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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 8, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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the heritage foundation. thank you. >> thank you, jon. >> jon: ominous news. let's hope it's not true. >> >> melissa: thank you so much for joining us. >> jon: continuing live fox news coverage on this breaking coverage with harris faulk necessary on america's news headquarters. ♪ >> harris: thanks a lot, jon. here is the fox news alert for this hour. north korea has reportedly produced a miniaturized nuclear war head that can fit inside its missiles. "the washington post is reporting u.s. intelligence officials admit it brings kim jong un one step closer to becoming a full-fledged nuclear power. this comes as rex tillerson is in asia pressing for more help in dealing with the rogue regime. meanwhile ambassador nikki haley praised russia and china at the u.n. for their help. >> i think that with china we basically said enough talk. we're done. and you have the ability to control 90% of their trade and you can't make excuses
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anymore. to their credit, they stepped up. we did some heavy negotiations. we got them there. russia, i think they wanted to delay it initially. i don't think that's what they wanted but we got them there and as long as they were there, that's what matters. >> harris: as the hard facts come in, let's go to senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot with more. greg? >> gregg: harris, it is an alarming report coming from "the washington post and at least one of my valued sources on the subject of north korea thinks that it is true. let's go through the report very quickly. "the washington post" quoting defense intelligence officials saying this north korea is now capable of producing nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery. that is a war head small enough to put on one of the many missiles that they have been testing. north korea, if you remember, has been claiming exactly that. last year, in fact, they said they tested one such bomb and even showed a picture, which we weren't sure was accurate or not, showing kim jong un with a
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miniaturized bomb. again, we weren't sure that was true. but, if this report is true, it means that these icbms, for example, two of them that we have seen launched last month, that we have been saying was capable of hitting the united states could have something on top. again, harris, let me go back to my sources mark fitzpatrick institute of strategic studies. i just got off the phone with him discussing this with him. is he based in washington, d.c. he says basically this is what analysts have been saying for a while now. that north korea is capable of doing this. that they are very competent technological people. they have been working on this for 30 years. but governments have been a little bit more reticent to say they are at this crucial threshold. i think my own analysis, harris, is that today, early this morning, u.s. time, japan came out with a report citing their own officials
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saying that they believed the north korea was capable of miniaturizing these nuclear warheads. perhaps, that is what pushed some people in washington to talk to the "the washington post" about this and say. this one final note on, this harris, is that also in that report, it says that there are 60 warheads now possibly in the arsenal of north korea. fitzpatrick and others think that is a little bit high. it's maybe more like 20 or 30. frankly, that's quibbling with numbers at this point, harris. >> harris: you are mentioning japan and our military, our officials, rather, wanting to get out ahead of the story if you will. japan would want to put that information out. their own capability because, remember the latest launch by north korea came within 230 miles of their coast line. of course they would want to get the word out that we are going to be able to defend ourselves. what's being done right now to prevent this from encroaching any farther? >> yeah, harris. as we have been reporting
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today, secretary of state tillerson has been very active trying to gather support in the region of southeast asia for the u.n. security council sanctions that were passed over this weekend, basically that could cut maybe a billion dollars out of annual revenue coming in to north korea that could fuel those programs. today, he was in thailand, also in malaysia. major trading partners with north korea, trying to convince them to tow the line on this. and, we have been hearing from north korea, too. their state media has been pumping out the usual rhetoric we have been hearing from the regime of kim jong un saying something like that they are getting ready for a savage physical attack on the united states in the wake of these sanctions, which were basically written by the united states. specifically claiming that they did have the capability of hitting the mainland of the united states and with this latest information, all that has a little bit more resonance, harris.
