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tv   FOX Friends  FOXNEWSW  August 24, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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heather: 13-year-old boy arrested for driving around meth. rob: police looking for booze bandit who stashed several bottles in her shirts, pants. heather: shirt says too gram to carry. thanks for joining us. >> president trump called for unity, patriotism and more unity for the veterans association. >> time for wounds that divide us. we are one people one home and one great flag. >> speaker ryan rejected president trump's plan to shut down government if democrats block funding for the border wall. >> i don't think government shutdown is necessary and i don't think most people want to see government shutdown. >> the wall is a monument to the rule of law. >> excerpts of hillary clinton's brand new audio law have finally been released. >> do you stay calm, keep
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smiling and carry on as if he weren't repeatedly invading your space? >> mrs. clinton did not lose this election because she thought donald trump was a creeper. she lost it because she had an issues problem, unlikability problem, and most of all a corruption problem. >> one single winning power ball ticket sold right outside of boston. >> 759 million bucks. it is the second largest grand prize in u.s. history. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we'll have a house party ♪ we don't need nobody ♪ steve: house party live from studio f here in the heart
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of midtown manhattan. ainsley: come on in on this thursday. todd: welcomthursday. brian: welcome to our tv house. one of these super stars we got him when he was emerging and he came back. a lot of these guys just forget about us. steve: they all have been here. they all started here. taylor swift when she was 13 years old was here when she was 13 years old singing out on the steps. do you remember that? brian: you convinced her to stay involved. [ buzzer ] steve: not in the form of the question. ainsley: can we hear the question again is florida georgia line famous because of brian? [ding] brian: magic 8 ball? steve: magic 8 ball would say ask again later. let's talk about what's going on in the world of politics. the president of the united states yesterday was in reno and his speech before the american legion could not have been different than the speech he gave the rally he had the night before in phoenix where he railed
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against his media, the media and his rivals but yesterday as he took the stage in reno, it was all about unity. >> it is time to heal the wounds that divide us and to seek a new unity based on the common values that unite us. we are one people with one home and one great flag. [cheers and applause] we are not defined by the color of our skin, the figure on our paycheck, or the party of our politics. we are defined by our shared humanity, by our citizenship in this magnificent nation and by the love that fills our hearts. [applause] brian: about a 15 minute speech. not only that he reaffirmed his war plan in afghanistan. also talked about the progress made in the v.a. he got a very good response
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and time to move on. 15 crisp minutes people say it's dr. jekyll and mr. hyde. three different audiences. one to the military, two to his supporters, three to the men and women who fought wars in the past the american legion. ainsley: exactly right. i thought it was have measured point and very good and pro-veterans, pro-military. he signed a bill at the end, which is the reason he was there to speed up the veterans disability appeals process. that means if you are a veteran and injured while you are serving and get sick and get compensation or not happy with the amount of money that the government has given you and you want to appeal that the process takes so long, he is signing right there an appeals bill to speed up the process. steve: that's right. earlier he had signed a white house initiative that allowed vets to access doctors online. all part of his campaign promise that he wants to check off of the former steve bannon wall in the white house as a campaign promise. ainsley: do you know what i also said steve that i liked if you are disrespected and
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you are a veteran at the v.a. we are going to fire people. you are fired if you disrespect and treat them poorly. i thought that was greats. veterans fighting for country and putting their lives on the line for all of us. they need to be treated with respect when they come home. brian: legislation they have got to work through. a lot of great people that work at the v.a. that could make more money elsewhere. make sure, everyone, if you are watching out there we know you don't belong lumped in with the problems they had. ainsley: people of south carolina wonderful. the one in charleston is great. it has good ratings. steve: all about your home state. you are lucky, brian, we are in new york. brian: where everything runs like a top. steve: kentucky senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is. he has trouble with the voters back there. we will talk about that in a minute. he also has some trouble with the president of the united states. there was a story we told you about that came out a couple days ago about how mitch mcconnell and the president of the united states had a heated phone call two weeks ago. they were screaming at each
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other. apparently this was confirmed yesterday by a white house official. they said yes, indeed, the leader and the president did have an animated conversation after mr. mcconnell said that in the press that president trump had excessive expectations about how quickly they could get rid of obamacare. the president didn't like that. and made it very clear to mitch mcconnell i don't like that. brian: he tweeted about it and then he talked to him directly. picked up the phone. he said it on a monday. the president said it on a tuesday. steve: yelled at him. brian: that's called real life. that's the way it works. that doesn't mean they hate each other. you are allowed to disagree. everyone mightn't watching i don't get along with my professor or my boss or i do. a lot of times up and down. they need each other. the president also is a negotiator. he knows what he wants to get done this september. he wants it to get done despite the fact he only has 52 votes maximum republicans in the senate.
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so he tweeted this out. if the republican senate doesn't get rid of this filibuster rule which by the way they are not going to, go to a simple majority, which is 51 votes, which the dems do. they are just wasting line. senate fears they will become the house mitch mcconnell minority leader and the election go the way. they will be marginalized and get nothing done. ainsley: the president wants everything passed immediately so he can say everything he ran on he passed. simple majority would be great and that would favor him. mitch mcconnell who has to continue on after the presidency, it might not be in favor of all the republicans later on. the problem. brian: if they lose the majority. ainsley: get rid of the filibuster, you get rid of it then everything is a simple majority. if they lose, exactly. if the republicans lose the majority, then the democrats will be able to pass anything they want on a simple majority. steve: the president is not the only person the republican party who has
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said get rid of the filibuster otherwise we are not going to get anything done. mitch mcconnell yesterday put out a statement trying to tamp down these rumors that there is a civil war. he said the president and i and our teams have been and continue to be in regular contact about our shared goals. we have a lot of work ahead of us and we are committed to advancing our shared agenda. now, that's the key right there. shared agenda together and anyone who suggests otherwise is clearly not part of the conversation. what's interesting is sarah huckabee sanders went out yesterday and she said that essentially that what they wanted to do was they wanted to get together on taxes and the border wall. but mitch mcconnell has been very vague about the border wall. so, you know it's going to come down to the senate because they have already passed it in the house. is mitch on board with the wall? right now we don't know. brian: it doesn't look strong in the house. the freedom caucus is all strong for the wall for the president. $1.6 billion in their spending bill. that goes to the senate.
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that will die an ugly death. but now it's up to a lot of those republican lawmakers in the border states, some of which don't want the wall. to get on board because the president's agenda. or what will the president give in in order to get that done? ainsley: what do they share? they want to provide relief for obamacare. mitch mcconnell says he wants to implement effective strategy against isis. they support our troops he and the president and continue progress for our veterans. >> steve: but the wall is the link pin because the president made it very clear two nights ago in phoenix, if i don't get the wall, we're going to shut down this government because i'm not going to sign this thing. brian: by the way, coming up shortly exclusive with us. senator jeff flake will be joining us. remember him? he and the president in many areas have really knocked heads, including the other night, yesterday with with a tweet. we'll find out where senator jeff flake is with the president where he isn't. kellyanne conway joining us in 90 minutes. steve: i just saw arizona
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high ground poll statewide. senator jeff flake is at 28% against his primary challenger dr. kelli ward who we have had on this program, she is in the 40s. he is in the 20s. he is losing to the democrat right now he is so deeply unpopular in arizona. brian: right. remember of the polls also had donald trump losing by a lot. steve: absolutely. >> how many times they coincide on policy. maybe it's more a style thing. ainsley: the president did say something about kelli ward. endorsing her in a sense on twitter. steve: jeff flake did write a book that was highly critical of this president. i can understand. just like he said mitch, i don't like it. it's jeff, i don't like your book. brian: goes to bat for him when it comes to healthcare where john mccain dropped the ball. jillian. ainsley: head to jillian for headlines. jillian: one more day until the weekend.
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arrest made in a possible terror attack targeting an american rock concert in the netherlands. 22-year-old suspect taken into custody overnight. a second man also questioned when police found him near the concert venue with a van full of gas canisters. officials enough to say he is unlikely to be connected to the threat there. the california based band has called off show when spanish police alerted the dutch about the potential attack. keep you posted. now to extreme weather about to effect millions of people here at home. harvey now a tropical storm and only getting stronger moving through the gulf. dangerous storm on track to turn into a hurricane could make landfill as early as tomorrow, bringing with it catastrophic flooding to texas and louisiana. evacuations already underway as people prepare for the worst. filling sandbags and stocking up on splice. the white house is expected to issue guide dance on the transgender military ban in the coming days. according to the "wall street journal," the president will send secretary of defense james
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mattis a memo to fully launch a transgender troop ban over six months. it will ask the defense secretary to consider transgender people's ability to serve in a war zone. in addition to banning new recruits and halting payments for medical treatments. someone in massachusetts is waking up more than $750 million richer this morning. you lucky ducks. one single winning power ball ticket sold right outside of boston. 759-million-dollar jackpot was sold at this convenience store right outside of boston in water town. second largest grand prize in u.s. his industry. winning numbers. there you go. that's the store where it was sold. winning numbers 6, 7, 16, 23, 26, with the power ball 4. so if you live in massachusetts, check your tickets. and if we're the ones telling you won, remember, sharing is caring. that's all i'm going to say. thank you, guys. steve: thank you, jillian. crazy thing is somebody who woke up with that ticket and
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we don't know, it could be a shared ticket with a bunch of people at work or something like that. they probably don't know right now. they haven't woken up. ainsley: if you shop at the handy variety right outside of boston you could be a winner. steve: president trump putting the focus back on america's heroes the bill he signed in reno and how vets are reacting to his latest push to help our troops. brian: plus, he is back. former fbi director james comey just found a new job and you will laugh at where he is working now ♪ that you don't understand ♪ before you ask some girl for a hand now ♪ keep your freedom for as long as can you now ♪ my momma told me ♪ you better shop around ♪ i make it easy to save $600 on car insurance,
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♪ ♪ >> we are here to honor you for the sacrifices you have made to defend our nation and preserve our way of life. i promised you that i would make it my priority to fix the broken v.a. and deliver our veterans the care they so richly deserve. and you see what's been happening. ainsley: they put their lives on the line defending our freedoms and now president trump is making sure our veterans get the care that they deserve by signing landmark reforms in
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to law. our next guest was there at the convention. joining me now is american legion executive director and u.s. army veteran verna jones. thank you so much, mrs. jones for being with us. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. what were the highlights last night during his speech? >> the highlight was when he mentioned the american legion and our tradition of taking care of veterans. we were so pleased that the president decided to come and talk to the american legion. it was a room full of our nation's heroes there. legionnaires who fought for freedom of this country and we were excited that he was there to address them. and highlight some of the wonderful things that the american legion has been able to do for veterans. ainsley: why was this so significant for your organization? >> it was significant because, again, since 1919 the american legion has been advocating for veterans. we have been making sure that when our men and women come home the benefits they so richly deserve are there. yesterday when president trump signed the appeals
3:19 am
monitorization bill. that was huge for veterans. huge for veterans to get the benefits they deserve and provide for their basic needs. ainsley: can you share some stories with us? because apparently that process is very long. if you come home from fighting for our country and you are injured or sick you get compensation. if you are not happy with the compensation you can appeal that the process takes forever. that's what the president is signing this bill for to speed up the process. do you have friends that have gone through this long appeals process. >> sure. the american legion has over 3,000 accredited representatives across the country that help veterans. so the stories go on and on and on. veterans will file a claim for the disability they believe was caused by the time in service. once they get their decisions back, if they are not satisfied they haven't received the amount or if they have been denied, then they can go through the appeals process. that appeals process has taken a long time.
