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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 18, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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went better than we could have hoped for. heather: we continue to follow all the latest developments. stay right here on fox news. "fox and friends" starts right now, goodbye. >> a massive terror attack in spain, 13 are dead, over 100 injured in what police call a terrorist attack. >> people -- >> the latest scenes of carnage and mayhem sicken us all. as the president said the united states condemns this terror attack and we will do whatever is necessary to help. >> the united states and our
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allies are resolved to find you and bring you to justice. >> ongoing for the driver of the van, consider the most wanted man in europe. >> police may have been involved in a tech and terror attack in a coastal town. they killed several suspects in a town south of barcelona in response. >> they have been trying to inspire these attacks, put it in their magazine. this is directly out of the isis playbook. >> the whirlwind of an open border policy. >> we will see a continuation of the death and destruction brought to our streets if we don't get a grip on these things. >> they didn't have the information, europe is contacting on them. >> we start this hour with a fox news alert breaking now, we just learned at least one more terrorist is on the loose, they are looking for this person. the third arrest is made in connection with that horrific
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attack you saw unfold yesterday in the united states in barcelona. 13 dead, more than 100 injured. >> this is five jihadists wearing fake suicide belts are shot and killed south of barcelona overnight preventing what could have been another bloodbath. >> brand-new details unfolding at this hour. good morning. >> reporter: spanish authorities believe a terrorist cell of eight people involved in both of these attacks, they believe these people were intending to use gas canisters and vehicles in the attack. we saw a dramatic development overnight in the spanish coastal town of cambrils. a second attack involving a vehicle, six injured. those five suspects where wearing suicide vests and later police made those devices safe. all this comes after the attack
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thursday afternoon in central barcelona, scenes of sheer panic when a van drove through crowds, swerving back and forth. police say the driver tried to hit as many people as possible. that driver fled the scene on foot, still on the run. two people have been arrested along with a third this morning, this two people were arrested on suspicion of having been involved in hiring that fan. the london street has reopened under the close watch of spanish police put things back to normal, authorities say there is one more suspect that large. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack on thursday, a series of attacks in european cities, berlin and london. >> thank you very much. if you are waking up trying to figure out what happens it looks like it all started wednesday.
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120 miles away from the city of barcelona which is where the terror attack yesterday was. there was an explosion and they didn't realize until late yesterday that the people inside that particular house that exploded, one was killed and 6 others hurt, was a bomb factory. they had up to 30 canisters filled with butane and propane and it looked as if they were going to use that fan that was used in the terror attack in the streets of barcelona to ram people, they were going to use that fan to deliver these canisters for a wave of terror across spain. >> terror cells with up to eight people, are looking at, they think, for the driver of that fan, this broke before noon yesterday and we thought this was in the barcelona part of spain, las ramblas, a popular part of that town, restaurants
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and shops. this expands beyond that. we are looking at three parts of spain and three activities that have taken place. a much bigger operation than we thought. >> not just a van attack. we will look at a lot of analysis on the van attacks, how they could have been prevented and what we need to think about in the us but this is a three day attack over the course of three days and wasn't just a man. they were considering gas. obviously a serious situation bigger than a van. >> in the last number of hours there was a second attack in another coastal city, coastal city of cambrils. barcelona is on the far east coast of the mediterranean, spain, down the coast, cambrils, 70 miles from barcelona. what we know this morning is
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five terrorists wearing apparently, there are conflicting reports, fake suicide vests, driving in and out he a 3 ramming civilians, that is when police caught up with them and killed them all, 7 people hurt including a number of police officers. the house exploded wednesday and mowing down people in the cambrils district of barcelona and the second 2nd to 2370 miles away where five maybe fake suicide vests were killed by police. >> 13 dead, 100 injured and the big picture, this is just a new era we live in. 2016, we have had similar types of attacks in london, two, one in paris, one in nice, saw cold in berlin, the most recent one in barcelona. just soft targets, getting in a
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car and driving through people and killing innocents. >> we have responded so well to the threats in the skies, other sorts of thrusts so they adapt to something a lot easier for them. less communication, less evidence trail and that is where we are now. >> that is the map of downtown barcelona. that is the las ramblas district, the main center street, people walking down. what is interesting about that neighborhood, my family and i have been there a number of times because barcelona is a cruise ship port where a lot of people from the united states get on a cruise ship and take a cruise around the mediterranean, that particular street, a wide pedestrian mall where you walk down the middle of the street and cars are on the left and right side. it was easy for this particular driver of the white van to simply jump into the pedestrian
