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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 7, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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♪ >> the city of chicago may be the first to bring a lawsuit, but i'm also confident will not be the last. >> is in a showdown over sanctuary cities very welcome everybody. i am to sherry. no suing the justice department as the white house threatens to withhold some of its findings predict illegal immigrant. mayor calling it black male. the justice department seine the mayor should be more concerned with the staggering number of murders in his city. mike is in chicago. >> hello. >> speech when one is taking the position that the city will not enforce the policies that the
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department of justice seeks to enforce. they still want those crime-fighting dollars. they want those dollars. that follows the department of justice making public the application for the edward firm grant. they will be life or $3.2 million from that grant. however, the application to get money must share with the immigration status of certain subjects. must grant federal agents agent's axis to local police stations, and must implement security agents a 48 hour warning before releasing somebody wanted for immigration violation. the lawsuit claims the violates the fourth amendment. the mayor says compliance would violate the principle that both places like chicago. >> we will act immediately for ruling by the court as it relates to immigration and refugee policies where they have stopped them from administration in its tracks.
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>> jeff sessions said last week allowing them to rearrest the same criminals endangers officers. a spokesman says that it is tragic that mayor rahm emanuel with that staggering crime statistics and he is protecting criminal aliens and putting chicago's law enforcement officers at greater risk. the political element can be considered advantageous to mayor emanuel. chicago is a big democratic tow town. will not hurt him in the polls, and there is a significant latino population paired that population is politically active. >> trish: thank you very much. my next guest says is a violation. by the way, we asked force between one, never heard back. what you think is motivating speech when one?
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>> it has to be politics. not the safety of the people in chicago. this is a mayor whose overseen a war zone now. in pushing back against president trump and keeping people in his own commune is safe. it is unbelievable. it is outrageous. you have to wonder. >> trish: you have to wonder. what is amazing to me here that we are a country. we are a country and we have laws, and we have rules and regulations, and for whatever reason, and i'm a big believer in a local state rights, but for whatever reason, federal law is not representing these municipal state rights. how difficult do you think that makes it to do your job if you are a police officer there on the street, trying to keep everybody safe? >> makes it very difficult.
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you have a mayor that will not cooperate. the attorney general is right. it puts our officers at risk. we know the federal government once held, and then have them go out to not only potentially victimizing police officers when they finally go to get them but in addition to which all the people in that community the facebook vulnerability being severely injured or killed by crimes that continue to go on and taxpayers to track them down. it is very, very difficult. to understand how anybody how they do not want them working in collaboration. remember. the faa, federal trade commission, fcc. these are all agencies that are regulated by law as his immigration by the federal government. rahm emanuel and any elected officials to hold the law, to decide how much of that law or
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little they will abide by them. it is saying, certain city to make the cities could say what flight patterns they want for the faa. that is not what was intended by the preemption and concept of government. >> trish: i hear you. this is the conflict between state and local federal law. in this particular case and keeping everyone safe, federal law would trump things. no pun intended. it's lemmie asked , we will flog immigration system. we need to attract talented people that want to work hard, why isn't the chicago mayor talk about reforming immigration to bring people an end keep the bad folks out? that too politically device? >> let me asked, we will flog going to washington and congress to finally do the job. what is really interesting, this
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idea to limit immigration they are jumping board with our present. he's absolutely right. he try to keep the country safe, and we are targeting the right skill sets and we are getting back to the kind of immigration lobbies to have and unfortunately for this president, for 20 years. i've been working on this for 20 years. congress has failed to act. finally stepped in and said enough is enough. standing up to the people in this country. god bless him and the attorney general for doing that. that's what has to be done. enough is enough. >> trish: with that said, rahm emanuel is threatening i should say that many other cities will follow suit. you see that happening? will this turn into a much bigger battery battle hi >> there will be some. you know his attorney was seine, the reason he is fighting us in court, and that the president does not have the authority to
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do it. if that is true, mr. emanuel, then that would apply to the immigration laws would need. congress established what those laws are. and you do not want to follow them. if you ever noticed, these objections around. he uses the word immigrant. half the businesses in chicago and illinois are from immigrants. okay, we are not arguing about immigrants. we are arguing about it against his illegal immigration. people will follow the laws in those waiting behind our borders, respecting the laws are made to feel like you are a bunch of fools for doing the right thing. >> trish: there is a distinction. thank you so much, sheriff. >> think to see you. >> trish: stocks move higher today. another big, big day with the dow and s&p closing a new all-time highs. ninth straight record close for the dow. the 25th record close since the start of the year. we have a whole lot more on
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"caboodle: coast-to-coast calls we will see here. is a shared threat putting leaks on lockdown? since jeff sessions has cracked on. one of those guys with him is here. in 200 days and peered congress out and no major legislation passed. meet the republican donor so enraged, he is now suing to get his money back.
