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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 11, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> thanks for being a part of "the story" martha maccallum is back on monday. i'll see you at 9:00 for "the five." have a great weekend. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. i'm mark stein for one more evening before the great man returns from vacation. >> on monday. tensions with the nuclear dictatorship of north korea remain high as president trump continues to warn jong-un's regime that any aggressive act will be met with overwhelming force. >> president trump: this man will not get away with what he's doing, believe me. if he utters one threat in the form of an overt threat, which by the way he has been uttering
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for years and his family has been uttering for years, or if he does anything with respect to guam or any place else that's an american territory or an american ally, he will truly regret it. and he will regret it fast. >> earlier today the president tweeted that military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded should north korea act unwisely. hopefully jong-un will find another path. trump then retweeted the u.s. pacific command which said u.s. air force b-1 lancer bombers on guam stand ready to fulfill usfk's fight tonight mission if called upon to do so. north korean state media has dismissed the u.s. as, quote, no more than a lump we can beat to a jelly any time. director of defense studies at the center for the national interest.
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jim lan sen is president of the -- hansen is president of the security studies group. they both join us. harry, most of us accept that north korea would have quite a job beating the united states towns a lump of jelly. let's consider it the other way around. if we want to denuke north korea, is that doable? >> is it doable, absolutely. the challenge is to do that you run the risk of potentially killing millions of people. for example, let's say the president decided to weigh his military options and launch a strike. in order to do that he would have to amass a large amount of fire pow near the asia pacific. you do have there already. if he did that, he would have to fire off tons of tomorrow hawk missiles, bring b-2 bombers to bear and get nuclear weapons. the dia report said they might have as many as 60 nuclear weapons. the challenge, mark, if he misses one nuclear weapon, i guarantee jong-un has every reason to launch one of those
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weapons at seoul, tokyo, or los angeles. i hope it does not come to that. but i think we have to think about these things and weigh them in the order of history. >> i'm not per swayeded if he wanted to hit tokyo or los angeles he could do it, jim. but he could reliably hit the seoul metropolitan area with about 25 million people in it. >> that was my area of operation when i served in special forces. we studied everything about the north korean regime. we have pretty good idea what he can and can't do. there is a tendency of people to overestimate the ability of the north koreans to reek as much havoc as they think they can. most of their equipment is outdated, poorly maintained, ammo is old, they don't have a lot of fuel. not to say they can't cause a lot of damage. but if trump decides to fight them, we will kill them and take them out. there's a danger that a lot of people could be in jeopardy. but kim should never for a
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second believe that he will survive that situation. >> jim you were special forces. we've been talking about fairly large scale operations here. is there any kind of a more pinpointed my crow strike, any kind -- micro strike, covert operation that, could fix this situation? >> that would be wonderful but i don't think it's feasible. as harry said, his stuff is spread out, all over the place. we couldn't be sure to hit all of it. unless we go with a massive strike to take down everything. the best case scenario, president trump to convince jong-un he will take him out if he doesn't denuclearize. that's the last thing we want to happen. the best way to make sure is kim to believe that he will be buried under tons of smoldering rubble if he does not stop his current actions. >> but that's the point, isn't it, harry, just to reiterate
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what jim said, there's no micromeasures. it's big smoldering rubble, it's korean war 2 or nothing. or diplomatic solution. or containment. where do you come down on that scenario? on those questions. . mark, i think the thing is, what i would argue, where the president is going to go, he's going to have a call with president xi. that's going to be an extremely tough conversation with the chinese president. i think what president trump needs to do is get on the phone with president xi and say, look, there's been eight united nations security council resolutions. you haven't enforced one of those. you need to enforce those resolutions f they don't where this goes next, the north koreans have the resource to develop a hydrogen bomb or three-stage icbm that can hit the entire united states f we work to aggressively contain the north koreans, it's not a solution but there's no silver bullet. >> we can't actually unwind the clock here, jim.
