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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 10, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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world. todd: hate to see that. crazy video of a purse exploding during a city council meeting. can you see flames shooting out. turns out a battery in the woman's purse somehow malfunctioned. the woman suffered minor burns. i wonder if it was a phone issue. todd: "fox & friends" begins right now. heather: bye. brian: north korea state media warns that its army is planning potential attacks on guam. >> as far as i'm concerned, as an american citizen, i want a president says that if any nation, such as north korea, attacks guam, attacks honolulu, attacks the west coast, that they will be met with hell and fury. >> you don't go to war with america. we aren't just a super power. we are a hyper power. >> what the trump administration is now facing is the direct result of the policies of appeasement to north korean dictators. >> he was criticizing barack obama for this all along.
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this strategic patience didn't work. one of the reasons that a lot of us put donald trump in office and voted for him is that he doesn't do things in the usual way. >> president trump hitting back after the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said that the president has excessive expectations about passing bills in congress. >> senator, if you can't get it done, get out of the way. retire. leave washington. go play golf. go fishing. >> the troubling thing about it is i think it suggests that republicans in congress still haven't learned the lesson of trump's election. the reason that he beat the most entrenched democratic machine, he intended to keep the promises that he was making on the campaign trail. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ all you have to do is ♪ the clock is ticking. brian: empire state building. that is the building, i understanding, donald trump wanted to buy. steve: the clock is ticking. it's two minutes after 6:00 in new york city. good morning, everybody. welcome to the number one cable news show on earth. ainsley: because of you. thank you, steve. we appreciate that. steve: speaking of the clock is ticking. ainsley: north korea doubled down and tripled down and dismissing the warnings of the united states of america. they are saying they plan to fire four medial range missiles over japan to land 18 to 25 miles from guam. brian: they say we saw what president trump said. we are not taking him serious. in fact, he believes -- they believe it's a load of nonsense and they promised to shoot off those missiles in the middle of august. that's probably next week. steve: that is next week. here is the scary thing about
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that. when you look at the missile test that the country of north korea has executed, how often have they been reliable for accurate. if they really did and you are sitting in guam thinking they are going to miss us by 18 miles. i'm not so sure about that. they are just not accurate. brian: they're putting themselves on the clock. now they have to do that because they say we might. they say we are. must be fascinating, too. to know they have the secretary of state come in and pull back on the president's very direct statements. our secretary of defense sounded very trumpian when he came out with this statement. ainsley: this is what he said: the united states and our allies have the demonstrated capabilities and unquestionable commitment to defend ourselves from an attack while our state department is making every effort to resolve this global threat through diplomat means, it must be noted that the combined allied militaries now possess the most precise, rehearsed and robust defensive and offensive capabilities on earth.
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the dprc regimes will continue to be grossly overmatched by ours and would lose any arms race or conflict it initiates. steve: absolutely. keep in mind, they're not going to do it. this is more bluster from north korea. we have been hearing this for 15, 16 years. something like that. and when you think about if they were to be so stupid as to try to shoot at gawrges and you know when things are coming in at guam, you are going to have to defend the country, it's a suicide mission. we would strike back, most probably, to defend guam, maybe japan. i don't think kim -- i don't even think kim is that dumb. brian: why we put himself in such a way in which now he could look weak. they have been very good over the last 70 years of not putting themselves in the spotlight. they get what they want. they get more talks. they get international attention and a lot of times they get food and energy.
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steve: that's what sebastian gorka said yesterday. when they make these claims and develop the icbm program with atomic weapon it's a shake down to get stuff from us. which they have been historically very good at. ainsley: we have more nuclear weapons than any other nation. some of those weapons are 10 years or older. the pentagon is improving these weapons quickly. the president called for that in december after he was elected before he became the president. steve: it sounds like that program was started by barack obama. the good news is the people of guam who are in the crosshairs, brian talked to them last night when he was hosting the tucker carlson show. good job,. brian: brian thanks. steve: the governor is not worried. he has hundreds of thousands of people out there in guam. not only are they not worried about it, he likes the president's tone. >> as far as i'm concerned, as an american citizen, i want a president that says that if any nation, such as north korea, attacks guam, attacks
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honolulu, attacks the west coast, they will be met with hell and fury. what i'm concerned about is if a u.s. nature says launching an attack and causing alarm member they were in -- this is islands similar to hawaii where there are over 200,000 american citizens. brian: right. >> so it's important that as we make decisions that those folks that are in a position of leadership that they understand, too, that war is the last -- because not only will tens of thousands american military forces independents be affected by a regional war. brian: right. >> but because the western pacific has american soil in it, then a couple hundred thousand americans could get caught in the crosshairs. brian: as well as 6,000 members of our military. in that you have the greatest, most robust defense.
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and we are in a situation where there where you do not need anyone's permission. for example we are supposed to do something from south korean soil we need the government's permission as we would with japan. here in guam, we could take action. ainsley: well, if north korea launches this missile go over japan. hit off the coast of guam. we have six ballistic missile dechesz ships in that region capable of hitting north korea's missiles and guam has thatted that antimissile system that you talked about. brian: almost tootoo much? ainsley: no. every time i think offed that i think of you. i'm reading more about it because of you. so i thank you for that. steve: kim is overmatched. they didn't say they were going to strike and attack guam. they said they would surround guam with involving fire. but, to my first point, the north koreans, with their missiles, are simply not accurate. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about president trump kind
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of sent a missile over towards mitch mcconnell yesterday. it all got started earlier in the week when mitch mcconnell who is talk to the reporter rotn florence, kentucky. this rookie president doesn't know how washington works. listen to this. >> our new president, of course, has not been in this line of work before. and i think had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process. brian: so he feels as though the president put too much pressure on him to speed up things; therefore, healthcare failed. we don't have anything in terms of a stimulus package, and we don't have any infrastructure package and we don't have tax reform yet, but don't blame him. the president picked up the phone and said, senator, what are you talking about? you are blaming me for the speed of our agenda because i don't know what i'm doing? so he let him have it.
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and then he tweeted. ainsley: he said senator mitch mcconnell said i had excessive expectations but i don't think so. after seven years of hearing repeal and replace, why not done? steve: sure. so, brian, you're right. the reports are that the president called up mitch mcconnell before the tweet went out. i don't think he called him up to say hey i'm going to tweet something i think he chewed on him a little bit. when you look at what he said, mitch mcconnell said that, you know, the president had put an artificial time line out there. but, when you look back at what congressional leaders, particularly the senate, said in the last six months, they were the ones who made the artificial deadline. here sr. a little sound bite montage of mr. mcconnell taking a look back at the agenda in january. >> but it's going to be repealed by the end of this week, you think? >> the first step will be taken in the senate by the end of this week, yes. and then it will go over to the house. >> what the speaker has done, which i entirely concur with and the administration is on
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board with, is to lay out a game plan through the august recess of what we want to try to accomplish. and for myself, i intend to stick to the plan. brian: isn't part of the plan for them to execute and not let the president, who is doing this for the first time, get in the way. the president behind the scenes was picking up the phone. he got people like ben sass and jeff flake and rand paul was a definite no. he flipped a lot of them he fell short when murkowski and collins wouldn't budge and mccain shocked everybody with a dramatic thumbs down. he could have said we hope to learn from that for tax reform. instead he said don't blame me. ainsley: the democratic party has it right when it comes to loyalty. they stick together. the republican party you just have some that are wayward and not being loyal to this administration. not being loyal to the people, the constituents who put them in there who wanted repeal and replace.
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they have all quote to get on board and do this. meanwhile is he taking a vacation. a recess and blaming the president for the time frame. meanwhile, they knew -- they have been running on this for seven years. where is the plan? steve: exactly. the senate famously a couple weeks ago said we are going to stay in session until we get it done. they didn't get it done. they are actually going to stay out an extra week. ainsley: he probably got paid to speak at the rotary event, too. steve: i don't think so. he just wanted to meet the folks and remind them hey, we are working for you. one other thing about mitch mcconnell and we have done a number of stories on this program is this u.s. senate has just crawled along at such a snail's pace when it comes to confirming the president's nominees for his cabinet and administration. never in american history have so few been confirmed by this point. and it's extraordinary because the republicans run the u.s. senate. brian: yeah. they have not been nearly aggressive enough to get the
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president's people passed. right before they left they okayed 65. still leaving about 50 in the cooler. ainsley: all right. jillian has some headlines for us. jillian: you guys are looking very patriotic today red, white, and blue. brian: very patriotic for ireland. jillian: that's what i was going for today. dramatic new video of a navy pilot being hoisted to safety after crashing fighter jet. lifting the pilot into the helicopter. the pilot setting off a smoke signal for help moments after ejecting during a training exercise. unclear what led to the crash but the pilot is okay. russian surveillance plane flies right over the u.s. capital, pentagon and new jersey golf club. get, this it's all totally legal. this path across washington and virginia all of it agreed upon 3w50eu washington and moscow. it's treaty of open skies that allows for unarmed surveillance flights over the
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territory of 34 participating nations. mowing down six soldiers with bmw in paris before speeding away. the driver was shot five times by police about 150 miles north of paris after they tracked his rented car. is he from algeria and known for minor crimes. through soldiers were seriously hurt in that attack. that's a look at your headlines on this thursday. i will send it back to you guys. i'm considering going to change to match. brian: don't do that. ainsley: brian will say get dressed. ainsley: thank you, jillian. steve: i was look at that map that plane flew over my house. brine brian was it close enough that you could see testimony? steve: i didn't see it. i saw the map. policy. brian: we have got to change that. ainsley: critics slamming president trump's.
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professional if you're pregnant or if you have received any other meningitis b vaccines. ask your healthcare professional about the risks and benefits of bexsero and if vaccination with bexsero is right for your teen. moms, we can't wait. brian: president trump's threat to bring fire and fury to north korea this week facing immediate backlash from democrats and some
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republicans. for example senator chuck schumer saying this he blasted those words as reckless rhetoric while steny hoyer waited a day saying behavior we would expect from kim jong un, not the president of the united states. talking about speaking with one voice. but the democrats' approach work any better? here to weigh in is former cia officer and lifelong democrat brian dean wright. brian, where do you stand on this? >> the rhetoric is, boy, to try to defend d.c. democrats this morning is tough. brian: i would think so. >> here's the bottom line when mattis who by the way was confirmed 98 to 1. again, lots of democrats know he is a good man and support him. when he comes out and says look, north korea, you keep this up, we will take out your regime and lots of people are going to die, this tells you this is a nonpartisan issue. the country needs to be united. i understand our international affairs operates around the idea of speak soft and carry a big stick. we will see what we can do differently.
