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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 20, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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is my world. reporter: welcome to justice. i'm lisa booth filling in tonight for judge jeanine pirro. thousands protest the con there are free speech rally in boston. a second police officer has died in florida one day after his col seeing was killed while out on patrol. joining knee now with reaction to all the breaking news, plus the latest big shakeup in the white house, republican congressman lee zelldon. i want to get your thoughts. steve bannon did an interview
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with "the weekly standard." i want to get your thoughts on it. the trump presidency that we fought for and won is over. we still have a huge movement and we'll make something of this trump presidency. but that presidency is over. what's next in this bannonless chapter for president trump? >> steve bannon can play an important roll getting the priorities that the president was fighting for that need to be done for the american people. steve bannon was someone, i spent time with him. passion nal natalie talking about come batting the bds movement. he's pro israel. he talks about how we could be going in a better direction the nuclear deal. even though he's moving on, he can play an important role
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talking about those issues. within the white house, you need to have the best possible effort on all parts led by a four-star marine general to be able to deliver not just for a president, but more importantly for the american people. i don't believe the trump presidency is over by a long-shot. signing dozen of bills, keeping americans safe from attack, an economy that's growing, and he will keep on racking up big wins. for those who want to say he hasn't accomplished anything, they are dead wrong and the president will prove them wrong day after day with the weeks that are ahead. lisa: you talk about the things steve bannon had as priorities.
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>> no, steve bannon happens to be someone whose priorities were president trump's priorities. he's not going to stop fighting for a better path forward on negotiating trade deals with other countries. trade deals best for the american economy, american workers most of importantly. i believe because there was so much symmetry on their priorities of fighting for the american people, priorities that got president trump elected last november that president will keep fighting for it. there are a lot of people who agree with president trump on these priorities. >> switching gears. you have been catching heat for supporting what president obama said in the sense there are different violent sides in charlottesville, virginia. do you worry? there has been universal condemnation for the members of
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the kkk, the white supremacists, that showed up that day. but do you worry the left does not condemn the violent groups throughout the stun tri, not just black lives matter but groups like antifa. >> there is a responsibility for the left to call out all the elements that are extreme on their side and responsible for violence against people, threats of violence against people. a missouri state senator calling for president trump's assassination. those who show up to these protests with violent intentions. kathy griffin, george clooney, snoop dogg, all these people who reenacted killing and harming the president of the united states. the left has a responsibility to
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call that out just like all americans have the responsibility to call out the kkk and nazism. they are filled with evil, bigotry and intolerance. i'm here as a republican willing to condemn any extremist element responsible for all that hate and evil. there is a responsibility on the part of the left not to be hypocritical, and do the same for those in their party who will talk about harming our police who keep us safe. protesting so many things that are good about what makes america the greatest country in the world. that's incredibly important for them to unite this country, if they are genuinely interested in being united and don't want to just oppose, obstruct, resist this president on anything and everything because they say you can't work with this president because if you work with him you
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will normalize his presidency. i didn't vote for barack obama, but he was my president. they may not have voted for donald trump but he's their president. his success as president of the united states is their success as americans if they get their priorities in order and call out extremists on their side. lisa: developing tonight, police in spain still on the hunt for the driver thursday's terror attack in barcelona. former cia terrorism officer buck sexton and former national security consultant. this attack in spain marks th theth time we have seen a vehicle used in the european nation to cause mass casualties. >> it seems they were actually trying to build what we call
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vehicle born explosive devices. this was a plan b for them. using the vehicles. plan a. is a home made explosive which is a hallmark of the is almostic state's previously inspired or directed terrorist attack in brussels, manchester. so there have been a number of high-profile attacks using this explosive. if you make a mistake it can be your last. that's why the house went up and they decided to go to vehicles instead. it actually could have bench worse than it was. lisa: we know isis has been pushing out prop began to even couraging people to use vehicles for these attacks. the cia has reportedly warned
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spanish officials about an attack like this. do you have any information on that or can you tell our viewers more about that? >> the chatter about there may be poe tngly attacks. spain has been somewhat fortunate in that a terror plot that was thrawrted earlier -- than.but you know, here is the reality we are facing. isis put out a call for people to act where they are. that's very dangerous. we are seeing extremism from people to take these home made devices like cars and ram them into people. this is what's dangerous. what buck is talking about taking this to the next level.
