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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 21, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> shepard: still eclipsing on the sky bridge at fox news channel. we still have an eclipse. it's a partial eclipse of the sun. across the street at the haven roof deck on the right-hand side of the roof deck, to your right, on the roof deck, they're all looking up there. yeah, like i said, on the roof deck, the right-hand side. they've been out there with their fancy glasses. that is on the ninth floor. tenth floor. the roof is the tenth floor there at haven on 47th street between 6th avenue and broadway.
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they're enjoying the eclipse of the sun. enjoying it! everyone has been doing it throughout the day. that's from the roof bridge. now we're coming back into the studio where it's been quit a day of enjoying eclipsing. here's what has happened. this is the monster wall. monster lights, please. that's what happened over there. this it is. that's live in nashville. that's about what i saw from my glasses here in new york. sun moved again. it's been doing that today. here's extra pictures. this is the path that it's taken throughout the day. started up there in oregon. it's now gone all the way down to south carolina and south carolina is where jonathan serrie is. how is it in clemson, jonathan? >> it's still a crescent sun. amazing how much a fraction of
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the sun can illuminate the area here. when it was completely obscured, it was amazing how dark it got here. that was the only light you were seeing other than the dusk light sky in the distance. i saw a planet. not sure which it was but to the right of the eclipse. looked to bright to be a star. that is how dark it got. and then as the moon moved away from the sun, it's as few you were at intermission and it got bright again and started heating up again. i could have used the natural air conditioning a little while longer, shep. >> shepard: that's why we did the sky bridge here. how do people feel now that it's over? >> yeah, we're going to -- chip, can you round up some people, get them close here? awesome. i'm tethered here. are you a clemson student? >> i am.
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a sophomore this year. >> first eclipse, i take it? >> yes. my first ever. it was quite exciting. i never realized what a full eclipse would look like in person. today it just -- wow! that's all i can say. >> my first eclipse as well. i was surprised how quickly it got dark and how quickly it got light again. what was your biggest surprise? >> my biggest surprise, you see the eclipse coming over slowly and slowly and comes on you real quick. everybody was wowed. you're looking up at the sky. it's like a small ring of light. something you have never seen in your life before. >> having experienced what you experienced, do you think you'll travel a long distance to see the next eclipse? >> maybe. i might come around that time. this is something i won't forget soon. >> shepard: like a rerun. you watch them on cable. >> it was amazing. you heard the cheers from the crowd. when it was dark, it was like an evening concert except you didn't hear anybody yelling "free bird."
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an amazing experience here. just going from day to night and back to a hot day again. >> shepard: one of the things that we noticed around here is, that you have that corona, which we know is a poorly-named area around the outside of the sun. the reason it's a total eclipse, the sun is 400 miles -- the sun is 400 times larger than the moon. but the sun is 40 times further away with us from the moon, which works together nicely. if you were on other planets and dealing with other stars and trying to do the same thing with the moon, unless all those numbers were the same, it wouldn't be the same thing. as far as eclipses go, it hasn't always been fancy glasses and parties. according to one legend from ancient china, people were scared that a dragon might eat the sun. always something to consider. so i that banged drums and shot arrows to chase it away, which
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as the prompter says now did not work. then the eclipse went ahead. the emperor was not happy with his astronomers. >> he failed to tell the emperor about the coming eclipse. when it happens, they lost their job and their lives. >> sometimes an eclipse led to more positive outcomes, at least according to a story by greek historians. in 585, there was a battle. >> all of a sudden, the sun was covered by the moon. they stopped fighting and they made a peace treaty. >> scripture mentions eclipses. >> there was a solar eclipse when the sky got dark. the hour of darkness at noon. there was an eclipse around 389 a.d. around the time that jesus was crucified. >> eventually astronomers in the 1700s provided scientific
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explanations for what seemed like super natural phenomena. superstition didn't die out completely. in 1831, an eclipse inspired nat turner to begin the largest slave uprising in history. >> he tried to propagate when shall we rebel. and then there was a solar eclipse. he said then it's time to do it and it turned into a rebellion. >> in the 20th century, eclipses were tools of scientific advancement thanks to albert einstein. in 1950, he predicted relativity would cause a discrepancy in mercury's orbit. the 1919 eclipse showed einstein was right. there you go with science. all of a sudden, you star the
