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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 31, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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heather: thoughts of prayers to everyone there in houston. beautiful to hear those words. we will need to hear more of it now. heather: "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day, everybody. heather: thanks for joining us. >> we have just learned of two explosions, actually, at a chemical plant in crosby, texas. >> officials got way in front of this and evacuated a radius of 1.5 miles. >> flying over texas today with the national guard as they conduct live rescues our own trace gallagher. >> this is the stuff they are trained to do in the middle of ocean. yet we are in the middle of beaumont, texas. rescues we were -- child and her mom. >> president trump was in springfield, missouri to push major tax reform. >> this is our once in a generation opportunity to deliver real tax reform for every day hard-working americans. and i am fully committed to working with congress to get
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this job done. difficult times such as these, we see the true character of the american people and together we will endure and we will overcome. ♪ ♪ brian: we got a fox news alert now. there are two explosions. two explosions rocking a chemical plant. it's just north of houston and it just happened. you are looking at a glow from those explosions. it's in crosby, texas, where evacuations have already been completed due to rising waters and unstable facilities. this explosion not unexpected though. ainsley: we are also learning at least 10 harris county sheriff's deputies have been taken to the hospital following those collapse. pete: those officers complained of dizziness and
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ann arbor likely from inhaling chemicals. not completely unexpected. ainsley: refrigerate all these chemicals making here. pause we lost our our generators we can't do that. he warned everyone there is going to been explosion. 1.5-mile radius, 300 houses evacuated because of that. brian: fire will happen. reacceptible gasoline fire. explosive and intense in nature. as soon as they said okay, we lost our primary power. we have our generator. we know the generator is going to go down soon. when it happens there is going to be an explosion but it doesn't mean can you prevent the after-effects of this chemical in the area which seemed to have happened to the first responders. pete: that's right. at least one sheriff's deputy and more injured. this happened 25 miles northeast of houston. a very rural area. as you said, bribe, the plant has been shut down since friday. evacuations happened tuesday. they didn't know when it would happen.
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ainsley: what i thought was interesting, too. they notified the faa and they had to close the air traffic above the chemical plant so planes wouldn't fly in case there was an explosion it wouldn't hit one the planes. brian: high water and lack of power leave us no way to prevent it and it happens. that's what they said two days ago. also breaking in and around harvey that hurricane is on the move. which is now a tropical storm. millions now under a flash flood warning as the tropical depression heads north. ainsley: not over yet for texas. the swollen reservoirs continue to rise. prompting brand new evacuation orders. pete: they are not sugar coating it in one county warning get out or die. >> there is more to come. the worst is not yet over. brian: the monster multiday siege. day six dumping
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20 trillion gallons of rain. raging rivers now overflowing. taking anything and everything in its path with it. ainsley: harvey's trail of destruction is blamed for at least 31 deaths. pete: rob schmitt kicks off coverage live in richmond where the water is only getting higher. rob, how are you doing? >> ainsley: we just lost him. do you have the post? did you see on the cover of the post this morning? we have been talking about that family, actually it's not the post. it's the one where underneath your -- you have to see this picture. this is the van. we heard about the family of all those children that died. and you see the picture of how it happened. their van is under water here basically and these are all the people who died. and their kids. this guy is 14. this little guy is 8 and she is 6 years old. brian: uncle taking them driving and they hit water and everyone died. actually, he was the only one to get out and survive in that case. there is also a situation where a mom clinging to her
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child, the mom died but the child is still alive holding on to the mom. so they were able to get the kid. pete: so much of the destruction happening in places that we didn't quite expect because we didn't know exactly as you never know with these storms where they are going to head. head over to janice dean who has the latest on the track of this storm but where other storms may be going on as well. janice: still in to a tropical season. couple things we are watching. national hurricane center issuing last advisory on this storm. thank goodness for that still dealing with the potential of heavy rainfall. up toward the mississippi valley, louisiana not out of the woods yet. still see the bands of the storm moving through the florida panhandle and eventually tomorrow, the weekend, it will push across the ohio river valley and tennessee river valley and then we will be done with harvey. additional rain fall in some places 4 to 6 inches. isolated amounts if you look at parts west of nashville could get parts of 8 inches.
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we will monitor that here is my concern. one of the computer models yesterday saying that we have the potential for more heavy rainfall. this is monday. this is possibly a tropical system. a depression, maybe a storm heading into tuesday and wednesday. now it moves in towards louisiana. but, yesterday, it was bulls eye houston. so we have to watch this. this is a potential tropical system that could effect the coast early next week. and then erma. this will be a hurricane later on today. it will become a major hurricane and we're going to have to watch this one. this is a european tropical model that we rely on for these forecasts and this one brings it as a cat 3 moving towards lesser antilles and perhaps puerto rico making landfall there the dominican republic and, again, some of the forecast models indicating perhaps moving in towards the juan pablos, florida not out of play, each the gulf of mexico. so this is something we have to watch well in to next week. so here are some of the tropical models that we monitor.
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the farther south this system goes, the more danger we have of, perhaps an east coast landfall. if it goes a little bit more to the north, then there is, perhaps, the chance it will curve out to sea, which is something we would like to see. the further south it goes, the more people it will effect and that's what we're concerned with so we will continue to watch erma. not even peak season yet. ainsley: we are already in the i's. janice: indication of how many storms we have had already. ainsley: i know. brian: just to get clarification, two police officers found a floating -- what they thought was a woman and a child and sadly they were not able to revive the mom. the child had hypothermia but able to float on her mom who had passed away and pulled into the boat. ainsley: that's the story you were talking about with the child? brian: just to give you more context. what do you think the number one story to come out so far
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of harvey is? pete: oh, man. ainsley: the flooding, the houses that are lost. the good samaritans? brian: the civilians good samaritans saying i'm here to help. come with your boats. somebody riding along to shoat line of people, pickups and civilian boats riding in to houston to help out. he thought he would drive alongside with his cam just to show everyone the magnitude of the goodness of people trying to help those in texas. ainsley: that is so nice. brian: doesn't that give you chills? pete: they are leaving their families, their lives, their jobs, their schedules, to say i'm going to wait in line to help people i have never met. brian: usually people sign up for the national guard to do something like this. some as far as north carolina, some as far as new york coming down and saying all right, i can help because there is not enough -- this is catastrophic. pete: think about it in some ways all of texas is like the national guard. actually, the next story we have got here is another example of that. this is a former, would very
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video that went viral of a former law enforcement officer and exswat officer standing outside of grocery store saying i'm not going to let you loot because this is texas and we have the right to bear arms. take a look at this video. >> stop taking that stuff. i'm not scared to shoot you. i'm an x swat deputy. i'm a former law enforcement officer. i'm here to support law enforcement. that's my due right. if you are looting. it's a violation of texas law and federal law. in a time of crear. constitution say you have the right to bear arms. ainsley: good for him. we saw the good samaritans how nice americans are and how tough americans are when you watch that video. brian: there is a story too on the other side watch yourself. people walking up pretending to be fema workers. you evacuate, they go in and take what's left of your stuff. that's the type of ugliness that's there. and this guy is there to
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prevent more ugliness. pete: i want to support those who do right and you talk about the folks in that line with the boat. and talking about the guy in a parking lot and people coming by and taking pictures and watching. because there is looters on the other side of the video you can't see fending off. ainsley: several looters they all start scattering when they see his shotgun. i'm not afraid to shoot. i'm not only x swat guy i'm former law enforcement. i'm not afraid to pull this trigger. brian: take a look at this cartoon and tell me if you have a problem with it there it is would be obviously a cartoon. this is what looks to be a military helicopter depicted saving somebody in the water. ainsley: texas guy. pete: cartoonest went out in twitter feed. guy with flag depicting the tea party, in a basket led by a coast guard helicopter with a secede flag. angels sent by god.
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cartoonest actually coast guard sent by the government. and got a lot of outrage on line. line.ains. brian: how do you interpret that? ainsley: unfair characterization of the south. you have the confederate flag. what is that implying that is he racist? then have you angels sent by god that they are so involved in their churches and they turn to god in a situation like this and should be looking at the facts. it's the coast guard and not god. they're secede everyone makes funnel of texas own country and secede. ainsley: not fair any time. patty pete perfect picture how the coastal elites see texas. remember when they said they cling to god and guns. faith, free goal dom, it's a flags, it's firearms. it's federalism. all the liberals out there. i'm not talking about the federal government.
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federalism the belief at the state level you can protect and have your sovereignty. texans live free. and they get mocked by people for doing so. ainsley: one person wrote they obviously don't know texas and texans. it's sad. obviously this person has never been to texas or doesn't understand the culture there, doesn't understand what christians believe and that's sad. brian: meanwhile, here is what the cartoonist said i try to get people to think of the ironies and subtleties. example of antigovernment type, texas successionists benefiting from the heroism of federal government rescuers. carl rove of austin took this personal like you did. listen. >> well, it says that this guy a moronic liberal. is he confusing a belief in limited government with a belief in no government. i would remind him that texans pay more in income taxes to support our federal government than the people of any other state except one. we enlist in the military at
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a much higher rate than the national average. we have the third highest number of people serving in the military on our state alone. we are 40% smaller than the population of california yet we got only 800 fewer national guardsmen because texans are so patriotic to serve in their country. the idea we are represented by somebody who wants to secede is an idiotic comment. it was done for political and ideological purposes. ainsley: send us your comments. pete: brian: do it now. it's been four months since robert mueller was appointed to investigate the trump campaign russian connection. pete: congressman ron desantas on deck. ainsley: we continue to monitor the news out of texas because of all this flooding.
