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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 13, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

9:00 am if you want to email us and come at me on twitter @howardkurtz. [♪] arthel reporter: the justice department and the fbi, a tragic day for u.s. forces in iraq. two u.s. service members have been killed and five others injured during combat operations in the northern part of the country. an investigation is under way. but initial reports suggest the incident was not due to enemy contact. we'll bring you more details as they come in. meanwhile the justice department and the fbi on the case in charlottesville launching a civil rights investigation into the deadly car rampage into a
9:01 am
crowd protesting a white nationalist rally. eric: i'm eric shawn. that horrific crash was captured on video. a car plowing into protesters at a high rate of speed, knocking down victims in its path. police are saying it was no accident. this is the woman who was so tragically killed. she was 32 years old. healther heyer. five people remain in the hospital at this time. suspected driver identified as james alex fields. he comes from ohio. he's charged with second degree murder and the justice department opened a civil rights probe into this incident. the nearby crash of that state police chopper tragically killed
9:02 am
two state police officer who were in the helicopter monitoring the rallies. president trump addressed the nation and he called for unity. >> we are closely following the events unfolding in charlottesville, virginia. we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious bigotry, hatred and violence on many sides. it's been going on for a long time in our country. not donald trump. not barack obama. it's been going on for a long long time. it has no place in america. eric: virginia governor terry mcauliffe speaking out. >> we need to call it out for what it is. to the white supremacists and the neo-nazis who came to our
9:03 am
beautiful state yesterday, there is no place for you here in charlottesville. there is no place for you in virginia. and there is no place for you in the united states of america. eric: that's the message. doug mcelway is at the site where the car plowed into the demonstrators in charlottesville. reporter: that site is a half block from where we now stand. people have been placing flours and making an emprop to you memorial. at the city center, the pedestrian mall. this is what charlottesville, virginia is lake on most of days. that may change later this afternoon. at 2:00 p.m., two of the people
9:04 am
the governor was imploring to get out of the state are coming back to the state. richard spencer and jason kessler. we heard enough of their hatred spewing from their mouths. we'll be here on stand by in case counter protesters show up. i would be surprised if authorities let them speak given what happened yesterday. the woman killed by the white supremacist driver has been identified. 32-year-old heather heyer * the driver of the car is jamessed -s fields. the standard practice in charlottesville is people arrested on the weekend face bond hearings at 9:00 a.m. monday morning. he faces charges of second
9:05 am
degree murder and malicious wounding and hit-and-run. the associated press spoke to his mother. she was unaware what her son had done. >> so this is the first you are learning of it? was there any indication this was where he was going? >> i just knew he was going to a rally. i -- we don't -- i don't really get too involved in his political views. i'm watching his cat. reporter: that tragic day capped off when the virginia state police helicopter which had been providing surveillance on the scene crashed late in the day. the victims, the pilot, would
9:06 am
have been 41 today. and lieutenant h.j. cullen, 48 years old of virginia. the cause of that accident is under investigation. we are hearing criticism about the initial slow response by the police. when i got out of my car in charlottesville for the first time at 10:30 yesterday morning. you knew this was a bad scene and bad things were going to be happening. people were congregating at lee park and emanicipation park wearing helmet, body armor, carrying big sticks. people were intent on causing havoc and damage. even as wounded were being brought out of the park the police were standing idly by. when the tear gas tarted to fly, thrown by protesters, the police themselves began to evacuate.
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i said where you are going? he said we are leaving, it's too dangerous. they had the opportunity to nip this in the bud and they chose not to. eric: questions like that will be looked into. it's heartbreaking about trooper bait and cullen. julie: as the federal government launches a civil rights investigation into that deadly car rampage in charlottesville, emily, by prosecuting this as a civil right violation, there are tougher penalties for a conviction. does the president need to pursue that to send a stronger message. >> i think we'll hear tougher talk from president trump this week. that's what people are looking for. even republicans, members his own party have asked why he
9:08 am
hasn't used stronger language. this isn't a president who isn't afraid to speak his mind and get tough. but people are surprised. he has been more subdued on this. julie: there is a white house spokesperson who has come out to issue a statement to clarify the president's statement. the president said very strongly in his statement yesterday that he condemns all forms of violence. bigotry and hatred. that includes white supremacists. kkk, neo-nazi, and all extremist groups. he called for national unity and bringing all americans together. does that statement cut it? the president went ahead and issued a statement in a news conference. he got slammed by many in his own party. then he had. >> the spokesperson clarify what he meant by all side, when he talked about many side.
