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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 30, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> yes. >> how cute was he? jet's mom was in the coast guard and said she couldn't be more proud. she says houston is their hometown before relocating to philly like they did. raised over 100 bucks. heather: grandparents are still there so he was worried. thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. >> we start with a fox news alert. moments ago, harvey making landfall for a second time after dumping an historic amount of rain in texas. harvey just hit land again across the texas border in cammeron, louisiana. ainsley: the outer bands also pounding texas at this hour as well. a state as you know already under water. look at these images and still feeling harvey's wrath after days of catastrophic flooding. brian: epic monster storm prompting heroic rescues seeing them now by the thousands. and now sadly 18 deaths. todd: that number has gone up. the mandatory curfew in
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houston just lifted an major concerns of major looting. we are live on the ground there in moments but first. ainsley: let's get to janice dean who is tracking the latest path. janice: another path you mentioned in cammeron louisiana and still not out of the woods in terms of heavy rainfall for not only southeast texas but louisiana and you were valley. houston your days of drying out begin today. but there is a tornado threat. we actually had a tornado warn storm west of new orleans. we are watching this future radar. still this area of low pressure, tropical storm harvey will remain stationary and then it will start to move begin not guilty next 12 to 18 hours it will be picked up by a cold front, a trough that will move this north and eastward over the weekend. we still could see upwards of a foot of rainfall across the mississippi river valley as well as louisiana. look at houston this morning. we are reporting no inches of rainfall but still the river waters, the bayou
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waters are going to remain high. major flood stage until at least next week. so any more rain in the forecast is not going to be a welcome sight for the foreseeable next four or five days we are in the clear. but there is the latest track. as you mentioned it made another landfall across cammeron, louisiana. by tomorrow, it moves up towards the northeast. but look at this. we are in record-setting territory. harvey 51 pulp 8 inches. that was last night. the most rainfall we have ever seen from a tropical storm in hawaii i think we will beat that historic. back to you. brian: lower 48 has the record, sadly. just shy of 52 inches. thanks so much. we should correct the deaths by saying significant amount. it's not 18. it's actually 30. ainsley: 30 people have died including a police officer. we will continue to report on that throughout the next three hours. but moments ago, an overnight mandatory curfew was lifted in houston where
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authorities are not only dealing with historic flooding but armed robbers and looters. brian: they are going to feel the wrath of the law. griff jenkins is in houston with the latest. griff. >> good morning, guys. that's right. the curfew was just lifted it was mid knight to 5:00 a.m. as we have seen in these things the best of humanity comes out. countless hundreds of volunteers, the cajun navy and others and rescues. so too it brings out the worst and a few, 14 armed robbers arrested according to the houston police and prosecutors here saying that they are now stiffening the penalty. if you burglarize a house normally not during a major flood or disaster it's two to 20 years. now it's 5 to life with mandatory sentence time. this is chief art ascevedo with a message to the looters. >> this is the state of texas. we're a welcoming city. but we are not going to
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tolerate people victimizing, especially committing armed robberies of our community. we are going to catch you. >> now we talked to a guy just trying to go to work today. and we are going to bring that to you in the next hour. what he had to say about how he feels about the looters. finally as janice has mentioned the range has stopped. we are on north side of the addicks reservoir the spillover point just a couple miles of up the road from me. so much water coming down from the north that it is going to spill according to the harris county flood folk for the next four to five weeks. this flooding is going to put homes under water until october, guys. the rescues are going to continue. it's going to be a very busy day as law enforcement has to now contend with both rescuing people and stopping these criminals that have unleashed the worst that humanity has to offer. guys? brian: all right. thanks, griff. meanwhile, we are still in the rescue and escape phase
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which is astounding because this is day 5 because they were told to hunker down and they didn't know how high it was going to get. they didn't know these dams were going to be topped. so, therefore, there is going to be this improvised series of rescues is going to be needed even today. ainsley: griff was talking about the looters and bad things happening. there are some angels and heroes, however, that are responding to this call. pete: you get the worst of human nature and then you have got the best of it. you see, really if you watch this channel throughout the day yesterday. you saw images time and time again from our own reporters in the middle of it but also watching helicopter rescues and human chains and just pure courage of people that don't know other people. there was no race or creed or background. just americans and neighbors and citizens. ainsley: look at this right here. you mentioned a human chain. this is a lady in labor. called 911. couldn't get through. emailed everyone in their apartment complex saying is anyone here in obgyn or a
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nurse can anyone help. an hour later the fire department comes they get human chain to get her. the good news is the baby was born and all of them are doing well. brian: a lot of those people have not been trained in mom rescue they're called i'm going to make it happen. what about the fact that there are these shelters now and a lot of people leave those shelters and dogs need to be rescued. come with the cages and get the dogs out with these flat boats which i think are key in this area in shallow water. pete: brian your point fifth day of rescues, pets. obviously we are reporting 18, now possibly 30 deaths, so this has been a tragedy. but you also see how much -- how organized it's really been. how many people have been able to to the point where now animals are also being rescued too. ainsley: look at this man. his name is chance warden his son. both heroes posted this video on facebook. rescuing horses trapped behind metal gates, opening
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the gates and pulling horses out so they wouldn't die. these stories are amazing. these heroes keep going back in and back in and rescuing more people and animals. amazing story. brian: i get this story yesterday her husband and friends keep going out. the alligators and the snakes and the water is terrible and some times they walk and hit a manhole and they sink. each time doing this they can't symptom people are waiting all alone for somebody to come help them. here is jeff flock doing yeomen's work in the field with this woman and family after she was rescued. look at this raw emotion. >> did you not expect this was going to happen? >> no. i didn't. >> what's most upsetting to you right now? >> the fact that i waited so long and my kids -- i mean, i put them in danger.
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thanks to them that showed up now because i didn't know who to call. i didn't know if it was going to be too late. i mean it was just an angel. yeah. pete: who reached out to rescue them a local church. civic organizations that are stepping up and saying whatever assets we have whatever leadership structure we have, our ability to communicate, we will use it to save lives. ainsley: as a parent, we all are parents we can relate to that you want to keep your kids safe. that's our job as parents. one toddler wading through the water diaper and t-shirt. got out of the house, apparently, good samaritan saw her and said what are you doing out here and where dual? she said i'm just going on iraq with a. gotten out of the house. the little girl thankfully knew where she lived and led the good samaritans back to the house. her dad opened the door and was astonished had no idea his daughter had escaped. pete: day five of heroes and police officers and officers. brian: sleeping in police
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stations. pete: national guard sleeping in a furniture store. pete: one officer's life was lost yesterday. brian: here is the houston police chief talking about the death of steve perez. >> we couldn't find him. and once our dive team got there, it was too treacherous to go under and look for him. we made a decision to leave officers there waiting until the morning because as much as we wanted to recover him last night, we could not put another -- more officers at risk. for we knew in our hearts it was going to be the recovery mission. i had the privilege of notifying his wife and son and extended family at their home that he died. that he laid down his life. but i'm heartened by two things. number one, i got to learn that is he a family of faith. has faith in god and when
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you have faith, there's hope. his wife told me she had asked him not to go in. told him not to go because the conditions were so bad. and his response was we have got work to do. brian: wow. so there you go. pete: 34 years on the force. brian: those cops are working overtime and more are flooding in from outside. and there is a call from the outside for 20,000 more national guardsmen who have yet to be implemented. meanwhile the president as we mentioned yesterday during our show, one on air force one to corpus christi on route from austin to sees a close as he can what's going on. ainsley: he went to corpus christi. did you see the image? this is the president and the first lady getting off of air force one. they landed in corpus christi first and then they went to austin. when they were in corpus christi, he stood on the bumper of a fire truck and he waived the texas flag. it was beautiful. and he just talked about the resilience of tension and surveyed the damage and was there to just rally all the
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communities. there he is with the texas flag. brian: i'm reading glen thrush today one of his biggest critics mocked on snl. the word from inside the white house is the president is more involved with this than almost anything including the elections because he wants to know every detail of what's happening to stay ahead of it i actually think he is best when he is under pressure and man is he under pressure. pete: absolutely. this is what he had so-to-say yesterday before holding up that flag. take a listen. >> this has been a total cooperative effort. again, we will see you soon. i will tell you this is historic. it's epic what happened. but, you know what? it happened in texas and texas can handle anything. thank you all, folks. thank you. [cheers and applause] ainsley: i love that he wore the usa hat instead of make america great again. many people love those hats including the president. it's usa. we are all united one country for a while.
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pete: that's been his message for long time. we are not left, we are not right, we are not black, we are not right. we are all americans. people under water wondering where their lives are going and he tried a delicate balance of being there but not being too close so you are not interfering with the rescue efforts but at the same time showing washington cares. the federal government is going to be here. we want boots on the ground to assess. i heard, too, brian, is he as involved with this to make sure he gets it right. brian: fema director has been phenomenal. meanwhile, it didn't stop his critics from blasting his wife who melania trump, the first lady who wore a float tuesdaflotus hat first tie seep. when she left the white house she had heels on. it was on every left wing blog. ainsley: lives are at stake here. why are we worried about fashion right now? why aren't we worried about
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the lives. she changed to tennis shoes when she got to texas. melania stiletto side show. who wears stilettos to houston no, joke. >> being lauded for compassion when she travels overseas. ended up going when she was on scene in sneakers. ripped for wearing high heels in root to air force one. pete: if you are first lady you can't be fashionable. is it inappropriate a -- ainsley: if you criticize one women then you are criticizing all women. you can't criticize someone for their clothes or wardrobe choices. she is in washington when she wears that then she goes to the hurricane area and wears tennis shoes. can we focus on being americans for one day, please? pete: well said. joel osteen faced a lot of
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3:18 am
what's the number one thing that's on your mind right now that we should be aware of? >> well, the first thing that i would like to say man, it's pretty amazing what the first responders are doing in this area. and we feel a kinship with soldiers with first responders. really amazed what those guys are doing. our biggest area of emphasis right now is the reservoirs at addicks and barker, in particular the addicks reservoir. the dam height is about 108 feet. the water is 109 feet. we are seeing. so water go around the end of the dams and so we are monitoring that very closely. but i think i would just like to reassure people that the dam, as it was planned, is operating as expected but we're monitoring it closely. there is no. there is very, very low probability of catastrophic failure at this point. we certainly are watching that those structures very closely. brian: the nonprofessional like myself would think the rain has stopped and maybe we could worry about the what happens if the water goes down. should would he be thinking
3:19 am
like that? >> we're going to watch that closely. you know, we are releasing controlled water from the reservoirs in a way that's going to take, you know, on the order of weeks to relee some of the pressure from the homes that are upstream of this reservoir. we are also worried about the navigation channels that are -- ports of houston that have been impacted by this storm. we have a lot of efforts going out to survey and ensure that there are no obstructions to 1/2 celebration to get those ports back open again with the assistance of the coast guard. brian: when do you think the water will noticeably go down? could we see that today? >> we think the water is still rising. even though it stopped range, there is still a lot of water collecting in the basins that still have to come to, specifically the addicks and barker reservoir. we only expect it to rise to maybe 111 feet at the most. it's at 109 right now. we won't see it go that much higher and we don't to
3:20 am
expect to see any dramatic flows around the ends of the dams at this point. brian: how many people on your teams and what are you going to do today? >> there is about 400 people heroic people had their families and homes impacted by the storm and, you know, they are putting their rough sack on and going to work and trying to help by monitoring this dam and trying to prevent as much further damage as we can by operating those projects. thanks for asking about those guys they are doing incredible job for us. brian: this is going to be weeks and months. we need their expertise. we need you too, colonel. thanks for joining us. colonel paul owen. >> thank you. brian: straight ahead. a fox news alert. fired back overnight after north korea's latest missile test over japan. what happened? could guam be next? daniel hoffman is the former cia station chief. is he here to react to this unprecedented launch.
