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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 22, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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this gives us more. >> brian: that's it. thanks for having me fill in. as far as i know, "special report" is next. i hope bret baier is wearing a brand-new suit and tie. it's going to be a great brand-new show. thanks for watching. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier. president trump is at this moment concluding a tour of marine corps facility in yuma, arizona. there you see a live shot of the president. spent several minutes talking with service members there. the pictures coming to us from yuma. he is going to be heading to phoenix. earlier, he visited a u.s. customs and border protection site in yuma as he boards the stairs to air force one. immigration, a big part of the agenda for today's western trip which crescendos tonight with a big rally in phoenix. thousands who love the president will be inside the convention center there. there is the wave. others who do not share that sentiment will soon be outside
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protesting. let's get the latest from chief white house correspondent john roberts. good evening. >> good evening. tonight's campaign style rally in phoenix comes at a time when the president's relationship with congress, particularly the senate, has been extremely combative. a source tells fox news that the president will be tough on congress during his speech, as he lays out his expectations for the weeks ahead. it's likely the last time president trump will hold a political rally before congress comes back from recess. an opportunity for the president to set the table for what he expects will be a robust fall. >> here's the agenda. we want to support our troops. we want to support law enforcement. we want to build a wall and have internal enforcement and border security. repealing and replacing obamacare. >> the president moved to increase pressure on congress to fund a border wall, visiting the border patrol headquarters in yuma where 63 miles of fencing has dramatically reduced
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apprehensions of illegal immigrants. fox news has learned the white house may come up with a sweetener to convince congress, possibly offering permanent status for so-called dreamers. if congress will give the president what he wants on the wall. reduction of illegal immigration and other items. using the dreamers as a bargaining chip is a controversial proposal. one source told fox news "it all comes down to what you can get bored because it's a pretty big gift." >> as he left the white house, president trump ignored shouted questions whether he would pardon former maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio, recently convicted of criminal contempt of court. arpaio was a regular figure on the campaign trail and together with the president's maligned response to charlottesville, reasons why phoenix's democratic mayor insists rally is the wrong thing to do. >> to close after charlottesville, i didn't think it was appropriate. obviously there was also talk about presidential pardons and i thought that was particularly inappropriate to do so in an
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environment like a political rally. >> 324 says he's not going to the rally, that he wasn't invited. two other figures not ascending, arizona senators john mccain and jeff flake. mccain torpedoed a vote on obamacare repeal just before the august recess. president trump accused him of adding the american people down. president trump has taken aim at senator flake's reelection next year, ripping him as "weak on borders, crime, and a nonfactor in the senate." he's toxic." he is backing kelly ward. allies of mitch mcconnell -- a negative ad highlighting her belief, her call for senator mccain to step down. >> not conservative, just crazy ideas. >> arizona's governor doug ducey is skipping tonight's event, that we will be greeting the president on the tarmac at the phoenix airport when the president touches down there.
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the white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders aboard air force one today said there would be no discussion of a pardon for joe arpaio today, nor would any action be taken on it today. note she specifically said today. >> bret: keyword. john roberts live on the north lawn. thanks. we will have a one-hour wrap-up of the president's speech and the rest of the day's news. 11:00 p.m. eastern, a special edition of "special report." please join us at 11:00. as john reported, some in the white house are apportioning thh congress that would eventually get them funding for seven took out his southern border wall in exchange for concessions on dreamers. the northern border is also getting new scrutiny from a past champion of immigration. allison barber is here with the immigration story. >> good evening. one promise trumpet made during the campaign's ending daca and
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it remained somewhat contentious. candidate donald trump said he would "immediately terminate the obama era deferred action for childhood arrivals." so far he has not. president trump sent this in february. >> you have some absolutely incredible kids, mostly. they were brought here in such a way, it's a tough subject. >> in june, the department of homeland security announced its intention to temporarily keep daca if the program isn't gone by early september, attorneys general in ten states say they will proceed with plans to sue the u.s. government. nine ags signed onto a letter with texas attorney general paxton demanding a phaseout of the program which gives work permits to people who came to the u.s. illegally before they were 16. before becoming president trump, candidate trumpet campaign in
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arizona seven times, often laying out a hard-line approach to immigration. his team is quick to point out what they see as successes, practically the fact that apprehensions of the border dropped by more than 50% from november 2016 to february 2017. meanwhile, a broad canadian prime minister justin trudeau seemingly taking a tougher stance on immigration. after a meeting with the irish prime minister, trudeau told reporters there will be "no advantage for people entering canada," in his words, irregularly. he won the president is getting mostly positive feedback from fellow republicans and members of the u.s. military for his new approach to afghanistan. president was short on specifics and the speech but made it clear he was giving his military commanders much of what they had asked for. we have fox team coverage. catherine herridge gets reaction
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and looks at what iran is possibly hoping to do. national security correspondent jennifer griffin with the pentagon perspective. >> good evening. defense secretary james mattis made a surprise visit to iraq today to shore up allies but also to help promote the president's new policy on afghanistan. >> i prefer not to go into those numbers right now. i have directed the chairman to put the blame together. >> this is the top u.s. commander for the middle east says the first new u.s. forces will arrive in afghanistan within days or weeks. >> america's enemies must never know our plans or believe they can wait us out. stick with the president opted to keep u.s. troops in afghanistan for as long as it ts based and not a blank check and this time there are no timetables for withdrawal. >> i will not say when we are going to attack. but attack we will. >> the plan will rely on the state department.
