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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 14, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> tomorrow when you join us, all of us will be here on the couch plus laura ingraham, luther strange and breakfast with friends live in montgomery, alabama. make it a great day. see you tomorrow, everybody. >> shannon: new details on that suspect in the deadly car attack in charlottesville. investigators looking at possible motives and whether james field acted alone if plowing his car into a crowd of counter protestors to a white supremacists rally. >> heavy, sad weekend as well. a bond hearing is expected to get underway for james fields this morning. that saturday rally in virginia turning deadly about 1:40 in the afternoon when a car slammed into a crowd causing
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this horrific scene. then the car backing up. the car rammed into a gathering of counter protestors killing one person and injuring 19 oss. police say it was no accident and now the feds are on the case. here is attorney general jeff sessions. >> it does meet the definition of domestic terrorism in our statute. we'll charge and advance the investigation toward the most serious charges that can be brought because this is an an evil attack that cannot be accepted in america. >> we're learning new details about the victim. a 32-year-old woman taking place. a witness describes that disturbing scene. >> all i saw were people flying
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away and then i saw a car. i saw a windshield smashed, a bumper torn, i saw it peel away. i looked to my left and i saw heather lying on the ground. >> allison barber live in charlottesville. when does this suspect head before the judge? >> he is expected to head before a judge for a bond hearing this morning. that could happen this hour or next. he is facing charges locally second base murder, malicious wounding and hit and run and a federal investigation. there is a civil rights investigation into the attack. a senior doj official familiar with the investigation says they're trying to see if james field junior had any help planning this attack. police say fields drove a dodge
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charger down the road where i'm standing now hitting two other cars and a group of people protesting the white nationalist rally set to take place saturday around noon. attorney general jeff sessions said that this meets the definition of domestic terrorism. that's something that a lot of people here in charlottesville has been saying. they want to hear people say that. they want people to call this what this is, domestic terrorism. take a listen. >> it was a terror attack, hate crime 100% hate crime. and donald trump won't call it that. >> that man speaking is named marcus martin. he was injured in the car attack on saturday. he has a broken leg. he said he heard the car coming this direction, heard screeches and pushed his friend out of the way.
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one of their friends was heather higher. she passed away. >> how many others injured in that crash? a car heading into a crowd, a lot of folks headed to the hospital. any news on how they're doing? >> all paramedics transported 22 people yesterday. of the 19 still being treated with tin juries, the hospital said nine were able to go home to their families, 10 were being treated as of yesterday. they were all fortunately listed in good condition. that was a big improvement. saturday night they were telling us five were in critical condition and four in serious. as far as we know all the people still at the hospital today are in good condition. back to you. >> bill: back to you with news from that bond hearing, thank you. shannon has a little more. >> shannon: the administration facing criticism for its response to charlottesville.
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>> president trump: we're closely following the terrible events unfolding in charl otherville, virginia. we condemn in the strongest terms that display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. >> shannon: do we think the president will address this again? >> the attorney general jeff sessions he believes that president trump will address this issue again today. if and when he does, the big question will be does he finally explicitly condemn in person the white soup recommend cysts responsible for a lot of violence this weekend. he had blowback from people within his own party, the white house put out a statement
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yesterday trying to clarify the initial statement. it read the president said very strongly in his statement yesterday that he condemns all forms of violence, bigotry and hatred including white supremacists and all extremist groups. that was an anonymous statement not attributed to the president. a lot of republicans in washington say they want to hear from president trump directly in person and they want him to say something along the lines of what the vice president said last night. listen. >> we have no tolerance for hatred and violence from white supremacists, neo-nazis or the kkk. these dangerous fringe groups have no place in american public life and in the american debate and we condemn them in the strongest possible terms.
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>> today during president trump's day trip to d.c. he is expected to meet with his attorney general and the f.b.i. director about charlottesville and could issue another statement at any time. >> shannon: how are white nationalist groups reacting? >> they're very pleased with president trump's response. the daily stormer, a premier neo-nazi website its leader said yesterday in response to president trump's initial statement saying trump comments were good. he didn't attack us. when asked to condemn he walked out of the room. really, really good, god bless him. now republicans like senator lindsey graham said yesterday they really want president trump to come out and distance himself from those groups once and for all. >> these groups seem to believe they have a friend in donald trump and the white house. i don't know why they believe that but they don't see me as a friend in the senate and i would urge the president to
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dissuade these groups that he is their friend. >> president trump certainly has a chance to do that today. >> shannon: kristin fisher live at the white house. thank you. >> let's bring in daniel halper for more on this. good monday to you. busy weekend for sure. from your former colleague at the weekly standard, steve hayes righting on saturday we know by now what it looks like when donald trump wants to condemn someone, brit hume is a dope and no nothing, bill and hillary clinton were real predators, ted cruz is a whacko and weeks, chuck todd pathetic and honest, james comey nut job, the list goes on. donald trump is a critic of anything and everything he finds unamerican. on saturday he flinched. reasonable people can agree, neo-nazis are bad and what
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happened in charlottesville is terrible and the president is a media genius. not whether or not he should have called out these neo-nazi groups by name but why didn't he? >> it's difficult to get into president trump's head and clearly many people in his administration seem to think it's the right thing to do to call these people out. vice president pence did it last night. attorney general jeff sessions did it this morning. ivanka trump did it yesterday on twitter. in fact, the fact that they're doing it so clearly highlights the fact that president trump isn't and hasn't up to this point. i think it's really upsetting a lot of people around this country. >> the president doesn't seem to be getting a lot of support even from members of his own party for not doing it. even corey gardner calling him out by name on twitter saying you need to do this. in fairness to the president, liberal media and some of the liberal groups so agas he won't
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call the neo-nazi groups out are the same groups that were just fine with president not calling islamic terror islamic terror. is there a double standard? >> sure. but one person who wasn't fine with president obama and hillary clinton calling them that was donald trump. he made it clear he would often criticize president obama and hillary clinton calling them politically correct fools. how can you defeat islamic ideology if you don't call it out. but it is being called out on saturday an act of domestic terrorism and we aren't being clear about what this is, what happened, what this threat is and how can we defeat it if we aren't being clear about it. there is hypocrisy in the media as you suggest. they didn't seem to care when president obama didn't. but there is also hypocrisy at
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the top of the white house when president trump isn't clear with his words. >> we heard from kristin fisher the neo-nazi groups seem to be emboldened by the lack of response from president trump personally. does that become a continuing problem for the white house or is this over after this bond hearing after attorney general sessions begins his investigation as a federal civil rights investigation? >> i think it continues until president trump uses his language to clearly denounce them. he have has done this for long enough to where they see it as a wink. if he can be clear continuously this if ever happens again to say something very soon, then i think it could be received very differently. >> daniel halper in washington thank you. so many now saying the president really missed an opportunity here to be presidential, even anthony scaramucci saying just that. he didn't use the moral authority of the presidency. >> shannon: charlottesville is