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comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ jillian: good weapons morning. back with headlines. democrats finally condemning antifa. nancy pelosi says democracy has no room for inciting violence. calling on uc berkeley to cancel a conservative free speech rally next month. this after violent erupts happened in february after appearance by yiannopoulos. >> if there was a far-left speaker that was coming to berkeley campus who we knew
3:25 am
would draw extremist groups to clash i would have the same concern. it has nothing to do with the content of speech. jillian: the school says they have no plans to cancel the event. american man behind bars busted drying to join isis in syria. 22-year-old ahmed detained in the middle east and sent back home to new york city. he is facing up to 20 years behind bars. ahmed has been on the government's radar for years after making terrorist i can tec threats. he said he once wrote them when he was high on marijuana. pete? pete: a fox news alert. while you were sleeping, the u.s. firing back successfully launching its own missile test off the coast of hawaii. this, in response to brand new threats from north korea. the rogue regime now threatening to strike guam. claiming recent missiles over japan were just the first step. so what are the president's critical next steps? here to weigh in former cia station chief and vice president of spg daniel hoffman. daniel, thanks for being
3:26 am
here. >> thank you. pete: i will go right to that initial question what are our next steps following this provocative move from jim congress u.n. >> we made it clear attack on guam or any of our territories would result in the regime's destruction. it starts there with deterrence. a credible deterrence. i think we have made that very very clear to the regime. pete: it feels like the same tit-for-tat. we said we want to end strategic patience. it feels like hey, don't do that did you it don't do that how do you prevent this cycle where they continue to test and eventually get to ultimate goal which is a nuclear weapon capable of striking our homeland. >> that is the ultimate goal that nuclear weapon capable of striking homeland. ultimate deterrent for kim jong un. he thinks he needs it forefront in his mind is the fate of other dictators like saddam and qaddafi who lacked weapons of destruction. diplomacy hasn't worked. sanctions haven't been enforced effectively. we need to continue along
3:27 am
those lines. weave need to add a measure of cyber too sanctions because north korea has mounted offensive cyber operations to steal money to pay for the nuclear weapons program. we need to mount defensive counter cyber operations against them. pete wheat we herein creasingly strong rhetoric including more recently from nikki haley saying this will not be tolerated is there a point we shoot downwards at one of these. we had a successful test of shooting down medium range missile from north korea do. we shoot one down at some point? >> i would expect the intelligence community and working together on that cancel. and i think shooting down a weapon with missile defense is certainly an option. it's part of deterrence. part of making it clear that we won't stand for these additional tests. pete: what would it mean geopolitically if north korea got to it goal if they had that ability and potentially shared it with their friends like iran. are we looking at scenario of permanent nuclear blackmail? >> that's a real serious concern with north korea.
3:28 am
three concerns. first, that they will have a nuclear weapon capable of striking the homeland. secondly, that they could proliferate that technology to not just rogue regimes bunon-state actors as well. in the event of war in the korean peninsula face wad nuke senel narrow. this u.s. military and policymakers. pete: we hear time and time again we are getting closer and closer. does that wean he are getting closer to military action because those options have not worked. >> we need to consider all options. whether it's covert options or break the regime's hold on population or nuclear weapons is very risky endeavor. it doesn't mean that we shouldn't consider that. the president has said all options on the table. pete: doesn't seem that time makes those options any better either. if we had striked 10 years ago our scenario would be better if we do today. thanks for your service tour country and expertise.
3:29 am
we appreciate it is violence like this ever okay? yep, that's antifa in their helmets and shields and clubs. one liberal college professor thinks. so and now his faculty has his back saying conservatives are the ones giving antifa a bad wrap. plus, texans waking up to more devastation. we are live on the ground with update on the historic flooding next. don't go anywhere. >> i waited so long and my kids -- i mean, i put them in danger. thanks to them that showed up now because i didn't know who to call. and i don't know if it was going to be too late. and it was just an angel. i mean -- yeah. usaa to me means
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peace of mind. we had a power outage for five days total. we lost a lot of food. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. texans helping texas. the story is about americans helping texans. brian: back to a fox news alert. seeing catastrophic scenes out of houston.
3:33 am
the death toll from harvey rises this morning to at least 18. some have it at 30. ainsley: traffic lights nearly submerged at intersections flooded with nearly 20 feet of water. brian: those are the tops of trees. pete: that's unbelievable. our own rob schmitt live in sugarland, texas with the latest. rob, good morning. >> good morning, guys, yeah. this is the only one that we found like this. but it certainly is an illustration of the amount of water that's come in here. it's actually incredible to see. they are pumping it out right now. it's going down really fast. this is a very critical intersection on the west side of houston. this is the 90 and 999. if you are from around here you know it's a big intersection. it dips into a bowl and collected all this water. you can see the traffic lights. next to me put up the double screen to show you what it looked like during the daytime and yesterday when we got here before they started pumping it out. you could have swam out and there grabbed that red light pulled yourself on it and sat on top of it if i was a little younger i probably would have done that ♪ the smartest thing to do.
3:34 am
one kid did swim out across the intersection. we saw the video there we don't advise anything like that. it was crazy to see this thing basically freeway. as far as rescue effort goes, it continues and it has really -- it has increased dramatically. we have had over 13,000 rescues. there has been that many people that needed to be saved from their situation. that is incredible when you think about it we have got about that same number of people in shelters right now. we have one gentleman we talked to in katie, which is just a little bit north of here which was just disseminated by flooding. there is a reservoir and levee right near there. >> we had a lad tore get up on the boat. rob: you probably had to swim out of your house essentially? >> pretty much. rob: just incredible to hear
3:35 am
that having to kim swim out the front door of your house. imagine what that would be like. showed us incredible footage being rescued. they pulled the national off the roof of his own house. sat there and shot it with his phone from his own house. can you imagine seeing stuff like this. countless stories going to continual. we have got weather improving finally. we have dry weather the stars are out right now. the sun is going to be out today. that's going to help. some areas are going to continue to get flooding come in. we have rainwater or rainwater from other places still dumping in as the reservoirs are still overflowing. the rivers continue to rise. so some places will actually get wetter while the rest of this area southeast texas, the houston area does continue to dry out. so really depends where you are. if you are near the brazos river things could get worse today. that's what it's going to be like for a while. over 50 inches of rain. unprecedented to see of this water. guys send it back to you.
3:36 am
brian: thanks, rob. i have been to sugarland many times. one of these areas so clean and new it looks like they shrink wrap it at night. the fact is it's very affluent area. very prideful area. very patriotic area. i know they are going to be looking to get right back. in as soon as they saw that water down behind rob roble, you know there is going to be a massive push to get to see what's left of their belongings. ainsley: houston is the fourth largest city in the country. have you got these neighborhoods, these suburbs like have you sugarland and the wood lands to name a few. there are these beautiful homes. pete: houston is as wide as a metro area as we have in this country. described right now almost the sixth great lake as it was described by the red cross. gives you the sense of the scope of how wide it is. ainsley: tropical storm harvey is making -- did make a second landfall overnight just across the texas border in louisiana. in cammeron, louisiana, slamming the gulf state with even more heavy rain. brian: while we look at houston and not the
3:37 am
aftermath but the challenges then we have got to focus on louisiana. they are about to get smacked. hey, janice. janice: flooding emergencies east of houston. beaumont as well as port arthur. if you reflect back to hurricane katrina. we were all focused on new orleans. people cannot get rescued right now east of the houston area in beaumont and port arthur, flooding emergencies right now. so we're going to be watching you throughout the hours. because you can see the radar. the radar has moved a little bit east of houston. but we're still seeing incredible rainfall rates for southeast texas in towards louisiana and the storm made a second landfall, it is still a tropical storm. i also want to touch on the buffalo bayou. even though they are expecting drier weather over the next five days, we are going to see it still see the buffalo bayou at west belt drive for example as 70 feet. that's major record flood stage for days if not weeks. so any rain in the forecast is not welcomed news. and, again, we're focused on
3:38 am
houston but we are watching you all over texas, southeast texas and louisiana. we are watching the future radar. a trough picks this thing up north and eastward. still dealing with the potential for flooding not only southeast texas, louisiana, mississippi, across the florida panhandle and up towards the mississippi river valley. there is the official track making another landfall in cammeron, louisiana, i mention drier skies, we saw rob, drier skies, still see bayou levels at or capacity for the next several weeks. and if i could, i just want to point out that this now is the wettest texas tropical system if we reach past 52 inches, that will make it of all time in u.s. history. one more thing. we are in the tropical season. we are watching this off the coast of africa. why? we we get into the weekend and next week this will be a major hurricane perhaps
3:39 am
looking at landfall across the east coast. back to you. brian: thanks, janice. ainsley: harvey won't die, staying there. pete: most expensive storm in the history of the united states. brian: meanwhile 22 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian have you other news? jillian: yes, i do. joel osteen speaking out after refusing to help flood victims. critics say he was lying about water inside his mega church. the church posting these photos of the flooding as osteen denies turning people away and says he doesn't pay attention to critics. >> you can't necessarily open your building when it's, you know, when it's very close to flooding itself. but we were blessed to not have flooding here but we also very precautious about before we put a bunch of people in here, let's make sure everything is safe. jillian: hundreds people taking shelter inside the church. you will hear more from osteen himself when he joins us live in the 8:00 hour. one day, that's all it took for dozens of protesters to
3:40 am
get tired walking from charlottesville to washington. the march to confront white supremacy started with 200 people on monday. turned out quickly dwindling to 35 marches. organizers blaming rain for poor attendance. talk about instant karma. the organizer wh professor who s deserved harvey for voting for president trump. he was fired. he said i don't believe in instant karma but kind of feels like it for texas. hopefully it will make them realize the g.o.p. doesn't care about them end quote. the post was deleted. the damage was done. university of tampa saying quote we condemn the comments and sentiment behind them. the confederate cleanse continues this time at a high school bearing the name of one of the most famous civil war generals. a san antonio school district unanimously voting to rename robert e. lee high school following the deadly riots in charlottesville while more than 3500 people signed a petition to have it
3:41 am
removed, nearly 6,000 other signatures were collected asking it to stay. those are your headlines on this wednesday and send it back to you. brian: ones who wanted to stay out numbered the ones who wanted -- it's gone. thanks, jill i can't believe. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. house freedom caucus chairman. listen. >> 12 legislative days in september will decide whether we're going to remain in power as the republican majority or not. ainsley: senator mike lee was one of those republicans working on the hill. is he here live to talk about the mission for those 12 days in september. pete: plus, more on the flooding crisis in texas. new jersey governor chris christie, health and human services secretary tom price. joel osteen david bossie and ted cruz. they all join us live on the show. ♪ ♪ liberty mutual stood with me
3:42 am
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3:45 am
ainsley: we have quick headlines for you. defense secretary mattis halting the transgender military ban at least for now. this as the pentagon conducts a study on how to best carry out the president's directive by looking at how transgender soldiers affect readiness and budgets. city council passing a new measure banning officials from asking officials from something about immigration status. ban from conducting injail interviews without a warrant. chairman of the house freedom caucus laying out a plan to tackle everything from debt ceiling to tax reform next month when they are back in session. >> we have to juggle them. if we don't, i can tell you that really the next 12 days and that's all we have, 12
3:46 am
legislative days in september will decide whether we're going to remain n power as a republican majority or not. brian: joining us now with more on this to get his perspective on the g.o.p. plan. author of written out of history. it's a great book. utah republican senator mike lee. senator, you are working with the freedom caucus, i understand. on what do you plan on doing in 12 days. is it possible to get it done? >> it's possible to get all kinds of things done. the fact is republican majorities were elected in the house and the senate. we have now got a republican president. we have every opportunity to reform the way we spend money in washington to make sure that we don't wait until 48 hours before the expiration of a spending period and just plop a piece of legislation on the floor and say okay it's pass that or pass nothing. we need to start debating and discussing things and giving opportunities for each individual member of congress to make improvements to the spending bill. reduce spending. ainsley: why do you say 12 days in september is make or break in republicans. you will still be there in
3:47 am
october and november. >> this is when the spending period expires. this is who when we decide how much we are going to spend in the next fiscal year which begins the very next day. so, when we decide that we're not going to make any changes to spending that sends a loud signal. especially since we now have a united republican government. we need to govern differently. we need to show that we are going to prioritize spending differently than we did under a democratic. brian: pass a budget, raise the debt ceiling as well as get on to tax reform. >> tax reform will is also very important. something republicans have campaigned on at least the last 7 or 8 years. get on to that next. i think that will be the next thing to come up after debt ceiling and after spending. pete: we haven't seen it happen yet. inauguration day why will this change? >> one of the things that happens is that when we're up against a deadline it tends to accelerate things. i was one of the members calling for us to not take any recess at all in august until such time as we got hillary rodham clinton reform and tax reform done.