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area and zigzag, trying to kill as many people as he possibly could. so far 13 killed. the number could go higher because a number of those people, in critical condition. >> that time of day was 5:00 pm barcelona time, people waking up from there afternoon's, going out and having dinner with their families, a lot of tourists, the middle of summer, that is when they strike. this is not the first time we have seen this happen in the last year and a half. go back and look at these vehicle are attacks, look at this, july 14, 2016, in nice, france, a man driving a truck, barrel down a crowded beach. d719th 2016 in berlin a driver plowed a truck through the christmas market. april 7, 2017, stockholder. a man in a truck steered into a crowd. june 3, 2017, the london attack
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three attackers drove a van into pedestrians on the london bridge, june 19, 2017, the paris attack, a man rent a car into a police van. this morning, what happened in the past two days in barcelona, a van plowing pedestrians at las ramblas, injuring 100. this is the new era we live in, a frightening one, almost impossible to prevent. >> impossible to stop people from driving down the street. the policy am oh of the london bridge attack, this was a white rental van. one of the men they having custody says because his name is on the rental agreement for that van that went down the main street of barcelona, i was here 70 miles away. my brother stole the documents, they are looking for his brother. what was interesting about what
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you should know as you go to work, law enforcement around the world is on heightened alert for something else to happen. in the united states, what about the trains, the subways, unlike air travel you can get on the subway, no one has looked at. same thing for amtrak. a speechwriter for george w. bush had this observation about what the united states could be facing. >> 7 years ago al qaeda and the arabian peninsula published a magazine called inspire in which they published an article the ultimate mowing machine which urged jihadists to use a pickup truck and the mowing machine not to mow grass but to mow down the enemies of allah and laid out in great detail how to carry out these particular attacks. the latest issue came out urging them to carry out attacks on trains in the united states and in europe. they have a list in the magazine of train roots in the united states, the number one target listed here the corridor between washington, new york and dc and
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an 18 page guide how to build a derailment the vice to derail a high-speed train. we have seen the enemy tells us what they are planning to do and we need to take the words of the enemy seriously. vehicular attacks followed this pattern and now this. >> we heard earlier this week al qaeda come out and say this is the next frontier. a response from the administration, vice president mike pence speaking out about what the us response is going to be and talking tough. here is what he had to say. >> the latest attack the worst terror attack on spanish soil since the madrid train bombings shows us that radical islamic terrorism is one of the greatest threats we face. isis has taken credit for this barbaric attack but whoever is responsible should know that the united states of america together with our allies will find and punish those
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responsible and drive the evil of radical islamic terror from the face of the earth. >> an important message we heard from the president and the vice president, we will give our allies everything they need to survive this. think about how important intelligence sharing is. when you look at the last year and a half attacks that hit europe and the new reality we face. >> the cia warned spanish authorities two months ago that particular neighborhood was a target. our central intelligence agency warned the spanish authorities it was a target but what do they do? stop tourists, hundreds of thousands of tourists from going down that street of las ramblas in barcelona? stop all traffic? it is a daunting task. the president and vice president will meet with their national security team later today. the president will be at camp david. >> we will cover this all morning and bring you any
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details, very much a breaking story, who they think the driver of the van is, still on the loose. >> so many things happened overnight. >> that is why we are up one hour early on "fox and friends," it is 5:12 in new york city, 11:12 in spain. we continue to follow breaking news, why do these attacks keep happening in europe? leader of the brexit movement says blame open borders, he joins us live. parodontax, the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey
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>> we are back with a fox news
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alert. you are looking live at barcelona where vigils are set up following yesterday after deadly attack, isis claiming responsibility. >> the attack, just one of many europe has recently endured in the last two years, we mentioned eight in three years, what role does open borders play in the threat of isis and terror? >> for her head of the uk independence party sounding the alarm on islamic extremism in europe joins us now from london to react. heartbreaking to see this vigil taking place in barcelona. so many innocent lives lost which we have seen too off in recent years. how much are open borders to blame? they have a different policy than we do in the us? >> we have a failed immigration policy, total lack of integration of a huge part of the muslim community with the rest of our towns and cities and