9:09 am
now this statement. does that i guess quell the concerns of the people who have an issue with the president addressing this yesterday? >> it's a bigger step forward. but my question is will this not be seen as not quite enough? will people want him to go further? some of the original criticism was he didn't specifically call out white supremacists. but a few republican senators have said this is domestic terrorism and they want it labeled as that. when need to watch this week to see if we hear from the president himself and if he uses that strong language they want to hear. julie: one reporter tweeted today when they asked a senior white house official why he didn't condemn neo-nazis, and he
9:10 am
said what about the leftist mob. you had elizabeth warren put out a tweet, someone was murdered at a neo-nazi rally today. the president is not a shy man. when he has a problem with somebody he make it known. he has blasted jeff sessions and used strong words against mitch mcconnell telling him to get back to work. don't even get me started on his critics and how hard he hits back back on them. i guess that's why many people in his party are hoping he will hit back just as hard about these white nationalists. in a similar incident in france he called terrorism but not here. the white house is arguing this isn't about president obama. this is about bigotry and
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hatred. the white house pointed out by classifying this as a hate crime and civil rights vie laying if convicted there will be a stronger penalty. eric: the bluster from kim jong-un's regime not dying down as of today. in response to president trump's latest tweet the state-run newspaper is saying they are on standby and ready to fire on the u.s. mainland. pyongyang is threatening to fire a missile to guam. reporter: timing as you mentioned is the great unknown here. prove why youly the state-run media said it would submit or have an operational plan ready
9:12 am
sometime mid august. then submit that to kim jong-un who would give the go-ahead, ready or not. they are upping pressure as well as warnings from president trump that the u.s. would retaliate. but on "fox news sunday" the cia director mike pompeo says he expects north korea will continue to develop their nuclear program and test the accuracy of their long-range missiles, but were not on the cusp of a nuclear war. >> it's difficult to put a timeline on these things. but each time they conduct a missile test, they acquire expertise and expand the envelope and they are moving toward that at an ever-alarming rate. reporter: 85% of the island of
9:13 am
guam is catholic. the archbishop urges the parish to pray for peace. while everyone handles stress in their own way, those who we spoke to said they found comfort in their faith. >> if you have 14 minute, what would you do with the rest of your life. and would you be at peace with yourself? >> i think it's interesting. it seems the people are taking it into prayer. >> he mentioned now would be the opportunity to reevaluate our priority and what's important to us the most of. reporter: joe dunnford, the joint chief is on his way to china. eric: a reference to the time they say it would take a missile
9:14 am
fired from north korea to hit guam. for more on the evenings with north korea and if kim jong-un can really ever be reined in. john bolton joins us. the senior fellow at the american enterprise institute and chairman of the gaitstone institute. tomorrow president trump will interrupt his working vacation and return to washington to publicly sign a memo to investigate whether china should be investigated for the theft of intellectual property? do you think this is a strong enough shot against the bow to beijing to try to lasso kim jong-un? john: it's my understanding these sanctions had been decided on before the u.n. security council vote recently. i think it's something that was
9:15 am
postponed until the vote took place. i don't think this alone will have any impact on china with respect to the nuclear program in north korea. the president may wish to link economics. but i don't think that's nearly sufficient to get china's attention. eric: you have a bold article in the hilda saying it's not in china's interest to keep on supporting kim jong-un. why do you think they could offer carrots to try to have the regime fall? >> i think it's in china's interest as it is in america's interest to reunite the peninsula. i don't think there is any diplomacy left. ensue and rice admitted last week that three successive
9:16 am
presidencies failed by using diplomacy. she takes exactly the wrong turn by saying we should tolerate north korea with nuclear weapons. i find that completely unacceptable. the only way we'll turn it around is to get china to apply the economic pressure they have. the business community won't let us put the economic pressure on china that would be necessary. we have to argue for chain today's own national interests. eric: china has done some incremental steps but why it would be in their interest? the soviet union didn't want an east and west germany united. >> the chinese said for some time they don't want north korea to have nuclear weapons but they haven't done anything about it because they thought it was largely our problem.