3:48 am
that nonetheless happened to migrate disappointment. but there is still time for us to get something done. we have to actually do it. ainsley: i want you to comment on brent bozell he is the chairman of breitbart. he wrote this article come to congressional elections next year. the presidential election 2020 the grand ole party will once again bellow its hallowed promises this time it won't work. this time will there will be no straw man to blame. this time their voters will know those hallowed promises are not even hallowed promises. they are lies. >> brent bozell makes some very fair points there. look, there is no question about the fact that we can only cry wolf some times. we can only say some times. we will govern differently if given a chance. we have to actually do it now. now, it's difficult. there is no question about it. but we have to do those difficult things. we have to govern differently and show we as republicans believe in stronger citizens and that's one of the reasons why we promote the cause of constitutionally limited government. because it makes for stronger citizens and more
3:49 am
heroic communities. brian: as key debate the history of this country and rewrite it and sanitize it or change it because we got it down in this century. you wrote the book "written out of history" this is really so apropos because they are try interesting to white wash what made america america. >> that's exactly right. that's one of the reasons why i focus on this book been so forgotten written out of history. people like mombet who was a slave. she fought for and won her freedom in court after reading of a provision in the newly adopted massachusetts state constitution she didn't have to wait for a government program to do that. she sought out her own position in court and fought for it and won it she is a true hero. we forgot about her because she doesn't match our narrative of what the founding fathers and mothers looked like. pete: it is a fantastic book but i believe congressional republican also be written out of history if they can't get anything done. >> that is a fair point.
3:50 am
we don't want congressional republicans to be written out of history. we have a unique moment. i remember the day president trump was sworn into office. he said i want this to represent not just the transfer of power not from one presidency or party to another. this is a power from washington, d.c. back to the american people. we have this opportunity. we have got to seize it we have got to govern differently and spend less and return power and influence back to the states where it belongs. brian: i think some republicans just aren't over the fact that a republican president won and it wasn't the one they wanted and they have to get over it. >> well, certainly, any personal differences can't come in to play here. we have got to set those aside and we have got to identify what it is that our constitution already requires and that our history has taught us works for the american people. brian: let the history shown mike lee was one who was working to get things together. ainsley: thanks for coming on. brian: is violence like this ever okay? one liberal college professor thinks so. and now his faculty has his back saying conservatives are the ones bringing antifa
3:51 am
a bad wrap. pete: coming up, a governor who knows what it's like picking up the pieces after a hurricane. chris christie joins us with what he learned from hurricane sandy when he joins us live in moments. it's time for the biggest sale of the year with the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses and automatically adjusts on both sides. the new 360 smart bed is part of our biggest sale of the year where all beds are on sale. and right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 36 month financing. ends monday! poallergies?reather. stuffy nose?
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3:54 am
ainsley: condemned by employers for these comments condemning antifa violence. >> when pushed self-defense is a legitimate response to white supremacist and neo nazi violence. the way it grows is by becoming legitimate. the way to stop is what people did in boston and charlottesville. ainsley: dartmouth faculty writing a comment defending. he has been disavowed by dartmouth at the request of a right wing organization
3:55 am
campus reform whose goal is to smash left wing scum and which offers bounty prizes to students who will turn in professors' names for a campaign of harassment. well, here to respond is campus reform editor and chief and dartmouth alumni sterling beer. hey, sterling, thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure. thank you. ainsley: this professor at dartmouth goes on and he says this quote on meet the press is antifa's use of violence is a legitimate response. the president of dartmouth says supporting violent protests does not represent the views of dartmouth. many people applauding the president for coming out and saying we don't support violence. then have you 17 professors who want the president to retract those comments and they want him now to apologize. as a graduate of dartmouth what do you think of. this as a graduate of dartmouth i was proud of the president. he was quite right to say this is not something dartmouth supports. i wish more college professors would say this kind of violence from antifa
3:56 am
from the supportive political violence is never acceptable. more college presidents need to come out and say. this antifa is a terroristic organization. that's why we have eaten over 300,000 people sign a white house petition demanding it be labeled as such. can you see just from the video you are showing right now how violent antifa actually is. ainsley: by saying that is he supporting the violence? is he saying it's okay to be violent and 17 professors standing behind him. when you turn around and say political violence in the united states is legitimate. any kind of political violence in the united states is legitimate. that's a terrible, horrible thing to say, all right? that's not how we settings things in the united states. we settle them at the ballot box. we settle them civilly and through debate. i understand dartmouth's faculty is circling wagons around another professor but they are in fact are in the wrong. ainsley: what did you make of campus reform prickively
3:57 am
distorting his meaning those professors are saying. >> i always loved this sort of line of attack that many on the left have. campus reform has this sort of right wing view. ainsley: sterling, we have got to go. sorry to cut you off.
3:58 am
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can make anyone slow downt and pull up a seat to the table. that's why she takes the time to season her turkey to perfection, and make stuffing from scratch. so that you can spend time on what really matters. marie callender's. it's time to savor. pete pete moments ago harvey making landfall for a second time after dumping historic amount of rain in texas. >> i will tell you the whole country, the whole world is really seeing and gaining such respect for everybody. and the job have you done is incredible. >> the president got to see damage but more poshly got to hear firsthand from the people. >> to learn firsthand the challenges they are facing, the needs that they have. and the relates. >> what's most upsetting to you now? >> the fact that i waited so long and my kids -- i mean, i could have put them in danger. >> unfortunately one life lost yesterday was a houston police officer. >> as much as we wanted to recover him last night, we could could not put more
4:01 am
officers at risk for in our hearts we knew it was a recovery mission. >> today and yesterday it's just been completely under water. >> you know what? it happened in texas, and texas can handle anything. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> straight to that fox news alert. harvey is back on land. it is slamming louisiana right now. the storms, the torrential rain also triggering more massive flooding in texas. brian: take a look at this. it's brand new and kind of terrifying showing water taking over a shelter in port arthur, texas where families fled to escape the catastrophic rainfall the past few days. pete: mayor saying his whole city is now under water. flood of 9/11 calls are now coming in and no one to help. the national guard now on the ground in houston after major concerns of looting. >> law enforcement get
4:02 am
around to help nobody. you can't call 911. so have you got to protect yourself at all time. that's what i'm doing. ainsley: the fourth largest city in the nation now under mandatory curfew hours. brian: by the way, i guess in that situation if you are in texas, you can carry a gun. there is no law enforcement you can protect yourself. pete: sure. brian: janice dean is tracking harvey now. hey, janice. janice: i'm concerned because we have been focusing on houston. 6 million people live there. some of these smaller towns east, northeast and south of houston are getting pounded with heavy rainfall. we are getting reports of a flooding emergency in port arthur, texas, beaumont also under a flood emergency. we are seeing images on twitter that are so disturbing with shelters taking on water. that they can't handle. they can't handle the 911 calls. the mayor is saying their town is completely under water. and that's why i'm concerned. some of these smaller towns are obviously going to be submerged in water. and that is going to be a huge story going forward.
4:03 am
you can seek see the 48 hours. 2 to 4 inches of rainfall an hour. in houston you have a drying out period which is great. some of these bayous, these rivers, these streams are at capacity. they cannot take any more water and they will continue to rise well into the weekend, past 48 hours again now moving into louisiana. we had our last landfall just hours ago in cammeron, louisiana. there is the future radar still sticking around throughout the day today. thursday and friday. we are going to start to see this storm move north and eastward. additional rainfall, again, in some places over a the too. my concern right now is for those small towns that we are not focused in on that we are now saying are in to a major catastrophe and completely under water this morning. brian: thanks, janice. meanwhile, let's welcome to the couch new jersey governor former presidential candidate governor chris christie. this must be deja vu for you. it was a super storm not a
4:04 am
hurricane. this is sandy. governor, people say well, the rain stopped. we're out of the woods. you know that's not true? >> no, in fact, the most difficult days are really ahead. on a few fronts. first, this water is going to continue to rise and you can have reservoirs that have to release water. dams that have to release water and that will flood other areas that are not flooded right now. brian: that's a tough decision, isn't it. >> tough decision but almost no decision in the end. have you got to decide to release the pressure off of that if you don't, you have a catastrophe some place else. it's picking your poison at this point. now becomes the really hard part of how do you return normalcy to people's lives. and when we were doing the recovery to sandy i set four priorities first. get our roads open get power back on. get gasoline available for generators and for cars and get kids back in school. if you can do those four things as quickly as possible. people feel at least a little more normal as the recovery continues. ainsley: as i'm looking at those images two things come
4:05 am
to mind how defeated they must feel. also the response. did you deal with this? because i know sandy hit new york as well as new jersey. did you deal like the responders first going to texas. are they going to be so exhausted they won't have as much help in louisiana? what you will have to do is make the net wider. sent police, swift boats, search and rescue to houston. we sent, you know, helicopters from blackhawk, current national guard who have experience from sandy in getting people, hoisting people up out of bad situations. but we're ready to send thousands of national guard men and women to new jersey without experience when texas or louisiana ask. when they do our folks are ready to go. pete: phase after the rescue is recovery a lot of that includes federal aid. there was controversy how long the t. took for the bill to be delivered in sandy. do you expect it to be different in texas in light of the priority this president has put on it. >> i hope. so i really do. ainsley: what can they learn from you.
