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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 12, 2017 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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continuing coverage for what happened in charlotteville continues at this hour. the chaos and tragedy and the tear in the american spirit sadly on this saturday afternoon in virginia. as we have been reporting, that car plowing into a group of people as violence erupted at the white nationalists rally in charlottesville. one person has been killed. 19 others injured. and president trump this afternoon telling the nation, quote, the hate and division must stop. this is a brand new hour of america's news headquarters. hello i'm eric shawn. >> i'm laura ingle in for arthel neville. white nationalists clashing with counterprotesters during the rally. virginia's governor has declared
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a state of emergency. >> doug mcel way is reporting on this all day. he is at the scene in virginia with the very latest on this disturbing and very sad development today. hello doug. >> what's become clear to me as this day has evolved is this violence from the very beginning of the day with the protests and rioting at emancipation park until this horrific car accident later in the afternoon, all appears to be premeditated. when we were driving to mcintyre park to follow these white nationalists as they moved to that section of town, i happened to notice they were arriving at that park anywhere from 8 to 10 brand new white ford shuttle vans, the sorts you would see rental car companies use at airports. it suggests to me that somebody was paying to bring them to charlottesville. in addition to that, they were wearing helmets in many cases, wearing body pads on their knees, their shoulders, their arms, and many cases carrying placards with pieces of wood that were too substantial to
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hold up a sign, pieces of wood that were the size of a baseball bat, for example. the same goes for the counterprotesters, many of them were wearing helmets and shoulder pads and knee pads, also carrying signs with out of proportion sticks holding them up. so both sides appeared not to be coming for peaceful protests today. they appeared intent on violence. one wonders why the police didn't crack down on it when that became available to them as it did to me. as they did ultimately rein in the earlier crashes today, the police then became focused on this horrific accident that happened here today. a silver or gray dodge charger gained entrance to a pedestrian area at a high rate of speed, careened into three -- two other cars, also mowed down a lot of people, and then put the car into reverse, backed up again at a very high rate of speed and took out more people. john zigler one of the videographers, a citizen journalist from pennsylvania who
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filmed this, he has no doubt that this was orchestrated -- orchestrated. >> based on my footage, you can see the guy going very high speed into people. from other footage we have seen, other witnesses at the end of the street who said they saw the car going slow, they thought it was a cop, and they saw him speed on to gas right on the people. then when he backed out, and tried to get away, other witnesses saw white nationalists at the corner telling him where to go. >> zigler also said he heard from other eyewitnesses that the car had no license plates on it. there have been videos and pictures of that car since that have surfaced on the internet which appear to show that it has ohio license plates in the back. promises to be a long night ahead for charlottesville police and the accompanying national guardsmen and virginia state troopers who will also be serving duty tonight. no evidence of violence now. all is quiet in charlottesville. but the day is still pretty young. back to you. eric: we hope it continues that way for peace and quiet
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throughout this evening. certainly will be tense. authorities have not identified the identity of the person who was killed. any news on any possible charges for the driver who we're told is in custody? >> no, i have not heard anything to that effect. we're hearing rumors of a press conference by the charlottesville police department and also virginia state police department coming up at 6:00. that has not been confirmed. i think they are still orchestrating the details of that -- the details of that. i would imagine they are looking at a case of vehicular homicide. back to you. >> thank you very much, doug. president trump strongly condemning the hate in charlottesville virginia a short time ago in response to the violent clashes that again have left one person dead. kristen fisher live from bridgewater new jersey near the president. kristen? >> laura, president trump calling for unity and condemning the violence -- and condemning
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the violence. as night fall nears, he says the most important thing is a swift restoration of law and order. listen. >> we're closely following the terrible events unfolding in charlottesville, virginia. we condemn in the strongest possible terms this agregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. >> now, on many sides is really the key there. president trump deciding not to explicitly mention or blame the white nationalists or white supremacists that seem to be inciting at least some if not the majority of the violence down in charlottesville. and the white house even -- white house officials went so far as to try to clarify exactly what president trump meant by that, by saying he was simply referring to violence between protesters and counterprotesters, that have taken place today. but still, president trump taking a lot of heat for that
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omission from both republicans and democrats. one republican in particular, senator corey booker -- corey gardener, excuse me, he said, quote, mr. president, we must call evil by its name. these were white supremacists, and this was domestic terrorism. president trump made these remarks on what was supposed to be a big bill-signing ser moe fi -- ceremony for the veterans' affairs quality employment act. don't forget the two major headlines that were dominating the day before this violence broke out in charlottesville, president trump saying that military options were on the table in venezuela and continuing to talk tough to north korean leader kim jong-un. >> this man will not get away with what he's doing, believe me. if he does anything with respect to guam or any place else that's an american territory, or an american ally, he will truly regret it. and he will regret it fast. >> so president trump still in
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the midst of dealing with one of the most critical international crises so far of his presidency. he's also been taking a lot of questions about those comments that he made, about venezuela, catching even pentagon officials by surprise. but of course, laura, all of that now taking the backseat to what's happening in charlottesville. laura? >> kristen fisher for us, thank you very much with that. for more on the situation in charlottesville, let's bring in a former deputy assistant director of the fbi, incredibly important to have your perspective today on this danny. thank you for being with us >> thank you for having me. >> this story has evolved very quickly today as we have watched this, you know, rally turned riots event turned deadly with at least one person losing their life after being mowed down by a vehicle in the crowd. so i want to ask you, ask you to talk to us about the role of law enforcement when things get this out of control. how do you even to begin to put your arms around this sporadic street fighting and violent clashes between the two sides? how is this approached by law
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enforcement, danny? >> well, my business engages in this. we plan -- first of all, you have to understand this is a very emotionally-charged issue on both sides. you have to be prepared for that. that preparation means you have overwhelming police presence to stop the violence as it starts. one of the things you can do, and you should do, is not allow anybody to have a permit to engage in a protest like this, if they bring anything other than a cardboard poster. you don't allow them to have handles on their posters that really are clubs and bats and 2 by 4s so they can inflict a lot of injury. but also i think we have to understand that traveling interstate to commit acts of violence or incite a riot is a federal offense. i think we have been very lax in
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our country in looking at these protesters that go into areas -- i would bet you almost any amount of money that these people mostly are from out of town. and that's a place that the federal government has to get involved here. the one time in my career, we looked at these things and we prosecuted people who planned them. that needs to be done here. bottom line is, overwhelming presence of police in full gear so that they can deal with any act of violence as it occurs. some states even will have their officers come basically not equipped to handle a riot. that's a mistake too. because you want that presence of an individual dressed in riot gear, that prevents violence. it doesn't intimidate those that want to protest peacefully, but it stops those who are there for nefarious purposes. that's the only way to deal with it. don't let it get out of control. >> this is an open carry state.
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some of those people who showed up there were taking the poles off their flags and using that as a weapon. >> of course. >> a friend of mine who spent most of his life in law enforcement told me when you have this type of scenario unfolding as an officer, you have to walk the tightest line, protecting the constitutional rights to assemble, while protecting the public even if you find either side offensive or vulgar, in this case of the state you have to protect those allowed to carry firearms to protest. as we look at these images today, you have to hand it to all the members of law enforcement who were there, who has these torch wheeling you know at night gun-toting people system of which are ready to set off. it is important not to become part of the chaos in terms of involvement and engagement while maintaining order. it is a tight line to walk. >> it is hard. it is very difficult for a police officer to do this, but again, you do this by preparation. you know you have a charged -- emotionally-charged issue here, and you get ready for it. and you bring in -- if you have to bring in the state police early or surrounding jurisdictionsing --
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jurisdictions early and wall to wall cops stops a lot of violence. think that's the way to go. i'm not being critical of anyone by the way. i'm telling you what the principles are. these are emotionally charged. you have to handle them. demonstration doesn't mean the right to riot >> how could this have played out differently? i was looking at some of the numbers our researchers came up with today. this all went around the idea that this statue was going to be taken down of robert e. lee. there are over 700 statues and monuments, confederate statues and monuments in the united states so chances are we may see something like this again. moving forward, looking at maybe the next time, what can be done differently here? >> well, you know, we learn from past events, and i think that law enforcement all around the country is probably looking at this and say oh my gosh, how do we do this? and the way you do it to mitigate the problem is preparation.
