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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 7, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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set your dvr. see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ for the five. good night. ve. >> tucke >> good evening, i am laura ingraham guest hosting while tucker is on vacation with his family. a question. you know what a liberal's idea of armageddon is? not a nuclear north korea, but a successful trump presidency. you know what the republicans on capitol hill fear the most? not isis and a 500 point in the dow, but a successful trump presidency. today is the 200 day of the
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administration. they declared the trump administration a failure, but it is the resistance to trump that is playing a risky gambit. chuck shumer and nancy pelosi and planned parent hood on the left and on the supposed right, senators jeff flake, and john mccon and tom tillis. what unites them is the sad and pathetic and fear and loathing of president trump. they want you so saturated in the endless mindless russia deal, another left wing intrigue that is fuelled by leaks, few believe their negative spin. these people are happiest when his numbers go down and his legislation and his confirmations stall each if their own approval numbers go town, too, it is it like they don't care. and by the way, their approval numbers have gone down a lot. and trump's approval may be 37
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percent according to one poll, but check this out. tom tillis' approval rating is 21 percent. and nancy pelosi 27 percent. and chuck schumer 26 percent. and mitch mcconnell impressive 15 percent. and despite of two years of nonstop vitrol, trump is beating all of them. and it is it true, some is lacking. it is true that president trump did a lot even without congress to make our life better. consumer confidence and stock market and businesses starting up and wages even and gd. and foreign policy. he has a lot of challenges and his team is forging new alliiances and make sure our
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allies pay their fair share and not get suckered in a trade deal that zaps our wealth and independence. president trump stream lined regalwayses and red tape in the federal department and given relief to the vets in the va. a phenomenal justice confirmed in the supreme court. and has 29 more to be approved. and on trade. put cheaters on notice and changed the behavior of offending a nations as a result. other than than bernie sanders, he's the only american politician to get tens of thousands of people to show up in a hot summer day and nonelection year to hear him speak. his approval numbers need boosting for sure. but concerning the media onslaught against him and distraction of the russia probe and resistance of congress and
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both sides in congress, he's done a heck of a lot in 200 days and if he can keep focused and keep his team together and put pressure on the hill to deliver on the big issues, he will improve hells number a-- improv his numbers. mark is part of the anti- cabinet shadow group on line. i am sure you love it. >> i am a big admirer of your skill and endurance and i heard what you said and talking to a audience who heard that and tens of hours of time on fox. i have a contrary view that is not ideological but factual. >> hear, hear? >> two reasons that trump is a predictable historic failure first. there is never a president in the modern area of polling is at
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37 percent favorable. bark bookkeeper obama the villian of fox was at 60 percent. and there is never been a president who has 0 major legislation of his own, enacted. >> you think that is about the va. you don't get a mini monologue, i do. va legislation is nothing? >> it is it obama's legislation. he screwed up the van and they passed it. there is never a president who fired the chief of sfaf and communication's crew and special counsel. >> obama never fired anyone even after benghazi. that's a problem. >> six years to get to a special prosecutor and brink of impeachment and mueller, according to all. agencies penetrating american democracy to help trump. you don't deny that. >> do you actually think what
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each former obama officials say they have no evidence for, which is that russia changed the outcome of the election. and pennsylvania, ohio and wisconsin eet cetera voters turned out because of putin. >> no, your question with voice being raised doesn't cut. it >> no, you don't cut it. >> he lost the skroet vote but won the electoral college because in 1787. >> you don't like that. i know that. >> laur, most conservative intellectual and krauthammer and crystal. >> oh, yeah. how about them. >> you are saying right now and the intellectuals think. do you understand at all. we get you. you think trump is a disaster,
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we get that. and you have great adjectives and we have a list of all of your adjectiveingly. in your mind hitler and mussolini. >> i never said that. you are the one who used that adjectives like alarmist. >> you basically believe that intellectuals on the coast know better than the people in the states. do they have any right to be upset with what happened to the country? >>o yay. >> what you dislike about trump and turn out for your prize. >> you want to put peggy and charles krauthammer and bill kristol in the elite. >> good luck. they are absolutely critical against trump. they didn't want trump to win.
