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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 10, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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[laughter] joe concha, thanks for being here. >> the one-liners on the show today were great. "happening now" starts now. >> melissa: a fox news alert, u.s. special operations troops under direct fire recently in northern syria. fortunately, no u.s. forces were hurt and pentagon officials say they are not sure who was doing the shooting. >> jon: military engagement highlights the dangers our troops face in the complex battle. we are covering all the news, happening now. >> our new president has not been in this line of work before. and i think i had excessive expectations. >> jon: president trump fires back today after those comments from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell.
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frustrations mount over the lack of progress on l-uppercase-letter. new details on and isis plot. while revelations about the terrorist methods are sparking new cause for concern. and this man accused of poisoning home owners drinking water. the alleged act seemingly caught on camera. it is all happening now. we begin with a fox news alert, north korea channeling its threats into an actual battle plan, sending the u.s. territory of guam in its sights. hello and welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i'm jon scott. >> melissa: i melissa francis, the rogue regime doubling down, saying "only absolute force can work on president trump." the president touting the strength of america's nuclear arsenal, adding that he hopes it
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would not be used. at the same time, the deputy assistant to president trump warning that challenging u.s. military power would be a fool's errand. >> we aren't a justo superpower, we are a hyperpower. world history has never seen a nation as powerful as our great nation. north korea needs to understand the black male blackmail stopsu get into an arms race with the united states of america, you will lose, whoever you are. >> melissa: live in london with the latest. >> from one of my sources on the north korean threat, that person has never been so concerned. in the sights of the regime in north korea, the pacific island u.s. territory of guam, compete with air force and navy bases, a
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plan to send four missiles over japan from 2100 miles, flight time duration just 18 minutes, and to land just off of the guam coast. we saw personally at a military parade when mack we were in pyg in april. the one success with a high altitude head, not this trajectory. north korea has no idea of the accuracy or dependability. this is the closest bit of u.s. territory to north korea, a tempting target even rhetorically. amid all of this orchestrated demonstration we have been seeing in pyongyang this week, a
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statement today branding president trump "a guy bereft of reason." and that his recent comments were "a load of nonsense." today, japanese officials are saying a flyover of missiles would be a "national emergency." south korea says there they arg strong. melissa, let me try to sum up the consensus of my sources who i have been consulting with today. first, they say very well this could be a well orchestrated bluff, nothing more than a bluf bluff. this is incredibly risky not just for the target but terribly risky for north korea. at the same time, they say this should be taken very seriously by the united states and the risk of miscalculation on both sides is very large.
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>> melissa: thank you. >> jon: is president trump keeps up the pressure on north korea with his strong rhetoric, others in the administration are taking a more measured tone. secretary of state rex tillerson saying the president's tough talk has a definite purpose. >> in response to that, the north koreans rhetoric is to be louder and louder and more threatening. i think what the president is doing is sending strong message to north korea. in language kim jong-un would understand because he doesn't seem to understand diplomatic language. >> jon: chris wallace is the anchor of "fox news sunday." president trump used his expression about fiery events, the defense secretary -- the secretary of state kind of cool things down a good bit. the defense secretary talks about the annihilation of the regime in north korea and the wiping
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out of its people. it's kind of a wave of rhetoric coming from the administration. >> you don't know to what degree it is planned or an indication that they don't all have their act together. taking the most optimistic view, you could say it is good cop/bad cop, you have president trump playing the bad cop or the tough cop and using the phrase fire and fury which got everybody's attention, i don't know that we've ever heard mack a president use words quite that apocalyptic. in much more diplomatic terms, the cheap emissary of diplomacy and the administration and actually saying americans are sure to sleep fine tonight. it is a concerning situation, far beyond the rhetoric. the question is, what is kim
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jong-un going to do if he does send missiles in the direction of guam, which is a u.s. territory, you are talking as we have just heard the possibility of overflights of japan and south korea, when a missile is up in the air, there are only minutes to respond to that is it a missile loaded with a nuclear weapon, an intermediate range missile, a ballistic missile, hair trigger responses have to be made on the one danger of the president's remark is to what degree was he setting a redline. let's say the missiles fall harmlessly into the water 30 or 40 miles off the coast of guam, is president trump than obligated to back up his rhetoric with military action. there are a lot of questions and the opportunity for miscalculation on both sides if
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kim jong-un goes ahead with this extremely inflammatory act of this alleged plan missile attack, that would be very dangerous and up the whole situation dramatically. >> jon: then there is the question of how the north koreans are receiving his words. he used the fire and fury phras phrase, he was said to be bereft of reason and it was a load of nonsense. his word didn't have much of an impact. >> it clearly has had an impact otherwise we wouldn't now be talking about a missile test 30 or 40 miles off guam. you have this kind of escalation of rhetoric and does that lead to action and one expert was quoted as saying you just can't out crazy kim jong-un and that is the danger, no matter what you say, the president says and
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no matter how hard he tries to send a note of don't mess with us, kim jong-un is only going to see that as provocation to be even more inflammatory. >> jon: i want to get your take on what sometimes seems to be a double standard among the press and you saw some of this when the state department spokeswoman was taking questions. the media is asking whether president trump should be using phrases like fire and fury, but nobody seems to care all that much about the threats coming from kim jong-un, is that a double standard? >> we expected crazy from kim jong-un. he is the head of the hermit kingdom, a pariah for almost the entire world. we don't expect him to be judge of the same standard as the president.
