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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 25, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> jon: we are back in an hour, "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: we began with a fox news alert. millions of americans are bracing for what could be the most powerful storm to hit the united states and more than a decade. hurricane harvey, now strengthening to a category two, expected to intensify as it zero is in on the central texas areas and texas coasts. this is to be 23. i'm harris faulkner. here today for the fox business network, dagen mcdowell, editor at, katie pavlich, gillian turner, today's #oneluckyguy, weaving his web, the host of the david webb show on sirius xm patriot
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channel, david webb himself and you are outnumbered. >> david: degen was on my show earlier and now i'm on this sho show. you guys are all invited to come on my show. >> harris: we need to send some love and prayers to people down in the texas gulf coast, getting the news in that situation. hurricane harvey is expected to be upgraded to eight cat three before making landfall better tonight about 70 miles northeast of corpus christi. texas officials are warning people in low-lying areas to get out now. forecasters are predicting life-threatening winds and flooding. meteorologist janice dean is alive and the weather center and as you look at this storm, it's almost the size of texas on the map. >> we are approaching landfall in a couple of hours.
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i'm nervous because this is something we've maybe never seen before in terms of hurricane land falls. not only a major hurricane, we haven't seen a major hurricane and 12 years, wellman was the last time in 2005. the power of the storm is going to be flooding. a year's worth worth of rain in just a matter of hours across the texas coast. there is what we have right now. the latest advisory coming out, i believe at 1:00, they're updating them at every two hour hours. hurricane hunters have been flying into the storm and noticed we are seeing a strengthening pattern, so category three major hurricane makes landfall overnight tonight and then stalling and that's really dangerous part of this storm. the reason why we think it's going to strengthen, very warm waters in the gulf of mexico and nothing to tear this storm apar apart. it's just going to sit and spend four days and at the center of the storm remains offshore, it's going to have the fuel that it
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needs to bring in more moisture and that's a big concern. the potential rainfall we've been saying 3 feet of rain. the models consistently say over 3 feet of rain as possible in isolated areas and you can see an end around the houston area, the numbers are epic. that's why you're seeing catastrophic, life-threatening, get out if you're told to do so. this could change the landscape of the texas coastline. this is the model we rely on. as the storm makes landfall overnight tonight, we expected to linger. nothing in the upper levels and steer this thing. we think the potential is for it to move out into the gulf of mexico and to make a second landfall in the houston area. potentially a devastating disaster and that's why we are so concerned.
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we've got these very weak steering patterns in and around the hurricane, we've got high pressure across florida, high pressure across the southwest. we think this will win out and push this storm offshore again as we get into the weekend and those rainfall totals are epic, potentially a disaster and that's why our prayers out to the folks across texas because ed could be something we have never seen before and hurricane history. >> harris: some things have held together, we do want to pray for them and we mostly want to get people out of the way and to listen to you. we'll come back at the news warrants the sour. as hurricane harvey barrels toward the texas coast. president trump is promising federal aid as well as rescue and recovery efforts. with all eyes on the president as he handles the first natural disaster of his presidency.
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senator grassley tweeted this, keep on top of hurricane harvey, don't make this a mistake president bush made with katrin katrina. john roberts is on the north lawn now. >> i was speaking with a senior administration officials a short time ago and they told me that the white house is acutely aware of what happened with the bush administration and they are determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past. the president tweeting, i have spoken with governor abbott of texas and louisiana governor edwards. closely monitoring hurricane harvey developments in here to assist as needed. the president had an oval office briefing at about 10:00 a.m. with tom bossert and john kelly. the president just tweeted about that by the way.