9:17 am
but as they face the prospect of japan getting nuclear weapons and the possibility of preemptive american action that could cause the catastrophic collapse of north korea. many people in china realize carrying this ugly piece of baggage around is not in china's interest. there are aspects that would appeal to china. the americans troops would not be on the yalu river, they would be on the tip of the peninsula. and avoiding mass of any flows of refugees into china. as we work our way through this crisis, the question people should ask themselves in the united states, are you in agreement with susan rice that you can tolerate the north korean regime with the nuclear weapons capability. if you believe what i believe, i
9:18 am
wouldn't leave these people with a spare electron. it would be difficult now, much more dangerous for the united states. eric: you raise the question of japan having nuclear weapons. the president was mocked for that during the campaign. is that the ultimate trump card? the ultimate threat to beijing saying japan and south korea is going to get them. would that force them to take meaningful action? >> no, i don't think proliferation is a good thing. but the risk that could happen ought to wake china up. as long as they have this nuclear capability, if the regime continues 6 months from now and still building toward an arsenal of nuclear weapons we have failed again. eric: maybe the joint chief of
9:19 am
staff joseph dunnford may take that up when he's meeting with his chinese counterparts tomorrow. julie: chaos in venezuela. president trump speaking out against it. will he take military action as he alluded to earlier. >> the president's main focus is on the rights and safety of the venezuelan people. what moved the president is the escalation of the regime's violence. these thugs who operate in the name of maduro. i'm ryan and i quit smoking with chantix. everything i did circled around that cigarette when i started taking the chantix that urge just slowly diminished and it was a great and empowering feeling. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke.
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♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ julie: president trump saying he's not ruling out military action in venezuela where 120 people have died in months of protests there. he says he won't speak with nicolas maduro until democracy is restored there. maduro wanted to meet with president trump. kevin corke has more from our washington bureau. reporter: an important outreach
9:24 am
by a vice president who knows the dangers of political instability. though he won't go to venezuela, he's going to have to talk about it at length. this will dominate that trip. this an unfolding drama that we talked about at length. it's a devastating circumstance that's happening in venezuela. it will be take on all the more importance when you consider the contrast what's happening in other spots. and obviously what's going on in venezuela itself. as for the country, there has been so much in the way of violence in that oil-rich country. food shortages, murder and mayhem. but will it take a military response for the u.s. to calm the situation there? here is what the president had to say about that. >> i'm not going to rule out a military option.
9:25 am
venezuela is not have far away and the people are suffering and dying. we have many options for venezuela including a possible military option if necessary. a military option is certainly something that we could pursue. reporter: the issue with that stance according to some lawmakers that it presupposes military intervention and it would end up creating a lasting outcome that we would prefer. >> i have no idea why we would use military force in venezuela. i'm open minds to a reason. but at the end of the day our military should be deployed when there is a national security interest that can be articulated to the american people. reporter: you mentioned venezuela's leader president maduro wanted to have a conversation with president trump. that call was rejected and white house officials tell me the bottom line in that circumstance is simple.
9:26 am
until there is a restoration of basic democratic values and authority in that country there is no need to have a conversation. we'll keep an eye on it. but for now, back to you. eric: president trump is facing a challenge and controversy. his reaction to the tragedy becomes news itself. did say enough and did he strike the right tone?
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arthel: trump reacting to the deadly day ensure that yesterday sending condolences to the terms. his message during criticism still in some circles. live in bridgewater new jersey near the president with the very latest on the kickback if you will on the president's involvement in yesterday --
9:31 am
reporter: hey, julie. republicans and democrats say he squandered an opportunity to explicitly condemn white supremacist, instead laming all sides for yesterday's violence in charlottesville. republicans honor corey gardner. >> this is not a time for bakeries. this isn't a time for innuendo and read between the lines. this president has done an incredible job of naming terrorism around the globe as evil, radical islamic terrorist in europe or the middle east. he has said and called it out time and time again in this president needs to do exactly that today. reporter: senator gartner made that remark. they condemn all forms of violence and of course that includes white supremacist, kkk,
9:32 am
might have security adviser is defending the president statement by saying that the media is fixated on that one line, and the all sides portion of that remark instead of focusing on the rest of his statement. listen. >> the president not only condemned the violence at a time in the moment when palm was necessary and didn't dignify the names of these groups of people, but rather address the fundamental issue. >> president trump's reelection campaign is already attacking the media in a new ad out today that accuses the president standing in the way the president's progress while also highlighting some of his accomplishments for millions more jobs, lower unemployment and a stronger military. critics are already saying that he should be focusing left on 2020 and more on the crisis still unfolding. done in charlottesville.
9:33 am
julie peered julie: christian fisher in bridgewater. thank you so much. eric beard eric: now the investigation after that, the white nationalists rally in deadly. whether the justice department and the fbi not looking for and will there be a hate crime if terrorism charges in this case? the police commissioner and also a fox news contributor. first of all, why isn't this horrendous act now being prosecuted as an attack? >> the fbi's involvement in the announcement yesterday is an indication they are moving at a direction. they don't like to jump to conclusions and they have to get in and talk to people. the thing that troubles me is the virginia authorities after having spoken to the suspect said that they wanted to charge with second-degree murder. that means murder without premeditation and they must have some information that justified that.
