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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  August 27, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. massive flooding in houston texas and surrounding area. welcome back to the fox news continuing coverage of the historic flooding across the lone star state. we are back for just a few minutes to update you as flood waters ravage texas. even more sobering news, there is a lot more rain to come. let's go to matt finn who is in southwest houston which is among the many who has been hard hit by this historic storm. >> the rain has subsided a little bit. the water has risen substantially in this neighborhood. the hymie is a vote that fire
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members rescued people on all day. you might be able to see there is one fireman manning votes. it seems like they had some trouble getting out of the area. they were given a car ride back to the station. this fireman is waiting for his fellow fighters to return. we didn't interview and they had been rescuing people all day long. they rescued people from the rooftop. take a listen to that interview from a short while ago. >> one of the emotions running through your mind. this must have been an exhausting day. >> it's sad. a lot of devastation. i don't think the city was very prepared for it. we've taken our personal stuff
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out here. >> you don't think the city was prepared. >> not at all. >> why not? >> they just weren't. there's never any e-mail sent out, no evacuation orders. the magma say much more about it. i just don't feel like it was very prepared of all. >> this area is the southwestern portion of the city, a very large residential area. we spoke with police and they said this is one of the hardest hit area. there were choppers above all day long rescuing people. a short while ago, she tried to get her car out here last night but couldn't. now she considers it totaled. she is inside with her mother and they are trying to decide
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if they are going to evacuate. they are on the second floor. we interviewed a man on aaron he said his children are behind us and an elderly relative can't get out of your muscle vote comes. he said he was working and he thought it was just the storm that would blow through. they are now trying to leave their home. in this community we have seen a lot of people abandon their houses. we saw family with their dogs on a pool float and they said they had abandoned their homes and someone came to help them out. this man abandon his home entirely because of blood water was rising too fast and his wife and children are packed into a car. he brought his canoe to his brother. just a heartbreaking
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scenario. your heart goes out to these people. this could be a five-day event in worldly and a two or two and half. >> it's pretty remarkable interview with those firefighters saying that they were not prepared and disappointed. we heard similar criticisms in new orleans after hurricane katrina and they ordered mandatory evacuations and people died in lost homes. they are going in and getting people out that could have gotten out before the flood waters moved in. >> those two officers were manning this vote.
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it's one of their personal vote votes. there was a countless number of rescues from rooftop. they said they think the city was not prepared. they never got an e-mail or call saying all hands on deck. that's just what they are reporting tonight. you can see the frustration and anger their faces. we spoke to young woman here whose car is a halfway underwater and she said if i had received some type of mandatory evacuation i would've left. just because it's a mandatory evacuation doesn't mean a person can be forced from their home. perhaps this causes people, push comes to shove and they leave their home. there was a county of about 36000 people and a mandatory evacuation was issued. we talked to the commander whose a county judge and he
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says he felt like the majority of people heeded the evacuation. he said it look like a ghost town. when the people stayed they said they were willing to risk it. mandatory evacuation does not mean you can force people out of their home but it seems like people may have responded to something like that if it was issued. >> much response to the firefighters, police officers and others who are risking their lives to go in and save other spread we know that difficult work will continue for many days ahead. thank you very much for your time. we now go to the extreme weather center. there's no sign of letting up. >> at this time, it's nighttime. folks are out there, perhaps doing those rescues. we've seen tornado watches. all this moisture continues to run up and we are still seeing
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more storms. it's dark, this is a dangerous time. there it is, we have one in the houston areas. these are all tornado warnings and they continue to spin up. they been doing so throughout the day. were paying attention to the rain. so far precipitation is getting close to that 25 - 30 inches. this is widespread. we are heading out a good distance. unfortunately, this is not planning on going anywhere. there's our system. we will get a little movement in the next day before it turns and heads up past houston. take a look at this. all we out to wednesday and thursday, this is still in the region.