4:06 am
>> don't wait 66 days to deliver aid to people who are suffering and dying. don't play politics with this don't connect it to anything else. brian: debt ceiling? >> do not do it because what will happen then is politics will infect it and you look at what you saw on the screen this morning? there is nothing republican or democrat about the water that is in that port arthur recovery center. ainsley: in order to get money congress has to pass a bill for harvey. >> they do. they should do it quickly. the fact we know after katrina and sandy, we know the parameters of the kind of aid that will be necessary and how it will be used. we came out with a lot of new programs to be able to help people, businesses and families recover. think about this. the recovery time for sandy has been half the amount of time it took for katrina. we learned a lot from the mistakes of katrina. and they can learn from some of the mistakes they learned from sandy and make this even better and quicker for the people of texas and louisiana. brian: talking about better and quick. president of the united states i want to get there
4:07 am
as quick as i can. he was there. he is going back saturday. as a leader lot of it symbolic, glen thrush today writes the word is he has never been as entrenched in an issue and a project in this case a recovery and rescue like this. >> this plays to the president's strength. this is a president who knows how to take a discreet project and get it finished. he knows the way to get that done as the leader is to put a lot of focus on it i think some of this criticism he has been getting is absolutely absurd. brian: you say he mentioned the rescuers? >> first he went too early. right? he went too early. which is ridiculous. remember, barack obama came two days after sandy. if you are going to hold this president to that standard. you should have credit soyuzside baracsoyuzside barack. that wouldn't have been appropriate. now they are saying he didn't go any place where there was water and didn't see any victims. if he would have gone they would have said is he taking away from the recovery effort. this situation right now with some members of the media this president can't win. it's not fair.
4:08 am
he and the first lady went and that i'm telling you, will mean a lot to the victims that are going -- just to know they are in the state and coordinating. the president deserves great credit for what he has done here. pete: absolutely. 36 senators actually voted against hurricane sandy bill. they said it was loaded with pork. spending. do you anticipate those? was there pork and do you anticipate that will be a problem this time. >> completely ridiculous. senator cruz's accusation that two thirds of the sandy bill was pork is absolutely ridiculous. "the washington post" did a fact check on it yesterday. that is consistent with what i remember at the time. there was a senate bill that had that and it all got stripped out. all of us including the people in new jersey objected to it they were all plays politics with it they were getting ready to do what thchingted to do for 2016 and make themselves seem like the most conservative person. the fact of the matter is there is not a liberal or conservative way to deal with people who are drowning and dying. we need to get aid to them the. that's what the federal government is there for.
4:09 am
hurricane sandy 10 days. hurricane katrina 6 days. pete: passed a bill. >> sandy 66 days. unacceptable. i don't think that texas and louisiana should be treated the same way. i'm urging the members of congress of new jersey don't hold a grudge. let's go forward and vote yes. brian: senator schumer brought that up yesterday. you gave new york a hard time we're not going to give texas a hard time. let's say we are lucky enough and the death toll stays between 18 and 30 which we are looking at right now. then these people look at i'm in a gym. i have no clothes. my car is destroyed. they won't let me back to my house. my kids really belong in school. how do you answer 30,000 minimum people who are asking that question over and over again and not get their anger directed at you even though you can understand it. >> have you to be prepared. we were prepared for sandy. brian: to write checks to people, to put them in hotels? >> that's where the federal government has to come in. no state can do this on their own. the federal government has to help do that the other
4:10 am
thing is you have got to be prepared with a plan that says okay, once the water recedes, once its safe, we're going to get to you places where your family can function long term stay in hotels. other housing. brian: they have got to be cutting deals with different companies that might have, you know, that might have some hotels that are stocked with pots and pans. >> i'm confident texas has those things in place beforehand. we did. if you are on a coastal area. you better be ready for this. if you watched katrina and sandy happen. and you are not ready for that now, then that's a failure of leadership. i'm confident that governor abbott has those things in place. pete: they have a disaster relief fund one yards of hundreds of millions of dollars. >> that's always there in congress. you have to do more. remember, we are still in hurricane season. we don't know what can happen between now and the beginning of november. remember, hurricane sandy came on october 29th. that will be five years ago this october 29th. ainsley: as far as money, i saw all these celebrities chris jenner and her girls have given a lot of money $500,000 to salvation army
4:11 am
and red cross. should we give to those organizations or is there a pot where we families should get it i would love to give to the families. >> i know when we did it, my wife mary pat set up the hurricane sandy relief fund. she raised $40 million. and 97% of that money went directly to the victims. i understand the mayor of houston has now set up a relief fund for houston. those are the kind of places where i think the money is going to get directly to the folks and knot to an organization that does good work but as you said you want it to get to the families. brian: tap into that blunt speaking governor christie. you have seen what happened last 17 months between the president and congress let alone the democrats and investigations and special animus towards his election. this san opportunity to re-set. this tragedy, you could help these people of texas and louisiana while reaching across the aisle. what advice would you give the president and i know you talk to him regularly and he listens to you. and the rest of congress to maybe using this as an opportunity to get out of
4:12 am
this ridiculous war they are in that is making the american people pay the price? >> in a moment like this there is nothing like presidential leadership. no member of congress can do what the president of the united states can do in reaching out to both parties to be able to say this is a national crisis. we, as a country, need to pull together for fellow citizens who are suffering and to lower the rhetoric. the president needs to do that and members of congress. brian: you are saying starting tonight where he talks about the victims but then talks about tax reform. goes back on saturday and sees it again. how do you we've tha weave thata presidential gender. >> the president can walk and chew gum. brian: i don't want the president yelling at each other. paul ryan's condemning comments. >> what can you do is multitask. the president has to do that. but the way to use this crisis as a national opportunity to bring people together to be the president of the united states who stands up and says regardless of politics and party i'm here to help the victims and you all should follow me. if they do that, that can
4:13 am
help to smooth that relationship for tax reform. for infrastructure and other things we need to get done. ainsley: all right. governor. thank you so much. >> thank you all. great new studio. brian brian made you walk up the stairs. >> that's all right. i'm doing good. brian: you look good. pete pete drones getting evil eye view in texas and transforming the response to the hurricane. talk about that next. ainsley: nfl super star j.j. watt calling on the country to help fellow americans in the throod zone. the unbelievable response that keeps on growing. >> wow, millions. ♪ ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,... ...isn't it time to let the real you shine through? maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,...
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4:16 am
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4:17 am
pete: welcome back to "fox & friends." in the aftermath of a major storm when power is lost and people are stranded and resources are scarce. there is one way first responders can help people in need. drones. here to explain how the technology is transforming hurricane response is former special operations intel analyst and author of drone warrior an elite soldiers' hunt for america's most dangerous enemies brett velicovich. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. pete: they are critical to first responders and others reacting to a crisis like this. tell me how they use them. >> this situation in
4:18 am
particular hits home pretty close to me. i'm from houston. i joined the army in houston. i went to college there and i think people there deserve every single tool and resource available to them within the government's arsenal. one of those resources are drones. drones can absolutely assist first responders. they are a force multipliers for these guys actually out in the field. they can get to locations that rescuers physically are unable to get to very quickly. so right now in this process of harvey, it's all about getting to people's looed one as as fast as possible and technology to go out there and do that. pete: first responders at the city level of houston, is this something they have been using for years? is it a new technology? are they using it in mature ways? >> it's a very new technology. primarily what drones are used for is to conduct inspections of infrastructure. harvey, a lot of cell phone towers have been damaged. a lot of power lines have been damaged and so drones can actually go out there and provide these power
4:19 am
companies with information on exactly what's going on, how to bring back power. some of the cell phone companies are out in these areas as well. drones have the ability to actually transmit communications and actually act as a mobile cell phone tower and provide that as well. but, more importantly, first responders can actually use the drones to fly out and check areas that they are unable to get to. so they can provide a live video stream, live feed g.p.s. cord nantz back. pete: people on rooftops. >> exactly. really get to the bottom of where the biggest issues are in the end with drones it's all about the data. it's about providing this communications data from the drones providing it to law enforcement personnel. pete: can they be predictive tools as well? we hear about these levees, if they break. can they give you bird's eye view you wouldn't ordinarily have. >> nsa has a drone that can fly into the eye of a hurricane and they used it recently in hurricane matthew. as this storm proceeds to different areas they can
4:20 am
actually use that technology to predict how bad it's going to get and look at potential areas for runoff and things like that. there is a number of different ways that they can use, they can also be used to drop deliver supplies. we have a whole army of drone warriors, millions of people that have drones and they have the ability to actually drop medicine, potentially or clean water and food to areas that again these responders around able to get to. you heard about the cajun navy but this is the cajun air force. >> i'm getting ready to go in there and bring a fleet of drones with me. i will do everything i can do to help in this effort. more people know what they have for good. pete: absolutely. keep us posted on your effort down there. we are thinking about your hometown for sure. classic movie causing uproar. should we ban "gone with the wind" for being racially insensitive? that debate is next. plus, a torrential rainfall continues to pound the gulf coast. other complication looters. we are live on the ground as
4:21 am
victims arm themselves to protect themselves and their loved ones next. ♪ ♪ ♪ it's time for the biggest sale of the year with the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you effortlessly comfortable. and snoring.... does your bed do that?
