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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 23, 2017 2:00am-2:53am PDT

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regime in pyongyang has certainly demonstrated some level of restraint we have not seen in the past. we hope this is the beginning of this signal we have been looking for. heather: two shipments of steering chemical arms agent have been intercepted in the last six months. the navy seventh fleet commander is relieved from duty following two deadly incidents in three months, just this week several sailors died and went missing when the uss john mccain crashed into an oil thinker in the south china sea. donald trump offering condolences saying, quote, as the navy begins the process of recovering our fallen sailors thoughts and prayers go to their family and friends. rob: one of the barcelona terror attack suspects is walking free, the four alleged jihadists appearing in front of the judge for the first time, two
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officially charged with murder, one being held pending further investigation the fourth suspect whose car was used was releas on bond due toto lack of eviden. we are learning the mastermind behind the massacres avoided deportation in 2014 claiming his removal would violate his rights. the 45-year-old isis fanatic was killed after setting off a bomb and blowing himself up. a self-proclaimed white nationalists in the deadly charlottesville rally is expecting to turn himself in at any moment. police slapping christopher cantwell with several arrest warrants for allegedly pepper spray a man in the face, he was featured in a news documentary on race and terror. to extreme weather for this morning, people in the path of severe weather moving across the country. heather: people on the roof, flash flooding in kansas city
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forcing several rescues including this family, their dog also trapped on the roof, 160 water rescues reported, one man caught in the high water. rob: that storm system heading into the northeast. we are tracking that storm. we had a big storm last night. >> reporter: that exact one in the center of the country rolled through the northeast overnight. we will pay attention to that. it stretches down across the south but that really heavy rain, tornado warnings and watches in the northeast, good news for folks from new york to boston this morning, that will continue to push into the atlantic so no more concern for that particular system although it will continue to cause some thunderstorm activity. that cold front, warm air in the south southeast, cooler to the north, cold front, not seeing some humidity in the air. the next big story is going to be this disturbance, this
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low-pressure system of the yucatán peninsula moving back into the gulf and this one likely to form, it was tropical storm harvey, could become again as it moves closer to the gulf coast, we could be seeing it get close to hurricane level, medically a category one hurricane by the time it make landfall on the gulf coast friday. this is our next big story we are paying attention to for the next couple days. heather: is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. failing our veterans, thousands of heroes forced to wait hours for healthcare. the story that will make you sick to your stomach. rob: i love the flag is the message george foreman has for colin kaepernick. >> a lot of us died in war -- brought up with people who were patriotic. rob: the rally in support of the disrespectful former quarterback heading into the nfl
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do hawks use the stars to navigate? i don't know. aw, i thought you did. i don't know either. either way it's free for everyone. cool. what's in your wallet? rob: espn for pulling a college football announcer off of assignment because of his name. heather: robert lee who shares a name with the confederate general will no longer call the uva game in the wake of the charlottesville violence. jackie, this is an actual real story. >> reporter: a little strange. in light of the deadly protests in charlottesville espn decided to pull one of its announcers, because his name is robert lee. the network, they made the
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decision to switch games as the tragic events were unfolding simply because of the coincidence of his name. in that moment it felt right to all parties. it is a shame even a topic of conversation, play-by-play for football game, has become an issue. lee, an asian american sportscaster was going to call the game in charlottesville but the network now feels his name will be too offensive for viewers. earlier this month violence broke out at a white nationalists protest in charlottesville opposing the removal of a statue of robert e lee, confederate general, a driver rammed his car into a crowd of counter protesters killing one woman and injuring a dozen others. fox sports radio host clay travis who first broke the story says espn should have never taken lee off the game. >> it is a sign of how ridiculous and absurd this society has become that they made the decision that it was the right move to do this as opposed to just allowing people
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out there to think this guy is probably not a robert e lee and sister given he is an asian guy and there has been 150 some years since robert e lee died. it is probably time to get over it for a football game. >> lee will instead announce the panthers game, the cavaliers will be announced weekly. i didn't make it up. heather: before we went to bed i thought it was fake, this has to be fake but it is real. it is a shame it is a conversation. rob: thanks. heather: what do you think? did espn go too far? send your comments on facebook, twitter or email at foxfriends
