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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 7, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> round of applause for julie banderas. >> would have been a waste of a day off. thank you for joining us. >> "america's news hq" starts now. >> harris: a fox news alert. where following president trump on his working vacation in new jersey, and he just scored a big victory for his administration. the united nations fitted north korea with the toughest sanctions yet. i am harris faulkner. let's get to it. team coverage on the top story. reaction to the president's tweets and how the white house is fueling differences from its new chief of staff, john kelly. with the newest on north korea. we do know president trump had a conversation with south korean leader last night. we begin with laura ingle who was in new jersey not far from the president. laura? >> we have seen a lot of action today from the president on
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twitter. first to announce his plans next week to go to new york city. that is a big deal. and also that it's been a bit about twitter spat with the democratic lawmaker. other news of the day, we learn the white house press office has told us now that president trump received an intelligence briefing today and an hour-long call with rex tillerson and chief of staff general kelly. taking to twitter to announce plans to go to new york city for more meetings which will be his first as president, having a meeting in new york city. back and forth tweets between the president and democratic senator richard blumenthal from connecticut. it started after he accused the company minister for weapon icing the justice department he blasted him back on twitter saying, he told stories about his vietnam battle and then he lied and cried like a baby and beg for forgiveness like a child. adding, now he judges collusion?
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he tweeted back. mr. president, you are bullying, and nobody is above the law. meanwhile, bites president mike pence denounce a report of the week from "the new york times" that he was positioning himself for a run for president in 2020, which he called disgraceful and offensive. his press secretary pushed back on the report. >> it is absurd and really what you have here is speculation, conjecture, half-truth. masquerading as news from the front page of the never trump "new york times." >> they had a speech to make peace saying they are confident in the accuracy of the reporting it will likely have destroyed speak for itself. >> harris: a working vacation, laura ingle, thank you so much. for more on this is fox news politics
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legal editor. let's start with this blumenthal back-and-forth twitter. she just told us about a few tweets. what are your thoughts about that? >> i don't want to be unkind, but senator blumenthal may have understated his importance. the president is certainly giving him a platform, elevating him. in the end, it is the republicans in congress who will have the final say so about whether or not the president or people on his campaign did wrong in 2016. it will be the republicans who control the senate and the house who end up making those determinations. a lot of noise, but it doesn't add up. in >> harris: blumenthal known from overstating his statement in vietnam, because that is what the president hit him on that. yet you walk back during his political career. he did not serve there. you say he is now elevating himself in a conversation. i think the importance as a
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layperson watching, while matt, we have a new chief of staff. he will reign in the president. you'll read them before they go out. i don't know if he saw these, but the chief of staff? >> the president feuding with some senator from connecticut and neither of them served in vietnam. having a back-and-forth, it does not add up to anything it is noise. and mcmaster -- sorry i'm getting my west wing generals wrong. general kelly may not care. second-tier democratic lawmakers and fights on twitter. the part that is damaging, the tweets that can hurt, are the ones that are either untrue. fallacious tweets. you have tweets that deal with real policy, like when he announces new policy i did not tell anybody about it before him or made an announcement.
