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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 15, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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rob: finally the college student in california said she was bullied after posting a photo on facebook asking why she was standing with someone who was quote a threat to human rights everywhere and the world has officially gone nuts. heather: thank you for joining us. rob: we will see you later. heather: bi. bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ life in the fast lane ♪ slowly make you lose your mind steve: live from the big town in new york city. not so fast in that lane, avenue of the americas right now. pete: right now not so fast because the president is here and the traffic is. steve: one block over that's absolutely right. abby: lots of protesters.
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the weather can't be better. steve: it's raining. abby: no but it's cool. maybe it's because i'm pregnant. it's nice out. steve: thank you for joining us on this very busy tuesday and we start with a fox news alert. maybe as it turns out fire and fury and locked and loaded worked. because it has been announced by north korea state media that kim jong un has backed down from the nuclear showdown with president trump and, in fact, it sounds like he has decided he is dropping his plans to try to bomb the vicinity of guam. abby: that's what it's sounding like at least. this is the most recent quote from the leader kim jong un. if the yankees persist in extremely dangerous and reckless actions against the korean peninsula and vicinities testing the self-restraint of the dprk the north will make an important decision as it already declared. pete: i love being referred to as yankee as well.
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good old fashioned propaganda. those yankees if they try something. steve: i thought he was talking about the baseball team. pete: he was talking but. the new york state media talking but. kim made his decision not to fire on guam after visiting a command post and military plan presented by senior officers. they probably said sir, if you do that we are all going to die. steve: pretty much because they said we listened to the defense secretary james mattis, and he said this about what would happen if north korea were to fire a missile in the direction of an american? >> if they fire at the united states, it could he is la indicate into war very quickly, yes, that's called war. if they do that. if they do that, then it's game on. steve: game on. pete: i'm telling from you the beginning, it's all been about credible threat of military force. so when the left and the media scream bellicose rhetoric. locked and loaded. that traps late just how it
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needs to from the north korean regime. doesn't mean it's over at all. step back from the regime that prides itself on the pushing the envelope and thumbing its nose. big win. get to i do nuclearizing the regime. biggest victory. abby: toughest talk we have heard yet when it comes to talking directly to north korea and to china. so something has happened in the last 24, 48 hours with their rhetoric to be pulled back like that. i do wonder if china has played a role at all behind the scenes with north korea. because, as we know, the president has been pretty tough on them in the last 24 hours, too. steve: absolutely. the president of the united states said yesterday hey, china we are coming after you for copyright infringement and theft of intellectual property. china doesn't like that. maybe something is going on behind the scenes. we know in public the president has used very harsh rhetoric. on this tuesday morning, perhaps the verdict is it worked. pete: it does. tough work can work when
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backed up by tough action. there has been conversations with the chinese and putting the screws where it hurts. if they came on along the table. abby: it's not over yet. steve: it's not. meanwhile the u.s. department of justice ramping up its investigation into the charlottesville, virginia attack as the suspect remains behind bars without bail. abby: now the charlottesville police chief is setting the record straight saying his officers were not told to stand down. pete: our own ellison barber is live with more. >> good morning to all of you. al-thomas is pushing back against criticisms of what many people here say was inadequate response to violence that began long before a car came barreling down this street injuring 19 and killing one. thomas is denying rumors that his officers were given any type of direction to stand down. take a listen. >> you are the mayor anyone on the mayor's staff stand down.
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>> no. i would like to know who that officer is that allegedly made those remarks. that is simply not true. >> a judge denied bail for james fields at least until he meets with his court appointed lawyer. he made his first court appearance yesterday. did he it from behind bars speaking to the judge through a video monitor wearing a gray and white jumpsuit. the 20-year-old is charged with second degree murder. he could face federal charges as well. the doj opened a civil rights investigation into this incident. sources familiar with the investigation tell news investigators are trying to see if fields had any help in planning this attack. according to reports in the "the washington post," late yesterday, "the washington post" and tmz fields' mother called police back in ohio at least twice to report her son for threatening or violent behavior. at one point in 2010 she reportedly called police to say that her son had hit her in the head and tried to cover her mouth after she told him
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to stop playing video games. pete: thanks ellison. steve: chief asked if he had any regrets how they handled things. he said we lost three people. one civilian and two fellow officers. obviously they -- essentially what they said is in looking back, the big problem was they did have plan for this protest, but the protests did not follow the plan. they started marching two hours before the plan was supposed to go in effect and then they were keep people apart. didn't work. abby: mostly people came in from out of town. a lot of them were not locally from charltsville. very organized. pete: having covered and been in the middle of these they take on a life of their own. crowds moving and confrontations happening here. if you are not ahead of it completely, it can get away from you. abby: speaking of crowds and new york city now, president trump is back for the first time, actually, since winning the nomination as president of the united states. you can see there protests
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really going on throughout the day yesterday. it was busy here in the city, if you were anywhere near midtown, you probably wanted to leave. steve: absolutely. before the president returned home he did say some more things about what happened in charlottesville over the weekend. many wanted him to say more. he did say the right things. he cited the groups by name. he called violence repugnant and racist. he said racism is illegal and anyone who breaks the law will be held accountable. abby: if you heard the speech it was powerful one. it was unexpected statement. we didn't know he was going to come out about 12:30 yesterday. he used a teleprompter. obviously well thought through. team helped put it together for sure. something many people felt he had to do. i think it was the right thing to do. strong words about us loving each other, coming together, being one as an american. we are all -- we should all be treated equal. did he point out these groups
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specifically, the neo nazis, the kkk, the white supremacist group. this is too little, too late. at what point do we move on this -- pete: any other channel you are on right it was too late. fresh uproar. why didn't he name him on day one? when you come out and immediately condemn, and then you put out a statement and then the next day you say again in person and teleprompter exactly here are these groups. how many times do you have to say it? you can't win for losing. no matter. what the amount of attention that's put on him as the 20-year-old nazi human being that mowed people over. abby: he is a terrorist. pete: whatever you want to call him. now this is president trump's fault? he is to blame new watch those mobs and that's all those signs say. it's unhinged. steve: i was listening on the radio yesterday driving around. rush limbaugh was driving around. this is his observation about what is going on. >> no matter what trump said
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today, this is just the lates latest, most recent story that propels the get rid of trump effort. and this will replace the russian story and the mueller investigation for a while. and, perhaps a big while. because, this you know, identity politics, this is it. this is what the democrat party has become. this is how they hope to win again and triumph. so this is going to be milked for all it's worth. steve: this is rush saying this is the most recent story that propels the get rid of trump effort. abby: you look back at the past three days since this story broke on saturday afternoon. the focus has been president trump. and we lose sight so often as a society when we start talking about this horrific events that happens. it's pointing the fingers. it's pointing the blame. it's all about racism and who is to blame for that when we don't focus on exactly what happened and the innocent lives that were lost.
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how do we lose focus so quickly? i think a lot of people are frustrated by that. pete: media focused on one thing, trump-hating. all with how president trump is a racist. they are saying you, trump supporter. you are a racist. i think you are a racist if you voted for him. because you want a wall. you want law and order. you support the cops. you want to call out radical islamic terrorists. you are a racist. that's the extent where the left wants to go with this. it doesn't focus on the real thing. abby: what matters most. steve: we will talk a bit more on this topic with star parker in a moment. first we turn to jillian. jillian: good rainy morning in new york city. abby: i love it. jillian: 13-year-old girl is killed and little brother fighting for life after driver intentionally rams into a pizzeria. the attack happening outside of paris. french police believe he was high on drugs and possibly suicidal but not motivated by terror.
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he is alive and under arrest. a dozen people now recovering from injuries. new overnight, iranens newly reelected president now threatening to quit the nuclear deal within hours if the united states continues to impose any more sanctions. issuing the warning in televised speech. drone flies dangerously close to navy aircraft for a second time this month. a drone getting into 1,000 feet of a plane flying off the uss in the persian gulf. creating a dangerous situation. today alabama voters decide which republican will run for jeff sessions vacant senate seat. polls show incumbent senator luther strange and judge roy moore leading the pack. strange was appointed to fill vacancy in february and endorsed by president trump. we will talk to senator strange live in the next hour. first hear from own todd piro talking to folks at a diner in
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alabama. abby: i was actually at a diner in mobile, alabama. it's a great state. jillian: i haven't been there. i should go. right now. see you guys. steve: wait until 9:00 a.m. abby: hillary clinton's pastor made news for comparing her election loss to the death of jesus christ. this morning he is back in the headlines for stealing, apparently. we have more on that coming up. pete: that's not in the bible. when what did president obama know and when did he know it? a new shocking report about russian meddling and the election. stick around. ♪ head games ♪ you and me baby ♪ i can't take it anymore ♪ head games ♪ ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators,
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♪ ♪ >> racism is evil. and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the kkk, neo nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. steve: there is the president in the white house yesterday once again condemning the violence in charlottesville on saturday, this time naming some of the hate groups involved. but that apparently not good enough for some on the political left. here to discuss is star parker president and founder of the center for urban renewal and education.