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we have to accept that to one degree or another, north korea is the newest member of the nuclear club. >> i don't think we have to. president trump has made it clear his policy is that they have to denuclearize. he has one advantage in trying to make it happen. he has a proven track record of taking action. assad in syria saw what happened. there's over 100 isis fighters in afghanistan who got returned to their component molecules by the mother of all bombs. so kim should never for a second doubt the president's resolve in saying get rid of your nukes or we will take you out. >> when you look at the domestic reaction here, harry, if there were to be something like the mother of all bombs, that kind of strike, on north korea, and he were to respond, even if he responds entirely ineptly, he can kill thousands of south korean civilians. will donald trump get the blame
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of the world for that? >> no. i mean if the north koreans retaliated and killed scores of people i don't see how trump could be blamed for that. we have to keep in mind here, this is not the president's problem in terms of how this whole crisis unwound. the obama administration was supposed to have pivoted to the asia pacific. but they cut right sores of the u.s. military. our own aircraft carriers can barely maintain f-18 fighter jets. you can't put it at the blame of the trump administration for what's happening. >> harry, jim, thanks a lot. susan rice spent four years as president obama's national security advisor. and during that time the threat from north korea only grew. now susan rice is criticizing the trump administration for trying a different strategy while warning that a preemptive attack would be a terrible idea. >> what i worry about is this
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discussion and preparation potentially for what the administration has called preventive war, or preemptive war. envision the united states potentially attacking north korea in the absence of an imminent or actual threat against the united states. deterence makes good sense, that's very essential for us to maintain, and obviously we don't take off the table the threat of the use of force. but preemptive war if one were thinking of executing that, would be catastrophic. >> oh, susan. so san , susan. i nearly walked out of the room. the great tabby bruce is with us. i've got to say this, tabby. you know, susan rice is, and people like her, are the reason we're at this point. for. 4 years, the susan rices of the world have told us there's nothing to worry about, nothing on worry about, nothing to worry about. now suddenly she says, oh, it's
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a nuclear north korea we have to live with it, get over it. >> like the arsonist telling you not to put out the fire, it would be too dangerous. everybody knows susan rice everybody has a history of really being a pawn, if you will, of saying things that are not true about international affairs. about ben ghazi. why president trump is the president. we get it, it's astounding they still are present, speaking as though they've been dropped in from mars and had nothing to do with the last eight years. and i think, though, that the president is focused in this regard. i understand everybody has opinions about the nature of what is occurring here. i can tell you this, probably what had a big impact, we know it did president trump, otto warnbierf we talk about jong-un if he's reasonable, live with a nuclear north korea, the answer is no. if you remember the nature of what they did to that young man, sent him back almost as a slap in the face after they killed his brain, these are crazy,
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maniacal, genocidal individuals who exist in an interesting way in a sort of religious dynamic. as the islamists do, with one family being, of course, worshipped in a religion way. and i think there's a recognition to that when it comes to issues of death, and resurrection, and all of that. >> yeah, otto warnbier to remind people, a u.s. citizen basically questioned to death by that regime. as you say, shipped back -- >> he was like getting a souvenir. took a banner. they tortured him to death. >> you brought up susan rice's record on bebghazi. isn't the choice for the basket states of the world, do you want to be jong-un or colonel
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qaddafi. he did what the west told him to do. he died very violently in a ditch in the bloodiest way, chased out of his presidential palace, with his regime collapsed. if do you what jong-un does, they can't give you the qaddafi treatment. . we have the president set, and we learned when it came to qaddafi there was a nuclear program and all kinds of things we didn't know. we're all being lied to. the u.n. has been ineffectual. we're it. we are the premiere power. this is about not just saving ourselves, but there are 200,000 north koreans in concentration camps in north korea. this is a human rights issue. we do have the press d. dent where we can get -- precedent where can you get rid of the weapons of mass destruction. even if it was, this nation does unprecedented things all the time.