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a beautiful town and to see it ripped apart with old wounds ripped open again. some healing and tough words from the commander-in-chief would be good. president trump is on the move this hour to head back to the white house. >> each time they test another missile or conduct a nuclear weapons test they develop expertise, they expand the envelope, and so it is probably fair to say that they are moving towards that at an ever alarming rate. >> mike pompeo sounding the alarm about north korea. how possible is a nuclear confrontation with the rogue regime? what the director said coming up. >> shannon: and a fox news alert on a deadly shooting at a racetrack. we're getting word of multiple deaths reported. we'll have the latest on that
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korea but stressing that the u.s. is keeping up its guard. joining me now jillian turner former national security staffer under bush and obama. good morning. okay. obviously a lot has gone on in decades with north korea. this isn't a new problem. negotiations, deals, all along the way. i want the play something from previous cia director leon panetta talking about this president how he is dealing with this threat. >> very frankly, his use of rhetoric, particularly with regards to north korea, fire and fury and lock and load, i think has frankly created even greater tensions in that part of the world. >> shannon: what do you think? is this the language that kim jong-un understands? is the president making things better or worse in your opinion? >> what president trump is aiming to do with this fiery
6:18 am
rhetoric is a marked departure from what we've seen previous american presidents adopt. everybody from john f. kennedy in dealing with nuclear threats to president obama most recently. that's not to say it won't ultimately work. i think the underlying policy for president trump remains the same. i don't think there has been a change. it is a focused and real emphasis on strategic deterrents. that means diplomacy at the forefront but maintaining a credible threat of using military force. the only thing he is doing here from my percentective is the rhetoric. as much as that indicates a change, it is really window dressing. it is not a change in policy. >> shannon: well, the previous administration, a number of people are speaking out from the last administration talking about how the rhetoric is not
6:19 am
helpful but expressing some surprise how advanced the north korean program appears to be. here is mike pompeo on that surprise issue. >> the intelligence community has done remarkable work to deliver to policymakers the progress the north korean regime has been making but it doesn't surprise me the folks who came before me act surprised. they did nothing. >> shannon: he says they shouldn't be surprised with a nuclear warhead equipped to an icbm pointed at the u.s. mainland. >> i think it's fair for him to point out the intelligence community and policy making community in washington knew about these advances. that's true. i don't think it's fair of him to say the previous administrations did nothing, as he said. i think that's a bridge too far. and i think it's incumbent on him as the cia director in this situation to not criticize, to not go political and go in this direction. i don't know why he decided to
6:20 am
do this on this interview. it seems to be consistent across the administration right now they want to point out to the american people the situation we're facing now is not their fault. i think that's beside the point. what the american people really care about is going forward, what are we doing? what is the plan? what are you planning to do, mr. president? that should have been the focus of the interview rather than the blame game. >> shannon: the share of the joint chiefs of staff is traveling to japan, south korea, talking to allies in the region. he says the last thing they want to do is to get to war. that's the last thing that anybody wants to see happen. the north korean official state new agency there if any kind of conflict erupts on the peninsula it can't help but lead to a nuclear war. plenty of rhetoric on the other side as well. >> absolutely. if we pay attention to what really not exactly president trump is saying but what his
6:21 am
administration is doing we see the president himself, we see secretary rex tillerson and mattis pushing the gas pedal as hard as they can on diplomacy. they have traveled to the region. president trump has been in pretty much constant contact with china and japan since assuming office. they're behind the scenes going into overdrive on this. i think the diplomacy is still at the forefront here no matter what anybody says. >> shannon: always good to see you. thank you so much. >> leland: it happened again. illegal immigrants found locked inside a stifling tractor trailer parked a few miles from the mexican border. the latest in the investigation and what happened. >> shannon: plus former white house communications director anthony scaramucci speaking out the first time since being fired from the job. he says he believes there is a plot in washington to remove president trump from the white house. >> i don't think you'll change the president. the president will do what he
6:22 am
wants to do how he wants to do it but important for the people around him to give them direct advice.
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>> shannon: there is a manhunt underway for a suspected gunman wanted for shooting and killing three men last night at a car racing event in wisconsin south of milwaukee. two men died at the scene. the other while being taken to the hospital. >> three gentlemen that were shot were all standing by a food vendor of some sort and they walked up, shot them point blank and i don't know how he left the scene. we were told it was a black vehicle and i don't even know the type of vehicle right now. >> shannon: more than 5,000 people were at the raceway when the gunfire broke out. no one else was injured.
6:26 am
>> leland: more than a dozen illegal immigrants found inside a hot tractor trailer in texas about 20 mieltion from the border. that truck parked at a rest stop in texas, this was just weeks after texas authorities found nearly 100 illegal immigrants locked inside a sweltering tractor trailer in san antonio. 10 of them died. casey stiegel live from our dallas bureau. how did authorities find out about this trailer? >> this is interesting. one of the immigrants' relatives in mexico actually alerted authorities, we understand. they got worried because they had not heard from their loved one. so they notified authorities. the authorities tracked them down to this truck stop in edinburgh, texas. when first responders arrived at the truck stop they started knocking on doors of 18 wheelers until they heard people yelling for help.
6:27 am
officials say they discovered 17 illegal immigrants who were locked in the back of that hot trailer and had been there for at least eight hours. according to the local assistant police chief, the feds say that these victims were from places like mexico, honduras, guatemala, romania. we can tell you that two people, a man and a woman, allegedly connected to that trailer have been detained at the scene and border patrol continues to investigate this morning. >> leland: second incident in the past couple of weeks we know about. is this a new trend or are we just hearing about these things? >> i think we're just hearing about it. unfortunately local authorities say this happens all too often. when the temperatures get high like here in texas in the summer, that's when things can get dangerous. last timeless than a month ago you remember 10 people as you referenced died after federal authorities found nearly 100 illegal immigrants packed in
6:28 am
the back of this semi parked in a san antonio wal-mart at the end of last month. the driver, this man, 60-year-old james matthew bradley, was arrested at the scene and has already appeared in court facing federal smuggling charges. bradley claims he did not know people were inside his trailer despite eyewitness testimony that those trapped immigrants were banging on walls and screaming for help at the time. so something that we are going to have to continue to watch here in texas with this most recent incident over the weekend. >> leland: casey stiegel. thank you. shannon. >> shannon: back to our top story of the day. the man suspected of plowing his car into a protest on saturday will face a judge less than an hour from now. that's the spot. we'll take you there live and vice president pence defense the president against critics of his comments about the deadly violence in charlottesville. >> i will say i take issue with the fact that many in the
6:29 am
national media spend more time criticizing the president's words than they did criticizing those who perpetrated the violence to begin with. >> shannon: the white house on defense even as the justice department launches a federal investigation. >> leland: just watch as the pga championship. here was the putt justin thomas is on the edge, but will it keep him from glory? >> wait for it. un-stop right there!