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i know when i hand them the it's gonna be but i also know that we're gonna have usaa insurance for both my boys. it's something that they're not even gonna have to think of. it's just gonna be in the family. we're the tenneys and we're usaa members for life. ♪ brian: is it time to end the russian investigation. one republican congressman says yes and soon. is he proposing legislation to kill the special counsel robert mueller's probe into the president's ties into russia six months after it passes. it seems reasonable. here to explain is member of the house oversight committee government form
3:18 am
ron desantis. congressman, six months is enough. plus, had you james comey investigating prior to this. where does thi is this proposal going? >> brian, what we want to do is say very clearly we don't want to fund fishing expeditions. and when deputy attorney general appointed mueller, he issued an order that did not identify a crime. he identified a counter intelligence investigation that comey had been conducting. so you are in a situation where you don't have any limit. you don't have any scope. and what happens is with the special counsel, it's not like the normal prosecutor where have you all these other cases you have to worry about. this is all you're doing. if you don't have an obvious evidence of a crime, your incentive is to just find something. so my amendment basically says, look, this thing needs to be limited to the campaign and russia and it needs to have an end date. if you haven't produced evidence of a crime, after almost two years of investigating because comey
3:19 am
investigated for a year before mueller was appointed. then at some point we have to move on with the american people's business. brian: does it concern you what have you learned so far the fact that they raided paul manafort's house. they are looking at context. conferring with the arch enemy of president trump the attorney general sneiderman who they have been going at each other for years. now they are conferring directly. does that bother you or encourage that you they are trying to get to the end of this? >> it concerns me because a lot of the manafort stuff happened way before the campaign. maybe he did stuff two, three years ago. but that's not really -- you tonight need a special counsel for that and, yeah, the attorney general in new york is an arch enemy of the president. mueller brought in these prosecutors, many of them were big democratic contributors and, of course, there has been a lot of leaking in this investigation. so, yeah, i have been concerned with how it's been conducted. we don't know what all is going on. i know this: the appointing order that rosenstein issued
3:20 am
to appoint mueller it invites a fishing expedition because there is no limits to it. congress needs to provide those limits. brian: rosenstein seems to be a gift to democrats and anti-trumpers that just want to see this president not be successful. the way this was written seems criminal. >> well, that's the thing, brian. what happened, i don't think this russia stuff, i have never seen evidence of a crime. but i'm not worried about that. what i'm worried about is that this just drags on and on. let's find something. let's find. this and then that ends up hindering the ability forever us to conduct the american people's business because it sucks oxygen 0u69 the room. so no fishing expedition. put up or shut up. and then let's get on with the people's business. brian: the more you talk about russia the less you talk about tax reform that could ignite the economy and help the president's party which helps to be yours. congress ron desantis, thanks so much. we will see where this goes. >> thank you. brian: president trump putting pressure on congress to try to get tax reform passed. >> i am asking every member of congress to join me in
3:21 am
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that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. over japan, brand new video also shows the latest missile intercrept as tensions rise secretary of defense jim mattis still looking to diplomacy. >> we are never out of diplomatic solutions. we continue to work together and the minister and i share a responsibility to provide for the protection of our nations, our populations and our interests. zil jill the trump administration will hold classified briefings with
3:25 am
the house and senate on north korea next week. a california sheriff's deputy is killed in cold blood in a shootout just outside of a motel. a gunman opening fire on officers when they knocked on his door investigating a car theft ring in sacramento. the fallen deputy is 52-year-old robert french. he was a 21-year veteran of the force and leaves behind children and grand kids. >> it was extremely dynamic whhorrific series of event that occurred a go-to guy for advice and counsel is not just with career advice but tactical advice and things like that. very well respected. jillian: two other injured cops are expected to survive. three suspects are under arrest. pete? pete: god bless men like him. president trump touting big plans for tax reform in the heartland of missouri. but how did his message resonate with the voters? lee carter is a president and pollster with millan ski and partners. and she just put the
3:26 am
president's speeches to the dial test. good morning, lee. >> good morning. great to be here. pete: before he was in missouri he was in texas. >> that's right. pete: talking to folks there and you put your dials to a couple of clips. >> we sure did. the first one is all about him talking about texas. pete: let's roll it. >> you are special. we're here to take care and going well. i want to thank you for coming out. we're going to get you back and operating immediately. pete: pretty imprument do you. how did it go over? >> it did pretty well. republicans an a, independents b minus and democrats a c. seeing independents respond more favorably is a big move in the last two weeks. this visit was a big win for him. pete: he went on to say that texas can handle anything. take a look. >> this has been a total cooperative effort, again, we will see you soon. i will tell you, this is
3:27 am
historic. it's epic what happened. but, you know what? it happened in texas and texas can handle anything. pete: i would love to see the dials when he holds up the flag. just from that what do you see on the grades? >> republicans an a. independents a b. the democrats a c. though a lot of people were talking about melania's shoes people were glad to see him there. pete: then he moved on to missouri and gave landmark speech on tax reform? >> that's right. pete: little bit more of a formal setting. talked about simplifying the tax code. take a look. >> we need a tax code that is simple, fair, and easy to understand. [applause] that means getting rid of the loopholes and complexity that primarily benefit the wealthiest americans and special interests. our last major tax rewrite was 31 years ago. pete: those lines are pretty
3:28 am
high. >> they were so high. you couldn't even see the republican's line and see the independents line they gave it a plus and a and democrats b minus. amazing peach for the democrats. they could really get mind. they didn't want a tax code that evidented about the wealthiest. he was right on message. they liked his tone. i will tell you, folks who said they weren't going to listen to another word out of trump's mouth after charlottesville respond well to this speech. pete: no matter where you are in the political system you pay taxes and see a system that's rigged for those -- >> absolutely. pete: take a look at congress and see what he said. >> i'm asking every member of congress, which we have many with us today, to join me in unleashing america's full potential. i am asking every one in this room and across the nation to join me in demanding nothing but the best for our nation and for our people.
3:29 am
and if we do these things, and if we care for and support each other and love each other then we will truly make america great again. pete: your thoughts? >> you can see there the republicans gave this an a. independents a b and democrats a c. this is the right way for him to try to bring unity, right tone, great message by the president yesterday. pete: you are going to be attacked no matter what as a republican for defending the rich. lee carter thanks for bringing that to us here. >> thank you so much. pete: breaking right now, chemical plant just exploded outside of houston. 10 deputies hospitalized and we have the latest on that. plus, senator ted cruz gets a firsthand look at the devastation in his hometown with our own griff jenkins. the exclusive one-on-one next ♪ ♪ e
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ainsley: this is a fox news alert. senator ted cruz getting a firsthand look at what is going on in his town. good morning, griff. >> good morning first, ainsley, a new mandatory evacuation near the barker reservoir. you remember those two reservoirs spilling over. you see behind me, the residents given a mandatory evacuation order. the problem most of them haven't found out yet. they will wake up and be told they have got to get out. this is where they are going to come. and yesterday in the other reservoir, addicks. we went out with senator ted cruz. is he from houston, born, raised here. and he took a first look at the devastation. here's what happened. >> well, and you can see just a line of cars parked there that this water came quickly. the people didn't have time
3:34 am
to get out. parked ours the gas station going in to get some supplies. you know, it's fairly amazing and looking and seeing the red knee on open sign still lit up. we'll come through this. we will -- this first stage has just been saving lives. it has been responding to the immediate crisis. that crisis is still ongoing. it's in east texas, beaumont. you know, big chunks of i 10 freeway are completely under water it looks like you are looking at the gulf of mexico. it's been the incredible story of hurricane harvey is just the heroism that we have seen over and over and over again. you look at the houston police officer who was killed. sergeant perez. he came in, his wife begged him not to go. said the water is too high. don't go in. he drove in anyway. he said i have got to. it's my job. i have got to save people. he drove and he couldn't get to his ordinary duty station so he went to another station to report for duty. and got caught in fast
3:35 am
moving water and lost his life. i mean, those are the stories of bravery we are seeing one after the other after the other. it is has what has saved houston throughout the storm. you think about politics in washington where everything is nasty and total warfare all the time i don't think it has to be that way. i think something like this reminds us we have a lot more that brings us together than divides us. >> and there will be more of those heroes out here today south of the barker reservoir in port bin county pulling people out of this mandatory evacuation. just on a lighter note, guys, i should mention that senator cruz's communications director catherine frazier and our own producer a.j. hall rescuing a tiny kitten caught in the storm. a touching moment in such a rough, terrible story that's played out over the last six
3:36 am
days. brian: where was it? >> it was caught in the storm and had it gotten caught up in a car, a truck actually that was submerged and was living in there and one of the volunteers sort of brought it to land and catherine frazier and a.j. took it and put it in a blanket and dried it and fed it some of our pop tarts and water. and it's now residing temporarily with catherine frazier's parents, we're told. ainsley: is catherine from texas? how did her parents get the cat? >> she is from texas. she lives here. her parents do rather. and apparently this is a history. there was a dog rescued in the fires near here in texas a few years ago. it's all about doing a little bit of your part in rescuing pets as far as catherine frazier is concerned. ainsley: cute little cat. >> i'm told by the way that the cat isn't coming back with us.
3:37 am
ainsley: everyone else is helping and has a heart but not you, griff. brian: right. >> i'm allergic to cats. ainsley: okay. >> if it was a dog i would reconsider. brian: i'm still going to label the story heart warming despite how you closed it. thanks, griff. ainsley: thanks, griff. at least we found a little bit of humor in a sad story. all right. jillian has some headlines for us. jillian: they were feeding it pop tarts? i wonder what flavor? brian: purina hasn't rolled out the pop tart flavor. jillian: i cam ainsley: my husband pop tarts and cereal. he shopped at the pharmacy. jillian: news of the day starting with. this former nsa worker who admitted to leaking top secret information wants her confession to the fbi thrown out. lawyers for reality winner argued she was never read meranda rights before interrogation in june.
3:38 am
she is accused of mailing classified report to online news organization. she pleaded not guilty. if convicted, winner faces up to 10 years in prison. parents outraged after their first graders are told to keep god out of their classroom. a teacher in indiana asking children not to use the words god, jesus, and the devil saying, quote: i do not want to upset a child or parent because of these words being used. after the backlash, the superintendent responded by saying trying to limited a student's view on religion is a violation of the student's first amendment rights. the city of los angeles says good guy columbus day. celebrate people's indij just day. reporters of the change says christopher columbus has a legacy of extreme violence and connection to slavery. pc police also patrolling in florida. city commissioners in hollywood voting to rip street signs with robert e. lee and two other confederate generals.
3:39 am
i heard your reaction to that one. brian: that's all is he known for? basically he did the equivalent of going to the moon in 1490s. pete: not good enough, brian. brian: actually more dangerous. good luck, los angeles. keep it up. pete: all eyes on dams and roinks ready to burst. tell get out or die. brian: president trump taking tax reform plan directly to the people. what do voters think? todd piro is live in missouri having breakfast with friends again. ♪ ♪ from frequent heartburn.
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rob schmitt is live in rich mopped where the water is only unfortunately getting higher. good morning, rob. rob: yeah. it could get higher for the next 24 hours. guys, good morning to you. the reservoir the rivers are the story. the skies have cleared out. a lot of houston and areas of southeast texas have really dried out and dried out fast. some areas are still inundated with water and that water will continue to rise. we are talking about beaumont, port arthur. that's the big story today that area. extreme eastern texas right on the louisiana border. the issue there is the naches river runs through beaumont and spills into the gulf. that river was rised incredibly fast. they actually pump their water from that river to distribute water to those cities, especially beaumont. and the pumping system has been destroyed by the storm. so now they are not going to have fresh water that was expected to happen some time
3:44 am
this morning right around right now. to no longer have water in that area. that is a big issue. rising water prompting a judge to tell people get out or die if you are going to stay write your social security number on your arm. a warning like that really does get people's attention. that's why they say things that are so jarring like that. the governor really emphasizing that the worst is not over yet here in texas. bottom line we are up to highest number of the texas national guard members deploy an additional 10,000 national guard who are being deployed here from other states. the worst is not yet over. rob: worst not yet over. the death toll 31 from this storm. this is a drone video here of the brazos river where i'm standing 20 miles southwest of houston. this river is just raging at
3:45 am
this point. this is about three times as wide as it typically is and this is about as high as this river has ever gone. it's nearly crested. nearly going over the banks. we spoke to a gentleman yesterday who lives about 50 feet from this river's edge. he says is he going to be okay. but there are people that live near this river that are much lower than he is that could be a big problem. >> right across the river. >> most folks are under water. >> all of the rain up north shed back down to the gulf. this is its path. last i heard it's supposed to crest sometime early friday morning. we have another day of it coming up slowly. rob: just because it's not raining doesn't mean the water can't still rise. rivers flow. they are bringing rainwater and everything else, flooding from other areas. that's the big issue with the brazos river and other rivers we will see here today even though the sky will be clear and sun out. v.p. pence come to town now. he was here a few days ago.
