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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 20, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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back here next sunday, 11 eastern. see you then with the latest buzz. eric: a you are in era in the white house as it begins the first full week without steve bannon. he has left the administration after his turbulent 7-month tenure. we have a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters" for you. i'm eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville. bannon was considered the driving force behind the president's economic populism and america first strategy. now the president is moving on without him starting with a
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campaign-style rally in phoenix. i want to begin with niles standish. good to see you on this sunday morning, afternoon for some. listen, bannon, because of his departure he's more weaponized. who is in his cross-hairs and how can the focus on that political prey affect trump's presidency as well as his relationship with congress? >> i think there are a couple of sectors. one is his internal enemies in the white house like h.r. mcmaster and others who represent the more conventional or other doksd or centrist policies like gary cohn. but steve bannon has been a foe of republican establishment
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types on capitol hill. people like paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. i think there will be a certain nervousness there i if steve bannon really attacks those people. arthel: does the president himself pivot? dose align himself more with gop establishment or remain defiant of d.c. and the old ways of doing business that clogged the political system? >> i think that's the central question. on the one hand there are republicans around this town who are unimpressed with the disorganization as they see it. but was president trump elected as a conventional politician? a lot of people would say the answer to that was no.
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that he was elected to change the way business is done in washington. this an interesting time here. we don't know whether the president will take a more conventional republican position or whether he will try to hold on to that outsider opinion. arthel: you are questioning if the president will be more concerned with his populist base or promoting policies on which he campaigned. but policies for the good of all americans. >> so far during the trump presidency it has been a base first strategy. the president at times has seemed to take a degree of enjoyment from sticking a thumb in the eye of the republican establishment as much as the democratic establishment. now with the ouster of steve bannon, that's the first thumb in the eye for president trump's
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base. does that presage a new stance? we don't know the answer to that. arthel: will the president, will president trump cut off communications with bannon? >> my guess would be no. we have had a lot of other people who have glen the president's orbit dating back to the 2016 campaign who no longer have an official position but are still sought out by the president and have a line to the president to give their advice. i think steve bannon and president trump are basically quite simpatico, even though there have been tensions in internal white house things. their instinks are quite similar. i would suspect bannon will over time still have a line to the
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president. arthel: bannon's ouster and the talk of the white house shakeup is the talk this morning. >> if my friend john kelly or jim mattis came to see and said i am thinking about resigning from this white house, i would say absolutely not, you have to stay. we need people like john kelly, jim mattis, h.r. mcmaster to right the ship. arthel: jeh johnson is talking about john kelly, the chief of staff. >> that viewpoint he just expressed is commonly heard in washington. it's the thought that aides like
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john kelly can basically kill the more eccentric ideas that come from some in president trump's circle. i think many of the people who elected president trump see things in a different way. they fear those people will take the presidency away from its roots. to those who are more critical. steve bannon was the keeper of the flame that was carried during the campaign. they will wirt's clear secretary kelly is clearing the slate. >> he wants to create a white house that operates in a more smooth and unified way. he has reportedly told people he himself doesn't want to be identified with any particular faction. his interest is trying to create
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a more efficient process and one where the president is not blown off course by receiving contradictory or ill-founded advice from many people who at times had walk-in privileges to the oval office. arthel: complications lay ahead for general kelly. you said you think the president is going to remain contact communications with steve bannon. the president will continue to tweet. his base loves it. thanks for being here. for more on the week ahead for president trump. rich edson is live in bedminster near his golf course. can steve bannon still influence the administration from what you are hearing? reporter: the people he fought with on trade and immigration are still in the administration.
