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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 25, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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whoa, man, hit him in the helmet. heather: 8 players got ejected and they could face suspension. that's serious stuff. that's it for us. "fox & friends" starts right now. heather: joe nicoles will be here rocking the stage. >> hurricane harvey gaining strength overnight expected to slam the state of texas and louisiana. >> states of emergency and mandatory evacuations already in place. >> we are recommending in the strongest terms that if you live in those low lying areas that you get out and you begin to get out now. >> president trump takes on democrats, republicans and, of course, the media in his latest tweet storm. >> the president tweeting, quote, the only problem i have with mitch mcconnell is that after hearing repeal and replace for seven years, he failed. >> it's congress' job to legislate. it's the president's job to lead. he's doing his part. now congress has got to step up and do theirs. >> for many in the left wing twitter mob a little girl in a aclu t-shirt is offensive.
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>> aclu responded when you twitter followers keep you in check and remind you white supremacy is everywhere. >> trivializes real racism. trivializes real problem. >> winner of 758-million-dollar power ball has been revealed and it's 53-year-old may voice of massachusetts. >> first thing i want to do is i just want to sit back and relax and i have a pipe dream and that pipe dream has now come true. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: this is a fox news alert. ainsley: hurricane harvey intensifying overnight and only getting stronger as it moves closer to the gulf
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coast. steve: that's what it's doing right now. texas and louisiana under stays of emergency, bracing for the strongest hurricane to slam the united states, perhaps, in over a decade. brian: yup. the power is growing. we have the team coverage as well. japan miss dean is live in the weather center right now. he is in galveston, texas, where people are preparing for the monster storm. rob, is it safe to say this is bigger than everyone thought? >> yeah. i think this thing is crazy to see what happened. i got the call yesterday from our producers saying we have got to go. this thing just intensified so fast. the prediction of it intensified so fast. gavel vetston 50 miles south of houston. outer part of the stronger. probably tropical storm force winds here. continues on its path and goes to corpus christi 100 miles south of where i am right now, the big story here is going to be the water, because this storm stalls out and they are saying it could be days of rain. it could be feet of rain in galveston, in the houston
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area. they could be inundated with rain and flooding is the most dangerous part. let's talk about the corpus christi and port coastal town if you are in texas you know where that is corpus christi and where i am in galveston that's where the eye looks to be coming. in the big story there is the wind. this story now is a category three hurricane predicted at landfall, it's going to be a cat 3. that's 125 mile-per-hour sustained wind. this is a serious storm. went from being a water storm and water story to now a wind storm and wind story where it comes. in if you look on your screen, you see people gearing um. we went to wal-mart last night. we saw the water and bread was gone. everybody taking this storm seriously. let afternoon listen to one woman near houston prepping for what could be days and days of unnun dating rain. >> water, canned goods, some fruit. lotted of pouches for my
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little boys to eat. just trying to be prepared. >> we have got to wait and see what happens. we're prepared and do what we have to do. texas is under states of disaster. louisiana under a state of emergency right now. calling for that mandatory evacuation in that area to our south the corpus christi area. anyone living between the gulf and water way inland told to get out. everyone else under voluntary evacuations and louisiana the big story where 12 years after katrina now this storm could stall out in the gulf. it could sit there and spin around in that warm water with nowhere to go. it could intensify and group and lit louisiana. this could be five or six days of this nonsense. this storm really needs something as janice was something to get it out of the way. push this thing out of here and turn it into a land storm and let it rain on everything else. as long as it sits here it's going to be very dangerous for people living in this area. send it back to you. steve: it is indeed. all right. rob schmitt, thank you very
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much. janice dean is in the weather center. we were looking at the hurricane track. i'm a little confused because right now it's a category 2. it's a 2. have you a 3 on the map and then have you got a 1. explain that. janice: what the national hurricane center is predicting that is storm has already undergone rapid intensification, 24, 48 hours dealing with a depression then it became a storm and a hurricane very short period of time. nothing its n. its way. the gulf of mexico waters are like a hot tub. nothing in the way of this storm strengthening before landfall and the water temperatures, i'm going to show you the water temperature map in just a second. we are doing with water temperatures around 88, 89 degrees. so a category 3 major hurricane making landfall, as it makes landfall, actually more dangerous because the winds are going to ramp up quickly and the storm surge is going to ramp up quickly. that is going to be a big part of the story. as rob mentioned, the leg gales of this storm will be
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the flooding, which we are going to talk about i want to show you sea surface temperatures. the reasonable why we think there is still room for this storm to strengthen we have water ahead of it. 89 degrees. that's the fuel this storm needs to strengthen. we don't have anything in the you were levels of the atmosphere to tear this storm apart. there is nothing in its way. no place to go, just up towards the coast with very warm waters ahead. so you can see the hurricane right now, very well defined eye. we are expected landfall overnight tonight and in tomorrow hurricane warnings are up. guys, the big story here is the unprecedented, historic flooding that will cause catastrophic, life threatening damage. that's why we are so concerned. hurricane is one thing, yes. but the flooding concerns as we go into wednesday of next week for texas and louisiana
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epic and concerning. ainsley: ask people to leave their areas especially if they have kids or elderly. janice: it's not worth it. brian: little bit later on talking to the governor of texas. governor greg abbott. he spoke with the president yesterday. the president has been all over this. also helps for his president to have chief of staff john kelly off leading homeland security for the last seven months. steve: governor of text has ordered up 700 troops to the area that's going to be impacted, texas international guard and texas guard as well. he did tweet out yesterday, he spoke with president trump and heads of the department of homeland security and feelma. they are helping texas respond to #hurricane harvey. ainsley: he tweeted out a video of him visiting fema last august. he said as hurricane harv i didn't know tense phis prepare ahead. sarah huckabee sanders says the department of homeland security is making preparations with the fema director and he has talked
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to greg abbott governor of texas. brian: let's change gears and talk to debbie wasserman schultz she thought it would be a good idea bring i.t. guide who brings his whole family from pakistan. ewithin a. what he did while he was there is going to come under scrutiny. turns out this person looks to be unsavory character. he has four federal indictments for his actions. yet, debbie wasserman schultz seems to be doubling down in defense of him saying essentially he has been targeted because he's muslim. ainsley: this guy was arrested in july. his wife and kids decided to move back to stack stan. he was employs his brother, his brother's wife. brian: making a ton of money. ainsley: hundreds of thousands of dollars. marine rents this house and finds computers smashed up in the garage. steve: marine said to the daily caller that he
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actually votes democratic but he had to work with the fbi because this elm ron guy, the fellow who is debbie wasserman schultz it guy just amazin abad guy. the amazing debbie wasserman schultz said the reasonable he was being persecuted by the fbi was because of his religion. essentially, islam aphobia. and so what he has done is he has come out and revealed. this and he says i just want these guys locked up and exposed. he said as well the marine did, the feel who facilitated them should also be locked up as far as i'm concerned. keep in mind, it was debbie wasserman schultz who this guy and his family was employed by the house of representatives on the democratic side. the worry is he may have sold national security secrets to the russians or, perhaps, other countries because as we have heard in the last couple days, this guy would do anything for
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months. brian: he had passwords. debbie wasserman schultz had fully screened this guy, most people are doing a million things. i.t. expert. when is the last time you did background showed up in your office help you out. zero to me. they trusted is he okay. is he not. dealerships on the side. accusations of money laundering. he tried to get out of the country and go to pakistan. he had to be brought in and stopped from boarding a flight or he would be history. the fact that debbie wasserman schultz has doubled down on this and escaped modern day saint. says he is being targeted because is he muslim is an offense to most americans and should be to muslim americans who are innocent and wrongly accused. ainsley: that marine who went to the fbi who is a black democrat. said he is appalled that debbie wasserman schultz is diminishing the fact of the criminal behavior associated
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with this and trying to use the islamophobia card. brian: no one is covering. this unbelievable. ainsley: mainstream media not covering it the last two days, zero. steve: but we are. the president of the united states, if you had been watching, he has been on twitter a lot. he is taking some shots at the congress, in particular the establishment of congress. he tweeted out yesterday, regarding mitch mcconnell the only problem i have with mitch mcconnell is that after hearing repeal and replace for seven years he failed that never should have happened. we were talking about this yesterday. the president was seemed that mitch said to a newspaper that he was inexperienced and naive when it came to the way congress worked and he shouldn't have expected things to work that fast. look, president trump was elected because he wanted to get stuff done and drain the swamp and take on the establishment, of course, mitch mcconnell is the establishment. brian: they have to raise
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the debt ceiling. they have to do tax reform. and find a way to pass the budget or else the government comes to a shut down. the president made it clear if you don't put my money for the wall in the budget i will shut the government down. republican leaders says i don't think it will come to that the presidents president is pushing back. he said i want something done. i've been your friend for seven months and that hasn't worked out in terms of results. so now i'm going to be your coach. sprod you to act. ainsley: is he frustrated of the american people want this. that's why he was elected. sarah huckabee sanders was on hannity last night. >> we have to focus on shared goals which we have a lot. it's congress' job to legislate. it's the president's job to lead. he is doing his part. now congress halls to step up and do theirs. we are confident moving into the fall. get things done for the american people. brian: he wanted to put the debt ceiling in with the v.a. bill extremely popular.
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jam it in there and people will vote for and it be done with the debt ceiling debate. paul ryan said yeah, there wasn't enough time. that drives the parents nuts. paraphrase the tweet. now it's a mess. 11 days to do this. steve: had that done that democrats stand squarely against it we hope to have somebody from the white house join us about 90 minutes now to talk about the storm and politics and stay tuned for that. brian: whatever happens i hope the lawn mower is going. i would not want to do with a clean feed. steve: meanwhile on this friday while nancy pelosi crusades against confederate monuments, we just learned something about her own family history what she isn't telling you coming up. brian: happened in 1948. ainsley: liberals down on sheriff arpaio could get a pardon from the president. is it that controversial? a history lesson coming up
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♪ ♪ >> was sheriff joe convicted for doing his job? i won't do it tonight because i don't want to cause any controversy, but sheriff joe can feel good.
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steve: well, president trump hinting at pardon for former arizona sheriff joe arpaio. some on the left not happy. california senator camilla harris tweeting this joe arpaio was convicted because he committed a crime. he should not be pardoned but presidential pardons aren't exactly unprecedent sod why the outcry. let's bring in doug reid for reaction and also author of the book got game of thorn thorns." steve: if he were to go to jail what would happen to him? >> i would be murdered. i interviewed joe. his story would cellular your hair, steve. it's in my book "game of thorns." i interviewed him before he was sheriff of maricopa county. he served as 23 years as sheriff. for that for 30 years in the fbi and the dea when he went after the drug lords.