3:17 am
star, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: let's start at the beginning. did you think that the president's comments on saturday, the day of this particular event were too vague and not appropriate. >> actually, i thought they were very appropriate and on point. the point at that point was that the alt right and the alt left met in an american city over a very local issue. it escalated into a riot, very quickly. and he needed to calm it down before it spread across the country. no, he was exactly on point. there is an alt right and there is an alt left. and this war between the two sides has been going on for an awful long time. steve: you are describing a culture war, star. >> it is a culture war. when you think about it, david duke think that the president is dog whistling him that we're going to go back to the confederacy is just as wrong as the hard left that thinks that this country is not about tradition, limited government,
3:18 am
open and free markets and e plur business unum many becoming one not the multi-culturallism and diversity they are promoting. there is a cultural war and it is escalating. americans must rally around the fact that we don't want to end up in a civil war. we battle in the voting booth. we battled in the voting booth last november. the alt left lost and they are pretty upset about it. steve: the president sent out a couple of tweets yesterday. here is one of them. made additional remarks on charlottesville and realized once again that the fake news media will never be satisfied. true bad people. what do you think about that? >> i think that there is an alt left media as well. its challenge for us is to sort through which is legitimate media, even if they are center left and they are mainstreamed. when you think about the alt it is the extreme of both sides. and, yes, he is not getting a fair play with the alt left because what he was trying to address on saturday is very different than whether he
3:19 am
agrees with people or people group or individuals that voted for him or not, the president did not decide who gets to vote for him. the only place that the president can speak into who does not get to vote is when that voter is illegal not when it is legal vote cast. left wing media that has a narrative that they are going to do any and everything to disrupt this presidency has to be confronted. that's what he is doing. pete: what do you think about nancy pelosi who made this statement yesterday: it you shouldn't take the president two days to summon the basic decency to condemn murder and violence by nazis and white supremacists. >> nancy pelosi is exploiting an incident that will play to her side. two sides in an american city and it was escalating very rapidly. no, the question became then well, do you denounce the one part of it but you know what's really interesting and really incredible irony here is the same people that are demanding that the confederate flag
3:20 am
comes down are the same people that are insisting that the rainbow flag goes up. these two flags represent the exact same thing. that certain people groups are not welcome here. so if nancy pelosi wants to say that we're going to start shutting down first amendment rights with a certain group of people. what what happens next time homosexuals want to walk through an american city and protest and counter protesters come out? steve: star parker joining us today from washington, d.c. star, thank you very much. what do you think about that email us at about her commentary. meanwhile, tim tebow doing it again. going beyond baseball to create a special moment with one very special fan. the patriotic moment you don't want to miss straight ahead. hillary clinton's pastor once made headlines for comparing her loss to the death of jesus christ. this morning the pastor's troubles just got worse. oh my ♪ keeping the faith ♪ won't matter
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cutting off obamacare insurer payments. expected to include projections how the move would affect the federal budget. exchanges, premiums and the number of people with no healthcare. president trump said he would consider the measure to help broker a repeal deal in congress. and more medical care for veterans. new hampshire governor chris sununu signing an executive
3:25 am
order allowing v.a. doctors to practice at facilities outside of v.a. hospitals. it comes after serious problems at the manchester v.a. medical center that interrupted a number of veterans' care. all right. abby? pete? abby: thank you, steve. the morning after hillary clinton lost the presidential election, she received an email from her long-time pastor. it was a message of reassurance and hope. pete: but it turns out the message wasn't entirely his own. he plagiarized the writings of another pastor and got busted after including the post election strong for a moment like this. abby: here to react is cnn political correspondent and host of faith nation david brody. david, good morning. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, abby. thanks, pete. abby: what's going on here? hillary clinton's pastor wrote a book about things he would email her during the campaign she then wrote the forward to this book and now it's come out he plagiarized a lot of this. >> one of the big topics or at
3:26 am
least subjects at the beginning of the book is the one that's in question. so it's right off the get-go. and i think that's what kind of makes it even more interesting. and isn't it interesting, folks the forward written by hillary clinton. remember, she was asked to write forwards for a lot of different books. she tureptiond them all down. i will go with this book and oh, dot dot dot we have headlines hillary clinton's pastor plagiarized not a good headline at all. abby: i will say though she probably didn't know at the time when she was writing that forward that her pastor had been plagiarizing this. she can't really be to blame for this situation. pete: just bad luck. >> what i would say is bad luck. talking about running for bad luck. she runs against trump. we have this situation the only book she writes the forward to this happens. deception happens in this. any thing she needs out there is deception story line. pete: excerpt plagiarized put on the screen.
3:27 am
for the disciples and christ followers in the first century, good friday represented the day that everything fell apart. all was lost. hope and momentum of the man who claimed to be the son of god the messiah who was supposed to change everything had been executed. reference to good friday was emailed her after the election comparing her loss to the death of jesus christ. >> unfortunately one thing left out was bad wednesday which is the morning after for little. it is a message that evangelicals talk about all the time. obviously there is valleys and peaks. problem is there was a plagiarism issue. apparently the pastors have made up. abby: david, after the horrific events on saturday in charlottesville as it always happens, people are pointing fingers wanting to blame certain groups of people for what happened. now you have some journalists that are blaming white christians for these violent attacks. this is a headline from the
3:28 am
daily beast. time for all christians to denounce. will white pastors finally take racism seriously. how will the church reckon with charlottesville? >> most evangelical leaders if not all of them. i say all of them obviously in air quotes. most all denounced it, first of all. and true biblical christianity has nothing to do with white supremacy. lazy narrative by the media. no doubt about it remember, in the bible, each in matthew, jesus talked about how people, he won't even know people that call themselves christians. in other words, people claiming to be christians doesn't mean that you are a christian. that's very important. these white supremacists like to claim christianity where they can be shown the door. they have nothing to do with true biblical christianity. pete: why are they trying to make that link then? why rush to say pastors are churches that are to blame for this or should be apologizing for it? >> i think the fix is in if you will against evangelize
3:29 am
christians. white evangelical christians in this country. here is what i mean by that if you are a white evangelical christian who voted for donald trump. and who may have some problems with affirmative action policies in this country and want to crack down on illegal immigration, what, all of a sudden you are part of this grand narrative that you are either racist or a bigot? i mean, give me a break. the whole thing is preposterous it's time that the church and evangelical leaders speak out forcefully about this. abby: you have to be so careful lumping groups together. thank you, david. >> thanks. pete: sentenced for death for murdering his pregnant wife. scott petersen says he wasn't the last one to see leaz alive. abby: voters gearing up to fill jeff sessions empty senate seat. our own todd piro is live at a diner having breakfast with friends. ♪ shining star. pete: happy birthday to kerry walsh jennings the volleyball
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3:34 am
scott petersen claims he wasn't the last person to see her on christmas eve in 2002. the phone call part of a new a&e docu series of scott petersen. he was sentenced to death in her murder. is he appealing. california now filing two new immigration lawsuits against the trump administration. the state's attorney general and san francisco city attorney challenging the president's plan to hold back money to sanctuary jurisdictions. officials calling it unconstitutional. nearly $28 million is at stake. the obama administration may have been warned of possible russian election interference more than three years ago. according to politico, intelligence officials found russian devices placed on u.s. and european voting machines in 2014. the officials claim reports were brushed away because the administration didn't want to anger russia. they don't say if the 2016 election was affected. tim tebow hitting a home run before he even steps up to the plate.
3:35 am
he joined a girl with cerebral palsy as she sang god bless america ♪ god bless america ♪ my home, sweet home ♪ god bless america ♪ my home, sweet home [cheers and applause] jillian: heart warming moment happened on saturday. the girl is part of a group of special needs adults that perform in the area. tebow was just wonderful. abby: i love these stories. how brave to be able to sing in front of that crowd. abby: i couldn't do it. jillian: he turned 30 yesterday. abby: we wished him happy 30 on the show yesterday. jillian: i was not there for that so happy belated, tim. abby: it's wet but feels nice and cool this morning. janice: it's because you are pregnant. only one who likes it i remember those days any coolness that comes my way
3:36 am
when i'm pregnant i loved it so, yes, we have some drizzly weather in new york city. see sunshine and potential for showers across the northeast. take a look at the maps. shall we? why i will show you where it's cooler than average great lakes, you were midwest. as well as the northeast warmer than average for the southern states. the radar will show you the potential for showers, thunderstorms, even some severe storms later on this afternoon this afternoon and this evening for the you were midwest, central plains from texas all the way up towards wisconsin. the potential for large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes. we will be keeping an eye on that. then we have i believe, hurricane gurt. second hurricane of the season. it is offshore my husband is very excited because the surf is going to be high over the next 24 hours. i think he might take the day off today and go surfing. but don't tell anybody. back inside. abby: that's what i would do. steve: whoever told you whispering on tv is a good
3:37 am
idea when you have big news. janice: he is supposed to be at work. oh no i might be in trouble. be safe if you are going to the beach because the rip tides are going to be. steve: janice dean the new whisperer. pete: new title. steve: let's check in todd piro is he talking with folks at jim's restaurant in alabama about the new senator. who is it going to be, todd? abby: hey, todd. todd: that's the question, guys, here in prattville and throughout the state of alabama. it's going to come down to three people. the incumbent luther strange. mo brooks congressman from this area and roy moore a former judge. so we are talking to the people about who they want and going to start with well, first of all walt, retired air force. walt, thank you for your service. >> thank you. todd: you i'm guess ago trump supporter? >> absolutely. all the way. todd: i wasn't clear based
3:38 am
upon the outfit. you have say you are voting for luther strange. why? >> well, i'm really not crazy about any of the candidates. but president trump endorsed luther strange and luther strange, i have heard him say that he would back trump's agenda. that's what i'm looking for is for a candidate to back his agenda. todd: specifically the issue that gets you fired up is immigration. you want the wall built. explain. >> right. i want the wall built. trump fired me up by saying that in his rallies. i went to one of his rallies in madison, alabama. he fired me up along with thousands of other people in this country. todd: understood. i'm going to go to kendall now. kendall, you have an interesting job. you are a leadership coach. let me ask you, what do you think about the leadership in washington, d.c. >> i don't think there is any leadership in washington, d.c. team work is necessary and basically we have everybody fighting. it's not unified. they are not supporting the president. we have all three branches of government. they should all be
3:39 am
accomplishing a lot. they haven't accomplished much. todd: a lot of polls out there have roy moore leading. you say i'm not a moore fan i'm luther strange fan why. >> trump endorsed him. moore is too conservative to me. i think he would bring more fighting. there is enough of that going on. todd: understood. we will get a different perspective. scott is here visiting us, visiting alabama i should say from florida. first, explain to the viewers at home why you are here. i find it fascinating. >> i'm working -- excuse me, i'm a fountain contractor out of orlando, florida, and we are building downtown a memorial for peace and justice and we are building 160-foot water wall which we call like a weeping wall. and docks ter. todd: peace and justice we need. >> peace and justice downtown. fascinating project i'm glad i'm part of it. todd: as an outside tore alabama he says i'm voting for
3:40 am
luther strange if i could. >> if i could luther strange, basically the same as the other couple. trump has endorsed him and he is already. in and i think that jeff sessions probably had a little bit to -- his picking. and i kind of enjoy jeff sessions and what he has done especially as attorney general. todd: you think the other 49 states besides alabama jeff sessions is the best person to move our country forward not just the state of alabama? >> yes, i do. todd: we will talk to a few more people throughout the course of the day. we have one very important vote to take throughout the day. i believe folks know what i'm about to do. is it crimson tide or war eagle? >> war eagle. war eagle. >> roll tide. >> war eagle. >> roll tide. todd: this is a crimson tide restaurant but the war eagles have it here, guys.