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>> have that talent and understand you will not win a battlefield victory. we may not win one but neither will you. at some point, we have to come to the negotiating table and find a way to brings to an end. sticker democrats pounced on the president's plan. >> why would we continue to put our men and women in harm's way, billions of dollars to the defense budget at the expense of domestic priorities. >> republican senator rand paul thinks it's a terrible idea to send more troops into the war, tweeting "the mission has lost its purpose." the president's address to the nation was well received overall by most of his party. >> i'm proud of the fact he listened to the generals. i am relieved he didn't take the advice to withdrawal. >> leaders in afghanistan welcomed the president's remarks and had her own message the telegram. >> as long as their continual fighting. >> wore commanders and those who have served their agree there is
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no winning in afghanistan but there is a way to lose. the president chose not to lose, they say, he took the military advised to stay engaged and not withdraw. >> bret: jennifer griffin, live at the pentagon. thank you. vice president pence says this boss was right about pakistan i noticed last night. tonight catherine herridge looks at how some of the region's major players are jockeying for position in afghanistan. >> we have been paying pakistan billions and billions of dollars. at the same time, they are housing the very terrorists we are fighting. stick up in the national address, president trump left no doubt the u.s. is taking a new tough love approach to pakistan. a strategy reinforced by the vice president on the morning shows. >> we are putting them on notice. they need to step up as a partner. >> pence pointed to osama bin laden who lived in this compound. a few short miles from pakistan's equivalent of
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west point. al qaeda, along with nearly two dozen terrorist groups operate in the region. some of the mostly rebel attacks come from safe havens inside pakistan. a nuclear nation with unique military capabilities that analysts warn could fall into the wrong hands. >> not just large nuclear weapons you can put on missiles on airplanes but tactical nuclear weapons that are out there. that's a dangerous situation and that's what the president was referencing. >> iran also shares a border with afghanistan and has a foothold in the northwest region. analysts say iran's strategy includes pushing out the u.s. and extending tehran's influence to iraq, syria, into lebanon, home to hezbollah. at a recent conference, the general responsible for special operations said the iranians have laid the groundwork for the so-called shiite crescent. >> the evidence is literal. we bump into them everywhere. they join hands with lebanese hezbollah in syria.
