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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 10, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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humans, not eating humans as food. still you don't want a bear knocking on the door asking for a burger. >> that's not good. that could be big trouble. thank you so much for joining us. >> america's news headquarters starts now. >> fox news alert, the president scheduled to get a security briefing right now along with vice president pence. also in attendance, national security advisor h.r. mcmaster and chief of staff general john kelly. and north korea will be at the top of the agenda. i'm sandra smith. president trump is scheduled to on camera short time after that briefing, and the state department also said to hold a briefing at any moment now as well. all of this coming just hours after north korea releases a detailed plan to fire for missiles towards the u.s. territory of guam. kim jong-un's regime notching up the rhetoric and dismissing trumps remarks on fire and fury as a load of nonsense. we have full team coverage and
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analysis. rick leventhal following directions the president prayed home and security member congressman pete king is also standing by. we begin first with the rich edson, who is currently live at the state department. where we await news to, any moment now. any movement on the diplomatic front? >> good afternoon, sandra. the state apartment briefing starts here in about 15 minutes, and as that happens, the north korean regime is finally responding specifically to president trump's comments regarding fire, fury, and their country. north koreans speaking to the people's army stating that the regime of kim jong-un's is the is bereft of reason and only absolute force can work on him. the statement said north korea is seriously examining a plan to envelop guam with four missiles around the island. north korea issued this latest statements, secretary of state rex tillerson returns from several days in asia. in a diplomatic effort to convince russia and china to cut
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off north korea's financing. he said americans should sleep well at night and have no concern about the rhetoric of the past few days. >> sandra: the state department has been asked about the very tone coming from the administration. some started calling it mixed messaging. >> when he was to do state just said there, that americans should sleep well at night and you compare that with a fire and fury of the president, it has been fielding questions as to whether or not there is a similar message coming from all areas of the administration. the administration and state department argues it is consistent. >> the united states is on the same page. whether it's the white house, the state department, the department of defense, we are speaking with one voice. the world is in fact speaking with one voice, and we saw that as it came out of the u.n. security council with the resolution that passed less than a week ago. >> before this fire and fury language in the white house, secretary tillers and act on this trip to asia, he spoke
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almost directly to kim jong-un and said the united states does not seek regime change prayed we do not seek to invade, go beyond the 38th parallel, but the united states wants is essentially north korea to stop his aggression in the u.s. has to respond to all of these missile tests and nuclear advances. >> sandra: thank you. life force of the state department as we just mention, the president and vice president being briefed with a team of security advisors. let's turn to senior correspondent rick leventhal who joins us live from bridgewater, new jersey. what are we hearing out of the white house on north korea's latest threats? >> the president's position hasn't changed according to his press secretary and we do know that that meeting was scheduled to start with the last couple of minutes. at the president's bedminster property which is a few minutes from our location. as you mention, h.r. mcmaster is there along with his white house chief of staff john kelly the vice president as well. we have a camera there, they are supposed to spray the event after it ends potentially with
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the next couple of hours. we should see the video and sound from the president when that happens. we are told again that the president's position on north korea has not changed, and it's in line with the defense secretary jim mattis' statement that was released earlier. he called north korea's military overmatched, and he said that the people's republic should seize any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime. the instruction of its people. we heard from deputy assistant to the president that reiterated that position on the hannity show last night. >> we aren't just a superpower. we are a hyperpower. world history has never seen a nation as powerful as our great nation. therefore, north korea needs to understand the black male stops, and if you get into an arms race as secretary mattis said with the unionized states of america, you will lose whoever you are. >> the administration says it is on the same page.
