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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 29, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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todd: the fire destroyed three homes near crirps. >> some may blame god. some may blame the hurricane. the only thing stand were holy things. todd: the statue's survival is a sign they can make it through. heather: yes, they can. "fox & friends" starts now. >> my thoughts and prayers for those affect by hurricane harvey. nothing can defeat the unbreakable spirit of texas and louisiana. >> harrowing and heart wrenching situation unfolding in houston. todd: shutting down highways and byways and turning them into waterways. >> i have been in law enforcement for 28 years and this is the worst i have ever seen. >> i'm still breathing. >> i love this town. i love these people. excuse me. >> people stuck in their homes. got to look out for everybody. >> you see people pulling together and helping by
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neighbor. and that is pretty powerful to watch. >> we will accept everyone who comes to this shelter. we are not turning anybody away. >> we will not stop until we get as far as we can. >> we are going to come back. i know we are. >> we are one american family. we hurt together. we struggle together. and, believe me, we endure together. ♪ pete: welcome to "fox & friends." all eyes on houston's swollen reservoirs. ainsley: officials are warning harvey's dramatic come back might uncontrolled releases sometime today. brian: better known as breaches. brand new evacuation ordered across the stated. already paralyzed by one of the largest downpours in u.s. history. so far there is no relief in
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sight. pete: crews racing against time to rescue thousands stranded before the monster storm makes its return. brian: we will be covering the entire area. now today the president confirmed not only in houston we are going to be focusing on but shortly focusing on louisiana again on the 10-year anniversary of katrina. ainsley: president says you have 100 percent of his support. not over yet then. griff jenkins knows exactly what the president is talking about. there is still a lot of danger there and obviously more flooding and talking about breeches. >> good morning, guys. that's right. more bad news for this besieged city. fox news can confirm that the spillover of th a addicks dam. >> i spoke with the
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emergency management and he told me they are less than a half a foot away for that reservoir from spilling over and affecting dramatically the neighborhood immediately behind me. he said second story homes will be at risk. that has never happened in history that the dams, the reservoir, the adddicks and barker reservoir dams protect the city downtown houston from the floods and that is going to spill over today. now, he did tell me in terms this does not mean that downtown houston is going to be wiped out. but it does tell me that they are in unchartered territory as uncontrolled will begin to spill over, in his words, by daylight over the dam just blocks away from me. the harris county folks are going to have a press conference at 8:00 a.m. local here to address that and they are not going to know. jeff flynn there tells me that it's going to start as
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a trickle it's going to spill over. what happens with that water. this is millions and millions of gallons of water. the release was 8,000 cubic square foot per second. now what they have got coming out is going to be unknown. this is going to be a major problem on a city that is now endured going into its fourth day of being destroyed. it's still raining here. the people that have left this area are going to deal, if they haven't left, are going to deal with how to get out. i don't know what it is going to be. we saw going down the highway some national guard troops. again, the headline this morning is that these reservoirs that they worried about, the controlled release that they tried to get the water out is going to spill over. one of the issues that they had with the controlled release, as i understand it, is that when they were releasing the water, they were having trouble with the water going back into the reservoir because it was
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already at a certain level. the bayou, the buffalo bayou, which is the main thoroughfare to take the water out of the southwest part of the city to get it into the houston ship channel away from the city pushing back on its own reservoir. so the level, jeff leonard tells me that the level is 108 feet at which it spills over and it is over 107 now. it's just a matter of when when we see the water spilling over the levees, guys. brian: griff, is the rain still coming down regularly? it looks like it's stopped now. is there a sense that the rain stops, continues to stop that we might be able to avoid the overflow? >> well, it's -- actually, it is still trickling in these bands continue to come down. they are expecting at least another, according to the twitter, weather service folks another 6 inches this morning before it does stop and finally move east.
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and in terms of the water spilling over, we don't know what that is. again, jeff leonard told me we are in, quote, unchartered territory because they have never had spillover. they don't know what kind of water is going to rush. they do know that these homes behind me are in for a real problem in just a matter of hours. brian: i hope they are out. your sense these people are out by now, right? >> we have been here and this is just one of the neighborhoods in the spillway area that will be affected. we haven't seen anybody moving. but we don't know because for days the people have been told to stay put. so anyone that stayed put. ainsley: griff, did i read an article this morning said residents along adddicks and barker. are asked to leave their areas. the rest are asked to stay indoors unless someone comes and tries to get them out. anyone in your neighborhood should be out of their houses. >> they should be out. pete: a lot of this depends on whether the water keeps
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coming and keeps raining. thankfully we have a lot of great meteorologists at in network that can help us out. we have janice dean on the case as she has been the entire storm. what's the story. >> there they could easily receive 6 more inches of rain in the houston area. it's a dire situation. you heard griff talking about the buffalo bayou watching this. we are at record levels here. major flood stage. the thing i want to point out here is that 69 feet, that continues well after the rain dissipates in the houston area. so they are going to see major flood stage on some of their main bayous for really the next week, past labor day. that's going to be an ongoing situation. these are some the latest storm totals that we received last night. we will update these throughout the morning. look at this, 40 inches already in dayton. if we reach 50 inches of rainfall, which i think is going to happen. that will make it the rainiest tropical storm the u.s. has ever seen in our
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history. so, i think we're going to get there. i think this will be historic. one of the worst flooding situations the u.s. has ever seen. past 48 hours, you can see where the heaviest rain bands are moving east of houston but as long as this system, the center of circulation is out south of the houston area. we are still talking about a tropical storm. so houston is under a tropical storm warning with winds in excess of 39 miles per hour and potential for more heavy rain. if i could give you any good news we finally see this storm pulling out thursday and friday. but for now we are watching six inches. easily. brian: bad news this is tuesday. pete: bad news turning toward another city that saw a storm like this. ainsley: new orleans. 12 years to the day since katrina hit new orleans. some of these bands of heavy rain are said to be heading towards southwest louisiana.
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>> folks there are taking precaution. brian: yeah, the governor has already been put on notice in conversations with the president. and then you have mayor mitch landrieu also talks about the flash flooding and reminds him of 12 years ago when his sister was senator. listen. >> for the next couple of days new orleans should expect very heavy rain and thunderstorms with the potential for localized flooding. how much more uneasy could you feel right now in the city of new orleans other than saying there but for the grace of god go i in houston. it's a very difficult day for us in new orleans because those images bring us back immediately to that and given all of the things that have happened to us, it would make one anxious. that's okay. but the most important thing is to be prepared in the event that the things that we cannot control come our way. pete: that's it right there. most important things in
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moment like this is to be prepared. you want leaders that are on it and proactive and have a plan. sometimes there is no good decisions at all as you can see. do you stay? do you go? as long as there is decisive action being taken that's what they want. brian: did they learn enough in the last storm in order to prevent massive damage in this storm and let's hope there is a mayor not going to hide in hotel room like the last one. pete: things don't get better when you hide from it. this white house has stepped up and said they are going to take rapid action. the president will be taking off and heading down to houston and to see for himself the damage. brian: corpus christi and then is he going over to austin. pete: that's right. ainsley: this is what he said yesterday about the folks dealing with this mess from harvey. >> my thoughts and prayers from those affected by hurricane harvey. now it's looking more and more like the state of louisiana will be also
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affected. people of texas and louisiana we are 100 percent with you. i will be visiting being impact zone tomorrow to make sure that you are receiving full support and cooperation from the federal government. tragic times such as these bring out the best in america's character, strength, resilience are those issue can as. pete: most vulnerable that are at risk at this moment, too. some pretty powerful imagery that's come out of houston on that. ainsley: first lady will be with the president as they visit the state of texas. we have updated on that nursing home picture. we understanding they are all safe now. we have a picture of what -- this was yesterday. pete: almost too much to believe. ainsley: water was rising. they couldn't get any help. kimberly mcintosh's is two
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states away and her mom is in a nursing home. she said my mom needs help. brian: they did get help. navy came and saved them. literally picked them up. take a look now. they are dry. they have a fresh set of clothes and they are safe. pete: focus it takes to -- brian: social media saved the day. first major storm where social media is playing a major role. 911 just can't possibly handle all these emergency calls. pete: even the texas national guard is monitoring it and getting a sense. ainsley: twitter is literally saving lives. we have a lot of stories to share with you over the next three hours. brian: 12,000 national guard are in play. a firsthand look at the dramatic rescues happening right now. they are happening in texas. our rob schmidt is there. pete: potential long-term effects on texas. said miller is live with us on that next.
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help their fellow texans who are trapped in their homes. officials are saying we need your help. we can't do it ourselves. pete: citizencitizen helping. rob schmidt is in texas and he got to see many of those rescues happen firsthand. rob: a lot of sad news coming out of houston from this storm. this is a great story. shows you there are awesome people in texas. they come together as a community. they don't just do the talking. they do the action. this is pecan grove part of richmond on the west side of texas 20 minutes from downtown houston. now it's under mandatory evacuation. woe can't get back in to the place where we shot all this individual yo 18 hours ago. that's how fast the water has come up. i will show you a look here. rob: the situation is just incredible to see this happen. and then you look around you and see all these pickup trucks and all of these individuals, the majority of them are just regular
3:18 am
people. >> what did you see back there? >> a lot of water. a lot of families have stayed that don't want to come out but they have to come out. rob: they don't want to come out. >> the power there is what is going to take them out. when they lose the power they will want to leave. i never thought this place would flood like this. >> they probably had at least 150. >> you pulled 1 auto people out of these neighborhoods? >> yeah. we came from rockport. we loaded up on fuel and brought our air boats up here to help. right here is about saving lives. we are from ground zero. we can get these people out of the houses for the next couple days anyway. it's a bad feeling sitting at home with one of these when you can do this. >> you can clearly seed situation in this neighborhood. i have never seen this much water in one place. this is a family right here trying to get out of here. they have a pregnant lady in here as well. everybody, the whole family trying to get out.
3:19 am
>> how long were you guys waiting to get out. >> we waited like four days. >> four days? >> my wife. we just come out. heard a noise. rob: going to the hospital? >> we're about to right now. rob: unbelievable stuff. it's almost like rescues at sea here. that's how much water we are talking about. we are moving through these neighborhoods on an air boat. how about the guys from rockport. their homes sustained damage. the eye came through their town. first place got hit by category 4 hurricane at the time. they come up here. they follow the storm into the houston area to make the rescues. we saw some boats. they were just regular people taking their boats out saying let's go save some lives. they's do. this they threw a police officer on each boat. they went out and did the work. it was incredible. some of these people saved 150 rescues and they are going out and come back with a boatful of people.