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steve bannon promises to go to war for this president. but acknowledges the presidency he fought for and won is over. >> i talked to steve many times. he's going to be an important voice for the president as it relates to leaning into congress. specifically in trying to really get the failure of leadership in the house and senate to stand up and really take a hold of the president's agenda. reporter: white house decision making without steve bannon continues at the white house. general mattis says the president has settled on a process for afghanistan. president trump convened his national security team at camp david friday to decide whether to commit more troops and also whether to employ more security
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contractors. president trump said yesterday many important decisions are made so we have no idea what those decisions are or when he will announce them. arthel: we'll see if those decisions will be revealed this week. rich edson, thank you very much. eric: north korea at it again warning of a merciless strike on the u.s. a day before the u.s. begins its annual military exercises with south korea. north korea said the war games are adding fuel to the fire and could lead to an uncontrollable phase of nuclear war. william lajeunesse is with us. it's just after 2:00 in the morning on monday. reporter: the question is what happens next. the u.s. already said this joint
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exercise with south core reace going to go forward it's happening right now. but in the last few hours north korea said if sparks fly as a result of an incident, no amount of strength could prevent war. should a second korean war erupt, it will only lead to nuclear war. it's an annual drill between the united states and its allies. in the past he has fired missiles into the ocean and laid land mines to protest. last week kim said he would hold off to see how the games went, while the state department said it will let u.n. economic sanctions force him to the table. >> one of the ways we believe we can get kim jong-un to the table to negotiate is by showing him the reper cushions much his
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actions. and we'll increasingly make the situation difficult for him. reporter: new posters are going up in pyongyang showing the u.s. capital in ruins to protest those sanctions. in japan cities are repairing for a possible kim strike on guam. they are testing sirens and evacuation drizzle. since north korean missiles must fly over japan. the fear is they comal function and drop debris. >> i have been concerned every day that something might fall or a missile could fall in an unexpected place. reporter: there is a move favored by russia and china
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called freeze the freeze. kind of a provocative actions they feel is going on. in exchange north korea would stop or freeze its nuclear program. there is actually six members of congress who are in asia and south korea exploring that possibility among others. eric: thank you, arthel? arthel: this is a fox. new developments in spainls terror attacks. spanish authorities locating three rental vans linked to the suspected driver in the barcelona attack. a massive manhunt is under way in eastern spain. authorities identifying three more victims killed in the
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attack including a 7-year-old boy. >> spanish authorities say they dismantled this terror cell network they believe was 12 people who carried out these two attacks, one on the promenade on las ramblas and one at the seaside village of cambrils. four have been arrested, five killed, and three are at large including a 22-year-old who police say was the man who drove the white van down the promenade killing 13 people and rounding more than 100. police finding three vans total linked to this terror group. they think this group was trying to carry out a much large early attack. necessity found more than 100 gas cannisters at one of the locations used by this group. there was a real concern here in
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terms of what the potential attack could have been. it appears the plans could have bench large and more dangerous. police are investigating a house that was owned by an imam who they think was the person who helped radicalize this group of 12 more rack can men whose family and friends say weren't particularly religious and had shown no interest in terrorist activities beforehand. there was a mass at barcelona's historic cathedral. spain's present, the royal family attended. the cardinal who oversaw the mass for the victims praised that the country would unite for peace. pope francis sent a most condolences for the victims and the people of barcelona in
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spain. the real focus is trying to locate the driver of the van. authorities are desperate to find him because of the attack on the promenade. french authorities are also helping at the border to try to increase security to monitor to see if he's trying to escape in that recollection as well. authorities are keeping an eye out locally and across the border in spain. arthel: i'm sure the mass is very special. we see the mourners behind you. we never forget the victims. eric: dozen of people are in hospital after a tractor-trailer included with a bus on an interstate, flipping it on its side. north korea warning us of a merciless strike.
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more bluster from pyongyang. how serious is it as we begin our joint operations with south korea. here is what jim mattis has to say. >> we are transparent in what we are doing to avoid miscalculation. north korea knows this is a fully defensive for whatever they may say for public consumption. they know this is a defensive exercise that's been going on for decades. it's looking up, not down. it's being in motion. boost® high protein it's intelligent nutrition with 15 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. boost® the number one high protein complete nutritional drink.
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arthel: police say dozen have been hospitalized after a tractor-trailer rear ended a bus full of passengers, flipping it on to its side on a pennsylvania interstate early this morning. current and retired nypd officers gathered yesterday to support colin kaepernick, the former 49ers quarterback who refused to stand for the national anthem. the officers organized the event saying he supports kaepernick's
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message. comedian and civil rights activist dr. dick gregory has died. he was 84 years old. eric: north korea warning of a merciless strike. upon yong calling the drizzle reckless behavior driving the situation into an uncontrollable phase of the nuclear war. will they ease the tensions or remind kim jong-un of what his military forces could face? chairman of the gatesstone interest use, dr. john bolton.