3:41 am
abby: they are owning it this morning. that's for sure. steve: all right, todd. thank you very much. we will be checking in with todd live from prattville, alabama all morning. peter peter pretty revealing. looking like the endorsement of luther strange going a long way. we will see how it comes out. abby: we already knew the cops found no alcohol in tiger tiger woods' system. it turns out that wasn't the end of that story. pete: is hate speech really protected under the u.s. constitution? judge napolitano the expert on that document. well, he is here to explain next. steve: all rise. here comes the judge ♪ let's go ♪ ♪ (boy) and these are the lungs. (class) ewwww! (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it. (mom) honey, honey, honey, honey!
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a penny it's ourr back to school one cent event at office depot office max. notebooks! one cent! rulers, glue and 12-pack pencils! all one cent each! hurry to office depot office max! ♪taking care of business ♪ abby: welcome back to "fox & friends." 15 minutes before the top of the hour.
3:45 am
legendary wrestler rick flare is recovering after undergoing surgery in atlanta. put into medically induced coma before the undisclosed procedure. the reps say it was successful he is not out of the woods yet. we will keep a close eye on that one tiger woods was driving under the influence five prescription drugs when florida police found him asleep behind the wheel. back in may according to newly released toxicology report. vicodin, delad continue, thc all of them. woods told the officer he was taking the medication for back pain. pete: that's a cocktail. all right. attorney general jeff sessions says the doj will pursue charges over violence in virginia. >> it does meet the definition of domestic terrorism in our statute. we are pursuing it when the department of justice in every way that we can make it. you can be sure we will charge and advance the investigation
3:46 am
toward the most serious charges that can be brought. steve: here is the question is the hate speech that inspired the violence protected by our constitution. abby: judge andrew napolitano is here to weigh in. how far can you go when it comes to free speech? >> judge: that'that's a great question. think about this the speech that we love and welcome doesn't require protection because we welcome it it's the speech that we hate in fear that the constitution protects. so here's the rule. all harmless speech is protected and all speech is harmless when there is time. that's the key. time for more speech to rebut it. so, if a person that organized this white supremacy rally stood up and said something incendiary and encouraged the crowd to commit violence, and there is time for someone to challenge what he said, even if no one actually challenges it, there is time for someone
3:47 am
to do it, then his speech is protected and he is not criminally liable for the consequences of his speech. we are not talking about the guy who drove a car. that's obvious. just talking about speech. pete: that's interesting. not just incitement. not just encouragement of violence or of something illegal. so if i was to stand up and say something hey, go kill that guy. if there is enough time to rebut it, i'm okay? >> yes. you are not responsible for the person who killed. there is no rule of thumb on how much time as long as a reasonable person would believe that there is enough time to challenge it. so think of it this way. the only speech that can be prosecuted is successful incitement. if you successfully insight the crowd because there was no time to rebut what you said, then you can be held criminally liable in this hypothetical like the crowd did. steve: is that like hollering fire in a theater. >> judge: that is entirely different. that is controlled by the owner of the theater.
3:48 am
we are talking about the government now. the first amendment only regulates the government. it doesn't regulate what people do on private property. westboro baptist church, you know this, you know this awful, awful case. the horrific things they say about the military. pete: at funerals. >> judge: funerals for guys and women who have given their life supreme court accepted speech. incendiary speech and the mob destroyed the mall and the police arrested. the supreme court threw it out. you can't determine what the crowd is allowed to say. bottom line is the first amendment was written to give the broadest, widest, most possible protection to speech even speech we hated. because the best remedy for hateful speech is not to suppress it, but to rebut it. to challenge it. abby: can you see that ever changing? >> judge: i hope not. one of the beauty of our system is that you are free to go out on street corner and
3:49 am
say whatever you want. pete: make a fool of yourself. >> judge: if kilmeade were here he would give us an example of that only kidding, brian. you know that. steve: we better get used to it because organizers from the rally on saturday continue throughout the calendar year. >> judge: and rather do it. wouldn't you rather have hate out in the open so we know who it is and we know who is spewing it and we can challenge what they say rather than having it bubbling beneath the surface? 's it going to show up. pete: discredit them in the court of public opinion. >> judge: remedy for hateful speech is more speech. abby: very well said. great to have you on this morning an ache wake of virginia riots. are they erasing history or is it about time? pete: here we go again, another nfl player says he plans to sit through the national anthem this season to make a statement. tight end benjamin washington
3:50 am
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3:53 am
pete: well, that is a shot of seattle seahawks defensive end michael bennet sitting during the national anthem during recent game. abby: he said after the game he chose to sit with everything that's been going on the last couple of months i wanted to be able to use my platform to be able to continuously speak on injustice. he is also sitting there eating a banana while doing that. pete: that was other guy. marshon lynch with the oakland raiders.
3:54 am
he sat on a cooler. it's interesting because this has been bubbling up ever since collin kaepernick last year. we were talking with some the producers during the commercial time-out and apparently over the last year a lot of people just don't watch as many football games. apparently 23% of those responded said they are watching fewer football games and of those 23%, about a quarter of them said it's because of the national anthem protest. pete: that's right, ratings went down last year because they want to turn on the television and be entertained obviously by a great game. truly american sport. but they also want the patriotism we see before the game is something that brings us together in a moment where you want to be brought together. it feels like a divisive statement. all well within their right as americans to sit if they want. but i think the flag isn't the problem. the problem may be our politics. it may be divisiveness. whatever it is. but you can still stand and be proud of your country.
3:55 am
abby: that's what judge napolitano said on our couch. if they want to sit during the national anthem they have the right to do that. the question is does this lead to real progress and lead to real change? why the reason they are protesting. i'm not sure that it does. when you think about our national anthem is this more disrespectful than anything else. other ways to put yourself out there and get attention and make a difference for the issue you are speaking out for. steve: think about the owners of these teams, they spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year to run the national football league. and then these kinds of protests put their business model in peril because there are some people who say well, i'm not going to go to the game if they are going to have people not stand up. pete: isn't there enough awareness that there are problems in our country? people realize. this ♪ advancing that. i love some of the owners who said if you are going to play on my team you are going to stand for the anthem. they can do that as the owner of the team just like the league the nfl. i would love for them to say if you are going to play in our league stand for the national anthem.
3:56 am
we live in a great country. you will respect that. they are not going to do that. folks out there feel the same way. you play a game for a living. live in the greatest game in the world. you won't stand up for the national anthem that pays you millions? come on. abby: getting to the place we are losing such respect in this country across the board. whether we are talking about the national anthem or talk bower commander-in-chief. you name it across the board. we just lost that level of respect the way we talk about things. the way we talk about people. i think it's a sad place to be. steve: let us know what you think email us at alabama senator luther strange is going to be joining us in about 10 minutes. corey lewandowski, who has had the president's ear because he was his campaign manager for a little while and laura ingraham the radio host joins us live from new york city. ♪ we're all about a good life ♪
3:57 am
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>> th the kkk. neo nazis, white supremacists are repugnant to everything we hold dear as america. >> he came back today, he said every single thing that his critics on the left want, so now you have crowds saying well, he didn't say it soon enough. >> the reason for all of this attention, the reason the media is covering this thing like it's a super bowl is because of this narrative that donald trump blatantly reached out to white racists to get elected. >> defense secretary james mattis says if north korea sends a missile towards the u.s., it will be war. steve: it's been announced by north korea state media that kim jong un has backed down from the nuke low showdown with president trump. >> today alabama residents will decide who will run for jeff sessions senate seat. judge roy moore and luther strange leading the path.
4:01 am
>> space excurrently on its way to the international space station with the most powerful computer to ever operate in space. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i saw her face ♪ i'm a believer ♪ not a trace ♪ of doubt in my mind. steve: i thought it was the monkeys, it's smash mouth. abby: i love this song. pete: you know you are getting old when you are like the original is better. steve: these rules we can only play it a certain number of times. so we sometimes have to use sound alikes. pete pete fair use or something like that. legal term. abby: hope you are feeling
4:02 am
good. steve: we have a busy day. we start with a fox news alert. well, maybe locked and loaded worked last week because the guy screen left, kim jong un has decided not to launch any missiles towards guam. apparently he met with his senior officers yesterday at a military base in north korea and they gave him the prognosis and that is if you launch a missile, we are all toast. pete: that's right. abby: exactly. this is the latest statement from the leader of north korea seems to be pulling back a bit saying if the yankees persist in extremely dangerous, reckless actions encore reason peninsula testing the self-restraints of the dprk will make a decision as it already declared. a shift from what we heard from them recently. pete: we are awful yankees today. i love that call us yankees more often. classic propaganda. it's perfect. you mentioned steve when you said it apparently after meeting at the command post
4:03 am
and examining military plans presented to him. what your military plan? okay we are going to launch missiles at guam and then they are going to kill us and then we are all gone because they said they would. steve: considering the fact that kim jong un has been known to take family members out in public and shoot them with missile launchers, you know, it's daunting to be a military leader in north korea and give the boss bad news. pete: that's true. steve: what are you talking about, we can't beat the united states? peter peter level with me here, what's going to happen if we do this. pete: sir, you don't want to do this. abby: try leveling with general james dog mattis? here is what he said in response. >> fire at the united states it could escalate into war very quickly. yes, that's called war if they do that. if they do that, then it's game on. steve: it is game on. you know what's interesting as we talk a little bit about the missiles that north korea has been launching, you know, the conventional wisdom is that because their biggest trading partner is china, they would probably get some of the technology from china. there is a story out this
4:04 am
morning that apparently our analysts have been looking at that particular pattern as depicted in the video of that missile. and it looks like it's either from russia or the ukraine. they're suggesting neither country knew about it but it's just one of those things where, you know, after the cold war, things disappear. pete: between russia, china and frankly iran. there is that collaboration access there, the sharing of technology and missile capabilities that's scary. that's what makes this win and we call it that very important. it was brinksmanship. a stare down in north korea. kim jong linked at president trump. that's a big statement. talk tough and do real things can you make an impact. abby: he made it clear i could change my mind at any moment. we don't know where this is going eventually. a change in tone and rhetoric that we have probably seen from anyone else in recent history. steve: think about it. last week so many people in the mainstream media were saying about president trump's rhetoric it was
4:05 am
inappropriately provocative. and, yet, you fast forward a week, after the stock market did drop one day, but it has since rebounded, maybe the tough rhetoric worked because kim jong un and his men realize wait a minute, a fire and fury, locked and loaded they mean business. abby: it was directed at north korea but also china, right? the most important player in this whole conversation. who knows, they might have played a role behind the scenes is he not aware of. pete: i take your point the u.s. is the most important player in this situation. we forced china's hand. abby: china keeps north korea afloat. they are the reason north korea is existing today. pete: i take your point china has got to do it. abby: someone has got to step up. also this morning recent events in charlottesville justice department ramping up investigation into the charlottesville attack as the suspect remains behind bars without bail. pete: now the police chief there is setting the record straight. saying his officers were not told to stand down. steve: ellison barber is live in charlottesville, virginia
4:06 am
with the very latest. >> good morning to you all. lots of criticism here in charlottesville for the police and city officials. many people are asking why the police didn't do more to stop the violence when it started. charlottesville police chief al-thomas said yesterday he has regrets about this weekend but didn't lay out specifics. only saying he regrets that three lives were lost and saying that the weekend was tragic. >> you or the mayor anyone on the mayor's staff told anyone not to. >> no i would like to know who that officer is who allegedly made those remarks. that is simply not true. >> a judge denied bail for james fields jr. at least until he meets his court appointed lawyer. public defender's office because someone working in that office is a relative of a victim of the car attack. so, yesterday the judge
4:07 am
assigned him a different lawyer, fields is charged with second degree murder, accused of driving the dodge challenger that plowed into two other cars and a group of people protesting the white supremacists who said they came to charlottesville to protested the removal of a confederate statute do you. the ohio native could face federal charges as well. doj opened a civil rights investigation into the attack. and attacked attorney general a. when we have been here, standing down here, terrorism is a word a lot of people in in community come up and say to this. they called this attack terrorism. they consider it terrorism. there has been a lot of frustration that more people aren't calling it that. we also have heard from doj officials, or sources close to the doj investigation that investigators are also looking to see whether or not fields had any help planning this attack.
