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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 1, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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heather: lambert sharing on social media more than 70 dogs and 40 cats to their shelter. heather: have a great weekend. it's friday. heather: absolutely. "fox & friends" starts right now. todd: gloria gaynor. >> as the dry up and clean out from this storm are just starting in texas, the dangers from the storm and the resulting flooding still very real. >> the priority of our administration working very closely with governor abbot and his administration to get people back in their communities. >> the way we see texans helping texa texans rescue each other. pull each other out of flooding waters and save their lives is the average every day texan who are the true heroes. >> president trump may be on the brink of ending the obama era program that protected so-called dreamers. >> we are going to lock down the border. we're not going to do amnesty and not going to give you a blanket pass to just allow all these people
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to stay here illegally. >> president trump is donating $1 million of his own money to storm victims. >> we are with you today. we will be with you tomorrow. and we will be with you every day until this great state and these great communities recover and rebuild to be even better and stronger than ever before. [ applause ] [chanting u.s.a.] brian: just to that fox news alert. now the floodwaters are slowly receding. good morning, everyone. the grim relates is setting in. >> harvey's death toll is climbing to 39. number is expected to rise. pete: crews going door to door looking for survivor. brian: vice president president telling them yesterday they are not alive. ainsley: griff jenkinsdowns joins us from texas with the
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historic desks. griff? >> good morning, guys. here just south of houston, major flooding. dangerous flooding is expected along the brazos river. look behind me. this is just a street about two miles north of the brazos river. it has trapped an entire subdivision. kingdom heights has received mandatory evacuation. the folks in there are trapped between the river and this flooding. that water is just rushing down that street. the river, brazos river crested last year at memorial day at 54.7 feet. it's already past 55 and expected to peak today at 56. this as authorities go door to door in houston searching for survivors and, of course, probably finding grimly more bodies. the death toll 39. suspected to surpass 40 later today. the situation at the chemical plant in are a kepplarkema,texas.
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could be possible explosions and fires that certainly a threat to those folks. the radius, 1.5-mile radius still there vice president pence coming down to the folks here hit so hard touring the rockport area, helping out a little bit with the clean up and offering words of encouragement. take a listen. >> president trump sent us here to say we are with you. the american people are with you. and we will stay with you until rockport and all of southeast texas come back. >> so the threats from harvey clearly not over as we head into the weekend. guys, just to my right, you can't see it because it's still dark out, but it is a high school football field and as you know football is big on friday night in texas. not happening here. back to you. ainsley: schools are closed there. the houston public schools are closed for the next two weeks. they are supposed to open on
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monday they are requesting to open on september 11th. pete: it may not have crested that river. you are two miles away. you have two at least three additional days of that type of height. that's amazing. >> that's exactly right actually just to point out. we're gonna talk a little bit later in the show with the county sheriff who was doing the pet rescues. but he also talked yesterday about the threat of those waters. that water rushing down that street, people trying to get out thinking that the sun is out, they can get out two. days ago he lost a couple in those waters. so these dangers are very real. they're not gone yet in this community that's been so devastated continues to face real threats. brian: all right. griff. thanks. we will check with you in a short time. four minutes after the hour. ainsley: september 1st. hurricane season. hurricane harvey's threat spreading to louisiana and tennessee. brian: as texas continues to suffer from the catastrophic flooding. new storm rapidly gaining
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strength from the mid-atlantic. is this a misprint in the teleprompter? no, now hurricane irma upgraded to category 3. pete: janice dean joins us. i swear she never sleeps. janice: this is what is left of harvey. several reports of tornadoes, a damaging one in tuscaloosa yesterday. now we will see the remnants move across the ohio river valley and the mid-atlantic and northeast upwards of 4 to 6 inches still possible with this system. unfortunately going to see a part of harvey as we get into the long weekend for the northeast. hurricane irma and will be for the next several days. it hats potential to become one of the strongest storms we have seen. i think we could actually be up to a cat 5 in the next five days. north saying it will make landfall as a cat 5. but strengthening to that would be pretty amazing. here is the steering pattern. we have the bermuda high out here. if this high remains strong. then the path is going to
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move more westward. if the high breaks down, then we're going to see a curve. and the east coast could be impacted. so those are the steering current we are going to watch. here is the european model. this one has been very good. very reliable. heading through tuesday. watching the lesser an till also a. cuba and the bahamas. but looks like this curves and comes very close to the southeast coast. if i could more likely than florida and gulf of mexico. this one brings it very close to the mid-atlantic on sunday. so not saying that this is the outcome. i am just saying be prepared. don't want to scare. be prepared. east coast, florida. gulf coast. and then we have another one behind this one coming off the coast of africa right now that will be a hurricane. ainsley: wow, another one. the good thing is though you
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have september 10th on the graphic which means we have 10 days to prepare unlike harvey. janice: that's a good point, ainsley. we have time to prepare people. pete: you don't want it to hit anywhere. the previous predictions showed it going in the gulf in the same spot. a little bit of good news there. janice: a week out we don't have enough confidence. all i want people to know what to do if you have a hurricane on your doorstep. brian: i'm prefer leaving in the ocean. i prefer big waves. thank you very much. 7 minutes after the top of the hour. yesterday sarah huckabee sanders was doing a normal press briefing at which time she was asked what's the president doing in terms of charitable donations? ainsley: and she announced that the president is going to dip into his personal account and give $1 million for hurricane harvey relief. pete: this is his own personal gift he has pledged. sarah huckabee sanders went on to ask them what organizations are the most press. which seem to be most affective. open to your suggestion.
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ainsley: hasn't decided which to give to yet. pete: $6 billion seek in funding. ainsley: you saw the video of him picking up sticks and helping the families. the president is going back tomorrow. prototype brian what's the reaction amongst the president's critics. they have to step back and salute that kind of personal contribution. ainsley: you would think. brain brian here is this clown antonio rodriguez jr. quote isn't he worth billions? a million is a drop in the bucket compared to the money real donald trump is making illegally by his presidency. there is an open point of view. pete: that's his official title clown. then robert jones says who is he going to rob to do that? ainsley: sweat it out texas victims. brian: because they have a shot of the vice president blue jeans shirt, sleeves rolled up helping someone clear brush out of the
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backyard. saying that's the way to do it. listen, the president was told i cannot go in there with my detail with the whole place flooded two days prior. i'm going to go to austin and corpus christie. not that they didn't want to. tomorrow is he going to houston. why can't you salute the vice president without taking shots at the president? pete: that's what they do. they take shots at the president no matter. what they want to take shots at the president by lauding the vice president. which is how do you it, sir. which is absurd. you can take two different approaches. one a steady happened. one more elm if empathetic. brian: military. armed forces have 1234 people just helping out to date. they have made -- they have 37 choppers who have made 30800 rescues. he has sent in the national guard and the military. ainsley: that's not good enough, brian for a lot of these nay sayers. brian: you need to pick up a log from someone's backyard.
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ainsley: is he asking for $6 billion in federal funds that congress would have to vote on for the relief of the folks for texas and louisiana. brian: get it out there quick. pete: done a great job highlighting how strong texas residents are. the president tweeted this photo out yesterday of the fort worth police department praying together in a circle. the governor there has also declared a day of prayer later on this weekend in texas. i think texas has taught this country how to come together regardless of political background to make things happen. and the president has done a great job trumpeting that. ainsley: you can see that guy down in the photo down on his knees leading the folks in prayer. brian: long line of civilians in pickups and vans and cars. pulling their boats to help out in the flooded zone. today we show you long lines of people lined up to volunteer to help out. pete: unbelievable. brian: not opening helping but doing it in organized
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fashion. ainsley: called husband bring kayaks because i'm making 120 pizzas and delivering them to the families. there they are. look at them. her workers are sent out to deliver pizzas and she said it's nice to see smiles. pete: i insisted on these photos because i want pizza hut on my death bed that's how much i love it if it was delivered to me in the middle of the flood it would be like the floodwaters flooding. ainsley: maybe choose pizza hut to say thank you for what they are dog for those folks in texas. brian: monster trucks helping out in a monster way. look what one truck did and how it was received into the floodwaters. >> yeah. pete: in texas the civilians bail out the military. army sergeant drove the
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truck in a ditch. we're stuck. what am i going to tell my commander? then he goes how about that guy with the jacked up pickup truck we're good to go. brian: we're saluting texas. they deserve to be saluted. we are not putting down any other region of the country, louisiana and north carolina being hit. we are amazed. the size of this flood you need a huge response from the citizen army. and we're just astounded boy what's taking place. pete: that's a whole another video. this is happening all over texas. >> today is the day when people begin more than obviously yesterday and the future going home and got to find out what's left in their home and five out of every six families going to be going home to a house that's flooded and need flood insurance. quick loans fema can give maximum of $30,000. most importantly if you are living paycheck to paycheck like most of america, you are not going to have the resources to go to home depot. ainsley: rob schmidt went inside one of these houses with the homeowner stayed.
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water hit first. rob is going to take us through a tour of his house and talk to the homeowner. pete: now they are doing door-to-door to door. just when you think you are done. no. are there people still there? how are they doing? checking on everybody. brian: thing is, too, do you have the right to enter the house if it's if you are a rescue worker because maybe the person is hurt or struggling? i don't know that answer. ainsley: they are screaming out fire department, fire department. they are hoping to hear voices back. it's 13 minutes after the top of the hour coming up. brian: president trump urging republicans and democrats to work together on tax reform. will going nuclear be the only option? pete: a new bombshell on the clinton email investigation. you are going to want to hear this one. hear evidence that james comey planned to clear hillary clinton before the investigation even began. that sounds a little bit rigged. somebody should fire him. ♪ ♪ it's like nothing you've seen.
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just a 1 secrets? here to weigh in is hirten damage action for american ceo michael needham. unless we go nuclear, right? >> there is one other option using budget reconciliation. that's the easiest path. much easier to do it on tax reform than it is on healthcare. i think you will see a republican party that's very united, the house, the senate and the white house have been working well together. do it on budget reconciliation. easiest path to get it done this year which is what everyone wants to see happen. brian: what's that mean. >> once the house and senate pass a budget which will be challenging but i think the president was right to say american people are sick of this congress and especially this senate not getting
3:19 am
anything done. once you pass a budget, you are allowed with just 51 president obamas that implement that budget get us on a path to start reducing the deficit and reducing debt. that's the mechanism they tried to use on obamacare. it failed for a bunch of reasons. that's the easiest path forward to getting tax reform done. american people know we need tax reform and growth. let's get it done as quickly as possible. brian: we pass a budget for 2018. go to tax reform even though this will be the biggest reform in taxes in 20 plus years. you can could something that massive on reconciliation? >> you can do it. there are some details. if it doesn't stay revenue neutral it expires after 10 years, i think if you get that net tax cut, even if it expires in 10 years or some piece of it expires in 10 years. you may see that happen on this one. brian: what democrats really should go along with this tax reform if people find it pal lateddable?