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peggy is a different deal and i love peggy. but the fact that three republican ikt lengthiums say that. >> how about america where half of the popularity of obama and how about the world. >> of the world, i am shedding a tear. >> and let me get to the conclusion of one sentence. they asked people would you trust trump or obama. 64 percent obama. and 22 percent trump. we are a laugh being stock, >> and the so we have established in your view trump is the worst. and no one's ever been that. pipe down for a minute. >> okay. >> you have spent your minutes saying trump is the worst. my question is what next for you and the democratic party.
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what do you have to offer middle-class voter and many of them voted for obama and turned out and voted for donald trump. and his popularity among those people is riding pretty high. what do democrats say to them. >> as you know 88 percent of the republicans voted for trump over clinton. >> and so you will not on this show give me a few substantive solutions for the democrats to win over those critical votes. >> you are beyond your adjective and my numbers. talk about the democrats, hillary lost for a lot of the reasons. one of them on her shoulders. she didn't talk about economic change in the way people connected. george w. bush ended his term losing 14 trillion. >> i am a huge critic of bush and we agree on that.
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>> obama took that great recession and had growth through now. and any credit trump wants to take. you have a rooster taking. >> and south korea helping out on trade, that's because of barak obama. are you kidding me? >> 80 straight months of growth under obama. and we'll see how trump. he's taking credit for obama. democrats have to look. i doubt mueller would be successfully fired. >> what, the democrats solution basically. i gave you time and i went back to stuff that doesn't matter. >> america and the world don't like him because he's failing. >> get rid of donald trump. >> we need elizabeth warren who is a saying, i want to help for consumers and lookers, are you for minimum wage.
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>> begging andin hope you are right, mark, i pray and hope for your wish to come true that someone like elizabeth warren is nominated. i beg for that. great to see you. chicago is suing the trump administration for its ignoring immigration laws. >> i will never allow our police department to be something that people don't see as a partner in the basic community safety we want to see and the justice department is trying to coerce people to make a choice between who they are in their value and every neighbor you want to see in chicago. we'll file a case against the justice department. >> we have a immigration specialist and alex, if is great to see you.
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this is a sanctuary city debate that is it pretty heated in the country. caddo institute is for gennious and legal immigration and guest work sxers temporary workers pretty much across the board. does the caddo institute believe that any criminal aliens to be deported and if so, when and which type? >> absolutely. we write extensive ly, on when the local level should deport them. focusing on violent and property offender and broke laws that hurt other people, physically or their property. >> how about disqualifying. you think they should be deported. >> if they are convicted of
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driving ilintoxicated. >> if they are here illegally. as long as they are not violating other american laws to stay forever. >> as long as there is no victim and there should be a way to legalize. >> your message is to come here illegally. don't commit violent acts and drive drunk and stay as long as you like. that is a radical. >> my main message is for congress to create a way for people to come lawfully and go home. >> we don't have that. and so caddo and big immigration groups like yours, they believe that this is a federalism issue and that localities like chicago which have seen increases in disturbing rates of crime. and miami decided, we will not do the sanctuary deal because we
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don't want to lose funding. you are arguing federalism in parent? >> the facts of the matter, people took a look at sanctuary city policy and how crime changed in the cities after it was affected and no significant increase in violence. it is a good amount of that evidence when cities and localities are forced in the federal immigration programs, no affect on crime and like 287 g increase in violent crime rate and when feds cancelled crime familiared them. >> you' -- followed them. >> you are wrong. y are brietbart had it. >> no. >> they never get it right? >> what are the statistics and findings. >> how many victims are okay to have in these cities? you think if you are here and
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not caught stay as long as you want. what about deporting people before they committed a crime. we have some examples of that. this is denny mcgan hit by a drunk driver. illegal immigrant killed denny. and ron altd green hit by a drunk driver living in the country illegally and shauna gadden shot to death by a criminal illegal immigrant. and kalderon shot by a illegal immigrant with previous convictions and alicia gurerro and her daughter shot by a 23-year-old illegal alien with domestic convictions. rahm emmanuel doesn't believe he has to share that information. that is putting welcome mat to
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individuals come here and we'll protect you. aren't elected officials supposed to protect the american citizens. most do work with the federal. >> the woman on the west coast. the 62-year-old was viciously raped. >> they should focus 100 percent on people like that. but the other point, in the city immigration forces increase in crime rate and murder. >> 80 percent of voters oppose sachthuary cities. >> but the fact and popularity. >> we'll take it to the people, i think we took it to the people. >> there is more important polls, laura. travis county, texas. >> who is the big funder of caddo. >> i couldn't tell you. >> look at it. it determines your immigration policy. it is not a rude thing.