3:20 am
and you have got people setting off house alarms, car alarms, trying to get out of these neighborhoods. anything they can do. incredible situation and amazing to see the efforts going on to help people out. brian: rob, it's amazing. but it's expected. they are actually saying now we need your help. you have a boat if you can get around. help us out. rob: yeah. you wouldn't believe all the boats that came. in hard to coordinate all these boats to get. in some of them were air boats. some of these people had incredible boats. they come out and there stick them in the water and they say let's go. they are taking their own lives into risk. we almost ran into a car. it was unbelievable. there is a lot of things have you got to avoid. there is power lines and stuff. it's not the safest thing to do. brian: air boats so much safer it seems but so few of them. rob, thank you very much. we will be back with you. ainsley: remember when cathy griffin apologized for disgusting stunt. now she is taking it back.
3:21 am
pete: great, rescinding her apology. an tiff if a dressed in black hiding behind masks attacks protesters and our next guest says the left wants this violence. kevin jackson is on deck coming up next. but at home. she thinks she's the boss. she only had me by one grade. we bought our first home together in 2010. his family had used another insurance product but i was like well i've had usaa for a while, why don't we call and check the rates? it was an instant savings and i should've changed a long time ago. there's no point in looking elsewhere really. we're the tenneys and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today. people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever
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jillian: good tuesday morning. back with a fox news alert. north korea blasting a missile over japan. this alert sent to people's cell phones. missile launch, missile launch seems that a missile has been fired to north korea. please evacuate to rugged building or under ground. the missile landed in the pacific ocean. abe calling it unprecedented show of force. first time kim jong un has filed a missile since 2009. south korea responded by conducting a bombing drill.
3:25 am
also breaking overnight, a deadly explosion near the u.s. embassy rocking afghanistan. a car bomb went off at a bank just 500 yards from the compound in kabul. at least five people are dead. nine others injured. no word if any americans are hurt. officials believe the bank was targeted but no group has claimed responsibility so far. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, jillian. once again antifa members attack peaceful demonstrators. pete: once again they came to fight dressed in black wearing masks and armed with smoke bombs, shields and pepper spray. take a look. [shouting] ainsley: our next guest says no one should be surprised by this violent behavior. kevin jackson, radio talk show host, executive director of the black fear and the fox news contributor
3:26 am
joins to us react to this. kevin, they -- these were peaceful conservative protesters stormed by people dressed under mask so that you can't tell who they are, dressed in black. they had helmets. they had sticks and they started beating these peaceful protesters. what's your reaction? >> how does this even occur in america? first of all, there are only peaceful conservative protests. this type of thing, whether it's involving the tea party or whatever is always peaceful. so the idea that these people are coming to disrupted and they are coming with weapons is ridiculous in this country. we are hearing about people being told to stand down. they were told to stand down in berkeley before previous protest. told to stand down in charlesville. it's like the left is watching this occur and they don't care. there is no surprise. i believe this is going to back fire on the left completely in 2018. we're finally witnessing what the left is willing to do. it is an outcry against donald trump. it's an outcry against everybody who voted for this man.
3:27 am
and i think people in america are finally getting sick of it. pete: why for so long did this mainstream media though call them counter protesters. it was never antifa, it was never named. now someone at "the washington post" you pointed out and others are finally naming this group as antifa attacking peaceful conservative protesters. >> in this case i don't know if it was antifa per se because they were highlighting the black members of this group attacking the other folks. i actually think this is blm implanted within antifa and sort of being able to have their violence show up and blame it on antifa. both groups are violent quite frankly but blm is saying if we can hide our animus inside of antifa it will go differently. the fact of the matter is whether it's blm or antifa, what we are witnessing is something that shouldn't be happening in america because people are, again, peacefully protesting what we elected donald trump to do. and suddenly, if you even
3:28 am
think about having a rally that's. pete: for free speech. >> suddenly you have to worry about are you going to be attacked. that is the mission of this group is to say if you ever -- like the one that got canceled on the bay area, they cancelled a prayer rally. people were coming out to pray. they had to cab sell it the goal is to say we are going to shut you guys down. pete: of course. they have call themselves anti-fascists. >> acting as fascists. ainsley: cathy griffin is back in the news. listen to what she said her holding up a decapitated head of the president. this is her latest reaction to that. >> the whole outrage was bs. i had chelsea clinton tweeting against me. ainsley: what did she expect, kevin, she is holding up a decapitated head of the president. >> it's hard to believe we are living in a time where,
3:29 am
again, freely elected president. we have this type of animus. and not only that rock star status performing, doing everything that he said. i listened to a british guy say the other day, donald trump may go down in history as being the only elected official wh who is actually being hated for living up to his promises. are you cathy griffin and i call them holly weird o. she considers herself a d lister in hollywood. in politics she wants to be a a lister. she wants america to believe donald trump is hated. is he not. i flew back with a black lady from chicago fit the perfect profile of the typical democrat voter who voted for barack obama. she talked confidentially on the plane. i more people i talk to the more people i find out really like what's happening in the country. they see redemption in donald trump being elected president. have you people like this
3:30 am
that want to, and to use the severed head thing, the isis thing was just icing on the cake. ainsley: missed it totally. she is the reason for this controversy. she is the one that did that and she is blaming everyone else. she is playing the victim card. you are on outnumbered today. you will be on at noon. pete: if you didn't get enough kevin jackson you will be on at noon. >> and i will be on radio, too. pete: flood victims streaming into mega center in dallas. resources are already running thin. we are live on the ground there next. ♪ ♪ for an everyday item to become dangerous. new tide pods child guard pack. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip.
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♪ brian: big question is when will the storm stop? when will the end be in
3:34 am
sighted? as we take a deep breath in houston soon we will be focusing on louisiana. pete: as we heard griff jenkins talk about as well they are a half a foot from one of the biggest dams spilling over. brian: those are the tops of trees. that is unbelievable. ainsley: griff said we are half a foot away from it spilling over. i heard you earlier say we have at least 6 more inches of rain coming. so there is a chance it can maybe not spill over, right? japan january there is the potential for six inches as we go through the next 24 hours. storm is south of the houston area. if the center of circulation is either west or south of houston you are always going to have the potential of heavy rain. looking at the past 48 hours, they had rain overnight last night. they are seeing rain in the forecast right now. and as that storm continues to linger off the coast. a potential 4 to 6 maybe
3:35 am
8 inches of rainfall. we are hoping that the storm moves more eastward. i have to tell you the forecast has been spot on with this system. here is the forward. there is houston. there is new orleans, also the potential for a foot of rain in parts of southwest, louisiana. so going through today, you can see that edge. we are still getting rain bands moving in towards the houston area wednesday and then finally as we get into thursday. a little bit of relief. but here are are is the river gauge observations. we are talking about river setting river gauges in and around the houston area. major food stage for dozens of them. a lot of them can't take any more rain. they are at capacity. when you look at the potential rainfall. this is our reliable forecast model. the euro model on the edge of houston 2069 inches. galveston could see 6 to 12 inches. then we get into louisiana where we could also see a foot of rainfall.
3:36 am
so thursday is when we see this system move off. not enough unfortunately. minute by minute there. brian: thanks so much. as we look at the storm and what is happening. i think about the people originally there saying to themselves i can't believe we are safe. they are stunned. they want to get dry and get into clothes. then they look around and they say wait a second, where am i sloping? where do we go now? where's my money? how do i get paid? how do i get paid? how do you find out what i might be entitled to because i paid for, you know, i pay my taxes for horrific situations like this. pete: they are calling that a mega shelter which it certainly looks like it is. i got a text from a very good friend who lives in the area. she said people are either evacuated or hosting evacuees they need rescuing or they are rescuing. very few are doing nothing. the government is trying to get kids into shelters near their schools. this is not helter skelter. i'm impressed by the government actions. ainsley: doesn't it make you feel guilty. we are here in new york and reporting the news.
3:37 am
when i see that i want to go. i want to be opening up those cots in the shelters. those are the mega shelters. i knew there was a mega shelter. i knew there was one in dallas at the kay bailey hutchison center they were going to house a thousand people. yesterday i was watching of video of women folding the clothes. so many donations pouring in. brian: also 100 people stayed in a funeral home last night because they had nowhere noe where to go. jillian you have other news. jillian: starting with this story classroom chaos spilling over after kindergarten students are taught a lesson about being transgender. read the book i am jazz. because one boy was transitioning to become a girl. parents though were not told in advance. one outraged parent spoke out anonymously to martha maccallum because she is worried about rit tri biewtion to other parents. >> a couple nights after my daughter was taking a bath and she got up out of the water and her hair was slicked back and she saw a
3:38 am
reflection of herself in the drain in the bathtub and she started shaking and crying because she thought that she was like a boy. and she was like mommy, i don't want to be a boy. i turned into a boy, mommy. i don't want to be a boy. jillian: teacher said she meant no harm with the lesson. she didn't feel the need to stop in wisconsin while campaigning. now a year after the 2016 election, hillary clinton will finally visit the state to explain to them what happened. >> i couldn't get the job done. and i'll have to live with that for the rest of my life. zil jill the failed candidate going on 15-city tour this fall to promote her upcoming book. she will visit a number of states she lost to president trump. tickets selling for up to $3,000. a convenience store clerk dodges death by centimeters. incredible video showing an armed robber shooting his gun at the guy behind the counter barely missing his shoulder. the crook and accomplice
3:39 am
barely looking back. thankfully though nobody was hurt. this was not a bright idea. nurse practitioner in california said patients are coming to urgent care clinic after putting sunscreen on their eyes to watch the solar eclipse. i'm not making this up. people making the last ditch effort when when they couldn't get hands on special eclipse glasses. the urgent care referring the folks to an eye specialist. i don't even know how to follow that up. i didn't make it up. pete: sunscreen in your eyes? jillian: yes. ainsley: not only sound painful but risking going blind. why not buy the glasses. brian: i forgot about the ellipse. i was worrying. dr. sebastian gorka is live on the shocking threat from north korea. they shot a rocket right over japan yesterday. and about his future.
