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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  August 13, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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country as a whole. we have differences but we do not fight them in that way and we can have a civil debate and disagree without going to that level. >> i think we've shown tonight, i do appreciate you all fo themn person. thank you so much for watching with us. >> americans are mourning the lives lost in charlottesville and sending a message to white supremacist, telling them you will not divide us. i'm in for harris faulkner. this is the fox report. >> of vigil is being held in charlottesville and a couple others about to get underway in front of the white house. examples of americans across the country tonight standing in solidarity against the white supremacists who swarmed
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charlottesville yesterday in what was believed to be the largest gathering of neo-nazis, skinheads and kkk members in a decade. the results were deadly. a 23-year-old man is in police custody after accelerating his car into a crowd of counter protesters. you see it there. many, including president trump security advisor are calling the for terror attack. the impact injuring 19 people and killing one woman. her name is heather higher. she was 32 years old. she worked at a law firm. those who knew her said she died doing something she was passionate about, standing up for her fellow americans. one friend has already raised over $1,100,000 for her family. >> i just want to do my best to make sure they don't have to worry about anything. all people of color, whether it's blacks or hispanics.
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>> doug is live in charlottesville. we are hearing the feds are ramping up the investigation into the suspect. >> thanks to some fine reporting by our justice department, we have learned that we are filing a lot of federal charges against james. they want to know did he have help in planning the attack. they have opened a civil rights case against him and federal charges are also a possibility. he is expected, we believe, to make his first court appearance in charlottesville tomorrow morning. we've also learned he was obsessed with nazi -ism and adolf hitler. here's a soundbite from one of his former high school teachers.
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it was weird. >> he loved hitler and the nazi movement. he thought they were all geniuses in the whole white supremacy thing. >> also today, one of the organizers of yesterday's unite the right rally tried to hold a press conference. jason kessler publicized it on social media, and because of that this is the reception he got. not just cameras and supporters but dozens of counter protesters who shouted him down chanting shame, shame, murderer. you can hear a single thing he said. one of the protesters spat on him and the police made their move in got him out of there quickly. he was apparently punched in the personal responsible for that punch was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault.
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richard spencer had planned to be at that press conference today. he later tweeted out he wouldn't make it but he will have a press conference tomorrow. it will be interesting to see what kind of reception he gets there. >> doug, i understand you have new information on the helicopter crash that killed two state troopers. >> new video at least, this was obtained by tmz which shows the immediate aftermath of the cra crash. there are also still pictures of the crash which seem to show the tail section of the helicopter separated from the rest of the fuselage. the ntsb has begun its investigation. they will have full jurisdiction over the investigation. they will attempt to eliminate those who are proliferating on the internet and fake news that the helicopter was shot down. there is no evidence that is the case.
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certainly the ntsb will want to eliminate that as a possibility and it is unlikely we will hear anything from them in the near future. they tend to be very deliberate and will embark on this investigation over time. it could take months or years. >> you been there all weekend, can you give us a sense of the mood on the ground? it seems pretty calm their. >> it really does. take a look around the pedestrian mall, it's a lovely sunday afternoon. people are strolling about. this is the epicenter of this horrific crime, a terrorist incident which happened yesterday. this is the street we are now standing which the dodge charger piloted came down here at a high rate of speed and ended up at the bottom of this block. there was supposed to be a vigil slated for 7:00 o'clock. we understand that has been postponed because of security concerns. it doesn't seem that people are paying much attention to that. they continue to congregate in greater and greater number. >> we appreciate your time.
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>> meanwhile white house officials are using stronger language to condemn the violence in virginia. trump's national security advisor, hr mcmaster said it meets the definition of terrorism and should serve as a wake-up call to all americans. >> what this is, what you see here is someone who is a criminal who is committing a criminal act against fellow americans. it may have been motivated and will see what's turned up in this investigation by this hatred and bigotry which i mentioned, we have to extinguish and are nascent. we have to ask ourselves, what are we teaching our children around the dinner table. what are we teaching them in school? we ought to be teaching about what makes america exceptional. >> kristin fisher is live from bridgewater. kristin, walk us through the president statement and how they've evolved over the past 24 hours. >> from his very first week, president trump condemned the violence and the hate.
