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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 15, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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what some are calling a victory for the president. kim jong-un is appearing to step back from potentially starting a war, but warning he could change his mind if provoked. this is "outnumbered," thank you for joining us today. i'm sandra smith coming here today, anchor of the intelligence report, trish regan is here, former national security staffer under president bush and obama, gillian turner, cohost of after the bell, melissa francis is here and today's #oneluckyguy, plus your work has been, cohost of after the bell, david asman. >> melissa: i always say i'm happier on the said if he is there.
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>> sandra: possible nuclear crisis averted. state media reports he decided to wait on the launch and watch the foolish and stupid conduct of the yankees. james mattis. >> it's called war if they shoot at us. if they do that, then it's game on. >> sandra: meantime, trump supporters of saying this is a big won for the president. corey lewandowski praising president trump and the administration or how they handle the situation. >> what this president said was you don't want to mess with me. he and general mattis were very clear. if they launch a weapon at us.
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he will react swiftly, decisively, and it will be complete annihilation at all think they're ready for that. >> sandra: david, you have been following this closely. is this, at least for now, a big win? >> david: it's a huge win. this shows the administration has put together the strongest, most experience, most realistic team dealing with foreign affairs. you look at everybody they have, jillian, tillerson is a great secretary of state. you have mcmaster, you have kelly, you have nikki haley at the u.n., these people have balance, their good cop bad cop. it seems the sound bite you just played contrast with something he wrote in "the wall street journal" yesterday in which he and tillerson said, the u.s. has no
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interest in regime change. that kind of scared ambassador bolton and myself when we talked about it, but again, they're constantly playing this good cop/bad cop routine and it seems to have had tremendous effect. >> sandra: "the wall street journal" said there's a couple big problems with that. they might be together on this and they would be engaged in constant conversation and constant strategy, but it went on to say president trump is not on that same page and there are mixed messages coming out of the white house. gillian, at least for now, they've stepped away for this. where does this go next? >> gillian: i would describe this ratcheting down on the part of north korea, it's absolutely a success for the president, but more importantly, it's a win for the american people because it de-escalate the situation and takes some tension out of what has been a very tense two weeks now. we're going to point out, i see
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it more of a tactical success rather than a big strategic victory. this crisis is not necessarily averted, certainly not for the long-term. it's a good step and direction, and it indicates the president and his team have had some successes and dealing with the north korean regime. >> david: it's the first step we've taken as a country in the past four presidencies, i would say, against the existence of north korea in their belligerence. it's something there to deal with, live with. as has been a push back by the presidential administration on north korea that i don't think we've had in at least the past three administrations, if not the four. >> melissa: number one, it's not over. that's the point you're making is that this is just one tiny victory, we've turned on the heat for a moment. they are building, obtaining, amassing, whatever weapons they
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want over there and it's relevant at this point that we have some buddy at the home who the rest of the world believes is going to pull the trigger. that's different, like you said, from recent past. as much as there was talk about two mad men, there was a comparison between our president and kim jong-un, which was ridiculous, what is accurate as we have somebody who is willing to follow through on whatever redline they lay down. >> trish: that means if it takes the next step. i agree, it's not over and we need to put a ton of pressure on china to make sure that they are on board with us and part of what you saw yesterday, with the president saying, we're not going to stand for this. that threat for china, that we are willing to go after them in terms of trade, and terms of intellectual property, that exists as a threat. i think north korea knows to get someone new now.
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it's a new administration, it's a new universe that we are living in and they're not going to test us because they know that we can do it. >> david: one thing that was overlooked yesterday that happened that is in reflection seeming very significant, north korea recalled ambassadors from three places yesterday, from the united nations, china, and russia. the same day, as you mentioned that he came out with our new sanctions against china. it was supposed to be focused on intellectual property and that is a concern, but clearly, this was a message about north korea as well. it really had an effect. for them to pull back their ambassadors which means they are trying to construct a brand-new approach to the world, one that probably will be less belligerent than it has been, very significant. >> sandra: when he warns that he could change his mind, you're left wondering what that catalyst could be.
