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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 8, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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north korea. bad options. we will always be fair and balanced. thank you for being with us.w we will see you back here tomorrow night. thank you for being with us. webrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrb. tucker is up next, and i'll see you at 9:00 for "the five." ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. north korea is threatening war with united states tonight. the north korean state media is wanting it may launch an attack against the u.s. territory of guam. this is just hours after president donald trump promised to unleash "fire and fury" against north korea. fox news chief national correspondent ed henry is tracking these developments. ed? >> good evening. they said they are examining plans to use medium to long-range missiles to strike areas around guam. it is home to thousands of u.s. military personnel and their families as both sides now brace for the possibility of war. that threat from the communist nation came just hours after the
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president reacted strongly to a blockbuster new report from u.s. intel officials revealing north korea has been able to miniaturize nuclear warheads that can fit inside missiles. north korean dictator kim jong loan is on the verge of being able to reach major cities and sparks this threat from the president. >> north korea at best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. he has been very threatening beyond normal state, and as i said, they will be met with fire, fury, and, frankly, power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. thank you. >> democrat dianne feinstein quickly charged face as bombastic rhetoric from the president that will only further isolate north korea adding, she wants direct u.s.-north korean
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talks to do with the situation. that is not something the administration is talking about right now, lori. >> ed, thanks. good evening, everyone, as we continue with "tucker carlson" tonight. i'm laura ingraham filling with tucker. president trump is administering rhetoric for north korea, but trump has already tried to contain kim jong aune's world regime by other means both beijing and moscow voted with us to levy more sanctions in response to north korea's nuclear program, but that won't be enough by itself. all the experts tell us that china is the key to containing kim jong-un's regime, blocking the quest for nuclear missiles capable of hitting mainland usa. but if they are the key partner, well, they haven't been a cooperative one. there was no sanctions don't affect, for instance, china's critical shipments of oil to north korea, nor does it punish the chinese banks that still do business there. don't expect much change from
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the portly 30-something communist who suffers from a clear case of mental envy. china has made billions propping up two of the most dangerous regimes in the world, north korea and iran. about $3 billion every year in experts to pyongyang, and over 11 years, has done virtually nothing to stop the regime's long and deadly march toward becoming a full-fledged nuclear power. it is telling that so many of washington's newfound foes seem to have little problem with the communist regime in china. russia, not china, my friends, is the real foe, they say. well, let's compare. hacking into our government computer system? russia get that, but so did china. just a few years ago, china sold stole sensitive background check files a 50 million federal employees, which seems a bit worse than maybe nabbing some embarrassing emails. how about human rights abuses?
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no one knows just how many political prisoners they have jailed, but recall the horrific case of the pulitzer prize-winning activist who recently died languishing in chinese detention of cancer. how about territorial ambition? look no further than the island china has built in the south china sea. or their expansion into africa where they just constructed their first overseas military base in djibouti. or what about the theft of intellectual property, and other trade violation? since joining the wto, china has flouted every rule that exists, devastating american manufacturing and mildly distorting the marketplace. so don't you think we should spend less time attacking russia and acting like we are living in the 1985, you know, the film "red dawn," and maybe spend some time thinking about what happened to our own freedom and prosperity if, someday soon,
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china supplants the u.s. as the world's dominant economic and military power. it is time to face the hard facts. the only country that can change north korea's behavior is china, and until we get more leverage over china, our ability to change the dynamic with north korea will be extremely limited. patrick ran field as a lecturer at georgetown university and served as a speechwriter to obama's defense secretary, ash carter, and he joins us now. it is great to see you, big news night here tonight. first your reaction to the news today that it looks like we're getting closer to, perhaps, some type of big confrontation with north korea? >> laura, i think it is helpful to dial down some of the rhetoric and take a couple of steps back. too i think we have to give credit where credit is due, to the trump administration, to nikki haley, for the sanction package that was passed. it is very hard to get china to be on a side like an issue with