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manage if they were able to take the propane tank and able to take them into a populated tourist area, it would have been far far worse. lisa: i want to ask you more broadly. we see president trump ask for a comprehensive plan from secretary mattis. something jack keane says president obama never did. how do you think president trump is doing in his fight against isis? >> i think we are making tremendous gains on the ground in syria and iraq. what we have to do and haven't done is how do we fight the battle of the ideas. we are not doing enough in countering violent extremes on the net. we are not taking down enough websites and twitter accounts. we have gotten more cooperation than we ever have on social media. but we haven't put together a
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comprehensive strategy to take down these websites and the youtube figures. al-awlaki we took down with a drone attack, his videos are still being used to radicalize youth not just in europe, but even within the united states. we have to do a much better job. lisa: is taking down these websites, is that enough to combat these ideologies? they keep spreading up and share the same ideology. is that enough? >> no, it's not enough. it's something we have been trying to deal "since the post 9/11 era. a dozen or so young men in a large and complex terror cells. but some of the markers you
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would expect for radicalization, some of the social media and electronic signatures you would think you would see is not there. these individuals were very young. they were considered to be well integrated and westernized. they weren't by and large well known to authority as extremists. they weren't being watched because it was thought they returned from training with the islamic state. so counter radicalization in this case may involve a preacher who has been reported. so you will have to try to stop that from happening which is a tall order. up until this point, i think spain and some of these european countries have done a good job disrupting. but when one gets through, you have a mass casualty event. there is a lot of other issues you can bring in. immigration policy is one of them.
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counter radicalization is something we'll continue to struggle with for years and decade. lisa: how big is isis' footprint across the world? >> we can begin to take them down and shrink the ground in north africa. but the global challenge is that we can't shrink their footprint on the internet. we have to find a whether way to shrink the footprint on the internet. the communities on the internet begin to grow rapidly. we have seen a lot of radicalization in prisons across europe. petty criminals go in for minor crimes and come out hardened terrorists. we have to do a better job of working through prisons in europe. we have seen a number of hardened terrorists coming out
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of prisons in europe. lisa: a second privilege killed after a violent night in america against men and women of blue. more rallies and counter protests in the wake of the charlottesville violence. we'll talk about that and so much more with fox news contributor allen west. contributor allen west. don't go trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief.
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i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. lisa: heartbreak in florida as a second police officer is dead in kissimmee after a gunman fired on officers. there were also shootings in pennsylvania. i wish this was under different circumstances. we saw these shootings last night. six police officers shot in florida and pennsylvania. two were killed. four injured. we saw two officers killed in the line of duty last weekend. we are hearing way too many stories about police deaths. >> that's because you are. think about it.
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policing the threat to police officers has grown geometrically. outside of modifications in training. the tools they have are the exact same they had 30-40 year ago. they have a firearm and impact weapon and you drive around in cars. but the threat is far different. you have two things you had but not to the degree we've now. you have the growing threat of soft target terror assaults which was always a threat but has gone exponentially. and you have a police environment where it's seemingly okay amongst some groups but not all to dehumanize police and say things like "pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon." it instills a sense with people who are already angry at police
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officers to assault them and dehumanize them. lisa: you look at 2016. we saw a 56% increase in police officers kid in the line of duty and increase to the tune of 167% in term of ambush killing. how do we change the tools? what tools do our police officers need so we can avoid statistics like we just saw? >> that's a great question. for the fir group, the soft target terror attacks. this is a big threat. police officers being ambushed by terrorist-type groups. you have to be an arson tonight, not a fireman. i use this analogy all the time. being a fireman and trying to solve these problems and break up cells after they attacked the police officer and ambushed someone is not going to work any more. we have to transition to an
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arsonist approach. developing sources in the communities, cultivating those sources. and a lot of police departments are cog that. but we need a marshall plan at the state and local and federal level. if you have good sourcing, you get the terror groups and you break those cells up in advance so we are not putting out the fires after they have ambushed a police officer. we can't let that happen. lisa: how much does the media play into building some of this distrust? we saw a lot of coverage the past couple years. what role does the media have in this? >> they have a significant role. they are supposed to be the arbiters of truth, unfortunately they have become the arbiters of fraudulent narratives.