3:20 am
name the democrats that are vulnerable? >> all of them should go around it it's ridiculous. it's a party that doesn't want to legislate. point out claire mccaskill. running claiming she wants to reform taxes. i don't think she is serious about that. let's see if she will come to the table. the other thing to look at is 45 out of 48 democrats earlier this year signed a pretty i couldn't know reasonable letter saying they would only come to the table on tax reform with a whole bunch of kind of class warfare typical democrat type perspectives. the three who didn't sign it, joe manchin from west virginia, heidi heitcamp from north dakota and joe donley from indiana if they want to follow through and prove they are serious they have to come to the table. brian: still wouldn't give them 60. joe manchin says i don't care if i get elected and defeated. if they think they are going to pressure me up for re-election. i can't be wrangled to vote for blank that i don't like and can't explain.
3:21 am
he probably won't cave to schumer. michael needha needham, thank y. >> thanks for having me, brian. brian: a new threat looms the public health crisis surfacing in houston. we'll explain ♪ ♪ because i'm everything. and i marked other. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at ♪ strike a pose. a. your eyes work as hard as you do. but do they need help making more of their own tears? if you have chronic dry eye
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>> good friday morning to you. quick headlines. more u.s. troops are headed to fight the taliban. james mattis signing the deployment orders as part of the president's new war strategy. mattis did not say which forces are being sent or how many. previous administration officials say that number could be around 4,000. a brand new fox news poll shows 40% of registered voters now approve of sending more troops. that's up from 29% in june. the dream could be i understanding for thousands
3:25 am
of young illegal immigrants as soon as today president trump could announce plans to end obama era key first degree program. reportedly be allowed to stay until work permits expire. vice president pence says he will make final decision with a quote big heart. ainsley? ainsley: it's a fox news alert. health fears are growing amid all the flooding in texas. what do people need to be on the lookout for? pete: dr. nicole is a fire joins us. you have five big things that people need to look out especially in a situation like this. what's the first one? >> well, the catastrophic flooding we are seeing right now is without a doubt due to one of america's or actually america's biggest rainstorm that we have ever had. so, you know, the waters -- the storm is going to pass. the waters will recede but the dangers, the health concerns will linger. the top one is, you know,
3:26 am
the water. pick a toxin. it's in that water. the floodwaters are completely contaminated. we have overflowing sewage systems. you have chemical plants that are having explosions that are releasing toxins. the storm hit right in the heart of the petrochemical capital of houston. you are seeing mass contamination of this water. people playing in it people wading in the water. it's now hit everything in the homes from kid's toys to utensils. that's a concern. pete: what about drinking water. >> houston's drinking system is intact. a lot of surrounding areas are without drinking water. most of the drinking water is contaminated. you see people standing in lines for hours to get water. they are rationing water do. not drink any water unless you know for a fact that it's been cleared as safe. ainsley: what about what about the mosquitoes. if you live in houston. it's probably 90 degrees. mosquitoes are a huge concern. stagnant water is a ground
3:27 am
for mosquitoes. we know with mosquitoes comes diseases. west nile, zika virus. we will be seeing a lot more to come. pete: lost medicine. you don't think about the fact you leave quickly you might leave some things behind. >> let me tell you if you are someone though relies on dale lay medication. this is obviously a huge concern to you. they have had to focus on n. on what to do with a lot of people. a lot of people left medications behind or brought it with them and got contaminated by the water. you cannot take that medication. if it touched that water it is no good. the emergency was we need the patients who depend on dialysis, oxygen requirements. we have who to mobilize efforts to get them that treatment or else they will die. and what's happening because of hurricane katrina they were prepared for. this they have a lot of supplies such as insulin for diabetics, blood pressure medicine. they have been able to provide a lot of the that
3:28 am
other 300,000 pharmacies in texas still functioning. a lot of them have centralized computer systems. so if you have your name you have your information you can go to one of them and they can tell what you medications that you take and hopefully be able to provide that for you. ainsley: a lot of people are going back home today, tomorrow, over the weekend. they have to rebuild and worried about mold. >> yes, as the waters come back things need to dry out. look at drywall it may look dry to you. look inside. mold is requesting to grow there. after hurricane katrina, after two months half of the homes that were damaged we found mold in them. mold can exacerbate and give you lung problems. think of 9/11 and all of the long-term effects that had to deal with lung. similar things happen here if we are have people living in homes where mold is growing. pete: you worry about the spread of infectious disease. >> i have young children. do so does ainsley. so do you, actually. think about as a day care. kids always have a runny nose, right? that's because you have a lot of kids in a very small area. now you have tens of thousands of people in rooms that were made for hundreds
3:29 am
of people. so you are going to have viruses that are just spread easily. as i said with overflowing sewage systems, you are going to have a lot of disease spread quickly. pete: better to be informed than caught off guard. i appreciate your expertise this morning. >> thanks. ainsley: you have seen dramatic images coming out of texas this week. americans coming together to help one another in times of crisis. can this tragedy finally unite our country? a can't miss discussion with our bipartisan panel. pete: plus, heading home. thousands of texans finally returning to texas or to their homes in their neighborhoods to see what's left behind. own rob schmidt caught up with one of them. >> like i told the guy across the street next door. two inches, four feet about the same. i mean, it's soaking ground. you are done.
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who he shows carla -- pronounce your name for me. >> dodasy and darryl saint george in the glasses in the back and also in the glasses in the back we have defense attorney david schwartz, we have disaster relief responder tiffany. >> salaverios. >> david bruno, radio host cathy barnett and attorney heather hanson. thank you all for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: because this is a political discussion of our country coming together.
3:34 am
show hands who is a conservative in the audience? who is considered a liberal? [laughter] kind of? you are on the fence? and the rest of you raise your hands, independents? >> four independents. how can we come together as a country and i will start with you, hope. >> i think we need to take this moment to come together as a country. one country. we are one nation under god. we are all created in equal dignity as human beings. we need to put aside the politics and really focus on what's important. this hurricane, this tragedy in houston and the surrounding area of harvey is breaking august of our hearts. we need to come together. americans are generous. we have generous hearts. helping hands. we need to come together. we need to put away our differences. we are a big family. sometimes kids fight. you know, but then your house burns down. so are the kids still fighting? no they are focusing on the tragedy. that's what we need to do. ainsley: why, darryl, when the president wants to give a million dollars to disaster relief, why the liberals, why do they say
3:35 am
tweet after tweet complaining that it's not enough. is he a billionaire. oh, come on, making fun of him. how does that happen? >> i can't really speak for that perspective. i think that any effort that goes towards helping people who are suffering are in trouble. that's something that should be applauded and commended. i think it's also important for us to recognize there is no one single defining moment in american history that is ultimately going to define us. determine who we are as a people. you know, when he enlist in the united states navy it was in response to 9/11 and the bumper stickers that you saw everywhere after 9/11 united we stand whether you were liberal or conservative. i served in the navy with people from all different background, african-americans, hispanic, whites, liberals, conservatives. so i think that in these times, whether it's last week charlesville, this week it's, you know, harvey, what's it going to be next week? going forward next week, whatever we're faced with,
3:36 am
we have got to recognize that first and foremost we are americans. it's part of being american is elm praising our diversity. apes ains cathy, on that note is, it time to move past race as identifier? he brings up charlesville. >> the identity politics is a manufactured issue. it's not an authentic issue. it's kind of like russia, russia, russia. identity politics is just another tool of the left to resist this president. i absolutely think it's time to move forward. but i also think it's time for americans to realize that if we want unity in our nation from a political perspective, we're going to have to force that unity upon them. it's unrealistic to expect the leper to change his spots and also unrealistic for us to expect mainstream media and many throughout our political spectrum to suddenly have a consume by yaw moment when their whole mantra has been to resist this president. ainsley: do you agree? >> i do agree that we
3:37 am
definitely need to work collectively together. i think as a nation we collectively need to exhale and there were many amazing stories that came out of hurricane harvey. the truth is in a week or two, the cameras are going to be gone. how far wonderful would it be to see people with boots in the water serving together? what comes to mind is maybe nancy pelosi and lindsey graham. i'm not picking on them. but just what the nation would love to see is, listen, let's put some masks on, some gloves, go into a home and help serve together. lock arms together. and then the bonds that are brought about through that type of relationship, imagine how the conversation and the tone can change when you have served the family together. when you have seen the tears of moms eyes together. and then how that would translate when you go back to the grandeur of the halls of capitol hill. ainsley: wouldn't that be nice? congress is taking -- they are only working 12 days in
3:38 am
september. they have the rest of the time to go help these hurricane victims. david, i know you said it's time to stop antagonizing. both side are antagonizing each other. >> absolutely. the problem is gerrymandering. we only have 72 battle grounds in congress. 40 something districts whether it's either r or d district. we need more battleground districts. that will bring more moderates into congress and create more solutions and more deals to be made. apes ains heather your perspective. >> to feed off of david's point we need compromise. we all know how to compromise. we compromise with our spouses and children. compromise is not about win/lose. it's win-win. we need to do that in our families and communities and command that of our representatives. ainsley: carla, we haven't heard from you so you will be next. >> agree natural disasters do not have a political party. they do not have a race or religion. we are all americans. we all have to come together and the first story that popped out was about
3:39 am
melania's stilettos. that was really disappointing to millions of americans. and now we're seeing that the governor of texas and with vice president pence is going to have a national day of prayer that he has declared on this sunday. i think that prayer is the only thing that helps millions and it hurts no one. so, everyone can come together and that will unite and we offensive see the day after a tragedy 9/11, we watched what happened at 9/12. that's the most exciting part. we come together. we all bleed red. ainsley: 9/11 lasted for, what, a year and then after the country is divided again. david, what's your perspective? >> yeah. i think the politicians really need to step up right now. because americans are fed up. there is a recent quinnipiac poll that came out that said americans are dissatisfied 85% with congress. and right now they have excellent opportunity to come back and do a couple things.
