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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 21, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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stopping by. >> if i survive the eclipse, we will i will be on "fox & friends" tomorrow. >> we will see you back here at noon eastern tomorrow, "happening now" starts right no now. >> melissa: of fox news alert as the surgeons for europe's most wanted man. >> jon: police confirmed the suspected van driver behind the barcelona terror attack has been shot and killed. we are covering all the news, "happening now" ." >> i will never see a total eclipse again because i will not live long enough to see that. >> jon: the great american solar eclipse is finally here come the once-in-a-lifetime spectacle now making its way across the u.s. plus -- speak out this is my first time witnessing history in the makin making. >> jon: confederate statues coming down all over the country as the debate heats up over moving removing them.
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and big band falls silent, why londoners won't be hearing the familiar chimes for four long years. it's all "happening now" ." we begin with the fox news alert, president trump gearing up for a busy week as he returns to the white house from his working vacation in new jersey. the president moving his agenda forward as he prepares for a primetime address to the nation on afghanistan tonight. hello and welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i'm jon scott. >> melissa: i melissa francis. president trump also embarking on a new era in the white house, without his his chief strategist steve bannon. >> what you are really seeing is a consolidation of general kelly's ability to run and organize, disciplined, structured white house and that is something the president has needed very badly. general kelly is somebody who can be the kind of chief of
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staff that jim baker was to ronald reagan and if they continue to work together well, i think you will see a very steady improvement in the routine effectiveness of the administration. >> jon: joining us now, national political correspondent for "the washington post" and author of "the daily two oh two." you suggest that the washington elites are striking back at the president. what do you mean by that? >> good to be with you, the election last year really can and should be viewed as a rejection of the elites, the american people were sick and tired of the elite consensus, elitism, the powerful people in new york and washington and l.a. telling them how to live their lives. the election really was a rejection of elites. they are striking back, they are emboldened by his response to charlottesville last week, that is why they are pulling up the cbo counsel, pulling their
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fund-raisers to try to get the president's bottom line, coming after him in other ways, they feel emboldened to speak up and get back at him. we saw it too on friday, kennedy center honoree said they would boycott president trump so on saturday president trump said he is not going to go to the kennedy center honors, the first time since 1978, the white house won't have a reception before the program and its in response to the celebrities in hollywood were boycotting him and that's part of this bigger pattern we have seen over the last week. >> jon: but he is still the president of the united states, the most powerful man in the world. newt gingrich says that with the new chief of staff in place, things could turn around at this white house. i want you to listen to this and get your reaction. >> john kelly has tremendous relationships to both democrats and republicans, he was a marine
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liaison to the house and speake speaker, the military advisor, he understands washington very well, that is step number one. step number two, the president has to learn to think in team and terms. that's a very big change for somebody who is used to playing an individual sport. if he is going to be successful on capitol hill he's going to have to build a trump team. >> jon: what about the presence of the new chief of staff, general kelly? >> the president is a golfer which is an individual game, he needs to act like a quarterback. in some ways john kelly is like a coach. the president is surrounded by three very competent military generals as we hear the afghanistan speech tonight, john kelly is one of the great military minds of his generatio generation.
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he gets it, but he also understands how to run a big organization. trump ran his business, it was a family business, a different kind of organization. i think kelly is keeping the trains running on time, he brought some order and discipline and process to the white house. there is a lot of hope among administration officials that with steve bannon gone, regardless of whether you agree with where he is ideologically, that there will be less infighting among the staff so all of this is rolling towards a common end and kelly will help -- instead of being a principal trying to make decisions, give the president access to all the best decision-makers helping understand what the options are. i think that is where kelly can be really effective. by all accounts he has changed the process in the white house. at the end of the day, donald trump is still president but i think kelly has been effective so far.
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>> melissa: turning out to the other big story of the day, the great american solar eclipse already underway, it will span the country, beginning an in on oregon. shepard smith is the lucky dog covering at all. i am so jealous. so is my family, so are my kids. >> shepard: you can't really see it in new york yet but there it is. this one over here is madras, oregon. or that one is coming from nasa, that is our own camera.