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i don't think anybody objects to the idea that the president was tough and sent a very stern message to north koreans, particularly after we got word this week from the defense intelligence agency that apparently they have developed the capacity to put a nuclear warhead inside a missile, they mill may have some technological problems. i don't think anybody objects to that. fire and fury was pretty apocalyptic and it is legitimate to criticize that. i certainly hope we are not judging donald trump and kim jong-un by the same standards. >> jon: it is going to be an interesting "fox news sunday" i know. looking forward to that. >> melissa: president trump going after senate majority leader mitch mcconnell after the lawmaker suggested the president's lack of political experience gave him "excessive expectations" when it comes to congress. live from washington with more,
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this has turned into quite the back and forth. >> on this day president trump have already written two tweets and both have been directed squarely at mitch mcconnell, the latest coming about 25 minutes ago... that followed this jab in the morning -- of a tells us that roughly ten minute phone call was tense with president trump ripping into mcconnell while also expressing frustration about senator john mccain's notes on health care. i asked if they would characterize that phone call differently and was simply told that they wouldn't discuss
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private conversations. so far, mcconnell has not made any public comments since he said president trump had "excessive expectations." back to you. >> melissa: maybe he decided it was better to keep his comments to himself. >> possibly. >> jon: the fda placing plans to regulate e-cigarettes on the back burner for now, the move is not sitting well with some advocacy groups. north korea amps up the rhetoric against the u.s. can cooler heads prevail? we will talk within asia expert next. >> i am afraid i will be away from my family and they will be really sad. >> and south korea, every day north korea wants to attack us.
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switching to allstate is worth it. >> melissa: more news out of north korea as the pyongyang once again threatens to attack guam, announcing its plan to launch a four missiles near the u.s. island territory. some residents are taking it all in stride while others say they are pretty shaken up. >> it is something we can't take it lightly, we never know what can happen, everyone is saying what are we going to do, you can't do anything, you can't run and hide from a nuclear bomb. >> melissa: joining me is the director of the korea working group and in adjunct lecturer at the harvard kennedy school. thank you so much for joining us, i was talking to the governor of guam and he said they are used to being in the line of fire, he has not
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necessarily been telling people to do anything different. it does seem like it is different this time. >> it is different in the sense that north korea is working towards capabilities that are unprecedented. north korea is achieving the type of landmark capabilities much farther than the intelligence committee has estimated in the recent past. you have to look at the capabilities on the island. the notion that you have the airport space, ballistic missile defense capabilities along the way as well. i think our points to the population over there. north korea is stating things that is causing a lot of concern globally. >> melissa: he also talked about how when people hear talk about followed in that region, we need to remember that there are americans in the way over there. >> i think north korea is trying to elevate that they are a
10:18 am
threat, they are a clear and present danger and we are walking a fine line. they are trying to demonstrate that they have the capabilities to establish this kind of credibility but in doing that, they are ratcheting up tensions and i think this is the elevated state we haven't been in before, the crossing point was the intercontinental ballistic missile test last month. >> melissa: when people talk about this, they say if the kim regime launched a missile, they have to understand it would be mutually assured destruction, that he has to know that the response would be so big he wouldn't survive it. is he that rational? do you think he is thinking like that or does he think he has some sort of shelter he will be able to survive? >> i think among the community of north korea watchers, the majority of the analysts believe kim jong-un is not suicidal. we are looking closely at north korea's game plan, they actually have one.