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>> that land grab combined with nuclear weapons would threaten the u.s. and regional allies. >> they will become a global menace, and that's a looming power that we are going to have to deal with. >> analysts say the president is taking a regional wants to work through diplomatic channels. if there is no progress in pakistan, the administration signaled its willing to take the hard road. >> bret: thank you. navy divers have found some of the remains of ten sailors missing after a collision between the warship john s mccain and an oil tanker. monday's accident tore a gaping hole in the ship's left rear hole and flooded adjacent compartments. malaysian officials say they are found one body. this was the second major collision in two months involving the navy's pacific-based seventh fleet. white house advisor and presidential son-in-law jared kushner is leading a delegation to the middle east. kushner and his team will meet
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separately with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas. kushner is trying to restart peace talks between the two sides. president trump ratcheting up the economic pressure on north korea tonight but there are also indications of a possible thaw in relations. william la jeunesse reports from guam. >> i'm pleased to see that the regime in pyongyang has certainly demonstrated some level of restraint. >> in substance and tone, a radical departure from where relations stood last week when president trump and kim jong un traded threats. >> perhaps we are seeing our pathway to sometime in the near future having some dialogue. >> new challenges today with the treasury department of -- accusing entities of china and russia of doing business with north korea despite a u.n. van against it. some provided hard cash for
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north korea's nuclear program. others supplied technology and hardware. these sanctions bar violators from using international banks and freeze their assets in the u.s. also tuesday, a u.n. report accused north korea of providing chemical weapon components to syria not long after the syrian gas attack in april. forces intercepted two shipments in the last six months. efforts to isolate north korea, as the u.s. enters day three of war games designed to counter any attack from the rogue regime. >> we have the responsibility of providing military options to our leaders and exercises are our way of making sure we are ready. >> as tensions improve, the state run media posted this video showing senior u.s. officials in a sea of fire along with this quote. "all north korea needs to do is place its hand on the button and press it when the right time
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comes." china urged the u.s. to discontinue military exercises on the korean peninsula and responded to the treasury sanctions with strong words saying the u.s. should immediately correct its mistakes or risk damaging router u.s.-china relations. >> bret: william la jeunesse and guam. thank you. can democrats retake the house in 2018? we will take you live to what could be a major battleground next. showing off my arms? that's cool. she needles, or downtime? that's coolsculpting. coolsculpting is the only fda-cleared non-invasive treatment that targets and freezes away stubborn fat cells. visit today and register for a chance to win a free treatment. you totanobody's hurt, new car.
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>> bret: the battle for control of the house and next year's midterms could come down to one section of california. democrats are hoping to make big gains in the original book and stronghold. peter doocy continues his series
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from costa mesa, california. >> this is the first midterm cycle ever that top democratic operatives from d.c. have set up shop in the oc because the democratic congressional campaign committee thinks this is where it can flip a quarter of all the seats the democrats need to win the house. seven districts in california, four in g.o.p. friendly orange county with seats held by republicans where voters also went for hillary clinton. among the vulnerable incumbent, darrell isa who says he can still appeal to clinton voters. >> seven or 8 out of every -- voters voted for me. i think they know me in a way that i have their support. >> and trump voters. >> people want to know the you support the president. they also want to know you are holding him accountable. >> democrats are starting that cycle early and republicans are too. >> i people doing voter identification of the year and a
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half out before the election. i might've been doing that ten months or eight months out. >> dozens of californians think the time is right to run as democrats. like this navy veteran and mega millions winner. he used to be a republican because he liked the states former governor ronald reagan. >> the city on a hill as how he saw the nation and i kind of saw it the same way. but he was for things now that the republican party is not far. >> a democrat running for a republican seat is a former senate staffer. he thinks the competition on the left makes the party stronger. >> as democrats, we have issues with our messaging and winning elections in these primaries are going to allow people to hone the message. >> republican incumbents have one thing most challengers don't: a record, for better or worse. >> have a served honorably? have i done what's right for my district and tried to do what's right for the country? if the answer is yes, then i
3:20 pm
suspect i will be reelected. if the answer is no, that i don't deserve to be reelected. >> one thing republican officials here think could give them an edge, it costs a lot of money to buy tv ads in the l.a. media market, that is something incumbents aren't going to have to do much of because people already know them in southern california. but it's something that could cost democratic challengers billions. >> bret: peter doocy live in california. thank you. the wife of treasury secretary steven mnuchin is blasting one of her social media critics. she posted a picture of herself yesterday on instagram. she mentioned several designer labels for the outfit she was wearing. a critic posted a message on instagram sing "glad we could pay for your little getaway." she responded that the poster was adorably out of touch, passive-aggressive, nasty. social media did not respond
