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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 12, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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chief stewart, we salute you. >> coming up with an answer. by september 1st. we have reduced payroll substantially. >> reporter: a lot of americans are on edge with this rhetoric between united states and north korea. what can you tell them? >> hopefully it will all work out. nobody loves a peaceful solution better than president trump, that i can tell you. this has been going on for many years, it would've been a lot easier to solve this years ago before they were in the position they are in. we will see what happens. we think a lot of good things could happen then we could also have a bad solution. >> reporter: what with the bad solution be? >> i think you know the answer
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to that. >> reporter: are you talking about war, is the u.s. going to go to war? >> i think you know the answer to that. >> reporter: is around abiding by the agreement in your view? >> they are not abiding by the spirit of the agreement, but i would say the spirit of the agreement, iran is not abiding by, absolutely. >> reporter: do you have the right of generals and place right now for the fight in afghanistan? >> will make a determination in a very short period of time, it's our longest war in history, 17 years. that's unacceptable. we will be making decisions and we are looking at it very closely. we talked about the little bit today, we talked about venezuela today also, by the way. venezuela is a mess, a very dangerous mess and a very sad situation. we talked about venezuela also. >> reporter: were a couple
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weeks into general john kelly's time as chief of staff, what have you done differently? what is he done to change the way you act or the way the white house acts? >> i think he's done a fantastic job, he's a respected person, respected by everybody. things have come together very nicely. i think probably, i've gone through this a lot, very few presidents have done what we've done in a six-month period, whether it's optimism in business, whether it's stock market, $4 trillion in value with companies and equity. all of the many things including the supreme court justice, regulations being cut massively, we have 48 bills being passed, and legislatures, not just executive orders. if you have done anywhere near what we've done will work now op working on health care.
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we are working on other things including infrastructure, we will have a very big infrastructure bill. nobody has done, very rarely, i could say anybody has done i'm not sure anybody has done what we've done in a six-month period. i think that's general kelly has brought a tremendous -- brought something special to the office. i call him chief. he's a respected man, a four-star from the marines at he carries himself like a four-star from the marines and he's my friend which is important. >> reporter: a number of republican senators have come to the defense of senator mcconnell in the last day or so. >> i don't make anything of it, we should have had health care approved. he should have known that he had a couple of votes that turned on him and that should have been very easy to handle. you take away committee chairmanship or do whatever you have to do. what happened in my opinion last
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week is unacceptable. people have been talking about the repeal and replace for seven years. long before i ever decided to be doing what i'm doing. seven years they've been talking repeal and replace and it didn't happen. not only it didn't happen, it was a surprise. it was a horrible surprise and it was very unfair to the republican party and very unfair to the people of this country. i was not impressed. can he do good? i think so. i think we could do very well on taxes, cuts, perform, i think were going to do well on infrastructure and things will happen with respect to health care. i think things will happen outside of needing congress. there are things that i can do as president that will have a huge impact on health care. you watch. >> reporter: have you spoken to the governor of guam and what have you told them? >> i have not but i feel they will be very safe, they will be very safe. if anything happens to guam
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there's going to be big, big trouble in north korea. >> reporter: have you alerted any change in the military redness? >> i don't talk about that computer that. i'm not the one who says we're attacking muzzle in four months. we do adore we don't do it. >> reporter: you're interrupting your trip to return to washington on monday, can you tell us why you do that? >> i stay out of manhattan because it's so disruptive to go there. i have meetings on monday and tuesday going to manhattan but i stay out because it's so disruptive. all of my adult life, i grew up in queens, not in manhattan, during the time that i lived in manhattan, whenever a president came in it was very disruptive. i think i'm probably more disruptive than any of them. they have to close a fifth avenue, they have to close 56th street and many other streets. i'm here for that reason. we are doing a tremendous amount of work, we are having large numbers of meetings and i'm on
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the phone a lot. i'm here for that reason, i would love to go to my home in trump tower. it's very disruptive to do. we have a conference scheduled, a very important meeting scheduled and were going to have a pretty big press conference on monday. >> reporter: secretary tiller's and diplomacy, you've emphasized the potential for military options, are you on the same page? >> we are totally on the same page. >> things have combined, were going to get movement out of the regime in north korea. i think the president has made it clear he prefers a diplomatic solution. i think with the president is doing is trying to support our efforts by ensuring north korea understands what the stakes are. watermark these recent acoustic attacks we've learned about regarding american diplomats in cuba. who is responsible for the acoustic attacks? isn't cuba, russia, who's to
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blame for that? >> would not been able to determine who's to blame. we hold the cuban authorities responsible for the safety and security of diplomats in our country. we hope they find out who is carrying out these attacks are not just our diplomats, there are other cases with other diplomats involved. >> reporter: they are losing their hearing, this american diplomats. >> you described the attack directly, which is why were bringing the people out. >> reporter: what options are on the table to deal with venezuela? >> we have many options. i'm not going to rule out a military option. we have many options for venezuela. this is our neighbor, we are all over the world in places that are very, very far away. venezuela is not very far away and the people are suffering and they are dying.