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what he didn't do was take sides. he blamed all sides. that's what created a lot of the controversy. now, according to an unnamed white house official, president trump is siding on one side. he said very strongly in a statement yesterday that he condemns all forms of violence, bigotry and hatred, and of course, that includes white supremacist, kkk, neo-nazis and all extreme groups. there has certainly been an evolution, but it's still not quite as strong a statement as if it had come from trump himself. the strongest condemnation that we've heard from anyone came from the first daughter and senior advisor. she said this morning, there should be no place in society for racism. white supremacist and neo-nazis, we must all come together as americans and be one country
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united. that kind of direct condemnation is what republican senators like lindsey graham say that america still needs to hear from the president. >> this president has done an incredible job of naming terrorism around the globe as evil. whether it's in europe or the middle east, he said and called out time and time again, this president needs to do exactly that today. >> cory gardner missed an opportunity to be very explicit. these groups believe they have a friend in donald trump in the white house. i don't know why they believe that but they don't see me as a friend in the senate and i would urge the president to persuade these groups that he is their friend. >> the only direct response from president trump came about an hour ago. it was a retweet to an article about the department of justice and the fbi opening a civil rights investigation. >> perhaps evolution of the president's statements were because of a reaction that he
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got from white supremacist and white nationalist group. >> let me just start with david duke. he has been praised and announced by the former leader of the kkk. he has been praised for some of the things that align with his vision of america but he's also been criticized, one of his tweets sing remember, it was white americans who put you in the presidency, but most of these groups, by and large, very pleased with president trump's response to all this violence in charlottesville and it's made evidence by the leader of one of the most radical white supremacist neo-nazi websites out there, the daily stormer. its leader said, trump comments were good. he didn't attack us when asked to condemn, he just walked out of the room. really good. god bless him. very clear that a lot of these white supremacist and white national groups are very pleased with how trump has responded. >> thank you.
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it was a tragic day for u.s. troops overseas. the u.s. military confirmed the deaths of two american soldiers aiding in the fight against isis in iraq. five other service members were wounded while conducting a combat operation in the northern part of the operation. the men who were killed were not attacked by enemy forces. more than 5000 american troops are in iraq, providing supports to iraqis troops. eleven u.s. troops have been killed in action in iraq since the campaign was launched. the u.s. is in a war of words against north korea. mike pompeo said he hopes the situation will not escalate any further. >> is it rational? is it disciplined? i wouldn't describe him as
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>> i'm quite confident he will continue to try to develop his missile program. it wouldn't surprise me if there was another missile test. he conducted two in july. >> when you say there's nothing eminent. >> i've heard folks say that were on the cusp of a nuclear war. there's no intelligence that would indicate we are in that place. >> mike pompeo anna lengthy interview on fox news sunday, downplaying threats of nuclear war against north korea. chairman of the joint chief,
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joseph dunford, making the trip to meet with military leaders as this comes during a time of high tension between the two countries that have been escalating for the past two weeks. more on this from washington. >> mike pompeo set on fox news sunday he believes north korean leaders, kim jong-un is a rational person. he said he will continue to develop his missile program and there will be more missile tes tests. >> each time they cast another missile or if they should conduct a nuclear weapons test, they develop expertise, they expand the envelope and it's probably fair to say they are moving toward that at an ever alarming rate. >> today on the sunday show, blame passing between those who
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side with the president and heated words of fire and fury and those who believe his rhetoric over the past week has been reckless. >> it has reduced maneuvers if you will. >> trump, all those people were questioning him, how well did you do. >> they haven't taken this on. they've made clear that it's his intention to protect the american people. the top u.s. general is meeting with military and civilian leaders. the administration is a diplomatic and economic campaign to get north korea to give up their ambitions. >> later this month the u.s. is planning to take part in annual military exercises with the south koreans and japanese. the show force is designed to dissuade north korea and will involve tens of thousands of
10:17 pm
troops and some wonder if the exercises will further increase tensions. >> some say pompeo is too critical. >> it's just fundamentally false but i do have bias, there's no doubt about that. i will be aggressive but we will win and we will perform our functions. we will be the premier espionage organization in the history of the world. that's my only bias. >> you can catch the interview on fox news sunday. tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. british police admitted they got the wrong man. they thought this man pushed a woman in front of an oncoming bus. more on that. plus, many in guam pa are prayig for peace. how the island is preparing for the threat.
