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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 8, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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rob: north korea is not taking our threat seriously, deploying anti-ship cruise missiles to the coastline as tension continues. >> nikki haley warning that north korea could raise or should raise pressure from all around the world, live from washington the breaking details. >> reporter: more pressure on pyongyang as north korea vows retaliation for sanctions amounting to $1 billion on their export revenues, the heaviest level against the rogue nation and a diplomatic when at the united nations led by ambassador nikki haley who said she had to twist a lot of arms to get there. >> had to twist a lot of times
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when it came to china and russia. >> what we had to show them is more icbm tests before we do something and the fact that every dollar north korea government gets are not feeding their people with that, they are using it towards a nuclear weapon system so we had to stop it. >> the response is troubling, north korea showing no signs of halting its march toward icbm missiles capable of striking the united states with nuclear weapons and spy satellites detecting two anti-cruise missiles on a patrol boat, clear sign they are not listening. retired general jack king says they would be unwise to. >> they may be moving military capability but they will not take military action against allies or to be sure, that would provoke a response they could not handle from the united states. >> reporter: rex to listen continues to travel in southeast
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asia, encouraging all our allies to keep pressure in the face of tensions escalating. heather: it really is scary stuff. rob: coming up, nikki haley will join us live in the studio talking how the us is dealing with the threat from north korea. in the wake of sanctions slapped on north korea, doctor sebastian gorka says the type of thing would never have happened before donald trump. >> this is not the obama white house and there's a very different man today as commander-in-chief, they should not test donald trump. >> think about all the people who not just underestimated but criticized this president. what did we achieve through the office of nikki haley, secretary
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tillerson, we have a 15-0 vote in the us council. >> attorney general jeff sessions firing back slamming the city of chicago for filing a lawsuit against justice department policy on sanctuary cities. san francisco is reaffirming it sanctuary stands as well paying an illegal immigrant $200,000. kelly right live in studio with those details. >> reporter: we are watching a lot unfolding this story. jeff sessions characterizes chicago's lawsuit as astounding lawlessness. responding to the suit sessions issued a statement saying the trump administration, quote, will not simply give away grant dollars to city governments that proudly violate rule of law. chicago is a city with one of the highest murder rates in the country. federal taxpayer dollars for public safety could total more than $3 million which could be
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used for police vehicles. and a requirement receive that grant for the city to report to us immigration and customs enforcement when illegal immigrants are released from custody. at least 48 hours in advance but mayor rahm emanuel defense chicago's status as a sanctuary city. >> we are a welcoming city and always will be. it worked for my grandfather hundred years ago this year. in addition are police department is built on principles of community policing. we don't want officers patrolling neighborhoods but to be part of the neighborhood and the fabric. reaching san francisco, an illegal immigrant from el salvador sued the city after police turned him over to ice. he the city violated it sanctuary city law and was awarded $190,000 in settlement. critics say the decision is ridiculous. >> it is a shameful waste of taxpayer dollars. here you have someone being
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offered a settlement know gerri would have awarded him. >> that notwithstanding san francisco like chicago intends to maintain its sanctuary status, states like california, massachusetts and washington may take similar action against the trump administration. we watch developments. heather: a lot of response coming in today for sure. mayor rahm emanuel, let's begin with him. the question is what he rather posture for the liberal elites or enforce the law of the city and fix the city. they have a lot of problems in chicago. >> it has been a mess for a number of years. let's look at this, we have seen crime rates basically continue to climb, 2013, 230 murders dropping in 2014 and the spike begins, 2016, 2017, that is
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where we are at this point in the year. that is 400 right now so we are beating what i thought was an unbreakable record. we are ahead of it. it is incredible. >> compared to other big cities, chicago outraged in terms of the number of murders, these other big cities you today, chicago 400, in los angeles, 155. rob: beating two cities that are bigger than chicago. so it is a big problem. let's go to a soundbite from jonah goldberg, talking about what the problem is. >> i think sanctuary cities are terrible idea but i understand why first responders and police do worry about getting cooperation out of these