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economic sanctions, diplomacy, and military options all remain on the table. >> what more have we learned about this phone call that will be happening? >> we are told that the president ripped into senate majority leader rick mcconnell earlier this morning and during a tense ten minute call that he let mcconnell know that he did not appreciate the criticism and the remarks at the kentucky center made in his home state when he was speaking about the delays in the health care plan. >> are not president has not been in this line of work before. and i think had excessive expectations about how quickly things happened. in the democratic process. but without phone call happened yesterday. the president reportedly telling mcconnell that he still expected republican leadership to step up and repeal obamacare and this morning, the president tweeted at mitch mcconnell and wrote "can you believe that mitch mcconnell had screamed
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repeal and replace for seven years and couldn't get it done. must repeal and replace obamacare." just a short time ago, the president tweeted once again, he said "mitch, get back to work and put repeal and replace, tax reform and cuts and a great infrastructure bill on my desk for signing. you can do it." so far, we have not heard a response from the senator to the president's criticisms. >> sandra: the phone call yesterday, the tweets began and have continued up until just this past hour, that tweeting continued in that security briefing happening and we should see the president will take that. we don't yet know if he's going to be answering any questions. rick leventhal, thank you. president trump pressing the senate majority leader to try again on health care. south carolina senator lindsey graham agrees. >> i like mitch, but for eight years, we've been saying were going to repeal and replace obamacare. it's not like we made this up overnight. we have been working on appeal
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it back repealing obamacare. in many ways, i think it's an ill-conceived idea. >> the former house majority leader newt gingrich is coming to mcconnell's defense sing with the president also share some of the blame. >> with a very narrow margin, 52 people, mitch mcconnell had a 49 out of 52. i think the president can't disassociate himself from this. he's part of the leadership team, both the trump administration and the wilkins of the senate failed, but to get involved in shooting at each other when they were 16 democrats voting no for everything republican who voted no, is goofy. >> joining meow's new york republican congressman peter king. thanks for joining us. a member of the homeland security committee. who do you blame for lack of accomplishment on obamacare? >> several things, i think the president was told early on by legislative leaders that they could pass it quickly. he relied on that. looking back on it now, i think
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it was embedded to start with tax cuts and infrastructure. i would think now they should put health care on the side and go right to tax cuts and infrastructure so we get some real results on the board and get some money in the pockets of the american people. >> you blame the process and the bad prioritization rather than the president or members of congress. >> i think it was felt that republicans are in charge, we could pass as overnight but the truth is obamacare was a place for seven years. a lot of obamacare worked itself into the institutions. it became harder to repeal and leadership in the back anticipated baited to be. the president would let on that. i think rather than get involved now as to who's fault it is, we go right to tax cuts, even more than tax reform, tax cuts, get money in the pockets of the
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american workers and create jobs. >> sandra: you watch the stock market, it's hungry for that. while lisa tax cuts that you're talking about. senator mitch mcconnell calling out trump for these excessive expectations. look back to january this year to see what mitch mcconnell had to say when he was discussing plans to quickly repeal and replace obamacare. >> we will be replacing rapidly. after repealing it. >> can you give me a sense of what rapidly means? >> very quickly. >> months, days? >> quickly. >> it's going to be repealed by the end of this week you think? the first step will be taken in the senate by the end of this week, then it will go over to the house. >> congressman used words very quickly, rapidly, quickly. he said it again. with his timeline to aggressive? >> i think it was, the president was relying on that. has mitch mcconnell said, the president is not used to watching ten, which is all the more reason why he should of
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been give given better advice. you should been relying on them. he was relying on them for the tactics, and the tactics were to go first with obamacare, repealing and replacing it. they thought it would be easy and the vote count wasn't done well enough. that's why looking back at it now, these tax cuts have much more of a broad consensus. >> sandra: want to ask you to address the rhetoric that you're hearing coming out of this white house and in response to north korea. president trump saying that north korea will be met with fire and fury. north korea has responded saying that threat is nonsense coming from president trump. do you think of the president should change his messaging at all? i will remind everybody that he is receiving a security briefing and we are waiting on a statement from the state department who are going to be stepping up and addressing north korea right now. this rhetoric was really the focus right now.
