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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 11, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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chief stewart, we salute you. >> set your dvrs and never miss an episode of "the five." have a great weekend. >> we heard president trump deliver strong rhetoric about north korea. he and his top aides balanced all of that with efforts toll work the diplomatic side. his critics continue to say that he's war mongering.
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the president himself held talks with his two top diplomats, rex tillerson and nikki haley. he's trying to defuse this, even as kim jong-un warned he's preparing a missile launch aimed at the northwest territory of guam and that the mainland could suffer a shameful defeat and final doom if it persists. for the president declared, the u.s. military is locked and loaded just in case, he add this. >> i think south korea is happy and you don't mention japan, but i think they're very impressed with the job they're doing and lets see how it turns out. i feel they will be very safe. if anything happens to guam, there will be big, big trouble in north korea. >> "the associated press"
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revealed that a senior u.s. diplomat has been having conversation with north korean counter parts, another sign that the trump administration is quietly trying to calm this down. joining us now, john bolton. good evening, ambassador. seems like we've never been closer to it nuclear brink than we are now. is that a correct statement? >> we're at a crisis point because of the advances that north korea has made in the last eight years, so donald trump inherits 25 years of a failed policy of negotiating north korea out of these programs and his options are few and not very good. >> what is interesting is the
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fact that the president -- and he's been criticized for his rhetoric, but he's making it very clear that he's prepared and ready, locked and loaded, to defend the american people and our territories as well. what is wrong with that? >> i don't think there's anything wrong with it. we've had 25 years of american politicians, democrats and republicans, standing up and saying solemnly, it's unacceptable for north korea to have nuclear weapons. same thing for iran. now we're being told by the same people that said we could negotiate north korea out of these weapons, i guess we have to accept that they will have nuclear weapons. susan rice wrote about it this morning on television. she said, "i guess our policies failed." now they're telling us that we do have to accept it. that's not where trump is and not where we should be as a people. we should not allow ourselves to be held hostage by this erratic
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regime and the threat of nuclear terrorism against our country. >> without looking backward for too long, do you see the way that some of the administrations, particularly the clinton administration, giving money to north korea, and then the parallel of the obama administration giving money to iran, do you see that the appeasement that seems to be going on is only to our detriment and it's time to stand up because these bullies are at a point where the iranians yell "death to america," "death to the big devil and the little devil, israel and the united states." are we supposed to put our tail between our legs? >> the policy has been called appeasement. former secretary of state jim baker right after the clinton administration signed the agreed framework, wrote an op-ed that
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called the clinton administration policy appeasement and that was 20 years ago. it hasn't worked. if you want to have a future where north korea can threaten with missiles, you have it look at one more diplomatic play to convince china to reunite the peninsula with us or have to look at the military option. people are worried about the difficulty, the chaos that it may create today. the risk is real. what about the chaos when north korea launches missiles at the united states. >> yeah. and kim jong-un -- the american student that was sent home and died shortly after a.