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rob: supporters of colin kaepernick rally on the doorstep of roger goodell in new york city, former members of new york city police department joining colin kaepernick's protests of racial inequality. the former san francisco 49ers is without a job after going out on another contract following his national anthem protest, roger goodell says teams are making their individual evaluations on this. patty: 1 group's rally, george foreman taking a different direction throwing jabs at colin kaepernick and kevin durand, the american boxer accusing colin kaepernick of being unpatriotic for kneeling during the national and men's calling out durand for turning down an invitation to the white house. >> a lot of us died in war so they could have that privilege. i love the united states and i love the flag but a lot of people haven't found that and don't strive, haven't been brought up with people who are
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patriotic. heather: the 68-year-old added wearing red, white and blue during his 1968 olympic gold medal win was the greatest day of his life. rob: some athletes protest the president the new england patriots showing their gratitude having him the super bowl ring. robert kraft gifting donald trump diamond encrusted ring as a thank you for the team's white house visit in april featuring 300 diamonds and has the words greatest come back ever referencing 31 unanswered point score against the atlanta falcons in the first and second half of the super bowl. heather: the internet up in arms about him receiving that ring. the time is 18 minutes after the top of the hour, drunk driving illegal immigrant deported 15 times accused of nearly killing a 6-year-old boy. >> lack of recovery. heather: the heartbreaking testimony from that child's
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reporter informed both sides of being on an extremist cyclist. paypal unblocked it but the site head saying they won't use the service any longer. users of american freedom and even started calling paypal but it has not been non-banned from the surface. rob: oregon promised free tuition at community college but now they can't pay the bill, the state disqualifying wealthier students from its promise program due to high turnout and limited funds. oregon still expects to award scholarships to four out of five new eligible applicants. lawmakers approved that program last year knowing they would be $8 million short. heather: foxbusiness alert, get your tickets, the second-largest powerball jackpot drying in history is tonight. rob: foxbusiness here with a lot of money on the line.
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>> if you never purchased a powerball ticket today may be is a day. the jackpot is $700 million. the jackpot has not been hit since early june making this the second-largest jackpot in us history but you may not want to get your hopes up because the odds of winning are one in 292 million. you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning twice. the drying tonight is at 10:5:09 pm eastern time. you should still play. rob: as a $50 million was not enough. let's talk about mark wahlberg. heather: mark wahlberg, rapper turned actor is hollywood's highest-paid leading man earning $68 million landing him at the top of forbes highest-paid
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actors list. >> stop humming that song. >> i'm a peacock! >> that was mark wahlberg in the other guys but he recently recorded his highest-paid a due to transformers, the last night and daddy's home too. duane the rock johnson was number one last year, third-place vin diesel. heather: the rock does the baller's which is direct. rob: they are making a fortune after the success comes out. 25 minutes after the top of the hour, donald trump pushing forward with his agenda, strengthening our borders. >> we are building a wall on the southern border which is absolutely necessary. build that wall. >> bomb technician johnny joey jones is here live to react to
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wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers. rob: protests erupting following donald trump's massive rally in arizona. heather: the the commander-in-chief taking aim at the media while doubling down on fulfilling his campaign promises. >> reporter: thousands of protesters flooded the streets of phoenix which turned violent by rally's end with confrontation by law enforcement using tear gas to disperse the crowd resulting in a handful of arrests. inside the rally the president electrified a crowd of 15,000 revisiting his charlottesville comments and turning his ire at their favorite target the mainstream media saying they don't report the facts and the
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president did speak out forcefully. earlier in the day he visited a marine corps base in yuma, a border town, 50% in the last year. some in the administration attribute their strict policies and the president says he still promises to build that wall. >> we are finding the gang members, drug dealers and criminals who prey on our people. we are building a wall on the southern border which is absolutely necessary. [crowd chanting] >> reporter: the blame democrats for obstructing his agenda when it comes to healthcare, jobs and tax reform. >> eight years trying to get help, i really believe the republicans, maybe we will get a couple senators who think they will lose their race on the democratic side but we will get it fixed. one vote, speak to your senator please. we are building our future with
2:24 am
american hands, american labor. the democrats are going to find a way to obstruct. if they do remember they are stopping you from getting a massive tax cut. >> reporter: that will require congress. something interesting happening this morning. the top of the capital, that light is the convener session light and it is only on when the senate or house or senate are in session. not sure why the light is turned on. maybe a call to the architect of the capitol to find out. these lights are always on but this one means session is in. >> maybe they are doing secret work. what are the chances of that? >> reporter: nothing would surprise me anymore. heather: appreciate it. donald trump ending his rally in phoenix with a call to unite as patriots and americans.