3:19 am
mexican drug lords. they put a bounty on his head and family's head. he has stood with the victims of crime. this is a strategy what's happened to him. he should be in the east room of the white house. getting the medal of freedom put around his neck. not sent to prison to be assassinated and murdered, which is what would happen. steve: while some on the political left, doug, are, you know, their hair is on fire the fact that the president may poor don pardon h. we have graphics to show that president clinton 396 people during his time. 140 on the last day. george w. bush about 200. president obama 212 you say there is something interesting about the 212 for president obama. >> yeah. i saw this morning, steve, "the washington post" headline had pardons, presidential pardons, rare but not unprecedented. my goodness. this is not only fake news. this is fake history. presidents give hundreds of pardons as you pointed out. reagan gave 600 pardons but
3:20 am
what obama did was the commutations according to the hill the most in one day and 1716 prisoners had their sentences comiew at a timed. federal prisoners by barack obama. steve: all right. so it would not be unprecedented for this president to pardon joe arpaio. >> no, it would not be at all. the only reason joe arpaio got this charge, and it wasn't tried by a jury. it was a leftist judge, is because he supported donald trump for president. steve: that will get you. all right. doug wead, historian from our nation's capital. thank you for the historical perspective. >> thanks, steve. steve: chairman of a college republicans group receiving death threats. his crime? calling on muslims to denounce islamic terror. what's wrong with that? he is going to join us live coming up next. and think president trump is tough on terror? wait until you hear this mayor's plan shout allahu akbar and you will get shot in the streets of his city.
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find your awesome with the xfinity stream app. included with xfinity tv. more to stream to every screen. jillian: good friday morning. back with quick headlines. starting with a fox news alert. navy divers have found the bodies of two sailors killed when the uss john mccain crashed into a oil tanker in southeast asian waters last week. 22-year-old kenneth smith and 26-year-old justin were both electronic technicians. 8 sailors remain missing. and a double murderer is put to death in florida using an set stick never used before in u.s. executions. the 53-year-old marcus was convicted back in 1987 for two racially motivated killings. he received a three drug injection that began with the an necessary stick particular. did he not make a final statement but earlier this week he said he was ready to die. brian?
3:25 am
brian: thanks, jillian. the president of a student republican club at san diego state university said he is receiving violent threats after writing a letter to have the school's muslim student association asking them to condemn the recent terror attacks in barcelona. the letter reads like this quote these acts of violence must not only be stopped but disavowed by muslim leaders on our campus and our community. ainsley: accusing him of promoting islamaphobia. the author of the san diego state cleaning republicans brandon jones. good morning to you, brandon. >> hey, how is it going, guys? ainsley: we're great. thank you. tell us what happened. you sent this letter to the muslim student association? >> yeah. so i sent them a letter just simply asking them to condemn the violence that happened in barcelona and boy did they flip out. ainsley: what's wrong with that? >> well, the funny thing is that they are more worried about a letter i wrote than they are about radical islamic terrorism.
3:26 am
brian: do you know what's amazing. you shouldn't have even had to write that letter. they should have stepped out right away to say that's the terror part of islamic extremism and we are not that. but, instead, you have got a violent reaction? >> yeah. got a couple threats via text messages and phone calls. basically saying that i better watch my back and that you know, i have turned the campus into a war zone. ainsley: well, in this day and age you are very brave not only to many do on national television and talk about it you sent a letter and i understand your phone number was attached to that threat and that letter was made public. why do you think it's so important to come out publicly? >> i think it's important to come out publicly because really what it did was just exposed the left wing indoctrination that conservative students are battling on college campuses. for us to come out and me and my teams who stand on the front lines and combat that, that's really what we are about. brian: because the young democrat socialists call
3:27 am
you -- called this letter cruel and bigoted. >> yeah. the socialists. anything with the name socialist in it i really don't pay attention to. brian: bernie sanders just somehow passed out wherever he is. here is what san diego state university says to you. san diego state university takes seriously the well-being of all students faculty and staff when it comes to any safety concerns from campus community, university representatives have guidelines. they say they are going to provide for your safety. do you feel as though the school has stepped up for you? >> i will say that the university reached out and gave mia phone call dean of students corporal peterson. they have made sure i have the necessary resources available but, you know, we are definitely watching our backs on campus there has been a target put on my back. there has been a target put on all of our members' backs. brian: do you regret writing the letter? >> no way. brian: you're glad you did.
3:28 am
ainsley: brandon, what do you want to do with your future? politics? >> politics would be nice. that would be the goal. ainsley: all right. brandon jones, you know, when we were all partying in college brandon is like the smart kid really caring about politics in our country. thank you so much, brandon for being with us. we look forward to see you on the ballot one day. >> thank you guys so much. brian: not easy being the president of the republican club at san diego state. ainsley: rushing to stores for supplies during the hurricane gulf coast. brian: why senator chris christie why that just became a real possibility. i think is he pointing at you, s ainsley. shawn evans: it's 6 am.
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3:32 am
intensifying as it moves towards the gulf coast. steve: this is a view. bracing for the strongest hurricane to slam the united states in over a decade. ainsley: the monster storm packed with life-threatening flooding as that gentleman was talking about and winds over 100 miles per hour now a category 2 but it is expected to become a cat 3 by the time it makes landfall. brian: janice dean knows all about this. she is in our weather center tracking the hurricane. what about the path? has it changed, janice? janice: no, the path last stayed the same. we are getting information from the hurricane hunters who have been flying into hurricane harvey and dropping, you know, where they get all of their information, and it seems that this information is strengthening. there is a look at it from our big studio. you can see it's almost as gig as the gulf of mexico with outer bands stretching up towards louisiana. we're expecting landfall overnight tonight. and then as steve and
3:33 am
ainsley and brian mentioned. carpet 3 storms. so major hurricane. we are seeing strength right now. the new advisory coming out at 8:00 a.m. that's going to give us great information. is the storm strength? where it is right now. and will the track stay the same. the message is still the same. we're going to see a very strong hurricane making landfall. the eye of the storm looking like corpus christi is the bulls eye here. the worst part of the storm is the north and east quadrant where you get the worst of the winds and storm surge 9 feet of storm surge. water moving over the land and also potential for tornadoes as we have this landfall system. the big message is not only do we have a hurricane but it is going to last for several days, almost unprecedented here as we get into monday, tuesday, and wednesday. if the center of circulation remains in the gulf of mexico, this storm actually could restrengthen and make a second landfall across louisiana. so the big message here is
3:34 am
the epic flooding, the catastrophic flooding, the life-threatening flooding across the coast. you need to protect your lives and those of your families. back to you. steve: all right, janice, thank you very much. so currently harvey is a category 2 will, perhaps, it looks like build to a category 3. let's start by telling folks what happens in a category 2. first of all, category 2 is when winds are between 98 and 110 miles per hour it can cause significant damage to windows, the roof, shrubs, trees and signs. no real structural darge but a lot of wind damage. ainsley: let's break down the categories. 3 hurricane winds 111 to 128 miles per hour. structural damage to roofs, to certain walls in some residencies. some trees blown down and extensive damage to mobile homes. brian: that's what's at stake to the people in the area in the eye of the storm. we're going to find out what's going to happen because it's about to hit. ainsley: it's not convenient
3:35 am
for you to pack up your family and get grocery store and water for a week and get water for food or especially if you have a baby or elderly person in a nursing home. it's better to get away. steve: told residents on the coast to drive inland a couple hundred miles. the storm is going to stall right by the coast. that's why it could pump 3 feet of water into that area. brian: 25 minutes now until the top of hour. jillian you have other breaking news happening. jillian: the floodwaters is going to be a danger to a lot of people. good morning to you. house minority leader nancy pelosi wants to remove confederate memorials but she may not want you to know that her father once helped dedicate a confederate statue that happened decades ago from 1948 pelosi's father spoke as the mayor of baltimore at the dedication of a monument honoring robert e. lee and thomas stonewall jackson calling it a symbol of unit.
3:36 am
if you shouted allahu akbar be prepared to get shot by snipers. that's a really direct message from the mayor of illustrately as he tightens security in tourist hot spot. arabic phrase meaning god is greatest often southed before attacks. the mayor prides himself on not being politically correct. senator bob menendez corruption trial will begin next month. if he decides to leave the senate before january, governor chris christie will be the power to a point a replacement. fox news contributor mercedes schlapp says this could be his ticket to washington. >> governor christie is not sitting on the beach right now. probably salivating saying i hope senator menendez gets convicted it would give the opportunity for chris christie to appoint maybe himself or a republican senator. jillian: a conviction would not kick the democrat out of office but can he voluntarily resign or get expelled by a two thirds
3:37 am
majority vote in the senate. well, the winner of that 758-million-dollar power ball has been revealed. 53-year-old may voice lansic of massachusetts pulling the lucky ticket convenience store outside of boston. largest single ticket prize in north american history. >> i pulled mine out and i go hey i have that, hey, i have that he goes let me see that ticket. he said you just won. i said you're joking, come on, please. >> i work currently at mercy medical center and i called and told them i would not be coming back. [laughter] ainsley: tmz reported police will be patrolling her massachusetts home around the clock. the lump sum prize of 417 million bucks makes her richer than most celebrities including beyonce. those are numbers, guys, i can't even fathom. it's like my brain doesn't understand 417. ainsley: they work their whole lives to get that and
3:38 am
one second this lady is up there with them. brian: if you have that much money you definitely don't need overdraft on your checking. steve: he it wasn't quick pick. she used people's birthdays in her family and power ball the number four she thought friday night, four of us get together for dinner. i'm going to pick four. ainsley: they say your chances are better if you pick your number. steve: and use them week after week. good news for her. meanwhile, john wayne portrayed lieutenant colonel benjamin hav vandevort in the classic film the longest day. >> your assignment tonight is strategic. you can't give the enemy a break. send them to hell. brian: today marks that celebrated division's 100th birthday. joining us today for the 182nd himself. first sergeant chris abraha
3:39 am
abrahamsom. happy birthday to you and those who served in your unit. what does the 82nd day. >> 100th anniversary important for us. where we earn the nickname all americans. today we have a long history proud history. i'm glad to carry on that history and tradition. brian: dates back to 1917 serving in world war i. when you join the 82nd, do they give you this sense of history? >> they do. when i first came to the division, a lot of things we did was learning about the history and legacy and fall following the footsteps of those who came before us. we spend a lot of time learning the history. ainsley: i know you have 3,000 in your division serving in iraq. you have 2,000 in afghanistan. what exactly are your duties? what are you doing for our country there? >> so currently the 3,000 pair troopers in iraq and
3:40 am
syria, are basically putting the wood to ice we like to say. also the same group of pair troopers that went on the offensive against isil and mosul to help defeat them there. we have 2,000 paratroopers in afghanistan ready to send more if need be. and in addition, we have 5,000 paratroopers on the army response force. steve: you are the jump master of the year? >> yes, sir. steve: congratulations. >> thank you, sir. >> what does a jump master do. >> basically responsible for all personnel and equipment exiting the aircraft. really primary concern is safety. steve: when you see movies or videos of people bailing out of the airplane you are the one yelling at everybody? >> correct, sir. brian: so that's a huge honor. when the president says this is what we are doing in afghanistan on monday night, what are you thinking? were you watching? what does it mean to you. >> correct.