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some of his social media staff was there as well, all ready to respond to the aftermath of hurricane harvey. here's how sarah huckabee sanders put it yesterday. >> we are in great shape having general kelly sitting next to the president throughout this process and probably know better chief of staff than the president -- for the president and the president has been briefed and will continue to be updated as the storm progresses. >> the fema director tweeted out just a short time ago at fema saying we are monitoring hurricane harvey closely, we are working around the clock to prepare and support the state's efforts, also putting out pictures today of generators on the black back of flatbed truc. their prepositioning supplies they are in addition to these generators, they have water,
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meals, blankets and many other supplies. fema warning that the window to evacuate is rapidly coming to a close. as janice dean was saying, this isn't something that likely will have its full impact on the hurricane comes ashore. there are no big cities, when it hangs around, it dumps the feet of water on areas like houston, galveston, and corpus christi. this is something that can play out over a number of days. it may be tuesday or wednesday before we know the full effect. >> harris: the problem, as we mentioned, if you plan to leave your home, you have to go farther inland than you might anticipate based on the reach of the storm and the time you're gone could cause some hardship for people staying. >> when we see that fema is repositioning around san antonio, they are figuring they have to go that far inland to make sure they're safe. people who are evacuating from
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corpus christi, they have to go far inland. as you said, they'll be away from home for some time. >> harris: hopefully people can take the men, like family. thank you. we're talking about a test for the president and i saw you nodding, your thoughts? >> david: we are not going to have another good job moment like bush and katrina. you have a state that's cooperating, you have localities that are cooperating, you got coordination going on. i lived in houston for 4 years. you have a better highway system, you have a better escape route. you can get out and get to san antonio, you can move towards dallas where they are of mid cities way. louisiana should be concerned, not only for the oil industry, but it's a major court order. then you've got louisiana all
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the way to new orleans. there is very little exit points going straight across the bottom of the country. in houston, there will prepared. i was there, i watched literally houses come down on fire in '94. the potential is there, i have a lot of friends still there. they are doing their best in the broadcast world to make people aware of what's going on. >> harris: i want to talk about what's going on behind the president. it's different than perhaps anything we've seen before and that is john kelly as chief of staff, former secretary of the department of homeland security under which fema was, that makes a difference. that's the type of leadership you have next to the president in the white house. >> gillian: he's the ideal person to have inside the white house, the person who has the most face time with the president a reasonable day, arguably the most influence.
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that's a huge plus for the president. we all know it's a much bigger weather disaster, it's much bigger than the president and the politics surrounding it. it's also true that storms like this can make or break presidencies. we've seen it happen in the past. it didn't break the bush presidency, but if you read what andy card has said and josh bolton, they will tell you that hurricane katrina was a low point for that presidency. not for any one term, not for any one individual, but for the entire presidency. >> dagen: the photo of president bush staring out the window looking at the devastation of louisiana. to the president, the only thing that he should be talking about, the only thing he should be tweeting about until this storm is out of the way are the people of this region and the response
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to the disaster, the looming disaster. i'll point to help president obama handled some situations, certainly not hurricanes, but i always go back to his statement after james foley's killing by isis and he was on the golf course race after that. it seemed so callous. people are being murdered and belgium. i remember that. president trump should send nothing but concern to these people. >> gillian: the key point is to make sure that local law enforcement, the local national guard which greg abbott has called before the storm hits to try and deal with rescue efforts. this isn't going to be what happens when the storm hits and making sure people are evacuated, this is going to be as their economic damage, are
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the highways damaged so we can't bring goods to market, there are going to be other consequences as a result of this and away the president president handles it both an action. that was a lot of the problem with katrina as well. >> harris: the similarities and we saw this with the super storm here on the east coast, sandy, by day six or seven in towns where you had outages and it was snowing. i don't know people remember, but it was summer time and then it was snowing. you're out of your home, where are you going to go on the east coast they would get out of the way? it was so far-reaching, so many people were hurt. this could go on for days in the president's response and have to keep up with that. >> david: there is an important point to be made for general kelly being in this position. get somebody who knows how to
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move assets, someone who looks at the capabilities. you have assets there that can be deployed, you have ground assets that can move out from there, you have other bases surrounding the area, even over arizona. general kelly, as a someone who's been in the command structure knows how to move assets around. he has a good team. tom bossert is very capable, so the president has a great tactical team that can follow. the spew on most deaths from hurricane occur from flooding. there was a study done some years ago that looked at hurricanes from 1970-1999 that is why this is a storm that will play alive in the days and weeks and months.