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>> trish: is the crackdown on leaks already working? it has already been us a few days since jeff sessions went on the attack against the white house and intelligence linkers. for now, things have been tight. reaction right now from william, director of the national intelligence center. he was with ag sessions. good heavy here. we haven't heard quite as much in the last couple of days. we're going on. is our change? i think there will be a change. we hope there is. a government-wide effort. on unauthorized disclosures. damage that they caused our nation security and the effort to prevent them and stop them in
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the future. >> trish: why do you think are so many right now? >> i don't know if there is now than ever. >> trish: it is unprecedented how many leaks are happening right now. i wonder why that is? >> we look back over the last ten years. the leaks and unauthorized disclosures. we look at it in a short period of time, how justified and that damage we have seen has been really traumatic. we look at it with the nation's credit, you can take a hard look at what really is happening. the leak, political leak issues which is causing damage to national security. >> trish: you talk about james comey, who leaked himself, and admitted it. it makes me wonder about the culture there. really it has been eroded in the last however many years. to the point where people think it is okay to leak good this is something that you do. how detrimental is it?
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how bad is it? from a security standpoint given your background of cutter intelligence. >> some have been really bad over the last couple years. to the point, we are losing capabilities, platforms, our global soup privacy and intelligence operations. we look at that and bring our troops in harm's way around the globe, it becomes very difficult to justify that somebody with that security clearance would be willing to lick that cover damage. >> trish: you think have a new chief of staff would help? >> as a whole government issue, the disclosure of unclassified and classified information is really governmentwide effort. not that silly in one branch. >> trish: you come in and take over a ceo of a company. you have to impress your sense of culture on the people. there may be may be people internally they do not like you.
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that may be the issue in washington. donald trump, a lot of people who do not like him. he has to fight back against his. he has to have the right mechanisms to fight back against these actual leakers. in your view, is general kelly able to do that for him? >> we hope so. we look at his bona fides and what he brings as a general, we look for that same competency because the issue of addressing disclosures starts of the top. >> trish: do think the ag, and how committed he is? >> i think he is with the fbi and disclosures as well as the entire intelligence community and all branches of government. this is a whole government approach to stemming the problem of foreign entities. >> trish: how do you go after? >> starts with education,
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awareness, letting employees know there is bona fide ways to disclose abuse. particularly through an act. there are different ways to do it. you do not have to provide the information to media outlet or foreign government. >> trish: how do you find the actual leakers? how do you know who is putting this information out to the report is? >> die investigative tools law enforcement and fbi use appeared first and foremost, you have to look at what has been transmitted. it is caused by. and refer them to the department of justice. there was classified information, leaks in this report hence, this should be investigation. >> trish: what is your gut reaction and all this as an american and someone who cares about their country. and working for the u.s. government? when you hear about other people in your ranks leaking? >> it is disappointing. it really is. i don't think individuals know how many damages caused.
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their colleagues and sometimes her friends could be harmed or damaged, and i think we look at constitutional perspective. your are honored, it should be a privilege it, and you arbitrate a. >> trish: and they are. that is against the message that needs to be delivered. to all of them over and over again. hopefully, they stop. good to have you. thank you very much. all right coming up everyone. where is everyone? >> hello? is anyone there? hello? hello? is anyone there? >> trish: apparently not. congress, leaving a major to-do list behind. republican donor so disappointed in his party, he is now suing to get his money back. in every nation on the u.n. security council slapping both tree sanction.