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>> this to me as being totally exaggerated by the media and people obsessed with president trump. the fact is it was important for the president to lay it down, to make it clear that if kim jong-un things of taking any action against united states, the united states is going to respond. it was important for him to do that for several reasons. send a message north korea but also to let china know how serious we are about this. china right now has dragged its feet up until now. they didn't say what they were going to do. i think they should say we are going to impose sanctions on chinese banks, chinese entities, anyone at all dealing with north korea and any of those asian countries dealing with north korea. the president saying what he did the way he did, it gets people's attention because china does realizes something happens, it's going to happen in china's backyard. it is a reason now that training gets much more directly involved. >> sandra: i've got to leave it there but do you see north korea following through on his plan? >> i don't think so. i don't want to jump ahead on this, but i don't think that kim
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jong-un is crazy. i don't think he's suicidal. if prices had nuclear weapons, i'd be more concerned. he wants to live with his women, his cognac, and his luxury. >> sandra: thank you for joining us. we are waiting for the state department briefing the star at any moment now. as tensions and north korea escalate, and we will bring that to you live it begins. benghazi back in the spotlight. why a federal judge is ordering the state department to look again for hillary clinton's missing emails. plus, democrats just can't quit the clintons. could they be signaling their role in the midterms with a rare joint appearance? ♪
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>> sandra: benghazi back in
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the news. a federal judge ordering the state department to keep looking for hillary clinton's emails related to the deadly 2012 timber attack that killed four americans. the judge ruling that the apartments efforts to track down those emails did not go far enough. joins us live from washington. so many people still have unanswered questions related to this. >> it's been almost five years since the terror attack and benghazi watchdog groups say that the government has not released all of the emails related to those events. this become a federal judge said the state department had not done enough to track down hillary clinton's emails related to the 2012 attack. or did it conduct a new series of searches for those emails. previously, they searched emails from three sources to respond to freeman of information request. the 30,000 emails that clinton turned over from her private server, documents provided by three for top aides, and emails of the fbi recovered in its investigation of clinton server
11:17 am
servers. one place the state did not search as their own servers. in a lawsuit, the group judicial watch argued that search for emails from clinton's top aides could reveal more information. the state partner argued that was not likely and said they had already done enough, but u.s. district judge agreed and he has ordered the state department to complete its search and provide those emails by september 22nd. >> sandra: what is judicial watch hoped to find those researchers? 's because they believe that they will find more emails related to benghazi, more than what's been released thus far, and they believe that that could shed more light on what that place and how it is that the administration responded. part of the reason for that is they say the government has been extremely difficult to work with in order to get this information out. >> the fact that this has dragged on for three years is only because the previous administration and on the current administration is stonewalling. it's providing information. they should've done their search
11:18 am
two years ago. it wouldn't be here. if they would have actually done a complete search like we've asked them to. >> in total, the state department has found 348 emails related to benghazi, and that's after searching tens of thousands of emails. as it doesn't expect her to be anything more for making searches. >> sandra: thank you. we are waiting for the state department briefing to begin as tensions with north korea escalate, and we will bring that to you live when it does. president bill clinton and hillary clinton making their first joint public appearance since their stunning defeat to president trump read we will tell you where and why hasn't relay numbers show possible problems for democrats in the midterms. north korea releasing a surprisingly detailed plan of action for its next launch. targeting the coast of guam. >> i think one of the safest places to be as whatever they're aiming. the test don't seem to be too
11:19 am
successful usually. we have missile defense and stuff.
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>> sandra: a new political report describes the democrats fundraising crisis ahead of next year's midterms. the article pointing out that over the next six months of this year, republicans raised nearly $75 million. while democrats raised $38 million. it's worth noting the rnc raised $33 million for people giving $200 or less. while that same class of donors gave the dnc just $21 million. political editor for and a fox news contributor, former chief of staff or democratic senator maria cantwell and the ceo of squared medications. perhaps trump era republicans
11:23 am
are learning a lesson from bernie sanders playbook. >> small donors can bring in a lot of money. i would point out that generally, the in party that has the white house tends to be a fundraising juggernaut. that's not a big surprise here. i do think the big difference in the gap between the two parties is probably something of a concern for the democrats, especially in light of another recent political peace about the infighting within that party with bernie sanders wing really frustrated with the dnc. calling tom perez in the dnc dictatorial. democrats united in opposing trump. but in terms of their own house, it's a bit of a mess. >> sandra: i do want to bring in this piece from politico entitled the democratic party's looming fundraising crisis because it makes a good point. it's not too late it says for democrats to reclaim the mantle of the party that is powered by small donors donation from
11:24 am
working people. but it won't be easy. instead of tricking people into donating, it should give something people to believe in. then show how they can only win together. it is in that part of the problem? democrats so haven't formulated a message since i last lost. >> i think the point was mom made at the beginning here. the republicans run the government. all three branches. they have a vast majority of governors, vast majority of legislators. the democratic party is the out party. big news is that's not represented, the house and senate committee where the next elections are in 2018 are at parity. that's good news for the democrats because we democrats fund our house and senate campaigns from those parties. the dnc really gives any minute money to house and senate candidates. i used to work at the dnc, i worked with a three party committees. that's where they get raised, the fact that they are running on parity well-being the minority party is an accomplishment. >> sandra: nothing there concerns you as far as the fundraising back >> the fundraisers didn't have a chair
11:25 am
until march, so there is some infighting that happen in the party. when the president and rnc are in the same party, they're going to raise a ton of money and they have. democrats have done 30 million is actually a a compliment. >> the problem for the democrats as they resist more right now about what type of candidates they want to nominate. they have a bunch of leftists than the party saying we want a litmus test. we only want abortion fanatics and single-payer health care supporters running across the country, then you have the establishment saying we can't win some of these races with hard-core down the line left the candidates. those fissures are boiling up right now as we are seeing in some of these nasty quotes flying back and forth. when you add that to the fundraising issue, those are concerns. select the roof of the console have problems. the republicans have problems. but to pretend that everything is perfect is not true. >> sandra: it makes you wonder what the key players will be in the midterms.