3:21 pm
kindly to linton's post and the poster, a mother from oregon, appeared on cable tv today to talk about the exchange with linton. the treasury department says the couple is reimbursing the government for linton's travel and that linton received no compensation for promoting the companies. this afternoon, louise linton released a statement." i apologize for my post yesterday as well as my response. it was inappropriate and highly insensitive." attorneys questioning jurors next month's corruption trial of new jersey democratic senator bob menendez. charged with accepting campaign donations and gifts from a florida eye doctor in exchange for lobbying for his business interests. menendez says the gifts and donations were innocent and there was no bribery. the trial is set to start september 6. the dow gained 196 today for its best day since last april. experts say that markets may be baking in some news of improved
3:22 pm
tax reform efforts. s&p 500 up 24. nasdaq surged 84. they had of the federal trade commission says the agency wants to take a closer look at artificial intelligence. moreno house and says ai has a consumer protection element as well as a competition element. there's a lot of talk these days about ai and the real possibility that robots could eventually take a lot of jobs from humans. maybe sooner than people think. of course there is another side to the automation issue and that may present a real opportunity. correspondent jonathan serrie reports on a high-tech future. >> as president trump seeks to reinvigorate u.s. manufacturing, robots may be the most efficient way for american factories to compete with cheap labor overseas. what does that mean for workers here? >> we think robotics has had a positive impact on u.s. manufacturing by creating better, safer, higher paying jobs for american workers. >> citing government data, the
3:23 pm
trade group says by adding over 136,000 robots to factory floors, u.s. companies created 894,000 new manufacturing jobs over the last seven years. among the companies hiring people alongside robots, makers of engines and generators. >> automation has been the case for helping employee safety, generating improved quality. those things generate more jobs. if you have a better product than anybody else, your employees are safe, that is the order. >> experts note robots need human assistance. >> instead of doing away with a job, we still have someone to operate the robot. we need someone to reprogram the robots, and work on expert >> rick runs this technology park in alabama, a tech school. >> our job is to make sure alabama companies have the best
3:24 pm
skilled workforce. >> this company teaches kids how to program computers. he sees coding as a basic skill, not just for silicon valley about the factory floor. >> it something you learn over time. you get better at your craft. these drops these kids are going to be doing don't exist yet. >> 80% of manufacturers they they are having a hard time finding qualified applicants for skilled production positions. industry experts say technical training in schools and cross training for existing workers are going to be key because american manufacturing is becoming increasingly high skilled and high tech. >> bret: jonathan, thank you. many stories on ai coming up. up the next, we will go live to phoenix as protesters are already waiting to greet president trump there. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 4 in kansas city. authorities have arrested more
3:25 pm
than a dozen stranded drivers after much of the area received four to 6 inches of rain. flash flood warnings have been issued across the region. 30 to 40 workers trapped on the loading dock and seven members of the family fled to the roof. fox 32 in chicago. nine people killed and at least 54 others wounded in weekend shootings. 63 people shot. seven people shopped, one fatally during a single mass shooting early sunday morning on the cities far south side. this is a live look at dallas from fox 4. this city moves quickly to take down confederate monuments and statues. preliminary costs to move the structures is estimated estimated to be almost $2 million. dallas mayor posted saturday that the structures will be taken down soon. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert. president trump will host of big campaign style rallied street in phoenix. protesters are already there to meet him, and so's chief correspondent jonathan hunt. good evening. >> good evening. thousands of president trump supporters have been lining up at the phoenix convention center since very early this morning in temperatures reaching 107 degrees. thousands of them will be inside the convention center while thousands are planning to protest outside. we have seen a few dozen of those protesters. the fear, heightened since events in charlottesville, is that the pro and anti-trump forces will clash. the phoenix police chief says her force is fully prepared. >> we plan on creating a situation where people are allowed to exercise their first amendment rights while providing
3:30 pm
access and options for public safety to get in and to people if the need arises. >> given the violence in charlottesville, president trump's decision to hold a rally in arizona where immigration is such a hot-button issue has been criticized by many democratic officials including the mayor of phoenix and even before the crowds began gathering here, democrats were laying blame for potential violence. >> these neo-nazis are looking to cause trouble. they walked to have an altercation. you could have the best prepared police force with the best of intentions but if you have somebody whose goal is to cause trouble because that's the only way they find meaning in their lives like these losers do. >> from our experience covering a lot of the trump rallies during the campaign, the worse flash point is when the rally ends and the trump supporters come out on the streets and meet with the protesters who have been there for a very long time.