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since 2015 anybody that comes across the mediterranean, and in any european country has been allowed to stay and people landing in greece, italy, spain and who they are. once they are inside the european union, as part of this, all boundaries have been abolished, and berlin, a truck plowed into christmas market killing 16 people, that guy went on the run and was able to cross from friends undetected because we don't have borders. frankly the whole thing is madness. what we have got is a european project with a high-minded set of ideals that is endangering the lives of european citizens and there is no sign any of our
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leaders want to change policy. >> that attack in germany last year, they do not know where the driver of that van that plowed through and killed 13 people yesterday, don't know where he is. this rot you to prominence, the progressive movement in great britain. we control our borders. >> normal nations, patrol their , to make sure our workers and wages, would do that.
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to make ourselves safer. so much for what donald trump said he was a candidate, they echoed that. what we found, in the wake of barcelona, a sizable trunk of americans tearing down historical statues whereas islamic terrorism is a threat to all of this. >> turning vehicle didn't is killing machines is the new terror threatened. trend. we will ask a radical former jihadist next. ♪ re both veterans, both served in the navy. i do outrank my husband,
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call or go to xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network, designed to save you money. >> another deadly terror attack in barcelona. 13 dead, 100 injured and the weapon of choice becoming increasingly familiar, a vehicle. why is this method of killing popular among terrorists? what can we do to stop it? >> joining us is former radical jihadist and terror at work, reuben, good to have your perspective on days like today, we are waiting for another attack, something we have seen too often. you were telling us in the commercial break these are all well-trained, expect to see more of this. >> that is right. isis has fight back and beaten back in iraq and syria, you will
2:25 am
see these smalltime attacks. this was a little different. a lot of times we see individuals driving into people but this was a coordinated attempt. then a second attack, five individual shot dead by spanish police wearing suicide belts and there was a house explosion the night before where one individual was killed where they were preparing explosives for an attack. normally what would be one individual running over people in a public space, now we have multiple attacks. >> according to the spanish authorities, 12 people at least were involved in this. the house blowup on wednesday that had their gas canisters, had to go to plan the. that would indicate some sophistication, to try to run down as many people as we could. >> that is a good point.
2:26 am
they have plan a, plan b, this particular scenario, they didn't have plan c. they are learning to adapt from these attacks. eight vehicle attacks in europe, two in paris, two in london and barcelona, one in stockholm. this is what we should be expecting, multiple hits and individuals increasingly sophisticated, no longer just loser teenager driving into people but groups of adult men. >> the question becomes how do we prevent this? is it only intelligence we set up barriers around every area where there is a large number of people at any one given time? >> the latter option is not about barriers everywhere but visible barriers to deter
2:27 am
potential attackers and other barriers or mechanisms which are not being advertised, could be undercover police, security cameras, a number of options available but it will require a change in security protocol. they look for unprotected areas, they look for places large groups of people especially tourists, tonight you have multinational victims, media organizations from different countries cover the issue. they will get the attention they crave. >> you have an interesting perspective. as one point you where radicalized. help us understand, people are not born radicalized islamic terrorists. we are seeing this pop up more and more, how is this happening? how are people be becoming radicalized, how often do they go to a place like europe and become radicalized? >> the process of
2:28 am
radicalization, the same process whatever you are dealing with, white nationalists, brown muslim supremacists, the same human process. whether it is individuals, terrorism is something that is learned, that kind of hatred is learned. it can be learned in countries, it can be learned coming out of country and arriving on shores for that radicalized process. every process is different for individuals depending where they are coming from, what their ethnic backgrounds might be. out gery and colonial experience in france in morocco the same thing. in france and spain there are larger pockets of these attacks happening. there are ongoing wars in the middle east. the longer they are taking place the more we will see this kind
2:29 am
of thing. >> with the internet you don't need to have direct contact with isis. you can look at all online and radicalize yourself that way. i think we lost him. we thank him very much for joining us. >> amazing perspective you can't get unless you talk to someone involved in this. >> three arrests but the driver of that van in the barcelona attack may be on the loose. a massive manhunt underway and we are live on the grounds in ours alone a, that is up next. barcelona. that is up next. thanks for loading, sweetie.