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he needs to be looked in on that. him spending with richard blumenthal. who cares? >> harris: we had radio silence on twitter. she did not get to step on messages on the good things that are happening. i want to talk about no more open-door policy. it really get into the nitty-gritty and pick your brain a little bit on how general kelly and expectations within the white house now. >> there is great relief in the west wing of the white house. order has come. we should not blame kelly's predecessor so much, because it was trump who set him up to fail, because he did not put him in the trust and give him the authority and confidence that he needed to execute the job well. he was set up to fail from jump street. why kelly has to keep the president to his word and what kelly has to keep its order in
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place is only his reputation, which is considerable. kelly can tell the president, i will serve here as long as i believe the work that we are doing is good for the american people and the people are conducting themselves honorably and correct purposes for the republic. if i find that is not true, then i will go away. now he's in the same situation as james mattis. secretary of defense, and now i chief of staff back and say, i am here until i am not. if i leave, it is not going to be a good look for your administration. in >> harris: another series of changes which is hard. the nobility card, while how it sounded. a lot of talk about the situation with the vice president, mike pence. he is doing fund-raising and taking criticism from democrats. i think they're salivating that there might be something to thi this. vice president pence said, no way. i am not setting up a shadow
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campaign. i am doing my job as vice president. he is going to be in bedminster, new jersey, where the president is at later this. >> and he will go and say, mr. mr. president -- if you read his tweet it was self-deprecating to the point as it was to be way over the top, because as we know, trump has -- ask jeff sessions how much the tolerance the president has. so pentz who mike pence who iss donors alive, so whatever happens between now and then, he may be running if only for another term as vice president. it is appropriate and normal to keep the contacts alive. "the new york times" jammed him up hard by putting that out there and of course, the
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president is saying, are you the swamp? >> harris: the white house said, and there is no truth to this. by the quick response do you think? is this risky ground for the president? >> but the president wants to do, keep the focus on the 2016 election, hillary clinton, and democrats. [boos] what do you want to have him in 2020, is earn there in opposito the schematic what if he doesn't serve the turnout? all those are happy hypotheticals. if you want to talk about beating democrats? aren't you glad i'm not her. enforce 75% of republicans to say, yes, i will take it take a. >> harris: and you cannot miss the point that they have not come up with that magical message, the democrats. republicans can feast offer that also. chris steigerwald
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the stier is on fire. if you fox news alert on, the pentagon has urged south korea to put larger warheads on their missiles. this comes into the growing threat from north korea. kim jong-un vowing revenge for the newly voted sanctioned by the united nations that target the regime primary exports. one billion-dollar punishment for north korea missile testing last month. greg palkot's life. what is being said about the north, north korea rented by the u.s. intelligence community? >> we are seeing a lot of talk, tough talk, action, regarding north korea. coming from the u.s. and international community. we have been hearing from secretary of state, rex tillerson in manila in the philippines. he said, the u.n. sanctions that have been passed are assigned that the world has lost patience with pyongyang.
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in the signal that north korea might be ready to sit down and searcy talk at the table with the united states, here's what rex tillerson had to say about that. >> give somebody a specific number number of days or weeks. it's about the spirit of the talks they can sit down with the spirit and talk seriously by no longer conducting these missile test. >> the sections by that unanimous vote of the u.n. security council, they are being called the toughest in a generation. they slam at the exports of north korea, which is fueling the nuclear and missile program there. president trump pushing that forward. overnight it tweets as well as a one hour conversation with the south korean president. >> harris: gray, north korea actually had that statement. they had something to about that. >> made a statement in other
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words coming from, for example, the foreign minister who was at that security forum in manila in the philippines. he said, and i said, under quot quote, "under no circumstances does north korea and its nukes and missiles on a negotiating table." television there saying, there will be revenge a thousand times over on the united states from north korea for the sanctions. remember, harris, last month we saw two icbm missiles being launched by north korea. either one of those, the x exps say, he could not hit and there is talk about boosting up their missiles in the south. the race is race is on. >> harris: absolutely. we will have someone come talk to us about it. i will ask about that negotiating table tactic that rex talked about. could see.
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while new sanctions rain and north korea? the gentleman i just mentioned, coming up to talk about the option for president trump. and secretary of state rex tillerson, a response to the escalation in moscow. they are promising to 100 americans on our diplomatic staff out of the country. what should our response be? stay with us. >> we want to work with them on areas that are serious national security interest due on. at the same time having this extraordinary issue of mistrust that divides us. you don't let anything
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rex tillerson putting moscow on notice after russia gave our american diplomats the boot. rich edson is live at the state department and the secretary said, he spoke with the russians about kicking out diplomats. timetable also with you. moving vans have been put in place to take our stuff out of the embassy. >> this is two stages. the first stage is by october, september 1st. the 700 diplomats according to the russian government have to be out of the country. secretary of state, rex tillerson said, he discussed that today with russian foreign minister. they will respond by september september 1st. already august 1st, the russian government said the u.s. had to vacate two properties. one was a warehouse and then a compound. that has already taken place. the u.s. government and the state said, they got everything out of those two properties. they are no longer to be accessed by americans or american diplomats in that country. this all began this back and
11:17 am
forth between russia and the united states, the foundation which was russia's interference in the election, it's a subject that secretary of state rex tillerson said he brought up today in the philippines with the foreign minister. >> help them understand just how serious this incident had been, and how seriously they've been damaged. the relationship between the u.s. and moscow this it created serious mistrust between our two countries. we simply have defined some way to deal with that. >> this diplomatic situation keeps escalating. started in september when then barack obama ordered 45 russian diplomats to leave and then the u.s. seized two double medic compounds pit one in new york and maryland. retaliating now, secretary of state says they will look into what their steps will be on september 1st, harris. >> harris: interesting that i've been reading, our guys in men and women on the ground has
11:18 am
always had an interesting relationship they've been pushed back on the russians. what will they be able to do without any of our eyes on it? i know the secretary is still willing to work with russia. what is the latest? >> that is one track and that is the way the state department and the secretary viewed it. one track that they're working on, but where they u.s. and they can work on states owns in syria, other medial eastern issues. afghanistan we will work on where we can. the other differences that that we have, like in these issues back and forth, what is going on in ukraine, restaurant interference there. they will have to work out their differences on that. >> harris: rich, thank you very much. controversy in silicon valley. a group of tax internal memo has gone viral. in that memo, he argues that men are better suited for tech jobs than women.
