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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 24, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> heather: we'll see you back here and an hour. >> jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we begun with a fox news alert. forecasters at the fox weather news at center state tropical storm harvey will become a major hurricane before landfall. that storm will be packing winds of 120 miles per hour at least. people along the coast bracing for the worst. janice is joining us, i want to add this from the governor of texas. state of disaster now declared 4:30 counties in that state. >> we have not had a major hurricane hit the coastline since 2005 and texas has not dealt with a hurricane since 2008. i'm concerned we don't have a
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lot of time. saturday is when we think it's going to make landfall and it's expected to last well into next week as the storm is going to stall. there is nothing steering this system, so major hurricane making landfall friday night into saturday along with the potentially life-threatening storm system. that's a well of water that comes with these counterclockwise systems dealing with over 2 feet of rain and 15d winds, that's a big deal. people need to be making their preparations and completing them along the texas and louisiana coastlines. the reason we are seeing rapid intensification, the water is so warm, that's the energy that these storms need and there is in the upper level to tear this storm apart, so i'm so concerned, not only for a major hurricane hitting these major cities, but it is going to linger for days, over 2 feet of
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rainfall, not out of the question. we're also seeing rainfall amounts upwards of 30, maybe even 40 inches of rain. tropical storm allison back in 2001 brought catastrophic flooding to this area and killed many people, so i need you if you live in these areas to be listening to your local officials, listening to your local full cast and if they tell you to evacuate, you need to do so. major, major storm coming your way. storm surge is a mention, 6-10 feet as the storm potentially make landfall. the hurricane warnings are up for central coastal texas. i expect they'll move them towards louisiana. as we expect the potential for this storm to slow down, it will make landfall we expect on saturday morning, but watch this, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday along the gulf coast, perhaps making a second landfall into louisiana.
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there's nothing to steer this storm. we've got high pressure over the rockies, high pressure across florida, this is called a blocking pattern. typically we would see a cold front moved through and they will pick these storms up and move north and east very quickly. that is not going to happen with this system. that is why this is a dire situation and that is why we need to make sure that everyone is heeding the warnings. i guarantee, harris, officials in texas and louisiana are now making their preparations and they are now about to announce the evacuations. i hope i'm wrong, but prepare for the worst. >> harris: i heard you say it when sandy hit the east coast, it could be landscape changing. now i see pretty much no matter which way we go, that water is going to at least get scooped up from the ocean. my one question for you is, which areas in particular are you pointing to?
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because it's all low line. now you have to move a lot of people. >> we have 24 hours to complete preparations. i have loved ones in houston that i have told to move northward. i've lived in houston, it's a lot of concrete, they can't take even a couple inches of rainfall. i'm not sure what they are going to do with upwards of 2 feet of rain and a storm surge of upwards of 10 feet. they are obviously going to scramble and people need to be making -- we can give you advice, but it's up to yourself and protecting your family and your property on what you are going to do. you need to be making your own preparations and realizing that category three storm, that's the major storm, that's the major storm surge, that's a lot of rain over many days. 2001, that's a good example of tropical storm allison, it was just a tropical storm, it brought close to 40 inches of
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rain and it killed over two dozen people and changed the landscape in texas, so i cannot stress this enough. the time is running out. you need to take precautions yourself and make your family safe. >> harris: you start with you hope you're wrong, but just in case we told everybody and we will continue to report this. janice dean, we'll come back as the news warrants. thank you very much. >> sandra: another fox news alert, president trump and mitch mcconnell playing down a report of a rift between the two and denying that the two men haven't spoken in weeks. they say they are united in efforts to pass republicans agenda. this is "outnumbered," answer to smith. here to make a mess for harris faulkner, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy, marie harf and today's a #oneluckyguy, former nypd d
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officer, dan bongino and he is outnumbered. we are happy to have you. >> dan: am totally stoked. >> dan: i'm looking at myself oe camera, it's kind of weird. >> sandra: dan bongino from queens. >> harris: at your home. welcome home. >> dan: thank you. >> sandra: president trump and mitch mcconnell said to meet after the recess. the two men are downplaying a feud between the two, a rift that supposedly has its roots in congress' failures to get rid of obamacare. the senator mcconnell saying in a statement "the president and i and our teams have been and continue to be in regular contact about our shared goals. we have a lot of work ahead of us and we are committed to advancing our shared agenda together and anyone who suggests otherwise is clearly not part of the conversation."