3:41 am
the 82nd division we don't know what's going to happen in america's covert response force or america's 911 is what we call it ready if need be as the nation expects us to do. brian: people say we're fatigued by this war. is the 82nd division fatigued? >> i don't think so. ainsley: thank you for serving our country. brian: if you want to hear from you and others on 82nd. go to itunes and get the all-american legacy podcast. >> amazing podcast. i listen to it all the time. going to cover about the last 100 years of history. steve: happy anniversary, sir. brian: thanks for your service. great job. steve: meanwhile, the commander-in-chief ramping up the pressure on fellow prureks to git-r-done as larry the cable guy would say. will it help get his agenda through congress? a debate coming up.
3:42 am
ainsley: aclu is apologizing for online mob for tweeting that photo right there. all because the child is white holding an american flag. the ultimate defender of free speech just silence itself? brian: so confused ♪ no disguise for that double vision ♪ binders... done. super cool notebooks... done. that's mom taking care of business, but who takes care of mom? office depot/office max. order online and pickup in store in just one hour. ♪ taking care of business hey dad, come meet the new guy. the new guy? what new guy? i hired some help. he really knows his wine.
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3:46 am
arizona g.o.p. robert graham. mark, you don't think this is a good move, why? >> well, first of all, i want donald trump to succeed. i want him to pass his agenda. i'm as frustrated as is he by congress' failure to repeal and replace obamacare. but the lesson of the failure to repeal and replace obamacare is that 52 senators, republican senators is not enough to get 50 votes for donald trump's agenda. what happened is when you only have 52 senators. then john mccain becomes the swing vote. john mccain is single-handedly get obamacare repealed or replace or not. we need tox pangsd our majority not reduce it this is why i'm so concerned about when he goes after someone like jeff flake. he hates jeff flake. he wrote nasty things about him. donald trump votes for donald trump 0% of the dime. he voted to repeal and replace okay. is he going to vote for tax reform. we need more people who vote for the president 94% of the time. i would like to see him
3:47 am
going after vulnerable democrats instead of vulnerable republicans. brian: there isn't anything marc said that isn't based in solid thought and strategy. robert, you think donald trump has a different strategy that might be more effective. >> when he says he wants the president's agenda to modify forward, the president has made it very clear his agenda is putting america back to work again. he has a clear vision. he is focused on the best possible outcome for the people. the one thing i hear over and over again, if you have been with the president, he listens to you, he is focused. he wants to have the best outcome an best path to get there. when you see senator flake and others putting up opposition most of that personnel voting and agenda items is he talking about. senator flake hasn't been with him. >> which one. >> guy signs up. billionaire that signs up to become a public servant gets hammered every day when he breathes. he has people in his own party, is he leading on these issues and people in his own party putting opposition to keep it from happening. this isn't a democrat or
3:48 am
republican thing. he wants to put america back to work. when you see that happening,. >> brian: you think the tactic work to agitate. i know coaches that take their best players and try to get under their skin before the biggest game. that is a tactic. that is a method of motivation. marc, do you see that there might be a method and a motivation rather than a rant? >> i'm less concerned about the tweets against mcconnell and people than going out and trying to find an opponent for jeff flake or having a super pac run ads against dean hell his or her is a vulnerable republican in nevada. i don't want to see arizona and nevada go to the democrats in 2018. i want to keep those in the republican column. i would rather see him going after tammy bald wynn who votes against him 80% of the time. brian: mccaskill, tester and manchin. they can't afford to n. some cases to vote against trump. we do have breaking news. that is a new tweet from the
3:49 am
president. let's take it in. i will read it for the first time with you. if senate republicans don't get rid of the filibuster rule and go to 51% majority few bills will pass. 8 dems control the senate. robert, is he right? >> he is right. this is the thing. when you talk, marc, you wish we keep the senate majority, jeff flake in our state has 18% approval rating with the primary voters. it's become less about donald j. trump and jeff flake and more about saving that seat for republicans. this is more than just a consideration of whether he likes senator flake or not. brian: real quick, marc, do you want him to go to 51 votes. i know every president wants that but is that the long-term interest in the country. >> it's not in the country. when we have a democratic president and democrat senate we are not going to like that. get to 60 votes. hold on to arizona, hold on to nevada. and let's take out 8 of these democrats who are in
3:50 am
trump states, states that donald trump won that rupp in 2018 and get to 600 votes and then we won't have to worry about the filibuster. brian: i look at marc and robert there is not anti-trumper there. you want the president to be successful you just have different ways of going about it. brian: i do believe he jeff flake would like reproachment with the president. the aclu apologizing to online mob for this photo all because the child is white. what is racist about a white child? and still ahead, admiral john richardson, geraldo rivera, and former boxer. floyd mayweather lost. will mcgregor beat him? wheel find out. why am i talking about this? ♪ i get knocked down ♪ never going to keep me down ♪ i see you've planted an uncertainty tree.
3:51 am
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3:54 am
ainsley: the aclu is under fire from liberals over this tweet of a child holding an american flag and wearing a free speech onesie. the orgs said this is the future that aclu members want. so what's wrong with that? critics accusing the group of being racially insensitive. forcing them to apologize and say, quote, when your twitter followers remind you white supremacy is everywhere. well, here to react to this is cathy barnett the host of truth exchange radio show. hey, cathy, good to see you again. >> thanks so much for having me, ainsley. ainsley: when you saw that picture did you think of racism? >> no. the aclu is having a very challenging week. this is the second time this week alone when they have had to back pedal on a previous position they have taken because of the backlash that they are getting from the left.
3:55 am
ainsley: first what happened in charlottesville. not agree with the speech but free speech. >> they rescinded that position. but now we have this tweet going out yesterday and rushing out to apologize. why in this adorable baby holding a oncey, holding an american flag who just so happened to have the physical attributes of being white, blonde hair and blue eyes. because of those physical attributes that the baby had absolutely no say in selecting. ainsley: baby in onesie free speech. >> because he has the physical attributes of being white, blonde hair, blue eyed he is now and all white babies are the symbol of racism and white supremacy. ainsley: if the baby were black. >> perhaps it would be left. this baby is not left enough. so as a result the aclu rushed out to offer an apology. this would be laughable because, you know, we could sit back and laugh at the
3:56 am
left eating one of their own the aclu has always been a darling of the left. i don't believe this is a laughing situation. i believe that we need to take it very seriously because if nothing else, it shows the power that the left has to force very formidable organizations like the aclu and espn to bend to their will and to bend to their very dangerous ideology. ainsley: is that why they caved? >> yeah. so many reasons why they caved i'm so sure. if we extrapolate out what the aclu said earlier this week, that some speech is not worth protecting. so if we extrapolate the left brand of thinking how far is the leap some speech not worth protecting but some speech needing to be banned all together? ainsley: cathy barn netted, thank you so much for being with us and giving us your perspective. >> thank you. ainsley: hurricane harvey gathering strength and
3:57 am
millions in the path to evacuate. we are live on the ground as the historic storm hits the gulf coast. we have a full report coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ (boy) and these are the lungs. (class) ewwww! (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it. (mom) honey, honey, honey, honey! (vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get 0% apr financing for 63 months on all new 2017 subaru legacy models. now through august 31st.
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♪ >> hurricane harvey intensifying overnight and only getting stronger as it moves closer to the gulf coast. steve: texas and louisiana under states of emergency. >> anyone living between the gulf and the intercoastal waterway told to get out. as long as it's sitting here it's going to be very dangerous for people living in the area. steve: president of the united states been on twitter a lot and taking shots at members of congress. >> the only problem i have with 34eu67 mcconnell only after hearing repeal and replace for seven years he failed. >> president's job to lead. he is doing his part. congress has to step up and do theirs. >> for many in the left wing twitter mob this image of a little while girl in aclu t-shirt offensive. >> aclu responded when the
4:01 am
twitter followers keep new check and remind you that white supremacy is everywhere. >> trivializes real racism and trivializes real problems. >> the winner of the 758-million-dollar power ball has been revealed and 53-year-old mavis wanocyzk. i want to sit back and relax. i had a pipe dream and now my pipe dream has come true ♪ ♪ ♪ not ♪ steve: we start this hour by looking at the radar. and a fox news alert. hurricane harvey intensifying in the gulf coast and only getting stronger as it barrels toward texas. brian: yeah, texas and louisiana under states of emergency. bracing for life threatening
4:02 am
flooding from the strongest hurricane to slam the u.s. in over 10 years. ainsley: we have live team coverage. janice dean is live in the weather center. we are going to begin with rob schmitt. is he live on the ground out there in galveston, texas where the monster storm is moving closer and closer to you, rob. >> hey, guys. good morning. we are getting quite a show right now. the first outer band has just hit in the form of a pretty violent thunderstorm that just rolled through about five minutes ago we were getting slammed sideways, rain, lightning all around us. it was pretty scary there for a minute. it has subsided in the last 90 seconds or. so first outer band has come through and we are seeing this storm to come to fruition and what we have been waiting for. move farther south which we will do later on today we will see continue tense phi. still calling for this storm to come into shore and make landfall, the eye of it anyway 100 miles south of here. where we are in galveston
4:03 am
which is in the general houston area is going to be getting these outer bands and probably more tropical storm force winds. but this side as we have been talking about all morning is going to be the dirty side of the storm. the right side of this hurricane. this side could get twice as much raffle as other parts of this storm. even in the corpus christie area the dirty side dumps all that rain and all that water. as janice has been telling you all morning, this storm is going to stall out. and when it does that it's just going to keep dumping all that rain. they are expecting somewhere around 2 to 3 feet of rain in some parts of this area. of the houston area. so, expect that. there is a mandatory evacuation near corpus christi for anybody living between the gulf and intercoastal. everyone else under voluntary situation. looking like a good idea to get out of here. big rain event and wind event to our south in corpus christi. send it back to you. steve: rob schmitt in galveston, thank you very much. janice just an hour ago we didn't know if we would be
4:04 am
able to have rob's live report the satellite truck was there lightning storm going on. one of the things that comes in anticipation of the big storm, right. janice: absolutely. is he getting outer bands of this system. we are expecting landfall tonight in corpus christi area. we are looking at the computer models this storm could slow down before it makes landfall which means relentless winds, relentless storm surge, that water being piled up along the coast and flooding concerns are going to be dire as we head through the weekend and in to next week. here it is right now. new advisory comes out at 8:00. so important to watch these advisories. they will give us the location of the storm. a new track, and the intensity and as well giving us the information that the hurricane hunters have been going back and forth inside the storm and seeing that there is some strength going on as we have very warm waters ahead of it. look at the computer models. this is the last round that we have gotten moving inland over the next 12 to 24
4:05 am
hours. watch what happens. it just stalled. the steering current in the you were of the atmosphere very weak. it's going to be sitting there maybe coming on shore and maybe moving out into the gulf of mexico and restrengthening again. there is the possibility for a second landfall across louisiana. but, for now, the main threat in the next 12 to 24 hours is a landfalling hurricane. a major category 3. and the epic life threatening potentially catastrophic flooding that will follow as we head into next week. we'll be covering the storm for the better part of the next six or seven days. back to you. brian: all right. we 8 be covering that and the president, of course, 15 hours ago the president tweeted out everyone should look out because we know this is coming and he has been in constant contact with the governors of those states. let me also tell you what is happening the president up early and tweeting. ainsley: he tweeted this if ♪ republicans don't get rid of the filibuster rule and go to 51% majority, few bills will be passed.