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6:33 am
investigation into the deadly violence in charlottesville this weekend. catherine herridge from washington full civil rights investigation, what does that mean? >> good morning. justice department official familiar with the investigation tells us the department has opened a federal civil rights hate crime investigation and it's not limited to the driver and it will consider if others helped with the planning. this morning the attorney general jeff sessions said there is no higher priority. >> you can be sure that this department of justice and his administration will take the most vigorous action to protect the right of people like heather heyer to protest against racism and bigotry. we'll protect the right to assembly and march and we'll prosecute anybody to the full extent of the law. >> while the motive is not yet clear the officials said they
6:34 am
have enough evidence to date to be suspicious that the suspect intended to send a message. domestic terrorism include criminal acts dangerous to human life and appear to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population. attorney general sessions is working directly with the f.b.i. director wray. f.b.i. agents are on the scene with law enforcement officials in the state of virginia. it is being jointly investigated by the f.b.i., the united states attorneys office and civil rights division. >> leland: those charges in charlottesville, back there as it happens. thank you. >> shannon: amid the heartbreak in charlottesville vice president mike pence defended president -- he said the president was right in condemning all extremist groups.
6:35 am
attorney jeff sessions echoing that point. >> the president i suspect will talk to the country again soon, maybe today. there is no doubt about it, he opposes these kind of radical racist bigotry of these organizations espouse. >> mary ann march and deneen borelli. i want to play what the charlottesville mayor had to say about what he wanted to hear from the president. >> this is not hard. there is two words that need to be said over and over again, domestic terrorism and white supremacy. we saw that on display this weekend and no leadership from the white house. >> shannon: did he miss an opportunity to be more clear in his statement? >> i think the president made a strong and clear message condemning all hate groups who
6:36 am
perpetrate hate, violence and anything that is against individuals that is just not acceptable in our country. i think vice president mike pence is correct. the media reminds us that really the president is fighting a three-front war. he is fighting the media with their obsession with russia and finding anything that is wrong with him to criticize him with fake news. he is fighting the democrats who are still mad they lost the election. he even had democrats who refused to support the president or even go to his inauguration. and then you have those the never trumpers. he issued a strong condemnation against those hate groups and it is a shame that americans aren't seeing it that way. >> shannon: i want to tell folks exactly what he said in his first statement there. he said we condemn in the strongest possible terms this display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.
6:37 am
no citizens should ever fear for their safety and security in our society. what was lacking in that for you, mary anne? >> everything. too little too late. pence can say what he wants. ivanka trump can say what she wants but nothing will clean up what donald trump did not say on saturday. he did not condemn neo-nazis or racists or fascists who brought their hatred and violence and death to the streets of charlottesville. he can try to clean that up this afternoon 48 hours later. too little too late. it should be no surprise. the very people in the streets of charlottesville in militia gear are the people who supported him throughout his campaign and continue to support him down to his last days. we saw this on the campaign trail. we saw it at the rallies. we saw david duke, the head of the kkk trying to hold him accountable for promises he made during the campaign. donald trump will never condemn two sets of people, vladimir
6:38 am
putin and the hate-filled people who are not only in the streets of charlotte saturday they're coming to boston this saturday and coming to cities across this country to make a point that they are trying to defend donald trump who made commitments to them that no leader of the free world should make. at the same time, mercifully most of america is starting to turn their back on donald trump, the world is turning its back on donald trump and even republicans are turning their backs on donald trump because of his pitiful performance on saturday as the leader of this country who was than willing to name and condemn people who killed people on saturday for things we fought two wars over years ago. >> shannon: he said all hatred, bigotry and violence. >> many sides is a disqualifying statement. >> shannon: not to defend him. to hear those words it sounds like it applies to everyone involved on all sides. >> unacceptable. the people who were hurt were
6:39 am
the ones standing up to nazis, racists and fascists. the people who went to those straights are traitors. >> shannon: let's bring in deneen. the attorney general have launched a full investigation. he said we probably should expect and hear from the president again. what opportunity does he have now to make clear these groups have no place and are not his friends, what can he do >> if i could clarify something. president trump's base were the forgotten men and women that he talked about on the campaign and that he is addressing on a daily basis to improv our economy and to answer your question, the response will be the same, i believe, to condemn anyone, any forms of hatred, bigotry, violence that occurs in this country because it is completely unacceptable. for anyone to equate the
6:40 am
president on those terms in terms of supporting these individuals, these outliers in our country is outrageous and ridiculous. >> shannon: we have to leave it there for now. we'll hear about the charges against this suspect and the death of heather heyer is the one thing we shouldn't forget in this. thank you both very much. >> leland: anthony scaramucci speaking out for the first time since his abrupt removal from the white house. >> he has to bring in loyalists to him and a different strategy than the one. he has done a tremendous amount. i think he has done way better in terms of progress as president than prominently displayed. >> leland: why does scaramucci also claim there could be a plot to get president trump out of the oval office? that's ahead.
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>> shannon: golf is a game of inches and patience. just ask justin thomas. >> it just -- >> you are joking. >> shannon: wow. check it out. that seemed to take a lifetime for the ball to drop. he had a great run in the back nine leaving the field in his wake. finished with a score of 68. that got him the trophy. leland. i understand you were googling the rule on how long it is that something can sit there on the lip of the cup before the play is dead. >> we were sitting at the bar in the airport wondering how long it could sit there and boom. >> shannon: you had time to start googling it. did you find an answer? >> leland: i didn't. we'll try to find an answer before the end of the show.
6:45 am
>> shannon: congratulations. >> leland: anthony scaramucci speaking out for the first time since being fired as the white house communications director. he remains loyal and supportive of the president and he believes there is now a plot to get mr. trump out of the white house. >> what happens in washington, this is my general observation, is the president is not a representative of the political establishment class. and so for whatever reason people have made a decision they want to eject him. it is almost like he opened up the door for america's ceos and america's billionaires to get in washington the political doesn't like that. >> leland: joining us to discuss former new hampshire governor john sununu and served as chief of staff to george w.
6:46 am
bush. happy monday to you. so is this something different that anthony scaramucci is talking about or is this just politics as we know washington is a very rough city? politics is war says churchill >> no question there has been chaos and conflicting agenda within the white house. to make the leap of rhetoric that i think you got from scaramucci, i think it's just taking it too far. there is always competition in washington what a lot of these folks don't understand is the system is designed to have strong levels of tension. the constitution has tension between the legislative branch and the executive branch. it has tension between the states and the federal government and all the governments and the people. it is built that way. and the art form is to learn how to work within that tension and get things done. i think some of these billion
6:47 am
ace that scaramucci is talking about it's easier to make a billion dollars than to do something significant and meaningful in terms of national policy. >> leland: what do you make of scaramucci going on the sunday shows and one of his first comments was criticizing the president saying he should have been a lot tougher in his response to charlottesville? >> look, i don't want to debate scaramucci's intentions but obviously i don't think it was a constructive move. but this is the world that we live in today. the washington shows on sunday look for the most controversial folks they can gather to get ratings and scaramucci got sucked into the ratings game. >> leland: you said that you don't think in some ways that this is any different than what
6:48 am
normally happens in washington politics is a contact sport. the president's team and campaign is doubling down on the themes of anthony scaramucci. here is a new ad on the air right now ending it says let president trump do his job and in this ad they talk about how the president's enemies don't want him to succeed and under the video where they are talking about enemies, they have the media. how many times can you keep going back to this well? >> look, i think they make a mistake by just focusing on the problem with rhetoric. i think they have to start working the system and working the system means engaging with your friends. it means engaging with your enemies. it means laying out an agenda and recognizing that in order to reconcile the differences between the parties and between the branches of government requires dialogue and some compromise.