3:31 pm
the phoenix police department is hoping that 107-degree heat is the only heat anyone will feel tonight. we will keep you posted. >> bret: thank you. we'll have a one hour wrap up of the president's speech tonight and the rest of the day's news at 11:00 p.m. eastern time, special edition of "special report." join us. there are, as you heard from jonathan, increased concerns about the level of violence in recent political protests. tonight chief washington correspondent james rosen looks of the rise of one particular movement and what it means for free speech and safe speech. >> it's become a symbol. >> one white nationalist richard spencer, credited with coining the term alt-right was sucker punched by an antifascists activist on inauguration day, a writer at "the nation" magazine. six months later, activists known by the name antifa have
3:32 pm
confronted white supremacists at an event outside the california state capitol. ten stabbings reported. antifa claimed her role in the unrest at berkeley when a far right commentator was disinvited. their most memorable turn was last week's deadly confrontation in charlottesville, virginia, . >> they used violence. just because they are opposed to fascism and some of these monuments, shouldn't make them heroes of the liberals. i am a liberal, and i think it's the obligation of liberals to speak out against the hard left radicals. >> since 9/11, and excluding the pulse nightclub attack, the majority of fatalities in america caused by extremist violence have been attributed to far right hate groups like the ku klux klan, neo-nazis, white supremacists. yet those tracking such incidents note the rise in violence by antifa and other
3:33 pm
groups who aim not merely to counter the alt-right but deny its members the rights of free speech and assembly. >> we are seeing white nationalists the much more prominent in their public demonstrations. it's spilled over the lives across the ideological spectrum. >> the original antifascist protesters confronted the third reich in germany as well as fascist governments in italy and spain. >> the tactics are little bit different but they are rooted in that idea of coming up to near violent or very aggressive right wing groups and confronting them in the streets. >> there are no hard figures, really can be no hard figures as dominic it will count themselves members of antifa. using twitter, facebook, selected phone numbers, we tried to contact a handful of individuals believed to be linked to the movement but our queries were not returned. >> bret: thank you. the president gets ready for
3:34 pm
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now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr. see heartburn differently. decode the message it i think the president will deliver is we need to get on. he was elected to rebuild the military, restoring the economy, make the country safe. the president will be talking about border security and visiting those who protect our borders in arizona. i think tonight you will hear the president say that is the congress prepares to come back, here's the agenda.
3:38 pm
we want to support our troops. want to provide the resources. >> bret: that's the prelude to today's events in a few hours. president trump in phoenix, arizona, and we will cover that live here on fox news channel. this comes as controversy on the ground in arizona about whether the president is going to pardon maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio, recently convicted of criminal contempt of court. when asked about that, here's what sarah huckabee sanders said. >> to pardon joe arpaio? i know that's a question you guys have asked a lot today. i can tell you there will be no discussion of that today at any point and no action will be taken on that front at any point today. >> bret: at any point today. steve hayes, editor-in-chief of "the weekly standard." catherine lucey, white house reported for the associated press. matt schlapp, contributor with
3:39 pm
"the hill." the president largely getting praise within the republican party and assets of another campaign style rally the people are going to be paying attention to. >> absolutely. people from both sides of the aisle, you are saying protesters are showing up, supporters want to come. i think the big question going into tonight is what we are going to see from the president and what style. last night we saw a very straight performance. he was very focused, very calm, focusing on the teleprompter. a campaign rally can be a very different thing. we know that sheriff question seems to be settled for today, but does he take shots at republican lawmakers? john mccain? does he reignite some of the rhetoric that's gotten them into trouble? i think those are the questions we are thinking about. >> bret: >> bret: former house r newt gingrich had similar thoughts about tonight.