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what can -- what options does america have right now. >> there is no option to negotiate with north korea. we tried it for 25 years. cite one piece of evidence to think it will succeed in year 26. that's why the president has inherited an unhappy situation. i do think it's worth trying with china on an expedited basis. >> how do we do that, ambassador? the president has done everything, privately and publicly, and china says, look, if america strikes first and there's issue if it makes us the aggressor if we're trying to defend ourselves, then the question is, china said they will fight with north korea against us. >> they also said that if we were retaliating they would
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stand aside and that's a significant development. i think there's a chunk of chinese decision-makers that think that north korea is an ugly piece of baggage. i think there's a deal that can satisfy china on reunification. it's a hard argument. i wish we had started it 10 years ago. otherwise, the american people have a choice -- live with a nuclear north korea and threats and bribery that will entail forever and do what the politicians said. do not accept a nuclear north korea. that could well involve a military option of some sort. >> ambassador john bolton, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> here with more reaction, the host of "war stories," lieutenant come near oliver north. good evening, colonel. here's my question. the last question i asked the ambassador. what does america do now. we have tillerson saying, we're still willing to negotiate. we hear today that there are
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back channels and the president is saying, we're locked and loaded and ready to defend the country and our territories. >> i agree with what john just said in terms of convincing the president in china and the people that it's in their interest to act now. the u.s. will have to take preemptive military action in pyongyang unless it stops now. consider this, judge, 20% of the north korean population is likely to flee on foot and take to the sea like boat people from vietnam. that's a disaster of extraordinary proportions. there are things that the president needs to do to convince that we're deadly serious. >> it's not as though the
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president hasn't explained to the president in china that, look, you will suffer and you will have mass migration from the peninsula. >> but i don't think that the president of china is confident that we'll take action. there are a bunch of things that can be done. we turn the tactical nukes that we withdrew in the '90s. we have reagan going back to port. >> when will that be deployed? >> she's in japan and she can be on the korean coast ready to strike. if we move aircraft and more air tankers to guam and okinawa. these are clear signals to the chinese that we're getting ready to act. and deploy search and rescue assets and base some in china to recover our aircrews, some of
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which will be shot down. >> if, as you say, we take preemptive action and we strike first, china has said that they will -- if that occurs, they will take the side of north korea. >> well, this is, again, my point. we are going to have to do this. we're facing a clear and present danger, an existential threat from the regime in pyongyang. we faced the same problem from tehran. we could, just for example, deploy the naval ship mercy to north korea. deploy more u.s. and navy assets. deploy more intelligence satellites and that will leak in this town. you can launch more equipment to the republic of korea and urge japanese prime minister to go to
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beijing and tell them, you will go down in history as the man that talked us back from the brink. you will get all the credit if you take kim jong-un back down. all of those things have to be done before you start military action. >> even though there was an unanimous vote of the u.n. security council. that didn't seem to have any impact, unanimous. >> but that's because they're not saying in beijing -- forget pyongyang, they're not seeing in beijing that we're deadly serious and we are and we have to be because what will happen otherwise, a military application will use air force strike aircraft to decapitate the regime in pyongyang, take down their air defenses, their coms with cyber attacks and things that we cannot talk about on tv. if kim survives that, he will have to issue orders to launch
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things with carrier pigeons, because they will not be able to talk to each other. >> seoul, south korea, everybody knows if they strike us or if we strike them, they will strike south korea. why are they resistant to the defense missile system. don't they know what's going on? >> because, again, nobody thinks we're serious, as ambassador bolton said, there's been so much bluff and bluster, this is not a president that anybody ought to take anything but deadly serious. >> colonel oliver north, be sure to catch colonel north on "war stories." coming up on this edition of "hannity," retired brigadier general reacts to the growing threat from north korea. stay with us.
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president trump said he is not going to rule out a military option, but so far the us has only issued a series of sanctions against mindoro and more than two dozen venezuelan officials. and the us marine corps has ordered all its aircraft grounded for a 24 hour. back following to deadly crashes . the move affects 1,000 aircraft in total, including those currently deployed. it is up to the commanders to choose which day to ground its plains. i marianne rafferty. now back to hannity. >> out that going to fully understand the gravity of what said and what i said is what, i mean,. we don't want to talk about -- we want to talk about a country that has miss behave for many, many years, decades actually through numerous administration and they didn't want to take on the issue and i have no choice but to take it on. if he does anything with respec