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warring because the moon got in the way of the sun. trace gallagher was there when that happened. the total eclipse is impacting local businesses and communities along the path, huh? >> yeah, i just -- i can hear you. we're talking about this. just to go off of your package that you just ran here. it's interesting. throughout this thing people are trying to gain the system. you started in oregon and moved on down to illinois and kentucky and then down in the carolinas. people are trying to gain the system, see if they can race the eclipse. they couldn't do it. pilots are saying what if we flew in and started and got the tail end of it or the beginning in oregon and could make our way. you can't. even if you're in a fighter jet, maybe if you're traveling a little over 800 miles an hour, you can catch glimpses of it. there's no way. you had the 9:06 a.m. on the west coast and then you had 10:44 in illinois area and then move down to the 2:00 hour in
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the south. so you can't do that. as the legend grows about these eclipses for hundreds of years you've read about these things and a lot of people used to believe that they were precursors of evil because in the beginning of the eclipse, you see the snake like shadowy figures on the ground. a lot of people thought that was a sign of evil and so they would always have these big seminars and these praying circles in the wakes of these eclipses. you should finally know, shep, you should really enjoy this because in about 600 million years, there will be no more solar eclipses. the moon will have moved out of orbit so far that it won't be big enough anymore to actually block the sun. even though as you explained, it's 400 times further, the sun is, from the moon and the moon
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is 400 times smaller than the sun. in 600 million years, scientists say at that point in time, the moon should be far enough out of our orbit that it will no longer be able to block the sun, which means there will no longer be any eclipses at all. >> shepard: i'm glad we live now. how about you? >> the next one, 35 years, 22 years, the partial things, you can catch one of those. but you know, 600 million years out, yeah, i mean, odds are slim. who knows. >> shepard: you never know. maybe your grandchildren will be around then. you'll probably be done by then. you know, stegall is in houston waiting for the planes to come back. any sign of them? >> shepard, they'll be here in about an hour. you asked jonathan glen. he did a nice you're explaining why science is science and why and researchers are interested in studying this.
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we're here with the most renowned scientists and they're explaining to us that when you have an event like this, the planes that -- the nasa launch from this location earlier today, that were able to fly in totality for seven or eight minutes, it allows them to gather an incredible amount of data. scientists say they're betting understanding the sun and how it impacts the weather in space. that has to do with things like satellites. so how are pictures are broadcast and transmitted down into folks living rooms. so a lot of things utilized, space and the knowledge that is learned. they also have known that the outer area of the sun, as we talked about, the corona, it's much hotter than the surface of the sun itself. so with the data that was gathered, they're hoping to better understand why that is
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and how the heat is actually transferred across the sun's surface. we've been looking at the live pictures of totality. they're sort of streamer looking type trails coming off of it. those are solar winds. they're looking at that as well. so there is a wealth of information to be gathered from this mission. nasa tells us that it was successful. they've had some technical problems getting the images back down here to earth. the planes were flying about 50,000 feet in the air. as you know, most jet liners that we fly on commercially level out about 30,000 feet. so this is much higher. the reason for that is because there is no weather up there. there's no dust, there's no particles in the air. that has given them a very good look with high definition cameras of not only the sun but
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they were also looking at mercury as well, shepard. mercury is closest to the sun. it has a symbiotic relationship. scientists are interested in that, too. >> shepard: have you ever looked up at the sun with one of these pairs of glasses before today? >> i have never worn them. it's like a new look. >> shepard: it's not. i'm 53. i have never worn them before. we may babying punked. because i've never looked at the sun before. maybe it's always shaped like that. just -- >> maybe so. >> shepard: to be sure, i'm going to take these out and look at it tomorrow. if it's not like this, we'll report it here. what was it again? finally got it together. been doing this since fluff was a kitten. she's a full grown cat.
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finally got it right. got to do other stuff now. president trump heading to virginia this evening to deliver an address to the american people. in afghanistan, u.s. forces have fought and died for almost 16 years. what we expect to hear from the president and what it may mean to our military. american sailors missing after the u.s.s. john mccain collided with an oil tanker. real news is going on. today has been fun, haven't it? i enjoyed watching the eclipse along with you and the words like weird, dark. this is amazing, crazy, cool, i see some red on the sun. awesome, awesome, spectacular, amazing, tremendous and huh? huh? we'll be right back. after a dvt blood clot... i sure had a lot on my mind.