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and convince lunatics to give up. china is helpful now. china has said, if north korea strikes first you are on your own. that is a gift. and i think that shows that they understand that donald trump is serious, that the american people understand what is at stake here, despite the rhetoric we're hearing, awful rhetoric, not supporting the president, casting him as shockingly as the aggressor. no one around the world believes that. >> i want to bring up something else you said recently, tammy, you recently wrote an article on, quote, the smug bigotry of trump haters where you highlight the, quote, thinly veiled contempt of those unlike society's all-knowing benefactors. the poster boys of this behavior, is jim acosta and his cluelessness debating steven miller on immigration last week. >> are we just going to bring in people from grit britain and
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australia? >> i am shocked at your statement that you think only peep from great britain and australia would know english. it shows your bias. >> you're trying to engineer the racial and ethnic flow of people into this country. >> that is one of the most outrageous, insulting, foolish things you have said. the notion that you think that this is a racist bill is so wrong and so insulting. >> now, if you are jong-un threatening to turn the united states nunes a lump of jelly, jim acosta after steven miller. >> perfect example of the speech write are for president reagan's phrase of the soft bigotry of low expectations. there are 54 countries that have english as their primary language. this is a dynamic, like acosta. even if you don't speak english if you're disadvantaged or poor that you're just too dumb to be
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able to handle any kind of expectations. that is outrageous, what the left has always expected. we see it also of course in the universities here, we saw of course a lot of bigotry coming out about west virginia, after the rally on twitter. west virginia, people don't speak english, you know, can't make a living. the fact of the matter is, this is that, from the high tower, looking down on people, just think can't handle it. they didn't go to ivy league schools, or maybe they don't have a college degree. but considering the condition of washington, i think that maybe it's the college degree is the problem these days. >> what is fascinating to me, they got the election wrong last year. you think might occasion a certain modesty in this group of people. instead they're going around like the slightly idiotic third son of a middle european grand duke who doesn't get why the
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snarling peasants outside the castle gates are in a bad mood. >> the ultimate self protection and disconnection. they really, truly believe that americans are just hamsters that need to be kept in the wheel. there's no way that the hamster has figured out how to get out of the cage. that would be too shocking. this is also why the country is here after eight years. the americans, how much i love us, despite all of this for so long, we have decided the country is worth saving. that, you know, we don't like them because of what they think of us. but, really, we think mostly of the country, no, it's not about partisan fights. we're fighting for the future and the country. that's why we'll win. >> the hamster is off the wheel and he's mad as hell. >> out of the cage. >> thanks, tammy. in the middle of the show last night, congress woman kathleen rice decided to call dana loesch a domestic security threat.
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dana joins us live to smond. with the north korean nuclear threat looming over east asia, the media focused on president trump's rhetoric. joe joins us to break down the collective myopia. straight ahead. when i first started working with capital one, my dad called them up and asked for "the jennifer garner card" which is such a dad thing to do. after he gave his name the woman from capital one said "mr. garner, are you related to jennifer?" kind of joking with him. and my dad was so proud to tell her, "as a matter of fact, she is my middle daughter". so now dad has the venture card, he's earning his double miles, and he made a friend at the company. can i say it? go ahead! what's in your wallet? nice job dad.
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liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. our show congresswoman kathleen rice rash loesched out at your guest, dana loesch, on twitter, tweeting i'm going on say it, nra and dana loesch are quickly becoming domestic security threats under president trump. we kept ignore that.