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dan springer is watching at solar fest, madras, oregon. it's almost there. the excitement must be building and building like fireworks. >> it's building here. we are about 12 minutes away from total darkness in madras, oregon, one of the first spots in america that is going to be in total darkness. of the folks are getting ready. we've got people here with tinfoil hats because they think they need that for protection. they also say those who will not be wearing the hats could be slaves to them by the end of the day so we are not quite sure what they are all about but they are from washington. we've got people from all over the world who have descended on madras, oregon because they were told years ago that this was the best place to watch the solar eclipse because of the chance of sunny skies that we got today. as i look up with my glasses i can see we have a sliver of that
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sun still showing. it's fast approaching. i already feel that the temperature has dropped a little bit and it has kind of a dusky field but we have a lot more in store when this goes completely in front of the sun and we are going to have people cheering and all of these people with their knees buckling because it's so exciting. most people have never seen a solar eclipse and they may never see another one. it's very exciting for them. we will have another one go across the entire u.s. in 2045. there is another one that will come up from texas through the northeast, that's 2025. they all go different places and this is one that doesn't include a lot of big cities, mostly small cities are the center point of this path of totality. the small towns like this of 6,000 have turned into big towns all of a sudden, 100,000 people have common from all over the place, including 500 private
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pilots who flew airplanes in it. we see people clapping in a mix of music back there. it's festive atmosphere, i think the tinfoil hats are a little bit of a joke. you don't really think you are making the slave slave, do you? >> this dissipates all the energy coming out from the sun and it will protect us. i don't know what it's going to do to you, good luck, sir. >> do you see what i'm dealing with out here? this is solar fast 2017. >> shepard: great excitement. here's what i don't get. this is my iphone. this is my electronics, bluetooth mouse from a computer down in there. if i put this year and my phone here, i have a total eclipse of
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the phone. i cannot see my phone. i only see my mouse. it's a total eclipse of the phone. >> i'm having a total eclipse of the brain here. >> shepard: it's a fascinating, it's amazing. i don't know, it's interesting looking, the son looks like a little bit like the moon on the wall, that's interesting. i'm certainly enjoying it, it's better than having to read up on something all day long. he is charting the path, what's going on here? >> this is a look at nasa's web site, they have 55 teams across the country launching up into the atmosphere. essentially you get pictures of the eclipse, live imagery and may be tracked some of the characteristics of the sunlight.
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they are nasa, they are very bright. >> shepard: this is going to take about an hour and 20 minutes? >> it's going to go across the country at some ridiculous spee speed. >> shepard: does the sun change its speed? >> the earth -- >> shepard: that one went to the moon. godspeed. he's never heard that before. in the whole path of totality, a phrase i don't like to use. in the whole path of totality, only 70 miles wide, goes across the country. 12 million people live in that whole path, according to people who know things. i read it, i did not know it. millions are visiting the path of totality in one place or another.
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it in casper, wyoming, the total eclipse is set to hit 11: 11:43:00 a.m. local time. he is a professor of science at the university of wyoming. you have seen for eclipse, how does this eclipse stack up to the others? >> we are having a great time here, this is my fifth eclipse i have seen which has now started here in casper, wyoming. we are right in the center of wyoming on a bluff overlooking the city. i am surrounded by about 50 amateur astronomers and the mood is electric here in the atmosphere. we've got the google exploratory at mega movie team, they are putting all their images together.
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one of the teams is right here in casper, wyoming. we don't have any tinfoil hats here but we do have, right down in the valley beneath me, i can see if see the deer and the antelope play right here in casper, wyoming. >> shepard: if you mention it, you have to sing it. ♪ we just made television history. >> we've got pretty clear skies here. the horizon is a bit hazy because we have these wildfires going on in montana. things are crystal clear and really ready to go here. >> shepard: sounds fantastic. that's not the madras, oregon spot, that is not live, that is not right.
