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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  August 12, 2017 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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get something else, anything else. doomsday hasn't happened yesterday. dagen: john, final word? >> boring pick i've ever heard in predictions, congratulations. [laughter] dagen: love you guys, kennedy is now. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states, they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. he does anything with respect to guam or any place else that's an american territory or an american ally, he will truly regret it and he will regret it fast. kennedy: doubling down, tough reception from lawmakers and media was it diplomatic talk that got us into this giant mess? hello, everyone, i'm kennedy in for neil cavuto.
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we know neil loves here. let's go back in time as presidents say when north korea was pursuing nukes. >> this is a good deal for the united states. north korea will freeze and then dismantle nuclear program. >> if north korea makes the wrong choices, the united states and our partners in the six-party talks will respond accordingly. >> north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs pose a grave threat to the peace and security of the world and i strongly condemn their reckless action. kennedy: well, maybe not so strongly. all that talk certainly didn't halt north korea from getting a bunch of nukes and that's why gary says it's time to find something else. charlie gasparino, ben stein, adam, gary, i will go to you first, what exactly do you mean by that?
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>> for 25 years we have been watching the head hanchos with their deals, with their negotiations, with their diplomacy and after all of this time, all of this sweat, they have a nuke, for 25 years north korea is laughing at us, sticking a certain finger into the air at us and now we get people all arguing yelling and screaming about a few little words. i want a new sheriff in town. i want them to know that we mean business and it's a good start. kennedy: charlie, what gary is talking about the mainstream media parsing the president's words but not showing so much outrage by some of the words from north korea's leader. >> right, not holding his predecessors accountable. let's be clear, the last three presidents north korea and nukes was on the table for the last three presidencies, they really did nothing, they stuck this guy with it, the current president, president trump, the one thing i would say, when you're dealing
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with a looney tune like kim jong un or anybody that's on the other side that's got the finger on the button, i think words do matter. i don't think -- there's a way to say more by saying less. you don't have to say we are going to destroy, they know we can destroy. kennedy: with president clinton we had the dumb energy deal, president george w. bush talked about evil and more talk -- >> i don't debate. this guy was handed a very bad hand but how he plays it now means a lot and i'm not so sure telling him we are going to destroy you tomorrow is essentially the way to go. kennedy: i want to bring carrie because i agree with your sentiment, this tough talk is actually different because the president is using the kind of tone that kim jong un understands and that's what his secretary of defense echoed in his statement. so is it time for tough talk and the big stick, what do you think? >> i agree.
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you should know your audience. that's the key. like you said, this guy is unhinged. you have to know what you're speaking. to that's what president trump is channeling. kennedy: does it make him more unhinged or some diplomatic strategy here that might neutralize? >> the generals who are around the president, they are not unhinged. they know what's happening. general mattis, he said we are not going to do without multilateral approach. >> that's my point. my point is the professionals have down played the rhetoric. kennedy: ben, you actually wanting to one giant step further here. now, when you say that we should drop the big one on north korea, do you mean a rhetorical bomb? >> no, i do not. i do think it's time for
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rhetorical bomb first and i think already mr. trump has given that. these guys are psychopaths. this guy is a maniac and danger to millions, tens of millions of americans. i don't see a reason to hold back. kennedy: i want to bring in adam, adam, you say the president has been undisciplined, uncoordinated. >> yes, kennedy. there's a reason that the leader of the free world speaks in a disciplined way because he's the leader of the free world. it's very important. kennedy: well, you know, president obama was very disciplined speaker. he absolutely was. strategic patience -- >> the fact is, i agree. what the previous three presidents have done hasn't worked but there hasn't been a nuclear war and that's important. >> that's really important that the nuclear war starts, it doesn't start with a nuclear bomb falling on los angeles or san francisco or seattle or new york or chicago. kennedy: gary, let me ask you this because the markets obviously had reaction to all of
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the talk and escalated rhetorical, what do you see coming out of markets? >> if something does happen f skies light up, you have a few thousand points because it's something that hasn't happened before, you never know what the next move -- >> 5,000 points. >> i want to get to one important point, whatever has happened over the last 25 years did not work, so all this talk about not doing something differently and maybe lower the tone, we've been doing that for too long. the old line of repeating something -- >> gary, we put so much time in dealing with china with helping their economy, bring them into the world community, you would think that we can exert some pressure for them to do something there. i don't understand why china is so powerless.
