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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 18, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> bill: this weekend, check it out, i will anchor "fox news sunday" for chris wallace. we will see you sunday for all of that. shanna, have an awesome weekend. >> shannon: will be tuned in on sunday. "happening now" happens right now. >> jon: terror strike spain as two attacks in the last 44 hours have left at least 14 people dead and we just learned one of them is an american citizen. more than 100 other people injured, good morning to you this friday. i am jon scott. >> heather: i am heather childers. they are resting a fourth suspect is the manhunt intensifies to the driver of a van who mowed down as many innocent people as he could on a busy barcelona promenade. 14 people killed, as jon just mentioned, and seven teen others
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injured. isis claim responsibility for attack and the spanish now believe that the attacks are plan some time ago. president trump -- >> >> isis has taken credit for this barbaric attack, but anyone response will should know that the united states of america, together with our allies will find and punish those responsible and drive the evil of radical islamic terror from the face of the earth. >> jon: hours later and 80 miles away from barcelona, terrorists used a car to stage an attack in the seaside town of cambrils, one person was killed, at least five hours hurt, the police shot and killed five suspects wearing fake bomb belts. these attacks unnerving the nation. >> i heard this crashing noise, i heard screams. i turned around and looked. i was expecting like an avalanche. hundreds of people started to run.
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>> getting down the street with my headphones in, i wasn't really aware of what was going on. it wasn't until the van started to come to this area just behind me that it was striking people and hit the kiosk that i then heard it was right next me. >> shots were fired. he then fell down, and then within two seconds, he stood back up. he then stepped over the fence, charge the police again, and then the police took some more shots and he fell down again. >> jon: live with us from barcelona, connor. >> the promenade here at las rambas is back open and full once again of taurus and locals here who are walking up and down this famous trip here. it is a very different theme that it was yesterday, a much more subdued theme. strength to more memorials pop
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up all the over the place. even little toys for children. this is what we are seeing all up and down the promenade, 13 people were killed here come up more than hundred people -- spanish authorities are beginning to tell more about the attackers that launch the two twin attacks here in the last 24 hours or so. they have arrested four people in connection to both attacks. they've killed five. "the five" attackers in that southern seaport of cambrils. they are still searching for the man who is believed to be responsible for the carnage along the promenade here. according to authorities, moussa oukabir is wanted is the driver of the attack here. this is what witnesses say they saw and heard after his car started raining civilians on this famous stretch of rope your >> he was driving through the crowd and killed people.
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people are so sweet injured possibly dead. a woman on the left and emergency services were tremendous within such seconds they had the place and locked out, hundreds of police officers, aren't police, ambulances. a goat there are more than 30 countries that have other people who are injured or heard here. he said just recently there is just one american that is killed here. there could be more. we are waiting on more official work in the secretary of state, rex tillerson. we know it can from the at least one american was killed here, and the list of countries is just incredible. everything from pakistan to some of the scandinavian and british countries. it's a really big list. it shows you how two diverse this entire area is for taurus and what a popular place is is. this came at the height of the tourist season, not only across
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europe but particularly here in barcelona. authorities are still searching for this one man, moussa oukabir. they don't know where he is. he's been on the run now for about 24 hours. they have arrested his older brother and connection to this attack, he is one of the four people. right now, the primary focus of people here in las rambas begin to grieve and mourn, spanish authorities are trying to find this attacker. >> jon: with that list of victims from so many different countries, this is an attack that really touches all corners of the globe. conor powell, thank you. >> heather: on that front, spanish prime minister calling the threat of a global battle. your main problem after the attack to this country. as british prime minister theresa may said that it would take a collective effort to defeat the terror threat facing us all. >> we must work together if we are confronted to confront thef terrorism and also to confront
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the extremist ideology which drives it. read the internet a poisonous material and ensuring our security services has the power that they need. terrorism is the great threat that we all face, but together, we will defeat it. >> heather: joined me now is paul bonicelli, he's a former state public official and foreign policy advisor for george w. bush and also director of a program and education for the action institute. and robin simcox, he's a tear in national security analyst at the heritage foundation, margaret thatcher center for freedom. thank you both for joining us. in conor powell's report are just there, he heard them discussing more than 30 countries impacted by this terror attack. the importance of global effort to get behind stopping it. paul, what we need to do? >> we need to do what we are not doing and theresa may is right.