3:19 am
brian: your politics is -- this morning at 8:00 in the morning, the north korean not free press came out with a statement essentially mocking this president for making those statements at a golf club and saying he is not serious and it's garbage. they see the fact that major lawmakers coming forward and they are mocking their own president, that makes us vulnerable. >> i don't think it's smart when you are looking at a strategic threat like north korea which is not only facing or pointing it missiles towards the united states with these nuclear tipped arsenals, but it's also spreading. it's weapons of mass destruction. brian: to iran. >> to iran, to syria. remember a number of years ago when israel went in and bombed that nuclear facility. brian: that was a north korean engineered plan. >> correct. this is a world wife proliferation issue. brian: brian, you think we have five options, four definite, maybe five. let's hear it? >> the first and i would love to see this is diplomacy, right? going to work with president g. of china.
3:20 am
brian: that's kicking the can but would. >> we will see what happens. i don't think it's going to go anywhere and i think you agree with me on that. the working on decapitation. let's take the guy out and allow the korean peninsula to be reunited and work together to make sure that happens. i don't know that the chinese want to do that because they are so focused on stability, right? they don't want the potential for chaos. brian: they don't like him. they don't have him over. they don't visit but go ahead. >> number three is the next is a strategic strike. working in concert with the south koreans or even the chinese to go in and destroy very specific targeted facilities or people. ballistic missile production. the nuclear plants and so forth. sending a very clear message. the problem, the challenge with that is do the north koreans know this is just a strategic strike and total war and that, of course is, a he had labors outcome that nobody wants but it may come to it. brian: the longer we delay the worse the conflict would be
3:21 am
should we get there. if it's inevitable. maybe now is the time. thank you so much. >> a pleasure. brian: serve talking about this story today. pastor robert jeffress saying president trump has the god-given authority to take out kim jong un. he is here next to explain. it's like nothing you've seen. the power of nexium 24hr protection from frequent heartburn. all day, and all night. now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr.
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like technology that can update itself. an advanced fiber-network infrustructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. ♪ heather: some quick headlines for you, a man charged with murdering an indiana police officer who was trying to help him could face the death penalty. shot aaron allen 11 times moments after flipping his car. the veteran cop nicknamed teddy bear was running to help when brown started firing. and a community coming together to mourn another heroic cop killed in the line of duty.
3:25 am
holding a vigil for gary michael. hundreds of people lining the streets to salute the officer's procession. the accused killer is behind bars. steve? steve: thank you, ainsley. an evangelical advisor to president trump claiming god has given him the authority to take out north korean dictator kim jong un. pastor jeffress citing the bible's book of romans 13 which says in part for he is the servant of god, an aavenger who carries out godding wrath on the wrong doer. not every religious reared believes with that interpretation. robert jeffress and father jonathan morris joins us here in new york. good morning. >> good morning to you and good morning to you pastor jeffers as well. steve: you certainly gave the internet something to talk about and met down yesterday. why do you explain that god has given president trump the authority to attack north korea?
3:26 am
>> there is a great deal of confusion among christians when it comes to this idea of using force to topple evil. and i wanted to clarify that i believe the bible, especially romans 13 does give president trump moral authority to use whatever force necessary, including assassination or even war to topple an evil dictator like kim jong un. i believe the bible is very clear about that. and while president trump prefers a diplomatic solution to this problem, he has been talking about diplomacy for 19 years with north korea. he is also willing to do whatever it takes to keep america safe. one thing i know about president trump, after being around him for the last two years, is this: unlike his predecessor, when president donald trump draws a red line, he is not going to erase it, move away from it, or back down from it. and we ought to thank god every day we have a courageous leader like president trump in the white house. steve: okay, pastor jeffers,
3:27 am
you cited romans 13. but when you look at romance 12 as you know it is do not repay evil for evil. so some would say that flies in the face of the argument you just made. >> well, look, steve, paul wasn't schizophrenic. he knew what he was writing. in romans 12 he was talking about our interpersonal relationships. we are to forgive and turn the other cheek. romans 13 the next chapter deals with government and the bible never commands government to turn the other cheek or to forgive. steve: all right. father jonathan what do you think? >> well, i think any time you take -- first of all i agree with so many things that pastor jeffers says and other issues. we agree on many things. as soon as you take one particular biblical passage and use that as a justification for a very particular and complex political policy and especially a military policy, i think you are making a big mistake. when solomon asked god for
3:28 am
wisdom, it's because political leaders and kings need wisdom and things aren't so simple. and what president trump needs is real wisdom. and advice and not a suggestion that he is suffered in doing whatever he wants just because he has been given civil authority. and it's very, very dangerous in my opinion to tell him or to tell any religious, political leader, because you have the authority doesn't somehow means that you don't have the obligation to be very wise and to be very prudent in your decisions. war is always a total failure of the human family. it doesn't mean that sometimes violence is not necessary to stop evil. steve: okay. >> as soon as you are say you are justified in doing whatever you want, i think we have made a big mistake. steve: okay. pastor, i think have you a counter point. >> i do. i think president trump is seeking god's wisdom on this. i have found him in the last two years to be a very
3:29 am
measured leader. i have great mistake for my friend father jonathan but i have to say this. i'm glad that americans did not listen to christian passivist during the second world warm when adolf hitler was marching toward world domination or they would all be speaking germannened a saying highly hitler. war is never preferable or the first preference but sometimes you have to stand up and condition front evil to defeat evil. >> i agree with you completely pastor jeffries, what you said went further. you said because he has the moral authority to make political decisions, therefore, he is justified in taking out the leader of north korea. that's a very particular circumstance. it's very particular political situation. >> protecting american lives yes, he does. >> we can't say he is justified immediately. he needs wisdom and prudence to know when it's necessary.
3:30 am
we need to be a little bit more nuanced in helping him make those decisions. steve: sure. well there certain solid a lot of soul searching. >> i think he is seeking that. >> i don't doubt that he. >> i think he is. >> george w. bush himself when he was president said many times that he looked to god for guide dance whenever sent american troops into harm's way. all right. great chat this morning, pastor, father, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. thank you, pastor. steve: what do you think? we would love to hear your point of view of email us at next on the run down he was fired from the v.a. for conditions at his own hospital. why is he back on the payroll of uncle sam this morning? plus, isis turning drones into killing machines against our troops. now there is a new weapon to zap the drones out of the sky. we are going to show you how it works coming up with that thing ♪ don't you worry, child. >> ♪ got a plan for you.
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♪ don't you worry ♪ don't you worry ♪ yeah
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♪ ♪ i want to rock and roll all night ♪ and party everyday steve: all right, folks are driving to work today up sixth avenue. ainsley: we have shown that shot in a long time. brian: anyone in those cars right now on 40th or 4th street listening to us on sirius xm roll down the window and wave. steve: look at the shot. steve: let's see if anyone is listening to brian. anyone listening to sirius xm wave. ainsley: nobody is listening to you just like your house. steve: anybody on 48th. open up your window and wave. brine. brian: williams has a special.
3:35 am
ainsley: american flags on both sides. steve: that's why they call us that. right now we go to a fox news alert and jillian joins us live in studio f. jillian: let's get you caught up and start with a fox news alert. at least 10 people are hurt after a double-decker bus slams into a shopping center rush hour. see the iconic london bus stuck into the side of a building after jumping a curb. unclear what caused the crash but many say the bus was drifting on the road before impact. passengers claim the bus driver passed out. reassigned and then fired for dangerous issues at d.c. v.a. hospital. now brian hawkins is back on the payroll. hawkins given a desk job as he appeals what he considers a wrongful termination. he was ousted last month after an investigation found he sent sensitive information to his wife's email account. months before that he was reassigned to administrative duty when inspector general revealed unsanitary conditions
3:36 am
at his hospital. a big win for college patriots. southern patriots university will allow a 9/11 memorial to remain at the center of the texas campus. after major backlash the university move all displays to another part of the school. smu,ly banned the exhibit to shield students from, quote, harmful or triggering messages. newlyweds are deciding to know who crashed their wedding. tearing up the dance card and leaving a card one congratulations, two sorry for crashing your wedding and three best of luck. included a buck for good luck. the photo of the mystery couple is in there as well. the bride said she noticed them at the party but just assumed they were her husband's guest. now they want to know who they are. if you are the wedding crashers, come on, man up. we want to know. all right. let's turn now to extreme weather early this morning. hurricane franklin downgraded
3:37 am
to a tropical storm after churning in to mexico's east coast overnight. the storm bringing heavy wind, pounding rain and the possibility of flooding and mud slides. drank lynn is the first atlantic hurricane of the season. meteorologist janice dean is live on the plaza with the latest. good morning, janice. janice: hi, jillian. big deal this morning because the first hurricane of the season made landfall is now across the east coast of mexico co. legacy of this storming is extreme flghtd. there it is which is dissend grating which is good news. the flooding is going to be extreme. the national hurricane center has under its forecast. we are watching two areas right now. 50% chance of formation with this area of low pressure. as i mention he had this is the big news here, they have under it. hurricane 5 to 9. we have only had one so far this season. major hurricanes 2 to 5. over a decade that we have had a major hurricane hit the u.s. people are advised if you live along the atlantic coast line, the gulf of mexico, you need
3:38 am
to be prepared. have your evacuation route. know what you are going to do. have your preparation plan because i do think this is going to be a big season as it starts to ramp up. peak is season is october the 10th. you have been washed. jillian, back to you. >> steve: all right. meanwhile, thank you, janice. have you seen the disturbing video, rogue isis drones targeting coalition troops overseas as the terrorist group, isis, calls for more attacks worldwide. ainsley: here at home, a new device is being tested that's going to allow the military to zap those drones out of the sky and send them back from where they came. brian: that's interesting. here to show us how to works ops himself bret belkovich. nice to he so you. telling us how you are seeing cronies to hit isis. now you are seeing how you can stop the drones from hitting us. >> i have brought the future
3:39 am
of warfare. ainsley: drone killer. >> drone killer. made by former lockheed martin volunteers same technology used to detect north korea's blisms. repurposeed to detect drones from up to a mile away. transmitter that will fire a radio frequency energy. steve: not a laser. nothing comes shooting out of that other than beams of sound. >> exactly. it's a drone gun without any bullets. actually transmitting radio frequencies to essentially jam the signal of that drone as it is flying in the air. you can make it so the drone just crashes or trigger of the drone and overtake its snral so that it will return bark to base and gork back to the operator. >> steve: blow that person up. >> hopefully i. >it's hard tosee a drone, right? >> it will detect it even if you can't see it. then can you fire it's
3:40 am
incredibly powerful device. one of the reasons we are not firing this outside and into the studio right now is it could disrupt all of your wi-fi and even potentially across the street here. ains apes law enforcement and special op.s are buying these, right to test them. they are being tested this sunday at the charger's game. >> law enforcement military folks are purchasing these. last monday 133 military bases were actually authorized to shoot down consumer drones. that is a big deal. never before have they been able to do that rnlt chuck schumer dow jonesly no ever felony over a base. we will see this sunday season opener at the charger's football game. brian: what will they do it. >> they will have it there. ainsley: keep our military bases safe as well. >> absolutely. next time we see a rogue isis drone hopefully the guys overseas have one of these and knock it out of the sky.