3:46 am
vice president mike pence will be in corpus christi today offering support and anything they can do. the administration has emphasized they are all about helping out the people of texas and louisiana to get through this storm as it has been so devastating. we still have a lot of neighborhoods that are completely flooded out. we still have rescuing rescuing happening. rescues we were on air boat. still happening in neighborhoods where people are stranded in their homes. it's really a continuing story. guys, we will send it back to you. brian: great job. returning to their homes because they were told to stay home. looked at katrina and said that was 127 billion-dollar funding. they said this is going to exceed that. already they know it's going to be more federal funding. the president calling on congress when you finally get back to work and your summer vacation is over, we need money right away. don't put any hooks on it. pete: a clean bill. focus just on this. i have heard the same thing it likely will be the most expensive. a lot of it because houston was in the path and people saw that coming. it's staying over landfall and moving east to smaller
3:47 am
towns, 50,000 people. 100,000 people even more affected it's not that they weren't prepared for it. they didn't know the path would head in their direction and it would stay that long. ainsley: also when katrina hit louisiana or new orleans in that area is a lot smaller than houston. it would make sense that money would go toward houston. it's the fourth largest city in the country. brian: louisiana is going to get hit too. that levee had breaches. some of the other networks saying why is the president talking about tax reform it's insensitive. if you watch the speech. he started the speech talking about the people of texas and the individual things and inspiring rescues and yesterday he tweeted out, too. we are with you today. we are with you tomorrow. and we will be with you every single day to restore, recover, and rebuild. you talk about a positive use of twitter. he is con standly say saying i'm there. constantly calling. vice president today. he comes on saturday. as he gets closer he will get closer and closer to the actual impact zone. ainsley: i don't think can you criticize the president for how he handled.
3:48 am
brian: it hasn't stopped. pete: it won't stop no matter. what the newsrooms of other places are dedicated to taking him down. ainsley: it's not appropriate. pete: it doesn't matter. don't miss an opportunity to criticize is the mantra of most of the fake news media out there that wants to take him down. they don't want to report. they want to go after him. brian: they understand they always overdo it. hillary clinton overdid it. his competitors overdid it when he was for the nomination they are doing it now. marine corps side note is sending in approximately 690 marines to help out in this area. ainsley: that's awesome. pete: it's what should happen. brian: pause this because my name is on top and i didn't fully realize it president trump taking tax reform plan directly to the people. what do voters think. todd piro is in missouri having breakfast with friends. ainsley: business cuts and gravy. today the world remembers the life and legacy of the great princess diana 20 years after her death. where were you? do you remember?
3:49 am
we're live in london next ♪ like a candle in the wind ♪ never fading with the sun set ♪ when the rain came in ♪ and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪
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3:52 am
♪ brian: quick headlines right now. a federal judge tosses out a class action lawsuit against the dnc. get this. bernie sanders supporters accused them of being in can a hootsz with hillary clinton and wanting refunds for their donations which, by the way, they were. the defense claims the didn't need to run a fair nomination process. can you imagine that being a successful argument? coming soon to a campaign rally near you. ♪ chanting] jerry springer considering running for ohio governor. is there anyone more incompetent than jerry springer. podcast co-host says he will decide within the next
3:53 am
couple of weeks. pete: do it. brian: that will be great news. maybe he will stand in the back of the governor's mansion and do nothing like he does on his show. hi, ainsley. ainsley: thank you so much. today marks 20 years since princess diana died in that car crash in paris. prince william and prince harry joining the grieving public. they are laying flowers at the memorial of kensington palace in that video right there. joining us from london is royal correspondent good morning britain is louisa jane. thanks for joining us. >> hi, ainsley. ainsley: what was it about princess diana that stole all of our hearts? >> i think it's the fact that everybody feels like she spoke to them in some way. i mean, you talk to people who met her and they all say that they were touched by her. a lot of them physically touched by her because she was one of those people that reached out and gave you a hug even if you were somebody who was suffering from h.i.v. or leprosy. that was what was so special about her. i think everybody could see themselves in her as well
3:54 am
despite the glamour, despite the fact that she was a princess. we also knew that behind the scenes she was as vulnerable as the rest of us. that was something that everybody could relate to. and so, you know, she became known to everybody around the world and she still is remembered by everybody around the world. even 20 years on her impact is still being felt by everybody. ainsley: you are absolutely right. here we are 20 years later and still talking about her. we saw the documentaries that her sons put together there have been books that have been written. they are just released now. why after 20 years are we still fascinated with her life? >> well, i think her sons have said, you know, this is the first and last time that they are going to speak about her like this. they have waited 20 years to do so. really we have waited 20 years to hear what they're saying. that's where the real fascination lies this time for me anyway. i have heard other people speak about her before. we have heard from some of the people who worked alongside her body guards, her royal protection officers. her fitness trarns. these are people that we kind of heard from in the
3:55 am
past over the years. we have never really heard william and harry speak about her. we always try every time any of us interview someone, we always try to ask a question about her. most of the time they shut those questions down relatively quickly. this the is first time we have really heard them be open about her. they were really open and honest about the grief they felt. but b. what it was like to be told that their mother had died. about that moment that we all remember watching on the tv when they had to follow her coffin. when we saw the little note that harry had written saying mommy on the top of the coffin with the flowers. that's the thing we all watched, you know, 20 years ago. and they have never spoken about. i think that is where the real fascination has been over the last couple of weeks is hearing from them. ainsley: i watched that first documentary that was released recently and prince harry talked about how he has only cried once for his mom. they are taught to be so stoic and maybe to dismiss some of those emotions. he talked about how if she were still alive that shield walk into the bathroom with
3:56 am
her grandchildren and have soap and bubbles everywhere and have it all over the bathroom. and then walk out. she seemed like she was a lot of fun. go ahead. >> yeah. i was just going to say she would have been amazing grandmother. that's what they talk about. she seemed like such a fun person. we knew that from seeing her with them when they were little boys. i remember this amazing photograph of her seeing them for a while after being away from them and she just opens her arms wide and they run towards her. have you got to remember at the time the royal family was seen as this really reserved family. we never really saw their human side. it's kind of easy to forget that now because we see kate and women with their children like a normal family. ainsley: thank you so much. we appreciate this perspective. breaking right now in houston, two explosions of chemical plants sending 10 deputies to the hospital following deficit stating flooding. we are live on the ground with the latest threat next hour. president trump pitching tax reform plan to the country. will congress buy it?
3:57 am
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♪ brian: two explosions rocking a chemical plant just knot 6 houston and it just happened. ainsley: at least 10 harris county sheriff's deputies have been taken to the hospital following those blasts. brian: millions now under a flash flood warning as the tropical depression heads north. ainsley: catastrophic flooding prompting brand new evacuation orders. >> bottom line we are up to the highest level of the texas national guard members. the worst is not yet over. >> president trump was in springfield, missouri to push major tax reform. >> this is our once in a generation opportunity to deliver real tax reform for every day, hard working americans. and i am fully committed to working with congress to get this job done. >> difficult times such as these, we see the true
4:01 am
character of the american people and together we will endure and we will overcome. ♪ we want to see your king reign ♪ brian: a lot of great spirit inside that one shelter. meanwhile, on this fox news alert. we are following a rapidly developing story that wasn't unexpected. right now at a chemical plant north of houston. overnight, there were at least two explosions reported at the plant with at least 10 deputies sent to the hospital because they inhaled smoke from the explosion. ainsley: company that runs that plant is called arcmema, one of the largest in the world. 34 of these plants in america. -- pete: peter doocy is live with the latest from texas this morning.
4:02 am
good morning, peter. >> good morning. we are downtown here at the epicenter of the sheltering operation that is ongoing and this chemical plant where the situation is unfolding is about a half an hour drive from right here. the company came out last night and warned that they had six feet of water inside this plant where they make organic peroxide that they say will burn intensely if they are not refrigerated properly. the 6 feet of water also cut the power. their primary power. two sources of backup power. so they said they had no way to keep these chemicals stable and they warned everybody within a mile and a half that they needed to clear out. so a lot of folks did that. but we understand now just in the last few minutes that reporters who started to show up on the scene have been pushed back there were those 10 sheriff's deputies from harris county who have been taken to the hospital. we understand that they inhaled a nontoxic irritant. and while there have been reports of these two equitieexplosionsin the last foe
4:03 am
hours, there is still the possibility that something else could blow at this plant as well. so that is something that is still unfolding and is unclear how that is going to affects rescue operations in the area but it is something we are keeping an eye on. something that has displaced even more people this morning a few days after the waters stopped rising here in houston. back to you. ainsley: all right. peter doocy live for us there in houston. thank you, peter. brian: some saying i'm lucky enough to be? this shelter five or six days safe. okay. now what? how do i get back to my house? how do i begin to find out what i'm covered for. what i can afford to pay back. so these are going to be critical times because it's going to be -- how many people? they are talking about 300,000, 300,000 people affected? pete: yeah. brian: 100,000 homes. competing for the same
4:04 am
contractors. intake operators. some of the major insurers. get their first. ainsley: how do they take showers in these shelters? men separated from the women. make sure everyone is safe. thousands of people sleeping under one roof together. pete: that will certainly unfold in the weeks to come. also breaking harvicky on the move. millions now under a flash flood warning as the troption heads north. ainsley: not over yet for texas where swollen reservoirs continue to rise. catastrophic flooding prompting brand new evacuation orders. brian: not sugar coating it either. here is the warning, get out or die. >> all my years on this earth, i have never seen anything like this. >> i'm scared for my babies. >> why? >> they scared because they ain't never been nothing like this. pete: literally the siege dumping 20 trillion gallons of rain. rivers overflowing taking everything with them in their path. ainsley: harvey's trail of
4:05 am
destruction blamed for at least 31 deaths and leaving thousands homeless. today the vice president, vice president pensz is going to head down south to survey all the damage and talk with some of the survivors. brian: janice dean as you track the latest on the storm it's also good. not only a vice president but governor. used to catastrophic. janice: he has his hands full this morning. taking a look at the rainfall the last last seven days. the national weather service had to actually put a new color on the rainfall maps to display 30 to 40 inches because that's never happened before. so record setting floods, houston towards the beaumont area. the good news is this storm is lifting north and eastward in its path the potential for 4 to 8 inches. isolated amounts of a foot of rainfall. of course we are watching you and see the potential for flooding across the mississippi and tennessee river valley. the mid-atlantic and the ohio valley. houston for the next four days you are in good shape. take note of monday. we are watching the potential for perhaps
4:06 am
something to develop in the gulf of mexico over the next couple of days as early as monday we could potentially see something bring more rainfall to the gulf coast. this is the euro model. the gfs model which is the other forecast model that we rely on wasn't picking up on this. but now it is. so both computer models are showing something forming in the gulf of mexico. will it be a depression? will it be a tropical storm? all i can tell you right now is the water is warm. and if we have an area of low pressure, the potential for development is pretty good. so we're going to be watching that. the other thing we are watching is the potential hurricane that's probably going to form later on today,er irthat. -- irma. both are from n. pretty good agreement until wednesday. over cuba. the gfs brings it more out towards the atlantic.
