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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 13, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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the show. that will do it for us. >> we are back in three hours. more throughout the afternoon on the fox news channel. julie and i will be back at 4:00 p.m. julie: and at 5:00? >> know, 6:00. leland: a day after deadly clashes in charlottesville virginia coming major civil rights movement investigation now underway determine how such hate and anger ignited on the streets of the historic city. live on the ground. elizabeth: north korea and the world remained tense over its nuclear weapons program. drifter mike pompeo has reassuring words for america. >> what i'm talking about his favorite folks talking about being on the cusp of a nuclear war. leland: we are spending another day in the great state of colorado for the energy industry
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is going full throttle. unemployment and a record low for the entire country. why many coloradans are thinking president trump. elizabeth: welcome to -- leland: i am leland vittert in denver, colorado, otherwise known as elizabeth prann's hometown. wish you were here. elizabeth: me too. a very busy sunday. thanks for joining us. the governor of virginia has just weeded this. at every level, elected officials announced white supremacy and any rhetoric that empowers those who seek to divide us. this is we are just learning more details about the 20 road man who rammed his car into a crowd of protesters killing one woman and 19 others and severely
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injured and that is where we find around ellison barber joining us from outside the hospital. what is the latest there? >> officials say emergency crews treated at least 35 people for injuries yesterday 20 people were brought to the university of virginia medical center. 20 people injured after a car crashed into a roof of counter protesters killing one. >> i was 10 feet away from them and all the sudden you heard the impact of a person being thrown over a car. you can see the car coming in at 30, 40 miles per hour. reporter: city officials say she died because of the crash. she was 32 years old. this city was her home and her home and in a statement in the city of charlottesville said quote, this senseless act of violence ripped a hole in her collect dayparts. it will never make up for the loss of a member of our
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community. we will pursue charges against the driver of the vehicle that cost her death and are confident justice will prevail. police say this man, 20 road james steele junior throwing his car into two other cars in a crowd of people who are crossing the street after protesting the white nationalists rally scheduled for saturday afternoon. from ohio, police say he is charged with one count of second-degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding and one count of hit-and-run. yesterday evening, hospital officials told fox news that of the 19 patients still being treated here at uva medical center, five remain in critical condition. four are listed as serious. >> the very latest, ellison barber, thank you. leland: attorney general jeff sessions announced an investigation into charlottesville. the civil rights attorney on the
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ground in the new investigation says the racial bigotry witness in virginia said betrayed the core values. here to provide insight into the doj's next steps, civil rights attorney ashley merchant. thanks so much. >> thank you. great to see you as well. leland: know it sounds impressive when you have the doj coming when the fbi goes in with their fbi windbreakers it is a great visual. real world, what does this mean? >> we have decisive action. we need action from the f. guy, jeff sessions, from the federal government. we need more of an investigation at this point. this is a civil rights crime. this is a civil rights federal crime because it goes to the heart of the first amendment. what happens if these people were there exercising their first amendment right. exercising their right to protest from exercising their right to free speech.