3:41 am
steven steven even here isky. steve: even here in the united states -- >> this isn't just for law enforcement personnel. we are hoping the trump administration will open up archaic regulations that exist that allow it not to be used in certain places in the u.s. brian: what do you mean. >> currently only can be used for law enforcement, military personnel and request certificates of authorization actually to fire the device. one day i think we will see the time when this is used by the private sector, by every day citizens. maybe even a farmer that's protecting his crops. things like that. ainsley: b b gun not work? my cad might try. >> i have seen a gun shoot a drone and it still now there. so this can k. actually zap 20 cents to name because it's firing a constant beam at it. steve: same we have used in the theater of war ieds and other stuff. >> very similar. similar concept of jamming. it's jamming a bunch of radio frequencies so disrupts that signal from the operator to the drone.
3:42 am
whether a are we jamming? >> steve: it's not on right now because the wi-fi s&p good tvs stem going. >> light and modular in and hent for infantry. tools they can add to the guns. ainsley: does it blow up in mid-air or crash to the ground. >> it will either crash by overdoing the g.p.s. or basically disrupt the signal in which case this drone will lift off and actually return back to barys. that's true a typical safety feature. ainsley: shoot a video camera on top of it so we know where it goes. >> all are high definition. streaming live. eventually these will be able to actually detect when a video camera is live streaming. brian up you are an expert you about this for our military in order to shoot down isis -- steve: you wrote the book on drones. thank you, sir. >> thank you for having me.
3:43 am
brian: coming up straight ahead. i will look straight ahead. new reports rated the home of former campaign manager paul manafort in russia investigation. what does this mean for the president, if anything. judge andrew napolitano weighs in next. ainsley: the policy is disgusting, a gym says everyone is welcome unless you are a cop or you are in the military. retired staff sergeant johnny joey owns who lost his legs fighting for this country's freedom. he joins us live straight ahead ♪ poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. make sure you check out bass pro shops fall hunting classic, the biggest hunting show and sale of the year.
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3:46 am
brian: fbi agents raiding the home of former campaign manager paul manafort last month taking notes and documents in the predawn search. steve: what does this mean for the president?
3:47 am
here to weigh in is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. judge, unlike some fbi raids that we have seen in the past where they haul out all the computers and all the papers and pretty much everything in the house, they have had a very targeted list of things they were looking for. >> good morning, guys. the requirement for a search warrant is set forth in the constitution. it's the most specific part of the constitution. the fourth amendment. the search warrant must, quote: specifically describe the place to be searched and the person or things to be seized. brian: and probable cause? >> yes. probable cause means that fbi agents went to a federal judge in secret and persuaded her that it was more likely than not that in mr. manafort's house they would find evidence of a crime. and they also had to persuade her that even though paul manafort is represented by extremely competent counsel, working with special counsel to exchange documents, they didn't trust manafort or they
3:48 am
didn't trust his lawyer or they were worried the documents were going to disappear and, hence, they had to use this extraordinary tool of a pre-dawn raid, the most forceful thing the fbi can do to you short of an arrest in the middle of the night. which they can only use when all other means of acquiring information have failed. steve: so what were they looking for? >> it's a great question. they may very well have been looking for something totally independent of manafort's relationship to the president. ainsley: could have been personal. >> it could have been personal. it could have been his taxes. it could have been being paid money by a foreign power at a time that he wasn't registered as a foreign agent. because the modus operandi ran day of the way of doing things. [laughter] of the fbi is often to indict a person who is involved with some bigger person looking for on an unrelated matter and then get him to flip as a state witness. they may have done this to general flynn and we don't
3:49 am
know about it. brian: couple of things. is he usually in florida. they wanted him to be there. i wonder why. maybe wanted to reinforce the drama of the whole thing. politico also reporting manafort's son-in-law in an effort to reincrease pressure on trump was also approached by investigators, this guy named jeffrey, they wanted to start circling in manafort's orbit. >> the more people they can bring in and hold the sword over them or we're going to indict you or we have indicted you until you tell us what we want to hear, it's the way they put together the puzzle of a case of whoever their true target is, whether it's president trump or somebody else. brian: maybe what little patience they have for this investigation as opposed to the other investigations that are i couldn't know going, isn't it? >> brian, this is so much more aggressive than the investigation. the investigation of mrs. clinton didn't even use a grand jury. steve: right. >> but when they raid the house, they must have told the federal judge that we can't
3:50 am
get what we need by an ordinary subpoena from a grand jury. that means that they think that paul manafort or his lawyer is somehow not being faithful or truthful. ainsley: is this a good thing for the president? do you agree with the people that have been on fox that say it's a good thing for the president in exonerates him? >> i disagree. this is a good thing for the president. told the federal judge there is some there there. don't know what it is. a federal judge would not authorize this extraordinary tool without something there. steve: it could be related to paul map for the's dealings overseas for decades. he has worked with other countries. >> it could very well be totally independent of the president. they want him to talk to them about the president. brian: when you put your hands like, this you are like one of those super friends. >> i'm trying to show a little authority. brian: it's working. >> you taught me to do this years ago up in radio where the cameras weren't working. by the way my iphone hasn't been, woulding. [laughter]
3:51 am
steve: judge, thank you. the policy is discussing a gym everybody is welcome unless you are a cop or in the military. johnny joey jones gave his legs fighting for freedom. you bet he has a few things to you bet he has a few things to say to that gym owner. listen to him next. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated.
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
american police are really just an infinity. they serve capitalism and white supremacy and that's the way we see that we felt that it was important to create zones where cops are explicitly not welcome. joining us now to react is
3:55 am
retired u.s. marine car bomb technician johnny joey jones who lost his legs in a bomb blast in afghanistan fighting for our country and for that gym owner. good morning to you. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. thanks for having me on. ainsley: what's your message to the owner of this gym and what's your reaction to that sign. >> listen, i believe we live in a country where we have the right to do as we feel most times even if that's really stupid. having the right to do something doesn't make you right. if you listen to this guy's full comments he talks about things like jock culture and meat heads are welcome as long as they are not too bad. bigot. ton of stereotypes and prejudice inside of him. i don't know where it came from. i really don't care. no worries. can i bet that active duty military and cops have better gyms to go to. this is a scenario where the power of the consumer can do infinitely more than the power of the government. if he can find enough people to keep the doors open, to come in there with that sign on the door, then good for him.
3:56 am
we don't need to be there. ainsley: what's the message that you would like him to know about law enforcement officers and military who sacrifice so much like yourself for this great country? >> listen, i don't care about his personal stupidity. what i really care about is him propagating a message that's patently false to classify military and law enforcement as against people who work out in that gym and dangerous to them that's incredibly untrue. these are the only people that have proven that they believe their life is worth giving up for the people around them that they don't even know. that's why people put on that uniform to. continue to perpetuate a narrative or a culture where we paint military and law enforcement as bad for our community, that's what causes problems as much as anything else. and so at the end of the day, if he has any intelligence about him whatsoever, which we don't have any evidence of that, then he will understand that all he is doing is making things worse. and you know what's really funny, we hope is he in
3:57 am
compliance with things like tax law and fire code. it would be a shame if he got inspected a time or two. ainsley: i wonder how this will affect his membership. johjohnny joey jones, thank you for being with us this morning. rethink what's possible. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪
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brian: america's most distant possession is under threat. north korean army warns it's considering attacks on guam. >> i want a president who says that if any nation, such as north korea, attacks guam, attacks honolulu, attacks the west coast, that they will be met with hell and fury. >> you don't go to war with america. we aren't just a super power short. we are a hyper power. >>ed trad is now facing is the direct result of the policies of appeasement to north korean dictators. >> unlike his predecessor, when president donald trump draws a red line, is not going to erase it, move away from
4:01 am
it, or back down from it. >> let's allow the korean peninsula to be reunited and let's work together to make sure that that happens. this isn't just a korea issue. this is a worldwide proliferation issue. >> hitting back after mitch mcconnell says the president has excessive expectations about passing bills in coming. >> senator, if you can't get it done, get out of the way, retire, leave washington, go play golf. go fishing. >> the troubling thing about it is that i think that it suggests that republicans in congress still haven't learned the lesson of trump's election. the reason that he beat the most entrenched democratic machine, he intended to keep the promises that he was making on the campaign trail. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ drinking whiskey out of the
4:02 am
bottle ♪ not thinking about tomorrow ♪ sweet home alabama ♪ all summer long ♪ steve: hi. ainsley: good morning. it's thursday. steve: on the couch as we listen to senator kid rock. brian: isn't he leading in some polls? ainsley: it would not surprise me if he won. brian: i will say. this just an observation about country music which is my new passion as you know steve when we started. i don't like country. i know these guys are country but i don't know them. now i can't get enough of it if i ever don't want a beer, all you have to do is put on the radio for seven minutes. a beer or a whiskey. brian: brian. ainsley: or a dog or a bible. brian: lost my dog or broke up with somebody ask somebody out there is always a beer or whiskey to turn to. ainsley: this is why everybody loves living in the country.
4:03 am
logs of dogs, whiskey and relationship. brian: never heard it put like that. steve: new york city. ainsley: any of the irish pubs around here. brian: happened to one person last night. steve: thank you very much for joining us. we have a fox news alert at 7:03 here in new york city. and north korea says this morning that after president trump made it clear that if they don't dismantle what essentially they are doing over there, they will face the fire and fury of the united states. north korea said sound dialogue is not possible with president trump. and so they are suggesting that perhaps as early as next week they will, quote: surround guam with involving firenvelopeingpower. they suggest they will stop 15 to 20 miles away from guam. brian: going to go to nuclear expert.
4:04 am
he is going to get a referral on when he is shooting it off. shooting for mid august. one thing a little different here. now there is pressure on him to shoot a rocket near guam. he actually called himself out. ainsley: guess what, the united states is defending itself. secretary jim mattis, mad dog mattis you remember he was called. he released this statement. the united states and our allies have the demonstrated capabilities and unquestionable commitment to defend ourselves from an attack while our state department is making every effort to resolve this global threat through diplomatic means. it must be noted that the combined allied military is now possessed the most precise, rehearsed and robust defenses and offensive capabilities on earth. the dprk regime actions will continue to be grossly overmatched by ours. and would lose any arms race or conflict it initiates. steve: right, exactly. so you have the secretary of defense, he is keeping the pressure on him. at the same time, you have got the secretary of state, rex
4:05 am
tillerson, who said -- had kind of a more calm message and he said the reason the president was using language like this was because kim doesn't speak in diplomatic terms and mr. tillerson said americans should sleep well at night. so you have got these two different voices coming out of the same administration, our friend, heather nauert who is a spokesperson for the secretary of state said yesterday when asked are these administration officials reading off of different scripts? and she said no. the u.s. is talking in one voice. and it started with the president, when he essentially add lind fire and fury. apparently he had spoken to his advisors on a conference call before they got started. they had the general idea of what he was going to say but, you know, he doesn't like to take a script per se from the aides and he didn't. he ad-libbed it. ainsley: first of all you might ask why guam. it's closer to them. chances would be better than if they fired it into the lower 47.