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one of the things that we do in our business is we ensure that we are protected from vehicular assault. you block off roads. you give them a permit to demonstrate where you have no vehicle traffic because you cut it all off. you know better than i do that this is becoming the weapon around the world now, using vehicles to attack large groups of individuals. so you look at that. you again, get back to the idea that you can't have a club here. you have a right to demonstrate but not to bring your baseball bat with you. >> got to leave it there. former deputy assistant director of the fbi, thank you very much for being here today. >> thanks, bye-bye. eric: the concerns about north korea have not receded this saturday. president trump and china's president xi jinping talked last night in an effort to deal with the heightened tensions of north korea's continued threat to launch those missiles toward guam. the president also talking to
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guam's governor to reassure him the leader of the u.s. territory that's under the cloud of that missile threat. the governor telling the president that he feels safe with him in charge. >> as the governor of guam representing the people of guam and as an american citizen, i have never felt more safe or so confident with you at the helm. >> and for the latest we go to william la jeunesse, live on the western side of the island, kind of facing towards north korea where it is now, what, like 7:13 in the morning. good morning, william. >> you know, eric, this is actually where america wakes up because we're on the other side of the date line, so you are right, it is early in the morning here, around 7:00. you know, another thing that guam doesn't have to worry about is tourism. that phone call that you referred to was posted on the governor's facebook page. it's been viewed 60,000 times and reaired multiple times around the world adding to guam's exposure as it was thrust on to the world stage as a
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target for north korean missile. now, that phone call, lasted about 4 minutes long. in it the president offers his support, reassurance, and they discuss guam's newfound fame. >> i just wanted to pay my respects and we are with you a thousand percent. you are safe. we are with you a thousand percent. you have become extremely famous all over the world. they are talking about guam and they are talking about you. i think you are going to get tourism -- i can say this, you are going to go up like tenfold. >> now, guam's 5 billion dollars tourism industry, they get about 15,000 tourists a day, mostly from south korea and japan. it's about a three-hour flight from here versus the west coast, which is 12 hours from the united states. but despite that threat, from kim jong-un to engulf the island, if you will, in a sea of fire and potentially a
2:15 pm
radioactive cloud, hotels 95% full. and you would never know this place is a focal point of an international crisis. >> it is a crisis, but i think, you know, to many of us who -- we all realize that there's very little we can do that's within our control; right? >> all the people that are here enjoying it, i'm pretty sure they feel the same, that, you know, if there's going to be a war, there's going to be a war. if not, you know, let's enjoy whatever we have left. >> so guam is making -- or looking at the bright side of a dark situation. what makes guam important to the united states is also what makes it a target to north korea, because this is called the tip of the sphere, if you will, where we launch our influence, if you will, into the western pacific and asia, north korea sees that as a provocation. for the time being, i can tell you, there's no way, eric, that you would know that there is an international crisis going on, if you were here. back to you. eric: certainly looks that way, so placid and vacation-like, even though you are working. william la jeunesse, as always,
2:16 pm
thank you. in a few minutes, we will have a congressman, a member of the house foreign affairs committee to talk about this. the violence in virginia turning deadly at a white nationalist rally. we are still talking about this. while protesters took to the streets in the first place. and president trump condemning the violence. we will hear some of his remarks coming up.
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laura: this is a fox news alert. a driver in custody now after ramming into peaceful protesters in charlottesville, virginia. hospital officials say one person died and 19 more were hurt. white nationalist protesters were octobering to the city's -- objecting to the city's decision to get rid of a statue of robert e. lee. the governor has declared a state of emergency. president trump condemning the violence in a new jersey news conference. listen. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this agregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. on many sides. it's been going on for a long time in our country. not donald trump, not barack
2:21 pm
obama, it's been going on for a long long time. there's no place in america, what is vital now is a swift restoration of law and order. laura: protesters say they were speaking out about what they call an antiwhite climate in the western world. the mayor of charlottesville critical of the president saying he places the blame at the doorstep of the white house and the people around the president. >> would have been a lot easier to solve this years ago before they were in the position that they are in, but we will see what happens. we think that lots of good things can happen, and we could also have a bad solution. but we think lots of good things can happen. i think you know the answer to that. eric: meanwhile the threat of north korea continues as president trump and chinese president xi jinping they talked on the telephone last night.
2:22 pm
that's days after military threats of kim jong-un. rex tillerson has said negotiations with the north are possible if it surrenders its nuclear program which pyongyang has vowed never to do. so how can we step back from this crisis? florida congressman is a member of the house foreign affairs committee and chairman of the house subcommittee on asia and the pacific affairs. congressman, welcome. another conversation with the chinese president, does it mean anything, how are you? i mean is it posturing? when do you think beijing will finally really get it? >> well, i think it's always good when you have negotiations or talks or dialogue like that. china has to come to the table. 90% of the trade with north korea goes to china. china needs to come to the table and put the pressure on there, and i'm glad to see that the u.n., the 15 countries unanimously voted to put stiffer sanctions on north korea. the goal is to get people to the negotiating table so that we can
2:23 pm
bring this to a diplomatic and peaceful resolution. eric: do you think that's even possible? >> oh, absolutely. if you don't have the possibility, why even be there. it has to be possible. we're in the 21st century. the thought of a nuclear war is not going to serve anybody well, and it won't turn out well for north korea. it won't turn out well for anybody in the area. so let's hope that all nations can come together. that's why we've worked so hard to put the secondary sanctions on north korea and anybody doing business with them. the banks of china that we know are doing business and if we put those sanctions on there, they are going to feel the pain. they will come to the table, and again, china is really holding the hand -- or the cards in their hand to create the negotiation where we can go to table and bring this to a peaceful -- >> a lot of critics say china hasn't certainly done enough. they were still trying to trade coal. they could turn the lights out. they could do it immediately and
2:24 pm
give kim jong-un the message, the lights are going out, pal, unless you stop this talk. >> well, and china says they were going to do all that. we know they are still getting coal shipments. the iron ore, they have had a 240% increase in iron ore. if you look at the first quarter, trade from north korea to china was up 43.1%. eric: up -- i want to stop you with that. you are saying trade is up 43.1%? >> trade was up -- eric: they are talking out of their mouth the other way. >> the first quarter of the year. i know it. you know, so, china has to come to their word and force north korea to do this, to come to the table, and that's where china has such a big influence on them. and that's why we're putting so much pressure on the secondary sanctions, not just on north korea, but any country doing business with north korea because they are empowering north korea to continue the terrible acts that they are doing. eric: meanwhile, while this is
2:25 pm
going on, and the president has had his fiery comments, there's a back channel. it's called the new york channel that has been reported, and we're talking today the north korean regime, and joseph young is the american. he's a diplomat. there they are. north korean office over there on 2nd avenue. you can walk up there. i have been up there. knock on the door. they really won't answer. but at least there's that back channel of talking -- back channel of talking. why in your view is that important? is there a glimmer of hope that there can be some type of discussion and resolution to this somehow? >> i think you will see all kinds of negotiations going down there. we only know what we know in the open, through our committee hearings. let's hope there are people working diligently to bring this to a peaceful resolution and the threats from kim jong-un, he's the one that's making the threats.