11:19 am
the blast diversity efforts. wow. details on that. north korea making new threats against united states. we have been talking about it with our reporting this hour. after being slapped with the tough and sanctions yet, north korea is angry and threatening u.s. ambassador nikki haley says, all options remain on the table. >> while the security council has done good work, the members of the security counsel and all u.n. members sake must do more to put pressure on north korea.
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for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. >> harris: let others jump back with all the news that is being made today on north korea. nicolas kim jong-un vowing to ak after the sanctions.
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as we've been reporting this hour, rex tillerson offering to talk to the regime but only if it halts its missile testing. join me now ohio congressman, member of the house armed services and intel committee. good to see you sir. i was talking, you would be here. i want to ask you know about the importance of china's voice getting in on this, and not miss the fact that russia also voted in favor of the sanctions of the u.n. how significant is that? >> you're absolutely right. these sanctions are important. obviously, they will put pressure on the north korean regime. as you are stating, china and russia came and in voted in favor. this is an effort and and a wir investor nikki haley with the support. get them focus, but also get them committed that there needs to be a resolution. this cannot go on. north korea needs to come to the table to end its nuclear weapons
11:24 am
program. >> harris: you talk about a win for our ambassador, nikki haley, and thereby being a win for the trump administration. the president has all along made china, tweeted, talked about it. he made that a pivotal role if you will in all this. how important is it that he's been able to get to a place where this could happen? the chinese foreign minister got on record with this. he is saying this to north kore north korea. "do not violate the u.n.'s decision or provoke the internationals society goodwill by launching nuclear test. of course, we would like to urge other parties like the u.s. and south korea to stop increasing tensions." i think i understand the second part, congressman turner as politics, by talking about that first part. that is important. >> it is absolutely important. the united states has a policy with nuclear weapons and weapons of mass instruction. it is not allies or adversaries. china has been unclear about its
11:25 am
position on nonproliferation. and supporting the north korean regime as they pursued nuclear weapons in and their ability to attack south korea. even in this segment, threatening united states. china is stepping in is now firmly taking a stance that north korea program, weapons, and threats need to be halted. >> harris: has president trump and his administration been able to get to china that is fresh and new for the country can make a in particular with where we are in a? >> you're absolutely right. to get to north korea, you have to go to china. the china correctly is the key. to de-escalate north korea, it bd armed. the president has correctly appointed the finger and say they need to come to the table. they feel the pressure as they
11:26 am
are going on record to oppose north korea's, whistle program. this is a shift, and these weapons and missiles that they are shooting off now, they did not develop in january. this is been around for long time. it is nice to see administration stepping to the plate to end saying, this is a national security issue to the nine states and we will stop at. >> harris: you hear lindsay graham same, we do not have a great options in all this. will be go war with north korea? >> hopefully not. we do have some options that do not always get discussed on the table. one of which is certainly our missile defense program. we put an additional thaad end. ground base that we are strengthening. they approved another 2.5 billion and nuclear defense to help there. we are certainly strengthening our allies and by putting this pressure on china, we can get
11:27 am
north korea on the table. there is no reason for regime like this with as erratic in the leader, to have nuclear's and missiles were hitting our allies and the united states. >> harris: to advocate president trump meeting directly or someone in the demonstration, directly with north korea? >> i think of china is involved in north korea coming to the table to negotiate, elimination or secession of their missile program and ending their nuclear weapon program, those are talks that are worth attending. they will de-escalate. they will make our country safe safer. it certainly is the direction that this has to go. >> harris: representative mike turner from the great state of ohio. good to see you, sir. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: can you believe president trump only has been in office for 200 days? what can you cross off his to-do list and what is still on a? we can think of a few things. how is general john kelly doing?