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>> harris: greg, before i let you go, i want to lean in on your own expertise. have you been to north korea. have you been following the chain behind that curtain that we cannot see. enhance your reporting, if you can, with your own experience. >> well, in fact, talking to the people on the ground as we have been and our business to pyongyang their library is that we have it. we have the weaponry. we have the missiles. we are able to use them and there is no taking them away from us. i had a lengthy conversation with one official. and he said that it was just basically a joke to think that we would give that up obviously, the united states, the international committee thinks otherwise, through pressure, through economic means, they could actually get the minds to think otherwise in pyongyang. but they believe that this essentially ensures their survival. they believe if they can have something that they claim, at least, with maybe some proof, some evidence
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could threaten the united states, then the united states won't mess with it. so they see the nuclear arsenal, most the missiles and the war head as very important to their survival and by their survival i really mean kim jong un and his regime and the people they have around them. they see this as critical. and when you hear the foreign minister of north korea spoke as he did at the manila, philippines summit yesterday saying that is not on the negotiating table. he wasn't just bluffing. again, the thinking otherwise from the united states and the u.n. is that maybe sanctions may be pressure get them to change their minds. >> harris: all right, greg palkot. thank you for that. in addition to awful your great reporting, we appreciate it. the new analysis by the u.s. defense intelligence agency is estimating north korea now has nuclear weapons in its arsenal. that is the breaking news this hour. republican congressman darrell issa is on the house foreign affairs committee. congressman, i'm glad you are here for the breaking news. we were going to talk about other things. we have moved those off the table now to yield to this.
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i want to share with you what secretary of state rex tillerson said just days ago to north korea, you know, via the airwaves. we do not seek a regime change. he made that very clear. why is that so important in terms of getting the information out for our allies to jump on board with this? >> well, you need -- rex is doing exactly the right thing. the secretary understands that this is very much like 55 years ago when john f. kennedy and his administration faced the cuban missile crisis. you may not want him as a leader. we didn't want castro as a leader. but you have to say to the world and particularly to their benefactors which is in this case china, instead of russia, that you must understand this is something we will not tolerate and diplomatically or, if necessary, through force, we are going to stop it. this was the greatest challenge, perhaps, of john f. kennedy's administration. this is a very similar
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moment. these are the days that will test rex tillerson, jim mattis and the president because it is exactly like the threat we had more than half a century ago that was faced down diplomatically but with the explicit potential use of force if that fails. and as secretary tillerson goes around, that's the message he has to say is that we cannot tolerate it. this is not a moment in which we can have long deliberations or some sort of aid program to woo him away from it. this is exactly where we were 55 years ago and we can't tolerate it. >> harris: and we can't flinch. because as you just heard our reporter, greg palkot who has been inside behind the curtain as i put it, of north korea and seeing some of what is going on there in terms of people on the ground, strength is what they respect, even their citizenry. because they know what their leader is like. so how do we show strength?
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congressman, without going to war? >> we show it by showing the trading partners. the people who in some cases and that's what these sanctions are about have been using what amounts to slave labor. north koreans who work for nothing but food and the money goes to north korea to fund their hard money requirements that that is no -- the united nations security council voted unanimously to stop it and that means that secretary tillerson is backed by the entire united nations, including the explicit permission of china and russia shah to cause an end to that funding which begins to, if you will, put the kind of pressure we have not previously put on north korea. one thing about north korea is that they have $4 billion in hard money, they will spend it all on weapons. so we cannot assume that a minor sanction will change their way. only a true major sanction, one that cuts off aid to his generals and changes his calculus on survival. and that's what we're doing.
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and we're doing it with the kind of soft power that i don't think we have seen in a long time. power of diplomacy. but, salute, as you said, harris, unflinching power of diplomacy. >> harris: you know, i want to talk about the roles of russia and china right now. russia, and the investigation and all the focus that's been put into that here recently. they now are very critical players in this whole situation because nikki haley, our ambassador at the u.n. said thank you to china and russia for supporting the sanctions against north korea. >> and this is the reality of diplomacy and i think the american people understand it. on one hand you may call somebody an evil empire. on another hand you can call them an unfair trade partner. but, when it comes to managing a world at peace, you have to look at the major powers, which include russia and china even more so today. and you have to be able to work past your differences when it's keeping people out
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of an atrocious war. you know, 70 years ago, in the 1950s, 600,000 or more chinese died defending north korea. north korea could not have survived the korean war. the conflict was ended at a stalstalemate because china intervened. china is aware if they don't intervene in favor of north korea, north korea will fall. that's really why china's vote was so critical. it said to north korea, enough. >> harris: wow, congressman, it really is chilling to hear you compare history that wasn't all that long ago with what we're going through today. it puts it in such position and clarity. i want to talk with you about how politically ready we are. because you hear about authorizations in congress and can you all get on the same page about anything. are you on the same page about north korea? >> i believe we are. i know many of my democratic colleagues on the armed services committee, on the
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foreign affairs committee and and candidly, even on the intelligence committee. and we have all looked at much of the same data. we, the house, under chairman he had royce, we added the north korean sanction language to the bill that the president signed. and he signed it without reservation. so i think what you've seen is broadly house and senate bipartisan behavior, coupled with the president more than acquiescing but recognizing that this -- all the other challenges are important, but this is one that is time sensitive. we must stop north korea now or the south korean people and be honest the american people face a threat we cannot tolerate. exactly the way, and i said it for a reason. this is the equivalent of john kennedy's moment for president trump. and he and his administration so far are rising to the challenge in the way the american people want to see.