3:40 am
infrastructure, tax reform, some things they could come together and help the american people. ainsley: y'all, thank you so much. this is what america is about. i love you all this is a great perspective. y'all will be back. brian is going to talk to you in an hour. brian: i can't wait. ainsley: brian is yelling upstairs he can't wait. jillian has more headlines for us? jillian: good morning. former fbi director james comey was ready to clear hillary clinton and her email investigation before it was even complete. two republican senators claimed comey drafted an exoneration statement before interviewing key witnesses including clinton herself. here is the fact. evidently he already made up his mind three months before the investigation really got underway. this whole thing was a fraud on the american people. >> ultimately comey decided dependence recommending criminal charges against hillary clinton for using private email server for handling classified
3:41 am
information as secretary of state. police and first responders take a stand when football players take a knee for the national anthem. cleveland safety forces backs out of a plan to hold a large flag on the field at the first browns game this season. officials are outraged after a dozen players refused to stand during the anthem at a preseason game. you remember. this we telling you about that the browns plan to replace the officers, paramedics and firefighters with members of the military. liberals bulls eye on americans largest army bases on a new list just released. the southern poverty law center labeling, fort bragg, fort hood and for th fort more violence. taking the bases down is the only option. well, is he going to need a better escape plan. a man running from the cops had a lot more to worry about than just jail time. zachery kings bury jumped in
3:42 am
the ocean to avoid getting arrested during a traffic stop. what? one problem though, a shark was closing in on him. you can't make this up. it took police more than three hours to convince him to come to shore. a look at your headlines on this friday. i don't know how to follow that up with anything, guys. i will send it to you. brian: great endurance. pete: shut them down. as floodwaters recede in houston, people return to see what's left of their homes. >> like i told the guy across the street next door, two inches, four feet, about the same. i mean, it's. >> soaking ground. >> you are done. pete: he is on the ground. rob schmidt speaks with one man as he begins to shift. brian: doesn't matter how much. just it was there. dream could be ending for illegal immigrants living in the u.s. should the president end the obama era dhaka policy.
3:43 am
jason chaffetz reacts. it could happen today. i know he is -- go to break. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life.
3:44 am
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fda-approved oral combination treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. pete: welcome back. this is a fox news alert. the white house reporting about 100,000 homes were damaged by hurricane harvey. brian: as flood waters begin to subside in parts of texas. some families returning to find what's left of their homes. in fact, our own rob smith joining one man just starting to rebuild. right, rob? >> that's right. we are in pecan grove west of downtown houston we have been in pretty much all week. we spent a lot of time here. this gentleman behind me a very nice house h about 10 inches of water in the house. he and some family members actually stayed behind for the storm. they watched the water come in. now as you see behind me, they have begun the process of ripping the first floor out of therement or at least the flooring. this is a process you will see a lot of here.
3:47 am
>> this is in richmond, texas, just west of downtown houston. and now this is under a mandatory evacuation it shouldn't be any surprise to you that it is. look at all of this water. look back here. this is a lady riding around on a raft through her neighborhood. ♪ rob: earlier this week i had water pretty much up to my waist standing right here. dried out. this gentleman behind me mowed his lawn today. >> a little bit in the house and that's it. probably an inch or two inside on the carpeting. that was it he feel sorry for my neighbor he had 10 inches. >> 2 inches, 4 feet, about the same. it's soaking. >> you are done. you have the same amount of work either way. >> here is the water line. >> when did you come back home? >> stayed here. >> you stayed here? >> as the water was coming up. we were trying to save as much, you know, funeral temperature as we could. i thought the first two days we were good. probably 30 minutes to an hour after it quit raining,
3:48 am
we started of noticing the water coming up in the front. i went out on the back and looked over and you could see the levee had been breached. rob: did you get nervous at any point you know what you are in for. >> still nervous. rob: about what? >> cleaning up. finnell issue in cleaning up and what the insurance is going to do. how much they are going to cover. >> it's drying out real good. i mean, the good lord has blessed us. i had probably 15 people in here yesterday just cleaning up. doing good. he had helped me a bunch. rob: they are going to be hard to find here pretty soon. >> that's what concerns me a bunch. you know, trying to find a good contractor. that can get me back together pretty quick. rob: yeah. that's 10 inches of rain inside of a house. outside, as you saw in that video. there was feet of rain out here.
3:49 am
you have a little bit of elevation before you actually get into the home. that's just a look at the damage that can happen from water and i mean the estimates now are $190 billion from one -- from accuweather saying 190 billion in damage that would top katrina by something like $75 billion. about 25,000 of that you can see right behind me in this house right here. guys, there is a lot of stories like this here. brian: absolutely. do you know what's important, too, rob, while you are waiting for a contractor. want to get to work and the contractor there. fema and your adjustor hasn't shown up. if you tape or take pictures of everything, then you can get to work. this way at love times people go i'm not going to touch anything because i want my adjustor to seat damage but then you lose your contractor. so tape it take a ton of pictures. they have to accepted them. rob: hard toind foot. a lot of contractors will be coming into this area for the work. in the meantime, it's going to be hard to find a contractor here in the next couple of days as people come home. they are going to be in short supply. ainsley: for other people watching in other hurricane propped areas like the east coast, maybe it's time to
3:50 am
look up a contractor, get a good contractor now so you know who to call. brian: make quickics decisions. taking up the floor and cutting up. do it. whatever you are going to do. be quick. if you wait, you are not going to get a contractor. thanks, rob. great job. rob: that's exactly right. pete: powerful visuals. brian: amazing how quick that water went down. governor greg be a bob joins outside with an update on his perspective. pete: as your kids head back to school. how do parents make sure that their kids aren't influenced weather at the high school level or college by overwhelming liberal bias. what you need to know next to prepare your kids. home school? is that the answer? pete: it might be. ♪ from frequent heartburn. all day, and all night. now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr. see heartburn differently.
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the country are preparing for first day of school. what should parents know about shielding their children from overt or covert, overwhelming or subtle liberal wise in the classroom because it's going to be there joining me now is senior fellow at the independent women's forum and mother of three children julie dunlap. thanks for joining us this morning. we know hollywood has left wing bias. the media has left wing bias. higher education, universities and colleges. what we are looking at today ♪ just that it's high schools and junior highs and parents need to be engaged and aware. what's your advice for them? >> you are right. more and more now these schools, elementary schools are taking on and suspect plantinsurplanting parents. they get three meals a day. there is after care. there is even healthcare services at some schools. so, really schools have tried more and more to take on the role of parenting.
3:55 am
political issues at the are telling children correct way to think on these issues. very disturbing and parental rights are absolutely left out of the picture. pete: we see it more and more, california is being criticized for allowing transgender issues to be taught in the classroom. >> right. pete: new york school board wants to climate change instructing their students. >> right. pete: you say parents need to be actively and aggressively involved. what does that mean? >> i really okay i think particularly conservatives tend to be very polite and quiet and don't like to cause a stir. but you have got to do that. you have got to go to your school. meet with your principal. meet with your teachers. ask for the curriculum. review it and if there is something that you don't like, opt out. now, some states don't allow people to opt out. and that's very unfortunate. but that is why it is important at the beginning of the year, that you meet with the officials at the school and say i don't want this happening. i don't want politics in the classroom.
3:56 am
and there are certain subjects that i believe as a parent i need to talk to my child, not the teacher. pete: that's a great recommendation and run for school boards so you can be a part of changing it if you want to. too many parents, you are right, are disengaged. they don't understand that even our public schools today, so much of which have an jeand. you want to help parents with a couple of book recommendations that they can read. put three of them up on the screen. we don't have time to talk about all throw. they are meant to sort of equip them to make the argument. one is the benedict option. >> absolutely. and this is a great book by rod dreher. it really speaks to parents who want to live in a christian way and are sort of disappointed by some the cultural things out there. but there is others. billie hallowell wrote a book about fault lion. he doesn't talk about elementary school politics. but he talks about the culture wars. that is the key problem here. pete ask your principal if your school says the pledge of
3:57 am
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...and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. ♪. >> threats from harvey clearly not over as we head into the weekend. the death toll at 39. expected to surpass 40 perhaps later today. >> the priority of our administration working very closely with governor abbot and his administration to get people back in their communities. >> the way we see texans helping texans rescue each other, pull each other out of flooding waters and save their lives is the average every day texan who are the true heroes. >> president trump may be on the brink of ending the obama era program that protected so-called dreamers. >> we are going to lock counsel the border. we're not going to do amnesty and we are not just going to give you a blanket pass to allow all these people to just stay here illegally. >> the president is going to dip into his personal
4:01 am
account and give $1 million for hurricane harvey relief. >> we are with you today. we will be with you tomorrow. and we will be with you every day until this great state and these great communities recover and rebuild to be even better and stronger than ever before. [chanting u.s.a.] ♪ ainsley: fox news alert now that floodwaters are slowing receding, the grim reality is now setting in palestine brian harvey's death toll has climbed to 39. that number only expected to rise. pete: crews working double shifts going door to door searching for survivors. ainsley: as victims return to their houses with all the uncertainty, the vice president is tell them they are not in this alone. brian: and he showed up and proved it matt finn kicks off team coverage live in beazley, texas, where harvey's wrath is still being felt.
4:02 am
matt? >> good morning. we're about a half hour, 45 minute drive south of houston. this is near victoria where the vice president landed and toured yesterday. and this is the area where the eye of the storm first hit. it was not only obliterated by the rain but also the wind. in the time that we have been here in texas. people have been reaching out to us. saying there are so many small coastal towns that have not necessarily been getting coverage or been seen on air. we wanted to show you guys some of those today. some of these main street u.s.a. towns that will take years to be rebuilt. and you might be saying with everything going on why are you standing in front of a gas station. we wanted to show you guys that in this area it's becoming increasingly difficult to get gas. this gas station only has diesel. you know, grocery stores, banks, every day things that you take for granted are closed in these areas. it might be a very long time until they open. woe understand that the president today is getting
4:03 am
briefed on the damage. he and the first lady expected to be here again. yesterday when the vice president was in this region he said it's going to be a very long road to recovery. >> it's a long way to go. it's not months but it's years. the challenges will be great. but we know that the generosity and the prayers and the faith of the people of texas and the american people will be greater still. today we are teaming up with fema. they said some of the flood waters in houston are expected to flow south. we are going so-to-see what you consider new rising floodwaters in the area. houston reservoirs expected to release water south into these coastal towns. port la havvaca. jackson county sheriff gave
4:04 am
us gas from the county reserves a couple days ago when we first got here. that's how desperate some of the gas situations are here. a way of life. going on with every day life becoming increasingly difficult in these coastal communities along southeast texas. back to you guys in new york. brian: thanks, matt. i remember that with sandy. you could not get gas. in the beginning they would say get plenty of water and fill up your tank and in the past it's not been an issue. with sandy you could not get gas. you would go out in the middle of the night and try to follow the gas trucks and find out what gas station they were going to. doesn't matter how much money you have or how big your house was or is everyone is on the same page. ainsley: wick perry is dipping into the emergency gas fund and shipping extra gas down there to the texas area. brian: great move. pete: great level ler. brian: that's what the federal government has to do that and military equipment clearing things out. ainsley: not out of woods. talking about hurricane harvey and then there is another storm that janice wants to warn us about. janice: i want to show you
4:05 am
satellite images of simonton, texas, fort bend county. see the images up on the screen? my apologies if you can't see them. right there? okay. my apologies. so simonton texas. right near the brazos liver completely inundated with water. and those are the images that we are going to continue to see. i mean, 100,000 people their homes are destroyed. it unfortunately we will continue to see those images. past 24 hours what's left of harvey moving across the ohio river valley and tennessee river valley. we will get a bit of harvey. the good news is that it's almost out of the way and almost lost all of it power which is great. now we are getting into peak season. we are watching hurricane irma. category 3 storm. absolutely a possibility we will see a category 4 in the next couple of days of high probability of a category 5 which is the highest you can get. not saying it's going to make landfall as a category
4:06 am
5. we can certainly see the most destructive, powerful hurricane potentially with irma. there are the tropical models. obviously people are paying close attention because you can see coming very close to the u.s. got the bahamas here. got cuba. got the dominican republic, lesser antilles, bahamas, florida. right now here are the two reliable forecast models that make up that cone of uncertainty. and the euro and gfs are coming in good agreement that it comes pretty close but there are also some computer models that curve this back out to sea which would be great news but i don't want people to let their guard down because we are still a week out here and really anything can happen, you know, 3 to 5 days out. we are going to watch this. certainly when the computer models come into an agreement, we have a better consensus where the hurricane is going. we are talking about a very large powerful hurricane in both cases here. east coast, florida, gulf coast still needs to be prepared but certainly all of these areas as we move forward into next weekend. a lot of time to prepare though. a lot of time to prepare.