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a powerful move according -- johnny joey jones joins us live. an honor to have you with us. we were just discussing our thoughts about the president's speech, i love it when he is so patriotic and tries to pull all people together, don't know how anyone can feel that way. >> by the end of the speech you feel a sense of unity through believing in this country. i get so excited when i talk about this country because so passionate about it. i don't know if anyone knows how much i love this country, back to where i come today, if anybody can live and the speech last night with mitch mcconnell, donald trump knows more than anyone what he is trying to accomplish. i think he did it. he was speaking to his base. in doing so he was speaking to the rest of the country as well. heather: you thought he went off
2:26 am
message a little bit. >> if i'm completely honest i am sitting there trying to watch it objectively as a veteran wanting to know more about the afghan speech, wanting to know our plan for north korea and everything going on. i don't need 30 minutes of how horrible the media and john mccain are. i get it, i get the frustration but close the book on that and march forward. as a marine i learned to adapt and overcome but i am not going to second-guess his political tactics. he put him in the white house when no one said it could happen and i was excited to hear a lot of things in the speech especially when he started talking about what he is doing for veterans affairs. we can't call it a victory yet and i don't think we can say things are better but believing in something goes so far in this country if you get enough people to believe in something, administer the va to believe in the mission you can change.
2:27 am
heather: how do you do that when there are not a lot of people speaking in favor of him which is why we hear him defending himself so much. >> the va specifically, that is a mission bigger than any one person or administration, 22 million americans, veterans that served this country and deserve something in return, i believe good people work at the va. i inherently don't trust bureaucrats in government but the people that take your blood pressure and and ask your healthcare every day need to know people believe in them so they will be motivated about their job and wants to do it. heather: i want your comment and what the president had to say about afghanistan, you were in afghanistan as a bomb technician, lost your legs, what do you think? >> an amazing job explaining the difference in tactics, how we are going to do the day-to-day, what our goals are. the men and women fighting this
2:28 am
battle are at a loss of what is the actual mission, a difference between an 8-year-old putting a bomb in the ground, and in 18-year-old jumping on a plane and taking the building down in a foreign country. we quit looking at them that way, quit making that discernment on people reacting to us being there as opposed to people who might do us harm when we are not there and we have to draw the line and understand it better. if you're in a village one day a week the taliban is there the other six. a troop surge has been effective and i don't want to know any amount of troops are off the table. that is what it takes to get the job done. heather: thank you for joining us. thank you for your service. rob: confederate monument decapitated in a cemetery, vandals ripped off and stole the head from the soldier statue at
2:29 am
the confederate cemetery in columbus, ohio. 2000 civil war soldiers are buried there. >> this place is sacred regardless of whether or not it is confederate soldiers. it is still a cemetery. heather: 7 the to veterans affairs is investigating. 2000 of our nation as heroes waiting for an appointment outside the va system, with the lower and army veteran plans the brooks medical center in shreveport, louisiana is not doing enough to support non-va care and the choice system. the program helps veterans who can't get an appointment at a va hospital to get outside medical treatment. sorry might not cut it for the missouri democrat who admits she hoped trump would be assassinated days after state senator maria chapelle the doll apologize for a facebook post lawmakers stripped her from committee assignments. she still refuses to resign but lawmakers including the state governor and lieutenant governor say senators should oust her
2:30 am
from office. secret service investigating the post that has since been deleted. heather: that never goes away. 20 minutes until the top of the hour. four incidents just this year sparking a probe on our pacific fleet. what is going on. our next guest is here with an answer. >> we will make america great again. heather: donald trump taking his message directly to the people. what do the voters think? lee carter with a brand-new dial just an overnight. t office max. 10 pack pens, one cent. composition notebooks,scissors, and plastic folders all one cent each! hurry to office depot office max. ♪taking care of business. what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price,
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>> welcome back, a 6-year-old boy critically injured in a crash linked to an illegal immigrant will never be the same. lennox's mother giving hard
2:34 am
chattering testimony at the trial. a man deported 15 times. >> frustrated deeply, so happy you are lucky. the littlest things. heather: lennox and his parents were returning from disneyland when police say are costa ran a stop sign crashing into the family car, his blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit. los angeles wants to join california's lawsuit against the doj after the agency threatened to withhold funding from sanctuary cities who do not cooperate with federal aviation authorities. the city called the threat a constitutional violation, a doj spokesman calls it baffling, meant to keep citizens safe.