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an advanced fiber-network infrustructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. authorities in the uk have started a new search for the man who pushed a woman in the path of a london bus. this was after an american was cleared in connection with a crime. security cameras capture the incident in may. you can see a jogger shove the woman toward the road and she falls in the path of a double-decker bus who managed to avoid her. they arrested a 41-year-old american investment baker but released him without charges. the man's attorney said they
10:22 pm
have proof he was in the u.s. of time. quam is living under the threat of a nuclear strike of nuclear war. many spent the sunday praying for peace. north korea said plans were in the work to launch missiles at guam. how is it going there? >> it's not something everyone is talking about anymore. maybe the shock has worn off. whenever america does anything wrong, guam gets the blame so there used to hearing it from their asian neighbors. this threat was different because it was so precise. for miles -- for missiles, 18 miles offshore. nevertheless, today on meet the press, hr mcmaster set a nuclear
10:23 pm
tiff with north korea is not in anyone's interest. >> this is not in anyone's best interest. china has the ability to influence this and third, the common goal that we have to pursue his denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> as you said, chairman of the joints chief is going to china and the korean conflict. they want to avoid any military miscalculation as this situation continues to develop. >> what was the message in church today. >> the church that we attended, the priest focused people's attention by asking this question, how would you feel about your life if you only had 15 minutes left. of course he is referring to the amount of time it takes for missile to fly from north korea to guam. this island is about 85% catholic, the arch bishop had
10:24 pm
asked them to reduce the fear and anxiety and those we spoke too, they found comfort in their faith. >> if you had 14 minutes, what would you do with the rest of your life. would you be at peace with yourself. >> there's a little anxiety. >> he mentioned that maybe now would be the time for the opportunity to reevaluate what matters the most. >> as long as we've been here, i'd say we have two takeaways. you don't feel any paranoia here and maybe the attention that's being paid to in washington and in the media. there is a high degree of confidence that the military and the president will protect this island due to the layered defense they have and they will
10:25 pm
be fine. >> that's a sobering thought. >> it will be a busy week for you. thanks for being there. >> mike pence is also on the road. he is also in south america. he's expected to face a lot of questions about the military intervention in venezuela. plus, the city of charlottesville virginia is sending a message of love and defiance after the deadly attacks in a white supremacist rally. we will have an update on the victims but first the congressman who serves this ar area. >> i'm afraid for our future. i have a child due in a month. to think my child might be born in a world that's regressing is genuinely frightening. constipated? trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes.