3:20 am
there are over 500,000 veterans waiting over four years to get their appeals. can you imagine serving this country in silence disability it you believe you are entitled to, being denied and having to wait that long? this appeals montizatio montizan serve that process. based on their needs if they have one issue or they believe they were -- it's just a difference of opinion go through one area of the v.a. or the appeals process to make sure that they take care of that appeal. if it's more egregious or if there are more issues, then there is another lane that they can go through. so this appeals monitorization act will put veterans where they are supposed to be in this appeals process. shortening the process so veterans won't have to wait so long. ainsley: i was glad he honored the medal of honor recipient as well and pulled him up on stage to say a few words. thank you, verna for serving our country and the american legion and doing such an
3:21 am
amazing job for our great country. thank you so much. >> thank you. ainsley: should a high school coach be able to pray after a football game. court has ruled no. lawrence jones the sun of a preacher is going to join us to talk about it next. ♪ every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated. super cool notebooks... done. that's mom taking care of business, but who takes care of mom? office depot/office max. order online and pickup in store in just one hour. ♪ taking care of business
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like technology that can update itself. an advanced fiber-network infrustructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. ♪ brian: glad you are up. now quick headlines. call him professor comey, guess who is lecturing and getting paid for it, the fbi director who once headed that agency will be giving five lectures on public policy to students at howard university. ironically his stance on public policy got a lot of people up in arms. comey fired from his post in may will be paid he plans to donate that money to foster homes. that's nice.
3:25 am
paperwork for president trump's pardon of sheriff arpaio in arizona. the sheriff hinted at the move in phoenix. arpaio was recently convicted of contempt of court for failing to comply with a judge's order to stop anti-immigrant traffic controls. he planned on appealing anyway. now he might not have to. ainsley: look at that picture right there. no room for god on the gridiron, a court ruling against a high school football coach suspending him for praying on the field after the game back in 2015. he told us it was his right. >> i kind of made an agreement with, you know, my personal faith and with god that this is something that i was going to do and i was going to give him the glory after every single game. and do it on the 50. steve: he did it on the 50 even though his school district suspended him for that now our next guest calls this more proof of assault on christianity. lawrence jones is the host
3:26 am
of blaze and son of a preacher and joins us from dallas. good morning. >> good morning. steve: after a game, away from the team, coach kennedy would take a knee for 30 seconds, say a prayer and walk away and continue on his business. the school district said please stop it. he continued it. he was -- his contract eventually not picked up. now the ninth circuit of appeals says he violated the constitution because he folk as a public employee not as a private citizen and his speech, therefore, was constitutionally unprotected. so because he was in the public eye, and it was an official public figure there, that's against the law. >> i don't understand what's new about this. i played sports my entire life. in texas it's a tradition that we pray before games and we pray after games. not just to win but for protection, for wisdom. even for our opponents. it's just a tradition that many people can choose to
3:27 am
participate in or not participate. in it's something that's needed in the fabric of our country as well as in our schools. i mean, i get that they eliminated prayer out of schools but now people have the right to choose if they want to do it or not. and so now they are taking a step further. i think that's wrong. ainsley: you say texas. is that where you grew up, lawrence. >> yeah i grew up and i'm actually the son-in-law of a pastor which is why i'm always, i guess, talking about christ and how he needs to be included in our country. you know, this country was founded on judeo-christian values. and this is something that we really need in society today. i mean, i'm not sure we're prepared for the consequences of eliminating god in every single -- out of every single thing that we do today. i think there is going to be severe consequences for that it's just concerning that now schools are taking a step further and saying no, you can't each do it at a football game. brian: you admire this coach
3:28 am
forever taking it to the point where he is and do you think he should continue the fight? >> most definitely. i think there is going to be a lot of patriots that fight for him. this is not the first time this has happened. we had a coach in texas that did the same thing. and the players joined in. and they prayed in the center of the field. i think it's getting to take all of us joining in to support this coach. ainsley: but, you know, it's not offensive -- in new york city i see people praying. i see muslims at the call of prayer, they are praying. you see collin kaepernick taking a knee. tim tebow took a knee on the field. why is this guy, why are they using him as an example when other people are praying as well and it's not offend go ahead anyone? >> well, let's not pretend that there is not an assault on christianity. i know the left would like us not to think that. there is a clear assault on what we believe in this country that was founded on these principles. weave see muslim members all the time praying and they
3:29 am
don't get, you know,in trouble for it there are even schools and colleges putting rooms specifically for muslims to be able to pray. which is fine but don't restrict christians. brian: your opinion, hypothetical, same coach doing the same time muslim and laid out a carpet and prayed, do you think they would be suing this guy, firing this guy, making him go to court? >> no. there would be so much further spore that coach. and anybody who said anything contrary to that coach would probably be fired themselves. that's the hypocrisy in this issue. ainsley: the people who are against it, obviously, we need to be praying for them because prayer saves lives. prayer saves people and make you better people when you can turn your life over to god. >> this country needs it you are exactly right. this country needs prayer. look at the political discourse today. do they think that eliminating prayer is going to help us come together? this is a time that we need unity. who is going to be the mlk?
3:30 am
who is going to be the gandhi? who is going to go out there to say we need god to fix these issues? steve: good questions. lawrence jones, joining us from dallas. brian: dozen of collin kaepernick supporters calling for the fbi to hire him or put pressure on the advertisers. they gathered outside the nfl headquarters yesterday. ainsley: should president trump shut down the government to get fungedding for the border wall in the battle is heating up on capitol hill. what do you think? steve: who needs politics when you have waffles. ainsley: finally. steve: he finally found a part-time job. he is in the waffle truck right now. ainsley: with janice. steve: it's national waffle day ♪ going to be the best day of my life ♪ my life, life ♪ woo, woo ♪ the family.
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steve: if you nuts the banks are closed today, it's national waffle days. janice: oh my gosh it's national waffle day. did you know that? we are with waffles and ding gas, right? they are here with our waffle truck. tell us the origin of the waffle waffle original nateed in belgium. they are soft and chewy. come from the southern region. delicacy. wax paper. here in america we like whip cream chocolate and all that stuff. janice: where do you have restaurants. >> cafe lower east side. we have a kiosk in howard scare. one in times square. we have them all over the place. janice: can i tell you, this is the best waffle i have
3:35 am
ever tried. >> you are not th first person to say that. janice: so good. steve: you know what? thank you very much j.d. and waffle. do you know who their delivery boy? congressman jason chaffetz. ainsley: come on over. steve: how are you? >> are you kidding? ainsley: steve has his knife and fork ready. >> i have never had a waffle i didn't like. in congress we specialized in waffling. brian: did have you one? >> are you kidding? you don't get a belly like this by missing waffles. brian: you are in great shape. ainsley: do you have any great waffle stories to share with us. >> trey gowdy same thing pretends to put a bowl of fruit there all is he doing is eating waffles. ainsley: another south carolina guy. steve: mick mulvaney and trey gowdy hairdos.
3:36 am
>> easy target in trey gowdy. when you wake up no idea what hairstyle trey gowdy. ainsley: are you allowed to say that? he is your friend, right? >> it's the truth. he wanders down and he has this cap on and pulls it off. scares little kids. brian: is he quite productive and bright and valuable and took over your old job. >> scares little kids when he walks down the street. brian: stop it. that's so unbelievable. ainsley: that's unacceptable. brian: if we have time i would like to squeeze in policy. steve: here to talk about the waffles mark meadows came out and tweeted out i support the president and his push for the border wall. the president made it clear if i don't get that border wall financing, i am going to shut down the government. paul ryan does not want to -- here is what paul ryan said in response. >> ever. >> i don't think a government shut down is necessary and i don't think most people want to see a government shut down. brian: what's the tactic
3:37 am
here. >> the president wants a border wall and the country wants a border wall. he campaigned on it president obama several positions he took. he says i have to have this. funding a border wall is in the best interest. brian: they don't want to do it? >> i don't care. the president should hold his ground on this one. brian: shut down the government. >> you don't need to shut down the government. the only ones shut down the government are the democrats in the senate. republicans are wholly behind. this some going to waffle and get away from it. no, the president is right on this. why should he give ground on this one. ainsley: president speaking about the border wall. jeff flake was there. what did you make of this argument between them and does jeff flake has a chance of losing in that area now? >> jeff flake has been very successful. he was 10-plus years in the house of representatives. >> he was elected as senator. running against somebody who only got 39% against john mccain. so i don't -- you know, it's still a year away. it's way premature. a lot is going to happen in the next year. brian: he was in the gang of
3:38 am
8. they have very strong border protections and also voted for the 700 miles across the border. the president has already indicated at certain portions you can't be a solid wall. you need to be able to see through. which is also jeff flake's positions. >> look, we have to lock down the border. that's a popular position in arizona. it is across the country, it effects the whole nation. steve: sure. >> i think the president is right on this. and i don't think he should back off at all. steve: what about the dynamic between the president and membership mcconnell because the president needs the senate to get stuff done. your chamber, the house has been passing a bunch of stuff kicking it over to mitch mcconnell. he has been unable to capitalize on getting stuff done. obamacare and stuff like that. story they were yelling at each other on the phone because mr. trump was steamed at mr. mcconnell over comments he had made about mr. trump in the paper. >> well, donald trump has delivered on his end of the bargain every single time. it's the united states senate that has not been able to produce things. remember, the house of representatives has already funded the border wall. it already passed this piece
3:39 am
of legislation. brian: where is that money? >> well it, needs to be done in the senate. that's the fundamental problem. so going in to september, they have to run the gaunt let, right. they have to do a budget. fund the government. have to get the debt ceiling. they are saying they are going to do tax reform. they haven't done healthcare and there is only 12 ledge a listen days. and they are not even chatting about these things yet. steve: look the rules of the senate are stupid. have a simple majority. get rid of the filibuster. >> i'm actually with the president on this one. these are rules of the senate. this is not something etched in stone on mount sinai that says you have to do it this way. they are in meltdown. they have literally 8 democratic senators that hold the keys to whether or not we pass these things. steve: so the only way for the president to pass his agenda probably in many respects would be to get rid of the filibuster. >> unless mitch mcconnell in the united states senate can get their act together and get things done but i don't see another way. guess what, if it was harry reid and barack obama, i would guarantee you they
3:40 am
would do. this in fact they did do that. brian: schumer pushed him not to do it and i think he regrets that reid didn't listen to him. >> that's the precedent. the question is do we want to move the country forward or not? that's the big question. steve: exactly. thank you. times up. >> taking those with me. steve: go ahead. ainsley: jillian has headlines. jillian: i thought we were friends, you brought everyone waffles and forgot me. steve: can't eat and talk. >> when it comes to waffles, i'm sorry, i have no friends. jillian: you are going to admit to it, own it. good enough for me. good morning to you at home. search underway for two sisters who went missing on a trip to see the solar eclipse. 18-year-old melissa lee and younger sister were last seen at the festival in oregon. melissa used debt card on tuesday. officials claim they haven't heard from the girls since sunday.