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>> harris: well, and the american people want to hear that confidence. they need to hear that confidence. because, as you lay this out, this is different over a fight that might be policy that will roll out down the road. this is immediate and life-threatening if they can reach us with what i'm reading about. we have a general to talk about minutemen and all we're ready for. sir, we appreciate your time on what we are ready to do politically and what it looks like down the road in that regard. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. i'm glad to be able to report we are a bipartisan group on these issues. >> harris: got it. congressman, thank you. >> than thanks, harris. >> harris: so you heard congressman issa talking about the white house, the president there. let's go now with our reporting and get reaction with laura ingle in bridgewater, new jersey not far from the private golf club where the president is staying. laura. >> hi, harris. the president is expected to hold a briefing at that golf club on a different subject the opioid crisis. that has been on his schedule really since
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yesterday. right now we don't have any reaction. but with everybody gathered, we are certainly hoping that we are going to get something, a comment or some kind of statement out of that meeting today. so far there has been no official reaction from the white house and no new tweets from the president on the subject since early this morning. mr. trump tweeted about the u.n. sanctions know on north korea earlier today tweeting: reluctant -- i'm sorry, that is the recent tweet that he just did about the clinton and lynch meeting. all right. so earlier today, he wrote this: after many years of failure, countries are coming together to finally address the dangers posed by north korea. we must be tough and decisive. now, president trump received his daily intelligence briefing earlier today. that much we know. a short while ago, as you have been reporting, the report by "the washington post talking about the information from the confidential assessments from u.s. intelligence officials that north korea is making those missile ready nuclear weapons. earlier today on "fox &
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friends," u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley talked about the recent u.n. sanctions and said the message would be clear to north korean leader kim jong un. listen. >> this had to happen. we had to go after his hard currency. we had to stop him. how he responds, he is going to now have to think what's the end game? is he really going to come after the united states knowing what the united states can do back? he has got to make that calculation. he now has to decide that. >> and that briefing is expected to happen at 3:00 p.m. eastern, harris. and we have been told by the white house press pool that the white house chief of staff general kelly and kellyanne conway, counselor to the president, will be on hand. when that meeting is over, those 2 are expected to come to us to where all the reporters are gathered to give us debrief about the briefing that happened on the opioid crisis and hopefully we will get some reaction from them on what's happening right now with north korea. >> harris: well, and the news is moving so quickly with regard to north korea, laura. i didn't miss from your reporting just then that yes, he is the chief of staff, but he is going to
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have a general with him in tow. it just adds more texture to the changes we are reading about and hearing about in terms of what is happening inside the white house. thank you so much, laura from bringing us the report from bedminster, new jersey. let's turn back now to the breaking news on north korea. "the washington post is reporting u.s. officials believe kim jong un's regime now has missile-ready nuclear weapons. what will that mean for the united states and the physical nature of what we're putting together to protect ourselves here? trace gallagher joins us to take us lye through the nuts and bolts if you will, trace? >> hi, harris, north korea has been distributing phony video propaganda for years that appears to show major cities in the u.s., like san francisco in ruins after an imagined nuclear strike. the video hasn't gotten much distraction over the years because at the time north korea really couldn't fire a missile beyond the korean peninsula. well, now we know the north has a missile that at the very least is capable of reaching the shores of alaska, which is about
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3700 miles away. so, the north is certainly advancing faster than most military experts predicted. but the west coast of the united states is almost 6,000 miles away, still well out of range for now. but west coast cities are taking action. in fact, because of preparations for potential terrorist attacks after 9/11, los angeles county is actually more prepared today for a limited nuclear attack than it was during the cold war. the county has special vehicles, planes, boats. they are all equipped with sensors to quickly scan and assess radiation levels. in november, in fact, the los angeles county sheriff's department was planning a pretty extensive exercise to assess the county's ability to respond to a nuclear attack. lawmakers in hawaii and alaska are also getting their what if scenarios in place including putting together information campaigns designed to guide people on what to do in case of a strike. remember, the old duck and cover drills that we all had to do in skill back in the