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>> china is a big part of the answer. kennedy: let me ask you this, though, adam, is it possible to have a cohesive policy in regards to china with such a fractured political environment back here at home, don't we need to be speaking in unified voice when it comes to china? >> well, in fact, the president does guide the foreign policy of the united states and nobody disagrees with that and so the president need to speak in a disciplined way with one voice and, by the way, he doesn't need to do it loudly. the chinese are listening, you don't influence them by shaming them. it's just the wrong way to go with them. >> carrie. >> i disagree. they supply 90% at least of north carolina fox news correspondent's -- economy.
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i applaud president trump for helping backing the taiwanese. >> you think overtly talking down china actually works with the leadership there? i'm not a china expert, the little i know they hate being embarrassed. kennedy: what works to get them -- >> you go behind the scenes, they depend on us for a lot of stuff, they have to get these guys the money. >> if they get tough on north korea, i promise you this thing will settle down. >> great point. >> right now they are still on the sideline just watching playing spectator, hopefully they get tough. kennedy: all right, thank you very much, the white house said to be working on a plan b if the gop can't pass tax reform. unlikely team they are working
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with and why someone hearsays that could backfire on taxpayers, that's next. >> today on "forbes on fox", military worry showdown that nobody is talking about, a lot of the weapons and equipment are old. is it time to pay up to modernize for brave men and women in the military. president trump furious with the the republican senator mitch mcconnell for saying he has, quote, excessive expectations of congress. is expecting repeal and replace of obama all of this time really excessive? we will debate that, we will see you at the top of the hour when you have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the unpredictability of a flare may weigh on your mind.
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r japan ramping up defense, new pictures coming in this morning showing three patriot missile systems arriving at a military base in the city of hiroshima. deployment coming after north korea threatened to fire ballistic missiles over japan toward u.s. territory of guam in the pacific. in other news today the u.s. marine corps is ordering all of aircraft grounded for a 24-hour period sometime over the next two weeks. this after two recent crashes in which 19 service members were killed. units can pick up their own stand, can pick their own stand down time, the move affects a thousand aircraft in total and the marine corps points out that pauses in operations are not unusual. i'm elizabeth prann in washington, now back to "cavuto on business".
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kennedy: it's been called a plan b for tax cuts, president trump's team quietly working with house democrats on tax reform. if that's the case, the gop does what it did with health care reform and that's pretty much nothing. gary isn't so sure that passing something is better than nothing for taxpayers. is this what they're going to do, gary? >> look, i hope not. i have three words and answers to this question, no, no, no. this is not jfk's democratic party it's bernie sanders. it's more taxes, fees, fines, mandates, you name it, more control of the government, stay away from them at all costs and act like you won which you did and do some real tax policy and tax reform. kennedy: yeah. charry, gary is saying that you don't even need to work with democrats at all because they
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are so addicted to spending. >> i will say this if donald trump is actually working with democrats on a tax plan, i would be afraid of finger on the button, this is the dumbest thing i've ever heard of my life. this proves that he has lost his mind completely. >> moderate democrats. >> who, who is moderates? they are leftist. please, donald, don't do it. >> there are pressure points that you can put on democrats. no, no, listen to me. 25 seats the democrats have to defend in 2018 and ten of those were in trump's states. only one of the republicans was in a hillary won state. it's 10 to 1 in terms of political race. >> if republicans don't get a tax cut, no democrat is going to vote for a tax cut, they don't
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get something through, some reform through, they know they're done. kennedy: you say that there shouldn't be any tax cuts at all not just for the wealthy which is democrats are talking about, they want to make sure there's no for the top 1% and top earners in the country, you say no one deserves one? >> no, i think we all deserve one. we all deserve to not pay any tax at all. that would be the ideal situation. but we have 20 trillion-dollar deficit. it's rising by hundreds of millions of dollars each year. taxes in this country are already incredibly low by world standards. i don't think it's time for a tax cut. by the way, someone, i think it was our friend mr. gasparino mentioned regulations, we certainly don't want anymore regulations -- >> ben, what do you think of these guys -- what do you think of trump working with democrats on taxes? that scares me.
