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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 31, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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and rebuild to be even better and stronger than ever before. with that, allow me to recognize the secretary of the department of homeland security, elaine duke. >> good afternoon. as the acting secretary of homeland security, my job is to tell you about the work that the federal government is doing in supporting the governor and the state of texas and its recovery. as the vice president said, we have rescued more than 10,000 people from the state of texas. and we are in the process of individual assistance to help people get back to their lives and homes. to date, we have approved over 100,000 requests totaling $50 million of individual assistance. today we saw some hope of the recovery. at some of the hope was in infrastructure. the airport opening.
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we saw the hope in the people. this is a real partnership to complete the work that needs to be done in texas. we've come as the federal government, will be supporting the state and its people. not for profits, hugely important. congress, everyone, it's important we all come together. i think what was most momentous to me, led by the survivors we met today, how much hope, joy, and love is still in texas. and i pray that flows throughout the world and grows in the united states and beyond. we will continue with the infrastructure recovery. we expect search and rescue to continue for the next couple days. the water is to peak, hopefully within two days, and as it recedes, we can get out of search and rescue mode and further into recovery for the
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survivors in the area. i think you and it's an honor to be here and be able to support this and take the energy back to dhs where we will continue to work with the people of texas. thank you. i would like to turn it over to secretary chao. >> thank you. day has been a very emotional and yet inspiring day, as you've heard from the governor, the vice president, and also secretary duke. the department of transportation is doing everything possible to support governor abbott and the people of texas. we are making available more than $100 million in financial support to meet the infrastructure needs of texas. there is approximately 353 million impending department of transportation funds available to texas between today and the end of the fiscal year, september 30.
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the department has over 40 staff in ground, air, transit, railways, waterways on the ground coordinating, getting transit assets back up and running. finding drivers for buses and trucks. the federal highways of administration has been on the ground before the storm even made landfall providing technical assistance to the texas department of transportation. we are working with the state of texas to reopen the airports. as you have heard, corpus christi, new orleans, houston iah, houston hobby and victoria. beaumont airport remains closed except for military flights. roads in the impacted areas continued to be inundated with water, many closures and we are learning more by the hour and are working with state partners to assess conditions as quickly
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as the water recedes. we have also identified more than 200 engineers who can be on the scene within 48 hours. to begin expediting inspection of roads and bridges so we can be on the way to recovery. our crisis center is manned 24/7 to monitor critical infrastructure. we also have a special hotline for first responders and others who need to know how to get around blocked routes. an hour ago, i signed an executive order at the request of governor abbott basically waiving the requirements to allow expedited fuel deliveries from 25 surrounding states to help the delivery of fuel to texas. one of the things we are learning is the declining supplies of aviation oil, gasoline, all sorts of fuel
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supplies. we have waived the requirement and you've got it. >> thank you. we need it. you are a blessing. >> i was once secretary of labor so i cannot forget the current secretary of labor, alex acosta. >> thank you. today was a difficult day. we saw a lot of destruction. but we also saw individuals, texans here, as the governor said, helping each other. texans helping texans. my take away today is that texans are survivors. they are helping each other. they are solving their problems. the president also wants to make sure, however, that all of us in the cabinet are here to support the governor and support his efforts. there are individuals who may be
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wondering, what will happen to my job? will it be there? will i have to retrain? the department of labor is making available to the state of texas $30 million to assess workforce needs from the dislocated worker fund. we have also approved disaster unemployment insurance so those individuals that do not qualify otherwise per unemployment insurance can have access to a means to make it by until they find a job. today we saw individuals that are going to survive and are going to rebound because they are resilient. they are determined to rebuild, and they have incredible character. that's a testament to the people of this state. and that part of it was the best take away from today. thank you, governor.
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we have with us the secretary of veterans affairs, secretary shulkin. >> good afternoon. we have over 528,000 veterans in the affected area, and the department of veteran affairs is here to make sure they are getting the care they need. our medical centers have remained opened throughout texas and louisiana. although some of our outpatient centers have been damaged, everyday we are getting more and more opened up. i'm very proud of the men and women that serve in the department of veteran affairs to make sure we fulfill that mission. as many people said, today was an amazing day. i was honored to be with the vice president and mrs. pence and our fellow cabinet members. we saw amazing volunteers. no surprise, many of them were veterans. again, those people who stood up to serve their country come up with their life on the country, continue to serve even after they come back.