4:06 am
submarine squadron, coast guard group and air base. we have six ballistic missile defense ships in that region. capable of hitting any of these incomen missiles and guam has that thad antimissile system as well. brian: governor of guam last night was on the fox news channel. said listen, it was 8:00 in the morning there he said i'm not worried i just talked to the secretary of defense. i feel we have a robust defense i'm not going to let these guys intimidate me. he actually said at the end of the interview vacation in guam, it's beautiful. here is eddie baza. >> as far as i'm concerned, as an american citizen, i want a president that says that if any nation, such as north korea attacks guam. attacks honolulu, attacks the west coast, that they will be met with hell and fury. what i'm concerned about is if a u.s. senator says initiate an attack and causing alarm and remembering that they are in the miriana islands.
4:07 am
this is similar to hawaii where there are over 200,000 american citizens. so it's important that as we make decisions that those folks that are in a position of leadership, that they understand, too, that war is the last -- because not only will tens of thousands of american military forces and independents be affected by a regional war because the western pacific has american soil in it, then a couple hundred thousand americans could get caught in the crosshairs. brian: a little upset that senator lindsey graham said it's about time that we handle this threat while it's over there he said i'm over there and it's a u.s. territory. that's what i'm upset about. he thoroughly backs the president and his rhetoric. he basically is in the minority. republicans for the most part back the president's rhetoric. who evidently told his chief of staff, secretary chief of
4:08 am
staff kelly i'm going to do. this he didn't say specifically what he was going to say followed by the secretary osecretaryof state anf defense. i do think that afterwards i was shocked at the anger and the consternation poured at the president for his remarks. ainsley: by the way i said lower 47. i was corrected. 48. i forgot your state kansas. brian: you were thinking we had 57 states. steve: here is the montage brian was talking about. >> president trump sounds more like a north korean leader unfortunately than an american leader. >> it used to be that we looked at the north koreans and said, you know, those are the nuts with nukes. but now it look as little bit like we have our own nut with nukes. >> this is the first time that the dangerous apocalyptic statements of the north korean regime have been met by dangerous apocalyptic statements by the president of the united states. >> we have never heard this kind of bluster from an american president to another world leader. steve: oh, really? brian: never happened before.
4:09 am
steve: keep in mind the president's point was north korea's threats are intolerable. also at the same time while he was talking about fire and fewery, he did not set any red line. was he hyper bowl lick? sure. but we know that this president has been hyper bowl lick in the past. at the same time, the "wall street journal" writes it's less damaging to u.s. credibility than barack obama's failure to enforce his red line in syria when the use of chemical weapons. and then, brian, going back to your point, what's interesting is the "wall street journal" talks about how lindsey graham was on a television show over the weekend and said that he had talked to president trump who said that he would go ahead and there would be war with north korea if they continued to develop the long-term missiles. so the main audience for what mr. trump said, the people of china, obviously they can put the screws to kim and also the people of north korea. because if they hear that the president of the united states isn't messing around, they are thinking regime change and
4:10 am
reunification which would be the ultimate end game. brian: my humble opinion they see the democrats ridiculing the president and they think the president shouldn't be taken seriously which is dangerous for these lawmakers here not to understand this isn't domestic politics. but meanwhile, do we have any proof that any president that's ever worked in the white house has ever said anything like that? does anyone know anything where we can get those vapsz? ainsley: according to other anchors it's never been said before. brian: or we might have this. >> it's pointless for them to try to develop nuclear weapons because if they ever use them it would be the end of their country. >> once again north korea has defied the will of the international community and the international community will respond. and together we will ensure that north korea understands the consequences if it continues down its current path. >> we will not hesitate to use our military might to defend our allies and our way of life. >> we could, obviously, destroy north korea with our arsenals.
4:11 am
steve: and, of course, it was during bill clinton's administration that then formerly president jimmy carter talked the administration into a program where the inspections of north korea simply did not work. brian: right. and also where we tried to pull -- jimmy carter said i have an idea let's pull our troops out of south korea. do you know who protested? china. they were concerned that russia was going to take control of the peninsula. taking control of the north. ainsley: let us know what you think about this whole situation. what do you think about the president's response to this and tough rhetoric? let's hand it over to jillian who has headlines. jillian: let's begin with dramatic new video this morning of a navy pilot rescued at sea after crashing fighter jet off the coast. lifting the pilot into a helicopter. the pilot setting off a smoke signal for help moments after ejecting from his jet during a training exercise. it's unclear what led to the crash. the pilot is okay. coming up in our next hour, fox news correspondent and former navy fighter pilot leah
4:12 am
gabriel joins to us discuss the recent uptick in military crashes. two cuban officials are kicked out of the u.s. after a string of bizarre incidents leaving american diplomats with severe hearing loss. the symptoms now linked to a covert sonic device placed inside or near the americans residences in cuba. unclear if it was deliberate attack. the state department, fbi and cuban officials are investigating. a rally cat is born. a game between the cardinals and royals interrupted when a cat takes the field. >> a cat or a squirrel. >> that's a cat. >> there it is. >> 'ow, 'ow. >> the cat biting and scratching the grounds crew as they ran it off the field. then this happened. on the very next play. >> molina. left, grand slam. jillian: grand slam,
4:13 am
game-winning grand slam. i believe fifth of his career. get this after the game the cardinals having so much fun on social media. we are feline pretty good. remember it? remember the last time we had a rally animal. remember that brian? brian: no, i don't. >> >> cardinals philly. cardinals go on to win the world series? i'm not bitter at all. steve: cardinals and phillies are both animals. jillian: that's true. steve: cataclysmic. brian: thanks, jillian. she wanted to be president and she failed. has hillary clinton finally found her calling? the pulpit? ainsley: and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell blaming president trump'president trumpe expectation. is it time to take a play out of the playbook. to get something done? good morning, david. ♪
4:14 am
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4:18 am
>> the new president, of course, has not been in this line of work before, and i think had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen. in the democratic process. steve: democrats got things done back in 2008. is it time to take a page out of their playbook. here to weigh in is fox news contributor and radio host david webb. good morning, david. >> good morning. steve: when the president tweeted out must repeal and replace obamacare? is he really saying time to repeal and replace mitch mcconnell? >> yes. and it has been for a long time. unsuccessful run to unseat him by matt bevin and we have seen how that played out. people of kentucky and america have been ill served by a weak leader for many years. mitch mcconnell's statement about excessive expectations. you haven't been here long enough, president trump. you don't know how we do things. the problem is they don't recognize in the leadership in the republican party, especially mccouncil that the president won because the
4:19 am
people have excessive expectations. we actually expect things to get done this president has gotten a lot done in first 100, 200 days. he hasn't done it with the help of the senate in this case. steve: have you heard, david over the last couple of months you know if anyone can get it done. is he a brilliant tactician when it comes to the way the senate works doesn't the senate work differently than anyone else on the planet. >> it the most arcane and backwards rules. when you look at the senate this club of 100 as i like to call them have been the president's body for decades, whatever president it is because they made deals. they can't even make a deal here on behalf of the american people. the problem is republicans for different reasons, on opposite ends of the spectrum ideologically, within the party. steve: right. >> will go against obamacare. so when you have 52 people who can't make up their minds, they can't move the ball forward, they ignore the very reagan principle of, look,
4:20 am
let's get 70% now and go back for the other 30. >> ed rollins who was campaign manager for ronald reagan he came out a couple days ago and said look, this is not a good place. time to ditch mitch. >> it's time for mitch mcconnell's leadership to leave the senate. the problem in the senate is they keep making deals and now they are not even doing that why? there has to be a reason. it's blocking president trump. why haven't they gone to recess? because under article 2 the president can call them back into session. they are doing everything with these proforma sessions to stop his recess appointments. steve: let me ask you a real quick question. mitch mcconnell could be watching right now. he is getting the message from the president of the united states about repeal and replace or doing something about obamacare. does he get something done before the end of the year with obamacare. >> it's doubtful with mitch mcconnell. that's the only way to say it the message from american people is we have excessive expectations. get things done. steve: david webb, thank you for joining us live today. >> good to see you. steve: speaking of congress
4:21 am
not getting things done. can you sue your local lawmaker for not getting things done? next guest is former federal attorney and she has the answer. it's probably going to surprise you. he won't stand for the national anthem but civil rights groups want you to stand for colin kaepernick because he can't get a job. waty to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally. miralax. when you clock out, i'll clock in... sensing and automatically adjusting to your every move. there. i can also help with this. does your bed do that? i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. excuse me, are you aware of what's happening right now? we're facing 20 billion security events every day. ddos campaigns, ransomware, malware attacks... actually, we just handled all the priority threats. you did that? we did that. really. we analyzed millions of articles and reports.
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and finding us dates. phones really have changed. so why hasn't the way we pay for them? introducing xfinity mobile. you only pay for data and can easily switch between pay per gig and unlimited. no one else lets you do that. see how much you can save when you choose by the gig or unlimited. call or go to xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network, designed to save you money. brian: quick headlines now. he can't get a job in the nfl after protesting the national anthem. civil rights activists are trying to rescue colin kaepernick. a rally called united we stand is planned outside headquarters in new york city later this month. the event poster even misspelling his name, thanks. supporters say the 49ers quarterback is being stonewalled by team owners this is led by spike lee.
4:25 am
first time in nearly a century the yankees are learning iconic pinstripes as part of a later this month. solid blue jerseys with nicknames on the back. many fans outraged comparing them to th to the nicknamed jers of the remember he hate me. meanwhile ainsley doesn't hate me. ainsley: i hate that idea. i will miss the pinstripes, brian. brian: just a weekend. ainsley: okay, i feel better. americans seem to be growing more and more frustrated with congress. new poll finds 86% says congress has not gotten much done while only 9% say they have gotten a good amount done. so here's a question. can you sue your local congressman for not doing their job? emily camp pan know is a former federal attorney and former criminal defense attorney and joins us now to weigh in. good morning, emily. >> good morning. ainsley: can you sue your congressman or woman if they are not doing their job.