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it is it a big business. >> you can't stick to the facts and so you are changing it. >> you know what caddo said about ronald reagan. the most protectionist president in u.s. history. caddo institute is beyond the mainstream. >> you are changing the conversation. talk about how the american citizens are actively supporting the policies. >> you want more criminals in the united states? you don't. >> no, i don't. >> what is the word sanctuary mean? >> none violent criminal. it means, saving people who are not violent property crim nam and allow them to live. and why does that. >> lowering wages of individual workers doesn't hurt you. >> oh, no. that is not statistical. >> your job could be replaced. >> mine could be replaced
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because there is no cap. >> you want another to do your job. >> you don't understand the visa system. >> i practiced illegal immigration law back in the day. i do. coming up. time to start arresting offensive people. and we'll tell you what she said next. and maxine waters calling racist. we'll have it next.
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for years, centurylink has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> laura: people are coming up
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with terrible ideas and unfortunately because they are celebrities we have to hear about them. on sunday, comedian and talk show host chelsea handler tweeted the following. two chinese guys were arrested in berlin for making nazi salutes. wouldn't that be nice to have laws here for people who thinks racism is funny. mark responded. no, we have the first amendment. and please reconsider. would you want to see mel brooks arrested. aim ep got to heart of what handler advocated. she called for the arrest of sarah silverman and other comedian. maybe that is the idea. handler could benefit from imprisonning the competition.
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alan dershowitz is long critical of the russian search. and he is now called a racist. he had this to say after it was reported that a special counsel bob mueller empanelled the grand jury in dc. >> the district of colombia is it democratic and ethnic and racial composition that is unfavorable to the trump administration. >> laura: absolutely true. but truth is no defense these days. california representative maxine waters lashed out at dershowitz as a racist trump fan. >> he talked about the make up of the district as stacked against donald trump. >> it is unfair. what he is simply saying, all of those black people there don't like trump and so he will not
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get a fair trial and so they should take it out. i don't like that and i am surprised that alan dershowitz is talking like that. we'll not stand for that. that is racist. >> laura: alan dershowitz joins us. in heard barbes and insults but that took the cake when you were merely making a comment about the way grand jurors operate. and now a democrat branded you as a racist. and what is your response to the madness. >> the grand jury selection. i learned about it from my friend and colleague johnny
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cochran. when he died, maxine waters asked congress to pass legislation honoring him for his great sensitivity in regard. she toss says around that term, that is dilutes the term and hurts her own cause. if everything's a racist no one is a racist f. i am a racist. what is she really going to call real racism? if she calls me a racist. being black does not give you a license to call someone a racist just like being jewish is not giving you the right to call everyone antisemimight. there is not a criminal lawyer or prosecutor that would disagree with the statement that
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mueller got an advantage by moving the case to district of klumia. he has a better chance of getting a favorable jury pool in the district of klum than in virginia. it is a simple statement of fact. everybody would agree with that. >> laura: professor, rob rosenstein on fox news sunday denied it was a phishing expedition. and if they went in issue of trump's other business dealing and not involving russian collusion. are you satisfied what he said given his letter said given the matter that arose from the investigation. that was his authorizing letter. >> of course, it is a very, very broad man date. and remember that the clinton
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impeachment started with an investigation of financial fraud and white water and ended up with monica lewinsky. there are no limits of what mueller can do. this is moby dick and captain a hab. he will spend a lot of money and hire people and if he comes up with nothing wrong. he will waste that money. he has incentive to find people. >> laura: it is it endless investigation and budget. thank you stou much. crime is rise nothing many american cities and republican governors are taking action. we'll talk to a missouri
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>> laura: after two decades of decline violent crime is rise nothing american cities. in st. louis the murder rate tripled and levels not seen since the early '90s. the state's republican governor is taking action. and sending state troopers there so local police can focus on the highways. we have don here joining us. we talked about the old days in university of virginia and soft ball days.