4:08 am
back to you guys. steve: all right. alison barber live in charlottesville, virginia: president trump returned to new york city yesterday. it wasn't the hero's welcome he would have preferred. a lot of people arrested and steamed at his initial comments after the attack on saturday. in chartville which many thought was too vegas. they wanted him to be more specific. abby: you did not want to be anywhere near midtown manhattan yesterday afternoon. self-going to be here the next couple of days. you can expect these protesters come back out. they are riled up. don't feel like his response was the right one. star parker center for urban renewal was on and said trump did the right thing. take a listen. >> the point at that point was that the alt right and the alt left met in an american city over a very local issue. it escalated into a riot, very quickly. and he needed to calm it down before it spread across the country.
4:09 am
so he was exactly on point. there is an alt right and there is an alt left. and this war between the two sides has been going on for an awful long time. steve: so star said she felt that the president's initial comments on saturday were appropriate. and, yet, he came out once again yesterday. there is a report in ax gross that apparently chief of staff john kelly said you've got to be specific, mr. president. and the story will not go away until you are. and so that's why he cited the groups by name and called violence repugnant and racist and talked about how racism is evil. pete: of course it's not going away either way because the so-called mainstream media which they are not. it's just the left wing media are going to go ever a him no matter what. triggering more outrage. he didn't come out in the first sentence and say it. he waited two sentences. no meter what he does. and larry elder was on the program yesterday. made some really strong comments on why this happens. take a listen. >> the reason for all of this
4:10 am
attention. the reason the media is covering this thing like it's a super bowl is because of this narrative that donald trump blatantly reached out to white racists to get elected. if that's the case, how is it that he got a fewer percentage, less percentage of white voters than mitt romney did. blacks, hispanics, and asians than mitt romney did. the blacks, hispanics and asians were too stupid to realize they were joining a movement with a bunch of white racists. bunch of realize a bunch of people of color they don't like. come on. abby: look, he is in a position where among a lot of people no matter what he says, no matter how long into his speech or statement he actually calls these groups out, i think it was the right thing for him to do to call them out. that's also his brand. you think about president trump. is he known for being the first out of the gate to call something for what it is. whether it is islamic terrorism. you name it a lot of people surprised he didn't do that this time around. right thing for him to do yesterday. time now for the country to move on and for us to come together.
4:11 am
that was his message yesterday. peter peter protesters aren't moving on. when they call him a racist or imply that. calling every single person that voted for him. they are going to conflate this discussion to the very end as larry elder said. steve: what was the protest initially based on in virginia. the robert e. lee statue which they had renamed that particular park. now there is news that there are a number of statues in a number of communities that are being taken down. that's raleigh, north carolina. kentucky, gainsville and baltimore. they are trying to remove them. which is a blow against heritage and historical memory many people say. pete: some places going through the formal process of petitioning the governor. in other places like raleigh, north carolina like you saw that's vigilantes, tie a rope around it and pull it down.
4:12 am
steve: vandalism. pete: will it be treated as such. listen you can have grievances not like that statue but put up at a time for a reason. when you decide to ignore your history, i think it makes you more ignorant about your sins of past or whatever happened in the past. i'm interested in our viewers. i'm going to ask them. abby: good people on both sides of this debate. i think it's an important one for us to have in this country. we do want to hear from you. is it important to encould the statues up to remember history or time to take them down. send us your comments at pete: where does it end? founders were slave owners. discredit them because the sins of that time? did it stop the confederacy? you know the logic of this leads in very interesting places. let us know steve: indeed. abby: horrifying and deadly accident on the set of a major movie. watch this. >> lost control went across the street over a curb and
4:13 am
through a glass pain payne window. >> so that guy is aware the the actor went airborne into the building. abby: what went wrong. pete: polls open for alabama's special election. hey. pass please. i'm here to fix the elevator. nothing's wrong with the elevator. right. but you want to fix it. right. so who sent you? new guy. what new guy? watson.
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♪ ♪ steve: all eyes on this tuesday morning are on alabama where the race to fill jeff sessions' vacant senate seat comes to a head today. luther strange and roy moore topping the polls with strange getting the president's endorsement. >> i need luther to help us out. go to those polls and vote for luther strange. steve: but is that endorsement enough to keep the seat? joining us now on a very busy day senator luther strange. senator, good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me on. steve: you know, there are a number of qualified republicans running for this particular open senate seat, which you currently have. why do you think the president picked you? >> well, i think it's based on a couple of factors. one, we have developed a personal friendship. we like each other. and we have the same goals. to make america great again. to implement his agenda. that's what the people of of my state want. that's what i have been doing
4:18 am
from day one in the senate since i took jeff sessions' place in february. i have done everything you can possibly do to support the president's agenda and believe me, that's what the people of alabama want to see done. steve: all right. taking a look at real clear politics political average on this tuesday morning. right now it's pretty much a horse race between you and judge roy moore. he leads 32%. you've got 28%. and then mo brooks 17%. let me ask you about what you want to accomplish in the u.s. senate. because there are a lot of people, senator, who are looking and they are disgusted by what happened with the healthcare vote a couple of weeks ago. >> nobody is more disgusted than i am. i spent six years as attorney general suing the obama administration and winning on cases across the board. came it washington expecting that healthcare vote would go our way. i was -- i couldn't believe that we couldn't get that done due to a few members who decided not to fulfill their
4:19 am
promise. so, what i want to get done is common sense conservative solutions for the problems that actually affect people in their real lives. that's what president trump wants to do. and obviously the obamacare disaster is unfolding before our eyes. that really affects my state. but we also have to get tax relief to our citizens. we have to get regulatory relief. i would like to see an infrastructure bill, the president is leading on that issue and i would like to seat wall built. these are things that should be done. i complained to the leadership that we shouldn't be taking a recess or whatever it's called. we should be up there working like the american people are doing every day. steve: sure. in hearing some of the president's comments over the last week or two, i think he is of the upon, mr. strange, that it's not a done deal. there is still an opportunity for a vote on healthcare. are you of the same opinion? >> absolutely. i think we owe it to the american people. i certainly think our people in alabama expect that to happen. and i appreciate the president's leadership on that.
4:20 am
we cannot fail to act on that. i mean, it's a catastrophe. in my state and around the this country. steve: well, the big vote is today. if nobody winds up with 50%, there's going to be a run-off. do you have a prediction for the outcome tonight? >> well, i hate to make predictions in elections. i have been fortunate to be elected twice state wise attorney general. i predict president trump's endorsement will be incredibly important. people want his agenda passed. i wanted his agenda passed. i'm honored to have his full support. steve: thank you for joining us today from the beautiful city of birmingham, alabama. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me on. steve: 7:20 in new york city. remember that school that said no 9/11 memorials they might trigger someone? well, some students didn't like that answer and they fought back and they won and that is next, the story from smu.
4:21 am
plus, former campaign manager for donald trump, corey lewandowski is going to be joining us. we have a busy hour and let's see, 40 minutes left on "fox & friends" live from new york city and washington, d.c. ♪ ♪ .isn't it time to let the real you shine through? maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,... ...with reduced redness,... ...thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has... requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased... ...risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have... ...a history of depression... ...or suicidal thoughts,... ...or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla... ...reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. other side effects include upper...
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4:24 am
♪ ♪ jillian: good tuesday morning. hope you are having a good one so far. back with headlines. he said he was out for blood. his plan to blow up an oklahoma city bank blew up in his face. jerry drake arrested after he drove what he thought was a stolen van with thousands of pounds of ammunition to an alley next to the bank. turns out the bomb was a fake. the cell phone he thought was a detonator dialed law enforcement instead. you can't make this up. under cover investigators is had been tracking him for
4:25 am
months. they say he hates the government and wanted to mimic the 1995 oak city bombing that left 168 people dead. nuclear deal within hours if the u.s. continues to impose new sanctions. rouhani issuing warning in televised speech. drone buzzes navy aircraft for the second time this month. unarmed drone getting to within 1,000 feet of a plane flying off the boat in the gulf. pete: a memorial to the september 11th thai attacks at southern methodist university in dallas will remain on the campus main lawn this year. after some intense criticism when the school decided to move it to a less prominent location. smu originally planned to move the memorial to shield students from, quote: harmful or triggering messages. number of student organizations fought back. including our next two guests.