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communities. you can respect that reasonable concern without defying federal law. there is enormous amount of signaling going on by rahm emanuel and these guys, $3 million out of the police budget, over $1.2 billion is a rounding error. this has a lot more to do with portion democrat politics, immigration politics and a newfound love and respect for federalism by people who think every aspect of our lives should be left to the central government in washington. >> the money is not a big deal. it is more of a personal thing but there is a point to be made that police say in sanctuary city you get help from illegal immigrants when reporting crimes because they don't feel is threatened by ice but i don't think anyone with common sense thinks people via that is committing violent crimes should be protected from immigration authorities. the answer is in the middle. both sides have a point but if
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you are trying to protect the violent criminal from being supported you have to be crazy. >> it is against the law they are not supposed to be here, it is against the law, we are talking about illegal criminals so we need to make that -- rob: to analyze this, judge andrew napolitano at 6:45. let's move along. fox news alert, police officer working around the clock for a man suspected of killing a rookie cop in cold blood. ian mccarthy is charged with murdering officer gary michael during a traffic stop late sunday night in missouri. >> officer down, officer down, officer down. >> michael shot dead moment after pulling mccarthy over for driving with its headlights off.
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he is remembered as an army veteran living his dream of now being a police officer. >> he loved to serve and be with people. >> the happened at an ill-fated time. >> michael leaves behind a wife and two stepsons. >> another massive manhunt coming to an end, brandon powell, and escaped endangered sexual tells us that was found dead in the crawlspace of his parents home in rural ohio. officers say he shot himself as they played gin. he escaped to transport van heading to a county jail friday after stealing attribute yet again and causing a crash. he was handcuffed to the steering wheel but was not seriously injured. half a dozen snatched keys from correction officers and taken to maximum-security prison in
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arkansas. and three major injuries, officials say the inmates overpower the officers and help them hostage at the facility near little rock. the prisoners later releasing the gardens, this is the second major disturbance in less then a month. >> three marines lost at sea after their aircraft crashed during a training exercise, 26-year-old lieutenant benjamin cross of maine, corporal nathaniel or way of kansas and private first class ruben velasco of california, 19 years old. 23 other marines were rescued after it went down off of the australian coast. crews working on recovering the records that caused that crash is at this point unknown. a victim of the world trade center attacks in new york city has just been identified nearly
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16 years later, the discovery the result of new advanced dna technology. the victim is a male but his family has chosen to keep his name private. he is now the 1641st person to be identified in the 9/11 attacks, 1112 people are technically unaccounted for it has been two years since the last victim was named. heather: a third boy scout electrocuted in a tragic sailing accident. the scouts sailed into a power line near dallas texas. thomas larry dying from his injuries days after the accident. we told you he was trying to recover. pronounced dead at the scene. rob: some extreme weather, millions of people picking up
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the pieces, powerful storms in the northeast. heather: a possible tornado tossing cars around like toys. dramatic surveillance video showing the moment violent winds flipping a parked car, no one was injured. rob: was this a tornado or streamline wind? major concern this morning is flooding. heather: janice joins us, straight-line winds can be powerful. >> we will find out later if this was a tornado. a powerful cold front part of the ingredients that was set up for damaging winds across the northeast and mid-atlantic but look at this, 60s, 50s, powerful cold front set records in terms of record lows overnight last night and you can see along that front showers and thunderstorms
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again today from the southeast, mississippi towards the mid-atlantic and looking at potential of showers across the four corners and tropical storm franklin made landfall across yucatán going across the gulf of mexico into mexico again for a possible second landfall is a tropical storm, perhaps a hurricane. we are watching franklin, it is that time of year in the atlantic and pacific. >> i heard this was going to be a bad hurricane season. >> we shall see. it only takes one bad hurricane to make it a severe year. >> those waters are warm. 13 minutes after the hour, taxpayer dollars saved, how many americans no longer on food stamps. >> al gore's inconvenient truth sql not exactly burning up the box office. will he demand a recount?