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oh, to be back there again. what is happening in st. louis today? >> sure. >> laura: i am seeing a collaboration tweep the republican governor and democratic mayor of st. louis. she is womaning state troopers to come help relieve the new bottle neck on violent crime. where do you come down on this? >> more police on the street even in the form of highway patrol men and women is not a bad matter. it is not getting to the root of the issue. crime is on the rise. it is not a partisan issue. it is because opportunities have left the city. it is because of poverty. and highway patrol is good. and we all want to live in safe neighbors and respect the role of policing. but if you are not crazy draing the education and opportunity
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you are putting a band-aid. >> laura: there is a lot of poor people, and it doesn't mean because you are poor you commit a crime. >> i didn't say that. >> laura: i know. i mean, i think trump ran on bringing people out of the lower class to middle-class to bring them up with manufacturing. and eight years under obama there was tough economic times. st. louis didn't get better under obama. >> st. louis is a contracting market in region. regionally. >> laura: whose policys made it contract. trade and destaulization of the midwest hurt the people of st. louis. >> st. louis made sdilgzs that result in the city contracting as opposed to expanding.
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>> laura: but temdems ruled a long, long time. >> i think those of us in the public sphere owe it to give a thoughtful answer of criminal history and popullism that created more poverty. it is poor urban planning. poverty is a rural issue. and republicans dominate rural politics. >> laura: you don't have ms13. >> i know they are in the hometown and in the end of the day, st. louis had a crumbling public eldication system. >> laura: and fatherlessness? family? >> and family issues. ultimately it has all of the systemic and endemic issues that contribute to poverty. we'll not see crime reduced. >> laura: what is your answer to
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poverty. we had eight year was obama. it is like mount rushmoore. >> it should be. president obama saw 80 months of consective job growth. >> laura: what happened to st. louis. >> same thing as washington d.c. and new orleans and new york city. in>> laura: democrat, democrat, democrat. >> and chromed by republican governors. poverty is not a partis an issue. we owe it a higher thought than to attribute to democrat and republicans. >> laura: poverty and crime. >> before we address the systemic issues economic opportunity. >> laura: you should be a trump popullist. and get the manufacturing jobs back. you guys would have a lot to talk. >> he's welcome to come to st.
11:36 pm
louis. >> laura: i love that. >> i was raised in north st. louis and we had opportunities to keep us safe and we need that available to all. >> laura: that we can agree on. that is awesome. don, great to see you. >> and richard da wins. criticized liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire
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you won't see these folks they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. >> laura: scientist richard dawkins has spent years criticizing the christian and now he is personna nondprata on the left. a berkley radio station after he complaining about islam. he has a new book out tomorrow
11:41 pm
called "science and the soul" and he joining us now. professor, how are you? good to see you. >> fine thank you. >> laura: this is wild. i watched your own debates on line. and you have great audience and participation. but you have done the atheist deal globally and you have a huge following, but then you come against all of the tolerant ones at berkely what happened? >> when you say the public complained. one person might have complained. if you look at the website of the radio station tis 97 percent condemnation of them. and so yes, and four percent condemnation of me. you are right. i am an equal opportunity religion basher. and i criticized all religion mostly christian for years. you can do with the left.
11:42 pm
but when you criticize islam they come down on you like a ton of bricks. why there is a double standard is a big mystery. >> laura: today we see horrific violence committed all minorities period, gay people and by isis and others like the taliban. i never understood that. the christian conservative, they think are the bigger threat than people cutting heads off. that was a head turner. >> i don't know why this is. i mean, i don't think they are frightened to get their heads off if they left me on. but they mistakenly think islam is a race and if you criticize islam you must be racist. it is bizarre but i think that
11:43 pm
is a subconscious motive. >> laura: what about your readers that come from the left? >> oh, yeah. >> laura: if they think islam is a race, that is low brow beyond low brow. >> i regard myself on the left and it is it unpleasant new phenomenal. it is a minority of the left and unpleasant and unfortunate one. >> laura: what about free speech in general today? college campuses expanding the conversation and we saw at middleberry college in vermont not far from where i went to school. berkely with the riots, there seems to be very little place for real exchange. robust exchange of ideas and that's what college is supposed to be about? >> absolutely. a university is the place where exchange of ideas should take place and free speech. it is tragic that berkely of all
11:44 pm