3:40 am
dr. gorka with us. ainsley: and the measure red cross is now working threw the biggest challenges they have ever faced. how you can help. right now we will tell you about that coming up right after the break. ♪ ♪ poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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3:44 am
mega shelter here behind me. this is the kay bailey hutchison convention center in downtown dallas. of course, no stranger to helping out those evacuees from hurricane katrina back in 2005 where about 2800 folks were housed here. the convention center can house up to 5,000 evacuees. so, again, yesterday they spent the day preparing, laying out those cots and other supplies here. now, between dallas and fort worth, also another suburb the city of irving, we have about 1,000 hurricane evacuees from the houston area already in town and, again, expecting thousands more in the days to come. the city of houston saying that, you know, if they can't house the evacuees there, then they will be bused here. we do expect more folks. the doors open here later on this morning. the local school district already preparing to bus some of those students to local area schools as well. so, a had the of folks
3:45 am
pitching in. again, neighbors helping neighbors. ainsley: thank you, saul. brian: there is enough supplies and enough room right now, right? >> yeah. right now we have plenty. in fact, a lot of folks are volunteering and asking how can i help? so, the best thing to do is really to donate. donations go a long way. the red cross, salvation army, what have you. you know, the best thing to do is donate money. those funds can go a long way. brian: thank you so much, saul. we appreciate it. pete: joining us with update is vp of disaster operations and logistics for the red cross. what are the biggest things you are dealing with right now? >> our biggest challenges are helping people understand around the country this is one of the biggest challenges this nation has ever faced. this is a catastrophic,
3:46 am
catastrophic situation. first we had the hurricane, category 4 making landfall. that brings with it intense winds, rains, surge, and now we have the second disaster which is unprecedented flooding. we have never seen anything like this before. and the biggest operational challenge on the ground is what my friends in the military will understand is maneuver. it's just super challenging to get anything from one place to the other because all of the areas in need are cut off. with that said, i have to tell you, the state of texas, the federal government, coordinating with all the volunteer organizations as unprecedented as the challenge is, the level of coordination and collaboration is also equally unprecedented. it is -- i just couldn't be more, more proud of my piers in the emergency management community. it's extraordinarily difficult right now. ainsley: brad, i'm so proud of you. i have been at a house fire reporting on it and the red cross was there immediately giving shelter to the family
3:47 am
food, assistance. what you do is amazing. for folks who have never been in a situation like that and never seen the red cross firsthand what you do in disasters, if we give money to your organization, what are you doing there on the ground to help these people? >> so, on the ground, just to give you an example, we have about 30,000, let me say that number again. 30,000 people that the state and local government and red cross volunteer organization are sheltering. they need cots, they need blankets. we have enough for over a 5,000 people right now on the ground in texas. so who is taking care of people in shelters? it's red cross volunteers. control tiers from all over the state of texas and all over the country. we are bringing those folks in by plane, by bus. any way we can get them in and staging them. there is high water. high profile vehicles to move people where they need to go. all of that costs money. we ask people to call 1-800-red cross or go online. you can text 90999 and the word harvey. find a volunteer
3:48 am
organization. find a chaired. please help the people of texas through your donations and as time goes on, we're going to be looking for more and more volunteers to help in texas. right now is a very dangerous situation. i want people to self-deploy. this is going to be a very, very long haul as we help people with shelter, food, mental health services. health services so, again, i encourage people to go to red if they want to get more information to help the people of texas. brian: red cross there. the national guard there and all these disaster experts. the houston miss are still asking for anybody with a boat to help out. i never remember that. this is the fourth day we're still looking for civilian volunteers. it shows the magnitude of this. >> it does. this is ongoing search and rescue unit. hurricane harvey has turned the southeast part of texas into an inland lake. the area that we are
3:49 am
operating in is the size of lake michigan. that's what happened. you essentially have a new -- you have a sixth great lake right now in the state of texas. people are taking cover in their aattics. people are being brought to ellington field in houston. all sorts of locations around the state of texas and getting them to shelter and making sure they are getting fed and it's going to be a very, very chaotic situation. but i'm beginning to see that order is coming. order is being brought to chaos. it's going to get worse before it gets better. i'm going to be upfront with you about that. brian: keep yourself available. we like knowing what's going on. brad, thanks so much. >> you too. ainsley: 49 minutes after the hour. president trump heading to the disaster zone in a matter of hours. what does he have to do to make sure the mistakes of hurricane katrina are not repeated. pete: while flood victims watch everything they own
3:50 am
get destroyed. liberal college professor said they deserve it because texas voted for president trump. you are not going to believe this one. ♪ ♪ i have chronic dry eye caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation. so i use restasis multidose. it helps me make more of my own tears, with continued use, twice a day, every day. it's also what i prescribe to my patients who have this condition. restasis multidose helps increase your eyes' natural ability to produce tears, which may be reduced by inflammation due to chronic dry eye. restasis multidose did not increase tear production in patients using anti-inflammatory eye drops or tear duct plugs. to help avoid eye injury and contamination, do not touch the bottle tip to your eye or other surfaces. wait 15 minutes after use before inserting contact lenses. the most common side effect is a temporary burning sensation.
3:51 am
your eyes. your tears. ask your eye doctor about restasis multidose.
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3:53 am
ainsley: thousands threing their houses bracing for more downpours at death tolls are expected to rise. according to one teacher texas deserves all of that because they voted for president trump. now deleted tweet university of tampa professor his name is ken story he wrote i don't believe in instant karma but this kind of feels like it for texas. hopefully this will help them realize g.o.p. doesn't care about them. though the who voted for him here deserve it as well. here in florida, he means. here to react to this is fox news contributor katie
3:54 am
pavlich. >> good to see you. ainsley: what was your reaction. >> he is assistant visiting professor. he has been teaching since 2011. turning point activists found this tweet and when there was response to it, he not only deleted the tweet but deleted his entire social media profile. my response to it is there are people hurting. they are still trying to find people. they are begging for volunteers, neighbors are helping neighbors. they are not asking for voter registration card when they ask to get in their boat to take them to safety. for him to say this just really shows he is very cynical about the way that people work and people helping each other not for the sake of politics but because of humanity. and it was just the wrong place at the wrong time. he hasn't issued an apology. we haven't heard anything from the university how negative do you have to be to judge this horrible situation by politics and to say that people innocent
3:55 am
people deserve this for the way they think politically. ainsley: what could you say as a country. >> look at the photos coming out of houston. it's not about that. it doesn't matter who you voted for. by the way he is in a blue city. not that it actually matters in this case. it doesn't matter how voted for when tragedy like this strikes people are helping each other because that's the decent american thing to do. i think that when you look at the vitriol in the country and the division, this was certainly a time that people are coming together. people in houston are showing it. we are worried about louisiana now. this is wrong response but typical response coming from universities. we see this all the time. turning point is constantly showing us what goes on on college campus. is he not a typical in the sense that the left believes people who voted for donald trump deserve bad things like a hurricane to happen to them. ainsley: just so fasty and hurtful and callus. he did send an apology.
3:56 am
i deeply regret a statement i posted yesterday. i never wish ill will on any group. i hope people affected by harvey recover quickly. whether or not he will be fired -- >> i'm not sure he should be fired but god thing he issued the apology. i just hope that he would take a step back and say these are my fellow americans. i should stop judging them based on their political ideology and i certainly shouldn't wish them harm, especially in this extreme catastrophic way simply because they think differently than i do when it comes to politics. ainsley: hopefully he lost his lesson: greg abbot, lawyelaura ingram and sebastian gorka can coming up. stay with us.
3:57 am
now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. never give up. see me. see me. clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts.
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♪ [brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event. [woman 1] huh. can't find my [woman 2] oh no... [woman 1] oh, it's fine. [woman 2] yeah, totally. it's fine. but it fine though? because, i would maybe be worried...really, really, really worried.
3:59 am you want me to go back and look for it? i will. i mean a lot of bad things could happen. you need to call the bank. i don't know how else to tell you, you need to shut that card off-- [woman 1] it's off. [woman 2] what? [woman 1] i can turn it on and off in my wells fargo app. [woman 2] huh! i feel better already. [woman 1] good. >> my thoughts and prayers for those affected by hurricane harvey. nothing can defeat the unbreakable spirit of people
4:00 am
of texas. and louisiana. >> a harrowing and heart wrenching situation unfolding in houston. >> flooding shutting down highways and byways. >> i have been in law enforcement 28 years. this is the worst i have ever seen. >> we are still breathing. but it humbled us. >> i love this town. i love these people. >> people stuck in their homes. got to look out for everybody. >> you see people pulling together and helping thy neighbor and that is pretty powerful to watch. >> everyone who comes to this shelter. we are not turning anybody away. >> we will not stop until we get as far as we can. >> we are going to come back. i know we are. >> we are one american family. we hurt together. we struggle together. and believe me we endure together. brian: here we go with a fox news alert.
4:01 am
you are looking right now at the storm beneath and see what is happening now. the situation about to get worse. one of the city's swollen reservoirs expected to spill over at any moment. we will have the first time this has happened in history. pete: people living nearby now in unchartered territory bracing for the worst as harvey makes a dramatic come back. ainsley: also breaking overnight, new evacuations ordered. crews now racing against time to rescue thousands of people that are still stranded in all the rising life threatening floodwaters before the monster storm makes a u-turn. brian: griff jenkins is live in houston with breaking details, griff, i understand they were draining this reservoir in order to keep the dam intact. now there is no other place for this reservoir to drain and, therefore, it's almost topping. correct? >> >> that's right. it's just a matter of time, brian, before the spill over of the adddicks reservoir
4:02 am
happens. it's a block or so this way. we are at the first subdivision between that spillover and highway i 10. these homes here are going to see the first impact. jeff flynn there with the harris county flood control telling me in the last hour it's less than half a foot. the swatter will combine to spill by day break. that, of course, is just a little while from now. you know, one of the things that he also told me was that the controlled release of water, they found out now is essentially failed. it didn't work. part of the going back in there it doesn't necessarily mean. wiped off the map. it certainly adds a tremendous problem. as you see the water i'm standing in, this neighborhood by the day's end could be up to 10 feet of water and rescues in the houses and cars, certainly under water in movement in
4:03 am
this area is becoming a problem. i have had a harris county sheriff's deputy stop here. i have had a harris county department of transportation guy stop. they are coming off the highway to me and asking we saw you on the news. what is the situation? can we get in there? would have had asked residents ask how bad it was. i don't advise it the addicks reservoir dam is right there and it's going to spill over. it's not going to be like a breaking levee, it's going to trickle. unchartered territory. it's going to become uncontrolled water and the city is going to have to deal with it. already dealt with three days of devastation. in fact, just in the last hour you guys talked to the representative from the red cross. here is what he had to say. >> you basically hurricane harvey has turned the southeast part of texas into
4:04 am
an inland lake. the area that we are operating in that's flooded is the size of lake michigan. and so that's what's happened. i mean, you essentially have a new -- you have a sixth great lake in the united states right now. it's the state of texas. >> here is what is going to happen. daylight is going to come up. it's already raining. anybody that stayed and hunkered down is going to wake up to a major flood threat and movement is absolutely paralyzed. guys. plain brian real quick. if these people have a choice, they should get out at this point. there was no mandatory evacuation. but, are they saying the mayor and governor saying it's okay to stay in your second floor house, reject the kayak or air boat that's coming to help you? >> i would guess that they are saying get out. but we will find out definitively because at 8:00 a.m. local, 9:00 a.m. local
4:05 am
time. harris county officials are going to have a press conference. i'm going to assume that their main point of having that is to advise the residents in the immediate subdivisions of this reservoir of what to do should you have remained. pete: 9:00 eastern 8 central. ainsley: residents along addicks and reservoir leave their homes. stay in houses unless advised to. don't let kids play in floodwaters. secure all your valuables. cajun army out with boats trying to rescue guys they thought needed to be rescued they turned guns on them firing shots trying to steal their boat. >> you know, looting is a real problem. i don't want to speak too much with it because i'm working with the security company now who did witness some of that but they are not ready to go public. looting i can confirm is happening in several places.