4:07 am
brian: houston is getting rain next week. janice: potentially, yes. thank you very much, janice. six minutes after the hour. so when sarah huckabee sanders taking a bunch of questions we know about dhaka and all the things facing the president. he did get a question about what is the president planning on donating to the conditions for the people of texas? pete: almost like she knew it was coming. she had answer immediately at hand. not only is he focused on it and the president will be in houston tomorrow to further review the damage and provide support. also digging into his own pocket and giving a 1-million-dollar donation for relief efforts. ainsley: let this sink. in the president of the united states of america is dipping into his own personal bank account and giving $1 million. i don't know if that's ever been done before. that's amazing. when a generous act of kindness that he is giving to the folks that are really hurting. people who voted for him. many people who didn't vote for him. pete: many people who didn't vote for him. ainsley: i think hillary won
4:08 am
houston. dipping into otherwise his own personal account to give to others. britain brian he and melania coming in tomorrow and helping out. get closer to the impact zone than he did two or three days ago. politics opining. the political headlines said he is a millionaire. is he a billionaire. couldn't he have given more money than that? or that mike pence shows the president how to do it. goes in there with his gloves on and putting sticks in a truck. pete: do you know who is showing them how to do it the president and the vice president. go down as quickly as possible. stay away so you don't impact the rescue efforts. the vice president goes in and rolls sleeves up. president goes back in again. keeping federal focus on issue where they need federal support. ainsley: some good things that come out of this so heart warming to watch. mark luttrell who we all love. you probably saw the movie about him navy seal. he said to the folks in texas he has an organization called "we'll never quit" this was his speech from
4:09 am
yesterday. brian: he is from houston. he has been impacted. >> what a bad day is i have been through a lot. going through a situation like, this man, it's impossible for us not to come out stronger on the other side. it does something from your perspective when you have to endure something like this. because we have gone through it together we get stronger together. brian: he does his best under pressure as most navy seals. i think that he is thriving at this moment. he wrote or text this or sent a tweet out. my house is surrounded boy water and so far okay. not heard from him. sometimes we will hear from him three shows a week. not heard from him now and then pops up motivating a group out there. ainsley: i have been texting him are you okay? is there anything we can send you? marcus watches our show every morning. we love you. he has a ranch in texas. brian: we did a feature there. ainsley: taught me how to shoot his gun.
4:10 am
invites other navy seals gone through tough times on to his property. invites to bring kids, loved ones, anyone. he said he was housing many of them at his house when this hurricane hit. he was posting pictures that they were in need of baby formula. pete: organizations called team never quit throughout doing their part as so many texans are including this next video which caught our eye. usually when the army comes out to help, they are the ones saving other people. having spent some time in the military myself we make mistakes, also. sometimes you think your truck can handle it and it just can't. and then sun someone has to bail you out. take a look at this video right here. >> yeah. [cheers] ainsley: love that video. these guys with monster trucks yes now we can use
4:11 am
our monster trucks. steve: some poor sergeant is -- brian: what are we in day six or seven? a lot of these first responders and workers need rest. schlep where they are. get some sleep and get up and get back to work. look at these members of the military. they decided to get some rest in katie high school in the hall. brian: anywhere that's dry. they didn't turn the lights out for them. you can sleep with lights on in the military. trust me. this is a reality of what a rescue effort looks like. get the rest whatever they can get it these guys and gals will get back up and do their job. ainsley: sleeping on the floor. floor.brian j.j. watt also of the houston texans. his fund has now surpassed $13 million. and he said i want to get to 1.5 million. and every day the people are surprising him. now he has 13 million. pete: almost like the generosity of this country
4:12 am
should stop surprising us. do you know what i mean? americans are exceedingly generous. we are a country of capitalism where profit is valued. so many people take that profit in sometimes of need or any other time and give it back through charitable works. it's amazing. abs whans raw hearing? what organization should we donate to? i said donate a little bit to each organization you think is worthwhile. heard one person talk about samaritans purse. talk about the baptist men's organization there in texas. the governor said they do a hot of work. also the salvation army, red cross. pete: god bless texas. they have shown us how to do it and grateful for everyone who is pitching in. brian brian 12 minutes after the hour. forget climate change, liberals have someone else new to blame for flooding disaster. capitalism. stuart varney weighs in to try to make sense of it. ainsley: as houston begins to pick up all the pieces. working to reunite families with their pets. emotional reunion ahead. >> emotions are running so
4:13 am
high right now. the saving grace in all of this is that they know their house is destroyed. but if we can recover their pets and their families are safe, i guess that's the saving grace in this natural disaster. that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens. live claritin clear.
4:14 am
4:15 am
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4:17 am
pete: welcome back. as the floodwaters begin to recede and city begins to rebuild. the pesky "new york times" suggests houston may to be blame for its fate? why? because of the city's growing capitalist model. really? brian: joining us with his reaction at least he claims to react to it varney and company own stuart varney getting set to host his show on 9 to noon today on fbn. if you saw this headline you have to be expecting something like thrvettle this is outrageous. the coastal elites are flat out jealous of the performance of texas and houston in particular. new york, california, the coastal elites high tax, low growth, those are the -- that's the characteristic of those states. houston, texas, strong growth, low tax, small government. they are a success and the californians and coastal elites are not. they come up with two reasons why houston is at fault. why houston is to blame for this flood. number one, they say that
4:18 am
the rampant development has covered up the wet lands and prairies around houston and inevitably made the flooding misery worse. brian: prairie would have allowed it to drain. >> . what happened in new york with mountain of regulations in super storm sandy that didn't help them them. number two shiewfn home to the fossil fuel creates global warming. therefore, houston is to blame for what happened with the flood. this is nonsense. research has shown that there is no increase in the frequency or intensity of hurricanes since 1900 and no increase in the frequency or intensity of floods since 1950. ainsley: they are trying to find a headline. find some salacious headline. >> they don't like texas. this is a cultural divide. brian: governor perry started. this went to these states and said how would you like to bring your company to texas? we have better weather and better tax system and better
4:19 am
workforce so they are angry. >> more than that coastal elites are basically secular humanists. they do not like the display of religion which we have seen in texas and they do not like the nongovernment volunteerism which has been such a success. pete: they do have one religion though climate change. >> taught as religion in our schools and that's where they are coming from. they don't like texas. brian: by the way, ains solid a city dweller. you don't think she is an elite? pete: she does live on the coast. >> i shall define my elites carefully. not now. ainsley: as my daddy said don't ever forget where you came from. i ended that sentence with a preposition. i'm proud of the south. >> use a different accent from new york. ainsley: can i go back to that. >> so do i. brian: we have gone totally off the rail. pete: see you on fbn in about an two hours. >> 9 a.m. eastern.
4:20 am
pete: hillary clinton planned to clear joakim noah long before the investigation even began. we will hear from jason chaffetz ahead. brian: leadership from harvey helped state of texas through the toughest of times. next up on our show governor greg abbot live. ♪ ♪ what muscle strain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪
4:21 am
4:22 am
upeace of mind.s we had a power outage for five days total. we lost a lot of food. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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for years, at&t has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ jillian: good friday morning. back with headlines. more troops headed to fight the taliban in afghanistan. james mattis signing the deployment orders as part of the president's new war strategy. mattis did not say which forces are being sent or how many. administration officials have previously said that
4:24 am
number could be around 4,000. a brand new fox news poll shows that 40% of registered voters now approve of sending more troops. that's up from 29% in june. the dream could be ending for thousands of illegal immigrants. plans to announce obama era deferred program. the so-called dreamers brought here i will lylely as children will reportedly be allowed to stay until work permits expire. vice president pence says the president will make final decision with, quote, a big heart. those are your headlines. brian, send it to you. brian: thanks, jillian. a texas fight to recover from the devastating effects of harvey. analysts predict the cost of damage could exceed $190 billion now. ainsley: where do the rescue and recovery efforts stand right now? here with the latest is the governor of texas greg abbot. thanks for joining us, governor. >> my pleasure, ainsley. thank you. ainsley: we have had your state in our prayers. have you gone through so much. what is the latest?
