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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 13, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

3:00 pm if you want to email us and come at me on twitte >> fox news alert, fresh tensions in seattle today as dualing protests are taking place right now. one event dubbed solidarity against hate. reports of the police in seattle pepper spraying the crowd as many there shouting at others quoting and i'm saying a quote here nazi go home. that just today after the deadly violence that broke out yesterday in charlottesville virginia. meantime in virginia, governor terry mcauliffe speaking just moments ago at a unity prayer rally in richmond, just a day after the deadly chaos at a white nationalist rally in charlottesville. listen. >> where do we go from here?
3:01 pm
as you know, we had folks come to our beautiful state. let's call it for what it is. they were white supremacists. they were nazis. they don't stand for us. they call themselves patriots. ladies and gentlemen, they were not patriots. they get out of bed every day to hate people and to divide our country. >> hello and welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm julie banderas in for arthel neville. eric: i'm eric shawn. one person killed, 19 others injured after a car plowed directly into a group of people who were demonstrating against the white supremacists and of course two other virginia state police troopers were then killed in a helicopter crash later yesterday afternoon who were monitoring those rallies. and tonight we are also learning more about the young woman who was killed as she was crossing the street and hit by that car. her name heather heyer.
3:02 pm
she was a 32-year-old paralegal in charlottesville. that's where she lived. her close friend put it she was standing up as she said for her beliefs. >> this is the accused driver. his name is james fields. he's 20 years old and now he's facing many very serious charges, including second degree murder, all in connection to his alleged actions, actions that president trump says he condemns in the, quote, strongest possible terms. we are live in charlottesville. we have been following this all weekend long with the very latest there. hi, doug >> hi, julie. we are standing smack dab in the middle of 4th street. this is the ground zero point for what most people here in charlottesville now call terrorist attack here. just behind me here people are laying flowers by the hundreds of makeshift memorial. further down 4th street where it meets water street, where the other cars were impacted and where our other correspondent ellison barber is standing by, there are flowers by the
3:03 pm
thousands. strong sense of calm permeating charlottesville today. that's been the case all day long with one brief exception. at 2:00 this afternoon when one of the white supremacist who is credited with organizing yesterday's rally, jason kessler called for a press conference and unfortunately for him he publicized it all on social media so no surprise then the counterprotesters showed up. he was virtually shouted down. there were chants of shame, shame and murderer, murderer. one person spit on kessler. that's when the state police decided to get him out of there. they did it through the hedges, through the side of the building. the richmond times dispatch that another person punched kessler at that point and there was one arrest, a misdemeanor case of assault and battery. meanwhile, the alleged murderer, james fields remains in police custody. he's facing his first court appearance, probably tomorrow, charged with second degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding and one count of hit-and-run.
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the feds now we hear from our justice department producer jake gibson are also ramping up charges. they are looking at whether he had help in planning the attack. they are looking at the possibility of domestic terrorism charges, hate crime charges in addition to that, as well as civil rights violations. it's becoming clear that fields had an obsession with naziism and adolf hitler. here's a sound bite from his former high schoolteacher. >> like i said, i don't really talk to him about it, you know, political views. i mean, he just -- so i don't really understand or what the rally was about or anything. i just know there was -- he did mention alt -- >> alt right. it's ultra conservative white supremacist organizations.