2:26 pm
if you go back and look at how many missiles he's launched since the beginning of the year, we know north korea has detonated over five nuclear weapons and they run television ads with the mushroom cloud blowing up america and then with a threat of launching four missiles at guam, you know, he's the one that's making the threats. we put the system in south korea as a defensive mechanism. again, if you look at what china did, china retaliates against south korea because of the system. the only reason it is there is because of the threat coming out of kim jong-un. he's the one that has to realize to stop the rhetoric. >> president moon of south korea, first wanted to delay the system, and then did he get the message real quick. they are now installing it. >> that's right. eric: congressman we keep on watching this and hopefully see what developments there are at the negotiating table, it is up to the diplomats. thank you for joining us. >> right. let's hope this comes to a peaceful resolution as soon as it can. thank you.
2:27 pm
eric: we all do. thank you. laura? laura: we are watching the situation in charlottesville. where clashes between protesters escalated into complete chaos. that's one way of putting it. one person now dead and dozens injured after a car plows into a crowd. eric: and the president is on what they call a working vacation, but man, you wouldn't know it from some of his tweets and his news conference and his appearances. he apparently was dealing with north korea as he is also dealing with the horrible tragedy in charlottesville. we will have the continuing developing coverage of what happened there today and hopefully it will not continue through the night.
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2:32 pm
one person was killed during that. 19 people injured as a result of that horrible violence. president trump tweeting today, quote, we all must be united and condemn all that hate stands for. there is no place for this kind of violence in america. let's come together as one. and first lady melania trump tweeting, our country encourages freedom of speech, but let's communicate without hate in our hearts. no good comes from violence. hashtag charlottesville. we are live now at the university of virginia medical center in charlottesville where the injured are -- injured are being treated >> paramedics brought 20 people to the hospital over my shoulder here. 19 are being treated for injuries. one person has died. we don't have any information on the person who passed away. the city of charlottesville says they are working to notify the victims' families right now. when asked about the types of injuries for the 19 people that were brought here, a
2:33 pm
spokesperson for the hospital told fox news that they didn't have that information. we're not sure when we may find out more information about the ranges of injuries. they said that's something that could potentially come from virginia state police a little later this evening. witnesses at the scene told fox news the the groups and those injured were couldn't -- were counterprotesters. the mayor tweeted i'm heartbroken a life has been lost here i urge all people of goodwill go home. the hospital went on lockdown earlier today for security reasons. we're told they are still on lockdown right now. we're a few blocks away from the entrance to the emergency department. if you try and drive that way, there's security guards blocking off the roads, saying they can't drive down there. [inaudible]. eric? eric: ellison, thank you very much. we will have the continuing coverage and the very latest as soon as they have a news conference there that is
2:34 pm
expected perhaps within the next half hour. thank you. laura? >> right now secretary tillerson, ambassador haley, you can see the american effort is diplomatic diplomaticaly led. it has diplomatic traction and is gaining diplomatic results. i want to stay there right now. the tragedy of war is well enough known. it doesn't need another characterization beyond the fact that it would be catastrophic. >> secretary of defense james mattis talking about tension with the u.s. and north korea with rhetoric ratcheting up on both sides. president trump this week warning pyongyang to back off if threats against guam a u.s. ter tear a major military -- territory a major military hub. joining me now is a former navy seal and cofounder. thank you for being with us here today. >> thanks for having me.
2:35 pm
>> you have more than 20 years of tactical and strategic experience in more than 40 countries and 5 continents. it is great to have your perspective today. >> thank you. >> the president as we have been watching these tweets. he's tweeting about fire and fury and that the united states has military solutions that are locked and loaded. take us through some of the possible scenarios and the language and threats have escalated so quickly over the last few days. what do you think we are most likely looking at here? >> i think we're most likely on the track that secretary mattis just said. we are going to pursue as much as we can diplomatic and negotiations. with that said, i know -- i personally know secretary mattis, and i have sat down with him. he is not a man to mince words, and he does understand the tragedies of war, and he will fully be from e paired to go -- prepared to go to all measures to protect the united states and its interests. laura: you said that you believe that guam is well defended and people there shouldn't be worried.
2:36 pm
we saw some people relaxing on the beach in a report a short while ago. what level of readiness does the u.s. have to do and have to have on tap to divert and disarm a nuclear attack? a lot of people of course are worried about this. >> right. they already have missile defense systems in place as well as other defense systems. there were reports of japan moving some of its systems into place over an anticipated flight path possibly. >> right. >> you also have systems in south korea that are able to detect and look at these things. there are some maneuvers that have been put into place to kind of check this. we will continue and should continue to build up layered ballistic missile defenses as much as we can. >> a common hope these days i know that you have mentioned this too is that we keep communications open with both china and north korea. can that be accomplished? >> absolutely. with china, you can absolutely do it. you have had the reporting on the back channels with north korea. it's important that they clearly understand our intentions and
2:37 pm
what we're signalling when we do conduct either military exercise or we move things in. they need to understand china and north korea need to understand that we will respond with complete and utter devastation to any type of a nuclear attack or attempt on u.s. interests. laura: you know, this military confrontation that we're all worried about, many people want to hear that it is avoidable, at this stage. right now it's just a lot of words. but, you know, you read the reports that are out today saying it is not like we are seeing our military steaming towards north korea, at least that we can see. so, you know, give us a little bit of perspective of some of the training that you have had as a navy seal and what we can expect to see in the coming days, weeks, and months. >>i think that we generally you are not going to see any special forces prep. we're always ready to go. so you are going to see if you want to have a buildup on the conventional side, you will have to see the logistics and people moving. you are going to start to see civilians moved out. u.s. citizens moved out of south korea. you will start to see alert
2:38 pm
systems go into place. which by the way you will see on the north korean side as well when they anticipate a crisis, they start moving people around as well and logistics. i don't think that we need to pursue or look at a conventional war piece of this. we've gained it long enough. -- we've gamed it long enough. it ends up being gamed out in nuclear options. to me, if you are going to have a strike, go towards that and immediately do it anyway. laura: i'm wondering, david, what the people in your circles are asking you. you know, i'm here to ask you these questions on behalf of the american people as well. but the people in your inner circle, what are people asking you? because you have this great expertise. you've been in it. you know it well. so what are people most worried about that you are talking to? >> they will ask the same questions you're asking, and i don't have a crystal ball. nobody does. anybody who purports to know what's going to happen tomorrow, you could have never guessed what would have happened in charlottesville. you had a general idea; right? but you didn't know it was going to end in a car running over a
2:39 pm
bunch of people. that's impossible to know the future. what i tell them is that, you know, personal, i know general mattis and i know of general kelly's reputation, those men are serious men who don't want to go to war, who are going to have the president's ear, and i trust that they are going to pursue every possible option that they can before we look at, you know, the final options, complete catastrophe. >> david, thank you very much for being with us today. we appreciate it >> thanks laura. eric: more developments to tell you about in charlottesville virginia, the tragedy there. was the car that plowed into that crowd of protesters killing one and injuring 19 others, was it an intentional planned act of domestic terrorism? one possibility certainly now being investigated. meanwhile, business on capitol hill, president trump, well he's continuing his attacks against the senate's top republican. our next guest is weighing in on what this could mean for the future efforts to try and repeal and finally replace obama care. sleep with this cold.