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dan is agreeing with that one. sarah huckabee sanders echoing that statement on board air force one yesterday. >> there have been several conversations going on throughout the august recess about multiple meetings that will take place when everybody returns from august recess to discuss the agenda in the priorities for the fall agenda. there have been quite a few ongoing conversations with members of the administration throughout august. >> sandra: president trump appeared to take a shot at the top republican in the senate this morning on twitter. "the only problem i have with mitch mcconnell is that after hearing repeal and replace for 7 years, he failed. that should never have happened." so there is that dan. you brought up something really interesting before the show.
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i asked where you were born and you said queens and that's why you get this president. >> dan: we have really sharp knuckles and here's why. you are born in queens, you never have the money and influence. you just don't, people would move to manhattan, but you're never perceived. everybody in queens is a complex. there are brawlers and they're all constantly overcoming this image where they want to be tougher, but they want to be accepted. >> sandra: what do you make of this suppose it rift between these two? >> dan: maybe we need it. mitch mcconnell is the ultimate swamp rat. ask this question to anyone in your listening audience. what political victory has the republican party been able to legislatively push forward with mitch mcconnell in charge? don't tell me about gas exports, don't tell me about the sequester you bro, what did we win? we lost on taxes, government spending, obamacare. i'm tired of being willing to
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these clowns. they go to d.c., take our money, they get elected and smack us in the face. >> sandra: really know what the president tells us and a lot of the things he tells us is on twitter. they both insist there is no actual falling out between the two, there is no actual fight, but then you get a tweet like you got this morning from the president. >> kennedy: that's frustrating for independent voters, there is more mixed messages from the white house. to clarify your point, if you hate mitch mcconnell anyone him out, then stage a coup. if you're friendly and have a shared agenda, then do that and stop attacking. we are not campaigning constantly, we need tax reform, we need to get stuff done. the president needs mitch mcconnell, mitch mcconnell meets the president. that means they have to figure out a way to work together. i'd like mitch mcconnell, i don't think he's that fantastic, but for practical reasons, too bad.
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>> sandra: you had a very strong reaction, marie. >> marie: i'm not a fan of mitch mcconnell either and i think both sides have legitimate agreements this year. donald trump isn't wrong when he says i was on the apprentice when you are talking about repeal and replace. i think he's shocked there wasn't a bill ready to go. mitch mcconnell also has a true grievance and that we have disagreements, the way to work them out in the caucus is not on twitter. that may be how they do it in queens, but in terms of a strategy and getting things done to it kennedy just said, what's the gain here for the president? does he have a strategy? how is he going to take a slim majority in the senate question rick he's attacking members of his own party, votes he needs. i don't see how this plays out strategically for the white house who needs some victories. >> sandra: and the meantime, republican senator jeff flake also planed on a feud with president trump saying he doesn't know why they're having problems. he is happy to work with the
9:11 am
president on areas they agree on. >> i will vote and work with the president when i believe he is right and i'll challenge him when i believe he's wrong and that's what i've done with every president, republican or democrat. i didn't always agree with george w. bush, i voted against the prescription drug benefits or no child left behind, but it worked with him on most things. i think that's what arizona's importers expect me to do. >> sandra: those comments come after president trump slammed flake at a rally at his home state of arizona on tuesday and on twitter the next day writing this. phoenix cried last night was amazing. a packed house. i love the great state of arizona. not a fan of jeff flake, weak on crime and border. and there are reports that the president met with several of flake's possible primary challengers in phoenix for that event. meantime, house figure paul ryan commenting on the president's criticism of senators flake and mccain saying republicans need to stick together to get things
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done. >> it's important we all stay unified as republicans to complete our agenda. those two gentlemen of people i respect, no, like, and our friends with. we disagree on certain issues. i can think of a couple with those gentlemen, but nevertheless, we have very good working relationships and it's important for us to stay unified, but the president is employing a strategy that he thinks is effective. >> sandra: he must because he's doing it. >> harris: part of the criticism for the democrats right now, they have not been able to capitalize on much, but you do want to hand them their slogan, look at this. they're looking for a message right now. the president is going after the people in his own party because it makes it very easy for the people on the other side to say look at them. they can't do it.