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that is to treat this as a generational war, internal to our society, are people who hate our freedom, the hate that we live differently than we do, they take advantage of our freedom, they take advantage of the way we live, they go to the lowest level side of life which of people walking around in public places and a stamp and they shoot and they drive cars into them. the only way to do it that is human intelligence. there's only what to do it that is to find out on the ground, the way the israelis do this, and it went it that has caused them the free life they want to live. we don't want to change who we are. >> heather: robin, at this point, this appears to be, what i would say, a fairly large itself. we have five of the suspects dead. we have a mother four currently under arrest or being held. and then one more, a similarly dead the driver of the car, still on the loose and being searched for. is there a specific reason that you believe they were perhaps
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targeted this time? >> veins been attacked before. i remember in madrid in march march 2004, the infamous terrorist attack that your pad in madrid. in the train bombings there. i think you have to say that is not -- not reason that it spain it's not spanish before that or the u.k. or germany or belgium or any of the plethora of european countries that have been targeted in recent years. it's because the polls were previously referring to is there a ideology that was to impose itself upon europe, and that means essentially any country is one that they would be willing to target. >> heather: we are taking a look at life pictures there from the scene of the attack where people are gathered around makeshift memorials, this team becoming all too familiar as these terror attacks continue to spread across the globe. paul, as we concentrate on limiting the caliphate or
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destroying the caliphate of isis in syria, does that mean that there will be an increase in attacks like this? >> absolutely. one of the things that european should be ready for it i trust our government is ready for, is as ice as loose as the caliphate, as it was his territory, they had you have reasons to expire people to join it. in one of the ways you do that is to take the losers of society and connected to people, recruit them, inspire them, and send them out to do these acts that they do. we should have been ready for that in europe. i hope they are getting more ready for it because it will continue. isis will not go away because we take the caliphate away from them. they did not have a caliphate before. >> heather: and robert, finally believe that the european government needs to take a more aggressive approach? >> absolutely. they haven't taken this issue as seriously as it needed to be. ultimately, also, it's a problem of scale.
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they take this threat very seriously that has suffered from terrorism in the past, it's from 23,000 suspects are the radar as a country that's just not able to monitor the amount of people. that means further attacks will take place. >> heather: how you monitor the internet, paul, no one's come up with an answer for that yet. >> that's exactly right. robin's right. we keep hearing that people that are being caught now we are already on the radar. that begs the question, what we doing about that? is going to be a bigger crackdown peered with the internet, the internet is an important element of free society, but there must be some way to find people that are plotting, because they're already breaking the law if they are conspiring. >> heather: thank you both for joining us. i appreciate it. >> jon: now this fox news alert, police and finland have shot and wounded a man suspected in a stabbing spree there.
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the attack unfolding in the coastal city of -- one report said 64 injured in police are looking out for more suspects. it's not clear whether there's any connection to terrorism. we will bring you updates on this from finland as we go. >> heather: president trump reacting quickly on twitter to the terror attack and promising american support. but another tweet after that one is gaining some criticism. plus, a leading republican senator is planning the president's response to charlottesville. debbie wasserman schultz is in trouble. more on that charges she's facing. >> why weren't alarm bells answered earlier? e with carbste. help minimize blood sugar spikes... can really feel it. now with 30% less carbs and sugars. glucerna.
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>> heather: right now, we have some new information on some crime stories that we are following. david jasper is charged with shooting and killing 18-year-old bianca robertson in a road rage incident in pennsylvania this
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past june. and now jasper has waived the preliminary hearing needs a case will go to trial. also in pennsylvania, 38-year-old high school teacher is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student. she is charged with eight felonies, including three counts of institutional sexual assault. authorities say she used a prepaid phone card to try and cover up her attacks. authorities are searching for this 15-year-old girl in montana, who has been missing for two days. now the sheriff's office has issued endangered person advisory from maryland tickets was lasting a 24-year-old jackson wilde. >> jon: president trump quickly reacted to the terror attack in barcelona, sending this message of support on twitter. "the united states condemns the terror attack in barcelona, spain, and will do whatever is necessary to help. be tough and strong, we love yo you. "is getting a lot of criticism.