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north korea, and that should count as a big victory for the trump administration that the most aggressive sanctions to date or pass this past weekend. now, even had rex tillerson saying on monday in manila that he was willing to have some sort of talks of the north koreans if they would freeze the element of the nuclear program, but today, only the last couple of hours, we have seen sort of the calculus change with the president's rhetoric, promising fire and fury, saying that not even in response to an attack but in response to north korea's words that would be the response. >> laura: what was accomplished in the last 11 years? obviously, you worked for secretary kerry. spent a lot of time on the russian issue at the end and on north korea. but we have tried a lot, and president obama, i guess, made some efforts to try to help north korea, but much like with president bush and before him, president clinton, didn't get very far. a little bit of heavy rhetoric from president trump, i don't see other changes the calculus,
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especially coming off of at least a mild sanction increase by china. >> you're right, but this does go back to 2006 when north korea were nuclear under president bush, and continue through the obama administration where there were various attempts to ramp up sanctions. actually, november 30th of 2016 when the obama administration we can significantly north korean economy by limiting its access to call with unanimous consent e chinese and russians. >> laura: they kept shipping call though. what about the many monologue? my point here is, we spent all this time and energy on russia, the russians are coming. look, i was in the soviet union in 1973, those were scary times. we could better relate not get democrats, most democrats, to pay attention to the old soviet union. you guys are saber rattlers, now all of a sudden, rush is big 12 united states, you heard me lay
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it out, stealing intellectual property, it's becoming very militaristic and how they are developing their technology. they have the china 2025 program with a safety dominant almost every major industry. if you disagree that china is a bigger threat to the united states and russia is? >> we are the united states of america and we need to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. we need to be able to combat nuclear adversaries, high-threat ever stays, whether it is the chinese or russians at the same time. >> russia's economy is about the size of germany. we have a 2.3 million man army, a standing army, in china. that is real power, and they have a $365 trade deficit, going up this year, by the way. again, going back to john kerry, what do we actually do to confront this idea that china is growing -- china's growing military and economic power at e
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were basically flat and china is rising under the eight beers of obama? >> two things we did with north korea we took 60% of our highest development, our highest-developed assets and place them in the pacific as part of the rebound station. we also developed capabilities but now the south koreans have. >> laura: we have had a pivot, it was a pivot and then became a rebalance. >> the language changed. >> laura: you don't disagree though that china, from 2009, when president obama was inaugurated to the lesser he was in office, eight years later, china became much more powerful, becoming much more powerful economic and military force. you don't disagree with that, do you? >> i think one of the greatest moves and american diplomacy was richard richard nixon, a republican president, reaching out, and billions of people -- i don't think we should be threatened by that. >> laura: the wto, you think
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the wto, all these years later, it has been a real positive for the united states and united states workers? >> i think there is a net positive in a china that behaves according to expectations, and we have to be strong, but we have to be balanced. >> laura: china just got jacked up in those eight years. i don't understand how you can say, like, from 2009 2009 to 2e didn't see a market increase in the power and strength of china. now we need trying to help us, like, thanks for during some sanctions. but they are continuing oil shipments in their continuing banking and banks and north korea, a huge help to the north korean economy. china could stop this tonight if it wanted to commit yes or no? >> not necessarily. not necessarily. i think you are giving china too much credit. they china's want to this, they want to know that they are the and all mbl. can't have too much credence by