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>> shepard: president trump set to unveil what the white house calls a path for toward for america's longest war in a prime time address to the nation tonight. a plan that could include sending thousands of troops into afghanistan as the war there is about to enter its 17th year. president trump met with his national security team at camp david over the weekend. after the meeting, the president said important day spent at camp
12:17 pm
david. many decisions made including on afghanistan. no leaks though. we don't know what he will say. during the speech tonight, the president could give the pentagon permission to deploy 4,000 troops. the pentagon reports more than 2,200 americans have died serving our nation since the war began in afghanistan. it's cost the u.s. more than $700 billion. before he became commander-in-chief, president trump called for american troops to get out of afghanistan. here's a tweet from 2013. we should leave afghanistan immediately. no more wasted lives. if we have to go back, in we go in hard and quick. rebuild the u.s. first. just last month though, the president said he wants to start winning again in afghanistan. john roberts is live at fort meyer in virginia.
12:18 pm
that's where the president is set to begin his teach tonight. this is the president's first day back at work at the white house. i guess they finished the repair there's. >> yeah, they did. he came back late yesterday. the first day without his strategic chief adviser, steve bannon. there's a sense of let's get down to business and get the president's agenda moving. maybe the stories of palace intrigue will diminish. i'm told by sources inside the white house this may not be the end of the staff changes that people who are being underutilized may be asked to do more and people not pulling their weight may either be asked to pull more of their weight or be asked to leave. so bannon's departure may not be the last from 1600 pennsylvania a. newt gingrich suggested that there may be a greater sense of discipline that takes over the white house in the days to come.
12:19 pm
listen here. >> what you're really seeing is a consolidation of general kelly's ability to run an organized disciplined white house. that's something that the president has needed very badly. i think with general kelly, he has somebody that could be the kind of chief of staff that jim baker was to ronald reagan. if they continue to work together well, i think you'll see a very steady improvement in the routine effectiveness of the administration. >> just because steve bannon has left the white house doesn't mean that his influence won't be felt at the white house. the president was tweeting over the weekend that he enjoys bannon and probably more powerful at breitbart. he left to join the trump administration. we can expect the president will reach out to steve bannon and vice versa to give advise on particularly how to deal with conservative as he's going forward with his agenda. >> shepard: any heads-up on the
12:20 pm
speech, john? >> you know, i will tell you, shep, the white house officials are playing this close to the vest. we're picking up things on the periphery. the president is expected to announce that more u.s. troops will be going to afghanistan. the number kicked around is between 4,000 and 5,000. that's what james mattis supports. that's what h.r. mcmaster supports. the president may not mention a troop number. he may say i'll leave that to the secretary of defense to decide. also because this is an overall strategy on south asia, shep, it's likely he will address the problem with bad actors hanging out in northern pakistan and ways to sort of put the squeeze on pakistan to do more. because the government in kabul isn't effective, do more to make them more effective. that is a tough lift, shep. >> shepard: it is indeed. john roberts live with us and down where the president will be giving the address tonight.