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we have many options for venezuela including a possible military option if necessary. >> reporter: that would be a u.s.-led military operation? >> we don't talk about it. a military option is certainly something we could pursue. >> reporter: we've heard from north korean state tv say we consider the u.s. no more than a lump we can beat to a jelly at any time. >> let me hear others said, when you say that i don't know what you're referring to and who is making the statement. let me hear kim jong un say expert he hasn't been saying much for the last three days. you let me hear him say it. >> reporter: do you support regime change in north korea or venezuela? >> i don't want to comment, they
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are very different places. i support peace, i support safety, and i support having to get very tough if we have to to protect the american people and also to protect our allies. >> reporter: do you think the vice president will be a candidate for president in 2020? >> i don't think so. he's a good guy, he's left for columbia and various other places. he's been terrific, he's been a great ally of mine. and a great friend of mine. >> reporter: are you considering further economic sanctions against north korea? >> yes we are. very strong ones, we are considering additional sanctions at a high level. probably you can say as strong as they get. thank you very much, everybody. >> bret: president donald trump in bedminster new jersey for the third time in as many days addressing the press pool, taking a number of
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questions. this time dealing with the threat from north korea. questions about russia. a question about venezuela in which he said venezuela is a mess and options are on the table including a military option. he also answered questions about the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and talked about what they had going forward. unprecedented access to this president over the past few days from reporters traveling with him, the biggest issue at hand at this moment north korea, the back-and-forth earlier today the president said that the u.s. military is locked and loaded to react to any aggression if kim jong un does anything against the u.s. or an ally, he will regret it fast. today, the president adding that kim can't keep threatening the u.s. saying if he wants to hear him say those things, north korea tonight firing back
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in what has become a daily rate cortical rhetorical ping-pong match. i'm bret baier in chicago again tonight, it is a city in crisis. in a state in crisis. we told you about the epidemic of of of violence of the rising number of murders. tonight we'll talk about the battle over sanctuary city status and the states horrific financial condition with governor bruce rauner and his first national television interview since being elected. a republican in a traditionally blue state. the breaking news we just heard about, the tension with north korea and that national security meeting with the secretary of state. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, the national security advisor. we start off tonight with correspondent rich edson. >> the president of just finishing that meeting, the national security and north korea focused meeting with his national security advisor nikki haley and with secretary
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of state rex tillerson. secretary tillotson has just returned from asia on that's diplomatic trip. he focused on north korea while the president was conducting his own diplomacy from home. >> if he does anything with respect to guam or anything else with an american ally, he will regret it fast. >> president trump warning north korea's leader following news the korean people's army is preparing a missile attack plan against guam appeared the president told the world via twitter the united states is ready to act, military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded it should north korea act unwisely. hopefully kim jong un will find another path. the furious language over the past few days is unique for an american president and in-line with ordinary and predictable korean rhetoric. the latest, it's a tragedy that
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the reckless and hysteric behaviors may reduce the u.s. mainland to ashes at any moment. the u.s. and its vassal forces will dearly pay for the harshest sanctions and pressure and reckless military fox domestic provocations against the prk. discussing the three americans still imprisoned in north korea among other issues according to the associated press. secretary of state rex tillerson did detail how the president and north korea could negotiate. >> obviously we have other means of communication open to them to certainly hear from them if they have a desire to talk. >> ambassador yoon used a similar channel.
