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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 11, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> melissa: i'll see you at 4:00. what a fun week. >> sandra: fox news alert. president trump firing off a new warning to north korea. saying america's military is, quote, locked and loaded. hello, everyone. i'm sandra smith. the president's latest warning comes as the u.s. prepares for a show of force. its annual joint military exercises with south korea. president trump is also expected to meet with secretary of state rex tillerson. u.n. ambassador nikki haley and h.r. mcmaster in bedminster. we have full coverage and analysis. rick levinthal is in new jersey. lee zeldon is also standing by with his take. we begin with rich edson live at the state department. rich, what are the back tail
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discussions that are on going with north korea? >> reporter: good afternoon, sandra. even though you have the president and the north koreans going back and forth over the last few days, there is a back channel discussion between a senior u.s. diplomat and a north korean counter part. this is according to the associated press that also reports those two are discussing the three americans who are still imprisoned in north korea, along with some other issues. state department refuses to comment on this report. state department officials have been telling us though back in june when the u.s. was negotiating the release of otto warmbeer who eventually died after being released by north korea, that that was the type of channel similar to what's being reported here. the ambassador talking in new york with the u.n. envoy from north korea. as this rhetoric is continuing between the white house and north korea, world leaders are beginning to ask both sides to
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slow it down. this is from the russian foreign minister saying, quote, unfortunately the rhetoric in washington and pyongyang is now starting to go over the top. we still hope an believe commonsense will prevail. my personal opinion is that when you get close to the point of a fight breaking out, the side that is stronger and clever ever ever should take the first step away from the threshold of danger. german chancellor said this escalating rhetoric is the wrong answer. sandra? >> sandra: what is the state department saying about its diplomatic efforts at this point? >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson has just returned from a trip to asia. the key was discussing north korea with allies to try to get allies and adversaries to cut off their relations, diplomatic and economic with north korea, called the pressure campaign. despite the fact north korea launched two intercontinental ballistic missiles since july 4th, they contend that is working. >> we have countries that we are close with and countries that we
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aren't as close with helped participate in that pressure campaign. that's because the world recognizes the severe threat that the world faces. >> reporter: the state department points to the u.n. security counsel last weekend improving sanctions with russia and china joining the united states and others to punishment north korea as a signal that the world is getting behind this effort. >> sandra: rich edson live at the state department. president trump is expected to meet with secretary of state rex tillerson as well as national security adviser h.r. mcmaster shortly. let's turn to rick levinthal joining us now from bridgewater, new jersey, not far from where the president is. rick? >> reporter: no doubt north korea will be on the table. the president has been unrelenting in his verbal and written attacks on north korea and kim jong-un all this week starting on tuesday with those fire and fury comments. and then yesterday, of course, he said he probably didn't go
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far enough. then this morning he ratcheted the rhetoric up even furthereder on twitter, writing military solutions are fully in place, locked and loaded should north korea act unwisely. hopefully kim jong-un will find another path. this comes after the u.n. security council approved tough sanctions against north korea that could cost them $1 billion. pyongyang found way to nuclearize warheads. and threatened to fire four of those missiles at guam home to more than 100,000 u.s. citizens. >> he has disrespected our country greatly. he has said things that are horrific. and with me, he's not getting away with it. he got away with it between him and his family. he's not getting away with it. it's a whole new ball game. he's not going to be saying those things and certainly he's not going to be doing those things.
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i read by about in guam by august 15th. let's see what he does with guam. >> reporter: that meeting with the secretary of state and the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley expected to take place later this afternoon. we should have possibly some sound later today. >> sandra: thanks, rick. any word on when president trump might be heading back to washington? we know that he was originally slated for a 17-day stay away from the white house. >> reporter: his schedule apparently is changing a little bit. we are hearing that sometime this weekend he's gonna head to new york city. initially we were told he would be at trump tower for a few days. now we're being told that on monday the president will likely go to washington where the white house, of course, is under going renovations. we're not told yet what he's doing in d.c., but we were told he had a number of meetings scheduled at trump tower. and then at some point next week he will be back here in bedminster at his golf club. >> sandra: thanks for the update.