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2:44 pm
ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. eric: we are continuing our coverage of the horrible incident in charlottesville virginia where police say a driver of a car plowed into that group of protesters at the rally. that driver we are told by police has been arrested. one person was killed and at least 19 others were injured. it happened about two hours after there were other violent clashes between those white nationalist protesters and counter protesters. president trump responding a short time ago this afternoon urging unity and he condemned the hatred. authorities have not yet identified the victim, pending notification of kin. laura: and president trump taking aim at senate majority leader mcconnell. the president repeatedly blasting mcconnell in a barrage of twitter attacks this week, for failing to pass legislation
2:45 pm
to repeal and replace obama care. mr. trump keeping up the pressure while speaking with reporters at his country club in bedminster new jersey calling mcconnell's inability to get a deal done, quote, unacceptable. >> we should have had healthcare approved. he should have known that he had a couple of votes that turned on him, and that should have been very easy to handle. whether it's through the fact that you take away a committee chairmanship or do whatever you have to do, but what happened in my opinion last week is unacceptable. laura: and joining me now is david hawking, senior editor for roll call. thanks for being with us this weekend. >> sure, laura, glad to be here. laura: as we hear the president lash out against senate majority leader on twitter over his frustration about the failure to get legislation to repeal and replace, i want to get your reaction to something else he said recently, that he doesn't need congress to get things done. let's listen. >> can do very well on taxes, cuts, reform, i think we're
2:46 pm
going to do well an infrastructure. -- on infrastructure and things will happen with respect to healthcare. i think things will happen maybe outside of necessarily needing congress because there are things that i can do as president that will have a huge impact on healthcare so you watch. laura: david, is that possible? >> you know, huge, i'm not sure about -- sure, there are some things that he could do that would have a huge impact on healthcare. the hugest thing that he could do is follow through on his vow, which that didn't sound like, but his vow to let obama care collapse. let it fail. there are some things that he could do to engineer that failure. he could stop, for example, there is a big pot of money that subsidizes the insurance companies, that for sort of an odd set of reasons is actually the president's to control. he could not make those payments. when congress comes back in september, there's going to be an effort actually to take that pot of money sort of out of his
2:47 pm
hands and actually make the payments. so there are some things that he can do. more to hurt obama care than to replace it with something different. replacing it with a different policy is really up to congress. there are a few things that he could do at the margins on regulations on taxes. but no, the president cannot cut taxes or change the rates or even create new deductions -- deductions or other big changes in the tax code without congress. that's one of congress's basic responsibilities is deciding how much revenue we're going to bring in and how. and no, the president can't do anything big on infrastructure. his third thing. remembering here that the president hasn't even sent congress the bill that he wants congress to do on infrastructure. and all he sent them on taxes is a sort of a set of bullet points, really hard even a slide deck worth of specifics. so one of the things he could do is actually detail what he wants
2:48 pm
congress to do. laura: all right. i also want to know we have seen a number of reports saying that mcconnell was surprised by all of this, even stunned. is that what you are hearing? >> that is what i'm hearing. this was in a sense started by mcconnell, when he was speaking to -- believe it was a local chamber of commerce or rotary club, down in kentucky, i think or maybe that was the event that we're seeing on the screen right now, and he said something relatively benign, i thought, and apparently mr. mcconnell thought too which was the president's new to this line of work. he's new to washington. he's new to being in politics. he's new to the way congress works. and maybe his expectations for how congress works and how rapidly it works in a closely divided government were too high. the force with which president trump has come back after that surprised me. although very little that the president does now should
2:49 pm
surprise any of us. some of his responses aren't commensurate with what he's responding to, but yes, it was quite surprising that the president would choose of all people the republican leader who is his biggest -- has been his biggest ally so far, bigger arguably than paul ryan and is the key to the president getting what he wants done done. laura: i got to ask you one more. president trump has thrown it out there that mcconnell should step down. he's suggested that. is that something that's being taken seriously? >> no, i don't think it's being taken seriously. i think he will stiffen the resolve of mr. mcconnell's friends, his republican allies, they like him, just as with jeff sessions members of congress will stick up for one of their own if it is a choice between one of their own or the president. that's one of the reasons why they stuck with attorney general jeff sessions because he's been one of their own. laura: david hawkings we will see how it plays out, senior editor of roll call. thank you very much for being with us today. eric: we will have more on the horrifying violence in charlottesville virginia today.
2:50 pm
we are waiting to hear from democratic governor of virginia terry mcauliffe about what happened, that car careening into a crowd of antiwhite supremacists protesters, one person has been killed. 19 others we are told have been injured. what happened? who did it? was it planned? the very latest on this troubling incident as we continue our coverage this afternoon. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. this august visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500. this august visit your local volvo dealer ykeep you that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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2:54 pm
eric: we are awaiting a news conference from virginia governor terry mcauliffe on the apparent act of terrorism that occurred in charlottesville, virginia, this afternoon, when that car plowed into a crowd killing one person and injuring 19 others. the white nationalist protesters had originally assembled to demonstrate against the city's decision to remove a statue of confederate general robert e. lee from a public park but the unrest we saw today is just the latest reaction to confederate monuments being taken down across the south. we are live in our new york city newsroom with more. >> how did we get here? a simple question, but many answers. today's violence in charlottesville by white nationalists started as a rally against the decision to remove the statue of confederate
2:55 pm
general lee from a public park. it quickly became about hate, bigotry and racism. the rally was allowed only after a federal judge overruled a decision by the city to have the rally moved away from the statue safety reasons. incidents today were predated by three other major rallies there. last night white supremacists marched through the university of virginia campus. in july 50 members of a north carolina based kkk group travelled to charlottesville for a rally where they were met by hundreds of counterprotesters. in may prominent white nationalist richard spencer protested there as well. we have seen this nationwide, though, since july 2015. in south carolina, protests ignited over the confederate flag after the murders of nine members of a historic black church in charleston. then south carolina governor now u.n. ambassador nikki haley signed a law removing the contentious flag from the state capital. though the issue is now being debated in a congressional race
2:56 pm
in that state. after this, a chain reaction, in august, 2015, the university of texas removed its statue of confederate president jefferson davis. in november 2016, university of louisville in kentucky moved a 70 foot tall, 120-year-old confederate monument commemorating kentucky people who fought and died for the confederacy off that campus. then in april and may, protests in new orleans, louisiana, the city removing four confederate statues there, but it was contentious. the last of which was a statue of robert e. lee. those monuments were removed under the cover of darkness and in secret. eric, back to you. eric: brian, thank you very much. we will have continuing coverage when we return. trying your best. along with diet and exercise, once-daily toujeo® may help you control your blood sugar. get into a daily groove. ♪ let's groove tonight. ♪ share the spice of life.
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3:00 pm
laura: this is a fox news alert. a driver arrested after his car plowed into a group of people as violence erupts at a white nationalist rally in charlottesville. one person was killed. about 20 others injured. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm laura ingle in for arthel neville. eric: i'm eric shawn. it is a sad saturday tonight. white nationalists clashing with counterprotesters during that rally and then hours later, that car careened into a group of anti-white nationalist protesters gathered on the street. there were tragic results. virginia's governor terry mcauliffe has declared a state of emergency in his state.