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>> 32 minutes after the
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>> ongoing in barcelona, thank you so much. over to you. >> fox news alert. what more does law enforcement need to do to prevent attacks like these? former new york city police department officer, new york state assembly member and marine corps veteran.
2:36 am
and us intel officer, thank you for joining us. this is a bigger deal than we thought it was. looks like it all started with that house exploding wednesday night, filled with gas canisters, they wanted to use the van, mowing down people in barcelona to distribute the canisters in a number of places. >> that was a shockingly complex planned attack. multiple types of attacks involved in this operation. at least nine people actively involved. what is most shocking is spanish intelligence, despite dozens of people wrapped up in this operation had no indication and nobody knew family members or police officers. >> according to news sources in spain, the cia warned spanish
2:37 am
authorities that neighborhood in downtown barcelona was a target, hard to stop people from walking. >> that is a big tourist spot at the height of the tourist season. >> federal, state and local authorities, because so many of these attacks are by people who have been on the radar but not enough to arrest at some point so what they have done in this area in new york, gone back and looked at these cases and said did we miss anything? anything develop on these cases and to make sure people were not on the radar and about to commit a terror attack that should be the model nationwide. >> the guy who wound up going into spanish authorities yesterday and turned himself in they are looking for me because they say i rented the truck, somebody stole my drivers license and i think it was my brother. you worked here in new york
2:38 am
city, you know it is a terrorist attack, how easy that was to fly under the radar, people are worried about getting run over in times square, the subways we are sitting on right here. >> we talk about fortifications in the homeland, a level of omnipresence. we think officers would have heavy weapons but the real piece is elicitation of intel from citizens. law enforcement is less than 1% of the population but we have a larger piece of population, it goes to not just see something but say something, often times, members of the caliphate's are very bad people, the majority of people surrounding them, members of the islamic state, are good
2:39 am
people, a member of communication between the community and police officers, to get information to people who can help us. >> if you see something say something. it is jihadist terrorism as well. this is one of those instances, this is a case where they did not have direct contact with isis -- >> even if isis disappears tomorrow, in syria and iraq, no reason people can't continue to do these attacks. they don't need directions, this is individual citizen and as ye
2:40 am
the headlines. >> a couple other headlines, donald trump doubling down on his belief the confederate statues should not be torn down tweeting, quote, sad to see history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments come you can't change history but you can learn from it, robert e lee, stonewall jackson, who's next, washington, jefferson, so foolish. leaving the jefferson memorial tarred and feathered in arizona and in chicago and abraham lincoln bust is set on fire. to daytrippers who lost their lives in a helicopter crash in charlottesville right will be laid to rest, funerals for
2:41 am
lieutenant helen and trooper pilot burke and bates are set for this morning, they were killed, monitoring the file and clash between protesters. the navy punishing leadership on the uss fitzgerald following a deadly collision off the coast of japan. the commanding executive and senior enlisted officers relieved of their responsibilities. furious mistake leading to the june collision, 7 sailors were killed. >> what was it like when tara came speeding through the heart of barcelona? a man was standing feet from that van and has an incredible story. ♪ if a denture were to be
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>> 13 dead, 100 injured during a terror attack in barcelona, spain yesterday afternoon. >> plowing through civilians. our next guest says that van stopped ten feet away from them. >> joining us from barcelona and eyewitness to the attack. thank goodness you are okay. describe what you saw. >> finally home from a friend's shop, a quarter of the way down, listening to my music and doing that four times a day and i got halfway down the strip and start
2:46 am