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>> trish: 200 days end, democrats are letting it all out. today, the democratic national committee mocking paul ryan and republican lawmakers. for what is calling a spectacular failure. fox news, peter doocy with more on this. hello, peter. >> their wrestling control away from the g.o.p. they say in a memo that speaker ryan has put his majority in peril by going 200 days without doing anything major. part of their new memo says
1:22 pm
this. let us be very clear. the american people are better off for his failed agenda, that is out to benefit the very rich and large corporations while devastating hardworking people health care, cost-of-living, jobs, and wages. i top house republicans i've heard from today points out that they have been passing bills like repeal and replace obamacare, and a bill to give money to fight the overbroad endemic, but those are stacking up in the senate, where things are really stalled. congress also needs to pass a budget before they can touch tax reform, and up president trump's most prominent allies outside of government are starting to point fingers at g.o.p. lawmakers who openly admit things are taking a long time because they did not think i trump win in november would be. >> nominations, and the republican's have yet to act on. it would take 11 years to get
1:23 pm
those individuals conferred. that is a shame. >> orrin hatch who served in the upper chamber since 1977 says even the nomination process, which is one of the only things the senate has been filling its days with its slower than he could ever remember, because what he sees as democrats obstructing. >> trish: thank you so much. get this everyone. it is not just the democrats against republicans. i g.o.p. donor is suing his party for failing for failing to repeal and replace obamacare. he promises, and he is here. bob, hello. you are suing! >> that is correct. we have no choice. the republicans are not serious about repealing obamacare. they're so split. nothing they put on the table touches obamacare. what they look for is to get enough money out of the affordable care act to fund a
1:24 pm
tax cut. that has nothing to do with health care. meanwhile, the senate and medicare and medicaid services are providing a system where a computer is telling every american a where how much health care they can have. two things that have come up in the public debate. i'm not looking for my money back. i want the promise kept. second of all, nobody is going to lose their insurance. obamacare, they managed care, the stimulus act. the exchanges where many people already have their insurance. for the affordable care act. we are not advocating repeal of the affordable care act. we are not advocating taking anyone's insurance away. what we want to do is add a third option. a community health insurance option. which will allow the average family to buy affordable insurance with affordable
1:25 pm
premiums and affordable deductibles. >> trish: that is an idea. a good idea. from one whatever reason, g.o.. leaders have not shown any ideas. back on recess right now. clearly, your different you are frustrated. and how much our borders and how much will it cost republicans? >> if you're watching the internet about me, but literally the comments and are thousands. more than 90% of the comments are positive about my idea, comments, can i join your suits. make it a class action. can i send you money? the people are annoyed. i will tell you this. the above publicans they will never repeal obamacare. an obamacare, there is three
1:26 pm
different corporations where people don't not know. the stimulus act businesses partners of the hhs could tell the personal health of every person in the united states. >> trish: you think this is a lobbying effort in your view? members of congress that are not willing to go that final step, because they are fearful that somebody is going to pull away the funds for the next campaign? >> big pharma will pay whatever it has to pay to make sure obamacare is not repealed. big pharma stand to make hundreds of millions of dollars. was they gain access to the personal health information of every american because they may no longer have to spray and pray as advertisements call it when they put out expensive advertisement. instead, they can use the database for potential clients. spew it let us talk about the
1:27 pm
health care providers they cannot be in business with the affordable care act. they cannot actually. -- you had seen them pull out of states. it does not work economically, it does not make sense. from a business standpoint, do you also run the risk, as much as you may get some money on the lobby inside, you also get the other side with a health insurance that should not want to see this continue. >> you have two things. the community health care option. 90% of the families in america will drop out of the biggest exchanges and buy affordable care. second of all, the health care providers have no choice. hhs has said, they will hold three quarters of their medicare reimbursement if they get out of the foxholes. we arty have no choice. >> trish: was your final
1:28 pm
message for g.o.p. leaders know? >> if i win you have a choice. you do what you promise. repeal the obamacare in the stimulus act. provide the alternative. or you can get back the money, which is as much as $735 million. >> trish: 735 million? >> it that is just what the rnc have collected since 2009 under the battle because, to repeal and replace. >> trish: thank you bob. just the beginning. the warning from breck brexit,d north korea says it was the u.s. who will pay dearly. former investor to the u.n., john bolton is here. it's b,
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ok. geico. because saving 15% or more on car insurance is always a great answer. whoa! gross! >> trish: north korea vowing retaliation at the united nations security council unitas mentally passed sanctions against the rogue regime provided its long-range missile test. moments ago, treating this.