5:20 pm
and we, of course, can't ignore unhinged rhetoric from a member of congress. dana loesch is back with us. dana, i broke that news to you, a couple of minutes before the show ended last night. you were unhappy about it. have you gotten any happier about it in the last 24 hours? . okay, i'm incredibly shocked, mark. good to be with you, again. you are right, you took me by surprise with. this i was unaware until the moment you said it. this congressional member who sits, by the way, on the committee for department of homeland security as well as counterterrorism intelligence, she's got a lot of influence. i am not a domestic threat. i mean, for cry outloud, i'm a mom, mark, i go to walmart and i take my kids to chick-fil-a, and i and millions of other men and women across the country belong to a group of like-minded
5:21 pm
individuals that support and advocate for the second airportment. that's who we are. we believe in that right. we believe in the rights that our men and women fight for. a lot of those men and women are members of the nra. and we also believe with the second amendment we support the first amendment. i love the free press. i believe, mark, in the free people's right to fact check that free press. for this, democratic congressional member kathleen rice thinks we're domestic threats. >> it's not a small thing. you got into a spat with patricia arquette today. it's some thing for hollywood minor celebrity to be lobbing rhetorical bombs at you. but it's not a small thing when a legislator on powerful and influential security and counter intelligence committees, not just a legislator but a former district attorney who has an
5:22 pm
officer of the court should know wet better, labels you as an enemy of the state. why is she doubling down and insisting she has the right to label you an enemy of the state? . perhaps she's thinking about running for higher office. we have asked her office is she going to send special police to arrest us what does this mean? am i placed on a no-fly list, because as i discuss often, we don't know the process by which, through which some one is placed on a no fly list. there's no legal recourse to get off of it. if i'm a domestic threat that's a lot. this is a congresswoman in her area, ms-13 is killing black and hispanic men. she has harsher words for me and for nra members than ms-13. that says something. >> no, and actually that's an interesting point, dana. great question in a way since
5:23 pm
9/11, who do these people consider domestic threats. if you take for example the taliban supporting dad of the guy who shot up that gay nightclub in orlando, the taliban supporting dad during the election campaign was photographed standing right behind hillary clinton. so they don't consider taliban supporters enemies of the state. you, in that sense, occupy a unique category in the fevered nightmares of the democratic party. well, parentally i didn't call for jihad, i didn't burn down my college campus, i haven't destroyed any private property in protesting the inauguration of president trump. all of that is okay. when you promise to fact check the media in the united states of america, a sitting democratic -- democrat congressional member will actually label you a domestic threat. and i just find that, i just
5:24 pm
never have seen anything like this. how free with r. a people if you aren't free to criticize and fact check? work mark, i have only one question for congressman rice, congresswoman rice, is she going the come and arrest me? i'm in dallas. if you find me that threatening, come and arrest me. >> that's it, come and get her, congressman rice, put your money where your mouth is or do the decent thing and recognize a legislator should not be labeling free speech -- >> she needs to resign. >> thank you, dana. guam, hawaii, maybe the west coast are being imperilled by north korean weapons. but the media's greatest focus is on the specifics of president trump's rhetoric. joe explains why, that's next on tucker carlson tonight. when it comes to heartburn, trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day, all night protection.
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uses unique mistpro technology and helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. rethink your allergy relief. flonase sensimist. ♪ >> it's easy to ridicule north korea for backwards economy and ridiculous leader. thanks to the power of nuclear figures the country is also a real threat. addressing that threat is a real policy concern. don't tell the media which spent the better part of a week obsessed with the minutiae of president trumped rhetoric. >> border line irrelevant ration at leaders, kim jong line and president trump. >> donald trump has no idea what he's doing. don't pretend he does. >> as far as i'm concerned he's playing "battleship" in between golf games. >> let me ask you about the
5:29 pm
character of a president who would threaten, fire and fury, without having enough respect for his his military department. >> he sounds more like a north could re-april leader than an american leader. >> trump dismissed the critics who call his threat reckless. >> president trump: high critics are only saying that because it's me. if some one else uttered the same words i uttered, they would say what a great statement, a wonderful statement. they're only doing it, but i tell you, we have tens of millions of people in this country that are so happy with what i'm saying. because they're saying finally we have a president that is sticking up for our nation. frankly, sticking up for our friends and our allies. >> joe covers media for "the hill." there is something slightly deranged about this, we have a