3:05 pm
>> i didn't know it was white supremacists. i thought it had something to do with trump. >> that was obviously his mother, not his high schoolteacher. we will try to get that for you a little bit later. she was completely as you heard there oblivious at least appeared to be oblivious or said to be oblivious with what her son was up to. mourning meanwhile continues for the two chopper pilots who were killed which ended a day of chaos with another component of absolute tragedy. the pilots berke bates who was supposed to turn 41 today and the other pilot h. jay cullen, 48-year-old both perished in the crash. this video of the flames emerging from the woods where the chopper went down obtained by tmz. governor mcauliffe apparently knew those two men very well. he was a frequent passenger in that helicopter. at a vigil in richmond today, he again called on all people to condemn this kind of hatred. >> i call upon everyone, and i
3:06 pm
call upon every elected official from the white house to the statehouse to all the local offices. we got to call it out for what it is. it is hatred. it is bigotry. and our leaders got to be very frank, unequivocal, we will not tolerate that in our country. >> there was supposed to be a candlelight vigil beginning at 7:00 p.m. tonight where i'm standing and down the block. we are now hearing it's been postponed indefinitely out of safety concerns. you can read that to mean they fear intrusion by the alt right. back to you in new york. >> doug, thank you very much. eric? eric: julie, meanwhile the white house tonight trying to clarify what president trump said about the violence in charlottesville, virginia, when he appeared before the cameras yesterday in new jersey. the white house saying of course the president condemns white supremacists, the kkk, neo-nazis
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and all extremist groups. this after both republicans and democrats have criticized the president for condemning hatred and violence when he said it came from, quote, many sides, many sides he called it, while not exactly blaming or using the term white supremacists. kristin fisher is covering the president's day and is live in bridgewater new jersey for us tonight. hi, kristin. >> hey, eric, within the last minute or so, president donald trump just retweeted a link to a story about the department of justice opening a civil rights investigation on the car attack in shar -- charlottesville. that's the first time we have heard from president trump directly about what took place yesterday. we did get a fresh statement from the white house this morning. and it reads, quote, the president said very strongly in his statement yesterday that he condemns all forms of violence, bigotry, and hatred and of course that includes white supremacists, kkk, neo-nazi and all extremist groups.
3:08 pm
now, this morning the white house homeland security advisor also defended the president's initial statement saying that it was enough, and here's why. >> i for one was with the president yesterday and proud of the fact that he stood up and calmly looked into the camera and condemned this violence and bigotry in all its forms. this racial intolerance and racial bigotry cannot be condoned. >> but for republican senators like marco rubio and lindsay graham, the new statement, it is a step in the right direction but it still doesn't pack quite as much punch as if the president had come out and said it himself. they want him to once and for all distance himself from these extremist groups, a chance that senator lindsay graham says that he squandered yesterday >> he missed an opportunity to be very explicit here. these groups seem to believe they have a friend in donald trump and the white house. i don't know why they believe that. but they don't see me as a friend in the senate.
3:09 pm
and i would urge the president to dissuade these groups that he's their friend. >> and indeed that is exactly what the first daughter and senior advisor said in a tweet this morning. she says, quote, there should be no place in society for racism, white supremacy, and neo-nazis, we must all come together as americans and be one country united. so ivanka trump issuing this morning the strongest condemnation that we've heard yet from someone within president trump's inner circle. eric? eric: kristin, we will have more analysis on this newscast in just a few minutes. thank you. julie? julie: fox news alert on our other top story of the day, folks living in largely catholic guam turning to religion and praying for peace between the u.s. and north korea on the u.s. pacific island territory there they are facing a missile threat from the rogue regime. william la jeunesse joins us
3:10 pm
live from guam with the very latest. hi, william. >> you know, there are a lot of moving parts and there's a time line here, you know, a korean missile could land out here next hour, next month, next year or never. but for some people that's unsettling especially given who is behind the threat. kim jong-un sounds at times crazy. others here are indifferent or confident that a u.s. missile defense would knock down anything incoming. on fox news sunday cia director believes, he said, that north korea will continue its nuclear program and its missile testing program, but he does not believe we are on the cusp of a nuclear war. >> i would describe him as rational. he responds to adverse circumstances and as the trump administration continues to put diplomatic pressure on the regime, i'm confident that he will see that and that the people around him will see that. >> so here on guam, where kim threatened to point and maybe
3:11 pm
shoot four missiles as early as this week, life goes on. and that includes sunday mass as you said, 85% of the island is catholic. the arch bishop has asked the clergy in each parish to basically address the fear and anxiety that many in the congregation feel and how they are handling that stress differently, sometimes, but he did say that people often find comfort in their faith, even knowing a north korean missile could strike under 15 minutes from launch to impact. >> most of us were born and raised here, so of course we're worried. i mean wouldn't you be worried if it was in your hometown? >> so my point is, let's not just pray to god when we need some help, when we're in a crisis. let's always remember to have god at the top of our list. >> we're not worried out here because our military capability out here in the western pacific. i mean, there's huge capability out here. >> so some speculate that given kim's history and to save face
3:12 pm
given what he has said, he will have to launch something sometime somewhere soon. but they don't believe he will point it here. also, the chairman of the joint chiefs is headed to south korea and japan for military planning and he's going to china as well for some arm-twisting as tensions rise here in the pacific. back to you. julie: william la jeunesse in guam, thank you very much. eric? eric: a fox news alert, vice president mike pence has touched down in columbia starting a week long latin american trip. he and his wife karen have arrived, just two days after president trump said that military options are on the table to deal with the unrest and the attack on democracy that's occurring next door to that country in venezuela. that's more than 120 people have so far died in months of violent protests against the policies and crackdown by socialist president nicolas maduro. we are live in our washington bureau with more on what we can expect. >> you are right about that, the vice president stop in columbia
3:13 pm
one of several stops he will make in south america including argentina, chile and panama, and this is an important opportunity for the trump administration to bolster relations in particular economic times with a number of burgeoning economies in south america. now, there are a number of pressing issues as he spends his time there, trade, trafficking and security but clearly it is the unfolding drama in venezuela that will dominate the headlines and list of concerns among u.s. allies. government in caracas, food shortages and corruption. today president trump's national security advisor said there are several options under consideration. >> the president has asked us to look at what could happen next. what could happen in venezuela. we want to not only be able to cope with the current situation but understand better how this crisis might evolve.