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for more on this, let's discuss it with lee zeldon and the co-chairman of the house republican israel caucus. congressman, good to see you. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> sandra: so you've just heard this covered from all angles. as we continue to see this back and forth between the u.s. and north korea. at this point how do you assess the threat coming from north korea? >> i think there's more urgency, more of a time sensitivity with the reports that came out over the course of the last few days of the intelligence assessment. if north korea is getting that much closer to the ability to deliver a nuclear war head to the united states, that leaves less of a window for the multilateral diplomatic talk, for the economic pressure to kick in. it's not insignificant whatsoever. a massive victory last weekend was secured with a unanimous vote, including russia and china. it's also over $3 billion of
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exports annually for north korea. over one-third of that potentially being cut off. so we need to see over the course of the next few weeks how that kicks in and if china is going to defy history and actually live up to this increased commitment. so with the diplomat ic effort, condensed timeline, we need to start gearing up on every option, military, from conventional to unconventional. military is a last possible option that we would want to have to use. but we certainly have to be ready. i think the president is sending a very strong, important, effective message to north koreans that if they are to act in any way, if they were to fire missiles at guam, certainly if they were going to have the capability to deliver warhead to the u.s. and the other aspects of diplomacy and economics aren't working, we're going to be prepared and there will be fire and fury. >> sandra: yeah. and as he has said, our military
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is locked and loaded. and the fire an fury, that rhetoric is a huge international discussion and getting responses from places like russia, of all places. the foreign minister there sergei lavrov saying it's starting to go over the top. >> translator: unfortunately the rhetoric in washington and pyongyang is starting to go over the top. we still hope and believe that commonsense will prevail. >> sandra: does that surprise you, congressman? >> no. russia loves to meddle. they meddle all over the entire map. and in afghanistan where we have troops, they meddle with the taliban. they meddle in syria. they're going to meddle here. if russia wants to be productive, they can do everything in their power to apply pressure to the north koreans to get kim jong-un specifically to reverse his bad activity. same thing with russia. what they can do with iran, what
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they can do with assad in syria. they're playing games as if these are equals about what is coming out of pyongyang and what is coming out of washington, d.c. kim jong-un is someone who is very dangerous on an offensive standpoint. it's us here the leader of the free world, the greatest country in the world, acting responsibly to protect ourselves. it's really more defensive-minded of how the rest of the free world will protect itself. so we're not equals with pyongyang. russia can meddle all it wants but it shouldn't change our strategy to protect our own interest, america first. >> sandra: congressman i want to poke these words from the former obama state department sanctions coordinator. he said this. i don't think we're going to get denuclearization so we may want to accept them and depend on deterrent theory. there's a reason north korea has not invaded south korea. they fear overwhelming response from the united states.
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do you agree with that? >> no. and that sounds like something that would come out of someone involved with negotiating nuclear weapons and sanctions connected to the obama administration. there's a new sheriff in town in washington, d.c. there's a new approach to how we're going to deal with this particular issue in north korea, in iran and elsewhere. and, no, we should not just accept kim jong-un, even though the other side may want to just accept defeat right now. kim jong-un, as far as we know, still doesn't have the ability for that nuclear warhead to survive reentry from the upper atmosphere. we are going to responsibly work all of our options to make sure kim jong-un does not have that ability. no matter what the obama administration officials want to advise the trump administration to accept defeat, losing is not an option, and it's bad advice. i would encourage the trump administration to reject it in kind. >> sandra: congressman, thank you for being here. >> thank you.
