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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 16, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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destroy trump media, thanks for being with us. ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," the sk from what happened at charlottesville over the weekend is still ringing in the air like a gunshot. people in every side working as it was awful because it was awful, absolutely and completely. the only thing that could make what happened in charlottesville worse is if we allowed a small number of people in power to make america less tolerant as less free and its aftermath. we've seen that before. it happened after 9/11. almost nobody wanted to say so at the time for fear of seeming sympathetic to terrorists but it did. the feds rooting around at people's bank accounts for no good reason. we allowed all of that to happen because we were upset and
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afraid. this morning there were signs that it could be happening agai again. "the wall street journal" reported that big tech companies are using their power to silence certain political views. both google and west hosting service go daddy stopped providing hosting support for daily storm or it's a white supremacist website. meanwhile the hotel website airbnb said it would permanently ban white supremacists from using its service to book rooms. paypal says it won't let white supremacist use its payment platform. nobody on the show is weeping for the daily stormer, even mentioning their name probably got us written up by the southern poverty law center as dangerous subversive sprit of this principle at stake and it's worth defending regardless. we should be very concerned by the prospect of big companies using their power to enforce ideological conformity, even when it seems to affect people we don't like as it does right now. especially now we should be concerned because of support for free expression appears to be
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fading on the left and especially among young people. the 2015 at pew poll found 40 millennials favored restricting speech they thought was offensive. you think they will think twice about banning website they don't like ? they don't. the national right to life? catholic charities ? why would it be. why wouldn't airbnb and the public supports of a trump from getting rooms, why would facebook eliminate all references to pro-life position positions. today's political opponents could beat tomorrow's designated and terrorists. that's why it's crucial to keep fighting them, keep fighting for an open society, even if people call you names when you do it. the first amendment is america's most famous freedom, the strongest sign that the country is dedicated to the personal liberty of every person who lives there.
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the fact that it's dedicated to even the weakest, it's proof that how strong that right is. that doesn't mean we shouldn't push back into it loudly. the biggest tech firms are more powerful than any monopoly in the gilded age and they are far less restrained and far less trustworthy. in some ways they are more dangerous even than overreaching government because they are less accountable. they could make this country a place he would not want to live and they could probably do it quickly and they probably will do it unless they are brought to heel. mark stein as an author, a columnist entered all-around defender of freedom who was nice enough to sit in for the show last week. he joins us now. i am positive this segment is going to get us written up by the southern poverty law center, i'm not defending any of these creepy groups, the white nationalist groups or anything like that. i'm not a part of them i don't like them. i think the principal is worth
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defending, it's essential. >> absolutely. freedom of speech enables you to argue for other freedoms. that is the point of it. if you don't have freedom of speech, all you can do is as they do in on free societies is blow things up and shoot people. the less freedom of speech we have, the more we have what we saw over the weekend. we have guys rampaging through the street, it doesn't really matter what side of their own. the minute you say you can't book a conference room and hold a debate, you can't have a youtube channel. you can't go on facebook, the logic of that tends toward smashing stuff in the street. whether it's toppling statues like the left did or whether it's camping about with tiki torches like the right dead and rambling on abound and all the rest of it.
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the other point you made that absolutely needs under lining, it always starts off with the daily stormer but it goes further than that. paypal for example kicked off the it has nothing to do with what happened in charlottesville. , it's an immigration restriction is website, at the 1955 immigration has been disastrous for the united state united states. you can say that is a wrong position to hold, but you are doing something very dangerous when you say you cannot hold that position and use the mena credit card processing service on the internet. it publishes and coulter and michelle malkin who are no strangers to this channel. there's something very disturbing when paypal boots them off what is a monopoly
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provider. >> tucker: i had no idea, that's the point. it's a monopoly provider as is facebook, as is google. these companies are more powerful, in american history and world history. as a free market conservative i'm now thinking do they have too much power? are they stifling speech? >> i think what you said last night is absolutely right. i don't see why if the united states government thinks in 1918 -- in 19 oh nine whenever it was, that standard oil had gotten too big, if standard oil was too big in 19 oh nine, what is google now? there's a difference. the oil companies or mgm when they made movies, standard oil is in the oil business. google is in the font to.