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bad media does the public a huge disservice. what the bad media does. when they give an intellectual home safe space to groups like black lives matter that have said things, a good swath of them who said things about police officers. it makes it acceptable to be part of that group and there isn't a reason in the community when you hear anything about the police officers and someone associated with a group like that that may intend on doing something violent. there is no reason to call that group out. they are getting positive media covering, mayor they are not so bad -- maybe they are not so bad. and some of them are. and the media has done a huge disservice in not calling them out. they got invited to the white house. lisa: we appreciate your service and you being with us here tonight. in another week of turmoil in
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the white house, president trump dealing with trying to keep this country safe as terror strikes overseas. joining me to talk about all of this, colonel allen west. we talked about this terror attack earlier on in the show. i want to get your thoughts on it. >> one of the things we have to understand is we have to deny sanctuary to the global islamic jihad wherever it is. it's not just reducing that territorial footprint. when you look at the european union and open borders policy that they have. they are able to easily transit back and forth from england to france to brussels and down into spain. the van driver of the vehicular attacks may have crossed the border into france.
12:23 am
or maybe he had collusion with individuals from the country of france. i do agree with the previous guest. we have to win that information operations war and go on offensive against their ideology. lisa: if you were advising the president what would you advise him to reduce that footprint you are talking about? >> you have to look at the different ways you can put pressure on them. you have to follow the money and understand where they are getting their resources and support. when you look at websites out there, you have to start working with social media platforms to start reducing that footprint. but then your guests talked about how we have to get into the prison. you see a radicalization process in the prisons as well as imams and mullahs coming into the united states and they are preaching this hatred.
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lisa: can you expand upon the problem we are seeing with radicalization in prison? >> one of the things you have to understand is this violent islamic jihadism reward these prisoners and people who committed violent crimes for that type of behavior. so when you start to get into that mindset and say you can be rewarded for this violence. when you start to demonize others, that's what you see happening. it's a breeding ground in a lot of the prisons we see across the united states of america as well as across europe and other places. lisa: we have seen a lot of racial tensions in the last week in the wake of what happened in charlottesville, an innocent woman losing her life. there seems to be a narrative that all of this happened under president trump. but if you look at gallup and
12:25 am
polling they have shown we have seen a spike throughout the duration in the past three years. why have we seen this continued increase in racial tensions in this country? >> i would go back to the current mayor of chicago rahm emanuel who said never let a crisis go to waste. you have this violent group called antifa out there who say they are against fascists, yet you saw them take together streets at the university of berkeley in a vie excellent manner opposing any conservative coming to that university to speak. when you look at the black lives matter movement who say they are against white supremacists. one of the biggest white
12:26 am
supremacists this country has known was margaret sanger and they don't talk about the organization she founded, planned parenthood. and then george soros worked with nazis against his own people in world war ii yet they accept his money to finance their efforts. lisa: i want to ask you, you mentioned antifa, we have seen articles in pun cases across the country. i want to make sure i get this right. it's titled, unmask the antifa movement. do we have the mainstream media normalizing these violent
12:27 am
groups? >> it's also members of the democratic party. black lives matter was invited to the white house. loretta lynch said she stood with the resistance movement. the same with hillary clinton, the former democratic candidate for president. slis beth warn and bernie sanders aren't speaking up against this violent behavior. lisa: we appreciate you being with us and sharing your expertise. our political panel is on deck ready to duke it out over another tumultuous week in the white house. how safe are we? we are talking about it as "justice" r
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lisa: welcome back to "justice" on this busy news night. joining me to battle it out, ned ryun and don callaway. ned, i'm going to start with you and start with steve bannon. i'm sure you read the article and have seen it. a quote steve bannon gave to "the weekly standard." he said the trump presidency we fought for and won is over. what do you think is next for president trump and does it change the dynamics to no longer have steve bannon there? >> of course it changes the dynamics. the thing steve bannon brought to the table was have much the national populist movement and
12:34 am