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>> harris: we are going to continue covering what's happening as the major storm prepares to make landfall. we'll have a lab report from galveston, texas, coming up. senator lindsey graham back to politics as president trump's attacks on republican leaders are political strategy. if that is the case, is it a smart move? does it undermine the party? what's important to the president? we'll talk about it. ♪
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♪ >> dagen: president trump's want the spent the week slamming members of his own party. while some have questioned the wisdom of that, senator lindsey graham said the president appears to be making a calculated decision. listen to this. >> there is nothing unhinged about it. it's a political strategy that i'm not so sure is hard.
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it's a political strategy. >> dagen: a recent poll doesn't show graham might be onto something. when it comes to some of the presidents g.o.p. targets, a george washington university poll shows that mitch mcconnell and paul ryan had high unfavorable ratings. john mccain is seen as favorable by majority of respondents to the poll. i feel like this is in some way president trump doing well what got him elected in the first place and that is expressing his utter disgust and disdain with the way washington operates in the establishment g.o.p. >> david: smart political strategy. any president who goes to the american people, that reaches past congress, reagan did it very well. the people elected you and they're going to support you regardless of party.
9:20 am
he is running against failure and lindsey graham, it's interesting to hear him speak because there is a little bit of heat and his own backyard from people who are saying we're sick of you not supporting, not representing the people of carolina. mitch mcconnell, he is at 18% in his home state of kentucky and he is the majority leader in the senate. these people have been feeling the american people. the american people want action on tax reform and they've got a small window to get it done. >> dagen: donald trump was a giant brass bowling ball. he just rolled over all establishment republicans during the election. he's still doing that. >> katie: this is a strategy, he should not just randomly tweeted and are and see for example has made it clear that this is the party of president trump, this is no longer the party of the establishment and the president is taking advantage of that and putting his flag in the sand and
9:21 am
saying this is my party, i'm going to pressure you. i take issue with the words he's running against them, he's not. we are not election year. right now, he's trying to get an agenda through and the american people believe that people like lindsey graham and jeff flake and paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, especially, have spent far too much time protecting their party rather than pushing through the agenda that they promised voters and of the president campaigned on. >> dagen: president trump will sign pretty much anything, he made that clear about the health care reform. "the wall street journal" has an editorial today called trump divorces the g.o.p. congress and republicans did hit the president a political independent. the president is hitting the campaign trail to campaign for tax reform starting next week. that is a sign of unity, that he's getting behind what he really wants. >> gillian: he may not be
9:22 am
campaigning, but if he wants to have a real shot at a big legislative achievement, he's not getting through without it. whenever the president says things, people accuse him of flying off the cuff, flying off the seat of his pants, whatever you want to say. a lot of times, we do this disservice to issues. >> harris: they'll have something in common. so is jeff flake. i shouldn't say picking on, but he is choosing, he's picking these people in part because they are weak. you talk about heat in somebody's back yard, he's shining a light on that. they may have to do more than
9:23 am
fight the presidents word. they have to fight the people. >> dagen: i'll say this, karis gets the final word on that. we continue to monitor hurricane harvey. a lab report from galveston, texas, one of the cities that could see the most damage, that will be in moments. in the white house backing president trump's threat to shut down the government if congress fails to pass funding for his border wall. will the president be able to pull through on one of his biggest campaign promises? what will happen if he doesn't? ♪ it's just a burst pipe, i could fix it. (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just because of a claim. i totally could've - no! switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> harris: we are keeping a close eye on breaking news this hour. hurricane harvey as it is taking aim at the texas coast right now. forecasters say that massive storm has a maximum sustained winds of 110 miles per hour with
9:28 am
stronger gusts than that. evacuations are underway and we hope people are heating them. early this morning, officials spoke to president trump. the president tweeted out this picture moments ago. casey stegall is live in galveston, texas, with more. >> you talked about the evacuations. i can tell you evacuations have been ordered for 7 texas counties that are in the coastal area. some of those are mandatory, some are voluntary. officials here are not mincing their words when they talk about the potential dangers of this storm. greg abbott is scheduled to hold a press conference in about an hour's time from now. the stated disaster has already been declared ahead of landfall for at least 30 counties in texas. the gulf of mexico is picking
9:29 am
up. we been showing you that all day today. the real story is a mad rush to get out of town for people who are heeding the advice of the emergency officials. stores are nuts. people are doing what they can to buy up supplies, bottled water is a commodity, it is difficult to find around here and gas stations have extremely long lines. not only people fueling up as they get out of town, but also putting gas and gas tanks and strapping it to the roofs of their vehicles and case they need to power generators in the event that there is a power outage for a sustained amount of time. people are doing just about anything they can to protect their property. >> i'm going to take care of my parents because they refuse to leave corpus christi.