3:41 am
last week deadly rally. shroud meant to honor counter protester heather hirheyer. hours after they went up someone tried to cut them off. >> it needs to come down. if the city was so adamant why are we not having a public referendum and vote over this? he stopped cutting the shroud when police told him to stop. the city council unanimously voted to cover the monument. he won't stand for the national anthem but more than 1,000 people are standing up to the nfl to try to get collin kaepernick a job. ♪ chanting] protesters gathering outside the nfl headquarters in new york demanding a team hire the former 49ers quarterback. they say the league is black balling kaepernick over his protest and doing nothing to fix the so-called racism within the league. the naacp now demanding to meet with the nfl
3:42 am
commissioner. but as you guys know, brian, you know it -- oh, yea, you are so nice, thank you. oh my gosh, this is so good. steve: somehow they have built the -- take the whole thing, thank you. >> steve: it's delicious. absolutely delicious. brian: nsa thing. jillian: what i was requesting to say it's not up to the league to hire collin kaepernick. it's up to the teams. if they don't want him, they don't want him. i have to go. i have more important things to do right now. brian: this story, the media refusing to cover. left wing violence son the rise. next guest says if it doesn't stop now, it's about to get deadly and dangerous. steve: first it was missy elliott and now liberals want to replace confederate statues with brittany spears. brian: finally. steve: not kidding ♪ keep me up all night ♪
3:43 am
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3:46 am
ainsley: quick music news taylor swift announcing first new album in three years, yes! it dropped on november 10th. fans don't have to wait that long, however, the first is going to be out tonight. and, first, they wanted to replace a confederate monument with a miss is i elliott statue. now a pop star ♪ you think i'm in love ♪ i'm not that innocent ♪ ainsley: she might not be that innocent but apparently the pop princess is a inspiration to millions. calling for all confederate
3:47 am
monuments across new orleans to be replaced with statues of louisiana native brittany spears. brian? brian: no offense but leave andrew jackson. story the media refusings to cover. if it does not stop now it's going to get deadly and going to get dangerous new op-ed kristin tate warns that maria chappelle-nadal was hoping for the president to be assassinated said it originally and took it down. left wing meltdown turn into real and worsening violence. words have consequences and off become action for many anti-trump groups there is just a sliver of restraint keeping them from outright murder. how long until such violence escalates into a storm we cannot stop steve scalise. author of government gone wild. kristin, you're really concerned about this. >> yeah. i'm very concerned. this state senator who said that she hopes that trump is
3:48 am
assassinated is not an outlier. this kind of violence inciting hateful rhetoric is really becoming the norm on the left and in pop culture. i mean, witness madonna saying that she fantasizes about blowing up the white house. kathy griffin proudly displays kap's severed head and glorifying murder. g.o.p. members of congress have received violent threats during recent months. there is a permissive culture of violence that is really kind of exploding on the left. as time goes on, this kind of rhetoric and behavior becomes normalized and it escalates. i'm worried that this kind of rhetoric, the logical extension of that is real violence. frankly we are already starting to see real violence happen. i mean, look at the bernie supporter. brian: bernie supporter opened up fire at the softball game and then gabriel giffords getting shot by a lunatic in arizona. you close your column with
3:49 am
this. carl van wrote that war is a continuation of politics by other means. antifa isn't ready for war but they seem to think they are. you are worried about that organization. >> absolutely. and these protesters, these left wing protesters all around the nation explode into violence every time a conservative speaker comes to a campus or every time president trump gives an address or a rally. it is despicable and these rioters are full of hate and violence. and it's -- the narrative on the left that has transformed the democratic base into this kind of angry, violent mob that has no message. and still can't accept that donald trump is president. so i'm worried that this is going to get a lot worse. brian: i do think, too. the president hats rallied, doing something he is very familiar with. he doesn't mean malice. some people can take it the wrong way when he says look at the media up there and everyone starts booing. a lot of people in those arenas feel they are getting threatened because the president is so upset by the
3:50 am
way he is being covered. i wouldn't mind that being curtailed a little bit. >> yeah, absolutely. political tensions in this country are coming to a boiling point. and the violent rhetoric coming from the left, it's reaching new heights. and the media is only fanning the flames and making the divide in this country worse. instead of trying to bring people together, they continuously distort what trump says, trying to make his comments seem as insensitive as possible. that really does this country a disservice and it can lead to violence as well. brian: the concern is here and it's been registered as you write. kristin tate thanks so much. >> thank you, brian. brian: all right, coming up straight ahead we change gears. paypal forced to restore access for conservative groupings like conservative watch. what was going through hillary clinton's mind during the presidential debate. she was creeped out. the man who wrote the book of her historic lost here to
3:51 am
react. he's not shattered but that's the name of his book ♪ ♪ what's up guys? we're dude perfect. make sure you check out bass pro shops' fall hunting classic, the biggest hunting show and sale of the year. (male announcer) hey, it's time for great deals on great gear! plus, weekends during the classic, you can get up to a $100 instant rebate on select gear when you purchase with your bass pro shops mastercard.
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3:54 am
♪ steve: paypal facing backlash after shutting down sites that belong to conservative web sites this after two left leaning organizations labeled them as hate groups. one of those so-called hate groups is jihad watch which advocates against radical islam. the account has since been restored by paypal. why are some companies getting so political in the first place. joining us is robert spencer from boston. robert, good morning to you. >> god morning. steve: what is jihad watch? >> jihad watch is dedicated to bringing news and commentary about jihad
3:55 am
activity. violence in the united states and around the world in all its forms and helping people to understand what is the motivating ideology behind jihad terrorism. steve: so really you are about highlighting terrorism and, yet, this group that singled you out said you had extreme hostility towards muslims. is that true? >> yeah, well, there is no foundation to that whatsoever. we support any muslim who is interested in honestly confronting the elements of islam that are used by jihads to justify violence and terrorism and working towards reform. steve: okay. so you are a public awareness group essentially trying to tell people about this particular form of jihad. what is going on with, for instance, paypal? why did they single you out? what's going on with silicon valley and right leaning groups. >> often been noted that the southern poverty law center has this hate group list that contains many legitimate groups and is trying to defame those groups by lumping them in
3:56 am
with groups like the ku klux klan and nazis and jihad watch is one of them along with many other important organizations whose only real wrongdoing is dissenting from the southern poverty law center's hard left line. but charlottesville is being used by the left as moment. it's opportunity to shut down dissent. lauren kutcherner from propublica how jihad watch uses paypal to receive donations and other platforms. within hours of the appearance of this piece in propublica we were shut down by paypal. steve: all right. well, have you since been restored so you can get donations that way going forward. robert spencer, thank you very much for joining us from boston to tell us what's going on. >> thank you. steve: what do you think about that? email us at president trump putting pressure on majority leader mitch mcconnell in the senate to push his agenda forward. will they meet face to face to bury the hatchet?
3:57 am
kellyanne conway live from the white house coming up next hour ♪ starting on a brand new day ♪ turn the clock don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. switch to flonase allergy relief. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. flonase helps block 6. most allergy pills only block one
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4:00 am
♪ >> president trump called for unity, patriotism and more changes to the veterans administration in the speech to the american legion. >> it's time to heal the wounds that divide us. whwe are one people with one home and one great flag. >> house speaker paul ryan rejected president trump's pledge to shut down the federal government if congressional democrats block funding for the border wall. >> i don't think a government shutdown is necessary and i don't think most people want to see a government shut down. >> the only one that's going to shut down the government are the democrats in the senate. republicans, i think, are wholly behind. this the president is right on this. why should he give ground on this one? >> excerpts of hillary clinton's brand new audio book have finally been released. >> do you stay calm and keep
4:01 am
smiling and carry on as if he weren't repeatedly invading your space? >> mrs. clinton did not lose this election because she thought donald trump was a creeper. she lost it because she had an issues problem, unlikability problem and most of all a corruption problem. >> one single winning power ball ticket sold right outside of boston. >> 759 million bucks is the second largest grand prize in u.s. history. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the greatest. brian: what city is that? steve: that's the city you are in. ainsley: how do we know that
4:02 am
and you don't you grew up here my friend. steve: i think brian is being funny. making a joke. which a great way to open an hour of news and information. hey, where am i? wait a minute. admiral stockdale did that. who am i? what am i doing here? who are we? what are we doing here? we're "fox & friends," the number one cable news show in the world thanks to you. we are here to give you the news. ainsley: it's thursday morning. down hill to the weekend. the president speaking, he has talked twice, the last three times this week. excellent speech talking to the american legion in reno, nevada. very measured. brian: yeah, 15 minutes, very crisp. he talked about his afghanistan policy. he talked about his quest, which he is already making strides with to reform the v.a. and make it more veterans friendly and more efficient. but he also talked about racial unrest in this country. it didn't start with president trump but it peaked at charlottesville, perhaps. this is what his message was
4:03 am
in las vegas. but it was really to everybody. >> it is time to heal the wounds that divide us. and to seek a new unity based on the common values that unite us. we are one people with one home and one great flag. [cheers and applause] we are not defined by the color of our skin. the figure on our paycheck, or the party of our politics. we are defined by our shared humanity, by our citizenship in this magnificent nation and by the love that fills our hearts. [cheers and applause] steve: so there he was calling for unity, just the day after his phoenix rally where he really blasted the media and blasted some rivals as well. and there is news out this morning just about the schism between the senate majority leader mitch
4:04 am
mcconnell and the president himself. apparently a couple of weeks ago the president was steamed that in an interview mitch mcconnell had said that the president had excessive expectations about a quick passage of obamacare. the president picked up the phone and then chewed mitch's ear off purportedly. brian: first he tweeted at him. steve: apparently mitch yelled back at the president back and forth. now people are saying what exactly are these two going to get done if they have got to work together but they hated each other or do they hate each other. brian: chief of staff john kelly says by the way one of his goals is before the president calls a lawmaker to have somebody next to them policy wise to get in-depth with these things and maybe it doesn't get so personal, we will see if that goes because the president does do some of his best work one on one, maybe some background to it with more of an objective. i just think it's overblown. people want to create a soap opera whether it's ratings or to sell or to get clicks or eyeballs. now the front page of the
4:05 am
"new york times" on the right-hand side says what is donald trump doing? is he creating so much friction with his own party. hey, listen. ainsley: is he frustrated with them. steve: negotiating. ainsley: they are allowed to negotiate and allowed to disagree. you are right. he tweeted this out, if the republican senate doesn't get rid of the filibuster rule and go to a simple majority which the dems would do they are just wasting time. harry reid did do it. he wants a simple majority. he says if the majority of the people want healthcare to be repealed and replaced, it should happen. the problem with that is if he. brian: he didn't get a simple majority on that though. ainsley: the problem is if there is a democratic president in office after president trump, then the republicans will be upset because they will pass everything through the majority if they get. brian: socialist country in about nine seconds. steve: be careful what you wish for. however, we just had jason chaffetz on. he said he would love to seat filibuster. otherwise, the senate is not going to pass anything. brian: he was more into his waffles, let's be honest. steve: what was not to love
4:06 am
about the waffles. it had syrup. that was breaking news with jason chaffetz. a lot of people supported this president in the last election. they had such high hopes, finally going to get something done in washington, d.c. the house has passed a bunch of stuff. it's come it a complete stop in the u.s. senate. and that is why yesterday sarah huckabee sanders came out and she said that we are united, the president and the senate majority leader are on shared priorities, taxes, military, the wall and then the senate majority leader came out and said this. the president and i have been and continue to be in regular contact about our shared goals. we have a lot of work ahead of us. and we are committing to advancing our shared agenda together. and anyone who suggests otherwise is clearly not part of the conversation. brian: but also sarah huckabee sanders says the president is dead serious when he says about building the wall and shut down the government in order to get it that's what he was talking about yesterday. it's his goal. hey, listen, do you know what i ran on? do you know what the people cheered for. you know what i got elected
4:07 am
is to build a wall and provide border security. border security is way ahead what he thought. building of the wall hasn't started yet. eventually mexico will pay for it. ainsley: jason chaffetz commenting on what the house has done and how they have gotten the money for it. now it goes to the senate. the senate did not repeal and replace. if they do not do the wall. voters are going to be so frustrated. republican voters. brian: loot of border state lawmakers, republicans don't want the wall. they feel it's counter productive. they would rather have technology in some cases. ainsley: who are they? >> in arizona, there is some in texas well. so that's going to be one of the challenges. and also, you have people like chuck schumer and others who voted to build the wall in 2006 like senator barack obama to finance the wall, now all of a sudden they say they don't want it, it's clear it's because president trump wants it. and they are desperate not to give him a victory. here is jason chaffetz. >> the president should hold his ground on this one, absolutely. >> shut down the government. >> you don't need to shut
4:08 am
down the government. the only one shutting down the government are going to be the democrats in the senate. we have to lock down the border. that's a popular position in arizona. it is across the country. it effects the whole nation. steve: sure. >> i think the president is right on this and i don't think he should back off at all. steve: keep in mind this is so symbolic because the republicans have run on border security. the democrats have been with the republican party on that as well. they are not asking for all the money to build the whole wall. they are just asking for a proverbial drop in a bucket. if it's going to cost $20 billion and they are asking for 1 billion, it's symbolic. let's see who is on the team to secure the border by starting with construction. ainsley: want to make sure our country is safe and isis is not in this country. build the wall. kellyanne conway is coming up on the show at 7:30. brian: i would do it like baseball games sell spo sponsorp this portions of the wall
4:09 am
brought do you by. ainsley: he wants the wall to be pretty. brian: don't see the guys with nascar cars advertising all over them. ainsley: who is going down to check out wall. when you are at a baseball wall thousands of people there. brian: a lot of traffic at the wall. steve: one suggestion real suggestion i don't think can you put ads on national things otherwise they would have sold half of washington already is the suggestion that the company that was in cooperation ventricle with the federal government they would build a solar panel. so they would be able to sell back the electricity. so it would pay for itself that way. brian: kellyanne conway is going to come up and talk about all this and the issues that matter scwels senator jeff flake at loggerheads with the president. is there a pathway to friendship. talking about friends, jillian is here. jillian: is it still a thing? is it still around? brian: got to go to move's. every time guy in there they want to know if i want to join their club so i get certificates in the mail.