4:06 am
brian: seen the video. thanks, griff. appreciate it five minutes after the hour. pete: sun is coming up in 45 to 50 minutes there get a real picture, unfortunately of the gravity and devastation. as we have been told, moment by moment, this is only going to get worse. the floodwaters are only going to rise. that's what makes what janice dean does so important. the 12-year anniversary of katrina. janice, what do you know? janice: i covered katrina. it's very similar in that it's moment by moment and your heart goes out to these people who are just waiting and waiting until they can get out and assess the damage. you can see right here the satellite and radar imagery, we still have rain in the forecast and around the houston area saint charles and new orleans. a tornado warning just west of the new orleans area. so severe weather is a threat. and you know what? we're still in to a tropical storm situation. harvey is still a tropical storm. you were talking about these water ways. i just want to go over.
4:07 am
this is the river goes west fork east fork moves into houston and towards the houston area. we have never seen levels like this. unprecedented. there is the san jacinto river it will crest at 127 pete. the record is 126. it doesn't move from major flood stage until after labor day. there is the east fork. 77-foot crest later on today, tomorrow, and then it stays major flood stage. so this is going to be an ongoing catastrophe well after the rainfall guess. we are seeing unprecedented rain. dayton 39 inches. we haven't updated these yet. if we reach auto inches of rainfall that will be the most rain in any tropical system at any time in u.s. history. pete: we use hyperbole a lot but biggest is true. brian: katrina come to
4:08 am
houston. your area has been everwhelmed. got to get out go to houston. now houston has been hit louisiana says can i help? now we find out and the president confirmed yesterday louisiana is going to get hit as well. ainsley: some of the rain is heading over to louisiana. the southwest area of louisiana governor said dangerous situation. a long way to go and play out over the next several days. pete: president trump speaking out forcefully. extending prayers. he will be visiting the region today. leaving the white house at 8:30. here is what he said yesterday. >> my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by hurricane harvey. now it's looking more and more like the state of louisiana will be also affected. the people of texas and louisiana we are 100 percent with you. i will be visiting the impact zone tomorrow to make sure that you are receiving full support and cooperation from the federal government.
4:09 am
tragic times such as these bring out the best in america's character strength, charity and resilience are those characters. brian: president making that comment yesterday sitting with the president of finland. then he took questions about it. i think if you flip around and see the people going out of their way to try to find something to criticize the president on. but all you hear is inspirational talk and you see these inspirational stories. ainsley: look at this picture. it is a deputy with harris county in texas. holding that baby right there. the baby's name is page. paige. mom is asking for help to find her baby girl. police posted that picture of the baby paige. so then they are reunited and the mom is thanking the cops that are there to help. pete: you can imagine the feeling of that separation. and did you go to social media and hope that it works. ainsley: especially with all the floodwaters. the baby can't swim. pete: there this is robert. he had been 12 straight hours in search and rescue.
4:10 am
got back and whatever could do. it looks like that's charcoal on his left elbow just passed out asleep because he had given it all. brain bine other things, symbolic things that mean a lots. this veteran from rockport city. he actually saved a flag, she actually saved a flag and then was able to hand it to governor abbot. >> so this flag flew during the storm it? >> was during the storm. we had a lull in the storm and i ran out and secured it when no one came over, i ran over and got it. >> you are a good military member. but just like this flag is resilient, so are the people of rockport. >> we are. pete: they really are texas, you always know there is a hearty nature to texans. hearing from people there you say there isn't a single person not raids ago finger. if you are not saved you are saving. if you have a boat you are helping others.
4:11 am
it's the spirit that inspires a lot of us. brian: lieutenant general said so far he feels like there should be more national guard. pete: more helicopters. brian: 50 helicopters. he wants 100 helicopters. he said if i could -- i'm four hours away. i can be there in two hours. they have to get other people involved. this is a critical moment. pete: you made this point well. they are asking regular folks to bring your boat here if you can help. do you that on top of the entire texas national guard and sheriff and police officers. brian: and border patrol pulled off the border to help. pete: give you a sense how massive it is. only more difficult as the floodwaters continue to rise. we are thinking about it. ainsley: we are thinking of all of you out there. although most of the folks affected don't have tvs this morning. if you are giving to these charities thank you. jillian: other news we are following at this hour. beginning with a fox news alert. north korea says the u.s. is driving the korean peninsula
4:12 am
to, quote, explosion. joint military exercises between the u.s. and south korea justify tough counter measures. the warning comes after north korea sent a missile flying over japan. this alert sent to people's cell phones. it says quote missile launch, missile launch it seems that a missile has been fired from north korea. please evacuate to a rugged building or under ground. the missile landed in the specific ocean. japan's prime minister calling it an unprecedented show of force. also breaking evernight, the taliban claiming responsibility for a deadly attack near the u.s. panama city in afghanistan. new video that you are seeing right now showing the damage from the car bomb explosion outside a bag just 100 yards are in kabul it targeted soldiers and police withdrawing money. at least five peopl five people9 others injured. kicking president trump's
4:13 am
extreme investigating order into high gear. starting in october require were refugees interviews before granting status in the u.s. help screen for terrorists and other national security risks. as president trump prepares to head to the disaster zone in texas today, the bush family is also showing their support. in a statement, president george h.w. bush says he and wife barbara are praying for all of our fellow houstonians and texans. bush 43 says the devastation breaks our hearts. we are confident that these strong communities will recover and thrive. poet presidents also donating to help with recovery efforts. send it back to you guys. brian: thank you so much. 13 minutes after the hour. pete: that's right. we have heard of sanctuary cities. now we are hearing news of a sanctuary state. ainsley: and president trump heading to texas this morning. determined to make sure the mistakes of hurricane katrina are not repeated. our next guest advised
4:14 am
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4:17 am
it's a highly contagious disease that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated. brian: just a few hours, president trump heads to texas to go to corpus
4:18 am
christie and then to austin. bracing for more rain in the area. 12th anniversary of katrina. brad blakeman assistant to george w. bush joins us now. what's the advantage that president trump has that president bush didn't? he has a competent mayor and he has a really good governor. and the communications have been strong. right, brad? >> no doubt about it. in katrina president bush was hamper dollars in the federal response by having an incompetent governor of louisiana and a corrupt mayor. who thought they could handle it themselves. when they finally called in the federal cavalry it was later than president bush would have liked to have responded. here we have a very competent governor in texas who understood that he was way beyond what texas could handle themselves. so he immediately files for a disaster declaration. the trump administration turned that around in record time and the federal government was able to help sooner rather than later.
4:19 am
so i think the federal response, the local and state officials are much more attuned to help their constituents now than in katrina. brian: brad, the one thing, too. you see the presence of the president. he made a speech earlier at camp david. >> absolutely. brian: symbolism matters as well as the execution. going to two places that are not in the heart of the storm is that still okay? >> oh, it is. absolutely. the fact that he is going to austin the capital. he will be briefed there by state and local officials. he will be using a helicopter to go to affected areas. which lessens the motorcade that you would have to have on the ground. this is exactly the type of footprint the president needs to do to show that america is here for the texas people. brian: we're not out of the woods right now. i look at somebody like lieutenant general henri who says guys, i have done this before. you need at least 50 more helicopters. we're going to need more army and more national guard there. this is a crucial time. we pulled the border patrol
4:20 am
off. we have every texas guard member. but do you think the president, is he in such a bubble that he won't hear that? will he understand that he could respond directly to that or does he have to go president, governor, mayor in order to execute that? >> no. whe will hear from the people on the ground who will tell him the assets needed. president trump has given assurances state local officials they can have whatever they need. it's going to be delivered on time when he this need it. the general is quite correct there are more asettles that are being needed and they are going to be delivered. brian: wow, interesting. it's going to be a big kay the president takes off about 8:30 this morning in texas. assistant for 41 and 43. south korea firing back after the north fires a new missile at japan. fourth time forcing families in japan to take cover. how should america respond? by the way the president
4:21 am
spoke to the leader of japan for 45 minutes yesterday. dr. sebastian gorka who knows all about the president's decision-making. he will be talking to us live about north korea and his future next ♪ o ♪ rollin' and ridin' and slippin' and slidin' ♪ ♪ it's magic introducing the all new volkswagen tiguan. ♪ higher and higher, baby the new king of the concrete jungle. won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $782
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4:24 am
brian: a fox news alert. south korea firing back testing bombs after north korea blasts a ballistic missile over japan. forced people of tokyo to evacuate and take shelter under ground. pete: joining us now to react former deputy assistant to president trump dr. sebastian goreca. doctor, thanks for joining us this morning. it was fire and fewery, rex tillerson most recently thought maybe there had been measured responses from north korea. what do you make of this most recent test and what should america's reaction be? >> well, peter, this is perhaps the most provocative
4:25 am
missile launch north korea has executed. there have been three missile overflights of japanese territory. there was one in '98. there was 2009. this is the third. but the big difference here is that this is a military ballistic missile. they were for pay load delivery of satellites. this is again ratcheting up provocation in a way we just don't need on the peninsula. and the fact that china has already, through its foreign minister made a statement about unnecessary provocation tells you just how concerned even china is about this latest launch by north korea. ainsley: dr. gorka, isn't that the same path that missile would take in order to hit guam, in order to hit the u.s.? >> look, it only flew 1600 miles. the question is how far -- how good is their technology to reach out to guam? the point is clear. they have made statements. they have threatened guam. they have constantly threatened the united
4:26 am
states. this isn't just about intimidating japan. one of our key allies in the region. this is also about sending a message to the united states. britain brian we know that he had a 40-minute conversation with the president of japan. what are his options? i mean, why can't we with missile defense knock these out of the sky being we are in control of it. basically give to to south korea and give it to japan? >> yeah so, i'm not at liberty to talk about the discussions we had with south korea when i was inside the white house. but missile defense is a topic that, of course, came up with the government of south korea. but, there is many other options, brian as well. also in the more covert side of things. you have seen a lot of missile tests fail. most tests actually fail. sometimes there may be reasons beyond just incompetence north korea for those missile tests. pete: i mentioned it early on though the secretary of state very recently said he is pleased to see the regime
4:27 am
in pyongyang has exercised some level of restraint. those observing from the outside. it looks like a tit-for-tat that hasn't changed. we thought they were walking back, this is extremely provocative act now where tensions looked they were ratcheted down now they are coming back up. is there a transtake a more dramatic step. >> the president has said repeatedly he takes no options off the table. use of force off the table not only in afghanistan but in syria, means that these things are not out of the question. but we don't wish to escalate. north korea is the escalate tore side of this equation right now. we have all kinds of options. we are very close to prime minister abe on these issues. but, again, because of proximity. because of leverage, it is always going to return to the question of how does china react and the words that are coming out of beijing right now are very, very, very strong.