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that's right, that's it right there. that is from nasa television, we are down to something like a sliver and that's it. i feel like i should put my glasses on. as i write up from our brain room, i learned that when the whole sun is covered, if the whole thing is covered, the whole dang thing, you can look at it because it's covered. much like my phone analogy from earlier. you can't see it so you can look up at it. look at this, it's coming close. this is from nasa tv, down to a little sliver of sun. but there it is and we are getting to that big a moment when the sun is gone. and as a result, i am thinking -- are you guys good over there? everybody could? most of them are millennials and
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one thing you will notice about millennials overtime, you speak to them, if they don't have anything to say, they will just sit there. does anybody want more water? no response means no. that's what i've learned about millennials. fox television stations across the nation from sea to shining sea are going to join us for a little eclipse coverage starting now. i'm shepard smith on fox news channel and are now across television stations on the great 48 and the other two as well. he eclipse is going to go all the way across that path, but see that little thing? that is all that's left in madras, oregon of the sun and you can barely see it. that's all we've got left. if you are looking at the tv carefully, you should now be using your glasses, don't look at the tv without your glasses. that's a myth. i think it's gone. it's almost gone, almost a total eclipse of the sun.
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almost. what is that? i don't even know. there it is, it's down to a sliver. dan springer is out there in madras, oregon, wow, would you look at that? it's a total eclipse of the sun, it's going to go all the way across america. and now it is in oregon. dan springer, tell me about it. >> these people are fired up. are you guys ready? countdown, give me a countdown. 3 minutes? 2 minutes? 3 minutes. who is an astronomer here? we've got tinfoil hats, the guy with the tinfoil on his head, i tell you. i don't know what i'm doing here but these people are nuts. they camped here for days, they took days to get here, came in
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from all over the world. >> shepard: they know it's all it's going to be, right? just a moon over of sun, they knew that in advance, right? >> some people went to woodstock because they wanted to hear a little music and it became this huge thing. it became bigger than the moon going in front of the sun, right? as i said before, this is a little bit of "star trek" adventure, a lot of trekkies our here. you are not going to learn that much when you look through these glasses, all i see is a sliver of sun. >> shepard: the corona on your screen our viewers are now noticing, the corona is multiple colors all at the same time, no one ever would have known this until we had this eclipse.
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>> you read the same brain room and stuff i did, the corona is hotter than the sun. what does that mean for these folks down here? >> shepard: don't get near it. if you fly too close to the sun you get burned. >> it's getting a little darker, look at it. >> shepard: did the dogs stopped barking? did the birds stopped weeding? we heard that was going to happen. >> we've got our dog here but it's been pretty quiet. >> shepard: it sounds like the people are making noises. look at that. the sun is coming back now. that didn't last long. and to think they spent all those thousands of dollars to get there and spend the night. our viewers are watching the tv as well.
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anything, dan? >> what do you think? >> shepard: i don't think, i just sit here. >> it's the weirdest lighting i've ever seen, it's so weird. it's very dark and cool. >> is your dog quieter than normal? >> probably, yes. >> i haven't heard that dog make a sound all day. >> shepard: have people describe it, i want more descriptions. >> it's dark! >> shepard: i like this, keep doing it. >> have you ever seen anything like this? >> no, this is my first experience. [cheers and applause] >> shepard: i want to hear more.
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>> amazing. i just lost it, i'm going to probably die now. >> this is amazing! >> once-in-a-lifetime, right here. >> it's not total darkness, though. it's not total, total darkness. back with the dog lady, what do you think? >> you will never see this again and your entire life. >> this is probably the coolest thing i've ever seen. >> no need for those classes right now. >> shepard: you can look at the thing, it's covered so you
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can look at it. >> what do you think? >> very amazing. >> glad you came? >> yeah, i like it. >> where did you come from? >> ethiopia. >> ethiopia for this? are you getting me? you came from ethiopia for this? >> we live in seattle. >> they only came from seattle, they started out in ethiopia. >> shepard: these two came here from ethiopia by way of a and north carolina. >> we want to hear you yell. [yelling] >> shepard: that's a good one. yell of the day.