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is this bluster? or could these joint drills receive a military response john require's a vital element to them to achieve their long-term goal of getting the u.s. forces off the korean peninsula and taking control of the entire peninsula. people ask why does north korea want nuclear weapons and one frequent answer is to defend themselves against the threat of the united states. the real reason is this would give them an enormous tool for leverage and pressure against south korea. this is defensive. but from the north's perspective it demonstrates u.s. forces are have much committed to the defense of south korea, and that's what they object to.
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eric: does that bolster kim jong-un's regime? he has the bogeyman as rationale to continue his nuclear program. iran * many believe he wouldn't have developed a nuclear regime if it weren't for our hostilities. eric: when you talk about the freeze for freeze. any possibility of this? this is what russia and china want. for to us freeze these military exercises and not conduct them while they allegedly would freeze their nuclear program. you know how good their promises have been in the past. john: the fact is that now we
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have a secretary of state and secretary of defense saying our aim is to negotiate with north korea as if we haven't been doing that for the past 25 years. north korea has repeatedly promised to give up their nuclear weapons program. this i think is what president obama need to focu disis there president trump -- this is what president trump need to focus on. while there is plenty of blame to spread around, history will record it happened during the trump administration if these policies continue. eric: what do you suggest? john: i think there are very few good diplomatic openings left. my view is to get china to
9:25 am
accept reunification of the peninsula. others have proposed a coup against kip jong-un's regime. but will we be content to allow north korea to have any kind of nuclear weapons capability they can sell to iran or other terrorist groups or a capability they can use for nuclear blackmail to remove american forces from the peninsula. eric: a quote, bannon said he might consider a deal in which china got north korea to freeze its nuclear buildup with verifiable inspections and the united states removed its troops from the peninsula, but such a deal seemed remote.
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i don't know what you are talk about, there is no military solution there, they got us. what are the chances of that withdrawal? zero. and there has been no military solution. john: under this administration the chances of withdrawal are zero. imagine wait would be like when it has 0 or 100icbms. i understand the concern about south koreans being put in jeopardy if there is a military option that we take. i tell you what concerns me is mills of dead americans. this regime is not rational in our terms. it's a different iewn ever they are living in. and the circumstances that we face there with iran, potentially with other rogue state or terrorist groups getting nuclear weapons. this is an infleck point. if we can't stop north korea and iran from getting nuclear
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weapons, i think there is no limit to it worldwide. eric: kim jong-un threatened just what you said. arthel: a showdown in the street. protests breaking out across the country as racial tensions continue to simmer. the latest on the demonstrations and the national debate over race still ahead. president trump preparing to visit a marine base and hold a campaign-style rally out west. what can we next this new era without steve bannon? i accept i don't bike as far as i used to.
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ask your doctor about eliquis. ♪ >> the controversy and protest continues this weekend in response to the horrific events in charlottesville. the largest demonstration of course yesterday where there was an dueling rallies in boston. upwards of 40,000 people as you can see on the right and left they flooded the street to
9:32 am
oppose bigotry and racism. others also demonstrations across the south in cities such as dallas and elsewhere. the protest must be peaceful. tensions over the confederate monument and white supremacy or dill simmering. tracking the latest developments , hi, brian. >> 40,000 people did show up to march in boston yesterday, counter protest against haiti, white supremacist. tens of thousands of protesters showed up to counter what was supposed to be a free-speech rally held by conservatives. counter protesters thought the conservative event would be a rallying point for neo-nazis and white supremacists are the organized and showed up in big numbers despite the fact that they were not affiliated at all with neo not these. nonetheless, thousands came out
9:33 am
against a free-speech rally which reportedly only a few dozen showed up for. more than 500 police officers were ready with a buffering zone between both rallies. 33 people were arrested. the police reported that people -- some people were throwing rocks, and bottles at them. all in all, it was a good day. >> 99.9% of the people is to fight the good tree in for the most part. no one got killed and you don't really have a lot. you have no significance at all property damage. >> a more hostile clash between protesters over confederate monuments and 2300 people attended a rally against racism. officers on horseback for standards out of the dallas cemetery where they were clashing over confederate argument there. at one point police had to pull
9:34 am
supporters up a monument over a year for their own protection. >> we are in a war. we are not going to do it again. this is absolutely unacceptable. reporter: in memphis, police made six arrests in a six arrests and six arrests and a router activist demanded the city taken the statue confederate general nathan bedford forrest. activists find the statue and try to pull a banner over the monument. confederate monuments -- i'm sorry, rally also to place in new orleans as well. we will continue to watch this. more protesting in the coming weeks and weekends. >> it will continue. >> erika and brian, mr. trump is due to visit a marine base at the border town of yuma before holding a campaign style rally in phoenix. all this as president trump begins his first full week in office without departed chief white house strategist steve
9:35 am
bannon. rod blakeman is the former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. good to see you. starting here, as you look ahead on your radar, what you want to see? what do you expect to see? >> i want to see the president unite us. certainly more that unites us than divides us. you can't let a fringe of left or right define us or speak for us. the president has a unique opportunity in phoenix to bring it together until the american people we need everybody to help america be great again. we need to fix our immigration system and health care and taxes. we have to create jobs. these are the things the president can inspire us to. it takes everybody to help make america great again. i hope the president reaches across the aisle as well and challenges democrats in the fall to come back to washington to get this done. that's what the american people want.