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4:25 am
now they have a problem and it may have been a problem from the beginning we just really weren't focusing too much on it and that is looters. you know, these natural disasters bring out the best in people but it also brings out the worst. hpd arresting 14 armed thugs last night in a message from the chief saying, you know, this is texas. we're not going to teller rate that sort of stuff. we were actually just between the last live shot and this one. the gentleman was going to work. ernest harris and we asked him what he thought about the looting. here is what he had to say. >> me and my family. but you got to protect yourself at the same time, too. so that's what i'm doing. >> how are you protecting yourself? >> carrying a gun. at all times. waiting for it to happen. >> prosecutors here saying, brian, that they are upping the penalty. it's two to 20 years if you burglarize a home not during a natural disaster now it's 5 to life with mandatory
4:26 am
jail time. message to the looters don't do it or they are going to catch you. brian? brian: crisis reveals character and some don't have any. thanks, griff, appreciate it. meanwhile, ainsley. ainsley: thanks, brian. it's one of the most iconic scenes in a movie, watch this. [rhett, if you go where shall i go, what should i do? >> frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn. ainsley: now gone with the wind has been pulled from annual screening at the historic orpheum theater. joining us is lawrence jones and radio talk show host. hello to both of you. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> good morning. jamila, i will start with you, because i know you are in favor of them removing this movie. i wanted to find out why you are. do you feel like it's racially insensitive. >> a movie glorifying slavery is always going to be racially insensitive. my issue here is that this
4:27 am
is a business and the business of making money. if they decide well, you know, we have been showing the film that has been has got on beta max and vhs and dvd and blue ray and online download and streaming services, you know, they are not paying to come into our theater. people are complaining the climate of the country is such that now they don't want to be seeing movies glorifying where white people could own black people and impregnate black people. >> then don't show up to the movies. >> then don't show it at the theater. don't say that because the theater has made the decision to not show the movie that there is something wrong with that business decision. ainsley: lawrence, what are your thoughts? >> the problem is that this is public pressure to actually shut down the showing. they there are plenty of movies that i don't like that are out there and i just choose not to show up to the theater. this is not so much about racial tension as it is control. people can choose with their ticket if they want to support the film or not. at the end of the day, you
4:28 am
are right. it is a business. and if you want to get the business' attention, don't just show up and buy a ticket. don't try to shut it down for everybody else that wants to see the film. ainsley: if you all look at the fact. >> no one is trying to ban anything. ainsley: jamila, it's been playing for 34 years. tradition factor people are upset about. academy awards love story southern bell and confederate soldier and maddy mcdowell was the first american actress to win an academy award. those are a lot of positive things that came out of this movie. wouldn't that be positive for the african-american community? hatie mcdaniel won the award whether this movie or not doesn't take anything away from hatie mcdaniel who could not go into any restaurant or establishment as she accepted her oscar award for her performance. so, to say well, you're denying the heritage, you know, clark gable is a black man. was a black man. nobody talked about the fact
4:29 am
that, you know, this is someone who is an historic american icon who passes -- honor her all you want. go hatie mcdaniel. she was a wonderful actress and played a mammy. ainsley: real quickly. >> right. we got it here's the problem, ainsley. here's the problem. we have seen this is a trend. whether you are talking about shoes or other issues. even hbo has this other series calling confederate. they haven't taped one scene yet and people are asking for it to be removed. this is a to shut down conversations and i would caution people with this strategy because you don't know what's next. we need these conversations people can choose with their dollars or if they want to go to these movies or not.
4:30 am
to suggest we should just shut everything down, not have these conversations won't remove hate. ainsley: all right, jamail la. >> no one said to not do that we need to recognize. >> that's what they are calling for. >> i'm not calling for anything. ainsley: saying goodbye to both of you. we want you had to come on. we wanted to hear your opinions. thank you for being with us. have a great day. >> thank you. ainsley: hurricane victims don't have a good day ahead. already rescued once and watching waters rise inside emergency centers now. we are live on the ground as the disaster continues to shift. health and human services secretary tom price just back from houston and joins us live from washington. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well.
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4:34 am
absolute panic mode. pete pete people being flooded out again. lighting up desperate pleas for help as nearly every home in that city is under water. brian: rob schmitt in sugarland, texas with breaking details. every time we go to you each time the water seems lower, is that the case now? rob: oirks, yeah. this is being pumped out. it is dropping fast. the sun is going to be out today. it's going to be a hot and sunny day. so parts of houston will definitely dry up. other parts will see the rivers rising as water comes in from other areas. reservoir problem here. some neighborhoods actually could see water rising today as other neighborhoods will dramatically dry out. let's go over to port arthur hundred miles east of here on the border with louisiana. it is a dire situation this morning. this is a town of 50,000 people right on the texas, louisiana border. they are right near the water there is a lot of water around them. a lot of these people took refuge in civic city. they watched as floodwaters came into the civic center.
4:35 am
they are hanging out in gymnasium where they had to basically take shelter from this storm. and then the water started to come in there. port arthur got something like 40 inches of rain from this storm thus far. and the water just continues to rise. and the problem there is it's not a big town. again, it's 50,000 people. they don't have a lot of emergency operations. they don't have enough people to answer 911 calls. there was one woman on twitter saying my phone battery sat 9%. i don't have power. i can't charge it up. i'm pregnant and i have no way to get out of here. please asking people her friends on twitter to keep calling 911 for her. you are seeing situations like that. it's a very scary morning for a lot of people there and a lot of them don't have power to even figure out what is going on and happening there. as that situation continues, you know, you just hope for the best. and in a really ugly situation. the only saving grace for port arthur is this storm, now tropical storm harvey moves on, it will stop raining there in port arthur sometime later on this morning. that was according to a
4:36 am
meteorologist we saw from the beaumont area. as we look at the weather radar, can you see that that storm will clear thatter i can't. the rain should stop there some time in the next few hours. it's been a very scary morning there. there has been a lot of damage and a lot of people have water waste high in their homes. and are wondering how they are going to get out of there. that's when we have been talking a lot about the cajun navy and stuff like that. we will need people like that come in there and help in these situations. federal response take as couple days. that is the situation east of here in port arthur, texas. guys, back to you. brian: thanks, rob, appreciate it. 24 minutes now before the top of the hour. ainsley: bring in tom price secretary of health and human services. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks, ainsley. you were traveling with the president yesterday. you were there at the table with him. tell us what happened. >> well, i think the message from yesterday is the incredible partnership and cooperation between the local, city, county, state officials along with the federal government. what the president shared with folks is his passion, his love for the country but
4:37 am
his concern about those individuals that have been affected by this historic storm. the resources that have been brought to bear from the federal government to assist the local city, county and state folks are unprecedented. here at hhs we have more individuals deployed than ever in the history of hhs. to make certain that individuals are not just getting to safety, but to make sure that their healthcare needs are met. so it was a remarkable visit. we saw the spirit and the enthusiasm and the compassion of texans. understanding that as your report just showed, we are still in the rescue and the life saving phase. pete: mr. secretary, you were right there next to the president as he was briefed but also as he was able to talk to people affected by the storm. a very human experience. talk to his about his personal reaction. how did it affect him and his view of the reaction down there? >> well, the president has a great passion for the american people. and when he sees people hurting, it hurts him. and so what he has attempted to convey to individuals is the concern of the federal
4:38 am
government. the commitment of the federal government to make certain that we do all that we can to help those folks on the ground get through this incredibly devastating storm. the challenges that we will have will be ongoing for years, literally. this is not just a couple week event. remember, we're measuring rainfall here in feet, not in inches, in feet. so the consequences of that are significant and we are going to do all that we can from a federal government standpoint to make sure we get people back in their homes and back to what is -- what will be a new normal. brian: we understand a lot of the people got to go to shelters and some don't realize they have a home to go back to. what are the numbers have you been told that you are going to be dealing with in terms of the survivors of this, the refugees of this? >> yeah. this is preliminary, but it looks like about 500,000 individuals will be -- have their home impacted in some way. their home or their living area impacted some way. now, some of them will be able to get fema's commitment to be able to get them back in just as rapidly as possible. understanding that water is
4:39 am
absolutely destructive and so they are going to need to be things that will be done to make certain that their homes or their apartments or their living situation is safe. but 500,000 individuals will have to be cared for in some way to make certain that we can address their needs. brian: sometimes those houses can be weapons because they rebuild and the mold comes back and maybe some construction people looking to make a quick buck won't even do the correct analysis. and people end up suffering long-term effects from that. >> yeah. the healthcare challenges are significant and most individuals that are harmed by a major storm like this, and make flooding episode aren't harmed in the storm itself but have challenges later because of their medical conditions. so chronic medical illnesses, chronic diseases that can't be met because the doctor's office is closed. people can't get to their doctor. they can't get to their dialysis unit. they can't get to their pharmacy. all of the things we
4:40 am
consider normal in the course of our day-to-day activities those things are interrupted. that's where the federal government comes. in that's where h.h.s. comes in and makes certain that those gaps are filled. brian: it sounds crazy, but i see here and other channels their commenting that the president didn't talk about the human condition when he was sitting around the table with you and senator cruz and governor abbott. what's your reaction to that? >> well, it pains the american people to see folks picking a president who has such passion for the american people. i have met with the president on multiple occasions where i have felt his concern and compassion and love for the american people. he clearly demonstrated that yesterday. his commitment was to get down there and to say to texans and to the folks who have been harmed by this storm we are with you. we are all together in this. americans helping americans. pete: if there was ever a time for health and human services it is now. mr. secretary, thanks for joining us. ainsley: thank you for what you are doing for the
4:41 am
american people. 20 minutes before the hour. brian: american businesses stepping up giving anything they can to help save lives in the wake of hurricane harvey. one of the companies joins us next. we will tell you more. pete: the governor of louisiana joins us live as harvey makes landfall for a third time now. governor john bell edwards is next. ♪ ♪ ke with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) the joy of real cream in 15 calories per serving. enough said. reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy.