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anything you're seeing is not including what's already on the ground. these numbers will only get more impressive. there is your legend. up to 25 you see these whites, there is heavy rain on the way. that rain is sticking around until at least wednesday. >> adam, thank you very much. it's been a long night for you and reporters on the street. we thank them as well. stay with fox news throughout the night for continuing news from texas. we go to fox news sunday where chris wallace is speaking with the texas governor. stay with us.
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this looks like a replication
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of that. we are working to save lives and keep as many people safe as possible. in the houston area, chris at the very same time, we are conducting search and rescue missions where the hurricane hit nerd engineer corpus christi and rockport areas. we are doing multiple duties and multiple parts of the state. >> i want to ask about that governor because we just had a report that may have been the community that was hardest hit. i know the damage has been so extensive that a lot of first responders haven't even been able to go in and see what has happened to people who sheltered in place. the casual i casualty count seems remarkably low so far. i hate to ask this, but do you think the casualty count to rise dramatically as first responders get into these areas. >> we will see. we have first responders there. we have texas task force one
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and two. these are search and rescue missions as well as texas national guard who were there, who were going door-to-door throughout neighborhoods and throughout the entire area. we will have reports that will come out today. there were a lot of warnings to evacuate. there was large numbers of evacuations and likely those that saved a whole lotta life. >> the gulf coast, in addition, it also accounts for about a fifth of this nation's crude oil production and almost half of our oil refineries. what can you tell us about the hit that your energy sector has taken. what impact will that have on supplies and prices. >> sure. i've spoken with leaders of so many companies and they are
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very experienced in dealing with challenges like this. there are hurricanes and tropical storms that passed through the gulf region all the time. they were very well prepared for it. they hunker down and were able to contain the area. this will be a one or two week downturn for them. they're prepared to ramp up very swiftly. >> let's talk about the federal level because i know you're correlating with them. congress change some of the rules and part of that because they were able to deploy personnel and equipment in place, in san antonio before the storm hit. has that made a difference? >> it has made a difference. i give fema a grade of a+. all the way from the president down. i've spoken to the president several times to his cabinet members and secretary of
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homeland security and the administrator of fema. they have been very helpful. it would've been good to see this come in a week in a advance and get some free positioning taking care of of weather was left federal, state or local assets. when it came to preparation we've never been more prepared than we had been this time. it's been extremely professional and helpful. he said whatever you need you've got. this is the quickest turnaround i've ever seen from a governor making a declaration of disaster to getting that grant. what that means is because he
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so swiftly granted my application for disaster coverage it triggered all the resources of fema to help texas. what you will see is a tremendous rebuilding. we are very appreciative of the way they have responded to this catastrophe. >> from the forecast that you're getting, how much longer is texas, are the people going to be under the gun from hurricane harvey or tropical storm harvey. >> understand what i'm about to tell you from multiple reports, we can expect torrential rain for days to come. remember this, the focus on
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the houston area but there are miles and miles outside of the houston area where they will face challenges because of rain and flooding water. we have a big task on our hand. >> when we say torrential rain, what a week talking? how do you try to help save those people? >> chris, measuring rain, not an inches these days, but in feet. we are prepared to deal with at multiple ways. overnight our national the guard deployed multiple high-level vehicles that are going to be manned by the national guard. we are deploying votes and helicopters to be involved in swiss water rescues. we need to provide as many
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resources as possible to achieve goal number one and that is to save as many lives as we can. >> i want to thank you for taking the time to talk to us. please know the rest of the country has texas in our thoughts and prayers. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> north korea launches m my bladder leakage was making me feel like i couldn't spend time with my grandson. now depend fit-flex has their fastest absorbing material inside, so it keeps me dry and protected. go to - get a coupon and try them for yourself.