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veterans are amazing people who are giving to their community. i was so proud to be with them today and to be able to see this firsthand. i am now going to turn this back to the vice president will take some questions. >> questions for me or the governor from any of the press? >> thank you, mr. vice president. associated press. how soon will the administratio administration send its aid requests to congress? how large will be and do you think the funding should be offset by budget cuts? thank you. >> thank you, darlene. let me say the administration has already been in contact with members of congress about a supplemental appropriations bill to deal with the immediate needs of federal assistance for individuals as well as assistance to businesses that are recovering in the wake of
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hurricane harvey. we expect congress to move quickly on the initial legislation and we will be working diligently in the opening weeks of congress to accomplish that. let me say we are very confident that members of congress in both political parties appreciate the historic nature of this storm and understand the enormous burden it's placed on families and communities here in texas. and we anticipate strong and bipartisan support for that measure. i will tell you that decisions with regard to overall budgeting will be based on decisions that are made by members of congress and by the president. but as i've done in the past, i look forward to strongly supporting the president's leadership as we make sure that
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texas, in real time, we are still in the midst of a rescue operation and recovery operation unfolding, that in real time, as the resources. no texan should doubt as they apply for available federal assistance, no small business or business that's affected should doubt that this administration, this congress will come together and make sure those resources are there. >> reporter: wister vice president, nbc, fox san antonio. we have spoken to people who have lost everything from this hurricane. they are terrified because they say fema is not getting back to them. what advice do you have? >> vice president pence: i am going to ask elaine to come forward. at this point, i can tell you as of this morning we have actually had more than 311,000 citizens
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who have gone online or telephoned into register for disaster assistance. i am pleased and i think texans should be encouraged know we have already distributed more than $530 million in assistance. but as we focus on the rescue operation and as of this morning, there were still 900 calls per hour coming in. saving lives has been the number one priority of the governor, the president, all of us and continues to be. we urge people to take every opportunity they have, whether it's by telephone or online, to apply for federal assistance and no help is on the way. we will make sure every texan and every texas business that is entitled to federal support receives that support. did you want to add to that? >> i support everything the vice president said. if you can get online, the best way to apply is online.
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you can enter a lot of data that way. your insurance, how to get back to you. that's the best way. if not, use the phone banks. we are, i will call it triaging. there are people who have mortgage payments due that are currently not in situations where they need immediate assistance, so we are prioritizing based on that. additionally one of the challenges of individual assistance for this disaster is going to be the broad scope of where the floods were and how long the floodwaters are lastin lasting. we can't even get in there to start looking at damage to homes. i would say if you have immediate needs, call back. we are setting up a joint office here where all of the federal resources -- if you haven't heard back in a day or two and would like to check on your application online or call and follow-up, but if you are not a priority, it could take a couple days.
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thank you. >> i wanted to add an important piece of information, and that's come up to online, go to if you are in one of the counties that's been declared a federal disaster, you can get assistance. and we urge you to go online and register as quickly as possible at >> reporter: mr. vice president, bloomberg news. do you still stand by your position from 2005 that disaster relief funding should be offset by cuts elsewhere? can you tell us what the trump administration's position will be on offsets? >> vice president pence: i know president trump's top priority is focusing on rescue and recovery efforts. we are going to be working diligently never begun to work with congress to make sure
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resources to backstop those efforts to provide for recovery and ultimately provide for rebuilding communities that have been devastated by hurricane harvey. i was pleased, before i was a vice president, before i was a governor, i was a member of congress and i was pleased to support federal disaster funding in the wake of hurricane katrina. in the months that followed that, i was also part of an effort in congress to find savings in the budget to pay for it. i would leave those decisions to members of congress and to the president of the united states as we move forward. i can tell you right now that the focus of president trump, myself, the focus of this governor, our entire administration and i believe the focus of every member of congress, the local congressman who are with us today, it will be to work together on a bipartisan basis and make sure that none of the families that
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are feeling that anxiety we just heard about in the last question have any reason to be concerned. the resources will be there, the assistance the american people have approved will be available. as community is prepared to recover and rebuild, i'm very confident that members of both political parties will work with our administration to move the legislation forward to rebuild texas bigger and better than ever before. >> reporter: high matt, mr. vice president. representing the network pool. after seeing that damage today with members of the cabinet, what do you think is going to be the hardest part of rebuilding texas? anything specific? >> vice president pence: i will tell you, and i know i speak for everyone gathered her here, that the sights and sounds and conversations we had today