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wonderful. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. heather: marco rubio throwing cold water on a new immigration bill backed by donald trump lose the florida center saying the bill which aims to move legal immigration to a merit-based system and greeting cards given out every year will not pass in the senate. >> moving toward a more merit-based system is a reality in the 21st century. i don't want to limit legal immigration.
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i want to change the way we conducted. >> reporter: senator rubio supports a merit system but disagrees with setting a on the number of green cards issued. >> take from the rich give to the poor, wanting to use the robin hood approach to help schools in his cash-strapped state, executive action to shift funding from wealthy districts in connecticut to for once to create a balance. the proposals breaking instant backlash, critics say it could lead to teacher layoffs and class warfare. state lawmakers on both sides also ripping this plan so it may not go over well. more than 1 million fewer americans relying on food stamps since donald trump took office, good news for the economy. the department of agriculture, snap program dropped 3% in the first few months of the trump administration, 41 million people are still getting food
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stamps. >> here is some bad news, the opioid epidemic may be worse than we thought. a new study shows overdose deaths have been severely underreported. at the university of virginia, looked at thousands of death certificates from 2008-2014 finding opioid overdoses were 24% higher and heroin overdoses 22% higher than previously thought. mortality rates were most underreported in indiana, pennsylvania, new jersey and arizona so it is worse than we. >> i watched a documentary on that and i couldn't believe it. any size device could change the way we heal forever. scientists say this nanochip is capable of changing the body's existing cells into new cells
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that promote regrowth. >> doctors place a pad over damaged areas and send dna into skin cells to change their function. clinical trials are scheduled to begin on humans next year. >> more find obamacare is collapsing. a new move by a major insurer. >> he started a democratic revolution on the campaign trail, now wait until you hear how bernie sanders is keeping it going. ♪ not scared ♪ ♪ everything is all right ♪ whoooo.
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>> a foxbusiness alert, obamacare on life support and a major insurer dealing another
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blow exiting more markets. >> foxbusiness, what this means for you. >> reporter: and announced it would not offer plans through obamacare exchanges in nevada next year. in a statement and some said planning and pricing for aca compliant health plans have become increasingly difficult due to a shrinking and deteriorating individual market as well as changes and uncertainty in operations, rules and guidance including cost-sharing. and so said that it will exit markets in georgia as well. >> hackers looking for millions of dollars in ransom for stolen hbo data. >> a group of hackers which claims to have stolen upcoming game of thrones episodes, other shows and confidential corporate data, towing hbo pay up with an three days a we will post this
2:25 am
data online, the hackers demanded 6 month salary in the coin and claim they earn 12 to $15 million a year from blackmailing organizations whose networks have gotten into. still not as big as the sony back. >> you don't need to blackmailer be a hacker if you can win the powerball millions because it is huge. >> got to be in it to win it. time to get the mega millions and powerball tickets, the jackpot which will be drawn tonight is $346 million, that is the seventh-largest jackpot in the game's history, powerball is at $307 million and will be drawn tomorrow night. buy a ticket. rob: bernie sanders continues to work toward his political
2:26 am
revolution. >> we are going to go forward with a political revolution. >> political revolution. political revolution. rob: the vermont center is writing a book for teenagers, bernie sanders's guide to political revolution that will include dozens of infographics to explain issues like income equality to a younger audience. the book comes out at the end of the month. >> political revolution. >> al gore's new global warming documentary is not doing so hot at the box office. >> to give hope. >> and inconvenient sequel, truth to power taking the 15th spot at the box office in its first weekend of wide release, brought in less than $1 million so far. one of whom speeding them, the emoji movie.