4:10 am
jillian: everyone wants to you join their club. ainsley: for people down south it's a sporting goods store. jillian: let's talk about potential extreme weather right now that could effect millions of people right here at home. harvey now a tropical storm and only getting stronger moving through the gulf. dangerous system on track to turn into a hurricane. it could make hurricane as early as tomorrow, possibly bringing with it catastrophic flooding to texas and louisiana. evacuations already underway as people prepare for the worst filling sandbags and stocking up on supplies. brand new details on the alleged sonic attack on diplomats in cuba. american reportedly suffering from brain and nerve damage. the state department says this is unprecedented. >> what is happening there is of great concern to the u.s. government. those incidents have caused a variety of physical symptoms. i'm not going to have a whole lot to say about this. the investigation is ongoing. active investigation across
4:11 am
multiple agencies. jillian: diplomats exposed to a device that operates outlines audible sounds. cuban government has denied involvement. military ban in upcoming days. "wall street journal" the president will send secretary of defense james mattis a memo to fully launch a transgender troop ban over six months. it will ask the pentagon to consider transgender's ability to serve in a war zone in addition to banning new recruits and halting payments for medical treatments. someone in massachusetts is waking up more than $750 million richer this morning. one single winning powerball ticket sold right outside of boston. 759-million-dollar jackpot was sold at this convenience store in water town. second largest grand prize in u.s. history. the winning numbers are 6, 7, 16, 23, 26, with the power ball 4. so if you live in massachusetts, check your tickets and ainsley, i saw you running over to your bag out the corner of my eye.
4:12 am
you are not weighing up in massachusetts. ainsley: can you win some. if you get some the numbers. steve: i got one with 6. i got one with 7. i got a 16. these are all on different tickets. notice, i have only taken a picture of my lotto cards because it was in the vault because i was counting on winning. ainsley: i have three of the numbers here. steve: if you have a power ball of 4. do you, right there. steve: what do you win? i think $2. ainsley: enough to buy another ticket. if my pastor is watching, i'm sorry. some people don't think you can play. if i win i will donate it to the church. brian: jesus doesn't want you to plate lottery? ainsley: it's controversial to the church. you are not supposed to gamble. steve: pay for the schools that was in the beginning. brian: can you play dies. ainsley: education lottery. steve: they got the news from us.
4:13 am
ainsley: they are quitting their jobs. steve: new face of isis is, get, this a 10-year-old american boy. who is that kid and what does the disturbing message mean for the fight against terror? ainsley: plus, patriots come in all shapes and sizes. but, what these boys did will make you a proud american ♪ everybodies dreaming ♪ everybody's just getting by ♪ everyday america ♪ a little town ♪ i see you've planted an uncertainty tree. chop that thing down. the clarity you seek... lies within the creditwise app from capital one. creditwise helps you protect your credit. and it's completely free for everyone. it's free for everyone? do hawks use the stars to navigate? i don't know. aw, i thought you did. i don't know either.
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4:17 am
liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. brian: get this, the new face of isis an american boy. the terror group releasing a disturbing new propaganda video featuring a 10-year-old. in the video president trump saying in this battle is not going to end in raqqa or mosul, it's going to end in your land by the will of allah we have victory. get ready for the fighting has just begun. here to discuss is bre brett velicovich author of this book drone warrior and elite soldier's inside account for hunt for america's most dangerous enemies. you know the mind set. did you ever get a 10-year-old in your
4:18 am
crosshairs? >> it's absolutely disgusting, brian. the bar barm of isis never ceases to amaze me. can you imagine how twisted and sick have you to be or barbaric have you to be to corrupt a 10-year-old boy to teach him ho how to hate a child who has basically no concept of what is reality or fantasy and teaching him how to actually kill americans. it's absolutely absurd. and this is the best case scenario right now for isis is that they would find an american boy and corrupt him in a way and grow him essentially to hate us. it's absolutely disgusting and really breaks my heart to see a story like this. it's the type of thing that, you know, makes me want to, you know, pull out of retirement and go back to hunting and killing these animals. brian: right. but you do say we are losing the propaganda war. you are in the bi business of killing terrorists who is in the business of winning them over with their hearts and minds? >> that's the problem right now. we are absolutely losing the propaganda war right now with isis and part of the
4:19 am
problem right now is that we need to unleash our cyber warriors and unleash the cyber dog's war against isis social media campaign. i have had to sit in these meetings with nsa guys and cyber warriors that were basically hamstrung from being able to go after these folks. i'm hoping right now that the administration actually goes out and allows them to do their job. right now, you know, we are losing that propaganda war. quite frankly we should be doing the same thing to them. all these isis fighters that are out there that are captured that are sitting there in mosul, they should be on tape talking about the truth about what it is like at war working with isis and that isis is killing their own people, that american forces are going to get them. or that they are being drugged essentially and being taught this horrible ideology that's just not the truth. and so absolutely that's one of the issues. i think the other issue right now is that, you know, we have a problem with the fact that muslim leaders out there, they keep coming out after all these attacks that take place and think will
4:20 am
sit there and say this is not our ideology. this is not represent islam. why don't you stop talking and do something about it. i'm sick of seeing these children being corrupted and being taught to kill, brian. brian: thankfully the doctrine and the implementation of that doctrine is so brutal and oppressive that is our best offense right now. because nobody wants to live under those conditions or very few. >> brian, the thing that really ticks me off is right now when i see us in america, we are absolutely at war with ourselves. could you imagine if somebody had the same passion for taking down these statues as they would for going after isis and stopping that from happening? we're at war with ourselves here in america and americans have no idea the evils we face. brian: they do. they just don't want to concentrate it it's easy to go yell at the university of north carolina than it is to put on camouflage and go over to raqqa. bret belvelicovich, thank you vy
4:21 am
much. brian: man who wrote on her historic lost not her historic book is next. he wrote shattered ♪ it's a my experience with usaa has been excellent. they always refer to me as master sergeant. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today. we demand a lot from our eyes every day. i should know. i have chronic dry eye
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so it only made sense to create a network that keeps up. introducing xfinity mobile.
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it combines america's largest, most reliable 4g lte with the most wifi hotspots nationwide. saving you money wherever you check your phone. yeah, even there. see how much you can save when you choose by the gig or unlimited. call, or go to xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. steve: time for news by the numbers. a body found by malaysian authorities turns out to be one of the uss john mccain missing sailors. leaving five still unaccounted for. the u.s. navy now ramping up the frantic search days after one of our destroyers slammed into a tanker in the south china sea. 10 americans have disappeared. only five have been identified. and texas voter i.d. law gets scrapped in court
4:25 am
again. federal judge ruling the state legislature did not do enough to revise the law and make it less discriminatory towards minorities. the texas attorney general vowing to appeal the ruling saying they have the support of the department of justice. all right. that's some the news, ainsley. ainsley: all right. thank you, steve. hillary clinton letting the world know what she was really thinking in second presidential debate excerpt from upcoming book called "what happened." >> he followed me closely, staring at me, making faces. it was incredibly uncomfortable. he was literally breathing down my neck. my skin crawled. do you stay calm or do you turn, look him in the eye and say cloudily and clearly, back up you creep. get away from me. ainsley: our next guest literally wrote the book on hillary's historic lost. here to weigh in is shattered inside hillary clinton's doomed campaign.
4:26 am
thanks for joining us. >> good morning. ainsley: she was talking about the presidential debate isn't that the one they didn't shake hands. the pictures we showed yesterday on the morning show there was a podium between them. she talks about him breathing down her neck. it seems to me she is angry and whining and i don't even remember them ever getting close. look at these pictures. >> well, i think it depends on some you look at. others where he is behind her. what's interesting that's a huge met for he was looming behind her in the campaign and she didn't recognize it at the time. ainsley: true. >> maybe if she looked over her shoulder in terms of the general aspect of the campaign she would have done a better job of fending him off. this is small excerpt to the book. it's interesting to me in part because she prepared for these debates by having one of her aides trying to make her uncomfortable and get into her physical space. this was something she was expecting. not something that was unexpected as she portrays in this book but something that she actually had prepared for. ainsley: i know when you
4:27 am
wrote your book you had more than 100 sources that helped you with that very close to hillary clinton. what are your sources tell you about the rest of this book that's going to be released? >> what i'm hearing is that you're going to get a heavy dose of it's russia's fault and james comey's fault. what we have heard from her in her public appearances since the election. what amy and i reported in shattered, you're going to hear a lot more of that. again, this is a small excerpt. we hear some of her saying that she felt like she let a lot of people down with the election. but, i think you are going to hear a lot more as this book comes out and we get a chance to read it about russia and comey and her not duly blaming herself. ainsley: thank you so much. i know in your book you wrote about when she realized she was not going to win the president of the united states, that was when president obama called her? >> absolutely. it all sort of hit her at once. he called her with this sort of consolation call. she realized she let herself down.