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>> gillian: completely unpredictable in that sense. i would also hedge a little bit against what you guys are laying out which is a new vision for the north korean-u.s. relationship. i don't believe the trump administration, they may be planning that, they may be thinking about it and strategizing, but they have not brought that to the table. if you look back over the last three administrations, strategic deterrence remains the official policy, it remains the policy at the united nations, on the ground. that was something, that's more of a talking point, that's a coined phrase, used to describe something that's actually happening on the ground, but there is no more troops in south korea today than there were six months ago. my point here is that i think
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what president trump is doing is bringing a different stylistic approach and putting a fine point. >> sandra: based on what just happened, is that winning? >> gillian: that's what i was trying to say earlier. so far, it seems to be improving for him. six months from now, if we are in a position where this has been completely ratcheted down and we are no longer at a crisis point, then i'll be happy to say that this has been a tremendous strategic victory. >> david: can i push back? there have been very substantive changes. one of the biggest things, a buildup of our military. we haven't had this for at least the previous administration, the second one is the economic sanctions with china, we are getting serious against china. china is seeing that we are going to turn the screws on them, so -- i want to say one of the thing, not only should american people breathe a sigh of relief because of what has
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happened, but let's not forget the south koreans, particularly the people in seoul were people were in the cross hairs. we had a producer at fb on who is from south korea and she just returned from south korea, she said they've got a pretty thick skin, have been through war, they are getting nearly nervous and finally can breathe a sigh of relief. >> melissa: you are looking for an official document going forward and said of laying it out, writing it. >> gillian: the people who are saying this is entirely new approach, those folks are reading too much into the tea leaves. it's a new rhetoric and it's a new stylistic approach which is a problem.
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>> trish: it also carries some risk and potentially some award. the risk as he gets mad enough, his ego was bruised enough, he does something really disastrous that he hears this message in a way he hasn't before. the rhetoric, i think the language really does matter. >> david: it would not have turned around at the chinese would not have forced his hand. they forced his hand because they were feeling the pain. >> sandra: i bring this back to that piece in "the wall street journal" this morning which ended saying the situation remains tense and dangerous and there are more moving parts than a parent. track them, keep a close eye on this show. going back to your original point. president trump calling racism evil and denouncing white supremacist groups following the charlottesville violence, but the mainstream media slamming his latest response. is there criticism unfair?
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no reports showing the trump campaigns rejecting meetings with russian leaders. what helped put to rest the questions about russian collusion? and after the show, he can join our live chat by clicking the overtime tab on numbered or go to you can also tweet us. during the conversation, we'll see you there. ♪ you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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>> racism is evil and those who cause violence in this name are criminals and thugs, including the kkk, neil nazi's, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. >> sandra: strong words from president trump yesterday condemning them by names following the violence of a white supremacist rally on saturday. the mainstream media renewing its attack on the president. >> why did it take so long for the president, u.s. operatives
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are behaving like nazi's and to call these actual nazi's? speak out what a difference a teleprompter makes. he sounds like a kid whose parents made him apologize for egging their neighbor's. if there's any silver lining to this, and there is and by the way, it's that whatever vacation was hoping to have is now ruine ruined. >> sandra: president trump taking to twitter to respond writing "made additional remarks on charlottesville and realized that once again the fake news media will never be satisfied. truly bad people. some democrats also joining in on the attack, nancy pelosi saying this, from the beginning, president trump and courage the forces of bigotry and discrimination. edging to take the states two days to some of the basic decency. they laid it on thick.