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the first amendment, first constitutional amendment. leland: who is the crime committed against? if you listen to the people, and they say they were attacked in exercising their right to free speech can watch a federal court upheld on friday to allow the rally to happen. at the same time, the people on the left, the anti-action folks who were there, one of them was killed. a number of them were her. the civil rights investigation into both sides are civil rights investigation into only did neo nazi and white nationalist groups? >> is going to pin on what the person and what was in his head. so you is trying to curtail the free speech of the folks that were there protesting against the white supremacist. there would be a civil rights investigation against those people's first amendment rights. everybody's got a first amendment right here. the people who were there: the far right folks, white
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supremacists have a first amendment right. the folks over there protecting against them also have a first amendment right. any action meant to curtail those groups first amendment right is a federal civil rights. it goes beyond that. this is essentially terrorism. let's say that this gentleman thought into these folks trying to quiet the fact that they were having -- they were speaking out against something that was so awful. if he did that to try and stop them from doing that, that's domestic terrorism. that's exactly what we see all across this country. leland: ashleigh, let's not get ahead of ourselves. the person you are talking about is the alleged driver of that car. he has been charged in state court by the sheriff's department or the charlottesville police department, depending who issued the charges with his mug shot here. his mother saying she didn't think she was going to a white nationalists rally, buddy donald
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trump rally. take from that what you built. if all of a sudden this to be a federal case against him, not a state case. >> without a doubt. he becomes a federal case because his act of murder was trained to stop someone from exercising the federally protected right to freedom of speech. leland: how does this broaden out in terms of going after some of these groups? in the fifth these and later 70s and 80s there was more the southern poverty law center who pioneered going after these groups heavily. are there a lot of people in that crowd, people injured who may have a case against some of these white nationalist groups? >> definitely. criminal civil rights violations and civil rights violations. you got the u.s. code that allows the federal government to prosecute people for hate crimes, civil rights violations and how the federal government
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gets through and why they should exercise jurisdiction in a case like this is because these crimes were meant to stop someone from exercising a constitutional right. they've also got potential for civil liability as well. if the federal government isn't able to prosecute criminally, which i think they should attempt to investigate and come forward with, they might have the opportunity to do this in civil court than they could get money damages for whatever they suffered. what this is, is this is terrorism. this is a hate crime in a no folks don't want to look at it that way. leland: ashleigh, ashleigh, i'm not sure who folks are coming united states senators, republican u.s. senators face terrorism that needs to be gone after. we appreciate your insights. thank you very much. worth noting at least one of these albright groups told the charlottesville paper they will
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be back. we have to see what the arrangements will be when that happens a thank you, ashleigh. liz has more. leland: the president still in new jersey from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle with many feeling the president has not denounced the white supremacist strongly enough. kristin fisher joins us now with the latest on the administration's most recent response that with today if i'm not mistaken. hi, kristin. reporter: hey, liz. after sharp criticism from several prominent republicans, not if visibly blaming the premise that for yesterday's violence. the white house putting out a new statement saying that of course president trump was including those groups in his remarks yesterday. the president said strongly in a statement yesterday that he condemns all forms of violence, bigotry and hatred and of course that includes white supremacists, neo nazi and all extremist groups. the white house security adviser
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also defended the president's statement saying that the media has been unfairly fixated on that one line, blaming all sides instead of focusing on the rest of the remarks. >> i for one was with the president yesterday in prod of the fact he stood up and condemn this violence and bigotry, this racial intolerance and racial bigotry cannot be condoned. >> for republican senators like lindsey graham, the new statement is certainly a step in the right direction, but still didn't have quite as much punch as if the president had come out and made this statement himself. >> he missed an opportunity to be very explicit here. these groups seem to believe they have a friend in donald trump in the white house. i don't know why they believe that that they don't see me as a friend in the senate and i would urge the president to dissuade these groups that he is their friend. >> indeed, that is exactly what
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the first doddering senior adviser has done this morning i twitter. he says there should be no place in society for racism, white supremacy and neo nazi. we must come together as americans and the one country united. ivanka trump issuing this morning the strongest condemnation yet of white supremacists in the inner circle. >> kristin fisher with the very latest. >> north korea now says its military is on standby to launch an attack that is mentioned a possible target in denver. cia director mike pompeo told chris wallace on "fox news sunday" that the communist regime is moving at an ever alarming rate towards perfect dean a nuclear weapon that could reach the mainland of the united states. lauren blanchard, back in d.c. at the cia director warning he
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believes north korean leader kim jong un is a rational person. he will continue to develop his missile program and expect it will be more missile tests. >> each time they test another missile or if they should conduct a nuclear weapons test, they develop expertise when they expand the envelope. and so it is probably fair to say that they were moving towards ever alarming. on a sunday show blame passing between those two sides of the president in his heated words of fire and fury and those who believe his rhetoric over the last week have been reckless. >> the rhetoric it seems to me has taken away actions or its reduced maneuver space if you will for leaders. in the president trump inherited a net to other smart people
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criticizing his rhetoric and policy how well did you do. >> previous administrations haven't taken a song from a president trump made clear his intention to protect the american people. >> general just said thunderbird heading overseas in japan, now in south korea. the top u.s. general meeting with military and civilian leaders. dunford says the administration focused is a diplomatic and economic campaign to get north korea to give up its nuclear ambitions. if that fails, the military stands ready. later this month, the u.s. is planning to take part in annual military exercises with the south koreans and japanese. the show of force is designed to dissuade north korea and will involve tens of thousands of troops but leaves them wondering if the exercises may just further increase tensions. leland. leland: lauren blanchard in washington. thank you.