4:26 am
drew wicker, president of the smu college republicans and julia camtu president of feminist equality movement. drew and julia, thanks for joining us. most of ours viewers would say this we have the college republicans sitting with the feminist equality movement which feminism can be on both the right and left but traditionally found on the left as a political movement. what brought you, first of all i will go to you, dru, what happened here, lay out what happened and why you initially responded. >> so what initially happened was i also serve as the co-founder and vice president of young americans for freedom at smu. we do an annual 9/11 memorial on dallas hall which serves as heart and foundation and symbol of our campus. whenever we requested to have our demonstration there, like we do every single year. we received a response back from the smu administration that we were not allowed to have that memorial and that it would be moved to mow mac park and the reason we were given
4:27 am
is that those demonstrations could be found to triggers harmful or harassing to other students. the reason we actually got involved together is we decided as a group of conservative organizations that we wanted to take action and we decided this is a great time to work on something that we can all get on board together. pete: sure. >> i reached out to several liberal organizations and they all decided to join forces with us because at the end of the day free speech is something that we can get get around and common shared value of this entire american culture. pete: julia, so drew sent you a text. i looked at what you sent us. you said hey, would you consider this? >> was there any hesitation and have you gotten push back from frankly reaching across the aisle to say it proverbialably and working on this. >> me and drew had worked together last semester and built up a foundation of respect between college republicans and fem. and it's something i had to consider letter to send to admin is thinking about
4:28 am
women's well-being on campus and considering the university's intention behind the policy and weighing that with free speech. overall i think i decided that human rights involves women's rights and freedom of speech is a human right. as well as the fact that these conversations that take place as a result of displays on campus are extremely important. and they bring a lot of these women's issues in and out of the classroom. pete: drew, if you would, why would a 9/11 memorial with american flags be triggering? >> you know, i don't -- i couldn't fathom an answer to that to me personally it's a symbol of freedom. it's a symbol of pride. i know that we have had some students that have claimed or well anonymously that they were offended by the memorial. but i couldn't tell you that sir. pete: sure. julia, i don't know how voted for in the election, but a lot of people will look at this and say conservatives -- republicans and democrats left and right to work together on something like this.
4:29 am
can't they get -- couldn't they work together on something big in washington, d.c.? could this be a lesson for folks on the left who are resisting this president at any turn to say, hey, let's find a couple of places where we can work together, where we have common ground. >> exactly, i think it's so important to really the way that we worked with each other, sitting down and having a genuine interest in trying to understand the other person's point of view. i would safe that it's been extremely advantageous to both of our organizations to figure out that we do have some common ground and that's going to help us in the future. pete: wow, good stuff, drew wicker and julia true tolerance is difference of opinion diversity is also diversity of thought. you are both demonstration of that this morning. thank you for stepping up. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. pete: former donald trump campaign manager corey lewandowski. what's wrong with this picture? apparently a lot. the college stupidity who says she is being viciously bullied
4:30 am
after simply posing for a photograph with our vice president. plus, he hasn't even officially announced his senate run but turns out kid rock might not be able to? come on. we'll bring it to you ♪ cowboy, baby ♪ here's a question: who wouldn't want a chance for another...? who'd say no to a...? who wouldn't want... a chance to live longer. opdivo (nivolumab). opdivo demonstrated longer life versus chemotherapy. over 40,000 of these patients have been prescribed opdivo. opdivo works with your immune system. opdivo can cause your immune system to attack normal
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4:33 am
steve: welcome back. let's go out to san diego, california. why? because we can. someone is going to push a button in the control room and there is corey lewandowski once upon a time campaign manager for donald trump. good morning, corey. abby: hey, corey. >> good morning. steve: there is a headline on drudge right now and it's a fox news alert. headline on drudge says doomsday cancelled, north
4:34 am
korea has decided not to launch any missiles towards guam this week. that after kim jong un met with his top military officials yesterday and they essentially, corey said, you can't win so now it sounds like in the face of the tough rhetoric of the president last week, talking about fire and fury and locked and loaded, north korea is backing down. >> well, lock, i'm not surprised by this at all. what we have seen from previous administrations for 30 years is trying to coddle north korea. trying to work with them. what this president said was you don't want to mess with me. he is a man of business. he and general mattis, the secretary of defense was very clear. if north korea launches a missile at us, general mattis said it will be a declaration of war. and we are the world's greatest super power. the president of the united states was very clear that if north korea tries to do something against the united states, he will react swiftly decisively and it will be complete annihilation.
4:35 am
abby: what are your thoughts on everything that's happened since charlottesville and the riots there and the death. it was horrific. president came out giving a strong statement about unity in this country and directly calling out hate groups, the can kk the neo nazis and white supremacists. he has been criticizing saying this is too little, too late. you know the president was he trying to do the right thing or was he trying to please the media. >> the president has been very clear that he is not in this to please the media. he is in it to serve the american people. what he said in the very most basic terms was this was disgusting event. the fact that lives were lost down in charlottesville was a terrible tragedy. there is no place in civilized society for this. he has condemned this in the very strongest terms humanly possible. but, unfortunately, the mainstream media, the liberal left don't want to give him the credit which he deserves. you know, you have to remember this. the president was very forceful the day that this happened. he came out and made another statement about this from
4:36 am
washington, d.c. yesterday. and they still don't want to give him the credit. because that's not the narrative that they want to have on the president. they want to continue to say things which are factually inaccurate and we saw his tweet yesterday where he said even though he made additional statements, the fake news won't give him the credit. that's exactly the truth. if this was anybody else, they would be praising the president for his swift answer on saturday when it happened and the follow-up yesterday when he went out again and criticized this disgusting, terrible display of antisemitism that should have never taken place. pete: corey it's got to be interesting to make decisions where inside a white house no matter what you will do you will be criticized even though you were correct. would you advise the president differently at all because he came out and generally said i condemn all this hatred and bigotry and two days later more specific. would you have handled it any differently or all these calls being made by the president? >> what's important to know is this. there is no place in civilized
4:37 am
society for any kind of this hatred. we are the greatest country in the world. this should not be acceptable on any side. i think what the president was trying to say was it's not acceptable on the alt left. it's not acceptable on the alt rit. it's not acceptable anywhere in a civilized society. so this shouldn't be -- this should be -- people should be held accountable for their actions regardless of where they stand on the right or the left. this is unacceptable. that's what the president said. he reiterated this message from the strongest possible terms from the white house. the media said it was too little, too late. i think that's a terrible thing. the media should be embracing the president's words saying he is trying to bring the country together. he has committed federal law enforcement resources to go down and make sure that it is fully prosecuted down there as to now what looks to be a hate crime and/or domestic terrorist activity. the president doing everything can he to make sure that the department of justice is involved and we are holding nominee accountable. steve: speaking of the department of justice, corey, let's take folks back to january 20th on inauguration day in washington, d.c.
4:38 am
a number of people, i think a couple hundred were actually arrested because of the rioting and things like that the day that donald trump became president of the united states officially. the department of justice is now asking the web hosting provider dream host to give up 1.3 million internet addresses from a website that organized these particular protests. you know that can include names and addresses and telephone numbers of the people who simply went to the website. to some, it looks like, you know, that's an invasion of privacy. i was just looking to see what was going on. do you think this is appropriate? >> steve, what i think is appropriate is holding people accountability. i was there on inauguration day. i had the privilege of sitting on the platform when the president of the united states was sworn. in then what we saw was rioting downtown. people throwing stones and bricks through buildings and glass for no reason. you know, look, you have to hold people accountable.
4:39 am
there were a number of arrests that day. if you can prevent this from going on moving forward, you should absolutely be able to do that. i don't understand why people continue to destroy buildings nothing to do with overturned cars. light things on fire. and think it's an assemblance of free speech. it's not a semblance of free speech. it's vandalism. you talked about it earlier in the show. when people take matters into their own hands and decide to rip down statues or destroy things, personal property or public property because they think it's the right thing to do. that's called vandalism. abby: corey staying with the law. california is following in chicago's footsteps suing to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities. when you talk about sanctuary cities there should be issues that just aren't political. when you talk about just common sense, right? you have illegals in this country that are committing crimes that should be reported that are not. what's going on here? >> newt gingrich actually wrote a great piece on this on
4:40 am he talks about chicago. 761 people killed in chicago last year. you know what? law enforcement has to have the ability to do their job. what that means is we should be able to crack down. part of the component of getting money if you are a sanctuary city is you have to allow the department of justice to come in and question the people who are being held as illegal aliens. they are coming in and committing crimes. look, what you have to do is be pro-american for a change. that's what this president has said. it has to be pro-jobs. pro-american families. this isn't anti-illegal immigration. this is pro-american. which means if kate steinle was still alive today, she would be out talking about the fact that illegals who had been deported five times probably shouldn't be in this country anymore. california has been a haven for activity, for people to come into this country illegally, commit crimes, get caught, get deported and then come back. this is a terrible cycle. and for the first time we are going to stop giving money to sanctuary cities they have to enforce the laws of the people
4:41 am
here illegally? absolutely the right thing to do. pete: kicker in all of this is just enforcing existing law. rule of law. corey lewandowski appreciate your time. >> thank you. abby: go over to jillian for other headlines we are following. jillian: good morning to you. horrifying and deadly accident on the set of dead pool 2. harris losing control of her motorcycle and crashing through a glass window. tmz releasing the 911 call. >> lost control went across the street over a curb and through a glass payne window. the stunt actor was airborne through the building. >> harris was the first ever african-american road racer this was debut movie. dead pool star ryan redgesdzs in part we are shocked and devastated. >> bull idea after posting a
4:42 am
photo with vice president pence on facebook. the junior from college in california said she didn't make a political comment when she posted it she just wanted to share other excitement about inturning with cathy mcmorris rogers. take a look at this. these nuns just can't kick their habit of roller blading. they are known as the holy rollers skating around corpus christie, texas energy full religious attire. >> a lot 6 selfies, a lot of people want to take a picture. >> we did meet a group of like roller derby women. and so like they were dressed the same and we were dressed the same. we met each other. it was cool. they invited us to their roller derby match. >> jillian: the sisters hope to show another side of ache nun that isn't quite so serious. got to love that. that's a look at your headlines. abby, i will send it down to you guys. do you like it. abby: i love that story.
4:43 am
they are having a blast out there. pete: not wearing helmets. i'm not pro-helmet so i love the fact that they're just rolling with it they know where they are going if they fall. they are going up to the big guy in the sky. [angelic music] abby: coming up one of the ceos on the manufacturing council stepping down over what happened in charlottesville. this morning the president responds in a way only he can stuart varney is going to weigh in next. steve: come on in, stuart. ♪ come on and put your mind at ease ♪ a little more action ♪ four seconds on the clock, down by one. championship on the line. erin "the sharpshooter" shanahan fakes left. she's outside of the key, she shoots... ...she scores! uh... yes, erin, it is great time to score a deal.