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4:44 am
pete: we are back with a fox news alert. tropical storm harvey making landfall for now a third time overnight just across the texas border in cammeron, louisiana, slamming the gulf state with even more heavy rain. ainsley: janice dean is tracking harvey's path. what's the latest? janice: the latest is houston is out of the woods in terms of rainfall today. but southeast texas, louisiana, up towards the mississippi river valley we are still dealing with heavy rain and of course all eyes right now on port arthur and beaumont, texas in to flooding emergencies here. the mayor saying that
4:45 am
emergency crews can't get to you. their city is under water. so when you see rainfall rates of 4 to 6 inches an hour, that is where we are going to be dealing with potential rainfall situation across louisiana, parts of arkansas, mississippi river valley. by tomorrow, this storm will move north and eastward but, really, i mean, the damage is already done. catastrophic damage and we're now at the wettest tropical system ever on record. and i think we might actually make it the wettest ever in u.s. history. when we get the latest rainfalls. back to you, brian. brian: all right, as janice mentioned, harvicky is back and making landfall, yep, in louisiana. hitting that state as it marks the 12th anniversary of hurricane katrina. do you believe this? our next guest warns the worst is yet to come. joining us right now democratic governor of louisiana john bel edwards. governor, thanks for joining us in a time in which you are already being hit by this hurricane. what parts of your state have you most concern? >> well, good morning, brian. we remain most concerned about southwest louisiana. cammeron parish where harvey
4:46 am
did make landfall a few hours ago, that -- we have curfew there until 9:00 this morning. we know we have 500 power outages and numerous roads are overtopped with water. this morning thus far i can tell you the worst case scenario has not happened. we are very grateful for that but we do need this storm to get moving. get it over land and lead it dissipate in strength and stop drawing all that moisture out of gulf. the other thing that's going to happen is once that storm surge stops. the rivers will be able to drain as they normally do. the water that's elevated right now will actually go down and we will all be much better off. but thus far, things are not going as bad as we had feared and we are hopeful that we are going to be able to get through the next 24 hours or so without tremendous amount of damage. brian: the mayor has told -- urged residents to stay home yesterday. and i guess today do you back him in that decision to
4:47 am
stay? not to evacuate? >> the mayor of new orleans? brian: yes. mayor landrieu. >> okay, brian. i'm sorry. brian: mayor landrieu. >> i spoke to the mayor last night. and based on the forecast for today, that is not the situation in or liens parish. i think you are going to see the schools open again there today. and you are going to see normal activity. and of course, i back the mayor's decision because he knows better than anybody else what actually is going on there in terms of the vulnerability they have with the reduced capability of producing the electricity they need to run the pumps and then how many ever pumps may not be operational at this time. they worked all through yesterday to restore some of that capacity. and he made a decision based on the forecast and i think you are going to see things in or liens return to normal today. brian: i know you have opened up your arms to the people of houston and you wonder what's going to be going on in louisiana. i understand the president
4:48 am
has reached out to you. can you give us an idea how that conversation went? >> well, sure. actually, we have had two conversations now. and both of them he was very gracious and obviously concerned about the people of our state. he was here last year after record flooding in august. and so he wanted to make sure that we had what we need. we appreciate the fact that he very quickly signed the emergency declaration that we had requested. i think we submitted it late on sunday evening. he signed it before 7:00 on monday morning. and so the president has been engaged. i will tell you all of our fema partners you, i should say federal partners but fema administrator brock long especially has been engaged and you just had dr. price, secretary price on. he actually declared a public health emergency in louisiana several days ago. which is going to help us because we're going to have so much standing water across our state, one of the things we're going to need to do is spray for
4:49 am
mosquitoes. i know that's not something you normally think about when the water is high. but we know with the mosquito born viruses like ezekiel and west nile that's going to be a big public health issue going forward. that declaration will be very helpful. thus far we have had tremendous support from our federal partners and we appreciate it very much here in louisiana. brian: if people in louisiana are watching here and thankfully we have a lot of viewers there, what should they know about where to go if they feel as though they are in a block and town that is going to get overwhelmed? >> well, threes a great point the storm entered at the extreme southwest corner of our state. we believe it's going to travel northeast and exit our state in a northeast corner. between now and then, we are going to have some tornadoes. we're going to have power outages. we're going to have a lot more rain. and so we need people to be cautious. the number one cause of fatalities in storm like this are people driving through water when they
4:50 am
don't know how deep it is. how fast it is moving. because a road is marked closed doesn't mean it's safe because motorist also beat our highway department or our police department to those locations. but i do want to thank the folks of the cajun navy who are being good neighbors to our friends in texas. they are doing a remarkable work. we have got fishery agencies in houston area today partnering up with their counterparts in texas. making rescues. and. brian: gotcha, governor. >> consistent with our ability to do so, we are looking forward to sheltering folks in texas up in the shreveport area. brian: cajun navy people with boats who helped out people in two states. john edwards, best of best oluck.>> brian, thank you very much. brian: rain has stopped but floodwaters still rising this morning in houston this as american businesses are stepping up to give anything they can to help save lives in hurricane harvey. one of those companies will join us next. ♪ ♪
4:51 am
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4:53 am
4:54 am
♪ pete: american companies are stepping up to do their part. helping with flood rescue and relief in texas. ainsley: that's right. bass pro shop is one of them. they are providing more than 80 tracker boats and $40,000 worth of food and supplies to the folks that are victims as a result of hurricane harvey. pete: very cool. we worked a good bit with that company. they do outdoor segments here on the show. to see them stepping up at a time like this, it's not just boats, 80 boats as you mentioned, but also motors and life vests. they have opened up their stores to take people into their homes providing protein rich foods like uncle bucks premium beef jerky. listen, you just want something to put your belly
4:55 am
whether you have no other option. ainsley: company is big in texas. way to thank folks that shop in their store and say you have got our back. guess what? we have got your backs during times of trouble. pete: that's right. you have got the u.s. coast guard they have served upwards of 4 or 5,000 people. they don't have enough small boats. put it back up. flat bottom tracker boats that bass pro shops traffics in. there you see them right there. those are the boats you need to get on the streets not flood 10 feet but 5 or 3 feet. you can't drop a motor all the way down or you will ruin your motor. providing motors and life vests but also the right type of boats. this comes because the texas governor greg abbott reached out to the ceo of bass pro shops and johnny morris and said hey we need your help. ainsley: wonderful what all these companies are doing. lady antebellum had a concert in houston. many of you guys love lady antebellum. they decided to play in dallas. they gave all their proceeds
4:56 am
from the concert to the victims of harvey. pete: absolutely. they work with an organization, they have a partnership with a group called convoy of hope, i'm talking about bass pro shops. national not for profit founder springfield, missouri. they are across the country. they have done this before but nothing on this scope to contributing amount of boats and resources like other companies are. speaks to the american spirit. not always about the bottom line. sometimes it's about those customers in need of help. ainsley: that's right. still ahead, joel osteen is opening church doors to thousands of flood victims in houston. not fast enough for his critics. he will join us live with his side of the story next. pete: former white house press secretary ari fleischer. ted cruz and former president trump campaign manager david bossie join us live in the next hour. don't go anywhere. ♪
4:57 am
4:58 am
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5:00 am
pete: moments ago, harvey making labrador fall for a second time dumping a historic amount of rain in texas. trump: i will tell you, the whole world is really seeing and gaining such respect for everybody. the job you have done is incredible. >> the president got to hear firsthand from people and learn firsthand the challenges that they're facing, the needs that they have, and the reality. >> what's most upsetting to you right now? >> the fact that i waited so long and my kids -- i mean, my kids were in danger. >> unfortunately, one life lost yesterday was a houston police officer. >> as much as we wanted to recover him last night, i could not put more officers at risk. >> i mean, today and yesterday, it's just in completely under water. trump: you know what? it happened in texas, and texas can handle anything. [cheers and applause]
5:01 am
brian: here we go. fox news alert now. harvey back on land slamming louisiana right now. ainsley: the storm's torrential rain triggering massive flooding in texas. pete: and just east of houston, nearly every single home in that city, every one is increasing in the surrounding area. people taking to social media pleading for help. >> i think they're trying to get the coast guard out there. the rain is getting stronger. pray for me. brian: she has only 9% of her battery left. folks calling 9-1-1, the sheriff saying there's nothing he could do. water now taking over shelter where families fled to escape the rainfall. ainsley: wow. harvey's wrath also trapping thousands, including this one where
5:02 am
neighbors to get out a pregnant woman, and they were trying to get her to the hospital in time to welcome a baby girl. they are doing okay now. pete: all of this happening in realtime get through tracking harvey's latest path. janice, good morning. >> yeah. even as the storm lifts north and east where we're going to be tracking these incredible heartbreaking stories and obviously we've got incredible amounts of rainfall. recording setting rainfall but beaumont and port arthur right now in a major emergency. we are seeing cities under water. that's the reason we're focusing on houston, there's 6 million people there. but all of these small towns, east of houston, south of houston, we're going to see devastation. cities under water, beaumont and port arthur 30 inches of rainfall. and they should be worse in the next couple of hours, but we've been seeing rates of four to six to eight inches an
5:03 am
hour, and that's why we have the incredible storm totals. future radar, still lingering today but thursday finally getting caught up in a cold front, a trough of low pressure that's going to tabling north and eastward, but we're still going to see rainfall upwards of a foot parts of louisiana, mississippi, and kentucky. and if i could real quick, we are in the tropical season, we are watching this area of low pressure, 90% chance of formation. watch this computer model, guys, because obviously we need lead up time with these storms. this could be the next hurricane in the matter of days. a major hurricane watching the east coast of the next week. back to you. pete: thanks, janice. ainsley: thank you, janice. now opening his megachurch to thousands of flood victims in houston. but not fast enough for his critics who accused him of initially reducing shelter to the evacuateees. brian: yeah, it's an unbelievably mean-spirited story but joining us right now
5:04 am
is a guy who's always positive. joe olsenene. great to see you, joel. i wish it was better circumstances. but let's just handle -- >> that's all right. great to be with you. brian: just to handle early on, people say they wanted you to open your doors as a shelter. in fact, this is one tweet that came out. some of their parking is underground, but they could still drop people off at the door easily. another tweet said really hope the reports of joe olsenene aren't true. open up your church to show god love. what's your reaction to some of these people who say you have your doors closed? >> the church doors have always been open. we took people in as soon as the water reseated. there's a shelter down the street where they have thousands and thousands of people. but they've always been open. this is what lakewood is about. and some of those people who make some
5:05 am
of those comments is they don't realize is that the church flooded before in 2001 and there was a point during the heavy rains where it was one foot from breaching our floodgates. if we didn't have the floodgates, we wouldn't be here right now. so it's a safety issue. we took people in when the big shelter filled up, people started coming here. i don't know. sometimes people try to make that narrative that we're not open for people. but we've been doing this for 60 years, and we'll continue to do it. ainsley: what do you make of all of this? gosh, you're an amazing man. i watch you on sundays, your messages are always positive and happy, and you have so much love for other people. and when you hear this negativity, you hear them say that your church is closed, it's not. your church didn't flood and they took a picture of outside. but you actually sent us inside your church. what do you want to say to your critics?
5:06 am
>> you know, i don't pay much attention to it. you just keep moving forward. i think life's too short to let that negative get in. but, you know, social media's powerful these days, and i think some of it is just people that don't like people me or people of faith, and you just have to keep moving forward and just doing your best not letting other people run your life and staying true before god and know that you're helping others. again, part of it is if you're not in this situation, it's easy to just judgments. this is a huge storm. you don't have staff here. just a whole lot of things going on that people don't really see. but the main thing is our church doors are always open. pete: do you have any regrets? one of the criticisms of megachurches sometimes is they're very focused on the souls but not all the time of the communities that surround them. any regrets that you work more proactive at the beginning?
5:07 am
we were rebuilding a roof for somebody from katrina just last week. we were open again. this was a huge storm. this building was in potential of being flooded like it did, you know, 16 years ago. but, you know, i try to just keep running my race and doing what i'm called today. and that's what we're seeing today, just thousands of houstonians helping others. ainsley: so many of our viewers, they watch you, and they're concerned for your family too. how did this affect you, your house, and what about some of your staffers? i understand some of your staffers were under water? their homes under water? >> yeah. lots of the staff. our house is all fine, thank the lord. but even our youth pastor, she was standing knee-deep holding the baby, they're by the bayou. they're calling, but there's nothing we can do except can we get a boat? the city response and county is fantastic. but, man, when you have thousands of people, sometimes the elderly, the afflicted,
5:08 am
and you've got to get them first. it was -- of course, we've never seen anything like it. i've been here my whole life. but houstonians are strong but, you know, we need prayer, we need support. brian: right so what's behind you? it looks like you're getting a lot of support. i also saw the blow up mattresses. actually, the blue ones which are comfortable. i just bought one. and you have them lined up in the hallway. so what could -- people are looking around or they're stuck in port arthur where it got flooded, what do you say to them? can they come to you? >> yeah. absolutely. they can come, we're here to help anybody. we can give supplies and also, brian, people are bringing supplies. we're a distribution center for the city and all the baby supplies, medical supplies, blankets, pillows, all the things they bring here, we'll distribute to shelters around time. so it's going to be a big day for receiving and giving. pete: what are your plans for sunday? will you be giving a sermon as normal? >> yeah. we'll have services, but i don't think it will be
5:09 am
normal. we'll probably have just -- in one sense a celebration that we're all here. that god brought us through. we'll pray for the families of those -- especially those that lost loved ones. but it's just time to regroup, and i think in these difficult times, that's when you turn to your faith and say, lord, we thank you anyway, even though sometimes you don't understand it, god gives you the strength. so we'll just try to pour some strength and love and hope back into people and believe we'll come out better than before. brian: joe ol'stein, thank you so much. we're only in day five. thank you so much. pete: more headlines. jillian. >> good morning. we are following breaking news right now. fox news alert to bring you. the u.s. shooting down of a ballistic missile off the coast of hawaii testing its new defense system. after north korea shot a rocket over japan earlier this week. kim jong-un warning that missile was just a preview for what's in store for the u.s. territory of guam.