1:33 pm
the fake news media it will not talk about the importance of the united nations security council 15-0 vote in favor against north korea. fox news channel lucas tomlinson. hello, lucas. >> north korea wants revenge following the u.n. vote that drew the support of russia and china. in manila, secretary of state rex tillerson says this proves the international community is united. >> the best signal that north korea could give us that they are prepared to talk is to stop these missile launches. we have not had an extended period of time where they had not taken some type of provocative action. >> despite his insistence, they halt their missile test days ago, the spy agencies detected the rogue communist regime loading two -- cruise ship missiles on a patrol boat on the east coast. first time they have been deployed on this type of
1:34 pm
platform since 2014. north korea isn't listening. i was after president trump phone call with the south korean counterpart , the pentagon will have missiles to deal with the threat from pyongyang. there is limits on south korean missiles. the pentagon want those restrictions gone and this topic is under active consideration according to a pentagon spokesperson a short time ago. in 1991, they remove the tactical news from south korea, it bars any medium-range missile because of a decade-long treaty with russia. the state department says secretary of state rex tillerson and defense secretary, jim mattis, will hold their japanese counterparts on august 17th. >> trish: thank you very much, lucas. reaction from pharma's u.s. ambassador to the u.n. , john bolton. good to see you, investor. do take any of these threats
1:35 pm
seriously? >> i think you have to take them seriously to some level. honestly, their rhetoric is over the top. a sea of fire over the pennants. as a favor. we have to consider the nation of the regime that we would provide mike the hostile. >> trish: russia and china joined in on this sanction? >> is a good political signal. it shows that the rhetorical level, they will not defend let's be clear in the public statements but they also said, the united states has to start talking to north korea. the resolution itself said that. that is a fool's errand. waste of time. it gives the north koreans more time to develop nuclear and ballistic missile issues. while i certainly support the resolution, i am not holding my breath it will do anything. >> trish: let me ask you this. what they don't do what we need them to do, are the sanctions
1:36 pm
going to be enough? i say this because the impact is roughly $1 billion to them. there is an economy that is worth an estimated $28 billion. what this really affect things or are we still talk about margins her? >> number one we have to assume to get to the billion dollar figure that it forces the sanctions. they'll be a heroic exemption. with every other resolution be adopted. i don't know with the $3 billion figure came from. i hope we are not relying on north korea figures. even as an estimate, does not include what they make from one of the world's most successful counterfeiters of u.s. currency? i wonder how much that accounts for. finally, let us be clear. china is very worried about a catastrophic collapse of the north korean regime. i billion dollars to china is chump change. they could give it to north korea. send us for free.
1:37 pm
spew one that does not sound good what you are saying, these are not what we are fighting. the sanctions are going to do very little to dissuade north korea if china is there flipping them some money along the way. >> this is been the pattern for a quarter of a century. the u.s. itself relaxed sanctions, i'm am sorry to say, during the bush administration, and has had to reimpose subsequently. north korea has been very successful in debating sanctions. china, russia, and others have helped. iran has helped. spew out what our alternatives? >> they are limited. diplomatic efforts are quite limited. and that is why unfortunately, talk about the military option to protect the united states against the day when north korea in fact can reach the entire continent united states. >> trish: will we let that
1:38 pm
come? why should we ever let that they come? >> i am with you. i would not do it. i am telling you. i will predict ill right now. we will have people in this country and the government say right up to the day when the missile lifts off, why don't we sit down and talk with the north koreans. we have talked to them for 25 years. it has not worked, and it will not work now. >> trish: alternatively, we go in. we are exercising our military might there? >> that is a last resort. i think there is one diplomatic approach left. that is to china to convince china it is in their interest, national interests, to see the korean peninsula unite. thereby eliminate the risk that japan will go nuclear in response to it. this is a hard argument to make. as i say, we have been playing the diplomatic game for a long time, and all that is done is give north korea time to advance his program. >> trish: unfortunately, thank you ambassador.