4:06 am
8 dems control the senate. >> steve: that's right. ainsley: he also tweeted. steve: general john kelly is doing fantastic job as chief of staff. there is tremendous spirit and talent in the white house. don't believe the fake news. what's important about that keep in mind general kelly had been the guy who rab the department of homeland security, which is in charge of fema, which all eyes are now on texas because the big storm is coming. brian: also, he knows washington. he worked under leon panetta who was the chief of staff for bill clinton. he use all those resources the respect he has earned. he went on to say the president few if any administrations have done more in seven months than the trump administration. bills passed, regulations killed, border, military, isis, sc. ainsley: not south carolina. brian: that's all true. what's what the president is in control of. what's in control of what he is not in control of. passing legislation and putting together bills. the argument to that would
4:07 am
be trump administration, you write the tax plan, you write the restructure plan and you write repeal and replace. can you do and this feel better about yourself. if they can't pass their own plan why would they pass donald trump's plan. ainsley: who decides to change it from very risky, because if you get hillary clinton in, then the liberals have control. they don't have to have as many votes. >> steve: i think what the president has revealed in the last couple of days through his twitter dialogue going on with the country is we have seen that he has had, you know a dust-up with mitch mcconnell. clearly this. has set the table for the president to make the argument with the american people. we're not going to get the stuff we -- you voted me to be president of the united states for. we're not going to get this stuff done unless we change the basic senate rules. we had jason chaffetz sitting over there on the end of the couch yesterday. he said it's time to change the rules. get rid of the filibuster so
4:08 am
you could pass bills with just a simple majority. because the republicans have a simple majority, are in congress that would be the way to do it. ainsley: could republicans change it a simple majority right now and before the election change it back to a fbi. steve: they could but the democrats could do the same thing before they take office. it's a gigantic risk for the ruling party. brian: there is a sense in the senate that you wouldn't even get 30 votes to go simple majority because both sides have a sense trough addition and a fear of the future. and they do this now. that's why schumer was pushing harry reid not to do what did he and that was to get rid of the filibuster and go simple majority on okaying judges and then a republican said yeah, you are going to okay district court judges. i'm going to okay a supreme court judge or gorsuch wouldn't have gotten passed. >> steve: look at the tweet the president sent out this morning. look at all the stuff i have been able to do without congress, essentially. i have been able to do it without congress. if congress wants to do
4:09 am
stuff, they will have to change the filibuster rule. i think that's that is the direction where this has all been going. he has been negotiating with congress over twitter the last couple days and this is where. brian: go ahead. ainsley: i was going to move onto the next topic. brian: you might hear inside report president frustrated with their party fill in the blank. now in 2017 you have the president is frustrated with the party. how do we know? he told us or he tweeted it. so you don't need the innuendo or the double secret sources he is letting it out there. people don't know how to interpret it. reminds me so much of sports. have you a coach you might not like when you plar iing for him, but you liked having played for him. he wants the most out of mitch mcconnell and company. he knows mitch has the experience. he knows what he wants as a result. he knows that mcconnell and ryan are great people but doesn't like the fact that they're not producing. he doesn't want to be friends. he wants to be effective.
4:10 am
and that's what he is saying. it's not hard to figure out. steve: because when people say look, he needs to go out and get some moderate democrats to come over to his side it's knots going to 456 in a million of years. ainsley: at love republicans are mad at the republican party, the swamp, the establishment because that shouldn't have to happen. the republicans should be like the democrats. the democrats have always been loyal to each other. they vote the same way usually at least in this administration. steve: wee do have news this morning. apparently the white house is going to roll out new messaging on tax reform. according to bloomberg and ax gross this morning. apparently go forward the presidents is going to be making speeches next week including springfield, missouri where he this be rock out idea force tax reform. don't have the details but nonetheless starting the
4:11 am
messaging. brian: steve mnuchin said will be in september. their omv director mick mulvaney. i'm curious to see if they will give us something specific. might be able to get democratic votes there. i say tester mccass kilt pass easily. ainsley: tax reform putting money in the pocketbooks of taxpayers. steve sure where do you cut. steve: president thinking of stops to asia. ainsley: jillian has headlines. jillian: good morning to you and to you at home as well. navy divers have now found the bodies of two sailors killed when the uss john mccain crashed into an oil tanker in southeast asian waters last week. 22-year-old kenneth smith and 26-year-old dustin were both electronics technicians. 8 sailors remain missing. more divers and equipment overnight to search flooded
4:12 am
departments on the destroyer. strong message from top general in afghanistan. vowing to annihilate isis, al qaeda and the taliban with renewed support from the white house. >> this new policy is different it's conditioned based. reckon sellation. that means there will be no terrorist attacks emanating against this region against the afghan people and against the united states and its allies. jillian: genic colson promising more it at air support. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. a chairman close to the investigation tells fox news a dozen federal agents stormed the virginia condo before sunrise. the search lasted 10 hours. raid heavy handed and designed to intimidate. it happened the same week manafort appeared before the
4:13 am
senate intel and judiciary committees and voluntarily provided documents. that's a look at your headlines. brian: they took a folder that said confidential between client and lawyer. you can't do that, can you? steve: apparently. so. jillian: apparently so if they did. brian: she has no map for the connections. jillian: that we know of. ainsley: also coming up, miss industry still surrounding the deadly collision between the oil tanker and u.s. navy warship. what went wrong there? and what is the navy going to do to fix it. we will ask admiral john richardson. is he going to join us live next. brian: illegal immigrants sneaking into the u.s. by boat under the cover of darkness. too bad, ice was watching. wedo have infrared cameras and a logo. that cause symptoms. pills block one and 6 is greater than 1. flonase changes everything.