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dads don't take sick days... dads take dayquil severe. the non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat... ...stuffy head, no sick days medicine. >> welcome back. live look outside, hope it will be a drier day than monday. heather: it is half past the top of the hour, thank you for sticking around. attorney general jeff sessions fires back slamming the city of chicago for suing the justice department policy on things worry cities.
2:31 am
>> san francisco reaffirms its policy by paying an illegal immigrant nearly $200,000. kelly right live in studio with details on that. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions is not pleased with the city's decision to file a lawsuit over it sanctuary city status describing the city's action as astounding lawlessness. the attorney general issuing a statement in response staying political leadership of chicago has chosen deliberately and intentionally to adopt a policy that obstructs the country's lawful immigration system. they demonstrated open hostility to enforcing laws to protect law enforcement and instead of adopting an official policy protecting criminal aliens who prey on their own presidents, chicago could lose $3.2 million of public safety grants but mayor rahm emanuel says the city is not going to cooperate with federal authorities on
2:32 am
immigration enforcement. >> we are a welcoming city and always will be. grandfather 100 years ago this year. in addition our police departments built on the principles of community policing. >> reporter: san francisco, an illegal immigrant from el salvador sued the city for violating it sanctuary city law. after police turned him over to ice. he received a settlement of $190,000 with a public apology from city leaders. >> it is a shameful waste of taxpayer dollars. here you have someone being offered a settlement that no jury would have awarded him. >> the head of san francisco's republican party blasts the city calling it a shameful waste of taxpayer dollars. we follow development on both of these stories, more states likely to follow suit. >> reporter: paying someone to
2:33 am
break the law is what they did. the trump administration will no longer treat miami-dade county of the sanctuary community the miami herald reporting carlos jimenez has received a letter from the doj saying the county is in full compliance with federal immigration requirements and will receive a nearly $500,000 government grant. miami-dade reversed it sanctuary policy in february, now the second county along with clark county to be cleared by the trump administration this month. >> new evidence north korea is not listening to our threats was the rogue nation deploying anti-ship cruise missiles as the tension continues to boil. >> the us ambassador to the un nikki haley wants north korea could or should brace for pressure from all around the world. griffin jenkins has breaking
2:34 am
details. >> reporter: not just pressure from the us but the entire international community and in pyongyang after a troubled response by north korea in the face of sanctions amounting to a billion-dollar cut of their export revenues with harsh retaliation as we watched on their state run media. >> translator: there is no bigger mistake in the united states. >> north korea showing no signs of plans to halt its march towards arming icbm missiles capable of reaching the us with nuclear weapons, us spy satellites detected the north loading two anti-cruise missiles on a patrol those on their east coast. sanctions were a major diplomatic win at the united nations led by ambassador nikki haley 13-0 vote by the un security council voting to slap the heaviest sanctions yet on the rogue regime.