4:28 am
brian: dr. gorka as you know you made news last week by resigning from the white house. they have a different take on how you left i'm looking at you had gary connie who said something very critical of the president in a magazine story and then you have the secretary of state separate himself from the president when it came to his stance on charlesville. are you surprised they still have a job? >> look, brian, i don't like -- having been the brunt of them for seven months, i don't like to feed the palace intrigue stories. i will allow the words of gary cohen and rex tillerson to stand for themselves. the fact my resignation letter is out there in full now as of last night. you can read the reasons why i resigned. one of the reasons is that the maga platform, the make america great platform that brought us into the white house, there are a lot of people in that building who really don't agree with it and won't associate with it that's why i left so we can
4:29 am
support the president from the outside because that's why he was elected. and he is not going to give up. the question is are the people around him going to support him, at least the people on the outside like myself, steve bannon, we are going to support him to the fullest. pete: doctor, your resignation letter was very strongly written. you wrote this, you said regrettably outside of yourself, meaning the president, the those that represent the policies that make america great again have been internally countered systematic removed. this was made obvious as i read the speech on afghanistan where radical islamic terrorism wasn't used. you already mentioned steve bannon. other members of the national security council. how concerned are you this is a president who are surrounded by people who don't share his agenda? >> i am concerned. that's why i resigned. it was the greatest honor of my life to serve for the president inside the white house. but the president reached out to me after i resigned on saturday. he thanked me for my service. and he also said i am
4:30 am
sticking to the agenda he is sticking to his agenda. he wants me to help him on the outside especially in the media to support him. that's exactly what i'm going to do. the president is a fighter. he is not going to give up. sooner or later the right people are going to be around him. apes ains dr. gorka, what's going on with the infighting and leaking? do you know who is leaking? >> again, i don't like to give in to the palace intrigue stories. i think in many cases tactical leaks against people you don't like at the high level. the really damaging stuff, the 125 national security leaks in the first six months, as far as i'm concerned, those are coming from obama holdovers. we have a massive amount of holdovers who do not agree with this president and don't understand that as a government civil servant you serve the president not your own agenda. that's what i think is the source. brian: they should leave those desks empty rather than have bodies -- >> -- agreed. apes ains did you tell the
4:31 am
president, sorry to interrupt you. did you tell the president when you talked to him on saturday exactly what's going on, what you okayed that he might not be aware of? >> no. we talked about the future. we talked about -- the message i to the from the president was about the future he wanted me to support him. i returned that because i said i believe in the president. we are going to support him. brian: great. hopefully get some nominees. there is 366 positions with no nominees. that is just pure execution. let alone those being held up by democrats. ainsley: especially we are in a disaster. look at houston. we need people to be working with all of these federal agencies that help with that so hopefully those nominees will be appointed soon. brian: hope to see you in the lunchroom soon, dr. gorka. >> thanks, guys. ainsley: federal emergency teams are dealing with catastrophic flooding. that event there in houston we're live on the frowned with how fema is responding with the devastation. pete: left wing antifa members attacking peaceful conservative protesters. hear from one of the victims
4:32 am
asking how long will so-called moderate democrats let this go on? we will answer that question. ♪ ♪ this is a car protected from storms by an insurance company that knows the weather down to the square block. this is a diamond tracked on a blockchain - protected against fraud, theft and trafficking. this is a financial transaction secure from hacks and threats others can't see. this is a patient's medical history made secure - while still available to their doctor at their fingertips. this is an asteroid live-streamed to millions of viewers from 220 miles above earth. this is ai trained by experts in 20 industries. your industry. hello. this is not the cloud you know. this is the ibm cloud. built for your business. designed for your data. secure to the core.
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4:35 am
♪ brian: we're back with a fox news alert. fema already get this knee deep in what's expected to be a year's long recovery. not one but multiple years long recovery from hurricane harvey. pete: this is just the beginning. rescue operations now well underway across 50 counties in texas. ainsley: wow. matt finn is live at the emergency management headquarters in houston with the latest for us. matt, what is the latest? >> well, right now, the morning meeting is going on. the joining of forces between houston fire, houston police, state and federal law enforcement and officials, including fema. the meeting is expected to wrap up in just a few moments. afterwards we expect to talk with fema to learn more about their game plan for today, which is expected to
4:36 am
be obviously another exhausting very long day for emergency crews here. right now fema says it has 8500 members here and in louisiana and 1100 of those members are performing search and rescue operations around the state. we have witnessed that we saw it yesterday. as the community, one of many was engulfed by water, family with young children and dogs were rescued by boat. you know, we have had so many people come up to us and say who can we call? can you direct or you can point us in the right direction. so i want to very briefly put up the phone number that fema is providing that is 1-800-985-5990. if you have loved ones in this area that is the number to call. you can also text, talk with us, one word. to 66746. the rain continues to fall here saturating heavy walls of rain. our janice dean is reporting up to 50 inches. the wettest tropical storm in u.s. history here in
4:37 am
texas. we are going to follow fema today and hopefully team up with them. our griff jenkins is reporting the release of the addicks reservoir which auto could be devastating. we have looked at the map there are hundreds if not thousands of homes that could be affected by that reservoir released today. back to you in new york. brian: matt, looking at that number are you saying that the recommendation is at this point to not call 911, to call that number instead? >> you know, i would say maybe call 911 first. and 911 and local law enforcement are saying don't hang up. you might be on hold for a very long time. don't hang up and only use social media as a backup plan. however, you do what you feel is most important in this situation, but we have had a lot of people come up to us yesterday. we witness numerous families being rescued by boat. one child didn't have a jacket or shirt on. she was shivering. rapid rising waters. so many of those families
4:38 am
quote off the boat and came to us and said who can we call? we can't get ahold of the police they are i don't know. so we saw fema and we also saw the national guard come in and rescue some of those people. but, eventually, they are just kind of left in the street. i havas some people would be. their cell phones are wet. they don't know who to turn to. that's the number fema has provided to us. ainsley: how are they charging their cell phones? >> >> most people aren't. we had elderly couple yesterday rescued from the neighborhood. both of their phones were gone. they said we spent the entire day carrying boxes and furniture from our first floor to our second floor. we could hardly move our backs are so sore. we lost both of our cell phones in the water. many of the teams here your cell phones are going in and out. and stagging out in the rain hours on end. they can't handle the moisture and wetness. that elderly couple did not have family nearby. they had no means. they were sitting in their
4:39 am
neighbor's garage a lovely couple. what you can do? not that we in the media are heroes but neighbors help us. most people do not have cell phones. many are losing them to the rain. brian: we have land lines now. a the hough people got rid of land lines because they don't use them. they get really stuck if the phones do work you don't have one. thanks, matt, great job. pete: hanging sheets. any way of signaling people are using. helicopters not enough but helicopters can identify people and even go save them. how much higher were l. those interested in waters rise which depends on the rainfall. janice dean is track telling all in texas and louisiana. what have you got? janice: one more day of heavy rain in the forecast. north and east of houston i think has the potential for an additional 4 to 6, maybe 8 inches of rainfall. watching this very carefully. we are also talking about new orleans. janice: this storm is still a tropical storm with 45 mile-per-hour sustained winds. houston under a tropical storm warning.
4:40 am
not only the floodwaters, but now we have the wind as well as the center of circulation is south of the houston area. you can see moving in to new orleans, we could get very heavy rain, 1 to 4 inches of rain an hour in this area. watching the euro tropical model which has tracked this storm so well. it's going to linger off the coast of galveston wednesday into thursday. up towards lake charles and then finally thursday we will see some relief. but now, right now people are bracing for the potential of more rain especially north and east of houston. that's where they have gotten the epic storm fall. we could see additional 6 to 8 inches in this area. south and east of houston in galveston 12 to 16 inches. we are talking about houston. i know houston is devastated. we are also dealing with cities north, east, south of houston that are dealing with epic flooding as well. this is going to be a massive humanitarian relief effort as we go through the next months and even years. back to you.
4:41 am
pete: wow. brian: right. this is going to shifted to how people can get to services and place to live very shortly. first we have to wait for the rain to stop. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian who has more for us. jillian: that's right. we are following a couple news stories to get you caught up on. antifa members attack peaceful demonstrators. prayer valley in california punched pepper sprayed. now is he calling out politicians. >> i'm just wondering moderate left, how long are you going to stay silent on antifa. okay in the politicians, the mayor of berkeley, the mayor in san francisco, nancy pelosi, you know, feinstein, all of you. how long are you going to stay silent in antifa. in their silence it's almost like they are using antifa to their benefit to attack free speech. jillian: at least five people were attacked. governor of illinois
4:42 am
sanctuary state. new law bars searching anyone solely on immigration status. local authorities can communicate with ice and hold someone for the feds if there is a valid criminal warrant. gone with the wind is now gone from a tennessee movie theater for being too insensitive. brian: what? >> rhett, where shall i go? what shall i do? >> frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn. jillian: features life on a southern plantation during the civil war. the theater dropping classic from summer movie series following several complaints. it had been playing there for 34 years. by the way we want to know what you think about this send your thoughts to brian: i can't believe they blew the ending. it's outrageous.
4:43 am
this is a period piece, a movie. a classic. jillian: 1939. brian: they just colorized it. pete: erase history. brian: 54% of the people say leave history in piece. ainsley: that line was the first time a cussword has been used on camera on film. brian: haven't been used since. straight ahead, back to real life. a dam in houston dangerously close to stil spill over. putting thousands of families in uncontrollable waves of water, that could include downtown houston. we're live on the ground next. with advil, you'll ask what twisted ankle? what muscle strain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger
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4:46 am
brian: a fox news alert now.