4:26 am
>> bottom line, no. in 1989 congress, without much notice or discussion, i might add, passed a law that renders them immune for liability for torts committed in the office or scope of their employment. since then the courts have construed it to become broader and broader. so now even if a congressman is discussing their personal life to a reporter that scon striewd as having an aan effect on relationship with a constituent so that would be protected. ainsley: we are all taxpayers or most of us at least in this country are taxpayers. so they are still taking our money. we are not allowed to sue. what if you give donor money during the campaign. there is a man in virginia his name is bob hagman. he is 70 years old. he is filing a suit against the rnc for fraud saying congress can't get repeal and replace done. that's why he gave his -- whoever was elected in his area. that's why he gave them money. and they are not getting it done. he wants his money back. does he have a case? >> he does have a case he is saying this is fraud. this is racketeering because
4:27 am
you knew that my money wouldn't actually result in repeal of obamacare he was saying you knew from outset it wasn't negligence but it was down right fraud. is he also saying, look, if we can't sue our congressman then it's up to the rnc to act as a watchdog to nudge those congressman into complying to what they said they were going to do meanwhile on the other side they are saying absolutely not. this is ridiculous. he is an attorney. he actually has a case here. i think it's going to go past the motion to dismiss phase. ainsley: what happens next? is this opening a can of worms for everyone who has ever donated money and doesn't like what's happening? >> we'll see. people should certainly try. i think at a minimum. it's illustrating to congressman that we ever watching them. and their votes do matter, right? ainsley: putting america on them. >> exactly. it matters what they say. going back to what the courts have construed. no matter what congressman promise and no matter what they say, it has an effect on those of us who have voted for them. it's incumbent upon them to represent us in the way that they maintained that they
4:28 am
would. emily camp pan know, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. north korea taking tensions to where they never have before. general jack keane will be next. she wanted to be president and failed. has hillary clinton finally found her calling? the pulpit? ♪ that's why i'm keeping the faith ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ keeping the faith ♪ ♪
4:29 am
4:30 am
4:31 am
ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. as north korea releases chilling details to attack americans in guam. brian: yep. the u.s. navy is showing its force dispatching a warship to sale by chinese military islands. they got 7 of them as the u.s. calls on china to help reign in kim jong un. >> we are now learning north
4:32 am
korea is planning to send four bballistic miles of guam coming days maybe as early as next week. mattis sending a stern warning to the communist nation not to invite the, quote, destruction of its people. brian: joining us now is retired four star general jack keane. general, we see another general now turned secretary of defense mattis very deliberate in backing the president's tone and tenor. what are we to read into this as well as the action this morning north koreas an chinese. the united states is serious. what this administration has put on the table in way back in january, when secretary mattis, two days after he assumed his office travel to the far east and told them the policy of strategic patience is over and the military option is back on the table. the president's comments, secretary tillerson's
4:33 am
comments, secretary mattis' comments, all recent comments are all about that. making sure that they clearly understand there has been a dramatic policy change with this administration and they're serious about it. we mentioned in the introduction the previous administration, they never believed that the obama administration was serious about the military option. they actually believed watching obama behave with russia, with the assad regime. with the muslim brotherhood, and also not responding to china's overtures in the south china sea and the east china sea that the obama administration would accept a nuclearized icbm. that's where these people's head are. and what this administration is flat trying to do is change that thought process that this is a fundamental strategic shift from the previous administration to this one. ainsley: general, if they do try to attack us, if north korea launches these missiles, what should our response be?
4:34 am
>> well, we'll knock those missiles down but listen, ainsley, let's all get steady here. the north korean regime is not going to attack us. despite their rhetoric, despite, we have to respond to military capabilities. and if they are moving cantds we will adjust to that if north korea fires a shot, at any of our allies or at our interests and certainly guam, where we have military bases. the north korean regime is over. and they know that. steve: general, i want you to watch, here is then businessman, new york businessman donald trump speaking on meet the press back in 1999. they were having a blue sky conversation about if you were in charge of what's going on in north korea, what would you do, mr. trump? here is what tim russert asked and what donald trump said. >> you say that you, as president, would be willing to launch a preemptive strike against north korea's nuclear capability? >> first, i would negotiate.
4:35 am
i would negotiate like crazy. these people in three or four years are going to have nuclear weapons. they will have those weapons pointed all over the world and specifically at the united states. wouldn't it be good to sit down and really negotiate something? and ideally negotiate. if that negotiation doesn't work, you better solve the problem now than solve it later, tim. you know it and every politician knows it and nobody want to talk about it we virtually tried to bribe them into stopping and they are continuing what they are doing. they are laughing at us and think we are a bunch of dumbies. do you want to do it in five years when they have warheads pointing to new york city and washington? is that when you want to do it or do something now. you better do it now. brian: how about 25 years. think how much worse it is. steve: general, is that where we are right now? we are negotiating? >> the fact of the matter is we did negotiate with north korea during the bush administration, it was while we were having those negotiations that they actually developed nuclear capability. where the north korea's head
4:36 am
is they absolutely believe if they get this nuclearized icbm that we will accept it. we will acquiesce because that's what we did when they developed nuclear weapons. when the chinese developed atomic bombs and they were going to build icbms we protested loudly that there is no reason to do that. you should not do it. and then they developed it and we acquiesced. they believe the obama administration would have done that. and i think they are absolutely correct. what they have to adjust to now and i believe they are adjusting to, is the harsh reality that this administration is not going to acquiesce to that. they will not accept it. brian: general, you understand and no one understands better than you, we always think we have a deal with north korea. we thought -- the clinton administration and bush administration going to allow inspectors in. dismantle one of these weapon sites and then they come back even stronger. knowing that nobody wants war, i actually think that nobody wants talks either. there has to be a break-up in
4:37 am
the pattern and we're probably at a place further than we have ever been before. so break the pattern for us. how do we do it without killing everybody? >> well, we're doing it i mean, the thing that we learned, you know, with the cold war, is that if you want to prevent the horrific war like war between the soviet union and the united states, you have to be prepared to go to war. and they have to clearly see two things. they have to see, one, is your capability that it's real and, two, that you have the intent to do that? and that's what kept the peace. and when we moved to the policy of appease wanted, accommodation these last 8 years, it emboldened our allies to include these thugs that we're dealing with in north korea. what they have to get inside their head and particularly china, because china really holds all the purse strings here, is that the united states is serious. we will go to war to prevent a nuclearized icbm being thrown at the united states. as horrific as that is, we
4:38 am
will not permit that to happen. that's where we are. brian: they promised to send rockets in the middle of august at guam within guam. ainsley: they will shoot them down. brian: that would be a move that nobody has seen before. steve: general, thank you very much. ainsley: i love talking to you. you always make me feel better and safe everywhere. thank you for serving our great country. we look forward to you and other generals protecting our country. >> glad to serve. take care. ainsley: i'm not going to build my bunker and get my gas mask yet. he makes me feel so much safer. going to shoot it down. jillian: i feel like that's what we need right now. good to hear that. a new delay in the quest for justice for 9/11 victims and their families. a d.c. federal appeals court ruling that a judge overseaing the military commission of khalid sheikh mohammed. the man accused of planning the attacks must be disqualified from the case. the court says he should have recused himself over public statements he made involving mohammed's alleged guilt.
4:39 am
he has bragged about running the thai attack from a to z. from presidential candidate to pastor hillary clinton? yep, you heard that right. the democrat reportedly wants to reach out to you to preach to you about god. clinton's pastor reverend bill shelady telling the atlantic she recently discussed interest in united methodist minister. also highlights clinton's revived religious focus on the campaign trail in his new book. five transgender service members are suing president trump over the newly announced military ban. the troops say they rely on the defense department's current policy and argued that the proposed ban on transpeople is unconstitutional. while the president's plan has yet to be formally implemented. attorneys for the service members are asking a federal court in washington to block it immediately. and, all right, this one is going to make your skin crawl. a florida family discovers a 6-foot boa constrictor in their attic.
4:40 am
the homeowner hiring a snake trapper to capture the snake after hearing strange noises coming from the attic for years. >> when he pulled that snake skin out, i thought that's a sign that he must have been there for quite a while. jillian: they think the snake may have been someone's pet who slithered into the home on a tree branch. i don't know why anyone would have that as a pet but, hey, to each their own. a lot of people do. steve: got out and got in their attic. good reason to move. jillian: can you imagine it living up there for years? brian: must have been so bored. what do you do? jillian: there can be so many things to find in the attic. >> maybe for a week. abby: we should get everyone to send us pictures what's in the attic. i'm thinking of all the things in the mom's attic and what the make would live in christmas decorations. brian: billie dean had a song called toys in the attic. janice: that's not billy joel. that's aerosmith.
4:41 am
don't try to trick me with classic rock trivia. how is it going? what's your name? >> angela. >> what do you do. >> concrete assistant manager. janice: your boss is not going to mind i'm wearing your helmet. >> he is not there i'm the boss. janice: have you an anniversary. >> to my wife fern, happy anniversary to my wife fern. i love you. 32 years. janice: where are you from. >> caramel, indiana. janice: what do you do real quick. >> i'm retired. janice: they have visited every single presidential library in the united states amazing. real quick. i want to show you. we are watching this tropical storm franklin. it has been downgraded from a hurricane. our first official hurricane of the season, bringing heavy rainfall across much of mexico, the east coast of mexico. i want to point out that the national hurricane center has now upgraded our forecast. it's going to be a very busy season. if you live across the gulf coast, atlantic coast you need to be prepared, okay? right here. thanks. everybody. do you want to wave to everybody inside? ainsley, steve,and brian back to you. steve: thank you very much.
4:42 am
janice: number one. brian: by the way, janice, she is right about aerosmith. chris, what was the name of the billy joel album? >> songs in the attic. ainsley: grandma is somewhere up there, too. steve: wow. al sharpton says progressives aren't doing enough for african-americans. our next guest is a former democrat who says al sharpton is worried president trump will deliver on his campaign promises and actually make a difference in urban communities. ainsley: plus, have you heard the new idea to defeat radical islam? you should hug a terrorist. dr. james mitchell questions some of the world's worst terrorists. what does he think about that plan? did he hug them? we're going to ask him live. itg you've seen. the power of nexium 24hr protection from frequent heartburn. all day, and all night. now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr.