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>> it's coming back. >> shepard: the sun is returning. jalapeno! whoever would've thought it would go down like this? >> the lighting is coming. >> shepard: there's the sun. >> what do you guys think? where are you guys from? how are you guys doing? >> shepard: they are in oregon, you know? whatever, i liked mine better. >> it was like dusk. >> how was it for you? >> amazing. >> shepard: what is everybody
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going to do it now dan? >> know what you do? >> we've got to pack up. >> wasn't worth the? >> absolutely, once-in-a-lifetime. >> these people are getting rich in madras, oregon. >> shepard: you paid for a grand for house? >> i didn't, our bosses did. you guys are packing up and leaving already? is it over? >> so good. >> it was awesome, once-in-a-lifetime. >> you didn't come far enough, i can't keep talking to you. we have to find ethiopian people. >> shepard: we already did that, declare victory. >> how about the tinfoil people, they are still here. you can take those things off
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now, it is over. >> for now but it's going to happen again in about 35 years so be ready. >> i don't think you enslaved anybody. >> that's what you think. >> that's what you want me to think. >> shepard: dan, fabulous. >> all right, there you have it. a madras, oregon has seen it and it's over. >> shepard: you did an amazing job, people are tweeting. we are not condescending, we are having a good time. griffin said "please dial it down a notch, you're embarrassing yourself." i want to recap what was said in response by all of those at dan springer's location, the recap of response. i have all the keywords. weird, dark, cold, dark,
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amazing, i love nature, amazing, "i'm going to die now." this is amazing, crazy, that's cool, "i see a little red spot on the sun." and "huh?" and it's going to happen again. unless it's cloudy it's going to be right here for people watching on fox television stations across the great natio nation. coverage continues now on fox news channel on satellite and cable, i'm shepard smith on fox news new york. we are going to watch the sun do that thing, watch this. want to see a total eclipse of this monitor? it's totally eclipsed. we'll have more greatness for you throughout the day. who is hosting now? should we go to tim slater?
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tim slater is on the phone in casper, wyoming, how was it? >> the eclipse doesn't happen here yet, the shadow when across madras, oregon and we are still about 16 minutes before the shadow gets here in central wyoming. >> shepard: you are only seeing a little sliver, right? >> the temperature has dropped about 15 degrees just a few minutes ago, about 90 degrees and now it is closer to 70 degrees, we are standing here on a bluff overlooking the city in the center of wyoming and i've got to tell you, nobody here is wearing tinfoil hats but i am literally watching down here in the valley the deer and the antelope play. >> shepard: you are auditioning to sing it again, you only get one song per customer. how big is the crowded there? >> the atmosphere is electric.
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about 1,000 astronomers, casper is our tiny little town, the largest city in wyoming, they now have a population of about 150,000 people, they've come from all over the world. montreal, canada, london. i can see just a few feet from me the folks from google. nasa has a team of high school students here. 70 high school teams set up across the country all the way to south carolina and these high school kids are very carefully setting up their instruments because in about 14 minutes we are going to reach totality here. totality will last about two and a half minutes here. that giant shadow of the moon will come screaming across wyoming about 117 miles per hou
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hour. >> shepard: we already know what happened in oregon when we were in the moment of totality. i have the whole list. the whole list of things everybody said. what do you think will be said there during that period of totality? >> this is my for the clips i've been able to see and i've watch people do a wide range of things, screaming, dancing, breaking down into tears. >> shepard: i want all of that that. >> it's quite a party atmospher atmosphere. >> shepard: we are having a good time and there are some people who think we should take this a little more seriously on the twitter. twitter is a dangerous place to go from time to time.
10:29 am
is it serious they are or is a lot of fun? >> there are people here who spend thousands of dollars of equipment, who understand scientifically what is going on on the outer atmosphere of the sun. they've got their pets out here and they are just here to have the experience of a lifetime. >> shepard: here we go, millennials, turn around. how many of you are on the "this is fun" side? and how many of you are on the "this is serious" side? i think they should send us a few serious people. this is a lot of fun, we've been watching the path of totality. the path of totality, we are not even at idaho.