11:26 am
i want to show you this piece. hillary clinton looks for her role in midterms. published in the hill saying also looking at the house district she won in the last year's presidential contest as part of an autopsy of her failed campaign. it's at least possible she will lend a hand on the campaign trail, particularly in the 23 districts held by republicans were voters prefer her over donald trump. what will hillary clinton for the clintons in general, what were their will begin midterms? >> effectively of the parties have to turn the page here. the way that we when the house is to capture 24 seats that are currently held by republicans industries that are much more moderate in the making. there is a bunch of them on the west coast. so having candidates that could be more moderate in these districts are top recruiting priority for the house and senate. the republicans have a much more favorable map in the senate with 25 democrats. >> sandra: you're getting really good at not answering my questions. >> i have no idea what role they'll play. i know that she won 23 of those.
11:27 am
>> sandra: would you like to see her play a role? would it be good for the party? >> each year i think people vote for the candidate for the house of the senate, and she's not on the ballot. trump is not on the ballot. it's going to be this individual candidates. >> sandra: sound like you don't think that appearance by the clintons is going to be helping the party. >> i have a few ideas for hillary clinton. when would be perhaps she could support new places like wisconsin and michigan and some candidates so that she might go and see those states for the first time and help those folks out. i think in a lot of places, she is not going to be an asset because even after the election, typically losing candidates get a surge of popularity, people say we feel bad for them and they're no longer a threat. that is not happening with her. her numbers are as bad as ever. there are some targeted places where she could help the party. her biggest strength has always been fundraising. she can raise a lot of money for the party. i just think having her front
11:28 am
and center as one of the messengers, not a popular political figure in my opinion to use the word that we just heard before, the term turn the page. i think a lot of democrats want to do that. >> sandra: let's turn the page and as you continue to see that live shot there at the state department, we are expecting a briefing to come up soon. we will go to that when it begins. if you could answer this question as you say democrats should turn the page, what will the message be coming from your party? >> i definitely think that this has been a very turbulent political time and these six month of trump administration. the entire government is to be funded, tax bill that needs to be passed, they can't get health care past. it is a debt ceiling that is to be raised, a budget that needs to be passed in only three and a half weeks to do it in september. that's not how washington works. they do not work fast with these types of things. ultimately this time next year, though have a better start to it because right now, if they ran the government well, they could say put us back in charge. we ran the government well. but if they don't run the government will, will have a
11:29 am
pretty strong message going on. >> sandra: in opposition to trump, that's what you're suggesting is going to win? >> opposition to the entire fact that the keys of the government both in the house in the center run by the republicans if they don't do their job the next 18 months, or pass anything, then we will be able to have a strong message. >> sandra: we've got to leave it there. thanks to the both of you for joining us. the tough talk escalating between the u.s. and north korea as we get a more detailed plan about kim jong-un's interest. we will talk with someone who forecast the chances of american military action. and a break in the case of a man who shoved a woman in front of a bus while on his morning run.