4:28 am
she believed she let her party down and the president down. she believed she had let the american people down because she thought donald trump shouldn't be president. really sort of one of those moments real window into what somebody was thinking. i think it's probably the most dramatic moment in the book. and, of course, in that inside hillary clinton's hotel room on election night. ainsley: i have been watching other networks and even democrats on fox news that are saying it's time for the clintons to hang it up. you know, that they were the family back in the 1980s and time for them to realize that they are not going to be the face of the democratic party going forward. i also heard that democrats are upset about this book coming out because they think it's going to help president trump. have you heard that and is that true? >> i have heard that i think there are a lot of democrats who believe that this book is going to refocus everyone on 2016. it's going to allow president trump to use hillary clinton as a foil again. you guys have kellyanne conway on as one of your guests this morning. i think if you ask kellyanne, she would tell
4:29 am
you she would like hillary clinton to put this book out every couple months for the next couple years. ainsley: funny you should tease that because she is coming up next right after you. if you want to pick up jon's book it is called shattered inside hillary clinton's doomed campaign. coming up, it was bernie sanders calling card on the campaign trail. look. >> we have a better idea. to make public colleges and universities-to-tuition free. ainsley: but that free tuition idea is already turning into a disaster in one state. stuart varney is live on that just ahead. former director of national intelligence james clapper telling the president unfit to serve and a threat to national security. coming up, kellyanne conway is going to respond live from the white house. ♪ ♪ where i come from ♪ back where i come from ♪ where will i be when it's said and done ♪ i'm proud as anyone
4:30 am
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4:33 am
♪ ♪ >> it is time to heal the wounds that divide us and to seek a new unity based on the common values that unite us. we are one people with one home and one great flag. [cheers and applause] we are not defined by the color of our skin. the figure on our paycheck, or the party of our politics. we are defined by our shared humanity, by our citizenshipship if this magnificent nation and by the love that fills our hearts. brian: that was the president yesterday afternoon in reno, nevada, that was his third speech in three days. different audiences, different approaches, different formats. of course, today, he is also going to be busy. now he is starting to outline his agenda as the president -- as congress finally comes back to work.
4:34 am
steve: indeed. kellyanne conway is joining us from the north lawn of the white house today. hello, kellyanne conway. >> good morning. steve: there we see the president yesterday in reno in front of the american legion talking about unity. you pick up the "new york times" today and it doesn't look like there is any unity between the president and mitch mcconnell the senate majority leader. what's going on behind the scenes? >> look, there is a huge detected between what the media are telling americans is important to them and what americans are telling your pollsters and their pollsters and all of us what's important to them. the president is very focused on the issues. that he addressed in the last three days. a new policy in afghanistan, a way forward that also brings india and pakistan into the fold. you have day two where he talked about illegal immigration and the border wall. sanctuary cities legislation that's passed the house. kate's law passed the house, waiting for the senate to act. 47% decrease in illegal border crossings, including decrease in the number of children coming over. also illegally. and that's important because we want them to be
4:35 am
protected. this is about safety and security for all at the border. and then yesterday, of course, the media don't want to cover what happened. the president besieged the nation to unify, to appeal to our better angels or higher purposes, the things that bind us together as americans. we are all on the same team. that got scant coverage. the other thing that got scant coverage is the law that he passed. we have 470,000 veterans waiting for disposition on their benefits claims. he and secretary shulkin at the v.a. have acted yet again on behalf of veterans in the first seven months on the job. this time making sure that veterans can access those benefits longer past the artificial deadline. also get a decision on benefits. people talk about does the president have support in the senate. that passed unanimously in the united states senate. so one should scratch their head and wonder why this wasn't done in the last administration. he has given three
4:36 am
consecutive speeches in three different settings on three very different topics in the first part of this week. but let's also talk about the substance. i think the media are obsessed with style. i saw a poll this morning 47% of americans saying the media are trying to impede the president's progress on the agenda as opposed to jusreport the facts. and jerry baker at the "wall street journal" just yesterday came out and said listen, have you got to cover this as reporters. this has become opinion commentary disguised as reporting, particularly when the president mentions the media. so i think the media need to do their job. is he doing their job. ainsley: kellyanne conway, let's talk about the wall, he was saying at the rally two nights ago he is going to shut down the government if the wall is not funded by our leaders in washington. and then you had paul ryan saying i don't think that was smart. i don't want to shut down the government and, of course, you have the democrats saying that's not wise either. is he going to stick to this? >> he is going to stick to building that wall, ainsley. he wants the money to pay for it.
4:37 am
the president ran on building the wall. won on building the wall. and has remained steadfastly committed to doing it and anybody who is surprised by that has not been paying attention for over two years. and, again, just the prospect of the wall being built. the prospect of this man being president has resulted in a decrease in illegal border crossings. this is important because people understand that a sovereign nation needs physical borders. this country has spent billions of dollars over the years helping other nations protect their own borders. it's high time we do it here. he is telling congress he is building the wall. he expects the funding. and it's up to them. it's up to them to work collaboratively, we hope they do. brian: we know they are going to need 60 votes in the senate. the house put it up there. mark meadows in favor of the president holding his ground. nancy pelosi said this president trump's multibillion-dollar border wall boondoggled strongly opposed by democrats and many republicans. dems will stand fast against
4:38 am
immoral, ineffective border wall. many had a different tone in 2006 when they funded 700 miles of border fence. has the president now, since he has been to the border so often, now changed his tone a little bit instead of saying just a big wall some areas he wants to be able to see through. other areas fence will do. has he adjusted some of his thinking at all. >> as he always does, he consulted the experts. that's what he did. he always promised to consult with his generals on afghanistan. that's what he did. you heard that monday night. the same thing here, is he consulting with experts to see what is possible, what is most effective down there. but make no mistake, his first job as president is to keep us safe and secure. he looks at this border wall as being a piece of that. you mentioned nancy pelosi. she says a lot of things every day. none are positive. none are particularly policy centric. but my favorite nancy pelosi story from yesterday that got very little coverage is it was none other than her
4:39 am
father as mayor of baltimore who helped to erect and place a number of confederate war generals statues in the city of baltimore. so i don't want that to slide by. brian: i did not know that meanwhile jeff flake is going to be joining us shortly, actually in about an hour. i'm wondering, i see the president tweeted went after jeff flake saying is he weak on crime and weak on the border. do you think if you look at his border and you look at his record as well as anybody. do you think there is a meeting ground between the two. >> we certainly hope senator flake will support the agenda that he ran on and the president ran on. that includes repealing and replacing obamacare. we are hearing from some senators and a lot of governors about a way forward there. the graham-cassidy bill is getting consideration. we are hearing from governors. because we just -- this is so untenable. we also know that senator flake is for lower taxes. we hope we can rely on him for tax reform. but, you know, that's on the border issue, this is
4:40 am
something that the president has been very, very strong and very solid on. and we do hope that members of congress in the house and the senate continue to support that because you have got folks including there in arizona, you saw the rally the other night. you have saw president trump win the state by five points over hillary clinton who was going to turn arizona blue. no. in large part, based on this issue of safety and security at the border and elsewhere. brian: but the worry is if the president doesn't back jeff flake, that you could turn the next senator could be blue if there is a primary fight, especially if john mccain decides to retire because of the nature of arizona. you know politics as well as anyone. that's a real risk. don't you think? >> well, what i think is that the democrats are defending 25 senate seats next year. the republicans are defending 8. there are 10 senate seats in states that the president won five. he carried by significant double digits. my eye is on those democratic senators in north
4:41 am
dakota, indiana, west virginia, certainly missouri, michigan, states that he won where they are now in the hot seat they are going to have to face their constituents and explain why they couldn't back tax reform and tax relief. we want the support of senators and members of congress. many of them like to go on tv rather than help behind the scenes. i will leave that to them to decide where their best and highest use is. brian: yep. >> we prefer to have help behind the scenes, too on, again, policy issues that these senators have ran successfully on for years, if not decades that the president ran successfully on less than a year ago. steve: i will tell you what, kellyanne, james clapper has been behind the scenes for many years, worked for a number of administrations, one of the top five in the whole wide world. couple nights ago on television he said he wondered whether or not the president was fit to be president. fit to serve. if james clapper is watching right now, what's your
4:42 am
message to him? >> it's such an absurd analysis playing armchair psychiatrist. it's not just him. it's a lot of people on tv. i remember i'm old enough to remember when news stations reported the news. and didn't just have a parade of pundits going out there and opinionating and pontificating and conjecturing. it leads to analysis like this because people end up with very little to say. they are not compelled. they are not forced. nobody demands that they actually report back. brian: is this over-the-line kellyanne? >> it's way over the line. you know, the media and other opinion leaders were -- they were way too afraid of president obama, his administration and not afraid enough here meaning they say well, this is just our job to report the facts and hold people accountable. that's not what that is. i won't repeat what they are saying because it gives it oxygen. look at the crackup of the left. hillary clinton who democrats are whispering all over this town they wish
4:43 am
that this book didn't happen. that she would just either make herself useful or fade out of the limelight. where is her big c 4 trying to help women and children around the globe. where is her bipartisan effort to try to help with infrastructure, meaningful tax reform or the opioid crisis that i work on in the building behind me every single day. we haven't heard from her. steve: all right, kellyanne. >> she failed to make history and she succeeded at making excuses. that is emblematic of the democratic party. arrest of ideas and issues that they have to then play armchair psychiatrist. we're not going to let it happen. it's outrageous. steve: now she is busy selling a book coming out shortly. kellyanne, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. great day. steve: thank you for coordinating with the lawn team. ainsley: never fails. brian: coming up next, bernie sanders calling card of the campaign trail. >> we have a better idea to make public colleges and universities tuition free.
4:44 am
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4:47 am
brian: it was one of the most controversial signature promises in 2016 during the election. >> i believe that public colleges and universities should be tuition-free. >> make public colleges and universities tuition-free. >> public colleges and universities tuition-free. >> tuition-free. >> tuition-free. >> free. >> free. free. [cheers and applause] ainsley: yeah, well how did that go, bernie. the first state to helpful fill bernie sanders' promise already breaking it. oregon can no longer pay the bill and is disqualifying
4:48 am
certain students from its free college tuition program. steve: here to weigh in is the host of stuart varney and company stuart varney. everything is free but rubber meets the road. they can't afford it. >> there is no such thing as free. and when politicians and the government say hey, look what we're going to do for you, it's free. you better watch out. because it's going to be very expensive and ultimately the taxpayer will be on the hook for an unaffordable bill. brian: what happened in oregon? >> hold on a second. i can't resist quoting p.j. owe roark. you probably heard this before. if you think healthcare is expensive now, wait until you see what itst dos when it's free. isn't that absolutely typical of healthcare and now education. case in point, what you are talking about here is oregon. they have had a two-year program, $40 million committed to it, free community college for kids just getting out of high school. nice promise, sounded good. can't afford it it's turned out to be very expensive. so now they have got to
4:49 am
curtail it and cut it back. it's another political promise made which cannot be fulfilled because you can't afford it. brian: how can you run on it then? they are trying to do the same thing in new york. you know we are not going to be able to afford it in new york. >> if you run on it in some progressive states you will get elected and get votes. you are giving them something. brian: can't sustain it the balloon has been popped. >> the election was couple years ago. won that election on the promises they made. now when the prom misss are coming due, some of the politicians no not the ones in oregon. ainsley: we're reading that, feeling sorry for the students because they sign up for the classes. they get in the class dollarss and now they can't afford to continue. >> if they are in, they are in the program. ainsley: grandfathered in. >> newcomers to the program will face cut off on the income of their parents. steve: this just goes to show you in the last election there was were some kind of socialistic themes about free everything. >> precisely.