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correct korea. through environment in through voted overwhelming the increased spending on its ballistic missile programs it's also voted to be spent on terror medical card that was responsible for an operation that brought terror around the world. to build the arena president now goes to an oversight committee for approval. imagine that won't be a tough sell. elizabeth: allegedly an arizona congressman member trent franks. thank you for joining us. i want to ask about charlottesville. before we do want to talk to but another hot topic today and that is north korea. i know you said in previous interviews, one of our most basic functions of foreign policy is to serve as a deterrent. i want to get your take on this administration stands so far. do you feel the administration is being a deterrent for many escalations so far? >> well, i absolutely believe
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that the president has had effective deterrent than his comments because there's really only three ways to stop the situation. we either have to prevent missiles from being filed, interdict them in the process to react to somehow somehow created massive response militarily against north korea and this president is doing things necessary to make it clear to the career that if they fire 29 states or threaten our citizens clearly come in the response be completely unacceptable. he was a bit, sometimes i'm so bewildered that my friends on the left don't see the bigger geostrategic equation here. if north korea continues in the direction that they are, they will head is inextricably towards them world war iii type of showdown because of russia. elizabeth: i want to use one example we've heard the better half of the weekend was susan rice coming out and say in the is as provocative and talking
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about enemy unprovoked. where is the disconnect then? >> they made deals with north korea that facilitated them. to continue and for a nuclear test and the united states citizens of nuclear warheads. and it's a dangerous thing for the president or anyone else to listen to the people who brought us to this point in somehow think that they are planned is better to keep us from even solving -- keep us from dealing with the problem now. my friends on the left just are ignorant of history and it scares me to death at times.
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elizabeth: one more you are the defense of the north caucus and we saw to 10th in july as the beginning of august or there's a possibility for the cia director mike pompeo another test in august to what if there is another test and it simply another test and trajectory does matter space like report did not anywhere near guam, for example. then what? >> we have to make sure that we not only paid close attention, but like you are talking about, there is a potential for that project or event if it is guided to be threatening a close ally or something along those lines. we have to be very ready because any attack on their part and is so dangerous that it can can escalate into a better situation. >> before i let you go, and the
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fallout from yesterday, the criticism when some were saying it's just not tough enough. trading >> on the charlottesville issue? once again, the left takes advantage of a tragedy to somehow push this notion that they want to try to paint racism across the spec around of the conservatives and it's so tragic because the truth is that this president is committed to protecting freedom of expression for everyone. what happened in charlottesville as they tried to give a description and we should all be outraged over it. i know he is good i know i am. let's get to the culprit and make sure to bring him to justice and make it clear that there is no place for neo-of them are white supremacy in united states of america. elizabeth: reported an updated statement from some of those were his exact way.
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thank you for joining us on a sunday. we appreciate it. >> thank you, elizabeth. leland: coming up, we go back to charlottesville. arun doug mckelway who was on the ground in the very worst of the protests and violence yesterday. plus, my conversation with colorado governor john jacob looper here in the centennial state and why republicans and democrats alike here actually get along. ♪ depression is a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪ that's why there's trintellix, a prescription medication for depression. trintellix may help you take a step forward in improving your depression. tell your healthcare professional right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide.
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leland: welcome back to denver where construction is booming. colorado is home to the lowest unemployment rate in energy sector that is on fire. also home to one of the few democratic governors who often sounds like something other than a democrat. we sat down with john hickenlooper to see what he thinks makes the colorado success story path will end if you want to take his message from colorado to america.
10:24 am
>> well, colorado zip place where people naturally collaborate and work together because people from all over the country, all of the world. the history of the mountain west with the wagon train were grown under work together. our employment rate is to .3% with amazing influx of young people that are starting businesses and creating a stronger economy. and we get rid of regulations and talking about that all the time. and the environmental community working together to get a share of result. leland: dare i say >> shoe is for democrats.