9:34 am
the fbi will have to look at all the details here. eric: what evidence or commission could happen? >> is condition whether he was under the influence of narcotics or alcohol. they lead them to believe this happened in the moment. on the face of it it looks like a premeditated murder. so when they are not charging with that, it raises questions. others involved, potentially allegedly talking about doing this previously with others >> premeditated murder is not a conspiracy, but that will be a focus of the investor guy -- fbi investigation. they will look and exploit his cell phone out of his and
9:35 am
determine -- [inaudible] eric: in terms of acquaintances as a former teacher of "the associated press" and it got cheated with non-cheese, with german military in the history of the light. that is now on the ap. how does that play into the investigation? >> well, that mitigate conspiracy towards a premeditated murder case in a terrorist act. if he did this with the intention of killing people to further his political aims in his twisted ideology, then in fact these are very serious charges carry the death penalty. eric: the teachers also reported according to the ap report that he was apparently on antipsychotic medication or had taken out at some point, saying
9:36 am
that potentially could be a fact are. we've had this before in these types of accidents. right. that all factors into the investigation on what the proper charges are. it's very early in the investigation. all the details have to get put on the table and then the proper determination will be made. that is what makes it important that the justice department be involved in this. and other places >> we talk about intelligence. backing up how he got there, who may have paid for it, and >> the fbi has intelligence on these extremist groups all of
9:37 am
that stuff plays an important role. eric: his mother samantha bloom was interviewed. kind of an odd interview. she was in her garage with reporters in ohio. she didn't know very much. here's what she said. >> like i said, i don't really talk to him about his political views. i don't really understand what the rally was about or anything. >> okay. >> he did mention albright -- it's like alternative -- ultraconservatives, white supremacist organization. >> i didn't know was white supremacists. i thought it had something to do with trump. tree into a dare she you mention something about what that is.
9:38 am
that apparently would have investigators use that information and he was potentially there for that reason. and determine what he said and what is connect it with in her personal information. but you know, as tragic and horrific as this crime as this crime is coming up to feel sympathy mother of someone who may have slight problems who committed an act like this. i've dealt with families like this in the past and you know, it is a terrible situation here. eric: on that angle it is certainly heartbreaking. finally commissioner, as a law enforcement professional, two of the were killed in the crash related to this over the rallies. what goes through your heart and mind as you have to deal with this when you see what law enforcement did get out, go
9:39 am
home. at a news conference. and my heart goes out to them. and to all law enforcement in virginia. i think that in the background rush is what will happen tonight. the peace guys have to be shut down, arrested, taken away and let charlottesville get back to mourning the loss of a woman resident in this terrible situation that leaves you. it really does beard >> heather haier, 32 years old for walking across the street. she was run over by that car. two great members of one prisoner dead today. as the commissioner says, he should be arrested. get out. commissioner ed davis of boston. >> thank you. julie: up next, tensions rising as the u.s. and north korea exchanged that.
9:40 am
why our next guest says this could be the most dangerous situation since the cuban missile crisis within 50 years ago. plus, people marching and rallying across the country in support of those killed in charlottesville. >> the reason why we protest is to send a loud and clear message that we are fearless, that we are going to continue to organize. where's gary? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico. goin' up the country.
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julie: north korea continues to ratchet up that in the u.s. and while the north korean state-run newspapers and our military is on standby to launch an attack on the u.s. joining me now, congressman darrell i. suspect on the house foreign affairs committee. congressman, thank you so much for joining us for some scary rhetoric from both sides, from kim jong un and the u.s., but the rhetoric not in president trump slightest morning.