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study what general pershing of the united states did to terrace when caught. there was no more radical islamic terror for 35 years." supposedly, general pershing, who had rounded out a group of 50 islamic terrorists in the philippines, the legend goes that he dipped bullets in pigs blood, executed 49 of the 50, and sent the other one home to tell the story. the problem is that there is no proof that story actually happen. >> that's right. that's a version of that donald trump used and once as a candidate as the election cycle. there's other variations of that theme and different names attached to it in different ways it was played out. the message behind it, even though the facts are not there to support it that actually happen, none that i've seen anyway, the message behind it is something to the effective you have to attack brutality with
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brutality. that's the message that many members of his own party are concerned about. >> jon: what kind of blowback is the president getting within his own party after sending that out? >> there been a number of republicans that we've heard from that feel like that is too far. that if that's the intention of the tweet that we should act in that way, that is not the standard by which america conducts itself in war. that's the in the reaction i've heard most. >> jon: after what's happened in charlottesville over the weekend, president sending out tweets and reactions to them, he doesn't need another round of angst, i guess, over his tweets. >> there's definitely a ripped building within the republican party in terms of how to work with donald trump in light of his reactions here. we've seen both here in the barcelona reaction and, an appropriate presidential response, followed by something don't really understand what the point was.
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same thing we saw in charlottesville, where he hesitated to call out and decry white supremacist, and then he did denounce them, and then he came back and sort of put a little bit of blame to be had on both sides. that cause people to be very uncomfortable with the messaging. >> jon: a number of republican leaders, senator lindsey graham, senator bob corker, have all been quite vocal in their criticism of the president from their own party. >> that's right. they are looking for a higher level of moral leadership, something this unifying the members of the party and america can all get behind. they are not feeling and the president, in turn, when he feels attack attacked back. it's a little bit of a war going on within the g.o.p. between members of congress and leadership and the president. >> jon: as you will know, this president went to washington as an outsider, somebody committed to "drain the swamp." and certainly training to wait washington methods are being
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interpreted by those who are already there. >> i think there is no question that he still sees himself that way, and that he is acting in that way. he is looking to his base and trying to make sure that he's making good on the expectations. i don't think he showing any level of concern about what those leadership in congress but might think that way. >> jon: the previous administration did not take -- at least vocally, did not take the stuff a stand on terrorism. there are people in america who want their president to be tough. >> that's one of the reasons many people elected him. we've seen today in a series of tweets as well where he was speaking to the american people. i've got your back. our borders are more secure than ever. we are going to take care of this. a meeting today on national security. he also made the point is that democrats have to stop obstructing him, the courts have to stop obstructing him. he wants to keep america safe. that's a message many in america want to hear. we want the message that
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americans aren't hearing about this week our infrastructure. it was was to be infrastructure week at the white house. were not really hearing about that. >> important on that track, tax reform as well, that all god's assumed by press release on infrastructure and when the president walked back a little bit from his denouncing of the white supremacist anti-brought up this idea of blame to be on both sides. to change the narrative and took it off track off infrastructure. through and we will see what next week brings. glenn hall. >> heather: the u.s. military aircraft goes down in the specific after a training exercise off the coast of hawaii. similar crashes and military aircraft are on the rise. thus, a fire in the land down under property evacuation. it's inching closer and closer to heavily populated areas. >> there is significant smoke from this incident.
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change the way you wifi. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> jon: authorities in australia are urging residents to evacuate, as a raging wildfire burns out of control in queensland. police declaring an emergency as 25 crews battled that blaze, strong winds fearing that it could spread to nearby properties. so far no reports of injuries or damage to the cause of the fire still under investigation. >> heather: troubling trend for u.s. military aircraft showing thick crashes are on the rise. an army black hawk helicopter just went out in the waters of hawaii this week, as "the five" crewmembers are still missing. that incident raising some new questions about the strain on military aviation brought on by years of budget cuts. congressman matt former expressing the importance of maintenance to keep it in good
8:25 am
conditions. >> is just like us, if we don't keep up with the routine maintenance on our car, when you do need to get it fix it takes longer and it cost more. >> heather: national security correspondent, jennifer griffin, his life from the pentagon with more on this. >> just last night, we got word about another mishap, they showed signs of decompression sickness on being a marine cargo plane. severally as you mention, the coast guard is still searching for five -- as i crashed off the water's tooth a routine site. they are again being raised about the safety of u.s. military aircraft. after an increase in high-profile crashes. late last week, the u.s. marine corps grounded its entire fleet of aircraft, some 850 jets, helicopters, and ospreys after two deadly crashes in the
8:26 am
last two weeks killed 18 marines and a sailor. so for this year there been 14 noncombat aviation crashes involved in u.s. military and aircraft, 40% higher from this point a year ago. the uptick in crashes has a chairman of the house armed services concerned. >> we got a lot of ground to make up for the good of the nation and for the good of the men and women who are risking their lives. >> just last month in the first of against isis, the u.s. navy was forced to ground an entire s18 fighter squadron after two pilot suffered from decompression sickness due to a long-standing and addressed problem cabin pressure. >> we are working these airplanes beyond their desired life. when they do have to go in for maintenance, they say they are longer because there's more problems to fix. >> the military has argued that the problems facing aviation units were limited to trainers back home, not with deployed forces, but there is increasing
8:27 am
evidence that the problem has now spread and is now affecting those deployed overseas. over the weekend, and as a teen super hornet crash landed in bahrain after taking off from the u.s. >> heather: and his an increasf 47 is not acceptable. jennifer, thank you. >> jon: drying criticism of president trump over his response of the deadly violence in charlottesville, as another type of public and comes forward to condemn the president's remarks. the mother of a young woman was killed think the time for apology is over. >> absolutely. you can't watch this one away by shaking my hand and saying i'm sorry. >> is or something though that you could forgive him for that?