4:07 am
if this scenario were to play out, this would be the more dangerous situation. this one would more likely curve out to sea. so watching this really carefully. if that makes a beeline into the gulf of mexico, we are in trouble. so that's why we have to watch it back to you guys. brian: we're in trouble but good news is people are stepping up big time. you want an example? remember the call out the houston police came and said hey, if you need a boat we need your help we are not even pretending we can handle this by ourselves. look at the answers from surrounding states and towns and cities. this is one person riding along a long line of trucks with boats who want to get into which is almost like a great lake in houston to help out. this just goes on and on and on. these are all volunteers, untrained but willing to use their equipment and risk their lives because we do know rescue workers -- two rescue workers have lost their lives doing that. pete: absolutely. it's dangerous work. this has been going on. brian: look at that. pete: this has been going on a week. people coming out that have been doing it a week that
4:08 am
need a day or two of rest. citizenship. my fellow countryman are there i don't know them at all. i'm willing to put my own life on hold and myself on hold to help other people. ainsley: moved over on the other side of the road. the right-hand side to clear two lanes. waiting one at a time to go into that water and rescue people. brian: triple number of civilian boats triple the ones state run or run by the national guard. meanwhile your headline is important. pete: massive headline. we now know this will be the most expensive natural disaster in u.s. history. pegging it now $160 billion. now, the government can step in and do a lot of that. and there will be disaster relief no doubt. we have already talked about that. ainsley: that's the number right now. pete: just right now. you know the private sector has got to do their part, too. they are stepping up. ainsley: show the headline on the daily news. that was the car that was submerged in water where all the kids died. i think it was a family of six. brian: uncle picked up the kids and said get you out of
4:09 am
here. ended up going into water that wiped out the entire family. in fact, he was the only one able to survive. shows you the death toll. meanwhile, what are private companies doing to help out? a lot. ainsley: air b and b is saying if you want to rent one of our places until september 25th, can you stay in one of our place force free if you are one of these families that's displaced because of the water. brian: the rockets are also helping out. roll that back. houston rockets. the astros are also -- each donating 4 million to the harvey victims. caterpillar donating 300,000. more importantly, perhaps, they are sending generators to affected areas. pete: united airlines offering 3 billion bonus miles to those who donate. home depot donating 1 million sending truck loads of products to texas stores for repairs. bass pro shops donating boats and food. ainsley: budweiser sending water. wal-mart donated. pete: budweiser is sending water?
4:10 am
shouldn't they -- ainsley: they might prefer the other. brian: i will add another personal story that we can all relate to. frisco is our favorite restaurant across the street they have a del fresco's in houston. everyone has been helping out. so far del fresco's restaurant as a group donating 20% of all sales. not that you need a reason to go to great restaurant. the goal to exceed a million dollars and donate that to the houston area food banks. ainsley: so nice. ken, who is the ceo, one of the founders of home depot, he was on fox yesterday with neil cavuto and he was talking about the importance of the community of the private sector getting involved. listen to this. >> we're going to do everything we can for that part of the world. we did it in katrina. we did it in sandy. we will do it again. >> you guys are already matching whatever donations people are making, right? >> we did it on 9/11. 9/11 we emptied out all the stores that had generators and shovels and gloves and flashlights and batteries. and we shot them down there. we have people that work for us that are having tragedies
4:11 am
in their personal lives. we're going to help them. it's what you are supposed to do. guess what? you help them, and god will help you. that simple. nothing more. nothing less. don't sell america short. we're the best. ainsley: how wonderful is he? that's america. that's the heart of america. and guess what? all those people in houston, they shop in his store. so he is saying those people have made him very rich. now is he saying guess what? i'm going to be there for you. pete: critics say capitalism is soulless. when you make profits and able to give back that's charity. that's what so special about this country the fabric people helping people voluntarily as opposed to the government coercing people to do it. brian: talk about inappropriate here is an example. politico put out this cartoon and causes nationwide outrage i hope that's what's happening at your breakfast nook. that's what we call it this is a cartoon put out. if you are on the radio, let me describe it to you. it's a military helicopter, it's saving some -- somebody depicted to be a cowboy
4:12 am
being hauled up out of the water in to this hospital, awkward it looks to be a makeshift raft with the lone star flag there and of course the verbiage tells the story. ainsley: wearing confederate flag t-shirt. and he has the secede big sign. and then he is saying angels sent by god. thank you for rescuing me, basically. then if you look to the right the caption says can you all read that? pete: actually coast guard sent by the government. brian: mocking the people who say government doesn't help you. conservatives who say government gets in the way. pete: so predictable and tell. perfect picture of what the coastal elites and media types think about texans. middle america. they mock faith. they mock freedom, sovereignty, the federalism. the ability for states to be proud of themselves. the texas has a pledge of allegiance to the state of texas. do you know that? they say it in school. trying to take the pledge
4:13 am
out of public schools to america. not only do we say it to america but to texas, too. ainsley: as a southerner living in new york. it's embarrassing for new yorkers. this guy the political reporter where does he live l.a., new york. penthouse apartment judging the people living down in the south and saying they are racist. wearing the confederate flag saying they want to secede and have their own state. it's unfair characterization of what the south really is this guy apparently doesn't know southerners. hasn't been to the south. they are great people. that's why this president won because he understands america. he gets the core of what this country is all about. brian: right. private sector helping first responders will be the number one story to emerge from this. meanwhile, along with great people, individual citizens. straight ahead, will congress go along with president trump's tax reform plan? our next guest says they don't have a choice. former trump advisor steve cortez is next. pete: more on the explosions breaking at the chemical plant in houston. we have reporter on the way to the scene as we speak. and as soon as they are up and ready, we will bring him
4:14 am
to you live. brian: i hope he has got a mask ♪ ♪ rethink what's possible. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪ (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) the joy of real cream in 15 calories per serving. enough said. reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy.
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4:18 am
republican and independent to support pro-american tax reform. and i am fully committed to working with congress to get this job done and i don't want to be disappointed by congress. brian: president trump calling on both sides of congress to pass a tax reform bill that's 20 years overdue. will they get the job done? here to weigh in is former trump contributor steve cortez. steve, you think this is going to get done. why? >> brian, do i think it's going to get done. by the way, this has to get done. this is one of the reasons perhaps the main reason that donald trump won in 2016. we have had a decade of slow growth in america for the middle class in our country, no growth. the benefits of this sluggish recovery have gone almost entirely to the top 1%. so the american worker revolted at the ballot box i think mostly for this reason. the quickest way to get back to the kind of growth we deserve as a country 3% plus
4:19 am
g.d.p. growth is by cutting taxes. the president has already cut regulation. he has done a lot there a lot of that he was able to do unilaterally without the congress. now we need congress to get on board. we need mitch mcconnell to wake up and realize that 2016 was not a signal that business as usual is okay on capitol hill. the tax code is a leviathan right now. a albatross. brian: warren buffet said we're going to get a tax cut. we are not going to get tax reform. people like jamie diamond say we need tax reform. you believe it you say tax cut. that would be almost giving in if you just agree to a tax cut, right? >> no. right. brian, that's great point. tax cuts alone are not enough. we also need tax reform. i was so glad yesterday the president went to missouri to talk to middle class voters and tell them not only are daxs too high and they are, but also the tax code is far too complex. brian, albert einstein who i think we can all agree was a pretty smart man.
4:20 am
he once said that the hardest thing in the world to understand is the u.s. income tax code. so if you have to be a world clasfizz cyst to understand our tax code then that's too complicated. brian: let me finish this point. already people are coming out against it take a look at what nancy pelosi just tweeted out. even though w we just gave out five principles he wanted to put in there. nancy pelosi said instead of offering a plan for tax reform president trump is billionaire trickle down scheme that hands out massive tax cuts to the wealthiest at the expense of the american families. no, he didn't. he had five principles down there many of which talked about middle class. 1% are not bad people. if you give them a tax cut they reinvest and give other people jobs. we should stop vilifying. i loved the president's speech yesterday. thank you so much. >> thank you, sir. brian: harvey forcing families to flee. one of those families forced
4:21 am
to evacuate with their five children. they tell us their story ♪ ♪
4:22 am
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4:24 am
jillian: good thursday morning. back with headlines and a fox news alert. the u.s. military flying fighter jets over the korean peninsula two days after north korea blasted a missile over japan. brand new video shows the latest u.s. missile intercept test as tensions rise secretary of defense jim mattis is still looking to diplomacy. >> we're never out of diplomatic solutions. we continue to work together and the minister and i share a responsibility to provide for the protection of our nations, our populations and our interests. jillian: the trump administration will hold classified briefings with the house and senate on north korea next week.
4:25 am
a california sheriff's deputy is killed in cold blood in a shootout outside a motel. the suspect opening fire through a door when officers came knocking. they were investigating a car theft ring in sacramento. the fallen deputy 52-year-old robert french was a 21-year veteran of the force with children and grand kids. >> it was an extremely dynamic, horrific series of events that have occurred. a go-to guy for advice and counsel not with just -- not just with career advice but tactical advice and things like that. very well respected. jillian: two other injured cops are expected to survive. three suspects are under arrest. pete? pete: a fox news alert. authorities confirming two drowning deaths in fort bend texas. two drowning victims downed in a car that accidently drove in high waters. the county is under mandatory evacuation order as nearby brazos river is
4:26 am
set to rise to 59 feet by friday. ainsley: one couple wrote about their experience having to evacuated with five young children saying we tried to stay as calm as possible to try not to scar them for life. we have to evacuate we told them. could you imagine being at that age and having to pick up what you wanted to take with you. the bear minimum, basically. justin asked us daddy, are we going to lose everything? joining us now is jeremy johnson and his wife audrey. and they are currently sheltering near dallas with their five children. good mornings to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: jeremy, i will start with you. what happened on monday? >> well, we live in fort bend county where you were just reporting and our family, along with 130,000 other families that live within the levee districts were given mandatory evacuation notice in the wee hours of the morning monday morning. if you can imagine, ainsley, we went from sheltering in place to you have to leave. for the benefit of our audience who may have never
4:27 am
been through an evacuation scenario, it's not that easy to evacuate. monday morning audrey and i, with our pajamas on, ainsley h to put not just our 5-year-old and our 8-year-old but triplet babies into the car, find a way out of fort bend county. we came one five different evacuation routes, all five were impassable. and ainsley at one point we were driving southbound six miles on the northbound lanes of state highway 99. it was honestly one -- i think it was the most difficult thing that we have ever faced in our life just to get out of fort bend county. pete: audrey, most people will never know what that feels like let alone with 15 month old triplitt's we see on the screen. so beautiful. what was going through your head we thought we could be here but we will have to leave at a moment's notice. >> you know as a mom, you always want to protect your children and so at that moment i realized that we had to leave immediately.