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>> hideous. it's hideous. kennedy: ronald reagan worked with the democrats in 1986. [inaudible conversations] kennedy: they want to tie it to infrastructure which is incredibly expensive. is that the best way to go, is that the ultimate carrot to bring democrats on board, adam? >> well, infrastructure is one thing and there was a widespread consensus that working on the corporate tax rate was a good idea, among people who are interested in business. this was back in january, so what we are seeing is the administration that is learning on the job and how to govern like we haven't seen in our lifetime, so i applaud the white house for trying to -- [inaudible conversations] kennedy: yeah. >> i think you can put democrats . democrats in trump-won states.
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there are at least five states that trump won by -- kennedy: i still think that what you would have to do to get them on board and leave to party orthodoxy which would be suicide for all of them. we are out of time. a new government rule, make it easier for crooks to become your name, find out where next
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♪ it's me and my best friend only new tena intimates has pro-skin technology designed to quickly wick away moisture to help maintain your skin's natural balance. for a free sample, call 1-877-get-tena. >> convicts to move into some of your neighborhood and worries about kim jong un's nuclear
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>> welcome back landlords in seattle in schemes for screening potential tenants based on criminal record. the city council expected to pass on monday. carrie, should the government force this on private landlords, should you be force today accept tenants and not look at a criminal background check before you rent space to someone? >> no, it is wrong, i had a friend murdered by super, this is snowflakes gone insane. this is real people's lives on the line. i can't believe they are proposing this. it's seattle 15-dollar minimum wage and crazy policies that are going to ruin people's lives. >> i did a lot of thinking on this one for a change and i will tell you, at first i know people
7:53 am
have been to jail and are not so bad and paid debt to society and they're coming out. >> rehabilitated. >> some of them are, they deserve a place to live and not be homeless. that said barring race and mental illness and sex abusers, you know, this is a private -- it's a private property issue. it's my property. kennedy: therefore you shouldn't have say -- >> you should have some say. it's not race, it's not based on not allowing sex abusers in there. >> some strong opinions here, ben, you say this is a big slap in the face to the honest men and women who live in the beautiful emerald city. >> well, it is a slap in the face of any law abiding citizen who wants to keep his children and family and himself safe. it's an insane idea to cater to people who are -- who have criminal history. i know people that have been to
7:54 am
prison too. some the most wonderful people in the world. they don't need help. they don't need the government stepping in with their big size and gary is totally, totally right, charlie is right -- [laughter] kennedy: adam, let me ask you this, you are touchy feely and squishy. shouldn't landlords be forced to take the drapes of society and put them in housing next to families and young children? >> nobody wants on the excon living near them. they have been rehabilitated under the law and so where do you draw the line. where do you expect these people to live? where are you going to put them? you want to have government programs to have them. kennedy: phil gates -- bill
7:55 am
gates has a big property. >> you have a right to know who is living with them. >> you just changed the subject. >> excuse me. i am telling you the people in the seattle city council, too much legal marijuana there, they are smoking the good stuff. the number one goal to protect the citizenry and they're not protecting the citizenry with this type of logic. kennedy: well, a new shet of shenanigans in seattle. my thanks to carrie and charlie. our guys say, don't get scared, buy their safe stock instead. that's next new bike?
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kennedy: safe stocks for turbulent times. gary, we need more for our money, what's your pick? >> you want safe, i give you safe, duke energy, 4% dividend, utility, recession resistance. kennedy: very good. adam. >> kennedy, nobody is safe but the big stocks in the russell 1000 closer than being not safe.
8:00 am
kennedy: we will take it, ben, make it big. >> just the ordinary s&p 500 index, stick with it, you can't go wrong. kennedy: thank you, gentlemen, i will see you 8:00 p.m. eastern monday night, cost of freedom is next. >> my first order was i want this, our nuclear arsenal to be the biggest and finest of the world and we spend a lot of money, a lot of time and a lot of effort and it's in tip-top shape and getting better and getting stronger and until such time as this disappears we will be so much better and stronger than anybody else. >> president trump responding to north korea's threat of a missile attack against the u.s. and someone hearsays, don't stop there, we need to invest a lot more to update all our outdated military equipment to protect


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