3:14 pm
>> we have watched in my seven months in office continued deterioration. what i believe the president was trying to accomplish this week was to give the venezuelan people hope and opportunity to create a situation where democracy can be restored in venezuela again. >> of course this being washington as you can well imagine, not everybody on capitol hill agrees with the wisdom of that possibility. you can count south carolina senator lindsay graham among them. >> i'm a pretty hawkish guy. i know that if we don't send more troops to afghanistan, it is going to fail, and every soldier in afghanistan is an insurance policy against another 9/11. i know while we have troops in iraq and syria to train people to destroy isil. i know why we have troops in south korea and europe, to protect us against threats like north korea. i have no idea why we would use military force in venezuela. >> meanwhile, i want to pass this along, the miami herald is reporting tonight that a key
3:15 pm
figure in venezuela one of the leaders there is said to have put out a hit on florida senator marco rubio. that's according to the miami herald this evening and they are citing u.s. intelligence reporting having gained that information sometime last month. we are told that while it has not been substantiated, they are taking it seriously enough that senator rubio is receiving extra security both in miami and here in washington. we will keep an eye on that story. back to you. eric: that's very troubling. kevin cork, thank you. julie? julie: so the violence in charlottesville and president trump's response to it drawing strong reaction across the political spectrum. what lawmakers are saying today. >> our democracy has been through much worse than this, but that requires us to rise to the occasion. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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this isn't a time for innuendo or to allow room to be read between the lines. this is a time to lay blame. to lay blame on bigotry and to lay blame on white supremacists and white nationalism and on hatred. that needs to be said. eric: president trump is still taking heat from republicans as well as democrats as is expected after condemning the violence in charlottesville, virginia, but you know, the controversy continues for failing to explicitly blame and say the words white supremacy, say critics and saying that the threat comes from many sides as
3:20 pm
he called it. senator rubio tweeting this saying quote very important for the nation to hear potus to describe events in charlottesville for what they are, a terror attack by white supremacists. senator hatch writing we should call evil by its name. my brother didn't give his life fighting hitler for nazi ideas to go unchallenged here at home. were they unchallenged? judy millered a -- judy miller, a fox news contributor is joining us now. the president did condemn the violence. he said there's no place for this type of hatred in america, but some critics and some republicans saying it wasn't enough. >> well, i think those republicans are right, and they've been quiet a lot of them until now. but this was an instance in which many americans saw the video of this young man crashing into a group of anti-racism
3:21 pm
protesters and look, eric, you and i cover terrorism and i cover terrorism in the middle east. i'm telling you, this was domestic terrorism. it was an act aimed at killing people in intimidation for political purposes. that's what terrorism is. and for donald trump, who spent much of the campaign lambasting president obama and hilary clinton for not calling radical islamic terror by its own name, for him not to call this what it was, was a great disappointment, a great, great terrible -- missed opportunity. that's the kindest thing i heard and that came from lindsay graham. so i don't think the president did enough. eric: but some would say he didn't have all the facts. the law enforcement has not put out the details in dealing with the suspect, although we have heard through the media reports that he supposedly was infatuated with hitler and infatuated with the nazis and was, you know, part of the
3:22 pm
rally, the white nationalist rally. >> well, as it's been said, who are you going to believe me or your lying eyes? we all saw that video. it was very clear very early on what was going on here. the president at the very least missed an opportunity. but i think it became very clear that there are two subjects that president trump simply doesn't want to criticize, he doesn't want to go by -- he doesn't want to criticize the people in his base, who happen to share those ideas. and secondly, he doesn't want to criticize vladimir putin of russia. those are the two subjects and people he simply won't go near. it is amazing to me that the president was actually tougher on what he calls fake news than he was on real bigotry in this country. and it is a terrible, terrible thing. eric: the white house -- i guess 36 hours later did clarify some of this. here's a statement they gave us saying the president said very strongly in his statement yesterday that he condemns all
3:23 pm
forms of violence, bigotry and hatred and of course that includes here's the word, white supremacists, kkk, neo-nazi and all extremist groups. he called for national unity in bringing all americans together and ivanka has tweeted there should be no place in society for racism, white supremacy and neo-nazis. we must come together as americans and be country united. the security counselor said the president didn't want to dignify the groups by saying them in the statement yesterday. do you buy that? >> no, i don't. and ivanka trump, the last time i checked, she may be a very talented young woman, but she's not the president of the united states. nor is the spokesman who echoed those words this morning. he had an opportunity to come out and condemn what must be condemned and he chose not to do it. and i think he did that for very political reasons.