4:50 am
steve: now a year later america is sobering up. >> we should realize vermont tried a single pair healthcare system. brian: vermont? >> home of bernie sanders. okay. they abandoned the efforts of really trying hard at single pair because you cannot afford it oregon made promises to its government workers in their pensions, they can't afford it. they can't pay. brian: california did it in experimental they knew it would be bigger than their entire budget. that's unaffordable, too. >> there is no such thing as free. brian bine by the way your show is free if you are a cable subscriber. >> 9 to noon. brian: call yourself for three hours. >> i don't know how to follow all of this, but, yes, 9:00 this morning. fbn. thank you. ainsley: disturbing information about debbie wasserman schultz former it aid and however he would go to make a quick buck. allegedly selling american secrets. steve: big hour of "fox & friends."
4:51 am
michelle malkin, dan bongino and arizona senator jeff flake ♪ ♪ all the right friends ♪ in all the right places ♪
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
steve: this morning, disturbing new information about debbie wasserman schultz former i.t. aide, pictured left right there, and how far he apparently went to try to make a quick buck amid accusations he reportedly sold u.s. intel to pakistan and russia. here to break it all down is criminal defense lawyer and former federal agency managing attorney emily cam panio joins us today. good morning, emily. >> good morning. steve: this story gets curiouser and curiouser, now there is a possibility he may have sold secrets to the
4:55 am
russians. >> it's amazing. so this probe began really as computer equipment purchasing irregularities and as government officials began to explore it came to light there was actually theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars of government equipment and now the potential compromise of sensitive data of over 80 offices. now, this man, he has wired to pakistan over $300,000 and was apprehended at the airport trying to flee. now, remember, he is the ringleader of about a team of five here. they have spent 10 years supporting different members of congress. and it included members of the foreign intelligence committee. steve: sure. >> the access that he had, it was monday mental. steve: right, emily on thursday they charged him i think he has four charges against him now. are they -- you are a former federal prosecutor, are they going to try to squeeze him to get more information out of him about something larger? >> absolutely. this is the tip of the iceberg. he was indicted on thursday as was his wife but she has already fled to pakistan.
4:56 am
now the government can use those charges to broaden their scope as they continue searching and continue following where this is leading. steve: emily, could debbie wasserman schultz herself be held liable for something? >> absolutely. you know, her behavior particularly troubling. during the presidential election, during that campaign the it dnc emails and files were hacked. steve: of course. >> she refused to cooperate with the fbi at that time. here she is exhibiting that same refusal to cooperate. she kept this i.t. aide on her payroll up until the day that he was indicted when all the rest of the lawmakers fired him in february. she has also threatened the capitol hill police chief with consequences if he didn't return the laptop. and she is now played it off saying it's no big deal and misuse of an app. to me it's the troubling part because she is not respecting the system that protects that troubling information. steve: a lot to go over today. emily compagno; thank you
4:57 am
for that report. >> thank you. steve: michelle malkin, dan bongino and senator jeff flake of arizona. ♪ we like it afi sure had a lot on my mind. my 30-year marriage... 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis had both... ...and that turned around my thinking.
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5:00 am
. >> president trump called for unity, patriotism, and more changes to the veterans administration in a speech to the american legion. >> it's time to heal the wounds that divide us. we are one people with one home and one great flag. >> house speaker paul ryan rejected president trump's pledge to shut down the federal government if congressional democrats block funding for the border wall. >> i don't think a government shut down is necessary, and i don't think most people want to see a government shut down. >> the only one going to be to shut down the government are going to be the democrats and the senate. >> plan on building the wall and has been steadfast committed to doing it. and anybody surprised by that has not been paying attention
5:01 am
for over two years. >> hillary clinton's brand-new audio book excerpts have finally been released. >> carry on and keep smiling as if he weren't repeatedly invading your space. >> maybe she looked over your shoulder at the general aspect of her campaign. >> one single winning powerball ticket sold right outside boston. >> 759 million bucks is the second largest grand prize in u.s. history. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: a beautiful morning at the white house. just saw some images from the
5:02 am
inside of the oval office. new wallpaper and carpet from the reagan era. and with any luck, we'll be able to get shots inside and show the folks what it looks like at 1,600 pennsylvania avenue. brian: i wonder, new molding as well? steve: same molding. brian: same molding? steve: absolutely because it's historic. brian: the president was never on vacation. he had to get out because the west wing was being rebuilt. steve: i believe that is the roosevelt room where he meets with his advisers and whatnot. and that is the new and improved oval office before there had been striped wallpaper. now i would call it some sort of pattern right there. some more flag. and that rug is from the ronald reagan administration. brian: so this is basically a fixer-upper. i think it looks as good as new. steve: i'm sure in a couple of weeks there's going to be an hgtv special on how they flipped the white house in
5:03 am
what? 21 days? ainsley: in a few months, we'll be talking to the historical society because all of that goes to help with renovation for the white house. brian: michelle malcolm would know about that ahead of time if we put her on the story. she writes for conservative review, senior editor and host of malcolm investigators on crtv. welcome back. >> well, thank you. good morning. another renovation so the white house is many new eagles, which i don't know if you heard this, guys, is the latest trigger for the social justice warriors. so wonderful, beautiful, patriotic eagles. steve: how is this symbol of america a trigger? >> what's not a trigger these days? steve: good point. all right. brian: let's talk about what's happening on capitol hill. we know senator mitch mcconnell and company failed to pass some type of repeal and replace. steve: that was a trigger. brian: and since then, mcconnell spoke out over in kentucky and called out the
5:04 am
president for being naïve and wanting to do things on took quick of a timeline. something does all of that matter? and what do you project to happen in the summer? >> well, i think we need a modern historical perspective here. it is not news that there is a risk between the gop establishment and the gop grassroots. what's different, of course, is now that we have a commander-in-chief that in the white house who is a republican who has been willing to stand up to that gop establishment. and the frustration of so many limited government conservatives over the years has been that the gop establishment is more loyal to itself, its self preservation, and its reelection cycles than it has been to achieving a limited government agenda. and trump called these people out by name, and that is incredibly refreshing to those have us who followed and been on the side of the
5:05 am
grassroots. they were elected to get a job done. and in many cases, of course, for those on the small government side, it's about getting things undone that the previous administration did. so what's going to happen? i don't know. i think that -- yep. ainsley: i'm sorry. i'm curious what you think about the simple majority and the filibuster because the president tweeted a direct message to mitch mcconnell saying i am for simple majority. if the republican senate doesn't get rid of the filibuster rule and go to simple majority, which the dems would do, obviously, they're just wasting time. obviously, he wants simple majority because it would only take 51 votes and the vice president would make the tiebreaker. what do you think? what are you in favor of? >> yeah. so i certainly sympathize with him, and i understand his frustration. and i think there's an ultimate solution here which is at the ballot box. and it's not just an
5:06 am
obstructionist democrat that stands in the way of the agenda. it's obstructionist republicans, as it has always been. again, i think historical perspective is important here. of course, the antitrump media is making so much noise as, oh, if it's it's so unprecedented. wrote a choice, not an echo decades and decades ago talking about the difference between the donor class and the working and entrepreneur class of america. and, of course, of the republican party. steve: sure and speaking of the ballot box, mitch mcconnell has a problem. triple p put out a new poll yesterday, a national poll, his favorability generating is at nine. vladimir putin actually is at 11, and then in the triple p did just kentucky, and he is at 18%. but michelle, to try to calm people down, both the majority leader and the white house came out and said we're going to work on our shared agenda.
5:07 am
the white house has got wall on their agenda. the senate majority leader did not mention the wall. the president has made it clear unless there's funding for the wall, maybe the government shuts down. and according to reports, he is -- he, the president, is deadly serious about that. >> yes. well, i'm glad he is. it is his number one agenda item. it is one of the reasons he subtracted so much support among the file of the republican party and so many independents who understand that the donor class is as much responsible as obstruction for the wall as open borders on the left. it's the u.s. chamber of commerce types that have never supported it. and i think that this president needs to continue to call out both parties. he needs to continue to call out all of those democrats, whether it was our former president obama when he was senator, his former opponent
5:08 am
hillary clinton, and people like chuck schumer who all voted for the secure fence act in 2006. if they merely finished the job that was enumerated in the secure fence act, that would go a long way towards getting us to a secure border, but that we do that. think about it. out of the nearly 600 miles that was supposed to be funded by the secure fence act, there's less than 40 miles of it that's double layered that makes a difference in border enforcement. brian: overall, do you think the president has hit his marks, disappointed you, or exceeded his expectations? michelle, what did you think, what do you think going in now? >> well, given how under siege and unprecedented the attacks are from all sides, i'm very pleased that he continues to stand firm on some of his core principles, and that includes, of course, you have mitch mcconnell there pandering to the social justice mob. i talked about mitt romney
5:09 am
recently as well who think that their job is to do everything to humor and to genuflect to these people who hate every last item on their agenda and who they will never, ever appease. ainsley: michelle, we want to ask you about hillary clinton's book that comes out soon. she released that excerpt yesterday, which you probably heard she slowly records what she was saying in the book. let's listen to this. >> this is not okay, i thought. it was the second presidential debate and donald trump was looming behind me. it was incredibly uncomfortable. he was literally breathing down my neck. my skin crawled. you stay calm and keep smiling and carry on as if he weren't repeatedly invading your space, or do you turn, look him in the eye and say loudly and clearly back up, you creep. get away from me.
5:10 am
steve: well, that's a side we haven't seen before. [laughter] >> it is a stunning lack of energy and any sense of authenticity that placed hillary clinton exactly where she is. ainsley: the book would normally take you an hour to listen to, but it takes you two hours. brian: you know so much about immigration and now justin trudeau who always looks down at america because we don't have an open mind, he comes out, and he's starting to get some blow back because he's accepting all of these illegal immigrants into his country. now he's starting to push back today, and we can't afford to give you benefits. let's rethink this. how do you think of the liberal leader that's looked up to by the rolling stone? >> well, yes, and of course dayified by so much of the left here. he wish he was their president and yet they won't cross the border themselves and move there. and now they're under siege.