an emphasis on it. the thing bannon was able to do day in and day out, remind donald trump this your campaign agenda, it was a wing agenda and stay with this agenda. my concern is a lot of the voices in bannon's ears, whether the neocons or establishment maybe haven't bought into that america first agenda. when you have those voices in your ears. i think what bannon might be situation that quote. please stay true to that agenda, we don't want the traditional republican administration. donald trump was an outside the box candidate. he had an outside the box agenda. he has to say true to that because it waltz wing agenda that got him into the white house. lisa: steve bannon not necessarily sharing the same
12:35 am
ideay as other members of the trump administration. do you have concerns about that infighting being taken outside of the white house? >> i texted with bannon this morning and said give me your two cents on this. he said i want people to go steve bannon and breitbart with president trump's back in helping him push his agenda. do i think steve bannon will take shots sat people who don't support that agenda? absolutely. so i stress to people listening. i think began noon has president trump's back in terms of precious that populist message. >> it's hard for us to say. steve bannon doesn't share the politics of the left. but to me and to observers on
12:36 am
the left, it represents the continued fractured nature in the unfettered shift. he doesn't have any support not only on the far left, but in any wing of the democratic party. my question, i didn't text steve bannon the way ned did. but what does this mean for that far trite populist segment? does the president lose them? it's one thing for steve bannon to say he has the president's back. but what does the man and woman on the street who bought into that populist agenda? do they now abandon the president? that makes the president a lot more vulnerable electorally and from a perspective of being able to push a conservative agenda because this support base has
12:37 am
narrowed even further. >> if they can focus on getting healthcare reform done and tax reform done. getting some infrastructure done, and building a wall, i any a lot of his his base will be happy. >> i was with you on the first three. >> if you get those big items passed before 2018, it could be a good year for republicans. his * another issue coming up this week talking will confederate monuments. we have seen minority leader nancy pelosi talk about this. nancy pelosi has glen for 25 years. -- has been there for 25 years. the. where has she been on this issue when she had the opportunity with both bodies of congress and a president in the white house. where was she then on this issue? >> as you know, the leadership of both parties, regardless of
12:38 am
who's in tour moves with the sentiments of the people. the confederate monuments is prescient in the national discussion because of charlottesville and south carolina and the confederate flag. the conversation has risen to the surface and she is in a position to speak on it as the leader of the democratic party. >> it's an issue we should wrestle with. it's good we are having the discussion and we should not shy away from the discussion and talk about what those moistures represent and whether they have a place in representing who we are today. i would be in favor of take it down. but i want a serious and adult discussion without calling each other bad names. his names.
12:39 am
lisa: do you buy this about nancy pelosi? >> if it's so reprehensible today, why wasn't it reprehensible when she was speaker. i find it cynical in her trying to score political points. if we are going to focus on the sins of the past it doesn't allow us to folk fuss on the promise of the future. we have so much potential of a nation. look at economic prosperity that's blind with regards to race and gender. we have the greatest amount of freedom for the greatest amount of people. lisa: we'll leave it there. and you guys can text email other and talk about this after the show. we appreciate that spirited debate. we'll be tal
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lisa: my next guest says everything we see happening in europe can happen here. dr. walid phares joins me now. i want to get your thoughts on terror. your assessment. how can this happen here? can we expect this to happen here? secretary kelly formerly of the dhs said we are facing a terror threat as high as 9/11. >> he said that. and also the leaders of the fbi and law enforcement in the united states said there are investigation in all 50 states. that's a lot of jihadists and potential terrorists. but look at what happened in barcelona and what the europeans
12:45 am
concluded in france and belgium and the u.k. there is a network of jihadi cells in europe. when i exported this idea that it could happen here it's because jihadists on both sides of the atlantic have the same ideology. lisa: i want to talk about that ideology. it doesn't matter whether it's taliban or kid * o -- or al qaer isis. they share the same ideology. how would you advise the government to fight the ideology? >> there is the ideology and the leadership of the groups. how to fight the ideology is to expose it. to expose it, you have to tell the american public and the
12:46 am