4:47 am
this hour you have a dam in houston dangerously close to spillover. pete: the crisis situation could cause uncontrolled releases, which is spilling over the top at any time. ainsley: griff jenkins joins us live in houston near the addicks dam where everyone has been tolded they need to get out of their houses. >> it's not dangerously close, guys, it's eminent if not already coming over the top of that addicks reservoir dam. we were here yesterday when the u.s. geological survey folks came out to take measurements in fear of what is about to happen. take a look. >> we're at addicks reservoir one of two reservoirs doing the controlled release waters sure to further flood houston during this epic flood event. they are taking measurements and we will follow them as they do their work in this critical situation. >> we're going to use a doppler radar device to measure the velocity and area of cross section of the water. and we will use that compute a discharge in cubic feet
4:48 am
per second. cubic foot about the size of a basketball. so, if you say 100 cubic feet is flowing through at any one time. think of 100 basketballs flying by you at a second in that channel. >> all right. put her in. as the boat floats, tom follows with a laptop taking that doppler reading. if too little is released, the worst case scenario because the water level flows over the reservoir and major flooding happens. if too much
4:49 am
>> houston official jeff leonard telling me it would be spilling over by day break and we see the light coming out. we will stay here and monitor. it's going to be a tribune kel. one thing that's not known, guys, this guy telling me in the package what this amount of water pressure on that levee wall is going to mean. this sun chartered territory. the folks in this still to my left have got to figure out a plan, we have seen a lot of officials from national guard to law enforcement going in this area. it's going to be interesting to see what happens. brian: griff, just orientate me for a second, sorry if i'm wrong here, with the fence i'm seeing out of the water, is that where you were walking yesterday? >> that's correct. if you look behind me, that green mound or whatever, that's the back drop that you saw. now, we can't, brian, get closer. we are on the south side of
4:50 am
this reservoir, the north side is -- doesn't have roads. we can't get to it unless you are inside the compound. that is where we are log at addicks reservoir the levee. the water is going to be coming over the top of that if you think of it as a bathtub. the water in that reservoir usually sits at -- they measure it as 20,000-acre foot. the bottom of the bathtub. at 140,000-acre foot would be spillover. and they have reached that point. it's just now a matter of time waiting to see what this spillover is going to do. it may take several hours and it's not going to be like a rushing movie style flood into downtown, but it is certainly going to create an unbelievable -- i'm not sure if you can see with the light coming up now, these homes already set in a couple of feet of water. they will, certain live we see a car down there, it's almost halfway up. but these homes are certainly going to be under
4:51 am
water. brian bine we will check with you again. thanks so much. pete: we prevent it. ainsley: plus we have churches around the disaster zone are proving why faith is so vital in times like this. pastor on the front lines pulling communities together. usaa to me means peace of mind. we had a power outage for five days total. we lost a lot of food. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. it's a highly contagious disease
4:52 am
that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated.
4:53 am
4:54 am
♪ ainsley: this is a fox news alert. the aftermath of hurricane harvey still soaking texas with more rain fall pouring down overnight. as the floodwaters continue to rise, we have seen the best of the american spirit. local churches are working delivering prayers and helping those that are in need. one of those church leaders is preston wood baptist church pastor jack graham who pastors a church in plano, texas, and he joins us live now, hey, pastor graham, thanks so much for being with us. >> good morning. my pleasure.
4:55 am
ainsley: tell us what you are doing in the rescue effort. >> well, the opportunity we have right now is an unprecedented opportunity. when christ comes, this is when the church can be at its best. churches hike ours, really churches all across texas. texas has a lot of churches, and when we see people banding together because the church is not just a big institution. the church is not building with you people making a difference in other people's lives and being a neighbor and so the churches in houston are working with churches. we are in the dallas area. so we are helping. we are pulling together. we are praying. we are praying for help. we are praying for strength for those serving, those rescuing. we are serving, we are giving. there are some things we can do now and in the aftermath of this great flood. and once the flood is over, once the crisis is done, then the rebuilding comes. that's where the church can be strong and stay strong and help people rebuild their lives and bring a message of hope. people are broken by. this and so much loss and so
4:56 am
much devastating. we have a message of the love of christ and that god cares. and that's the difference we can make. once the time of disaster is done, then we need to be there to help people. and the church will be there long after the flood is gone. ainsley: the church can do so much more in addition to what the federal government is doing because you can teach the love of christ. do you have any stories anyone who has come to know the all right or has come to the church because of your help? >> yeah. our people at our church and, you don't have to be a big church to help. you can be a small church. you can be just an individual. there are so many great individual ministries that are going on and business people. we have a businessman in our church, for example, that has a logistics building. he is offering 186 of his semi-trucks to take down supplies and people are going and training. we are seeing people step up to the challenge. and as a pastor, that's what's so encouraging when you see the people in your
4:57 am
church. ainsley: we thank you so much, pastor graham. thank you, god bless you. we have a huge final hour still ahead. laura ingraham and texas governor greg abbot will join us. when you have allergies,
4:58 am
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take... ...and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. >> nothing can defeat the unbreakable spirit of people of texas and louisiana. >> hurricane harvey has turned the southeast part of texas into an inland lake. you have the sixth greatest lake of the united states right now the state of texas >> and i will be visiting to ensure you're receiving full support and cooperation >> this is exactly the type of footprint the president needs to do to show america is it here for the texas people >> i've been in law enforcement 28 years, and this is the worst i've ever seen >> we're still breathing. but it humbled us. i love this town. i love these people. excuse me >> we will not stop until we get as far as we can. >> we're going to come back.
5:01 am
i know we are >> we're one american family. we hurt together, we struggle together. and believe me, we interviewer together. to the people of texas and louisiana, we are 100% with you. we're praying for you, we're working closely with your leaders and officials, and i will be visiting the impact zone. ainsley: straight to that fox news alert, a live look at houston where floodwaters are continuing to rise and the situation there is about to get a lot worse. brian: you know, one of these will spill over at any moment, virtually confirmed. this will be the first time in history that happened. people living by bracing for harvey's dramatic come back. all that new evacuation borders overnight is now a race against time thousands still stranded. ainsley: sheriffs deputies confirmed. a family of six trying to
5:02 am
escape in a van. the van was overtaken by water. they did not make it out alive. bringing the death toll from the storm to 14. there were children in that van. brian: yeah, it was the great uncle who was driving. meanwhile, griff jenkins live with details. griff, we talked to you 12 minutes ago and now what do we have? >> tragic news, brian. that family of six, lives lost hero. bringing that total to 14. you know, they drove in a van across a bridge into standing water. and this is what i've talked about for the last two and a half days. the dangers. the statistics show that a majority of the deaths occurs when people drive into water, and they get submerged. just hearing in this subdivision right in front of the reservoir, look at that car that is halfway submerged,
5:03 am
you know? you just don't know whether you're getting into two feet or you're getting into 12 feet. and when you drive into submerged situation, people become trapped in there and very difficult for officials to get to you and rescue you. the coast guard saying that they had -- they couldn't search for the bodies because they need the waters to lower. it's a problem that happens. a mixture of waters.
5:04 am
brian: and fox news contributor. laura, i know right now you are looking at this situation, and you know how much is on the line for this people and the president. you brought up last night a great point. where's the staff? where's homeland security? where are the nominations? why are they being held up?
5:05 am
and why are so many physicians don't have nominees for them yet? >> yeah. we only have had a fema director since june. now, truth be told, the trump administration didn't nominate brock until april. so that wasn't a bad turn around, but i think we can all look at these horrific pictures, and we can conclude that federal government does need staff. we see it acutely need of staff in a situation like this. this isn't the only crisis we're facing. this is massive humanitarian. we're also facing a huge crisis with north korea. we're facing a crisis of confidence across the country where people wonder even with president trump in, he said he was going to drain the swamp, can we have a government that works for the people and not just have a people enslaved to give the? brian: right. you have 117 that need confirmation. 106 have been confirmed.
5:06 am
but 366 positions with no nominee. >> yeah. i mean, this is a question that has to be posed to the administration. i know they have a lot on their hands, but we have to have people in place. if there's a plan to not staff and cause the ultimate shrinkage of government, then let's hear about that as well. but at homeland security, at fema, at the u.s. trade representative office where they're doing that huge renegotiation of nafta. you know bob does not have a permanent deputy in place. he does not have a team of people right underneath him who are permanent for this administration. that's a massive undertaking and, you know, they're doing it with a much smaller staff, and it's really -- it's not ideal. >> it makes it tough to do your job. what we're showing on your screen are live rescue efforts. we know the president will be leaving the white house to survey a lot of these situations himself. what do you make so far about
5:07 am
how this administration has responded? >> look, i think there was no real ability to plan for something this massive. i happen to be in corpus christi on wednesday night, and they were going about the planning of -- for the storm in a very methodical way in corpus christi, but they didn't know it was going to be this big. they thought it could be a bad storm, but not this big. and my friends in houston never thought they were going to have to evacuate. and then they evacuated on saturday to another location that itself is now being flooded. so with all the plans, the best of the plans out there, you really can't -- you can't credit syce anyone for this, and i think for the response here, look at what the volunteers are doing. look at what the individual citizens are doing. it reminds me of what john steinbeck wrote about texas. he said despite all of texas, all the geographical differences and the gulf versus the pan panel, a lot of
5:08 am
different people end up settling in texas. but there's a cohesiveness and an identity and a spirit that is uniquely texan. i notice -- and you guys have been there a lot. there is something about texas where people pull together in a very unique and inspiring way. i do think you're seeing that. >> i think it's because they take responsibility for their lives. and it's not perfect. it's hard to say about a state that size. but it seems to be the mind-set. ainsley: you know what i also thought about, the people -- i lived in texas during the katrina, when katrina happened. there were so many people from louisiana displaced, so they rebuilt their lives in texas. i wonder how many of those are living to it again that were trying to escape katrina. >> that's a great point, ainsley. a lot of them permanently resettled in texas. and maybe there's something we can start. adopt a family. i guess i can adopt a family and bring them to my house. i'm happy to do that. there are lots of things across this country where they
5:09 am
want to open their homes and hearts to people, and maybe we all need to do that as americans. if we have 30,000 people displaced with no place to go and maybe no family to go to, i think we all have an ability to step up. the government's never going to be loving arms or they're not going to -- they don't give the love people need at a time like this. people need love and prayers. brian: you can't live in a gym for a month. >> no. these people need homes. so that's something we can do in that regard. >> talking about conflict, i want to get your take on it. the peaceful conservative protest that happened in california over the weekend or a couple of days ago, and you had black clad members attacking these free speech effort. what -- have we finally exposed the violent left for who they are? will the media acknowledge that there are really two sides to this. >> there were few little stories. washington post had a story on page 553 yesterday. but even when they wrote about
5:10 am
it, they had to say, well, the right wing protesters were there. these patriot prayer groups, as far as i can tell, is not -- i don't believe it's a white supremacist group. i don't think so. i don't know who else was there. but they were not the ones causing the trouble. and imagine if the roles were reversed here, and it was any type of conservative group that was taking bats and pepper spray to peaceful liberal left wing protesters? imagine that story. it wouldn't have been on page 553 of the washington post. no way. brian: i'll tell you who the two groups are. the patriots group and a trump transgender group that had an event canceled. when they heard the antifa people were showing up. they showed up to denounce racism. they're not races. ainsley: and rally against hate. >> and they were peaceful, and they kept urging people as they kept walking even in the periphery of this. we're here in prayer. we're here in peace.