6:49 am
and i think everybody down in washington today has become so polarized they have forgotten how to make the system work. it has to come back to that or else you won't get policy and i'm afraid this president will not get his agenda done if he things that just hot rhetoric can move the democrats in congress. >> leland: speaking of his agenda. he left his two-week long vacation to head back to washington in the air right now. once he gets to washington he will sign memorandum about trade with china launching this investigation. that's what he was tweeting about this morning. does that pivot back to rather than what he can do with the democrats and congress or republicans in congress but what he can do as the executive, is that a smart move? >> well, first of all the people ought to give him credit for having gotten china finally after a decade and a half or two decades of trying to get china to do something to put pressure on north korea, he is
6:50 am
finally getting china to do that with their announcement that they would start imposing the sanctions the u.n. voted on. folks ought to give the president credit for that. but secondly, the second part of the issue is that the president has been unwinding. the actions by the executive of the previous administration, that's important. i don't want the president to get into the same rut of trying to govern by executive order. he has to start moving big issues and big issues require big legislation. >> leland: i would say i was out in colorado this week and there were a lot of folks in the energy industry really happy about the roll back of those regulations. appreciate your time as always and your insight. >> shannon: a top u.s. general in south korea right now meeting with officials regarding the growing threat from north korea and how prepared the u.s. is to handle the situation and what's the latest on china? whether it's helping us in efforts to rein in the rogue
6:51 am
regime. >> leland: robert mueller focusing his attention on the west wing. who he is focusing on and what it could mean for the russia investigation. >> shannon: tom cruise injured as a movie stunt goes wrong. details on that next. now give u. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges. and life's beautiful moments.ns get between you flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. it helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause symptoms. pills block one and 6 is greater than 1. flonase changes everything.
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6:54 am
>> shannon: gearing up for another rocket launch for nasa to deliver supplies to the international space station. we're live in cape canaveral, florida. good morning, phil. >> brand news spacex dragon cargo capsule sits on top of a new falcon rocket. spacex intends today's launch to be the last time that either the capsule or the rocket isn't reused. it is all part of the company's
6:55 am
low-cost -- cost savings rocket reuseability form yeah as well as the capsules. this past june it flew a reused capsules. cloudless, perfect weather for a launch. by noon weather meteorologists said there could be cloud issues and maybe rain. nasa is giving this launch a 70% chance of lighting up the space coast today. 40 days ago spacex launched its previous cargo mission to the space station. that was with a capsule that had flown before and was refurbished, proofing it could be done. there are more than 6,000 pounds of crew supplies and scientific experiments on board the capsule. the crew supplies include a larger amount of frozen ice cream and fruit bars. it should keep the crew happy as well and other essential living.
6:56 am
food, underwear and toilet paper, these are the fun little facts we learn at nasa. here is something very cool. next monday is the solar eclipse that everybody is buzzing about. well, the astronauts will be able to see it three different times. first they will see it as the moon shadow covers the west coast, and then after 90 minutes when the space station orbits again it will see the moon's shadow over kentucky and the next pass it will see the eclipse shadow leaves the charleston, south carolina area and heads into the ocean. that will be fun. everything looks good. we're 2 1/2 hours away from this launch. back to you. >> shannon: ice cream sandwiches and three looks at the eclipse will be very cool. thanks for the information. >> leland: fox news alert as the man accused in the deadly
6:57 am
car attack in charlottesville is due in court within the hour. there live to charlottesville as it happens. ♪ ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> shannon: moments from now the man suspected of ramming his car into a charlottesville crowd of protestors and killing a woman will be facing a judge. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm shannon bream joined by -- >> leland: leland vitter. james fields will be in court this hour. he is accused of intentionally driving into a crowd of rival protestors during a white nationalist rally. 32-year-old heather heyer was killed. 19 others hospitalized. >> shannon: the president is facing criticism for what some consider a weak initial response to the violence. jeff sessions coming to the president's defense. >> he called on our people to
7:01 am
work together in community and in love and affection and not in hatred and violence. i'm sure he will talk again maybe today on this very subject. he explicitly condemned the kind of ideology behind these movements of nazism and white supremacy. >> leland: what do we expect will happen with fields before the judge? >> court is scheduled to start at 10:00 local. we have a producer inside the courtroom and will update you as soon as we learn more. the driver police identified as james fields jr. is in a county jail now. he will appear before a judge in the court behind me expected to be charged with second degree murder and could be charged with domestic terrorism. now we're learning a little bit more about the woman he killed when he plowed her over with his car.
7:02 am
her name was heather heyer, listen to one of her friends describe her as she remembers her. >> she was a great soul. she was a sweet, sweet soul. she stood up for what she believed in and spoke with conviction. she liked to make you laugh and she believed in equality and she didn't want hate and wouldn't tolerate hate. >> horrific. it is just something you don't wake up in the morning and expect to happen for anybody in the world. when it happens, it's for really happened and all you can do is just ask god to bless you. >> leland: that second gentleman survived the accident this weekend. he has a broken leg. federal investigators are looking that the driver might have had assistance when he plowed into the crowds in charlottesville on saturday.
7:03 am
>> leland: we have heather heyer's death. people injured at the rally and two straight troopers who died in a helicopter crash as well. what are we learning about them, their families and that crash? >> another tragedy associated with this. those two troopers were assisting local law enforcement monitoring the riots this weekend. they have been identified as lieutenant cullen and trooper bates, a deadly and violent weekend and somber monday add we await for the defendant to appear in court. >> leland: matt, thank you. back to you as news warrants. >> shannon: the president returning to the white house at this hour with a hefty agenda in front of him.
7:04 am
later today mr. trump travels back to new york for meetings that his aides hope will generate answers on tax reform. the 2018 budget and much more. the republican party's long to do list could make for a brutal september after a fairly unproductive summer. charlie hurt, a fox news contributor. in addition to those things we have healthcare, infrastructure, debt ceiling. how do they get it done? >> it won't be easy as we saw with the healthcare debacle. but i also think that you listed the things that they need to get done. the thing that absolutely is a make or break for donald trump and all republicans is the tax reform. if they don't get the tax reform done that will be a huge goose egg for donald trump on something that he really does know a lot about. he doesn't know so much about healthcare. i do know the white house is very hopeful they can figure
7:05 am
out some way to bring healthcare back up so they can take another crack at that. >> shannon: tax reform and infrastructure there would be bipartisan help to get across the finish line. >> leland: infrastructure. everybody gathers around when it comes time to dole out money to spend in their districts. it would be something that would have a lot of bipartisan support. what we've seen so far with democrats is their strategy, it's worked very well for them. their strategy is sit on the sidelines and not do anything to help. their thought is that republicans are doing enough damage to themselves that they don't need to get in and help them or stop any of that from happening. >> shannon: the tweets, the back and forth between the president and mcconnell. mcconnell says the excessive expectations and we're going into september. they have so much to do.