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thinking they can completely do this. spoon if it weren't for china, they would have any lights on. >> only got tough on the chinese, and i think trump was right in doing so, the russian stepped in and help north koreans with oil. i think that just goes to show. >> laura: you are going to end the segment by saying russia is a bigger threat than china? >> i think we need to be strong with china and russia. >> laura: what about a world where china is a dominant military power, how does that change the freedom calculus in this country? we should think about what that world would look like, spend more time thinking about it. patrick, great to have your own. i appreciated. this story has dominated the news today, and earlier, you are an investor nikki haley touted what she said is china stepper approach toward north korea's rogue regime. >> china, and said to the international community, we're going to follow through and we want everyone else to do it. it is a new tone coming from china. i think that with china, we basically said, enough talk, we
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are done, and you have the ability control 90% of their trade, and you can't make excuses anymore. to their credit, they start up, we did some heavy negotiations, we got them there. >> laura: we have a fellow at the hoover institution joining us now. great to see you, usually talk to you on the radio, how are you doing? >> very good, thank you for having me, laura. >> laura: this issue is one of my favorite issues. here we are, perhaps on the verge of war with north korea, the one country that could really, in a matter of maybe a day or two, change the calculus, and they went a little bit farther. but are you persuaded by nikki haley's triumphant, they change the tone comment? >> i'm happy they had some u.n. sanctions, only because it drives a ledge, a little wedge, at least, between china, russia, north korea. the propaganda minister called the riffraff today. but ultimately, china is the only country, as he said, the
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compression north korea, and where the only country that can pressure china. if it is intolerable to threaten seoul with a preemptive strike and it's intolerable to let them have missions to take out facebook, apple, google in minutes, then we have to find a new strategy to escalate gradually up into in between those poles. i don't see why chinese, and the elites in china, why they stuck it to buy property in the united states, where they still send kids to caltech and stanford, by that we don't have a missile defense system that includes taiwan, japan, south korea, australia, the philippines. it not only deters north korea but a first strike ability of china. that would get their attention. spoon yeah, yeah. yeah. go ahead. >> china is not in such a great position. therefore, nuclear powers on the border, india, pakistan, north korea, they are not always
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predictable, do they really want another two with japan and south korea? we have to introduce that. i don't think china would like south korea talking way north korea does about that -- >> laura: what would china do, victor, if the shoe were on the other foot and it was a south korea leader who was threatening with the same table for us what north korea is doin doing? do you think they would -- yeah. >> no, they would put up with that. we know they would do. they are in dispute right now and they are talking as north korea does. they are furious. and we have to get their attention. it is also a reminder, by the way, that deterrence is very hard to achieve and it is squandered very easily. the last eight years when we had redlines and step-over lines and deadlines that didn't mean anything and withdrawing from iraq precipitously, letting the straggly islands must take hold, people got the wrong impression that we are militarily weak, and wars are suddenly mike
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sometimes done that way. we don't need a president anymore in a conversation talking about being taxable missile defense, even in a different context. we have got to restore deterrence. i do think we are very lucky in one sense that, with all the controversy over our generals, that mcmaster and mattis and kelly, nobody knows more about global commerce and tillerson. we have guys like pompeop. we have very good guys, and i think something short of the less idea that you can live with the west coast in the range of nuclear missile. >> laura: is the qualm thing real, victor? >> i don't know. we don't know. but i know one thing, as we are working this thing out, iran is watching this, and it is a laboratory of their own trajectory. they are thinking, what is going to work with north korea it will
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work with us. so if we don't find a solution, short of war, then we're going to be helpless with iran. i think there are these increasing steps that we can make it painful for china. you've got to get rid of the idea, laura, that it is not their self interest. this is a diabolical move to bifurcate the united states and south korea. because suddenly, for the first time in 70 years, we are saying to south korea, you may want to pursue a sentient policy or whatever it is. but we have different interests now, it's called the west coast. it's not just seoul anymore. we need to do something like that and bifurcate north korea. >> it would be nice if we actually had a bipartisan conset china represents a bigger threat to the united states, national security threat, then russia. that would be nice if people contemplated that. >> i think you are exactly right about russia, because we lost an opportunity.