1:39 pm
fresh off russia for sanctions, u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley will join "the story" tonight. neil and his la-z-boy cover. somebody here says maybe new york city mayor should be on that cover instead. he is pitching the same old catch the rich. that taken the easy way out?
1:40 pm
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marie callender's turkey pot pie staa rich, flavorful and a crust made from scratch. because she knows that when it's cold outside, it's good food and good company that keep you warm inside. marie callender's. it's time to savor. >> today, i am calling on albany to pass a millionaire's tax to support the mta. it is a modest increase on state income taxes for those that make half a million or more.
1:43 pm
>> trish: new york city mayor de blasio calling for a millionaire's tax that would hit people making 500,000 or more a year. it's not really a millionaire's tax, right? he is calling it that. it is absolutely needed to pay for mass transit repairs. subsidize fair. is that fair? to debate it, julie aven, fox news contributor, rachel, and "washington examiner" ," hellacious and ski do start tax the rich and problem solved? >> that is right. typical liberal response. they do not say let's go back to the budget and take off somebody's wasteful expenses and make the appropriate investments in public transportation. this is a city that spent since 2009, $30 million on, and the one that trump with that
1:44 pm
assassination mark. they also spent $16 million for illegal colas to have legal. they're wasting money. >> i would agree. the subways are a mess, and julie, you are here in new york. you know that will too. they are a mess. as rachel rightly points out, we spend a lot of money in the city. unfortunate, eventuates goes t. why is the answer to tax, tax, tax, when you're already taxing every person that lives in the city just for the privilege of living in new york city a good 4%. >> we spent a lot of money in the city, and data some of the things that were mentioned. something like shakespeare in the park.
1:45 pm
>> if you cannot get to work -- >> i agree. the tax is a good idea. modest. living in new york city creates enormous opportunities for wealth, and these people are making at this level of income should be willing to pay for these if instructive changes. a good economic decision for new york city. for every $1 spent on transit, $4 and growth. >> trish: over and over, take g.e. out of connecticut, because the taxes went up. at some point you reach a point when people say, enough. i will not live in new york city. i do not want to pay more money to build de blasio and company so they can squander it. >> this is a great way to get people to move out of the city. we should also mention that the city increased fair year after year every two years. there are now having this crisis. it has only gotten worse. they're not proving that they're using the money responsibly by
1:46 pm
any stretch of the amended nation. while put forward a plan to move the money around with the budget that is they are. say they would use it well, then ask for multi- -- millions and millions of dollars. they show they cannot do it. >> trish: back to rachel's point, that would actually require a whole lot of work. >> rather than ideology. this is something that new york has elected. this is classic redistribution of wealth. that's what they voted for. see if they reelect de blasio. >> trish: does that really sell? does that play to what was resonated to the sanders crowd? when you get down to it, isn't there a certain american work ethic and a sense that you keep what you earn and you do not give it all to government. so they can use it inappropriately? >> it is why the democratic party it works in california and san francisco.
1:47 pm
new york city. this is why the democrats and their party has been decimated at the local and state level. response to problems. tax, tax, tax. >> >> trish: julie i will give the last word. i cannot quite see my way through it, because i think your risk is you'll wind up with less money. you can only push on the strings so much. at some point and breaks. people say enough. i do not need to live in a city where i cannot send mice kids to school. gift of pay that in the way of you missile attacks. >> find essay that allows economic opportunities like new york. >> you can move to greenwich? >> and the taxes that are improving the transit system. >> trish: good to see you all. interesting conversation. g.o.p. donor suing the
1:48 pm
republican party to failure and act the president agenda. why nigel faraj says he is right. nigel is next.