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>> sandra: a fox news alert printer top story at this hour. north korea given president trump a warning to knock off threats to america as quote nonsense. meanwhile, the nation detailing a possible plan to fire a series of missiles toward the u.s. territory of guam. as early as the middle of the month. greg palkot live in london with the very latest. >> we have spent our day talking to sources regarding the north korean threat. the word is that the worst probably won't happen. but the risks remain very real. now on the sides the north korean regime among pacific island u.s. territory of guam complete with air force and navy bases to be submitted for
11:34 am
the approval of kim jong-un planning to send missiles over to japan from 2100 miles to the warders off of guam. the missile plan to be used, we saw firsthand the military parade in april 1 of the hitches since then, only had one success out of 4 tries. there are questions about its accuracy, its dependability. there are no question over that guam is a pride target for north korea. bombers regularly make runs from therefore korean overflight. it is the closest bit of u.s. territory to north korea. amid new orchestrated demonstrations in pyonyang, we hear from the state media candidate bringing president trump on the man bereft of reason and a load of nonsense. neighbors however taking all this very seriously. in japan today said the threat is a national emergency. south korea said the response would be stern and strong. official saying one hopes that the u.s. and land-based defenses
11:35 am
will keep them safe. again, the consensus of what i am hearing from my sources, this all could be a very well orchestrated bluff, but it all should be taken very seriously primarily because the risk of miscalculation may be on one side or both sides is very big. >> sandra: thank you. for more on this, we want to bring in the asian director for the eurasia group. meredith, thank you for joining us today. as you just heard great detail, the consensus is the worst won't happen will, but the risks are real. how do you assess those risks? >> certainly, this has been a tough week in terms of heightened tensions with the rhetoric and threats being traded back and forth. at height and tension really does increase the risk of miscalculation. but that said, the actual risk of military conflict or
11:36 am
confrontation remains quite low. and the reason for that are just that both sides are very clear on the catastrophic costs such a conflict would entail both for the u.s. and its partners the region but also for pyonyang, you're talking the end of the regime. >> sandra: back in july, you said in a note to clients at the odds of the u.s. military strike on north korea remains low as you again just said, but then you gave it about a 10% probability. has that changed all? >> we will have to see what happens in the coming days as to what the actual probability will go, up a bit or down. but on the hole, i would say still remains quite low. >> sandra: you'll have to tell me what it is that you're watching the next couple of days because this is a very detailed plan is apparently going to be delivered to kim jong-un's desk regarding the number of intermediate range ballistic missiles going back and forth. they have proximally 2100 miles
11:37 am
to fly. we have the specifics here. what would change the next few days that would increase the possibility? going to break right there. the state department briefing just started. we're going to monitor that for a minute and will go to that. >> the secretary you speak for believe that he is part of national security team that advises the president on national security issues and contributes to making policy? >> i am wondering where you're going to go with this, but absolutely, without a doubt. as you know, the secretary, the president, secretary mattis along with the national security council, general mcmaster, they meet frequently and often have conversations about national security issues. >> i'm curious about your reaction to some comments i gave at the president. to the bbc when he was asked about apparent differences in
11:38 am
tone between various officials, he said you should listen to the president, but the idea that secretary rex tillerson is going to discuss military matters is nonsense: is the job of secretary mattis, secretary of defense. he has done so unequivocally. that is his mandate. secretary tillerson has achieved his portfolio to handle those issues. does this building agree with comments like that which would seem to suggest that the secretary cummins is not the secretary is lena and he should keep his mouth shut on things that relate to the military matters? >> the secretary as you know, his close relationship with secretary mattis, secretary talks a lot about our diplomatic strategy and article medic policy. that has not changed. the secretary has been very robust than that. just having returned as he talked about yesterday from the
11:39 am
conference where he met for three days with a lot of foreign officials. as i was coming out here, i heard about sebastian's comments. i did not hear them myself, so i don't want to comment on exactly what he had to say. but i can say that i speak for secretary to loosen on this building. our sector has been very clear as hazmat as that article cadigan military means are both strong and capable and in the face of the threats that we face against the d prk or other nations. >> does a secretary believe that diplomacy should be combined with military options to produce a successful result? i take it then he would reject the suggestion that he didn't have any business talking about it. >> secretary mattis oversees the u.s. military. he and secretary rex tillerson
11:40 am
have a cooperative relationship are at one part of our government and state department. we did the state department of this building. the secretary has not spoken about u.s. military capabilities. you'll hear me very often from this room he asked me about u.s. military assets or plans. i refer you to dod. because the suggestion that was made is that basically, secretary shouldn't be an involved portion b listen to to as it regards to policy. so someone that you agree with? >> everyone clearly heard what his forcible comments have been and continue to be on the issue of d prk and other countries as well. >> i would think so, yes. he is the fourth in line to the presidency. he carries a big stick. i don't work with sebastian. i have known him from a previous life in a previous career.