4:28 am
and it was terrifying to have to load all of our kids into the car. up to that pointed we had tried to stay as calm as possible so not to scare them too much. but at this point we told the kids we have to evacuate. i gave them a little grocery bag and said throw what you can in it and we need to go. and so just loading them up in the car, the fear, just watching them, it's really difficult as a mom. ainsley i know as a mom you can relate to that also. it's just, you know, your mom. you protect your little babies and to see them so scared and wondering what's going on, it's very, very hard. ainsley: yeah. some of the pictures of your kids, my child had some of those same toys. those little banana chew toys. i look at your pictures and my gosh, i can't imagine what you are going through. how are your kids now? where are they? >> we have very good we have
4:29 am
friends in the dallas area. we cannot return. the reporter just reported from the brazos river will reach peak on friday. it is 100 year high. when they announced the evacuation they were predicting 800 year high. without our faith in god i don't know how we could be doing this right now. one thing audrey and i, we decided to allow this tragedy to really bring us closer, not rip us apart. i can't say enough about my wife and her faith in god and her prayers for our family and really the protection and we just ask all of the viewers to please pray for our family. we're just taking it a day at a time. pete: powerful story to give people a sense of scope. you live two miles from that river which means if your house is under threat gives you a sense of how wide that path really is jeremy johnston, audrey johnson. god bless you and your five kids and everyone else affected. ainsley: president of christian thinker society. what's your website? >> it's christian our mission is to inspire christians to be thinkers
4:30 am
and thinkers to be christian. thank you for that, ainsley. ainsley: god bless you both and those precious children. pete: more explosions breaking out in houston. we have a reporter on the scene right now. matt finn standing by with the latest. ainsley: meanwhile fema getting ready to give us update in a matter of minutes. we will give it to you live. pete: todd piro asking voters about president trump's tax plan in missouri. we will have breakfast with friends ahead. ♪
4:31 am
4:32 am
brian: all right. this is a fox news alert now. and here's the story that we are breaking in to tell you about. we have officials now updating us on the latest on harvey from the fema center. ainsley: let's listen in. >> neighbor helping neighbor. we had tremendous amount of people stepping up and volunteering with our partners at the red cross and the salvation army. we have had generous offers of people coming in like the southern baptist. southern religious groups coming in and providing feeding kitchens and meals. let me be clear this mission is going to continue for multiple weeks. understanding that it takes time to mobilize people to the transitional shelter assistance program to hotels, we're going to be asking for volunteers to specifically look at the shelter mission. particularly if you have -- you know, particularly volunteers that have shelter management experience. we would ask to you concentrate there. we're also pushing forward commodity distribution. we are burning -- we're
4:33 am
looking to burn over 3 million meals a day over 2 million bottles of water per day. and that's only going to grow in some cases. particularly in beaumont. we are very clear that the water system is down in beaumont. so we are tracking that. we're working with our partners in dod as well as at the state to looking to open and opening points of distribution to be able to service the citizens there in that dire situation. power restoration, you know, right now it's under 300,000. in some cases you may lose power as private power companies are working to take grids down to fix lines and it could be intermittent in the areas where the water is receding and the sun is out. so, we need to -- set your expectations. power could be out for multiple days in some of these areas due to the damage. security does not seem to be an issue right now. we have overwhelming presence not only from the federal government but the
4:34 am
first responders down on the ground and the state of texas are doing phenomenonnal job of making sure the area is safe and secure. we are continuing to track any security issues that we have. medical support is huge right now. obviously, you know, american public seeing a lot of nursing homes and hospitals being evacuated. rest assured that secretary price is working with his counterparts in the state of texas along with fema. we have sent a large scale amounts of disaster medical teams in to texas to make sure we understand the situation, handle the situation and then manage the expectations going forward on how we need to bring these systems back up and online. survivor registrations and recovery. i'm going to go over to tom here shortly. in regards to the shelters, i don't have accurate numbers right now. that number is going to grow from what it was yesterday. we have accurate information a little bit later. four mega shelters are operating. three in houston, one in
4:35 am
dallas. those are the shelters with the most capability that we're pushing. search and rescue, well over 10,000 people just by federal forces alone have been rescued. and that number is going to climb with beaumont. but what's most press are the neighbor helping neighbor numbers. countless number of rescues taking places. the whole community is responding and descending upon texas. regarding the national flood insurance program, unfortunately, there are rumors out there that we are trying to control so i'm going to flip it over to our flood insurance program director roy wright to de-conflict any rumors out there and to seat clear expectation for policy holders. roy? >> good morning. roy wright director of the national flood insurance program here at fema. so if you have a flood insurance policy, here are the steps you take.
4:36 am
when it is safe to return back to your home, you need to file a claim either with your agent or with your company. and you need to begin taking photos of everything in that area as you begin to clean out. if at any time you are frustrated or confused through that process, you call and reach out to fema and we will intervene. we are already beginning to release the advanced payments. if you have a flood insurance policy, we can begin to release up to $10,000 immediately. but there are three specific things that played out in the last 24 hours that we need to make sure the public understands and get the correct information out. first of all, there were a series of robo calls going out trying to extort people saying if you did not make an additional payment, your policy would be cancelled. we worked with the state of texas, federal trade commission and others to get out the message. that is pure fraud. you should only be taking information from trusted
4:37 am
sources. those trusted sources are your agent company, local officials, the adjustor they assign or a fema official. if they are not a trusted resource, do not rely on their information. secondly, there is a law in texas that is going into effect today. that deals with insurance questions. some people have misconstrued this in terms of its application at the national flood insurance program. first of all it, a state law and has no contact on the national flood insurance program. if you are able to file your claim, do so now. if it is not yet safe for you to return to your home, have no concern. we will wait for you. finally, there has been a message that has been going out that says if you file the claim as a result of the floods last year, you are ineligible to file again this year. also absolutely incorrect information. if you have a current, valid
4:38 am
policy, you are covered. go through the process, file your claim, take the photos. only take information from trusted sources. if you get frustrated or confused along the way, call fema. >> 4r-r9. thanks, roy. please stay with us. brian: people want immediate help get it if you have flood insurance and you are smart enough to keep it and lucky enough to keep it, you will get $10,000 right away. ainsley: you have been through this before. your house was flooded with sandy five years ago. brian: yup. brian: what do people need to know if their house is flood. you said important to get claim insurance. brian: most valuable thing did i was used my iphone and taped it i didn't just take pictures i taped my whole house. it doesn't look like have you 3 feet here. you have four feet. look at the water line. and looking at my finger. oh, i have video. i showed them the video the fema guy said thank goodness. i wish more people did that because i had a friend of mine who is a cop who said have you got to do this.
4:39 am
any time there is damage like that. so that was a the smartest thing i did because by the time they arrived, the water was gone. all there was was just mud and everything. pete: that's why brock long who is the fema administrator passed it off to the expert to explain clearly because it can get confusing and you hear things about extortion calls to people. this process is lengthy. it involves a lot of money and a lot of lives. ainsley: if you have valuables, make sure i called it claims, is that what it is called when you list your valuables art or china crystal or silver or anything you can't replace because it was your grandmother's or you would like to replace it was expensive. can you tell your insurance agency you want those items covered as well. brian: after you get saved importance is speed in which you get your needs addressed. a lot of times get them addressed. if it take as while the amount of angst and anxiety and inconvenience gets intolerable and people start losing it. get the fema person down there as quickly as possible. get your fim number as quick as possible. get it filed as quick as possible.
4:40 am
everything quick. make your decision. get your contractor and book them quickly or her. reputable and get them working. the longer you wait the more competition you are going to have. pete: meanwhile the situation still unfolds on the ground. a fox news alert for you. 10 deputies sent to the hospital overnight after several explosions rock a chemical plant in crosby, texas. brian: this is how we woke up today and so did others. that plant is under 6 feet of water following days of rain. officials now warn more explosions of these chemicals could happen. ainsley: matt fbi has just arrived on the scene and he has the latest for us. what is the latest, matt? [sirens] >> we are in crosby, texas, which is about a 30-minute drive northeast of houston. we just got off interstate 90 behind me which has s. now being closed. all of the traffic on that highway being diverted. there is large presence of police here. road closures behind me. we understand that this wasn't necessarily an
4:41 am
explosion at the arkema chemical plant. but chemical reaction that left these 10 harris county deputies hurt and sent to the hospital. they described it feeling like standing over a fire pit. there were reports of plumes of black smoke overnight initially thought to be explosion. the arkema chemical company saying there is still potential of more of these chemical reactions here in this town about a half hour northeast of houston. we are on the ground and we are monitoring the situation and we will bring you more as it develops. back to you guys in new york. brian: wow. so we will see how that unfolds. you have to wonder matt has got to get some type of mask if you have first responders who are getting sickened by it. pete: that's right. ainsley: todd piro having breakfast with friends he is in springfield, missouri where the president was last night. would will chat with him coming up. when itrust the brandtburn, doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the number one
4:42 am
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4:45 am
♪ ainsley: the president touting his plan to put more money in your pocket. laying out his idea for tax reform in the heartland of missouri. pete: so what do the people, the voters think about it let's ask todd piro who is in george's restaurant in springfield, missouri. ainsley: good morning, todd. sorry to interrupt you. but i think brad pitt grew up in springfield. i think. you will have to ask the people. todd: you know pete and brad get compared all the time. isn't brad pitted and pete hegseth related? the reason why we are here in the great area of springfield, missouri, i should say. the president was just down the road talking about taxes. tax cuts, tax simplification, bringing main street back so we're talking to the voters about what they think and, of course, we start with austin. austin works in shipping. is he a trump voter. austin saw the speech and he says he liked it.
4:46 am
why? >> well, i really understood what he said. he had a lot of good points about, you know, we have lost a lot of business overseas. we need to bring it back home and try to get our people working and get american dream back and it's been gone too long. todd: you told me you really like the concept of lowering taxes to create jobs. specifically for those people who may go to college because you told me hey, i didn't go to college and i make a lot more than a lot of people who did. talk to me more about that. >> yeah. i think it's a shame. sigh these people going to school and working hard and working part time jobs to get a degree and then they get out and you know they are still working two or three part-time jobs. and you know they have got a degree. nothing to show for it. i just don't see that. todd: austin, thank you for your time. going to come on down here. cathy, i want to start with you. cathy is an art teacher who voted for president trump. and i'm going to read here. you said what the heck is the reason that you picked the president.
4:47 am
you told me you like the way he handles people but you think sometimes he acts unprofessional. why? >> he talks out of his -- i would say through his mouth rather than through his brain. rude sometimes. just kind of cutting, rather cutting. todd: but you do like the way he handles some people, why? >> he is direct and to the point. and this is the way it's going to be. and, you know, that sort of thing. just more direct. that's what i would say. todd: all right. we will go over here to bruce. bruce is retired administrator who also voted for president trump. and bruce tells me loves the gorsuch pick but is he not 100 percent sure on everything else. why? >> you just don't know what he is going to do every morning when you get up. i think in general is he doing the right thing. i appreciate anybody who is willing to scale back the size and scope and power of the government. that is kind of where i am. and i know that wouldn't have happened with hillary.