7:06 am
but is this just a normal course of relationship and these guys are fine? >> i don't think there is anything normal about what's going on now but it is probably not as bad as a lot of republicans feel like it is. they don't like it. mitch mcconnell doesn't like it. i think it's a fairly healthy back and forth and i think that donald trump has a lot of very good points here in pushing mitch mcconnell and republicans to take on these big tasks and get them done. when i look at it was an unfortunate thing that mcconnell said there because what he was talking about is the american people. they have excessive expectations. >> shannon: they want to see things get done. >> leland: and when you look back at the sterling achievement of the past two years from mcconnell keeping the supreme court seat open for
7:07 am
a year. get somebody like neil gorsuch in there. he went and did it and did it very well. it was an enormous success. >> shannon: i want to talk about steve bannon. whether he is a short timer for the white house or what. the national security advisor was asked about his relationship with bannon and whether they can work together. here is what he said on the sunday shows. >> you and steve bannon still work together? >> i get to work with a broad range of people and a privilege to enable the security team. >> you didn't answer. can you an steve bannon work in the same white house? >> i'm ready to work with anybody that -- i believe everyone who works in the white house who has a great privilege of serving their nation should be motivated by that goal. >> shannon: very diplomatic. >> it was a little like trying to nail jello to the wall. he wasn't going to give anything. people have counted steve
7:08 am
bannon out a lot since the very beginning. and so i think that it's possible to sort of get out ahead of that a little bit here. the thing that i think is important to remember there is nobody in the white house who sort of vision is more in line with donald trump's than steve bannon. i think that's something that is going for him. >> shannon: we'll see. many times in the past it would be predicted he was out. he is still there. leland. >> leland: a fox news alert as we monitor developments in north korea. top military officials have a new warning for the hermit kingdom. marine general joseph dunford chairman of the joint chiefs says the u.s. is ready to use its full range of capabilities and lindsey graham seemed to agree on fox news sunday yesterday. >> i'm 100% certain that donald trump would use military force as the last resort to stop north korea from developing a missile to hit the american homeland. i know he will do that.
7:09 am
i hope north korea understands it. i hope china understands it and quite frankly he has no other choice in my view. >> leland: rich edson live in washington with more. we have a couple of different messages coming from various officials in the trump administration overarching what do they want to world the hear? >> the united states wants to solve it peacefully but the military is ready. general joseph dunford is meeting with military and political leaders there. the visit highlights the iron clad commitment to the defense of south korea in the face of north korea's provocations and threats in the united states. secretary of state tillerson and mattis warned any north korean attack will be defeated and any use of nuclear weapons will be met with an effective and overwhelming response and they call out china. absent china using its influence to show the world how
7:10 am
a great power should act to define a problem with north korea, others in the region are obligeed to protect their people. china did announce today it will begin enforcing new u.n. sanctions against north korea suspending imports of coal, iron and other materials early next month. >> leland: north korea not the only international crisis. the vice president in south america talking about venezuela. where are they going with that? >> the president said late last week he would not rule out a military option in venezuela. despite warnings from the united states the venezuelan government moved forward with a process to write a new constitution. that is seen as president maduro trying to seize more power as the country suffers a deadly economic and political crisis. in a press conference in columbia vice president pence says the u.s. wants democracy
7:11 am
in venezuela and that it can be achieved peacefully. columbian president added every country in latin america would not favor any form of military intervention, leland. >> leland: all right. rich edson in washington thank you. back to north korea. you do get the sense the administration is playing good cop/bad cop with the tillerson and mattis op-ed in the "wall street journal" and sending the top chiefs to south korea. >> shannon: they were clear a lot of it rests on china's shoulders and more they could be doing. that kicks in september 5th is the new embargo on the import and exports from north korea will kick in. the price tag of a billion, it will be a big blow to the north korea economy. >> leland: more on this throughout the next hour. andrew peek coming up.
7:12 am
>> shannon: virginia's governor standing by his police officers after criticism and reaction to the deadly violence in charlottesville, virginia. >> we won't let a small group of people come in here and think they can intimidate us, no, sir. you failed. you have made us stronger today. >> shannon: the governor denouncing racism saying he believes that his officers handled the situation in the best way they possibly could. former boston police commissioner ed davis ways in just ahead. >> leland: the syrian government ramping up attacks on the isis capital. the progress made there over the weekend. >> shannon: we're in the midst of all breaking news we're awaiting president trump's quick return to the white house and we'll take you there live.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
>> leland: a fox news alert as we take you back to charlottesville, virginia. james fields has appeared before a judge there, anti-climatic hearing there 48 hours after the car plowed into that crowd there killing one, fields will have a bond hearing before august 25th. said he couldn't afford a lawyer. he was appointed a public defender. that first public defender had to recuse himself because he had a relative who was injured during the saturday protests and ensuing violence.
7:17 am
fields then appointed a second public defender so he now has a lawyer. no bond set. back in court sometime before august 25th. with that we bring in ed davis. former boston police commissioner and fox news contributor tore. nice to see you as always. where does the investigation go from here? the reason they arrested fields is they saw him driving that car that crashed into all those people. that's the state charges. then we have the federal investigation for hate crimes. >> right. a little confusion about why they would charge with second degree murder in a case like this. we haven't heard from the prosecutors yet. i'm sure we'll get clarification on that. the most important part of this investigation right now is what the f.b.i. is doing. they are searching all of his -- all the witnesses to begin with. and then they are speaking to all of his acquaintances. they are looking at his cell phone, any computer equipment
7:18 am
they are able to get their hands on, and they are trying to determine who he was in touch with, who might have helped him get to the location, who might have helped him escape from the location. there is a lot of working going on now trying to prove it is a terrorist event. i'm sure they'll get there. >> leland: if this is proven to be a terrorist event, hate crime, can the f.b.i. go after some of these groups that he may have been associated with, that he may have gotten inspiration from? >> there is no question the providing material support statute that is part of the patriot act is a broadly written statute that has been used here in boston on cases i've worked on. it is a statute that allows the police to utilize any links that they determine between the actor and the people who facilitated his actions to prove the charge of material support. so it's a very powerful weapon
7:19 am
in the case against terrorism. >> leland: we want to point out screen right is the president arriving there at joint base andrews. he is not expected to talk to the press when he gets off air force one but we might hear from him later today. big questions in terms of whether or not he will address what happened in charlottesville. we'll continue with you, mr. commissioner. a lot of criticism of the response by the police in charlottesville and not only the response, but also what happened in the beginning that there was no buffer zone by riot police between these two crowds. doug mcelway reporting as the neo-nazis were throwing tear gas canisters the police said we're out gunned and out numbered. we will let the melee occur. the governor supported the police. take a listen.