international community what is it about? that's something the past 8-10 years leaders in u.s. and europe as well have not been going in that direction. i think after the statement made by the present of spain three days ago, that we are address scene ideology. and second we need to partner with ngos from these communities. they are the first line of defense to detect these terrorists in these communities. lisa: in your assessment, how is president trump and the trump administration doing from the fight against terror and the fight against isis? >> number one, the statements made by the campaign and the administration about the necessity, the need to confront the ideology. the outreach to partners in the region. the president delivered an important speech in riyadh in
12:47 am
front of 50 arab and muslim leaders. they decided to work together to create an international center in riyadh. there were declarations about the vetting systems and other measures to be taken. because of our political tensions the past three months it has been slowed down. i call on the president on one hand and on congressional leaders to come together and find common ways to find this national security doctrine. lisa: you talked about the political tensions that sham stringed the president's ability to fight terror. >> we thought they would be fighting against the ideology but it didn't happen because of the divide. lisa: thank you so much for your
12:48 am
expertise tonight. conservative come hawaii day tord --
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lisa: more protests in boston
12:52 am
after a week of turmoil in the united states. here with us is blaze tv host lawrence jones. i am sure you watched the early coverage of the rally and the counter-protests. what are your thoughts? >> i think we are at a point in this country where we are divided and this protest was another example of why we are so divide. you have people that are passionate on two different side on this confederate flag issue. but way was thankful to hear was for the most of part the protests were peaceful with the exception of a couple groups within the protests who decided to turn things violent and throw things at the police and each other. but this is part of the national conversation we are having across is country. i think it's healthy as long as we remain civil. >> i saw a sign at the event
12:53 am
today and it said which side are you on. we heard the kkk members, white supremacists universally condemned for their beliefs and behavior. are they as divide as many in the media want us to believe? or is there more that unites us than divides us? >> for the most of part americans are unified on what is racism and hateful. i think the majority of us love each other. but i think the media add fuel to the fire because there are some things we disagree with. and race is one of them. not if we are racist and who is racist. but a simple thing such as the confederate flag and how people see the monuments. that's a contentious issue in many community. it's healthy to have those conversations and let
12:54 am
communities decide whether they want to keep the monuments or not. the president didn't do himself any favors pivoting back to his normal talking point during the third press conference. i think the president does have to be that leader in uniting america and i hope he start using a language to do that. lisa: the missouri state senator called for the assassination of the president. and there is also this. there have been magazine covers showing president trump, tying him to the kkk. what are your thoughts on that? >> i don't think any of that rhetoric is helpful to the conversation. you don't threaten the president or anyone. the fact that we had an elected official doing that. the elected official and those in clergy need to take the lead
12:55 am
on this. our political leaders can't sit down and talk civilly without threatening assassination, how are average americans going to do the same thing. that's why the president pushed back on some of the criticism. people are saying the president is racist because of his comments. and i don't think that's fair. i had a lot of criticism for him at the beginning of the week because i didn't think he went hard enough against the neo-nazis and white supremacists, but i wouldn't suggest the president is racist. the senator is like many other politicians. they are not saying the president should be assassinated. but they are ratcheting up the rhetoric on both side of the debate. lisa: we'll be right back. wise man, i'm nervous about things i can't control... affecting my good credit score. i see you've planted an uncertainty tree. chop that thing down.
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...but i've been working double shifts just to pay for books. i've been raising my two little brothers. i'm determined. driven. motivated. isn't that what you're looking for? narrator: look beyond the resume and discover new ways to develop great talent at ♪ ♪ >> sadly, that's it for us tonight. i hope you're sad too. it's been a pleasure being with you. i'm lisa boothe sitting in for judge jeanine. thank you so much for watching, "the greg gutfeld show" is coming up next here on the fox news channel. i'll see you soon. have a great night and a great rest of the weekend. ♪ ♪
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>> i like him, he's a good man. he is not a racist, i can tell you that. he's a good person. he actually gets a very unfair press in that regard. finish but we'll see what happens. greg: i think we saw what happened. [laughter] ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] greg: thank you. my beloved fans. [laughter] all right. another friday, another one bites the dust. trump officials are starting to look like dodgers' fans. everyone leaving early to beat the traffic. [laughter]


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