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>> sandra: well, emergency crews responding to a hospital evacuation as dozens of patients are rushed outside are the parking lot. what we know about the cause of this situation. plus, a u.s. territory in the western pacific now at the center of a diplomatic showdown. william la jeunesse is live in guam. william? >> reporter: well, sandra, the governor of guam is warning residents of an imminent nuclear threat while at the same time trying not to incite panic. details from guam coming up. ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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>> sandra: a hospital in southern new hampshire evacuating its operating room and emergency room after some sort of chemical release was detected. emergency crews on the scene are
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checking out more than a dozen affected people. they're being treated in the parking lot. it's not clear yet what caused the chemical release. well, guam caught in the cross hairs between north korea and the u.s. as both countries threaten military action. the governor of the u.s. territory giving residents steps to take to prepare for an attack. but also telling them they are safe where they are. william la jeunesse live in guam. william? >> reporter: welsh sandra, little bit of a rock and a hard spot. the governor doesn't want panic on the island, especially given the economic bread and butter, which is tourism. yet, on the other hand, he doesn't want to be accused of ignoring a threat. especially after kim jong-un painted a bulls eye on this tiny piece of sand in the middle of the pacific when he said earlier this week that he may launch four ballistic missiles at guam,
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possibly armed with a nuclear warhead as early as next week. >> we shouldn't panic ourselves because if that were to occur, really, you're gonna look at something catastrophic not only for guam, but for the world. >> reporter: so the governor also simultaneously issued this bulletin to residents on how to prepare for a nuclear threat saying, number one, don't look at the flash because it might blind you. lie flat, cover your head. take a shower as soon as possible and dispose of clothing that was exposed to nuclear fallout. he's taking it seriously and so are many of the people here. sandra? >> sandra: we've been seeing images of the beaches there and people going ab their business, william. what are you hearing from the residents of guam? >> reporter: well, you know it really runs the gamut. you have some people very confident that the u.s. military is going to step in and stop a
11:17 am
missile threat, or he's going to back down. on the other hand, you have people who have real anxiety and fear. so we saw people who were very concerned that, you know, kim sees this island really as a provocation, as a spring board, if you will, for the u.s. military to launch strikes or harass his military on the peninsula. we have a navy base with four submarines. there is an air force base with conventional and nuclear bombers as well as that thad early warning system that also can take out missiles. and so for some individuals, it's very reassuring and for others it's unsettling. >> i don't sense people being scared. i think people know that our nation has defenses that can take care of us. there's not a whole lot we can do. if we're going to get nuked, it's not like anything i do or say is gonna change anything. >> reporter: so there's 162,000,
11:18 am
roughly, residents here on the u.s. territory. most are u.s. citizens. the highest number of tourists come from korea, south korea, followed by japan. but the scariest thing among others that came out of the governor's press conference was that the missile only takes 14 minutes to fly from north korea to land here in guam. and that's, again, rather unsettling for a lot of people who just don't have the time. it's an island so there's nowhere to get evacuated to. you're kind of stuck. >> sandra: 14 minutes is not a lot of time. william, thank you. president trump getting some blow back for his comments on north korea. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> sandra: but you may be surprised to learn which former president threatened to, quote,
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>> sandra: critics coming down on president trump's threat to bring fire and fury to north korea. he's not the first president to use strong hrapblg wapblg. senator lindsey graham tweeting republican and democratic presidents for the past 25 plus years have warned and complained about north korea's nuclear program. no one stopped north korea because the price of taking action was deemed too high. there's now no place for him to
11:23 am
kick the can down the road. our political panel is joining me now. adrian elrod, katie pavlich is also here. good to see her. she's a fox news contributor. katie, this is no different than we have seen and heard from past presidents. >> president trump acting presidential by using some of the same language that bill clinton used, that george w. bush used, that barack obama did not use. his strategy was strategic patience. i think president trump was pretty refrained in his response. let's not forget he is responding to north korea because they have repeated by threatened nuclear war against the united states. this is not us threatening them. this is us responding to threats from them to kill millions of american citizens. we haven't reversed our first strike policy. we're simply talking about words. this idea that the president is being criticized but a we're not
11:24 am
being nice enough to north korea when they threaten to murder us really is astounding. >> sandra: i will back up adrian. lindsey graham's comment that this is no different from what we have heard, the language we have heard from presidents in the last couple of decades with this. this is bill clinton, july 1993. saying he warned that if north korea developed and used an atommic weapon, quote, we would quickly and overwhelmingly retaliate. it would mean the end of their country as they know it. those are his exact words. adrian. >> yeah, look, the difference here is saying if they use those weapons against the united states. trump is simply threatening. president clinton was talking ab using the weapons. >> sandra: he followed up with, to be clear for our audience. >> i will say this. the last four administrations have had a very difficult time dealing with this precarious situation north korea. the difference between the way
11:25 am
they handled the situation and the way donald trump is handling the situation is they did listen to the advice of their military leaders and the generals. >> sandra: hold on. we're talking about criticism of his rhetoric right now and they're coming down hard for the use of this sort of rhetoric which is no different than what we have seen from past presidents in recent years. >> well, look, we know the first comments that donald trump made, those were off the cuff and he did not take the advice of his national security council. >> sandra: all right. let katie get in here. >> the idea that the president did not talk to his council and his national security adviser secretary of defense about the statement that he made, yes, they were his own words, but they were developed around a strategy. if you listen to what general james mattis, secretary of defense, he went a step further in saying do not do anything north korea that will result in
11:26 am
a regime change. the actions that you take, there will be consequences that aren't in favor of what you want to avoid. they are on the same page. to say he hasn't consulted with his advisers just isn't true. >> sandra: i want to show this sound, adrian, of president bush. maybe this isn't a comparison of apples to ams. this is him talking about bin laden and wanting justice. >> i want justice and there's an old poster out west, as i recall, that said wanted dead or alive. >> sandra: hard to believe he was criticized then for that rhetoric. >> yeah. look, i'm not going to come on here and defend president bush's statements on bin laden. again, the precariousness of not listening, not fully listening to your military officials and taking into consideration ef viningle avenue when it comes to diplomatic relations or diplomacy in this matter.