7:20 am
all right. we'll stay with the shot of air force one pulling up but the governor essentially saying i think the police did a great job. it was a tough situation. no way to prevent these kinds of things. your thoughts. >> the most comment made yesterday on that issue was made by the mayor of charlottesville. the aclu and mr. kessler brought a lawsuit against the city demanding that they be allowed into that small park in the middle of downtown. the federal court ruled on that and they said instead of following the city's suggestion this incident -- the protest be allowed to occur in a bigger park a little outside the downtown area, that it was constraining the constitutional right of free speech of mr. kessler and they had to have it downtown. they were warned by the city it was a tactically dangerous place to do this demonstration. and quite frankly what happened was the protestors used all those small side streets in a
7:21 am
city built 200 years ago to hide from the police. the police didn't have sufficient resources to separate those crowds. the reporter yesterday asked very good questions but the real problem here was the court decision. if the courts don't take into consideration the tactical issues that confront the police, we're bound to have these tragedies occur like this. >> leland: commissioner, wanted to reset where we're at. the president arriving at joint base andrews coming to washington for a day during his vacation. continuing with you, there has been a lot of criticism over the past 48 hours of the president's response in particular that he did not call out these neo-nazi groups by name saying bigotry and hate has no place and calling out the racist groups that were there that were the protestors that you talked about led by mr. kessler. your thoughts on that as we await the president's arrival back in washington should he have been more forceful?
7:22 am
>> it certainly would be helpful to name the individuals who were responsible for this horrible attack. i think vice president pence's comments last night were right on target. so if the president simply clarifies his position, i think he will go a long way to making the right comments here. but you know, the anti- groups have to be listed, too. anybody espousing violent action against other people or the government has to be considered outlaw groups and should be treated equally. >> leland: that was one of the points the white house made over the weekend when they were asked about why the president did not call out these neo-nazi groups. they said look, exactly as the commissioner said, that the other groups were sometimes equally as violent. nobody drove a car into crowd. they were throwing urine balloons and had weapons.
7:23 am
we heard from the white house saying a lot of neo-nazi groups seem to be more bold by the president's generic response rather than specifically condemning them. >> shannon: we're looking at joint base air force. the president is arriving back in washington with a full slate. not going to be there a full day. after meeting with his chief of staff general john kelly, the next meeting we see there is he will sit down with the attorney general jeff sessions and also the new head of the f.b.i. chris wray to talk about charlottesville. the attorney general has been unmistakably clear that they have launched a federal investigation there and will not tolerate these groups and they have no place in america. there will be a crackdown. he said they'll pursue the toughest charges they possibly can with everyone involved with what happened in charlottesville and the president returns to washington today with that first and foremost on his plans for meetings today. and the attorney general hinted that we may hear from the president again.
7:24 am
so as you and ed have been discussing this may be a chance for him to be more clear, be more bold about his statement in a way that people would like to see that he is unmistakable in calling out these groups for what they are and saying they have no place within this administration or this country. after a broader statement saying condemning all the hatred and violence and bigotry in charlottesville. maybe a chance for him to speak to his critics who want to hear something more specific. >> leland: the big question when you hear from the administration as a whole, they individually have called out a number of these groups including vice president pence issuing a very, very strong statement. have not heard anything from the president since saturday when he made that tweet and then spoke to the cameras a little bit later. a couple of different times. we may hear from the president today awaiting him to walk off of air force one. there is the president waving and walking down. so everyone understands, the president if he would like to can walk over to the camera
7:25 am
that is here but that's fairly rare to happen at joint base andrews. he typically heads to marine one for the flight back to the white house. >> shannon: in addition to these meetings he will have with the attorney general and head of the f.b.i. talking about charlottesville he will also take action on china today as well. and potentially launching an investigation into their trade practices. it has been a long source of friction between our two countries. he talked tough about it during the campaign and now it's a unique, unusual position. he needs their help to deal with north korea. they've been critical and part of that unanimous vote at the u.n. for sanctions against north korea. they have vowed will they cut off key imports -- exports from north korea starting at the beginning of september. that on his plate as well as he boards the chopper. >> leland: the administration
7:26 am
says the security issues related to north korea aren't connected to the trade issues and something that was a cornerstone of president trump's campaign, negotiating better trade deals. we heard about that on twitter from him earlier today talking about how he wants to keep working on the trade issues. but boy, does it make for a complicated world when on one hand you're asking china for help and saying we need you to put pressure on north korea and on the other hand the chinese get the message oh gee, suddenly there is a possibility of a trade war. those two things don't normally go hand in hand. in the meantime we'll thank commissioner davis for sticking around. his thoughts are important over the coming week as we hear from president trump about the events in charlottesville and going forward about this joint f.b.i./doj investigation there and some of the groups involved. >> shannon: let's bring in judge napolitano as we watch marine one to land directly at the white house.
7:27 am
judge, the attorney general has been very clear where he stands on this issue and he says the investigation is officially underway. >> look, the attorney general needs to investigate and of course he knows this and this is what he has directed the f.b.i. to do. whether or not it was an organized effort. did this awful person who is now in custody in virginia have a plan or a plot with others that began in ohio and ended with the murder of this young woman in the streets of charlottesville? and if so, who are these other people and what was the nature of the plan and the plot? that's the type of motivation that the f.b.i. is looking for that quite frankly the virginia authorities are not concerned with because their jurisdiction ends at the virginia state border. they are just concerned with the crime as it was manifested in charlottesville. so depending upon what the f.b.i. finds will determine where he is tried first.
7:28 am
typically the federal government goes first but in a case like this where the evidence of guilt is overwhelming and the charges filed can bring a life in prison, not capital punishment but life in prison might actually be a waste for the feds to prosecute him if he is tried, convicted and sentenceed to life in virginia. but if the feds do discover that others were involved, they would be derelict in not prosecuting the others because they would have participated in the commission of this crime. >> shannon: judge, i was going to ask you. there has been a lot made of the fact he was from ohio and there are many others who showed up in charlottesville not from that community but a lot of other places. we've seen this in past protests and bad actors who want to get in on the action, for whatever motivation it may be. for those who may have crossed state lines to come there and wound up getting involved in violence and other issues could
7:29 am
there be additional prosecutions past this young man and anyone who may have been directly involved with him? >> it is not a crime to go to a rally and listen to it. that's the essence of protected speech. as we know hate speech is protected under the constitution. we know that from a long series of supreme court opinions. as recently as the ones involving the westboro baptist church where the hate speech is horrific and intolerable but protected. so if they came there to listen, if they came there to cheer on, that's absolutely protected. if they came there to perpetrate a crime or help somebody else commit a crime, that's the type of thing that the f.b.i. needs to find out. there is a long series of potential federal crimes that they would have committed if they left one state for the purpose of committing a crime in another state. >> shannon: again we're watching marine one as it departs from joint base andrews with the president on board for a quick trip in washington
7:30 am
during his working vacation. a lot of big meetings on the schedule today. he will touchdown at the white house shortly and we'll monitor there. so people have a realistic expectation, these things take a long time to play out whether we're talking about the state case here unless there is a plea deal or what the feds have now launched this investigation, we shouldn't expect, barring something unusual, that it will be wrapped up any time soon. >> i think you're right. as indelibly marked in our memories are the images of what happened this past weekend in charlottesville, this will fade from our memories before it comes back to us. these prosecutions, as you say, unless there is some very, very unusual plea deal these prosecutions take a long time. the young man can't afford a lawyer, all these things will cause delays. this will not be resolved in 2017. >> shannon: all right. judge napolitano, thank you for
7:31 am
weighing in. good to see you. >> leland: something the president hears about almost every day, a fox news alert. iran is following north korea doubling down on its ballistic missile program and there in iran their parliament chanting death to america. >> shannon: the governor of guam trying to quaum fears about a potential attack from north korea. how that island is coping with the big threats. >> 1,000% support for the territory.