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when you have someone who is in control of ideas who knows the data of just about all 7 billion people on the planet and its enforcing an ideological straitjacket, i actually think we're moving into a very dark era when youtube and facebook and twitter will bounce more and more people off there monopolies and that will lead to more violence in the street. >> i'm afraid you're right, if there were real liberals, they would understand this. it liberals today are on the side of the mughals, on the side of the facebook people come on the side of jeff basals, have you noticed this?
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>> as recently as ten, 15 years ago, they would at least play pay lip service to that apocryphal quote they didn't agree with what you said, they would defend to the death your right to say it. now they will be out in the streets defending to the death not to listen to it. i don't want anybody to defend me to the death or the daily stormer to the left or the dare to the death or any of them. i don't even want a mildly supportive tweet or facebook post. all i am saying isn't you're saying is that when we have monopoly providers, the idea that they can ideologically constrain that content is very, very dangerous. >> tucker: is terrifying, thank you for explaining that so well, i appreciate it. a group of trump supporters is suing the city of san jose, california, saying the city failed to keep them safe during the trump rally in 2016.
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they swiftly let the situation out of control letting protesters robbed and assaulted supporters outside the rally. [shouting] [shouting] >> tucker: will take you back to the rally at which one woman found herself pelted with eggs, watch this. >> one young woman tried to take him on, proudly showing off her trump shirt. then it turned scary, hit in the face with watermelon and raw eggs. she finds herself all alone. the crowd screaming obscenities and no one comes to her aid, not even the cops. >> tucker: a lawyer in a committee woman for the california rnc, she is representing some of the
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attendees at that rally who say they were jeopardized by the police absence, she joined us tonight. thanks a lot for coming on. >> tucker: the police and protect them? >> i was there i did the pledge of allegiance at the event, it was a great event in june last year. the police directed us, there about 250 of them wearing right gear to leave the event and they directed us directly into a full-fledged ride that was taking place outside the event. they didn't let people go on a safer route or another route. what happened was we saw an assault of numerous individuals, with 17 named plaintiffs, including rachel casey, the police made one arrest. it was when one of these criminals picked up a barricade and threw it at the police. they otherwise did nothing to arrest anybody from teenagers who were clients all the way up to people in their 70s.
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it was an absolute travesty. we filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city of berkeley in the police there for failing to honor the civil rights of the trump attendees in the civil rights include ring able to attend a conservative event and leave without being assaulted and subject to a riot. so for the cases going on, we survived a motion to dismiss, the judge says that was not qualified immunity at the stage for the city. the city has appealed that to the ninth circuit, that's where we are in that case. >> tucker: what you're saying is something that anyone who's been paying attention recognizes. there's a theme here, it seems like local politicians they don't want to protect people to disagree with and so they don't. >> it's not a conspiracy, absolutely. the whole country, like the video you saw criminals attacking lawful citizens. the mayor of san jose tweeted out that it was donald trump's fault.