9:45 am
he recently said north korea is the greatest threat since the cuban missile crisis. those are strong words. d.c. comparison to the 1952 nuclear so down in the soviet union over ballistic missiles in cuba? >> i do. the similarity needs to be understood. china backs north korea. north korea's developed and apparently has up to 30 warheads that they could put into their icbms. and i can hit the united states, perhaps guam, perhaps mainland. that is very similar to the threat of cuba and the missiles they are. in that time, in that day, obviously john kennedy, john f. kennedy stood down and he didn't let fidel castro no. he let the russians come in the soviet union know it wouldn't be tolerated. we are now in a similar situation that we have a rogue state, but it only owes its
9:46 am
existence to china's protection going back more than 60 years if not for china it would be no north korea then or now. julie: that is a good point. so then, you have enforced the idea behind sanctions. the question now is where does china fall into all of this? is china doing enough? a phone call between president trump and the president of china yesterday and he is asking the president of the united states actually cool down his rhetoric because he doesn't want this to risk further hostility. this is the first time a president has used strong rhetoric against kim jong un and a north korea rogue regimes basically taking advantage of the united states for decades. is that not the rhetoric that needs to take place here in order to send a strong message to pyongyang? >> in the early 1960s, john f. kennedy didn't flinch when he
9:47 am
let the russians and soviets then no that there would be missiles removed or there would be an attack. in this case, a similar situation where they made it clear to china that they must do to stop this regime from happy nuclear weapons that they are the house. the president accomplished with his tough talk and efforts as secretary of defense and secretary of state have both done. they created an environment in which china knows is their responsibility. when china issued a statement that they would not defend north korea if north korea attacked first if the united states in a situation in which the diplomatic, which include sanctions, perhaps even blockade to enforce the sanctions come
9:48 am
and that puts us in a position where we have an understanding of china that we haven't had in the past and that is china will not ask north korea's bad activity. >> pyongyang has not only threaten to fire a missile near guam within a couple of weeks. i mean, that could not be more imminent of a threat. but the new regime state run newspaper saying the country's military is on standby ready to fire on the u.s. mainland. despite all of that last week as you know secretary of state rex tillerson said there is no imminent threat from north korea. can we believe that? >> i think that both are true, that we know that today we have tools to mitigate an attack. and when i see mitigate, we cannot eliminate the loss of tens or hundreds of thousands of lives of the south koreans if north korea goes on a full offensive inspires what they have. but we can reduce it. we can reduce it. the antimissile missiles that we
9:49 am
put the system in south korea. we can and do help protect japan and we do have some ability to stop intercontinental ballistic missiles. one of the biggest challenges this administration faces is after so many decades of kicking the can down the road, if an intercontinental ballistic missile launches, there is no way for us to know whether it does or does not have a nuclear chip on it, which means they have to act as though it does and does he know in the japan has had rockets or missiles fired over them. that tells you something which is we can't allow that to happen again. that's what makes it different and why we have a nuclear weapon and why we tolerated. julie: thank you so much for your time. dream to julie, rallies across the country have been held in the wake. up next to them or take a of
9:50 am
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eric: an outpouring of support across the country for the guns.
9:54 am
three people including the state troopers, in the violence there. the vigil you see there until it does school last night. will carr is live with more details. >> we saw valleys across the country last night. people demonstrations taking place in more than 100 cities including los angeles where dozens merchant and the lapd headquarters chanting no justice, no peace. stop by terrorists and solidarity in charlottesville. >> we are with them in spirit and that we bear with them as brothers and sisters. >> we do not scan for this piece and violence that stemmed from white supremacy. >> rallies took place in new york on atlanta, chicago and many other cities where we saw marches by candlelight vigils
9:55 am
and demonstrations in oakland. protesters took it a step further sliming interstate and they shut it down for the 15 to 20 minute, setting up fireworks in the process. and died according to its website with a mission to resist the trumpet jammed all. >> thank you very much. truly. triggered all rights are manned north korea as tensions continue to boil. they standby to launch an attack on u.s. mainland. ken koehler heads prevail? the latest ahead. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. yeah, 'cause i got allstate.
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they may also be struggling with akathisia: a common side effect of some schizophrenia medications. learn more at julie: a california man being praised out for his good deed goes viral. we need a good story to end on. he was driving with tom's america flags lay down on the lawn. so he pulled over, and then began to put it dock on its holder. realizing that was a working county then secure the pole into the ground and went about his day. the homeowners say they don't know what don't know what the man is, but they appreciate his kind gesture. eric: that is just great. whoever you are, please call us. julie: very patriotic, very american and a great way to end
10:00 am
the show. that will do it for us. >> we are back in three hours. more throughout the afternoon on the fox news channel. julie and i will be back at 4:00 p.m. julie: and at 5:00? >> know, 6:00. leland: a day after deadly clashes in charlottesville virginia coming major civil rights movement investigation now underway determine how such hate and anger ignited on the streets of the historic city. live on the ground. elizabeth: north korea and the world remained tense over its nuclear weapons program. drifter mike pompeo has reassuring words for america. >> what i'm talking about his favorite folks talking about being on the cusp of a nuclear war. leland: we are spending another day in the great state of colora


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