3:01 pm
and we hear reports that a virginia state police helicopter has now crashed near a protest site to make matters even worse, we're working on details into that situation and if there are any casualties or what the latest is on that. when we get that information about the police helicopter, we will give it to you. we expect a news conference by the governor, terry mcauliffe momentarily. so we are also standing by with that. a lot of moving parts to report to you tonight. ellison barber is live at the university of virginia medical center where many of those 19 people who are injured are right now being treated and she has the latest. hello, ellison. >> hello, eric. that's right. the officials with the university of virginia medical center say 20 people were brought to this hospital after that car crashed into a group of what we're told is counterprotesters, 19 are being treated. one person died. the injuries are far more than that. the city of charlottesville says in all 35 people were injured today at least 35 people we should say. they say that the vast majority
3:02 pm
of those people were treated at ems treatment centers. again, 20 brought to the hospital where i am here. all of them related to that car crash earlier this evening. as for the 19 that are still being treated, there is no word on their injuries. a spokesperson for the hospital told fox news they didn't have that information at this point and any updates would likely come from police. we think we may figure out a little more about the 19 people who are still here, their conditions at that press conference we expect any minute from virginia state police. witnesses at the scene of the car crash told fox news that the people who were protesting were counterprotesters as well as the people who were injured of the 19 at least. they were rallying against white nationalist groups as for the one who has died we don't have any information on that person. the city says that they are working right now to notify next of kin. this hospital, uva medical senter is still under a lockdown. they went on lockdown for security reasons earlier this afternoon. if you try and drive up to the emergency room entrance, you are
3:03 pm
stopped by a security guard, and they say they are only allowing paramedic vehicles, emergency vehicles, and vehicles carrying patients inside. eric? eric: ellison, thank you very much. laura? laura: meanwhile, president trump strongly condemning the hate bigotry and violence in charlottesville virginia earlier today just moments after it was confirmed one person died in the violent clashes. kristin fisher is live for us from bridgewater new jersey near where the president has been vacationing a working vacation. kristin, what can you tell us? >> laura, president trump is really declining to take sides here. he said that he is condemning in the strongest possible terms the violence and the hatred that he has been seeing all day long from all sides. and he is declining to take sides. he's referring to -- he's declining to say whether or not he was referring specifically to the white nationalist protesters or the counterprotesters. white house official says that he was referring to violence from both of those entities.
3:04 pm
listen. >> what is vital now is a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent lives. no citizen should ever fear for their safety and security in our society. we have to come together as americans with love for our nation and true -- and really, i say this so strongly -- true affection for each other. >> so a strong statement from president trump, but he is now taking heat from both republicans and democrats who say that he should have specifically called out the white nationalists protesters really at the center of a lot of the violence down in charlottesville, and one of the republican senators that has been the most vocal about that criticism is senator marco rubio from florida. he just said on twitter quote very important for the nation to hear president trump describe
3:05 pm
events in charlottesville for what they are, a terror attack, by white supremacists. so president trump taking heat from both republicans and democrats for perhaps being too soft on white supremacists or white nationalists. but president trump has been talking very tough on both north korea and venezuela over the last 24 hours. you may remember yesterday, he really caught the pentagon by surprise by threatening military action in venezuela to confront the country's autocratic government which the trump administration has accused of abusing human rights and really undermining the democratic process. >> venezuela is not very far away and the people are suffering and they are dying. we have many options for venezuela, including a possible military option if necessary. >> that would be a u.s. led military operation? >> we don't talk about it, but a military operation and military option is certainly something
3:06 pm
that we could pursue. >> over the last 124 hours -- last 24 hours, president trump has said that the u.s. could possibly pursue military options in venezuela, that the u.s. military is locked and loaded in response to the nuclear threat, the growing nuclear threat from north korea. so in the midst of these tremendous threats and challenges abroad, you have what's going on down in charlottesville, it feels now maybe we are perhaps more divided domestically than ever. laura? laura: kristin fisher, thank you very much for being on the ground for us there in new jersey. eric: for more on the tragic developments from charlottesville, let's bring in our next guest. first, mark, the nation's thoughts certainly and our prayers go out to charlottesville and what your state has suffered tonight. you just heard the president, he said the hate and division must stop. what steps do you think he should take? >> first of all i think senator
3:07 pm
marco rubio is absolutely right. he needs to condemn the terrorist attack. the person in the car that hit the bunch of people who were opposing white supremacy clearly seems to have done so intentionally, and i think he needs to call a terrorist attack for what it is. you know, we had terrorist attacks in london and in paris where people intentionally hit people with cars. this is as much a terrorist act as that. eric: some would say though he may not have all the facts. we don't have information from the police on who the driver is yet. we just know that person is in custody. are there other steps that the government should take in try to tamp down some of the language and some of the tone and tenor of what we have seen? >> i think the president needs to condemn white nationalism. he needs to condemn white supremacy. he needs to make clear that all americans have the right to their views. this isn't about the statues anymore. this is about a bunch of people who came out with torches last night in charlottesville to make people afraid. much like the ku klux klan did of old and they shouted things like white power.
3:08 pm
they shouted nazi slogans. hundreds of thousands of americans died in world war ii to oppose naziism. this isn't something up for debate. this is something that all americans, republicans and democrats, need to oppose, and, you know, i salute marco rubio for calling him out. i think it is time for the president to do so. eric: he did condemn in his statement hatred and bigotry he said. he said we are all americans first and this must stop. so in your view, what you are saying tonight, at this hour, is that's just not enough? >> well, in my view, it's wrong to equivocate between two sides. it is wrong to treat as equals people who are promoting white supremacy. people who want to put their foot on other americans throats and people who are marching for equality and justice -- justice. violence by anyone is bad, i don't care who it comes from left or right or whomever. these are not two equal ideology. there's an ideology of hatred. an ideology of love. i would like to see the president as senator rubio did call him out and said this
3:09 pm
hatred is not what america stands for. eric: to be fair to him, he did say that. he said this is not who we are. but i mean, you're saying that there are other steps they should take that he wasn't strong enough? >> yeah, it is not just condemning hatred. it is easy to condemn hatred and violence. i certainly condemn hatred and violence on all sides. but he needs to specify that white supremacy is wrong. these neo-nazis and i have one in my home city of alexandria are preaching hate. they are trying to stir up hate. this has no place in america. they have a right to their free speech but we have a right to speak out and condemn them for it. i think the president will do this. i think he should do this. i hope he does this. and, you know, it is time -- it is time for all of us to come together as americans no matter what background we are and say that supremacy is wrong. eric: when you see that video of that car slamming into the other car and someone flying in the air and then it backs up and there are reports that there were no license plates on the car that some people may have
3:10 pm
been telling the driver where to go, do you think it could have been a planned attack, you know, what are your thoughts tonight about, you know, exactly how that went down? >> i think it was intentional. look, i don't have all the facts just like you don't. but a car with no license plate. i saw the videos. it looked like it was intentionally plowing into people and then backing up. it certainly looks intentional to me. everyone's innocent until proven guilty, but i would hope that if this is intentional that that person is locked away for a very long time. eric: there are reports within the last 20 minutes that a police helicopter may have gone down about 7 miles from the protest sites. two people on board. we don't have any statement yet. it is not confirmed from authorities. and it's just horrible. i mean, you have the law enforcement folks trying to protect us and if this chopper did go down and if there are casualties, we don't know that, that is just a stab in the heart to the soul of this country when you're dealing with, you know, what we saw unfold today. >> it really is. it is really hard on the
3:11 pm
virginia police. they have got a really hard battle. people again have free speech rights but they have to separate people who are violent. i hope to god it is not true that the chopper went down and if it did go down, i hope certainly that everyone is okay and my thoughts and prayers go to everyone who works in virginia, the police and others who are just trying to make us safer. i really hope the story turns out not to be true. we will find out. eric: we will get the very latest as we have it when we get it. finally, mark, as a virginian, what goes through your heart and what goes through your mind today as you saw this unfold? we saw the torchlight you know protests last night with the torches going through the university of virginia, the heart of the prestigious university founded by thomas jefferson that represents democracy and freedom and the very tenets of what our nation is based on, these democratic ideals. and then we see what happened unfold today. what are your thoughts >> this is not what virginia is all about.