11:41 am
but i have not spoken to him about the comments that he made. let me just leave it at that. while we are on d prk. mystic to it. the regions if we can today. the recent u.s. navigation operation, chinese sovereignty, this is an issue in response to the team before. but issues like freedom of navigation become economic issues, do they make for more difficult campaign on north korea with china? >> freedom of navigation operations happen all around the world. they tend to get the most attention when they happen in the south china sea. they happen off the coast of canada. they happen in the watters offshore of our major allies,
11:42 am
friends, partners, all around the world. that's where we are focusing on and that's why you're asking me that question because of the issue of dprk. as you know, secretary tillerson coming back from the conference where there was a joint statement that was issued about the south china sea. the deck about that pretty extensively yesterday. as you all know, u.s. forces will operate in the asia-pacific region. they do that on a daily basis including the south china sea. the operations are conducted in accordance with international law and the point of that is to demonstrate that the united states will continue to fly, sell, and operate wherever international law allows. it's true in the south china sea, it's true in other places around the world as well. >> in the u.s. deals with china and speaks with china, does it view these issues as compartmentalized or as one big issue? >> we have lots of ongoing conversations. before we dialogue with china, we've had two of the four meetings that are set to take place, such take place later this year.
11:43 am
we discuss all kinds of issues. secretary mattis was over here not too long ago having spoken with secretary tillerson and our chinese counterpart about many of these issues. among the issues, we talk about the chinese from the china sea, we also talk about a 15 and other matters as well. >> it doesn't hamper? 's people you know what happened at the united nations. they unanimously passed the new u.n. security council resolution on dprk. china was one of those countries that voted along with that. that means that china has to enforce its sanctions. they have said they would. we look forward to and expect them to enforce those sanctions as well. and welcome back. >> congratulations on the sanctions. are you suggesting you could've given them longer to go through before threatening firing?
11:44 am
how long do you think it'll take for we see north korea backing down? >> i can't speculate as to what north korea is going to do. he talked yesterday about our pressure campaign and how the pressure campaign is in our opinion working. we have many countries, countries that we are close friends with in countries that we aren't as close with help participate in that pressure campaign, and that is because the world recognizes the severe threat that the dprk faces not just for the united states but for the entire world. >> diplomatic isolation of north korea, bc attended the foreman has been invited to attend the next form by them. is it a failure in that sense or was it utility to mexico my understanding that in terms of invitation like that, the conversations are ongoing.
11:45 am
we are not a part of ambience, so we did not have the ability to extend or rescind an invitation, some believe that up to them itself. but those nations all joined us in a pretty condemning statement of the activities on the part of the dprk. >> and it is your understanding that the warning the president issued about fire and fury on north korea, if they were to test another missile, if they resume their normal? >> i'm not going to get into any hypotheticals. >> yesterday, kim jong-un laid out, looks like he ridiculed the president of the united states. >> north korea, he can certainly say what he chooses. i can't affect that in any kind of way. but in terms of the pressure
11:46 am
campaign we talk about working. part of that from the u.n. security council resolution that we believe will help remove about a billion dollars worth of exports, money that would go into the pockets of the north korean regime, not money does not get used defeat its own own people. we know people in that nation, north koreans are starving. the money there that goes into north korea does not go to the people. it goes to the government and is very expensive. stick on that point, one of the points of the sanctions, reported labor for north korea, specifically countries. korea is a country that is an ally of the united states. said that it will continue to hold north korea. to have any comment or reaction can mexico what you're talking about is associated press report that came out overnight that indicated that kuwait was going to continue posting north korean
11:47 am
guest workers that would obviously be a concern to us. north korean guest workers in place around the world. a big part of our pressure campaign as many of you know has been going through a series of bilateral meetings. secretary tillerson here at the state department has added many of its counterparts. asking other nations to reduce the number of north korean guest workers. the guest workers were working in construction and other industries and countries around the world are getting that money, that money is going straight back to north korea into its weapons program. that money does not go to north korean individuals themselves. it is not go to the north korean civilians and citizens and family members. what you are referring to in terms of kuwait, we are certainly aware of that report. it has been brought to our attention. i would refer you to the government of kuwait for more information on that. we understand the government of kuwait will be issuing a statement on those reports and the overall dprk policy imminently. we are in close contact with the government of kuwait.