hearing noises to my left and within seconds it turned to screams and i still thought it was my music. the screaming and everything. i was still traveling down the street and he van was effectively behind me. had my back to it and it came to a stop. i didn't stop, i kept traveling. so i hear it going next to me, then see everyone in front of me running away looking terrified. everyone starts screaming, thousands of people start screaming. i catch out of the corner of my eye coming to a stop, keep traveling down the street, another couple of seconds or so and do the same as everyone
2:47 am
else. >> did you see the van strike anybody? >> no. i heard it. i didn't actually see it hitting anyone. i was effectively oblivious. it was happening behind me until it was so close and put him out of the corner of my eye. >> luckily you went into an upper house for safety when realized something frightening was going on. was there a sense this type of attack could happen in that area? the cia has warned officials in spain that this could happen but you lived there on the grounds. was there any concern, any fear that this could happen where you are? >> it has run through most of the minds here in london and
2:48 am
france, the attack became repetitive, they did the same thing a few times. after it happened everyone trying to sort quickly that it was another attack purely because it was so similar to the others. i definitely felt people probably -- i have spoken to my friends before. all it takes is one car to pop the curb and you can drive the whole way down and that is what happened. >> you talk about las ramblas, people are out with their families. >> what is it like this morning? coming up on 12:00 in barcelona, what is it like? i just read online your friend shops, some of them are starting to open. >> i have been up since 6:00 this
2:49 am
because they couldn't cross. so this morning when i went down to talk to some people and realized the whole thing was open again, loads of people walking down like yesterday, everyone out and about and going on with their daily lives again. >> we are glad you are safe and our heart goes out to everyone, those that lost their lives, a heartbreaking day that will never be forgotten. next isis claiming responsibility for that attack but our next guest says the warning signs for something like
2:50 am
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>> back with a fox news alert police in spain killing 5 people in that suspected second terror attack. what we saw in barcelona is tied to other incidents. what do we know? is it the work of a major terror qq i always appreciate getting your take on horrible days like this and it seems the big
2:54 am
takeaways this morning is what was originally thought to be a driver behind this is a terror cell, looking at eight suspect involved in this. >> they are connected to a bunch of other people and my argument is we are not looking at this correctly. it is framed as terrorism, islamist insurgency, and the hard line that says secular democracy, man-made rules is evil and offensive to god. i signed up for an online jihadi school and was taught what they were teaching people, don't always think of carrying out an attack, build the infrastructure, set up a mosque, spread and build as many recruits and you are seeing the
2:55 am
fruition of that. >> what do you know about that part of the world, spain, when it comes to terror cells? >> going back to 2011 report in the european press based on spanish intelligence reports warning a serious problem, one report said they had 100 in spain alone with radically moms and word usage in those reports was parallel society, they were building a parallel society here so what happens with foreign financing our so-called allies like saudi arabia, tens of millions of dollars, have the leadership of the muslim community and drive extremists. >> so scary in the reality we live in, 5 were wearing fake suicide vests. what does that tell you? >> they want to die in jihadi with their objective was not just to kill other people but to cleanse themselves of sin. when you look at the wiretaps usually it is an idea that we
2:56 am
have done a lot of seminars and god will never accept us into paradise except if we do one thing, dying in jihadi. if you put on a suicide vest you will get shots in the head, then you don't have to worry about your see income you got accepted into paradise. >> in a place like spain? >> according to the intelligence report very often and you are seeing two forms of radicalization, in some cases large mobs, saudis will give $30 million and then smaller ones that are impossible to detect in someone's garage. >> they are well-trained to know what they are doing and how to be secretive. thank you for being here, great perspective. we will continue to follow the breaking news, more on the attacks in barcelona with jillian turner, mike huckabee and former cia interrogator james mitchell, they are ahead, stick with us.
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