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
>> if i went back, you have a choice. do what you promise, repeal the obamacare in the stimulus act. divide the alternative. or you can get back the money, which is as is as much as $735 million. >> trish: . >> trish: g.o.p. donor, bob hedman saint by his buyer's remorse in suing republicans for not passing health care reform like they promised to do. brexit leader, nigel farage. the political class is blocking other changes that president trump was elected to
1:52 pm
do, and he is here today. good to see you. if they are blocking him, you see that frustration that bob had. i certainly feel frustrated. you're watching from overseas, frustrated. what is going to happen from this political elites, ruling class that is in the way of what the people want? >> in the end, they will get deselected. they will be removed. at the republican party base can say that they have a man that won the election, made a series of promises, and if you have senators and congressmen, there comes a point where there has to be a rebellion that goes on within the party to get rid of these people. this is about trust. fundamental. when people who voted in 2016, they deserve to get it. >> trish: is that while we are seeing? they are suing the g.o.p. he is getting thousands of comments. people are weighing in. >> whether --
1:53 pm
i think he represents the view of the people. a deep deep frustration. it must be very tough for the president. >> trish: is that what he was elected? people wanted to disrupt it. >> the whole 2016 phenomenon of brexit and trump was people saying, we want a change in direction. done differently, and we are frustrated in the u.k. with brexit. it is delayed. we will get it in the end, but it has watered down. same phenomenon all over again. the second thing, their career politicians, part of the swamp, they get elected sounding conservative, and when they are in office, in between. >> are they afraid? are they concerned about lobbyist? >> what they want to play everything safe. also, they also like to be
1:54 pm
popular. they want the newspapers to say nice things. nonconfrontational. with the flow. it is the poison of career politics and what politics needs is people with conviction and principles. >> trish: is certainly what donald trump put forward. that is what americans responded to. nobody understood him. none of his rivals understood how he was campaigning or how he could continue to be successful. why should we expect that any republican currently in office right now that are part of the so-called d.c. establishment? >> they don't. they have trouble with the back that he puts things on twitter in the morning. he is unconventional in every way. there's a bond of trust between this president and millions of people, who voted republican who don't normally do so. you do not deliver for them,
1:55 pm
they will never vote for you again you again. >> trish: is so good to see you. nigel farage. all right, neil taken on "newsweek" over this la-z-boy coverage. reaction coming up to his takedown and what a take out it was. that is next. experience unparalleled luxury at the lexus golden opportunity sales event before it ends. choose from the is turbo, es 350 or nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months if you lease now.
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experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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1:58 pm
president into a cartoon figure simply because you don't like the guy. that is wrong. that is insulting. this cover is a sin. >> trish: lazy boy, oh boy. neil's takedown of "newsweek" cover sparking massive reaction. we have some tweets i want to share with you. pat tweets: when will this behavior stop? this is the president of the united states. you like him or you hate him. the position alone deserves respect. well put. mike says: i agree with neil. i use "newsweek" when i run out of toilet paper. okay. i guess we didn't need that detail.
1:59 pm
howe tweets "newsweek" is the laziy boy of journalism. i kind of like this one. here you go, 1 million jobs added so far. give the man a pizza. susan's take on this cover is, quote. this is beyond disgusting and demonstrates a total disregard for the welfare and u.s.a. by attacking our president. so ashamed of msn, mainstream media. dick has a different take as being close to retired stay lazy as long as the stock market soars. lastly one from michael who reads "newsweek" i watch cavuto for minus. well, there you go. that's good. anyway, by the way, president donald trump just taking on a different publication here tweeting in the last hour. how much longer will the failing "new york times" with its big losses and massive unfunded liability and nonexistent source
2:00 pm
remain in business? he is going after them pretty hard. as usual. that will do it for me here. catch me here on the intelligence report 2:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. the specialist is next. >> eboni: hey, everybody i'm eboni k. williams along can cat tiff and lisa booth. this is the fox specialists. ♪ ♪ >> eboni: yesterday, the united states and japan welcomed tougher sanctions on north korea over its missile test. and said it was time to exert more effective pressure on pyongyang rather than pursue dialogue. north korea has threatened, quote: thousand fold revenge against the united states for banning exports worth $1 billion following its intercooperate negligence ballistic launches. north korean leader kim jong un is demanding justice over donald trump's attempts to isolate and stifle his country with bans on


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