2:35 am
rob: the navy planning to relieve the 3-star admiral in charge of the seventh fleet after four accidents in the pacific so what exactly is going on with our ships? a big question and an important one. here to weigh in, author of the new terrorism, how to fight it and defeated and former deputy secretary of the u.s. army, van hicks, thanks for coming on this morning. let's start right here. a lot of people thought for a minute or two this could have been a cyber attack on these ships. the navy has pretty much ruled that out but now they are saying it could be something involving training. how do they explain this many issues? >> a couple years ago the chinese stole the records of americans, took months to find that out. the chief of naval operations tweeted out investigations will
2:36 am
exclude all possibilities and that includes a cybertech. i talked to folks i trust with av backgrounds and other backgrounds, most think it is likely training but a cyberattack is a possibility. don't forget iran hacked into the program in 2013. they had some challenges but what this should remind us of is cyberwarfare is the fifth dimension of warfare after land, sea, air and space. the most obligated to carry challenge america ever faced that we as a nation are most unprepared for. rob: let's go back to what likely caused this. if it is a training issue, what is to blame? lack of resources the military has had in the last eight years? a lot of people say was decimated by underfunding, is that to blame?
2:37 am
>> last year the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff basically said the military was at all time low in terms of readiness. when you talk about ships or the synchronization of the battlefield, so much information technology, communications involved, it is extremely complicated and even more so. with the new systems they are vulnerable. the gao came out with a report in 2015 saying aircraft were vulnerable to cyberattacks. rob: you watch the progression of war, started with knives and bows and arrows, then guns and missiles and at this point it went atomic and we are getting to the point where computers are the new warfare. how critical that you can shut down an entire entity with a computer now. that is the next step where we
2:38 am
need to be. >> whoever wins the cyberwar will have a hand in the next military conflict no question. rob: we appreciate your time. heather: time to check in with what is coming up on "fox and friends". rob: you are in louisville having breakfast yet again. you need to watch those calories and pancakes every morning. >> reporter: no truer words were ever said. in louisville, kentucky, in louisville, what is interesting about this county and jefferson, it went hard-core for hillary clinton but there is a county right near us that went hard for donald trump so we will talk to people here about issues that matter, the afghanistan potential surge, what is going on with the monuments and the president's speech last night and martha maccallum later
2:39 am
today, state fairs eat a lot of good food. we will what up her. i will do the big disney challenge, 3 pound burger, fries in 30 minutes. it will be interesting to see if i survive, "fox and friends" at the top of the hour. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. switch to flonase allergy relief. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. flonase helps block 6. most allergy pills only block one
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rob: new york's liberal mayor could -- bill diblasio and his aide use personal email accounts for city business. bill diblasio's address conducting official city work. that could be a violation of guidelines for public officials. espn pulling one of its announces from calling
2:43 am
university of virginia football game because the network is worried his name is too offensive to their viewers, his name robert lee, asian american who shares the same name as a confederate general, he will no longer announce the game in charlottesville. they are pouring in, bonnie on facebook saying it is not political correctness but insanity. diane saying too far to the left. nick posting on twitter espn wants to keep driving away viewers, what a bunch of fools. we thought you would have great comments. heather: donald trump back in his element rallying the crowd in phoenix. how did it resonate? put the president of the dial test. interesting reaction, a little
2:44 am