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>> heather: welcome back to fox news. we are waiting for an update from the mayor of charlottesville regarding the city statue of robert e lee. the confederate monument was at the center of last weekend's white supremacist rally that resulted in the death of a 32-year-old woman. president trump has come under fire for blaming "both sides" for the violence. president pence defended the remarks. >> what happened in charlottesville was a tragedy. the president has been clear on this tragedy and so have i. we are also praying. that in america, we will not allow the few to divide the many.
8:32 am
>> heather: reporting live for for us from charles will from the latest. >> it appears the mayor here in charlottesville is developing a case of stage fright. remember, this is the same mayor who went on national television 24 hours after the violence here and blamed president trump for it, but he's now canceled the press conference and tweeted "fyi, the reason for change is we decided a statement rather than a president with the best medium for the ideas that he wanted to convey." the mayor had promised a press conference to address the statue. also, he was going to talk about heather heye's memory and also how to prevent violence at future events. he is also likely to face some very, very tough questions about allegations as police were essentially ordered to stand back and allow the violence to happen rather than come in and protect these hate groups who were organized around the robert
8:33 am
e lee statue. statues being here in charlottesville in what was robert e lee park for a little less than 100 years, there was a decision by the city council to rename this emancipation park and also they voted to remove the statute and there is a coates two court fight that they had to stick around for a while and now we are waiting to see what the mayor has to say about how things play out from here, regarding the statue. another thing that the mayor was expected to get questioned about today was something very poignant here and charlottesville, this is the home to university of virginia, a place where thomas jefferson is revered. president trump this week has brought up the question, if you're going to remove statues of robert e lee and other confederate generals, you also have to remove statues of thomas jefferson and george washington, men who were both slaveholders, something that the mayor here would face questions about. certainly now we have to wait to see if his paper statement is the best medium for answering those questions as well or whether those questions will
8:34 am
still exist after he canceled this press conference here. >> heather: hopefully he will reschedule. thank you. >> this there's blame on both . if you look at both sides, i think there's blame on both sides. i have no doubt about it, and you don't have any doubt about it either. and if you report it inaccurately, he would say it. >> the president has not yet been able to demonstrate the ability door some of the confidence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful. >> jon: tennessee senator bob corker responding to the president. giving a blunt assessment to the respondent two response in charlottesville. let's bring in our panel on thi this. deneen borelli, fox news contributor.
8:35 am
doug schoen, former advisor to bill clinton. evan siegfried is a republican strategist and the author of g.o.p. gps. doug, let's start with you. he wrote an interesting piece on obviously you're a democrat. you suggested that president trump has missed an opportunity. >> absolutely. the real issue is not assessing blame but bringing the country together. i suggested an oval office addressed by the president where he goes beyond his remarks and seeks to address the need to hill, to come together, and most importantly, address the substantial agenda, tax reform, infrastructure, and most of all health care reform. we had to test this. we are all americans whether i'm a democrat about whether deneen and evan are different parties, it doesn't matter. we have common interests, common
8:36 am
concerns. >> jon: deneen, what do you think about that? i was in tears after ronald reagan address the challenger explosion. george w. bush after the 9/11 attacks. presidential address to do an awful lot to put the governmenty back together. >> i believe this president should do everything he can to unify our country. he's going to need backup in order to do so. unfortunately, he of critics the left and the right what they need to criticize the president of what he says or what he does appear to are you one of them? are you among them? do have criticisms of the way the president has handled it. >> i agree with his initial statement on saturday where he condemned all hate and he condemned all violence and all bigotry. he is getting hit from both sides, whether it's john mccain, john kasich, or democrats like maxine waters who outrageously tweeted that the white house is now the white supremacist house.