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nixon and kissinger triangulated, it's not that we can chew, at the same time and have two adversaries, we don't want adversaries. >> laura: why not drive a wedge between the two of them. thank you so much. up next, we're going to talk to one of president trump's closest advisors. stephen miller will be there. plus, director spike lee is trying to pressure the nfl into signing: cap next back. signing: cap next back. what is his
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for years, centurylink has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: he is a rising star in the trump administration, and lastly, senior policy advisor
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stephen miller took the podium at the white house press briefing room where he aggressively defended the administration's immigration plan against jim acosta's efforts to sate a 130-year-old home as constitutional law. >> are we going to bring in people from great britain and australia? >> i am shocked at your statement that you think that only people from great britain and australia would know englis english. it reveals your cosmopolitan bias to a shocking degree that in your mind -- no, this is an amazing moment, this is an amazing moment that you think only people from great britain or australia would speak english is so insulting to millions of hardworking immigrants who do speak english from all over the world -- jim, have you honestly never met an immigrant from another country who speak english outside of great britain and australia? is that your personal experience? speak of course there are
11:22 pm
people -- >> but that's not what you said, and it shows your cosmopolitan bias. >> you are trying to engineer the racial and ethnic flow people into this country -- >> this is one of the most outrageous, ignorant, and insulting things you have said, and for you, that is still a really -- the notion that you think that this is a racist bill is so wrong and so insulting. >> laura: stephen miller joins us for his first post-acosta takedown interview. how are you, stephen? we were in our studio howling watching this, my producers and i, it was funny. have you heard from acosta since that exchange? texts, instagram, anything? >> i haven't, no. >> laura: are you going to be coming regularly to the briefing room? we enjoyed that. >> i don't know. right now i'm focused on trying to get more support, as much as we can come up for the raise act and the other initiatives. >> laura: next line the raise act
11:23 pm
, that would cut immigration over time, which is very high. 1 million people that come with green cards can stay here, bring family members in, but even republicans like paul ryan -- i should say even republicans, of course republicans like paul ryan are against the raise act, marco rubio today said that there is some merit in the raise act, but it ain't going to pass the sentence. you have resistance in the republican party to the raise act. how do you overcome it? >> well, it is an american issue. bottom line is, american supported, independent supporter, republican voters supported. eventually, if it has support, it is only a question of when it happens. as you know better than anyone, laura, we had met about 300,000 people a year in the 70s, but half million a year in the 'it is, what happening now is not the norm, it is actually unusual we are living in right . >> laura: the polling on this is so devastating for the other side. it is crazy. i think it was a gallup poll from a year or so ago. it is almost like those numbers
11:24 pm
don't matter. as always emotions, the statue of liberty and so forth. meanwhile, other polls are being floated by the media today, the cnn poll, will put it up on the screen, certain qualities, please state whether you think each one applies or doesn't apply to donald trump. "is honest and trustworthy," does not apply, you see the numbers. these polls are put out there for what reason, do you think? i thought to myself, well, those are the samples that had hillary winning significantly. >> the president got it wrong, and he's been right, they have been wrong, but there is no doubt, there are segments of the extreme media, and i wouldn't call it mainstream, it is extreme to want to have unlimited cheap migration. these are extreme positions. the extreme media is going to do
11:25 pm
whatever they can to tear down this president, but as long as the people stand for what they want and what they believe, we are going to keep winning. >> laura: the populist movement, which, of course, donald trump is really the leader of it is, i think, taking hold in communities across the country and different ways. i don't think these polls necessarily reflect that. how do you guys grow the economic nationalist movement, conservative movement, into areas that are traditionally not really hospitable to republican ideas? how do you guys plan to do that? >> you saw during the campaign, the president made serious inroads with african-american folk. >> laura: are you going to keep doing that? especially good, it was kind of reassuring to people. republicans, are not going to go to california, were not going to go to new england. a lot of people call into my shoes and say, we want them to go everywhere, get on the road? as i could happen? you're right, he is the leader of the populist movement, swepte
11:26 pm
world. and what is that about? it's about a trade policy that creates more manufacturing positions for our work is in detroit, baltimore, all over the country, about an immigration policy that uplifts hispanic workers and african-american workers into the middle class. it is about public safety, criminal enforcement, getting rid of gangs and cartels and drug dealers. these are policies that are going to help minority workers and traditional democratic constituency and we are going to keep making inroads. >> laura: so will he take that message which, i think the way you laid it was very powerful. it doesn't matter about party lines. it is a powerful mention for advancement, economic renewal and, frankly, hope. i get the sense that people just want to have a happy warrior donald trump. and we have a serious situation with north korea. they know the tough donald trump, but the happy warrior, he can do that. are we going to see him in those situations? >> president trump is the most gifted politician of our time, and the best to hold that
11:27 pm
position in generations. regards take that message to the people. as you said, he is the leader of this nationwide and broke my population movement, and it is about uplifting working class people, black, hispanic, white. >> laura: but they don't want to hear that. there are certain republicans i don't want that to resonate. >> working class, not the investor message. >> laura: wait to see you, stephen. a very interesting and fun briefing room. and a biological male has become one of america's best female cyclists thanks to the miracle sex change surgery. up next, we're going to talk to an endocrinologist about whether ayou always pay your insuranceer on time.