3:24 pm
and that disappoints me, and more than that, it disappointed his fellow republicans, who have gotten increasingly nervous, i think, about mr. trump, about his reckless rhetoric with respect to north korea, who have been looking for an excuse, a justification for distancing himself -- themselves from their president, and i think they found it in what donald trump did not say yesterday, even though his spokesman and his daughter said it today. eric: newt gingrich earlier this morning said he does expect a stronger statement from the president himself over the next day, you know, or so. what in your view should he say? what do you expect? >> i would welcome him to say just what his daughter said and just what the white house spokesman said. but it has to come from him because so many people in this country who voted for him look up to him as president. they are looking for a signal. and the alt right groups themselves when the president
3:25 pm
did not specifically condemn what happened as terrorism and white supremacy, when he failed to do that, they started immediately tweeting and reacting on social media, saying you see, he's sending us a signal. this is okay. they have to know this is not okay. not in america. republicans think that. democrats think that. and as someone who covers terrorism, i can tell you this is just as reprehensible as what i saw in nice, in france, where that truck mowed down a bunch of people. we can't have that in this country. and the president, it's up to him to condemn it specifically. eric: finally, you obviously very troubled and clearly scared, i mean concerned potentially about the result of that type of silence. >> yes, i am, because i know as someone who has spent a long time looking at terrorist incidents in this country, that the alt right is far more violence prone than the left
3:26 pm
wing groups that the right always complains about. >> does that include the anti -- even the anti people? there's a photo with a guy supposedly with a hairspray with fire, the critics say -- >> i'm not saying they are not violence prone, that some of them are not, but in terms of the record there's simply no comparison between right wing violence in this country and black lives matter, there's simply not, not yet anyway. maybe things could change. people could get more frustrated and violent, but if you talk to terrorism experts, they will tell you the threat, the people who blow up mosques, who run their cars into protesters, this is primarily a right wing phenomenon. i'm not apologizing for the left. not at all. i want to call radical islamic terror radical islamic terror. i believe calling these things what they are and i think
3:27 pm
president trump should have done that, and i hope he will. >> we will see what he does. there was a protester as i recall shot during one of the black lives matter protests in charlotte several months ago so sadly tragically there are these tensions in our country. we will see what the president has to say probably more about that tomorrow. judy miller, as always, thank you. >> i think we will. thank you, eric. eric: julie? julie: hospital officials in charlottesville virginia giving an update on the victims of yesterday's horrific car attack on counterprotesters at a white nationalist rally. we will have the latest on their condition, coming up next. plus, the federal government now opening a civil rights investigation after this man was charged in connection with that deadly attack. the question now is will they be able to charge him with a hate crime as well? how difficult will that be? our legal panel weighs in, next.