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were overwhelming. the resilience of the people of texas has been inspiring. to see people who have gone through the horror of one of the largest natural disasters in american history, to be standing shoulder to shoulder, passing out food to their neighbors, helping their neighbors clear out their homes with a smile on their faces, it's humbling to me, and it's deeply inspiring. i would tell you in the long-term challenge, it's getting people back into their communities and their homes. when we were in rockport today, as i shared with the governor, we heard from families and high school students that were very anxious to get back in their schools. they wanted to have their senior year in their school in rockport. we talked to families anxious to get back in their homes. i know as of this morning, fema had repositioned some 2,000
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manufactured homes. we have ordered another 4,000. were looking to secure additional housing. the priority will be, once we work our way through the rescue efforts which are ongoing and we move through recovery and rebuilding, the priority of our administration, working very closely with governor abbott and his administration to get people back in their communities, get people back on their streets as quickly as possible. housing, finding available housing will be a long term challenge. again, the sheer magnitude of this storm, it's impacts we saw on the ground and from the air are not lost on anyone here. the president was deeply moved by the suffering and the struggle of the people of texas when he was here on tuesday. he and the first lady will be returning this saturday, and we are just going to stay with the people of texas all the way
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through in not just the weeks and months but very likely the years it will take for us to rebuild southeast texas. we know we will with these good and strong people, bigger and better than ever before. thank you all very much. >> bret: vice president mike pence alongside governor abbott from texas, taking questions alongside also members of the president's cabinet. secretaries of dhs, transportation, labor, veterans affairs pledging to be there for the people of texas and although struggling from hurricane harvey and the fallout and flooding until the end, think there are 311,000 people so far have already requested assistance, disaster assistance. good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. as they dry out and clean up from the storm are just starting in texas, the dangers from the storm and the resulting flooding still very real.
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two volunteer workers lost their lives helping others, and now the death toll is at least 38 tonight. authorities expect that unfortunately to rise. fires and two explosions rocked a chemical plant today. harvesting is dumping its seemingly endless supply of rain further east. let's begin with steve harrigan. >> good evening, bret. east of houston, what we are seeing our continuing rising floodwaters. that means for some people who thought they made it through the storm, they are still on the ru run. rescue after rescue continues in texas, even as harvey has downgraded. rising water still nearly impossible to escape. agencies are on hand to help. an agent with the u.s. border patrol wearing a body cam
3:20 pm
capture this rescue from houston. >> we didn't have much flooding until this morning. it started rushing in. >> others beginning to face the brunt of the aftermath relying on volunteers with boats from out of state. >> more help will arrive. two navy ships steaming on their way to the gulf coast with around 700 marines. while on the ground, door-to-door searches begin in houston. >> we are finding out to see how much damage there is. if there's any civilians that have been left behind. >> the latest numbers look grim. the death toll has risen to more than 30 while over 37,000 people have heavily damaged homes according to the texas department of public safety. those figures bringing promises from the vice president's trip to rockport. >> to ensure the full resources of the national government are being brought to bear in a consistent way.
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>> in the midst of more unexpected damage. >> beaumont is on an island. >> a city of over 100,000 about one hard miles east of houston, beaumont is facing a crisis of too much and too little water. >> we got a call this morning telling us they had lost the city water. >> an indefinite problem, forcing people to airlift nearly 200 patients out. other communities got calls. some residents of crosby, texas, 30 miles northeast of houston, were forced to evacuate after explosions at a nearby chemical plant. with more explosions expected to come after refrigerators lost power. the environmental protection agency said there are no toxins being released, backing up unofficial from the plant. >> what we have going on is not a chemical release that's happening. i want to be clear about that. >> for residents, the toxins
3:22 pm
right now are the least of their worries. >> i keep calling and i can't reach him. >> eight oil refineries have been shut down, major pipeline has been shot at least till sunday. these moves already affecting gasoline prices. >> bret: steve harrigan live, thank you. we will continue our hurricane harvey coverage in a minute. questions come as you heard with the vice president, about funding and what congress will do. plus there's other news tonight. keep it here on "special report "special report." for their own frequent heartburn. and all day, all night protection. when it comes to heartburn, trust nexium 24hr. ♪ ♪ keep your insights from prying eyes, so they won't be used by anyone but you. the ibm cloud.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> bret: about 80% of the home owners affected by harvey do not have flood insurance. even for those who do, the flood insurance program itself is financially underwater. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has that story. >> this area hasn't flooded my entire life.