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trust this bird's words. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. >> laura: spike lee is demanding that people pay attention to him. the director of "do the right thing" and "inside man" who once sued expect tv for using his first name is furious that nfl quarterback colin kaepernick still hasn't been signed by a team. so we is holding a rally in support of kaepernick outside t. jason whitlock is with us and, of course, fox sports 1, he joins us now. jason, i've heard a lot of funny things, but this is one of the funnier things i've heard in a while. colin kaepernick now needs a spike lee boost to make it back into the nfl, didn't spend enough time dealing with his, you know, frankly, lack of patriotism the first time around? i don't get this.
11:41 pm
>> well, let's be clear here. spike lee is supporting this rally and has said he won't have time to actually be there, but he was the first person to treat this out. look, this is moving into a land and area that i don't think we have ever seen in sports, this invasion of progressive ideology and the progressive movement in the national football league and sports. this, to me, it's starting to smell like a shakedown of the nfl and nfl ownership. colin kaepernick, the false narrative that he is out of the league because all the racism, all of the owners are racist, and he is being blackballed. listen, this is simply a case of a guy who is not good enough. his talents aren't good enough to justify all the attention and noise and controversy that comes along with him. tim tebow ran into this exact issue, and now it is colin kaepernick, who i am now
11:42 pm
analogizing, this false narrative that we have here, oh, the racist -- >> laura: jason, what isn't racist today? when they start saying that alan dershowitz is racist, which no maxine waters has said because he made a comment about a d.c. grand jury which is a factual common, so alan dershowitz, vaunted liberal, is now a racist. anyone who thinks colin kaepernick doesn't have a good enough game is a racist. can you guys a zero on my alabama, my little card thing, i am a college football fan more so now than in nfl fan, because there is still, you have prayer, you still fly the flag, they don't tolerate this political stuff in the college sports. people are tired of it. >> i don't think the nfl wants this. they just want to play football.
11:43 pm
this is dangerous, in my opinion. football has been incredibly good for african-american men. it has created more millionaires than any other industry for african-americans. the nfl is 70% african-american players. >> laura: we've got to go. >> listen, they're trying to turn this into hollywood and the movie industry where black people don't get employed at this rate. don't become millionaires. >> laura: it is a resistant field, and the nfl is going to hurt itself. i appreciate it, jason. thanks so much. up next, tucker will be back to interview a documentary director who thinks the best we can help
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>> laura: another leak from the trump administration. a group of government climate scientists have leaked a draft report on climate change to "the new york times." they are claiming that they feared suppression by the trump administration. of course, there is no such evidence of suppression, and the leaked draft was almost identical to an earlier draft that had been public for months. and meanwhile, a new study has an odd suggestion for reducing climate change. calicut recently spoke to a documentary filmmaker about it. >> it scientists have a new plan for how you can save the climate -- don't have children. just stop right now. think about it. a new study from lund university in sweden says the single best way to cut your carbon footprint, assuming you want to come is simply to refuse to reproduce. deleting some humans from existence, as they say, it saves far more carbon then, i don't know, being vegetarian, not
11:49 pm
boarding an airplane. josh fox is the director of the anti--fracking documentary, he s an environmental activists, and he joins us tonight. josh, thanks for coming on. >> it is good to be here, tucker paid >> tucker: so not having children, that is the message. >> i think that is a bit of a misrepresentation. i think the study was saying that governments are saying we should recycle, we should change our light bulbs, we should do all sort of these consumer habits, and this study was comparing those sort of very minimal efforts to curtail climate change with other things like not flying, being a vegetarian, not having a car, and, yes, having fewer children. having fewer children having family planning which means you have your children may be later in life would be something that would reduce carbon emissions. >> tucker: if you follow this to its logical conclusion and you wind up telling africa not
11:50 pm
to have so many kids because all of the countries of the highest birth rates are in africa. mali, burkina faso. are you willing to say to africa, here, you have too many kids, too many african kids. >> no, that is a very illogical conclusion. >> tucker: why? >> it doesn't say they are causing more, african children are causing very few carbon emissions. what are causing carbon emissions are the countries of the first world, the rich countries of the west, china, india, europe. those of the countries that have skyrocketing emissions. but i would agree with you, i think that the problem with saying things like, this is your individual responsibility, you must stop driving, you must have fewer kids, you must change your light bulbs, is crazy, because there is no individual solution for climate change, right? there are ways we can be more responsible citizens, absolutely, but what i would suggest is that that is like running into a burning in