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run-up to the cold war? that civil defense program was arrangely abandoned because the thinking at the time was any attack from the soviets would lead to all-out war and telling people to duck and cover would be pretty futile which is why the military tested a ground based interceptor at vandenberg air force base, north of los angeles back in may. and according to the missile defense agency, that test successfully took out a mock icbm. it's the intercontinental ballistic missile, of course, korea has fired that they say will gov about 3,000 miles. the u.s. has another 32 ground based interceptors at fort grealey in alaska. they would likely be the first line of defense against a north korean icbm. the question, of course, is will the interceptors work in real life? and lastly, we should note, harris, that a lot of experts have said that we should not at least advertise that we're starting a civil defense program like what's
11:19 am
happening in los angeles and san francisco and portland because they believe that in turn would give kim jong un more confidence that he is actually rattling the united states. >> harris: you know, it's interesting. because there are two schools of thought on that, trace. that is if you let the monster on the other side know that you can hunt it, maybe it would change its ways. i guess it plays either way. we will have to see. thank you very much. >> yes, sure. >> harris: what could be a game changer now that we have been telling you about the north korea crisis? well, there is now word the north has managed to minute temperature rise a war head to fit inside of a missile. in-depth look at the growing threat as we bring a general with us. and the city of chicago is fighting back inside court challenging the trump administration rules that would make it possible for sanctuary cities to get some federal grants. will the lawsuit prevail? we'll talk about it. i'm harris faulkner. you are watching fox news with all that's breaking. stay close. [upbeat music]
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>> harris: continuing coverage this afternoon of the news that is breaking that north korea has miniaturized nuclear capability to fit it on to a war head and fire it. general jack keane is a retired four star general, chairman of the institute for the study of war and a fox news military analyst. someone that we depend on heavily during these times. general, this is disturbing news. it is an important story anyway, but now taken so much farther considering that north korea has just said that its nuclear program is not negotiable. >> yeah. i mean, we knew this news was coming, certainly. because north korea has done everything they said they were going to do. develop ballistic missile capability. medium range. develop submarine ballistic
11:24 am
missile capability. develop long-range missile capability and finally develop intercontinental ballistic. they have done all of that they have done it as remarkable speed. most of those missiles, harris, we have got to keep going back to this look remarkably like the chinese. i believe they are absolutely complicit in north korea's missile development. they said they were going to develop miniaturized nuclear weapon capable of fixing it to intercontinental ballistic missile it appears they have developed such a device. if we are going to believe "the washington post. i believe it's probably credible given the confirmation that they have had. also our administration is very much aware of all of what we are talking about here today and obviously that was on the table when they went in to the negotiations with the russians and the chinese over this recent sanction policy that they got out of the u.n. so, our administration, our leaders here are clear-eyed about what is happening because they have been privy to this information for some
11:25 am
time. >> harris: i want to read something to you, general, given all that you have just laid out there and what we have known. "the weekly standard" put out an op-ed and it says at this point the united states has no options that don't involve the risk of war. there is an argument to be made for preemptively striking north korean missile launch sites but preemptive strikes barring a coo would provoke a war. the u.s. military could shoot down a north korean test missile. there are risks but the potential advantages are considerable. of what are your thoughts on that? >> absolutely. those options are clearly on the table beginning with something more benign like shooting down a test vehicle as apposed to take out actual facilities themselves. remember what's happening here. kim jong un has departed from his father and grandfather and said it's no longer my objective to prevent regime change by pointing nuclear weapons at south korea.