3:26 pm
initially i wasn't concerned. >> the grim reality is that many of hurricane harvey victims do not have flood insurance. >> i wish i would have had it from the jump. as you can tell, my whole house first-floor is destroyed. >> they must decide if they will try to rebuild or if it's time to go elsewhere. >> it's a hard decision right now. it's up in the air. it's pretty heartbreaking. took him home and see all of this have to go through it without insurance. >> fema is trying to point these families in the right direction, advising those with insurance to activate their national flood insurance policies. for those without, there are loans to home owners and renters with a 1.75% interest rate, more affordable than banks or credit cards. for many, that's on top of a mortgage which may be difficult. for those with insurance, people who dealt with rebuilding after super storm sandy in new york
3:27 pm
and new jersey worn it's been a frustrating process. >> it's a nightmare, and it's one of the worst loan programs in america, they national flood insurance program. >> that program is $25 billion in debt after hurricane katrina in 2005 and sandy in 2012. it's less than $2 billion cash on hand with only $6 billion in borrowing capacity as it prepares for hurricane harvey recovery. congress must act to reauthorize it by october 1, and lawmakers are saying it's time to fix flood insurance by creating reserve funds. >> we should look over the horizon and say how do we make it work? we have properties that will flood multiple times, and when your property floods, you get mold. let's help those people get out of those homes into a different house that is safe and secure. stick a republican congressional leaders considering putting some harvey relief, government funding, the debt ceiling in one package.
3:28 pm
>> we have hurricane spending which is an issue. it's going to have impact to september spending but we are going to have to go to congress and get authorization to spend more. >> in texas, president trump expressed a sense of urgency. >> there's never been anything so historic in terms of damage and in terms of ferocity is what we witnessed with harvey. >> there are only 12 legislative days in september that the house and senate are both do to be in session. that would suggest a mega bill is likely. plus the harvey components would make it more difficult for lawmakers to vote no. >> bret: congress on tuesday. it could be the end of the dream for many young illegal immigrants. president trump is expected to fulfill a campaign promise as soon as tomorrow by announcing the end of the so-called dreamer program. with caveats. chief white house correspondent john roberts joins us. good evening. >> good evening. some 800,000 people who are in
3:29 pm
this country illegally will brought here as children by the parents. in 2012, president obama moved to suspend immigration action against them by executive order. and now president trump appears set to roll back that. sources tell fox news president trump is expected to announce as early as tomorrow that he's ending the obama era deferred action for childhood arrivals program known as daca. the president would allow the program to lapse meaning so-called dreamers could stay until their work permits expire. which for some could be two years. president trump is facing a september 5 deadline on daca. that's when texas and nine other states planted to the administration of the president doesn't move to end it. the group federation for american immigration reform which opposed daca applauds the idea of letting the program lapse. >> in good faith, donald trump us to make an effort and these programs. it's a very good opportunity for the democrats to turn around and say you know, do we really care
3:30 pm
about these folks? if so, maybe they will start to work with trump. >> a republican strategist has been a critic believes that letting it lapse is the wrong thing to do. >> it will have negative economic consequences for a lot of employers and a lot of people who benefit from having dreamers in the economy in terms of being taxpayers and consumers. >> in the election, canada trump railed against daca insisting for president obama to arbitrarily carve out an exception was unconstitutional. >> we will immediately terminate president obama's illegal executive amnesties in which he defied federal law and the constitution. >> as president, sources say he came to a deeper understanding of the situation surrounding children who had no say when they were brought in illegally. >> we are going to show great heart. daca is a difficult subject for me.