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you've got flake using phrases like areas we agree on. what are those areas and why are they not reaching out to the president because they are eating their own right now. >> dan: the problem i have with flake, he took a lot of money from conservatives, he was a tea party aligned outfit, people devoted a lot of time and money to get him elected. when it mattered, when it comes to criticizing people, he seems to allocate most of his energy towards trump. the real battle to me is it versus the democrats and flake is setting himself aside as i'm not with trump on this stuff. >> harris: he's got some of the lowest approval ratings in all of congress. the president does not retry so hard. >> dan: i was a criminal investigator. we call that a clue that there's something wrong. >> marie: jeff flake has voted with the president upwards of 90% of the time, so jeff flake is very conservative. as a democrat, there are ten senate democrats up for reelection next year in states
9:14 am
that hilly clinton won. a very public and party spends millions of dollars finding out this primary when jeff flake is a reliable trump ally vote, he's been critical of this president's behavior, but he votes with the president. as a democrat, i say fine, throw millions of dollars into a race, fine with me, that's money that will be spent trying to go after joe donnelly or joe manchin or heidi hagan. >> sandra: mike huckabee has an explanation. listen. >> i think jeff flake writing a book, trying to poke fun at donald trump, he should have known that when you poke at donald trump, he's going to come back at you. here's something i wish the senator would understand. if he's got a difference with the president, to get to them, but do it in private. what seem to jeff flake was interested in doing was selling a lot of books and by taking on donald trump, every liberal show was gushing over him for having done that.
9:15 am
>> sandra: dan, you first come about maria's having too much fun with that. >> marie: it to criticize jeff flake for going up to abel publicly, donald trump is king of going people publicly. you were responding to what i was saying. >> dan: they -- when it matters like on immigration, an issue that got trump elected, flake is out there attacking as if it trump the enemy. >> kennedy: he has a different conservative ideology. i think it's okay. it's fine for people within the party to disagree with each other. that's one thing. he was down in the high teens not long ago. i respect jeff flake for saying this, i understand i may not be reelected because of my beliefs because of what i fight for. there's a something to be said
9:16 am
for having an ideology, that's one of the criticisms that people level against the president, he's not tethered to a solid belief system. if you are going to criticize someone, fine, but don't be so thin-skinned that if someone issues a critique that you lose your mind anywhere after them when you should be shoring up the best parts of your rally, it seems like a lot of lost energy. again, i understand my people are frustrated because every time i see the president attack lindsey graham or jeff flake or mitch mcconnell on twitter, i think where's tax reform? >> dan: he is not democracy. >> marie: maybe he thinks in his responsibility as a leader if he finds the president's behavior offensive that he can speak up and he may lose. >> harris: we don't know what jeff flake thinks right now, but he doesn't see those low approval ratings.
9:17 am
i would say this, from what we've seen with aid divided democrat, you've got bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, more than 1,000 house seats, legislative seats in the white house over the last few years. that's a lesson republic and sue take a look at. to go after each other in this way, i question, you may not have a by camera legislature. you may not see that again. >> sandra: meantime, president trump taking fire and many in the mainstream media with a different tone in three speeches, he gave this week to read why the president said this is a good thing and whether the criticism has been fair. plus the liberal ninth circuit court of appeals added again. this time, denying the coaches request to kneel in prayer after
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>> sandra: fox news alert. the winner of the $756 million powerball jackpot will be coming forward at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. this is the second largest jackpot in powerball history. remember the lucky numbers were were -- before taxes, a lump sum payment to that winner of upwards of $480 million. we are supposedly going to meet that winner at 1:00 p.m. eastern time today. that was just announced. >> we must unite to defend america from its enemies abroad. we must restore the bonds of loyalty among our citizens at home. for the most part, honestly,
9:23 am
these are really, really dishonest people and they're bad people and i really think they don't like our country. the time to heal the wound that divide us and to seek a new unity based on the common values that unite us. we are one people with one home and one great flag. >> harris: president trump in three separate speeches this week before three different audiences setting a different tone in each speech and many in the media appeared to have a problem with it. saying it's confusing and divvying. the president had a little something for those critics. he tweeted today. the fake news is now complaining about my different types of back-to-back speeches. well, there was afghanistan, somber, the big rally, enthusiastic, dynamic, and fun, and the american legion va, respectful and strong. to buy the dems have no one who can change tones. >> dan: this is one of those stories that is so uniquely
9:24 am
media and the trump area. he's giving a speech about america's longest war in afghanistan. of course he's going to be somber. i'm just saying -- obama would go out and compare republicans to a rainy and hard lines. yes, that actually happen. speech, he could be very eloquent at times. if trump saying right now, there would be a national media outcr outcry. this is a trump only story, i assure you. >> harris: kellyanne conway, senior advisor to the president this morning on "fox & friends" and said the media just wants to talk about substance. they are obsessed with his style. >> marie: he certainly has unique style. we can all agree on that. the reason that tones are concerning for me is that yes, every president speaks differently of course.