5:30 pm
specific threat to attack u.s. sovereign territory, and everybody is saying, oh, trump is out of control, he's gone too far. >> you say it's deranged, i say the implication is intentional. if war does break out, we're being led to believe that any conflict that happens is a result of donald trump taking office on january 20, he's bomb bass particular, suddenly nuclear weapons just appeared in the hands of north korea. he's talking smack and jong-un is motivated to attack us. what is supposed to be forgotten is the three previous administrations, whether it be clinton, bush, or obama, all of the measured rhetoric that went along with it. and the failure that happened as a result of north korea getting those nuclear weapons because appeasement and reckless costs, it's omission. sdonld trump said if anyone else said what i said, you wouldn't see the criticism of it. proof of it, secretary of
5:31 pm
defense mattis said one day after the fire and fury comments, it would be the end of jong-unnd the destruction of his people. i don't hear mattis criticized for saying it, 'essentially the same thing. >> is there the trumpian element, and there's also historical precedent for people who warn you about the real dangers of dictators while everybody else is just doing the bland diplomatic speak. that was true in the 1930s. churchill got the bad oppressors, during the 19 -- >> no twitter then. >> right. >> he didn't have that problem. >> there does seem to be an element of snobbish condescension that trump faces. >> no question about that, yes. a poll came out today when president trump went below 40%, the apocolypse was upon us. he's up to 45% now, six points in the past week.
5:32 pm
whatever he's saying, appears to have a positive effect particularly among his base. they like what they're hearing and they like a president that's tough. we have seen some crazy tweets around this from mackor publications like the "new york times." the paper of record. i asked your producers to get this tweet together the and i hope america you're sitting down for this. if you're not sitting down, listen to my voice, this is an exact question the "new york times" is asking the question. what is a greater threat to guam? north korea or climate change? i'm thinking when the mustard cloud goes off, it might get hotter at that point. >> that is some serious climate change. that is one big increase in guam's carbon footprint. >> no question. and then you have thomas freedman, i respect, covering foreign policy forever. but he made an interesting argument. he says that we should offer up a peace treaty, start engaging in economic trade and give the
5:33 pm
north koreans aid. no precedent is offered around that, around president clinton, what he did, came to an agreement with the north koreans, gave them $5 billion if they ended their nuclear ambitions. >> no two countries with a mcdonald's ever go to war with each other, a year after he promulgated that, serbia bombed bosnia much this is the latest variation on that. and the danger, after north korea it will be iran, then sudan, after sudan it will be a couple of rinky-dink tribes up on the border. on the afghanistan border. >> where does it end once you go down that road? >> it doesn't end. the problem when we focus on rhetoric so much we miss the store aryes that people want to know about -- stories people want to know about. i had to go 25 paragraphs into the story that the north korean missiles have soviet guidance on them.
5:34 pm
that's pre-1990. they say they aren't going to hit guam but the water around it? sounds like they don't have accuracy. that's interesting, should we be reporting that more? >> that is the interesting thing, he's not sufficiently competent to be a nuclear madman. it's like when your granny decides to be a nuclear madman after she's been on the drink for a while. that's actually a vital point. he isn't good enough to be a career madman. >> interesting point. jong-un, imports $30 million worth of alcohol. >> we have to import everything there. that's, including that knockoff viagra. >> really. >> that pays for the nuclear program. self-described beeion 'professor looking for a new job after celebrating john mccain's cancer diagnosis and announcing that he wanted president trump assassinated.
5:35 pm
up next, we will be back to discuss that. an american newsroom showdown. bill and shannon against each other in final exam. you don't want to miss this. that's all still to come on tucker carlson tonight.
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with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar, activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> campus craziness, summer vacation, the professors are still on the job and some still bonkers. at monday clare state university a professor fired after saying he wants president trump and senator john mccain to die. meanwhile at trinity college in hartford, connecticut the school is losing students and money thanks to a faculty member who said that white people should die. cab bought phillips is from you keep track of this shuf so we don't need to go completely crazy following it as careful also you a.