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look at a vigil taking place in charlottesville virginia. that community is standing shoulder and shoulder against racism. there was a horrific vehicle attack that left one woman dead and sent 19 other people to the hospital. allison has an update. what can you tell us. reporter: this vigil was going
10:30 pm
to be postponed . people were going to come tonight because they were concerned over threats of violence and trying to respect the family, but look behind me and you see people came anyway. they been coming here all day, bringing flowers, notes, candles. we been here for about the past hour listening to people saying, hug, there are a lot of emotions. some people are frustrated and angry saying more people need to call this what it is and in their words they say this was a terror attack. other people are simply advocating and talking about love, saying this is what this community is. one person said his name is thomas and stood up and said he was here yesterday when the car crash happened. he said that attack wouldn't break him or charlottesville. he's looked at the crowd and said do you think we would be standing here if it was. people have been standing here
10:31 pm
all day and leaving flowers. this community is refusing to let this destroy them. police say a man from ohio drove a car into two other cars and a crowd of people rallying against the white supremacist group. in town they were protesting the removal of a statue honoring confederate general robert e lee. police arrested james junior as a driver and they aren't saying his name. the name they are saying is heather higher. she died here yesterday. she was 32 years old. she is from the restaurant about five minute drive from here where she worked. it's closed today. there are posters outside showing her face, flowers, messages for her and her family. the same thing happening where we are standing right now. you can hear them if you can listen to what's going on behind me, people are singing this little light of mine.
10:32 pm
>> we heard there were more conversations about these vigils but you're not seeing that tonight. >> not tonight. there are a lot of emotions and some people are frustrated and saying more people need to be talking about this as an act of terrorism. they feel the issue of the white nationalist coming here saying they were protesting the removal of a statue. twenty people were taken from the hospital. one person died in 19 people were sent over to uva medical center. we are told nine of the people have been released. they were able to go home to their family today. five were in critical condition. today those ten in the hospital are listed in good condition. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, communities are coming together across the nation in washington. hundreds are gathering at vigils happening just feet apart. some people holding signs,
10:33 pm
others candles as the memorial for the lives lost in virginia. at another vigil in new york city, mayor bill diblasi diblasd it unacceptable. >> i want to be clear. this is something that should not be hard for anyone to say. this was an act of domestic terrorism. this was an act motivated by hate and white supremacy. it's unacceptable and goes against the very values of this nation. will car has more. there were several rallies today. at one point police had to cut off the anti- fascists.
10:34 pm
[inaudible] the police department tweeted pictures of several weapons. dozens marched last night. they were chanting no justice no peace, stop white terrorism and solidarity with charlottesville. >> we demand justice for the activist who was killed by the car that plowed into the protesters. >> marches also took place across the country. >> it's important for people to realize it could've happened to any of us who wanted to stand up
10:35 pm
against white supremacy and fascism in our country. it's quite shocking for us. we also wanted to come together to mourn. >> in oakland protesters took it a step further swarming the interstate and shut it down for nearly 15 - 20 minutes and then set off fireworks in the process. no one was hurt. they did not make any arrests in oakland. >> while you learned more about the nonprofit group that organized many of these events. >> that's right. many of you rallies were planned by invisible god which is a nonprofit. on its website it states we more in the life that was lost and we honor all of those under attack by congregating against hate in our own community. the invisible guys website also lists its mission as resisting the trump agenda. >> i wonder if they paid for the silly string. >> i don't know. that's expensive.
10:36 pm
>> mike pence is in south america for a week long trip. it will be dominated by the crackdown in venezuela. trump has already declared he's considering a military option to resolve the growing unrest there. that's not going over very well with venezuelan leaders. >> to you sir, i humbly recommend i dare to show you a lack of respect emperor of manhattan. idr to tell you not to do it. do not attack venezuela because we are not alone. >> kevin has more on this. is it fair to say the administration is doubling down on using military force if necessary to quell the violence. >> i think that's a great question. if you know washington, i know you do, nuance is measured in inches and not feet. so, any nuance. just for context, let me share
10:37 pm
what the president said. has some in venezuela pretty upset. >> i won't rule out a military option. venezuela is not very far away and the people are suffering and are dying. we have many options for venezuela, including a possible military option if necessary. >> it certainly something that we could proceed. reporter: clearly with the government in rocca with food shortages and corruption, administration officials say listen, a military response is just one of several options under consideration. >> what i believe the president was trying to accomplish this week was to give the venezuelan people hope and opportunity to create a situation where democracy can be restored. >> what more can we do with our partners in the region to protect the venezuelan people and to prevent an even greater humahumanitarian catastrophe.