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if we saw the exact same pattern in berkeley where i've also filed a lawsuit against the university of california. berkeley police have standing orders not to protect people in a riot unless there is imminent death. if those are the actual orders of the police department and the mayor there who was also a liberal and a supporter of -- by all means necessary and a sympathizer of black lives matter. you know what we saw in charlottesville as well. it's a combination of a lack of will or an absolute hostility by the political authorities in these cities coupled by fear of lawsuits in the berkeley case. what happened was the occupy people filed a lawsuit after being arrested in 2014 and the city caved and agreed with them in a settlement agreement that in the future, they're not going to get into it if you're having a liberal protest there, they're going to let you do what you do and they're only going to intervene in case somebody is about to be killed. i don't think citizens know
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that. i don't think your average citizen going about their business and if an anti-font gang comes and starts throwing things and swinging bats and breaking into buildings, that the police are just going to stand there and watch you and do nothing. we've seen that time and time again. >> tucker: when you politicize law enforcement, that's the end of civilization. thanks for fighting back against that. so members of congress are seizing on the event of last weekend to demand a rollback of freedoms in this country. house minority leader nancy pelosi not surprisingly is at the forefront of that. she is calling the national park service to block a schedule patriot prayer rally, she calls it a white supremacist event that would promote violence. the rally's organizer joins us tonight. let's be totally honest with one another. i'm sure you're going to be denounced at the white supremacist, everyone seems to be now. are you a white supremacist and is this really a white supremacist rally? >> i'm not white, we have about
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eight speaker and only one speaker is white. we have a couple black speakers, and hispanic, we have a transsexual speaker, it's very diverse. that's about what on the inside, what you believe. it has nothing to do with skin color. >> tucker: you're not only not white supremacist, you're not even white. i find it hilarious, i'm sorry to laugh. it's so lunatic that the former speaker of the house is calling you and the people you're speaking with white supremacists. when you're not even white. why do you think she sees the mark to market that? >> i went to seattle, a city councilmember said i was what the premises. it's frustrating, politicians believe it's okay to lie. she's going to make such a ridiculous lie, i'm brown and she's going to say, what's a premises.
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what she is doing is she's making it more dangerous for san francisco. what she's trying to do is she's trying to rile up hurt citizens it so that they will come down here and try to chase us out. she is using that rhetoric and is just going to cause more violence and put more people in danger. >> tucker: that's a really good point. she's announced publicly that your event is a white supremacist event. i'm sure that there are a lot of organized lunatics who go no matter what. some people who are legitimately upset by that who aren't lunatics who saw what happened in charlottesville, they're going to come down too. this does raise the chance that something awful will happen, have you complain directly to her about this? >> we're working on it. what she doesn't understand is this rhetoric, she's quadrupled the size of the rally. she's given us publicity but now she's going to quadruple the size of the protesters. i don't know what she's thinking i don't understand her logic. i think she's trying to further her own agenda.
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she feels like it's okay to lie and be deceptive. she has a long history of lying. i don't get why san francisco puts up with that. she's not caring about her citizens, look at san francisco, look how dirty it is, look at the trash and the garbage she doesn't take her or her own people and now she's trying to make this more violent and more dangerous. i don't know what she's thinking, i don't know what she's trying to provoke or trying to bring in racists. i can give you my word that were not going to allow any white supremacist or sin. our speakers will be very upset if we have any white supremacist in there. if there's only one white person speaking. >> tucker: the whole thing is unbelievable, good luck, it's great to see you. baltimore tore down for confederate statues following destruction in charlottesville. will talk to a pastor who says
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>> tucker: last night at the top of the show we addressed the removal of civil war monuments from public places around the country. we made the point that the sudden outrage around confederate icons isn't entirely around slavery, horrifying as it
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is. it's also part of a larger effort on the left to credit founders of this country. once you believe any figure in history who wants old slaves is illegitimate that should be a race it's hard to take our founding documents very seriously. how can you accept a bill of rights when it was written by slave owners. which is why so many in the left don't, and ignore the first and second amendment among so many others. it didn't seem crazy or mean-spirited the printed hears the the tweet that bill kristol the former weekly stander editor sent referring to our segment last night. the they started by rationalizing trump, they ended by rationalizing slavery. rationalizing slavery. if that's not even close to what we were saying by any interpretation, what an outrageous thing to say. but it got. worse. minutes later he suggested somehow we were anti-semitic to too.