4:25 am
>> first, we thank you for your prayers. but we have received prayers from people across the entire world. and this has been a unifying effort and it has galvanized the best of america. and where things stand in part is that we are still involved in recovery and rescue operations. if you look at beaumont, texas, east of houston. we still have catastrophic flooding going on. we have water rescues going on. we are in the life saving mode over in that reasoning. also as the waters begin to recede in houston, texas. we are still involved in the life saving process there. but then did you go back to where the hurricane originally hit, around the corpus christie area. that's where i toured with vice president yesterday. as we began the process of going house to house and start working on the rebuilding part where the hurricane originally hit. brian: so we know you guys are going to get money for the government. i know the president wants, i think, $6 billion right away. but, how is that going to effect the four out of every
4:26 am
five texans who didn't have flood insurance? how are they going to get to use that money? are they capped out on the $30,000 fema money? >> well, part of it, of course, will be from the fema appropriations that can be made. we are working through all the different possibilities. one thing that's worked so well in this response is working with all the cabinet members. i have got to tell you i think i have worked with every single cabinet member, almost all of them, for example, linda mcmahon who is in charge of the sba. she has been here talking about ways in which loans can come from the sba, whether it be for small businesses or otherwise for people to get up and going. we have talked with the secretary of homeland security who has other strategies to help people get up and going. there are multitude of different strategies for people to get up and going. one thing i would like to share with you though, for anybody in texas who has been affected by this process. you can go online, on fema
4:27 am
at disaster disaster register, get in line. we have already had hundreds of thousands of people register with fema. and already begin to get reimbursement. so this is happening very fast. brian: governor can i ask you one quick question. if you are a homeowner and want to get started on fixing your home and getting it, can you do that without messing up any type of insurance claims? >> well, you got to be careful because there are complications if you start taking down parts of your house and removing parts of your property, it may reduce your claims. know. this there are claims adjustors who are waiting for the floodwaters to recede and get in there as quickly as possible. they will adjust those claims so they will be able to evaluate how much the homeowners are entitled to receive. pete: governor, the president was there yesterday. we saw the vice president there literally pug out branches, getting his hands
4:28 am
dirty. the president is going back again tomorrow in houston. take us back to your interaction in this time of crisis with this administration? >> i have got to tell you from the president to the vice president to the entire cabinet, there has been one of both compassion from the very heart by the way they have been moved to seat devastation but also there has been a deep commitment to ensure that they will do all they can to help rebuild texas. when i was there with the vice president yesterday, i held a two-week old baby in rockport, texas. a baby that was born just a week before the hurricane hit. and you could tell the sense of calmness with that child but also with their family. this is the great texas spirit. they are just happy to be alive and they are all dedicated to rebuilding their lives as swiftly as possible. ainsley: we are watching the video right now of the vice president. i know you were there. you were removing branches as well. just wonderful to see y'all getting your hands dirt i can't understand loving the people of texas. i know you have issued a proclamation for a day of
4:29 am
prayer this sunday. you can give us the details? >> sure. this is a time when you talked earlier about all these prayers. and we want to really concentrate this effort, this coming sunday, september the 3rd, i have declared it a day of prayer in the state of texas. it doesn't matter what faith or religion or belief that you have, this is a time for texans and americans to unite and pray for thanksgiving, for those who have risked their lives, the first responders and volunteers who have supported our fellow texans but also pray for the victims of this horrific storm. and we want to unite as one state and one nation. brian: you guys are not shy about saying hey, i need volunteers. i need boats. we need rescue workers. what do you need now most? because some people want to help. you need gift cards. you want money? do you want people? what do you need? >> well, the first thing we still need to do is to work tirelessly in the beaumont region and houston region as we continue the rescue
4:30 am
process. because that process is not over. and the rebuilding phase which has already occurred in the corpus christie area and rockport area and will soon be taking place in the houston area and then in beaumont area. people can send in gift cards. they are very helpful because they give the recipients the opportunity to purchase what they need as opposed to receive donations as something they may not need. i will be announcing in an hour something that's going to be a huge program for the state of texas that people can learn more about where they can direct their support to. where we will be able to help people in the buyer affected region. brian: we will still be on the air then. if your office can get that to us we will put it up on the full screen. >> that sounds great. we will get it to you. brian: thanks, governor. i don't know what keeps you going you look wide awake and always working. >> you guys wake me up every day. brian: thank you. keep up the hard work. ainsley: iconic moment from president trump's tour of the disaster zone. the story behind that flag
4:31 am
and where it ended up. pete: will t. will be iconic moment from. this could hurricane harvey serve as a turning point to end all the identity politics that have divided our nation? former utah congressman jason chaffetz weighs in next. ♪ ♪ ♪ it's a highly contagious disease that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated.
4:32 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ you know win control? be this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy!
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4:35 am
using texas an example? let's ask the former chairman the oversight committee, former utah congressman now turned fox news contributor jason chaffetz. congressman, is this a texas thing and can this be an american thing. >> i think it's an american thing. you can bring the country together in times of need and ordinary americans doing extraordinary things inspire all of us. but it does change once you start voting. once you go back to work and start voting on tax reform and dealing with dacca and ceiling with the budget, you know, people are elected to stand up for their principles. we are supposed to have a vigorous debate. what i hope changes you can disagree but let's not be disagreeable. how you do it does say a lot of things about the country and how are. and we can keep it civil but have vigorous debate. ainsley: president is something asking for 5.9 in aid. how does that happen? congress has to pass that
4:36 am
and will it happen fast. >> i think is he under shooting. $6 billion isn't going to cut it i think he can actually ask for a lot more and probably should because they are going to do have to come back again. has to originate in the house per the constitution. look for kevin mccarty the majority leader. brian: he is going to texas today. >> he just had his 25th wedding anniversary. very proud of him. he has a big moment. and i think you are going to have to look at congress and see if they're disciplined enough to not add in all these is you purr plus things to that bill. pass tens of billions of dollars. apes ains would l. it happen in a week. >> never fast enough. they go back in session next tuesday. they should ask for a lot more than $6 billion. that doesn't going to solve it. pete: once they get back to washington complicated. further complicated by the fact ongoing investigations. now big news that there is investigationinvestigation where conclusions being reached before the evidence was actually looked at. senate judiciary chairman
4:37 am
chuck grassley and lindsey graham wrote a letter this week to the fbi. this is part of what it said about the joakim noah investigation of hillary clinton. they wrote in that letter in part: it appears that in april or early may of 2016, mr. comey had already decided that he would issue a statement exonerating secretary clinton that was long before fbi agents finished their work. brian: or even interviewed her on july 4th. >> they are evidently up to 17 people have not yet been interviewed. this is a very strong allegation. the fbi director. former fbi director has a lot of explaining to do. he could have perjured himself. we asked him very directly. remember he appeared before the house oversight committee. the house judiciary committee. how is it that you interviewed secretary clinton on, i believe it was a saturday and then like tuesday morning they suddenly had the report out there? and then you have other people like bria pagliano. out is it already conclude
4:38 am
haven't done the interview? ainsley: jay sekulow was on hannity last night. >> joakim noah with emails going back and forth drafting three months before they interview 16 witnesses, including the supposed target of the investigation exoneration. a declination letter before they interview the witnesses. joakim noah had the nerve to testify under oath that he had to come forward last july to make his statement because the whole process where loretta lynch met with president clinton on the tarmac in phoenix cast doubt on the scope and nature of the investigation. here's the fact. the fact is evidently he already made up his mind three months before the investigation really got underway. so this whole thing was a fraud on the american people. pete: how does not every america look at say this is a rigged system? >> comes on the heels of a determination by the records division of the fbi saying
4:39 am
we aren't going to release this information because there is a lack of public interest. are you kidding me? congressional subpoenas. congressional inquiries, freedom of information act requests. none of this information given to the congressional investigators but hats off to senator grassley and lindsey graham for going and get this stuff. brian: hopefully find out getting those records popularity shouldn't play a role. the president has a big decision to make. he has to decide if is he going to continue the executive order by president obama that allowed those brought here as illegally as kids against their will, by their parents or by somebody to stay for now. are they safe? the president says you guys are safe. president trump has got to decide if he is going to keep the so-called daca program intact. what should he do. >> it expires. so he has to deal with it i think locking down the border, securing the border. i reject amnesty. this is exactly what the president campaigned on. but is he going to have to deal with it. he said is he going to have a big compassionate heart. you feel for the person who came here 2 years old and
4:40 am
now finds themself as a 19-year-old. now they are finding out they are not a citizen. there are consequences to these actions. president obama just can't go in and unilaterally change the law. three and a half years into his term a few months before a presidential election he introduced this. tried to expand it. the courts struck that down. you are going to see members of congress on both sides of the aisle try to implement a daca program. you can't do that. brian: 10 republican senators wrote a letter saying if you don't get rid of it. we are going to get rid of it. making sure the president doesn't do. this this was originally, i understand, a republican idea, this dreamer's act when it first came into fruition where you gin the military, do something to become a citizen. there is no easy answer. >> no. but, this is where the rule of law comes in. pete: that's right. >> this is what different united states us. if you do want to do something like, this it has to pass through the congress. the president can't just
4:41 am
unilaterally change the law which is what obama did. brian: law and make people vote on it. pete: couple years your visa expires. make a decision. there is time to do it. not immediate deportations. at what point does rule of law overwhelm emotion which is the way at love people deal with this issue. >> a lot of ways to deal with this issue. we are a country of laws. if you want to change the immigration laws, you have to go through congress. you can't do what president obama did. the reason his whole jeanged is falling apart is he didn't work for w. congress, president obama. he just signed everything and now it's being taken down it's a house of cards that he built and you have to go through the regular process. it's hard, it's difficult. it's long. but that's the way our founders envisioned it ains apes jason chaffetz, thank you so much. >> thank you, sir. ainsley: grammy award winning singer uses old classic for inspiration ♪ you will survive ♪
4:42 am
ainsley: gloria gaynor getting ready to take the stage for the summer concert series. she is there in our keurig corner. brian brian nice. as houston begins to pick up the pieces. rescue workers and crews rescue family and their pets. emotional reunion straight ahead ♪ ♪ when itrust the brandtburn, doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day, all night protection. when it comes to heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
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booking a flight doesn't have to be expensive. just go to priceline. it's the best place to book a flight
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a few days before my trip and still save up to 40%. just tap and go... for the best savings on flights, go to priceline. jillian: it's friday. good morning. back with quick headlines. president trump is taking a hatchet to the obamacare budget. the administration plans on slashing advertising funds by 90% or $90 million. democrats not happy. senate minority leader schumer tweeting, quote: trump admin is deliberately sabotaging our healthcare system when number of insures drop and costs rise american people will know who to blame.
4:46 am
texas flag that president trump waived on his trip down south, it is back in the hands of its rightful owner. >> my flag. donald trump just held up my flag. [cheers] >> how cool? a 15-year-old lent his flag to the president. but in a mixup, the flag was signed and actually handed over to a local fire department. those first responders obviously happy to give it back. a look at your headlines. send it back to you guys. ainsley: that's great. he was so excited. thank you, jill i can't believe. as houston begins to pick up all the pieces, some rescue crews are now working to reunite families with their pets. brian: griff jenkins is live in houston with more. hey, griff. >> good morning. major flooding expected along the brazos river in fort bend county and that's what you are seeing behind me. that sheriff will be here. yesterday we were with him saving pets. take a look.
4:47 am
snooki, are you happy? i bet you are happy to see your daddy. >> there are several family members that reside in this neighborhood. and their pets were left behind a few days ago. so now we are -- we have air boats back here. and we are taking one family member. putting them in our air boat and taking them to the residents to rescue their pets. that's lola and benny. >> what was it like seeing them again? >> oh, i got a smile on my face and so did they. we rescued my cat carlie who has been with my family 15 years. devastating if you couldn't rescue him. he is safe. thank you all. >> emotions are running so high right now.