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new information coming in on the victims who are still being treated in charlottesville, virginia, after they were struck by that car yesterday. ellison barber is live at the university of virginia medical complex in charlottesville with more on the remaining patients' conditions. hi, ellison. >> hi, eric. we have actually moved over to the area where this car crash took place, 4th street and waters. 20 people were injured here and sent to the hospital. 19 of those were treated yesterday and today at the university of virginia medical center. one person passed away. ten people are still in the hospital tonight officials say their conditions are improving. all are said to be in good condition right now. 32-year-old heather heyer did not survive. police say she was walking across the street when a car drove towards the crowd. there's a memorial here. there's also one at a local restaurant where heather heyer worked. there's a photo of her propped up in a store window. underneath it someone wrote
3:33 pm
about heather saying in part, quote, she was so incredibly caring and compassionate towards those around her and we will miss her. every day she lived and died standing up for what she believed in. police say 20-year-old james fields jr. drove a car into two other cars and a crowd of people rallying against the white supremacist groups in town for a rally of their own protesting the removal of a statue honoring confederate general robert e. lee. the injured group was described by witnesses as counterprotesters, anti-white nationalists. we expected a candlelight vigil to take place where i'm standing tonight at about 7:00 but we heard from some people organizing it through facebook groups that the vigil may not take place because of concerns for safety and out of respect for the family, but i don't know if you can hear, eric, people are here behind me, and they are singing. they have been singing some hymns. they sang imagine by john lennon. then they were singing i've got peace like a river. whether there's a vigil
3:34 pm
officially scheduled here tonight or not it doesn't matter. people have been coming here and coming here all day bringing flowers and notes. this is a community hurting but also a community coming here trying to prove that they are bigger than this and this is a place about love. eric? eric: ellison, can we listen for a second and see if we can hear that? ♪ >> they are coming together. senseless and sad event. ellison, thank you. julie? julie: a federal civil rights investigation now underway into those deadly events in charlottesville, virginia, where that car plowed into the crowd. 20-year-old james fields from ohio, he was arrested after the crash and now charged with second degree murder, but that could just be the beginning. let's bring in our legal panel, david schwartz, a defense attorney and former prosecutor and wendy patrick is a veteran prosecutor and trial attorney. thank you both for talking to me.
3:35 pm
>> thank you. julie: we have just learned through a department of justice official familiar with the charlottesville investigation telling fox news apparently the doj has actually opened a federal civil rights hate crime investigation saying, and i'm quoting, the civil rights divisions criminal section works with its partners in the united states attorneys offices and the fbi to enforce federal criminal civil rights statutes including hate crime statuses one or more of which may be implicated by yesterday's tragic attack. wendy, do you foresee federal hate charges coming and how difficult would that be to prove a hate crime in this case in particular? >> two very good questions, julie. and first, our hearts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and that community, such a terrible time. but when it comes to hate crime, that's a bit of a misnomer because prosecutors don't need to prove hate. all they need to prove is that a victim was selected, based -- listen to the way it is phrased,
3:36 pm
on his or her membership actual or perceived in a protected category. that can be race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, what have you. counterprotesters are not a protected group, so you have to think there's got to be the kind of background circumstances you would need in order to find it -- going to be awfully difficult to prove a hate crime. however, now that you heard a federal investigation has been undertaken, that kind of circumstantial evidence that we're no doubt going to find in terms of that investigation, that can then be used for a state hate crime investigation and also potentially for domestic terrorism. so you can go from there. julie: domestic terrorism is one of the things that the feds are looking into. they are also looking into whether or not fields had helped plan the attack. -- had help planning the attack. witnesses from our reporters on the ground had said basically they overheard white supremacists shouting to the driver of the vehicle which direction to drive the car, yelling something like this way, this way, that way. so there seems to be a good chance this guy didn't act alone.