12:21 pm
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>> shepard: 24 minutes passed the hour now. now back to the president's announcement on the strategy in afghanistan. let's go to michael oh -- o'hanlan from the brookings insurance tonight. >> thanks for that outstand being eclipse coverage, shep. the speech will probably increase u.s. forces or provide commanders that authority. to put that in perspective as folks know, we're smaller today
12:25 pm
in afghanistan than we were in the early obama years. so we're down to about 8,500 troops. 11 have been killed this year. an unusually sad year given we're smaller and not playing a combat role in general. but anyway, the increase would probably sounds like get us back into the range of 12,000, 13,000 u.s. troops. far less than the 100,000 number that we were at a half decade ago. and with some of the units in the field, advising the afghanis as they conduct operations. that was the part of the mission that we were supposed to do the last three years under president obama who was becoming frustrated that skipped down over that phase and went to a lower force total, which was probably a premature reduction. so in a sense, i believe mr. trump is going back to that step that obama skipped, if you will. >> shepard: there's a number of
12:26 pm
things you could do. let's tick off a few of them. one thing you could do is scale back and get out that could cause enormous problems, right? >> yeah. sanctuary for al-quaida an isis. that's exhibit a on the big problems list. >> shepard: and there's others. there's plenty of people that said we have to do this forever. there's no upside. the truth is, there's a bad, bad down side. what other kind of problems would this cause? >> you know, the afghan government may or may not be a vital national security interest of the united states. the viability of pakistan with it's 250 nuclear weapons is crucial. if you turn to afghanistan in sort of a den of evil, all the process in syria and iraq liberating them from isis and
12:27 pm
pakistan could be destabilized. i certainly think the odds are better holding on to 2/3s of afghan stand and 2/3s of its population. >> the other thing that we heard about lately, not that steve bannon is gone, the idea of farming part of it out. farm out part of the war to blackwater. it sounds crazy but it was on the table. >> i don't favor that option but i want to give blackwater and other private contractors their due. these wars in iraq and afghanistan have been fought the contractor support. self aware of the tragedies and mistakes. in terms of day-to-day logistics, making the trains run on time so to speak, the
12:28 pm
contractors have been hugely important and they're deployed at a 1 to 1 ratio. they're not all american. usually american firms with some americans, some afghans, some filipinos. it's a mix. they're crucial in the war and they have been. you can scale up that role a little bit. i don't think we want to turn them into the main trigger pullers. >> shepard: michael, good to see you. thanks. >> thank you, shepard. >> a short time against overheard on capitol hill, with nobody watching, this would have been a good time to raise the debt ceiling. we could have done most anything a short time ago except it's august and they're not there. serious news for the military and a search for missing american sailors after a u.s. warship collides with an oil tanker at sea. this is the second time it's happened to this -- to a navy ship this summer. now a broadening investigation of that fleet. we'll go live to the pentagon as we approach the bottom of the
12:29 pm
hour and the top of the news on fox news channel. what was the worst thing you saw?
12:30 pm
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>> shepard: headlines from the fox news deck. a gunman shot a judge in ohio as he walked to the courthouse. injured him. that's the word from stubenville. investigators say a probation officer shot and killed the suspect. hackers threatening to leak "game of thrones." according to the british newspaper, the guardian, hbo refused to pay a multimillion dollar ransom to stop it from happening. the hackers released a company of series e-mails and unaired shows. in london, big ben sounding one last time before it goes silent for four years. it needs renovations and it's going to get it. hundreds showed up to listen to the cheer.
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there's a tidy cats for that. >> shepard: the u.s. navy ordering an investigation of its entire seventh fleet based in the pacific after a second major collision in two months. pictures of the damage on the big wall after the u.s.s. john mccain collided with an oil tanker. navy officials said it happened last night off the coast of singapore. ten sailors are officially missing. five hurt. in june, seven sailors died when the u.s.s. fitzgerald collided with a cargoship. jim mattis says admiral john richardson will investigate both crashes and more. >> he's put together a broader inquiry to look into these incidents and to determine any of the causal factors to
12:35 pm
determine what is going on both immediate contributors to this incident and also any related factors. once we have those facts, we'll share them with you. >> shepard: a broad and thorough investigation. admiral richardson said he's ordered all naval operations around the world to pause as part of this investigation. what does that mean? what are they saying about the search for the sailors? >> we're waiting for admiral richardson who is on his way down to speak to the press. diving operations are set to begin at first light to explore the flooded compartments of the ship. ten sailors are still missing. the damage occurred on the birthing side on the rear. four were medevaced off the ship by helicopter. the u.s.s. john mccain collided with an oil tanker near
12:36 pm
singapore this morning. it was a harrowing scene. we're told the warship is back in port and took on a lot of water. some of the missing may be trapped in the hill. the fourth major mishap for the navy in the pacific since january, shep. >> shepard: what do we know about the navy's investigation? >> the navy is looking at how the officers are being trained. admiral john richardson is calling for a broad investigation, as you reported. he released this statement on facebook. >> i'll direct an operational pause be taken in all of our fleets around the world. >> this is the fourth major mishap for the u.s. navy in the pacific since late january. a guided missile cruiser ran aground in tokyo bay spilling more than 1,000 gallons of oil. in june, the u.s.s. fitzgerald
12:37 pm
hit a cargo ship. seven died. the navy is down two destroyers that would have been used to shoot down north korea's ballistic missiles. further straining an already stretched navy, shepard. >> shepard: jennifer griffin. when with we know more, we'll bring it to you. steve bannon could give the president's agenda a kick start even from outside the white house. who says that? well, a former trump campaign official. he says steve bannon will still play an important role in putting pressure on congress. >> i do believe that steve bannon is going to be a very loyal soldier to the president as it relates to his agenda from the outside. he will be a very important voice for the president as it relates to leaning into congress. >> shepard: bannon back at his old job at breitbart, the conservative website.