9:30 am
>> every time they say it's real big, it goes in the opposite direction. i'm taking precautions anyway. >> don't want to get stuck, that is the word for emergency responders. they may be flooded and they may not be able to get to you. that is why they hope people are listening to the evacuation orders. harvey is scheduled to make landfall, according to the national hurricane center sometime, as you know in the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning and it could potentially fit over texas. it will dump a whole lot of rain in this area. over the next three or four days potentially. a lot to be focused on. >> harris: we are in that window where people need to start making their plans if they will be able to leave or not. casey, thank you very much. we are monitoring the situation and will continue.
9:31 am
>> katie: sarah huckabee sanders not backing down on president trump's pledge to do whatever it takes to build a wall along the southern border, including shutting down the government. watch. >> with the president signed any budget bill that is not include funding the wall? >> the president has talked extensively about this. he campaigned on the wall, he one on talking the wall. >> he said mexico will pay for the wall. now he's pushing, threatening a shutdown of the government. >> once again, the president is committed to make each sure this happens. >> he kept saying mexico will pay for it. >> he hasn't said they're not either. >> katie: who is paying for the wall? a >> david: i'll tell you what, first, i love sarah. i love her. she didn't answer the question,
9:32 am
but she made it clear the president is going to keep his promise. border security will be paid for. if we have to withhold funding that goes to mexico because of their bad activities or the things that they've done with their government and their corruption, then that's one way to help them pay for the wall. who's paying the price? it's the farmers, the businesses, those people along the border that are literally being overrun by cartels, gangs, drug smuggling, drones. we need border security. i wish the president would do this. border wall is a metaphor for border security, depending on what's needed and where. >> harris: e.u. could use a george w. bush. the stability of that border city is so important to not only our national security, but
9:33 am
natural disasters and that was a point that we saw when they put up a border wall. it was a reinforced fence backed up by more border patrol agents. doing exactly what you're sayin saying. >> katie: shall in the president have focused a little bit more? he wanted to justify the importance of the border wall regardless of who is going to pay for it. >> dagen: he needs to. that "wall street journal" editorial in the journal writes two-thirds of the country do not support an extensive, largely symbolic border wall. the g.o.p. needs to focus on passing a budget with conservative priorities in it, including border enforcement, although i don't believe it's a metaphor in the presidents mind. he is very attached to the wall with a beautiful door in it. to help satisfy our immigration problem, i don't think that if there is border security money and that budget that the
9:34 am
president would veto it. i think this is a lot of verbal pressure on republicans, but i don't think he would shut the government down. >> david: again, he is also dealing with the junior mccain from arizona, jeff flake. this is it someone whose family, when he was six years old, hired an illegal who worked, he had been deported 12 times. that kind of attitude coming from flake, what's the price on security of the nation? what's the price of putting -- where do you use drones, a fence, wall? >> harris: i want to ask, does that president need to sell the funding part of this to his supporters because that was a big part of the plan. we'll move on. president trump is praising his chief of staff with this tweet today. general john kelly is doing a fantastic job as chief of staff.