10:19 am
when it was first unveiled, careful wording from the north koreans that it is for self-defense. >> melissa: originally the stance was that these weapons were aimed at south korea to keep the rest of the world off their back, but even that has changed and he has made it clear that these are aimed at the united states. he has deviated from the structure that this was supposed to be for their own self defense, isn't that worrisome? >> we are in worrisome territor territory. his father use these long-range missile tests during his time, but kim jong-un seems to be focused on developing this kind
10:20 am
of capability with the caveat it is for self-defense. you are crossing a certain type of line that we can't really square in the sense of how north korea is developing a capability that is really in the game plan. we have entered a cycle that is very worrying, they are going to get even more tense and that we have a regularly scheduled u.s. military exercise coming up very soon, this is where the u.s. military's will be mobilizing and the north korean will automatically. that heightens a situation and this is the area of miscalculation we are worried about. >> melissa: what do you mean about miscalculation? >> you will have the mobilization of these forces already, it will not be in the
10:21 am
building up of military capabilities. they happen every summer around this time, now you are adding this element of direct statements from leaders. we haven't had that before, that is the part that can be the notion of extra room for miscommunication and miscalculation. >> melissa: thank you. >> jon: democratic leaders may have big plans for the midterms as they help to regain control of congress next time around, but they could have a real problem making that happen. we will tell you more about what that problem is, plus we are awaiting the biggest change to tobacco regulations and decades and it focuses on one key part of cigarettes. my antismoking groups say this is the right move. >> if we could make cigarettes nonaddictive, we might move people over to other addictions but we will reduce the number of people who die from tobacco use and that is the key.
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>> melissa: right now the u.s. could be a few months away from a new way to regulate tobacco products, one that targets their nicotine content. >> this plan is not finalized, a determination could come by the end of this year but if it happens as expected, it will be the biggest change in tobacco regulation in decades. it would require tobacco companies to reduce the nicotine content in smoking products to typically. antismoking groups say it will put tobacco companies to the test. >> if you reduce the addictiveness of the product, smokers will have a real free choice. philip morris has been promoting itself as a company that wants to move current tobacco users to
10:26 am
products that don't kill them. we will find out if they mean i it. >> some question whether the proposed change will actually work. if nicotine is reduced significantly, some fear that longtime adult smokers may seek black-market alternatives to get their fix of nicotine. >> they find it helps them concentrate and relaxes them and these are the individuals who often have quite a bit of trouble quitting, which is why again, a safer way to get nicotine is a godsend for people like this. >> that brings us to the second component of the fda proposed policy. nicotine is highly addictive but it is not what kills smokers. the danger is the smoke itself. the byproducts of combustion that are so strongly linked to cancer and other diseases. british and canadian health authorities have agreed that
10:27 am
vaping is a vastly healthier alternative to smoking. >> we need to put them through a proper regulatory process. we have delayed certain regulations to give us time to do that. >> the fda is launching an educational and ad campaign to dissuade children and teens from vaping. >> melissa: thank you. >> jon: the midterm elections, control of congress is up for grabs, no a little more than a year away, which party is winning the fund-raising race and why. who was doing the shooting? we are alive at the pentagon.