11:48 am
they recognize the serious nature of this issue and the serious nature of that report that to come out. the government of quit will be taking further measures in response to the dangers and provocative behavior of the dprk regime. within the coming days, we are told. >> sandra: we just got word that the president took questions after that to our security briefing that he was in president mike pence as well as chief of staff john kelly. secretary of state to his small prey to some as he receives questions. rinsing the rhetoric on north korea, maybe he wasn't tough enough he said. let's listen. >> we have a lot of people here today. a lot of subjects under discussion including venezuela, including north korea, and other things. i think we are making tremendous headway. spending quite a bit of time here, and during the weekend as
11:49 am
you know, toward the end we go into manhattan where i have a lot of meetings scheduled. any questions? [indistinct question] >> do you have any response to that? >> i don't think they mean that. they herded like they heard it and frankly, the people that were questioning that statement was it too tough? maybe it wasn't tough enough. they've been doing this to our country for a long time, for many years. it's about time that somebody stuck up for the people of this country and for the people of other countries. so if anything, maybe that statement wasn't tough enough. and we are backed by 100% buyer military, backed by everybody. we are backed by many other leaders. i noticed that many senators and others today came out very much in favor of what i said. but if anything, that statement may not be tough enough. you will see. you will see.
11:50 am
we don't talk about that. i never do. i'm not like the other administration that would say we are going into them in four months. i don't talk about it. we will what happens. i can tell you that what they have been doing and what they have been getting away with is a tragedy. and it can't be allowed. sure, we will always consider negotiations. they've been negotiating now for 25 years. look at quentin. he folded on the negotiations. he was weak and ineffective. you look at what happened with bush, you look what happened with obama. obama didn't want to talk about it. but i talk. somebody has to do it. i just want him to get repeal and replace done. i've been hearing repeal and replace now for seven years, but i've only been doing this for two years, and i've only been
11:51 am
doing this for six months, but i've been running. now it's almost two years, an ally i hear is repeal and replace. and i get there, and i said where's the bill? i want to sign it. first day. and they don't have it. and they tell us repeal and replace but they never had a president or a senate that was going to do it. they didn't have a president, so didn't matter. i said very simply, where is repeal and replace? now i want tax reform and tax cuts. we're going to reduce taxes for the people. we pay more taxes. and anybody in the world, and we are going to reduce taxes. so i say tax cuts, tax reforms and i want a very big infrastructure bill where we are working very hard already. we can do that and we may even get bipartisan on it. but we want to have it. let's get it done. we should've had this last one done. they lost by one vote. for thing like that to happen is a disgrace.
11:52 am
frankly, it shouldn't have happened. that i can tell you. i'll tell you what, if he doesn't get repeal and replace done if he doesn't get taxes done, meaning cuts and reforms, and if he doesn't get very easy one to get done infrastructure, he didn't get them done, then you can ask me that question. you can ask me the question. the opioid crisis as an emergency, and i'm saying officially right now, it is an emergency. it's a national emergency. they're going to spend a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of effort on the opioid crisis. we are going to draw up and we are going to make a national emergency. it is a serious problem the likes of which we have never had when i was growing up, they had
11:53 am
certain generations of drugs, there's never been anything like what happened to this country over the last for five years. i have to say this in all fairness, this is a worldwide problem, not just the united states problem. this is happening worldwide. but this is a national emergency, and we are drawing documents now to sell a test. [indistinct question] there are no mixed messages. there are no mixed messages. to be honest, general mattis may have taken a step beyond what i said. there are no mixed messages. rex was just stating the views. here is the view. at that yesterday, i don't have to say it again. i will tell you this. it may be tougher than i said it, not less. how about one more?