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with the ongoing public rhetoric between north korea and the white house, world leaders are asking both sides to stop threatening each other. >> i am firmly convinced the an escalation to the rhetoric will not resolve the conflict. >> when it comes to a fight, the first one who has to take a step backwards from the dangerous line is the stronger and smarter one, we hope so. >> the chinese minister of former foreign affairs says they hope for caution rather than advancing into escalating tensions. the state department has his head in the past that china is making progress on that issue but needs to be doing more. >> bret: president trump said moments ago he feels people in
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guam will be very safe despite north korea's threats. how do the people in that small u.s. territory feel? for that we turn to national correspondent wayne lodge annette, he is live in guam where it's already saturday morning. >> being at guam, unless you are watching the news he would never know this is ground zero for any international crisis. i want to quickly show you this document that was put out by the governor's office and homeland security. how to prepare for an eminent missile threat. don't look at that flesh and the sky, it could blind you. lie flat, cover your head, shower as soon as possible after exposure and dispose of any clothing that's contaminated by radioactive fallout. some people are concerned, anxious, unsettled knowing this is an island they can't get off and they only get a 14 minute warning? from wants to impact of a north korean rocket if it's on its way.
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>> there's not a whole lot they can do. if were going to get nuked it's not like anything i do or say is good to change anything. >> i think when the two heads get together, hopefully they won't do anything stupid. >> guam is a u.s. territory, those born here are u.s. citizens, many retired military. they are confident that the antiballistic missile system the sea bass aegis system is designd specifically to take out those medium-range missiles that kim jong un has threatened to unleash on guam. >> i don't sense people being scared. i think people know that our nation has defenses that can take care of us. >> we shouldn't panic ourselves, if that were to occur, you're
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going to look at something catastrophic. not only for guam but for the world. >> the military will not say whether they've brought in additional bombers or assets, they say the build up on guam is underway, back to you. >> bret: live on guam, saturday morning. the marine corps commandant has ordered all marine aviation units to stop flight operations for a 24-hour period at some point to the next two weeks to focus on safety and combat readiness. the order comes just days after three marines were killed when their mv 22 osprey aircraft crashed into the sea off the coast of australia. 22 of 26 personnel were rescued. a marine cargo plane crashed in the mississippi delta killing all 16 on board. stocks were up to date, the dow gained 14, the s&p 500 finished ahead of three, the nasdaq
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jumped 40. for the week, the dow lost about one percentage point, the s&p 500 and the nasdaq dropped almost a point at the half. breaking news on this friday, we continue our look at chicago. illinois in crisis, i will go one-on-one with illinois governor
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make things easier for immigrants to live and get taxpayer assistance. correspondent matt finn has the story. >> chicago mayor rahm emanuel's forging ahead with plans for a million-dollar program to give a government issued i.d. to anyone living in the city. >> chicago will never fully gauche our status as a welcoming city. >> you need an idea for a job, you need an i.d. to get an apartment, you need an i.d. for everything. >> the plan was overwhelmingly approved by chicago city council earlier this year but city alderman who voted against it worried issuing a printed i.d. to an illegal immigrant will protect them. >> i'm worried about fraud, i'm worried who's going to get these, who's good to vouch for who they say they are. can somebody walk in and say i'm john smith and can i get an i.d. saying there john smith? >> there are going to be
1:23 am