4:48 am
so he was who i picked because that's the only other choice i had. todd: understood. thank you for your time. we will send it back to new york city. brian: thank you, todd. that's the latest from route 66. ainsley: i looked it up. brad pitt is from spreeng field. pete: because she knows everything about brad pitt. ainsley: one of my friends' mom taught at the school where he went. brian: where was owe -- ainsley: montana. he looked the best in that movie. brian: robert redford. pete: also in the natural. as the federal budget takes center stage in washington. will republicans shut down the government to get money to build the wall? we're going to ask kellyanne conway at the top of next hour. ather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight,
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pete: from high school to the big ten. football is a community sport and houston texan's defensive end j.j. water is proving just that. fundraising with his fans to help his houston community in need. >> we're at over $8.5 million right now, working our way towards the 10 million. absolutely incredible. keep raising money. keep spreading the word. >> as college football kick office this weekend our own sister network fox sports is stepping up for houston as well. brian: join us lead analyst on fox. lead college football on -- does sideline reporting. welcome guys. >> thanks for having us. pete: we have a big weekend coming up. >> huge weekend. pete: on the field and also off the field. >> first and foremost. we are -- our thoughts and prayers are with everybody down in the gulf area and texas. we have texas a&m on our air on sunday night. a lot of those players,
4:53 am
their families impacted to a great deal. trayvon williams, running back from texas a&m. his family was actually air lifted and rescued in a helicopter. we're going to be putting up red cross information the entirety of the weekend on all of our fox sports games. so we're going to have information out there for people to donate and help out. brian: of course a big announcement shortly but j.j. watt is somebody from the conference that you are going to be announcing in a second. i want to raise a million dollars. and now it's just off the charts as he is getting close to 10. >> it's the power of social media, the brand that is j.j. watt and just humanitarian effort that, you know, america can provide. i know jenny and i are really proud to be with fox sports so we can provide a lot of information this weekend during our games. pete: also the power of football. >> it is. pete: america's game. whether it's baseball -- it's really become football on saturdays and sundays. >> it is. that's why fox sports is so excited about our partnership with the big ten this year. we have so many games coming up. for joel and i for us it's
4:54 am
getting going. this is the hard part waiting for the games to start. we're excited to be back out there. it's a really full season. we are excited for it. pete: you just gave a nice tease of what we are here to announce this morning. fox sports has added, yes, the big ten to its lineup. you have brought some players. many players here on the plaza. >> we have. we brought 100 guys. they are dressed in full gear. ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers] >> the real deal right there. >> awesome. >> 100 guys. >> you brought 100 guys. >> we are heading down to nasdaq. we are going to ring the bell to usher in this new partnership fox sports along
4:55 am
with the big ten conference. we couldn't be more excited kicking things off, tomorrow night, friday night with washington at rutgers. it's going to be a huge season on the pac-12, big 12, as well as the big 10. ainsley: how excited are you about this? >> we brought the fog and all the players. brian: you guys don't do things small on fox sports. >> no. brian: they are still coming out of the tunnel. >> i just love it. let's see all the fans' reaction. brian: we can shut that off now. >> you requested this for "fox & friends" in the morning never quite got it brian brian how many players do you know? you have to memorize every lineup. >> that's the challenge with college football there are so many guys to get to know. so w. that so many story lines. that's what i'm looking forward to. ainsley: how did you get into sports. >> i played sports my whole life. i'm from minnesota. i grew up playing ice hockey. ainsley: you played ice hockey? that's so cool. >> i played lacrosse in
4:56 am
college. >> i believe the football players are running up sixth avenue right now. brian: 100 people. they are taking off. we are actually supposed to follow them at some point. we are going to go down to nasdaq. >> maybe they are going to loop around here. hopefully they are going to loop around. they are a leaderless tribe right now. ainsley: when did they all fly in? last night? pete: wear those outfits on the plane as well? >> i hope they did. ainsley: college football kicks off this weekend. pete: minnesota, actually, the gophers came out late in the tunnel but they made it out. >> they made it out. and south carolina and florida state. i know you are going to be watching them closely. florida state playing a big game this weekend. ainsley: south carolina playing in charlotte. >> thanks for having us. ainsley: coming up, kellyanne conway live from the white house coming up next. i should know. i have chronic dry eye caused by reduced tear production
4:57 am
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5:00 am
we're learning more what happened at that chemical plant in texas about 35 miles northwest of houston. pete: that's right ten deputies taken to the hospital overnight over what authorities are calling a chemical reaction. the sheriffs giving an update moments ago. >> i want to be clear. it's not any kind of explosion. the deputies have experienced some type of eye irritant around their eyes and throat. pete: reacting to the chemicals, those deputies are expected to be okay. but the plant remains under six feet of water. the company that runs the plant warns the danger of explosion still exist. brian: meanwhile, you have three refineries down south. pete: meanwhile, harvey's multiday siege still taking a toll on texas. brian: prompting brand-new evacuation orders at this hour and more than 30,000 people have been forced into shelters. ainsley: that's where we find peter ducey.
5:01 am
peter. >> ainsley, now that 9-1-1 calls for high water rescues here in the houston area, we understand that the fire department has started going door-to-door making sure that nobody left behind -- has been left behind in these neighborhoods that are either uninhabitable or reachable and will be that way for several weeks. but the flood danger has not subsided in the suburbs overnight. a handily of subdivision south of the barker reservoir were ordered to be evacuated, even though the county of office emergency management told people to wait until morning to move out. meteorologists told harris -- with the harris county flood control district says that barbour county reservoir isn't having any problems right now, though, and that the dam is working the way it's supposed to. but it's obviously something officials are watching now that the sun has come up. and that's as residents in beaumont, texas are waking up. the town's pump station has now failed because of high
5:02 am
water. the vice president mike pence is going to be on the ground here in texas later this morning. air force two will take him and a handful of cabinet secretaries to some of the places hardest hit by harvey, and that is as emergency organizers here are trying to consolidate shelters from many small ones scattered throughout the houston area to two megashelters. the houston texans football stadium energy field, which has about 8,000 open cots right now and this one, the george r brown convention center, which we understand is down to 3,000 people from about 10,000 a few days ago. back to you. ainsley: that's good news. have they gone home? >> they have either gone to different shelters, or they have gone to stay elsewhere. but a lot of these folks are not able to get to their houses because either the water is too high or the damage is too much or they just -- they just don't even know. a lot of folks don't even know
5:03 am
if there's any home to go back to still, ainsley. brian: thanks. now it's time to bring in kellyanne conway, over on the north lawn. kellyanne conway, good to see you. >> good morning. brian: first off, the vice president of the united states is following in the president's footsteps going down to texas today. is he going to get closer to the affected area? >> well, he will try. it really depends on what our local and state officials on the ground there say is best. no one wants to be disrupted, they want to be helpful. and that's of course why the president and the first lady two days ago went to corpus christi in austin instead of houston. the president does plan to get closer to the affected areas when those who know best on the ground say it is appropriate to do so. we just cannot believe the people helping people. the strangers helping strangers and volunteers. and the coordination with
5:04 am
local, state, and federal has made such a difference. but we also want to remind everybody a lot of recovery and rebuilding is ahead of us. and only go home if you're told it's safe to do that. in the meantime, please listen to your local officials because they know best on the ground how to keep you safe and to attend to your basic needs of food and water and as the result. ainsley: kellyanne, we heard that the president might go down there this weekend. has that been confirmed? >> that is the plan for the president to travel back to the affected areas, possibly louisiana on saturday. all of that depends on what we hear from the officials closest in need. and the president has made very clear that he is here to help and has made very clear that he will do what is needed, whether it's to put upon congress next week to come up with the funding those affected $4.5 trillion of water in short having been
5:05 am
visited upon these affected areas, and people feel you see the scenes that you and others are covering diligently that people are still in need. so the president will go, he will ask congress for money. depending on where the needs are. but that is his intention. he wants to make sure that people know that he is there -- we are all there for them and put politics aside. we only hope that congress can do that. i mean, the last eight months have not been really -- brian: yeah, we've noticed. >> that's exactly right. you can't get basic things done. republicans have promised repeal and replace obamacare, pass tax reform, do minor things, the president stands ready to sign these major issues into law. there's obstructionists and resistance by the theft. they said they're there for a better deal, all we see is the same ol' spiel. so we hope when it comes to basic harvey funding we can rely on a bipartisan and nonpartisan push.
5:06 am
pete: if there's one thing that people should be able to agree on, it is that. but the president in missouri as you alluded to to make america more competitive. he and others have been disappointed time and time again by congress. lay out what the path looks like. he was targeting maybe a push for democratic support. but they've been resignatio resisting him from the beginning and then u mitch mcconnell who faces criticism of this president as well. are you going for 51 or are you going for 60. what's the path for this law? >> we are going as many as workers' compensation, and we expect some will be democrats as well. the vice president addressed the west virginia chamber of commerce. democratic senator joe manchin who also received a schumer letter recently along with his colleagues, all of whom no coincidence are up for
5:07 am
reelection next year. so a couple things. number one, these republican and democratic senators and members of congress are accountable to their constituents. and their constituents are telling them we need tax relief, and we want tax reform. we want a system that is simpler, fairer, get ready of this draconian several thousand page tax code that people need to hire attorneys and accountants and lobbyists just to be able to navigate the code. and we want this to be a job fill. if you reduce the tax burden on job creators and job holders, you're giving people a pay raise, and you're helping them to create more jobs. number two, i think congress should look at their own approval ratings. they seem obsessed with everyone else's approval ratings. the media and the congress should look a deep, hard look at the approval ratings, which aren't so hot, folks, and recognize that a lot of them are seen as obstructionist. ainsley: we have a fox poll on the topic saying congress passing tax reform this year.
5:08 am
78% say it's not likely. they just don't have faith in this congress. and then it goes to congressional job performance. now 17% approve. 74% i wanted to have. >> that's right. and look at the delta in the fox news poll, ainsley, with respect to how many americans want tax reform to be done. want these major initiatives to pass, and then how many will have faith that will. but the man that works behind me here, president trump, he's at his desk pen in hand ready to sign into law repealing and replace obamacare. he hasn't given up on that because he knows 29 million americans given up on obamacare, and have been lied to about keeping their plans and doctors. he stands ready to do fundamental tax reform, and he went yesterday in front of congress after their very long vacation where they got an earful from constituents. brian: yeah, i have no idea why they keep going on vacation. it's criminal. they have to work for a
5:09 am
living. this is basically -- what the president's doing, a lot of people wanted him to do for health care. he's going to go outline his plan, and he's going to reportedly be active in doing it. and he gave some basics. said i'm going to have three income tax brackets instead of 7. i'm going to give a 14% tax cut. having said that, i'm thinking okay. that's a good framework. i wonder how it's going to be hashed out. details to come. it didn't stop nancy pelosi from coming out immediately and instead of offering the american people a plan for real job tax reform, president trump is pushing billionaires for a tax scheme and handing down to the most expensive american family. i mean, that is the wrong attitude. that's antiwhat we're seeing in texas. do you think there might be on some level a fear among democrats that if tax reform is passed for america, the economy will grow at such a rate it will be impossible for them to win an election?