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we've got a couple more hours of this. you know it's about to happen, i think that's about to happen, the clock over there about to alert a restart. ♪ >> shepard: it is 10:30 on the west coast, 1:30 on the east coast and this is fox news channel coverage of the best music ever for a solar eclipse, could be played again? ♪ there you go, that is the official eclipse music of eclipse america and as you can see in madras, oregon, that sun, that is madras, oregon where they already had their total eclipse of the sun. the total eclipse of the sun has expired and we are now in a partial eclipse of the sun on the backside. using a hurricane analogy, this
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would be the dry side of the hurricane, i think. the big thing has already happened, there's still stuff going on, obviously you don't look up there and see this on like that very often and it's interesting how nasa has been able to place its logo next to the sun. isn't it? see that over there? this is madras, oregon, people are now milling about and it's getting lighter outside. what that really was was times square, i'm just trying to see if anybody caught it. go back to that camera, if you would. that is not madras, oregon. this is nasa tv. i recognize the yellow cab, that's new york city. this is fox news channel tv and we have the sun. and there it is, it's the second
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side of the sliver. we are about to have a total eclipse in some areas of idaho and wyoming. >> i don't have anything that fascinating, i'm keeping an eye on the various feeds coming in. we are hoping to get some shots of elephants cavorting at the eclipse. animals are very sensitive to eclipses. >> shepard: caters up here, she's working on the rundown. this is somebody's life shot coming up? we have -- a 3:00 program. it's political stuff he is writing for later. ash, you want to be doing nothing, it's your last day.
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lillian always has something, don't you, lillian? stand up, please. these are tweets from people in huntsville, they are being extra safe with these plates attached to the glasses. >> shepard: it makes for a nice instagram like that. >> this is one of my friends who is at home in idaho, she said it is getting cold there. her cell phone service is bad but there are lots of planes in the air and it feels very eerie, i will touch base with her again after totality hits where she i is. somebody else tweeted this at u us. you have to be sure of the filter is very high, above a filter of 12.
10:34 am
somebody else tweeted us that it looks like they are looking for one of those spaghetti strainers, you can see a little bit of the moon coming in on the side. >> shepard: that's idaho falls falls, i was trying to see where that sun is. look at that, that's the gum, we have that in the candy store. >> very funny but not a good way to watch the eclipse. >> shepard: we've got to get names on pets, we love the pets. that's the brand they were selling on amazon but they ran out. >> i also got permission from the sky nathan showing how the sun looked this morning with the solar filter on the camera
10:35 am
versus without. it's a lot smaller, kind of an interesting side-by-side comparison. >> shepard: a lot of sun things happening. >> she had a wedding this weekend so she was already going a long time ago when the flights were a lot cheaper. >> shepard: ryan our producer has the day off and he said he's going to watch it on tv. he's got the day off on eclipse day. we have to work all the way through the president tonight. not only is it in the path of the total solar eclipse, also where the total solar eclipse will last the longest. >> about 2 minutes and 43 seconds is what we are told here
10:36 am
in carbondale. >> shepard: tell me something amazing. >> i can't necessarily tell you something amazing but i can tell you this place is being called the celestial super bowl. you can see it for 2 minutes and 43 seconds which is the longest location in the united states. 15,000 capacity here at the stadium at seven illinois university, people are sitting out in the sun, a lot of immunity. most people drove here from the chicago area but i want to introduce you to a woman who flew here from florida. you guys came with some pretty nifty looking gadgets, tell us what you plan to do with them. >> we just made to these as an alternative, we came with our glasses but just to give ourselves options, we looked on the nasa eclipse site and they had instructions for how to make shadow boxes so we just put a pinhole right here, i've you are
10:37 am
right here. >> show us how you will use them when the eclipse happens. safe viewing, you guys. another woman flew here from florida, she lives closer to the carolinas but she chose to come here, tell us why you flew here from florida today. >> i came from florida because i thought this was a once-in-a-lifetime -- at least my lifetime -- opportunity to see a total eclipse. >> you live closer to the carolinas but you decided to come here. >> i could've gone to georgia, i decided to come here. it's a college campus, i knew i would get a lot of background on the whole thing. >> how does this compare to the florida sun? >> it's just as hot.