5:11 am
reap, sew, my young man justin trudeau. and it is a repeat of what we're seeing in germany with merkel. when he opened his doors to his country with upwards of 25,000 new syrian refugees, and they want the influx about you 2019, now their welfare services are taxed, their schools are taxed, and they're finally considering the idea of oh, i don't know. basing up their northern border. heck of a job, justin. steve: yeah, and a number of people who are undocumented in this country are worried about president trump, so they're going north to canada. michelle, thank you very much for joining us out in the rocky mountains. colorado springs. >> thank you, michelle. steve: beautiful city in the whole wide world. ainsley: yes, it is. let's head over to jillian who has headlines for us. >> good thursday morning. let's get to some of your headlines this hour. charlottesville, virginia hosting a community recovery town hall in the wake of the
5:12 am
rally. tonight city officials will team up with the department of justice to speak with residents about how to move forward after the white nationalist protest earlier this month. it comes one day after charlottesville draped two confederate statues to mourn the young girl killed in the violence. the transgender military van in the coming days. the president will send secretary of defense james mattis a memo to fully launch a plan over six months. it will allow the pentagon to consider transgender ability to serve in a war zone and halt medical treatments. pay respect to our symbol of freedom. the safety to recall is getting totally so he could taking down and folding the american flag at their elementary school outside jacksonville, florida. they say it was worth it. >> i felt like it was a respectful thing to do. >> i feel like we have good people in our country and that
5:13 am
we should all be doing. >> the school posting their story online, reading quote this is what respect looks like. that's a look at your headline on this thursday. isn't that great?" it's great. somebody would take the flag down but for them to take the time to fold it. ainsley: they have great teachers guiding them. brian: president trump making headlines for calling out senator jeff flake. he will join us live to respond. that is just that. that's an exclusive. ainsley: and what do you think about this? should a high school coach be able to pray after a football game? i court just voted "no" he can't take a knee. but doesn't faith play a huge role in sports? former quarterback and sports analyst jason sehorn is going to react next ugh. heartburn.
5:14 am
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brian: back with a fox news alert. millions along the gulf coast bracing for the worst as tropical storm harvey continues to gain strength. look. ainsley: the dangerous storm packed with rain could bring dangerous life-threatening
5:18 am
flooding. steve: griffin from our affiliate fox 26 is live in texas where, nate, they're getting ready just in case; right? >> steve, brian, ainsley, i tell you what. you look out right behind me, and you can see how ominous it actually looks. i saw a bit of rain falling, and i'm not sure if our camera could pick it up or not, but the drops, i don't know if you want to call it drops or not. the heavy rain is certainly coming down and headed this way because i can actually feel some drops falling on me right now. you probably just saw a lightning rod out there not too long ago, not too far in the distant future or distance out there. but certainly, this is what we're expecting for right now. and what we also know is that the storm surge has been dangerous here in texas. the floodwaters from the storm, that's typically what'sly really bad and hurts people the most. you have to get prepared for the storm surge. so i think along this area here is certainly an area that's connected along the
5:19 am
galveston coast area, as well as houston. they're preparing for the storm surgery. we're expecting about 15 inches of rain. that's what we know right now. but i could tell you that we're probably going to get some rain out here pretty quick, pretty soon, not too far away from now. steve: it's going to be a big rainmaker. all right. nate, we thank you very much for joining us live from galveston. ainsley: nate, i have to ask you one quick question. i used to live in south texas and the biggest problem is the flooding. the intersection where you think you can drive through and the local news, unfortunately, we had to report on people that would get stuck in that water and couldn't get out of their cars. >> have a lot of low-lying areas in the city of houston as well as galveston. and, of course, being around this water, people have built homes in this area around the water, so certainly that's what you have to come in contact with and houston is the same thing. very low lying areas, and that's what you deal with a lot. and cars can't do it.
5:20 am
of course, texas is full of trucks. they try to get through it. sometimes, they flood as well. but, yes, no question. a lot of the high water is certainly very, very bad for this area. brian: good job, nate. thanks so much. stay safe. ainsley: at the intersection they have, you can see the meter mark of how high the water is so you know if you can drive through it or not. steve: sure. one of the biggest killers of people in big storms like that, flood surge. brian: meanwhile. steve: coming up on this thursday, the aclu wants an investigation into the police trying to keep the peace at presiden president trump's rally the other night. but what about the protesters going after the police officers? dan former cop himself live to react next. brian: and president trump calling out senator jeff flake in an exclusive in his response to that in just a momet fact. people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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5:24 am
trump: and nobody wants me to talk about your other senator who's weak on borders, weak on crime, so i won't talk about him. [booing] nobody wants me to talk about him. nobody knows who the hell he is. brian: so the president -- that was the president the other night over in phoenix. the president also using his time to rally, call out for arizona jeff flake, arizona senator jeff flake, but even got more personal on twitter a little later saying this: the phoenix crowd last night was amazing. a packed house. i love the great state of arizona. not a fan of jeff flake. weak on crime and the border. so what does senator jeff flake think about this? senator, your floor, your reaction to the president's appearance. your reaction to the president's tweet. >> well, thanks a lot. i was glad that the president came to arizona, in particular his visit down to yuma on the border. we in arizona have been
5:25 am
working to get a secure border for years, and it's great to have the president go down and see the actual conditions on the border. i think when he was there, he talked about what kind of barriers they have and what they're moving toward and actually in most places along the border, where we've had what could be considered a wall, they've been removing that and then putting in fencing because you need to see what's going on on the other side. so i was glad the president was there. we need a secure border, and we look forward to working with him on that. brian: so you are -- if you look at what you were a member of, he's open to border security consultation that said, hey, i need to be able to see through this barrier. a big brick wall wouldn't help me. so the president might be coming along to your point of view on this. >> well, you bet. the bipartisan bill that was passed in 2013 included 700 miles of new fencing, also
5:26 am
doubled the amount of number of border patrol officers. and also required new equipment, camera towers, sensors, had a lot of infrastructure on the border, which we desperately need. what we don't need is a solitaire, you know, 2,000-mile border. in some areas, and i would invite the president to come with me to other areas of the border like near douglass where you have a watershed flows northward. if you have a wall like some envisioned, a brick and mortar wall, it wouldn't allow water to flow through. you have to have storm gates. and if we work with ranchers, property owners on the border, they know what's needed there, and that's what we've been trying to do over the years in arizona. brian: so what's going on between you and the president? we read your book the conscious of a conservative, and i studied your background, there's a lot of things that you seem to agree with the president on. it seems the one thing that you have a problem with is
5:27 am
more tone than policy. am i correct? >> there are a lot of things i agree with the president on. he named a great supreme court justice. i was happy to help move that through the senate. with regard to regulatory reform, we're finally working with some of the federal agencies in arizona on regulatory issues. you know, arizona is 85% publicly owned between the federal government, state government, and tribal government. so when the federal government makes decisions and has an impact here, so those regulatory changes and working with the agencies have been great. tax policy, i believe the president's instincts are good on that. there are areas that i disagree with the president on. significantly on trade. nafta has been good for arizona. i hope that we can modernize the agreement but keep it in place. on trade in general, i don't think we should have exited the transpacific partnership. and on tone. i think that we're going to
5:28 am
need to achieve conservative ends by getting a hold of our debt and deficit. we have to work with our colleagues across the aisle and tone means a lot then. brian: so you obviously have different styles, different backgrounds, different ways of leading, and obviously the president is different and more unique than most. but i did go through your twitter feed because the president tweets so much. i wanted to see if you tweeted him. you did. you actually saluted him on his syrian strikes. you supported him there. and also his warsaw speech adherence to article five. also not getting involved with lock her up. said let's just win the like a. and you were also seen talking to john mccain to try to convince them him to vote for the health care legislation that the president so desperately wanted. so these are things that you are on the same page -- and i don't think you're compromising your beliefs to do it. so why are you guys having so many problems?
5:29 am
>> i don't know. you know, i will work and vote with the president when i believe he's right and challenge him when i believe he's wrong. that's what i've done with every president, rapport democrat. i didn't always vote with george w. bush. i voted against the prescription drug benefit or no child left behind. but i worked with him on most things. i think that's what arizona voters expect me to do. brian: senator, the next thing we have to look at is whether you're going to raise the debt ceiling or whether you're going to build a border wall. would you back the president when he says i rather shut the government down and build this wall? >> we don't need a government shut down. that never ends well. we don't save money doing it. and with regard to border security, i think the president and all of us share the same goal to have a secure border. and what we need to do is say what does that mean? where does it -- where do we need fences? where do we need sensors? where do we simply need surveillance to get a security
5:30 am
border? that's the goal. not to just fulfill a campaign promise of a wall that, you know, it doesn't make sense in certain areas, certainly in arizona. i would love to show the president those areas. trump: would you encourage the president not to try to primary you that the risk would be leaving that senate seat? >> you know, i just have to concern myself with my own campaign and my day job of being a senator. so what the president does or that's his prerogative. brian: but it would make it tougher; correct? >> well, obviously, you want to work with the president on things like tax reform, which i'm going to do and other areas like border security certainly not good. but that's the president's prerogative. i'm representing arizona. brian: i will say this.
5:31 am
between marco rubio, lindsey you can't mean, they have all had tough times with the president, they all seem to get along. maybe jeff flake will be high-fiving at the christmas party in a few months. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much for having me on. brian: no problem. and his book conscious of the conservative is now out. straight ahead, the arclu wants an investigation on how phoenix police handled the protesters outside the rally. former agent dan joins us now for adults with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, including those with an abnormal alk or egfr gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy, here's a question: who wouldn't want a chance for another...? who'd say no to a...? who wouldn't want... a chance to live longer. opdivo (nivolumab). opdivo demonstrated longer life versus chemotherapy.
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5:33 am
and physicians involved in opdivo clinical trials.
5:34 am
steve: all right. welcome to the city of brotherly love. that's philadelphia. you're actually here in new york city right now. welcome aboard, folks, and
5:35 am
look who's joining us. usually, we talk to him down in florida, but today dan. ainsley: outnumbered today. >> yeah. i'm a rookie there. looking forward to it. ainsley: hopefully you'll be outnumbered by all of these ladies. >> oh, man. a little intimidated for the first time here. ainsley: you'll do great. brian: so i know you were really concerned about that. the president of the united states has to go to phoenix and supposed to be maybe over 15,000 protesters. there wasn't. it was maybe under 1,000 that ended up showing up. but these protesters are backed by the aclu. they don't like the way they were treated. they felt it was overzealous policing by arizona cops. >> you know, this is always a delicate issue for me being an absolutist on the bill of rights and libertarian. but having a former police officer as well, i see both sides. personally, i don't think it was an overzealous response because these protesters, especially have a body of work, a résume of violence. they were told to disburse,
5:36 am
they didn't disburse, they put out the agents, the chemical agents, and one of them went to go kick it. i don't know if you saw that. that didn't end well for him. brian: you got shot schott in the groin. >> yeah. in a very uncomfortable spot. and then the kaepernick guy comes out to get him, which was ironic. ainsley: if you kick a can at police officers, what do you expect is going to happen? i don't think anyone has any sympathy for this guy. >> no. no. you're running into a chemical agent with a gas mask to kick it back. yeah, that has to hurt. that was definitely below the belt. that wouldn't work in the may weather, mcgregor fight. brian: yeah, which is coming up saturday. steve: what do you think. it was a big story because donald trump flies all over the world, and he has such a big family, the secret service doesn't have enough money to keep him safe. >> i am so happy. big smile on my face you brought this up. this is a garbage story. totally made up. i was a secret service agent for 12 years. i saw the evolution of the secret service from treasury to homeland.