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to guam or anyplace else that i in american territory or an american ally, he will truly regretted and he will regret it fast. >> welcome back to the special edition of hannity. the trump doctrine, president trump with more stern words for kim jong un. how should the us respond to th latest threat from north green a . joining us now is the us ambassador to the united nation richard grenell and prepared brigadier general tony tata. gentlemen, i will talk with you. you worked in the state department. you have been involved in the communications and i'm sure the you have been watching the volleys that have been going back and forth. kim jong un has given us almost a deadline and he said specifically the middle of august and in the last month he has much to -- two and we know he is the more
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hits. we note that he is boasting tha he is going to turn us into jelly. we will are critical of the president. what should the president be saying? okay? are just back off like obama dead and hope it goes away. >> look, one more scary thing i they successfully put a rock -- a rocket into orbit. they have all the pieces i thin we have to see the signs and take very seriously. i agree with my old boss, john bolton, that the play is not with north korea, it is really with china. one interesting thing is that the chinese remove oil sanction from this last round of us sanctions. then by removing the sanctions, that means that we still have time, which goes to colonel north point that they are not taking us seriously. what they need to understand is this is not president obama jus with a threat of military action , but this is president trump with a credible threat of military action. for diplomats we need that
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credible threat behind us so that when we are sitting across the table and we are negotiating , the other side knows we need to come to a peaceful deal because if not, w have to transfer the file back to the pentagon and general mattis, secretary mattis, they don't negotiate. >> i can see that. >> i will go to you, general tata. when the president made it clea that he wasn't going to be soft on this, we often showed our military mechanisms. we also showed the planes and w also talked about the aircraft carriers. the president is putting the power behind the words. is that enough? >> welcome i think what you are seeing is the application of al of the applications of power an working in sync a nation and harmony, so the obama administration was particularly
7:21 pm
competent at and i agree with what rick says, we've got a rea perception gap to overcome here because president obama is so enough the size of the world an so many to our enemies and giving billions of dollars to other countries and now when president trump comes and says what he means, it is like a stark difference out there and people are waking up. it takes them a little bit of time to say does an american president really mean what he says and i believe that president trump is using the information aspect of national power in a very effective way. he is saying something that is very clear did you have secretary tillerson saying something different matter but supporting what president trump says and secretary mattis is saying something that is very direct but supporting what president trump says. so all of that is aimed at supporting the military and flexible turn options that we have. there's un sanctions that are part of diplomatic power and economic power with the economi sanctions.
7:22 pm
so all of that combines and synchronizes two great pressure on north korea and on china. >> let me ask you this, rick. this is a big weekend, i think. if nothing happens this weekend i think a lot of people are really concerned. if things seem to tamp down in light of there seems be a back channel that secretary tillerso is still, you know, working on, if we can get past this weekend are things okay? that's number one. number two, is a preemptive strike possible? >> i think things are going to be okay when we see china move. i give them a short window, one week to shut down all of the trade. we have to remember that in the first quarter of this year the chinese increased trade with north korea. they didn't get the message. they are increasing their trade so we need to see in the next week a shutdown, if not, i woul
7:23 pm
suggest we've got one more play with china which is a unilatera us banking sanctions. it's not without pain. it's a painful act for american and wall street, but i think that we immediately go to that and within one week if we haven't seen action from china. >> preemptive strike, general? is that what should be done or do we wait for him to hit us or our were territory, kuan? >> a preemptive strike could result -- the got 8500 artillery pieces, 4500 block rocket launches righ along the dnc there that can range 30, 40, 50 miles, and tha puts soul into play. >> but salted want to accept th missile defense systems. they have the system that we offer them. >> that would do nothing agains all of these artillery shells that would come raining across. >> that they didn't want anything. >> you would think. my point is that there is a
7:24 pm
doctrine of a golden bridge, yo increase the pressure and you lay out all of your elements of power and you show what can be done and you make your intent very clear and you leave that golden bridge to walk across into the land of diplomacy and to stand down, or do you ultimately get into a conflict that the conventional aspect of this conflict is almost scarier than the nuclear aspect of this conflict. >> thank you, gentlemen. coming up in the special editio of hannity, the trump doctrine. herman cain will be here with reaction to president trump sel telling mcconnell and the republicans to get to work to pass this agenda. stay with us.
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be doing what i am doing, seven years they been talking repeal and replace them and it didn't happen. it not only didn't happen, it was a surprise and it was a horrible surprise and it was very unfair to the republican party and very unfair to the people of this country. >> welcome back to the special edition of hannity, the trump doctrine. president trump continues with depression -- pressure on mister connell to enact its agenda. joining us with reaction is fox news contributor and former presidential candidate herman cain. good evening. >> happy to be with you. >> it is good to have you. >> when you listen to the president, i have the sense tha probably the vast majority of american people, democrats or republicans, are probably sayin what is with these bozos after seven years that they couldn't get done what they promised the would get done. some of them even switching whe the time mattered. >> you are absolutely right and the biggest, to use your word, bozo, is senator john mccain.