10:38 am
>> this guy flew in from texas, it is also his birthday. >> we are from san antonio. >> somebody stole the sun. >> i think i have to make it here. >> nasa is also here, researchers across the country launch some helium balloons up into the sky a short while ago. they want to get the first-ever video of the total shadow of the moon across the united states. >> shepard: what are the best word to her to describe it? >> jane, what's the best word to describe what you are about to witness? >> awesome. >> shepard: that's creative. got anything else? >> what's the best word to
10:39 am
describe the eclipse you're about to see? >> awesome. >> shepard: that's due. >> spectacular. >> amazing. >> tremendous. >> awesome, spectacular, tremendous. it's still not dark here. >> shepard: it did not escape our viewers that the total eclipse of the sun has screwed up your camera coverage. do you know it looks like old nasa stuff from the 70s whenever you move around? >> we will fix that. >> shepard: the sun is doing all kinds of weird stuff. look what's happening out in los angeles, i will show you this. they've taken their phones out and they are looking at their phones, millennials never look at their phone so it is some kind of day out there in l.a. that's jonathan hunt. he's never on television anymore, look at him. he has his close partially off,
10:40 am
what's going on here? jonathan hunt. i have those because i am also old. they are looking at their phone. you will remember in the last to city, we had a weird and dark and cold and amazing. i see a little red spot on the sun, i'm not making fun of people, i'm having a nice time, stop it. in carbondale, illinois, we have awesome, awesome, spectacular, and amazing. jack gable joins us now by phone in nebraska. he's a professor of physics at creighton university in omaha, nebraska, . i want to hear about this thing going on. >> excellent, how are you doing? we are in small town in
10:41 am
nebraska, with 600 middle school students from omaha and we are about 35 minutes away from totality. we've had our morning full of science activities and demonstrations. >> shepard: what kind of science activities? >> we've been exploring how gravity works. we've done scale models of the solar system to show how incredibly vast our solar system is, the incredible distances between the planets and their sizes. we look through telescopes, we have some special solar telescopes that have filters on them. we've had some incredible images of the sun. >> shepard: it's a great excuse integrate visual aid for getting the young ones to learn something new. >> there is so much excitement about this event and there are so many reasons to be excited
10:42 am
about it. we talked about the rarity of being involved in this. to be in that path of totality is incredibly rare. the incredible beauty of it, seeing the coronas that most humans have never seen, the experience in the rarity of it. the fact that so many people are getting excited about science and asking questions about science, trying to understand why eclipses happen, what are the structures in our solar system, why does our total solar eclipse happened only rarely, why is it such a special event? the fact that so many people, youngsters and adults as well are absolutely enthusiastic about this is like nothing i've ever seen. >> shepard: how exciting, you said you are with about 600, is the group itself much larger than that, are there others
10:43 am
around? >> there are probably about 800, 600 middle school students and another 200 chaperones and faculty and students who are guiding students around. and having the outreach activities. >> shepard: we are seeing something you will see in a little while, we are watching in casper, wyoming, it is 11: 11:43:00 a.m., the phrase is total eclipse of the sun. the excitement in this new stack is beyond all things prior. this is the most exciting day, let's try it again. in casper, wyoming, they now have a? >> total eclipse of the sun. >> shepard: they are tweeting the words now, we've been talking to people about how they would describe it, the best word for it.
10:44 am
the great ones, awesome, spectacular, amazing, and tremendous. from the west coast, weird, cold, "i'm gonna die now" which i did like. casper, wyoming, 11:44, it is pretty close. love some denver. i've had in denver, and colorado they won't get a full eclipse. they never got a full eclipse in colorado, they saw a partial eclipse. i'm guessing in colorado today, some people legally thought it was a full eclipse. specifically in colorado. but i don't know, that's just me. casper, wyoming, is doing the whole thing, nasa tv is out there, they have a full eclipse. they are interviewing people about the eclipse as we've been doing.