3:31 pm
it's one of the most difficult subjects i have because you have incredible kids. i love kids. i have kids and grandkids. i find it very, very hard doing what the law says exactly to do. >> at one point, the president told dreamers they were the least of his priorities when it came to addressing illegal immigration. >> they shouldn't be worried they are here illegally. they shouldn't be very worried. i have a big heart. we're going to take care of everybody. >> the pressure was moving toward ending the program. the president could still try to push back tuesday's deadline and postponed an announcement, maybe reject cover mice with congress. even supporters of daca say the president really doesn't have a choice rather than leveling criticism at the white house for ending the program, supporters returned their fire on congress to act legislatively to do something to protect the dreamers. >> bret: we will follow it. john roberts, thank you. a federal judge is temporarily blocked most of the texas immigration law widely viewed as
3:32 pm
the toughest in the nation. it punishes sanctuary cities and left police officers inquire about immigration status. texas governor greg abbott says he will appeal. the health and human services department is cutting funding for advertising and promoting obamacare. and cutting it by 90%. hhs officials say the department will spend $10 million on advertising and outreach for the open enrollment period for obamacare that starts in november. that compares to $100 million spent by the obama administration last year. the corruption trial of a u.s. senator begins next week. the proceedings against new jersey democrat bob menendez could have lasting effects on the u.s. senate and therefore on the president's agenda. correspondent doug mckelway sets the stage. >> emails, flight and hotel
3:33 pm
reservation, credit card statements and federal election commission filings. the justice department detailing its case against new jersey democratic senator robert menendez and now a vicious war of words has erupted between the prosecutors and senators defense team. in an unsolicited letter, justice department prosecutors wrote the presiding judge suggesting he "prohibit the defendants from distracting and using the jury with their claims that the investigation and indictment are political retribution." a reference to widespread speculation in 2015 that the obama justice department indicted menendez because he opposed to key obama initiatives. >> do you believe because he of your opposition to iran, cuba policy, that this administration was trying to silence you? >> i am innocent of the charges. i am going to prove that the government overreached. >> i think what the justice department was trying to do is give the court a road map. >> menendez's lawyers see it as
3:34 pm
a sinister attempt. they fire back that the prosecution letter was fired with no advance notice. >> from the defense standpoint, the issue is was the prosecution trying to taint the jury pool? >> the filing describes how menendez codefendant paid for the senators stays at a resort. the defense called the facts irrelevant and inflammatory. also unresolved is whether menendez will leave the child to make crucial votes. if he misses the trial days, he risks losing jurors. if he stays, democrats may lose a deciding vote. >> bret: big story. thank you. stocks up. dow gained 56. s&p 500 finished at 14, nasdaq jump 60. depending on where you lived, you may be noticing higher gas
3:35 pm
prices. experts say it's going to get worse. colonial pipeline shutting down a pipeline as hurricane harvey has cut the nations refinery capacity. aaa says today's national average for a gallon of gas is $2.45. that is up $0.10 from last week. did the fbi director make up his mind on the clinton email scandal before the facts were in? new evidence tonight. that is next. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow.
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>> bret: a fascinating twist on the hillary clinton email investigation. senate republicans say they've got evidence that then fbi director james comey came to his conclusions on the clinton case long before all the facts were in.
3:39 pm
chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. good evening. >> according to senior republicans, fbi records indicate former director james comey drafted a conclusion apparently exonerating hillary clinton the email case two months before the investigation was over before the fbi interviewed clinton aide cheryl mills, i.t. specialist brian paglia on outcome and clinton herself. the fbi transcripts from interviews are coming to light after a records request from the republican leaders. they said it appears that in april or early may 2016, comey had decided against criminal charges before 17 interviews were complete, writing to the fbi the senators added conclusion first, fact gathering second. that's no way to run investigation. the fbi should be held to a higher standard. after he was fired by president trump, comey told congress loretta lynch was the one who had blood size email case. >> was your decision influenced
3:40 pm