7:32 am
7:33 am
7:34 am
>> shannon: guam under threat of attack by north korea as kim jong-un promises to rain fire in retaliation for new sanctions. guam's governor says there is no cause for panic. >> i repeat. there is no change in security threat levels. we're defended and we will be
7:35 am
protected. >> shannon: we're live in guam. william, why hasn't guam raised the threat level given the threats from north korea? >> the short answer talk is talk. they've been through the threats from north korea because of the b-1 bombers based here that kim jong-un sees as an invasion force. secondly the economy is based on tourism and didn't want to hit the panic button unnecessarily. third, guam is in typhoon alley. the houses are built like bricks to withstand high winds and a lot of other things. finally, the island is like a military fortress defended by a ring of anti-missile systems from the u.s. most islanders feel safe. >> just because you're threatening me or the island doesn't mean we need to raise the panic button or press the button and raise the level.
7:36 am
something credible. at this point he is not credible. >> guam is selling two things. one, paradise, the beaches, the sunshine, the scuba diving and its strategic location. so together it's his job to keep those in balance. >> shannon: all right. so not that you have any down time. give us a report what you are seeing on the beaches and tourism. what's going on there? >> tourism is actually up 7% over last year so far through half of august. that's despite hearing all this talk about the brink of war. we call it vacationing in the cross hairs, if you will. so why is that? number one, 90% of the tourists are coming from japan and south korea and they've been living under the dark shadow of north korea and the belligerent behavior from their neighbor. secondly it's not to say that people from guam were not unconcerned with a foreign leader threatens to drop four
7:37 am
ballistic missiles in your backyard which would devastate the economy and treasureded marine ecology. >> it is something we need to pay attention to. if they're serious on trump gets serious and it turns into something then we'll have big issues out here. >> once corrals break they take hundreds of years. we have also fish that live in the corral reefs. if we don't have our corrals we won't have fish and that will bring down our tourism industry. >> one thing that could reignite the rhetorical war, number one there is a celebration in north korea about the liberation from japanese occupation, finally, that upcoming joint mail -- military exercises in south korea with the united states
7:38 am
that kim jong-un views as a bat behavior. >> there is a new opinion piece on the north korean crisis. in it the president's two national security advisors sending a strong message to china while saying the u.s. will continue to work with all allies accountable. they say the u.s. is willing to negotiate with pyongyang. given the long record of north korea's dishonesty and violation of international agreements it is incumbent upon the regime in good faith: andrew peek, former advisor to -- care to give a statistical probability on the north koreans granting the
7:39 am
secretaries wishes. >> near zero. in seriousness it is meant for the chinese, not the north koreans, a signal to the chinese we aren't interested in regime change but the president is willing to take military action against the nuclear missile program. >> leland: very willing or necessity? >> they would prefer they want china to belief he is willing. the more willing you are to use military force the greater likelihood you won't have to. the other side starts to tread a little carefully. >> leland: this is mike pompeo yesterday. >> nothing imminent. you've seen what the defense department has said on our side and what the north koreans are doing and not doing. nothing imminent today. but make no mistake. the increased chance there will be a nuclear missile in denver
7:40 am
is a serious threat and the administration will treat it as such. >> leland: is this a good cop/bad cop situation? you're getting very different messages from the chairman of chiefs in south korea now, from the two secretaries and c.i.a. director. >> i think dunford is delivering the same message that tillerson and mattis are. force is on the table but we prefer the diplomatic solution. >> leland: everyone keeps talking about the diplomatic solution and this came out over the weekend. iran authorizing $300 million for its ballistic missile program perhaps shall we say following the north koreans. parliament there agreeing to another $60 million for a nuclear program. there was a deal to stop that. all the while the parliament in iran chanting death to america as they authorized all this. i thought we had a deal with
7:41 am
iran and now we're trying to make a deal with north korea. is it time for something other than deals? >> right. the issue in iran right now is that the increased funding for ballistic missiles illustrates the basic problem of the iran deal, which was that it increased iran's ability to dominate the gulf. a similar deal in north korea would have to somehow contain north korea politically either through a new u.s./chinese understanding on north korea or through a new u.s. military deployment to south korea. >> leland: deals with north korea haven't worked so well. ask the clinton administration back in the 90s. thanks so much. >> shannon: president trump facing new challenges as a major deadline looms. >> dacha is a very difficult subject for me i'll tell you. one of the most difficult subjects i have. >> shannon: the dacha immigration policy said to be challenged in court unless something happens by september 5th. will the president defend the
7:42 am
obama-era program he has criticized. our political panel weighs in.
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tom cruise the star, tom cruise, trying to jump between two buildings and not making it. he failed to reach the edge of the second building. eventually you can see pulling himself up. the extent of his injuries aren't known. oh, at least he got up, though, and gets up and walks away. he prides himself on performing his own stunts. >> shannon: you see him get up and move away there. >> leland: wonder if they'll work that into the movie somehow. >> shannon: he is getting a pretty paycheck for that. >> leland: he often does.
7:46 am
>> president trump: dacha is a very difficult subject for me. you have these incredible kids. it's a very tough subject. we'll deal with dacha with heart. >> shannon: president trump and the obama era the dacha policy back in february. now fast forward to today. the trump administration is facing a deadline to rescind the dreamers program or see it challenged in court. emily tisch sussman is a democratic strategist. katie pavlich is a fox news contributor. the president spoke a lot about it during the campaign saying it was illegal and wanted to get rid of it and do away with it. he says now he is here it sees it different. in june he continued part of these programs moving forward but now he has a choice to make. the campaign rhetoric versus the governing.