10:45 am
i want to give you a little fair and balanced coverage by showing you what's happening on the other networks. we watched all four of the cable networks, the fox business network, they are here, they are interviewing someone. on msnbc it is just sort of dark and vacant. eclipse tv here, there's the path over there. you can see it is coming out just a little bit, let's take it fully. this is the backside now, we had a total eclipse of the sun in casper, wyoming, it lasted a little while, a couple minutes and it now the other side is starting to come out and it appears to be orange.
10:46 am
>> i would say the excitement is definitely building, about an hour ago the stadium was hardly filled. now you can see it's really filling up. now people realize how hot and humid it is and they want to spend as little time possible standing in the sun. >> shepard: patty knight has treated me and they are using the cereal box method, you can see they've made -- they are advertising for rice krispies today. daughter and father and there they are. they are looking in the rice krispies box. if i were out doing this today since i didn't get to amazon soon enough, what i do the box of cereal thing?
10:47 am
i don't think so unless it was someplace private, you look goofy doing that. we are just watching casper, what do they have in casper today? altogether now. >> total eclipse of the sun. >> shepard: i know you are all doing this along with us at hom home. >> somebody tweeted us, it's a solo eclipse. some cool shadow things, leaves through the eclipse sun. somebody tweeted it to us. >> shepard: thank you, somebody. >> somebody else using the spaghetti strainer method.
10:48 am
>> that looks like the part you talk into on a phone, with the holes in it. this is a shadow from somebody's binoculars. >> this is -- we got our name, it's another dog. >> shepard: i feel like that might need protection as well. >> families and people watching are sending us some in their solar glasses. >> shepard: nice job, mr. orthodontist. that's a great photo. it does make you look a little scary. >> that's fine, that's fine. we had a chiropractor between us and say "i'm going to be busy
10:49 am
tomorrow." people are going to need all kind of work and chiropractors across america -- >> dermatologists are probably also a little concerned. some more people, multitasking, sunbathing and watching. >> shepard: i want to be in south carolina today, i love south carolina. she's got great glasses. >> they said the pinhole instructions were unclear. >> shepard: if you are bothering to do this, you might as well get a little credit. susan mason hollis, all the kids
10:50 am
with the cereal boxes and stuff, everybody seems to be having a nice time. where do you think is the most covered at this moment, do you think? what are they having? >> total eclipse of the sun. >> shepard: can you feel it? well. he is thrilled, he is writing the politics lead for the 3:00 hour. casper, wyoming, on the monster wall, in casper the sun has become a very red color now. it's just because of our camera weirdness. there it is, that's the backside of it. they had it for a couple of minutes. this is nasa television. if i play over the viewfinder of my ipad can i successfully video the eclipse? >> shepard: i would consult
10:51 am
the google on this matter. nasa, can the international space station see shadows of the moon move across north america from space? if you are interested, you can see the dow is up 849. that's where it's going, you can show that over there if you wan want. that's the path, we are going to have a full day of it in for now we have reporters all across the country and trace gallagher is out. >> i was stuck inside, i've been kind of tied to the camera. jonathan hunt was the kind of ringleader for the whole thing, they go outside, get five or six people to cut back in, and of course we are on the west side of los angeles in southern california. we are and kind of a bad position, being in the line of the total eclipse anyway but then we have the marine layer here in southern california. you may see a little bit of blurry but you can only see the
10:52 am
total eclipse. you are better off packing up and heading to a place where the brief darkness is complete. watch this. >> hotels at capacity. >> within the last 3-4 weeks all the hotels here have booked up. >> not enough gas. and porta-potty shortage. >> everybody is out everywhere. >> for the millions of people traveling to witness the once-in-a-lifetime eclipse, public safety officials warn leave early and be prepared to battle traffic and crowds. >> this is a solar eclipse teacher. >> but it's not all bad, small business owners are taking advantage of the influx of tourists.