5:40 pm
what is going at mop clare state? >> professors have the right to say outlandish things but we as their employers, taxpayers, have the right to hold them accountable. this professor said trump deserves a bullet in the head, john mccain deserves to die because of the healthcare vote, he said they're restraining my academic freedom. that isn't a blanket thing that protects from you your employer holding you accountable from your phrases you're saying on social media. these are professors, molding our next generation, should be held to a higher standard of repeating things like the comment section of a huffington post article. >> this is dumb. there's -- plenty of people reach conclusions i kiss afree with much but they reach provocative:collusions, interesting. go die? is that a debate? mpt that's what we see, a result of the discourse pushed by the left. when you label an entire segment of society you disagree with
5:41 pm
nazis, fascists, it's socially acceptable to not say violent things. are we really surprised. this professor being fired, it's not like we're losing a lit rar i scholar, he is there to teach a course on the life of beyonce. we should president be using taxpayer money to have a course on beyonce. >> tucker: a moron teaching a frivolous subject, now will probably wind up at princeton. principlity college, i went there, couple of months ago professor johnnie eric williams, facebook rant, by somebody else, saying that you should let white people die if you see them in trouble. #at the bottom, let them fing die. he was not fired. the school has defended him. the president of the college has described him as a victim of the right wing. what's happened since? >> the school came out and
5:42 pm
admitted they have over a quarter of a million dollars of donations pulled from the university. people saying i'm not going to attend the school. it's market forces at work. a light is being shined on these things. parents say i won't send my kid to that campus. missouri, ever since that free speech debacle, they had empty buildings full of empty dorm rooms. >> what is interesting, here you have a professor with tenure, open racist, endorsing violence. these schools are famous for being worried about the school. has trinity college started an investigation to determine what he says in class? >> absolutely, we have seen multiple students coming forward say this is indicative of the environment in his classroom. students say he's a good professor as long as you keep your mouth shut and go along with what he says that. 's the opposite of what the classroom should sglb has the
5:43 pm
school conducted an investigation no, they have not investigated. he's on administrative leave. he will be back very soon, be honest, if this person said anything against a democratic senator or democratic president they wouldn't have a job. >> if trinity sends me a fundraising letter i'll call directly back to the fundraising office and laugh in the phone before hanging up. cabot, thanks for joining us. >> appreciate it. >> speaking of faces, it's time for final exam. in the clash of the america's newsroom anchors, next. ♪ it's a highly contagious disease that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member,
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switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> you know what that music means, it's "final exam" weekly news quiz. we see if fox news anchors have
5:48 pm
been paying attention at work. wom of the great fox news double acts, shannon breen and bill hammer. they took this so seriously. they took it so seriously, they had a two-hour dress rehearsal this morning. >> it was 11:00a.m. >> it was a train wreck. >> what? >> let's hope they're on top of it. . this is like a real final exam. >> this is. this is a real final exam. >> i'm cool as a cucumber. >> this is like a bonding moment for the two of us. >> it's fine. >> the lady always wins. mps no, she doesn't. >> you are going to be debonded. this is like the hunger games. >> i like that, too. >> the winner gets a fully paid vacation, two weeks on the north korean riviera, you will love it.
5:49 pm
okay, bill and shannon. i'm going to ask the questions, first one to buzz gets to answer, each correct answer is worth one point. but if you get the answer wrong we take away a point. the best of five. let's get started. this week supporters of colin kaepernick announced the protest outside nfl headquarters. they say the quarterback is being blackballed for his political views. and among the rally's promoters is what award winning movie director? [bell] >> shannon? >> i know i may lose a point, but spike lee comes to mind. >> spike lee is the movie director for shannon, defending colin kaepernick. >> film director spike lee is among those who think the national anthem controversy is the reason he remains a free agent. >> yes. >> how did i know that? >> well done, well done shannon.