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next luther, voltaire, and marks were anti-jewish so why was it a big deal that the marchers were chanting will not replace us. it's also really stupid. he isn't stupid, i know it's because i worked for him for more than fiveew years. is a genuinely smart guy, he was humane and fair-minded, he was the kind of person that i never would have imagined would write something in that nasty and dishonest about an enemy and or an old friend. he refused to explain himself. part of the explanation haspa to be the moment that were living in right now where hysteria has supplanted rational debate. the purpose of political argument is no longer to explain your beliefs but to highlight what a morally upstanding person you are, what a virtuous guy you are usually in contrast with your opponent who is by definition evil. it's childish obviously. for many people it's pretty tempting. even 64-year-old-y man with harr degreaser fall for it. part of the problem is the
8:23 pm
medium. 20 years ago when he had something to say, he had a magazine toga satan. he talked through ideas with his friends, her mother was thinking involved. now he goes on twitter and he stays on twitter all daye every day, dashing off little thoughts and impressions, scoring tiny little points against strangers in cyberspace, keeping asepsis tracks of his likes and retweets. si an age where he could be playing with his grandchildren, he has glued to social media like a slot machine junkie in reno. after a while, of course that distorts you. when you disagree with someone that doesn't occur to you to pick up the phone and hashed out to you tweet it hoping for retweets britt is depressing. he isn't the only one who does washington is littered with formally impressive people who shout and preen on social media. i hate to see them with him, i liked him once. and i thought he liked me. what a shame.
8:24 pm
several cities have decided they too are going to take down their monuments to to the civil war. baltimore hastily carried away for confederate monuments, lexington is doing the same. fox news contributor and social justiceer champion, he supports removing all confederate monuments britt he joins us now. good to seets you. i'm kind of sympathetic to your point of view. i wouldn't want tour see somethg that offended me every day. if there was an al sharptonmo monument to my street, what do i get? if you're offended by the monuments come i totally get't that printed >> is not that i'm offended. it's a fence to the united states ofm america. to honor war criminals. two under the traders. there are traitors to our country. >> tucker: they certainly were traitors to our country they
8:25 pm
started their own country. >> there is no country on the planet, no society that would honor those. >> tucker: except ours because it was a civil war. they were traitors toai america. but thenn they came back into america, they reintegrated to americath. >> they lost the war. >> tucker: it was a civil war it wasn't like we were invited it's a little bit more complicate it than that. does your view of this apply to all slaveholders or just civil war figures? >> is not just civil war figures but civil war confederate heroes and leaders are not to be honored in any shape manner or form, it's a societal imperative. the fact that we are coming to our senses with the statue and bars, the american swastika, we thought we had resolved this in charlotte a
8:26 pm
couple of years ago. it's still not resolved and so we are movingth expeditiously in every form and fashion to complete the task of eradicating these symbols of hatred and division. >> tucker: can i say one thing i'm not good to argue with you. one of the reasons this hasn't been resolved is because the public is not for doing this. only aboutdo a quarter of people polled yesterday in the united states thought that these monuments should come down. over 60% said60 they should remn historical remnants of an earlier age. you need to get the public on board before you do this. >> at the height of the civil rights movement, there were a lot of people who said you needed to go slow, you did it take your time. now the people they were saying that to our american heroes. sometimes heroes, if you had pulled boston there would've been people who said why are you throwing our tea in the harbor? >> tucker: it was in a
8:27 pm
democracy then. you've given up on the idea of representative government. >> i haven't given up on anything. some people who champion social justice getl it before the main society gets it. just as some people in the republican party t were slow to get that their president is dysfunctional. >> tucker: let's get back to the client to my question of slaveholders, and you make a more defensible point on the p civil war question. what bothers me about b the idea that all slaveholders need to be erased from american history -- >> is not being erased from history it's not being celebrated. if you put your name on your building your being celebrate i it. >> tucker: thee city i live in is named after the founder of the country, the first president whose plantation which was
8:28 pm
populated by slaves is right on the road. this is not a rhetorical question, this is a real question. should we change the name of the capital of the country? what should we do about george washington? >> he is a confederate general. he is theer founder in the couny and put his life on the line in order to do so. he was a flawed human being but he created a great thing he was part of a great creation, that's self-correcting. that's what the process is abou about. the fact is we can get to george washington in washington, d.c. right now we need to take these confederate statues. >> tucker: i don't want to get washington, d.c., i don't want to rewrite the history of this country, i like where you left off the first time to say he redeemed himself by his good deeds. thanks a lot for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: oregon just passed a law to give free abortions to everybody, because that's not insane. meanwhile, planned parenthood