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4:17 am
ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. brand new details emerging in the search for the missing u.s. sailors. divers discovering two of the 10 bodies. there are their pictures following the fatal cash of the uss john mccain with an oil tanker near singapore earlier this week. brian: the november searching for four o the radio major 8 soldiers. steve: chief of operations
4:18 am
joins us from the pentagon. >> good morning. steve: i know your thoughts and prayers are with the families of those lost. >> absolutely. that's our top message today is that our thoughts and prayers do remain with fallen ship mates and their families. their families will always be part of the family. and treating them as family. with dignity and respect is our top priority. brian: are you still treating this as rescue operation. >> we have moved from a search operation into a recovery operation at this point. so our emphasis is on the difficult work of recovering our ship mates. ainsley: admiral i know there have been four accidents since january for the seventh fleet and therefore the vice admiral joseph owe coin who was the commander of this ship lost his job and they say due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command. do you agree with that decision and why? >> admiral swift made this decision after careful
4:19 am
consideration. we are a business of stark and harsh accountability. we hold our commanders who very high standards to deploy safe and effective forces. and when they have problems to take firm corrective action. admiral swift lost confidence in admiral aucoin's ability to do that and i support that decision. steve: could it possibly be related to the training some of these folks are receiving? >> well, you know, irving has got those sorts of questions. the inside the navy and around the nation that is why we have commissioned really a series of investigations. right now we are conducting the operational pause around the fleet. that is our first effort to stop from our operation sometime between now and the end of the month to make sure that we are taking a look and any kind of near term issues that could
4:20 am
affect our safe and effective operations, particularly in the fundamentals. brian: admiral, safety first. i get that are you worried about -- are you sacrificing national security for safety and evaluation? >> no. we are missions to protect america, secure america from attack and protect our interests around the world. ainsley: and keep our men and women safe. >> absolutely. ainsley: thank you, admiral, for serving our country. >> thank you for your support. brian: mobs rushing to stores for supplies. who can blame them. a hurricane is barreling up their direction on the gulf coast. we are tracking that storm. steve: first, christopher columbus and now liberal mayor bill de blasio wants to remove the tomb of general ulysses s. grant. one new york city council member says enough is enough. he joins us live coming up next. maria's always on the go,
4:21 am
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4:24 am
steve: time now for news by the numbers. first number 2. that is how many days until amazon prime members will get discounts when they shop at whole foods store. used to be known as whole paycheck. this comes as amazon closes out its billion-dollar purchase of whole foods. next up, this screen 4,000. that's how many my grants in quebec, canada who could collect welfare checks to pay for their housing in canada. payments start at $623. and the final number today 8,000. that's how many macron reportedly spent on makeup every month according to a french magazine. the bill is that high because his makeup artist
4:25 am
needs to be there for press conferences and foreign trips. all right. great. ainsley, to you and brian. ainsley: thank you so much, steve. bill de blasio opening up historical can of worms task force to go after historical monuments in the city. brian: unbelievable. and once a sitting president. >> mark my words the leaders today will look as foolish in 200 years. brian: i would like to get that councilman in studio. ainsley: i read your mind. voila. >> good morning. thanks for having me. brian: a lot of emotion there i think the mayor has to understand. you rip out columbus and take out general ulysses s. grant. there might be a problem. >> there is bipartisan issue. there were people standing with me. republicans, democrats, even more people rallying at statues other than christopher columbus yesterday. there was a separate rally at yuan pablo, a dominican
4:26 am
leader. president trump came out and said who is next? whose statue is next. immediately mainstream media denounced him. dismifsed him. down played his concerns. hours later, sure enough contributors on other networks are calling for washington monument to come down, jefferson monument to come down. brian: jefferson list his slaves. >> first on the chopping block is christopher columbus. someone so important to the fabric of how our nation was founded. joint history as a culture. if columbus sunday threat, well, who isn't? it's absurd. ainsley: just for folks at home who don't know where this is columbus circle joins like the west side and you were west side next to the park. next to central park. big circle. it's cnn's back drop. there is the statue, columbus circle and the circle are they going to have to rename the circle and ulysses s. grant tomb buried on the you were west side. people go there to celebrate him for preserving the
4:27 am
union. >> these statues were uncontroversial a week ago before the left decided it was in vogue to tear down statues and monuments. i hope though don't change the issue is. i'm wearing a pin stereo types under the columbus statue. our elected leaders past and president are flawed people if you want to see a city that has statues of perfect people. probably a city no statues at all. ainsley: only one person perfect that's jesus christ. >> he is up there. brian: courage to explore. we know what he found. when he was ruling they didn't like the way he acted. got himself in trouble so ulysses s. grant evidently did something to the jewish community but we honor him for what he did and what he was as president. unless your life is 100 percent. we should take that statue down and maybe just ignore them is what you are saying. among people outraged one
4:28 am
nancy pelosi. her father in 148 who said these statues of stonewall jackson and robert e. lee in baltimore will help bring the community together and bind us together. does nancy pelosi remember what her dad did for a living and what he actually accomplished? >> right. if ever there was a lesson to be learned from that, it's that we are all not perfect including nancy pelosi's own family. peoplen the left think this is somehow going to unite and bring us together. this is forcing new yorkers, specifically, to become more tribalistic than we ever were. have you people of different ethnicity why was this columbus statue ever put up in the first place. 1891 victims of largest mass lynching in history. people in this community here made small donations and put this statue up to re -- italian measures to remind our community of the sacrifices we have made and the collective journey we are all on. brian: appears they know better than their
4:29 am
predecessors and it's embarrassment. i don't know how people are going at remost my statue. brian: i am perfect and i am -- it's a matter is of time before i get -- i'm worried about everything else. ainsley: just by saying that it shows how flawed you are. joe borelli, thank you. you better fight because this mayor is going to rip 400 statues out if you don't. >> we are. ainsley: people in the path of hurricane harvey are scrambling to get the supplies as millions are evacuating. how dangerous could this historic storm be? brian: we're tracking it next. what's up guys? we're dude perfect. make sure you check out bass pro shops' fall hunting classic, the biggest hunting show and sale of the year. (male announcer) hey, it's time for great deals on great gear! plus, weekends during the classic, you can get up to a $100 instant rebate on select gear
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4:33 am
ainsley: wow. can you imagine? well, back with a fox news alert, hurricane harvey building up steam as it is moving toward the gulf coast. brain brian texas and louisiana under a state of emergency right now. bracing for the strongest hurricane they say to slam that area in over a decade. steve: currently it is a category 2 building to a category 3. it is presumed tomorrow morning the big storm packed with life threatening flooding and winds of over 100 miles per hour. it is expected to build to a category 3. probably tonight in to tomorrow morning. ainsley: janice dean joins us live in the weather center and is tracking hurricane harvey's latest path. janice, what is the latest? >> we will get the latest in a few minutes. 8:00 a.m. is when the next advisory comes out. what can i tell you is hurricane hunters are coming back with data and they are saying the storm is strength. we are expecting a major hurricane to make landfall overnight tonight. possibly around 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m. local time in texas. so a category 3.
4:34 am
dealing with storm surge 6 to 9 feet above dry land. battering winds of up to 120 miles per hour. the threat for tornadoes as well as the legacy of this storm being the flood threat. there is what the storm right now. outer bands texas. threat for tornadoes, because this storm is going to stall out, the prolonged winds, the prolonged storm surge, the prolonged rain that's going to last well into the weekend and in to next week. some of the rainfall totals are staggering, unprecedented and catastrophic. and that's why you are hearing a lot of officials saying life threatening, protect the safety of your family now and get out if you're asked to do so. tropical models want to make mention here are very good agreement over the next 12 to 24 hours. look what happens. there are actually some suggestions we are going to see the storm move back into the gulf of mexico and make a secondary landfall into louisiana, possibly as a hurricane yet again next week.
4:35 am
so big story, unprecedented, catastrophic, life-threatening, all of these words are being used because this potentially could be a disaster. steve: indeed. all the computer models show it's going to hit texas probably sooner than later. j.d., thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, janice. steve: it is category 2, 105 miles per hour maximum sustained wind. it's going to build to a category 3 it's presumed. let's go through first of all what a creargt 2 hurricane can do to somebody. ainsley: this is what a cat 2 looks like. winds 98 to 110 miles per hour. you will see damage to roofing, shrubs, windows, trees and signs. no real structural damage they say. brian: here is what a creargt 3 would do. we hope it doesn't get there hurricane winds up to 128 miles per hour. structural damage as you know to roof, curtain wall in some residences, perhaps. some trees blown down. extensive damage to mobile
4:36 am
homes. steve: just to be safe, they have already canceled schools down along the coast. the united states mainland has gone 142 months, 142 months with no major hurricane. greg abbott, the texas governor has ordered up 700 texas international guard and texas guard soldiers to report for duty along the coast just in case. ainsley: he has been talking to the president. also the president's folks are telling us that the department of homeland security is working with fema to make sure they are prepared and they are watching this very closely. brian: if you have to leave before you leave, videotape the whole inside. take your iphone outside. so help insurance help insurance we hope it doesn't hit your house. steve: indeed. brian: latest on the collin kaepernick controversy but first here is jillian. jillian: that's right. good morning to you and to you at home as well. a veteran is found dead inside the stairway of a hospital built to help our heroes. investigation is under way at the oklahoma city va but
4:37 am
foul play is not suspected. another v.a. hospital is under federal investigation. doctors at the facility in illinois accused of rushing radiology analysis of hundreds of patients in order to boost productivity and get bigger bonuses. some vets claimed they missed serious and even fatal conditions. a dozen illegal immigrants are busted moments after running on to a beach in the middle of the night. infrared video showing tiny boat off the coast of san diego. you can see the illegals run out of the water and on to a beach before border patrol agents move. in moments later a second boat dropping off more illegals. all of the suspects are from mexico or from central america. the aclu under fire from liberals over this tweet of a child holding an american flag and wearing a free speech shirt. the caption says this is the future that aclu members want critics accusing the group tore racially insensitive forcing them to apologize and say quoted
4:38 am
when your twitter followers remind you white supremacy is everywhere. cathy barnett host of the radio show joined us earlier to react. >> the aclu has always been a darling of the left. i don't believe this is a laughing situation. i believe we need to take it very seriously. because, if nothing else, it shows the power that the left has. jillian: this coming days after the organization announced it would no longer defend groups that brought guns to rallies. a hiker extremely lucky to be live after capturing the exact moment he was hit by lightning. austrian man knocked unconscious of this photo what he thought was a distant thunderstorm on a hike. take a look at this, the strike completely destroying his shoe. it also blasted off his clothes and left him with severe burns on his head and feet. the man is expected to be okay. my goodness. steve: i can't tell are
4:39 am
those rubber soled shoes they always say if you are wearing rubber soled shoes you will be protected apparently not. jillian: is he lucky to be alive. brian: season is about to getting underway, most people are aware of the fact there was a rally outside of nfl headquarters to somehow force nfl teams to sign collin kaepernick who decided last year to take a knee and sit out the national anthem, offending a lot of people around the country, including me. because however you feel about race relations you should be able to stand with your hand on your heart for the national anthem. and those who stood up for collin kaepernick include spike lee who said i compare him to muhammed ali. that's how he will be remembered. ainsley: jim brown had another thought. is he a football 45eu678er. listen to what he said about all of this. >> collin has to make up his mind whether he is truly an activist or whether is he a football player. football is commercial.
4:40 am
have you owners. you have fans. and you want to honor that if you are making that kind of money. i'm going to give him the real deal. i'm an american. i don't desecrate my flag. and my national anthem. i'm not going to do anything against the flag and the national anthem. i'm going to work within those situations. but this is my country and i will work out the problem but i will do it in intelligent manner. brian: unbelievable. steve: a thousand people gathered outside the nfl headquarters to support collin kaepernick. why isn't he playing in the nfl this season. brian, you follow this closer than anybody, last year or rather after the season last season, didn't collin kaepernick says somebody picks me up, another team, i will stand for the national anthem. brian: he did. steve: so why is he not playing in the nfl this year? brian: because is he not good enough to warrant the distraction he is going to
4:41 am
cause to his team. and among the people who said that is buffalo bills running back the reason michael vick was a distraction he was so good teams signed him. michael bennet of the seattle seahawks is also sitting down on the national anthem. to show you the nfl guys men and women only care about wish winning. if michael bennet was cut by the seahawks for sitting out the national anthem. 20 teams would sign him. playing ability and distraction he brings makes him unworthy. what's so significant is other people say what courage collin kaepernick had nobody had more courage than kareem jabar in the 1960s, they stood up african-american rights at a time they served in the southern states by water fountains and bathrooms. he knows what it's like to stand up for things greater than himself. a paycheck. is he saying i am an american first. that is my total point. race relations aside, can we
4:42 am
agree that we're americans first, national anthem is sacred and then tell me what problems you have with the country. let alone how we look to everybody else. ainsley: i love he said listen, when you sign these big contracts, how many little boys would be lo to be in collin kaepernick's uniform. some. and there are so many kids get cut every year that try out for the nfl deserving as well. some people would not do this and stand up for the national anthem. is he saying when a team owner is paying you millions of dollars, you have to represent the whole team. and you stand up there united as a team. you can't take a knee when people are up there singing the national anthem. brian: for your country. steve: what do you think? tweet us at "fox & friends" or on facebook as well. brian: i dare to you challenge jim brown. steve: yeah. no kidding. he's something. meanwhile, the incident is disturbing. more than a dozen u.s. diplomats and family members suffering hearing loss and even brain damage from some sort of sonic attack. they're not sure what is happening in cuba.