11:26 am
he said he doesn't think that holds the united states from regime change. it's foolishness but that's his belief. he believes he has to put the american people at risk. he also believes, this harris. he is absolutely convinced that the united states will acquiesce and accept his nuclearized icbm just as we accepted him having nuclear weapons. just as we accepted china having nuclearized icbms. that's what he sees. that'sed what he believes is going to happen eventually. his miscalculation is, in my judgment, that was likely true with the appeasement and accommodations that president obama did with the far east, with the middle east, and with the russians. this is a different administration. i don't believe for a minute that president trump is going to accept a nuclearized icbm capable of destroying the american people. i don't see that kind of accommodation being made. and it's got to factor in
11:27 am
that kim jong un's calculation here. >> harris: sure. >> the one that's going to help him think through this has got to be china. >> harris: stop right there. i want to come back with what you said before that was so troubling. you said that you saw the markings, if you will, of just the chinese maybe involvement in where north korea is with its nuke's capability. how can -- wouldn't that be mutually exclusive that you would anticipate that you would see some sort of fingerprints, if you will, and then also almost desperately need them to get in to keep this from escalating? >> well, i think the chinese, particularly on the more aggressive premier g. during the 8 years of the obama administration made a calculation that he can revise the regional order in the western pacific and the south china sea and east china sea that china will begin to dominate. they have been doing that during that time frame that we can nuclearize an icbm, north korea to the point where it's going to push back the united states, not
11:28 am
make the united states more aggressive. i think that's the calculation that's been going on. however, we have a different president and a different administration who takes a different view. and i think north korea and china are both making the adjustment to that. china admitting to these sanctions. now, these sanctions are more comprehensive than the seven that have failed before. but, at the same time, it's not going to seriously impact north korea where we put their economy at risk because their clothing and textile industry is not touched. and even their labor force that's out there where they make millions and millions of dollars w. where they are hired by the chinese and russians are not cutting back on it just not increasing it. so i think there is more to be done here, particularly with china. and china -- listen, the trump administration is making a major effort, certainly to work with china to avoid having to do the options that you mentioned that are in the "weekly standard." they certainly are aware of
11:29 am
those, but the risks associated with them are significant. >> harris: all right. i want to lean on your strategy side as a general. i want to ask our team in the booth, the control room to pop back up that schematic that showed the distances of certain things that they might be able to hit in short order from north korea. you know, we had a report on by greg palkot, general, a short time ago who said well, the sources say it may be fewer than 60 of these nukes that they would have. maybe it's 30 or 40. talk to me about what they might be thirsty to hit first and does it really make all that much difference if they have 20 fewer? >> well, the numbers become somewhat irrelevant, not in terms of the human toll, certainly, but in terms of the act itself. i don't believe kim jong un is an irrational actor. i think he has a strategy. it's calculated. he clearly wants to make certain that the united states never ever conducts
11:30 am
regime change. he is buying in to the fact that the united states will, indeed, acquiesce here and he is also making a bet that china is not going to significantly interfere. that means in his mind, he never has an intent of conducting a first strike on the united states. the reality is we would destroy north korea if he did that because of our enormous capability that we have to destroy every major city in north korea and he certainly is aware of that we have submarines parked off the coast there that can do that in and of themselves. and we have bombers and ballistic missiles as well that can obliterate it he understands all of that. but the problem we have with that is that he is not russia and he is not china. and we do not trust him. so, therefore, i don't believe this administration will accept a nuclearized
11:31 am
icbm as we did in the soviet union and as we did in china. >> harris: one last question. we have been talking about our own capability. the minutemen through program. the significance of that and are we ready? and i just have a few seconds, but i want to make sure our audience hears it from you, general. >> oh, yeah. absolutely. our offensive missile capabilities, while they have been atrophying to be sure we are upgrading them and we can deal with that reality as horrific as that is. what we have been putting on fast forward is our missile defense capability. the ground based mid course capability that we're putting in alaska and also in california we have had problems with those, 50% have failed. we are putting in new sensors and and enhancing them. >> harris: you're confident? >> that's a last ditch effort. if we have a missile coming to the united states and we have got to defend it from alaska, that's a pretty
11:32 am
serious situation that we have on our hands. but it has to be solid. and we're going to have to do more. it's in the national defense authorization act to put more money into it. >> harris: general keene, thank you very much, we're coming back from reports from the pentagon. say that close. you don't let anything
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at the lexus golden opportunity sales event before it ends. choose from the is turbo, es 350 or nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months if you lease now. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> harris: breaking news this hour on fox news channel as this story continues to develop. the growing nuclear threat from north korea. a report now that that nation has produced a nuclear war head small enough to fit in a missile.