5:11 am
please don't raise your hands to us. and then you go youtube, you can watch all of these videos. it is scary. and we should also urge everyone to consider pressing this idea of declaring antifa a terrorist organization. >> will the democrats do that? >> they're volunteering all of this condemnation joyfully against president trump post charlottesville. they piled on him as fast as possible after charlottesville. okay. they can make whatever comment they want about that. that's their prerogative. but this is on video tape. this group is actively trying to intimidate, suppress free speech, and violent attack people with whom they disagree. there's a possible rico action that could be filed here. racketeering corruption organization statute that we could pursue here. there are lots of different ways to act against this desperate group called
5:12 am
antifa. it's a bunch of left wing activists. but there is a way to pursue this, and i hope this administration is looking at this very carefully because people could die here. we have a horrible situation in charlottesville with ms. ms. how willer losing her life after the kkk and so forth, but we could have the same thing happen again. and apparently other than a few news outlets, no one's taking this all that seriously. ainsley: such a double standard. brian: i just asked the democrats will they disavow this group? >> nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, barack obama, how about the bushes? have the bushes commented about antifa? brian: 1948 dedicating a confederate statue. >> yeah. unfortunate. ainsley: thank you, laura. >> all right. guys, good to
5:13 am
see you. >> now to a fox news alert. dramatic pictures unfolding all across texas. these are unfolding before our eyes. the sun has risen, we're going to take you inside on the ground next. ainsley: and the texas governor greg leading this day through an unprecedented crisis. the governor is going to join us live with an update. that straight ahead ♪
5:14 am
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ainsley: a fox news alert. rescues from the rising water in texas continuing right now. live pictures coming out of houston. brian: regular people, texas citizens, perhaps, with boats answering to call to help their fellow texans trapped in their homes. >> fox and friends first cohost rob schmidt is in texas, and he got to see many of those rescues firsthand yesterday and more on going today. good morning, rob. >> yeah. they're going out today, guys. this now under a mandatory evacuation that was just ordered overnight, and you can clearly see why. this is a lovely neighborhood here about 20 minutes southwest of houston, and it's just absolutely inundated with water. this sits in a bowel. and you can see the problem with that is in a storm like this when you have feet of rain. look behind me. you can see the street sign
5:18 am
here and then if we swoop over this way, you can see let's go back there. you see that car way out there? that shows you the depth of this water. this entire neighborhood is flooded out. >> the situation is just incredible to see this happening. and then you look around you, and you think all of these puppets and all of these individuals, the majority of them are just regular people. >> what's the feedback? >> a lot of water, a lot of families that don't want to come out, but they're going to have to come out. >> they do not want to come out? >> they don't want to come out. the power there is what's going to take them out. when they lose the power, they're going to want to leave. never thought this place would flood like this. >> we probably had 150. >> you pulled 150 people people out of these neighborhoods? >> yeah. ♪ ♪ >> we came from rockport, him
5:19 am
and i decided we loaded up on fuel and brought our airboats to help. we're from ground zero. we can save -- you know, get these people out of their houses for the next couple of days, anyway. it's a bad feeling sitting at home with one of these when you can do this. >> well, you can clearly see the situation in this neighborhood. i've never seen so much water in one place. this is a family trying to get out of here, they say they have a pregnant lady here as well. everybody trying to get out. >> how long were you guys waiting to get out? >> we waited four days. >> four days? >> well, my wife, we did come out. >> she started to contract? >> yes. >> you're going to go to the hospital? >> well, we're about to right now. >> and so many great people really stepping in. so many great people stepping in to help and doing the right thing, and we would love to see that here and obviously a neighborhood that really needed it. and the nearby river is
5:20 am
already really high. i mean, it looks like the nile. and if it's going to keep going, and it sounds like it will, we're going to have more scenes and situations like this in other parts in the west side of texas or houston, i should say. it's just a complete mess. and, again, i cannot reempathize don't play with this floodwater. i am in a river. it's unbelievable. >> you're standing in the middle of the street. >> and that's a street right in front of someone's house. >> it gets way worse than this. i can't go as far of this. it gets deeper and deeper and deeper to the point i don't know. i would be up to my chest. it's incredible, guys. it's just so much water. brian: and it's heading some direction. i mean, it does look like a river. thank you so much. appreciate it, rob. all right. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. seeing all of these rescues unfold, and we're showing you live. texas governor greg abbott joins us ahead with what we still need for the storm to subside. coney island has been around for a long, long time. reminds me of how geico has been saving people money
5:21 am
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call today. comcast business. built for business. . >> good tuesday morning back with a fox news alert. all options are on the table. president trump responding with strong words in the wake of north korea's missile launch over japan saying quote the world has received their message loud and clear. earlier, former deputy assistant to president trump dr. sebastion gorka said the launch was meant to intimidate. >> the point is clear. they've made statements. they've threatened guam. they constantly threaten the united states. this isn't just about intimidating japan, one of our key allies in the region, this is also about sending a message to the united states. >> north korea's un ambassador now calling the actions justified in response to joint military exercises between the u.s. and south korea. also breaking overnight, the
5:25 am
taliban claim in responsibility for a deadly attack near the u.s. embassy and afghanistan. a car bomb exploding outside of bank turning it into a pile of twisted metal and rubble. all of this just 500 yards from the compound in cobble. the taliban says it targeted soldiers and police withdrawing money. at least five people are dead. nine others are injured. no american troops were hurt. ainsley. ainsley: all right. thank you. we have a fox news alert. thousands of rescues. you're looking at live rescues right now from the rising water in the aftermath of hurricane harvey. that happening at this very moment. it looks like that's a child that the man is holding. he's holding a child, there's a lady behind him. this is incredible. a family and their dog being pulled out of their house, we're being told. brian: wow. and we're going to continue to share the live rescues while we talk to this special guest. as firefighters continue to work overtime to make sure people are safe, many of them have lost their own homes in the process.
5:26 am
ainsley: marty joins us now. thank you so much, marty. i know you all are working so hard. tell us what y'all are doing. >> thank you, ainsley, thank you, brian. listen, the houston firefighters are working around the clock in coordination with all of the assistance we have gotten from the state and the federal level and the firefighters from across the nation, and i tell you. they are doing just tremendous work, and we have said it and will continue to see it. the houston firefighters will not stop. we will continue to be there. we will continue to do everything we can to be there for the citizens of houston, for our neighbors, for our friends, and they're truly doing amazing work. amazing job. brian: it just reminds me after 9/11, there were so many firefighters from out of town. and after sandy, i saw so many people, firefighters from out of town. are you getting that? and when they do come, is there a coordination point? >> yes. so the state level has been
5:27 am
activated and the federal level. we have task force teams from all across the nation, so we have the texas task force, we have the california task force, the utah, and i believe a couple others. i got a call from the president of the uniform firefighters of new york fdny, and they were sending a contingent of 40 rescuers and 40 police officers, so we're seeing tremendous response from all of the firefighters, rescuers, first responders, police officers, everybody is doing everything they can to take care of the citizens of houston surrounding area, and we will continue to do it. if we have a saying here in houston come hell or high water, the firefighters will continue to serve, and we will continue to do that until this is long over and long into the future when this issue and the citizens of houston have to rebuild. we will rebuild, we will be here, and we will continue to serve, and we will continue to get out there and do what we can with the resources we have
5:28 am
in order to rescue the citizens. ainsley: when you look at these live pictures, you realize we are on dry ground here in new york. we're reporting this news. but our neighbors in texas, i mean, fellow americans. this is what they're going through right now. you're down there helping them rescue. i know the president's on his way. he's at joint base andrews right now getting ready to board a plan to head to texas, corpus christi, and austin. compare this -- i know you rescue people all the time. this is what you do for a living. how does this compare to rescuing people from fires? have you seen anything like this before? >> well, you know, the houston texans experience some devastating flooding over the years, and i'll tell you. the reality of this and the magnitude of this flooding event and this catastrophic flooding event is something that i have in the likes i've never seen. it is affecting all parts of houston, all surrounding areas. it is not just isolated to one area. and the commands that are being mobilized in the
5:29 am
different areas, you know, it is taking everything that we have and the resources and the help and the assistance from the governor, frat state of texas, and obviously from the federal government from the president. brian: marty, what's so amazing is i'm sure a lot of the firefighters have their own homes destroyed. their own families have to run, might be hanging out in the gym or the convention center, yet they have to say, hey, be right back. i have to save another 1,000 people. how do you triage that? >> well, i will tell you this. so what my efforts have focused now is that we have received numerous reports from our own firefighters. we have over 4,000 firefighters in houston, and i have received over 35 responses thus far. i expect that number to go up of our own first responders' homes being devastated from these catastrophic flooding events, and i will tell you, any houston firefighters will tell you, you know, they put the citizens before themselves and their families, and i could not be more proud to
5:30 am
represent the men and women of the houston fire department. and i'll tell you, it's pretty humbling. ainsley: marty, we're watching -- there's the president about to leave on air force one on the right-hand side of our screen. on the left-hand side, we're looking at live pictures of houston him actually rescuing families. we saw this one interview, and i don't know if you have a monitor in front of you. there was a woman holding what appeared to be her child and a few men on the boat, and they were carrying all their belongings that they were able to take with them in a white garbage bag. and the water was almost going over the edge of the boat because of the weight of the family. and then they're putting them on it looks like in the back of a large truck. where are they taking these people? do they take them to -- >> you know, there are a number of different drop points, and i don't have a monitor. i apologize. but i will tell you this. you know, when i said that the rescues are happening all across houston, houston is very expansive. we're not like chicago, new york.