penalties to place for those who do commit fraud. >> the chairman of chicago's council says an applicant will not have to prove u.s. web since he and the city's website a person will after choir they live in chicago but does not mention immigration status. the rules are still being drafted. the city decided to pick up the speed of the program after president trump was elected. >> this ordinance was already being worked on but there was a sense of expediency once the administration changed at the national level. >> i think it's all about votes. i think they are trying to please a certain demographic in the city, and i think that's what it's about. >> chicago's i.d. program is modeled in part after san francisco's which is issued more than 20,000 ids. that city has sworn it will protect immigrant information from the federal government. an alderman here in chicago that voted against the i.d. program say they think it can cost up to
1:24 am
three times more than the million dollar budget. >> bret: joining us not to talk about this issue and others, the republican governor of illinois bruce rauner. thanks for being here. we just talked about the sanctuary cities issue, obviously you had the mayor here suing the attorney general, the justice department on monday with his threats to cut federal funds because chicago is a sanctuary city. who are you with on this one? president trump or mayor emmanuel? >> illinois is a state built by immigrants and one in seven people in illinois are immigrants, this is a very big issue. i personally feel like we've got to have a system of immigration that works, our system is broken. we need dramatic immigration reform and rather than lawsuits and name-calling or fighting about which community is going to enforce our laws and which aren't, i think we should have a
1:25 am
rational discussion about immigration laws themselves. which one should reinforce and which ones should we change or repeal, that would be more productive. >> bret: why shouldn't chicago follow federal law? >> i'll tell you this, the system is broken, we need to keep our people safe. we have to put a priority on keeping the people of america safe and making sure that we have laws that we enforce and that the laws are rational and they are implemented everywhere. >> bret: you have this bill on your desk, the bill would prohibit police from searching or arresting or detaining a person because of their immigration status. absent a federal criminal warning, it would create safe zones and safe funded schools and health care centers, and block state and local enforcement agencies from creating registries based on race, religion, and national origin. are you going to sign that bill? >> our staff is going to send that bill right now, we are
1:26 am
meeting with law enforcement agencies and leaders in the state to get their views on it. and then will make your announcements on how will deal with that. >> bret: those families who say they have lost loved ones because of sanctuary status and policy, they are trying to meet with you. do you want to hear that point of view? >> i want to hear everybody's point of view. i work for every body in the state of illinois, our immigration system is broken. we need to have a system that keeps the people of illinois safe and we have to put that is the first priority. >> bret: do you agree with the president or not that sanctuary cities are a problem? >> immigration in america is broken. we make illegal immigration easy and we make illegal immigration almost impossible. we need dramatic immigration reform. >> bret: here is the head of ice at the white house a couple weeks ago. >> sanctuary cities are a criminal's biggest friend.
1:27 am
they engage in danger public sd my law enforcement officers. >> if there are criminals we have to get them out and we have to get them prosecuted, we have to keep the people of illinois safe and that people of america safe. >> bret: i'm good to turn to the budget crisis that you've been dealing here in illinois. just recently july 6th the legislature passing the first budget in two years, unpaid bills racked up $15 billion before the budget was passed. illinois has the lowest credit rating of any u.s. state. did you lose control of that budget standoff? >> we have a broken budget situation and the general assembly forced a massive tax hike with no reforms. the budget is still not balanced it's a stunning failure. we have a broken system in illinois, we got to stand up and changed it.