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"how to win at business." step one: point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. abby: welcome back. merck ceo kenneth frazier quitting the council over initial response to the
4:47 am
attack. pete: president trump waste nothing time hitting back. merck pharma is a leader in higher and higher drug prices while at the same time taking jobs out of the u.s. bring jobs back and lower prices. steve: here to react is host of varney and company on the fox business network stuart varney. good morning to you. >> first of all what is this manufacturing advisory council all about? well it's 28 ceos and union leaders brought together by the president to advise him on bringing jobs back to america. mr. frazier has resigned as he says for as a matter of personal conscience. in other words, he is putting his own political views ahead of his responsibility as the ceo of a huge drug company. he has walked away from the table. and he has incurred the anger of his president. now, that's a very difficult situation that he has walked into quite willingly. steve: by injecting personal politics into it.
4:48 am
>> he has put politics ahead of economics and business and his role on that council.
4:49 am
yample the north koreans backing down from anything. any time before. but now they say they are going to reconsider the plan to send missiles towards guam. looks like a win for mr. trump. that's what i think. he has put pressure on china. china has put pressure on the north koreans. mr. matt tis, i hesitate to said mad dog matted tis. none the less, he has laid down the law. he said don't you do it. don't you fire off missiles. abby: numbers are speaking.
4:50 am
steve: thank you, we'll be watching on fox business. meanwhile, protesters topping confederate statues in the wake of virginia riots. are they erasing history or is it about time to take them down? laura ingraham is going to weigh in on that topic shortly. abby: our own todd piro is having breakfast in alabama before voters head to the polls for special election. todd: it is a packed house. it is a rowdy crowd. we are serving up pan cakes. we are talking to the folks. we will have a lot more from them when we come back here on "fox & friends." i said they were rowdy, didn't i? [cheers] >> when we come back ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
♪ ♪ pete: all eyes on alabama this morning where the polls are opening soon for today's special election. abby: what are the voters saying there this morning. check when n. with our own todd piro checking with jim's restaurant in prattville, alabama. good morning. todd: good morning to you all back there. this is a very republican area. this county here 75% of the county here voted for trump. very republican. it's a house divided today. we have three main candidates that pundits say are in the running that could win this thing. we are going to ask who is voting for mr. moore? who is voting for mr. strange. [cheers] todd: who is voting for mr. brooks? >> you guys didn't say how are voting for? >> pittman, baby. pittman in the house. todd: these guys are pittman. pundits say in the big three. al, you are voting for mr. brooks, why? >> i'm voting for mr. brooks because luther strange was
4:55 am
appointed to succeed jeff sessions by governor bentley. and governor bentley didn't support trump during the election. i think that roy moore, while is he a good man, he has good character, i think is he a little bit over the top and i don't want him to give alabamaians the. pete: all right. we'll ask somebody, apologize cutting you off, have somebody defend mr. moore. paul, why are you interested in voting for roy moore. >> as a state representative i have worked with mr. moore. when he served as the chief justice here and worked with his administration and they were above board and everything else. he stands for the second amendment first amendment as far as religious liberties are concerned. that's that is very big in alabama. the bible belt is here in alabama. people want to get back to our moral fibers and everything else. todd: i understand. the individual who mr. trump endorsed luther strange, you are a big fan of luther strange, barry, explain why. >> yes, sir. because mr. strange said he is
4:56 am
going to help mr. trump out. i felt why not give him a chance and see what happens. todd: finally dale, i have to ask you. you are not voting. please explain why. >> as i told you i voted in every election since 1964 and i voted for goldwater this day i don't think there is a dime worth of difference between democrats or republicans. i don't think it makes a difference who we send up there. because they get captured by the establishment. todd: understood. that's it from jim's restaurant in alabama and the debate continues, of course, war eagle or roll tide. [shouting war eagle and roll tide] abby: i love the spirit. pete: not as much passion for the politics as the spirit. steve: today is politics. abby: we will see what happens. steve: protesters toppling confederate statues in the wake of virginia riots. are they history or time to make a change? laura ingraham coming up next. ♪ different but the same
4:57 am
♪ and i'm proud to say ♪ we're all-american ♪ in god we trust ♪ living the dream ♪ and never giving up ♪
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> baby locked and loaded last week because kim jong-un has decided not to launch any missiles toward guam. >> it is a win. very important. it was a stair down and north korea kim jong-un flunked at president trump. >> the kkk, neonazis, white supremacists are repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. >> unfortunately, the mainstream media, the liberal left, they don't want to give him the credit which he deserves. >> today, alabama voters will decide which republican will run for attorney general jeff sessions vacate seat. >> getting the president's endorsement. >> and we have the same goals.
5:01 am
making america great again implement his agenda. that's what the people of our state want. >> these nuns can't kick their habit as rollerblading. they're known as the holy rollers. >> a lot of selfies. a lot of people want pictures. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: live from new york city, that's our top story and the face off between president of the united states and kim jong-un, it looks like somebody blinked because a fox news alert. north korea has announced after meeting with his top military geniuses kim jong-un has realized that if he started shooting at us, we
5:02 am
would level that country. abby: that is so classic of north korea. you escalate, escalate, escalate. and then once they're finally threatened, you realize okay. we do something. i think china was a big part in this. i think they were behind the scenes probably having some real conversations. but either way to your point, steve, tough rhetoric at this very point seems to be working. we don't know where it's going to go. pete: i like your right geniuses. they're not idiots because they understand if you do fire something whether it's secretary mattis or president trump, words have mattered with this administration. there's a credible threat of military force. so he met with his generals at the command post and said how about we live another day? steve: indeed. meanwhile, down in the nation's capital laura, fox news contributor and laura, it looks as if kim jong-un maybe got freaked out by what president trump said last week. >> i look back and read the comments that were made about president trump's comments
5:03 am
about the situation. and it's instructive to do that because he was roundly ridiculed on all the usual shows and all the usual news sources. and it turns out that it looks like they were doing some back channel communication with china. china publicly didn't look like it was doing much except saying everything needs to calm down. but president trump looks like he handled the situation as it needed to be handled. there's multichannel diplomacy always going on behind the scenes. everybody who has followed these comings and goings with north korea years knows that. and what usually happens is north korea is trying to ring out some type of concession, whether it's supposedly food and medical supplies or other types of money or trade or something that will launch these missiles, then they'll threaten, and then they think they'll get what they want. in this case, it didn't look like they got what they wanted. they are actually dealing with
5:04 am
a president who sees this as a credible threat and understands that fortunately, there is an option that we might have to at some point take, which would be a horrible one. it's not a great option. but it's one we have to recognize. and that hasn't been verbalized before. neither by president clinton and the champagne glasses with madeleine albright over there or even president bush. it took a lot of people back when he mentioned those words. but maybe dealing with this type of leader in north korea, that's what we needed. abby: yeah, not everyone is saying what happened to his response from the riots on saturday, he didn't call out the hate group specifically by name, he did that yesterday. why do you think he didn't do that immediately? because when i think of president trump's brand, people know him as being the guy that out of the gate he calls things for what it is. a lot of people criticize him for coming out too early for
5:05 am
calling radical islam when there's terrorist attack. people love that about him. people hate that about him. but that seems usually his style. he didn't do that this time. >> i don't know what the thinking was in the close circles surrounding the president. but i think yesterday was -- it was a good reset, and i think he needed to say what he said yesterday, and i think the conversation now should really be focused on how we're going to treat history in the united states. when you see bands of criminals, which is what they were yesterday, ripping down public property and being celebrated in the american media for doing so, we have a real problem on our hands. this is not about racial healing or racial unity when you see property being destroyed. that's not what it's about. it's about the eradication of history and acknowledgment that we had really difficult, horrible moments in our country's history that we were able to overcome. and at the same time, we do give respect to the dead.
5:06 am
i mean, all of our war dead. we respect them. not respect everything they stood for, but respect the fact that when the time came, they stood up and fought for their views in this country. and i think when you see people who have no idea it seems about the history of this country just roundly denouncing anyone who had any connection to the south, we're in very precarious times. how long before we see the workers party, the communist party of the united states there in durum, they had the big banners on the streets. how long before they show up at monticello where i spent three years for law school. how long before they show up at mount vernon? what else would be subjected to their eradication and enunciation? this is not about racial healing. this is about the control of the narrative and a destruction of historical recognition. that was terrifying.
5:07 am
and what about books? are they going to start burning books too? pete: your argument, where does it end, what does that mean for now then? what should the stance be for political leaders who are hearing from one side of the spectrum. this has to come down, yet when someone else erases history, what is the proper stance to be taken here? >> well, i think more voices are better than fewer voices. so if you have a statue that people suddenly -- a lot of them are suddenly offended by it. then put up a monument piece of understanding or reflection or prayer nearby. they actually did that in new orleans, and that wasn't good enough. so we have different ways to recognize history. it's not like you have the head of the kkk build a monument to him. of course, they were democrats. but that's not what we were talking about here. we're talking about robert e
5:08 am
lee who when fdr acknowledged him early 1930s said he was one of the finest soldiers america had ever seen. that was fdr said that about robert e lee. and now they're going after woodrow wilson who is one of the heroes of the internationalist. this is madness. this is not what they came it is. this is not about any type of unity or getting past the racial divide. this is about controlling historical narrative, which we see happening all over the world. we see it with the taliban pulling down christian, you know, historical sites. we've seen this in the old soviet union. we've seen this with stalinist. but in america, we have ways of discussing issues and bringing back more viewpoints that really does lead to greater understanding and recognition. but you didn't see that in durham last night. you saw criminality. steve: sure. the statue is being either
5:09 am
vandalized or removed in north carolina, kentucky, gainesville, baltimore as well. who should be the desired of whether or not something in your town square is appropriate or should go? >> well, i guess this is why we have local politics. if local politicians want to, you know, get their list of the offending statues on a particular day, month, week, or year, i guess they can do this on a regular basis and start erasing moments in their town or localities or city's history. i guess that's what we're just going to keep doing until we remove, you know, every recognition of any point in time in our history where we had difficult challenges. and difficult struggles. in my view, it's actually good to teach the young about what our country endured and how even in very difficult times, individuals are complex figures. lincoln was complex, pt in new orleans devoted his post
5:10 am
war life to building schools for all children. robert e lee was a fascinating soldier. his wife's family was actually the slave owner in that family. if that is what we're going to be as a country, we have a lot of statues to tear down. we have a lot of monuments to raise, and i guess the communist party of the united states will be happy. abby: i love when you bring up this next generation and how do we teach them? it seems whenever these incidents happen, we lose -- we've spent more time focused on pointing fingers and blaming and really talking about president trump than we have the actual debate and what actually happened there. how do we fix that? is that the media's fault? >> well, i think it's a national recognition that we ultimately have to come together to, you know, understand. that all history is complicated. it's -- it's difficult at times. but it doesn't mean you
5:11 am
eradicate it and make it better. you actually have to continue to improve as a society and tearing things down in my view is not the way to build a new future. not when it's someone like pt who was a amazing figure post war, robert e lee who by all democrat president standards was one of the finest soldiers in american history. i mean, if you become -- if you now become a pariah for saying and quoting fdr, then i don't know where we go as a country. that's not learning, and that's not education. and what happened last night in durham, all of these media figures writing all of this as a great moment in the movement. what movement, exactly? when you have the workers party go to, you'll see what they represent. marching down the streets. and they're holding their banner, and they say we won.