3:37 pm
so what charges could those who helped plan or carry out this attack face? >> well, i mean, certainly fields, he's facing the murder charges right now. and look, you are going to have to look at all the evidence. you are going to have to investigate this case to figure out if there are any other charges. now, as to the bystanders, or they are not just bystanders, they could be co-conspirators and there's a fine line between being a bystander and a co-conspirator. if you are 1% involved in this attack, just 1%, you could be charged for the crimes the same exact crimes that field is being charged with. julie: second degree murder? >> absolutely a second degree murder and the domestic terrorism charges and any other civil rights charges as well. julie: wendy, do you think a second degree murder charge is strong enough? i mean, if it is proven that this was indeed intentional and this guy planned all of this, and he wanted to kill somebody, i mean, they should throw the book at this guy, what he committed is domestic terrorism,
3:38 pm
and the charges facing him should serve as an example that this type of behavior will not be tolerated in this country. second degree murder charge, is that tough enough? >> that's right, amen, julie, first of all to everything you just said. the reason it is second degree murder is right now you have a level of recklessness that resulted in a death. once the investigation is complete, once they are able to find the surrounding circumstances, whether it's planning, whether it's the, you know, more evidence of a motive, remember we're looking at his social media, the bystanders whether it's going to be a conspiracy, you can bet that the prosecutors are going to take that extra information and elevate the charge to whatever they see. they are also looking at whether it is identity or identity plus ideology. in other words, were those victims targeted because of their membership in a protecteded class and the larger question of are we looking at a greater ideology? and remember there's no double jeopardy proceeding both statewide and federally. so like the dylann roof case, if you remember that in charleston,
3:39 pm
it actually could end up being both jurisdictions pursuing the same or similar charges. no problem with that at all. julie: david real quick? >> let me add, even though they may not be able to prove that he intended to kill any one person, when you act with this -- >> what do you expect when you drive a car 40 miles-per-hour through a crowd? >> let me finish. >> his defense is going to have a hard time. >> i'm making your point. when you have a depraved indifference for human life, that's another theory of murder, even though you may not have intended to kill a particular person, when you act with such depravity, you could also be charged with murder. >> great point. david schwartz, thank you very much. wendy patrick, thank you. i didn't think that you were arguing, my point, i was just saying -- >> no, i was making your point. julie: i'm with you 100% both of you. thank you both. eric: the national security advisor is speaking out about the threat of north korea.
3:40 pm
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be up for it eric: fox news alert on the threat from north korea president trump's national security advisor mcmaster stressing today that he does not believe war with north korea as he says is anymore imminent than it was a week ago, also say north korea's nuclear arsenal is a concern for more than just the u.s. >> the president through his engagement with world leaders with our allies, our great allies, japan and south korea, but also now with china, have recognized really three fundamental things, the first is, this isn't just a u.s. problem. this is a world problem. the second is that china has real influence to be able to cope with this. and the third, and this is what's most important, that the goal, the common goal that we have to pursue is denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> denuclearization of the
3:45 pm
korean peninsula. former advisor to the u.s. nato commanders is joining us now. how do you do that? he's not going to give them up. kim jong-un is never going to give up his nuclear weapons, i believe, and they have said as much. they said it is not on the table. they are not going to negotiate. we can all go take a hike. >> that's right. it would be a crushing prestige blow for his regime if he were to give up nuclear weapons. he almost might not survive that from the hit to his prestige with his generals and with his public. eric: why this talk? is at all in any realm of reality of possibility that they would dismantle the nuclear weapons? probably not because he saw what happened to qaddafi when the nuclear program went to the department of energy down in tennessee in storage. what would convince him to potentially do that? >> well, i think if he was ever going to make the decision that now is the time to give them up, this will be the moment because the pressure on north korea is higher than i would venture to say it ever has been before, with the u.n. sanctions
3:46 pm
resolution that was just passed, biggest certainly in our generation. but also by very curious statements out of china, including from the state run media, that said not only would china not become north korea if it attacked the u.s., but it wouldn't necessarily, it implied it wouldn't necessarily back north korea if the u.s. attacked its nuclear or missile sites. it would only protect the north koreans if there was a threat to the political regime. i think the north koreans are pretty isolated right now and that will make them more willing to deal. >> they can just tell beijing as they have in the past we are not going to play ball unless beijing turns the lights out. >> yeah, except regionally there will be serious geopolitical consequences for beijing; right? there will be a question of how much does china want to play and is willing to play by the rules of the sanctions that are on the road; right? how much are they willing to tow the line with respect to what the u.s. has done and the u.n. has done? eric: do you think they are.
3:47 pm
>> i do, i think it is going to require us investigating the chinese and seeing which chinese companies are doing that. that was a key part of bringing china to the bargaining table with iran and chinese companies routinely violated the embargo against iran. we started to pressure them in the early years of the obama administration and that was gradually scaled back. i think there's a chance. eric: one of the overviews of this in the "wall street journal" this weekend henry kissinger writes in part china at this point may have even greater interest than the u.s. in forestalling the nuclearization of asia. beijing runs the risk of deteriorating relations with america if it gets blamged for insufficient -- if it gets blamed for insufficient pressure on pyongyang since denuclearization requires sustained cooperation it cannot be achieved by economic pressure, it requires a u.s. chinese understanding of the aftermath specifically about north korea's political and deployment restraints on its territory. basically what he's saying if
3:48 pm
japan gets nuclear weapons, south korea, that changes the whole counterbalance and the global strategy and it would be a chance for china to see some daylight to maybe actually do something. >> that's right. the second part of his statement points to the long range strategic problem and the choice the u.s. is going to have, which is it willing to accept a denuclearized unified korean peninsula if that means south korea breaks its alliance with the u.s.? this was the choice we faced with germany in the early 50s. stalin made an offer that said hey, we will allow germany to unify if it leaves nato. the u.s. turned that down. and i suspect down the road, as kissing kissinger hints at, eventually we will face that choice with south korea. >> what do you think the answer will be? >> we won't do it. south korea is more valued as an ally. >> the threat continues. we will see what happens at the negotiating table, if it hopefully gets to that. andrew, good to see you. >> thank you very much.