bit mixed, more negative than we would have thought given past performances. donald trump saying we are all on the same page. >> it is time for all of us to remember that we are all on the same team. we are all americans and we all believe right now in america first. >> i was shocked when i saw this. this should be rainbows, apple pie, loving this message. but you could see republicans gave this an a-independents and democrat only is the. a tough start for the president just a taste. >> we are all on the same team, how could that the negative rating? >> he is on his heels, the last two weeks have been very challenging for the president and people want to hear him unifying the country, they want to hear leadership but are not feeling they are getting it from
2:45 am
him. when you give someone a see this is not the worst thing in the world. people are waiting for more and a lot of the rest of the speech didn't win them over. heather: donald trump saying sheriff joe arpaio is going to be just fine. >> was sheriff joe convicted for doing his job? he should have had a jury but i will make a prediction, i think he is going to be just fine. >> republicans gave him an egg, independents and democrat gave him a d-. a lot of folks out of left field isn't what they wanted to hear him talking about, they wanted to him talk about unifying the country moving things forward, they want to hear about tax reform and healthcare, but let's get things done. this is something people didn't
2:46 am
necessarily respond to. independents have been in lockstep with republicans for almost two years. independents in lockstep with democrats, a big divided you feel it. heather: donald trump saying americans share one destiny. >> americans share one planet, one home and one glorious destiny. we live according to the same law, raised our children by the same values and we are all named by the same almighty god. >> surprises me, i am shocked. >> gave it to see, republicans gave it and a. overall they want to hear more consistent strength from the president, messages of unity. >> had it any afghanistan
2:47 am
speech, following charlottesville the some people say he didn't do it soon enough and he has had this unity message but people just refusing to hear it? >> he has had some of that message except it has been buried underneath on many sides, buried underneath i can't do anything right. i said it already, it is the media's falls, people are tired of that, they want him to do the right thing, stay on course and keep going forward on the things that matter most to the american people, tax reform, healthcare, they want to hear us coming together. it wasn't that these were bad when talking about messages but they want to hear more of it, less of the media attacks, less of this i am defensive, i'm doing great things no one is paying attention to, they want to hear him being donald trump in the rallies being exciting about on his heels defending himself. heather: the you have grades from republicans that were ands.
2:48 am
he has not lost his base. always appreciate it. rob: birthday boy troll coming up, the many faces of trey gowdy, his twitter exchange that will make your morning, stay tuned. ♪ you are beautiful ♪ you are beautiful ♪ you are beautiful ♪ there's nothing more important to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. . .
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♪ ♪ i'm... i'm so in love with you. ♪ ♪ whatever you want to do... ♪ alright with me. ♪ ooo baby let's... ♪ ...let's stay together... rob: you'll like this. pretty funny exchange between two long-time friends on twitter. heather: president trump's
2:52 am
budget director mick mulvaney throwing shade wishing trey gowdy happy birthday. rob: collage of old pictures what do you get somebody for their birthday a raiser and a comb. happy birthday trey gowdy. heather: following back in the twitter i'm just a couple hair cuts awa afrom equaling the number of staff departures your white house colleagues. i get it. you are hard. rob: not too bad. "fox & friends" starts right now. see you later. >> it is finally time to rebuild our country and to fight for the jobs our great american workers deserve. >> this is, i think, how president trump likes to strum the chords. he is the one driving the message. >> tucker: espn has pulled a football announcer from an
2:53 am
upcoming game because of his name, which is robert lee. >> i think it's a sign of how ridiculous and absurd society has become. >> almost seems like a parody. this was not just political correctness by espn. it's political idiocy. >> issuing a travel warning for popular tourist destinations idestinations in m. >> if you have never purchased a power ball ticket today may be t


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