by the attorney general tarmac meeting with the former president bill clinton? >> yes, ultimately in a conclusive way. >> were there other things that contributed the you can describe? >> the attorney general attorney general have your directive enough to call it an investigation but to call it a "matter." >> the timeline shows that comey was drafting his statement before the tarmac meeting. this comes a day after the fbi said it denied request for clinton emails citing a lack of interest. >> bret: will continue to follow it. a russian-american lobbyist who attended the trump tower meeting
3:41 pm
last summer has given secret testimony to a grand jury used by a special counsel robert miller. according to the associated press. mueller is investigating possible ties between the russians and the trump presidential campaign. emails released by the president's son said he took the meeting expecting to receive damaging information about hillary clinton. the u.s. is forcing the closure of russia's consulate and separate cisco and scaling back moscow's diplomatic presence in washington and new york. the move is in retaliation for the gremlins order the u.s. diplomatic staff be trimmed in the russian capital. state department officials tell fox today's move brings the u.s. and russia into parity, each with three consulates in the other country. an aerial show of force from the u.s. and its allies aimed directly at north korea. national security responded jennifer griffin shows us why many in the region including kim jong un had their eyes on the skies. >> the u.s. military flew after 35 stealth fighter jets and b-1 supersonic bombers for the first time in joint drills with south korea, some relating precision strikes against what the pentagon calls north korea's core facilities. the jets were flown from
3:42 pm
andersen air force base in guam which kim jong un has threatened to strike. the f-35s came from the base in japan. it was a show of force two days after the north koreans launched a ballistic missile over japanese territory. >> translator: we cannot tolerate north korea's development of nuclear missiles and we have decided to pursue a further roll by china. >> president trump tweeted yesterday "talking to north korea is not the answer." today jim mattis chastised a news report suggesting he and the president were not on the same page. >> if i say six and the president has half a dozen, people are going to say we disagree. my job is to provide military options. we are never out of diplomacy. diplomacy is a lot more than just talking. speak of the pentagon carried out a successful missile defense
3:43 pm
test off hawaii. mattis says they tracked the north korean missile as well. a new new state department travel banter north korea goes into effect friday, some u.s. citizens forced to leave that they wanted to stay. >> humanitarian exemption for people like us. >> today's drill came at the end of annual military exercises involving thousands of u.s. soldiers. north korea calls the war games a rehearsal for an invasion. >> bret: thank you. defense secretary mattis says he signed orders to send additional u.s. troops to afghanistan. mattis is not saying how many or what their roles will be. yesterday pentagon officials upped the number of u.s. troops on the ground saying 11,000 american troops are in afghanistan right now. our latest fox news poll finds 40% of you approve of the president's plan. that's up from june. still less than the 48% who do not approve.
3:44 pm
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♪ >> we'd like to see some response from the national flood insurance program. i do think that was a time to debate these things, as we need to help people who have pending claims, but will debate that late fall as we come out with good policy ideas to help move that back into our risk-based private sector, hopefully support a solution. >> bret: tom bossert, homeland security advisor at the white house today talking about the national flood insurance program. this is viewers and voters who
3:48 pm
were polled, saying the president's response to her again harvey approved 44%, disapprove, 26, unsure. the national flood insurance program, by the way, even if people had insurance, is underwater itself. it was created in 1965, really the only source of flood insurance for americans. the last reauthorization was in 2012 end it's up again septembe. it currently is in the whole almost $25 billion, and that directly coincides with the debt ceiling that is coming due. all of that as congress gets back on tuesday, plus the funding itself for the recovery. let's bring in our panel. charles hurt, opinion editor for "the washington times." anna palmer, from politico. and jason riley, senior fellow at manhattan institute. jason, before we talk about the flood insurance program, the funding battle, you are the
3:49 pm
vice president in the press conference, saying that congress will figure it out, it will be bipartisan. we have seen these things before and this is going to be a huge disaster recovery effort. >> it will be a big effort. i think the money will be there. the political objects of not sending the money i think would be too damaging of not getting on board here. we will see some bipartisan support for doing this. i think that the flood insurance program will be allowed to increase its debt, be able to borrow more from the treasury. like mr. tom bossert said, the only issue will be is whether some fiscally responsible lawmakers attach some serious reforms to it. it would be hard to come up with a program more in need of reform. around 50 years, we have had the federal government sending taxpayer backed insurance to people who build in flood prone areas. it makes no sense whatsoever.