3:49 pm
julie: charlottesville isn't the only city mourning the loss of life from yesterday's rally. people in cities all across the country banding together to show solidarity and support. we will have more coming up. out this fresh roasted flavor. looks delicious, huh? -yeah. -and how about that aroma? -love that aroma! umph! -craveability, approved! irresistibly planters. to f...nerve pain shoots and burns its way into your day... ...i hear you. when that pain makes simple errands simply unbearable... ...i hear you. i hear you because my dad struggled with this pain. make sure your doctor hears you too. so folks, don't wait. step on up. and talk to your doctor. because you have places to go... ...and people who can't wait for you to get there. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands... step on up and talk to your doctor today. i ...prilosec otc 7 years ago,my doctor recommended... 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn.
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eric: live in charlottesville
3:53 pm
virginia it is a tearful mournful emotional evening on this sunday night. you are looking at the vigil for heather heyer, the young woman, 32 years old crossing the street when she was allegedly run down by that car that plowed into the crowd of the antiprotesters. miss heyer worked at a local law firm. there are mournful vigils for her, remembrances, many people knew her. let's just listen for a moment and take in this scene. heather heyer was 3 the years old -- was 32 years old. the rest of the country is now rallying around the victims of the charlottesville violence, as you know, besides heather two state troopers were killed in the helicopter crash when it went down while it was monitoring some of those rallies. 19 more people went to the hospital. one of the many cities across the country that has been showing support for the victims, san francisco, the site of what
3:54 pm
you are looking at there, a candlelight vigil there last night. will carr is live in our los angeles bureau with more. hi, will. >> and eric, we have seen rallies across the country this weekend including in seattle which had dualing rallies this afternoon, one filled with antifascists, the other with supporters of president trump. at one point police had to cut off the antifascists many of whom had their faces covered and appeared to be looking for trouble as they were heading towards the pro trump group. the seattle times reporting that police used blast balls and pepper spray to keep the two groups separated and the seattle police department just tweeting several pictures of weapons that had been confiscated including a wooden board with exposed screws. in los angeles dozens marched last night in front of lapd headquarters, they were chanting no justice, no peace, stop white terrorists in solidarity with charlottesville. >> the reason why we protest is to send a loud and clear message that we are fearless, that we are going to continue to organize.
3:55 pm
>> rallies have also taken place in new york, atlanta, and chicago, and many other cities where we saw marches, candlelight vigils. >> it is important for people to realize that it could have been any of us, anyone who was in the street that went to stand up against white supremacy and fascism within our country, and that's quite shocking for us, so we thought we wanted to come together and kind of collectively mourn. >> in oakland, protesters took it a step further last night, swarming interstate 580 and they shut it down for at least 15, to 20 minutes, they set off fireworks in the process. nobody was hurt. and police did not make any arrests for that rally. eric? eric: will, thank you very much. julie? julie: a special opportunity for our military men and women giving them an emotionally charged trip they will never soon forget. that's next.
3:56 pm
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3:59 pm
honoring the men and women who sacrifice and serve. that is the goal of the honor flight network that takes veterans to washington d.c., free of charge, to honor their service. >> they flew from wisconsin so they could see first-hand the
4:00 pm
58000 names that are etched on the vietnam memorial, and of course we thank them all for their service. >> very emotional and touching for them to give their thanks in person. thank you so much for watching with us. >> americans are mourning the lives lost in charlottesville and sending a message to white supremacist, telling them you will not divide us. i'm in for harris faulkner. this is the fox report. >> of vigil is being held in charlottesville and a couple others about to get underway in front of the white house. examples of americans across the country tonight standing in solidarity against the white supremacists


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