1:28 am
nothing is fixed, it will not fix anything and it's going to push more employers outcome a more job losses and erode our tax base, it's a disaster. >> bret: how do you do it? you came to office as a plainspoken businessman who said he was going to reform things, now you have the tax increases but worst of reform? >> exactly. that's what that budget was a disaster, terrible situation. we in illinois have not been creating jobs for decades. we've added 120,000 net new jobs but for 17 years we had the same number of jobs illinois we had 17 years ago. in the meantime, our government spending has gone up 66%. completely broken, completely unaffordable, and a mind-set that lets spend, borrow, and tax. we have got to break that cycle and that's what we're doing every day. >> bret: you're up against a brick old holder the longest-serving house speaker in history, is he too powerful to
1:29 am
work with, did he win this battle against you? >> he's been speaker for 35 years and he's been in the general assembly since right around the time the beatles broke up. it's an amazing run. in that period of time we've had massive job losses, biggest unfunded pension liabilities in america, rampant corruption, patronage. he has overseen a stunning failure of government. one of the reasons iran was to stand up to them, we will never give up and we will never back down. >> bret: are you running for reelection? >> no formal announcements yet. we will never give up in the battle to make illinois strong and proud and prosperous. >> bret: you're a successful business men, why do this if you're going to hit the wall like this? how do you change it? >> by persistence. the people of illinois come up to me every day, and i get democrats to come up to me when i'm around town here, they say
1:30 am
stay strong. we're with you, don't back down. stick to your guns. i don't even support republicans, you're the first republican i'm voting for you and i'll vote for you again. you stand up and you fix it. >> bret: state debt, increasing taxes, businesses may leave your state. what would be different in the second term? >> dramatic change. the people of illinois are going to have an opportunity next november to decide whether they're going to keep supporting the folks in the general assembly who support the speaker and support the status quo. this isn't about democrats versus republicans, this is about good government versus a corrupt machine, the politicians who run government for themselves. when i first got to know the speaker nine years ago, he told me what your goal for improving
1:31 am
the quality of life are the people in illinois? he said i manage power and i make money for managing power. that's why our system is so broken. >> bret: president trump wants to repeal and replace obamacare, do you agree? >> so much of our affordable health care act is broken, it needs to be repaired. i've expressed concerns about what it might do to some of our most vulnerable residents in illinois, i'm sure that with the federal government. you can look at the insurance exchanges, look at the ritz, look at the insurance companies dropping out. we need big changes in the system. >> bret: you have a decision to make about solving school funding. >> the democrats cut school funding four times in the prior ten years, we had the worst funded schools in america from a state government as percentage of overall spending. as a result we had the biggest
1:32 am
gap between what low income schools got in high income. i said to change it, make it more equitable. we passed a bill on a bipartisan basis that i championed. democrats and the majority of the house inserted a pension ballot for the city of chicago, hundreds of millions of dollars diverted away from classrooms, i had to mandatory veto that bill and were going to get it fixed so it's fair and more equitable for everybody. >> bret: is president trump a good president? >> my job as governor is to work with every president and every congress. i work with president obama, i work with president trump i represent the people of illinois and i want to make sure their interests are looked out for after washington, d.c., ? >> bret: we appreciate you being our first national interview and we look forward to having you back. president trump with plenty to say about north korea, russia, venezuela.
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♪ >> i will be speaking to president xi tonight from china and were working very closely with china and other countries and nobody has done the job that they're supposed to be doing and that's why were at that's horrible situation right now. it is a very bad the situation, it's a very dangerous situation. it will not continue, that i can tell you. i support peace, i support safety and i support having to get very tough if we have to, to protect the american people and also put to it to protect our allies. >> bret: president trump speaking a lot and is working vacation in new jersey. he tweeted out military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded should north korea act unwisely.
1:37 am
hopefully kim jong un will find another pass. the other path looks to be that he's looking for peace as well, let's bring in our panel from washington tonight, byron york's chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner." tom bevan, also a chicago resident and steve hayes, editor in chief of the weekly standard. what about this effort here and clearly he's talking about north korea. a pretty consistent message from the president. >> he brings a couple advantages to the debate, a global debate of north korea. he is not going to settle for the failed diplomacy on north korea that we've seen from three successive administrations democrats and republicans for the past 25 plus years paired he's made that clear. when he makes a threat, there is a believability to the threats.
1:38 am
he's much more likely to carry out a preemptive strike in north korea that hillary clinton would've been. what he's done is make idle threats, the fire and fury comment, when he said if kim jong il and makes additional threats he would see fire and fury and then he made those threats and there was no fire and fury. today again, he said that if the north korean regime makes overt threats he's open to a military response. he's got to be careful to not become the boy who cried wolf. the tough talk is just fine but i think people have to continue to believe that you might actually do these things and the more you make those kinds of threats the less effective they are. >> bret: byron. >> i think what we saw a few minutes ago from the president and the secretary of state was the latest performance of this good cop, bad cop thing that they've had going for the last
1:39 am
several days. it's consistent with stressing diplomatic solutions, none of them talked about diplomacy unless you have a bad cop, the president talking about. one of the things the president has specifically tried to do over the last several days is pushback on the idea that the united states has no good options in north korea. we hear that a lot that's often used to justify at the united states basically doing nothing to stop the north korea nuclear program. i think the president is saying we have options. some of them are pretty bad for the korean peninsula. protecting the united states is the foremost purpose here and the united states has many options to do it. >> bret: here's the secretary of state and the good composition.