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they were relentless. >> david: when i was watching this whole thing unfold on saturday morning, i just knew they were going to find some way to blame president trump for it. didn't you realize, somehow they were going to fit him into the mix. read the notes of the mother of the woman who was killed on saturday. she came out with a note to the president after his second note about what happened on saturday, she said, thank you, president trump for those words of comfort and for denouncing those who promote violence and hatred. i think it's very callous not to respect the words of the mother of the woman who was killed. she thanked the president, unequivocally, she think the president and said he said we needed to be said about what happened here that's enough for me. >> sandra: you're not just hearing this from the left, ari fleischer was on fox news a little while ago and he said he
9:18 am
can't defend the president's initial response to this. >> gillian: i think there's a lot of emotion infused into the situation right now, understandably. this is the most pressing hot-button issue probably of the century so far in the united states. what i would say from a policy perspective, the way i look at it, it is fair to criticize the president's initial response and the fact that his good response came two days after the fact, but i don't think it's fair to extrapolate from that that somehow the president is racist or he is unsympathetic to the victims. i think that's a bridge too far, that brings a motion and judgment into a situation that we really need two more responsibly talk about. i think he was probably not well served by whatever staff members sold him to wait a beat before he spoke out on this.
9:19 am
>> sandra: but then some in the mainstream media went a little far but there criticism. i think you would agree with this, "the new york times" saying he only denounced in the violence because of their 2020 ambitions. sorry to be cynical, but most of all, rubio and ted cruz seem to be doing a tremendous job. senator ted cruz respond to that saying you're right because nazi's have such a love for america. >> trish: part of this is identity politics. it's becoming the norm in this environment. president obama played to the politics and those who are in the left criticizing president trump are criticizing him for part of the politics. let's not forget where this playbook came from. i would think, yes, there is
9:20 am
more he could have done or should have said, he thought he had enough ground cover, it wasn't enough because of the rawness of the situation, and frankly because he's been put in this box by many members of the left, but he accused him of having this kind of horrendous support from a horrendous part of society that doesn't represent who we are as americans. because of that, he would have been better to served and come out very strong against it initially. okay, fine, you know it's never going to be enough with the media. >> melissa: if you don't take the time to understand the other side, you're never going to solve the problem and i see so many people out there who are intentionally misunderstanding the other side, not make any effort to hear the other side is actually saying. even when you look at so many of these protests, it's about violence, it's not about trying to get out there and actually solve the problem or maybe i'm the cynical one, but i feel like you hear so little of people who
9:21 am
actually want to solve the problem. the first step towards that is trying to understand what's really going on. >> david: i just have to say, one thing that's overlooked is the country, in many ways has gone beyond the political rhetoric of this issue. we have mixed relationships within our family. like me, like many people. you've got african-americans, asians, latins, within your family and that's changed america much more than the people who have a stake in this politically. >> sandra: new emails obtained by "the washington post" show the trump campaign rejecting several requests to set up meeting with russian officials. whether this could help at accusations of collusion to rest. plus the new source that the
9:22 am
obama and administration was warned as far back as 2014 that russia was planning to disrupt the u.s. political system. obama's team did very little about it, showed special counsel robert mueller be looking into this? ♪ just like the people
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9:27 am
is fake news. these emails showed the russians were trying to penetrate the trump team. >> david: the point is the russians were trying to penetrate trump and hilary. i can't remember her name come up with this russian woman who set up the meeting with manafort, the lawyer, she was also working with fusion gps which was turning out this anti-trump stuff, including the famous dossier which was apparently untrue, so she was working both sides. their purpose has always has been to so doubt and the american public the security of their system. they want americans to think that their system sucks and they're putting all this
9:28 am
information to try to prove that point. there was no collusion, there is an attempt to undermine the u.s. >> gillian: we have to take care whenever we talk about russia in this administration to point out, there's two issues at stake, two separate investigations, one is the collusion narrative, one is interference, just interference in u.s. general election. this story about george papadopoulos who was a very minor player, low on the totem pole, the sigs exactly the kind of person that provides a potential weak link for an outside adversary. what we need to look at here is not necessarily, as you said, this may very well undercut the collusion narrative, but we need
9:29 am
to look at the very important national security issue which is their attempted interference because as a lot of former obama intelligence officials told us, they saw an uptick in these attempts and russian capabilities during 2014-2016. this is a national security issue. i think that's what's relevant and talks of this particular story if it's proven true, if all of this stuff is as being reported. >> melissa: it shows you're casting a very wide net. who is out there that we could possibly influence and try to get inside one of these campaigns? >> trish: this is what they do. we should anticipate this. they do it on both sides. they want to delegitimize our system and i think donald trump would be well served. it doesn't delegitimize him in any way.