11:28 am
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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. >> harris: that trump administration is hitting a major milestone. marking 200 days in office. what has he accomplished and what is still on the agenda?
11:32 am
peter doocy is live in washington. period , what can they do before they touch tax reform? >> they have to touch the budget. before health care and start with the tax reform, they need a budget, because they want to attach tax reform to the budget, so they can use this process called reconciliation, which only requires 51 votes and not 60. >> we have to pass a budget so we had that reconciliation vehicle. we did tax reform in north north carolina. it is a promise we made and we need to keep. >> the organization trying to win back the house, the committee said today, that, "we have to be clear. the american people are it off for the agenda is out to fit the very rich and large corporations while the health care, jobs, and wages. the senate had 200 days to
11:33 am
crossings off the agenda in stead of 100, because they are responsible for confirming the picks for cabinet, and very nearly confirmed the cabinet and the supreme court after changing the rules for democratics cannot filibuster. >> harris: talking about the cost of delaying. we have always some penalty. what are republicans saying they are worried about? >> we are hearing now that more republicans say that they will likely vote against part of the president's agenda even though you have not seen the finer points of the proposal. >> i thinks tax reform, he has good instincts there. on many things like trade, i expect to vote against the president. >> talk like that is part of the reason the party in control is expected to court democrats to get big ticket items passed. >> harris: that'll be interesting. chuck schumer. he is touting his account of smith's book, but also his popularity with his
11:34 am
faith. the trump base is far bigger and stronger than ever before. despite the phony fake news pulling. rallies in ohio. it's hard to believe that 24/7, the top base is getting stronger, disco carl of his ear and and mercedes schlapp. i want to start with you mercedes. this idea that the president is so strong in popularity with his base again that. >> he should've come to my house this week aware i had 30 relatives, cuban-american relatives. very pro trump. very much in support of his agenda. a lease for my relatives, would be the fact that they are frustrated that congress, republican-led congress is not necessarily pushing forward and passing these important pieces
11:35 am
of legislation, and there is frustration. even going out talking to the grass roots across america get that sense of frustration where they feel a lot of the media is focused on the russian investigation as opposed to talking about the kitchen table issues that american voters care about. the fact that you have congress stuck, it's no wonder you have republicans only believing 14% believing that the congressional approval, is what they, the republicans, that they gave to congress. only 14% giving them that number. >> harris: they have not been that popular. the big issue is, can anybody be bipartisan. just have come at the last thing that peter doocy said, was working with democrats. i chuckled about chuck schumer in new york. he has been all over the road with bipartisan worker was genuine about that? >> i would like to say, if everyone watching it come to my house over the weekend and talk to my liberals, those numbers are not so phony.
11:36 am
moving on to what chuck schumer is actually capable of doing here. we discussed his last week on "outnumbered." we want to compromise but only if you meet x, y, and z. it is not clearly fair. we note democrats know that they do not want to reduce taxes for the highest earners. i think that will be a sticking point there. i think with the president needs to do in the congress needs to be aware of is that there are some republican senators who are deficit hawks. they want to know about whether the proposal will be revenue neutral. i think chuck schumer is more difficult to get the deal, but when you look at the mansion, heidi high cam, people who will be up for reelection where his support is waning, but still there. we saw that poll. 40% of the counties that trump won, they'll have to make a deal. >> harris: i want to go back
11:37 am
to mercedes on this. in su, why do you think the senator is so against the fervor, because you mentioned your cuban relatives but let us watch this. >> i am concerned with the direction the party is going. protection has not been particular. anti-immigrant fervor. those things. they will not propel republicans into the future. demographics are against us in that regard, and i think we have to do something different. stu went mercedes? i think the democrats, they created this anti-view on republicans. his been going on for decades. for even hispanic votes, they have been in the country for a long time, came here legally, they believe that the rule of law should be followed. this is why we have an immigration system in place. as a hispanic, i want to say, if
11:38 am
hispanics want to come to the united states, come legally. there is a sense we need to get our immigration system under control. it is why it makes sense to move to a merit-based system. to modernize our system so individuals who come here and have the visa oversight, they can recognize they cannot stay in this country illegally. there is a process they need to follow. >> harris: this is an important message no matter what. particularly coming from you, mercedes. with the dinner with your family. if democrats really fall short. they underestimate the idea that we all wanted to be legal. >> that is right. i think, what makes america great is the fact that you do have this mix of cultures, people coming from different countries. at the same time what makes america great is the fact that we have the shared values. an opportunity to understand the unique history of our country.