places and home of the free speech movement in 1963 should be suppressing free speech in this way. >> laura: richard, do you get up set when people say i pray for you. >> i take it and i don't mind at all. >> laura: have you ever prayed? >> when i was a child i spake a child and understood as a child. but when i became a man. >> laura: i got. it >> i put away childish thingless. >> laura: we appreciate it and i guess i will pray for and you great to have you on. and after the break, tucker will be back to interview a former planned parent hood
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>> laura: tucker had a heated argument with charles chamberlane of democracy of america challenging him about the reality of the abortion when a fetus is capable of surviving outside of the woem. >> tucker: people have moral concerns about abortion that are not rooted in the desire to oppress women. they are real questions. when you spew mindness propaganda about medical procedures it blurs the question of do you have a right to see the life. dew see that at all. >> you are confusing the question of who has the right to make question. >> tucker: it is taking of a life. that is kimming, would you concede that or would you protend it is not. >> once the baby is outside of the womanb you have rights and
11:50 pm
until that happens, you can't exist out of the womb. hauer laur he talked to abbey johnson about what goes on in planned parent hood. >> tucker: how long did you work at planned parent hood. >> i worked there eight years. i was a clinic manager and i took care of the operations and hiring and firing personnel and making sure that their budgets are maintained and our abortion quota that we had to maintain every month. >> tucker: excuse me, by that you had to perform a certain number of abortions in the clinic every month? >> that's right. every abortion facility has a monthly abortion quota to meet. >> tucker: why? >> that's how they make money. 50 percent of the income is cash
11:51 pm
from abortion services and so in order to keep their clinics open, they have to sell so many abortions. >> tucker: what about the mammograms and life saving work. nfunny about the mammograms, there is it not a planned parent hood in the country that proveds mammogram service and prenatal care and don't do a lot of things they say they do. >> tucker: basically it is an abortion clinic? >> pretty much. they provide birth control because according to their own numbers. 54 percent of the women who have abortions have birth control. that is a way to get young girls. i am 37 years old. and i can remember to take a pill every day. but get the girls on the pill and methods with a high human error rate and they will end up
11:52 pm
pregnant and that's another way to solve an abortion. >> tucker: they also sell fetal tissue and baby parts, you saw that happen? >> yes, at the facility i worked we sold the whole body for $200 per fetus. that went to a company calm would a mph oxis. and the houston facility, the largest. i worked for the affiliate largest abortion facility in the western hemisphere, second largest to china. we had the capacity of performing 75 abortions every day six days a week. if up look at half of those, women, having tissue that is suitable to be donated, donated or sold, then you know, you are looking at over 2 million a year
11:53 pm
just at that one clinic. >> tucker: i thought that planted parent hood or any facility like planned parent hood was not allowed to sell human parts? >> the way they line item everything, it looks like it is it a legitimate business transaction. bullpen the law said they can charge with shipping and handemming. and you know, things like that and so they line item it correctly it looks like you are paying for handemming or shipping services, but really, there is it no additional handemming involved and there is no additional shipping involved. they are picked up the parts. and if you line item is correctly that is it how they are skirting the law.
11:54 pm
>> tucker: in your eight years, did combf -- any of your co-workers acknowledge the ghoulishness? >> yes, in a industry like that. you become dark and you stop seeing the heinous acts that you are participating in and it becomes a joke. i remember my supervisor joking about the babies we aborted and things like that the security code on our alarm was 2, 2, 29 and that spelled out baby and they felt that was hilarious. and the freezer in the lab where we piece together baby parts after they are reassem bemed and put in the freezer they call would that the nursery. you began to have dark humor and at some point you have to
11:55 pm
recognize what we are doing is heinous and you build up a callous. >> tucker: looking back, how do you feel about working there? >> i am certainly sorry, i participated in something like that and i have been given an opportunity to speak about the experience and turn the evil i participated in to something good and that's what i am trying to do. >> tucker: we are grateful you came. it is it nice to know what choice really means. thank you for telling us, abbey. >> thank you so
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>> that's about it for us. that was fun. follow me on twitter, be sure to
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check out and follow sign up for daily e-mails, you learn a lot and laugh. "the five" is next live from new york city. see you tomorrow nig ♪ ♪ >> kimberly along with richard fowler, gain a and greg, 9:00 in new york city, this is "the five." president trump came into office, he signed an order that cleared the path to strip federal funds from cities that don't comply with or nation's immigration laws. there are sanctuary cities across america providing safe haven for undocumented criminals. chicago is one of them. today the mayor filed suit accusing the administration of blackmail. here's rahm emmanuel. >> we are a welcoming city and it always will be.


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