10:25 am
leland: she raced toward democrats. fair to say, you were a different kind of democrat. you don't hear the identity politics first from you or your administration. we don't hear climate, climate, climate from your administration. we hear jobs, infrastructure, economic growth matched with those things. explain that here's >> so we look at things like climate, send i'm not saying it's right or wrong. >> seems like a haze. >> on from the fires in her look at what the environmental impact than if we end up closing a
10:26 am
couple coal plants can we make sure it doesn't raise people's monthly rates for their elect to go bills. they make sure that we retrain workers who are going to lose their jobs working in a coal plant or coal mine. focus on retraining people at every level. we don't have to get into the combative situation where it is us versus them, you are wrong, i'm right. this is what you learn in the restaurant business. no margin having enemies. leland: i hadn't heard that. it would seem as though politics in america today, the only march is having enemies. last question before asking the one that you're not going to answer. we look at what happened in denver in the collaboration, especially as it relates to energy. the tribe administration is in the past six months, the economic boom occurred is because of their policies of deregulation and what's to come. is colorado's economic movement energy boom related to battery
10:27 am
saying something different? >> we've been all the above. we haven't changed our policy one day. we've had wind, solar, people with inflating of houses. we also have really strong oil and gas industry. natural gas is a great partner for wind and solar. i think you need all of these above. it gives you a cleaner environment. leland: boy, you almost sound like a guy who's a state or two over to iowa and think about 2020. >> i've got about 16 months left. working on some training programs, working on how to make is the healthiest state in america. if i keep every focus, when i go over to iowa, not just me, my entire senior staff gets it. i'm a model for the rest of the country. leland: hickenlooper is term limited, so he will leave office in early 2019.
10:28 am
that would still give him a year if you decided to head over to iowa for the caucus. you'll note he did not rule out. in that we may not hear the end for men. great interview. appreciate it. still ahead, an uneasy calm day after violent crashes he trained demonstrators and white nationalists. doug mckelway is live with all the latest. >> outbreak of elizabeth. tanning beside in charlottesville, virginia where he seen so far some civil discussion so we say among people of different political viewpoints. one of them going on behind me right now. will it remain level? more coming up after the break. mail it in. learn about you and the people and places that led to you. go explore your roots. take a walk through the past.
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>> the streets of charlottesville or column today but the community still around from saturday's violence.
10:33 am
three people in total are dead. one woman died after he crowd clout through -- plowed through the crowd she was in. doug mckelway joins us now with the latest. i have to ask you a question. i understand we could be hearing from a white nationalist group or spokes person for today. is that true? >> that's right. expecting to hear from richard spencer and also jason cussler, two of the organizers of yesterday's. you might be able to see but cannot find up there in anticipation of that event. i'd be surprised if the city allowed us to go through because wherever they go through, counter oppressors as protesters show up and it becomes a mess. we don't want to see anything related to what we had yesterday. i was quite in downtown charlotte built or renounce and half a block away from where this terrific domestic cat of terrorism committed by white
10:34 am
supremacist occurred yesterday afternoon when you mow down several pedestrians and back to his dodge charger up to mow down several more. the victim identified as heather haier, 32 years old, charlottesville per the perpetrator 20-year-old james fields of ohio. he's been charged with two second-degree count of murder, three counts of malicious wounding and one count of hit-and-run. yesterday "the associated press" managed to catch up with his mother in ohio who at the time of this interview was oblivious to what her son had done. >> so this is the first year learning of it? [inaudible] >> i just knew he was going to a rally. we don't -- you know, i am
10:35 am
watching -- [inaudible] >> horrific day culminated with a second tragedy of two state troopers died in the crush of their state police are monitoring all of the protests, all of the long overhead in downtown charlottesville. is it guns pilots break and they too would've been 41 years old today. it was her day-to-day and hj, 48 years old. it may have been potentially tomorrow for the perpetrator, mr. james fields a standard practice in charlottesville two people arrested on the rican face a bond hearing at 9:00 a.m. we will be watching for that. >> we saw some complaints about a slow police response. i'm wondering, do you have any proof about? we saw a lot of police out to the live yesterday.