11:36 am
we have fox news team coverage with rich edson who is standing by at the state department. we're going to turn now to lucas tomlinson who is at the pentagon with the late reslatestthere. >> lucas? >> pentagon officials are not confirming this report. it's been a long-time coming. warning for years about north korea's ability to miniaturize a nuclear war head and place on top a missile. it's note worthy that north korea has never demonstrated this capability. >> in record setting pails of missile tests this year and there have been over a dozen and that's fast approaching last year's record-setting number of 16. there has been over a dozen this year. north korea has never done three things operationally. that's hit a target, reenter the earth's atmosphere successfully and, three, miniaturize a nuclear war head. this report highlights how quickly north korea is progressing. now, let's just recap two of north korea's recent missile tests. until last month on
11:37 am
july 4th, north korea for the first time in its history successfully test-fired and intercontinental ballistic missile. a missile from north korea and hitting alaska and possibly part of the west coast of the united states. that missile traveled 1700 miles into space it flew for 39 minutes. and then late last month, in its second test, north korea launched another intercontinental ballistic missile. this one at night, which was very rare for the rogue communist regime. that missile flew 2300 miles into space or 45 minutes in the air. it was the longest and farthest missile test in the history of north korea. now, just to recap, the united states' posture when it comes to missile defense. the united states does have the ability to shoot down intercontinental ballistic missiles. by the end of the year there are going to be 44 interceptors at two air force bases in alaska and california. in late may, the u.s. missile defense agency successfully demonstrated the ability to shoot down an
11:38 am
intercontinental ballistic missile when it shot one down in space. now, it's noteworthy there is another kind of missile defense and that's from u.s. navy warships. in june the uss paul jones conducted a ballistic missile test and it failed. now, that's missile defense. there is a third option, people don't talk about it that much, but that's missile offense. the united states has over 400 intercontinental ballistic missiles of its own. it just conducted a test last month. these 400 missiles are located at air force bases in north dakota, montana and wyoming. the u.s. navy has ballistic missile submarines of the ohio class. each ballistic missile submarine, harris, carries 24 ballistic missiles. each one of those carries up to 10 independent warheads larger than the size of hiroshima and hit 240 cities. also has a fleet of long range bombers, b-52 and long range bombers. >> harris: as we get that information out, one thing
11:39 am
general keene knows if they strike first it, will be the only time they do strike. they will be obliterated. have you laid that third option, if you will, that potential to take the first step in response to anything that they would do. serious stuff. let's talk a little bit about, if you can, just the situation now at the state department. lucas, thank you very much. we're going to go to rich edson who is live at the state department. rich, it's interesting because the secretary of the state is in that region right now addressing this exact issue. he was just there on august 1st saying we are not your enemy, north korea. this is not a situation where we want a regime change. what is he saying now? >> well,, ahead of this think that he has taken to southeast asia to address this very issue sent that message to north korea saying we are not seeking regime change. that we would talk to you, just stop firing intercontinental or ballistic missiles. the secretary of state was in thailand today.