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but our average customer can save twenty thousand dollars. at lendingtree, you know you're getting the best deal. so take the power back and come to, because at lendingtree when banks compete, you win. >> melissa: a new crisis may be shaping up for the democrats ahead of next year's crucial midterm elections and fund-raising. >> jon: the gap is due in large part to small donors who want to take part with grassroots campaigns. it is a simple principle one that democrats democratic cands understood, the institutional democratic party now seems incapable of grasping. people are motivated to act when they feel like part of something larger than themselves and when
10:32 am
they understand their participation in that larger something makes a real difference. joining us now, former policy director with the mitt romney campaign and vice president for national security at the third way and former chief of staff to a congresswoman. do you agree first of all with the piece on politico that say democrats have lost their way to appealing for funds from small donors? >> i don't think that is right and it's not really an apples-to-apples comparison. the way which people spend on campaigns is very different, the dnc does a very small portion of candidate fund-raising and spending on the races. it is not really the crisis that the author makes it out to be. >> jon: the numbers are pretty telling, the republican national campaign committee has raised
10:33 am
$33 million in small contributions while the democratic national committee has raised $21 million. >> like i said, the dnc's purpose is very different, when you think about a fund-raiser, you look at our race like the georgia race, the dnc spent almost nothing in that race, most of that was from other outside party organizations. in that, democrats are holding well. when you look at enthusiasm numbers, the republicans have a real problem. >> jon: one could argue you can't spend money if you don't have it and maybe democrats didn't have it. let's get your take about it. the republican national committee has raised about $75 million in 2017 compared to the democrats $38 million, almost a 2-1 margin. >> i think there are a couple of issues here, enthusiasm is very important but related to that article things. first of all, coherence of a message, is there a message people find appealing enough to
10:34 am
want to give money to and secondly, are there candidates that are appealing enough that people want to give money and i think on both of those accounts democrats are having a difficult time, there is no coherence of message, no sense that democrats stand for anything except being against president trump and secondly the candidates they are putting out there just are not compelling to the small dollar donors who want to give money. i think those are to go challenges democrats fundamentally are going to have to deal with going into 2018 and beyond. >> jon: the flip of the perception, it used to be that the republican party was perceived to be the money of fat cats and millionaires, most of this money is coming in from small donors into the rnc. >> there is plenty of money coming in from large donors on both sides, it may not be flowing into the party organization but that is different and you do see a lot of small donor enthusiasm for
10:35 am
particular candidates. when you look at the fund-raising and see people giving into small races, they are giving it directly to the people they want to win and they are making strategic decisions about that, the comparison is really between those two cope campaign and not fair. >> jon: if you are hoping to hold the congress next time around is a republican, supposedly, voter enthusiasm is on the democrat side, can you turn that around with simple money? >> money is not going to be enough, i think enthusiasm is an issue on the republican side, i take in order to get more voter voter enthusiasm they have to have some accomplishments. they have done some stuff on regulatory reform but unless they are able to get large stuff, the failure to get obamacare done was a huge disappointment will demotivate the base. there is unneeded there, a compelling need for
10:36 am
congressional republicans to get something done, to demonstrate accomplishments and raise enthusiasm going into next year. >> jon: the republican president is picking up a fight with republican senate majority leaders, how does that generate enthusiasm? >> this is going to be a challenge, ideally you want the president and republican congress on the same page, i think the president is trying to encourage senate republicans and house republicans to get something done but ideally you wouldn't want them sniping at each other, this is something hopefully we can get on the same page on. >> jon: the author of that peace is as democrats are making a fundamental mistake in the kind of fund-raising appeals they are sending out, basing everything on disliking president trump or what republicans have done, they haven't offered a positive message, do you agree? >> i don't agree with that, i think the author was looking at a particular campaign and comparing their tactics to what
10:37 am
an institution is doing and that is very different. it is the summer of 2017, democrats are a long way away from the next election, of course the messages are going to be as clear as it would be in an election cycle. at the same time, look at some of the special election races that have been run, democrats are running on a very positive message and looking towards the future. all politics are local, democrats are going to take a broad path towards victory and that may not be as crisp of a message. >> jon: let's be honest, truth be told you would rather be sitting on that $75 million as opposed to the $38 million the democrat democratic national committee has raised. >> obviously more money is better. we have had a leadership change and i think you are going to see some rebuilding. the dnc i think we'll come back strong as we approach the election cycle.