8:29 pm
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>> tucker: the culture of death >> tucker: the culture of death is on the march across america in case you haven't noticed. in the state of oregon, the governor just signed a bill ordering insurance companies to provide a free abortion while also allocating state funds to ensure that illegal aliens can get abortions as well, thatt wil make the country better. a new report cbs newss celebrats
8:33 pm
iceland's near elimination of down syndrome, they killed any baby who had it through abortion. if planned parenthood pamphlet has said that men couldn't get abortions because your genitals to make you a boy or girl. the author and founder of live action a pro-life group joins us tonight. the oregon abortion law, no subject is more dishonestly covered by the press than abortion because 100% of people in the press corps support it's. it's hard to know what is in a bill like this, tell us what it says.tu >> this is the most extreme of state law on abortion that our country has seen yet. a completely democratic held government in oregon has said that abortions through all nine months, no limitnt whatsoever ae now going to be paid for by taxpayers in oregon and insurance companies are going to
8:34 pm
be forced to fund it. this could cost over 3,000 lives, extra lives killed, children killed every year in oregon because of this extreme pro-abortion agenda held by the government in oregon. >> tucker: because i'm a simple man let me ask you a simple question. selection almost always reduce the number of doctors born. in order to get us on. how can feminists before that? how can a feminist sworn in to womenho support a , in reality y0
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>> tucker: president trump kell border into a war zone and exacerbate an air of cruelty. he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. what do you mean, how will kelley, as white house chief of staff, make the border patrol more mill tar is particular? -- mill tarryistic. >> i'm not sure i said kelley would make it happen. i said having a military air at the border has been what we've been doing since 9/11.
8:42 pm
we have unmanned drones that fly over the u.s. mexico border. over 700 miles of border fencing. we have border patrol agents in the amount of over 20,000, seems to be on the increase. we're talking about an issue of migration. we're talking about poverty, we're talking about people who are suffering from violence south of the border. a military approach doesn't seem from my reporting to be the most effective strategy. border security is important. but it seems like that's all we're doing. to put a general in charge of the u.s.-mexico border might have a heavy-handed approach. >> tucker: yeah, i don't know that he's in charge of that necessarily. as chief of staff. >> well, he was in charge of the department of homeland security. right, he was in charge of that department of homeland security. >> tucker: now he's not. but my question is, if what we're doing isn't working and de monday strably it's not, over many people here illegally who
8:43 pm
got over the border, what would work? >> well, one of the things that we're not taking a look at is the visa system. almost half. people who come to the united states without papers many could with an expired visa, overstay their visa, or come into the united states and don't cross that border. you can go ahead and build a border wall from sea to shining sea and build it 20 feet at all. people who come into the country legally, won't even cross that barrier. we're not taking a look at revaching the border system. we're also importing workers in the united states. what about all of the employers here in the united states? agriculture, and hospitality, restaurants, i'm sure if you go to dinner in manhattan tonight there will be undocumented people working in the kitchens. >> tucker: let me ask you a question. you're right, but i think that is a fair point. we aren't going after them. but when did liberals become so sympathetic to employers in search of cheap labor? i don't remember that as a
8:44 pm
teacher of american liberalism when i was a kid. i interview people who say you can't be against illegal immigration, illegals made your dinner tonight. they never say maybe they made my dinner because employers want to pay their workers less. and this isn't easy for people to exploit. i would think liberals would be against illegal immigration. >> i'm at least for my reporting, i'm not necessarily, this isn't for me -- the republican, democrat, or liberal or conservative issue. we're talking about a country that borders the united states, that is poor for the most part. where governments are corrupt. if you go to central america. people are looking for a better life. that's migration, that's what we have. if all we do is we throw arms and border walls and unmanned drones at this issue, we're not dealing with the root cause. the disparity between the two countries. my reporting is pretty clear in
8:45 pm