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4:46 am
calling out progressives for, quote, short changing african-american voters. sharpton writing this it is inaccurate to claim at that time current progressive movement is filling african-american participation or interest in political process. it is not. two things are certain. african-americans will not be taken for granted again and progressives invite failure yet again if they try. steve: here to weigh in is chief political correspondent for conservative review deenen borelli. >> good morning, everyone. steve: you were actually born and raised a democrat. democrat family. >> sure. steve: it was messages from al sharpton and jesse jackson when you were in your wonder years that made you do, what? >> well, absolutely. i grew up as a democrat. so i didn't know any different. i voted as my parents voted. but, listening to the victimization message from jesse jackson, from al sharpton, and comparing my life experiences, working hard, applying myself, taking risks and not blaming others
4:47 am
for whatever failures that may have happened in my life, i knew thinks message was a lie. sadly they are still promoting that same lie to those in the black community and that is something i talk about on a regular basis. ainsley: deenen barbara corcoran from shark tank and self-made individual herself. those people that have that victim mentality she knows they are going to fail and not be successful. tell us about your story and how you got through college. >> i knew i had to work hard to get where i wanted to be. i originally wanted to be a run way model in new york city. left home at early age and didn't have any money. i took that risk. i learned that it was hard work, perseverance that are the keys to success. and not blaming others and not looking to others to support you. and so my message today to young people is to work hard and apply yourself and not play towards that victim
4:48 am
mentality because you will not go anywhere because you are always going to have that in the back of your head. i can't get ahead because of. ainsley: you put yourself through college, right? >> absolutely. i was able to work corporate america for one company for over 20 years. they had a tuition reimbursement program. i went to school at night for 11 years working full time. brian: democrats are taking advantage of you african-american people. why don't you demand the vote that the hispanics did. not that you want to stay in group identity politics but that's just the way it is right now. this is an opportunity for president trump, if he delivers on what he promised what do you have to lose? >> right. brian: so far i have not seen those programs that are going to give donald trump a shot at the african-american community. have you? >> well, for him to even bring up the topic of addressing the issues that are happening in urban communities, i think, is a huge step. and he also has the backing from individuals like nfl football great jim brown. he met with him. he met with robert from bet,
4:49 am
robert johnson from bet. they even said to give the man a chance. and they know what the urban communities are like, poor schools, high unemployment. high crime rate. brian: ben carson what are you doing. >> dr. ben carson is a messenger as well. why not give that chance? why not look at the other end of the spectrum. because the democratic party has not done anything for these urban communities. steve: all right. deneen borelli thanks very much. ainsley: don't talk politics at the thanksgiving table she says. >> pass the turkey. brian: like al sharpton is talking to president obama. that's who he is dissatisfied with. >> sure. brian: thanks deneen. >> thank you. steve: have you heard the new hug a terrorist? i don't know if that would work. dr. james mitchell has questioned some of the world's worst terrorists. what does he think about the plan? next. ♪
4:50 am
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♪ ♪ brian: all right. want to deradicallize a cold blooded terrorist? it's easy. just give them a hug, verbal and physical. at least that's the approach denmark is taking. they are hoping to stop the spread of extremism with hawg jihady program. is this a good idea? does it have the foundation for success? dr. jim mitchell questions some of the world's worst terrorists when he was sprung into action and hired to help out right after 9/11. he is also the author of enhanced interrogation. dr. mitchell, we wanted to get your take on what denmark says is shown to work. is it okay to get a terrorist to open up and explain why they are doing this? show them love and they will change their ways? is that what you found? >> that wasn't what i found. in fact, i can't even imagine it working. i want you to imagine rob o'neill, the guy who shot ben lad continue kicking open the door in his compound and, you know, is he armed with warm
4:54 am
cookies and a let's cuddle t-shirt and get on over here you rascal. i have lots of hugs for you. ben lad continue is going to go i changed my ways. you know, it's a ridiculous idea. brian: this dateline piece in australia documentary series said this guy with alias name of jamal, he was disenfranchised and then when they started speaking to him he began speaking with something from a hug a jihad program. he began to open up about his unique difficulties of being a muslim in denmark and now he no longer wants to be a terrorist. it sounds so easy. >> the problem is there are lots of reasons that people get radicalized. but the core problem is that at a very early age, when they're still in their developmental stages, the parents, the schools, the social institutions, the religious institutions have to start actively promoting western values and actively teaching these would be jihaddists that the violent underpinnings of the religion
4:55 am
that they subscribe to are either the misinterpretations or the corruption of those religious documents or the quran and the hadith, the words and deeds of the prophet mohammed. you can't raise a child in a stove piped community where they are taught that the entire culture that they are supposed to assimilate in is evil and out to hold them down and then when they become an adult. brian: right. >> start expecting them to do anything except rebel. brian: jim, this is why it's important. a lot of those people that we jailed for being complicit in isis al shabaab plots are about to get out. we are in year 16. they are about to get out. are we going to hug ourselves out of this? >> that isn't going to happen. we know that some percentage of them are going to go back to the battlefield. especially now that they are becoming more emboldened because of the politically correct way we are handling these things. i think it just spells
4:56 am
trouble. and here's what it is. it's prey behavior. in the world there are predators and ther there is pre. unfortunately a rab bit that turns up next to coyote says hug me, like me, hug me that signals it's too weak to do anything to stop what's going to happen. that's what we are doing. we are engaging in prey behavior with a bunch of predators whose overall goal is to take away your way of life. brian: if you want to know the real details of the real people that want to kill us and what they are like and what broke them pick up "enhanced interrogation." by the way a couple of those guys are suing dr. mitchell for using enhanced interrogation in our justice department. thank you, dr. mitchell. we appreciate it he can't talk about it while the suit is going on but we will talk about it when it is done. students outraged after smu tried to force them to move
4:57 am
their 9/11 memorial. this morning a huge update on the story that we have been connick ling. chronicalling. ♪ we can be heroes e ♪ of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens. live claritin clear. . . . .
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♪ it's a highly contagious disease
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that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated. brian: america's most distant posession under threat. north korea state media warns its army warns of potential attacks on guam. >> i want a president if any nation such as north korea attacks guam they will be met with hell and fury. >> you don't just go to war with america. we are a superpower. a hyperpower. >> this is direct as a result of policies of appeasement to north korean dictators. >> unlike his predecessor, when president donald trump draw as red line, will not erase it, move away from it or back down from it. >> let's allow the korean
5:01 am
peninsula be reunited and make sure that happens. this is not just a korean eshoo but a proliferation issue. steve: mitch mcconnell screamed repeal and replace seven years. couldn't get it done. >> senator, if you can't get it done, got out of the way, retire. go fishing. >> troubling thing about it is, that republicans in congress still haven't learned the lesson of trump's election. >> the president won because the people have excessive expectations. we actually expect things to get done. this president has gotten a lot done in his first 100, 200 days. ♪ ♪
5:02 am
steve: live from studio f. we're on the second floor of the mezzanine level at world headquarters level avenue of the americas. welcome to the number one cable news show in the world. thank you. ainsley: thank you for being here with us every morning. we appreciate that. brian: thank you florida georgia line for singing that song live for us. thanks, guys. appreciate it. ainsley: every time we hear the song we say the same thing. you always bring it up. brian made them famous. brian: i wanted them to stay together. steve: meanwhile, one of our guests right now, former speaker of the house, he also ran for president. he write as lot of books. his wife is set to be the ambassador to the vatican. newt beginning rich, good morning to you. >> good to be with you guys. brian: "understanding trump" still on "new york times" list. >> busy day.
5:03 am
steve: it is a busy day. north korea made it clear they didn't like what president trump said regarding fire and fury, now they said they will unleash a little fire and fury in direction of guam maybe next week. could pop up four median range missiles. not hit it. they say they will hit it by 20, 25 miles. where are we, mr. speaker with north korea? >> well, look, i think first of all the trump administration achieved something big last week getting all the major nations to agree unanimously to a security council resolution that further tightens the sanctions. but, the challenge we have is, if you take the north koreans seriously, they're not going to back down. so the question becomes then what? every time i see newspapers ask this question, you have 12 so-called experts say we have to negotiate. we've been negotiating over 20 years. while we negotiate they're building weapons. there is one stud he did i out yesterday, they may have as many
5:04 am
as 60 nuclear weapons. people are not prepared for that reality. i hope, and my newsletter tomorrow from gingrich productions will outline, we need to evaluate what is an american city worth? this is not about guam. it is about seattle or cincinnati or chicago or new york. what is an american city worth? we better build defensive systems that will stop any attack on an american city whether from iran or north korea or any other rogue nation. and i think this has got to be done on a crash basis, cutting through red tape, much like the manhattan project in world war ii or the apollo project to go to the moon. we need dramatically better defensive capability because these guys may be serious. i hope diplomacy works but we better have a plan if diplomacy doesn't work. i don't care if they fire missiles in international waters as demonstration he effect. we fire icbms into the pacific
5:05 am
on regular basis. i do care we're not taking seriously we may need a non-diplomatic solution. brian: japan said anything heading towards guam they would knock out of the sky with their missile defense systems. magic bullet may be bolstering missile defense for taiwan, south korea, japan. that is the last thing china wants. china is only one that can control in a non-violent way north korea. >> i'm not sure even china can control them. i think north koreans are off on their own. i think they have an ideology which is frankly anti-chinese, anti-japanese, anti-american. brian: they need oil. >> i think that -- they knee oil. if you're prepared to really close down the economy decisively, basically the equivalent of a blockade you might be able to have some impact but remember, if you do that right now and they decide to react out of desperation with nuclear weapons we're not
5:06 am
prepared today for a north croon attack scale they could launch. personally i would like to see us use this negotiating period to dramatically expand our defensive capabilities before we push the north koreans to the wall. the ideal thing would be replace the current leader with a military coup but i'm not sure in their police state that is practical solution. ainsley: i want to read a few statements from secretary mattis who said they will lose. their regime and their people would be destroyed should they send a missile our way. he said the dprk should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and destruction of its people. what is your reaction? >> secretary mattis is a very, very smart man and he is sending a very powerful warning but we're not prepared today, either in seoul, korea, which is very close to the 38th parallel,
5:07 am
it would risk enormous collateral damage, or in our own major cities to deal with the possible outcome. cot united states destroy north korea? yes. what would the collateral effect be? can we destroy them fast enough they don't get a single missile off? are we totally confident we could knock down even one missile? we had 50/50 success rate with our anti-ballistic missile systems. i really worry that the cost of a nuclear weapon in a city is so horrendous, there are so many hundred thousand people are going to die, we're not taking seriously blocking that from happening. we're not taking steps we could take given our technological advantages. brian: donald rumsfeld was one said build up missile defense. he could not get financing to foal through on it. we're in a breakneck pace to catch up. go ahead, steve. steve: mr. leader you were talking about replacing a leader. you are talking about kim jong-un. some people in the united states
5:08 am
would like to see the leader in the u.s. senate replaced because he could not get repeal and replace done. mitch mcconnell was out earlier this week at a rotary club meeting and said that the president had excessive expectations and unrealistic deadlines regarding how the senate operates. then he just tweeted out about an hour ago, can you believe that mitch mcconnell, who has screamed repeal and replace for seven years couldn't get it done. must repeal and replace obamacare. what is going on between mitch mcconnell and the president of the united states? >> well, i mean, frankly, as a republican who has been around since before ronald reagan, has been through several very successful waves of change including both reagan and the contract with america, this whole thing is absurd. forever republican who voted no, there were 16 democratic senators who voted no. conservatives put their fire on
5:09 am
somebody, take all the 10 senators democratic party who are in states that trump carried who voted no. the fact is with a very narrow margin, 52 people, mitch mcconnell got 49 out of 52. i think the president can't disassociate himself from this. he is part of the leadership team. he is not an observer sitting up in the stands. he is on the field. it was a collective failure. both the trump administration and republicans in the senate failed but to get involved in shooting at each other when there were 16 democrats voting no for every single republican who voted no is goofy. i say it is goofy. brian: i agree with you, you look at overview, but for the majority leader to say i have a rookie president who has unrealistic expectations that is the first shot. it is almost, the president did speak to him off-line. then he tweeted for everyone to see. what about mitch mcconnell with all those years of experience, how does he benefit from those remarks?