3:40 pm
>> it will be fascinating to watch because he's clearly in transition. he has a very presidential speech to a veterans organization tomorrow. he is right now and the balance, does he go back to much more divisive, angry rhetoric tonight? or does he stick with this presidential style which last night gave him enormous positives. my hope would be he will sidestep senators mccain and flake. he's going to need both of them this fall in terms of the agenda. this is not a place to pick a fight. >> bret: what about that? senators flake and mccain won't be there. he's not one to pull punches, though, this president. >> no, he's not. i think we do know the tone will be much different from last night. it's a rally. he enjoys these rallies. i do think sometimes the president gets caught up in the spontaneity of the moment. i don't know if anybody on that plane knows exactly what he's
3:41 pm
going to do. i think it's a good admonition from speaker gingrich to remember this fall is going to be brutal on the legislative front. the debt limit, potential big, massive shutdown of government. the fight over the border wall, still talking taxes and health care. he does need to use his charm in the senate but it's quite strange for sitting republican senator to write an entire book indicting a republican presiden president. that's several bridges to far for most republicans. >> bret: more strange, the republican president going after the senate majority leader. he was asked about mcconnell on tuesday. >> talk about your relationship with senator mcconnell. >> i just want him to get repeal and replace done. >> has senator mcconnell considered stepping down? >> if he doesn't get repeal and replace done and if he doesn't get taxes done, meaning cuts and reform, and if he doesn't get a very easy one to get done,
3:42 pm
infrastructure, if he doesn't get them done, then you can ask me that question. >> bret: take a look at "the new york times." the piece says trump and mcconnell locked in a cold war, threatening the g.o.p. agenda. "relationship between president trump and senator mitch mcconnell has disintegrated to the client that they have not spoken since weeks. mr. mcconnell has privately expressed uncertainty that mr. trump will be able to salvage his administration after a series of summer crises. what was once an uneasy governing alliance has curdled into a feud of mutual resentment and sometimes outright hostility completed by the position of mitch mcconnell's wife elaine chao and mr. trump's cabinet. angry phone calls and private bad mouthing have devolved into open conflict with the president threatening to oppose republican senators who cross him and mr. mcconnell mobilizing to their defense." quite a paragraph that i wanted to read it because it's quite a
3:43 pm
scene here in washington. >> incredible piece of reporting that reflects an incredible series of developments. we have never seen this with the republican president and republican senate majority leader in open combat. the comments of the people quoted in that piece on the record, no doubt were talking with the blessing of their principles. this is basically open warfare between mitch mcconnell and donald trump. matt makes it interesting and relevant points. the president is going to need mitch mcconnell in some kind of relationship in order to get things done this fall. there's a lot that needs to get done. things that have to get done. things the president wants to get done, like tax reform. the big question, does the president see this article? does he react to it in an extemporaneous way as he's talking? does he take shots at jeff flake, john mccain.
3:44 pm
behind all of this is the president's praise for steve bannon. his tweet about steve bannon going back to breitbart news and how effective breitbart is going to be. his comment to peter boyer suggesting he was encouraging state bannon to take on the repn establishment. you have a situation going into this fall where you can see this open warfare grow rather than shrink. >> bret: the president tweeted about senator flake, praising potential primary opponent but now just today, the senate leadership adds that senate majority leader mcconnell overseas sent out an ad going after that potential primary opponent kelly ward. >> they are sending a message. this sticks to the broader conflict, intentions of the party. republican senators aren't going to just let the president insult
3:45 pm
anyone in the senate. >> jeff flake writes a book. you have to put this in context. you have a senate majority leader fighting with the president in their own party. i've seen it. you are right it's unusual it's so public but are these hostilities always there? they are always there. what's different in the are of trump? private hostilities often become public hostilities. >> they are getting very little done. >> in the sound bite, trump was leaving open the possibility you could favor pushing mitch mcconnell aside. >> or he's pushing republicans the fact that that if they don't get these major things done, we are all sunk. the president and the republicans. if you don't get stuff done, why do need to be there? >> you have seen this public pressure backfire on him several times, whether you are talking about lisa murkowski. >> jeff flake is that less than 20% in the state of arizona. that's really look at the
3:46 pm
position of these individuals senators in their state. it's not strong. we can do better if we work together, i agree. >> i was going to talk about other things. >> bret: we will continue the discussion because i want to talk about the border and immigration as well. we will continue this after the break. healthy energy, all in one. strong muscles, all in one. highly digestible, and a taste he loves, all in one. purina one smartblend is expertly blended... with 100% nutrition, 0% fillers, always real meat #1. lifelong smart nutrition. it's all in one. purina one. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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3:50 pm
decrease from the same seven-month period in 2016. 62,687 mexican foreign nationals apprehended. 14,000 unaccompanied alien children apprehended. this comes as a story that perhaps there is some movement on immigration and the so-called dreamers, there may be some sort of deal in the works to negotiate with congress on a bigger immigration package. we've heard that before from this white house. as is become more of a reality? >> i'm not sure. we've been discussing the previous segment, things often don't go all the way with this white house. their spend difficulty closing deals. it's been a thorny issue. there's a lot of interest in trying to do something. a signature issue for this president. he campaigned heavily on it.