4:48 am
people, the saving grace in all of this is that they though their house is destroyed. if we can recover their pets and their families are safe, i guess that's the saving grace in this natural disaster. >> this is layla, our family cat. and found her in my bedroom on top of the bed. luckily there was -- the water wasn't all the way up to the bed yet. so she was there. >> thankfully we have got your cat. you know, this is going to be one tough road ahead. at least in the immediate future if you are just are processing, what's going through your mind? >> just one at the present state. it's very daunting and ominous, you know, road ahead. you just take it one day at a time. [meow] >> one day at a time, indeed. sheriff there doing everything can he for the people of fort bend county. a mile north of the brazos river in a neighborhood kingdom heights just behind me is essentially trapped. they were in mandatory
4:49 am
evacuation they are trapped because of the brazos river cresting. the record was 10 1 beyond. the sheriff will be down here doing rescues as well. guys? brian: i know you will be there with them. griff. thanks. ainsley: at who of people left their houses thinking we will go back tomorrow. they didn't realize it was going to be so bad. they left their pets behind and come back a week or six days later. brian: 11 minutes before the top of the hour. a guy named geraldo rivera claims to be here. is he contemplating yet he is smiling. find out what he is really thinking. ainsley: first grammy award winning singer gloria gaynor is about to take the stage. brian: are we talking to her first? ainsley: we will. ♪ i got all my life to live ♪ i got all my love to give ♪ i will survive ♪ oh talking about this kiester,
4:50 am
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♪ ♪ ainsley: she is a grammy award winning singer known for the iconic song i will survive and in the wake of devastation in texas caused by hurricane harvey. gloria gaynor rewritten the lyrics of that song in a song that has gone viral on twitter. ♪ we will do all we can for you ♪ you will survive ♪ you will survive brian: gloria gaynor here live. you are from newark, new jersey this is like coming home for you. your birthday is coming up. she accepts all gifts. go ahead and shop. there is a gap right across the street.
4:54 am
let me tell you, what went in to that decision? it's so appropriate to put that song on facebook and twitter. >> just knowing that the devastation that the people were suffering and just imagining how -- i couldn't imagine how they could feel. i thought i got to do something. the first thing they needed is to be uplyfted. i hope the song is doing that for them. pete: did you feel like they would react the way they have. the reaction has been so overwhelming. >> i hope the people -- be uplifted and encouraged and recognize that. yeah, you will survive pause we are going to help you. ainsley: gloria, you also have created a t-shirt that you are giving out. tell the folks at home what you are doing. >> giving a few thousand of them to the people there if anyone else wants to help with that effort, they can go on to i will and order them and 100 percent of the proceeds are going to -- ainsley: so the t-shirts have a message on them? >> they have a map of texas
4:55 am
and say i will survive. brian: talk but surviving. the top of the charts since the late 1970s. have you been a major factor. as soon as i found out that you were going to be here and singing that song i thought i wonder how you feel about it can't do a concert without singing roxanne. gloria gaynor do you ever want to do a concert without singing i will survive? >> i love doing it because you love hearing it apes ains what's the story of that song? >> oh, honey. there are stories along the way. there are stories i used to tell yourself it is my mantra. it is the core of my purpose. and i am so honored to have a song that seems to be doing so much for some people. brian: what's the message? >> the message is that you have the ability -- god has placed in each and every one of us something deep down inside that we can reach it in and grab and pull up and
4:56 am
overcome whatever adversity. brian: you don't agree, pete? pete: no, i don't. clearly. 40 years you have been on the radio with this song and others. a staying power that any artist would dream of. what's your secret to the ability to do it so well for so long? >> my secret is not really a secret. it is a divine appointment. god gave me this song to help each and every one of you and that is what i purposely do. ainsley: i think about breast cancer survivors. people who survive all types of cancer. >> we will survive. stories people have told me through the years how they have survived different things through this song. ainsley: your music definitely gets us through tough times. thank you, gloria. brian: gloria is going to be singing in about an hour. you guys are all sticking around, right? [cheers] pete: free barbecue. ainsley: who is really excited about that you have been talking about it all morning. pete: president trump not just lending leadership to
4:57 am
the flooding crisis. he is putting his own personal money, a million bucks toward the recovery. the latest on the devastation next. brian: good friend geraldo rivera who almost won the apprentice somewhere in the crowd who will join us live. he is on stage. pete: he is taking over the show. show. ♪ most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪
4:58 am
. . . . .
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> threats from harvey clearly not over as we head into the weekend. the death toll at 39. expected to surpass 40 later today. >> the priority of our administration working closely with governor abbott and his administration to get people back into their communities. >> we received prayers from people across the entire world. this has been a unifying effort. it galvanized the best of america. >> today president trump could announce plans to end an obama-era deferred deportation program. >> we will lock down the border. we're not folk to do amnesty. we'll not give you a blanket pass to allow ale the people to stay here personally.
5:01 am
>> president will dip into his personal account to give one million dollars to hurricane harvey relief. >> we will be with you today, we will be with you today, and we will be with you tomorrow and we will be with you every day until these great communities recover and rebuild and are better and stronger than ever before. >> usa! usa! ♪ brian: start off the month of september with a fox news alert. now that floodwaters are slowly receding the grim reality is setting in. ainsley: harvey's death toll climbing to at least 39 but that number unfortunately is expected to go up. brian: crews are working double
5:02 am
shifts. this is critical time. some have to be swamped out. they're going door-to-door to search for survivors. pete: people return home and vice president mike pence said they are not alone in this. >> president trump sent us here to say we are with you. the american people are with you. and we will stay with you until rockport and all of southeast texas come back. ainsley: just hours president trump set to be briefed on harvey's historic devastation on the state of texas, before heading back to the flood-ravaged state this weekend for a first-hand look. brian: just moments ago our commander-in-chief was tweeting this. texas is healing fast. thanks to all the great men and women working so hard. still so much to do. we'll be back tomorrow. that confirming what we heard. he and melania will be back.
5:03 am
pete: heading to houston we believe. the monster storm is projected as one of the most expensive natural disasters in u.s. history. the government said it is with texas every single way. ainsley: we have correspondent at large, geraldo rivera. >> what is going on? are you in cleveland. >> based in cleveland. ainsley: you're back -- >> i will be a commuter. brian: what is your exact address? the mile-per-hour of houston says the city is mostly dry now. what are they experiencing? >> look at the city laid out and how it evolved, almost no zoning. many of those low-lying properties were sold on the cheap to people that didn't have a lot of money. that was great, they could have their own home. these natural disasters happen. i was there for ike. i was there for rita. i was there in texas, lowlands of louisiana as well are very, very vulnerable.
5:04 am
houston will dig out. i'm pleased that the compassion of the country and the attention of the country is focused on this epic disaster. i'm sorry i didn't go myself. my back has been killing me. i didn't want to be one of the people they had to rescue there. this is the first hurricane i sat out in couple of decades. it is never the wind. it is always water. there is never any flood insurance. pete: five out of every six, four out of five. >> so many are lower income or working-class people, they will have very, very tough time with no insurance digging out. everything is wrecked. when water comes into your house, not just what is destroyed immediately and obviously. also the mold and all that other stuff that happens, you know. brian: if you tried to cover it up and paint it rather than cut it out. >> you have to cut it out. like a boiler that leaked, once it gets wet, it will be a cancer in your house. tough get it out. ainsley: president said he will donate a million dollars out of
5:05 am
his own fund. >> a couple things. i was very dismayeded people are look at his generosity and compassion so skeptically. there has been some questions in the past, whether he timely, in timely fashion honored his commitments. he always gets around to it. in this case i certainly take him and melania at their word. i'm glad they went to texas. i'm glad they're going back to texas. the fact he is pledging a million bucks, congratulate foil his compassion, rather than view a act of kindness with scant, slanted view. pete: you mentioned you covered hurricanes and natural disasters for decades. compare this federal response from this white house to what you've seen. >> a couple things, pete. what is obvious is that having covered katrina. shep smith and i were standing there. shep was on the freeway. i was down in the convention center. it was obvious the federal government was doing nothing.
5:06 am
fema was desfunctional. president was vacationing in crawford, texas. never got to the scene of the crime. people didn't understand how epic it was. the difference between katrina, harvey is worse than katrina. katrina over 2000 people died. we don't have that here. there was a bungled federal effort. from everything i can see, i'm so glad general russell honore is on the scene. everything i can see there is profound and very satisfying coordination between the federal government, the state government and local government. i see minor tiffs between the democratic mayor and republican governor abbott and so forth. by and large this has been a coordinated, very admirable, very professional relief effort. brian: now will be key to get as many fema intake people on the ground to talk to each individual so they don't feel frustrated, they feel informed. natural anxiety will start seeping into the human condition, i get it but if you
5:07 am
don't have enough fema people there, if they can't figure out why lights are not going on and where the money comes from, that is where the anger seeps in. >> i think they have to do dramatic thing like rent entire hotel, scores of them. brian: 34,000 in shelters. >> 34,000 is manageable number, believe it or not. sorry. i think they will get around to it. when you think of city of houston, five million, six million? the people who are affect, when you talk about 40,000, 50,000, it is not as if houston, the entirety of the fourth largest city is traumatized right now. maybe psychologically traumatized but the people specifically suffering are still a manageable number. i think it is incumbent on the federal government, the state government, the local government make sure the people are in semblance of normally in relatively short period of time. brian: we'll switch gears.