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president trumps national security team began with a careful rollout for afghanistan. they ended the week with north korea surprise launch of short range missiles after a pause
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in his testing program. it's all part of the job the next guest secretary of state rex tillerson. welcome to fox news sunday. >> before we get to foreign affairs, i want to ask you as a native son of texas and the former chairman and ceo of exxon mobil, your thoughts about hurricane harvey and especially the impact it's having in the oil and gas sector on the gulf coast. >> chris, we are native texans and we make our home in texas. we have many, many friends, family in the affected areas and our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are affected. over 12 million in the state of texas are being impacted. in response to the state of texas and the governor, they're doing a remarkable job dealing with an ongoing
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event. they're doing everything they can to support the state of texas. with respect to the oil and gas industry, they have been through this many times. they are probably among the best prepared for these events. they do a lot of pre-staging capability but there will be challenges created by a storm of this magnitude. they will respond capably and the government agencies has facilitated and i wish. [inaudible] let's turn to your day drop. north korea fired three short range missiles on friday. what message do you think the kim regime is sending. >> the firing of any ballistic missile is a violation of the
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un resolution. we do view it as a provocative act against united states and our ally. we want them to understand there is a different path that they can choose. international community has been quite clear about it. there is also unified international voice echoing our messages that no one wants to see a nuclear korean peninsula. we are all unified in our mission to c8 de nuclear rise korean peninsula. >> this week, before the missile test, you and the president suggested that he might be backing off of his missile program. >> kim jong-un, i respect the fact that i believe he is starting to respect us.
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>> i am pleased to see that the regime in north korea has demonstrated some level of restraint, we've not seen that in the past. >> were both of you wrong about kim jong-un? >> i don't know that were wrong, i think will take some time to tell. this type of launch is a violation of the un security council resolutions so it is, they are not prepared to completely back away from their position. having said that, we will continue our peaceful pressure campaign as i've described it, working with allies in china to see if we can bring the regime to the negotiating table to begin a dialogue. >> president trump pledged to fight and win in afghanistan.
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here is part of the speech from monday. >> conditions on the ground, not arbitrary timetables, will guide our strategy from now on. >> mr. secretary, how open-ended is that commitment. how long as he prepared to keep them there. >> i think the president has made it clear that this is a dramatic shift in terms of military strategy. we are shifting from a time-based strategy to a conditions -based strategy which means it will be dictated by conditions on the ground and formed by battlefield of commanders. he has also been able to dictate the decision-making to turn the tide against the taliban. i think we all recognize that
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the taliban has been advancing and afghan forces have been unable to push them back. there will be a definite change of military tactics on the ground. all of this is sending a message to the taliban and that we will be here and continue to fight and what needs to happen they need to engage with afghan government in developing away for the future. >> the point i'm getting to is that they're going to be there until they get that message. is that an open-ended commitment? are you saying whatever his view is, whatever it takes. >> he is clear he was not setting any arbitrary timelines. he's not committing to any deadlines. in his speech, you'll recall, he said our patients is not unlimited, our time is not
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unlimited. >> he was talking about the afghan government. >> correct. i think what he is indicated as we are not going to set arbitrary deadlines. we are going to monitor conditions on the ground and our decisions will be formed around the progress on the ground. >> there's also the question of how they define victory. you and the president talked about that in different terms. here you are. >> attacking our enemies, a blithering isis, pressuring al qaeda, preventing that caliban from taking over afghanistan and stopping terror attacks against america before they emerge. >> this entire effort is intended to put pressure on the taliban to have them understand that you will not win a battlefield victory. we may not win one, but neither will you. >> mr. secretary, what is it. is it a blithering al qaeda
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and isis or is it getting the taliban to the negotiating table. >> the war against isis is quite there. we will defeat them. we will eliminate their capability to organize, raise new recruits to their fight and carry out terrorism acts throughout the world. that fight is progressing quite well. we have taken the caliphate from them. over 70% of the territory has been recovered. almost 2 million displaced iraqi people have returned to their homes in the fight in syria we are in the fight of liberating there self designated capital. that is going quite well and it's our expectation that we will defeat isis in syria and iraq. then our effort is global to ensure isis does not reemerge elsewhere. all terrorist organizations