9:30 am
he has some concerns about that, but let's remember, the russians did not hack the election i.e. they do not hack into people's voting machines. they may have influenced things on the margin, but i think they were doing that on both sides. that said, president trump tweeting out today, according to report just outcome up president obama knew about interference three years ago, but he didn't want to anger russia. they got multiple warnings a far back as 2014. russia's intention to disrupt the u.s. political system. one current official who served
9:31 am
under obama saying "we started getting stuff in april, may of 2014 that was extraordinary about the extent of the threat and the capacity the russians were building, we were worried putin would try to test us. demonstration was reluctant to engage against the kremlin. " " isn't this exactly what he needs to be doing right now to go after the russians themselves for what they did? >> sandra: what about mueller? were the chances that they will go back and look at the obama administration? >> david: zero. mueller is on a crusade to find something against trump. i want to stand up for the obama administration because i do think it's something that russia has been doing for decades.
9:32 am
it's not unusual, and i'm sure that whenever -- julian, you probably know better than anyone what happened in the obama administration, but when they saw these examples of russian interference, a lot of people said, what else is new? they've been doing this for years, let's investigate and keep our eye on it, but it's nothing, the former cia rio chief in moscow was talking about, he is the one who said there's no collusion of trump or hillary and the russians, it's ongoing so they looked at him and said we've seen it before, we'll try to guard against it, but is not going to affect us. >> melissa: you can't conflate the idea of russians trying to interfere with delegitimizing the trump presidency. he makes that point when he says this is not real, they're trying to make up for a bad loss. don't connect them. it's not necessary, it doesn't
9:33 am
have to be like that and you also sound a little bit foolish because they so clearly are trying to influence this. i think on every side, just to disrupt and seek with and get their hooks into you, it's not rooting for a specific candidate more than trying to get your hooks into everywhere. >> trish: would it make sense for them to say enough, we know the russians did this, we are going after them and go after them hard and also from a political standpoint because as melissa says, you don't want to be seen as linking those two. he won fair and square. no one broke into the voting machines, but he needs to be going after these guys. >> gillian: it's helpful from a national scaredy perspective, but it's also helpful politically to the president and his administration. it baffles me that they have not been making a greater effort to do this. think how great it would be tomorrow, president trump making remarks in the briefing room and saying, exactly what trish just said.
9:34 am
this attempt was amped up, it was a bigger attempt, more well coordinated than we've ever seen, it was the word and thankfully, but the russians tried to do, b, and c. ed was thwarted, -- there's no question about their capabilities actually infiltrating the american voter infrastructure. >> sandra: deal and back and say they should have done more knowing what they did? this before they can always do more. >> sandra: they didn't do much going back to 2014. >> gillian: i don't know that that's true. that's anecdotally what's being reported, but i don't know that that's true. if you were an obama and administration intelligence official dating back to 2014 and you saw chatter that this is something that was being looked at by the russians, what are your options?