11:40 am
that's where he is continuing this pressure campaign that the united states and the trump administration are on to try to economically and diplomatically isolate north korea in a bid to try to force them to surrender their nuclear weapons program. and their ballistic missile program. now, the thailand trip today, the state department officials say north koreaible businesses have been using thailand as a hub to establish sham companies. north korea also has an embassy in thailand, so the u.s. pressed the thai government to sure up visa application and visa granting process and to also freeze out north korea diplomatically. this follows a meeting at international summit over the weekend and yesterday in the philippines where the u.s. pressed regional diplomats to do the same thing. cut off north korea diplomatically, isolate them economically. the u.n. security council to that end has just passed an additional round of sanctions. that's step one. an important step according to the u.s. but also these nations have to follow through and implement these sanctions
11:41 am
which can be also a difficult task, harris. >> harris: yeah. and then the criticism back here at home that the sanctions may not be tough enough, the 1 billion versus the 28 billion that they bring in and how much punishment their people would go through. but is it enough to deter? one thing that we have learned this hour from the general and from congressman issa is that it is enough money to maybe make kim jong un rethink about how he is going to be able to get that money to his generals. and if that causes him to change his game plan it may get his attention in that way. let's talk a little bit about china and any leverage it was with north korea the leveraging coming out of china to the north. what are you hearing from the state department. >> there is substantial trade relationship between north korea and china. china accounts for 90% of north korea's trade. that's the key here. that's what the state department and trump administration officials sees a the key to try to get north korea to crack down or china to crack down on north korea and that trade relationship. now, the state department and the us ambassador to the united nations nikki haley has said that north korea,
11:42 am
the sanctions that passed the u.n. security council over the weekend china voted for that. they are a member of the security council. so it was a large step that china voted for those increased sanctions. now the u.s. wants to see china follow through and begin to implement that a little bit more. the trump administration has been trying for months to get china to come along. china has its own interests here. it doesn't want a so destabilized north korea that they have a humanitarian crisis on their border. but they certainly don't want this aggressive behavior to continue. harris? >> harris: rich edson, thank you very much. the news is breaking this hour. north korea and some 60, between 40 and 60 nukes. a big test for the current administration. how will it, how should it respond? the news continues. stay close. >> i think it depends on what he does. you know, so if he goes and he still tests small things, he is going to watch his hard currency go way down. he will start to see some
11:43 am
real kicks when it comes to his ballistic missile program. if he chooses to do something more dangerous, the united states will respond accordingly. ♪
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safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. sometimes i leave the seat up on purpose. switching to allstate is worth it. war head that can fit inside its missiles. we will talk with the editor at "the washington post" newspaper which broke the story. we could also hear from the president next hour in his first public appearance since he began his stay at his new jersey golf club. that's coming up. shepard smith reporting. >> harris: now the developing news. north korea may have a nuclear weapon that can fit on a missile posing a major test for president trump. here's congressman darrell issa just moments ago this is the equivalent of john kennedy's moment for president trump.
11:47 am
he and his administration so far are rising to the challenge that the american people want to see. >> that happened inside the 2:00 p.m. eastern hour. now let's bring in the political panel. doug schoen a former advisor to president clinton and fox news contributor and matt schlapp. good to see you both, gentlemen. >> good to see you. >> harris: doug, i will start with you. you were in the white house with the former president at the time of the iran hostage-taking and there have been a lot of things that you have have seen that look like we are on the brink. have you heard congressman issa and the way he put it your thoughts? >> well, we are on the brink, harris. the question is what are we going to do beyond what we have done? because for 20 years, we have rattled the saber and north korea keeps testing and now we're on the brink of the potential of an existential moment for our country. i think we have to put more pressure on the chinese. i think we need to put more pressure at the u.n. but we have to actively
11:48 am
consider the use of europe lateral force. something nobody wants if, in fact, those steps do not get them, the north koreans to stand down. and we also have to consider regime change on a proactive basis. >> harris: wow. >> those are unpalatable thoughts, i know. >> harris: that rerah jet stream part because ourselves has said no uncertain terms we are not your enemy. we are not your threat. matt, i want to come to you. congressman issa said this president, president trump is going about it the right way so far. your thoughts? >> yeah. i agree with that, harris. i do think that the world knows that there is a new sheriff in charge of the government in america. and i think that comes with new policies. and what i can't help but think about is that when presidents come in to office, they offensive think that they will have a certain type of presidency. but then reality overtakes things. here you have a new president who is not a
11:49 am