11:39 am
i look at my father, who came to this country from cuba. he spoke little english but could defend himself. deltas business, he came here legally. he says he is a proud american. those are the type of emigrants that we want in this country. sharing our values, contribute to our economy and build our country. >> you are looking at a 50% cut in legal immigration with the bill that senators have put forward. those are the type of people that you are describing, like your father. i understand we have and overstay problem. there is a way to enforce that. >> out-of-control immigration systems. >> and president trump campaign on illegal immigration. overwhelming evidence that the 11 million who are here, mostly legally and children, they are paying taxes into a system. not knowing if they will get citizenship. 70% of americans overwhelmingly
11:40 am
support their ability to be here as citizens or on green card -- permanent visas. i understand your point, harris we used to talk about these issues. we scaled back -- spew an opportunity to help republicans just a point on jeff i, i do appreciate, but he has voted with president trump over 93% of the times. only opposed to sanctions and arms to saudi arabia. >> harris: you sell into press secretary. love people are saying that they are facing reelection voting record is what counts he her. >> harris: mercedes, jessica. i want to come next time. >> is a blessing that my mother can make. this rice.
11:41 am
>> you can come to, jessica. and it's is sweet. >> harris: kumbaya. a google memo going viral. i ten page manifesto written by mel going about the difference and he warns the country against his anti-conservative bias as well. trace gallagher is live on this. wow. interesting policy wise. watching all over the world. >> it is everywhere. any author has not been identified. we know that he works at the mountain view headquarters in california. the document is titled "google's ideological echo chamber ." it tries to make the case that women are underrepresented because of biological differences. for example, the author says, women on average have more neuroticism, hiring values, lower stress tolerance. women on average the more
11:42 am
work-life balance, where men have a higher drive for status. he says, we have to stop assuming that gender gaps mean sexism. responding to the manifesto saying, they foster different opinions and political views, but the document is incorrect assumptions about gender saying, we are unequivocal in our belief that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success in the company. will continue to stand for that and the committed for the long haul. we should note, 80% of googles tech employees are men. a formal google engineer says all of the traits that were described in the manifesto as being female traits are actually the core traits that make somebody successful and engineering. it certainly stirred up a hornets nest inside google, but according to numerous media sites, social media sites many employees agree with it, although some female employees
11:43 am
threatened to quit if he is not fired. also accuses google of leaning liberal and having discriminatory practices by offering programs and classes only for people of a certain gender or race. >> harris: wow. trace gallagher. thank you so much. san francisco taxpayers set to pay $2,000 to an illegal immigrant, was turned over to immigration officials in violation of cities century policy. why other cities may be facing similar payout? this comes amid chicago today suing the justice department. rahm emanuel blessing the plans to cut cities like his own. and why the band, journey, could be breaking up over president trump. hm? ugh. heartburn.
11:44 am
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>> i am jon scott as north korea vows to ramp up its nuclear program, teams of scientists on the lookout for signs of a blast. we'll show you how they give the world's most with info. as i come to anchor "shepard smith reporting" ." >> harris: the cofounder of the band, journey, is angry at bandmembers for taking a journey to the white house without him. the controversy comes of it through the band members who posed for pictures with the president trump. guitars and journey cofounder, sean, fired off several angry td heads up about the visit and suggesting that the feud is not about politics tweeting, how would you feel if i found out that the rest of the band wanted to tour without me? i've always been 100% journey. made the right choices. boy, don't stop believing.