10:38 pm
>> the president never takes up options off the table in any of those situations. what we owe him our options. >> clearly, this being washington, there's no unanimity. lindsey graham says he is not convinced of the need to u.s. military to quell the violence. >> i know if we don't send more troops to afghanistan, it will fail and every soldier in afghanistan is an insurance policy against 911. i know we have troops in iraq and syria to train people. i have no idea why we would use military force in venezuela. >> when we talk to administration officials, they say listen, all options on the table and that means all options my friend. >> kevin, what's the message we should expect vice president mike pence will bring to south america. >> i think it's safe to say we are going to talk about unity and condemnation. frankly of the maduro government
10:39 pm
in venezuela. they have done so much to not just quell the democracy but they've really hurt their economy. as the vice president makes their way to the region. it's a massive energy market that certain to dominate discussions. before i leave you, i want to show something i read. it's talking about a leader in venezuela putting out ahead on marco rubio who has been a critic of the government in caracas and the administration has taken this so seriously that he's getting extra security. >> a four-year manhunt answer
10:40 pm
and gang member on the top ten most wanted list. authorities arrested walter gomez in woodward virginia thanks to tips from the public. he's an illegal immigrant from honduras accused of brutally murdering a fellow gang member back in 2011. trump laid out his plan to crackdown on the violence coul t gang when he traveled to long island. seventeen murders have been attributed to the gang in that area since early last year. protesters are making it their mission to stop the president's plan to build a border wall. why they say it would be bad for the environment. plus, an uptick in the deadly drugs streaming into the u.s. and what authorities are attributing to the increase and what they're trying to do to stop it. >> often times things that tested positive for cocaine or andre is an air traffic controller. when it comes to planning the best routes,
10:41 pm
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about 200 protesters marching against construction of president trumps proposed border wall gathered at a local church for a save the mission, save the river, river this the wall event yesterday. they believe it would impact local landmarks and natural areas. the discussions are preliminary. no decisions have been made. >> u.s. officials are seeing more of the dangerous drug fentanyl cross the border from mexico. it has contributed to a spike in opioid deaths across the country and federal authorities are coming up with a new way to stop it. will car has more. >> this whole thing is a nightmare for the country. this epidemic of opioid
10:45 pm
addiction. >> they tested positive for fentanyl, the opioid that is 30 - 50 times stronger than heroin. so dangerous law-enforcement officers have to wear full hazmat suits just to handle it. federal authorities have seen more of the drug that is killing americans at a dramatic rate pouring across the border. they believe a direct result of the cartel is ramping up their production. instead of importing from china, they have set up labs in mexico. >> you can smuggle a lot less fentanyl and spread it out a lot more than you can with traditional heroin. >> much of it is coming to this port of entry. the numbers are only going to continue to spike. >> it's hard to test in the field. most fentanyl is mixed with other drugs and federal authorities sent to the lab where there were major backup. >> often times things that test
10:46 pm
positive are actually fentanyl but we don't find out for mont months. >> the fentanyl coming across the border claim they are charging dealers with murder and their confident it will hold up in court. >> will car fox news. >> new developments in the battle over sanctuary cities. the trump administration facing new legal action from chicago as the d.o.j. threats to cut funding to communities that fail to cooperate with federal immigration. >> chicago mayor said it illegal for the federal government to withhold public safety grants from sanctuary cities like his where local police refused to cooperate with immigration agents. >> chicago will not let our police officers become political ponds. reporter: the lawsuit follows
10:47 pm
similar legal action in massachusetts, oregon and california where cities say they are being harmed by the threat of losing funds because they can't plan their budget. chicago stands to lose three-point to million dollars by the federal action. in san francisco is closer to hundreds of thousands of dollars. money that is attached to a promise to cooperate with federal immigration authorities which sanctuary cities refuse to do. san francisco is reaffirming i its. >> why was i victimized? why did i become a victim to all of this really this man has been living in san francisco for ten years and they sued, it violated its own century city policy. >> we do work with the federal government agencies on criminal activity.