5:10 am
>> well he doesn't benefit from those remarks. i suspect knowing mitch, if he had to do it over again he would probably take them back. i think he believes it. have been on the show he saying setting deadlines or don't have clear plan, with not absolute majority, there is not a solid majority in the house or senate. these senate dead liens create expectations. then it becomes a crisis, somebody has to have failed. replacing obama care which is one out of every five dollars in the u.s. economy, life and death for the american people, unbelievably complicated from medicaid to medicare, to various things that are in obamacare itself. this may take three or four or five years or 10 or 12 different bills. i'm not sure anybody is smart enough to write a single bill to replace obamacare in one guy you
5:11 am
ant -- one giant step and i'm not sure you could get a majority in the house and senate to pass it. i'm frankly equally afraid they will mishandle the tax cuts exactly the way they mishandled health care. if that happens, we'll be at the end of the year with a disaster. i hope they take lessons from the first seven months, apply them to writing a tax cut bill that actually works. ainsley: we'll see. we'll see. you wrote an op-ed on the title is, "rahm emanuel is the renegade mayor of a renegade city." why do you feel that way? >> well look, i got that directly off your show last friday. you had a guest on that talked about the notion, we should quit talking about sanctuary cities which sounds noble, we ought to talk about renegade cities, they're adopting old segregationist policy as their position. they are have right to interpose their city government against
5:12 am
the fed ral government. i pick on rahm emanuel deliberately, the city with the most people killed by guns, the city with the most people shot last year is chicago. 4,000 people shot, 700 people killed, why does rahm emanuel think they need more criminals? the entire fight is over can the u.s. government pick up an illegal alien in jail to get them out of the country? rahm emanuel says, no, no, we have to put them back on the streets of chicago. why with 4,000 you people shot, 700 people dead would the mayor of a city say please, let me keep all my illegal aliens, convicted criminals here? he think it is totally goofy position on rahm emanuel's part. we ought to highlight it. it is outrageous city governments, believe, a, can interpose between the federal government and law, and the federal government ought to send them money anyway. first steps attorney general is talking these are very modest steps in the right direction.
5:13 am
steve: newt gingrich, former speaker of the house, he you watches "fox & friends" and not only quote it and writes op-eds. brian: his book on trump is fantastic. 12 minutes after the hour. steve: dramatic video after a pilot is rescued after a training mission. these trashes are common. what is behind that? lea gabrielle, former fighter pilot is up next. brian: a gym says everyone is welcome unless you're a cop, or military man or woman. that should not stand. ♪
5:14 am
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on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. ♪ brian: dramatic new video of a navy pilot being hoisted to safety by the coast guard after crashing his fighter jet off the coast of key west. that pilot okay. ainsley: this latest incident comes as we learn military crashes have increased more than 50% since last year. steve: what is going on? we call in fox news correspondent, former navy fighter pilot lea gabrielle. let's start with the stunning images off-key west.
5:18 am
tell us a little bit about the crash in florida. >> i used to fly quite a bit in key west when i flew f-18. we learned air-to-air training. learned to fight adversary aircraft. there are a lot of ranges around key west. the water is warm there. so he the coast guard took literally eight minutes to when they get the call to fish him out which is wonderful. good for our coast guard. we don't know what caused the crash at this point. the navy will investigate this incident. this would be adversary aircraft. this is the type of aircraft used to train pilots to fight things like mig 21s, when you think about in the current environment, you think about north korea, the type of planes they would fly. they would have 3 and 400, what is called third generation fighters. things like mig-21s, equal to the f-5. when it points at you can't see it on radar if you don't have
5:19 am
radar lock. very good training almost becomes stealth to the radar. ainsley: why so many crashes up 50% since last year? >> that is one thing a lot of people are asking questions about right now and i think, i can't give you specifics what caused this crash yet because we don't know. the navy would have to give us more analysis of overall picture of jet crashes, what i'm hearing again and again from navy military leadership they're having problems with their budgets. that comes down to train people and being able to have jets properly maintained. if you don't have good maintained jets, people don't get flight hours, pilot proficiency goes down, accidents go up. this comes down to the fact there have been budget cuts to the military. the navy had to absorb billions of dollars in budget cuts, within the past 10 years, since the budget control act of 2011 and sequestration went into effect.
5:20 am
congress is not passes budget for military in time. steve: congress doesn't work. have you not been watching? >> it is hurting our military. they have got to do this. stop using what is called continuing resolution which is bandaid solution. freezes the budget at last year's levels for the military. makes them unable to plan. listen to military leadership, stop crushing us with continuing resolutions. properly pass legislation for us. ainsley: paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, listen up. >> please. steve: thank you very much. brian: ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. senator cory booker has a plan to fix racial inequality in the justice system, legalize pot. why that might do the opposite. ainsley: students outraged after smu tried to force them to remove their 9/11 memorial. this morning there is a huge update. ♪ people would stare.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
♪ brian: senator cory booker says he knows you how to promote racial equality in the united states. legalize marijuana. >> given the racial impact of marijuana enforcement, given the punishing of poor people through marijuana enforcement, i believe the federal government should get out of the marijuana, illegal, the illegal marijuana business. steve: okay. but our next guest says there is already proof that idea from the new jersey senator is a bad idea. ainsley: jason riley is a fox news contributor, senior fellow at the manhattan institute. author of a new book called, "false black power."
5:25 am
thank you for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: what does he mean by this talking about marijuana how it affects the black community in a negative way? >> he is talking about people arrested for marijuana possession or dealing and racial inequality among those people who are arrested. i think there are strong reasons for legalizing marijuana. people say we're locking up too many people, prisons are expensive. attitudes have changed. 60% of americans favor legalizing marijuana. that is up from 30% since 2000, enconcluding 42% of republicans. it is very popular. i just don't think this is the reason to do it. in other words, i don't think you are going to reduce racial inequality in the criminal justice system by legalizing pot. it will not do what cory booker thinks it will do. brian: arrest rates in colorado, percent to legalize marijuana against federal law, 58% up for
5:26 am
african-americans. juveniles up 29%, for hispanic juveniles. >> in two states where they already legalized it, we have data now. this was done back in 2012 in both washington state and colorado. not only has racial inequality grown in terms of arrests, but more black and hispanic youths have been arrested. it is not happening in these test states. no reason it will happen nationwide. the reason it is not happening drug offenses do not drive incarceration rate in this country. violent offenses drive incarceration rate. blacks commit more violent offenses. if you sent everyone home in prison who is there for a drug offense the racial balance in our prison system would barely budge at all. it is not drug use or drug offenses that are driving this racial disparity. steve: talk a little bit about why senator cory booker of new jersey would be proposing this right now. it is not going to go anywhere in the u.s. senate. so he is simply getting ready to
5:27 am
run for president. >> i think he is posturing himself for the progressives. this is aimed at those folks, if he does in fact decide to run in 2020. r right. we have republican controlled congress. we have jeff sessions who is a drug warrior running the justice department and trump administration who i think is very much in favor of the war on drugs. ainsley: bernie sanders didn't get the african-american vote, hillary clinton did. cory booker, being african-american and get african-american vote and bernie sanders supporters if he says i want to legalize marijuana? >> he would have better chance with bernie sanders supporters. he would do well with black voters as well. he ran newark, has history dealing with the black community. i think he would do well. brian: do you think he is formidable candidates for the democrats? >> i think he is one of their better options certainly going forward. he is young, attractive, very well-spoken. can articulate. steve: his track record, does he have one? >> he will have to defend what
5:28 am
he did in newark. among the people they could possibly put forward, they could do worse than cory booker. steve: his book is called, "false black power." jason riley. thank you very much. coming up on this thursday critics slam president trump's response to north korea as unhe predictable but mark steyn said unpredictability is a good thing. he is live next. good morning, sir. ainsley: a policy is disgusting. a gym says everyone is welcome unless you're a cop or in the military. ♪ my experience with usaa has been excellent. they always refer to me as master sergeant. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need.
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5:32 am
of summer, 48th and 6th avenue, our world headquarters. welcome to "fox & friends." here on the curvy couch, studio f. mark steyn. >> i love that. steve: thank you. brian: one thing stood out last couple days, not only what the president said but reaction. anger amongst democrats and dismissive way which his comments were taken by some on the right is really stunning. i think actually made us look weaker in the world's eyes when the president gets such little respect domestically. >> yeah, and i actually think, people like john mccain, not just the left, john mccain too should know better than to criticize the president's words when there is a guy who actually has an ambassador just a couple of blocks from here, north korea is a real state, and they're threatening, pledging to actually fire four missiles around u.s. sovereign territory,
5:33 am
we're arguing about the president's words. it is bad. it makes the united states look bad but actually it demonstrates i think the strength of trump. there is nothing worse than just saying, well, all options -- are there any deader words than all options remain on the table said in a gray, sober voice? steve: you don't have to do the impersonation. we have a sound bite montage of some of those people in those voices. watch. >> president trump sound more like a north korean leader unfortunately than an american leader. >> it used to be we looked at north koreans said, you know, those are the nuts with nukes. but now it looks a little bit like we have our own nut with nukes. >> this is is the first time that the dangerous apocalyptic statements of the north korean regime have been met by dangerous apocalyptic statements by the president of the united states. >> we never heard this kind of bluster from an american president to another world leader. ainsley: i love his three words, fire and fury, are apocalyptic.
5:34 am
>> which is absolutely ridiculous. that could be title of particularly edgy katy perry song or something. you give my heart fire and fury. you know. a couple of new marvel, minor members of the avengers or "x-men," this is absolutely ridiculous we're having this. what is significant is that an economic basket case is now a nuclear power and that's actually the reality of the world we live in and right now it is north korea and what happens five, 10 years, down the road when say sudan or yemen have joined that club. i would actually like a serious discussion of that rather than whether you know, oh, the room nut with the nuke is not kim jong-un, it is the american president. brian: the nut with the nuke, gave syrian technology able to take north korean technology
5:35 am
build a plant israelis blew up. iran has north korean technology. ainsley: i think the mainstream media want us to take a page out of denmark's book, go over there to kim jong-un and hug them. >> right. ainsley: they're hugging terrorists in denmark. setting a program called, hug a terrorist. they set a terrorist up with a hug. you get a mentor talks you out of being a terrorist. >> talks you out -- i listened to jim mitchell said. the way jim mitchell is being treated for serving his country, volunteering -- steve: civilly sued by terrorists. >> denmark, go years i spoke in the danish parliament on the 10th anniversary of the mohamed cartoons. the u.s. state department and british foreign office that it was unsafe for their nationals to be in the presence of my event. the nice danish lady mp, we went to dinner at a restaurant, we were guarded by danish intelligence security police, and the restaurant got panicked
5:36 am
by them, and canceled our booking. that is because of the hulk jihadists -- hug jihadists made danish life so impossible, we have to go about under armed guard in case they bust in and kill us all. nothing to be gained from having a hug a jihad it program. they should actually be tried for treason. the queen of denmark's enemies, they have taken up with the other side in a war and they are traitors. steve: mark, i got a question for you why do we get up in the morning to go to work because elon musk, visionary guy who has a rocket program, a battery car and now a cheaper battery car, mark zuckerberg, the genius behind facebook, they have both joined the chorus of billionaires who are saying in the united states everybody should simply get a paycheck, whether they do anything or not? it wouldn't be a big paycheck but everybody would get some money.