12:38 pm
that's one way to look at it. that is absolutely a true way to look at it. he can be that. what i keep reading and hearing about is this war that he will fight against people inside the trump administration, even against people in trump's own family. >> yeah, i think that is the best case scenario that dave bossie is trying to lay out, that you'll have steve bannon trying to help them get their agenda across the finish line as they struggle on so many different areas to get anything done in washington. one of the things we've seen early signals from steve bannon and his many supporters in breitbart and around washington is he is not going to forget the people that he felt were working against them in the white house. that includes jared and ivanka and many senior members of trump's team still in the white house. >> shepard: we can learn a little bit by the things his website is writing and the things he said and unorthodox
12:39 pm
exit interviews. >> yeah, one of the things you've seen is steve bannon become a more public profile. he gave four interviews in three days as he was leaving the white house after months of not really speaking publicly to the press. signalling things on north korea where he felt the trump administration was wrong, how economic nationalism is one of the things that he wanted the trump administration to focus on. if we saw anything more recently, breitbart had a headlight against h.r. mcmasters saying, you know, it was his fault that trump made the big snafu comment regarding the south pacific crash. so they're still continuing that can of campaign. it's been one of their big focuses on breitbart, trying to take down mcmaster. >> jared kushner, ivanka, h.r. mcmaster. the website is a niche audience.
12:40 pm
>> yeah, i do think president trump is a huge consumer of the news and the news probably. probably the biggest consumer of political news that anybody in the west wing has had of modern political times. he's keeping track of what that means. as far as the core base. his popularity has sagged in recent weeks and has been the core supporters which are a lot of the breitbart readers that have continued to stick by him. bannon is a real threat towards whether or not that kind of base remains in trump's camp or not. >> shepard: yep. annie palmer from politco. thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: mitch mcconnell is speaking out after his back and forth with president trump. the president suggested that mitch mcconnell should step down if he can't deliver the top items on the gop agenda. a lot of trump fans feel the same way. if you can't deliver, step down. now the majority leader is
12:41 pm
responding to the do-nothing congress. it's a back and a forth and it's next. your insurance company
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> shepard: the top republican in the united states senate, mitch mcconnell pushing back against his critics after the senate gop failed to repeal obamacare. senator mcconnell pointing out that it took president obama two years to pass the affordable care act. >> you heard a lot of comments about the new congress and suggestions that we haven't done much yet. my counsel to all of you, judge this congress at the conclusion of the congress. >> shepard: good point. senate majority leader mcconnell in his home state of kentucky with steve mnuchin to talk about tax reform. that's another major item on the gop agenda. this is the first time we've heard the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell speak since president trump suggested he should resign if he can't get it done on healthcare,
12:45 pm
infrastructure and tax reform. ed henry is following with us. >> good to see you, shep. it's interesting. they want tax reform done and want to take another crack at repealing and replacing obamacare. there's one distraction after another. before, there was the various russia investigations, the crowded calendar with the president wanting to get infrastructure spending on there as well. now you have his comments on charlottesville. many are trying to formally censor the president when they come back after labor day so you have a crowded calendar. that is part of what mitch mcconnell and what steve mnuchin were doing in louisville. to say that they have not forgotten about tax reform. listen. >> we're 100% committed to getting it done. i'd like to think there's bipartisan support or some bipartisan support. the issues that we're focused on, tax reform, are good for the american worker. they're good for the middle class. this is about making business
12:46 pm
competitive and making business competitive is about making jobs. >> a good idea but very quickly after those comments, did not seem like there was a lot of bipartisanship, which the secretary wants. senator chuck schumer of new york saying to democrats, tax reform is clear. we believe strongly not one penny got to the top 1% and any tax reform must be deficit neutral. when republicans with figure out what they want to do, we'll see if we agree that is another issue that it's been a moving target. the president and republicans have talked about maybe lowering corporate taxes down to 20% or 15%. they have not nailed down the details. >> leader mcconnell say anything about critics? >> he didn't push back that hard against the president. when he got a question today about his media diet and whether or not he believes too much fake news out there, he seemed to take a poke at the president.