11:27 am
the stakes are too high to not. >> he is. >> diplomacy via twitter. >> this is not diplomacy via twitter. he has a number of advisers who have been watching the north korea situation play out for decade. to say he is not listening to them is false and not true. >> sandra: we have to leave it there. thanks to you both. president trump calling for tougher action on opioids. >> there's never been anything like what's happened to this country over the last four or five years. this is a world wide problem, not just a united states problem. >> sandra: new hampshire governor joins us next to talk about the president's action, and we'll ask him why he's challenging the governor of vermont to a drag race.
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>> sandra: president trump signaling a few night against the nation's growing opioid epidemic. >> it is an emergency. it is a national emergency. we're gonna spend a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of money on the opioid crisis. >> sandra: it comes after the president called out the state of new hampshire during a phone call with mexico's president saying, quote, they are sending drugs to chicago, los angeles and to new york. up in new hampshire, i won new hampshire because new hampshire is a drug infested den. recent polling out of the granite state shows drug abuse
11:32 am
is the most important issue facing new hampshireites. the same poll shows the state's new governor right now is enjoying a high approval rating. so what does he think is the best solution to go forward with this opioid crisis? joining me is the new hampshire governor. governor, it's wonderful to see you. thanks for being here this afternoon. we're here to obviously discuss this problem, the president declaring a national emergency when it comes to opioid use. but it was present in that conversation with the president of mexico, i won in new hampshire because new hampshire is a drug infested den. talking about your state. how did that go over? >> not well. not well. look, the president does speak in a lot of hyperbolie. what he said was wrong. new hampshire enjoys the fastest growing economy in the northeast. we have a high quality of life. we're still the best state to live, work and raise a family in spite of the crisis.
11:33 am
we do have a drug crisis here. can't be painting the entire state with such a broad negative brush. but i do give him credit. he was here on the ground during the campaign. he's seen the issues first hand. he's talked to folks struggling with addiction. but not just new hampshire, but across the country. so he knows this is a national crisis. he's willing to put access to it, funds to it. i guess our message is to be sure that when funding does come out, funding can make a difference. we've seen it make a difference here in new hampshire. that they look at it funding it to the problem not just a broad brush across the country. we do have a crisis. we're dealing with it head on. we've been nimble. we're efficient, innovative. because we are a small state, we've tried a lot of things, maybe things other states haven't tried. we've had success. we have parts of our state where overdoses and deaths are down 20% this year. >> sandra: i want to go over some of the solutions with you. i know the president is listening. we's making this a priority.
11:34 am
but this is the reality of the situation. in 2015, these are the numbers that are so alarming. the five states with the heist rates of death due to drug overdose were west virginia, 41 out of 100,000 deaths. in your state, new hampshire, the second biggest number, 34 plus out of 100,000 deaths. how do you plan very specifically to address this problem and solve this crisis? >> well, again, you know, we've done a couple thins. first we doubled what we call our alcohol fund. that's money that goes to recovery. we're not dealing with this drug crisis like they were dealing with it five, ten years ago. we have fentanyl. we have carfentanyl. we're using fire station as an entry.for folks looking for recovery. we're seeing programs like that broaden out across the country.