10:38 am
>> jon: what about the fact, you mentioned it was a failure to not repeal obamacare, is it possible republican donors are going to sit on the sidelines and say they couldn't get it done. >> i think that it's going to be one of the challenges, enthusiasm has been down precisely because they get nothing done. as we approach 2018, republicans realize how problematic it is going to be to get any things done on the president's agenda. between now and then wrap, republicans need to be very cognizant of the fact that they have the power and they need to get to something done if this is going to go anywhere. >> jon: we thank you both. >> melissa: we are getting an update on the fight against isis, the pentagon revealing that u.s. troops have come under
10:39 am
direct fire recently in northern syria. it is not clear who is doing the shooting. lucas tomlinson reporting live from the pentagon, what do we know? >> good afternoon, hundreds of american troops faced danger in syria, short time ago a military spokesman from baghdad said some of these american troops have been shot at this week but nobody was hurt. >> over the course of last week, there have been clear, direct fire agents that have not resulted in an injury or damage to equipment, but near our forces and we are prepared to defend ourselves if required. >> since march, u.s. special operations forces have been in northern syria to help keep the peace after isis was pushed out of the area a year ago. there are a number of competing
10:40 am
groups. it is not clear which group was shorting small arms at u.s. troops, u.s. troops did not return fire. u.s. special operations troops drive around with american flags flying in the open, not typical procedure. the pentagon says more than 50% of the city has been recaptured by u.s. backed syrian fighters. they are supported out round-the-clock by hundreds of marines outside the city. they increasingly faced stiffer resistance by an estimated 2,000 isis fighters and hundreds of bombs hidden throughout the city. this week marks the three year anniversary of u.s. involvement in the war against isis, u.s. officials tell me 80 isis leaders have been killed as part of the annihilation plan. >> jon: as coalition forces
10:41 am
take the fight to iraq and syria, new concerns in australia after terrorists managed to stand a high-grade explosive through the mail. plus, disturbing moment captured on home surveillance cameras, why police are now looking for the man you see here. >> it's a warning to everybody, we live in a world nowadays where you can't even leave water on your porch without somebody possibly tampering with it. remember our special night?
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>> melissa: surveillance video showing a disturbing scene. the home owner understandably stunned. >> i never would have thought something as simple as leaving my water on my porch would lead
10:45 am
to something like this but i wanted all my neighbors to know. >> melissa: they are reviewing the footage as a search for that suspect. >> jon: some new details on a foiled isis plot to blow up a jetliner outside australia. the attack which sparked rates across sydney called one of the worst attempted. instructions provided on how to build fully functional ied. live in london with more on that. >> such a major concern here, isis has the ability to ship high-grade plastic explosives halfway around the world using commercial air cargo, short signs they are continuing to try to attack the west and also a sign of sophistication and what should be a near impossibility. this plot was originally intended to bring down an airway
10:46 am
leaving sydney but it was constructed on the 29th of july. luckily, for reasons unknown they abandon the plan before going through security. what we are now learning is far more than three months prior to this, the brothers were being directed, instructed and even supplied by an isis commander inside syria. all the components for the airplane bombing including that plastic explosive had been shipped from turkey to australia by air cargo, most likely in a passenger jet. allowing the brothers to build the bomb with instructions from the isis commander. they had placed the bomb in a third brother's bag without his knowledge. australian police are now saying he never would have managed to pass through security. authorities have long known that isis have cells inside syria whose specific aim is to plan attacks against the west but
10:47 am
this is a real sign of their growing ambition. isis is attempting to recruit more people abroad, carry out attacks wherever they can. this is a real example of the sophisticated supply chain they are trying to build and if they can ship it from turkey to australia, who is telling where else i may have gone too. >> jon: unbelievable, benjamin hall, thank you. >> melissa: the son of sam, one of the most notorious serial killers in the country and his terrifying killing spree came to an end exactly 40 years ago today. that is when the nypd arrested david berkowitz, he was a postal workable police say was responsible for stocking the city and killing six young wome women. he sent letters to local papers before he was caught writing "i am a monster, i am the son of sam." he claims he got orders to kill from his neighbor's dog named
10:48 am
sam. he later pleaded guilty to the crimes and is now serving a life sentence. >> jon: hurricane franklin turning into a tropical storm after it makes landfall in mexico. by that storm could still be dangerous despite being downgraded. plus, look at our forecast here at home. out for one thing, you. call in the next ten minutes to save on... and if that's not enough, we'll look after your every dollar. put down the phone. and if that's not enough, we'll look after your every cent. grab your wallet. access denied. and if that's still not enough to help you save... ooo i need these! we'll just bring out the snowplow. you don't need those! we'll do anything, seriously anything, to help our customers. thanks. ally. do it right.