9:36 am
>> based on what forecasting will certain moves by the president provide? >> you will provide a lot because labor daters assert amount of days left in the legislative season. we have to raise the debt ceiling. we have to create a budget for the following year. we have to tackle the things the president in the election. thomases made have to be promises kept. we have to make sure they are looking towards the legislative season with results. failure is not an option. this is the kind of rallying that the president can do starting on tuesday. tree in three and jobs where they promise of the president. as you all know, he lost the backing of business executives from major companies. can president trump can president trump is a jobs president without their support? >> absolutely. he's arty started. if you look at statistics, theoretically full employment. as long as any american in the
9:37 am
president should never be satisfied. they know how to create jobs in the short term and there's so much more to do. he can do it in i believe even in the business leaders that the advisor committee, they want the best not only from their companies, but the country. >> is certainly a vote of confidence here so i ask you, what other positive attributes that president trump possesses that he can build on from this point on. >> well, he's the rally in chief. he speaks for the country and he can inspire us to do great things, but also right now between now and labor day he has to staff. he has to get good qualified able people to serve not only him as president, but our nation. he needs a great team around him because it takes in order for the president to be successful. arthel: yes or no, does he need to be more of a unifier? >> no doubt.
9:38 am
he can start tuesday in phoenix to rally every american. our challenges are great whether they are domestic or foreign and we need every american on board regardless of their political strikes to help make our country better. >> brad blakeman, good to see you. >> president trump says he has made the decision on the way forward in afghanistan. the details not yet been made public. james mattis says he is pleased with the new u.s. war strategy there. also not giving specifics either as reports have been saying up to 5000 more u.s. troops could be deployed. general mattis attended that meeting on friday with the president and the white house advisers where they discussed and made those decisions on war-torn countries. on board a flight this morning, secretary mattis said the president wants to be the first to share the details of the new plan with the american people.
9:39 am
>> the president had to make strategic decisions. [inaudible] whence he really did come in, different courts -- [inaudible] tree into this weekend, top afghan official said our forces out of the country would be a total failure. the tribe administration as you know has been at odds in recent months on exactly what to do. more on afghanistan, which is now going on for 16 years. arthel: the fight against isis ramping up as the country's prime minister warned the terror group to render or die. we reclaim all the territory from the terrace, plus the people continue mourning victims of a pair of deadly terror attacks has been massive manhunt continues.
9:40 am
authorities say they have made an search for the suspected driver who swerved into pedestrians in barcelona. we have those details for you just ahead. but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again. more!