5:08 am
pete: there is big story, senator chuck grassley, senator lindsey graham, sent a letter to the fbi, they want answers why jim comey seemed to jump to a conclusion before the investigation was finished. brian: when it comes to hillary clinton. pete: coming to the investigation of hillary clinton. and her emails. this sort past letter written to the fbi. it appears in april or early may of 2016 mr. comey already decided he would issue a statement exonerating secretary clinton, long before fbi agents finished their work. brian: or even interviewed in july. >> well, in my personal opinion that whole email scandal is bogus and i don't care about it. i think the republicans make a grave error if they start going back to hillary clinton. hillary clinton is irrelevant. pete: say what you want, but you want investigations nonetheless. >> very early on, i said it on the couch, there was no criminal intent as the statute required,
5:09 am
nor was there any proof a meaningful security breach. pete: gross misuse of government records, arrested people from taking photos on submarine. >> she largely lost the election, because of "crooked hillary" and she will be in jail, lock her up. she is gone. she is history. comey is also history. republicans must be forward-looking. look at all the agenda items there are right now. is it going to be tax reform. will there be health reform. pete: fair enough. history matters. ainsley: tell you why. the reason it is important, james comey because of him now the president is under investigation for russia. it looks like, appears james comey is in the tank for hillary and he is against this president. that is why it is relevant. >> ainsley, i love you i can't see how you say that. ainsley: he wanted to exonerate hillary clinton before even had the evidence. >> james comey single-handedly
5:10 am
destroyed her last-ditch ability to win this election when he came out 10 days before the, 10 days before the election. you must say before good-bye this morning ask me about the d.r.e.a.m. act. you must. i woke up, i first of all i couldn't sleep last night. i'm serious about this. and this morning when i woke up with a knot of anxiety on this couch. i said on the couch, dismay of my new york friends, liberal friend that surrounded me my entire life, i said president donald trump is friend of mine, even though i disagree with him on various issues at various times i'm sticking with him. i have tremendous respect and honor the office of presidency, chief executive, commander-in-chief. if the president were to end the d.r.e.a.m. act, if he were to -- pete: not an act. >> the executive order, if he were to, these are 800,000
5:11 am
youngsters who came here before they were 16 years old through no fault of their own. they have been living here. everyone is required, to have a job or they are registered in school, graduating high school or in the united states military. they get a temporary work -- if this program is revoked, then the all of the false statements up until3now, false statements about the cruelty of donald trump will be true. if he, for no reason that i can see other than appealing to his base -- pete: what about rule of law? the rule of law? constitutional executive order. >> if you're a 2-year-old kid, you're a 2-year-old kid, you were brought here bit parents. don't know any country, you don't know mexico, don't know peru -- >> powerful emotional argument, but runs counter to the rule of law which always ruled in our country. >> you know something? if the rule of laws calls for cruelty against a 2-year-old, i say screw the law. i say the president of the
5:12 am
united states can not become the stereotype his enemies want him to be. d.r.e.a.m. act students, these are people that commit fewer crimes than citizens, they are people who have by requirement must be registered, they must be clean. they can't collect any welfare payments. they must pay taxes. to throw them out for what? who benefits from this? i urge the president -- ainsley: that is what will happen? they will be thrown out? brian: strong argument. strong personal argument. but would you say it is also on president obama for doing this as executive order with the expiration date, rather than put it through congress where all the other compassionate people could vote. >> abs absolutely true. obama bears that burden. but i'm not here representing obama. i'm here representing 800,000 innocent young people are become political footballs and their lives totally disrupted. they're living in fear. live in houston, 45% of the city proposition is latino.
5:13 am
you can bet d.r.e.a.m.ers are displaced by the hurricane. they register for aid because their home is wrecked. okay, you're being deported. what is this? brian: it would be a great something to put the clock on congress to come up with comprehensive health care, the d.r.e.a.m.ers are not the problem. they are not the problem. >> what solution is the expulsion of the -- >> not expulsion. talking about a time period. >> wait a second. baloney. they have two-year temporary work visas. the two years are up, if this is indeed the plan they're getting thrown. brian: the president made a decision. you made a strong argument. i get it. >> president trump, be the guy i know you are. pete: you heard geraldo's take on daca. our next guest has different idea. kansas secretary of state kris kobach says amnesty must end. we'll bring you is side of the argument next. lot of food.
5:14 am
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♪ brian: welcome back to "fox & friends." you heard geraldo rivera's take on the president's upcoming decision on dreamers, so-called daca. we'll bring in kris kobach, kansas secretary of state. the vice-chair of president's election integrity commission.
5:18 am
thanks for joining us this morning. you heard the previous segment. a lot of passion, rightfully so. a difficult decision for the president. been close to him. advised him on many issues. what would your advice be with him? >> my advice end daca right now. the legal question isn't even a close one. you already had multiple courts say similar amnesty came a few years after daca was completely illegal. this one is illegal. it violates three different federal laws. violates the united states constitution. it's a loser. the president if he were to continue daca would lose in court. politically for him it would be a very bad political construction because his base would be cheering against him when his administration loses. the attorney general recognizes this indefensible. congress passed a law back in '96, that the daca amnesty
5:19 am
orders i.c.e. agents to break the law on top of a constitutional violation. if someone like geraldo believes there is compelling emotional case for giving people who came to the united states at a young age amnesty, take his case to congress. our constitution is very clear. the founding fathers allowed amnesty. they developed a legislative branch that would have that power but only the legislative branch has that power. you can not go around congress as president obama did and create an executive amnesty. pete: president grappled with the issue on campaign trail. he talked about ending the program. he says i want to deal with it a big heart. his advisors say he is struggling with this. how dough end daca if that is the decision he comes to, while acknowledging difficult life circumstances the people are in? >> there are two-ways to do that to end daca. simply say, all amnesties, deferred action pieces of paper were illegal and they should be
5:20 am
ended and nullified right now. that is the more strict way. there is a way the president can do it, showing compassion for situation of these people, simply allow them to expire. a person who got daca amnesty yesterday, has two years to live and work in the united states. allow that person's amnesty, illegal though it is to continue for two years. so it's a slow phase out. as their papers run out they have to go home. that is the way to do it in compassionate way. pete: we should expect a decision by sent 5th, that is your understanding? >> right. 10 states told the attorney general, if this doesn't end by then, there will be a lawsuit. if that happens, the administration will lose. pete: probably will not end well. kris kobach, kansas secretary of state. thanks for joining us. 100,000 homes affected by harvey and victims have a long road to recovery. but scam artists are taking advantage. how can you help to avoid the crooks?
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>> good friday morning, back with quick headlines. more u.s. troops headed to fight the taliban in afghanistan. defense secretary james mattis signing deployment order as part of the president's new war strategy. mattis did not say which forces are sent or how many. comes as brand new "fox news poll" shows 40% of registered voters approve of sending more troops. that is is up from 29% in june. you have two days to get out. the state department sending a strong message to moscow, ordering russia to close several posts around the u.s. the consulate in san francisco, along with facilities in washington, d.c., and new york city, now emptying out. it is retaliation after russia expelled more than 700 american
5:25 am
diplomats when congress imposed new sanctions on russia. answer sy. ainsley: this is fox news alert. 39 people are now dead. 100,000 houses are affected in the aftermath of hurricane harvey. help for the victims is pouring into texas from around the country because most of you are such amazing people, scam artists i should say, but scam artists are using the storm, using people's sense of charity to take advantage. he became a storm veteran after being stranded in hurricane katrina. he joins us now how you can help avoiding all the scams. our viewers are amazing. there are some bad guys out there, scam artists trying to take advantage of victims. >> we all want to be help but we don't want to be scammed. we're rising to the occasion. good morning to you. we want everybody to get the help. ainsley: how do you avoid getting scammed? >> right now, scam artists are
5:26 am
already doing work. they're linking emails, hey, this is legitimate charity but it is not. it's a scam. so here are some rules. don't link directly from an email or from social media to a charity. instead, type the address in on your web browser, you're much better off, especially if you didn't ask for the email. number two, don't send cash to anybody. i like to give more directly. it's a little bit scarier to do that. guess what, when you go on facebook to your own friends, hey, i want to know, do you know somebody who is already in texas, who you really know, that is in need? boy, you can set up, this is just a way, five ways to help people online, you can set up, just encourage them to set up a wedding registry at any, like bed, bath & beyond or amazon or target, walmart, you name it. they have all got them. everybody can use that. i learned that in katrina. it was so smart. we don't even know this but we fly throughout life.
5:27 am
we'll have frequent flyer miles. you don't even realize how valuable they are or how many you have. now the red cross will allow you to link to your airline if you wanted to donate miles to a family. why would you do that? number one, they will turn the miles into money for the red cross. number two, if you know somebody helping directly, one of the best things that happened was meeting people during katrina. and i felt real guilty when i left new orleans to go back to california to my dry home. i had severe guilt. i would check in on my people from katrina. and one of the great gifts i was able to give at the time was frequent flyer miles to families that were like, they just needed a break. they just needed their mind clean of this. right now, what is happening with the victims in texas, they're seeing their homes. okay, we have to get down to business and fix things, but it really hasn't set in. i promise it has not set in, emotional drama starts to play
5:28 am
out. you're in shock. so escape from that, reset with that is great. let me get back to the list. if you have got a home, not too far from the area, airbnb lets you list it. no one will make any money. you won't. they won't. you can offer spare room to a family that would appreciate it. you can give away hotel miles or points. starwood, a number of hotel brands, you collect miles. they can convert those into a budget hotel that so helpful. then, dogs and cats are given help. texas spca. we'll link all that if you go online. ainsley: thank you so much, kirk. >> thank you. ainsley: will hurricane harvey be a turning point for this country and can it help heal the divisiveness we're seeing in the politics? our bipartisan panel in the green room. they will be out in the studio coming up next. first, here is gloria gayonor
5:29 am
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brian: the worst of times this week after hurricane harvey, but we've seen the best of humanity and of america. people from all walks of life coming together after this catastrophe. i personally never seen anything like it. in the wake of this maybe we could stop all divisive politics in washington as congress comes back to work? do you think it could possibly transfer? we have esteemed panel of eight people i like more than answer sy does, trust me. she said she loved you at the end. i want to go through one by one. i'm talking to hope, right?
5:33 am
>> hope. brian: hope houston, texas is known for democrats, republicans not much of a difference. do you think america can learn from what we see? >> absolutely. this is great moment to come together as a nation. we can put aside petty politics and identity politics and fighting and really come together. we're all americans. we're suffering together. we have generous hearts and helping hand. we're ready to come together. >> carl, the problem it is a good idea but we're already seeing when it comes to tax reform, we're seeing when it comes to money for these victims both parties taking sides. as you're a conservative, right? yes, i am. >> could this be a change moment? >> this can be a change moment. it must be a change moment. we live in a republic. so i'm not looking to the leaders or congress. i think we need to look at the american people and what we are doing. it is always the american people that rise up and do good. maybe the leaders in congress will take our lead and start being civil to one another.
5:34 am
>> darrell, darrell st. george, person who harkens himself more to the left might look to see if the democratic party will finally get over the election and maybe start trying to get something done? >> i think democrats, but republicans too, republicans are unhappy with the out come of election too -- brian: you think republicans are upset with president trump? >> i think so. certainly there is no one event that defines us as a country. there have been series of events throughout our history. 9/11, for instance, that was an event inspired me to enlist in the united states navy. remember bumper stickers that said, united we stand? >> harvey this week, lessons from charlottesville, in the end we're americans. forget about republicans and democrats. there is a certain common bond. brian: we're all different, david. we saw the difference between the vice president and president. the vice president is guy he likes to hug people.