9:35 am
it's not the same as launching a military invasion or announcing something publicly. those are not options on the table, so actions that were taken were probably covert in nature. there were probably a lot of cyber warfare stuff going on. i don't know but it's fair to say the obama administration did nothing. also keep in mind, they are trying to deal with a rush russia's illegal invasion of crimea along the same time. >> david: everybody was caught off guard by the sophistication cyber terrorist. think of all the companies in hollywood that were hacked into, think of all the attacks from other governments like north korea, over the past two or three years, we've seen the sophistication of these attacks that has heeded the understanding of a lot of people in government. by the way, can i bring up a show that you and i love, it's
9:36 am
very real in what appeared to raise which is a group of russian spies back in the 1980s who are doing exactly the same thing that russians are doing now which is trying to undermine america's confidence. >> gillian: this reminds me of the criticism that was levied against president bush in the aftermath of 9/11. you have intelligence telling you that something is going on, how could you let this happen? it's not always that simple. when you don't have a specific threat with a specific target, and some always easy to prevent something catastrophic from happening. things like that will happen. is it fair to talk about what culpability the president has? absolutely. is it fair to the point of the president of the united states and say this is on you? >> trish: in this case, they were trying to use our biggest strength, our freedom, our openness of society against us and we have to hard against that
9:37 am
in the future. the special election primary underway today and alabama where president trump has been ramping up public support for g.o.p. candidate luther strange. how much does the president's endorsement matter? and what the vote could tell us about the 2018 midterms. we are back after this. ♪
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>> sandra: fox news alert, voters heading to the pool today to decide alabama's next u.s. senator . luther strange, mel brooks and roy moore are the candidates. strange has been temporarily filling the seat since february. all have embraced president trump during their campaign in an effort to compete for his supporters. the president decided to officially endorse luther strange earlier this month.
9:42 am
since then, he's taken to twitter multiple times to showcase a support and recorded this just yesterday. speak out is president donald trump and i love the people of alabama and i hope you go out and vote for luther strange force on it. we are doing things that a lot of people thought were impossible, but i need luther to help us out. go to those polls and vote for luther strange. >> sandra: here's what strange is set on "fox & friends" this morning. >> why did the president pick you? >> it's based on a couple of factors. we've developed a personal friendship, we like each other and we have the same goals, to make america great again. to implement his agenda, that's with the people of my state want and that's what i've been doing from day one and the senate, since i took jeff sessions place in february. >> sandra: obviously going to be interesting to feel this plays out. >> david: the interesting thing about this is this is the
9:43 am
one thing that president trump and mitch mcconnell agree on. they both like luther strange. they've both talked about how wonderful donald trump is, but they both attacked mitch mcconnell in the senate. it's interesting to see that the president, even though he and mitch mcconnell have been sniping at each other, he is helping mcconnell in the sense sense. mcconnell has told the president that he needs strange because strange understands what mcconnell is trying to do in the senate and the president is going along and helping mcconnell. this is a rare instance where they are working together. >> sandra: and roy moore, what do you think is going to come of all of this? he could be the dark horse, he's pulling pretty well. >> gillian: and most of the polls, strangers coming in second right now. the point being, i was watching the interview this morning and
9:44 am
steve said to him, why you? why did the president 20? i wanted to say because he's on board with the presidents vision for tax reform. that's one of the most important assets he has right now. he is a lockstep in sync with that and he wants to get on board and help drive it the way he. >> melissa: we are pounding the hammer every day, if there is one thing that we can get behind is this idea that we need tax reform in order to unleash the economy might create more jobs. a lot of the problems we have would be a lot smaller if we had an economy that was growing more robustly. i hope that's why the president is focused on the selection in particular, i hope he's working to head tax reform. we talk about this all the time, we always say we need the president to get out there and really excel at tax reform in order to get it done.
9:45 am
i think it's already priced in. if they don't get everything together to get it done in this calendar year, i don't know it's going to happen with the market. >> trish: people are anticipating and expecting the market. the selling party is going to be hard and the reason is, the left is going to paint this as you just want tax cuts for the wealthy, you just want tax cuts from corporations and with the left always misses on this is that those tax cuts for corporations will help to employ all those people in america that need jobs. it's businesses that actually employee. and the people who are actually paying the taxes. you can't cut taxes anymore, certainly federal taxes for nearly half of the country. this is going to need a hard sales pitch, it's going to be a pitch that needs to be dressed up. with a little bit of a bow because it's a little bit complicated and i think people immediately recoil and think
9:46 am
this is going to the corporations. >> david: he has to use all the salesmanship like he did with the health care issue, he's going to do it double-time. >> sandra: meanwhile, progressive hero elizabeth warren taking shots and claiming liberals have overtaken the democratic party. is she right and is this a winning direction for democrats? >> we are not a wing of the democratic party, we are the heart and soul of the democratic party
9:47 am
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9:50 am
>> sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment, but first let's get to jon scott with what's coming up in the second hour of "happening now." >> jon: new pulling from gallup on the president's approval rating. the charlottesville violence continues to flame emotion. the president turning toward infrastructure today, we'll have that for you. also, california sues over its sanctuary cities. that and much more ahead, happening now. >> gillian: elizabeth warren slamming clinton era policies and proclaiming that liberals
9:51 am
have taken control of the democratic party following hillary clinton's failed presidential campaign. she spoke at a gathering of thousands over the past weekend. >> we are not the crashers of today's democratic party. we are not a wing of today's democratic party, we are the heart and soul of the democratic party. >> gillian: throughout her speech, she didn't shy away as this prospect from a 22 and a run, in fact, she took the opportunity to outline her vision for the party in the future of the party. >> we are going to be the people who leave the democratic party back from the wilderness and lead our country out of this dark time. we can't waste energy arguing about whose issue matters more and who and our alliance should be voted off the island.