11:48 am
i do showdown over sanctuary cities. this has been going all day lon long. chicago sued the trump the department of justice that wanted enforce laws. san francisco's agreement to a settlement after legal battle over its actuary policy. live more on that. let's first start with mike tobin, live in chicago with action without took today. mike? >> the chicago lawsuit is all about the desire to continue to receive federal crime of finding money while refusing to cooperate with the federal government. specifically the trump administration. this follows the department of justice making public the application for the edward turn memorial grant. they're supposed to receive money from a grand, but the applicant patient says to get money, a police department will
11:49 am
share with the federal government immigration status of certain subjects. must grant federal agents unlimited access to police stations and must give homeland security agents a 48 hour warning before someone wanted for immigration violation. fighting crime in the moral principle that bill places like chicago. >> it is a false choice in a wrong turns. choice. which i will not let its political officers become a pawn in the debate. >> the dmx between six and says exactly what the city is doing is making what that officers ponds. it is tragic that he is less concerned with these staggering crime statistics and protecting aliens and putting chicago's law enforcement at risk. chicago is not the only so-called century city pushing back. against the trump administration and the immigration policies. they did however be the first to file suit.
11:50 am
chicago is an overwhelmingly democratic city with a significant latino population. that publish and post. >> harris: with some time, let's add research, more murders in chicago than l.a. and new york combined. you have to wonder about the priorities right now. the city is under siege for sure. mike, thank you very much. an illegal immigrant is expecting a major payment from san francisco. lisa turned him to immigration authorities, which was an apparent violation. claudia cowan is live at the city by the bay. if the wonder if this is a threat for other cities. >> leaders say that san francisco is 100% committed to being a sanctuary city. critics contend that the settlement sends a bad message. >> "speaking why did i become a victim to
11:51 am
this? >> $190,000 $190,000 will be go this man. an ecuadorian man suing the same cisco after being turned over to immigration authorities.
11:52 am
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11:54 am
>> and the deal with live television. we are in the middle of the story telling, we went to a commercial break. a technical issue. it will not happen again. for the car market, the numbers show the smaller the car, the smaller the sale, and general motors is getting hit the hardest by this. live from naperville, illinois. jeff? >> a bit of a snafu there too.
11:55 am
cars are selling, the suvs, that is what the show room is with. take a look. that is an encore and an enclave. those are selling fine. the numbers on small car sales as you point out, the smaller the car, the worse the sale. chevy sonic, it should be smart, and that lacrosse. the showroom of woody buick gmc, woody one of the largest dealers. people do not want cars anymore. >> people want suvs and trucks trucks. billions all over. construction, housing, and there is a need for trucks. people are at carpool lines. big enough to pick up all the kids. >> $44,000 for that weird people are opting for the larger, bigger vehicles. >> harris: that might be some andre is an air traffic controller.
11:56 am
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>> if you're multitasking, look at the screen. bonus code this happened in texas. firefighters and san antonio use a hook and ladder to get a driver stranded on top of his suv. he told police he was on his way to work and misjudge the amount of water on the road. you will be okay. three twisters touchdown in northeast oklahoma. severe damage to buildings. thousands of people without electricity. the national weather service says the largest of these tornadoes was more than 500 yards wide. traveled nearly 7 miles on the ground. that is a long time for twister. we are told that the tornado sirens never went off ahead of the first tornado. it was moving so quickly and change directions and that is why. 30 people were hurt. and storms
12:00 pm
sunday. wow. it is that season still. i am harris faulkner. glad you're watching this hour. a lot of news to be made. we're watching it on fox news print let's go straightaway to "shepard smith reporting," hosted today city and for him, jon scott. >> jon: president trump tweeting up a storm after a report that his own vice president is already looking ahead to a possible white house run in 2020. also firing back, vp mike pence. the details and the tweets. the president hitting the 200 day mark with some of his biggest agenda items in limbo. after the health care failure, will tax cuts be any easier? we will talk with analysts from both sides of the aisle. north korea is threatening to make the u.s. pay a price thousand times bigger than what is called the crime of new u.n. sanctions. scientists who study earthquakes are on the front lines of the nuclear showdown. that is all


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