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don't start humira if you have an infection. just managing your symptoms? ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. arthel: the battle against isis in the middle east region on in iraq in operation to retake the town from the terror group again this morning. the area is one of the last pockets of islamic state territory in the country. his thick drew was declared and also last month. issuing a warning to the terror group to render or die. eric: turning now to the massive manhunt in northeastern spain after authorities today is located three b. is linked to the suspected driver of the deadly barcelona. the new developments come as they are possibly identified with three more victims of that
9:45 am
attack. they were missing, british australian young man julian are among 14 people that are killed or injured. senior policy adviser for national security of the group. this house exploded on wednesday. maybe it was drug dealers or a gas leak. 120 propane tanks in there. the thought is they would've used those propane tanks in those three vans as bombs to explode in the tourist packed barcelona. >> absolutely. this is not some lone wolf fly-by-night kind of organization that tried to do something. unfortunately, you saw a lot of people die in barcelona and again a little bit afterwards. had they been able to pack 100 gas canisters are also using an
9:46 am
extremely volatile explosive. have they been able to deploy back into the casualties that would have been in the hundreds. as much as the tragedy in barcelona occurred, it could've been much, much higher. the fact that they blew up their own apartment is a lucky win for the good guys. eric: i tell you it's not apparently a lone wolf. the relatives of these young man and other teenagers say they were brainwashed or there was a traveling guymon, somebody came through. so far 37 enemy they say any of the suspects actually traveled to isis controlled iraq for training. it was carried out right under the nose of the spanish police. >> that is actually a great question. it seems that these terrorist organizations in specific individuals have great operational security. not only do they speak spanish, they also spoke caught a line for the regional dialogue and
9:47 am
they seem to be, as far as we can tell, completely integrated into spanish society. they would have spanish friends over and go to their houses. the fact you could create a massive conspiracy to attack and potentially kill hundreds of people in urban areas in spain is actually quite -- unfortunately it's quite impressive for the terrorist organization to maintain their nefarious capabilities right under these authorities. >> do you think terrorist organizations as you said are an individual cell. these young man had double lives. they are talking about girls and disco even know about. at the same time time apparently going another way with their prayers and supposed play with this influencing. >> this sounds like to me they were told very specifically to keep their public life, social media life completely clean and
9:48 am
don't get involved with the authorities, stay out of trouble and then carry out your attacks are that shows an increasing sophistication by the organization, by the individuals to stay off the radar. we know there's some folks on the run right now. chances are we'll find out they were nobodies. what we really need to find are the masterminds who direct them to radicalize them, directed them in spain itself in north africa or steer it in iraq in isis held territory. that's where the main game is. >> the information may be on the cell phones, social media to see if he was potentially killed in that explosion. the third way. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. arthel: have you heard, powerball mania is spurring us that jack pot rice is another $100 million. yes, whistle again in the background. go ahead, lottery prize money
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eric: very appropriate music. the powerball jack out to a whopping $600 million. the new jackpot, wednesday nights trying will be the third largest in u.s. history. even though their 600 will -- six and $50 million on the line, the odds of winning the prize is won in 272 million, but someone
9:54 am
is going to win, so good luck. arthel: a rare total solar eclipse less than 24 hours away in parts of the u.s. millions of people prepared for the rare event, scientists identify one small town in oregon is one of the best locations in the u.s. that is life in modern. >> hey, what's going on. do you have your proof glasses? dream to you just threw me off because i didn't see the monitor at first. now i'd be you. >> this is what you have. you can look at the sun, your burn your retinas. >> they are definitely trying to cash in on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. you can see how the fairgrounds
9:55 am
in matt drake has been transformed into a big camp ground. they are calling the solar fast and drawing in people and they expect to have about 100,000 people. a lot of campers down the road. a guy using his business skills planted some grass and now is that 20,000 campsites he's renting out to people. people all over the world here for the once-in-a-lifetime first and 99 near total solar eclipse. california, washington state. 250 million people live in a one day drive and they are eventually excited about it. >> we missed woodstock. >> they say it's almost mystical. i would like to see it. while i'm on this side of the dirt. reporter: this eclipse will
9:56 am
start over in the oregon coast at about 9:00 tomorrow morning pacific time and then travel all the way across to the south carolina coast. in 93 minutes it will be over. most people will see total darkness for roughly two minutes. it's a 70-mile wide path and as i said many, many people have the ability to get within not pass. when people talk about eclipse, people have seen them before, they say close definitely does not count. it's very different from 100% eclipse. as far as to whether it's very good with clear skies and the one problem is you do have them in the distance and that may affect some people's viewing. arthel: hopefully not. hopefully they get to see it. dan, we will be right back. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill.
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>> president trump preparing for a major rally. media attention on an ambitious agenda for america after test images of divisiveness across the country. leland: part of the agenda, broken up or structure. ceo joins us is that the construction industry is ready to hire thousands of workers to get the job done. elizabeth: meanwhile, steve bannon's departure from the white house dominating talk shows here. the panel on the future direction of the trump white house.


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