11:35 am
we are creating a program for recovery friendly work place. what people don't realize, you want to go back into a situation that's going to be supportive. we have a lot of folks waiting on the sidelines wanting to enter the work force but hesitant. we're creating a training program so employers can know what tools and resources are available and people will re-enter the work force into that system. by pushing the envelope, again, we've already seen some good results. you can't claim victory on this. i don't think anyone will be claiming victory on this issue in a long, long time. but we have some wind in our sails. we're seeing some real progress. we want to make sure we have the progress to keep going forward and be a model for the rest of the country. >> sandra: nice to get that update from you, the governor of that state. meanwhile, there's another governor that we need to talk about. that's governor scott. you are challenging the governor of vermont to a drag race. what is going on here?
11:36 am
you've been tweeting all day about this. with a school bus, of all things. >> i love the schools. last week i was drag racing with two school buses. i was in a school bus drag racing for charity, to raise awareness for education. governor scott has become a great friend. he's one of the best race car drivers in the country. people don't realize how good of a driver he is. we get along. we're dealing with a lot of the same issues. to maybe have a drag race. have some fun with it. he's done a great job. >> sandra: we're showing video of you with your hat backwards in that school bus. what are you doing to prepare for this? looks like you're taking this very seriously. governor scott is a good driver. >> he's a great driver. there's not a lot i can do to prepare other than get my courage up. i'm always up for a challenge. whatever the issue is, we'll raise awareness. >> sandra: we're showing you with your hat backward. there's governor scott behind
11:37 am
the wheel of a real race car. >> maybe his race car against my school bus. >> sandra: it is all for a very good cause so we're happy to have you here. we'll make sure we watch that drag race, governor. thank you. >> there will be a lot of video. thank you very much. >> sandra: governor sununu, thank you. president trump doubling down on north korea, saying his warning of fire and fury may not have gone far enough. as he sends a specific new message to north korean dictator kim jong-un to back off plans to take any kind of action against the united states. meantime, the u.s. also finalizing plans for its annual large scale military exercises with south korea later this month. greg palkot live in london with the latest. greg? >> yes. as plans for those military exercises ramp up in the region, we are watching this war of words continue. this time today from north korean ally and neighbor china,
11:38 am
a key player in all this. state media suggesting if north korea strikes first, even if the u.s. retaliates, china would stay neutral. but if the u.s. and south korea are involved in a preemptive strike, china and i'm quoting this article, will prevent them from doing so. scary stuff. things have eased up in part due to those threats by north korea. yearning u.s. pacific territory of guam, b-1 bombers there active again today. another regional player u.s. ally australia weighing in as well. prime minister today saying that country would stand shoulder to shoulder with the u.s. in the event of war. meanwhile, kwrerb south korea defense minister saying today that troops need to be on heightened alert. that defense ministry, as well as the pentagon today, saying, yes, u.s. and south korean joint military exercises will go on as
11:39 am
planned from august 21st until the end of the month. tens of thousands of troops will be involved. and that is in part gotten north korea really riled up. we heard again from the north korean regime of kim jong-un through once again state media. there are words of hyperbolie today. president trump was driving the korean peninsula to the brink of war, the u.s. is the real master mind of the nuclear threat. sandra, dangerous words continuing >> sandra: indeed. greg palkot, thank you. a man escapes from his burning car and it's all caught on camera. wow. those raging flames broke out after a tree fell on the road bringing live power lines right down on his car. the wires trapping him inside. the man said he was on his way to a funeral when he had to decide the best way to survive. he said he escaped after a
11:40 am
transformer exploded clearing one of the live wires out of the way. well, the first election to fill the senate seat vacated by attorney general jeff sessions is just around the corner. we'll speak with one of the top three candidates running. alabama congressman mo brooks, and why he says we should ditch mitch. plus, 1600 pennsylvania avenue is a construction zone. we'll take a sneak peek at how renovations are shaping up. all that and much more ahead. at ally, we're doing digital financial services right. but if that's not enough, we have 7500 allys looking out for one thing, you. call in the next ten minutes to save on... and if that's not enough, we'll look after your every dollar. put down the phone. and if that's not enough, we'll look after your every cent. grab your wallet. access denied. and if that's still not enough to help you save... ooo i need these! we'll just bring out the snowplow. you don't need those! we'll do anything, seriously anything, to help our customers. thanks. ally. do it right.