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have somewhat different objections. whether it isis, al qaeda, the taliban or others, our objective is to to deny any terrorist organization any territory in which they can organize, recruit new fighters, develop techniques and then deploy those spread we know if we deny them the space to do that we protect the homeland and we protect americans and our allies as well. in the case of afghanistan, they have a history of being a refuge of some of the most devastating attacks. we know the attack on 911 was organized and carried out from afghanistan. we have this secure them in a way that that can never occur again because there is no territory available for them to do so. >> one of the spokespersons on foreign-policy was fired after the firing of steve bannon and
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some people are saying this is further to the right thing this is a victory of the globalists and may include you in that group over the so called america first. in the letter they wrote this, the fact that those who drafted and approved this removed any mention of radical islam proves that a crucial element of your campaign has been lost. is he right. >> i think he's completely wrong. it shows a lack of understanding when it comes to protecting americans at home and abroad from all acts of terrorism. terrorism manifests itself in many organizations. they have charged us to develop policies and tactics diplomatically and militarily to attack it in its many forms or wherever it exists in the
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world. this means we have to develop techniques that are global in nature. all we want is to ensure terrorists do not have the capabilities to organize and carry out attacks. >> what you make of this division between america first or these globalists. i think it's a question of tactics and how you achieve those objectives. he's been clear that we are not in the nation taking. [inaudible] we will coincide with the president's view that the afghan government and afghan people must own their form of government and must come to some reconciliation with all ethnic groups including the taliban as to how they can secure their company as a peaceful company, one that does not support terrorism or
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provide safe haven and does not align itself with any terrorist organization. that is what winning looks like. >> finally, i have a little over a minute left, the controversy over the racial protests in the president's response to it has become an international issue. the un committee criticized the trump administration for its failure to unequivocally reject and condemn the racist violence events and demonstration. here was the president in phoenix this week talking more about the media than he was the neo-nazis. >> the only people giving a platform to these hate groups is the media itself and the fake news. >> does that make it harder for you to push american values around the world when some foreign leaders question his values. >> chris, we express american
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values. we represent the american people, we represent america's values, our commitment to freedom and equal treatment of people the world over and that has never changed. >> when the president gets into the controversy in the un committee responsible it does, they begin to doubt whether we are living those values. >> i don't believe anyone doubts the american people's values or the government agencies. >> the president speaks for himself. >> are you separating yourself from that. >> i've made my own comments as to our values and the statements we made this past week. >> thank you. thanks for coming today. it's a pleasure to talk to you. >> stay safe. >> up next, we bring in our sunday group to discuss resident trump pardoning joe
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arpaio. supporters are happy and critics are outraged. what would you like to ask the panel about the president pardoning them. we
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was sheriff joe convicted for doing his job? he should have had a jury but you know what, i'll make a prediction. i think he's going to be just fine. >> president trump clearly hinting he was going to pardon sheriff joe. while the country was watching hurricane harvey, the president fired sebastian gorka, set out guidelines for banning transgender and pardon sheriff joe. it's time now for a sunday group. columnist for the hill, juan
11:37 pm
williams, and mitch mcconnell's former chief of staff. he was convicted last month of criminal contempt for defying a court order to stop detaining latinos. we ask you for questions about the president's pardon and maria tweeted this. if the law doesn't apply to joe arpaio, should it apply to anyone else? how do you answer? what you think of pardoning as a legal proposition. >> the president is entitled, under the constitution, to have an unlimited power of pardon. the sheriff was found guilty of violating a federal court order for over year that said to stop racially profiling people and he openly defied it
11:38 pm
and said he would continue. he didn't go through regular process. he had the right to do it and i think he had made a bad choice. >> he had talked to jeff sessions about not bringing the case in the first place. some critics are suggesting that the way it went down, and i refer back to what carl was just saying, no appeal, no expression of remorse, no review by the justice department, it may send a signal to some of his aides under investigation or unrelated that he will take
11:39 pm
care of them too. >> this was not an act of mercy for someone who was -- he has been convicted but not sentence. this was a preemptive act that sets a precedent that he can do pardons with little review from the justice department to help out someone who is a family member, a political ally, he was not only an early supporter of donald trump, he was in early birther and the face of hostility toward immigrants. specifically mexicans and latinas. latinos. he promised at the rally on phoenix and he has delivered in that promise in such a way that such acts of pardon. >> are we over analyzing the.