9:52 am
>> gillian: part of the reason we are seeing this, tell me what you think, is there is in the wake of president obama wrapping up his second term, a bit of a power vacuum, so we are going to see a lot of positioning and jostling to take the reins over the next couple of years. i think that's what we saw. >> melissa: that's always the case after these big losses. do we go extreme, i would say it's about who has the fire. i don't think it's about the left or center or right when the power vacuum comes around, i think that's what we learn from the last election and it's something we learned in cable news, that being broad from any capacity doesn't work anymore. the people have too many options, whether it's television
9:53 am
or politics, you don't get enough support that what you have to do is stick out a territory and really get people excited in that group. i think both sides have a chance, it could be someone firing towards the middle or someone to the left. president trump, they said we have to not have a white man. >> gillian: he's neither centrist nor more to the right or left. >> david: the rare occurrence where i'm going to disagree with my work wife. republicans should be very happy with what elizabeth warren said because it's a recipe for failure. the democratic seat is lost in congress. 63 in the house, 11 and the senate and the state legislators are even worse, 960 state legislators, 12 governorships.
9:54 am
we now have more than twice the number of republican governors than democrat. 34 verses 15 and that's because of the obama policies. >> melissa: your proving my point. it's about the person and how you felt about president obama and the passion people had. >> david: it didn't work because the policies didn't work and that's what liz warren's for her, she for policies that don't work. >> trish: and other words, you're talking about star power. donald trump had star power, people were excited by him. that's why toth is a people would show up at some of these rallies. hillary clinton didn't have that, john kerry didn't have that.
9:55 am
does this person understand what i'm going through? do they have any empathy western mark >> sandra: she's fighting for women and she saying we're fighting to put more women in the position of power from committee rooms to boardrooms, but she says it with almost anger in her voice. >> david: even bernie who is a likable guy personally, he's gone a step too far. he's coming in september for full-blown socialized medicine and it would be interesting to see how lives were in response to that because policy does make a difference beyond personality and if she goes with bernie for a full-blown socialism, i think she goes well. >> melissa: he's still got a zillion people out there. >> david: it less than a zillion. >> melissa: they have to really kill themselves do not give him the nomination. we were laughing the first day he came out that they found a socialist in the end, he gave her a run for her money.
9:56 am
>> david: the genuine quality that bernie sanders has come out warren doesn't have. >> sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> many thanks to mr. david asman. >> many thanks to you. you can see us again at 4:00 this afternoon. >> we are going to keep it right
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here for "outnumbered over time" on web, find us at i will see you at 2:00 p.m., "happening now" starts right now. >> heather: we begin with a fox news alert from the fox news global headquarters in new york city. a brand-new poll on president trump's job performance, nearly seven months into his presidency. >> jon: 41% approval, 49% disapprove but the presidents compliment since ovulation day. we are covering all the news happening now. >> i want a very big infrastructure bill. >> jon: president trump a sec to talk about fixing america's crumbling roads and bridges today. will he get bipartisan support for one of his big campaign promises? >> racism is evil and those who cause


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