3:50 pm
all the wrong incentives are in place. all that has led to his more building in these areas because the owners know that if there is a flood of someone else is going to be picking up the tab. the goal here should be to get the federal government out of the flood insurance business and collect the insurers prices to market. >> bret: anna, the white house was asked, treasury secretary was asked whether the administration will push to tie the debt ceiling increase to a funding request. if they wouldn't answer the question. it's process, and congress will get into it, but it's interesting prospect. >> absolutely. so those are capitol hill were telling us that they wanted to try a neat bow on these problems. funding the government, raising the debt ceiling, trying to find the disaster relief. you have a coalition that has devote for it if you have those three things. it will be very difficult. right now, you have a story that just broke that said the capital, senate, house republicans, want to pass a small package under that
3:51 pm
disaster relief as soon as this next week, which means it wouldn't happen. a lot of problems coming up here in the next several weeks. >> bret: there are the hawks up there, the deficit hawks, charlie, who say we are approaching 20 trillion in debt and we have to stop the bleeding somewhere. how is this all going to work? >> a lot of those deficit hawks are from texas were so much of this is going on. but i think that jason is probably right about this. this is why people hate congress, because you have this massive problem like flood insurance program that they never addressed the problem. >> bret: they keep punting at. >> every time there is a catastrophe like that, everybody is running around, worried about -- trying to figure out how to do it in an emergency environment. nothing brings lawmakers together like spending money. i would imagine that they will probably come up with something bipartisan. but hopefully, people like ted
3:52 pm
cruz, john cornyn, who have a lot of sway in the senate -- why is this an emergency that the federal government is protected from having to put skin in the game? if this is an emergency, the entire federal bureaucracy should be forced to put skin in the game and give up something. why not cut to offset what everybody wants to give people in houston? >> bret: there is the question that we all start to get the answer to on tuesday. on the meantime, on the so-called dreamers, word is that the president is going to end that program with caveats. >> in a trump administration, all immigration laws will be enforced. we will immediately terminate president obama's two illegal executive amnesties. >> it is a very, very top side project. we have to deal with daca. >> their parents and relatives made the decision to come here. they did it knowingly violate
3:53 pm
the law. >> many didn't come as kids. they are up to 37 years old now. >> president donald trump, it is your time to protect and defend daca. >> bret: sources are telling the people at the white house of the president as soon as tomorrow will end the obama era deferred action for childhood arrivals program, kind of grandfathering and the people who are here, the caveats. >> i think he'll end the progra program. meaning normal people can have that designation. but the people who have it now can keep it although they won't be able to renew it. i think trump is playing the long game, he can use the daca as a bargaining chip forgetting other immigration items on his agenda. such as finding a wall and so forth. i think that is the way he's looking at it. by doing it this way, he gets to avoid putting potentially around 800,000 people in a state of possibly being immediately deported.
3:54 pm
he won't have to do that if he allows them to grandfather out for you to speak >> bret: they insist at the white house that the decision was not final yet. quickly, your thoughts? >> all signs point to that he will end daca. mike coffman, he has said on twitter that he will do a discharge petition in the house, which would mean they could bring up a vote on an act that would allow these dreamers and an amended form to stay. i think you will find the right right's broad support in both the house and senate. >> the problem is that president obama did this as an extra legal action, he didn't have the constitutional authorities to do it. he admitted he didn't have the authority. if democrats want to do it, they ran all the tables in washington after barack obama won. instead, they gave us obamacare. >> bret: >> bret: another battlo come and congress come tuesday. panel, thank you. when we come back, a big man with a big plan to help houston recover from harvey. a focus on grade recovery efforts already underway
3:55 pm
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ah! still a little tender. (vo) go national. go like a pro. >> bret: finally, what started as a goal of raising $200,000 to help her again harvey victims has turned into a more than $12 million fund-raiser, so far. houston texans defensive end j.j. watt first posted to twitter sunday announcing this campaign. he suppress physical within two hours and challenged america to raise $500,000. then, 1 million. eventually, 10 million. as days went on, more and more people donated, leaving the current figure tonight at more than $12.2 million. he says he's ready to start putting all of that money to good use. >> my focus is very much on getting this money directly to the people that said the whole
3:59 pm
time, we have the semi trucks being filled up as we speak, coming down to didn't donate supplies this weekend. that is the first phase of our operation, to get immediate impact as we can. >> bret: the nfl's texans arrived in houston yesterday after the preseason game tonight against dallas was canceled. head coach bill o'brien says the whole team is ready to help the city recover. >> what's incredible about this team is they're excited to get back to help out. they are really looking forward to helping the city rebound. we know it is going to take a while. both on the field and off the field. >> bret: 's boards is such a big thing in a time like this. there are many great efforts to contribute to dealing with harvey recovery. go find me sites, there is a slew of them, as we showed you the other night, as well as contributing to the american red cross. we have links on if you want to contribute to j.j. watt's herculean effort, the website is here on the screen. you you watt. i clicked on it, donated yesterday, joining the reindeer
4:00 pm
games here. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is that for this "special report." fair, balanced, and still unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum in new york starts right now. ♪ >> martha: receding waters and parts of texas reveal dangerous and deadly surprises out there as the vice president sees it all firsthand and doubles down on the president's pledge to rebuild stronger than before. that is where "the story" begins tonight. i am martha maccallum. the hardest hit county in texas now says that it's more than rate reaching capacity. 38 deaths reported statewide and it's not over yet. 25 miles outside of houston, fires or breaking out and containers exploding, releasing choking black smoke at a chemical plant. more than a dozen police officers rushed to the hospital and people ordered to evacuate for nearly 2 miles in all


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