9:25 am
when the tone and the different speeches and start undercutting the other one, for example, he gave a speech of possibly sending more american men and women overseas. he should have been rallying the country together after this awful strategy in charlottesville. they are trying to take our country away, our heritage away. he's creating this dems versus us and i think the tone in phoenix was so divisive that it undercuts the other messages. the divisiveness takes away any other messages he's trying to send and it hurts that. >> dan: his message has been quite consistent. i endorse cruise. i'm against a lot of what they're doing on trade and i'm perfectly willing to stand on principle and see the president is wrong. his message has been entirely
9:26 am
consistent. when he goes to rallies, you'll hear this one thing every time, the media sucks, end of story. he just can't stand the media because they call him a racist and i don't blame him. i would fire back to >> harris: these are two very different views of three different speeches. all that really matters is the bottom line if you are a future writer and does it work? two was a teleprompter and one was more off the cuff. interesting because the tone change is so calm on the teleprompter. it's obvious he's reading someone else's words. although he is expressing important things when he has these somber -- he talks about things and i know there are people who are applauding wildly in his administration because he's staying on message, but i
9:27 am
think his biggest fans don't get it because he says things are not supposed to say and ways are not supposed to say them. it's kind of brilliant because we're not talking about charlottesville. >> harris: sandra? >> sandra: wow. going back to dance point, there is a reason to have different tones, it seems like the media, this is not a fair fight. >> dan: it's only a story because it's trump. >> marie: at the rhetoric is different than any other president and i watched that rally in phoenix, i wanted to be able to do a campaign rally without calling people on american without saying journalists hate their country. without saying it's them versus us. i've seen many politicians give campaign rallies they don't end
9:28 am
with me watching and thinking why is he not bringing our country together? he is the president and his duty is try to bring some unity. >> dan: some people don't want to be united. they want to spray pant paint n statues. >> marie: i don't think that means there un-american. that's too far for the presiden president. >> harris: i'm looking at social media during the commercial. >> dan: i'm not. >> harris: the white house is stepping up the threat of forcing a government shutdown to get funding for the president's border wall, but now house speaker paul ryan is pushing back against the strategy. what can we expect? it's spicy on the couch today. ♪
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>> sandra: the white house not backing down on president trump's threat to shut on the government to get funding to build a wall along the border of mexico. one of his signature campaign promises. watch. >> he's going to build that wall and he wants somebody to pay for it. the president ran on building the wall, one on building the wall and is committed to doing it. anybody who is surprised by that has not been paying attention for over two years. >> sandra: earlier this week, the president going to do whatever it takes to build that wall including a government shutdown, but now house speaker paul ryan morning the president against any such move. >> i don't think anyone's interested in having a shutdown. while we work on doing what we actually said we would do, what we've done already is control our border. i don't think we should choose between the two. >> dan: the wishy-washy notice. these guys talk like they just
9:34 am
got out of a focus group. how should we respond to this? this was a central core of his campaign, did anybody not here trump in the campaign mention the border wall? let me get this straight. when obama is in office, the g.o.p. passes a budget, literally puts the budget on his desk and says i'm not signing and coming of shuts down and it's their fault. trump does it, the exact same thing. now all of a sudden, it's like dr. doom. the apocalypse is coming. it's absurd. >> sandra: does that wall get built? >> dan: it does and it's a complicated issue, i don't mean to sound wishy-washy. i want to see it built 100%. certain areas, you are not on concrete, so i do want to see it built wherever it can be, but there are legitimately some areas where you can.