taking a look at why people come here. those are the root causes that sort of bomb bass particular rhetoric doesn't address. >> tucker: i think you're right. we're fixing that. we're fixing that. thanks to immigration, parts of california are every bit as poor as parts of mexico now. so there's less of a disparity. parts of california are like mexico. that will help solve it, don't you think? >> well, go a little further, tucker. california provides about 80% of all of the produce for the rest when it provides 80% of the programs, who's harvesting that? were benefiting from the benefits of illegal immigration. what we're doing is building a border wall. all you're doing is making it harder for people to come. >> tucker: i knew you were going touc defend employers exploiting cheap labor. >> i'm not defending employers at all. s agribusinesses benefiting. why doesn't the administration take a look at the employers
8:46 pm
themselves? g why a don't we take a look at agribusiness? >> tucker: now were on the same page. >> where is that rhetoric? right? >> tucker: were out of time but i am affirming you on that point.t. i am agreeing with you 100% of that should do that immediately. how much power does google have watched ? we'll talk to a man who literally wrote the book on the question. when they say don't be evil, you should laugh. stayn tuned. that cause symptoms. pills block one and 6 is greater than 1. flonase changes everything. why should over two hundred years of citi history matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about progress:
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>> tucker: welcome back. >> tucker: welcome back, we talked a lot about google this week. we pointed out the danger of
8:51 pm
powerful tech companies and our basic freedoms as exemplified by the fire to google engineer james moore. >> there are certain dogmas that yount really can't dissent agait at google. one of them being that there is any difference betweenet people. the entire time just called me names, shamed me or just made generalizations saying that what i was saying was pseudoscience when this is scientific consensus. >> tucker: our next guest is the expert on the dangers of google. the author of search and destroy, can't trust google incorporated. , he wants to walk strong side to google monitor which you can find via google, he joins us tonight.
8:52 pm
the rest of us stupidly believe the don't be evil propaganda. >> it pervades everything they do appear to i think their utopians, tech utopians who believe that it would be best if we had all information and all power centralized with a philosopher king as we know in history, one person or a group of people, the elite know what's best. they subscribe to the tech utopian political outlook.f they have led to their business in u that direction and it succeeded in creating unimaginable information power. >> tucker: they are not liberals in the traditional sense, they don't believe that you should be able to talk too.
8:53 pm
there is an authoritarian streak obviously, we sought in the firing of their software engineer. they enforce conformity in their business? >> a lot of people don't join that don't fit to begin with. what they're talking about is a monoculture. it's a tech monoculture, ites leads libertarian on some sides and a very liberal on the other. it is very political. if you do not agree, you do not fitdo. in. that is true of the coding class and detect people, that group tends to come i don't want to generalize too much, it tends to be black and white. it's binary like coding. it's a one or a zero. one of the reasons you saw the problem, they don't see gray, they leap into a one or a zero because that's what they do each
8:54 pm
day. what they do each day is very binary in the digital world. >> tucker: people like that should not be inot charge of all known information in the english language, they have so much power that i wonder quickly, if you think this can continue, how long before they become a rival to the u.s. government and theyr are broken up or nationalized or regulated like a utility? >> information is power. we knower power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. i think lord acton told us that. we arely probably on a scale of information is power of one being power and ten being information power, we are over seven, well on the way to eight with google. people can't imagine it's because these numbers are so big. they literally have organized all the digital accessible information in the world.
8:55 pm
i would say 80 or 90% of the stuff that can be found, they found it. nobody else has the other stuff. it is all on their servers. >> tucker: it's terrifying, thank you for that glimpse into what i'm going to buy your boo. i appreciate it. will be back with an update to a story brush to you earlier, the facts have changed, that's next ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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>> tucker: teleprompter. we want to bring you the update we want to bring you an update. since the show started. the bay area parks service reacted to our interview. the statement is this from the head of the parks service. they take seriously the concern
9:00 pm
by the officials. it must be held by the constitution and pres dept. hopefully nancy pelosi will not be able to bully them. that's it for us tonight, "the five" starts right now, we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ >> dana: i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, jesse watters, and greg gutfeld. it's 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." we begin tonight with continuing fallout to president trump's reaction to the white nationalist violence in charlottesville, virginia, over the weekend. the mother of the woman who was allegedly killed by by a man's empathetic with white supremacist causes spoke out today. >> they tried to kill my child to shut her up. guess what, you just magnified her. say to yourself, what can i do to make a difference and's


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