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>> high max, everyone, i'm sandra smith. president trump about to get a security briefing. where north korea will be front and center, you can surely expect that. plus, we are awaiting a state department briefing where we are will get an update on the north korea front.
10:52 am
>> melissa: a washington, d.c., couple accused in an idaho hotel of price gouging for the upcoming solar eclipse. they say they reserved their room at the ritz hotel and suites nearly three years ago but now the hotel wants to raise the rates up for the reserved room, jacking up the price by thousands of dollars. >> they started telling us that our rate is way too low for this event and they wanted to raise our rate. >> there is not a way for the hotel to escape having to fulfill their end of the contract simply by saying we would like to profit more than we would have otherwise. >> melissa: it is the eclipse.
10:53 am
the idaho attorney says that higher rates are not illegal but breaking a contract could be a crime. legal experts are saying there may not be a violation of the jenkins clicked on a box giving the hotel permission to cancel or change the price when they reserved the room. you have to read things really closely. >> jon: what kind of fine print is that? >> melissa: "we can jack up the price anytime we want." >> jon: folks in mexico feeling the effects of hurricane franklin. >> melissa: the first atlantic hurricane for the year could be coming to a tropical storm. the heavy rain is still raising the risk of flash floods. live in the fox extreme weather center. >> the mountains right here are really high, about 10000-12,000 feet. when a storm comes in hitting the coast, that air all rises up and that is why we are really
10:54 am
concerned about the flash flooding, especially along this mountain range here. this storm is going to continue to pull up towards the east, bringing the rain and spreading it through a lot of mexico. keep in mind, this is where we are for the season. this is peak hurricane season around september 10th, we are right here heading into this kind of newly active period and we think we are going to see that. one thing that is a little bit strange, usually when the storms interact with this much land they fully disintegrate, some indication this might move into the pacific and maybe regenerate a little bit. we are watching also a disturbance we have been watching as a wave that came off of africa, a 40% chance of development within the next five days. getting towards the east coast, most of our model guidance keeps it off the shores so we don't think we are going to be worrying about it, when you get this close to the shore we will keep you abreast of this. a little too close with this.
10:55 am
mexico in the meanwhile getting a lot of moisture out of this, some spots probably around 15 inches of rain for soap. another story we have been watching, breaking all kinds of records in the pacific northwest, another hot day today, another hot day tomorrow and cooler air will finally move and across the pacific northwes northwest. much of the rest of the country has temperatures at or below average for this time of year. >> melissa: thank you for that. >> jon: a routine city council meeting takes a bizarre turn. how a woman's first person expd right on her lap. the final 30, next. hi.
10:56 am
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>> time now for a final 30. the cameras rolling in a town council meeting in nevada when this happened. >> we find on july 20th. >> [bleep] >> that's video of a woman's purse exploding while sitting there on her lap. fortunately, the local fire chief was in the house and brought the purse outside. she suffered some burns, but nothing serious. apparently, malfunctioning battery in her purse may have caused it all. >> that is unbelievable. talk about take-out. a bear goes through a garbage bag in the side of the road makes his choice. he carries the bag back to the woods, this is in north bend washington. wildlife officials are advising people to secure their garbage bins until pickup day. because the bears could become too conditioned to human food. not to mention that they ate a plastic bag as well. human food, food eaten by
11:00 am
humans, not eating humans as food. still you don't want a bear knocking on the door asking for a burger. >> that's not good. that could be big trouble. thank you so much for joining us. >> america's news headquarters starts now. >> fox news alert, the president scheduled to get a security briefing right now along with vice president pence. also in attendance, national security advisor h.r. mcmaster and chief of staff general john kelly. and north korea will be at the top of the agenda. i'm sandra smith. president trump is scheduled to on camera short time after that briefing, and the state department also said to hold a briefing at any moment now as well. all of this coming just hours after north korea releases a detailed plan to fire for missiles towards the u.s. territory of guam. kim jong-un's regime notching up the rhetoric and dismissing trumps remarks on fire and fury as a load of nonse


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