5:31 am
it's 600 square miles and, you know, from end to end. you're seeing devastation throughout. so there are different locations, and i think that the office of emergency management put out a list of locations. but they're creating drop locations for people to have a shelter for their immediate needs, and i know that they're working on a long-term plan right now. but just to see the devastation from neighbors and friends, it is extremely difficult to watch. brian: marty, real quick. what percentage have electricity? because i did see streetlights on. >> you know, i don't know that number, but i know this is affecting all areas of houston. i think last reported was 80,000 or 60,000. i don't have the exact number. but, you know, what we were going through and getting people off of and bringing them to the drop locations, we did see some of the houses still did have power, which was a little ironic. brian: marty, thank you so
5:32 am
much. tell your men and women we truly appreciate it, and we would like to stay in touch with you because the hard part is still straight ahead. marty, thank you so much. ainsley: thank you so much. we're waiting for the president to get on air force one and head to houston to one and head to houston to help the folks that are on thee. left-hand side of your allergy relief and we have senator abbott next y inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪
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a farmer's what's in this kiester. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. brian: 24 minutes before the top of the hour, you're seeing rescue workers now trying to get people out of their cars and trying to load people into the trucks from their homes. on the right-hand side is the president. ainsley: the president is boarding air force one. he's going to be heading to corpus christi, and he just tweeted this morning, and we have that tweet for you. he says. >> he says leaving -- it's a four worder. leaving now for texas. always scheduled for him to be scheduled around 8:30. it appears he's on schedule there. and he will be with texas
5:36 am
governor greg abbott. i'm sure you're anticipating the president's rival. but give us a sense on the ground of where we're headed. >> well, the conditions on the ground in houston are horrifically challenging. you've shown the flooding and the rescues that are going on, and i've got to tell you. i am so incredibly proud of the first responders, of our fellow citizens. this is a demonstration of what texas is all about. these are texans helping texans. there's no place like texas. another place where i was yesterday and where i will meet the president today is where the hurricane came across land. and tour the area, and it is just total devastation about how certain of these towns on the coast were wiped out. and it's going to take a long time to rebuild. that's the kind of thing that the president will see when he's down in corpus christi area today. brian: right and then he's going to go visit you in the capitol in austin, which is about two hours way, we
5:37 am
understand. and then he wants to come back on saturday. governor, i have to ask you. we've been tossing to a couple of our reporters that talk about dams being topped. could today be the most challenging day? >> well, listen, every day for the past few have been very, very challenging. we are deeply concerned about those dams. they've been constantly monitored, and we're continuing to work with them. releasing water so we can make sure that the dams were not breached. but this is going to be a minute by minute process with regard to these dams. but, listen, the whole county is inundated right now, so our top goal remains one thing, and that is making sure that we do everything we can to rescue and save every life. brian: so we have lieutenant general who played such a big role in louisiana and katrina. he's been constantly monitoring your situation, he's a native texan. here's what he says he feels is lacking. we want to get your response. >> sure. >> we don't nearly have enough
5:38 am
troops there now or on the way to be able to deal with this, and there should be -- it makes sense of 100 helicopters operating there now, and i think there's still around 50. brian: he wants more troops, and he wants more helicopters. is he right? >> well, right now, we have unleashed 100% of our national guard. that's 12,000 of our national guard, in addition to that we have about 2,000 texas department of public safety officers. and then on top of that, there are national guard that have been deployed from other states. you count the other states national guard deployment, we're probably up to around 15,000. and when you consider about people getting in to the flood area, it's very difficult for them to even get in. what he's talking about, if you would, go back to katrina, which is what he was talking about, he was talking in large part about the aftermath as the water was receding, as the
5:39 am
people were in evacuation centers, when that time period comes, we will be able to have even more people in, and we will be up to the levels that he's talking about. and that is the time when we need to have the troops in to ensure law and order. one last thing, and that is the president, i've been in daily contact with the president in the white house, and they are ensuring that we will have all the manpower that is needed. and so that is the difference between this and katrina. we have the full force of the federal government on the ground already. and believe me, there will be no question about whether or not we have adequate manpower. ainsley: governor, the federal government, i know the president said the federal government is going to cover 75% of the costs for certain emergency protective measures. what does it mean for families that don't have insurance? i don't know if that's a requirement in order to get a mortgage when you live in texas. but if they don't have insurance, then how are they going to rebuild? does the state give them money? >> well, through the fema process, and the fema
5:40 am
administrator has been in texas with me yesterday, brock long, and he has here constantly working with us, and they have special programs. part of it is fema reimbursement. but there's so many other federal programs that can be tapped to help our citizens. bottom line is we will be working with our citizens to make sure we are able to rebuild and get them in a new home or new living quarters. but that's the next step of the process. the first step is you are still showing on tv right now is rescue missions. we need to save lives right now. >> that's what i was going to ask, governor. we are looking at local tv ktrk. how long do you anticipate the rescue phase to go on? are we talking a day, two days, what's your anticipation? >> it's going to be several days because here's the deal. the rain may end in the next 24 hours as some people predict. but, listen, the flooding is going to continue because there's high water that will continue to rise as it heads towards the gulf. also, as you see, this storm
5:41 am
is moving eastward and so for a state, we have in addition to harris county and houston, we have to worry about beaumont area and the eastern part of the state, and we continue search-and-rescue missions to the border of louisiana. brian: governor, i know you have a million things to do, but one thing we have learned is important for the federal officials to talk to the governor, to talk to the mayor. how would you characterize your relationship with the democratic mayor of houston? >> i've had the ability to speak with him. he's working very effectively both with the county and the state. and this is a quintessential example of collaboration from the local, state, and federal level. and that's one reason why you've been able to handle this maybe an all time catastrophic disaster so well. brian: do you support his decision not to have a mandatory evacuation? >> listen, you've got to understand there's no way that
5:42 am
can be second-guessed because you don't know what would happen had an evacuation occurred. all we do know is that we need all hands on deck helping to respond to save lives in houston, texas right now. >> governor, we have reports right now that one of the dams, is spilling over. do you have any more fears that the worst could be head on that? brian: and downtown could be targeted. >> right. we obviously do have great concerns about that. assets and resources have been around that area overnight to make sure that we're going to be able to deal with it as effectively as possible. but obviously this is a very deep concern. ainsley: thank you, governor. thank you for all you're doing for the great people of your state. all right. we have a fox news alert. at least one reservoir as you were saying, pete, is now overflowing there in houston. we're going to be live there in just a moment to show you what we're talking about. pete: plus, storm chasers go directly in the danger in the name of science.
5:43 am
extreme meteorologists reed timer was right in the path of the storm, and he joins us live next parodontax, the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪
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5:46 am
brian: the president is running on time, and it looks like marine one departed the white house south lawn and now air force one will depart en route to corpus christi international airport and meet some of the people that have escaped the flooding. then he is going to leave about 12:25 eastern time and go from there over to austin to see the latest on hurricane harvey. and then he's supposed to go back on saturday. he doesn't want to get in the way. he's kind of on the periphery. pete: well, that's a big point he has emphasized from the beginning. i want to go see it, but i don't want to become a distraction for the rescue epicenter at this time. part of those efforts are because the floodwaters continue to rise. and our own griff jenkins is outside the attics dam, which
5:47 am
is one of the two reservoirs in houston, which we have been hear now has been started to spill over. >> that's right. guys, according to the sensors up on the attics reservoir, it has begun to spill over, and that is going to be a devastating problem for the homes and subdivisions surrounding this situation. we just saw a convoy of several police cars escorting half a dozen or more buses full of people. now, we don't know for sure if that was an evacuation, but it wouldn't surprise me that when we have this press conference here in not too long that we'll learn that they were evacuating people out of here because of the very situation. you can see the attics reservoir behind me. you don't see water running because that's because it's not going to come in that form. it's going to begin to trickle. the problem with these situations is that once you have any body of water start to spill over, and you have a water that's uncontrolled, uncontrollable flow. remember, yesterday the army
5:48 am
core of engineers trying to release a controlled flow out of a waterway, which is literally the water you're seeing right in front of me. this waterway taking the water out into the buffalo bayou around the southwest part of the city and out into the houston ship channel. that didn't work. too much water was even pushing back. now the sensors on that dam saying it has begun to spill over. and what will happen is uncharted territory as jeff of the harris county flood control told me because they have never had this. this is the first time that it has ever happened. i'm just going to take you one more time. these homes that are already under water now can expect to essentially be -- i'm sorry having a little bit of water up on it, can expect to be under water at some point in the very near future because you not only have water spilling over the top, but you've still got water that has to come out of the channel here because that's sort of the normal operations they started yesterday, guys, it's going to be a lot more to this
5:49 am
story. brian: there is. and we'll see where this goes because downtown houston really could be in harms way. griff, thank you very much. pete: stay safe. yeah, and houston is incredibly expansive if you've been there. it's not like a regular downtown. it's sprawling. so the fact that the city limits are as flooded as they are, it gives you reflection. one of the previous guests from the red cross said it's like a sixth great lake. ainsley: there's also going to be a press conference this morning 9:00 our time, 8:00 central time, which is just about 11 minutes away. pete: we'll be tracking it on this channel. ainsley: storm chasers go directly into the danger for the name of science. extreme meteorologist reed timer was in the path of the height of the storm, and he joins us live next when itrust the brandtburn, doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists
5:50 am
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ainsley: you are looking live right now at marine one. that's the helicopter that takes the president to joint base andrews where he will get on air force one and head to texas. brian: yeah, first off will be corpus christi where he's going to sit there and see the recovery efforts, and then he's going to go over to austin a little bit later this afternoon and spend some time there. he wants to see -- let everybody know he's not only disowned in, but hands on. pete: that's right. he's the commander-in-chief. but in this instance, he becomes the coordinator in chief. you have police, fire, national guard, even citizens taking out their own boats. you want to know there's a quarterback at the helm and the commander-in-chief is heading down there today. trying, as we said before, not to be a distraction. sometimes in the military if you're on the ground, you can get a true sense and scope of what's necessary, and that's better than any briefing. brian: but keep in mind too, he cannot just focus on this
5:54 am
catastrophe. he has the north korea situation that needed to be addressed yesterday, and he did it with the japanese leader. and then tomorrow, he's scheduled to be in missouri to talk about part of tax reform, which is vital to our economy, which, you know, will roar or sore without it. >> and possible shut down over building the wall and budget. so washington, d.c. across the country and around the world, the president has a lot on his plate. ainsley: it's funny you should mention that, brian because on the way to texas, he will be speaking. i was reading the schedule earlier. he's going to be speaking with some of the leaders that are affected by the north korea. pete: prime minister of singapore. ainsley: yeah. pete: absolutely. we're going to cover every angle of the storm and the new one is storm chasers that go inside hurricane harvey all caught on camera. brian: terrifying moments from inside that. let's take a look.
5:55 am
ainsley: well, luckily, he made it out just fine. joining us now with an inside look from the eye of the storm is accuweather extreme meteorologist reed timer. you do this for a living. you storm chase. how did you feel in the middle of all of that? >> well, it's very hard to put into words but especially in that category four and then stalled over in that eye wall for a few hours and then tornado ripping around the eye wall and the rinds would ramp up and felt like they were gusting over 140 miles per hour, you could see trees getting ripped out of the ground, power flashes in the distance, and then a whole wall of our hotel came down on one side. it had winds coming through the hotel. and then the calm of the eye finally came. everything was completely calm. you could see stars, you could see lightning around the eye wall, but you could also get a glimpse of the devastation. you just knew that people were suffering out there and that tragedy was happening, and it
5:56 am
was a very helpless feeling because there was nothing you could do, and then that back eye wall came again, and it continued. and now we're here in houston and the next phase of this event and now it's the devastating flooding out here and just an absolute -- you can't really put into words what it's like to chase a one-in 500-year storm. brian: right and that's what we're looking at, the president walking to air force one along with the first lady. you chased katrina. what makes a difference? >> every one of these storms are different. it's dangerous to compare the two. but this is definitely by far the worst we've ever chased. we lost our car in katrina as well. that was devastating. but seeing all the water here, all the suffering, people getting displaced from their homes. they're going to need all the help they can get from out here. there's still hundreds of thousands of people that still need to be rescued. brian: reed timer, thanks. more fox and friends in just asl tre we'll trackat the storm and thet including those with an abnormal alk or egfr gene
5:57 am
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6:00 am
steve: the president has boarded the plane, set to take off and arrive in corpus christi and a couple of hours. he is there with the first lady. log on to fox and for more after the show. >> shannon: is the first major national disaster of his presidency, now president trump is officially on his way to texas to review the first stages of recovery effort of what is now tropical storm harvey. officials to discuss the imminent spillover of a houston dam in a news conference that could start any minute. we will take you there live when that happens. good morning, i am shannon brea shannon bream. >> good morning, i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. there has been a continuing heart wrenching situation and still continues to unfold this hour in houston. officials right now racing the clock with new fears this morning surrounding the rising water which they say could cause reservoirs


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