9:35 am
there is tremendous spirit and talent in the white house. don't believe the fake news. meanwhile, we're learning more details about kelly's efforts to crack down on the information the president sees on a daily basis. politico is reporting kelly initiated a new policymaking process in which just he and one other aid, white house staff secretary rob porter will review all documents that cross the desk. the new system is designed to ensure the president won't see any external policy documents, and internal policy memos, agency reports and even news articles that have not yet been vetted. >> gillian: this is 100% the right thing to do. on the outside looking in, you might feel like this is just the chief of staff trying to control the input to the president, but that's the chief of staff's number one job. out of everything else he does, his job is to handle the
9:36 am
information flow so that what gets represented to the president of the united states is not just what this aid and that aid and their interests want to see, but to seek comprehensive representation from the cabinet, from the key policy advisors, it's the chief of staff's job to organize that for the president because his number one asset's time. the president has very limited time. this is a way to make the best use of that time. >> harris: is an extension of what we thought john kelly would do in terms of keeping for a lot of that. like i'm going to head in there and talk to the president right now. >> dagen: i wanted video of john kelly in the oval office as a meeting comes to a close and he looks around the room and goes "why are you still here?"
9:37 am
there is the door. disorder and chaos does not equal victory. that is what you need, a cohesive approach to how you deal with the president, how you deliver him the most valuable information and who has access on a day-to-day basis. the fact that steve bannon is no longer there is indicative of the order is being put in place. >> katie: it gives them an ability to focus on an issue at a time rather than having an overwhelming amount of information that he has to make a decision on. john kelly wanted to streamline the importance of things, what needs to get done first so the president can make decisions and move onto the next thing. for the next couple of days, it's going to be the hurricane, but as we move into the recess being over in a week, there will be more information streamlined. >> harris: those who don't
9:38 am
support this president in terms of how they voted last fall, it gives them more confidence in what's happening in the white house. whether some of the reports were true or not, there certainly was an inconsistency. >> gillian: i'm reading a book right now about former chief of staff. he said because there is this chaotic environment, it was taking the president longer to make worse decisions. that doesn't just undermine the white house staff, that undermines the make and people. as katie said, the goal is to have him make the best possible decisions in the least amount of time. >> dagen: i brought up steve bannon because he was known for skipping meetings and going right to the president. >> harris: we've been reporting this, we are on it. bracing for the landfall of hurricane harvey. that massive storm is moving toward the gulf coast, producing life-threatening winds and
9:39 am
catastrophic rain. ed is slow and could sit there for days. i'm next, the latest on its track. and president obama, where are you? that's the title of an op-ed published by "the new york times." it's writer says we need a voice now more than ever. do we? we'll talk about it. ool? ool? no sir, no sir, some nincompoop stole all my wool sweaters, smart tv and gaming system. luckily, the geico insurance agency recently helped baa baa with renters insurance. everything stolen was replaced. and the hooligan who lives down the lane was caught selling the stolen goods online. visit and see how easy it is to switch and save on renters insurance. ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies.
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9:44 am
for. we are all of our coverage today with hurricane harvey. keep it here on fox news. >> gillian: an op-ed published in "the new york times" have called for president obama to save the country from -- and now we are a country troubled by the looming possibility of a constitutional crisis and hate groups are claiming the president as their own. we need your voice. there is not a saner, more trustworthy opinion that many of us would rather hear. as time free to come back. the author of that op-ed speaking out on msnbc this morning. take a look. >> what i'm asking for is some insight, those of us were sitting here bewildered, some insight into what we can do from somebody who knows how politics work. >> gillian: these are some of the more emotional political
9:45 am
times that i have seen since i've been in washington for 12 years. harris, what do you think? >> harris: lots of questions, where are you? i think hillary's book is a question, what happened? what they don't have it as a positive message they can sell. >> david: what the democrats selling the market people? the last slogan was better skills, better jobs. bigger, better deal. >> harris: that's better than where are you? the >> david: i don't know what they're going to print. here's the serious thing. obama builds organizing for america from the top down. we have to realize that he is reemerges in the phone will be coupled with what's in my hand which is leftist in visible
9:46 am