5:10 am
. >> you hit it correctly. that's what i see. and this is what happened in the past when ronald reagan gave his fundamental tax reform. he was more popular and helped his vice president get his third term, frankly. but what is nancy pelosi's plan? she's talking about donald trump for tax reform. what is her plan? and that access you just showed, it's a lot of political screed. it is obviously taken out of the what happened book? because against republicans that have even seen the structure. but, look, nancy pelosi and others in the party are going to go back to the constituents and explain to them and be held accountable why americans paying less in taxes and why they stood in the way of making u.s. more competitive. you know, the corporate tax rate has been -- we have the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world in the world, and it's hurting us, and i want everybody to remember this name. this word. repatriation. so on tv, they see a lot of
5:11 am
equivocation. repatriation is the word of the season here because that means we get all the dollars of wealth that's parked in other countries back into this country. we've credentialed companies to legally park their money elsewhere. the jobs and the money must come back here. >> this is all great stuff but the two words grassroots republicans say every day. mitch mcconnell. there might be some democrats that come onboard but one or two votes doesn't get to 60. what's the brass tacks? is it wait for congress to pass reconciliation? where the senate where dems are committed to resisting this president no matter what. >> yeah. well, 25 are up for reelection in the senate next year have constituents and need tax reform. some of those states donald trump won by five, won by double digits. those constituents have to
5:12 am
look at the two in the mirror. there's also the calculation that nobody talks about, which is new jersey's senator bob menendez is a little busy these days. he's not expected to be back here voting. he's in a federal courthouse because he's a criminal defendant in a criminal trial, and people should really go and look at the prosecutors case laid out this week. it is just stunning, and it went on allegedly for many years. he's corruption. look at it. we don't have any democrats talking about this. it's important for a lot of reasons. important because he represents democratic parties. important because if you have a 49/49 vote, you got the vice president as a tiebreaker. so he actually affects the calculation on a number of these important votes as well. ainsley: kellyanne, woman to woman, what did you think about the mainstream media focusing on melania's shoes and the president being there? >> yeah, we saw what was in the president's and the first lady's hearts that day instead
5:13 am
of on their feet. and really very worried that the president is successfully showing leadership and compassion and empathy and resolve and action. coordinating with state, local, and federal officials and also showing the people of texas and louisiana that we as americans stand with our brothers and sisters there. but it was predictable. by the way, she didn't wear those shoes down in texas. she wore them onto the plane. and, by the way, she can wear whatever she wants. this is what cracks me up about the feminists. i'm a free thinker. i'm an independent. nobody tells me what to do. they get upset if you wear a pretty dress or somebody calls me honey. but they have judgment end on end. and everybody looks at her and immediately sees quite correctly elegance, beauty, class. but they should also know she speaks five languages, she's brilliant, she's incredibly savvy. those of us privileged enough to know her and work with her
5:14 am
that his what an important part of this administration she is. and people ought to show some respect for her. brian: kellyanne, thank you so much. ted cruz, griff jenkins on a airboat. next even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. wise man, i'm nervous about affecting my good credit score. i see you've planted an uncertainty tree. chop that thing down. the clarity you seek... lies within the creditwise app from capital one. creditwise helps you protect your credit. and it's completely free for everyone.
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5:18 am
brian: fox news alert now you're looking at the reservoir undergoing controlled release. the reaction sent 15 deputies to the hospital this morning. we just learned eight of those deputies have been released. pete: in the meantime harvey now downgraded to a tropical depression. ainsley: but as the waters begin to recede, senator ted cruz gets a firsthand look at the devastation in his hometown of houston with our griff jenkins who joins us live now. hey, griff. >> hey, guys, good morning. you know, we are just south of the reservoir and what you're seeing behind me is the sheriff, county sheriff is loading his crews in there going to rescue five people because this area is under a new mandatory evacuation. we're going to get on that boat, maybe bring you a little bit of that tomorrow. it's going to take a while to get that going. but first, we went yesterday with ted cruz as he took a first look at the devastation here. >> you can see just the line of cars parked there, that this water came quickly and people didn't have time to get
5:19 am
out. they were parked outside the gas station going in to get supplies. fairly amazing looking and seeing the red neon open sign still lit up. we'll come through this. the first stage has just been saving lives. it's been responding to the immediate crisis. that crisis is still on going. it's in east texas, beaumont, big chunks of i-10 freeway are completely under water. it looks like you're looking at the gulf of mexico. it's been an incredible story of hurricane harvey is the heroism we've seen over and over and over again. you look at the houston police officer who was killed. sergeant perez. he came in, his wife begged him not to go. said the water's too high. don't go in, he drove in anyway. he said i've got to. it's my job. i have to save people. he drove in and couldn't get to his ordinary duty station, so he went to another station to report to duty and got
5:20 am
caught in fast-moving water and lost his life. i mean, those are the stories of bravery. we're seeing one after the other after the other. and it is really what has saved houston throughout the storm. you think about politics in washington where everything is nasty and total warfare all the time, and i don't think it has to be that way. and then i think something like this reminds us we've got a lot more that brings us together and divides us. >> and this morning the director of fema saying that one of the top concerns he has now is the shelter mission. these sheriff deputies going in right now to take more out. ainsley: thank you so much, griff. brian: the senator has been everywhere. still ahead, president trump putting pressure on congress. trying to get tax reform passed. so what do voters
5:21 am
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5:24 am
pete: welcome back to fox and friends. a federal judge tosses out a class-action lawsuit against the dnc. bernie sanders accusing them for being in good standing. but it doesn't seem like they'll get it. and coming to a campaign rally near you. that's right. brian kilmeade has already sent in his donation for jerry springer for governor, reportedly considering a run, brian said he will decide within the next couple of
5:25 am
weeks. that will be a very orderly campaign. ainsley, over the balcony to you. ainsley: thank you so much. president trump touting big plans for tax reform in the heartland of missouri. but how does this message resonate with the voters? lee carter is a president and pollster, and she just put the president to the dial test. so you asked people what they thought. republicans, democrats, and independents. we always look at the independents because we know how republicans and democrats are going to feel about it. but he goes to texas, the president, and he has a message for the texans. watch the dials, and we'll talk about it. >> we love you, you are special, we're here to take care in going well, and i want to thank you for coming out. we're going to get you back and operating immediately. ainsley: why aren't the democrats liking that, lee? it's a message about how much we like texas. >> well, you can see there republicans give an a, independents a b minus, democrats a c. there were independents and democrats said they weren't
5:26 am
even going to give him a chance, so ther there is a bounce back. you have to think a c from democrats is very good. especially how they reacted to president obama. this is doing well. ainsley: here's a sound byte in texas saying, talking about the reliance and the strength of texans. listen to this and watch the dials. trump: this has been a total cooperative effort. again, we will see you soon. i will tell you, this is historic, it's epic what happened. but you know what? it happened in texas and texas can handle anything. >> well, there you go. you can see it again. very, very similar reactions. republicans gave this an a, independents a b, democrats a c. i do want to say this list of independents and democrats within the last two weeks to yesterday and the day before, really, really important for the president because he needed to have a boost. he needed to have a come back, and he had a really good showing. ainsley: that's what the democrats were telling you? >> yeah. absolutely. ainsley: and then he went to springfield, missouri last night, and he talked about tax
5:27 am
reform, and he is saying this is what the tax code needs to look like. watch the dial. trump: we need a tax code that is simple, fair, and easy to understand. that means getting rid of the loopholes and complexity that primarily benefit the wealthiest americans and special interests. our last major tax rewrite was 31 years ago. >> now, here you go. republicans gave an a-plus. you can barrel see the independent line because it was so high. they gave it an a and even democrats gave a b minus. so really great message on taxes yesterday. ainsley: so if you pay taxes, your taxes are going to look better under his plan. he called out claren and said if this doesn't pass, she doesn't need to be elected again. look at this and watch the dials.
5:28 am
trump: i am asking every members of congress, of which we have many with us today in joining me in unleashing america's full potential. i am asking everyone in this room and across the nation to join me in demanding nothing but the best for our nation and for our people. and if we do these things, and if we care for and support each other and love each other, then we will truly make america great again. ainsley: calling for unity too. >> yeah. so you can see the republicans an a, independents a b, democrats a c. overall, this is a slam dunk for the president. earlier needed to deliver, and he did on tax reform speech. ainsley: all right. lee carter, thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. ainsley: you saw what the voters think. and now todd is getting reaction from missouri having breakfast with friends. and houston is ready to burst. emergency officials telling people to get out or die.
5:29 am
we are live on the ground. plus, you're looking live at joint base andrews where vice president mike pence is preparing to leave for the disaster zone. all the breaking developments live. next needles. essential for him, but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz xr can reduce pain,
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5:33 am
of course, the former governor of texas who now is head of energy, and we know three or four refineries is going to be down before this is done. this is worldwide production. ainsley: the folks in texas love him. he was there for a long time. they love him, love his wife, and he'll be able to shake the hands with folks there and remind them we've got your back. >> and he's been in previous disasters in texas. not anything to this scope. brian: i also bring up this. now we see the vice president assumingly arriving. and he i he is a governor. and they say governors talk to governors in times like this because they're used to running operational challenges whether it's fires, floods. this is epic, and so you have a governor there that knows texas, a governor, a former governor of indiana who is now vice president. invaluable resource.
5:34 am
ainsley: so they leave the hill, basically, in these helicopters, and then that takes them to joint base andrews so they can leave in larger planes, which is air force one or air force two in this case. pete: i guess that's probably marine two to airplane force two down to corpus christi to survey today. brian: and also va secretary going to make the trip. the military is now sending tanks to help out and sending about 600 marines to go in there. so we're at the point that we have to bring in the military to help save people. ainsley: 34 minutes until the top of the hour and also breaking on harvey. harvey is on the move. millions under a flash flood warning, it's now on a tropical depression heading up north. brian: it's not over for texas where swollen reservoirs continue to rise. the catastrophic flooding prompting brand-new evacuation orders. pete: and officials aren't sugar coating it. warning get out or die. >> all my ears on this earth, i've never seen anything like this. >> i'm scared for my baby.
5:35 am
>> why? >> because they ain't seen nothing like this. >> she's worried for her babies. if you look on the left-hand side of your screen, the vice president -- that is the vice president standing in marine 2, and he is coming out. is that the vice president? that's not him. brian: no, looks like security. ainsley: he'll be coming out shortly. but on the right-hand side of the screen, you'll see. dumping more than 20 trillion gallons of rain. rivers overflowing taking anything and everything in its path. brian: harvey's trail of destruction blamed for 31 deaths and leaving thousands homeless. pete: rob is live in texas where the water is still getting higher. good morning. >> yeah. it's a reservoir and river story now, especially over here in the houston area. i think when you get a tempered warning to people about the situation and just how bad it could be, i think the problem is that a lot of people just don't listen. so i think that's why you hear this -- the texas judge say get out or die.