7:47 am
>> there is a difference between a legal argument which the president made on the campaign trail based on president obama's argument that dacha is not something he could have done by executive order and something that should go through congress and most immigration policy should. now he is facing this lawsuit from 10 states mostly led by republicans saying look, you need to rescind this program because it gives the states an undo burden we weren't expected and it is unconstitutional because it didn't go through congress. the president has a choice to make in determines of legality. jeff sessions has been very critical of the dacha program. it will be interesting to see if he decides the justice department will continue to defend those cases and politically this sets up the white house again for another confrontation with their own party on an issue the president promised to tackle on the campaign trail and changed into an emotional issue once he got into the white house. >> shannon: last month he said it's a decision i make and a
7:48 am
decision that's very, very hard to make. i really understand the situation now. >> this is the difference between campaigning on rhetoric and governing talking about 800,000 people under this program now who are working, in school, in the service. they are paying taxes. they are buying homes and they're critical to their families and critical to their communities. for the president and administration to desiepd to rescind the program would be disruptive and businesses are very against rescinding the program. the administration can go all in here. the president can -- the decision is up to him. he can say we're keeping the program and going to defend the program in court. he can actually do the right thing here by a lot of people. it's not like this difficult decision just because the state of texas is going to mount a lawsuit against him. administrations face that all the time. they can decide we'll do the right thing by these people and defend this program.
7:49 am
>> shannon: millions of people who voted for him saying the right thing is keeping his promise on this issue. >> i want to be clear about what dacha is. it allows people brought here illegally by their parents when they were children to stay in the country. there is a different between doing the right thing as emily would argue, and what the law says in terms of constitutionality. the lawsuit is 10 different states. they aren't arguing it isn't something that can be handled by congress. they're saying it can't be handled through executive orders as president obama put into the system and they aren't arguing the current dacha permits issued should be rescinded. they say they need the program put on hold. congress to look at it so they can have a legal structure for how they move forward in dealing with these 800,000 people. that's what their argument they're making. in terms of the voters as shannon pointed out, this is something that people voted for
7:50 am
president trump on and he changed his opinion based on emotions, not based on the legality of the law and what the lawsuit lays out. >> shannon: we'll give emily a final word. >> if president trump is committed to helping these dreamers there is bipartisan legislation in the house and senate that he could signal today he will sign. and fast track it through. take it out of the courts and make it law through congress. >> shannon: wanting to get to comprehensive imgaition. there is a lot of other stuff on the hill. we'll see. he hasn't gotten that. good to see you both, thanks. >> leland: a fox news alert. marine one heading down now the video is reracking of now the choppers are coming back. do we have the video of the choppers coming back? there is the white house. the president is now inside the white house and we've reracked the videos and choppers are flying across the washington monument you down to the south lawn. president trump arriving back at the white house taking about
7:51 am
a day inside washington here to get some work done. we might hear from him not only about the events in charlottesville but the new investigation he wants into chinese trade practices. >> shannon: he talked a lot about it on the campaign trail and as we talked about earlier, it is a very interesting needle to thread because he needs them on north korea in a big way. they're the key player in a lot of folks' minds as far as trying to get something done and trying to back down and denuclearize the north korean regime and talking about the tax reform plan moving forward. recess is offer at the beginning of september. there is a lot to do. all eyes are on the tax reform package to see what they can get done. part of his meetings aimed at that conversation as well. >> leland: tax reform, budget. healthcare. debt ceiling. this is tape when the president
7:52 am
either leaves or arrives at the white house south lawn. but as the president walked in from marine one a couple minutes ago, the pool of reporters that was out there shouted a number of questions about whether he condemns white supremacists and whether or not he would fire steve bannon. a lot of scuttle about the president not being happy with bannon and making a move especially during the slowness of the august news cycle. evidently the president ignored all those questions as he headed into the white house. interestingly enough, the white house is under renovations right now. you wonder where all these meetings will take place? the oval office right now is empty. >> shannon: maybe over at the executive office building. part of the plan. >> leland: they need new air conditioning. >> shannon: august in washington is no joke if you don't have air conditioning. you would see at the beginning
7:53 am
there are three choppers. a lot of times people ask questions about that. two decoys. you have marine one and two others. as they make the flight in from joint base andrews and go over washington there are decoys there. you will see three and the same thing when it takes out from the south lawn. the real marine one is joined by the two decoys to keep the president safe back and forth and why you see three when we know the president is only in one. >> leland: sometimes the others carry support staff depending where the president is going and they leapfrog making their way through the washington airspace across the washington monument and over to andrews, a 10 or 15 minute flight. some of the support apparatus there at the white house. very interesting shot of a crane as we said. they're doing renovations at the white house and we'll wait here as the president is just about to head off. you see the marine walking off air force one and he will turn around and open the back door
7:54 am
and then we'll wait for the president to head down off the stairs. >> shannon: after this very busy day he is then going to head from washington to here in new york city. i think it's accurate to say he hasn't been back to trump tower since he was inaugurated. here in new york there is a constant presence around trump toir. it was really beefed up last night. people know he is coming. there are protests there on a regular basis. there are plenty of protestors. you'll see those for and against. a lot of people will take selfies there. washington first and new york tonight. the president has got to be protected and it requires a heavy presence wherever he goes. >> leland: a lot of people protesting for or against and people stuck in traffic of which there are many and there will be many on fifth avenue later today once the president heads up here. he has made the point he doesn't want to spend that much time in new york even though he loves new york because of the
7:55 am
footprint that the president travels with and not only the disruption but also the cost in new york city. he ignored the questions we just talked about and walking inside there to a more cluttered south lawn with all the renovation equipment there. live pictures of the white house as the president begins an abbreviated day of work there. >> shannon: as we wrap that up we'll be right back with much more including what he may be doing inside the white house today. the important meetings ahead right after this break. [upbeat music]
7:56 am
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>> shannon: just moments ago you saw the president is back in washington. he is at the white house today for a number of meetings. he starts with the chief of staff and john kelly climatic kelly, a lot more to discuss before he goes to new york to map out strategy for the looming legislative calendar ahead. it will also meet with his attorney general jeff sessions.
7:59 am
and chris ray. they will be talking about charlottesville after a weekend that rocked that city. numbers and scores of injuries. one young woman heather heyer is dead. shortly, just a short time ago you saw in charlottesville we covered what we could have the hearing there that we know that bale has been denied for him. he said that he was unable to afford an attorney prior to the first public defender that was set up for him was somebody who had a relative injured in the violence this weekend. they went on to yet another appointment. that case moves forward. another hearing shortly in august. >> leland: underscoring how charlottesville has been rocked by this. it is a small town, a historic town. this kind of violence right to the core of this community. >> shannon: next up for him, we understand, not a plea or anything else, but the charges were read today. they are serious. they include a murder charge. so much ahead for that suspect and potentially others.
8:00 am
a federal investigation in addition to the state charges. much to play out for the case in a lot of healing that will have to happen over months, weeks, however long and charlottesville, we wish the best to everyone who was involved this weekend. >> leland: we have already seen memorials there. "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: we begin with a fox news alert on new fallout from the deadly violence in charlottesville, virginia. court action for the suspect the growing criticism of the president's response to the tragedy. new reports that president trump will speak out on charlottesville again today. welcome to "happening now" on this monday. i'm jon scott. >> i am heather childers prior to the president just arrived back at the white house. minutes from now he will sit down with his chief of staff and then meet with his attorney general and the director of the fbi about the deadly charlottesville attack. after jeff sessions defended president trump saying that there has been too much


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