauled off to another office. white house officials say renovations will include upgrades to the air-conditioning and heating systems as well as new wiring paint and carpeting. rick: qaeda has ac.
9:52 am
touching on an oklahoma. 25 people injured after reports of a twister in close overnight good causing significant damage to buildings and trees in the midtown section. brianne ganis is live with the latest on the storm. >> k., rick. early report indicated he turned trader may have touched on in tulsa, oklahoma at 1:25 this morning. remember the strongest tornado is in at five. talking about when about 100 miles per hour. significant damage by interstate 44 in some areas of southeast downtown. tysons of people lost power and roofs torn off of buildings, trees, just scattered throughout. the national weather service surveyed the damage to see if in fact it was a tornado. the tornado sirens did not go
9:53 am
off in tulsa because the storm was moving fast and it changed direction. officials said at least 30 people were taken to the emergency room with minor storm related injuries. listen. >> their pitcher into restaurants and there it in with the storm came during dispatch started getting calls of people in the restaurants because the roof started collapsing in on them. training imagine not. heavy thunderstorms and flash flooding saturday night shot down roads and intersections. report does carter strolled from a stranded in floating down high water roads now. up to five inches of rain were dumped in the area. torrential downpours in new orleans, louisiana yesterday dumped 10 inches of rain in some spots. reports are two to three feet of standing water in new orleans last night. officials say the rain overwhelms the city's pumping systems and more rain could happen today as well. we will keep an eye on all of
9:54 am
that. arthel, rick. rick: they definitely don't need no water in warrants. arthel: no we don't. aching to hasan quickly and my mom was very concerned as well as other newer lenience. meteorologist adam klotz is an extreme weather center. not just new orleans, of course concern there, but other parts of the country. reporter: really highlighting the center of the country. this is what we've been paying attention to further to the south. some areas running at least a little bit through missouri. some of the more severe weather back off towards the west. this is going to continue to settle further to this outcome which does mean in some cases the gold coast for southeastern states will see more rain today. it has been at times a real heavy, have a star maker producing strong winds. as much as anything, this is a rainmaker. you are looking at some location through the heart of missouri
9:55 am
where we get up to eight to 10 inches in localized areas. a real heavy rainmaker will be something that continues to happen today as the storm system moves further to the south and east. read along the mississippi river today comment area we could see severe weather. it is actually the ingredients a little bit lower today than what we saw yesterday. that very heavy rain will stay in the atmosphere. here's your future radar. the timestamp in the corners you can follow along with me. it moves across the mississippi river this afternoon into the overnight hours, a slow mover before eventually lifting back up into the southern portions of the midwest in lifting off to the northeast. should be weakening that direction but nonetheless, brought plenty of precipitation. you see a cold frontier stretching across the country. all the heat on the southern half of the country relatively cool. we will see activity right along
9:56 am
that line the rest of the week. arthel: adam klotz, thank you so much. rick: the white house chief of staff john kelly lain down his lock on his first week on the job. as my comments and whether he can stay in that study kind of leaks and get the administration on track. trust safelite autoglass to fix it fast, and we'll get you back on the road! [dog barks] ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪
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it was always a dream of mine to become a professional soccer player, but i never imagined that i'd be playing in kansas city. when i was first elected mayor, they would talk about kansas city, kansas like...
9:59 am
i can't wait to get out of here. through the years we lost over 30,000 people. we turned that obstacle into an opportunity. the speedway was the catalyst... and because of the speedway we now have a shopping area and a wonderful soccer stadium. and now we're starting to grow in population. it's extremely important to have financial partners such as citi® who believe in that same vision. this area is now a destination. there's people that come out here for entertainment. there's people that come out here to raise families. and before the stadium was built it wasn't like that at all. i wouldn't trade playing in my hometown for anything. rick: it was a dramatic race to the finish line for thousands of rubber ducky than taxpayers. we are about to see them go.
10:00 am
17,000 of them jumped off a bridge to start the duck derby yesterday. there they are. adoptive parents paying $5 each raising money for the boys and girls club. no word on who won the race. arthel: read that so well. reporter: the world strikes back with tough new economic sanctions and for now, even china is the biggest training partner is cracking down. >> president trump sane busy taking calls and holding meetings in new jersey not vacation. the deputy attorney general plan robert mueller to investigate interference in the 2016 campaign. >> a search for answers one day after the u.s. navy calls off a rescue mission for three marines still missing after the osprey crashed off for the coast of


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