globalist. he is not an interventionist. he has kind of attacked neocons in the past wars started by president george w. bush. but, yet, is he faced with this reality which is this other historical context that for almost 70 years we have had this policy of trying to prevent north korea from becoming nuclearized. and i think a lot of people look at this as an existential threat like doug said. it also reminds you why has trump tried to change the topic from a war of words with russia to really focusing on our real global threat, the number one global threat which is china. if you listen to what the general and the other people have been saying on your show, china's fingerprints are all over this nuclear program in north korea. and so we have got to get serious about those. >> harris: you caught that i asked general keene about that. aren't they oppositional that you see their fingerprints on it, yet you need to lean on them. isn't that almost exactly where we are with russia right now, doug? they were a huge component
11:50 am
in this 15-0 vote to put more sanctions on north korea inside the united nations. our ambassador, nikki haley thanked russia and china for their participation in that. >> well, i thanked them, too. but they have been working with and doing business with the north koreans on an almost unabated basis for the last 20 or 30 years. obviously we need these sanctions. but we need a lot more. we have to totally isolate this government. china, as matt was correctly saying and you were saying, harris, can literally turn out the lights in north korea and i urge them to cut off the power and cut off all economic dealing. >> harris: a lot of breaking news on this subject. we're glad to get your expertise as our political panel today. doug and matt, thank you very much. >> thank you, harris. >> thank you. >> harris: a question now about facebook. could the founder of facebook be gearing up for a career change? the move he is making that has some people wondering if he is thinking about a 1600
11:51 am
pennsylvania avenue address for him. is he going to run for the white house? mark zuckerberg, really? try biotène®, the #1 dentist recommended dry mouth brand. it's the only leading brand clinically proven to soothe, moisturize, and freshen breath. try biotène®. can make anyone slow downt and pull up a seat to the table. that's why she takes the time to season her turkey to perfection, and make stuffing from scratch. so that you can spend time on what really matters. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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>> harris: facebook's mark zuckerberg is on the road, apparently with ambitions and plans to hit all 50 states by the end of this year. he is calling it his national listening tour to look into the lives of his customers. hmmm. some observers say it looks like somebody who is preparing for a presidential run. peter doocy taking a closer look for us. peter, tea leaves. i don't get into that the strategists say they think they know what he is doing. what is that? >> they are looking at two things, his staff and his schedule. as for staff the zuckerberg foundation hired joel benson and has david plouffe on the payroll.
11:55 am
these are experts at getting people elected. zuckerberg has also been posting photos of him all over the place doing things normally only done by people who want to be president. eating the local fare with folks in iowa. touring factory floors in a hard hat and playing basketball. if he did decide to run for president, strategists say they see one distinct advantage he would have over everybody else. >> he has the infrastructure to reach pretty much everyone in america. every voter in america pretty much son facebook. and facebook has new functionalities that allow to you raise money through the platform that he could definitely leverage to his ad vantage as no candidate has ever done before. >> so far zuckerberg hasn't said he wants to be president neither have any of the other democrats rumored to be leaders come 2020. >> harris: i better keep an eye on my husband then because he eats a whole lot of local fare and plays a lot of ball. what do democratic strategists sees a zuckerberg's biggest challenge should he want to
11:56 am
run for the white house. >> harris, in a democratic primary it may be tough for zuckerberg to gain female support. like most companies in silicon valley there are not a ton of women working at facebook. this year facebook says they have increased the number of women in the office to 35% of the total workforce but that is just more than 1/3 of everybody working there. >> harris: wow, that's really interesting. peter doocy, thank you very much. always good to see you. we'll be right back. you don't let anything
11:57 am
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>> harris: an update now on our coverage of a military craft that went down. the u.s. marine corps is now considering temporarily grounding all of its marine osprey aircraft world why the military wants to reinforce proper flight training procedures for pilots and air crews. that this follows that deadly crash of osprey off the coast of australia over the weekend killing three meernsz. the navy is confirming a close call between a fighter jet and iranian drone. the drone came within 100 feet of our f-18 super hornet patrolling the
12:00 pm
international waters in the abeian golf gulf. they did issue a warning to the iranians. that does it on this breaking news day. i'm harris. here is jon scott in for shep. ♪ ♪ >> jon: this could change everything. "the washington post now reporting north korea has produced a nuclear war head small enough to fit on its missiles. we already know the country's military has missiles that can fly. thousands of miles. ahead, we'll look at how real the threat is to all of us. plus, an average of nearly 100 americans die each day from opioids. today president trump facing the crisis head on, taking part in a briefing about how to stop an epidemic that is taking far too many lives. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. we begin with breaking news on north korea's nuclear program. "the washington post reports dictator kim jong un


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