11:54 am
the people of this country should be very comfortable, and i will tell you this, if north korea does anything in terms of even thinking about attack of anybody that we love or we represent or our allies or us, they can be very, very nervous. i will tell you why. they should be very nervous. things will happen to them like they never thought possible. he's been pushing the world around for a long time. i have great respect for what china and what russia did at those 15-0 white poet i have great respect for china and russia. what they did on sanctions. i believe that will have an effect. i don't believe it will have the kind of effect, even we were the
11:55 am
ones that got it, and nikki haley did a great job. we all did a great job. but i have great respect for what they did an great respect for the 15-0, but it won't be as effective as a lot of people think it can be unfortunately. i think china can do a lot more. i think china will do a lot mor more. we have trade with china. we lose hundreds of billions of dollars a year with china. they know how i feel. but if china helps us, i feel a lot differently toward trade. a lot differently toward trade. so we will do -- the people of our country are safe. our allies are safe, and i will tell you this, north korea better get their act together when they are going to be in trouble like a few nations ever have been in trouble in this world.
11:56 am
thank you very much. we are going down to the other side, and we will take a few more questions. thank you. >> sandra: that is president trump wrapping up, taking some questions following his two-hour security briefing. as you can see with the vice president mike pence. let's go back to our political panel, guy benson and michael meehan are standing by but also merit of sumter, the asian director for the eurasian group. we left off talking about north korea to go to this as well as the briefing at the state department. i want to get your thoughts on what we just heard. the president was asked about recent criticism over his comments saying north korea's actions will be met with fire and fury. on the part of the united states, the president just said maybe it wasn't tough enough. >> clearly the president and his administration are going to push back against north korean threats but what i want you to also focus on the president comments as he focused on diplomacy and also focused on defensive measures to protect america, the american people,
11:57 am
and its allies in the region against any north korean attack. this is not a president who was threatening a preemptive attack against north korea. rather, he is echoing the comments made by his defense chief just yesterday in which he said that if attacked by north korea, we will use overwhelming force to protect the american people and our allies in the region. >> sandra: and specifically to that, he said we don't talk about military options ahead of time. he refused to address those preemptive strikes, but said what's happening is a tragedy and cannot be allowed. this was extremely tough talk from the president. >> it certainly is and clearly, he's frustrated. moving forward, what you need to watch for are statements coming from general mattis as well as chief of staff dunford, what rex tillerson says as well is what the administration is going to do to double down on its pressure tactics. and they've made lot of progress in the last week and passing the u.s. sanctions.
11:58 am
the harshest sanctions ever passed against of korea. they need to get some time for those pressure tactics to work to force kim jong-un to negotiate. >> sandra: before i go over to our panel again, you had put odds 10% probability of the u.s. military strike on north korea. did anything just change what you heard from the president? >> no. i think the risk of military confrontation remains low. what you need to keep in mind is that both sides are building leverage over the other to try to force an endgame that happens after the negotiation table rather than the battlefield. >> sandra: we also heard the president respond on health care. he said he wants mitch mcconnell to get repeal and replace son and he should've gotten it done. he asked whether he should resign. he said we will see if he can get repeal and replace done. and then ask me he said. >> i think mitch mcconnell, if there's anyone is frustrated about obamacare repeal and replace the president in this town, it's mitch mcconnell. he worked very hard on that.
11:59 am
i think the president's beef is with senators mccain, and collins who are the no votes there. i agree overall, he is a results oriented guy. there should be pressure on the republicans to fix this problem that they promise to fix for seven years. >> sandra: michael, last word to you. as you heard, mitch mcconnell must get this done. >> the president trading mcconnell may give him the same results as he had with mccain on health care. the strategy of chief executive with a 30% favorability, 59 with in his own party, he has little political capital to enforce these other elected officials to pass bills unless he comes out at a different way. strategy hasn't worked these seven months. this plan has not worked, shaming the members of his own party and the passing a bill hasn't worked. stoner got to leave it there. meredith, guy, michael, thanks to all of you for standing by doing the speaking news. good to have you. it's been a very busy hour on america's news headquarters
12:00 pm
pretty just heard from the president taken questions on north korea following that security briefing. more will be to follow on fox news channel. thank you so much for joining us. i'm sandra smith and here is chap. >> >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 p.m. on the east coast. president trump just doubled down on his fire and fury comments about north korea saying maybe he didn't go far enough and that north korea better get its act together. no sign of that happening. in north korea, thousands rallying for kim jong-un. he's threatening to fire missiles towards our base in guam. this is new test of sorts planning to land them in the waters miles offshore. our japanese allies say fear not. they got this. plus, the president with his battle with


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