3:12 pm
i understand many of them the people -- many of the people who came in are from out of state. this is not what america is all about. we have gotten beyond this, i would hope. i don't want to see us return to days of civil war. days of preaching supremacy. that's why we need to call it out so strongly right now. i think it is a very very small group of people. people who probably should be ignored but when they come in with torches, they are trying to get attention, and they are getting that attention, and then of course it can lead to violence. so i just think if we call it out in the strongest terms and make clear this is not virginia. i know it is not charlottesville. charlottesville is a wonderful peaceful university town, very good people. these people aren't from charlottesville. i highly doubt they are from virginia, maybe a few. >> they are playing with fire and today so sadly it had a tragic result. we will continue on this very troubling story as it develops this evening. mark levine, member of the delegates of the virginia state legislature. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for inviting me. eric: of course. laura?
3:13 pm
laura: turning now to news overseas. an escalating tensions with north korea. president trump today speaking with china about the war of words, pitting pyongyang against the u.s. meanwhile the tiny island of guam in the spotlight and in the middle of the ongoing conflict. william la jeunesse joins us live from guam with the very latest there. hi, william. >> well, laura, you know, while leaders of germany, china, and russia have criticized the president's blunt language, the governor of guam says he's, quote, never felt more safe than with president trump running the country. that comment came after the president met with aides to come up with a diplomatic plan to counter north korea's evolving nuclear and ballistic missile program. trump also spoke as you said to cha -- as you said to china's premier xi. >> if he does anything with respect to guam or any place
3:14 pm
else that's an american territory or an american ally, he will truly regret it. and he will regret it fast. >> just want to let you know we're with you a thousand percent. we will see how it all works out but you're not going to have a problem. >> now the standoff with north korea thrust guam into the international spotlight. the island is capitalizing in the opportunity. get about 15,000 tourists here a day coming largely from south korea and japan, which is about a three-hour flight away. the governor posted that video on his facebook. it's been reaired around the world multiple times along with pictures of the beautiful beaches here and the coral reefs. hotels remain full of visitors who seem unfazed by north korea's threats. >> happiest people taking their
3:15 pm
vacations, you know. so they pretty much feel and, you know, i'm pretty sure they have a sense of feeling on how the leaders of north korea is. >> the decision is to live life. i think for them and they are already here, they are going to enjoy it. >> so tourism is about 7 out of every 10 dollars earned here in guam. you can imagine how nervous the leaders were either they were going to get bombed by north korea or their economy destroyed, instead tourism is booming. back to you, laura. laura: all right, william la jeunesse for us live in guam, thank you. eric? eric: here in virginia, we are awaiting right now a news conference from virginia governor terry mcauliffe who will certainly discuss what happened in the state today. the tragedy, the life that was taken, the protests, the anger, and what this nation can do about it to stop it. this is me when i feel controlled by frequent, unpredictable abdominal pain or discomfort and diarrhea. i tried lifestyle changes and over-the-counter treatments, but my symptoms keep coming back.
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3:19 pm
eric: we're awaiting on a news conference by virginia governor mcauliffe. we expect to it start momentarily. he will address the tragic violence and the attack that occurred today in charlottesville. when that car smashed into a group of peaceful antiwhite nationalist protesters. one person was killed. 19 others injured.
3:20 pm
the white nationalist protesters started the demonstrations earlier this morning. they were protesting against the city's decision to remove the statue of confederate general lee from a public park. well, counterprotesters were also out in force and as you can see both sides went at it. punching each other, baseball bats were swung and bottles thrown. then after that erupted about two hours later, a car went down that street when a driver suddenly plowed into a group of people. those protesters we're told were the antiwhite nationalist protesters. the driver of the car then backed up suddenly, we're told the car had no license plates that it may have been planned. you can see it there. the driver had been taken into police custody. we don't have an identity of that person or a motivation or if that person is a member of any group. president trump meanwhile this afternoon condemned the violence.
3:21 pm
>> i just got off the phone with the governor of virginia terry mcauliffe and we agreed that the hate and the division must stop. and must stop right now. we have to come together as americans with love for our nation and true -- really and i say this so strongly -- true affection for each other. eric: if the incidents this afternoon were not bad enough, as these scenes of violence played out on our television screens, a police helicopter we're told may have crashed near charlottesville, virginia, this afternoon, two people on board. we don't know if there are any casualties. virginia governor terry mcauliffe is now going to the podium. he will address the sad incidents of today, how this nation can deal with this, how we can get beyond it. and what we need to do to come together. >> governor of the great commonwealth of virginia. today was a very sad day for our
3:22 pm
great commonwealth in the city of charlottesville. we know of now three fatalities today in addition to many individuals who have been hurt. let me start off first by thanking all of our law enforcement officials. this could have been a much worse day today. i want to thank our local law enforcement individuals. i want to thank the first responders. i want to thank all the state police, the national guard and everybody else who was involved in today's activities. we planned for a long time for today's incidents. i also want to give a special thank you to the clergy who were here today who helped us on the streets. i also want to thank those courageous college students yesterday who last evening surrounded the statue of thomas jefferson to protect that statue. and i have a message to all the white supremacists and the nazis who came into charlottesville today. our message is plain and simple,
3:23 pm
go home. you are not wanted in this great commonwealth. shame on you. you pretend that you are patriots, but you are anything but a patriot. you want to talk about patriots, talk about thomas jefferson and george washington, who brought our country together. think about the patriots today, the young men and women, who with wearing the cloth of our country. somewhere around the globe they are putting their life in danger. they are patriots. you are not. you came here today to hurt people. and you did hurt people. my message is clear, we are stronger than you. you have made our commonwealth stronger. you will not succeed. there is no place for you here. there is no place for you in america.
3:24 pm
we work here today to bring people together, to unify folks. i remind you all that we are a nation of immigrants. unless you are native american, the first ship that came to virginia, and since that time many people have come to our great country to unite us, our diversity, that mosaic tile of immigrants is what makes us so special, and we will not let anyone come here and destroy it. so please go home. and never come back. take your hatred and take your bigotry. there is no place. if i can give you a piece of advice, use your time and energy to help people. come with me to a home -- with me to help a veteran find a job or a place to live. that's what we need help on, to bring people together. i spoke to the president this
3:25 pm
afternoon. and we had a conversation. and i told the president that there has got to be a movement in this country to bring people together. the hatred and rhetoric that has gone on and has intensified over the last couple of months is dividing this great nation. we need to work together. i told the president that twice. willing to work with you if we can work together to bring people together. stop the hate speech. stop the rhetoric in this country. we have got to bring people together. but we are a great commonwealth. and we are a great nation. and we are even stronger today because of those actions of those people who came with their bigotry and hatred. i would like now to introduce the mayor of the city of charlottesville. >> thank you, governor. this is one of the world's truly great cities.