7:30 pm
i'm sorry. i respect him for his military surface but i do not respect hi for stabbing the american peopl in the back. as far as mitch mcconnell, who is supposed to be the majority leader in the senate, if he couldn't get to senator john mccain to be that deciding vote so that we could at least take major step forward, then, yes, there is a problem. senator mccain is that the majority leader and he consistently shows that he presents president donald trump. >> i don't think there's any question about that. we have seen it over and over. doesn't this explain, herman, the fact that the majority of american people, 60% -- 16% and may be down to 10% approve of the job that congres is doing. huard these guys, men and women where who are they trying to satisfy? themselves, the reelection or
7:31 pm
the american people? >> they are trying to satisfy their own egos. the longer they are in washington dc, senator susan collins, senator john mccain, the more they drink the water and believe that it is about them and not about the american people. look, the american people are suffering under obamacare, and they have demonstrated that the care more about their rules and care more about their own egos then they care about the suffering of the american people . and i respect president trump for continuing to keep the pressure on because the america people are sick and tired of excuses and that's all senator mcconnell and the other senator are offering. >> didn't they think was very unusual for mitch mcconnell to go back to his own district or rotary club, i don't know if he thought nobody would hear him,
7:32 pm
but when he talked about this president and unrealistic expectations, did he not realiz that by criticizing the president that we elected because he was an outsider, because he believed he could ge the job done, that these bozos can't get done, did he really think the president wouldn't hear it and does he think that we are stupid? >> yes, he thinks we are stupid. excessive expectations, they ar not excessive because the american people do not believe it's excessive. one of the reasons, one of the reasons that president trump go elected is because the american people have high expectations, but what senator mcconnell was saying is that this president needs to understand that we mov at a steals pace. no, this president and the american people are sick and tired of the snail pace.
7:33 pm
i don't know if he believes tha president trump and the america people are going to hear it or not but we have now heard it an that is why many of us had already said what we have been saying all along, senator mcconnell, his leadership is ineffective an effective. >> let's talk about murkowski. she voted to repeal in 2015 and she campaigned on and then she turned around and we have chanc to do and she voted no even on the skinny repeal, senators lik that i believe deep to be defeated. that the overarching question i is this the republican establishment and who is more established that mitch mcconnell , and everybody is giving him credit for gorsuch. that's the best thing to happen to the supreme court a long time , but is it this an indication that the establishment is out to finish donald trump? >> yes. you have two types of republicans pick you have republicans who are trying to pass legislation with
7:34 pm
conservative values and you hav my called rhinos, republicans i name only and senator murkowski and senator john mccain represent three senators that are rhinos. they are not there to represent the interest of the american people in the american people have figured that out. i'm not sure what they claim that reason is for voting against the skinny repeal. we know it wasn't as big and grand as many of us were like, but at least it would've been a big step in the right direction following but the house of representatives had done. they basically failed the american people and they stabbe the american people in the back because you didn't expect the democrats to vote for it and they didn't. so they are perfectly happy wit the disastrous obamacare. >> you know what, the shame of it is it makes the whole party look bad and these rinos i
7:35 pm
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president trump is a short them that the people of his nation are safe despite threats from north korea. he had a telephone conversation with the president and chief of staff, general john kelly, and the governor noticing that he appreciated their services. the president said in a conversation that he is behind the people of guam 100%. i just got off the phone with chief of staff john kelly and with the present of the united states. >> and doctors praising the recover of of four -year-old wh shot and had during an up. road rage incident in cleveland. he was shot while driving with his mother and seven -year-old sister last week. doctors say the bullet went through his brain. he's expected to make a full recovery. i marion rafferty, now back to hannity. >> high in here this evening to cut through the take news filte
7:40 pm
into speak straight to the american people. >> these guys, the fake news, they tell you -- the fake meat he is to silence us, but we will not let them. the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house, but i'm president and they are not. >> that was president trump responded to attacks from the liberal mainstream media. joining us now rnc spokesperson kayleigh mcenany and fox news anchor greg jarrett. isn't it true that donald trump no president trump, has change the paradigm of how americans look at news and that there is now no focus were no necessaril reliability of what we he's to