4:43 am
but some people not doing well. is america's response enough? we're going to tell you what we know. brian: we have had no response. ainsley: live on the ground hurricane harvey bringing strength and unprecedented rainfall on the coast. the latest on this potential disaster coming up next. ♪ ♪ it's like nothing you've seen. the power of nexium 24hr protection from frequent heartburn. all day, and all night. now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr. see heartburn differently. upeace of mind.s we had a power outage for five days total. we lost a lot of food. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life.
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4:47 am
tell you what, talk about too close for comfort. we were about to do a live shot on fox business network. there was a loud crack of lightning and it blew out one of the lights right here at our live position. so we are getting a big squall line coming in right now even though we could be potentially 24 hours or so away from actual landfall. look at the gulf of mexico back here in galveston. you know, the state of texas has got 367 miles of coast line and virtually all of it now under hurricane or tropical storm warnings. you can see the surge coming up back there the waves already high. but for a real sense of how monstrous this whole system is, nowhere is that more apparent from up above. check out these satellite images coming in to us from nasa. harvey expect to hit north of us.
4:48 am
the national hurricane center has warned it could strengthen to cat 3 status before it comes ashore. in fact that is the very latest information coming to us. because apparently the waters out in the gulf are so warm and it is feeding it. clearly the feeling of urgency in the air down here. grocery stores and businesses selling supplies. virtual madhouses as those who call this region home, stock up on water, bread, canned goods, batteries. many shelves empty because of the rush. because some of the evacuation orders up and down the coast are voluntary. so we have talked to some people who say they are going to stay put and ride this thing out. but other evacuation orders are mandatory like in parts of brazoria county down the road from us. a lot to be concerned with primarily. lots of rain. potentially some 3 feet of rain in areas forecasters say before this is all said and done, guys.
4:49 am
steve: all right. casey stegall as you can see right there along the bay in galveston. be careful out there with the thunder and lightning. >> thank you. brian: 12 minutes now betancourt top of the hour. geraldo rivera in the building. he will be joining us live. steve: white house just confirming president trump is taking his push for tax reform on the road. stuart varney is coming up. brian: he looks so happy. ainsley: first four time grammy nominee got his start on "fox & friends." joe nichols is getting ready ticket stage for the summer concert series. there he is in the keurig corner. ♪ are of business.
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
jillian: it's friday. good morning. welcome back. here are quick sports headlines. full on base brawl when several players get hit with
4:53 am
pitches at the yankees/tigers game. >> whoa, miguel and going at it on home plate. jillian: that's not the end of it though. watch. >> whoa, man, fast ball hit him in the helmet. jillian: 8 players got ejected. they could face suspension. boxer employed may weather and conner mcgregor will be weighing in tonight as they gear up for tomorrow's super fight in las vegas. may weather looking to earn 50th career win against mcgregor making pro-boxing debut. ♪ ainsley: he is a four-time grammy nominee got his start on "fox & friends" in 2010. brian: we taught him how to play music. taken over the music world with six number one singles. steve: latest album never gets old is out now.
4:54 am
ladies and gentlemen, give it up. joe nicoles. >> clap for myself. ainsley: tell us about your new album. >> traditional country record. it's kind of a throw back. steve: traditional country word record. >> old school, 70's, 80's. brian: country. new label yet. ainsley: hold on, you call it traditional. you have a country version of baby got back? >> it's traditional version of baby got back. yeah, we covered that in the show about five or six years ago. it became a popular thing in the show and all of a sudden we had a little extra money and a little extra time on this album. we cut it and the label let me put it on the album. brian: took three and a half years to do the album. you wrote every song on there except baby got back? >> no. i didn't write every song on there. i wish i had. i think there is some good stuff on there. i have been writing a lot lately. you know, i'm very proud of this album.
4:55 am
steve: music is in d.n.a. your dad played the bass when you were growing up in arkansas. >> right. steve: it was just a matter of time. you watched your dog play so long you were going to pick up. >> i grew up like most little boys growing up wanting to be like my father. he was a great musician, great singer. i had a great time. i was in a lot of places i shouldn't have been. >> that's right. steve: who is the better guitar player you or your dad? >> well, i think he was. brian: i didn't know we had a fourth co-host. steve: were you trying to get a picture with him? ainsley: what's your name? brian: go ahead, i will take the picture. -- anybody else? >> musicians always say i got to live my life and feel motivated. brian: that's a reason why
4:56 am
there are is a gap between al bumsz. watched your long time girlfriend who became your wife struggle with miss carriages. >> most days incredible gratitude. she is a very long woman who went through a lot. she did her research. like watching somebody who refused to be let down. ainsley: now you have two little girls. >> i have three but two with heather. and everywhere day like i said i wake up and look at them and think you guys one day should thank her for every bit of this. brian: get to work because they have got to go to college and need braces. >> get a job at 7 years old. >> joe nicoles is going to start the concert coming up in two minutes right here. it will be streaming live go to brian: anybody happy joe nicoles is here? [cheers] brian: look into that camera right there. steve: all right, coming up, the white house is just
4:57 am
confirming president bush is pushing tax reform on the road. stuart varney will react in our a block coming up next. brian: he is in the studio where it is sunny and 75. like it is outside. not everything. at midas we're always a touch better. book an appointment at ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. . . test test. electric light orchestra ]
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♪ sailin' away on the crest of a wave, it's like magic ♪ ♪ rollin' and ridin' and slippin' and slidin' ♪
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♪ it's magic introducing the all new volkswagen tiguan. ♪ higher and higher, baby the new king of the concrete jungle. ♪ steve: hurricane harvey intensifies in the gulf coast only getting stronger. ainsley: rob schmitt is live on the ground in galveston, texas. >> good morning. we're getting a quite a show right now. there is mandatory evacuation in corpus christie and intercoastal. everybody else on voluntary evacuation. looks like good idea to get out of here. steve: president of the united states has been on twitter a lot taking shots at congress, particularly the establishment of congress. ainsley: he said if senate republicans don't get rid of the filibuster rule, go to 51 majority. few bills will be passed. >> it is president's job to
5:01 am
lead. he is doing his part. congress has to step up and do theirs. >> many in the left-wing twitter mob, picture of white girl in a flag it. shirt is offensive. is. >> they remind you that white supremacy is everywhere. >> show the boyar left has to force formidable organizations like acl-u to bend to their will. ♪ ainsley: fox news alert. hurricane harvey intensifying, only getting stronger as it moves toward the gulf coast. brian: texas, louisiana, unstates of emergency. they're bracing for some say life-threatening flooding from
5:02 am
the strongest hurricane to slam the u.s. in 10 years. steve: we have live team coverage with janice dean in the weather center. rob schmitt is live in galveston where the monster storm is hitting. we can see it is getting windy, rob. >> reporter: somebody finally turned lights on around here so we can show you something as well. we're getting outer bands coming in waves. it's a little bit calm. look at gulf behind me. you see how intense the waves are. gulf is pretty calm body of water, not today. the 15-year-old kid in all of us wants to body surf, it is not a good idea. these are very dangerous tides and rains and rip currents. stay out of the water. do your best to stay off the coast in general because in areas to my south near corpus christie as we've been talking about we are under a mandatory evacuation for anybody living on the little slip of land between the intercoastal and the coast. make sure you stay away from
5:03 am
that area. that is a mandatory evacuation. everybody under a voluntary evacuation up here in galveston an houston where we are on the dirty side of this hurricane which is expected to make landfall late tonight, somewhere around midnight, 1:00 a.m. in the houston area. i'm sorry in the corpus christie area. this side of the hurricane over here in galveston and houston will be a big water event. next five days will be a ton of water. we talked to a number of people preparing for this storm, the idea of completely covered in water next five days. people are getting bread, gas, everything they think they will need. let's listen to them. >> it is not necessary to stay and, if something happens, things can change. so i err on the side of caution. >> reporter: right now, we are under a mandatory evacuation in parts of south texas, other parts are voluntary evacuation. people we've seen mostly leaving getting out of here. it is pretty quiet in gal vest
5:04 am
ton. it will get a lot more quite quiet as we get towards the storm. steve: thanks, rob. janice dean in the weather center. it is category 2. building to a category 3. the fact it slows down toward the coast, could wind up with three feet of rain in some spots, right? >> unprecedented. the storm is still category 2 but still strengthening. strong language from the national weather service, life-threatening situation. persons located within these areas take all necessary actions protecting life and property from rising water and potential for all other dangerous conditions. follow evacuation and other instructions from local officials from the national hurricane center. this is unprecedented event especially if it slows down to bring epic amounts of rainfall. here is what we know now. making landfall overnight, 1:00, 2:00 a.m. as strengthening category 3 storm.