10:36 am
it seems to be right on par. are there complaints? >> there are a lot of complaints about the initial response and that's important to distinguish. the police had an heroic effort yesterday. the initial response was slow according to a lot of people who were there. right in the midst of it, in this day and age you can get into baseball stadium carrying an umbrella. carrie and big heavy baseball bats and sticks who are screaming at one another. they were all intermingling. the police made no effort to confiscate any of those potential weapons at all. when people were being wounded and brought out of the thick of the crowd, there is no effort to make an arrest in the early pages. when they started fine, i know this because i shot by a well-funded video. here it is right here. the state police under staging ground, only 30 to 40 yards away from where the robert e. lee
10:37 am
statue is decided to leave themselves. seems to me that it was just you and dave. later of course the riot geared police officers intervened in clear that park. a lot of people are wondering if they could admit this in the bud earlier. elizabeth, back to you. elizabeth: thank you so much. appreciate it. leland: now back to north korea as there is tough talk on both sides ahead. we will tell you what kim jong un is saying to president trump locked and loaded morning. he had his sons bearded rhetoric. general jack keane to break it down. taking a closer look at the centennial state high octane energy boom including the oil and natural gas industry of president trump.
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leland: the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is on the ground in the korean peninsula. general jones of dunford is meeting with military leaders and south korea as kim jong un doubles down. let's bring in, fox news military analyst general jack keane. thank you for joining us. spinnaker to be elizabeth. elizabeth: quick soundbite of general mcmaster this morning. and then i get your reaction. >> it depends on the nature of the threat. this is why what kim jong un is doing is very, very dangerous. any response that we have come we do a close cooperation with our allies in the region. we have been prepared for any escalation on the korean peninsula since the armistice of 1953. the difference between then and now is danger is much greater.
10:43 am
elizabeth: we heard from cia director mike pompeius said he wouldn't eat surprised if another test. so what does the administration have to do right now because they don't want to use military action, but they may have to the campus english between the test and actual potential dangers. >> a couple things have happened that are very positive. the administration to change its rhetoric from previous administrations in that policy obviously does not work because the north koreans have advanced their capabilities. regardless of the exact language the president used, the fact of the matter is he has put military option on the table to strengthen what he considered the offer which is diplomatic. that is starting to go through, talking about the diplomatic action. the comprehensive vote in the u.n. with china support in particular is very
10:44 am
consequential. the second diplomatic successes china this week if north korea attacks the united states or its allies, they would not defend it. in other words, the peninsula would be united under the capitalist government and south korea because the united states would ensure the destruction of north korea. elizabeth: always go back to china and i've asked you this before, there's not necessarily a clear solution involved, whether it be sanctions are the type of rhetoric because it's almost the same. their economies are most dependent on each other and they don't want to see north korea fail because we would see refugees on the border. that being said, can we trust china? >> our history in the past is no. this is getting to be a more serious situation for them in terms of their own national interest. has been gaining us in entering the fact that north korea is something that i every 16 months, every team than in
10:45 am
kuwait and now the stakes are very high. it's also affecting the credibility as a responsible leader. i think they want to be responsible leader, at least in that part of the world. we will see. what is happening now and i'm delighted that chairman dunford is billionaire. i think it's going to have a conversation like this with military counterparts. here is where we are. we know they have nuclear capability, eventually they will fix that on an icbm that his reentry capability. we may not be able to define exactly when that is, therefore we will have a great sound and at some point, you are forcing me to defend the american people. that is what the president says to do. you are forcing me to treat an actual attack on the united states and i will have to take military action to defend the american people.
10:46 am
don't put me in a box. elizabeth: it's uncanny to think they would poke the united states and north korea because you would think they would want nuclear weapons to preserve their regime. by what they try and mend their regime if they needed to stay counterproductive. we hope that they don't, right? >> i actually think in the long run china is the main player. they want stability on that peninsula. they know north korea is provoking the instability and was granted i look back and they will help us tailor back. reporter: thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. coming up, we are going to talk to that of the western energy alliance about colorado's energy. you don't want to miss this. stay with us. this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when...