7:41 pm
see as the regular channels and now people are going to social media specifically, facebook an twitter to get their news? >> your x -- drops the bright. the press is going over there head. how dare he. >> journalists in america are overwhelmingly liberal studies. the reason one showed a scant 7 of republicans, so there's no diversity of thought in the newsroom. it is endemic in the industry and journalist tent where their liberalism on their sleeve. they're utterly intolerant of anybody who dares to disagree with them, especially the president of the united states. how could he have one, they think we are smarter than anybody else and we didn't want him as president, so he must've cheated in some grand conspirac with vladimir putin and they ar hell-bent on conjuring criminality commonality when it
7:42 pm
does make sense. >> the whole idea of rush in th collusion after eight months, i may even be nine months of we haven't heard one iota, one piece of evidence that indicate collusion and yet the mainstrea media, now we know that the center for law and justice, and getting some of the e-mails fro the department of justice has found out that the new york times and washington post that they really didn't want to discuss that tarmac meeting between the redick lynch and bill clinton. i mean, we know that they know about it and they are colluding there is a collusion, and to no tell the american people. >> that's right. 's journalistic malpractice at its best. you look at jim comey, that startling testimony before the committee when he said that february new york times story alleging collusion between contacts between the trump campaign in russia, he said tha story was not true. he went on further to say many, many of the russian stories are in the dead wrong. this is jim comey. he has no intent to help the president who fired him.
7:43 pm
it is verifiable and the presse left waiting in this russian conspiracy. is based on little more than rumor and newspapers. those of the words of senator dianne feinstein. >> you are the lawyer here. and you and kayleigh as well. we are all players here. explained to the viewers. they think to themselves, look, if they are lying and if they are publishing stories that the know are not true, than some of that, in spite of new york time at solving, that they should be liable for this kind of thing, should they be? >> probably not because we are talking about public figures an you have to prove malice, actua malice. >> malice and malicious content has to be proven over and over in terms of what they want to govern what they lie about? we all knew the february story in the times was not true and yet no one would deny it and tell coming back was under oath. >> the president calls it fake news and he is right to the extent that the media by virtue
7:44 pm
of their liberalism distorts th news. yes, to some extent that is fak news. they are not acting as impartia reporters of the truth in the news, as it is. instead they're doing something quite different. they are infusing their bias in the stories they choose to tell and the way that they tell them. i will give you an example. and the most egregious form was donald trump junior meeting. he met with the russians. it's a crime, cried the media. >> not a late this, with the government russian lawyer. she was working with the government and she wasn't even lawyer. >> politicians and americans meet with russian and russian officials all the time. there's more than a thousand of them here in the united states and we meet with people. it's not a crime to talk to a russian. the federal election commission just go to your website, their website, and it specifically
7:45 pm
says the former nationals may volunteer for american politica campaigns. it's not a crime. >> another the american people, kayleigh, are starting to understand and they get it because they didn't by the pollsters or whatever. where are the american people now going for their news? >> the american people are having to look to other sources like for instance this trump news update that he is doing on his facebook. it is positive information abou the president, all factual, all true, but you have to go to facebook, you have to go to the presidents own website to hear anything positive. in today's day and age it is only news if it is negative. >> he is on twitter. he is on facebook. he is on instagram. the whole family is on instagram . and all of those social media sites. how many millions of people are getting their news from this because they are now convinced the mainstream media is not out for the interests. >> and that media is upset abou because he has co-opted their job that he's speaking gently t the american people. he is not allowing the media to
7:46 pm
exercise their nearly unlimited power of mask medications in th weight they have in the past to try to indoctrinate americans into the medias form of liberalism and progressive or -- >> and that gets particularly significant that it is east coast/west coast and it is the flyover are the ones that are staying where not even listenin anymore. >> that's what we've learned about the american people as they are smart and they can see to the naked coverage leading u to the election. i had a man in nevada say that the coverage is so bad that i didn't vote for president trump it has compelled me to give him a chance. we will see through it. they recognize the bias and the will not be biased. >> media and congress but isn't that interesting. thanks so much for being with us . coming up next on this special edition of hannity, president trump has made his support for law enforcement very clear.