5:05 am
a lot of warm water heading towards the system. it feeds off warm water. the most dangerous storm is one strengthening making landfall. making landfall around the corpus christi area. the strongest winds in the core, center of the storm, 120 mile-an-hour sustained wind and battering waves. storm surge six to nine feet above dry land. the fact we have tornadoes and legacy for the storm it will stall out for days well into next week, potential of three feet, three feet of rainfall across these areas. there are the tropical models. all in agreement. look what happens. some of them actually saying it moves out into the gulf of mexico, restrengthens into a hurricane and makes asecond landfall across louisiana. we'll talk about harvey well into next week. the most concerning part is flooding, life-threatening. back to you. steve: janice, thank you very much. ainsley: stuart varney from the fox business network,
5:06 am
"varney & company," his show starts at 9:00. he is on the curvy couch. >> i have good news for you. ainsley: what is it. >> president barnstorming the country going for tax cuts. this is major for individuals and businesses small businesses especially. that is the news just in. brian: in terms of hurricane how it will affect oil refineries this is about tax reform. the terms of specifics he will let ways and means do it. he has rough principle to jam through. let them work out details. is that okay with you? >> yes. but the main point here next week he start as series of speeches around the country speaking to big crowds. and he will lay it down on the line, get me tax cuts. this is what tax cuts will do for you. he is going over the heads of media. he is going over the heads of congress. he is pressuring congress directly. get it done. he is selling tax cuts. ainsley: is it going to work? >> well it worked for ronald reagan. ronald reagan got out there made
5:07 am
these speeches and used the oval office to make a national address. this is what tax cuts will do for you of the president looks like will do the same thing next week, starting next week. remember he was criticized not going out publicly plugging health care reform, getting rid of obamacare. now he has gone the other way with tax cuts because that is the very center of his agenda. brian: he was told not to, by the way. mitch mcconnell said, i got it, i can handle it. >> okay. we need president trump, brian. steve: absolutely. they're learning from the mistakes, they are at the white house. even though mitch mcconnell did say mr. president, i got this. he didn't have it. he wants to make sure those mistakes are not repeated. he willing salesman-in-chief on tax reform. >> look the president is not quite at war with congressional republicans. steve: he is close. >> he is pretty close. laying it down really firmly, get on board, get something done. if not, you will be responsible for your failure. if something gets done, he will
5:08 am
be able to say, see, i told them to do it they did it. if they don't do anything, he can say it's your fault. ainsley: norfolks that don't remember, weren't alive, how did it work for president reagan? brian: he got them. ainsley: i know he got the tax reform but how? >> the bottom line with ronald reagan, after a lot of struggle he got significant tax reform which set the groundwork for a decade. donald trump will do exactly the same thing. i think he will spell out tax cuts. tax cuts for corporations. so they bring back the trillions that they have got overseas, with a much lower tax rate here. tax cuts for individuals. tax cuts for small business. that's the very center of his growth agenda. brian: why it has to be the in teens, not the 20s. this has to be cheaper than keeping your money overseas. ainsley: 15% in china. >> corporations would like 15% -- brian: but not get money back if
5:09 am
they're too high. >> that is probably true. you don't know that for sure. you drop it -- right now it is at 35%, you drop it to 20%. you get some back. 15% you get a lot back. steve: stuart, isn't that the way you negotiate, you low ball them? you say 20, i say 21, next thing it is 15. >> i don't think there will be much negotiation when the president barnstorms the country. get it done. brian: lastly, how do you feel the way he rattling the cames of republican leaders? >> well, it is a dicey game, isn't it. it really is war between the president and a lot of senate republicans. but again, if they do nothing, the president can say, you are useless around it is your fault. brian: then will be done with democrats. >> if they do something, the president can say, well-done, i told you to do this, i take the credit. he is playing politics to some degree. looks likes he could win. steve: he sent out a tweet this morning, telling mitch mcconnell get rid of
5:10 am
filibuster. only way we get done anything. >> that is another story. brian: watch "varney & company." it starts 9:00 to noon that would help, wouldn't it? >> very good way promoting the show. i will take it. ainsley: friday, we've been focused what is going on in texas, terrible news. but it is friday. >> our heart goes out to the people. they're living through it. ainsley: thank you, stuart. steve: ten minutes top of the hour, jillian has hasfox news alert. jillian: dives found bodies of two sailors killed when the uss john mccain crashed into an oil tanker in southeast waters last week. 22-year-old kenneth smith and 26-year-old dustin doyan were technicians. admiral john richardson tells us what comes next after this tragedy. >> right now we are conducting operational pause around the fleet. that is our first effort to stop our operations sometime between now and the end of the month to
5:11 am
make sure we are taking a look at any kind of near-term issues. jillian: eight sailors remain missing. also breaking right now president trump's son-in-law, and top advisor jared kushner wrapping up a productive meeting how to begin middle east peace talks. kushner speaking with palestinian president mahmoud abbas after meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. both leaders are willing to work with the trump administration to renew a peace deal. kushner says president trump wants to create a better future for palestinians and israelis. double murderer is put to death in florida using anesthetic never used before in u.s. executions. marcus daye was convicted in 1987 for two racially-motivated murders. he receive ad three drug injection that began with the anesthetic. his last meal, pork chops and french fries. he did not make a final statement. earlier this week he said he was
5:12 am
ready to die. a new jersey waitress scores 1200-dollar tip on 20-dollar check. the generous couple leaving them quote, god cares for you this is not coincidence. when ever it gets hard, no, god got you. the it 1-year-old says she is happen there are good people out there. she will use money for nursing school and new car. have to love storyies. steve: good service. unbelievable. thank you, new jersey. ainsley: thanks, jillian. brian: we don't say that enough, thank you new jersey. steve: we do in new jersey. brian: sorry. ainsley: still ahead the incident is very disturbing. dozen u.s. diplomats and family suffered hearing loss and brain damage from a son i can attack in cuba but is america doing enough to respond. brian: we are doing nothing and it is outrageous. meanwhile it has been months in the making, mcgregor, may
5:13 am
weather, most anticipated mixed boxing fight in centuries. steve: first we're kicking off the all american summer series with joe nichols. he is performing, "yeah." ♪ ♪ you always pay
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5:18 am
joining us a anchor at megatv you join us with exclusive information. you now know what caused these diplomats to wind up with hearing loss and traumatic brain jury youry. >> according to my sources. thank you and good morning. according to my source this was a sonic bazooka. that is used to disperse demonstrations. steve: so the way it works down in cuba, the united states doesn't own any houses diplomats live in. they're owned by the state of cuba. >> that's right. the cuban government tells you where to live when you are canadian, american diplomat. they give you the house. >> so some of the diplomats complained they could hear, we hear this humming all the time. >> coming from the floor, for a year-and-a-half. steve: so your sources are telling you some sort of a sonic bazooka, was installed, hidden to hurt our diplomats?
5:19 am
>> apparently nothing happens in cuba without the cuban government knows about it. steve: cuba blames russia. >> they can blame whoever they want but we're talking about one of most repressive, cruelest, worst regimes americans have seen since christopher columbus. we're not talking about disney world here. we're talking about people that know how to repress, torture, an kill very well. what is ironic? they are doing this to the obama diplomats. because this is not starting with the trump administration. this has been happening for almost two years. and obama, the guy who extended an olive branch to the cubans after 10 administration, join us. steve: why would they do that? if the obama administration was trying to normalize relations in cuba in return what they do they install sonic bazookas? >> you know why? according to my cuban specialist and my cuban sources, they're telling me the hard-liners in the administration are very worried that the americans are
5:20 am
coming. and american companies are coming. what does that do to them? takes away market share from the economy, because you know, 60% of the cuban economy is in the hands of military. steve: follow the money. >> absolutely. what americans companies are coming now? no, we don't need this. what could we do? we'll scare them off. steve: no kidding. oh, my goodness. elvira will be on the "the specialists" 5:00 eastern time. thank you for breaking that news with us today. >> my pleasure. steve: 8:20 here in new york city. nfl hall-of-famer jim brown colin kaepernick has to be a choice, be a football player, protest the national anthem. he can no do both. geraldo rivera weighs in on that coming up next. first here is joe nichols, performing, quote give me that girl." ♪
5:21 am
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an advanced fiber-network infrustructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. ♪ brian: quick headlines now. new jersey senator bob menendez corruption trial could be chris christie's ticket to washington. if menendez decides to leave the senate, gets voted out before january, found guilty, governor christie will have power to appoint the replacement. he could even choose himself for the job. and, if you shout "allahu akbar!," be prepared to get shot by snipers, from the mayor of venice, italy, the
5:25 am
arabic phrase mean god is greatest. is often shouted before attacks. the mayor prides himself at not being politically correct. italy is remarkably safe considering how close they are to libya. steve: indeed. bring in geraldo rivera. he joins us today. geraldo, the big news story is hurricane harvey, currently category 2. will build overnight into category 3. could wind up with three feet of rain along the bay into portions of texas. naturally when we think about hurricane hitting galveston, what was it you, 2008, ike? >> ike. rita knocked me down in 2005, and katrina. lesson from the hurricanes, relevant to the discussion of hurricane harvey, almost never the wind of the wind is the drama. the wind is with intrepid reporter kneels in. gets blown horizontal. always water causes last thing,
5:26 am
most significant damage. biggest threat to life. it is, it is something to be acutely aware of. if you're in a sturdy house, high up, high and dry. ainsley: we're watching, i remember watching you, remember the lady was in the water, you were yelling for rescue crew to go and get her? where was that? >> that was katrina. brian: geraldo, something else i think it is important, a lot of times after a place gets hit, they adjust, they lift houses, they strengthen their walls. i sense galveston has done that? >> they have. remember back in the 19th century, galveston had devastating, tens of thousands died, no one left. they didn't have the same forecasts we have now. i totally support that. they generally lift the homes, 12, 14 feet. brian: did in my neighborhood. they give great incentives to do that. >> if you don't do that, i remember the brooklyn battery tunnel, the whole tunnel was filled with seawater.
5:27 am
it took months and months to restore what was the longest tunnel in the united states. so i think, preparedness and learning from history is very important. brian: so i love to get the perspective from people cross-sections about colin kaepernick. this mass kneeling down during the national anthem and national football league, will be a major story, not even about the teams. people seem to be outraged both sides of this. one person weighed in to contradict what spike lee said, saying colin kaepernick will be known as muhammad ali of this generation, is jim brown, one of muhammad ali's best friend. he was asked why the backup quarterback doesn't have a job. what do you think about him kneeling down. listen to this. we want to get your take. >> colin has to make up his mind whether he is truly an activist or whether he a football player. i will give you the real deal. i'm an american. i don't desecrate my flag and my national anthem.
5:28 am
i'm going to work within those situations. but this is my country and i work out the problems and do it in intelligent manner. brian: your thoughts about jim brown who lived through the '60s, led the way with his activism and athleticism? >> i love jim brown. i remember very vividly working with jim housing, notorious housing project in chicago called cabrini green. we were forerunners, we told the story what was coming, the great ghetto civil war that has turned the guts out of south chicago and baltimore. brian: he always liked you, by the way. >> he is a great man. i agree with -- george foreman, charles barkly, jill brown and i are the tip of an iceberg of brothers from other mothers who suggest colin kaepernicks of the world and roughest edges of black lives matter are singing the wrong tune. they're going down the wrong road. that is not the healing message.