9:35 am
>> kennedy: border crossings are down. there are going to be so many challenges and everyone can take years to make their way to supreme court, by then, there president could be out of offic office. if border patrol is doing a great job stopping those illegal border crossings and people in central america are getting the message that the united states is being tougher. border crossings are down by 47%, something is working and maybe you don't need a wall. with everything going on in places like barcelona and charlottesville and with our economy, i don't think the wall is the most necessary thing. i don't have the government spending $90 billion on my walls and i'm not taking land from other people in order to build them. >> harris: at the president missed an opportunity in his speech and of course he went to arizona and yuma city which was
9:36 am
george w. bush's example if i can make things better. it's a structure, it's a fence line also enforcing with more border agents. that structure is helping to become an actual success story. it was a huge, dangerous problem with illegal immigrants coming across the border. bush went there and that was the last time we had a president go to the border and that was 2007. i think the president could have at this point harder on tuesday night at that rally. that's an issue that really hits home for arizona. he talked about it, but he owns that, much like a previous president who saw success because of a structure. >> marie: the campaign promise was that mexico would pay for though wall, not american taxpayers. the fact that he hasn't moved the ball on that --
9:37 am
>> harris: it there are some things you could do on trade agreements. >> marie: part of it is being funded first and foremost by american taxpayers. >> kennedy: that's how we got monica lewinsky. >> marie: the campaign promise was that mexico would pay for i it. i think republicans will pay at the ballot box and the american people will pay the price in their daily lives. >> kennedy: i agree with you. i think they should be shut down for a little while, but some like paul ryan, it's so politically toxic. yes, the media will hold the president accountable, but if it shuts down, congress look at the blame long term. >> sandra: liberal activists planning to occupy wall street
9:38 am
in their attempt to oust president trump from office, but could it backfire and help the president? will certainly debate that.
9:39 am
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could save you 15% or more on car insurance. oh! ok. geico. because saving 15% or more on car insurance is always a great answer. whoa! gross! >> sandra: any minute now, we are going to learn who is the winner of the second largest jackpot in powerball history. it's a $750 million prize, more than that. we are awaiting to see the first clips of that winner who we are now told is a woman at the massachusetts state lottery, they described her as a someone who has a good story, a prototypical massachusetts resident. a hardworking individual. she's clearly very excited. there are the winning numbers, we are getting our first look at this winner possibly of the top
9:43 am
of the hour, stay tuned to that. what is the first thing you would buy? >> harris: some new shoes. >> kennedy: a helicopter. >> harris: a group of anti-trump protesters is to revive some of the occupy wall street, remember them? they call themselves the resistance movement plan and now they want to use protests that would stretch for weeks or even months with one goal, removing president trump from the oval office. they reportedly plan to kick off their campaign around november 4th, targeting cities nationwide. can i remind everybody that by the time occupy wall street was doing a lot less occupation, a lot of democrats had walked away from them, not just because of the violence, because they didn't have a message.