10:53 am
>> this is just been a godsend from mother nature as far as the economic boost that every business in town is going to wind up reaping the benefit fro from. service oriented or not, everybody is going to see some economic gain. >> like those selling eclipse viewing glasses in arizona. >> it's going out pretty fast. >> some are creating their own roadside pop-up shops to sell their wares. >> alabama, texas, washington, all over. >> the small town of hopkinsville kentucky is expected to add 200,000 visitors from its 30,000 residents. tourists will be able to view the eclipse there for a full 2 minutes and 41 seconds. leading the city to job itself eclipse bill. >> i think this is a potential opportunity to show off what a
10:54 am
wonderful area this is to live in. >> not leaving the house for a few days. >> back in the early days, my broadcast career began i worked in boise, idaho, career and we will go back and forth to a great little small town and we had friends who drove from here up to their to catch the cook total eclipse of the sun and it took them about two days to get up and now they are turning back and heading back to days to get back. in kentucky, they kind of compared this whole eclipse thing with the kentucky derby. the hype goes on for weeks and weeks, the parties last for days and days, the event itself lasts for a few minutes. >> down the stretch they, ! no wagering, people are heading
10:55 am
out. funny hats and exactly right. ten hats, it's like derby day all over again. >> shepard: chris chandler just message me from down there on the bayou, from baton rouge louisiana, i will put this through the fancy graphic to let you see it but i don't really feel like it. they are going to get a little bit of an eclipse from the sun, they will get a lot of it. the next but we are going to go is matt finn, he is in some town. carbondale, illinois, which is over here. they are having a total eclipse of the sun all through here. what happens when there is a total eclipse of the sun it's an
10:56 am
amazing thing, it turns the sun purple. it's fascinating. this sun has a massive hole in it. this one over here, the sun in casper, wyoming, is orange. now you can forever tell your children in casper the sun is an orange-red color and in carbondale, illinois, it is purple. it is fascinating, the way the moon is here and the sun is here and the earth is here and the moon gets in between the earth and of the sun. what is it again? total eclipse of the sun. we are going to matt finn in just a minute, matt finn is about 19 minutes away. the dow has been reacting, the dow is now off three points on the sun and moon news. i don't think that they were
10:57 am
aware on wall street this was going to happen today, the dow is lost a little bit. barry williams, look at this. barry williams is watching us in the news deck and look at that, he was watching when it was casper, wyoming, that is our locator bar, i know that. the backlight is imperfect for taking a picture but you work with what you have. he is using a box of bisquick, this is the first time i have seen a box of bisquick used. we sat rice krispies, some cap'n crunch use but this is the first bisquick. i think just for your ingenuity barry williams, we will give you a nine. a nine on a ten scale, look at this. i like it when the poppies -- michelle just sent this. if your dog is going to look, you have to make sure the dog is properly glassed. matt finn, do you have any dogs
10:58 am
with you in carbondale or are you flying solo without a pet? >> there are two dogs here, we will have to maybe see how they react. right now they have the state-of-the-art glasses on. it looks like about a quarter of the way covered by the moon right now. right behind me we have some folks who drove here from indianapolis, is that correct? that's a pretty long haul. >> we went to evansville last night and drove here this morning. >> how far in advance did you book your hotel? >> my nephew did it, i think it was about two months. >> two or three months in advance for the hotel. >> did you have some difficulty finding a room? >> it was no problem for us, we were about two and a half hours away. >> we are playing the one word
10:59 am
game, described this event in one word. >> awesome. >> surreal. >> one word to describe the eclipse. >> magnificent. >> how about you guys, where are you guys coming from? >> indianapolis. >> one word to describe the eclipse. >> insane. >> the crowd is really picking up here, the band is playing michael jackson, that always works. you can see here, about 15,000, it looks like they are starting to reach that. people are gearing up and getting ready for the pending a full lunar eclipse which will be visible for 2 minutes and 43 seconds from here in carbondale, illinois, the southern portion of the state. the >> shepard: why he hate on you? >> i don't know, i missed it. >> shepard: ask him, the kid in the purple shirt, ask him wh
11:00 am
why. >> are you going to win the heisman trophy in the next ten years? >> shepard: he gave you the heisman. now the camera comes cuts out. >> one word to describe. >> that mus awesome, surreal, surreal and in an coverage of carbondale illinois's total eclipse of the sun. just by way of information, my sister, step sister is down in charleston. that's where the family lives. schools are closed today. all closed, a million extra people in the charles von area today. remember charleston is in south ro


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