2:35 am
the science concerning but ambassador haley says the international community is united and increasing. >> all of us should be concerned about what is happening but the signs we are seeing from north korea, they are concerned, they see the international community with one voice, north korea has to respond and they are going to threaten, they are going to do all these things but we are not going to run scared from them. >> reporter: they isolate themselves, rex tillerson continues to tour southeast asia encouraging all our allies to bring pressure to these escalating tensions. >> we need china to come on board. in the wake of the new sanctions on north korea fox news military list jack keane said that it is a sign the world knows they are the new sheriff in town. >> this is testimony to the fact
2:36 am
the international community includes china and russia, we know two things, one is this is a rapidly dangerous situation being created by the north koreans and the second thing, this is critical, this is what enhanced ambassador haley's hand, this is no longer the obama administration of appeasement, they know full well that this administration will not stand for nuclear ice icbm pointing at the united states with the capability to hit and as a result she is playing a much stronger hand. >> terror taking over the sea, taking the trip of a lifetime into horror for 2000 passengers on a cruise ship, the see princess becoming a ghost ship as it passed through dangerous waters on the eastern side of africa known for somali pirate attacks, more than $50,000 for a
2:37 am
104 day world cruz ordered to turn off the music and lights especially at night and put through a pirate real. the company says there was no specific threat and this was the planned trip they were supposed to go through these areas and knew there were pirates and this was part of the plan, just have to turn everything off. no pirate encounters, it ended safely in dubai, started in australia. why they went this route i don't understand, we hope to get more information and we will find out. >> did they know they would have to do this? did the passengers know? i don't know if i would want to do that. some extreme weather. you have seen this dramatic video, rescuing a driver trapped on top of an suv in raising
2:38 am
floodwaters. rob: racing against time as water continued to rise in san antonio, texas. the man was pulled to safety. >> millions along the east coast bracing for more flooding. rob: what is ahead now? >> a cold front and golf moisture making things difficult for folks in texas along the mississippi river valley, gulf coast toward the mid-atlantic and look at these temperatures, dealing with way below average and that trend will continue for much of the country with the exception of the west for the next we 10 days, cooler than average temperatures and that front parked across the southeast, the mid-atlantic, the northeast and portions of texas, golf moisture working its way and. this is an ongoing situation for the next couple days as this frontal system hangs around. i want to show you some beautiful video, a full moon, partial lunar eclipse over greece and agent temple of
2:39 am
poseidon. the moon is passing behind the earth's shadow, you have to have the sun and the earth and moon perfectly aligned to get this. rob, you were in greece, did you visit this amazing place? rob: i looked up to see an orange moon at one point. don't know what country i was in but i remember saying look at the moon, it was incredible. >> reporter: are those your pictures? rob: no, my camera can't get a picture like that but i tried. >> you can follow on twitter and instagram. you can see him jumping off cliffs and things like that. >> 39 minutes after the hour, maxine waters in the headlines, what the congresswoman said about an all african-american party. >> another sign that many college students are snowflakes. professor now letting them change their grades to reduce
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your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event. >> one of the highlights of yesterday, donald trump trading jabs on twitter with richard blumenthal. heather: the president slamming the democrat for his phony vietnam bravery story. carly shimkus is here with this whole thing got started. >> donald trump pummels richard blumenthal in a series of tweets calling him a vietnam, artists. the president was likely angry about his recent comments regarding the importance of the
2:44 am
russia investigation. >> impaneling the grand jury, shows that bob mueller is pursuing potential wrongdoing by the russians, the attack on our democracy, seriously and diligently and there is no minimum for underestimating that attack. heather: the president tweeted interesting to watch richard blumenthal of connecticut talking about the russia collusion when he was a phony vietnam con artist. the present referring to an embarrassing moment from 2010 when richard blumenthal mischaracterized his military service, richard blumenthal said your bullying hasn't worked before and it won't work now. no one is above the law, saying this isn't about me. it is about the special counsel
2:45 am
on the independence and integrity, the president got the last word on social media tweeting a richard blumenthal should take a nice long vacation in vietnam where he lied about his service so he can at least say he was there. is the president defending himself or creating more problems for himself? >> let's talk about pickle for a second. heather: a young trump supporter named dylan, nickname pickle and it turns out there was some drama surrounding his birthday cake, the cake he mentioned in his letter to donald trump, take a listen. >> i like you so much that i had a birthday about you. my cake with the shape of your hat. >> it turns out his mother had to bake birthday cake for him because they could not find the bakery willing to do that. this is ruffling feathers on
2:46 am
social media. angel said go to someone else. i hope they go out of business. this tweet saying isn't that discrimination? discrimination or freedom of speech, reminding a lot of people of the baker who refuse to bake a cake for these things. heather: the little red cake. she did a great job. she could go into business herself. university of georgia people can change their grade. university of georgia professor introduced interesting class policies, students can actually change their grade if they are stressed out. here are some of the other -- they can be open but come all tests and exams designed to assess low-level mastery of course material. if you are stressed by your grade you can email the
2:47 am
instructor with what grade you think is appropriate and you can change it and only positive comments about presentations will be given in class, can't even criticize students or engage in a little bit of a debate. >> what is the point going to that school? this would have made college a lot easier. rob: makes life 10,000 times harder when you graduate. what is coming up? >> i give carly and a on that even though she is not part of that program. it will be a new show coming away, congressman louis gohmert says hr mcmasters is a problem and should go. he will ambassador nikki haley will be live with us in studio, what a victory for her over the weekend with the sanctions on north korea, and jason j fitz --chaffetz will talk about his
2:48 am
revolution and the bernie sanders children's book as well as west virginia governor jim justice. what was it like at the rally with donald trump? a quick look at some of the guests coming away. if you promise to put something on, get dressed and watch us for three straight hours. here comes the commercial. growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at
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>> senator joe mention absolutely unloading on his critics. the west virginia democrat being attacked for not voting along party lines, he is up for reelection next year but tells the charleston gazette mail, quote, i don't give a blank.