11:40 pm
>> i don't think there's any threat to democracy. presidential pardons has broad authority to do about anything he wants. it sort of pales in comparison. it's probably a direct relation to how you feel about joe arpaio. he's not my cup of tea but for many he's the face of law and order. >> sorry for interrupting but i think very quickly, the idea that you undermined the federal court order and say that law enforcement is not subject to equal justice under law, when nixon was pardoned by ford, huge pushback even for the president of the united states allowing a double standard to be in place.
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>> that was a great act. he united our country by putting that behind us. the suggestion that there's a grand strategy to pardon him and signaled that he may be involved, it just doesn't work. there's no strategy behind it. it was an act on impulse. has no relationship to the investigation of russia. >> on a switch quickly to another subject. he escalated his bike has been a long roll call. was put on the screen. you have a dog in this fight as the former chief of staff to mitch mcconnell. the president picking fight with all these leaders, will
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that make it harder for him to pass the agenda. >> yes, no question. this can be a very effective strategy a time but it's not effective. it could lead to impeachment. has one practical effect, you bring down the overall approval rating. it out to the logical extension, the democrats have a lot better shot the midterms than they would ordinarily and otherwise. if this president leaves they're not going to force impeachment proceedings, he hasn't been paying attention. >> let's talk about another immediate issue. one of the things washington must do in september is funding the government that runs out of money. he had something to say about that this week.
11:43 pm
>> we have to close down our government. >> what are your sources in the white house telling you. is it really prepared to force government shutdown. >> have been talking and there is a sense that we should view this as an empty threat. he's frustrated he hasn't moved his agenda more. he cares about the law and his agenda. people were chanting build the wall as they have been for over a year. >> he's going to need democratic votes and they will say you want to shut down the government. he certainly doesn't have leverage over democrats on the wall. he will continue to push on this.
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he's not backing down from a fight. >> we need to take a break. a new effort while north korea launches a new provocation. we will get our panels i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans... ...better than a manual, and my hygienist says it does. but... ...they're not all the same. turns out, they're really... ...different. who knew? i had no idea. so, she said look for... that's shaped like a dental tool with a round... ...brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to...
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america's enemies must never know our plans or believe they can wait us out. i will not say when we are going to attack, but attack we will. >> president trump vowing to be unpredictable as he re- commits to fighting and winning the war in afghanistan. we are back with the panel. you were in the white house 16 years ago when president bush launched the war against
11:48 pm
afghanistan. did president trump make the right decision in recommitting, and what you think of a strategy that he laid out. >> yes i believe he did. there's no good decision on this. he took the best of the available options which sustain the afghan government and the fight and to make a commitment to add additional troops. it's a big change from what president obama did. he was an arbitrary deadline. they were saved from having it zero option exercise in 2012 by our nato allies. simply because he was up for election was not reason enough to withdraw all u.s. troops. our only chance to keep afghanistan from the becoming a haven for international terrorism is to win this and president trump did the right thing monday night by recommitting america to the fight. >> there are real questions about whether sending more troops, in this first
11:49 pm
deploymen deployment, will be 4000 troops. will that make any real difference in ending and winning america's longest war? >> i don't think adding 4000 troops to the existing 8000 is going to make any radical difference. the key here, it seems to me that the president has talks with the taliban. what we heard is an interview with you but also earlier that the taliban will have victories on the battlefield. no one will win and we need to talk. that's where the focus should be. at the moment, with so many generals surrounding the president, i think they've said let's look for a military solution. i think it plays into a lot of republican means that obama pulled out too quickly and we need to make sure were there.