5:50 pm
colin kaepernick, so impressed, he's just switched knees. question two, year to date, the, "washington post" owner jeff bechlt ezos made more money than any other person in the world until this week when besoes was surpassed by which website chief executive? >> oh. i'm not going to guess. >> come on. [bell] >> you said -- >> bill hammer says ee lon musk. from tesla. let dpoez to the tape. >> facebook's chief has made more money, mr. zucker berg, than anybody else this calendar year. he's up $23 billion. mpbs that's paper money.
5:51 pm
>> you've lost a point. north korean's gdp is $12 billion. if mark zuckerberg goes nuclear we're in trouble. question three, which big city mayor has been denying reports that he naps regularly in his office disrupting the work flow of his colleagues? [bell] >> bill hammer. >> bill deblasio, new york city. . let dpoez to the tape. >> taking a nap after -- >> ridiculous. >> do you take a nap? >> ridiculous. >> maybe you're meditating. >> no, i don't get a chance to meditate. >> stop spreading the news, he wants to tape up wake up in the city that goes straight back to sleep. bill deblasio, the napping mayor. shannon, one point ahead. >> she usually is. >> it's like the hunger games here. long-standing double act. this could break them apart.
5:52 pm
which member of the obama administration used the alias elizabeth carlyle to write -- bell] >> shannon? >> i believe it's the former attorney general loretta lynch. . the lady always wins, that's okay. >> i tell you -- let's just have a bone to us decide that question. >> i can allow her to win, i'm okay with that. >> the epa administrator, lisa jackson, also used an alias. remember that one? >> eric holder was loual cinder. >> that can count for a tie. >> right. >> what was lisa jackson using? >> richard wind son. >> they sound like lady austin names. >> sounds good when you say it.
5:53 pm
>> who won that point? [laughing] we may have to go to -- this is like the best film fiasco at the oscars. >> an extra credit round? >> final question. junk food fans rejoiced this week when frito lay announced the opening of a new york restaurant. all dishes feature what popular snack item? >> all of the dishes? >> all of them. >> do we have a hint? >> frito-lay. >> it has to be nacho, tortilla -- >> popular frito-lay product. >> he doesn't eat junk food. >> it's not twinkies. >> it's not. >> no. some one has to answer this. come on. i've shut it off. >> where are we, though? am i down by one? if i answer wrong we're tied. >> yes. go for it, shannon. >> i'll say fritos.
5:54 pm
that's a big thing in the south. >> let's go to the tape. >> restaurant opening in new york city between august 15 and 17. chitos tacos, chitos fried pickles, chitos cheesecake. >> my stomach hurts looking at that. >> the winner gets to buy the cheeto cheesecake. that is, yeah, cheeto cheesecake. >> i didn't answer the question. >> you got the question wrong. >> i make that a tie. >> we were, we were. >> so, you get -- >> you don't know what's going on in the world. >> split the cheeto cheesecake. nobody gets the trip on the north korean riviera. we will be back.
5:55 pm
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>> democrats have a simple message for former dnc head debbie wasserman schultz. please just go away. wasserman schultz's basic incompetent needs recounting. she bungled the job of dnc head with thousands of e-mails leaking. me employing a pakistani i.t. employee for months after he was placed under investigation. democrats can't hid their disgust. former min at lis mayor ryder told poe lit i co-i can mention her name in minneapolis and it gets a negative reaction. she deserves the negative reputation. florida dnc member nickie barnes said we wish she would go away. sadly for nickie barnes, incompetent politicians are like cockroaches. they do not go away, at least not without powerful chemicals.
6:00 pm
maybe with hillary's bleach bit. that's about it. tune in each night at 8:00 for the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, smugness, tucker back on monday. have a great week end. "the five" are next. >> hello, i'm >> hello. i'm we're live in new york city and this is "the five." from fire and fury to locked and loaded, president trump sending out more alarms to warn kim jong-un that if they launch an attack, his country will face dire circumstances. he followed up this afternoon with this. >> i hope that they are going to fully understand the gravity of what i said and what i said is


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