8:37 am
how can we unify our country when we have leaders who are making these kind of outrageous statements? >> jon: what about it? it's a difficult situation for a president, for any president, to handle. what do you make the way of the way he's handled it? >> i understand the criticism from saturday and i don't necessarily agree with it. who does have the m.o. of going out and causing violence, but it was tuesday that really ripped open a gaping wound. where he said some of the people on both sides had very fine people. to all of us, we saw white supremacist coming out for a rally. they say it was about a statue, all of their flyers advertising them coming out didn't make a single reference to it. it was united at right. it was saying that it was a neo-nazi gathering essentially. when the president says they basically imply that they are very fine neo-nazis and white supremacist, that's painful. i think when the president did
8:38 am
that, that really resonated among republicans, that's why bob corker came out and said there something wrong. tim scott, the only african-american senator for the republicans, he's talking about the republicans have not shown more leadership. we are a nation that needs to show them. >> jon: you had some thoughts in that column about saluting or embracing neo-nazis. >> let me be very clear, i want to come together. but i agree and associate myself completely with my friend evan siegfried's comments about neo-nazis, about the press conference. the idea of unite the right, i'm jewish, i'm compassionate for all victims of white supremacy with all my being. the reason i wrote the column was to try to take the next step and heal, which we have to do. i don't, in any way, want to taper it over. i really would applaud one of
8:39 am
our chairman's, james murdoch, for what he said and done. i think it's important to acknowledge when the business leaders both here and more generally who are coming together and supporting the anti-defamation league. i'm proud of fox and what we have done. >> jon: and one of the tragedies here in charlottesville is not always going to be remembered at least in the near term, the coming years perhaps, as the site of this horrific event, when it's a very peaceful and beautiful cit city. home to thomas jefferson, who did so much for this country. >> the citizens need to rally together and push back on what happened there, the hate, the violence, and there was unnecessary nonsense that happened. i think it's very important for all americans to come together, the whole world is watching and watching horrific terrorist attacks that just happened. there watching as being divided on an issue that happened in charlottesville and other issues.
8:40 am
we need to come together. >> jon: evan, we just heard hymns essentially say that's not what the few divide the many. that's another point here. these people weren't from charlottesville to cause so much of the trouble. they came in from all over. but relatively few in number. >> they came from all over the country because they want to use as an opportunity to heighten their platform. they knew there was going to be a visceral reaction from the left, and they knew that we would be covering it. we did not anticipate the level of violence. there is some explaining to do why the police didn't interfere on the onset. i think in order to help heal the nation, the president needs to meet with members of the african-american community and the jewish community who are not -- who have not's supported him in the past. people who will have tough, conversations with him. he needs to talk about how his morals and his feelings and own
8:41 am
emotions haven't been impacted by this. if we can do that, i think will be a better off nation. >> jon: a couple of suggestions from each of you as to what the president should do. >> absolutely should do the oval office asap to begin the healing process. evan is right that the president should meet with those who are opposed and reiterated his opposition to white supremacy and to nazism in no uncertain terms. all good things, all important. >> i think anyone who was trying to equate the president to his just off the rails. it makes no sense. i think the president does need to unify our country. he's going to need the support of those who continue to criticize him. >> jon: good talk, thank you. >> heather: we have another fox news alert for you at this hour. one person was killed and one person was injured in a stabbing
8:42 am
attack in the german city today. that's according to police and this is in germany that we are talking about now. the police are still searching for one or more suspects related to the stabbings. no new information has been released other than the possible motive of the attack and will bring it to you as we get more. as we continue that. we also follow this former staffer from congressman debbie wasserman schultz is in deep trouble, indicted on four felony counts including bank fraud and making false statements. what authority say he did in the prices he could pay come up next. plus, they were the top officer before the uss fitzgerald. after the fatal crash two months ago, their careers can now be over.
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>> heather: welcome back. top officers from the uss fitzgerald relieved of duty, two months after the fatal
8:46 am
collision with a cargo ship off the coast of japan. do you remember? seven americans died, u.s. naval officials now say that two officers were sleeping during the crash. another officers who were supposed to be on the bridge wasn't. officials also say some serious mistakes were made by crewmembers. the investigation into the collision is still ongoing. jon. >> jon: a former i.t. staffer congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz now indicted by a grand jury. imran awan faces four charges including bank fraud and unlawful monetary transactions involving money authority say he
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