3:51 pm
i'm sure we'll hear him talk more about this tonight. >> bret: is that possible? could he get haswell and the funding by doing some kind of big deal even though he makes his face upset on at least one element of that? >> hard to me to see us getting there. i would like to see us come together on some of these big questions but i think border, while funding isn't as of the important thing for him. i do think the democrats are going to be able to halt him to a high price to get it because he's got to have it. >> i think we were always heading towards a large immigration package. you've heard from president trump and his advisors backing off of some arguments he made during the campaign about daca and the dreamers. matt is right. if you need -- if you are president trump, you need the wall or something you can call the wall. something you can point to as a wall whether it's physical or what have you or whether it has solar panels were not.
3:52 pm
you need something you can say is awol. i think you can point of the statistics you cited, this is a testament to presidential rhetoric. he's made it clear he is going to continue on the enforcement side of things even if he's open to easing up on the other parts of the immigration plan. >> bret: what does the white house think is realistic? >> we are coming off a pretty terrible summer by anyone's assessment. they have not been able to move on health care and there's a lot of big things that they would like to do and they have to do. issues around the debt ceiling. they would really like to do something on taxes. that's something the president have been talking about. there's people working on it. some kind of tax reform package is something they would really like to see momentum on. again, as the interparty tensions continue, as other things stacked up, i mean, it
3:53 pm
gets harder and harder for them to move the ball. >> bret: that's the sentiment but these senators and congressmen need wins too. they need a w to take home. >> the house, senate, white house. under that scenario it civilly not acceptable to go back to the voters and say hey, we tried really hard. the fact is it's a dysfunctional body, especially the senate. it doesn't really do legislation unless it's must pass. i predict they won't get anything done until it's must pass. it always comes down to the budget. at the end of the year, much of this could be wrapped up into one piece of legislation that handles the budget questions and actually cuts taxes. i'm still hopeful we will do something on health care. >> bret: we come full circle to the guy who will make that happen, mitch mcconnell. he can string together the house and the senate, at least what he's done in the past,
3:54 pm
logistically to form that package. is there a mending of the ways? >> that could go one of two way ways. or mitch mcconnell becomes hardheaded and says i need to do this. i want to have more republicans elected in 2018. the map looks pretty good for republicans. if i can push some things through and put them on donald trump's desk with paul ryan during the same in the house and saying mr. president, sign this prayer puts the pressure on donald trump. >> the noose fits two necks. >> bret: when we come back, a tip of the cap to a campaign stalwart.
3:55 pm
3:56 pm
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3:58 pm
of our favorites. here at the fox news channel announced today he is retiring. we will miss him. if you have ever seen any campaign coverage ever on fox news channel, you knew him by two words campaign carl. >> bush wraps up his campaign day in south carolina and begin in delaware. he will begin campaigning again for south carolina. and where are we in are we still in wilmington? -- in -- where are we? hilton head. >> in -- where are we? >> every day is a winding road >> we're on the bus with al gore carl cam. >> vice president and al gore. >> this is the blare witch-hunt. >> because of very name grateful dead and numerous skeleton oriented logos for the last three decades a lot of the folks have mistakenly believed that the dead is heavy metal, dead and negative. socially conscious and music upbeat celebration. >> is there any way that
3:59 pm
they see that they can win this election now without pennsylvania? >> at this point that becomes the linchpin for the bush strategy. >> only for fox news can the candidates come over and talk to us this quickly. mr. romney, what do you expect tomorrow night real quick? >> [heckling] >> bret: always in the fight. carl sent us all an email this afternoon after nearly 22 amazing challenging wonderful years, i'm retiring from fox news. i will always be immensely grateful for the relationship's experiences and many lessons over the last two decades. fox's president of news jay wallace said today quote carl has been the heart and soul of our political journalism for the entire existence of fox news. we're incredibly sad to see him go. we understand his desire to retire and embark on a new chapter after a storied and stellar career. campaign carl, we will miss you. but don't be a stranger here in washington. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight.
4:00 pm
and that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. we will be back at 11:00 p.m. for a special edition of "special report" after the president's rally. here's martha. >> martha: breaking tonight, president trump landing minutes ago in phoenix, arizona. there he is greeted by the vice president just a couple of minutes ago. we do expect that there is going to be a huge crowd just base on the lines today outside the convention center. i'm martha maccallum and this is our story for this evening. the president fresh off the well-received rollout last night for his plan for afghanistan. we now know that deployments will begin almost immediately. a reality that is no doubt sinking in for military families across the country. but tonight, we do expect, because of this environment, that he will likely go off script and attempt to rev up his base with tough talk most likely about immigration and his pledge to build the wall at the southern border. this crowd


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