5:37 am
brian: elon musk, mark zuckerberg, other billionaires, they will run on, everybody should do this, be creative, use entrepreneur spirit? >> i would say work is, i think this is a sad miserable story. work gives life dignity, without work and human purpose -- i live in northern new hampshire which has been wrecked in the last few years by this opioid epidemic, in part people who once worked on farms and mills do not have anywhere to work at. that's, you can imagine what the opioid addiction rate is going to be under the zuckerberg, musk, model. steve: president trump mentioned the opioid problem in that state and got taken to task. >> it is explicitly connected what gives life dignity and life purpose. if you take away individual responsibility, you say everybody in the country is
5:38 am
going to have a welfare check every single week, you turn, you turn people basically into dependents just playing on their little zuckerberg, elon musk gizmos with no meaning. brian: don't want people to struggle to go invent stuff. that will be the debate because bernie sanders wants to give stuff away. health care will be free. college is going to be free. rich people will be writing checks to everybody. >> there will be, a few billionaires who design all the little toys you play with to listen to fire and fury by katy perry or whatever. and they will say oh, it is even, it is quarter of an inch slimmer than the last model. here is your check. you don't even actually need it now. we'll plug it straight into the cerebral cortex and lie on the sofa. ainsley: hug a terrorist. >> ainsley's right, that connects with the other thing, it confirms the jihadist
5:39 am
critique of us, that we're soft and deck coo dent and -- decadent and just interested in kate hety perry. it all ties together. steve: comes back to katy perry. we have more makers than takers. they're suggesting more takers than makers. >> there are no jobs -- at same time they are saying no jobs here's your check, but we need open borders to bring more and more of the 7 billion of the people on the planet to come live here where there are no jobs because you're all just listening to katie perry all day long. steve: that is a four katie perry plug. >> fire and fury, great new single. downloadable now. brian: katie, if she is watching, text mark. steve: you're on the tucker show. >> i'm guest-hosting last night for the person guest-hosting the night before. it is descending areas of hell.
5:40 am
steve: katy perry hosting. ainsley: jillian take over. jillian: record label called, they want you as the next superstar. we could say we knew you when. steve: fire and fury. >> fire and fury. it's a hit title. jillian: get you caught up what you need to know before you leave the house. he was reassigned and fired for dangerous issues at a d.c. va hospital. brian hawkins is back on the payroll. he is given a desk job, after he appeals what he considers a wrongful termination. he was ousted last month after an investigation he sent sensitive information to his wife's email account. months before that he was reassigned to administrative duty, when an inspector general rerevealed unsanitary conditions at his hospital. big win for college patriots. southern methodist university will allow a 9/11 memorial to remain at the center of the texas campus of. after major backlash, the
5:41 am
university reversing a decision to move all displays to another part of the school. they originally beened the exhibit to shield students from harmful or triggering messages. an atlanta gym owner posted a explicit sign banning nation's heroes from hess club. jim chambers said they might make minority members uncomfortable. john you any jones, retired marine bomb tech who lost his leg serving our country weighed in. >> this is the scenario where the power of the consumer can do infinitely more than power of the government. if he can find enough people to keep the doors open to come in there with the sign on the door, good for him. we don't need to be there. jillian: the gym took this sign down but will replace with a clean version with the same overall message. unfortunately one of those stories they hate to report but -- steve: i would be interested a month from now how many people voiced their opinion or left the gym. jillian: i was reading a couple
5:42 am
articles about this police officers say regardless of the sign and mostage they will still protect him. ainsley: of course they are. they are the before the. steve: straight ahead president trump is predicting a new housing boom. the signs are already there. the property guy, bob massi weighs in next. brian: she usually covers the country for african, american treasures. jamie colby is here and can you guess what she is making and from what era? ♪ ♪when you've got...♪ ♪...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol!
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5:45 am
steve: quarter before top of the hour, president trump is predicting a housing boom. >> let me tell you folks in ohio and in this area, don't sell your house. don't sell your house. [cheering] do not sell it. we're going to get those values
5:46 am
up. steve: would mean more money in all of our pockets. here to weigh in, bob massi, host of "the property man." bob, when you heard the president say that last week, what did you think? >> not a big push in ohio, steve he, to have your properties go up because they really weren't necessarily hit as bad from the perspective of housing costs. but yeah, the president, i like his message. i don't necessarily agree that it is going to boom but we have a sign of certain things but the biggest problem we have is the fact that there is not a lot of inventory in those places of country that were hit like vegas, florida, southeast, southwest. that is why prices are going up. brian: you mentioned a boom, signs of a housing boom are increase in demand, we know that low inventory, you touched that and the strength of the economy. well the strength of the economy is really something when you look at the stock market. when our houses increase in value, then it is a thing called
5:47 am
the wealth effect where we feel like we have more spending essentially and makes us feel pretty good. is that where we're at right now? >> yeah, look, everybody wants to own again. people are tired of renting that bought. baby boomers, a lot of us, i read a article, millenials are saying us old people won't sell. well there is a couple reasons we won't sell. because they're all coming home because they're having a hard time getting a job. we need the big house they grew up in to live there. the other thing we need to finance the house to help young people to buy the house because they're not working you way they should to make money. there is sort of a conflict there. by the way, love young people, you have young children, mine in the 30s, don't have to own by the time you're 25, guys. let me break the news to you. you can rent. you can own 35, not 25. there are a lot of things going on. one thing you look for, because inventory is down, prices are up.
5:48 am
construction costs are going up because prices of property are going up to buy and build. so they're going up. so i agree with the president hold on but at the same time, bottom line is, the fact we need more inventory in order to keep the prices stablized. not enough inventory these things go through the roof and there is bidding war. brian: president should have said don't sell your hoist and build more houses, mission accomplished on both of them. >> watch "the property man" on 5:30 at the network every friday. steve: 5:30 west coast time. it is 8:30 eastern. >> i'm on pacific time. steve: thinking about yourself. watch bob massi over on fox business. bob, thanks very much. >> thanks, buddy, take care. steve: you bet. 12 men's before the top of the hour. she is usually traveling the country covering american treasures on "strange inheritance." this morning this is something strange, she is in the kitchen, cooking with friends.
5:49 am
good morning, jamie. we have bill hemmer who somehow i don't he think ever been in kitchen but ends up with a meal. >> i am greating cheese. steve: you are greating. >> what will the trump team say and do now, more on that. a judge orders state department to keep looking for hillary clinton emails. we'll tell you why. is a civil war in the republican party underway? what the president is saying about that this morning. should a foster parent be preventing from owning a gun. a second management fight when shannon and i see you ten minutes away top of the hour. restlessness... extreme anxiety... pacing... a constant urge to move. if someone you know is suffering from schizophrenia they may also be struggling with akathisia: a common side effect of some schizophrenia medications. learn more at
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5:52 am
♪ ainsley: she is usually traveling our country uncovering american treasures on her hit tv
5:53 am
series, "strange inheritance." steve: today she is here in new york city, cooking with friends making back home bolin nays. >> why wouldn't i be. i miss you. watch you on the road. steve: when you're on the road you love to get back home. >> percent season it was chicken fried, deep-fried. i didn't get a call from anybody. i said i'm exhausted. you guys get up early morning hours you need high protein meal that gives you energy. brian: what am i smelling here? >> it smells good. ainsley: we're starving. >> i don't have a lot of time. i'm home three or four-days at home when off the road. we have peppers, garlic, olive oil. we'll add spinach. he brian, throw the black beans in there. that is also high protein. ainsley: you have black beans in your bolinase?
5:54 am
>> i do. i'm using bison, 23 grams of protein in one serving. i rest my case. ainsley: where do you buy bison? >> any grocery store. it is delicious. very, very lean. here is the bison. take it, put it in the pan, chop it up. spinach, black beans, peppers it is amazing. you're all three different with different taste like people around the country, they're all different. after you add tomatoes. brian: my goodness this, is complicated. >> for you it is complicated. i'm trying to speak slower. you add the tomato sauce. it make as beautiful, thick, chunky, almost italian bolegnase. steve: but it's a buffalo bolengnase. >> it is. if i could make a buffalo noise i would. i have been on a lot of farms lately. thank you, brian. i use my brother's favorite
5:55 am
pasta, it is a thick pasta. i put it on top. the sauce is the traditional way to make it. it needs cheese, steve. you take care of that. brian you're leaving the show, we don't care if you eat all of this. brian: go to radio. >> keep it quiet. wait until the commercial break. and then nachos. you have the big game, everyone is coming over. you don't want to be a lug own a sofa. brian: football is about to start. are you kidding? >> this is what you need. i would ask you would you add cheese to the nachos. i'm stick it on to the broiler. brian: it is exhausting. >> it is really not. what is exhausting being on the road 300 plus days. thank you, sweetheart. i came from las vegas, i interviewed david copperfield with a amazing magic episode. we're in season 4. most of our episodes come from our viewers.
5:56 am
i will put up address if you don't mind. we still need four more episodes for before i come back. steve: like david copperfield he think we'll make the bolegnase disappear. i would call it less bolegnase it tates more chilly. offer chilly it is chilly. over nachos it is knosp hose. that is the beauty of it. brian: "strange inheritance," 9:00 p.m. on fbn. steve: if you have an idea for the show, go to our web page, and tell your story. ainsley: watch "strange inheritance." brian: check your attic in the break. [cheering] ♪
5:57 am
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6:00 am
>> guys, we love these guys. join us tomorrow for the summer concert series, lighthouse performs. brought to you by your friends at keurig. >> if you're running, run to radio. >> bill: good morning, everybody. fox news alert now. the quote of the morning, a load of nonsense. that's what north korea is calling president trump's threat to meet any belligerence. they're saying absolute force is the only way to work with the united states and setting their sights on the u.s. territory of guam. i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom." see where we go. >> shannon: i'm shannon bream. latest reports claim that north korea is considering firing four missiles at guam, which is home to 6,000 u.s. service members, more than 100,000 civilians. guam's governor dismissing north korea's threat last night


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