1:40 am
>> were going to get a movement out of the regime in north korea. i think the president has made it clear he prefers a diplomatic solution. what the president is doing to is trying to support our efforts by ensuring what the stakes are. >> i think what we've seen over the last 48 hours is the formalization of trump's tweets that we saw earlier in the week, he read from a statement earlier today that had more of those formal trappings of foreign policy language. there is this cohesion now around that. we also have reports that they are back channels going on, and has been for some time. to byron's point, emphasize the idea that trump is talking publicly, putting this pressure on north korea that we haven't seen from past administrations. there's some diplomatic work that is taking place behind the scenes to try to resolve the situation peacefully. >> bret: ap having a detailed
1:41 am
story, the panel in washington more on this development today. and what the president is saying, a lot of confidence to talk about, breaking news night
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♪ >> reporter: were you being sarcastic when you think of vladimir putin for expelling 755 diplomats from russia? >> in order to reduce our payroll, absolutely. >> there's no room for sarcasm there i don't think we should have to try to interpret whether or not the president was being serious. there is only one correct response from the president of the united states and that is to make clear that this is unacceptable and to stand up strongly for those diplomats and for our role in the world and to push back against vladimir puti vladimir putin. >> bret: another issue talked about, russia. the president's reaction, what he said first, there was a lot
1:45 am
of uproar about it, the president saying today it was sarcastic, and wait for his formal response it september. >> trump made an offhand comment, the media was crazy about it. trump has never been one for the niceties of foreign policy and diplomacy, he doesn't play by the same rules. this is another example. at the first example was answering the phone call from the prime minister of taiwan after the election would send people into a frenzy. i think this is more of the sam same. >> bret: byron, what about this? >> after the president said this a lot of people took him very seriously. the white has said he was being sarcastic. reading his words indicates that he was being something less than serious. i think he couldn't really get away with that today so he just turned to rex tillerson and says we've got a serious response to
1:46 am
this and tell her son said the united states will be responding and some actual serious way. by the first of next month. >> bret: what about this access? three days in a row that the press pool is given press conferences. >> they should be celebrating. now were going to have a spate of stories about how the media loves donald trump and they love this new access. i think it's a good development, i think the president is smart to get out there, he's smart to talk. he does pretty well when he talks for himself, he does better than when journalists are allowed to speculate about what he's able to think or do, when he comes out and talks i think people see what he's saying, they like that in the campaign. certainly you don't always agree with him but people like it when the president speaks with him. >> bret: it's interesting and foreign policy how it factors in. a little bit different format tonight. they friday lightning round, chicago problems, illinois problems, they are broken.