5:10 am
earlier the cia chief told us north korea's threats are unacceptable. >> i would expect that the intelligence community and the u.s. military's working very closely together on that challenge. and i think shooting down a weapon with missile defense is certainly an option. it's part of making it clear that we won't stand for these additional tests. >> president trump condemning north korea's missile test saying all options are on the table. and an american man is behind bars busted trying to join isis in syria. 22-year-old detained in the middle east and sent back home to new york city. he's facing up to 20 years behind bars. ahmed has been on the government's radar for years after making posts about terrorism on social media. he once told federal agents he wrote them when he was high on marijuana. finally can telling me
5:11 am
antifa. berkeley's mayor now calling on uc berkeley to cancel a conservative free speech rally next month. this after violent clashes erupted in february over an appearance by milo. >> if there was a far left speaker that would come to berkeley campus who we knew would draw extremist groups to clash, i would express the same concern. nothing to do with the speech. >> the school says they have no plans to cancel the event. even the youngest americans are lending a helping hand to harvey victims. take a look. 5-year-old jet was born in houston now lives in philadelphia and proudly wearing his texas hat and superman cape where he set up a lemonade stand to help do his part. >> sad. >> why are you sad? >> because there was a hurricane. >> jet's mom is in the coast guard and said she could not be more proud at last check, jet had raised over $100. and every dollar counts in a
5:12 am
situation like that. he's 5 years old. >> good stuff. brian: all right. yeah, sometimes kids have a -- meanwhile, fox news alert in the wake of historic flooding, now victims are facing threats of armed robbers and looters. we're on the ground with that next. pete: then former trump campaign manager david bossie and texas senator ted cruz join us live. don't go anywhere it's time to rethink what's possible. rethink the experience. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief uses unique mistpro technology and helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. rethink your allergy relief. flonase sensimist. ♪
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5:16 am
ainsley: a fox news alert as if historic flooding wasn't bad enough. now houston residents are facing threats from armed robbers and looters. brian: live in houston with a looting story. hey, griff. >> hey, good morning, guys. first, look at the blue sky behind me. a breath of fresh air. we haven't seen the sun for five days. but the folks here, particularly those who live around the dams that were overflowing is going to face more flooding. officials say to the reservoirs behind us in this area expect to be flooded until october. and as you mention, more problems, and that is the looting, the houston police department arresting 14 armed robbers in a local store. we've heard other counts of looting going on, ever since
5:17 am
the storm hit. we talked to a woman courtney booker. an amazing woman that survived not only harvey, but she lived in new orleans and katrina. she remembers the looting then, and she's worried about it now. here's what she has to say. >> it's already started. i think it's a combination of desperation. people needing things. don't have cash. i don't particularly ride with my pistol, but i have it now. >> so don't rob courtney there. that's the message. but more importantly from the police chief here in houston, he says we are not going to mess with this. we will catch you if you try to do it. the prosecutors stiffening penalties if you burglarize a home under current law it's 2 to 20 years penalty. now in this situation it's five years to life with a mandatory prison sentence. guys. >> that's what law-abiding people want to hear. you have to be tough in tough times. ainsley: who are these people and who raised them?
5:18 am
take advantage of someone in a tough time and rob them and loot them when they're going through so much already. pete: that's why you have to crack down. there has to be no incentive to do it because there are going to be bad people that take advantage of these situations. well, up next on president trump's agenda, tackling tax reform. how will that look? campaign manager david bossie on that. ainsley: and the devastation in texas just beginning. what does that state need? we're going to ask senator ted z badda book. badda boom. that's it? he means book direct at for the lowest price on our rooms guaranteed. plus earn free nights and instant rewards at check-in. yeah. like i said. book now at itthe power of nexium 24hr protection
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did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. ainsley: we have quick headlines for you. defense secretary james matted
5:22 am
i say haggled military. this is a study of how to best carry out's directive to impact military's readiness and budget. and the city of denver taking steps to protect illegals. city council members unanimously passing a new measure banning officials from asking an arrested person about their immigration status. also ignore ice detainer requests from conducting in-person jail interviews without a warrant. pete: well, it is one of the main focuses of his domestic agenda. and today in missouri, president trump will lay out an official plan for his tax reform. brian: so what should we expect? here to break it down is a former deputy campaign manager and fox news contributor david bossie. david, interesting. the president's handling the crisis. he's going to go back there on saturday. but today, look what we get in terms of the speech. of course, the acknowledgment of what he just saw. and then are we going to get details on tax reform? will that be the only theme of this speech in missouri?
5:23 am
>> well, first of all, let me just reflect on texas just for a moment. it is a heart-moving thing to watch. as a former first responder myself, it is an crenel thing to see texans coming across the state to help each other. it's an amazing thing, and i'm glad the president went down. it's not the first time either. i want to reflect back one year ago in baton rouge when that state was being inundated with historic flooding one year ago, attorney general jeff landy called and invited president trump, and he was there in 48 hours. this is not the first time he visited flood-ravaged areas. he went down there and vice president pence hand delivered things that those people needed to survive, and he even donated. president trump donated to churches in that area to help their parishioners. so this is not the first time that president trump has come
5:24 am
forward to help the american people and be a leader when we all need one. ainsley: what can we expect in springfield? >> you know, i'm excited about today and tax reform. we need tax reform. the american people deserve tax relief. businesses and corporations across america desire tax reform so that they understand the rules going forward so that they can create those jobs for the american people going forward. with just deregulation and optimism for this trump economy, you know, the president has created one million new jobs. 2.6% economic growth in the second quarter. the dow is at historic highs. it is all ready to go. we just need congress to marry up with the president and deliver him tax reform so that he can sign it this year.
5:25 am
pete: david, who's going to drive this process? on obamacare, it was largely driven. is this a signal the white house is going to end this and how do you make sure this ends differently? >> i look at tax reform as something you're giving people. obamacare was taking away things. it's a different argument, and i think that tax reform should be much simpler to get through. there's a lot of people with a lot of different ideas. they all think they're good ideas and smart ideas. we need to come together on a set of solutions and make it happen. so i believe in paul ryan on taxes. i believe paul ryan and mitch mconly connell are going to lead the house, and they must get together. they have to get onboard before we really start this process. and they need to start today by listening to the president and his optimistic message to the american people so that he
5:26 am
can explain why we need tax relief. look, our country is literally dead last in the corporate race. 16% higher. brian: the thing that's going to be hard is get rid of the mortgage tax deduction? oh, you better not. well, you better. and the question is steve mnuchin and gary cohn going to put together proposals? fine. did anybody talk to chairman abrady on ways and means? by the way, you've got 12 days. >> well, we don't have 12 days for tax reform. we have 12 days for a lot of budgetary and debt ceiling issues in september. tax reform has to get started right away so that we can pass in october. it needs to get done this year. i don't care what day it happens. it has to happen this year to take effect this year so that the american people feel tax relief. brian: is there any emphasis
5:27 am
to get democratic vote? because you need 60. >> we do need trump democrats, and they're out there. whether it's mansion, there are states where they overwhelmingly won their states or won their states whether it's pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, ohio. you name it. there are places across -- indiana. there are places where democrats are in these seats that they need to show the american people they're trying to get something done. the time for obstruction is over. tax reform is vital. the engine is ready to take off, and we just need to unleash the optimism so that the american people can did deliver for each other, really. and that's what this is all about. >> thank you for your insight. ainsley: thanks, david. >> thanks. >> president trump promising rapid relief in texas after harvey.
5:28 am
what should that look like? texas senator ted cruz is here after that. >> interesting to get his take. and new nightmare unfolding as floodwaters take over a shelter in texas. we're live on the ground with the latest. >> the only place we could go. god help us all that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated. can make anyone slow downt and pull up a seat to the table. that's why she takes the time to season her turkey to perfection, and make stuffing from scratch. so that you can spend time on what really matters. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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to help avoid eye injury and contamination, do not touch the bottle tip to your eye or other surfaces. wait 15 minutes after use before inserting contact lenses. the most common side effect is a temporary burning sensation. your eyes. your tears. ask your eye doctor about restasis multidose. >> all i'm doing right now is we're in survival mode, and i'm trying to save as many people as we can. >> an absolute nightmare situation playing out right now in port arthur texas just east of houston people living in panic mode. brian: yeah, why not? the victims who escaped to shelters and that they're okay, now they're being flooded out again from the shelter. social media lightning up desperate plea for help as nearly every home in the city under water. ainsley: rob schmidt is live in sugar land, texas with
5:32 am
breaking details. rob. . >> having a hard time right now just to the west, and as you can see it's a beautiful morning in the drying out process, but we're not through the woods even here in houston yet. you have reservoirs that are overfilled with water that's going to spill down in neighborhood. so you could see selected areas water continuing to rise, even if you continue to see the river continue to go up from water that's coming up from the north. so we've got to deal with that. the other big issue this morning is port arthur texas. it's right on the border of louisiana and texas, and they have gotten a tremendous amount of rain from the storm as well. something like 40 inches, and this is an area that's just surrounded by water and from what we understand, the situation is very dire and port arthur texas this morning.