3:26 pm
we have been the home of a lot of history. we have overcome a lot in our democracy. we have overcome mccarthyism. we have overcome segregation. and we're going to overcome this. the tide of hatred and the bigotry that has come to us and that has marched down with torches, the lawns of one of the founders of democracy, it's brought here by outsiders, and it's brought here by people who belong in the trash heap of history with these ideas. they are going to be in the trash heap of history. this day will not define us. we will define this day by the story that we continue to tell tomorrow and the day after that, the week after that, and the year after that. there is a very sad and regrettable coarseness in our politics that we have all seen too much of today. our opponents have become our enemies. debate has become intimidation. what democracy is about, and we know this here, because we're
3:27 pm
the first place of democracy, it's about deliberation, it is about action, it is about progress, it is about working together and it is about at the end of the day if you disagree with somebody, you don't try to take them down, you agree to move forward. these folks don't want that. they don't agree with democracy and they are on the losing side of history. the work of rebuilding and healing is just beginning today. tomorrow will come and we will emerge i can promise you stronger than ever. with that i also want to thank the state government. i want to thank governor mcauliffe, the secretary, for all their help. my colleagues on the counsel, many of them are here today -- my colleagues on the council many of them are here today. i want to thank the police department, the law enforcement protecting the residents. our heart is great for the casualties and the injuries that have been suffered today and our prayers are going out right now. please send these prayers to these folks and their loved ones. thank you very much.
3:28 pm
thank you. >> thank you, mr. mayor. hate came to our town today in a way that we fear, but we have never really let ourselves imagine before. i want to start today by thanking the virginia state police and our law enforcement officers and all the first responders who were here in charlottesville today to protect our community. the charlottesville police department and our state partners and the virginia state police were on the scene in our community very early this morning, anticipating large crowds. our law enforcement was on hand before 10:00 this morning actually began around 6:00 this morning. and unfortunately, as we went through this day, we had folks who came here to cause mayhem
3:29 pm
and chaos and mischief, and it resulted in three fatalities here in the city of charlottesville. in the days and the weeks to come, our city will have many conversations in city hall and community centers and our houses of worship over our fences and at our dinner tables. i would ask that in addition to sharing our grief and looking back at this difficult and extraordinary summer, that we look forward. i would ask that we would consider the question of who we are as a city and who we wish to be. i would ask that we each seek opportunities to seek people who share our home here in charlottesville, but who are outside of our circles. i would ask that we work to build meaningful relationships and foster strong connections. city hall will be working with the community to rebuild our structures and repair damages. and we will also work to provide opportunities for our community to come together to mourn, connect, and move forward.
3:30 pm
but city hall cannot build the bonds between neighbors or create new friendships. i'm calling on each one of our residents, not only here in the city of charlottesville, but in the charlottesville area to come together and take all of this into our hearts and our daily lives today. and to begin healing as a community. if we all come together, we cannot fall apart. we will be with you and we will be beside you as together we write the next chapter in charlottesville's history. thank you. >> thank you, mr. jones. chief thomas, charlottesville police department, good evening. the premeditated violence that our community experienced today was completely unacceptable. the situation escalated rapidly into violence, and we had no choice but to deploy additional
3:31 pm
personnel from the virginia state police, the virginia national guard to help disperse the crowd and move people safely through the streets. none of the injuries sustained today were due to engagement with law enforcement. as of late this afternoon, there have been at least 35 people treated for injuries by city personnel. 14 people have been treated for injuries resulting from individual engagements. nine pedestrians were treated for injuries in a three vehicle crash at the intersection of 4th street and water street here in downtown charlottesville. their injuries range from life threatening to minor. the crash also claimed the life of a 32-year-old female pedestrian at the intersection as she was crossing the street. we are still in the process of notifying her next of kin, so we will not be releasing her information until that takes place as a courtesy to the family. the suspect vehicle that left
3:32 pm
the scene of the crash was located moments later and the male driver is in custody, with charges pending. we're currently treating this as a criminal homicide investigation. also want to extend my appreciation to the many individuals who witnessed the crash for helping us by providing statements, photos, and video evidence. again, the crash remains under investigation. so where do we go from here? for right now, we're encouraging people to return home. please let our city of charlottesville, our home, start to recover from this. what the world saw today is not the place charlottesville is. we love our city. let us heal. this is not our story. outsiders do not tell our story. we will tell our own story. as is common place, we will be reviewing the events of the day
3:33 pm
over the next weeks and months. we are committed to providing our residents with a strong safe city to live in and being partners in our community. thank you. >> [inaudible]. eric: as you can see, officials not taking any questions because possibly there is no more that they could say in dealing with what we have been witnessing this afternoon after that blunt and direct message from the governor of virginia to those white supremacists he said and nazis, go home. you said you are not patriots. you do not represent america and the rhetoric and hate speech that we have been witnessing must stop. tonight the result of the tensions as we have now learned resulted in three deaths. one person killed when the car careened this afternoon into a crowd of anti-white nationalist
3:34 pm
protesters. we are told now that that was a 32-year-old woman crossing the street. she was killed. her identity not being made public pending notification of the next of kin. there was also a helicopter crash a few miles from that protest site late this afternoon. a helicopter went down at a golf course. there were first reports that it may have been a police helicopter. that has not been confirmed now. certainly it's been a difficult day for our nation. a saturday in which we have been shocked and sickened by what we have witnessed and we can only hope that this will not continue. laura? would have been a lot easier to solve this years ago before they were in the position that they are in, but we will see what happens. we think that lots of good things could happen and we could also have a bad solution. but we think lots of good things can happen. i think you know the answer to that. laura: president trump appearing to dial back the rhetoric on north korea after days of
3:35 pm
military threats against the rogue regime. this comes as several members of the trump administration continue to stress the need for diplomacy while still backing the president. we've got florida congressman who sits on the house foreign affairs committee joining us now to discuss all this. glad to see you here today. and we want to start with, you know, just what has taken place this week. what can you share with us on what's being discussed within the foreign affairs committee, with so much going on? >> well, first, i think it is important that the president lay down the markers earlier in the week that we mean business, and we're going to protect americans strategic interests at all costs. there's an analogy there of the cuban missile crisis. he's got to set that stage so that china and russia and everybody else takes us seriously. but followed up by what secretary tillerson did by saying we're not seeking regime change. we just want the guy to stop the nuclearization and then we can talk. you know, 16 years of talks while he continued
3:36 pm
nuclearization have resulted in nothing. so it's time to reset the situation and call on him to make the first act. >> what do you think of the president's style of communication? is it working right now? obviously we've seen a lot go on this last week especially on twitter. >> well, it's -- everyone has their own style and the president certainly has his. but i think if you look at what the global times in beijing said today or last night, when they said, you know, china really should not support north korea if they commit aggressive acts and certainly should remain neutral should the united states respond, kind of gives me a feeling that some of this back channel diplomacy might be starting to work. laura: you know, with this conversation that the president had with the president of china, president xi, what does it mean in terms of progress because he's also been raising a trade war with china at the same time? so in terms of walking both sides of the street on this, is it a good time to be doing that? >> well, he started out with the
3:37 pm
currency manipulation thing, and there hasn't been much talk about that lately. i think we need to meet china halfway. if they jump into this and help us solve the problem, we're going to need to deal with trade, but we need to deal with trade in a mutually beneficial manner. laura: just taking a look forward as we move into the rest of the summer, getting into the fall, where do you think this should go? what do you want to see happen coming out of the white house on this? >> i want to see this kim jong-un mad man realize that he's waging an existential threat to himself and that the whole world is united against him including his neighbors russia and china and to see him agree to stop the nuclear testing and sit down at a table with the community of nations. >> florida congressman rooney, thank you very much for being with us. always appreciate you being here. thank you. >> thank you for having me on. >> translator: above everything else also a very close
3:38 pm
cooperation between the countries involved especially the usa and china but also obviously south korea, japan, and germany will be intensively involved in the possible nonmilitary solution. but i think escalating the rhetoric is the wrong answer. >> that's german chancellor merkel of course responding to the stand off between us and north korea. she is just one of several other ally leaders who have been watching and weighing in on the escalating tensions and also considering what we can do. well, the threat of military action from both sides has become understandably a global concern. so how can this end? let's bring in the glen campbell research fellow at the hoover institution. welcome. >> thank you. eric: first of all, do you think china -- right now the chinese leadership they are having kind of a secret meeting with the president xi jinping and others weighing obviously what their options can be. what do you think they will decide? what can they do? what should china do to try and resolve this, if it can be?