10:47 am
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train to even the skeptical of president trump will tell you he's kept one major promise. the rollback of obama energy regulation. in six months, energy jobs and pipeline drilling have exploded. energy in america's quest is booming. coal mines are reopening and energy ceos are excited. i tactic happens, the western energy alliance who told me what she thinks of president trump's new energy policy.
10:51 am
>> is definitely delivering on his energy promises. really has been very pleasantly surprised you were just hoping not to have a third term of the obama administration and what we got is a president who's very focused on energy dominance, focused on producing here in america and just imported from overseas. leland: real world for the people of colorado and people in america, especially who want jobs, what does that mean? >> a mainstay here in the united states we create millions of jobs. we create over a trillion dollars in economic activity in the united states. so it's good for the economy, good for consumers as to keep prices very low low at the gas pump as well. leland: is there reason to have a fossil fuel based energy program are now thanks to these new regulations.
10:52 am
spinnaker think we need all types of different energy. oil and gas provides transportation. their home heating, electricity regeneration. renewables are providing electricity at certain times of the day. we still need that they find natural gas, coal for electricity generation. the whole transportation sector is oil-based. the mac this is written onto "the new york times" by william d. rock louse william d. rock louse who served as epa director and two republican presidents "the new york times" talking a little bit about how scott pruitt headed the epa is rollback any cent in secrecy. this is that he had to say. reforming the regulatory system would be a good thing if they're an honest open as them but it appears that what is happening now is taking the protection to public health and environment and then hiding it. your response.
10:53 am
>> that's completely false. no one is talking about rolling the bedrock environmental laws that we all comply within the industry. the clean air act, safe water drinking outcome is still complying with those. what the administration is doing is rolling back regulations that were redundant or that were outside of the law, put in place at the very end of the obama administration. they did not follow the law. they put in place the obama 10 they used profusely to put in regulations that didn't follow the clean air act, didn't follow the clean water act and those are being rolled back to the regular administrative procedures act process. so not in the dark. it's all for public comment. leland: is it time and again in colorado, wyoming and montana? >> we have the ability to increase production in colorado, wyoming and all over the west. prices are hovering around a 50-dollar mark, getting them up a little higher who's buried in more development in more wealth
10:54 am
in the united states. we are ready to turn on new development at the top of the time right now. we put it back in its box and we are controlling oil prices. as we see the price go up a little bit, we start to develop more and that keeps the prices low for consumers. leland: what is the return investment for d.c. regulations coming out at the trump administration? >> we expect the unlike the prior which is doing more for iranian producers and american producers, we expect we are complying with bedrock environmental laws. what we just want is we are taking advantage of the opportunity where he's a laid-back redundant regulations that were not based on law. that is a good balance to get back to put in place by the congress are then followed by the administration. not putting in place things that kill american energy production anniversaries that aren't
10:55 am
producers here at home. leland: here in colorado had not come without its problems, especially for a lot of employers very low unemployment means it is exceptionally hard to hire people. therefore they have to go out of state to recruit. but do the behind me, there's no place in america that has more of those huge skyscraper cranes and in denver. housing has become a major issue in denver and a lot of folks are moving here not only for jobs, but also because as you might know, marijuana is legal here not only for medical use, but also recreationally for folks to use marijuana. we would not have visited that these huge marijuana grow operations that are doing millions of dollars a year, paid hundreds of millions of dollars a year in taxes. we are able to do this story this weekend, but we'll bring it to you in the coming weeks. hyphenating what's going on in
10:56 am
how the industry is booming here in such issues with the trump administration. elizabeth: one of the things mentioned was different energies, renewable and bayside energies. you will have more for us next weekend and so we're looking forward to that. leland: that'll be good to get back here and do some stuff in colorado. we will see you next weekend from washington. a lot to cover, is initially the events in charlottesville. "fox news sunday" coming up with a very interesting insight into north korea from cia director mike pompeo, john hickenlooper the governor saying he wasn't worried about north korea. we will see at the cia director is in a couple of minutes.
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