9:44 am
>> dan: the resistance movement, i'm begging you. please, please continue. they are really experts at resisting victories. they are a total mess. what does this group stand for? they do absolutely nothing. the democratic party is at the lowest they've been since the 1920s. maybe you should stand for something. let's rip down statues and attack them? is this all you've got, nonsensical impeachments and let's occupy wall street again? this is the best he could do? >> harris: we have a different memory of occupying wall street. they were gamy, they were dangerous. they were not successful. >> kennedy: that was 2011, it's 2017, you think within six
9:45 am
years, you would have more legislative victories, and that you would have run candidates to raise money and i don't think it's about that. it's about drama, it's about causing a stir, it's about something for some people to do. if you peaceably protest, fantastic, have at it. after what we saw and charlottesville, particularly a guy who tried to murder dozens of people with his car, it's gotten really serious. i think eating up the rhetoric doesn't do much to solve our problems and people are frankly exhausted. >> harris: no one is making this comparison and not everybody in the group was around when they were occupying wall street. >> marie: the resistance is much more broad than what this group is planning to do. it would be a mistake for the g.o.p. to not recognize the real trouble that some people are having with the president and
9:46 am
the g.o.p. leadership. this gets a lot of headlines and they will do stupid things probably and i don't want them to represent the democratic party and i don't think they do, but my small town in ohio, there are all these -- summer democrats, independents, republicans who are joining this group to get other people elected that aren't doing this kind of weird stuff, but are on the ground. people saying i don't like what's happening in washington and it would be a mistake for them to write off the resistanc resistance. >> harris: an appeals court is really a high school football coach is not allowed to pray on the field. is this a violation of his first amendment rights? could this be heading to the supreme court next? ♪
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>> sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment and the announcement of the powerball winner. here's jon scott with what's coming in the second hour of "happening now" ." >> jon: it's not me. next hour, we are tracking what forecasters believe will become a category three hurricane
9:51 am
aiming right for the texas coast. the very latest on harvey. plus the person who won last night's jackpot coming forward to claim the prize. we'll hear from her at the top of the hour life. it's all coming up, "happening now" ." >> sandra: what would you do? >> harris: you'd buy another plane. >> jon: may be. >> sandra: thanks, we'll see you. >> kennedy: i'd buy a plane and then hired jon scott to fly it. let's get back to the liberal ninth circuit of appeals. a football coach saying he should be allowed to pray on fields after the game. the plaintiff spoke as a public employee, not as a private citizen when he kneeled and prayed on the 50-yard line immediately after games in school logo to attire.
9:52 am
an attorney for him reacted yesterday. watch. >> the court has now said banning all coaches, we think it is wrong. coach kennedy would love to be able to be coaching his players again, he still loves those men and wants to help them grow into better men. >> kennedy: they are considering other options. these impressionable minds, what if he had given them a motivational book from anthony robbins? that's also filling those impressionable minds. >> dan: this is one of the dumbest decisions in judicial history. because you put a black robe on, you can do things that are
9:53 am
absolutely insane and because you have that, it's okay. let me get this straight, he kneels and prays, but on the other side, it's okay to steal taxpayer money and give it to planned parenthood. it's outrageous. this is a separation of coequal branches of government and it's clearly not in the judge's power to rule on his first amendment rights whether he is paid by the public or not. >> kennedy: they can knowledge a difference between the classroom and empty football field where players from other teams routinely came in and prayed. >> harris: are you asking or preaching? as a parent, i look at this and think, can we stop the other coaches from dropping off bombs in front of our kids and acting on toward an inappropriate and ways? we know coaches can do that, they're human. those messages i certainly take exception to. how far are we going with this? >> marie: to be the liberal on this couch again, the
9:54 am
constitution does talk about a separation of church and state. let me finish before you give me more legal advice. a public school on a public football field as a representative of a public school system, courts have routinely -- >> sandra: you have a problem with him preying on that field? >> marie: as a representative of the public school, yes, i do. let me finish what i was going to say. i don't have a problem with him offering to lead prayer of his football players, take it off the field. >> harris: you see the field as a classroom. >> marie: it's part of our public school system, which it is. other courts have ruled similarly.
9:55 am
>> dan: it's not in the constitution. >> marie: freedom of religion is in the constitution. courts have routinely ruled that if you are a public school, let me finish. >> dan: you are making my point. >> marie: and no way am i making your point. the courts have routinely said that having school prayers -- i have a problem with an officially sanctioned public school event -- take it off the field. >> kennedy: one of someone kneels in prayer and makes the sign of the cross before they run by?
9:56 am
>> sandra: i have to jump in, we can continue this, in the meantime, any minute now, we could get a glimpse of the powerball winner. we are very excited about this, she has come forward as of this morning in massachusetts i'm about 90 miles outside of boston, $760 million.
9:57 am
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powerball is 13 miles outside of boston, i was quickly corrected. >> yang, from the controllers. >> thank you for being here. >> please come back. >> happening now dumb "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: any moment now, the winner of the largest jackpot will be announced, she will be joined by a woman who is now very, very rich, we will bring you there when the winter steps forward. >> jenna: lucky, lucky lady, but in the meantime, we are awaiting the first on camera white house briefing, for three weeks, just 90 minutes from now, sarah huckabee sander will take


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