1:47 am
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♪ >> chicago will not let our police officers come political ponds in a debate. you cannot coerce the city of chicago off of its values, not possible. >> rather than lawsuits or name-calling or fighting about which community is going to enforce our laws and which aren't, i think we should have a rational discussion about immigration laws themselves. which laws should we enforce and which ones should we change an appeal? >> bret: do you agree with the president or not that sensuous it is her problem? >> immigration in america is broken. we make illegal immigration easy, and we make illegal
1:51 am
immigration almost impossible. >> bret: a lot of things in chicago are broken according to the governor there, how do you fix them? tom you live here, what about this? >> there's no easy fix. part of the problem is it's been one party rolled in a state illinois particularly in chicag chicago, democratic mayors for over 100 years. i think this ploy about rahm emanuel but to be that high-profile member of century city's given the fact that his support among african-americans has cratered after his administration participated in the cover him up of the lukewarm mcdonald mcdonald incidents. this is a political necessity if he wants to be reelected. >> bret: steve. >> something tells me he didn't want to answer your question. he didn't offer any solutions, i
1:52 am
think that's part of the problem with the immigration debate more broadly. you have so many people who are complaining about it than talking about it, nobody is actually proposing much of the way of real solutions. particularly not at the state and local level. what rahm emanuel is proposing, i think it's not a solution. the last thing in the world we ought to be doing is making it easier for illegal immigrants to remain in the united states after they come here illegally. >> bret: let's turn to venezuela. this is a president today, eyebrow raising statement perhaps. >> venezuela is a mess. a very dangerous mass and a very sad situation. i'm not going to rule out a military option. we have many options for venezuela. this is our neighbor, we are all over the world. we have troops all over the world in places that are very, very far away. venezuela is not very far away and their people are suffering and dying.
1:53 am
we have many options for venezuela including a possible military option if necessary. >> that surprised me. if the president was not asked about a military option venezuela. he was asked about the situation there and the united states has gotten some good reviews, some of the things it's done lately, imposing sanctions on some prominent venezuelans. not allowing them to a financial dealings in the united states or come to the united states, thinks it will hurt them financially. we were think about that stuff going on in the president just volunteers. by the way, and keeping the military option on the table too. i don't know exactly what that means but with this president, you always have this slow rollout of information. i suspect to the next few days will hear more about us. >> bret: we should point out there are military options for a lot of things. we have a super quick lightning, your first. >> luther strange gotten a
1:54 am
surprising endorsement from donald trump. he needs to make a run off, the latest poll hasn't three heads. my loser, jeff flake. we got news this week that robert mercer is going to plow some money into a primary opponent in arizona, that's a state that donald trump won by 22 points. flake may be regretting the fact that he is going to face some challenges there. >> bret: steve. >> tim tebow for stepping out of the on deck circle and making the day of a young autistic boy before ejecting a 3-run home run. my loser is chelsea handler, the alleged comedian who has said that two chinese guys were arrested in berlin, wouldn't it be nice to have laws here for people who think racism is funny. i'm not sure if that's a joke but it wasn't very funny. >> bret: another loser is the time in this panel. i'll give you more time next
1:55 am
time. when we come back to the sounds when we come back to the sounds of the ♪ when we come back to the sounds of the ♪ i'm... i'm so in love with you. ♪ ♪ whatever you want to do... ♪ alright with me. ♪ ooo baby let's... ♪ ...let's stay together...
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may be on vacation but its not a slow news time. notable quoteables. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury. >> bret: i would have used different words. >> north korea better get their act together. >> was a gut punch to north korea. >> maybe it wasn't tough. >> the american people should sleep well at night. >> i took over a mess. >> the opiod crisis can be addressed without the declaration of an emergency. >> it is an emergency. >> do you have any response to the russian president expelling 755 workers from our embassy?
1:59 am
>> no, i want to thank him, we're cut down payroll. >> people say what is being majority of the senate like. it's like a grounds keeper at a cemetery. everybody is under you but nobody is listening. >> i'm disappointed in mitch. if he gets these bills passed i will be happy. >> we're going to mishandle the tax cuts exactly the way they mishandled healthcare. >> we will be at the end of the year with a disaster. >> quarterback, don't have to be in that great of cardiovascular shape. >> that's fake news 101. >> bret: notable quoteables. thanks for inviting us into your home. fair, balanced, unafraid. my thanks to the correspondents, producers and photographers here at the chicago bureau who have worked to make the chicago shows come together. it's always good to get outside the beltway. make it a great weekends. "the story" starts in just seconds. plus don't miss this weekend. chris wallace sits down with the
2:00 am
cia director, mike pompeo, on fox news sunday. have a good one. ♪ your dvrs and never miss an episode of "the five."ss have a great weekend. >> we heard president trump deliver strong rhetoric about north korea. he and his top aides balanced all of that with efforts toll work the diplomatic side. h


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