3:39 pm
>> work as closely with the u.s. administration as possible because china as you know is the main trade partner for north korea. it has a lot of leverage on that country. it has a lot to lose if we don't resolve the north korean situation. if there's a breakdown in the regime, there will be a massive refugee crisis that china has to face. we don't want to see a regional arms race. china has to join the united states and really jump rope with the u.s. in resolving this crisis. what that really means right away is a denuclearized korean peninsula. that has to happen before negotiations or other measures can be taken. eric: how can there be a denuclearized korean peninsula, pyongyang and kim jong has said no way, we are never giving up our nukes they are not even part of a negotiation.
3:40 pm
>> just recently the united nations security council unanimously approved the seventh set of sanctions since 2006 against the north koreans. this one we hope is particularly pointed because it will attack a third of north korea's exports including iron and coal and so forth. if those sanctions are allowed to work, if the chinese put more pressure on north korea and the united states remains resolved, i think that something major will happen. it will be clarified for the regime in north korea that it doesn't have many options. it has few friends. it is not part of the international community of states. and i think it's been lacking for decades a kind of coalescing around all of these strong measures. if we put them together now, we may see a different outcome. eric: bottom line, kim jong-un,
3:41 pm
i mean his number one objective is survival? >> yes. and you know, we're beginning to have more discussions than ever about regime change. and that, you know, is something that we've not wanted to talk about. we've talked about a denuclearized north korea. but the more he hears that international partners are thinking about how to go about regime change, and undermine him as well, which is always in the background, i think it may also add a dimension to this that has been missing in the past. >> that's not the policy of the united states. rex tillerson said the other day that's not our intention. do you think that kim jong-un can be put in a box, so to speak, through the sanctions and through these other actions that may be -- may increase the chances of his survival at the same time trying to end this crisis? >> so you ask a really important
3:42 pm
question because, you know, the president has been unusually firm in his rhetoric, his statements about north korea and about the dangerous course it's on. but members of his cabinet and other advisors have been trying to speak i think in more diplomatic tone, and they've been saying things like, you know, we want diplomacy. we want, you know -- regime change is not our policy. i believe this is an opportune time for the administration in washington to try to work to provide policy alternatives to the president that are consistent with his own views. and i think we're seeing that happening right now, and i don't believe we're at the end of that conversation. so of course we don't want war -- eric: i'm sorry to interrupt you -- >> we don't want war as mattis has said but we do want to be very clear that this is a ratcheted up u.s. approach to dealing with north korea. after two decades of failures.
3:43 pm
eric: two decades of failure, that is interesting that you do have that out there, that you have two different messages from the administration, but a very blunt and to some fearful, but to others not so much from the president which certainly got kim jong-un's attention, one would think. kiron, thank you very much for weighing in on this, we will continue it of course tomorrow with ambassador john bolton as we usually do. thank you. >> thank you. laura: a chaotic turn of events in charlottesville, virginia. protests turning deadly. the latest from the governor's news conference. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain these feet... liked to style my dog as a kid... loved motherhood, rain or shine... and were pumped to open my own salon. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and she prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain
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eric: continuing coverage in the violent protests in charlottesville virginia today. authorities now say three people have been killed, more than 20 others injured in incidents related the demonstrations. -- related to the demonstrations. this comes as tonight we learn of a helicopter crash that
3:48 pm
occurred near the protest site late this afternoon. two people reportedly were killed in that crash when the helicopter went down at a golf course. it is not confirmed that that was indeed a virginia state police helicopter. meanwhile earlier as you can see in this video, police say a car drove into a crowd of peaceful protesters. they were the anti-white nationalist protesters. this occurring about two hours after the earlier clashes had mostly ended. authorities say the driver of that car, now in custody, the police -- the president condemned the violence earlier today. and the question tonight, was this domestic terrorism? ed davis joining us, former boston police commissioner, fox news contributor. commissioner davis, thank you, it's been a horrible day. >> good evening. eric: three people killed. good evening. let's start with the car. we had that video of the car, apparently no license plates, that would indicate it was an intentional act. there were reports that people were directing that car somehow. the guy man or woman then sped backwards.
3:49 pm
what do you think? who do they have? what are they asking in this person? when will we know more? >> well, this is clearly a case of homicide. this is a murder that was conducted during this demonstration. not only is the driver of the vehicle accountable and currently in custody, but anybody that assisted him would be either an accessory before the fact or accessory after the fact. these are very serious charges and he will be prosecuted to the utmost of the law, obviously. to have something like this happen in the midst of a demonstration just ups the ante on both sides. this is a very dangerous night for charlottesville. eric: do you think -- before we get to the night, do you think right now they are trying to backtrack through this person's social media through connections to any groups and this sort of thing? >> oh, there's no question. that will be the focus of this investigation. was this a planned event, or there other people who are
3:50 pm
involved in it and how do we get those people tied into this? do you tie them in through social media? do you tie them in through -- there will be cell phone analysis done of the suspect's car -- of the suspect's cell phone. the vehicle will be tracked down. the suspect himself, they will recreate the last week or so of the suspect's travels to see exactly who he has been meeting with. eric: finally you mentioned your concerns about this evening, do you think authorities have a handle on it or could have a handle on it tonight as the sun sets and they may not abide by what governor terry mcauliffe said which is go home? >> right. this location is only a couple of hours from washington, d.c. six hours from new york. two large, you know, demographically diverse but very large population centers, people could come here very easily. so it remains to be seen whether
3:51 pm
they will be able to keep this under control. thankfully it is quiet right now. hopefully everybody listened to the mayor and went home but this is a very tenuous time right now. >> it is a tenuous time. ed davis, former police commissioner of boston, thank you, we will be right back.
3:52 pm
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laura: this a fox news alert. as we continue to follow the situation in charlottesville, virginia, we want to get bill gavin on the phone, former assistant director of the fbi in new york. former chief executive for the fbi in new york miami and denver. thanks for being here, bill. you know, this is obviously such a tragedy that we have watched unfold before our eyes today. i want to get your thoughts on what you have seen with your experience. >> you know, it's just so unnecessary to have those deaths to have occurred. you had people showing up allegedly wanting to be right wing demonstrators who showed up with helmets, bats and shields. >> right. >> everybody knows that's not the case. they are just nothing but a bunch of thugs who have come out to do the wrong things that should be done for any cause. it is just a horrible set of events and poor people have lost their lives because of that. >> it is absolutely tragic. how can this be a better protected crowd moving forward? if this sort of thing happens
3:56 pm
again. there are more monuments that are scheduled to come down. >> well, there's a couple things that stand out here. number one, you have to look at the size of the city that it occurred in, in charlottesville. they are not a police department that's ready -- it's not being critical of the police department, they just don't experience things like new york city would. the bottom line is, these things are going to occur frequently if in fact these extremists push the cause to do something like this. >> i have to leave it there. i'm up against a hard break. bill, thank you very much. we will continue to cover this tragic story with fox report next. maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,... ...with reduced redness,... ...thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has... requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla.
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>> america, take a hard look inr interruption of violence in virginia. good evening. i'm julie. you are watching the fox report. >> an ugly scene in a picturesque and peaceful college town of charlottesville, virginia. white nationalist brawling with protesters over the removal of a confederate statue, the fighting taken a deadly term. a car plowed into a car killing three people and injuring more than a dozen others. police believe it was intentional. the horrific moment capturedn


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