7:47 pm
dave clarke joins me in the new body cam footage of an officer being shocked earlier this year. stay with us. you are going to want to see this one. well, because it tells us something powerful about progress: that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward. as long as they have someone to believe in them. citi financed the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal, that made our world a smaller place. we backed the marshall plan that helped europe regain its strength. and pioneered the atm, for cash, anytime. for over two centuries we've supported dreams like these, and the people and companies behind them. so why should that matter to you? because, today, we are still helping progress makers turn their ideas into reality.
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>> america stand strong with ou men and women in blue.
7:51 pm
believe me, we stand strong together. as you know, i am a big, big believer and admirer of the people in law enforcement, okay from day one. you are saving american lives every day and we half your back believe me. we half your backs 100%, not like the old days. not like the old days. >> indeed not like the old days. that was president trump repeatedly praising law enforcement and unlike the obam ministration of a president trump has made it crystal clear he fully supports those who serve and protect us and for good reason. a newly released body cam video shows a police officer in south carolina being shot three times last january after -- confronting an armed suspect. we must warn you the video you are about to see is extremely shocking.
7:52 pm
>> stop. take your hands out of your pocket. take your hands out of your pocket. if you don't stop, i'm going to taste you. take your hands out of your pocket. take your hands out of your pocket! take your head out up your pocket. shots fired. >> the assailant was found guilty of attempted murder in possession of a weapon and sentenced to 35 years in prison. joining us now with reaction, milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. the truth is heather not been a camera on the glasses of the police officer, this individual who shot him three times and almost killed him to the point where the police officers has tell my family i love them. he thought he was going to die.
7:53 pm
it would never have been captured. can you tell me why more law enforcement doesn't have these body cameras or cameras on the glasses as opposed to the body? >> some of those are financial consideration that each jurisdiction has to make in terms of priority. i think it is a high one but that being contraceptive make that. i get chills every time i hear president trump support and praise the american police officers. officer quincy smith here and got wrenching video and only by the grace of god he survived it. i want to talk about this idea coming out of this 21st century task force that will pu together and it was second by the police of executive and former and chuck supporting it. and a call for stupid things like engaging in more dialogue with the suspect before using deadly force and considering less lethal options. you saw how much time -- once again came up -- >> but the police officers said i'm going to taste you. the police officer didn't
7:54 pm
threaten to shoot him and he said that i will days you so take your anthony pocket. >> they tell them apart very quickly told him to take his hands out of his pocket. you could css. >> hands. you have to seat that, that is number one. if he would've used his firearm not here to second guess what h did. they get to make their own position but had he shot this guy the second time he told the to take his hands out of his pocket, it would've been reasonable under the circumstances even if he was no armed and i get tired of hearin about this unarmed assailant that the police officers used deadly force against because unarmed does not mean not dangerous. and what is interesting about this is because of the camera necklaces with find out that th police officer was only going t tase him and, number two, a lot of cups has good instincts. when he says take your hand out of your pocket repeatedly, his instincts and, you know, i've been in this business a long time.
7:55 pm
there's something dangerous in that pocket. >> you have to trust your instincts. i tell police officers all the time to trust your training and instincts when you go in these things. there may be where you make a mistake at the end but in the end they want you to go home an we will sort it out later. again, the training kicks in as well. you can see from the minute i timed it, from the many people the gun out, one second left by the time he got off three or four shots and the officer coul not go to the next level up to his firearm because by that tim the shots had run out and it wa over. he did a great job. >> thank you. >> wonderful job. >> running out of time. coming up, more of the special edition of hannity, the trump doctrine, after the break. extreme anxiety... pacing... a constant urge to move. if someone you know is suffering from schizophrenia
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"justice and judge jeanine pirr jeanine pirro." thanks for joining us. shawn is going to be back on monday. have a great weekend. ♪ >> mark: good evening, and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. i'm mark steyn for one more evening before the great man returns from vacation on monday. tensions with the nuclear dictatorship t of north korea remain high as president trump continues to warn jong-un's regime that any aggressive act will be met with overwhelming force. >> president trump: this man will not get away with what he's doing, believe me. if he utters one threat in the form of an overt threat, which by the way he has been uttering for years and his family has


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