5:29 am
colin kaepernick he is not good enough as the quarterback to be signed by anybody. he bring as load of distraction. people are coming will he kneel, not kneel, divide the stadium the way the nation is along racial lines now? brian: locker room. >> i think lynn cap cap's message would be far more appropriate in different context. once he made the statement, he made the statement, do it, rub it in people's faces game after game after game. this is part of a piece at monuments debate. make a stand about anything that irks you, race relations or ideology philosophy, patriotic pride, lack thereof, you have to move on. put things in perspective. you have to know we have to be all together here in these -- brian: no one -- where he does
5:30 am
it is the thing. geraldo, they will cut off. we didn't pay the bill. they will cut you off in 10 seconds. great to see you. love the way you dressed today. >> look, look. [laughter] steve: satellite cut him off. we didn't cut him off. we told you the satellite -- brian: his ties mean ratings. we would never cut you off on that. ainsley: okay. he was wearing shorts we think. steve: that is what i think. all right. was going so well until just then. brian: i blame myself. steve: he is wearing shorts. showed up at the studio in cleveland wearing shorts. ainsley: this is exciting day. brian: i'm loving this. ainsley: tomorrow night, it is oscar de la hoya will be on set to talk about those two guys mayweather and mcgregor. brian: debbie wasserman schultz
5:31 am
says she was there to stop islamophobia and protect her aid and she does not regret standing up for him, although exposed entire democratic party. i'll explain. choose from the is turbo, es 350 or nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months if you lease now. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. if you could book a flight, then add a hotel, or car, or activity in one place and save, where would you go? ♪ expedia. ♪ strike a pose. a. your eyes work as hard as you do. but do they need help making more of their own tears? if you have chronic dry eye caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation,
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steve: 7:34 in the morning along the texas coast. we have a fox news alert. hurricane harvey intense as it moves closer to texas. brian: that is the image on the floor downstairs. some bracing for a life and death situation. some say it could last for days. ainsley: first we'll go to janice dean, live in the weather center. she is tracking the very latest. hey, janice. >> category 2. the storm is strengthing. we're expecting major hurricane
5:35 am
to hit texas overnight, category 3, with 120 mile-an-hours. not only strong core, center of storm, life-threatening storm surge, six to nine, to 10 feet high along the coast. that is on top of dry land f you have high tide, that will be even higher. the storm surge, high wind certainly, tornado threat and flooding will be the big legacy from the storm. hurricane warnings here you see in the posted maroon areas. we have tropical storm watches and warnings in effect. the tropical storm force wind are starting to make its way onshore of the texas coastline. looking at the euro model, the thing we're most concerned. the storm will not move north and eastward but sit potentially for days. potentially 30, 40 inches of rainfall and potential for another secondary landfall across louisiana wednesday and thursday. this is devastating storm we'll
5:36 am
watch next week. steve: indeed. what a mess. janice dean, thank you very much. casey stiegel live in galveston, texas. you heard the forecast. not good. reporter: not good. we're already experiencing it. no one here is taking it lightly. the governor of this state mobilized about 700 national guard troops and a state of emergency or disaster already has been declared in about 30 texas counties. this is ahead of massive storm even making landfall which is, as you heard janice saying, supposed to happen a little south of us near corpus christie. but right now the rain is literally pouring down and the winds are gusting up to 50 miles an hour at times already. and this is a category 2 storm. one thing we want to point out from some of the forecasting and information we're getting from the national weather service is that the storm is intensifying because of the warm waters over the gulf of mexico and they
5:37 am
expect it to do so right up until the moment it makes landfall. so clearly people here are doing what they can to get ready, and take this in stride as this monster storm approaches, guys. steve: casey stiegel, as the storm is coming down there in galveston. ainsley: thinking about the all the families that have to relocate and weddings that were planned this weekend. steve: because the storm will intensify and make landfall we believe tonight and tomorrow, "fox & friends first," that is fox and friend will sign on 5:00 a.m. signing on hour early. ainsley: five-hour show. brian: 23 minutes before the top of the hour. other news going on while they brace for a storm down south. >> a lot of news. get you caught up right now starting with this story. house leader nancy pelosi wants to remove confederate memorials but she probably doesn't want you to know her father helped dedicate a confederate statute
5:38 am
decades ago. from a baltimore sun article in 1948, pelosi's father spoke as mayor of baltimore honoring a statue of robert e. lee and stonewall jackson, calling it a symbol of unity. a man putting his shoes on his hands to tread water and stay afloat after falling out of his boat in southern california. rescuers hoisting him to safety. they only knew he was missing when crews spotted his boat spinning around in circles with no one on board. the guy said he fell into the water trying to grab a hat that flew off his head. adorable but illegal, teenager under arrest accused of trying to smuggle a bengal tiger cub in the u.s. he claims he bought the animal for $300 from someone in mexico. faces 20 years behind bars. the tiger recovering at local animal park. my favorite story. a philadelphia eagles fan from new jersey, getting a last laugh taking a parting jab at his team
5:39 am
in his obituary. jeffrey regal, who never saw the eagles win a super bowl like many of us, requesting to have eight philadelphia eagles as paulbearers so the eagles can let him down one last time. the team did not fulfill his wish. they played a couple hours after the services but his friends wore eagles jerseys to lay him to rest. you have to get a chuck he will k hard to be a eagles fan sometimes. brian: i do remember a lot of those names on back of those jerseys from eagles in the past. >> not having won the super bowl. brian: but they get there. steve: continue with the sports theme. ainsley: brian is so happy to continue with the sports theme. brian: i can't wait for this. ainsley: most anticipated fight in years is only a day away. steve: boxer floyd mayweather coming out of retirement to face off with ufc fighter conor mcgregor in las vegas. what can we expect on fight night? because these are two different
5:40 am
kinds of fighters? brian: here to break it down, oscar de la hoya. you fought mayweather. you were a little past your prime. he was in his. if you're mayweather how do you prepare for a guy that has never boxed? >> there is no way of preparing. first of all i have to give conor mcgregor a lot of credit for fighting in the squared circle, in boxing and going up against arguably one of the best defensive boxers of our generation with floyd mayweather, jr. you have to give credit where it is due but i don't see this fight being a competitive fight. mayweather is a master at what he does an mcgregor is a master what he does inside of the octagon. it is two different sports. ainsley: may weather 49-0, never lost a boxing match.
5:41 am
mcgreg gore is mixed marshal arts guy trying poxing going up against a champion. does very a shot? >> i'm sorry, i don't see it. when you're a fighter who has zero experience in boxing, go up against arguably the best boxer in our generation, then you have zero shot. mayweather is, he is fast, strong, keeps himself in great shape. he is motivated for this fight and i strongly belief, i will make this prediction, mcgregor will not land a single punch. brian: he is not going to land a punch? >> not a single punch untiles throw as flying kick. i don't see him connecting anything. steve: if this is something where he could use all of his mixed martial arts techniques on the boxer, that would be one thing but he can't because they're boxing by traditional rules, right? >> exactly. look, it will generate millions and millions and millions of dollars.
5:42 am
i mean the one thing that really does make me happy is that for the next months boxing is going to be able to generate more than a billion dollars whether it's the pay-per-view, whether it's sponsorships, closed-circuit tv, boxing will be on the map once again but i just think that the mayweather-mcgregor fight is a farce. brian: you are also a great promoter too, with great business acumen. i will give you a scenario. mcgregor has gone so over the top with his promotion he has gotten underneath mayweather's skin, forces him to be the aggressor. no one doubts mcgregor's toughness, maybe mayweather takes chances with lighter gloves, mcgrowing gore knocks him out. is that a scenario? >> i sure hope so, look, i'm rooting for boxing here. once again boxing is on the map
5:43 am
on a global scale. i'm really looking forward to hopefully watching a great fight against two great competitors. mayweather is one of the best boxers on the planet. mcgregor i respect him like no tomorrow. what he does in the ufc is incredible. i hope this fight turns out an excellent fight for the fans. ainsley: tickets going for a lot of money. the winner get as belt that has 3,000 diamonds, 600 sapphires, 300 emeralds, gold, alligator skin. for all the ladies out there, this is why you should care. steve: thanks for joining me from the city of angles. los angeles. ainsley: you sold me on it. now i have to watch. steve: he talked me out of it. meanwhile look like righter debbie wasserman schultz claiming islamophobia to protect the i.t. aide pictured left here who is now accused of perhaps selling american secrets to the russians. a marine who helped break the case wide open while with the
5:44 am
fbi is furious what she saying. we have the story next here in new york city. ♪ when you have allergies, it can seem like triggers pop up everywhere. luckily there's powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin. it provides relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens. live claritin clear.
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jillian: a few quick headlines for you. a dozen illegal immigrants are busted moments after running on to a beach in the middle of the night. video showing their tiny boat off the coast of san diego. the illegals running out of the water on to the beach before border patrol agents moved in and grabbed them. minutes later a second boat dropping off more illegals. they're all from mexico or central america. aclu is under fire of a child holding a american flag and wearing a free speech onesie. the caption says, this is the future aclu members want. critics accusing the group of being racially insensitive, forcing them to apologize, to say quote, when your twitter
5:48 am
followers remind you white supremacy is everywhere. kathy barnett, the host of truth exchange, a radio show host, she joined us earlier to react. >> the aclu is always a darling of the left but i don't believe this is lasting a situation. i believe we need to take it very seriously. if nothing else, it shows the power that the left has. jillian: this coming days after the organization announced it would no longer defend groups that brought guns to rallies. a hiker is lucky to be alive after capturing the exact moment he was hit by lightning. an australian man knocked unconscious taking a photo of what he thought was a distant thunderstorm on a hike in california. look at this. the strike completely destroying his shoe. it also blasted off his clothes and left him with severe burns on his head and feet. the man, thank goodness. is okay.
5:49 am
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5:52 am
ainsley: the texas coast bracing for hurricane heart have, estimates of its impact grossing increasingly dire. we have live updates from janice dean and reporters on the scene. white house critics blasting the president and his ability to do his job. we'll see you top of the hour for "america's newsroom." ♪ brian: we've been bragging all morning for joe nichols is here and we're ready for him to perform. ainsley: take it away joe. ♪ >> this is our new single everybody. kind of stripped down country. hope you like it.
5:53 am
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>> we are back with a fox news alert, hurricane harvey is building up steam and moving towards the gulf coast. >> texas and louisiana under state of emergency, bracing for what some say it will be the strongest hurricane to hit the u.s. in ten years, currently it is a category two storm, wins over 100 miles an hour, right
6:00 am
now 105 maximum winds, it looks like it will be making landfall as perhaps a category three, "fox & friends" will be happening tomorrow for the coverage. >> have a great weekend. >> shannon: the gulf coast are bracing for what officials are calling a life-threatening storm, hurricane harvey gathering strength, packing a punch for the texas coast, now a category two hurricane that could bring a rain measured in feet, not inches, tens of thousands of residents are being told it get out now, that is not a warning, it is urgent, good morning, i am sharon bream. >> bill: a good morning to you at home, it could be a wet and dangerous weekend, hurricane harvey is expected to make landfall sometime late tonight into early tomorrow morning, forecast calls for potentially


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