5:12 am
okay. to a what did exactly are we winning here? pete: yeah, exactly. steve: great point. pete: you said judge napolitano said earlier the answer to hate speech is more speech as opposed to banning. you're saying the answer to tearing this down is more monuments, more conversation, more discussion to a conflict. >> yeah. towns and localities, they can do what they want. i believe in federalism and local rule. but i do think we have to have a conversation. once you tear it all down, now what are you going to do for those inner city kids who can't get a decent education? what about the fact that we have rampant crime in places like new orleans? is pt's statue thrown in the heat somewhere going to make something different? they know it doesn't. it's a game they're playing, and it's a sick, cynical, and twisted game. i don't know where it stops, and it doesn't stop anywhere good. i don't think think that. pete: the criticism of even the president has trimmed down. condemned it, condemned it, and then condemned it again. does the critique from the
5:13 am
so-called mainstream media ever stop on this? >> they want donald trump to bow down to their view of the way the world should be. and he represents everything that most of these people despise. he will never get it right in their eyes. abby: did he bow down yesterday? >> i think he did a good job yesterday. again, they were complaining that he read from a teleprompter. on friday, they were complaining that he freelanced. i don't know what will satisfy him. going out to all communities, black, white, latino, poor, and spreading the message of economic renewal. that will help more than tearing down statues. steve: laura ingram is did joining us from our nation's capitol. she's going to do her radio show now. thank you, laura. >> you bet. pete: president trump waking up in new york city since the first time of taking office, and he's still shockingly or nonshockingly getting work done even if he's not in the white house. we're live with his big reveal today.
5:14 am
abby: and even if he hasn't officially announced running for senate, it turns out he may not be able to. that's a twist. [radio alarm] ♪ julie is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor- positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ♪ ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus letrozole. and ibrance plus letrozole shrunk tumors in over half of these patients. patients taking ibrance can develop low white blood cell counts,
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steve: just a couple of hours president trump is expected to sign a new executive order on american infrastructure. abby: but while he's hard at work inside trump tower, protesters could be spewing more hate outside today. pete: that's right. david lee miller is up the block there outside trump tower with the latest. good morning, david. >> good morning to you from fifth avenue and 56th street. this is president trump's second visit to new york city, but it is the first time he has actually overnighted here. he is waking up, as you just pointed out a little bit earlier for the first time as president in trump tower. the security as you would expect is very intense. take a look at the scene here on fifth avenue. even though fifth avenue is open to traffic, there are barricades lining fifth avenue as well as the streets and the outside very lavish trump tower. you can see there are at least half a dozen sanitation trucks here that are filled with sand acting as a pro detective barrier. as you mentioned last night, the president of us greeted by
5:19 am
thousands of protesters as he arrived at trump tower. many of them carried signs, some of them read things like new york hate spew, no trump, no kkk. there were also a smaller number of pro trump supporters who were also on hand. the two sides exchanged verbal bars, but there was no physical confrontation. for the most part very peaceful. although, three people were arrested for charges like disorderly conduct. and as you mentioned on the agenda today, the nation's infrastructure, trump complained about spending a trillion dollars to improve bridges, tunnels, and roads. but so far, there are has been no specific plan to materialize. later today, the president in an effort to trying to change that is going to issue an executive order that will try to streamline that process. and lastly, he has tweeted out -- i should point this out very quickly, that it feels good to be home after seven months. but the white house is very special. there is no place like it. and the u.s. he says is really my home.
5:20 am
he spends one more night at trump tower before returning to his country club in new jersey. back to you. steve: david lee miller outside trump tower just up the block and over one. thank you very much. pete: thank you. steve: infrastructure is the one item that republicans are hopefully that will will be able to get bipartisan support. abby: i was going to say democrats will be able to help them out on. pete: they'll always spend your money. they're happy to. abby: jobs. pete: here you go. money. steve: and, meanwhile, speaking of money, can the government charge you a fee to farm your own land? it's already happening. we have details straight ahead. pete: and elizabeth rallying her far left liberal friends saying they need to move even further to the left. that's how we need to beat president trump, is what he said. two democrats with very different views on that. next i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor,
5:21 am
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steve: well, he was born free, but kid rock may not be able to run for senate in michigan. however, kid rock can't but kid richie can. if the singer decides to run in the election, he may have to use his name. they cannot use a nickname, and this may hurt his chances because people don't recognize kid rock and bobby richie are the same person. governor chris, a republican signing an executive order to make it easier for our american heroes to get medical help comes after a pipe burst in the state va hospital, which made it impossible to
5:25 am
revive some necessary care. all right. abby, over to you. abby: thank you, steve. far left senator elizabeth warren throwing a grassroots speech over the weekend telling democrats you are the new minority. listen to this. >> we are not the gate crashers of today's democratic party. we are the heart and soul of the democratic party. we're going to be the people who leave the democratic party back from the wizardliness, then we can't waste energy arguing about who's issue matters more and who in our alliance should be voted off the island. abby: so is this the right message heading into the midterm elections? two democrats, chuck rocha, democratic strategist and executive residents at america's public schools and city affairs and former ohio democrat minority leader. good morning to both of you. i'm really looking forward to this debate.
5:26 am
>> good morning, abby. abby: you listen to those words there. it sounds like a hit to the clintons. but also saying we don't need you. the progressive movement is the new movement, the heart and soul of the democratic party. you say she's exactly right? >> i do. and it's funny because i was standing right behind her when she was doing that. i was the next speaker up. what you know really stinks? when you're the speaker right after elizabeth warren. a republican is going to win every single time. the first too many i got on a airplane was to fight bill clinton. if i think democrats talked more about having keeping jobs in america, we would win a lot more elections. abby: is that the way focusing the more extreme wing of the party? >> i certainly don't think so. i think we do need to be -- i do agree with chuck that we need to focus on the economic message. i think that's critically important. and the people that i represent for a decade, that's what they were looking for. donald trump did take that economic message away from us.
5:27 am
but i really believe this: that we can be progressives, you know, when it comes to issues. i'll just use myself as an example. i'm pro-choice, pro same-sex marriage, pro social safety net. but guess what? i believe in regulatory reform, i believe in lower taxes, i believe in making sure that we have smart reform when it comes to investing in our social safety net. so i think if we marginalize, you know, what i believe as the majority rank in-filed democrat in the midwest, what's going to happen is we are never going to win a national election again because people in the middle of the country see the democratic party as a coastal party that is focused on, you know, issues that are not necessarily directly impacting them. so we need to focus on those kitchen table issues, you know, and that doesn't mean we're republican light. it doesn't mean that we're abandoning core principles. it means that we are listening to the american people and not trying to get the perfect in
5:28 am
the way of the good. abby: but, chuck, we've heard from at that from howard dean, joe biden saying we need to get back to the core of figuring out what our message is. isn't a problem when you're talking about alienating centrist moderates? >> the problem with centrist moderates and republicans and all of that is money. every time you involve money in politics, whoever gives that money, they expect something in return. so you have to give them whatever policy they want to be a part of. the tea party made republicans worry about a primary opposition every time they run. if labor, environmentalists got together if they were to be primaried from the other side. >> guess what, chuck. the reason we have those primaries, you know, coming from the right is because of jerry mannedderring for decades who show up in mid-elections and control the entire table when it comes to drawing congressional legislative lies. so they are skewed very
5:29 am
heavily towards either super republicans or super democrats, which means you've got to look at the primary challenge, and that's why republicans are so concerned about that kind of thing. abby: guys, we can debate this all day long. but ultimately, the american people are going to speak. we'll see what happens here. capri, good to see you both this morning. >> thanks. abby: all right. coming up, a shocking report on russia medaling in the election. but this time it's not about president trump. it's actually about president obama. stay tuned for that. and voters heading to at the end steal the empty seat that was stolen by jeff sessions. todd this morning is in alabama. todd, good morning. back after this ♪ it's a highly contagious disease that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated. upeace of mind.s we had a power outage for five days total.
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abby: he's got a great voice. steve: all right. it is 28 minutes before the top of the hour on a very busy news morning. and jillian's got some more headlines. >> that's right. i don't want to stop you from singing, though. we do want to get you caught up on what you need to know before you leave the house. this farmer has to shell out 2 million bucks just for plowing his own field. spoke about his four-year long legal battle. >> the same type of plowing that we growers use all over america every day either require a permit that has never been issued for a wheat grower before, or that i should have conducted practices such as farming around the pools. >> a judge will decide how much he will pay during today's hearing.
5:34 am
a biker loses control of his motorcycle and slides into on coming traffic. the biker tumbling over the hood of a car and landing on the ground. this happened in australia. he is going to be okay. thankfully. tim tebow hitting a home run before he even stepped up to the plate. he joined a family with cerebra cerebral palsy as she sang god bless america. ♪ god bless america. ♪ my home sweet home. ♪ [cheers and applause] >> the heart-warming moment happening during a game, seventh-inning stretch of the game. the fan is part of a special needs adults that performs in the area. her mother says tebow was quote just wonderful.
5:35 am
that's a look at your headlines on tuesday. abby: hey, he should compete with you for a voice. pete: he does everything well. i'm sure he has a great voice. steve: well, she's not singing in the rain because it's not currently raining, but it could be any time now, janice dean. >> it will not rain on our parade. hi. hi, everybody. where are you from? >> we're working. >> you're working. well, thanks for coming to fox and friends. where are you from? >> florida. >> want to say hi to anybody at home? >> hey, home. >> why isn't mike here? >> we're on a girls road trip. >> can i join? >> yes. >> excellent all right. i'll be joining after this weather. let's take a look at the maps real quick, and i'll show you what's going on. it's not raining right now. we like that. across the upper midwest and the great lakes, we have a system that's going to move in from the plains, and that's going to give us the potential for hail, maybe some damaging
5:36 am
winds. oh, and there goes my earring. but these things happen when we're live on television; right? and also, we are watching hurricane out in the atlantic. that's onshore and maybe some surfing. what about you, sir? >> i have the book, it's called the predter, available auto amazon international spy museum. >> okay. fantastic. what about you? do you have a book to sell? >> no. i'm just so glad to be here. hi, family. >> hi, family in ohio. you want to say hi to abby and steve? we love you. steve: thank you, janice. now go find your earring. pete: she's going on a road trip, like she just said. abby: all eyes are on alabama for today's special election. pete: so what are voters there saying the rest of the morning?