guide. they're putting together the approach to change the conversation, but they're doing it from the same people that organized occupy, that builds out of all these leftist organizations. it's not about anything but change and how this country operates. we are not a democracy, we are a republic. >> gillian: is in this a step forward? aren't people on the right, critics of the left always saying the democrats are scattered, they don't have a message. >> harris: obama was not accused of that and that's the point that david is making, that they have to be careful with this because of he doesn't step back he's not going to be writing what happened. >> dagen: he had eight years. you're only served to the news
9:47 am
on facebook that you would read, you're not reading anyone else's opinion anymore. you are friends of people who with you. i think we've become more divided, but we became more divided over an eight year period. let me be clear. >> katie: it's important for everyone to realize that because president obama -- he has made political statements against president trump, he's working with eric holder right now on redistricting to try to gerrymander some of these districts. he's working, but i think it's really funny to watch them ask for the messiah obama to come back. >> dagen: may i point out that bush 43 said nothing during obama's eight years, he was quiet, respectfully to let president obama lead. >> gillian: good points all
9:48 am
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♪ >> dagen: controversy still swirling around former 49er quarterback colin kaepernick in the wake of his kneeling during the national anthem last year. he took to social media to think supporters who rallied for him at nfl headquarters on wednesday. kaepernick is still without a team and the season begins in just 12 days. speaking exclusively on the tom joyner morning show, hank aaron said he thinks teams are ignoring kaepernick's talent and that he's getting a raw deal. >> i haven't seen anybody who can do the things he does. i wish somebody would open up and give him a chance to do his thing and say "hey, let's forget about it." >> dagen: the greatest all
9:53 am
time, jim brown, also an activist has a different take. >> i'm an american, i don't desecrate my flag and my national anthem. i'm not going to do anything against the flag and the national anthem. i'm going to work within those situations. this is my country. >> dagen: in the meantime, there have been more national anthem presidents during the preseason. most notable, 112 members of the cleveland browns took a knee before monday's game during the giants. i want to point out first and foremost,: capper , colin kaeped out, he was not cut. he's a greater risk for his shenanigans on the sidelines then the rewards you get from his talent on the field. colin kaepernick here is what
9:54 am
colin kaepernick forgot. he can do whatever he wants. if you are on the team and i've been on these teams, you want to win the games. he's lost at the locker room, who wants him back in the locker room? remember when mark sanchez left the locker room for the jets? what happened? he couldn't run the team. nobody wants a loser and that's what: capper nick has become >> harris: jim brown has been through it and he says flag and country first. in the last calendar, two years, at least 15 nfl players have been arrested for domestic violence. and the last handful of years, they've dealt with battery, assault, murder. i agree he had to be on a knee praying, but i'd be praying for
9:55 am
the nfl because that is not something they should take their eyes off of. >> gillian: he has also been offered reportedly contracts. he could be a third or fourth string quarterback, he has said no. he's trying to get this attitude that he is the victim and everyone hates him because he has a certain skin color. he is not very good at football, he is a liability to the business and the nfl has an obligation to take a stand. where's roger caddell? >> gillian: i'm an outsider. i don't want to football players for inspiration to solve the nation's problems, so this has not been -- i realize this is brought to the united states, but i don't look to them as a
9:56 am
model to aspire to and i don't look to somebody like colin kaepernick or anyone on the nfl to help heal -- >> dagen: i watch him and think you are disrespecting the men and women who serve today and lost their lives to protect the free speech that you know exercise. >> dagen: we are going to rewind, will be right back. nt at office depot office max. 10 pack pens, one cent. composition notebooks,scissors, and plastic folders all one cent each! hurry to office depot office max. ♪taking care of business. for over 100 years like kraft has,natural cheese you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
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>> david webb was in the house, thank you for being here. have a great weekend, we are going to pray and sent thoughts to the texas gulf coast. "happening now" now. >> jon: a fox news alert, evacuations underway as hurricane harvey strengthens in the gulf of mexico, welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i'm jon scott. >> heather: i'm heather childers. people in the coastal community are bracing for the strongest storm to hit the community in 12 years. hurricane harvey could slam into texas late tonight and the problem as it could linger for days. >> my concern is the flood, the water is rising, trying to get some sandbags to seal my house and my father's house sca


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