5:33 am
it's a town of about 50,000 people. they did not evacuate port arthur, texas. they made shelters from what i can tell at a bowling alley and also the civic center. and those shelters have begun to flood themselves. so the places where people have gone for refuge from the storm, now the shelters are flooding. imagine that situation and what they're trying to deal with as we have video of that. and we also have a sound byte from one woman here who says where do they go now? they can't go home and the shelter is now filling up with water. let's listen to that. >> the water's rising. . >> the only place we could go. god help us all. >> we were also following a pregnant woman on twitter tweeting out she had very low battery on her phone, she didn't have a charger because her battery was out. she said i've been calling and calling. the other issue is there were
5:34 am
not enough phones to call 9-1-1. so this family said please keep calling for me. i'm pregnant, and i have no way out of my house. the shun come out, though, on port arthur today. the sun will clear that area. we expect by noon according to local meteorologist there and also, we can tell you the oil refinery there is being shut down as a precaution. so that is the situation out of east texas and south texas here in houston. we'll send it back to you guys. pete: rob schmidt live from sugar land, texas talking about port arthur, which is under water right now. brian: 26 minutes to the top of the hour, let's go to texas where we have ted cruz who i understand is going to shelter to shelter to find out what people need. senator, thank you for joining us. can you give us an idea of the messages you're getting from the people about what they need at this hour? >> well, good morning. it's good to be with you this morning. so i'm right now at the largest shelter that was stood up. it has a capacity of about
5:35 am
5,000 as of last night, we had over 9,000 people here. and people are doing well. the conversations i've had the people who have been airlifted by helicopters as water rose through their homes or walked through rushing water to get out, people who have lost everything. more than anything they express gratitude to be alive and safe. it's inspiring, given it is obviously deeply traumatic to lose your home, wedding pictures, and all sorts of things that are near and dear to your heart and yet the sentiment over and over again i'm hearing is people are saying thank god i'm alive. thank you, god, my kids are alive, and we're safe. and people are starting to
5:36 am
escape the rushing waters and people are thinking about the horrific task in the wake of the storm. ainsley: senator, what do they need at the convention centers? bottles, formula, food, has anyone told you what they're lacking? >> so it varies shelter by shelter. i was here two days ago, and you have historians driving up with arms full of diapers and clothes donating them in large numbers. so i spent much of the morning helping serve chilly there, and there have been piles and piles of clothes that have been donated. so each person there was able to pick out clothes that they liked, and we were helping sort through to find sizes that they fit them. because for many people, the clothes on their back is all they got out with. brian: right today even though the rain hasn't stopped, today
5:37 am
is going to be an additional challenge. what are you doing to open up more shelters and get people things like change of clothes, food, pathway to get some money to get into a hotel. >> well, all of that is getting stood up through fema. fema is the central point on helping people find housing. and depending on what the condition of their home is. some people who fled, their home may not have been flooded, they may be able to today or tomorrow depending on the roadway. the home itself is a lot clearer. the heart of the storm has now moved over to beaumont and louisiana. i just saw a picture of the i-10 freeway that was covered in water and had waves of whitecaps in the middle of the freeway. i mean, this is a frightening storm and people are continuing very much to be in harms way. here, the process, you know, in terms of you were asking
5:38 am
what people need at the shelters, what i would suggest to folks if you want to help out is to go to the website, both are coordinating massive relief efforts, and they can give you opportunities to volunteer, whether you're in the houston area, but there are also people fleeing this disaster, if you live in texas, you can go and volunteer at the shelter. i would encourage you to do that. they also list items that they need, and that varies shelter by shelter in terms of of the donations that are needed. and of course financial contributions to help purchase what's needed, all of those are ways to help. >> in some ways it remained a survival mode search-and-rescue and others are starting to look at recovery. and that conversation inevitably moves to the size and scope and speed of federal support. we had the governor chris christie on this program
5:39 am
earlier he had poignant comments about how texas gets support. take a listen to what he had to say, and we'll get your reaction. >> senator cruz's accusation of two-thirds of the sandy bill port is absolutely ridiculous. washington post did a fact check on it yesterday. that's consistent with what i remember at the time. there was a senate bill consistent with that and all of that got stripped out. because all of us, including new jersey rejected to it. they were playing politics with it. they were all getting ready to do what they wanted to do for 2016 and make themselves seem like the most conservative person. the fact of the matter is there's not a liberal way to deal with people who are drowning and dying. pete: strong comments. what do you make of harvey? >> well, i'm sorry there are politicians that are desperate to get their names in the news and saying whatever they need to do that. we have a crisis on the ground
5:40 am
of people who are hurting right now, people who are in arms way whose lives and families are in jeopardy as we speak. and i'll tell you, my focus -- and i wish the focus of others would be on saving the lives that are being threatened. i have been spending much of the past week -- i've been in houston for the past week almost nonstop. and i've been spending much of the past week trying to coordinate federal, state, and local search-and-rescue efforts, make sure we have the assets on the ground. make sure we have helicopters and boats and high water trucks. make sure we're able to get the resources to the people who are in need, and i think that that should bring us together. now, when the storm passes, and it will pass hopefully in the next days, the community will rebuild, and that's going to be a long process. and a process set out by statutes. the fema statute sets out a formula for calculating how
5:41 am
it's available to rebuild their homes and businesses. that is a long-standing formula, and i think we can fully expect that congress will step up in a serious way to meet what is going to be an enormous need. the damage is devastating. no one right now has calculated the magnitude of the damage because everyone is focused on saving lives. there's a time in the process when you work on rebuilding, but i think you will see congress act united that they're entitled to under federal law. i know we have the commitment of the president. the president gave his strong commitment of doing so. and for folks who are focused on raising political shots and snipes about the family bill, facts matter. and a simple fact is that sandy bill was over $50 billion and 70% of it was
5:42 am
nonemergency. only 30% of the money was emergency funding for victims of sandy. part of that was money for fisheries in alaska. >> unfortunately, senator, that's -- we're up against a break here. but i think you got your point across, and i think that going from shelter to shelter is a great thing to do. appreciate it. >> well, and i just want to say to the listeners how grateful we are for their prayers, love, and their support for the people of texas. brian: senator ted cruz, thank you. >> appreciate it. pete: president trump visiting storm-ravaged texas. the first natural disaster of his presidency. so how did he do? the answer is in this image right here. ainsley: and texas and louisiana are dealing with this catastrophe, all the left is focused on is that picture right there. the first lady stilettos. seriously? charlie on that coming up americans,
5:43 am
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5:46 am
ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. major reservoirs spilling in a neighborhood after harvey dumps more than 50 inches on houston. pete: the historic storm is now blamed for 18 deaths. brian: knocks news is near the reservoir where i understand the water was higher then but there's no reason to panic yet; right? >> correct. good morning ainsley, pete, brian. yeah. so the water here has only begun to rise. so we're at a part of west houston that they haven't experienced much flooding. the rainfall has stopped here in houston. over 50 inches in some parts. an incredible storm. but here, we're dealing with a reservoir that's down street. a creek that runs through this
5:47 am
area and the attics reservoir has reached a capacity that's causing it to dump into the buffalo bayou, and you can see folks, they're coming out here as the sun has started to rise and taking photos because this part of houston has not yet experienced this type of flooding. just last night, i was talking to a few residents a little bit ago, but they went to bed, they came out here, and it wasn't like this. but as that attics reservoir has reached capacity, it's beginning to fill into the buffalo bayou. now, it's controlled because the bayou here fills into downtown houston, so you don't want that flood to happen downtown. but these residents here are now dealing with this, and that's beginning to cause the problem. so coming back out here, you see that folks are coming out of their homes and seeing all the water. there's actually a rescue boat that came into this water because people are still in their homes in the areas that didn't see the flooding just a couple of days ago.
5:48 am
so we'll toss it back to you guys in the studio. brian: great description, steve. thank you very much. ainsley: well, as millions in texas are after you went catastrophic floods, some in the media are choosing to focus on the first lady's footwear. >> of course. here with more on the outraged fox news headlines 24/7 reporter carly. so it's all about the shoes? >> it's all about the shoes, guys, during a time of tragedy. we're talking about high heels. so the first lady accompanied the president down to the flood-ravaged texas yet. she was filmed leaving the white house with black shirt black pants and high heels. some members of the media criticized her because they said high heels were inappropriate attire to wear in a flood zone. so let's take a look at some of these headlines. politico says high he'll sideshow. and says the white house's continual failure to
5:49 am
understand optics and the hollywood reporter jumps in with a headline saying melania trump wears stilettos to tour houston. no joke. but what all the journalists didn't know is that she brought off a change of shoes on the plane and walked off the plane with sneakers. her communication director, rather, she issued a very strongly-worded response. she said it's sad that we have an active on going natural disaster in texas and people are worried about her shoes. ainsley: hillary clinton in the past said when you criticize one woman, you criticize all women. i thought that was an excellent point then and maybe something we can apply to -- >> we've seen so many images of people coming together, people saving other people's lives during this natural disaster. so that's really the wonderful images of american strength that come out during times of tragedy. it's really sad that we get this level of pettiness in there as well.
5:50 am
brian: calorie, good to see you and listen to you on channel 115 of serious radio. the first natural disaster of his presidency. how is he doing? former secretary sean spicer is coming up. >> 13,000 people saved so far. there are new concerns this morning for east texas. the city of port arthur. under water. we've been reporting that. shelters have been flooded. we will have an update and bring you a news conference by fema and emergency officials. and texas governor gregg abbott will be here live. texas congressman mike on the response. also look at the federal, state coordination as harvey shows little sign up let up. it is harvey and louisiana one day to the date of hurricane katrina. both louisiana senators john kennedy are here. and there is other news. controversy over hillary clinton's e-mails. the fbi blocking an attempt
5:51 am
for public access to them. congressman jason chaffetz is outraged, and he will talk about all of that coming up at the top of the hour on america's newsroom. on ten minutes. we'll be right back with fox and friends you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
brian: tropical storm regal from tropical storm harvey. president trump there yesterday to show support. trump: i want to say we love you, you are special, we're here to take care it's going well, and i want to thank you for coming on. we're going to get you back and operating immediately. ainsley: so how did he do? joining us now is former white house press secretary under george w. bush and fox news
5:55 am
contributor. >> good morning, guys. ainsley: what do you make of that scene yesterday when he was on the bumper of a fire truck, and he held up a texas flag? >> by my account, there were three or four events yesterday and that impromptu event was the most natural and comes from the heart. when the president comes to visit, they're tired, and he gives them a hope of inspiration. texans love to be praised. and he did it. brian: he shows that he cares, and now he's coming back saturday. this time closer to the victims. closer to the actual catastrophe. >> i look at this in two levels. one, the preplanning, which the president showed. he was on top of things. the meeting was at camp david, organized ahead of the storm. checked the box. he did it well. now comes on the ground. what do you do, what do you say? this president, he's very in control, he is very structured, he is organizational. there's another element, and it's a motive. his strength is to command, control, getting it done, and
5:56 am
frankly, that helps the people on the ground. the motivate is another part of it. he was criticized yesterday. was he empathetic enough? now, he doesn't immediately connect to the victims. you know it's in his heart. brian: he watched the video, and that's what really motivated him to get there. >> of course. and i think that's clear about this president. strengthens him if he adds that element to it and says it directly. and he says my heart is with you. and he did when he took the flag out. that moment was there. when he's in the rooms with the leaders and the fema people, he's very much a organizational man. pete: good stuff. we have to to leave right there. >> thank you. brian: when we come back, the president just tweeted. we'll share that with you in just a moment ur allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪
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5:59 am
>> vice president trump tweeted this. the u.s. has been paying north korea extortion money for 25 years. talking is not the answer. put that on all options on the table. >> the president is
6:00 am
multi-tasking. you have the threat of north korea lurking as well. >> and tax reform in springfield tonight. >> more on this after the show show. don't be surprised if one of them is saying maybe or maybe not. >> bye. tomorrow's thursday. >> we're awaiting a news conference with homeland security officials as harvey makes a second landfall in louisiana. the danger is far from over in texas. 25 inches in 24 hours in the beaumont and port arthur areas. people are in survival mode there. i'm shannon bream. >> eric: i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. harvey made landfall as a tropical storm hitting western louisiana and expected to donald trump heavy rains moving north. it's inundating the texas


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