12:47 pm
watch. >> what i do every morning, there's a couple of services that i look at before i leave home every morning. it give me a synopsis of the articles in virtually everything. my view is that most news is not fake. >> that sounds a little different than what the president says on twitter. on substance, majority leader mcconnell says there's zero chance in his words that the u.s. will default. that's because a debt ceiling will be coming up soon. markets very worried about whether or not the u.s. will default. he insists that won't happen. >> ed henry, thanks. the most wanted man in europe is now dead. that's the word from police in spain after that huge man hunt came to a dramatic and bloody end. that's next. first, extreme weather alert.
12:48 pm
adam klotz in the fox weather center. how are we look something. >> now after we've seen the sun throughout the day, what we're dealing with next is the tropics. a couple systems that i'm paying a close attention to, this low was tropical storm harvey. may reform in the next couple days. that is a high risk. a system closer to the u.s. that we're paying attention to. that is moving that direction. here's the tropical models. this crossing over the yucatan peninsula. back into the gulf. maybe running up to portions of south texas, this is the bigger system. it's more of a rain maker, this low pressure system smaller but definitely working its way closer to the u.s. that is a system that we'll be paying close attention to. this is putting our future radars on. you're seeing more activity with this particular one, which could become tropical storm harvey again. we continue to see the rain moving up towards portions of floor, a lot to pay attention to in the next couple days. more shepard smith after the break.
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>> shepard: cop in spain say they shot and killed a man that drove a van through a crowd in barcelona. police say they spot the man when they spotted him with an explosive belt. the belt turned out to be fake. security forces tracked him down about 30 miles outside of barcelona. investigators say they have evidence that he was in fact the driver in the terror attack. benjamin hall live in barcelona live tonight. benjamin? >> hi, shep. this had been a european wide man hunt. lots of fears that he cross the border to france. turns out, he was 20 miles away
12:53 pm
in a small town outside of barcelona. they tracked him down to a small town after a car was seeing speeding through a rural vineyard. when police arrived, he came out, charged them and was shot dead by police. he was wearing the fake suicide belt. something that we saw the other jihadis wearing, too. a sure way that they would be killed and in their eyes seek martyrdom. we just received the images of the man after he just left the scene. he killed 13 people at this point. nobody knew where he had gone. the death toll in all of these attacks has risen to 15. two children age three and seven and the american from california, jared tucker. now the cell has been dismantled, they have to look at what went wrong, what did they miss and how can they prevent
12:54 pm
it. >> shepard: we'll be back with the disappearance of a famous portrait that happened on this day in history. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> shepard: there it is. that's that music. love it. listen how it cuts off. don't fade it. just -- what was it again? >> "total eclipse of the heart." >> shepard: i like this. >> this is winning in terms of best place to watch the eclipse. >> shepard: they're winning. >> i think the only thing that beats that is from the iss space station. this italian astronaut treated the picture of the eclipse. the dark shadow here is the view of the eclipse from the space station. >> shepard: wow, awesome and amazing. >> this is charlie. we also got cats, horses,
12:58 pm
donkey. >> shepard: nice. >> lots of pets. also interesting ideas for how to make your own eclipse glasses. this is not safe. this guy punched out the shades and put them together in a box. >> still not good. >> points for creativity. >> this was taken by my friend in idaho. she says to the naked eye, that was dark. >> shepard: that's the alien space craft. >> that explains it. she said the dog was going crazy. he curled up and periodically barking and going back to barking. >> shepard: that's fine. >> yeah. i told her to watch out for the animals. i was curious how they would react. >> shepard: i'll get luchia
12:59 pm
report. it was a fun day. let's do this day. >> okay. >> shepard: yeah. on this day in 1911, somebody noticed the mona lisa was missing. an amateur artist noticed it wasn't at the normal spot at the louvre. they searched two years. an art dealer helped them track down the masterpiece. as it turns out, a thief lifted the portrait off the wall, placed it under his clothing and escaped. the world noticed the mona lisa was gone
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