11:51 pm
burning inferno of a building with a thimble of water and saying, whoo, i did something. there is a con afoot, that individuals have to take on this responsibility when, in fact, it is governments and major corporations that are responsible for climate change. it has been very clear, 100 companies are responsible for 71% of climate change emissions. it is those companies which should stop reproducing, not children. so i agree with the basic premise -- >> tucker: it very quick things. so the only country to take this policy and enacted on a large scale is china, which, limited reproduction to one child per family for decades. that is also the biggest polluter in the world. >> they didn't do that because of climate change. do you understand the science on climate change? >> tucker: that you ought to have fewer kids? >> no, no, no. do you understand the science of
11:52 pm
climate change? tucker, science controls -- besides dictate everything we do in our society paid science means that climate change is real. that fracking pollutes groundwater. that this television works, that car's work. it presumably says that underneath your hair there is a brain behind those eyes. of course, i haven't seen it. science wouldn't tell us there is a bunch of hamsters up there. what i am saying to you, tucker, to make this argument about what the scientists are doing -- >> tucker: -- >> tucker: hilarious. we'll get back to that in one second. >> asked your question and you haven't answered it. >> tucker: do i understand science? >> to understand what the science is telling us? i find it remarkable. i talked to malign the most about this question and say, do you have an opinion about whether or not you should have children respect of change, and almost everyone of them said, yes, i worry about this enormously. i worry about the future that my children will have.
11:53 pm
>> tucker: one second, you're not winning me over. just hold on. >> i really do, tucker. >> tucker: everybody cares about the future for their children. >> medicine is based on science. media is based on science. all of the things that we have to see about what science is telling us is that climate change is going to create a situation which is very, very dangerous and difficult for civilizations to endure. climate change will raise sea levels to the point to which it is swamped. >> tucker: can i ask you a question, or are you going to continue with this stuff? let me ask you a simple question. >> you still haven't answered my question. >> tucker: i'm not a scientist, no, i don't fully understand it. >> so do you understand -- >> tucker: i don't think anybody fully does. >> how dire it is --
11:54 pm
>> tucker: it too obnoxious to talk to unless you to answer one simple question. >> go ahead, see what you're saying. >> tucker: when you say that climate change is destroying the world and it is the thing we should worry about most, and then you say simultaneously, it's not really dependent upon our individual choices, aren't you giving a pass to some of the big individual polluters? if i say really care about climate change and i fly around -- >> it is group actions. millennials, who are by and large the people of childbearing age now -- no you're not letting me talk, so i'm just going to talk. millennials, who are of childbearing age now, number one issue is climate change, because they know they're going to inherit an incredibly unstable world. the united nations predicts -- >> tucker: or whatever. i'm going to bring this to a close. i like to have a conversation with you, but you but you are every hollywood profound dopey
11:55 pm
guy invoking science. >> tucker: >> tucker, i'm tryinr your question. i want to be civil with you. >> tucker: i'm being civil. >> no, no, no. >> tucker: thank you very much for joining. [laughs] what is that? >> laura: up next, remembering glen candle. >> ♪ like a rhinestone cowboy ♪ riding on a horse in a you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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>> laura: we lost two legends of american song today. barbara cook and glen campbell. cook performed well into her 89th year. she was the librarian in the music man. she had a voice that shimmered. you never heard it until she sang it and glen campbell, a virtuoso guitar player and truly a musician's musician. "rhinestone cowboy," did you know he filled in for brian
12:00 am
wilson and the beach boys during brian's breakdown? he could play any style of music and he did. we will close it out with a tune from his las album, "adios." >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino. it is 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five." as north korea is becoming a full nuclear power, they may have crossed a key threshold. something the world has been fearing for years. many nuclear warheads that can fit inside missiles capable of reaching the united states. president trump delivered one of the toughest responses we have heard so far. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never


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