2:52 am
i don't care if i get elected, don't care if i get defeated. if they think because i'm up for election i can be wrangled into voting for blank but i don't like, they are all crazy. rob: maxine waters not ruling out the concept of an all-black political party, have got to organize their power. >> should start their own political party. >> not at this point. you got to show that you are willing and able to put the numbers together and exercise your influence. >> when black people are strong enough they could branch out into their own parties. >> sanctuary city showdown brewing between the justice department and chicago mayor rahm emanuel as that city sues after the administration vowed to block federal grants that do not comply with the fed.
2:53 am
the doj fires back. heather: the center for immigration studies, what is your point of view? is there a case on this? >> no. incredible, where do citizens of chicago go to get sanctuary from policies inflicted on them by their leaders? federal law says sanctuary policies are illegal and in order to get funding from the department of justice you have to be in compliance with federal laws, it is a violation of federal law against sanctuaries, a federal judge says it is fine for the payment of justice to withhold funds if jurisdictions are not complying, and the city of chicago, changing their policies which would protect
2:54 am
everyone in chicago, they have instead decided to file a lawsuit, spending more taxpayer money, they stand little chance of winning. >> not just chicago. and raped by this illegal immigrant deported 20 times. the other thing, impacts law enforcement, make their jobless safe, to track these people down. >> they don't want to cooperate with the feds because it is disruptive and scary to the immigrant community blues people in the community are scared of the release of criminal aliens back into the community. it makes no sense, doesn't
2:55 am
affect community policing in any way and the federal government has to step in because sanctuaries are not going to change on their own and taxpayers should not subsidize dangerous policies. rob: the trump administration say they are rounding up criminals and looking for criminal illegal aliens. when you look at poll numbers when they ask people what they think of things where he cities the problem they have with them is allowing criminal aliens back into the community. there is a consensus most would agree with the way this is being operated, lines are being blurred in all the rhetoric. heather: it is 80% they should follow federal standards. >> that is exactly right. >> sorry we didn't have more time but we will try to get to you next time. 55 minutes after the hour. heather: you can't get enough of
2:56 am
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3:00 am
>> that's my hood, dude. heather: that goode goat, can't get enough of the oklahoma officer's cruiser there. rob: finally the ugly here, motorcycle carrying four people smashes into a car bursts into flames in china. a motorcycle with four people. they're all okay. heather: i was going to say. are they? "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> jeff sessions firing back at the city of chicago saying comply with the law or forego taxpayer dollars. >> we are a welcoming city and always will be. >> rahm would rather fight trump than fight crime. >> this has a lot more to do with big coalition democratic politics than with new found love and respect for federalism. >> u.s. spy satellites have spotted north korea loading antiship cruise missiles on to a patrol boat. >> this is a rapidly dangerous situation that's being created by the north koreans. >> it's reckless, it's irresponsibl


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