5:37 am
this is entirely made up. the secret service budget crunch because the agents are capped. they have a salary cap. they cannot make any more than the lowest member paid of congress. no matter what. steve: what about over time? >> it doesn't matter. so the problem is after a certain amount of time during a busy travel year, they cap out. news flash, this has been a problem since 1980. brian: you work for free? >> well, you do after a certain amount of time. ainsley: you do or you just don't sit out and let someone else take over? >> think about it. it's no different than any other job. i'm sure a lot of people here on fox are on salaries. a lot of them don't claim overtime. you're on salary, and that's it. now, i don't think that's fair, per se because then people just transfer to the fbi where they can work less hours for the same money, the same salary. but the problem is this is a completely news-generated media hysterical story. this has been a problem for ten years. brian: his family is having so many demands and travels so much, it's his fault. >> nonsense. here's the dirty little secret
5:38 am
to the secret service. they have 6800 agents out there. they can lose the investigative mission, put those people on protection, and you wouldn't have agents working 24-hour days. this is not a mystery. give this stuff to the fbi. steve: you call it a garbage story. but it was really big a couple of days ago where donald trump is breaking the budget. but now you say that it's not true. i haven't seen that on the other channels. >> no you won't. they won't retract the story. and here's more proof on this after 9/11 we expanded the security footprint around president bush. barack obama traveled around a lot. that cost a lot of money. it's not a new story. it's an old story with a president they don't like. ainsley: what did you think of james clapper in the intelligence agency? brian: director for eight years. ainsley: and famously got caught lying to congress. what do you think of him saying this president is unfit? >> sometimes on twitter i put a clown alerts. this is like my clown alert moment. this is a guy in 2013 was up
5:39 am
under oath and lied to senator about the collection of metadata. now talking about fitness. and one of the points i like to make to people on this is they just don't understand trump. he's a queens guy. are you a long island guy? queens guy, we're never as rich as the manhattan guys never as tough as the bronx guys. they always have this i have to be better than them. that's trump. when you understand he's a queens guy, that all makes sense. clapper doesn't get him, he's a fighter. he's a queens guy. brian: so he's not mentally unhealthy. >> no. i'm from queens. and, you know, people -- a lot of people out there who are liberals. brian: the russia investigation and then you say overturn it, and now they're saying he's mentally unfit. i've never seen anything like this, called bernstein, among others who are really worried. >> you have a commentator on another cable network who said he possibly had dementia. how grotesquely inappropriate.
5:40 am
but they think it's great because it's great for their ratings. steve: so is that what's going on? you have the queens guy and then mitch mcconnell? >> yeah. you have the bow tie wearing swamp creature mitch mcconnell, and he doesn't understand he's from queens. he's had a deal with unions, city regulators his entire life. you have a brawler at a golf match, and you wonder. i don't even know what that is. but -- brian: don't you believe sometimes brawlers got to learn to use the branding snipner? >> no, i don't because america think so different. that's why donald trump is president. if hillary agree was president, they would agree with you. ainsley: you can catch outnumbered at noon. >> hoping to have a tie on. brian: my father's from queens. >> so he's shaking his head right now. he knows what i'm talking about. steve: thank you. >> you got it, guys. ainsley: he will be wearing a tie but no bow tie. steve: and he won't have for
5:41 am
lunch. brian: i feel compelled to sit up. he's sitting up. steve: it's america. sit any way you want. ainsley: hollywood's biggest stars and now actor wants to run for congress. coming up, his inspiration to serve his country. steve: and should a high school coach be able to take a knee after a football game? judge just said, no, that guy's breaking the law. analyst jason sehorn reacts next over the course of 9 days... steve chooses to walk 26.2 miles, that's a marathon. and he does it with dr. scholl's. only dr. scholl's has massaging gel insoles that provide all-day comfort to keep him feeling more energized. dr. scholl's. born to move. richard: oh!
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5:44 am
♪ it's magic introducing the all new volkswagen tiguan. ♪ higher and higher, baby the new king of the concrete jungle. steve: espn is under fire after removing a commentator from a football game in virginia because he shares the same name as confederate general robert e lee.
5:45 am
robert e lee on the right, robert lee on the left. brian: which is -- okay. thanks. ainsley: so many are asking. we officially hit a new low of political correctness? joining us now with his reaction former nfl quarterback and college football analyst jason sehorn. hey, jason. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. joining us from charlotte, north carolina. jason, what was your reaction when you heard about this guy robert lee? >> i mean, stupidity. like, this isn't political correctness. this was just stupidity. the actual thought process that went into that one? i could get it if it was 6-year-old man with a white beard. it's an asian dude who just has the same name. it's, like, are we going to start dictating based on coincidences? i mean, this is not how you operate. this is not how people need to operate or even think the process that went into whatever decision was made was flawed from the get-go. brian: so espn has a series of
5:46 am
statements to try to correct this whole thing because they know everyone is just astonished by this. they said lastly, we collectively made the decision from -- with robert switch games after the tragic events in charlottesville were unfolding simply because of the coincidence in his name. it is a shame that this is even a topic of conversation. by who calls i replay by play of a football game has become an issue. they went on to say yesterday that they were worried about memes and social media backlash, should he go ahead and do that, they might mock him. so they're running from social media. that was their worry. >> wait, that's what drives the traffic. social media drives the traffic. they ask all their analysts and all their play-by-play guys to use social media. they want you to promote espn. they want you to promote your product. they want people to tune in in and watch. and they realize -- and now they're saying we don't want the backlash. listen, they made a dumb mistake. at the end of the day, they're backtracking. if they would have said nothing, i think it would have
5:47 am
been better. the whole thing about, well, we were concerned about memes. whoa, whoa, whoa. so there's two statements that i read that made me think twice about this. the first one is you're making decisions off of coincidences, and now you actually said we're worried about memes? like, that's how we're basing this off of? it was comical, to say the least. steve: something somebody might write on twitter or facebook. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this up in washington state. there was a high school football coach by the name of joe kennedy. we have featured him on this program famously, he after a game, jason, would take a knee and pray to himself after everybody else had moved off the field for about 30 seconds. the school district said you've got to stop that. he was suspended, eventually he was not renewed with his contract, and he got fired, essentially. now the ninth circuit has said that that guy was breaking the law because he spoke as a public employee, the court writes. not a private citizen.
5:48 am
and his speech therefore was unconstitutional unprotected. what do you make of that? >> okay. so the first thing i'll say to you is i've never played a football game that we didn't say the lord's prayer at the end of the game. whether you're religious or not, every single game i played at the end, the team comes together in the locker room and says the lord's prayer. every game. never played one without it. so to say to this guy -- and here's a part that bothered me about the ninth circuit's decision. what do they know that he's doing for sure? like, what do they think he's doing? are they sure of what he's doing? maybe he's out there, you know, paying amish to his father who passed away. like, the man's being silent, and he took a knee. for you as a court or a judge to say we know what you're doing, and it's wrong, i think is the problem. and who cares. like, why is it we make every rule for the one or two people that are
5:49 am
upset by it instead of the 95, 98% that actually like it? i think we have just gone too far with trying to protect or appease the people who complain instead of all the people who are fine with it or don't care. like, if you weren't religious, i still wouldn't care. i allow you to pray what you want to practice. you allow me to practice what i want to practice. brian: and jason sehorn doesn't sue anybody because of it. thanks, jason. always great to see you. >> happy to be here, guys. steve: all right. thank you. straight ahead, hollywood conservative and actor antonio wants to run for congress. coming up, he shares the personal story -- you probably have not heard about. that became his inspiration to serve his country. brian: but first, let's check in with shannon. she told me she has prepared a whole show. >> yeah. i have, and it's two hours long. we can't wait for you to see it. well, are the president and the senate top republican back on page? they have plenty to tackle, tax refor me taking another shot at health care.
5:50 am
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>> i am concerned about our country's future. i am concerned about my children's future. and i believe we need donald trump. ainsley: well, now the actor could be heading to washington himself. he's running for congress with a platform that includes tackling the opioid crisis after dealing with addiction personally. so joining us now is antonio sabato jr. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. ainsley: what inspired you to speak at the convention as a actor. because we all hear actors are
5:54 am
blacklisted in hollywood if they support a republican. not only to get up on the stage at the convention, but also to run for office? >> well, you know, i love my country. i came from italy in a very small neighborhood outside rome, italy, and we worked very hard to come here, we waited in line, paid a lot of money, a lot of do you see, a lot of hard work. i love my nation, and it has done so much for me that i want to return the favor. and i believe this country was going in the wrong direction and thank god we have a president who loves our country, loves the military, loved the law enforcement, and it's about time we have a leader who's honest with the american people. so i decided that it was time for me to speak out, and i was blacklisted from hollywood, but i love my country a lot more, and i'm ready to fight for the american people. i'm ready to fight for my district 26 of ventura county, which i live in. my opponent has not lived in this county for a long time. i think never. and i'm ready to fight. steve: okay. currently it is held by a democrat by the name of julia there in the 26th district. but let's back up a little bit, antonio.
5:55 am
you said you have been blacklisted by hollywood. is that because you stood up for donald trump at the convention last year? >> yeah. not only that, i think because i'm a republican and that's how it goes, you know? steve: so you can't get work now? is that what you're saying? >> no. i cannot get work. i have no representation. i have lost jobs. i don't make a living as a actor right now at all. so i put everything on the line for my country, and i'm ready to fight for it. i'm going to go to washington and win my district, and i'm going to do it for the american people. that's how much my country means to me. ainsley: antonio, i know you're making substance abuse and the opioid crisis an essential part of your campaign. tell us what you have gone through over the last year. >> well, i fell into the cracks. i started from, you know, talking to my doctor about getting some help to sleep on planes, and then i started taking pills to sleep at night. i was very unhappy with my relationship and marriage at the time. so i was trying to cope with that and going to sleep and forgetting about my problems.
5:56 am
and all of a sudden i was deep into addiction and after a year of being on this medication, i decided it was time for me to put myself on a treatment. see, i want to be a politician that is honest with the american people. you know, when i went to treatment, it was the best time of my life because i realized that i needed to do a lot not just for me personally, but overall in my career and everything else as a father, as a human being. and i think the epidemic of addiction generally in this country is overwhelming. a lot of families are going through turmoil and destruction and people are dying all over the place. i don't want to lose any more friends to addiction. i want to talk about this. we could do a lot more. the president is doing a lot of great things. but we have to do more. steve: antonio, sabato jr. who is going to run for congress in the 26th district of california. thank you for sharing your story about being blacklisted in hollywood and your struggle with drugs. >> thank you go for vote i can win this, and i will doctors trust.
5:57 am
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>> tomorrow live from new york it's the all america concert series, joe nichols will perform. >> i can't wait. i'll pick out an outfit. see you on radio. >> shannon: president donald trump and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell set to meet face-to-face. both are signaling they hope to work together with each other. with a long to do list and tight schedule ahead. can they put their differences aside and get an agenda past? i'm shannon bream. good to see you this morning, leland. >> happy friday eve as you would say. i'm in for bill hemmer. news of a white house meeting comes as president trump again calls out republican leaders in congress on twitter. this time over the debt ceiling. ami


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