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>> bill hemmer at the fox newsdesk. more in the escalating words between donald trump and kim jong-un. as the talk continue, there is secret word of negotiations between the united states and north korea. what are they talking about? and what is it all about? we'll ask the associate press editor who helped break that story live when i anchor shepard
11:44 am
smith reporting coming up at the top of the hour. hope to see you then. >> sandra: a frustrated president trump ramping up pressure on mitch mcconnell to repeal and replace obamacare. he said he's disappointed in his failure to move forward the republican agenda. what could president trump do to shake up obamacare exchanges? >> sandra, he could decide to with hold payment. there's a deadline august 21st about whether or not the white house should keep making cost sharing reduction payments or csr's. today the white house told us, quote, the president is working with his staff and his cabinet to consider the issues raised by the csr payment. president trump has referred to these csr payments as bailouts before. house republicans sued the obama white house because they think these payments are unconstitutional. at some point the cbo will
11:45 am
release an estimate about how stopping these payments could change the number of people who have insurance. sandra. >> sandra: how is the house freedom caucus trying to move the obamacare debate forward in congress? >> they're trying to get enough signatures on a petition to speaker ryan to bring a straight obamacare repeal to the floor of the house. freedom caucus leader mark meadow says, quote, this bill was a two year delay on implementation of repeal will force congress to come together on a replacement bill. president trump is eager to sign repeal and replace. it's time we get to work and send both to his desk. this is something president trump talked about yesterday in new jersey. congress voted many times to repeal obamacare when they knew president obama would veto it but they haven't been doing the same now that they've got a president who will sign it into law. that could change if his petition is successful. >> sandra: all right. peter doocy, thank you. for more on this, alabama
11:46 am
congressman mo brooks. he is running for the senate seat vacated by attorney general jeff sessions. he joins me now. congressman, thank for being here. >> my pleasure. >> sandra: so what is the plan to move forward on obamacare? >> well, on the house side, we've been working. it's unfortunate that the senate decided to quit when we thought they were going to work until we got this issue resolved. even in the house it was very difficult. we had a first bill that wasn't so good. we were able to replace it with a better bill. we were able to get it out of the house. 217-211. and what this current discharge petition effort is, is to revert back to the bill that we passed in 2015 and keep our promise to the american people. i'll be one that will be signing that discharge petition to try to force a house floor vote on a repeal of obamacare, thereby helping keep our promise to the american people on one hand and cut into those huge increases and insurance costs that are oppressing the ability of
11:47 am
american families to take care of their family needs. for example, in my state, insurance premiums have tripled, tripled, in just four years as a result of obamacare. that's a horrific burden for a lot of alabama's working families. >> sandra: i want to tee up this tweet from president trump talking about senator mitch mcconnell. this is one of them. there have been many. this particular one is one in which he said senator mitch mcconnell said i have excessive expectations but i don't think so. after seven years of hearing repeal and replace, why not done? reasonable question. to which you responded with this. i agree completely, mr. president. mcconnell doesn't support your agenda, i do. reconsider endorsement. what is your message to president trump there? >> well, it's a very big paradox to me. i don't understand the advice the president is getting from so many different people. i know this isn't the number one focus on his agenda.
11:48 am
senate race in the state of alabama. on one hand he chastises properly, i believe, mitch mcconnell for failure in the united states senate to do the job the senate promised the american people that they would do. that's fine. i agree with president trump in that regard. >> sandra: you want to ditch mitch. but your opponents in the senate race are not. you're saying to the president who endorsed one of your opponents to support you rather. >> it makes no sense to on the one hand criticize mitch mcconnell the way the senate is operating but on the other hand to endorse mitch mcconnell's candidate that is supporting the very process that prevents us from being able to pass the obamacare deal torque be able to pass tax reform, to be able to balance the budget, come up with funding for a border wall. that's inconsistency that a lot of people have a difficult time wrestling with. >> sandra: let's talk about that senate race in alabama because this is the way things are polling. judge roy morris 31%.