5:35 am
very in touch with his emotions, like bill clinton and maybe george bush. donald trump wants to take charge and help people but he has a different approach. he is getting criticized for different approach. maybe more like dick cheney. >> we have to take everybody for the skills that they have. so the president hopefully he will carry through with his doing approach, getting things done. then you have the vice president to compliment him to show the compassion for people. brian: right. >> show empathy. brian: why are we judging -- i don't understand, tiffany, why are we judging people by actions in time of crisis instead of accepting who they are? i'm afflicted being half irish. i haven't shown emotion since 1971. >> tell you what, brian, i literally landed back in houston, when people are out trying to be rescued, nobody is thinking about identity politics or heart. brian: does that surprise you? >> no, it doesn't surprise me. if you're in need of help, you don't care what somebody's
5:36 am
personal identity or hard lines are. you just need help. so i think our politicians can learn a lot from neighbors loving and helping neighbors. brian: right. >> locking arms together in serving in times of need. brian: david, i got my stuff burned when i had no family. then i had a family, got flooded. there is no difference whether you have money, big house, small house, you're rents, when you're wiped out you're starting from the same place. do you think people of houston are realizing that if they didn't already? >> unfortunately they are. when tragedy hits, people need people to be there for them. right now, in the last segment, i talked about politicians. i also like to speak out to the media, because media has responsibility to keep us together as well. brian: absolutely. >> we talk about the division. unfortunately sometimes depend which channel you're watching as to perspective you get. but that needs to change as well. brian: cathy, have you ever seen more after division when it
5:37 am
comes to media in your life? it is like when i flip around i'm watching a different country. >> you know, my son just finished reading the book, "alice in wonderland." i asked him what happens when you fall down the rabbit hole? rabbits start speaking. things get crazy and upside down. that is where we find ourselves. when we look at the american people, americans are helping americans right now, regardless of the color of their skin, or what their ideology may be. we're coming together. so we're not the problem. mainstream media and politicians are the ones stoking division. brian: heather, washington, los angeles, new york, think they understand what the american people. until you actually talk to the american people. >> talk to each other. this is not going to be easy. easy for us to say these things. you have to be willing to listen. you have to will be to be vulnerable. we see the vulnerability in houston right now. that is where people come together, after 9/11, after big disaster, we have to be
5:38 am
vulnerable on day-to-day basis. brian: tiffany what concerns me the most, possibly last 10 years, din concern me prior, i thought we were on the right course, the whole destroying our history, running from the past, i want that statue down, i want this out of my books. does that bother you? >> it definitely certains me. i think that there are a host of issues that are extremely impactful to different communities. i won't brush it aside saying it doesn't matter. if you're the one offended by presence of something that is meant to ex-assault a horrible -- exalt a horrible portion of our pass, that is one issue. there are many systemics we need to focus on. not little things not putting books -- children going back to school next week don't have textbooks. why don't we deal with that? brian: absolutely. why are we correcting the past, having so many problems here today. darrell, you joined the military
5:39 am
because you knew america had to take action. how much are you concerned if at all the way the rest of the world views us? >> well, you know, i'm a veteran but i'm also a public educator, i'm running for local office, i think all politics is local. you know internationally way people are looking at under the circumstances right now, this is important time. we need to show the world that we are americans. we are a great country. what makes us great we're there for each other. i see that in the classroom an battlefield of afghanistan. brian: also at same time, president is dealing with this, david, the president is dealing with north korea. a reverse display of military might from south korea and japan. at same time has to be concerned what is happening overseas as isis is forced out of iraq. >> we have some problems in this world. we hope and pray that the president can focus in on the problems abroad, the problems domestically, not get bogged down with nonsense. brian: it was two hours ago when ainsley had you out here together. she ended her segment.
5:40 am
she said she loves you. i like to say i love you more. [laughter]. on behalf of -- >> we love you more. brian: can i finish my segment, please? thanks, guys. appreciate it. have a great holiday weekend. thousands of texans already beginning to rebuild after harvey, rob schmitt with a homeowner trying to pick up pieces. that is live. here is gloria gaynor performing, singing over me. ♪ allergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. strut past that aisle for the steroid free allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes. and contains the best oral decongestant.
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free samples, free shipping, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. i give the customer confidence by being there every step of the way. we make it really easy. that's what i love to hear! (vo) now through september 6th, buy one get one 60% off with promo code fox. brian: breaking news. hurricane harvey's threat spreading to louisiana, yep, and
5:44 am
tennessee. ainsley: a new storm rapidly gaining strength over the atlantic unfortunately. hurricane irma upgraded to a cat-3. janice dean tracking the path. >> we're still seeing images of devastation around the houston area. this is angleton, texas. this is before august 30th, 2017, completely submerged. i have a friend karen. she was in this region as well. her house is submerged. she will not get into her house for at least a year. that is what we're talking about. we'll monitor whether or not we get showers and thunderstorms across the gulf coast. look at maps. is this weather 8, guys? yeah it is. this is the houston area for the next five days. we're clear. we'll monitor potential showers and thunderstorms across the gulf. but for now we're looking good. remnants of harvey moving up to the ohio, tennessee river
5:45 am
valley. we're not done yet. could see four to five inches but by monday we're done. hurricane irma, cat-3, possibly cat-4, we're watching commuter models next five days. coming close to the u.s. coast. we still have a lot of time to prepare. some latest computer models are showing the storm curving. however, not to let your guard down. we'll watch next five to seven days. irma the one to watch. pete: janice, we look for curveball. >> we call that a fissure, a fish storm. ainsley: water receding in texas. days ago, rob schmitt was waist-deep in middle of a neighborhood. pete: it looks much different this morning following flooding affected 100,000 homes. brian: rob schmitt paint as good picture. he is back in richmond with the road ahead. hey, rob.
5:46 am
reporter: guys, good morning. accuweather prediction says there could be $190 billion of damage for the storm. that is tremendous amount of money. that is double, 75 billion more than katrina. it's a lot of money. tens of thousands of homes. houston is so much bigger city. southeast texas, so many more people and homes new orleans. you have a lot of flooding. this is one of the tens of thousands of homes. this could have $50,000 worth of damage. show you what we're stalking about. this used to be carpeting. that is all gone. then the drywall. of the water mark was 10-inches. entire first floor, all that has to be ripped out. drywall has to be redone. kitchen has to be redone. tile is still in. tile has to go. see how fast, talking about a new kitchen, bathrooms. new drywall, flooring. that gets up to $50,000 before you know it. you have tens of thousands of homes.
5:47 am
that is how you get to billions of dollars. step outside, so much stuff, half first floor is trying to dry out. filing cabinet, chairs, tables, clothes drying out. the master bedroom on the first flood. this is what a flood looks like. this is what it can do to your life. it's a big mess. we have steve here who has been kind enough to let us into his house in the middle of this mayhem. he has gotten a quick start on the work. steve, you stayed for this storm. >> yes. reporter: tell me why you stayed. what was it look as the water was moved in. >> stayed to try to save as much as we possibly could. in my opinion there is really nowhere to go. to go to shelter, trying to get out, it's a real bad situation. reporter: got all the water coming in. what is that like? >> it is scary. as water is rising, me and my son putting couches up on blocks, trying to keep them out of the rising water. trying to get everything off of the floor that we possibly could
5:48 am
we did a lot. reporter: getting work done. we're glad to see that. i'm glad everybody is okay. but got your work ahead of you. i understand. thank you, steve, so much. >> thank you, guys. reporter: huge fox news fan. when he pulled up, he was more than happy to let us in, very accommodating. this is inside look, what a pretty decent flood can do to a house. we have tens of thousands of stories like this. back to you. ainsley: make a list of what he needs. get his address. we'll send him stuff. thank you for the perspective. gore -- gloria -- >> some returning to their homes, seeing what is left and how they start over. stunning new allegations that former fbi director james comey drafted a statement clearing hillary clinton before the fbi had ever interviewed her.
5:49 am
plus we could soon learn whether president trump will make good on promise getting rid after program giving a free bass to hundreds of thousands illegalkig immigrants. see that and more at the00 top f the0t in hour. "america's newsroom." only dr. scholl's stylish step has insoles that are clinically proven to provide all-day comfort. dr. scholl's. born to move. (male announcer) shop like a pro at bass pro shops for huge savings. like savings of 33% on redhead men's and ladies' everest hikers. save $50 on this lew's tournament baitcast reel. plus free kids activities this weekend, at bass pro shops. ah, my poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? enough. take that. a breathe right nasal strip of course. imagine just put one on and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone.
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♪ >> if she had one song to sing what would you choose? what would you choose? ainsley: what would you choose, crowd. pete: is this not a perfect way to end? this is the last of the summer concert series. what a better way to end it. ainsley: being told, producer, what did you say, gavin? you can help at bottom of our screenplayses you can help for the folks in houston.
5:53 am
>> that is fantastic. >> answer your own question. brian: "i will survive." gloria gaynor on the stage. take it away. [applause] ♪ kept thinking i could never live without you by my side ♪ ♪ how you did me wrong, and i learned how to get along ♪ ♪. and so you're back from outer space, i just walked in to find you here with that sad lock upon your face note ♪ i should have changed that stupid lock, i
5:54 am
should have made you leave your key, if i'd known for just one you'd be back to bother my. >> i would stumble not i, i will survive and i've got all my love to give, and all my love to give and i will survive, hey hey ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sure, i know, stop to say something to you. i know it is impossible for me to sing this song at this time without us thinking about texas,
5:55 am
and what they're all going through, right? [applause] chris cuomo talking to me last night, saying if anything good would come out of this, if anything good could come out of this, it would be how you, to all of us, all of us americans, have come together to help the people in houston. [applause] it really shows, it really shows that we really are the humane people and homogenous people, that we were created to be. i hope that from the schoolhouse to the white house we can continue in this way of acting towards one other, of being towards one another. [applause] from now on, this is who we are. let's show who we are. let's be who we really are. [applause]
5:56 am
with that, one more time, for you. ♪ >> at first we were afraid, we were petrified, kept thinking houston couldn't live or survive, we know it took a lot of time, preparing for this hurricane, but who knew it would come with so much devastating rain, but we will survive, with all my loving friend and who is by their side. we'll do all we can for you, but you'll survive, you will survive, you will survive ♪ ♪ >> thank you. thank you, america. god bless.
5:57 am
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>> we want to think gloria gaynor for being here. >> absolutely. what a beautiful tribute. >> wrapping up a great series this summer. >> have a great weekend. >> shannon: the flooding is not over for texas, the river is rising fast and expected to crest well above record levels, hundreds of miles, officials at start changing from rescue to recovery, the biggest challenge now how they can find the tens of thousands of people packed into shelters. >> adam: officials are also monitoring the power plant, leading to a series of fires, calls for uncontrolled chemical reactions,


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