5:36 am
we've had twice now they tell people write the name and the social security number on your arm in case we find your body. i think that gets to people. that's a slap in the face. if you don't get out of here, you could be in serious danger. so i think that explains these comments, which people are, like, wow he reads something like that and they're, like, holy cow. we've had 31 people killed by this storm at least, and that is very likely to rise. situation right now, you can see the river behind me, which is about as high as it has ever been. let's go to the river, which is in the beaumont and port arthur area, and that is texas right on the louisiana border, and that's the area really decimated yesterday by the storm in just a lot of water. this is a wet area to begin with. it's have you not by water. this river runs right through beaumont and port arthur and then dumped into the gulf, and it has swelled to an extraordinary level at this point. we understand and quite frankly, we tried to get there yesterday and within 50 miles of beaumont, we could no
5:37 am
longer go any farther. the highway was close because of the explosion. the 10 looked like the gulf, it was like a river. and the back roads started flooding out, and we couldn't get there. so the situation, of course, is extreme in that area. and the other problem is they have pumps that supply water to the city of beaumont. well, the storm destroyed those pumps. so now this morning they were expecting about 5:00, 6:00 a.m. they would nom longer have water supply to people's homes. so you have people who don't have power, likely don't have water now, and then the situation where people were going to these shelters to get away from their homes. well, the shelter started flooding out, the bowling alley flooded out, the civic center. so you have 175,000 people who live in this area that are really in a dire situation. let's show you some video, though, of doing good samaritans doing exactly what we wanted to see. this is bandit the dog was swept away by floodwater that actually came from the main river through town in beaumont
5:38 am
and some good samaritans as you heard and managed this bandit. you could see there bandit is going to be okay. so we do love to see people coming out and saving the animals as well as the people and this community has really come together. we saw a lot of that in houston earlier this week when we were out on boats as regular people were trying to save regular people, and we love to see that. so that is the situation right now as we watch these rivers continue to rise, even though as you see it's a sunny, beautiful morning and as you said, vp pence going to be going to corpus christi today and giving his support to anybody who needs it, and there's a lot of people who do here in texas and louisiana. ainsley: thank you, rob. there he is. the vice president entering air force two, heading down to houston to help those folks in need. >> and of course on the other side of the trip, we'll cover that live. pete: we will track it all. it looks like we lost the shot anyway. president trump touting his plan to lay more money in your pocket. laying out the land.
5:39 am
ainsley: and talking to them all morning in springfield, missouri. hey, todd. >> yeah. the president was right down the road here in springfield, missouri talking about tax cuts. springfield, missouri or as i like to learn to it the birthplace of ainsley's childhood crush brad pit. as we get down to business and business is what my friend kevin wants to talk about. kevin, you said you need tax cuts as an electrician who voted for trump because you need to grow your business. how will tax cuts help you grow the business? >> it will give me the operating capital to grow it to help me employ more people and make it work well. . >> now, talk to me about the last couple of years under the obama administration and what that situation did for your business. >> we starved to death. it was absolutely desolate for work. there wasn't hardly anything to do. it was rough. i mean, really rough. >> understood. all right. as for weather,
5:40 am
congress is going to get tax cuts through. we have a little bit of a debate here. going to start out with ruth anne, she works in health care. she voted for president trump and ruth anne, you tell me you are sick and tired of what congress is doing to the president. why? >> well, because we elected him to do a job, and they won't let him do it. they're -- it just seems like they're doing everything they possibly can to keep him from being able to do his job. >> okay. samuel disagrees with you. samuel is not a trump voter. he did not vote for the president, and he says the president is really to blame for problems with congress. why? >> well, i'm only 25. but from what i've seen, a leader needs to be a good moderator, and i haven't seen him doing a good job med moderating among citizens and senators and representatives. so i don't think he does a good job moderating for people. >> going forward, do you think the president can ultimately in your view turn it around and get us tax reform? >> i don't see that happening at all. >> okay. let me go to ruth anne. ruth anne, last word.
5:41 am
do you think can do it? >> i think he can do it if they let him do it. >> obviously, this debate is up to you. i'm going to say samuel's right on his choice of footwear. just show the folks back in new york those. he wore these to a restaurant today, folks. he's a true winner. brian: it sounds like a duck dynasty item. maybe it is. we'll see. ainsley: our children would love those. that reminds me. i've got to order some of those. on a beach trip and someone had similar shoes, and she loved them. so i have to -- brian: i don't buy shoes that are small, medium, large, i need them actually in a size. but 19 minutes to the top of the hour. pete: a more serious note, north korea claims it's on the brink of war with the u.s. cohost anna and visited the demilitarized zone, the dmz. and she's next. ainsley: and the people of houston are left to rebuild.
5:42 am
80% of the victims don't have flood insurance. bob massie is going to join us with their options. straight ahead maria's always on the go, taking over 7,000 steps each day. and she does it in any shoes she wants, with lasting comfort. only dr. scholl's stylish step has insoles that are clinically proven to provide all-day comfort. dr. scholl's. born to move. ♪ [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event. upeace of mind.s
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(flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) the joy of real cream in 15 calories per serving. enough said. reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy. ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert and brand-new video of u.s. military drills over the korean peninsula. it comes as tensions with north korea are continuing to boil over. pete: but despite it all in pyongyang, tourists are still traveling to the demilitarized zone, which separates south and north korea. brian: one of them is anna, and, by the way, she joins us right now from seoul, south korea and we know the secretary of defense for south korea was in washington yesterday meeting with secretary of defense mattis. >> hey, good morning. great to see everybody at home. it's an interesting place and time to find myself as a tourist here in seoul,
5:46 am
south korea. so i was actually in tokyo and woke up to the news that a missile had just gone over japan. before planning this trip, i thought that, you know, all of this from kim jong-un was bluster, just like many of us had thought in the united states, and that same sentiment is shared here in south korea. now that i've gotten here, so i woke up to the news in tokyo, got on a flight, and headed here to south korea because i already had a trip planned, several tours, including the dmz as you mentioned. but then i woke up the next day to all of these headlines on the front of these korean newspapers. it certainly has, you know, some folks feeling a bit unsettled. in a lot of ways, though, when i went to the dmz, i want to take a look at that and show you the video from the demilitarized zone. a lot of what was going on there was actually business as usual. and i talked to a handful of residents here in seoul, and
5:47 am
they said we are so used to this. but this does feel a bit different because testing the free world, essentially, by firing a ballistic missile over japan is not something that they do every day; right? it's something that north korea did back in the '90s. pyongyang did it again in 2009, and it appears kim jong-un is testing president trump at the same time. you see them trading bars on social media. i'll read you the tweet he wrote earlier. he said the u.s. has been talking to north korea and paying them extortion money for 25 years. talking is not the answer is what donald trump said on social media. then on state-run media there in north korea, you have kim jong-un trading words and him saying more missiles are coming and of course we know about the threat that he had for guam. that was only recent. we hope that if anything does
5:48 am
happen, of course, that things will fizzle out the way they did with the short-range missiles last weekend. brian: anna, let me ask you something. when you look around on the 38th parallel there, do you see a lot of american military? do you see them mixed in with south korean military? >> well, i tell you what. i was at the demilitarized zone, not at the jsa. i did go to the observatory where you can use your binoculars and peak over the border and see into north korea. you can see those blue buildings and what they call propaganda village where they have propaganda going from megaphones on either side. of course, propagating their own messages but the tension there is palpable. it's something that everybody talks about. you can feel. this is the closest that you will ever get to north korea, a lot of people without either getting arrested or getting
5:49 am
shot. we did have our passports checked multiple times. i did tour the third infiltration tunnel, which is one of four tunnels that were discovered after the 1970s. north korea has a long history of saying they're going to do one thing and then not doing it and doing another. and that tunnel i was told not to bring my cell phone and got in trouble for trying to take it in there. the security certainly seems tight, but they have a lot of people who were still taking those tours. pete: serious times. stay safe there. brian: he's in the eye of the storm with the world's number one tyrant. pete: well, as harvey moves on, the people in houston are left to rebuild. but 80% of the victims don't have flood insurance. bob massie joins us with their options. next. brian: but first, let me check in with a woman i call shannon. she says she's going to let me preview her show, but you never know. >> a lot of other people also call me shannon, brian
5:50 am
kilmeade. continue with taxes and new dangers we're told there's been an incident at a chemical plant. we're getting more details. we're going to take you there live for an update. and on capitol hill, looming fights over funding over the harvey disaster. and reforming flood insurance. congressman is leading those efforts. going to join us live. plus, the president is getting details onto taxes. and tough new poll numbers show americans are pretty mad at pretty much all politicians. ouch. we'll see you at the top of the hour for america's newsroom that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated. ["l♪vwho can turn the worldan jeton with her smile?s♪ ♪ who can take a nothing day, ♪ ♪ and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? ♪ ♪ well it's you girl, and you should know it. ♪
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brian: back with a fox news alert now as we bring you the very latest with harvey. the tropical depression moves to louisiana. but now the next phase begins in texas satisfying the damage. massive flooding destroyed
5:54 am
over 100,000 homes. but when rebuilding begins, many homeowners could be in bigger trouble than they think. pete: that's right. insurance experts are estimating that 80% of those in the storm's path do not have flood insurance. so what are these homeowners to do? ainsley: joining us now is fox news legal analyst and host of the property man bob massie. so, bob, a lot of people don't understand when you get homeowner's insurance, you have to make sure you're covered for floods; right? if you live in a flood zone. >> well, let's try to differentiate. now, flood insurance is available for people. there's a website you could go on. it's national company, and you can buy flood insurance. this is outside the homeowner's insurance. and most -- a lot of lenders, by the way, require you to have flood insurance if you live in certain coastal towns and cities. so sometimes if you buy a home, and you're in a coastal area that's subjective to hurricanes, they require it. saying that, let's differentiate floods. this is a natural disaster. however, let's say, for
5:55 am
example, you have a pipe break in your house, and your house is flooded. now, homeowner's insurance in that case, depending upon the time that you have, the coverage you have, could cover that kind of flood. but what these people are dealing with down there, homeowner's insurance will not cover it. pete: bob, flood insurance is not like obamacare with preexisting conditions where you can call once you're flooded. so if your home is now flooded, you can't ask for flood insurance. what are the options for those 80%. what kind of support may they get? >> you know, pete, you talked about it earlier. you have disaster funds. i think texas has $10 billion in disaster funds for these types of things. fema steps in. short-term loans. and a couple of things if i may, pete and all of you. when you have -- buy a home or you have a home or homeowner's insurance, make sure that you videotape everything that's in your house. understand, for example, in this case, let's say the automobiles have been lost.
5:56 am
now, your auto insurance has comprehensive. they will cover the lost of fire, theft, flood damage, things like that that the auto insurance most likely will be able to give you money for the vehicles that you had. but a picture's worth 1,000 words. videos, pictures when you have a house, take it in order to preserve whatever claims you may have. and generally, jewelry and those things are not covered unless you get a special writer on your homeowner's insurance. brian: thank you so much, bob. we have to have you back because there's so much we have to discuss. bob, thank you. more fox and friends in just a t when it comes to heartburn, trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day, all night protection. when it comes to heartburn, trust nexium 24hr. when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics.
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>> that is gloria with a tribute to houston, with her heads "i
6:00 am
will survive." >> it is appropriate for the incident and what is going on, it will be part of our all-american concert series. >> oh, my goodness. >> she is going to sing that song. >> shannon: and we are following a potentially dangerous situation right now near houston, an entire area evacuated after an incident at a major chemical plants are there, good morning, i am a shannon bream, and good morning. >> i am eric, in four bill hemmer. new emergency evacuations are in order, it was, as a reservoir has begun overflowing, fire crews are responding to smoke and fumes, coming from the chemical plants that has been disabled by the storm. at least one officer was at the scene, we are told. he has been hospitalized for fume


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