11:50 pm
that's not really what this is about. this should be about getting pakistan, afghanistan and our allies to the table to find a settlement. >> i also want to talk about the other big news because there was this latest event from north korea where they fired off three more missiles. here's what secretary of state tillerson said about the kim regime. >> we do not seek a regime change. we do not seek the collapse of the regime. catherine, does this president, does this a ministration have a clear plan for how they intend to deal with the kim jong-un regime. >> it's interesting looking at this latest, you saw this from the secretary and provocative acts. they say they want to continue with it, peaceful pressure.
11:51 pm
it seems like for now, what i'm hearing is there is interest in seeing how the un sanctions play out. it seems to be this latest act and what they're looking at. >> all the talk a couple weeks ago, locked and loaded, is that being dowd back. >> he saw this earlier this week, the secretary praised him for his strength. they seemed pretty satisfied how it went. >> i get that they pointed this out to the secretary of state when they're talking about restraint and he respects us and then he fires off three missiles, they look a little silly, don't they. >> a little bit. you get the impression listening to the president and the secretary of state that
11:52 pm
they were proceeding as if they're dealing with a rational actor. i think anybody who has seen the way the u.s. foreign-policy has proceeded with north korea over the past two decades, it's pretty clear were not dealing with a rational actor. in fact, the one thing they craved more than anything is the attention of the american people. i think to the extent that there's been a more needed responses probably pretty good thing. i can't fault them for the response to this. >> the president likes to say he inherited a mess in north korea. when he talks about inheriting it he's talking about bush 43. from your days in the white house, what lesson did you learn about dealing with this problem in this regime. >> i think they do crave attention. you don't want to give them attention unless it's necessary. i think he did the right
11:53 pm
thing. that's when he made the fire and fury, and when james matta said it's an act of war if you fire a missile. his gamut worked. they dropped the plan to launch the missile toward guam and instead shot three intermediate range missiles, short range missiles into the ocean. so what, who cares. it was the right response when they were saying we were threatening u.s. territories. >> thank you panel. on that hopeful note, no we will see you next sunday. >> up next, our power player of the week. they show no sign of slowing
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chris: was it the music that attracted you or the message? >> people were writing songs about every aspect of life. chris: she sang her "both sides is there a phrase you liked? >> tears and fears and feeling proud, to say i love you right out loud ♪ chris: how would you choose what
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went? ♪ isn't it rich, are we a pair ♪ me here at last on the ground, you in mid air ♪ how could you not want to hear that song. chris: in addition, she was inspired to write "sweet judy blue eyes." chris he was trying to win you back. did it work? >> i said it's beautiful but it won't get me back. chris: before we knew it collins was giving us a private concert.
11:59 pm
at age 78 she still does 100 performances a year. >> i love to sing. lights are on, the music is on. the sound is on and the band is great. i'm exactly where i should be, doing what i should be doing. i think part of it is i am an artist. and artists don't retire. chris: this summer collins is on tour with that old boyfriend steven stills marking the first time they shared the stage. now this program note. stay tuned to this station and fox news channel for the latest on hurricane harvey's aftermath and that terrible flood we told you about earlier. that's it for today. have a great dpain we'll see you next.
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"fox news sunday." [♪] breaking tonight, historic reins pound texas causing catastrophic flooding with large-scale rescue efforts underway. thank you for joining us for our special coverage. houston and surrounding areas are being hit. it's nowhere near over yet. we have live coverage of the storm. the record-breaking flooding and what still to come. we begin with matt finn who is on the ground


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