11:49 am
luther strange about 23%. and you are trailing by about 13 points at 18%. congressman, how's it going? >> well, i think it's going much better than that. the problem with polling is very simple. pollsteres try to determine who is going to vote in an election. we've never had an election like this, so we don't have a pattern to go back on. we've never seen a united states senate special election in august in the state of alabama. the key on tuesday will be turnout. quite frankly, i like the position we're in, as long as we're within the margin of air error, luther strange and myself, we believe we're going to motivate. we don't want the swamp's candidate to win in this election. we don't like the idea of what's happening in washington, d.c. where special interest groups and lobbyists are spending millions of dollars on behalf of mitch mcconnell to purchase this election. we're somewhat of an independent group and we want to determine who our next united states
11:50 am
senator will be on one hand. and on the other hand, we listen to what mitch mcconnell is doing for the state of kentucky and think, doesn't kentucky already have two senators? do they really need a third one? we need a second alabama senator. i'm hopeful that the people of alabama will make a good decision on tuesday and elect a principle conservative, a person who has a spotless ethics record. and if so, i'm their guy. congressman mo brooks from the tennessee valley. >> sandra: you got your message out there. congressman mo brooks thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> sandra: take a look at this photo. does it look familiar? we'll tell you why it's down to the bare wood floors. knock out your sinus symptoms with vicks sinex. the ultra-fine mist starts working instantly to deliver up to 12 hours of ahhhhh
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get fast relief with vicks sinex. when it comes to planning trthe best routes,. nobody does it better. he's also a championship-winning football coach. look at that formation. but when it comes to mortgages, he's less confident. fortunately for andre, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so he can understand the details and be sure he's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
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>> sandra: president trump ling
11:54 am
back to washington, d.c. next week after his working vacation in new jersey. while he was gone this was happening. we have all the details on the renovations. garrett. >> sandra: sandra, this is the closest the white house gets to extreme makeover. crews are not wasting any time working their magic. as soon as the president left last friday, within an hour, the oval office was completely emptied out. this was to make way for a number of renovations, more than $3.5 million worth. the biggest upgrade will be a new heating and air conditioning system which is desperately needed because the current one has been running nonstop for the last 27 years and could die any day, which would be very bad in the swamp during the summer. new carpets are being installed as well, in addition to fresh coats of paint which we're told will likely not be the yellow color that president obama preferred. additionally, if south portico steps are said to be restaired and restored for the first time
11:55 am
in 64 years, along with other renovations to the kitchen, i.t. system and the ceilings in the lower press area are expected to get some attention since there have been a number of leaks in the ceiling after heavy rain recently. also hate to be the one to mention it, but there's also talk some of the rodents that have been down there, that those will be taken care of as well. sandra. >> sandra: sounds like some much needed upgrades. garrett, thank you. well, vice president mike pence attended a special ceremony today at the indiana state house in indianapolis for the unveiling of his official governors portrait. pence was indiana's 50th governor. he served for four years before becoming vice president. all right. we're back with an update on the st. louis rally cat. it's just a burst pipe, i could fix it. (laugh)
11:56 am
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>> you don't want to miss this this weekend. mike pompeo on "fox news sunday." it will be his first sunday show interview since taking the job. check your local listings and don't miss that. all right. we have a very important update on this elusive feline that stormed a major league ballpark before a game-winning grand slam. the kitten was hailed rally cat wednesday night when it ran out on the field during a royals-cardinals game before st. louis got lucky with a grand slam. the cat outreach tweeted this side by side photo saying they captured a stray kitten and will be trying to determine if it is indeed the cardinals rally cat. now the question is, who will adopt it? we're very happy to hear there may be happy ending to that story. an amazing moment for a ball
12:00 pm
game. all right. thanks for joining us this afternoon on america's news head quarter was. i'm sandra smith. here's bill hemmer in for shepard smith. >> bill: president trump says the military is locked and loaded ready for north korea. and north korea's threat to pound our nation to a jelly. also, caught in the cross hairs, what it's like for tens of thousands of americans living under the threat of attack. we're live on the ground if guam this hour. despite all the tough talk, no worth that the u.s. and north korea have been holding secret negotiations. we'll talk to the editor at the a.p. that helped to break that story. that is ahead this hour live on the fox news deck. good afternoon.


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