5:37 am
let's go to the restaurant in alabama. good morning. >> good morning. of course we've been eating grits when but also talking politics. 75% for president trump in the 2016 election. but there's really according to the experts a three-way race between mo brooks, luther strange, and moore. the top two will go to a runoff unless there's a 50% winner. and it doesn't look like there's going to be. when you talk to individuals, it does seem like it's a race between strange and moore. we're going to talk to these folks who are moore supporters. first sarah. sarah is retired, but you also play church -- play piano is a church, keyboard at a church, you like moore because you like the way he doesn't back down. >> right. he's very conservative, and he's staying firm. he doesn't back down, so i really do appreciate that in a person. especially these days. >> now, you told me you are a
5:38 am
trump supporter. how does being a trump supporter work for voting with moore. because as you know, president trump supported luther strange. >> yes. i know he did support luther strange. can't explain that. but i know he is conservative, and he -- i think he has the best interest of us and our country, and i think moore will support that. he will be there with him. >> thank you so much. now we're going to go to your daughter beth. beth also in the same boat. trump supporter also voting for moore. but before we get to that, i want to talk about obamacare ambushing in health care. you moved up here for a job in health care, and you said that company, health care company has been here for 30 years and then went belly up because of obamacare. explain. >> just the changes that were made, they weren't able to keep up. they went under, and it took a while to find a job at the hospital. and being at the hospital, i see a lot of what goes on with the insurance companies. you may have insurance, but that doesn't mean it's going to pay for things.
5:39 am
that falls back on the patient, so it's a big burden. obamacare has got to be fixed. >> getting back to this election, why do you support moore? >> moore stands on her convictions like she has said. he has proven that. and i know they will fan trump because they both have the same values. >> you say they are both constitutionalists. >> they are. they need to give the power back to the people. >> according to a lot of experts, a lead in this race but strange is coming in second in a lot of the polls. let's go to walt. explain why you're going for luther strange. >> well, he said he would back trump's agenda. and of course president trump has officially endorsed him, so it just tells me i need to vote for luther strange. even though i'm not a fan of any of these candidates, but that's who i'm voting for. >> i want to thank you for your service. retired air force. and i'm going to bring in phyllis here.
5:40 am
we're all fans of phyllis. let's give phyllis a round of applause. current owner of jim's restaurant. describe your dad's service in world war ii? >> my dad was in world war ii, the korean war, he was over in germany. and when he finished his time serving our great nation, he decided to run a restaurant and now this is -- correct me if i'm wrong, the oldest family restaurant or business here in prattville; correct? >> you're correct? >> we want to thank you for your hospitality today. >> appreciate you coming. >> it's a big election day here in alabama. phyllis has been great, and these fans have been great. one final time. you know where i'm going with this. we've gone over the politics. eagle or -. i'm a sucker for cheering. we are not finishing this debate today, friends. steve: it's a tie.
5:41 am
abby: thank you, todd. and thank you, phyllis for letting us come into that diner. steve: indeed. of course he's down in alabama for today's special elections to fill jeff session's senate seat. we've got video just into the fox news channel. that is a little while ago luther strange himself just voted. you have to figure he voted for himself. there are about ten republicans who are running. and the way it works down in alabama, as is the case for many states, unless somebody can get above 50%. with ten people running, it's going to be tough. there's going to be a runoff with the top two. right now real clear politics between judge roy moore and luther strange. >> and the president doubling down his support for luther strange. abby: we'll see how much influence that will have. pete: well, the left wing group not called protesters. the media called them antiracist counter protesters. okay. well, our next guest
5:42 am
says they're just as deplorable as the other side, and he'll explain next. steve: and medical marijuana supporters claim they need to treat chronic pain. bad news, folks. that hear theory just went up in smoke. flo: just like magic, progressive gives you options based on your budget. [ gasps, laughs ] you ever feel like... cliché foil characters scheming against a top insurer for no reason? nah. so, why don't we like flo? she has the name your price tool, and we want it. but why? why don't we actually do any work? why do you only own one suit? it's just the way it is, underdeveloped office character. you're right. thanks, bill. no, you're bill. i'm tom. you know what? no one cares.
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ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. steve: i'm not a doctor, but i play one on tv. right now we have health headlines for you. first up, let's talk about smoking. medical marijuana. apparently if you do that for chronic pain and ptsd, it might not do anything. va researchers say there is not enough evidence to prove pot can actually relieve symptoms. they also found marijuana could increase a user's risk of car accidents and short-term cognitive impairment. medical marijuana is currently legal in 28 states and the district of columbia.
5:46 am
and a warning over a common chemical often found in hand sanitizers. researchers say exposure to the antibacterial agent caused birth defects in tests on myself. the findings could have implications for people. we'll keep you posted. all right. pete. pete: dr. ducey, thank you very much. >> you bet. pete: president trump condemning bigotry, hatred, and violence on many sides. but although right supremacists deserve each other. he writes this. these degenerates deserve each other in just about every ways. they are each other. they're twins reunited in the streets where they throw rocks and fists at their own reflexes. matt walsh joins us now. matt, i read your op-ed. it's a fascinating piece, and you can point your fingers all you want at nazi white
5:47 am
supremacists, but you better point fingers over at the a other folks as well. >> yeah. i think this is really important that this is not a game of what about. where we're not able to criticize the other side without someone trying to change the subject and say, well, what about the other side? so that's not what this is about. it's about getting a clear picture of the entire scene. and when we do that, things are only going to get worse. especially if we don't understand what's going on and whether you have it's with a white supremacist. you have two, quote, unquote, sides that are the same. and the only thing that separates them, as far as i can tell is who they hate. they hate different groups but neither one cares about liberty. neither cares about the constitution. they're both fascists, they're authoritarian, they just want the control. they're both violence, you know? they're nilists. they have almost everything in
5:48 am
common except for who they have chosen for their group to hate. matt: matt, you write back and forth we go cultures to drain. you also make the circle that on both sides speaking to what happened on saturday, they also undo any legitimate claims that they have. you write in the same way these people ought to be able to protect racial double standards, excuse me protest racial standards or confederate statue removals without becoming actual nazis. why do you have to be a nazi to take issue with some things that people might not like changing? >> yeah. i don't like the excuse making going on. i hear that from some people on the right who is, listen, there's hypocrisy from the media, the violence going on about lm. yeah, i understand all of that. that's absolutely true. but you should be able to oppose that without actually becoming a nazi. this is on the other side. listen, if you think there are some problems with some of the police shootings going on, i think most of that is overblown. but you should be able to speak out against without
5:49 am
burning down a cvs. i don't think that's too much to ask. this is not a high bar we're setting for people. there's no excuse at all. and i think on both sides, what you have are people who are really just looking for a reason to lash out and be violent, and we can't forget. even though this is the most recent thing, we can't forget that it was only last year where several dallas police officers were executed in the street in the middle of a black lives matter protest. we can't forget about that. pete: absolutely. >> we can't just put that to the side. >> it can lash back in any direction. we have to leave it right there, matt. but i have to end by reading another line that i thought was just great from your op-ed. you said i don't cob don't even violence unless it's a world war ii vet delivering a grandfatherly whooping to his unfavorable nazi grandson. thank you for the peace and the time. i appreciate it. all right. keeping your home cool cost a lot of money in the summer. up next, the secret to make your ac40% more efficient, and
5:50 am
you can do it yourself. plus, check in with bill coming up at the top of the hour. good morning, bill. pete: from washington, d.c. there's more violence from virginia. but the list of cities to remove statutes is growing. where is this national debate headed now? how would a trump factor play in this? we'll have a closer look at that. has north korea had a change of heart? john bolton will analyze and did google screw up? that fired engineer is now talking and shannon and i will see you with all of that. ten minutes away top of the hour. we'll see you then they say "move it or lose it" - and at my age, i'm moving more than ever. because getting older is inevitable. but feeling older? that's something i control. get a free sample at
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steve: well, it's the summer and if you're tired of watching your electric bill skyrocket, there are plenty of easy ways. here to show us that is the
5:54 am
host of to catch a contractor. skip, good morning to you. >> nice to be back. it's hot out there. i'll tell you. >> and of course, if you want to be comfortable, you have to crank up the ac. but there are some other ways to make things more affordable. >> that's what we're saying. crank up the ac, and our bills are going through the roof. so home depot has a great solution. they partner with the top name in air conditioning. mitsubishi. this system actually makes air conditioning and heat. this is a whole unit. it mounts right here on your wall. this is great because home services, which is the installation team, they come right to your house, show you exactly what you need, and the best part they install this in one day. there's no deduct work. they don't damage the walls. one day installation. it's up to 40% more efficient than your air conditioning system. steve: from my garage, there are no ducts out there. it gets to be 1,000 degrees. >> this thing is operated from a remote control. you can control it from your smartphone. there's an app for everything.
5:55 am
up to 40% savings from your traditional air conditioning system, but it also does heat because if you make heat from the wintertime as well. >> i love the fact that that guy will come install it. ceiling fans. they're another way to make your house cool. ceiling fans, some think i say it's complicated. steve: i did it. >> basic tools, but not everybody feels they can do it. this is a great fan. basically all this does, they all clip together. you just put the blades right on, snap them together. you don't need to be using a lot of different tool. easy installation. one person it. they slide right on a track mount. steve: has anyone ever installed a ceiling fan? >> three out of 20, though. that's not a big number. steve: all right. very good. >> yeah, the ceiling fan can be a great way to save money. and this is the hunter whisperer. so this makes a lot of air, but it's super quiet. so that's the big feature. both of these fans are
5:56 am
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don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... ...and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. ♪
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>> steve: well, we've come to the conclusion. thanks for joining us, we will be back here tomorrow. >> ainsley: have a great day, everybody. >> steve: so long, folks. ♪ >> bill: and good morning. it was a loud reception as thousands of protesters greeted president trump last night returning to trump tower in midtown manhattan for the first time since taking office six months ago. [chanting] apparently this went on for hours. this was part of the scene on fifth avenue last night, but today is a new day and the president has a big agenda ahead. i am the bill hemmer live in washington, d.c. shannon, how are you? >> i'm good. it was a noisy night here.


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