10:48 pm
her policy is clear. those have to be made and were not in the business of doing immigration enforcement. >> while leaders have publicly apologize, the republican party says the six-figure settlement is ridiculous. >> i think it's a shameful way to spend taxpayer dollars. here you have someone being offered a settlement that no jury would've awarded them. >> the threat of more lawsuits and big payouts will put an extra burden on law enforcement and disagree. reporter: one reason they are doubling down now, the federal grants are set to expire and before they reapply for those, they want the court and public opinion on their side. >> football teams from high school to the nfl are raising awareness of player safety from concussion.
10:49 pm
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concerns over concussion and player safety in football have risen dramatically in recent years. with the new season underway, the miami dolphins are taking a stand by helping local high schools in the area. they are funding can question test for 15000 athletes this year. >> defending state champion, american heritage high school in florida aims to repeat the season and do it without
10:53 pm
actually tackling 90% of the time at practice. >> head coach pastor says they executed at football fields and it's called putting it up. that's where the players engage after a few seconds without hitting the turf. >> my whole model is not taking anybody to the ground because i know a lot of concussions are caused by helmet to helmet contact but it's also caused when the head hits the turf. >> miami dolphins are taking an even more proactive role. >> in a first of its kind program, the team has funding for 15000 miami-dade high school athletes to undergo baseline testing. they will test the athletes when healthy, get the data, and down the road of a player suffers a
10:54 pm
violent collision, head injury or concussion, doctors will retest and compare where they are with where they were to better treat. >> this is a game that we love and it's a game i played going growing up and if were going to promote it we have to make sure it's as safe as it can be. >> it's all about dte, the degenerative brain disease linked with head trauma injuries. they studied the brains of 111 former nfl players and found evidence of cte in 110 brains. 99%. >> these are the goggles. the university of miami is developing special goggles. >> track the light with the goggles as quickly as you can. >> attracts eye-movement and response to determine within five minutes if an athlete has concussion. >> you don't want to stop football or volleyball or soccer. you want to have programs to make them safer. >> all this concussion consciousness has changed the
10:55 pm
culture of the game. long gone are the days of get back in there and tough it out. today's mantra, from the nfl down to high schools is when in doubt, sit it out. >> there is a nearly $400 million lottery ticket out there with a side of ribs. wwe are waiting for the identity having moderate to severe plaque psoriasis is not always easy. it's a long-distance run. and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for nearly 10 years. humira works inside the body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just four months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal, infections and cancers, including lymphoma have happened as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,
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the $100 and sent. spent. someone must be feeling pretty lucky with the one and only winning lottery ticket worth an estimated $393 million. the ticket holder has yet to come forward to claim the prize but it was purchased at next argue in illinois. the owner of the restaurant will receive a half million dollars for selling the ticket and nick said he still in shock. >> we are very happy for the winner, were excited, obviously it gives us some free publicity and were excited for that. we are happy for our big fortu fortune. >> if you didn't win the mega millions lottery there is still powerball. they climbed to an estimated 430 million after there were no winners on saturday. that is fox report.
11:00 pm
this sunday august 13, 2013. i'm rick leventhal. thanks for watching. "watters world" starts right n now. thank you for joining us at home. join us that next week when the next revolution will be televised. >> i'm chris wallace. a white nationalist rally in virginia turns violet with one counter protester run down and killed. president trump sends a message to ki kim jong-un. the u.s. military is locked and loaded. >> north korea better get their act together or they are going to be in trouble like few nations ever have been in trouble in this world. chris: we will talk live with trump's top intelligence officials, cia director mike pompeo. he and his first sunday show interview


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